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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 16, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> i vow as a "sports illustrated" model to never bark. >> we'll have more of the inside scoop on inside of "sports illustrated" with these lovely ladies coming up after the show show. log in to have a great day, everybody. >> bye. bill: campaigning like it's 2004. president george w. bush on the trail in south carolina stumping for his brother and taking aim at the frontrunner. martha: i'm martha maccallum. it's true, former president bush was speaking at a bush rally. he never called the real estate mag that by name, but his message was clear ahead of the primary to these voters. >> i understand americans are angry and frustrated. but we do not need someone in
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the oval office who mirrors and inflames our anger and frustration. we need someone that can fix the problems that cause our anger and frustration and that's jeb bush. in my experience the strongest person usually isn't the loudest one in the room. martha: peter doocy joins us knew. how did he try to contrast his brother with the front runner. reporter: the former president explained just because voters are angry, they don't need to vote for the first person who caught their attention this cycle. >> jeb will listen to the voices of the is eve even -- of the din
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franchised and he won't need a poll or focus group to tell him how to think or what to do. reporter: that drew a crowd 10 times the size of jeb bush's rallies in new hampshire. martha: and trump wants cruz to stop running ads about gun control and abortion. he says if he doesn't stop running them he will take cruz to court top litigate his canadian birth eligibility. >> i think he's an unstable person. he said donald trump doesn't like the second amendment. the second amendment is my whole thing. he says no choice. what they do, they lie, lie, lie, and then they apologize like he did to carson. reporter: but there is no
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syndication cruz will change his approach. >> donald trump is pro-choice can a supporter of partial-birth abortion and you sports single pair dp. reporter: he says the rnc brought in people to boo him and that means rnc is violating the pledge they signed and he is toig with a third party run. bill: you were there last night in the room. give us an observation.
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>> it's the biggest crowd jeb has gotten in south carolina. but that wasn't really his crowd. the first person to come out on stage said are you ready to see the president? i talked to people above 40. and most were still making up their minds. they said marco, cruz and jeb were in the mix. but only 4 said they decided to vote for jeb. bill: you saw a pattern like that in new hampshire and iowa. the indecision lies where? >> i think it's a feeling it's time to move on. there is only in the affection for george w. bush. there is high esteem for jeb
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bush. they don't have anything against him. they just feel it's time to move on. there was talking about john kasich. he's generating talk here after his show in new hampshire. this is not a trump crowd. but the feeling was it's simply time to move on. >> this is post debate stuff. trump 35, cruz-rubio dye tied at 18 -- tide at 18. >> it's not good news -- we were talk about it's not good news for jeb to be tied at the bottom. i went to marco rubio's rally the day after the debate which was very well atendsed. he was up on -- well attended.
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he was up and on his game. i noticed everybody is attracting real attention. the political race has gotten south carolina's attention, and people are showing up at rallies. that makes it difficult to tell. you say rubio had a good crowd and cruz had a good crowd, but people are very interested. bill: in your piece you wry jeb w. in south carolina. the bush track record in the palmetto state is rather sterling. >> that was referring to a question i asked people about the iraq war. i said looking back do you think this was a mistake. this was based on what trump had been saying. i talked to 41 people, 17 said it was a mistake. 17 said it wasn't a mistake and another 7 said it was
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complicated. but i want to add everybody i talked to was inclined to give george w. bush some slack. if they thought it was a mistake they said he probably made the best decision he could at the time. there were not iraq was a disaster feelings in this crowd. they had come to see george w. bush. but their feeling about the bush legacy were complicated even as they personally admire and like to george w. bill: in new hampshire you know the voter he was going for. middle class or blue collar. white, the same company be said in iowa. is that the same voter donald trump is going for in south carolina or is it different in that state? >> it's slightly different in the sense there are a lot more evangelical christians in south carolina than there were in new hampshire. it was a small percentage of the
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electorate who said they were evangelical christians. trump is making the appeal based on the economy and based on border security and based on destroying isis. he's betting they would support him rather than somebody like ted cruz who quotes the bible a lot. it's a slightly different crowd than it was in new hampshire or iowa. martha: the other side of the feud going on is between marco rubio and ted cruz. and this is showing no signs of slowing down. this morning he doubled down on that claim that he believes senator cruz is a liar. >> i think ted has shown and pro tensity some say things that aren't true.
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when you say things that aren't true it's called a lie. i have a problem with it. he's not telling the truth about marriage, planned parenthood, my stance on life. it's a problem. martha: ted cruz fires back saying rubio and trump are avoiding the issue by calling him name. >> it's quite odd. rubio and trump respond the same way when somebody points to their actual records, they get upset and begin screaming liar, liar. martha: we have seen the same behavior on the debate stage. chris christie was throwing those fire bombs last time and he's no longer in the race. we'll see how it is for these three that were cut in the crossfire. bill: cruz and rubio are
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standing toe to toe. >> i was in the white house bunker helping coordinate our response to 9/11. i didn't see donald trump there. i never saw him involved in any way that would lead me to believe he had firsthand or practical experience about it. bill: tough words after the comments about 9/11. karl rove will analyze what's behind all this in a moment. martha: many speculated 2016 might be clinton versus bush again. with outsider candidates doing better than expected. is it a sign americans are tired of the legacy families? we'll talk about that. plus this ... bill: a good way to start that show at at grammys. we'll have the winners and the
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sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. martha: russia pushing back against claims it bombed a hospital in northern syria. moscow said it was not responsible for this round of
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airstrikes and telling reporters to wait for official word from the syrian government before placing blame. the sirrian troops are making gains against rebel forces. and this just after the two side agreed to take a break from fighting to revive the peace talks. >> i lost a lot of friends killed in that building. the worst attack ever in this country? it was during his presidency. we had the worst attack ever. after that we did okay. that's meaning the team scored 19 runs in the fir inning. but after that we played well. i don't think so. bill: donald trump doubling down on the 9/11 attacks rejecting jeb bush's claims his brother kept america safe. trump also accused president
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george w. bush of lying to keep america in the war in iraq. >> he sounds like a liberal democrat to me, bret. he's wrong and i think he's deliberately promoting those views to advance his political interests for mr. trump to suggest that, in my mind, is way off base. he has not spent any time learning about the facts of that period. bill: karl rove, good morning to you. austin, texas there. the cheney interview very interesting with bret last night. try and get inside of trump's head now. to whom is he trying to appeal in a republican debate when he goes after a former republican president on this issue? what's going on there? what's his strategy? >> it's hard to figure out.
