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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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oklahoma, reid is going to save the extra money for when gas goes back up. smart. thanks for writing. thanks for fwg part of "the real story" today, i'm gretchen smith. to shepard smith in the studio right behind me. 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast. time for donald trump republican rivals to pile on. wait until you hear which liberal icon they're comparing him to. and trump launching more attacks of his own. with north dakota's first in the west caucuses days away for the democrats, bernie sanders looks to gain ground on hillary clinton, plus how both candidates are reaching out to black voters ahead of their south carolina showdown. the story of the southern california hospital that hackers are holding for ransom. computer systems down. patients forced to go elsewhere. and the hackers demanding millions of dollars. let's get to it. now, "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news deck. and first from the deck this
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tuesday afternoon, it could be the most damning attack yet against any republican who wants to be president. donald trump's rivals and critics comparing him to the liberal filmmaker michael moore. jeb bush, ted cruz, even rush limbaugh making the comparison, after donald trump said president george w. bush lied about weapons of mass destruction to push for the war in iraq. trump also doubled down on his claim that president bush the 43rd did not keep the nation safe because the attacks of 9/11 happened on his watch. the former president joined his brother, jeb bush, to campaign in south carolina. a big part of george w. bush's speech focused on reliving the day the terror attacks and while he never mentioned donald trump by name, it was pretty clear to observers who the former president was talking about. >> strength is not empty rhetoric. it is not bluster. it is not theatrics. real strength, strength of purpose comes from integrity and character. >> today, trump made a surprise
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appearance at tommy's country ham house upstate in south carolina. there he posed for pictures and signed autographs, even worked in another dig at jeb bush. >> doesn't do that when bush comes in here, i'll tell you. >> well, later, trump posed for a picture with a cardboard cutout of himself at his campaign headquarters and posed for more selfies. he's been campaigning pretty hard for him even as public polls show dronald trump with a double-digit lead over everybody in south carolina but rival ted cruz suggests that trump is rattled because internal polling probably shows him slipping in that state. it's fox stop story. carl cameron is live. trump called most of his rivals liars yesterday. anything to top that today? >> reporter: well, i guess if you would call saying he lies more than any other human topping it, so, yeah, he's pretty much saying that when it comes to lying, ted cruz is the champion and when it comes to assaults, verbal assaults on
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fellow rivals, donald trump is doing a pretty good job of his own. it's amazing the type of epithets being tossed around between these two candidates and it's not just them. trump is basically at war with jeb bush, with ted cruz. he's beginning to battle with marco rubio. it just seemed to go on and on and on. those top four candidates have been in a four-way shooting match in every single possible direction. it's really quite remarkable trump's lead seems pretty solid and comfortable here. the race appears to be for who's going to come in second. and there's been sign of movement from jeb bush. marco rubio seems to have gotten a little bit more spring in his step out of south carolina than when he left new hampshire a week ago. and then there's even john kasich who though he's been in michigan campaigning most of the day and tomorrow, he will be back here tonight, so the trump/cruz battle is definitely sort of the billboard headline here but the truth of the matter is trump called virtually all the candidates liars and said politicians in general are all liars and can't be trusted and
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he wants to be one. shep? >> what about the former best buds there, marco rubio and jeb bush? >> reporter: well, so yesterday, of course, jeb bush had his brother, george w. on the campaign trail. that got him a lot of attention and big, big crowd. arguably the biggest crowd he's had since he announced his presidential candidacy. bush and rubio are pushing back aggressively. it's referred to as the establishment lane amongst journalists now. marco rubio doesn't qualify for the establishment. he was one of the first tea party candidates and ran against the republican governor and beat him in a primary, actually chased charlie crist out of the republican party and where jeb bush is concerned, he's been out of office for nearly ten years, he served two terms, but he has been in the private sector for 30 years. something that donald trump says is his number one calling card. being an outsider and a businessman. now, jeb and marco are also attacking one another's integrity and honesty. they tend to use it with policy
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positions more and experience. rubio argues even though he's younger than jeb, his former mentor, he has far more foreign policy and national security experience than jeb bush ever had. jeb bush argues his experience as the governor of one of the largest swing states of the country is tremendous experience, of course, he's got an atlantic coast, a gulf coast, and a lot of immigration and a huge economy that competes all over the world. so he argues that he has plenty of foreign and international affairs experience and he's already proven himself as a leader in disasters in natural catastrophes in florida when he was the governor there, shep. >> lots to go there. carl cameron, thanks to you, and dwight, the little office behind you. thank you both. let's bring in david, just when you think they can't do anything else, now they're all liars. it sounds like what the democrats used to -- but worse. >> yeah, but, i mean, look, this is trump's m.o., and i would caution any of these guys that get in the mud and want to get
