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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 16, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. nice to have you here as always. >> nice to be with you. i am lea gabrielle for ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. >> music's music night falling a little flat. both performances and big slipups. we are live with the highlights and low lights. >> social media is buzzing over last night's star studded affair and no one is letting adelle's audio nightmare go unnoticed. ♪
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>> the singer said the piano mic fell on the piano screen making for an off tune performance. she tweeted out things happen. >> it was aund the people who love you who put you there. >> bad luck collaborator hen brick mar had a politically charged performance. he mentioned trayvon martin during his free style finale while his band went behind bars. a tribute to the bait david
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bowie singing a decade's long melody. ♪ >> star man ziggy star dust. her fellow super bowl bruno mars took grammy record of the year. arianna gran day wasn't even nominated but introduced for the weekend. >> rihanna and hill canceled the grammy performances last minute. >> carly, what a night. >> the presidential candidates are on the attack. donald trump' parentally so sick of his opponents he's threatening a dramatic campaign
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change. kristin fisher is live in washington, d.c washington, d.c. >> it is four-days to go to the primaries. not only is donald trump threatening a third party run he is threatening ted cruz over his eligibility to be president unless he apologizes for things he said on the campaign trail. specifically when at he said th trump is pro choice and pro obamacare. trump says it's not true and now he is threatening to sue. >> i think he's an unstable person. he just said donald trump does not like the second amendment. it is my whole thing. >> he got very, very upset and began screaming he's alive. least video of you you look into them and speak.
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>> bush's mother barbara bush in new hampshire an yesterday his brother george w. bush made his first serious campaign stop in south carolina. >> he took several days on donald trump without mentioning by name. >> we need someone who can make a positive message across the entire country. someone who can inspire and appeal to people from all walks of life. not just one party or one class of people. >> bhashg co rubio is coming unl der fire for a new campaign ad. it starts with the line, it's morning again in america. problem is, the shop that you are looking at that's not america. these are stock shots of canada. rubio's campaign says they had no idea until buzz feed broke the story yesterday. heather and lea it will be
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interesting to see if any opponents brings this up on the campaign trail. >> you think they won't? i have a feeling they will. thank you so much kristin. >> that brings us to "lack who whose talking." donald trump's attacks against former president george w. bush are way out of line. >> sounds like a liberal democrat. he's wrong. he's i think deliberately promoting those views in order to advance his political issues. as soon as we were hit by 9-11, i know a little bit about it. i was in the white house mud room helping coordinate manage our response to 9-11. i didn't see donald trump there. i have never seen him involved in any way that would lead me to believe that he had any first hand or practical experience about it. it's a disappointment, frankly, that he is acting that way. >> and how about this. not something we have seen
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before. hillary clinton parks like a dog to make fun of republicans. >> every time they say these things like, oh, the great recession was caused by too much regulation. (dog barking) she was telling a story about an old radio ad that barked every time a candidate said something that wasn't through. she wants to figure out how to do that with republicans. >> the president is moving forward with the process to replace the late justice scalia. a decision could come as early as next week. the white house showing no signs of caving to republican disagreement. >> this is not the first time republicans have come out with a lot of luster only for reality to sink in. they tried to play politics but ultimately they were not able to back up their threats. >> a growing number of republican senators say they will not support an obama
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nominee. the gop candidates battling the last few days over who will fill justice scalia's seat on the supreme court syndicated columnist and fox contributor george will says ted cruz plans to gain the most here. >> cruz because he's the most sophisticated legal thinker in the race. he clerked for the chief justice of the united states. he was solicitor general for texas. in that capacity he nine times argued cases before the supreme court. this should be a difficulty for mr. trump for a number of reasons. the decision i think that republicans probably hate most in this century so far is kelo the eminent domain decision he says that he loves. he has a pension for executive power but doesn't conform to the same constitutional balances. he's a recent convert to the pro-life side on the abortionish oo you. he's for gefr threatening to sue
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people because of what he doesn't like. >> no matter what, the republicans have to be united or they will not accept an obama nominee one way or the another. to extreme weather series of tornadoes ravaging the gulf coast. this twister near the florida, alabama border damaging a dozen homes. >> at least three people were injured. debris surrounding a 94-year-old woman trapped in her home. she had to be cut away by rescuers. high winds shattered windows and damaged with buildings. 16,000 people still without power in several counties. >> in the northeast snow and slush blanketing cities after the chill iest day of the year. fraezing rain causing more than 2,000 car accidents in north carolina and virginia. >> out west several coastal cities seeing the hottest temperatures in more than 40 years. >> good morning.
