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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 16, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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live twitter results on the screen should a new justice be confirmed president obama leaves office? 92 say no. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, debate rages over who president obama will nominate for the supreme court. will it be somebody tough on crime like judge dread or someone like rinholtz. but he gets support from w. will it help him win the gop? and what americans say they are giving up for lent. back to you, father of lies. >> thank you, andy. >> let's welcome our guest. she loves bernie so much the
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only milk she drinks is 99%. democratic strategist jessica tarwell. he is the best dillon since jacob, kim dillon. and with a face like that why does she have a career in radio? and another gay republican? what is going on today? am i being bugged by rachel maddow? it is guy benson. let's start the show. >> the "new york times" declares the fight over the filling of justice scalia's seat an epic washington battle. some epic. the argument is should republicans block this judicial appointment shis one time? that's why they already lost. republicans should have blocked every single democrat supreme court nominee of our
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lifetime. there should be no liberals allowed on the court, zero. but republicans are fooled into playing a one for you, one for us game with the on you .y -- with the appointees effectively turning them into a legislative body. i confirm celebrating a legislative decision if they agree with it as a win. there are no wins on the court. you win at the ballot box. the court justices are the referees of democracy. to rely on them for wins is like relying on instant replay to get you thew football season. through football season. the left has defined originalism as a theory. it isn't. it is the very definition of american democracy. we decide our own laws and they stand unless they are specifically for -- forbidden by the constitution. the fact we let that change is the biggest political failure in the past century. it has been way more transform tiff than obama. that's what the court should look like.
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instead it should be nine justice scalias. and any honest liberal should agree with me. with a fully conservative court you can still pass all of the liberal laws you want. you just can't cheat and they have been cheating for years. they know they are cheating and we let they them. it is our fault as usual. >> guy, republicans never played hard ball on this issue and it is time they did. no more liberals on the court. zero. >> i support the idea in theory. i am not quite sure how that works in practice. i will say that the time has come here for republicans to draw a line in the sand and say this election season is underway. the american people are in the process of picking a new president. there is plenty of precedent to not allow the consent to a lame duck precedence at the end of his term.
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they should say the next person will pick scalia's replacement. that's standard procedure and they have to buckle down because there will be a lot of anger over that and they have to hold strong. >> hole strong. >> i agree, but the line has been backed up. we should push the line forward. what do you think? >> i am a gay guy and i want everything my parents had. i want to get married and i want to get divorced and i want to kind of raise a kid. to me this is a big threat who gets on the court. i have to be honest that obama should nominate somebody that will protect my -- >> well he will nominate someone, but thisy just won't confirm him. >> they have a right to do that too. i don't want anyone on that court that will limit my ability to have a wedding at red robin. >> jessica, let me ask you this, why are liberals so lazy
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they can't pass their own laws and they have to cry to the court. and by the way thanks for coming. you look great today. >> thanks so much. i'm sorry -- >> liberals cry to the court. solve our problems for us. >> what are you talking about? >> i don't like when they do it. you know there is no love for conservatives who cry to the court. >> just don't like cry babies. i agree. i want to return to the first point the guy was making for no precedence for this. we have seen 19 supreme court justices appointed in election years. it has happened, but i don't think it will. there is precedence on both sides. maybe i am the only one who thinks it is interesting, but to look at the -- but to look at the make up of the lower courts, the lower court decision will stand. >> that's it. you are so right. that's very bad for conservatives. >> isn't that great? and guess what. we rule the lower court.
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>> that's it. >> so you can either -- i think it is better for conservatives to get somebody nominated. 23* obama puts up a moderate. >> he won't. >> why not? >> when has obama ever done anything close to being a sentrist? >> they think he is a conservative. >> come on. >> they are special. >> they are special in a lot of ways. >> obama has never done anything but hard ball politics and and that's what he is doing here, and they are not going to let him. i want to discuss whether my idea of nine supreme court justices are conservative. that's what we need because liberals can make all the laws they want as long as they are not unconstitutional. >> i think he should elect michelle obama because, listen to this. >> you know i have a problem with it. >> he was working for eight years straight and she was off with the kids doing a first lady thing.