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in the mud with him for a protracted amount of time and think they're going to come out on top. look what happened on the debate saturday night. it was the most vicious debate we have seen yet then the poll comes out this week post-debate. shows trump up 17%. so all the critics that thought trump collapsed, this was his moment that people got to him, jeb had the best debate. we haven't seen evidence of it yet, and in fact, the polling is showing that right now even those people who admire the bush family, that admire -- >> a lot of them down there. >> admire president george w. bush, trump, according to the polling. there's been less polling out of south carolina than anywhere else which gives me a little pause given what happened in iowa. >> yeah. >> tough to bet against trump in these fistfights. >> so you think no bump from bush the 43, for bush the jeb
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exclamati exclamation from south carolina? >> he's down double digits, he's down 20-some points in this race. >> that's true. >> i think the president helps. it gets people who like jeb fired up. you know, does it bring in some votes? marginally. but i think people are sophisticated enough to separate admiration for a past president and choosen a future president and, you know, i think, you know, look, last night, dualing rallies, trump had double the amount of people at his rally, upstate in greenville, than george bush drew in another part of the state. >> trump had 60% negatives within the party. so there are a lot of people who clearly want somebody else to win. but if you have this large of group, trump, it seems, keeps his numbers all the time. if you have this big of group, it's hard for anybody else to win. but how after south carolina is there a ticket out? i mean, why would marco rubio quit before florida? why would jeb bush? why would john kasich quit before ohio?
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i can't figure out a reason. >> that's true. i think the big question is going to be jeb bush. now that he's on u.s. news today that says it actually benefits trump if bush gets a boom because he wants all these guys to go on. that is his ideal scenario, if bush, cruz, and rubio are bunched up, say, you know, 18%, 20%, 22%, if they're all battling within a couple percentages and think that's a ticket to ride on, that is the best scenario for trump because that means the rest are divided and they go in to march divided into those southern states where he has shown some strength in polling. i think the real question, the real dropout date for marco or jeb comes march 15th when florida votes. if you can't win your home state, or if you can't place at least second in your home state, that means you got to go. >> if you're right, and what trump needs is for jeb bush to stay in the race, for the numbers that withdryou just men
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then why would you bring up the war and why would you bring up 9/11 happening? why would you take those shots? is it you're just an indiscriminate shooter? >> i think the latter. i think he's an indiscriminate shooter. i think she shoots from the hip. i was on the phone with his campaign manager trying to delve into what is behind all this, going after the president so hard, going after 9/11 forand lewandowski said most americans believe the iraq war was a bad idea. >> of course. >> this is what frump believes and he is going to stick by it. he said we don't take polls, we don't take the temperature of the primary electorate to see if this is going to hurt us like other campaigns do. so i do think it's indiscriminate firing and i do actually just think this is what trump believes. >> yeah. >> i mean, what other explanation would wroyou have? it's very risky to do this sitting on a lead. he's risking his lead going that
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far. >> he did it. david catanese from u.s. news. >> thanks, shep. fight against the islamic state. an official says our military is making progress against the terrorists and we're taking back territory in iraq, but thousands of foreign fighters are still traveling to join in. the cia director has confirmed the islamic state is using or has access to chemical weapons. the full picture of the intelligence as it stands coming up on the fox news deck on this tuesday afternoon. another day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours. toujeo® also provides proven full 24-hour blood sugar control and significant a1c reduction. toujeo® is a long-acting, man-made insulin
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got some good news for you. the united states is making progress in the war against isis. just last week, top intelligence officials told congress that the islamic state will probably try to attack in the united states. they also confirmed isis has, indeed, used chemical weapons in iraq and syria. weapons including mustard gas. scientists say it affects the eyes, the skin and the respiratory tract. it can cause life-threatening blisters which look like severe burns. then there's chlorine gas. scientists say it irritates the nose, throat and lungs. if you inhale it, your lungs can fill with liquid and you can basically drown. chief intelligence correspondent is live in washington. hello, catherine. >> thank you, shep. fighting intensifies in advance of friday's cease-fire. significant process has been made along the turkish/syrian border along the terrorist group known as isis or daesh.