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>> good morning, heather and lia. we have had all kinds of weather over the country record heat out west and cold across parts of the northeast and also winter weather. now we are seeing the gears switching across the east west. temperatures are going to be climbing. by this afternoon in new york city you could be at that time 54 degrees at close to 60 in rale rei north carolina. a big repound with the temperatures. even parts in new england will be 45 degrees. we are still dealing with the storm system responsible for severe weather across parts of the southeast and winter weather in the mid atlantic. this morning it is bringing in areas of heavy rain across parts of north carolina. we are still dealing with the winter weather snowfall and freezing rain across up state new york, pennsylvania and also in you england. conditions will be trech douse through out the morning hours as we head out to work. we are looking at ice accumulation and several inches of snowfall. the heaviest of snow totals will
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be lake erie. that's where we could see 10-20 inches of snow from the storm system. eventually it moves out to sea and we will be seeing changes throughout the midwest. >> thank you, maria. we will check back with you for sure. >> kids are charged with attempted murder after allegedly shating a police officer. 19-year-old johnny robin on is one of two suspects who robbed a convenience store, ran and shot corporate derek couch in the head when he chased after him. robinson's father turned him in. police are, woulding to identify the second suspect. they raised someone yesterday but then they let him go. couch a minister and father of five remains in critical condition. >> new overnight the ban (indiscernible). the eagles of death metal returned to paris for a sold out show. front man jessie hughes calling it his sacred duty speaking out
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about his views on gun control. >> the french gun control stopped a person from dying and if any one can answer yes i would like to hear it. maybe until nobody has guns everybody has to happen. >> i saw people die that maybe could have lived i don't know. but i wish i knew for sure they would have had a better chance. >> 130 died in the terror attacks across paris in november. 350 people were hurt. he will meet with survivors while visiting this week. beyonce protestors gathering in new york city. they are standing outside of the nfl headquarters to boy to the beyonce's half time performance that many say attacked police officers or at least some say and paid homage to the black panther party. protestors are being asked to wear as much blue as possible to sp support the police.
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counter protestors are wearing all black to support beyonce. the time 12 minutes after the hour and pillow talk dangers the pk tours that will make you rethink using your cell phone in bed. the posh plaza hotel. eliot spitzer breaks his silence about the alleged hotel attack. >> a baby polar bear that sees snow for the first time. the video that will make your morning. >> first ellie gold and sandra day singing "lovely luke you do" at last night's grammy's.
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>> remember the disgraced missouri professor attracting national contention after she did this with a journalist. now she is cussing out police officers. >> melissa click is assistant professor at mooncation at university of missouri who was suspended in late january following that encounter that we are showing you. >> you need to get out. >> you need to get out. >> i don't. oo following that click was charged with misdemeanor assault. a prosecutor had to agree to dop the charge.
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in a year she completed community service. new video surfaced body camera videos show two officers with protestors blocking a homecoming parade in october to get on the sidewalk. professor click who is there with demonstrators uses profanity towards the cops. >> interim chancellor hank foley issuing this about her behavior that is appalling. i am disappointed and aim gree that a member of our faculty acted this way. it is another pattern of conduct by professor click click says that she just wants everyone to be treated fairly.
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she said she loves her job at missouri and will fight to keep it. but these incidents complicate her status. the school board of curators are reviewing the matter. >> we will see what happens there. >> this former governor eliot spitzer maintaining his innocence. he admits the pair knew each other and met up at the hotel claimed to be emotional threatened to hurt herself and called 911. he denied dating the women. she was taken to the hospital but did not press charges before flying back to her native russia. >> convicted area causing trouble behind bars she lost her visitation privileges for 200 days. punishment for calling a corrections officer a crude name. the outburst apparently because she was denied a haircut
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request. arias is serving a life sentence in arizona without parole for the 2008 slaying of her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. >> marijuana may be legal in 23 states but facebook doesn't seem to like it. lauren simonetti from our sister network is here to explain. lauren? >> marijuana is legal in some capacity in 23 states in the district of columbia. but facebook shutting down the pages of legitimate marijuana businesses anyway for what it claims are violations of the community standard. some of those businesses appealing facebook's decision and getting their pages reinsta reinstated. others having a tougher time as for patients who rely on medical marijuana many are angry. >> the internet connection is about to get a whole lot faster. at&t testing 5 g this spring to deliver network speeds up to 100 times faster than 4 g. if that doesn't attract them how about this?