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he said three thing. he said george w. bush is responsible for 9/11 because george tenet at the cia warned him about 9/11. that's a demonstrable lie. tenet said we had no actionable intelligence. we heard chatter and we were worried. but there was no actionable intelligence. second he says bush lied about wmds in iraq which is false. we had a commission that investigated it thoroughly and no evidence whatsoever. finally he says i'm the one guy who forecast before the iraq war that it would be a disaster. this turns out not to be true. he didn't say anything about the iraq war being a disaster until 13, 14 months after the war began.
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he knows inside of himself. in order to keep attention off that and go on the offense, he has chosen the talking points. it's pretty close to saying he was responsible to it and somehow he manufactured 9/11. bill: there is a letter that came out the other night. eric trump was on "fox and friends" and he says my father has to push back because jeb bush is spending all this money, he has to pick his fight. but why this fight in a republican primary in a state with a strong military history? >> i can't. it's inexplicable.
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i have to keep together my base so i need to say i'm a victim. jeb is being mean to me. so i'm going to strike out by looking like i'm strong by saying bush lied about wmds. the problem with that is while that may firm up some of the people, he is making it more difficult to advance in this process. if you want to win in the nomination and win the general election, do you think a lot of people who have pride in george w. bush's leadership are excited about a guy who says he should have been impeached? do you think people who served in combat and iraq that he lied in this is inexplicable. bill: i only have a minute left. here is jeb bush after his brother spoke. he seemed to be more energy
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eye -- more energized. >> what do you want to lead us through difficult times? the next president will be challenges and i believe i have those skills to work on behalf of everybody to make sure that we have a better future for ourselves. bill: many people thought he was better than he had ever been in that speech. if trump wins saturday, is he then in a position to run the table, karl? >> it depend on if he gets -- a new poll he was 32%. if we see a new hampshire-like result, that is to say, in the low 30s or high 20s, he's not begun to consolidate. as the process goes on. we had 17 candidate, we are down to 8. not a stingle person who has with -- not a single person who
6:21 am
has withdrawn has supported donald trump. do you think the cruz people if cruz loses will be excited about supporting donald trump? bill: i don't know that answer. >> i don't either. bill: this whole election has been confounding so far. so i'll keep my powder dry on that. martha: the battle to replace justice scalia on the supreme court. the decision the white house has made and the response from republicans straight ahead. >> justice scalia is one of the finest jurists on the defense of the constitution we have ever had. he needs to be replaced by someone just like that. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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bill: more americans heading home after being released from custody in bahrain. they were arrested after providing false information stating they were tourists and not a work trip. despite those charges, a travel ban was not set in place. so according to the lawyer the group is free to return back to the u.s. martha: the white house working out how to fill the seat of the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. kevin cork is live in rancho mirage. how soon does it look like the white house will be ready to roll out some names. reporter: the president's wife has had an opportunity to
6:26 am
nominate a justice to the high court and that took about 30 days. he's here hoping to make the specific pivot as he meets with asian leaders at summit. as you and i talked about on a number of occasions. there are plenty of names the president will likely consider. judge pra tricia millet, she has a ton of cases before the supreme court. another is someone who clerked under a supreme court justice. loretta lynch has been through the bruising nomination battle. judge jay kelly. she is from the 8th circuit
6:27 am
and is a former classmate of the president's at harvard law. as you can imagine, the white house is confident the senate will give their nominee an up or down vote. >> what we have seen the past 24 hours is republicans abjectly objecting to even the president putting forth a nominee. we believe we haven't seen anything like that. we believe it would be wholly irresponsible to leave the supreme court short staffed, especially considering the important work pernlding before them. reporter: so many important cases. it would stand to reason the senate would want the white house to get it right. bill: as the appetite for the bush and clinton dynasties, has it dissolved in 2016?
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we'll debate it. martha: big night at the grammys. tribute, triumphs. we'll bring you the highlights. we'll threat john legend sing us out at the break here. [♪]
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6:32 am
philosophy, vision, he can deal with crises. and he would make a really good president. martha: rich lowry, editor of the national review, and bill litton. how much did president bush help his brother. >> it has driven some media coverage but it's hard to see how this helps jeb much. i watched that rally. it felt like a plea for a family restoration. one of the things holding jeb back is he's part of a family dynasty. here is the dynasty showing up and trying to help save his campaign. i like jeb and his family, they
6:33 am
are good public servants. >> rich is saying ita in a nicer way i would. jeb is not going to be doing well in south carolina. if he wanted to rely on his brother he should have done it a long time ago. it looks like trump and cruz through the election process and especially in south carolina. martha: rich, as you look at scene, what's your projection? how well does jeb bush need to do and what are his prospected for super tuesday after that. >> he would need to finish third above rubio and kasich. it's a free country and he can run as long as he wants. but it will be hard to find a evacuation all for his candidacy. he spent a tremendous amount of money. he finishe finished 6th in
6:34 am
new hampshire. martha: the rationale is they feel something will happen at the top of the ticket. does that become increasingly more difficult through south carolina and super tuesday? >> right, the republicans need to coalesce around what we call the establishment candidate months ago, but they haven't. so you have kasich, rubio and bush running. they allowed trump to get all this momentum. there is no lane for bush. there is no indication the public wants to support jeb bush. and there is no indication rubio
6:35 am
will get that support either. i have to say -- i think trump defined the debate the other night. martha: i want to hit on hillary for a moment. nevada is looking like it's not quite the fire wall they expected. bernie sanders is getting a lot of backing from the union. they have 12 offices in nevada. he's outspending her on advertising 2-1. bill clinton has been on the trail, too. is it the end of these two political dynasties? >> i think hillary will win the nomination and be president. i don't think it's the end of the dynasty. i think she'll be fine in south carolina. she is having a hard time, everybody is a witness to it. i don't know how it will work out in nevada. but i think she'll win south
6:36 am
carolina and will win the nomination. >> if bernie wins nevada south carolina might not be such a sure thing for hillary clinton. it's extraordinary she is having such a hard time putting a face on it with a 74-year-old socialist. he caught people's manage nations. he's raising money hand over fist. bill clinton is elderly and the magic isn't there. and even if it were there it's not transferable. hillary will have to grind this thing out. it will be unedifying and unspectacular. you til have to favor her but it put a land tesh on her weakness. bill: all that being said, you still have to favor hillary overall.