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speaking to the washington, d.c., brookings institution, tony blanken said u.s. is working with fighters. >> a commitment to the principles that have underwritten an unprecedented era of greater peace and prosperity over the last seven decades. principles of good governance, fundamental freedoms of human rights and human dignity. >> five pillars blinken was referring to are the centerpieces of the administration's strategy, rosy assessment on the strategy of iraq and syria really seems to conflict with other available evidence as well as congressional testimony, shep. >> so we're making progress. how, pray tell, are they measuring this progress? >> based on blinken this morning, the amount of territory isis holds in iraq and syria. no question isis has lost ground
12:15 pm
but hasn't stopped the group from experimenting with chemical weapons on the battlefield. these images first broadcast by fox news in january document an isis chemical weapon attack against kurdish fighters in northern iraq and sunday the cia director confirmed to cbs the terror group is experimenting with weapons of mass destruction. >> does isis have chemical weapons? >> we have a number of instances where isil has used chemical munitions on the battlefield. >> artillery shells? >> sure. no. >> our contact who brought us those photos says isis wants to perfect the recipe in northern iraq then export it using social media. isis propaganda on social media is shrinking because more companies are taking it down. >> cutting the salaries of isis, lowering ransom for hostages. >> i thought that helped out, too. >> to overcome a major cash
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shortage. according to the reporting of the associated press. coalition air strikes and other attacks have drained millions of dollars from the islamic state budget. the a.p. reports the group has stopped giving its forces free energy drinks and snickers bars. isis used to brag about minting its own currency but the a.p. reports the islamic state is now ordering people, self-declared capital in raqqa in seyria to py bills in american dollars and releasing detainees for 500 bucks. the group in the past asked for millions of dollars in ransom payments and that's working out o okay. russia is blaming the united states because of a deadly bombing. a cessation of hostilities was to begin or they said it was. you know. we'll spoke with a former u.s. ambassador to nato saying russia will not give anything up in peace talks with the united
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states because moscow has its own agenda and it's a shady agenda and it's next.