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>> she was at home making bread. >> now she can work for the rest of her life. >> i wouldn't put it by him. >> could he nominate himself? >> like if i am going to appoint someone we can talk about obama and the public did not like that. >> he wants to make a lot of money which he will and he couldn't do on the court. otherwise i think it would be something he would love to influence public policy from a hard left perspective. >> this is not a hard left man. >> he is not a hard left man. >> i am saying why don't you answer my question jessica refuses to answer. why are liberals so lazy? >> they are lazy people. >> and you are too because you want the court to do the work for you. >> yes, i want a lot of people to do my work for me. >> pass the laws you want
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instead of going to the court -- >> they don't have public support. they want to pass laws that don't have public support. >> that's it. thank you. >> why did you just do that? you are never supposed to admit that. >> i am on no one's team. >> i'm glad you said it. let's go to george bush because we have great talk on this next issue. george w. bush has endorsed jeb bush for president as i predicted. on monday night the former president made an unusual political appearance at a rally in north charleston, and at times he seemed to take digs at a certain gop candidate. >> jeb is a man of humble, deep and genuine faith. faith that reveals itself through good works and not loud words. real strength. strength as purpose comes from integ -- from integrity andcter. in my experience the strongest person usually isn't the loudest in the room.
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>> he is clearly talking about ben carson there. the timing of dubya's visit couldn't be more compelling after they trashed him at the debate. >> george bush made mistakes. we make mistakes, but that was a beauty. we destabilized the middle east. >> i think it is my turn. >> you do what you want and call it what you want. i tell you, they lied. they said there were weapons of mass destruction. there were none and they knew there were none. there were no weapons of mass destruction. >> jessica, look, trump is trashing george w. bush and that's typical republican talking points, isn't it? >> yeah. >> i was listening and the crowd was booing him. we know the trump voters are out there and they are real and they are super angry and they are going to come out to the polls. i moved past the idea thisy are not going to come out to
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vote. >> but bush is big there. >> george w. bush in south carolina. >> 80% popularity for sure, but i don't know if he can fix this. i don't think he can make jeb high energy enough to win south carolina. i think he will do better than he is predicted to, but i am not sure his family can save him. >> what's the theory on this? why is trump doing this now? >> jeb got under his skin. he has a hatred for jeb bush. he went into the insult bag and started talking about dubya. he did this whole list of things and i'm sitting there going is this going to be a donald trump-michael moore ticket? this is ckoo-ckoo stuff. >> it is always smart politically. what could be smart about
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this? >> i think he was mad at jeb and taking his hammer and just bashing the bushes with the bluntest object he could think of which was president bush's record. i think of all the things he has done was risky. tieing jeb to his family? smart. he said we have had enough politicians. here is a political family circling the wagons. i get that we need something new. but going after president bush and his record the way he did, that's not just establishment people booing. george w. bush has an 80% approval rating among the republican party and is well liked. those were nasty, personal and inaccurate shots he was taking. >> what is your theory? >> the overwhelming majority of americans think the iraq war was a huge mistake. >> they do. >> so at the end of the day -- first i think jeb is doing so bad that george w. bush is like ruining his credibility as a painter by helping him. literally, like that's how bad -- i think everyone is like is george w. bush hurting
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jeb? jeb is hurting george w. bush. that's how bad jeb is. he is the anchor on w. trump is being intellectually honest and saying this is a huge mistake. people are with him. and there is only -- the republican party may not want to admit it was a mistake, but that message resonates with people. >> there is a difference though. i agree that it was a mistake. especially looking back. what trump was saying they deliberately lead us into it. he is not being intellectually honest. >> trump is cooky and thinks he will get the nomination and trying to get democrats to his side. i think he is already starting to run a general election campaign. trump says he will sue ted cruz if he does president take down his false ads and retract his lies about him. look. >> he'll apologize, but i don't want an apology after the election. i want it before. if he doesn't i will bring a lawsuit because in my opinion