6:37 am
the programy award will go down with bold the statement and some of the highlight like this. ♪ this is ground control to major tom ♪ bill: i think that's so cool. lady gaga's tribute to david bowie. bowie died last month from cancer. lionel ritchie honored as the music care's person of the year. a tribute to a legendary singer. audio is very important in music
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like this. [♪] hate when that happens. martha we hate when that happens here for crying out loud. that's adele. some technical issues explaining the piano sounded like it was out of tune. martha: she said she treated herself to an in and out burger because of it. bill: kendrick with this. [♪] chains in a blue prison uniform.
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it's been a soundtrack to the black lives matter movement. lamar taking home five grammys. >> this is dedicated to the fans. thank you guys so much. bill: that's bruno mars. meanwhile, taylor swift sending a message of empowerment to young women. she took home album of the year for 1989. >> there will be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame, but if you just focus on the work and you don't let those people sidetrack you ... bill: those comments coming after the rapper kanye with west
6:40 am
had lyrics about making taylor swift famous which were not so flattering. martha: she was talking about sticking up for your art to young people out there. bill: we don't have those problems with adele. martha: we do have the technical glitch. she is a pro. she kept it going, then she went straight to the in and out burger. sometimes it fictions things. this story is so moving. the eagles of death metal with another gig in paris. bill: for days away from the primary in south carolina. newt gingrich joins us live next.
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martha: the band whose concert was tragically turned into the place attack in paris, the eagles of death metal are getting ready for a concert tonight. the band's front man says the tragedy did not change his pro-gun belief. >> i think the on thing that stopped it was some of the bravest men i have ever seen in my life charging in with their firearms. that night guns made them he a call. martha: some of the victims of the attack are planning to
6:45 am
attend tonight's concert. bill: democrats will caucus the same day as republicans in nevada. for republicans we can get to nevada tomorrow. but i want to focus on south carolina. what moves down there and what the conventional wisdom would tell you based on previous elections. you can divide the state into three areas. you can go upstate, and people like newt gingrich has been successful in greeneville, spartanberg and in 2008 huckabee ran the board in upstate. along the coast you get a lot of military votes. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, and fox news contributor.
6:46 am
you won the state in 2012 so you not as well as anybody. in a typical year you can outline, you take upstate, you take the midlands, columbia and lexington county. but i don't know if the same rules apply to the state of south carolina. as you see it, size it up. >> you just said the key word. if this were a typical year. if this were a typical year you wouldn't have trump in the lead by the size of his current margin. if this was typical year you would be in a totally different environment. you see tonight both parties with sanders and trump. a tremendous rebellion by millions and millions of americans who are fed up with washington. they are fed up almost as though if you have experience, you are count automatically because you are part of the group that
6:47 am
didn't solve it. that caused a level of turmoil in both parties. this saturday you may see that turmoil vote in south carolina and nevada. south carolina has a large influx of retirees along the coast. people like john kasich are doing better than they would have. you go to sun city and beaufort and myrtle beach, people who moved out of pennsylvania and ohio are comfortable with a candidate like kasich. ted cruz has done well working the evangelical vote which is the upper part of the state is an important vote. bill: i think you can make the same argument for folks moving out of south carolina. you don't disagree with what i
6:48 am
was saying, greeneville, spartanburg, the northern half of the state. on vengsal wisdom says that's correct. >> when you look at how the state breaks down you get your mosmost religiously motivated. around columbia you have business oriented. then you get military veterans and others below that. bill: one county is hory county up in the northeast along the border of north carolina. what is it about the voter here that makes saturday so critical.
6:49 am
>> it's a big county that has grown dramatically. they may have more golf courses. myrtle beach has become a center of activity and a place where you want to carry if you can because it gives you a huge base of votes. that was not true 25 years ago. somebody like trump and kasich fits better in that area than they might in greeneville. but in trump's case he's doing well across virtually every element of the republican party. bill: i have a minute left. four years ago why did you win south carolina? and what do you think is fundamentally different about that state or perhaps a reflection on the state. >> we want -- we built a ground organization all across the
6:50 am
state of people who wanted a solid conservative and articulate conservative. then we won the debates decisively and that brought us a large number of people who were very committed to us. but the fact is it was the debates were the final piece. we were competitive with romney until the debates and the debates decisively pulled us away and we won a surprising victory. bill: newt gingrich in washington, thanks. martha: a potentially life-saving cancer treatment showing extraordinary results. the new treatment that seems to be helping many patients. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva.
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martha: a big break through in the fight against cancer. the treatment uses modified white gels to target certain times of disease. in one study 94% of the victim's symptoms vanished completely. mark siegel, this is very exielgt. -- very exciting. >> they had a bad case of leukemia that wasn't responding to any other treatment. this new treatment was just presented this weekend in d.c. at academy of medical sciences. we are using the immune system to fight cancer. we targeted it with toy sonts that go after highly growing cells. but guess what else it does? it causes your hair to fall out and causes problems with your bone marrow.
6:55 am
now we are targeting mutations on the surfaces of the cancer cell. abnormal proteins. we used to take antibodies to those proteins and flood the body with them. but a doctor in seattle is taking our i mine cells out of -- our immune cells out of our body and reengineering them so they are better prepared to fight the cancer cell. the rest of the immune system sees the cancer cells lighting up and the war is on. our own immune system sees the protein and attacks the cancer cells. a 94% success rate for the kind of cancer that's not responding to anybody else. martha: how long before people can have these treatments? >> they are in human treatments
6:56 am
now so in just a couple of years wheat be able to get fda approval. we are moving towards immune therapy. it has less side effects than that poison i was talking about. you target a specific problem with a cancer it's a gentlemen nettically abnormal cell and it starts growing. it's out of control. if our body can just recognize it. here we are engineering cells to attack it. mark, thank you very much. good to have you here. bill: that doctor needs to see a doctor. two candidates fighting on the trail. but could the brawl between cruz and trump go before a judge? we'll look at that in a moment at the top of the hour.