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the blame game has begun after a deadly bombing at a hospital in syria as russia appearis to be pointing the finger obviously at the united states. a russian official denied claims moscow carried out strikes on a doctors without borders hospital yesterday saying the military doesn't have any ships in area capable of hitting there. the spokesman for the president vladimir putin repeated accusations when the syrian government which claimed the united states military carried out the strike. u.s. military officials say the coalition was not operating anywhere near that area and a state department spokesman blames the attack on the syrian government and, quote, its supporters. of course that means russia because this is a proxy war
12:21 pm
between russia and the united states. warplanes yesterday also hit a school and a woman and children's hospital. opposition forces and activists say that the militias there and the missiles had russian writing on them. which might have been a giveaway for the locals. britain's foreign secretary said russia could be guilty of an appalling war crime for the bombing. this all comes just days after the united states and russia brokered the so-called cessation of hostilities treaty or whatever it was in syria's civil war which was supposed to begin later this week but we don't know whether we can report that's going to happen or not really sure we believed it was going to happen in the first place. kurt volcker is former u.s. ambassador to nato. where are we in this proxy war? i find it hard to keep score. >> i think the russians are certainly advancing their agenda. they're putting out this information. they're engaging in diplomatic talks to tie up other countries and give them some sense of hope and meanwhile they're being very effective providing air cover to
12:22 pm
seyrian forces on the ground, surrounding aleppo creating a massive humanitarian crisis there. it probably was russian bombs that hit these hospitals. the they may not have known they were hospitals. now, the proxy war, the thing i find a little shocking is the u.s. is not really engaging in it. we're trying to go after isis minimally with air strikes and minimally support forces there and -- >> so we're just wanting our proxies to win basically without it, not to deny a proxy war is under way because it is. >> well, that's right. i think the syrian government has got a very clear strategy. they're going after the opposition in syria. trying to rout them. really not touching is is very much. the russian aren't touching isis. we're going after isis but telling the people we're working with not to go after assad. that doesn't give them any confidence in working with us and saudi arabia and turkey are trying to step in to actually help them more. it's a completely disorganized
12:23 pm
effort and one that needs a lot more u.s. leadership. >> what's russia's end game? >> i don't know that russia needs to have an end game. i think that's the way we tend to think in the west. for putin it's gareat to have a con tliflict where he can be thg power, gets to attack opponents of the united states and this can go on without a resolution, he'll be fine, as long as assad stays in power and russia keeps its military base this is a benefit to them in the region. >> the saudis are active militarily. what do they want? >> topple assad an see the sunnis he is attacking are actually protected and safe in the country and they're much less concerned about how extreme some of the sunnis are and whether there's any bleeding between the moderate rebels as we sometimes call them and al qaeda or isis. the saudis want to topple assad and see that the sunnis are protected. >> hundreds of thousands are dead. millions are displaced. how do you set up a safe zone in the middle of this unsafeness?
12:24 pm
>> start with a no-fly zone. >> that would be us, right? we would tell russia, can't bomb anymore, then when they bomb, then what? >> we'd have to be willing to confront russia. the way you do that is draw clear lines, these are the lines where we're going to fly, no one else flies there. if they go, do after them. you create a zone, a safe zone in syria then get ground forces that we'd have take part in but also would have to be leading others to establish a safe area on the ground. >> i don't mean to interrupt, but i'm almost out of time. if we do the flying, they fly where we tell them not to fly -- >> we're going to have to confront the russians. they don't want to be in a fight with us -- >> a few of our nato allies over there would very much like to be in a couple, three of them a lot. they'd like that a lot. >> i'm not sure about that. they like showing they're a tough guy until they're challenged. once they're challenged i think they'll respect boundaries if we
12:25 pm
draw them clearly. look at the situation with turkey, turks shot down a russian fighters. the russians complained but there haven't been anymore incidents. >> one thing is for sure, they'll respect the boundaries or they won't. >> that's right. without it, we e got the civil war waging, this refugee crisis and humanitarian disaster on our hands. >> yes, we do. a nice mess. kurt volcker, nice to see you. three americans are free from the hands of militants in iraq. that's the word from officials there. we reported on this. western officials believe a powerful shiite militia kidnapped the men from an apartment in baghdad last month. we don't have specific details on the group or how the americans got free. a source told the reuters news agency the three men are empl employed by a small company that does work for the contractor general dynamics. iraqi official says the americans are all in good condition. four americans are heading home after police arrested them in baghdad. bahrain. we reported on this as well. that's according to the defense lawyer for a reporter, a journalist named anna day and
12:26 pm
her three members of our camera crew. police accuse them of posing as tourists on sunday as they covered protests marking five years since an arab uprising in bahrain. friends say that the journalists were just doing their jobs and did not break any laws. no word on why police decided to release them. we do know why police decided to capture them. that is because they were telling the story of the protesters in a country that would be very much destabilized were it not for saudi and american influence there. we have an enormous base there. bahrain is ruled by a dictator. and the people aren't happy. they haven't been happy for a long time. occasionally the uprising, take pictures of the uprising, they'd say lock you up. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are racing to shore up support for minority voters ahead of two pivotal primary conte contests. coming up secretary clinton's high-profile meeting as she tries to ensure her so-called firewall against bernie sanders is really a firewall. we're approaching the bottom of
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the hour and the top of the news on fox news channel. i take pictures of sunrises.