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based on what i have learned over the last two, three days from the top lawyers he doesn't have the right to serve as president or even run as president. he was born in canada. i will bring that lawsuit if he doesn't apologize. >> wow. stacy, what do you think? he is gonna sue him for insulting him. i am not sure how it fits together. >> he is a landlord and he likes to sue. he was my landlord. >> no. the 70s is my landlord. >> they would come knobbing -- knocking at your door? >> yes. >> that's how they will get the illegals. he will go door-to-door. >> it wasn't going too well so he may sue me. >> what is he talking about? is he suing him because of the insults? >> stop attacking me with these quote unquote lies or else i will sue you on this separate issue that i just found out about in the last three days except i have been talking about it for months that you are ineligible to be
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president because you are from canada. if you are donald trump and you really believe that ted cruz is constitutionally not eligible to be president and you have standing to sue him and prevent that injustice to the constitution you don't make your lawsuit con init jept on whether or not -- contingent on whether or not he says things you don't like. it is an unprincipalled -- >> he already said the thing about canadian. he is using the suing thing to get on the news. when somebody says they will sue you you put them on the news. and then you mention the canadian thing. you say i am not voting for the canadian. now it is time for -- >> actor and comedian steven frye hosted the baftas. it is like the british equivalence of the oscars, but not as important. he made what some said is an inappropriate comment. hear what he said about the best costumes designer. >> what a lovely day.
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i live, i die and i live again. >> only some would come to the ceremony dressed as a bag lady. >> bag lady is a british slang for homeless woman. i said that because that's what it said in the story. isn't that an american phrase too? >> it is less about the outfit and more about the bag. >> he got a laugh at the event, but frye was slammed by the only audience that mattered, twitter. his comment was denounced as sexist and ageist. here is a sample tweet from editor of uk, uncool to say bafta costumes designer dressed as a bag lady. i thought it was cool she wore what she wanted. fashion magazines never criticize the way people look. frye defended himself saying he and jenni were friends and joshing is legitimate. but eventually he deleted his account and posting on his website that twitter was a stalking ground for those who love to second guess.
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they leap to conclusions and are offended on behalf of others they do not even know. he is very loquacious for a comedian. >> he was off twitter and on his site. he is amazing. >> he is funny. >> and it wasn't funny. i think generally and we have this going on in our own election here, but we are moving away from what real sexism is and being offended by everything. it is problematic and i say this as a mini social justice warrior myself, but i don't understand it. we have no comedians left who want to come to college campuses and they want to come to "red eye" because we are getting too nuts. she looked a little like a bag lady. >> they are english. they invented the dry, funny humor. i don't understand. >> he deleted his account. >> i don't agree with him
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deleting his account. depending on what i am wearing i could look like a bag lady. twitter is about fighting and getting in nasty, bloody fights. i have had the same followers. i tweeted at celebrities and ceo's and i wished death on children and i can't get anything. if you get into something like that, this is a big deal. you have to keep your account and you have to parlay this into something. >> you know what i think? you say you are attacking celebrities hoping they will get in fights with you. >> every day. >> punch down on twitter. >> i punch the people who have seven followers. >> advertising for clie cleaning and i fight with them. >> it will. >> what do you think? >> it is bad for comedians. >> i think she could have said worse about her. that wasn't
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even bad. i don't think that was sexist. he was like, what is she wearing? she is a costumes designer and they are friends. really? look at the fashion police. come on. where is joan rivers when you need her? >> you can't say anything bad about women a all. it seems like it is not good for women and it makes them into a too sensitive creature. >> i will do something that is not self-serving at all. and someone ought do write a book about how fake outrage is ruining everything and they should call it something like end of discussion and maybe even include a chapter about how it is ruining comedy as well and entitle it with something like the uptight citizen's briggade. and i think it will be a successful book at end of >> that's great. or they can go on amazon and see if there is a book like that at all. >> just investigate it. >> who wants to know how the