6:57 am
. . . .
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7:00 am
martha: we are now four days out to the south carolina primary and candidates are in full force out there. right now senator ted cruz set to speak aboard the uss yorktown in mount pleasant, south carolina. dr. ben carson is about to speak in row buck south carolina. john kasich moving on to michigan, paving the way for that state's primary three weeks from today. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. it doesn't stop, does it? martha: rolls on and on. bill: these candidates making south carolina a huge priority as it should be. 50 delegates up for grabs the state living up to the reputation for bare knuckle politics. ted cruz going at it every day with donald trump. >> truth matters. you can not simply scream liar when somebody points out the actual position of donald trump or the actual position of marco rubio.
7:01 am
so i will continue to focus on substance and truth and let other candidates focus on the insults and attacks. >> based on what i learned over the last two, three, days from very top lawyers he doesn't even have the right to serve as president or even run as president. he was born in canada. i will bring the lawsuit if he doesn't apologize. bill: chief political correspondent carl cameron in mount pleasant, south carolina. over the bridge. let's start with there. south carolina appears to be a four-person race. is that what you find or not? reporter: that is sort of the buzz out here. you have donald trump at top of the polls, essentially at war with jeb bush, marco rubio, and ted cruz. ted cruz in a second position in the polls. we haven't had a lot of polling here. we'll get a lot more next couple days. then you have got marco rubio desperately trying to take either third place or maybe even push into second. he has had fairly good increase in the turnout in south carolina
7:02 am
since his new hampshire sort of short fall. and ted cruz. last night jeb bush brought his brother, former president george w., to the campaign trail and the word is that the former president will not be reappearing here in south carolina though jeb could certainly use kind of momentum and energy it added to the event last night and jeb bush was widely and broadly successfully reviewed for last night's remarks after his brother spoke. he made it very clear donald trump's attacks on former president george w. bush with the iraq war will not be let slide. watch. >> i thought it was a little strange that a front running candidate would attack the president of the united states who did keep us safe. reporter: we are here on the decks of the uss yorktown where ted cruz will be holding an event in just a while. it has been a four-way brawl in cruz and rubio are in a fight,
7:03 am
cruz and trump are in a fight. trump, jeb, rubio and cruz are in a fight. the question becomes where are john kasich and ben carson? ben carson has an event and town hall meeting and news conference. he is getting a little bit of news and attention. john kasich is campaigning in michigan, a state that doesn't vote until march. it is kind of move often signals a candidate doesn't think they will run particularly strong in a state when they take off out of it as is the case in south carolina for john kasich. he may not put first w up until michigan and ohio. that gets us through next month. whereas ted cruz is second place showing here is or better is necessary. marco rubio desperately needs to get third which would edge out jeb bush in fourth. with the help of his brother and perhaps excitement in the room perhaps he has momentum that can now be grown. bill: carl cameron, good analysis. ted cruz out there in a moment on stage. here is martha with more on
7:04 am
this. martha: let's bring in jonah goldberg, senior editor of "national review" and fox news contributor. >> good morning. martha: carl laid it out. you have a lot of brawls going on within the upper echelons of those that want to be nominee for gop. how do you see this working out? >> you're right. like the fight scene in "anchorman." everybody with their tridents and nets, whatever. honestly, i don't know, on the merits if i put on my objective hat i would think like most people think, that what donald trump did at debate, what he has done subsequently would hurt him and be bad for him. so far that kind of stuff, he hasn't paid consequences for things he said in the past. maybe he won't pick on consequence this is time around either. i do think he sort of hardened the people who he hasn't already brought. >> his column. the polls that we have right now are not the best polls. there will be better ones hopefully the next couple days. so far it does not look like trump has hurt himself.
7:05 am
and you know, he is sort of like, analogy a lot of people used, like godzilla. everyone thinks when he bites the power cables he is supposed to get weaker. no, he draws strength from it and he becomes more powerful. when he gets into trouble, falls out of the limelight, says bombastic, crazy things that get more attention, that command media cycle and feeds off of that and grows more powerful so we'll see. martha: every time when you look at comments about george w. bush and you see those, who, you know, recoil from that and those who say, you have to have a certain amount of sort of reference for former presidents. john mccain would fall into that category in terms of conventional political thinking is what i'm saying here but what we're learning from the people who support donald trump is that those things, they don't hold any water with them whatsoever. they're tired of being told that they have to give these people some kudos just because ever the office they held. >> no. i get that.