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it is letting some folks get two new devices for the price of one. check this out. self parking chairs. nissan using its self driving technology to make cleaning up the office or the conference room a lot faster. new app wants you to find love across the globe. it is called the nomad tippeder. it will connect travelers worldwide as vacation bblgs less important it provide meet up events and ability for users to compare overlapping traveling itinerary. >> great idea for sure. >> the time 20 minutes after the top of the hour. sickening images of red paint poured on a memorial for a fallen police officer. this is no the first time. the search for the person who did it. now common heartburn medicines are linked to even more health dangers. >> carrie underwood and sam hunt singing "heartbeat" at the
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". any of you sleep with your cell phone under your pillow. nypd sharing a picture of a pillow with a hole burned through it and remains of a samsung cell phone. it caused the heater to catch fire. you should never charge your phone under a pillow. get this. men who want a viagra prescription may soon have to jump through legal loopholes to
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get that. a law would require men to swear on the bible they are married and get a handwritten permission note from their wives. although they admit it has no chance of passing she said the bill is a response to a recently signed abortion law she thinks is unfair to women. >> to your health now. medication used to help with heartburn could be doing damage to your mental health. they are linking it to dementia. those taking proton pump inhibitors compared to those not taking the drug. they say it can cause a build up in the brain. but more research is needed. >> a new study shows eating too much fish during pregnancy increases your child's risk of obesity. moms who ate fishery searchers
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found more than three times a week had babies that grew faster in their first two years and were more likely to be obese. the fatty acids in the fish could be to blame. 26 minutes after the hour. a solution in site the new way congress is exploring to fix the laundry list of problems with veteran hospitals across the nation. >> i think i am too young to have a boyfriend. >> and a little girl having real talk with her mom about boy troubles in this adorable viral video. big town performance at girl crush at last night's grammy's. ♪ flush used at the first sign.
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>> it is tuesday february 15th. the biggest nights hitting highs and lows. ♪ flush >> adelle performance falling flat and she can't hide her disappointment. the grammy's biggest moments. >> going back on his word donald trump closing the idea of a third party run again. >> i will be totally pledging mial league against to the republican party and the conservative principles for which it stands. >> this as the candidates continue to trade jabs on the campaign trail. >> out of control a driver slams into a hotel and tries to keep right ongoing. the unbelievable video. "fox & friends first" continues
2:31 am
now. >> welcome to "fox & friends first". i am lea gabrielle. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. it is half past the top of the hour. music's biggest night falling flat. filled with big winners bold performances and big slipups. >> fox news headlines sirius xm 115 with the highlights and the low lights, carly. >> social media is buzzing over the star studded affair. no one is letting adelle's audio might mare -- nightmare go unno. ♪ >> the singer said the piano mike fell on the piano strings making for an awkward out of tune performance. she took it in stride tweeting
2:32 am
out, things happen. taylor swift opened the show and went on to win album of the year. she took to the stage give ago fiery speech aimed at her recent feud with kanye west after one of his lyrics took credit for her fame. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to under cut your success or take credit or your a come accomplishment or your fame. >> swift also won best video with bad blood which features the entire girl squad skwa and their reaction is going viral. >> what just happened? what just happened? >> a politically charged performance. he mentioned trayvon martin during his free style finale while his band played behind bars. >> lady gaga went all out with a powerful tribute of david bowie
2:33 am
singing a decade's long tribute. ♪ >> she rocked costumes from ziggy star gust and thin white duke eras. arianna grande wasn't nominated but managed to get booed while introducing the weekend. justin bieber won his but all eyes were on his little brother. he rocked the red carpet spreading double the bieber fever. >> carly shlive for us. thank you so much. now to the race for the white house. donald trump floating a dramatic campaign change four-days before the south carolina gop primary. meantime his opponents are bringing out the big guns to bring as many votes as possible. we have the latest from
2:34 am
washington, d.c. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. after pledging his allegiance to the republican party in september donald trump is threatening a third party run. this time he's accusing the republican national committee of unfairly distributing tickets to the debate resulting in his getting booed by the audience. it is a charge he adamantly denied. >> i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative principles for which it stands. >> that was trump back in september he said i signed a pledge but it is a double edged pledge as far as i am see what he decides to do. four-days to go until south carolina. trump is going all out. he called cruiz a liar and unstable guy. he made one of bush for bringing had i see family out on the campaign trail. his brother made his first serious campaign stop in south carolina. he took several days witho-- di
2:35 am
trump without mentioning his name. >> jeb will listen to the voices of the disenfran tized and rise above the pet knee name calling. he will not neat a poll or focus group to tell him how to think or what to do. >> trump is also bringing back an old line of attack against marco rubio. he made fun of him for sweating during the last debate. rubio is going after trump's conservative credentials. >> my indecision didn't start two years ago. i am not the oldest person running but i have 15 year record of taking conservative ideas and using them to solve problems. >> marco rubio has a problem of his own. he has a new campaign ad that starts with the line, it's morning again in america, but the problem is that is not america, that's footage of canada while rubio's campaign told buzz feed which broke the story that quote we are not going to make canada an issue in
2:36 am
this election. >> he meant north america. >> what can you do? >> trump doubling down on his attacks on jeb bush and former president george w. bush. charles krauthammer says it is a high stakes gamble for a guy who has a 2010-20 point lead for a state that could pave his nomination. >> he has taken risks in the past and he's never been injured by it. so maybe he figures if jeb is putting everything on his relationship with his brother of the family and attacks him head on this could be a place where he takes him down and stays the run away frontrunner. it's a gamble. when you begin to sound like michael moore, you are praised by pink openly. you are saying things even the leading democrats will not say that you deliberately led us into war knowing it was a lie.