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sausage is made. see why kids agree with you after the break.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. here is what is happening. some concerns around the death of the supreme court justice scalia. they stem from a judge's ruling that no autopsy was necessary. the judge explained she came to her decision after speaking with ask you looy yaw's doctor who confirmed that the justice had a history of heart trouble and other illnesses. the judge says that medical history and a lack of any signs of foul play meant the justice likely died of natural causes. scalia was found dead in his room at a texas resort ranch on saturday. he was 79. people along the eastern
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u.s. coast facing another winter blow. snow, sleet and rain. parts of ohio and pennsylvania may get eight inches of snow before this new storm passes. other regions could see mass flooding as the temperatures rise and the snow turns into rain. in the south, that same system may have spawned at least three tornadoes in mississippi and the florida panhandle yesterday. a school and several homes were damaged. pope francis resumes his five-day tour of mexico this morning. the gang plagued state. the pontif visited the impoverished state where he denounced the exploitation and the exclusion of the nation's indigenous people. francis celebrated mass there in three native languages. and a high note for megan trainor last night. trainor took home the trophy for best new artist and "thinking outlawed" went to
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best song and album of the year went to taylor swift's" 1989". record of the year honors go to bruno mars with "uptown funk." back to "red eye." breaking news. meat comes from animal. animal rights activists have made it their mission to tell children this inconvenient truth. recently a fifth grade teacher showed his class an undercover video that depicts cruel treatment of animals. let's take a look at the disturbing things that can happen on farms. >> hi. i am yoggi-oggi-dodi. >> morning. nice hat. >> yeah, man. you can get all of the
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information. >> sphoat yogi-ogi-dogi is my name ♪ >> you didn't think i would show you the real video, did you? i don't enjoy scarring you for life. the real video that shows pigs being kicked and abused insensed parents. the fury got the school to suspend him for six days. they worry about such acts, but the creator says if fifth graders can learn about slavery and genocide what is wrong with a little pig torture? okay, jessica. can i get you a bandaid? your heart is probably bleeding profusely. >> we are talking about fifth graders. we are not talking about a four-year-old or five-year-old. the point about the fact that they are learning about slavery and it is too much to bear and the fact we treat animals horribly is really absurd. i don't get why this teacher was suspended. >> you were totally for showing this video. it is unsettling. >> reality -- we need to
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change things. they don't get changed unless people know about what is going on, right? >> we have to show them everything. apparently jessica thinks they should teach these gid kids about where babies come from by showing their parents having sex. >> that's exactly what jessica said. >> that is exactly what you said to me. >> i am glad you were there to translate it. why not? if they need to know the facts they need to see the gruesome video, right, stacy? >> i agree. they should go to a slaughter house for the next field trip. >> now you've gone too far. >> i think they should be singing "old mcdonald had a farm" in fifth grade, e, i, e, i, o. >> who was the rat? you know when you watch a porn with somebody in 6th grade and they tell their mom and then you get in trouble? >> i never had that happen. >> like in a group? like communal porn? is that what boys do?
12:27 am
>> i would not have been disturbed. i loved "factory farming." you can talk to me about it on twitter. pro "factory farming." when i was a fifth grader i loved animals and you know what i loved even more, efficiency. i loved efficiency as a fifth grader. i would have said, mom, dad, guess what. we have a great system. you crack a few eggs, but we got a lot of omelettes. >> i love it too. i love how it is made. when i was a kid i love seeing the big ribs going down the line at the meat slaughter house. >> i am not an expert. it is my understanding that meet is surgically removed from the animal which is otherwise unharmed. the other thing is the actual video could have been even more disturbing than whatever the hell that jamaican rooster was. that was like the original jar jar binks type thing.
12:28 am
what was that? >> he teaches kids how to eat healthy food. we all know who he is. >> you recognize that quirk? >> they are lying. we saw it in fifth grade. stacy, i like the sketch of a cow with the dotted lines. that's how you learn where the cuts of meat come from. >> talked to my dad and he was a meat cuter where rocky punched the meat. he would come home wearing these white lab coats with blood on them and my mom would tell me he is a really messy doctor. >> honey, he is is not cutting up animals. he is chopping up human beings. >> ignorance is bliss. now that i am an animal activist, i don't wear leather and i feel the kids should know they are living beings and sensitive with love. >> more nightmares coming. andy levy gives his two cents which is good because he is well compensated by his job. half time is coming up so
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stick around.