7:06 am
i should say for the record, taking off my objective hat i think what donald trump has been saying has been dishonorable, disgusting and dishonest. not because he is saying things about george w. bush, although i think that stuff is bad too. what he is saying that thousands of americans died in ignoble, unjust cause. that they died for a lie. and he has no evidence to back up that assertion. and to say that these people fought and bled and died for a lie just to gain political traction and just to command the media cycle for another day is disgusting to me. he should pay a price for it. the question is whether he will in fact pay a price for it. i don't know that he will. martha: what about ted cruz? the battle seems to be in south carolina between cruz and trump. now you got cruz and rubio who look to be tied in some recent polls as though as you say, we've got south carolina, needs to come out with some new stuff that we can look at. that is coming in the coming days. >> yeah. martha: rubio and cruz,
7:07 am
bomb-throwing did not turn out that well for chris christie. at some point does somebody else sort of suffer, that future? >> yeah. i mean the winnowing, you know, needs, needed to start a little while ago. in fact, i think one of ted cruz's biggest tactical mistakes with laying off donald trump the week before the new hampshire primary, cruz was very effective going into iowa. shaving off some of trump's support. for a whole week trump had no one attacking him. everyone was attacking each other for second, third, fourth place. that behave trump the ability to sort of exceed expectations in new hampshire and gave him momentum going into south carolina, now cruz is paying a price for that. rubio has a hard job cut out for him. he must come out ahead of jeb. and jeb must come out ahead of marco. really, it is that fight for third that will decide what this race looks likes going forward. martha: a lot of support in
7:08 am
south carolina for donald trump to be sure, no matter what polls you look like. jonah, thank you very much. >> thanks, martha. bill: four days before the democratic caucus in nevada. hillary clinton is in new york city with a meeting with the reverend al sharpton. here is the pictures happening live in new york. ed henry is in vegas, baby. good morning. reporter: good morning, bill. bill: why is hillary clinton in new york? >> she was here in nevada last night as you say. this is the next caucus state. she has a lot of work to do. we'll talk about that in a moment. she flew back to new york, meeting with al sharpton, civil rights leaders, naacp. see live picture happening in new york city right now. she has a lot of work to do with african-americans. she had the advantage for a long time. bernie sanders is pushing back, making sure in upcoming states like south carolina he will play with african-american voters as well. remember clinton playing catch-up here, last week after
7:09 am
new hampshire, bernie sanders went to new york city, had breakfast for al sharpton, competing for his endorsement. sharpton hasn't said what he will do yet. bottom line the african-american vote is critical in these democratic primaries. if ben bernanke has hope for winning. he has -- bernie sanders has momentum but to win he has to do better. bill: he closed pretty well in new hampshire. can he do the same thing in nevada. reminder, it is a caucus there? >> right. and the caucus ages situation like iowa can play to bernie sanders. clinton camp was touting a fact they had 25-point lead. you can see video. this is sanders folks. organized labor events, veterans events yesterday. his volunteers going out there trying to hit the ground, doing what they did in iowa, do what they did in new hampshire.
7:10 am
bottom line, the john ralston, the best political prognosticator on the ground in nevada, non-partisan, says the clinton camp is in panic mode right now. they were up 25 points a month ago. right now this is very tight race. sanders is hoping to shock the world yet again on saturday. bill: we'll see if he does. ed henry, live in las vegas. see you real soon. ten minutes past. martha: senator marco rubio attacking rival ted cruz saying the texas senator he believes is lying. >> he is not telling the truth about marriage. not telling the truth about the issue of planned parenthood, on my stance on life. so this is a problem. martha: this is what is going on. cruz firing back now. we get reaction from the cruz campaign. bill: donald trump famously signed the pledge not to run as third party candidate. now however he might be backing out of that agreement. why donald trump says that contract is null and void, or could be. martha: severe storms tear across the south, spawning tornadoes and leaving a path of
7:11 am
devastation across three states. we'll show you where it is hardest hit. >> we're just very blessed. lord has been good to us tonight. i'll tell you what. as far as i know all the people on this road here, we're all good neighbors and we have checked on all of them. they have all got some damage but, we just very blessed. we live in a pick and choose world.
7:12 am
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bill: news from overseas now. out of brussels, belgium, belgian authorities detained 10 in a series of raids throughout brussels linked to an isis
7:15 am
recruiting network. nine raids carried out in four suburbs. agencies, computers and cell phones currently under examination. a judge will later decide whether or not those detained will be charged. the raids are not linked we're told directly to attacks in paris last year. martha: presidential candidate ted cruz taking on his rivals marco rubio and donald trump, accusing the two of trying to run away from their records by calling him a liar. >> for some reason i think his team has said, if anyone points out your record, just scream liar, liar, liar, and attack. i don't intend to respond in kind. i'm not going to insult marco or donald or anyone else. >> it is important for voters to know truth. when someone says something about plea not true and does so repeatedly as for example to ben carson, paid for robo calls in iowa, he was dropping out of the race has become a disturbing pattern. i will address that, will
7:16 am
continue to because it is important factor in the race. martha: utah congressman mia love joins me live. she is supportings senator marco rubio. good to have you here this morning, congresswoman. >> thank you. martha: it got pretty hot up there saturday night. is this the the way it should be going? >> this is silly season. people are getting desperate. they're getting a little frustrated. they want the record -- i know, this is something i deal with in my own state where you want to make sure that people are reflecting your record correctly. you get it on both sides of the aisle. a few days ago, if it weren't recently hillary clinton started barking at one of the events she was doing. it just get as little crazy. martha: you think that is silly? >> it is silly. get as little crazy. martha: all right. when you look at donald trump, you see how far he is as you head into south carolina, you're supporting marco rubio, what do you make of his numbers in south carolina? it is attracting people there,
7:17 am
so strongly to what he is having to say? >> people are angry. they're frustrated because all of washington is literally taking decision-making away from them. they don't feel like they have a voice, they don't have a part. i always told people if you're not getting involved if you're not raising your voice, you are at risk of someone inferior making those choices for you. that's why they're frustrated. i don't think we need that in a leader. as a matter of fact, i think we need the opposite. the reason why i supported marco from the beginning and now, he is only one that actually has positive agenda moving forward. in every moment there is a possibility of a better future. we have to really hold on to that because if we lock on to the doom and gloom, i think that is going to ultimately end up being our future, doom and gloom. we don't want that. i believe in america. marco believes in america. i believe in the opportunities that we have to make this country great. martha: so donald trump basically said, you know, that he doesn't think that
7:18 am
marco rubio has the stuff to stand up to vladmir putin. he said i stood next to him at that debate. he was sweating. how will he walk in and talk to vladmir putin like that. i'm the guy you want walking in there to talk to vladmir putin. you know what? a lot of people out there seembe agreeing with that. the issue of experience, of youth, is it relevant when it comes to senator rubio? >> look, let me tell you stuff i saw before i supported rubio. i asked him questions on variety of a issues. one of the questions i asked him what he thought about the pro-life movement. he said if value for human life will cost me this race, or cost me my senate seat or anything that i do politically, then so be it. i want someone who will stand by their convictions and admit sometimes when they're wrong, and change their minds if they want to but i want somebody who is going to say, you know what? this is not about me. this is about the american people. we need someone fighting for them. that is what i want to see in a leader.