2:37 am
that is pretty extreme. if he gets away with that without some diminishment of his support, that means he really is teflon don. >> the latest average has trump ahead with more than 36 points. his closest competitors ted cruz and marco rubio. >> this isn't something that we have seen before. hillary clinton barks like a dog to make fun of republicans. >> every time they say these things like, oh, the great recession was caused by too much regulation. (barking) >> that happening in a rally in nevada. he was telling a story about an old radio ad where a dog barks every time a candidate said something that's not true. clinton says she wants to figure out how to do that with republicans. all right. extreme weather. a series of tornadoes ravaging the gulf coast.
2:38 am
this twister damaging a dozen homes. three people were injured. debris surrounding a 94-year-old women who was trapped in her home and had to be cut away. mississippi had high winds that shattered windows and damaged buildings. 16,000 people without power in several counties. in the northeast snow and slush blanketing cities after record cold temperatures. freezing rain causing more than 2,000 car enter dids in north carolina and virginia. coastal cities seeing high temperatures. i want to be out west. >> you want to be there today. they are going to be seeing more warm temperatures. they are talking a high temperature potentially at 86 degrees in los angeles. extreme pattern with the warmth out west and cold winter weather across the eastern u.s. we are seeing changes across
2:39 am
places like new york city and also in rally north carolina. we are seeing the temperatures climbing. we could be in the middle 40's out there. the exception where the warm-up won't be happening as dramatically will be along the interior northeast especially across the northeast region. we are continuing the storm system that produced severe weather across parts of the southeast. winter weather across parts of pennsylvania, new york, also into northern new england. we are anticipating more ice accumulation and heavy snowfall and 20 inches possible along areas downwind of the great lakes, erie and ontario. we have winter storm warnings further south and mid atlantic because of the continuing ice threat. >> let's head over to you.
2:40 am
>> thank you, maria. >> we have brand new information for you on the lone wolf chevsh have -- machete attack. the attacker mohammed berry was on the fbi's radar. he was under investigation four years ago for his radical islamist views. investigators are trying to figure out if he was in fact linked to organized terror groups. berry walked into an israeli owned restaurant and slashed random customers. he was then shot and killed by police. new overnight the ban -- band on stage when the horrifying attacks broke out back finishing the show they started. the eagles of death metal returned for a sold out show. the front man jessie hughes calling it a sacred duty speaking out about his views on gun control. >> did your french gun control stop a single person from dying
2:41 am
at the bat bataclan. maybe everybody has to have guns. >> i saw people die that maybe could have lived. i don't know. i wish i knew for sure. if they could have had a better chance. >> 130 people died in the terror attacks across paris in november. 350 people were hurt. will time is almost 20 minutes or so until the top of the hour. unanswered phone calls, the troubles facing an award winning veteran suicide¢= hot line. >> going viral while the entire world is losing their minds over tom cruise's face. >> a heartwarming moment when a sailor goes home and surprises his mom. can't feel my face at last night's grammy's.
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flonase. 6>1 changes everything. oh>> good morning. welcome back to "fox & friends". thank you for waking up with us. congress with a military merger in the hopes of fixing our va hospitals. cheryl casone is here with more. >> it could be the fix beleaguered veterans were looking for. they considered merging veteran's hospitals with department of defense facilities treating active duty and veterans side by side in the same place. the healthcare center in chicago does just that. after a five year trial it seems to be a success. most patients are seen within one day and nearly all within a month of their desired appointment. this way of treating veterans is under serious consideration in
2:46 am
washington especially on the heels of a va project in colorado that went $1 billion over budget. officials of the department couldn't explain it. the construction administrator got a bonus. we will see what they decide back to you. >> to find the to ks business network go to a life of death phone call but the va wasn't there to answer. crisis hot line has helped spark an investigation into the department's suicide hot line center. they found more than 20 call went straight to voice mail and never received immediate assistance. va counselors may not have even been trained for these types of call calls. >> first china now mexico now
2:47 am
cuba opening doors to american jobs. the first u.s. factory to be built and operated in the communist country in 50 years. they build tractors for small farm getting the green light there. they traveled to shavana allowig a pact to allow airlines to fly to the country. a list of approved airlines is expected in the summer. drivers pilling up their gas tanks for only pennies in ohio. a computer glitch set the price it was $0.17 if you can believe that. when the gas station across the street saw that it decided to lower its prices to compete. >> i filled by gas tanks for $0.26. >> how long did that last? the price lasted for about three hours before, yes, jumping back up to 1.51 a gallon.