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. hi, andy. >> hi, how are you? >> let's talk about the supreme court stuff. i thought after your monologue it was pretty much covered and
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i can move on to the next story. >> and he can't challenge my theory. tom, you asked remember jay leno's dancing ito's? i'm guessing half of our viewers said no. >> they can look it up. >> that was a longtime ago. >> isn't it amazing? >> it was like 1973. >> you think obama should nominate someone who will protect your rights and you don't want anyone on the court who will limit your ability at red robin. so not another ask you loo yaw. >> i have the right to ruin someone's life legally i hope. >> jessica, you said we have seen 19 justices confirmed in election years. not as much recently, right? >> no. >> and was not one of those anthony kennedy? >> i think so, but there was
12:34 am
that one john dickerson-cruz fight. i think we came down on the side of dickerson. >> but kennedy was regan's third choice. >> we should note that. >> i don't know if that helps your case. >> you said you think obama -- you mean should appoint, appointed her so she would work the rest of her life. are you insin you -- are you insinuating he wants her out? do you see a difference between voting against a nominee and telling a president he hospital nominate someone? >> the president has the constitutional authority and you asked me to be serious so i will be boring. of course he has the authority
12:35 am
to nominate anyone he wants and it goes under the constitution of the senate which has the advice and consent clause and they can say we withhold our consent. done. >> that doesn't really answer my question. >> i think it does though, right? >> not really. >> are you agreeing with mitch mcconnell that the president should -- president obama should not nominate anyone. >> the next president should replace scalia -- should select ask you looy yaw's replacement. >> they are different to me. >> if i were running the show and i could guarantee it would be voted down in committee i would let obama uh . someone and have a committee hearing and vote it down in committee and that's the end of it. >> okay. all right. to me not voting for or voting against is a perfectly good
12:36 am
exercise. >> it may be easy to defend. >> telling a sitting president you shouldn't nominate anyone that seems disrespectful. >> what rubio just said, he has every right to nominate someone and we will not confirm that person. >> and that's totally fine. >> jessica, wouldn't the genius play here be for debbie wasserman-schulz to nominate bernie sanders so he has to drop out giving hillary a clear path as you and your fellow democratic establishment fox want. >> yes. that would be great. i just can't take bernie sanders anymore. we know this wouldn't happen, but it would be fun -- it is probably the best example of something funny that i have heard floated about this, the bernie sanders nomination. >> i don't know why you don't like him. he's the best candidate you've got. >> okay. >> trump and bush stuff. jessica you don't know if w can push jeb high enough and yes that would be quite a leap.
12:37 am
how well does jeep have to do to keep going? >> i think he has to come in third. i don't think he well get ahead of -- trump at 35 and cruz at 20 and bush at six and i think rubio is around 15. i think he has to be the lead establishment candidate. there will be pressure on kasich to drop out. if he can't show at least coming in third i am not sure there is much hope for him. he has $100 million and money can last a longtime. >> the overwhelming majority of americans think the iraq war is bad which i think is true and i think trump is on pretty firm territory when he lies and said he was against the war. but as guy pointed out that's not all trump is doing. he is calling president george w. bush a liar. that's totally different. >> right. but he is a brilliant campaigner and he knows what he is doing and i think that's his opinion. i think whether we were lied into that war and that was
12:38 am
exaggerated intelligence, that's an opinion that he can have. >> absolutely. i am just not sure politically it is the right opinion. >> i think it is. i think the republican party will see it does carry a lot of water. >> if trump thinks cruz is ineligible to be president he should sue him regardless whether or not cruz apologizes, right? >> that's right. >> steven frye quits twitter. you say steven frye is very loquacious. >> yes. it was eloquent. >> he is a very, very good writer. in that post about why he de activated his twitter account, i love this line, it is how some people would say, quote, these foul people are a minority, the people he is talking about, and his response to that, he wrote, indeed they are, but i would
12:39 am
contend that just one turd in a reservoir is enough to persuade one not to drink from it. >> that's a pretty high standard. >> no wiser words. >> it is perfectly british. >> i have drunk around a lot of turds in the great american waterway. >> tim, you don't agree with frye deleting his account because twitter is about fighting. >> you know that's what it is. this is how you get followers. you interact with people and twitter is all about interaction. i will tweet from his account for him and talk about the benefits of factory farming. i hope i am given that opportunity. >> stacy, you said you don't think what frye said was sexist. that's one of the points. frye makes fun of everyone. when you make fun of everyone you will make fun of women. >> right. >> jessica, you seem to think the fact that kids are 10 makes showing this video okay.