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fox report today. headlines from the fox news deck. trial started in whone of the l.a.'s most notorious serial killer cases. franklin jr. pleaded not guilty to killing nine will and a teenage girl between 1985 and 2007. investigators say the women turned up in alleyways or garbage bins after the so-called grim sleeper strangled or shot them. the nickname because of an apparent 14-year gap in the killings. human error is likely to blame for last week's train crash in germany that killed 11 people. that's the word from prosecutors who say the dispatcher sent the train a wrong signal before they hit head-on. he could face up to five years in prison. and a leopard that mauled six people at a school last week has broken out of its cage. that's what officials in india tell the bbc. it took police 12 hours to tranquilize thad animal after it injured workers at the school.
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some weather for millions of people across the united states in the wake of winter storm dufman. severe storms tore across the south. this is separate. the video shows the storm damage in miami. forecasters say they also suspect tornadoes touched down in florida's pan handle area and south mississippi. pictures in our slide show this afternoon. see folks trying to salvage their belongings from a home in century, florida. this next is pompano beach at the sands and spurs equestrian park with a quee cratree crashe stable. this is wesson, mississippi, outside the wesson attendance center. a k-12 school 45 minutes south of jackson. and a tornado believed to have destroyed this mobile home which also served as a daycare in mississippi's lincoln county. we've heard no reports of any serious injuries at these spots.
12:33 pm
other problem out on the west coast, the west coast they're in the middle of a crazy heatwave. people soaking up the sun. this is renondo beach, california. if this is what you're going for, we're jealous. here it is in new york city a much different picture after the winter storm yesterday dumped snow and ice across the northeast. d.c. also with a foot in the wake of duffman. a foot in some areas. this shows a worker brushing snow from the front of the lincoln memorial with washington monument there in the background. most of duffman, though, has made its way out of the continental united states. former secretary of state hillary clinton meeting with reverend al sharpton a week after bernie sanders got together with him. secretary clinton also met with other civil rights leaders in harlem. and she's set to give a speech about fighting racism. secretary clinton is working to reinforce her so-called firewall support from minority voters. yesterday she skipped an event in florida to keep campaigning in nevada which is the next democratic battleground state.
12:34 pm
ed henry is live in las vegas with the latest there. ed, there are signs that this race may be tightening in nevada, right? >> reporter: that's right, shep. a month ago hillary clinton had 25-point lead here. similar double-digit leads. iowa, a close call, big win in new hampshire, a big win for bernie sanders. what sanders can't believe they're doing on the ground in nevada is basically getting to young people, particularly young latinos which will be a key part of the vote here. they've done that in other states as well. in fact, he was in the south today, sanders, reaching out to african-americans with this pitch. >> virtually the entire nation, terribly as a result of the greed and recklessness and illegal behavior of wall street which drove this economy into a terrible recession. the african-american community suffered more and has recovered in a much less significant way. >> reporter: so you can see his
12:35 pm
strategy there. sanders has been getting some energy around the country by beating up on wall street. now he's trying to vary that message a little bit by specifically telling the african-american community you've been harder hit than others. that obviously is all about african-american votes down south, shep. >> that will certainly help. i'm sure his goal for that will help in south carolina, right? his goal. >> right. and hillary clinton still has an edge there. all the public polling there in south carolina has suggested that hillary clinton is doing particularly well with african-american voters. again, the sanders camp trying to cut into that with young african-american voters. he's been doing very well with college students. we saw that in new hampshire, for example. that is why clinton sat down today with those civil rights leaders and made clear she's listening to their concerns. >> it's absolutely critical to me that we look at the full array of issues that do stand in the way, whether it's student debt or a judiciary that is not as diverse.