2:48 am
didn't last for too long. the time is 48 minutes after the hour. remember the woman who live streamed her drunk driving how she managed to escape jail time. >> the man who paid the price for ignoring warning signs about sliding down a metal barrier. >> first someone who would never do that. tucker carlson is here with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> i have done it and lived to tell the tail. donald trump's son eric will join us live to shed light on his feud with his brotheush. >> you will meet the stars of this year's sports illustrated swimsuit issue models will be here live. stay tuned for that. you know n love? strippers. how do you think i got a girl like this? if you strip, romance will follow. crest whitestrips remove years of stains.
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welcome back. about ten minutes until the top of the hour. complete disrespect in colorado to tell you about. a memorial honoring police officers killed in the line of duty vandalized with red paint for the second time. >> i felt sick. i mean, that memorial represents the men and women that are giving their lives serving in community. >> one year ago, two men were arrested, and they faced felony charge for almost the exact same crime at the memorial. police are planning to release pictures of the latest vandals. the memorial is under constant video surveillance. so the woman who live streamed a potential disaster by driving home drunk, she won't see any jail time for the e recoless display from -- reckless display from florida. >> i'm driving home drunk.
2:53 am
i am drunk beyond belief, people. >> outrageous. that's 23-year-old whitney beale using the periscope app air night of partying in october. she was tracked through the app, arrested, and under a plea deal will see one-year probation, community service and six-month sproin suspension of her license. at least there's that. now we're going to look at what is going viral for you this morning. we begin with this. an adorable polar bear cub has her first snow day at the toronto zoo. you see the three-month-old sniffing and playing with toys. >> cute. and at going viral, a 5-year-old has real talk with her mom. take a listen. >> sweet and romantic, but i think i'm too young to have a boyfriend. i guess i'll just tell him it's time to break up.
2:54 am
>> how do you think he'll handle it -- >> good point. >> this little girl's mother posting this video to facebook where the child talks about boy problems that she's having on the playground. it's been viewed more than 33,000 times. >> yeah. cute. and has tom cruise gone under the knife? hmm. what do you think? look at this. fans left speculating after his appearance at the bafta awards. the picture shows cruise from 2012 on the left and on the right, a puffier version of the actor from this weekend's red carpet. >> maybe a little too much salt. >> maybe. >> you never know. just when you thought that the "star wars" hype was dying down, it's back. ♪ >> cut. beautiful. ♪ >> filmmaker jus just posted th 30-second teaser announcing the production of episode eight. >> for all the fans out there. >> yeah. the time, six minutes until the top of the hour. out of control, the driver who
2:55 am
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56 after the hour. abdul kareem is accused of planning an attack in may. the shooters were killed by police. a university of missouri professor in hot water yet again after new video surfaces of her cursing at police officers. she was previously suspended for an encounter with a student journalist. and beyonce protesters gathering outside of the nfl headquarters in new york city in two hours to protest her super bowl halftime performance. protesters are asked to wear blue to support police. ♪ time for the "the good, the bad, and the ugly." up first, the good. a navy shipman giving his mom the surprise of a lifetime. he showed up at his -- at her talk show after being overseas in japan for three years. and now the bad. a driver caught slamming to a hotel and speeding backwards
3:00 am
through the parking lot with flat tires. the person now in custody. and the ugly, this is why you don't slide down escalators. this man tries to slide down a banister with beer in hand before painfully landing on the stairs. ouch. let's keep talking about the race for the white house. stepping up attacks on the bush brothers, tell help donald trump? weigh in on our facebook page. >> see you tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. hi, friends. good morning, it's tuesday, the 16th of february, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. as donald trump slams president george bush over his legacy, the former president hits the campaign trail for his brother, jeb. >> there seems to be a lot of name-calling going on. i want to remind you what our good dad told me one time. labels are for soup cans. >> the big question this morning -- will trump's attacks backfire or propel him to victory in south carolina?


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