7:19 am
i want someone who is not about me, this is not about the american people. people looking for work. the people who are frustrated. people who are seeing prices are going up in the grocery store and paychecks are knot reflecting that increase. it is just, people are frustrated and we need a positive leader that paints a positive agenda moving forward. someone who is going to get something done. work with congress. work with the american people to get things done. martha: you work on the hill with senator ted cruz as well. why did you not choose to support him? >> well, again, this is all about winning. i went with the candidate that i believe is going to win a general election. at the end of the day ted cruz is a great guy. i know him very well. as a matter of fact i would take any one of the republican candidates over hillary clinton or bernie sanders. we can not, we can not deal with another four years of what we've dealt with in the past seven years, past seven 1/2 years. these policy, really
7:20 am
administration policies really hurt our country. martha: what do you say to those, some of these people need to drop out? there needs to be one galvanized candidate against donald trump at this point? >> well, you know, what i would have liked to have seen are the republican candidates sticking together, talking about what would work for this country and really going against the negative policies of the current administration and hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that is what i would have liked to have seen but at this point you know, everything is, everyone is getting frustrated. we need to really look who is going to win a general election because that is key. that is the biggest issue. so i went with person that i believe is most electable. martha: congresswoman, great to have you here with us. hope you come back see us soon. nice to have you with us. congressman mia love from utah. thanks. bill? bill: breaking news while you were talking about from the associated press. u.n. security council announcing
7:21 am
this, former u.n. secretary-general, boutrous boutrous galley died. while he was secretary-general wars in bosnia. born in egypt to coptic christian family. boutrous, boutrous-ghali, born november 19th, 1922. is dead at the age of 93. 21 past the hour, a group ever frustrated senators saying hillary clinton is victim of double-standard, a victim of sexism to blame for her dwindling support. is that the case? we'll debate it fair and balanced. martha: plus intelligence confirms that isis is using chemical weapons on the battlefield. so what is our government doing in response? >> we have number of instances where isil has used chemical munitions on the battlefield. >> artillery shells?
7:22 am
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bill: threat of isis growing again, part of testimony after two days after the head of cia confirmed that isis is experimenting with chemical weapons. catherine herridge in washington today. latest on that headline is what today? reporter: good morning, bill. we're hearing this morning deputy secretary of state tony blanken speaking to think tank in washington on isis and expansion outside of iraq. fox news reported last month after obtaining these exclusive photos learned that isis is experimenting with chemical weapons. we're told these are chemical burns and that they're using them against the kurds on the
7:26 am
northern battlefield in iraq. he told congress in recent testimony about this startling development. >> isil has also used toxic chemicals in iraq and syria, inclues concluding blister agent, sulfur mustard. first time an extremist group used a chemical warfare in an attack since it was used in japan in 1995. reporter: on sunday, cia director john brennan told "60 minutes" and confirmed the information about the use of chemical weapons by isis in northern iraq as well as syria. our contacts say that the terror group is experimenting with the idea they can take this technology if you will or the recipe and then export it via social media to its followers outside of the region. bill. bill: seems pretty easy to do in this day and age. how far has isis spread outside of iraq and syria, cath the thin? reporter: according to testimony, isis is in eight countries, africa, middle east,
7:27 am
syria, iraq and afghanistan and pakistan. even some followers in india. this is all what isis propaganda bills as the larger caliphate. data shows libya is the corner torn of expansion in africa, it trains foreign fighters, move weapons and a springboard into europe. >> it reflects their continued desire to expand the caliphate which includes north africa, as well. it provides them with a base for logistics. provides them a base for recruiting. provides a location, if you will, for r&r, for some of the foreign fighters that may flow out of syria. reporter: republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committee recently told "politico" believes there is imminent action by the administration in libya though the white house and national security council have not said what the form will take but our contacts say likely the form of
7:28 am
drone strikes against leadership in libya. bill: catherine herridge, in washington. >> you're welcome. martha: donald trump won't rule out a third party run despite signing a pledge to the republican party. why he says that promise may no longer be binding. bill: tens of thousands of sharks, why they're all gathering right now, near some popular american beaches. it is february. ♪ at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. oh no this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. hi, steve with safelite. thanks for your text! i replaced her windshield... and she didn't miss a single shot giving you more time for what matters most. how'd ya do? we won! nice! that' another safelite advantage. thank you so much! (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪
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only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. martha: there is a new battle brewing on capitol hill over suddenly vacant seat on the supreme court. president obama expected to announce a nominee to replace the late justice antonin scalia within the next two weeks. but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has already said that the senate would not even consider a nominee until after the election. chief congressional
7:32 am
correspondent mike emanuel joins us live from capitol hill. so how much pressure will there be on some of these senators up for re-election in the swing states on this, mike? reporter: martha, we expect it will be pretty big. we're watching a handful of swing state senators who must be wondering impact on re-election chances. in new hampshire republican senator kelly ayote says she believes the senate should not move forward with confirmmation process until the american people have spoken by electing a new president. her opponent, democrat governor maggie hassan says failing to take up supreme court nomination is complete abdication of the senate's constitutional duty. top senate democrat says there will be political impact. >> if the republican leadership refuses to ion hold a hearing, i think that is going to guarranty they lose control of senate. i don't think the american people will stand for that. reporter: senate democratic leader harry reid says the president should send up a nominee right away, martha. martha: what is potential impact
7:33 am
if republicans will not confirm a new justice during president obama's second term? >> there is some thought essentially this battle over a next nominee could essentially grind the united states senate to a halt. there may be zero cooperation going forward throughout the rest of this election year. but a republican presidential candidate who happens to be a united states senator says lawmakers should hold off. >> the entire balance of power on the court hangs in the balance here. i believe we should make 2016 a referendum on the u.s. supreme court. let the voters decide. if the democrats want to fill this say can sir, they need to win in november. reporter: sets stage for very fiesty 2016 here on capitol hill, martha. martha: sure does. mike, thank you. bill: donald trump yet again threatening a third party run for president if he fails to win the republican nomination. remember now, like all the other candidates side rather, they sign ad loyalty pledge vowing
7:34 am
not to do that. trump is saying the rnc is not treating him like the others. >> some of the college kids sold their tickets to the special interests, for good money. they made a couple of bucks. i don't blame them but rnc does a terrible job, a terrible job. remember what i said. remember in this room. i signed a pledge but it is a double edgerred pledge and, as far as i'm concerned, they're in default of their pledge. bill: fox news's media analyst howie kurtz to talk about that and few other things. host of "mediabuzz." welcome from washington. his claim, the audience at the debate, they stockedded pond, is that the best way to describe it? >> that's the claim. there were a lot of rubio and jeb partisans that were disruptive with the cheering and booing. this is brushback pitch by donald trump. let them think he might be about bolting party.