12:36 pm
>> now, you see that mentistude. clinton realizing that sanders is doing very well with young people. she's now shifting her message a little bit when she's talking specifically to african-americans about student debt as well. they vote here saturday. the caucus in nevada. then on to south carolina. these are two big states, shep. glen hall is here, u.s. news editor for "the wall street journal." it's interesting to watch this, she's co-opting some of his stuff on the democratic side. >> she's got to adapt her message, right? she's been struggling a little bit. he had a much bigger win in new hampshire than she expected. had to duck into nevada, she had the big ground game early on but has to maintain that connection. you know, we saw in new hampshire that bst had a broader array of support that might have earlier been attacking him as one-trick pony, a one-issue candidate. >> that's right. she wants to make it clear to everybody that, you know, fighting the big banks is not
12:37 pm
the same thing as fighting racism or fighting sexism. she's trying to show herself as someone who understand the bigger issues that need to be tackled, not just the one thing on wall street. >> on the republican side, it's interesting to watch because the man who hasn't come forward with any real policies of any kind or any plans of any kind outside of building a wall that mention koi wi mexico will not pay for, that's all there is. he seems to be channeling anger. it's working brilliantly. >> south carolina, our reporters down there are saying a lot of folks are turning to donald trump and his campaign down there. many of the people upset about the confederate flag controversy down there feel like donald trump actually understands what they're about. even though he's not really come out on the flag issue, many of the other things -- >> the flag is still an issue in south carolina? seriously? >> well, there's some people down there who are still upset about how that played out and still feel that the confederate flag is a part of their history in the south and should still fly. >> what else is getting traction in south carolina? >> well, you know, it's a real
12:38 pm
battle down there in terms of capturing different parts of the state because the fact -- >> three different parts. >> really, yeah. the state has the ultra evangelical side, the more corporate side, so right now as you know, it's a prufb can game. and we're trying to see who's going to be able to come out, will donald trump be at the top? will ted cruz be at the top? which can galvanize most of the candidates? and, you know, the big question down there is, is the bush family legacy enough to propel jeb bush's campaign further forward? >> i can't figure out, and i was talking to carl about this earlier, i -- give me a reason why, for instance, bush of florida would drop out before florida or rubio in florida would drop out before florida or kasich's ohio, why he would drop out before. why would anybody drop out of this no matter what they do? >> we've been saying all along this is going to be a longer run than -- >> that helps trump. >> it does. he gets to have to those fighting at the second tier below him attacking each other than attack him and don't
12:39 pm
galvanize the support. as i talked about before, trump had 30% to 35%, that means the rest looking for another candidate but haven't been able to coalesce around one. >> there's no one in the system, whatever that is, who can come forward and say, all right, somebody's got to go now because otherwise we're going to be stuck with this guy and it's all clear, washington doesn't want that. >> well, you know, it's about the money in terms of how long they're going to be able to last. and it's about how they place in the next couple of primaries. i think we'll start to see the big changes after that march 1st primary when we have so many states coming out. >> we'll see. i heard about big changes. they haven't come yet. glenn hall from "the wall street journal." thank you. supreme court justice, the late antoni scalia's chair is draped in black after his death over the weekend, the tradition they use to mark the death of any justice. a black drape hangs over the doors leading into the courtroom. justice scalia's funeral is on
12:40 pm
saturday. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. mike? >> reporter: shep, the big yes here on capitol hill, who might be nominated to replace justice scalia and how the senate would handle it. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made it clear, he believes the next president should nominate the next justice giving the american people a voice in the selection. and many of his fellow republicans are following his lead. >> i've been talking to republican senators all week long. there's no doubt in my mind that without any question, we will hold the loon and make sure the next president is in the president to appoint the next supreme court justice and hopefully two more. it's so important we maintain the equilibrium we've had for the last several years of the court. >> reporter: senator chuck schumer is predicting republicans will be forced to cave and need to consider the president's choice for the supreme court. a longtime aide to harry reid is predicting a fight on capitol