12:40 am
>> a little bit. >> aren't there 10-year-olds who still believe in santa claus? >> yes, i think so, but as we move to an increase -- increasingly secular war on christmas those kid will be fewer. >> lastly before i go, tom, like guy and the rest of the panel, i have never heard of yogi-oki-doki. >> huge show. huge. >> i'm done. time to take a break. when we come back, find out whatnot to do when getting arrested.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. president obama is welcoming asian leaders to california on monday. the summit is getting under way with reports that the president will visit vietnam during his trip to asia in may. the president reportedly looking at a further strengthening of u.s.-vietnamese relations. the two-day summit will be discussing the trans pacific partnership, maritime security and human rights. they are a political and economic organization of 10 southeast asian countries. airstrikes in northern syria kill nearly 50 people according to ban ki-moon. dozens more were injured and many of the victims are children. the airstrikes are hitting at least five medical facilities and two schools. the secretary general says the
12:45 am
attacks were, quote, a blatant violation of international law. the jeb bush for president campaign is becoming a family affair. george bush and laura bush hitting the campaign trail for younger brother jeb. the three were warmly greeted at a rally in north charleston. the 43rd stressing his brother would be, quote, measured and thoughtful on the world stage. u.s. stocks are poised to build upon last friday's gains. the index futures this morning are trading better than one and a half percent higher. on friday the dow industrials ended a five-day losing streak gaining 313 points. energy stocks lead the way as the oil prices surge on the reports of opec production cuts. and those rumored cuts by opec are helping to push stock prices higher in asia this morning. the nikkei is rising another 31 points on top of yesterday's better than 7% gain. china's shanghai composite
12:46 am
rose better than 3% and hong kong's hang can is closing up -- hong kong's hang seng is closing up. now back to "red eye." he puts the high in high speed chase. a texas man lead police on a chase driving over 100 miles per hour at times. after he was pulled over for a traffic violation. cops stopped jonathon davis by shooting out his tires. davis said he is done with people trying to take his freedom because of the fact that he smokes weed. >> people were trying to take my freedom. you drink. >> why did you say they poked it over again? >> i changed the music on the ipad. >> why did you stop? >> i was trying to get to san
12:47 am
antonio. i don't know what [bleep] i was on. until they shot my car. he was shooting at me. i don't got no gun! >> what did you say about having drugs? >> did you have weed on me? >> oh yeah, i always have weed on me. >> is that why you ran? >> i am tired of getting arrested for weed. i am tired of going to jail. i can't get a job anywhere. >> is that a thrill to drive? >> it is definitely a thrill. if you go fast if any car, race car track here, it is fun anywhere. i am an adrenaline junky. >> what was going through your mind as you were being chased by the officers and a helicopter? >> i was snap chatting. i was snap chatting and instagramming. >> this is america. why can't a guy get high and snap chat and drive 100 miles per hour? >> there is no good reason. i don't think so and i think this is the type of toe tall
12:48 am
yen state we live in. once trump is elected we will let people freely send snaps and get high and tweet, you know? this is what was promised to us jie. this guy answered -- >> this guy answered all of the questions. i think we will have him on the show. >> who would not hire him? he is perfectly hireable. i would hire him to drive me anywhere. he was snap chatting and driving 100 miles an hour. i have a gig this weekend. >> you would get in the car with this guy? >> absolutely. >> i would be there in five minutes. >> he would get me there on time. he snap chatted and he was high at the same time. he minutes my vote. >> i want to know why this guy wasn't handcuffed -- why wasn't he on the ground on his stomach when they conducted the interview? >> it was too good. >> when you go on a high speed chase you are supposed to tackle him and handcuff him. >> i'm sure we got to that, right? >> i don't know. he is sitting there in his