7:35 am
in reality, i confirmed with trump sources he has no intention of running as independent at this point. why would he? he is leading by a lot as he would sigh and wins south carolina on saturday he will win by even more. bill: howie, you covered media for a living, done it for years. you know reporters are into headline, sells newspaper, gets clicks online, et cetera, et cetera. in one day alone yesterday trump was pushing this story. he was also pushing a story about iraq and pushing the story about ted cruz being a liar. and i think he threatened perhaps a lawsuit against ted cruz as well. what is the strategy behind trump to get reporters to move toward the next shiny object on his campaign and ultimately, howard, in 2016, does that work? >> if there's one thing we learned in the eight months of donald trump's candidacy, bill, it is that he has a mastery of
7:36 am
the news cycle. right now it is kind of on steroids. as you point out he goes after jeb and goes after george w., both on the iraq war and 9/11. he goes after ted cruz, might sue cruz for not being a naturally-born citizen. meanwhile he is saying other things. what's he doing? like a buffet. if you don't like the hordeuvers he is giving you steak over here or maybe nice desserts. generates a main story, sidebar story, cruz reacts, jeb reacts, rubio reacts. george w. reacted in a way for his brother in south carolina. that clogs up news channels and every single story is about trump. bill: we'll see if it works. worked in the new hampshire. >> pundits are always skeptical. oy, he has gone too far this time. said things we don't say at republican debate. sounded like a democrat. worked so far. bill: 1000%. another topic related, msnbc
7:37 am
will have bug in corner of their screen at noon yesterday promoting bush rally in south carolina. and that network will also take the trump rallies live, sometimes from beginning to end. sometimes not. sometimes they dump out. cnn, to, arguably to a similar degree but perhaps not end to end. what is it about those networks that is now, you know, opening the door to these trump rallies to make sure that more people can perhaps view them and see them? because it would appear as a candidate you call up network, hey, you're not taking my rally. you can't do that. that's not fair game. what explains why they're doing that? >> well it is pretty simple answer which is donald trump rally can move the ratings needle for these other networks in a way apparently their own programing can't. look at beginning when trump was phenomenon we all did it. there were trump rallies on fox. i see a lot more particularly on msnbc, preempting their own programing to show donald trump.
7:38 am
you could say he deserves more time because he is frontrunner. of course blatantly unfair to ted cruz and marco rubio and democrats having rallies not getting live coverage. this is in part why some people are promoting trump or in the tank for trump. he is more entertaining than other candidates. we as journalists have responsibility to bring some semblance of balance. bill: ultimately your point trumps stays on offense, that is the way you dominate media, do i hear you right? >> trump stays on offense. we debate he has gone too far. says things that push the envelope. trump is story and others reacting. that suits him just fine. bill: howard thanks. media buzz. howard kurtz, washington, d.c. thank you. martha: women in the u.s. senate are the defending hillary clinton. they say that she is being subjected to a double-standard out there on the campaign trail. is hillary clinton a victim of sexism? bill: nasty weather out there.
7:39 am
tornadoes ripping across the south. some folks without power today, leaving behind a ton of damage in its wake. >> my car was shaking and, my window busted, and like, i seen it like coming at me. it was scary.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
bill: wild winter weather bringing snow, sleet and tornadoes. that is a heck of a combination. same storm making a slushy mess along the east coast. several homes turned into rubble in parts of the south. that right there is tornado, touching on border of alabama and florida, targeting gulf coast. that twister left behind a mess, knocking down trees and powers lines, several homes damaged. fortunately no reports of injuries. >> just a loud roar and i told my wife, i said get in the hall, with some pillows. we got in the hall, and covered up. and i my head swelled up,
7:43 am
pressure in ears stopped up. we heard all the rumble. just like that it was all gone. bill: wow. two tornadoes possibly in mississippi. damage reported in at least 20 counties. martha: some women in the u.s. senate are complaining about sexism on campaign trail. barbara mikulski says hillary clinton is being judged by a double-standard. quote, many feel there is double-standard. what is being said about hillary is been said about centuries. you're too loud, you're too aggressive, you're pushy. why do you want to voight? lars larson, and leslie marshall, syndicated radio talk show host and fox news contributor and welcome to you both this morning. >> good morning. >> i want to play an exchange which sort of got this conversation started in the first place and dianne feinstein has been singing a similar tune on this.