12:41 pm
hill and suggesting the democrats will stop essentially everything. >> all but shut down the senate. the fact of the matter is there's not too much on the senate to-do list this year. it's hard to imagine much of anything getting done. >> reporter: to be clear, it's an election year and there were limited expectations about what the senate would actually get done. there are items on president obama's agenda that he would like to complete. legacy items. and the question is how far the executive branch and folks here on capitol hill are willing to fight. shep? >> mike, thanks. a historic day in a relationship between the united states and cuba. earlier today representatives signed an agreement to resume commercial airline flights between two countries for the first time in five decades. right now all flights operating are charters. officials say the agreement will allow for 20 commercial flights per day from destinations in the united states to havana in
12:42 pm
addition to the 10 to 15 charter flights a day. hackers attacked a hospital and are demanding money in exchange for medical files. it's causing major problems for staff and patients and the hospital's ceo is calling it an internal emergency. that's coming up. but first an egyptian diplomat who negotiated a landmark peace deal with israel has died. boutros ghali. he was known to clash with the clinton administration. back in 2005, he said in an interview that his worst failure at the united states was the 1994 massacre in rwanda that killed half a million people in 100 days but he blamed the united states and other countries for making intervention difficult. the u.s. blocked boutros boutros-ghali from serving a
12:43 pm
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hackers are holding a southern california hospital for ransom demanding more than $3 million. definitely affecting patients. hospital workers say the attackers locked them out of computers including medical files. staffers have reportedly had to send some patients to other hospital and since workers apparently cannot get into their own e-mail they're sending handwritten notes and faxes to each other. happening at hollywood presbyterian medical center a ten-mile drive from the iconic hollywood sign in downtown los angeles. trace gallagher with the news from our west coast news hub. what do we know about this hack, trace? >> reporter: the hackers used ransom warea malicious software program that locks up the system. the hackers are demanding $3.6 million be paid in bit coin a digital currency that's tough to track. if the ransom is paid the hackers will apparently send back the key codes to unlock the system. now aside from e-mail and
12:47 pm
personal records, the computers are essential for sharing x-rays and ct scans and for transmitting lab results between departments. experts are very surprised that even with the fbi involved that hackers have been able to hold the system for a week which they say is an indication that these cyber criminals are switching things up. in other words, they're playing cyber hide and seek with the feds, but they keep moving their hiding place. >> this has been going on for a week? i mean, why would you target a hospital? >> well, because cyber security experts say it's because they're easy to hack. apparently the health care industry sprenends very little computer security and hospital computers filled with personal and sensitive information on patients that can be very lucrative on the black market and can also be used to hack the patients directly. hollywood presbyterian claims that no medical records have been accessed but computer experts have a very hard time believing that.
12:48 pm
listen. >> i would say that if the hackers have been able to lock up their system, there certainly is the potential that they have been able to -- already been able to access the private records. it really depends on how encrypted they were. >> remember, it was just last year the ucla hospital network was hacked as well, accessing the medical records of 4.5 million people. shep? >> wow, trace gallagher in l.a. trace, thanks. scientists say they may be closer to finding a cure for some types of cancer. the treatment is still in the early trials, but the researchers say it's been an extraordinary success. in one study, 94% of patients with a certain leukemia went into remission. in another, 80% of patients with nonhodgkins lymphoma responded positively to treatment and more than half ended up with no symptoms at all. it's called immunotherapy. scientists take blood cells from a patient, modify them so that the body then knows how to fight the cancer.