12:49 am
car. >> i know. i'm sure he is in jail right now. >> well, i would hope. i don't know. do i have to join "black lives matter" here? >> i was hoping he would drive off midinterview fast. he was like, i have had enough of this, boom. and then start all over again. >> we are joking. but it is dangerous. these high speed chases are dangerous. you are not allowed to run away from the cops. >> this is dangerous, it is bad and dangerous. >> i think the police should be allowed to beach up a little bit when you run. >> i think after that they shot and killed him. i would imagine that after that he was shot and killed. i would hope. that does make you think. >> if he interviews with the weed and driving 150 miles an hour and i am -- you know, that's a huge issue. >> based on fairness and equality they should shoot
12:50 am
him. >> if that is a black guy -- >> come on. shoot that guy to make up for the other stuff we have done and then we start clean. clean slate. clean slate. shoot him and shoot him now. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. ♪
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eye" jedediah bila, mike lawrence and paul odo. what are americans giving up for lent? google knows. just like god it is all knowing. yes, google search reveals the top items christians are giving up during the period of penance by state. foods like dairy, meat and sweets were popular. the most popular followed by alcohol. four states decided to for go social media. five states, sex and one state, netflix. that would be idaho. lent began last wednesday and lasts until halloween. stacy, what do you think -- i don't know -- >> i am a jew. >> you are a jew, but you can give things up every once in
12:55 am
awhile. >> i have given up meat and i have given up sex. >> but that's permanent, right? >> forever, yes. >> one state was coffee. >> i couldn't do that. south dakota, but no one goes there anywhere. >> it is not practical. and they have nice coffee shops. did this make sense to you, this chart? >> no. no, i had no idea --:00 oak they said fear? people were giving up fear? what are they afraid of. is there a fear that swept oklahoma and is there like a zombie thing happening? why is fear an issue? >> i don't know. you are supposed to give up something that is special to you. it is a sacrifice. they used to wear hair shirts, right? you are supposed to make yourself uncomfortable for 40 days. >> yes. i heard about that. i have seen people. most of my friends when they have done this have given up chocolate or alcohol. i think the sex giving up is strange though. i think it leads obviously to a lot of self-pleasuring,
12:56 am
right? >> no, you give that up too. >> is that part of the deal? >> guy benson, come on. people give up things for lent. i was surprised by the list. i understand you give up meat and things like that, but netflix? that's weird. >> i have given up my support for donald trump. as a result i have had to learn things and one of which is that caps lock is not permanent. you can type lower case letters in tweets when criticizing detractors of trump. >> but you haven't -- and so that is what -- >> it has been a big revelation for me and i am making the sacrifice t.o. consider other -- to consider other candidates for president. >> are you not jewish, are you? i feel like all we do is on the panel -- >> i am weirded out by that. >> too many jews. >> other people have thought that in the past. >> you noy what i'm giving up for lent? jews.
12:57 am
>> that will be in a blog in tonight's show. >> he also said to kill the white people. tim dillon and guy benson. that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. see you next time.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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last at the past. george w. bush joins his brother's campaign. this is special report. >> good evening, welcome to washington. on this president's gaye, former commander in chief george w. bush is making an appearance with brother jeb, the third member of the family to run for the nation's highest office. but the bush political dynasty is not without its critics in the republican party, as donald trump made abundantly clear saturday night during a televised debate and doubling and tripling down on it today. all of this comes amid the


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