7:44 am
this is the conversation that they referenced. >> she shouts. there is something unrelaxed about the way she is communicating. >> i was watching her, and i said to myself, has nobody told her that the -- >> this is information here. >> that the microphone works? martha: leslie, obviously that was a critique of hillary clinton on campaign trail but is anything about that critique sexist? >> i really do feel that it is and not just because i'm a woman and i'm pro-hillary but i deal with this in radio all the time to be hon with you, martha. when a woman gets passionate or a woman is angry, she is shrill. i don't know about you, but bernie sanders screams regularly. donald trump, ted cruz, all of the male candidates have been screaming regularly and nobody has brought that up. it's a reality that hillary
7:45 am
clinton is a female, and whether it is conscious or subconscious there is some sexism there and i think that they are pointing out what her voice was doing and level of her voice and focusing on how she was saying it is telling. martha: lars, do you see that at work here? >> no. come on. when howard dean screamed income prehensly, nobody said it was sexist. the guy was little off the inand effectively marked end of his campaign. when people mock and ridicule donald trump's hair, you're being sexist to poor donald, say a word about hillary clinton's hair that is being sexist. shy stood right there while madeleine albright said women will go to hell if they don't vote for hillary clinton. that is not sexism? hillary comes into the race with real advantage. we all know people voted for barack obama because he was black. we know that this time around there will be women and men, who will vote for hillary clinton
7:46 am
because she is is a woman. she wants to have it both ways. she gets advantage of getting votes based in part on her gender or in whole or and she wants to complain that she is not being treated by the same standard. of course she is. martha: want to read a little something that peggy noonan said. she said clinton's voice becomes loud, flat and harassing to the ear. she said she reminded her of a land lady he will whying up the stairs that your kids left the bike in the halogen. leslie, i just wonder, hillary clinton has been having a little bit more of a tough time people thought she was going to have, right? we weren't hearing thing from senator feinstein and mikulski at beginning of this race. we're hearing them now. you're talking about the yelling absolutely done by donald trump and absolutely done by bernie sanders, the other thing we always hear related to the candidates they have authenticity. they're reaching -- you can yell at the top of your lungs but if you're yelling with meaning,
7:47 am
about what you're saying and you're connecting with the people you're talking to, it comes across differently. i think the suggestion is that she's pushing it for effect and perhaps it is not having that effect. is that a possibility what is really going on here? >> i think some people want to use that explanation as justification to the fact they're giving a different reason why men do it versus woman. why can't her passion or her anger or her frustration on what she is saying be as real as it is for the men? i like peggy noonan i have to meuw. martha: why sy that meow. why is it always a catfight when two women have criticism. that is to me digging a hoyle. if we go at each other that it is a catfight. why can't be criticism behave on
7:48 am
whether or not a candidate regardless of their sex is managing to get their message across effectively? i think that is what we're talking about here, lars. >> exactly what we're talking about here. hillary can't have it both ways. she has to take the fact sometimes she connects with voters but many times she does not connect with voters. what she is say something not resonating. i think there is a certain amount of panic on this because she thought she would roll into this like she thought she would roll into the nomination in '08 and she sees it slipping when nobody thought americans would back a full-out socialist but he is outdoing her in the actual primaries and she is afraid she will lose it a second time. it is coming through in her voice. happens to both men and women running for office when they begin to panic. martha: leslie, if bernie sanders because after woman tag line, is it less effective in today's world? you have all these young college
7:49 am
women who are very happy to vote for bernie sanders. does the message that is about that, about hillary and about dianne feinstein and barbara mikulski, both women have long, respectable careers to be sure but i don't know if it resonates anymore just because she's woman stuff? >> i don't know honestly if they're saying it to resonate. i think it is conversations that have been held behind closed doors among these women and they just want to come out there and say it because it's the he will fan in the room to a certain degree. the reality, if hillary clinton is the nominee and even before that, when she stands there on stage debating senator sanders, it is a debate between a man and a woman. if she becomes the nominee, it does become a race to some degree between a man and a woman. lars, to your point of woman having advantage, the numbers are not showing that. women are voting en masse right now for bernie sanders. he by the way -- >> because she is not resonating.
7:50 am
>> and bernie sanders with a huge double-digit lead in new hampshire was screaming. so i don't think it is always anger and desperation. i do often feel it is passion, whether it is hillary, bernie, donald, ed, whoever is yelling. martha: we have to go. good conversation. >> thank you very much, martha. bill: after us comes jon scott, "happening now." here is jon for a preview. good morning. >> we are up in ten minutes, bill, with all-out verbal war in south carolina where trump versus the bushes and cruz versus trump. new polling shows rubio and kasich ticking upward. plus is the clinton firewall in nevada crumbling? we have analysis for you. today my behind-the-scenes look at the historic twa terminal at jfk airport. it is to become part of a new 500 room hotel at jfk. i will have a sneak-peek. you have to see this. bill: good deal, jon, thank you then. this might ruin your vacation. so many sharks close to the shore you can see them from the
7:51 am
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bill: it is "shark week" in south florida. tens of thousands of black tip sharks swimming about a stone throw away from the shoreline literally. all those dark areas you see on the left in the water, those are schools of sharks. we have a biologist, "national geographic" fellow and host of natgeo's "monster fish." how are you doing jeb, zeb, sorry. that is appropriate season from rhino, nevada. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. bill: you say the sharks are looking for warmer water.
7:55 am
what is the migration? >> this is amazing images and video out of florida. these are black tip sharks moving down south into florida looking for warmer water and potentially following prey moving off coast of florida. bill: do you see this every year or is this special? >> yes, this is movement happens every year but what is special this year, the number of sharks and video and photos of all of these sharks schooling right off the beach. this is happening north of miami between up. jupiter, florida, and palm beach. bill: up around melbourne and children i can't, right -- smryna. there is reef up along the northeast. we had a wicked winter. does this have effect on the what we're seeing with the sharks? >> black tip sharks are tropical species.
7:56 am
they like warm water and so warm ocean water could have something to do with it. they're showing up little bit later in florida this year and perhaps the water to the north was warmer, so they stayed north longer. bill: that makes sense. two more questions here. are they dangerous, zeb? >> well, these black tip sharks they're relatively small sharks. they tend to be skiddish around people but when they're feeding they can become aggressive. so -- bill: they can -- >> they are responsible -- excuse me? bill: so they can bite? >> they do, they do bite, yeah. so they are responsible for some bites to humans but the bites are very rarely fatal. bill: so you, if you're standing on the beach you will not be afraid of them, right? you're going in the water? but other folks are like forget it, not me. >> yeah. so these, these sharks are usually harmless. bill: all right, somebody, thanks for clearing that up. zeb hogan out of reno. appreciate you coming on.
7:57 am
>> thank you very much. martha: political smackdown is underway in south carolina. donald trump and jeb bush duking it out.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> b&. >> within a real winter
8:00 am
weather finally, right? we do this again tomorrow what you say? have a great day everybody. >> countdown to the south carolina showdown just days before the first in the nation primary, first in the south primary i should say. it is getting pretty ugly on the campaign trail. good morning to you. i'm john scott pick up. >> on heather childers in for generally it is a war ofwords certainly and it is getting worse in south carolina donald trump doubling down on comments


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