12:49 pm
then they inject the cells back into the patient and those cells go to work. researchers in italy say they may be able to use the same process to create a drug that would work really like a vaccine against cancer. again, this is all in the very early testing but one researcher called the results unprecedented. between the fighting in syria, and politics here at home, president obama has his hands full for the final 11 months of his presidency. we expect the president to take questions from reporters in just a little while. and we'll preview that presidential news conference that's coming up. stay with us. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier.
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so gas prices are pretty low these days, but when you fill up your tank you usually don't get change back from a dollar. that's just what happened early
12:53 pm
sunday in toledo. seems a computer glitch let drivers fill up for just pennies per gallon at one gas station. see that? across the street, the station lowered its prices to stay competitive setting off a good old-fashioned price war. >> i just filled my whole gas tank about empty for 26 cents. >> 26 cents. of course, the price only lasted three hours before they figured out what happened. according to aaa, the national average for a regular of unleaded is at $1.70. that's about $5 less than the station in long island that i wanted to blow up. i didn't really want to blow it up, it was just really expensive. and in an hour president obama is scheduled to hold a meeting in california. blake berman is following this for us from d.c. what is topping the agenda for the president today, blake?
12:54 pm
>> reporter: shepard, it's been china. china looming large even though it's not represented at the summit of ten south asian countries. the president discussed the evolving south china sea that includes seven artificial islands along withairstrips. china has made claims to that waterway but so too have other nations including vietnam and the philippines. the obama administration has spoken out against the chinese build-up. as president obama continues his focus on the asian region in the finale of his presidency, the world leaders also planned on discussing the transpacific trade deal and the threat isis poses to that part of the world. >> i'm guessing the reporters will be much more interested in the political battles he's facing at this moment. what is topping that at we wait for this news conference in about 35 minutes? >> reporter: this is a news conference so the president will take a handful of questions from reporter. among them to likely include the nomination process surrounding
12:55 pm
the late justice antonin scalia. the president very briefly touched on scalia's passing while in california leading up to this summit on saturday evening. the president also could potentially be asked about the administration finalizing the deal today furthering the airways for passengers to cuba. a lot of potential topics here, shepard. we'll find out in 40 minutes when the president is up scheduled to speak. >> you wonder how much he's going to give away for a short list about antonin scalia's seat. a lot of republicans are wondering if he'll show his hand on this matter. >> reporter: saturday night when he gave the speech in the palm springs area, he just came out briefly and spoke about antonin scalia's life. he plans to go through the process to nominate somebody but didn't give the details as to when, the who or the why or the how, not necessarily the why but the how. potentially maybe some of that will start here when the
12:56 pm
president is surely to be asked about this shortly. >> you know they will try for it. blake burman live in washington, we'll have complete coverage on fox news channel starting at 4:30 eastern time. that's coming up in just about a half hour. stay with us.
12:57 pm
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on this day in 1937 an inventor got a patent for a revolutionary new material called nylon. he was working for the american chemical company dupont. niylon gave women a cheaper alternative to the pricey silk stockings they wore. during world war ii the military used them to tires on fighter jets and even during the american flag during the first moon landing was made of it. today you can still find nylon in countless items and really all over all the oceans. rope, backpacks and gloves after a chemist secured the rights to the wonder material that will never go away 79 years ago
1:00 pm
today. there's good stuff over on the wall, jessica. see this? very quietly, the dow is up. it's now safe to look at your the 401(k). that will probably change tomorrow so do it while you can. here's cavuto. all right, you will never believe the stocks. but first we're awaiting the press conference president obama. a lot of people are wondering what he's going to stay and how much he'll force the issue of naming a replacement for justice scalia. republicans say it's a bad idea. others say it is perfectly fine given the fact he has about a year to go. he will make his case in about a half an hour. kevin corcoran is in california. what might we be able to


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