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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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record," no southern hospitality, the war for south carolina is turning nasty. that's a really bad name-calling. this 2016 race is wild. but the race isn't as tight as some candidates would like to you think. a brand new cnn/orc poll of likely republican voters has donald trump with a double digit lead. trump sits in first place at 2 it 8%. and with just four days
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until primary day the candidates are pound the pavement in sg.5÷< carolina. talks about the ozone. >> then he flies to hawaii to play golf in a 747 with a four monster engine. he plays more golf than people on the pga tour. >> we can rebuild villages in iraq and afghanistan. you know what? michigan. >> we are in great danger as we allow the culture of division to flourish in our society. >> the truth is, we aren't a single issue country. economic, social, and political challenges. >> i think hillary clinton is unqualified to be president of the united states. >> have we lost our faculties? is political correctness so consuming that we're not willing to say that's just nuts? >> 2016 presidential candidate senator marco rubio goes "on the record." good evening, sir.
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>> good evening, greta. thanks for having me. >> thank you for joining us. senator, you and donald trump are both calling senator ted cruz a liar. actually, you used more plight polite words, you say he makes things up. you haven't used the l word. senator cruz in a new poll out tonight is in second is place in south carolina. you're in third. how do you explain why that is? >> i don't think these polls are relevant at this stage. we have seen it in multiple states now where these,ictr numbers change in the end. that's true whether you are up or down. voters are still making their decision. only thing i have said about ted is he is not telling truth about multiple things. he has been rebuked by national right to life about not telling the truth on my record on planned parenthood. he has distorted and not told the truth about my record on definition of marriage.c today he definition of defense speech. ted cruz has been weak on national defense. the only budget he ever voted for was a budget authored by rand paul that bragged about reducing
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defense spending. evidence has voted against every defense authorization bill he has ever voted on. he is trying to cover that with some of these things but people see through it. >> making the assumption in the foregoing you said is all true and i'm not challenging you on it because i don't have it in front of me. you musting pulling your hair out that apparently the south carolina voters to some extent are believing him. >> no, not really. i think if you look at the way trends go in these campaigns, we feel good about our momentum and where we are going to wind up. there is five poll as day and they all show different things. they all consistently show is our numbers continue to grow and we feel good about what that's going to mean saturday night. that's what i focus on. i don't necessarily mean -- if i listen to do polls, i never would have run. i was in ninth place out of 10 or something when we first started this race. >> which brings me to facebook. i asked my facebook followers to submit some questions. and marlene lutz put a question on facebook page at one point in your, meaning you, sir, your political life did you feel qualified to run for president of the united states.
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what do you say to yourself to come to this decision based on your history? >> yeah. well, first, i looked at our party and i secretary of defense the republican party needs to be unified and it needs to grow. we have to be able to take our conservative message to people who are not voting for republicans and conservatives. and i can do that better than anyone in this race and i knew that and the other is, the most important thing a president does is national security. and if you look at the republican field and the people who are left, i have more experience than anyone else running when it comes to national security and foreign policy. and it's not even close, actually. that's the most important job of a president. and so when i saw that and i saw the field, i said we had to have someone run hog could win and who was strong on national security. and that's when i knew that i had a chance to not just be the nominee but be the president at a time when america desperately needs a new commander and chief. >> constitution says that the president shall nominate someone to the supreme court. and the president has received a lot of criticism from the republican side of the aisle saying he doesn't pay attention to the constitution and they point to his executive orders. now he is faced with the clause that says he shall
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no, ma'am and some republicans say he shouldn't. what do you say? >> well, look, he can nominate if he wanbú÷ we're just saying the senate is not moving forward on any nomination until after the election. there has been precedent set for that over 80 years now which in the last year in the eighth year of a president at some point we don't even move forward on appellate judges. >> is that the precedent you want to set though? at some point the shoe could be on the other foot and you have got the situation -- >> -- that's line. >> president ronald reagan nominated justice kennedy in the last year of his presidency and that was -- then he was confirmed to the supreme court. i mean, i know that the republicans say well the democrats did it this way so now we are going to do it this way. why not at least have a hearing and can you reject the nominee? >> i agree with senator mcconnell. we are going to have an election in november. in november, when we have this election, voters are going to get to choose a president. and a lot of big issue in this campaign is going to be what kind of justice should replace someone like justice
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scalia. justice scalia is perhaps the foremost jurist in american history for the idea, the reality that their job is to interpret the constitution according to its original meaning. he needs to be replaced by someone just like that. you're not going to get someone like that from barack obama. but, again, in november there is going to be an election. if hillary clinton or bernie sanders wins, and if they do that's the kind of jurist they are going to get something different. if not, the next president will be someone like justice scalia to the bench. so in november voters are going to have a say on thish÷ and then we will move forward from there. that's what i think the appropriate approach is at this moment. we are not moving forward in the senate. i will do everything i can procedurally to:me7u us from moving forward. again, the majority leader do anything so i feel comfortable with that. >> senator, nice to have you join us. good luck in the primaries, sir. >> thank you. thanks, greta. >> well, the trump/cruz feud was already blistering hot but today it went nuclear.
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donald trump and ted cruz trading blows and donald trump once again threatening to sue senator cruz over eligibility to be president. >> as conservatives continue to coalesce behind our campaign, donald gets angrier and angrier. when anyone points to his record it's odd he yells liar. testified points to the bible and these are lies. what he did to carson was a total lie. >> he was just going on and on about how i was the most horrible person in the world. because i keep repeating the things he says. >> at least i have you know, the presence to be able to call out. you know, i hate it to say it about a person, but actually during the debate rubio called him a liar so i felt a lot better. >> it's an amazing thing. you have noticed how rattled donald gets when his numbers start going down? he gets very, very upset. we we won iowa, internal poll numbers in south carolina must be plummeting.
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>> i have never seen anybody that lies as much as ted cruz. i think he is an unstable person. i really do. i really do. >> there are things that come out of donald's mouth, which any parent would be very dismayed if their child. it's not a good thing if parents would be embarrass to do have their children repeating the president of the united states. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the daily beast betsy woodruff and from town guy benson. right now cnn poll in south carolina donald trump is beating ted cruz by 16 points. and donald trump is threatening to sue and they used to be best friends. what happened? >> well, the poll was taken mostly before the debate, so we will see if there is any shift there. this breakup of the bromance has been very ugly to witness. i think what's fascinating about new threats from trump to go after the birther issue with cruz with a lawsuit, he is threatening to do it unless cruz backs off other criticisms with him. right? like if your8b position, your donald trump, your position
4:09 pm
is i believe ted cruz is constitutionally ineligible to be president and i have standing to sue, i don't know why you, perhaps, back away from exercising that lawsuit by tieing it it to sort of ancillary other issues that seem to be annoying you in a news cycle. that does not strike me as a serious position. >> donald trump though holds up the bible and says that ted cruz is a liar and he is even now got senator marco rubio as his ally on that and even dr. ben carson wasn't happy about what happened in iowa. >> exactly. and trump would find a lot of allies in washington to come to his side when you start saying cruz is a liar and nasty guy. but the reality is that this ugly breakup is really terrible for the republican party going forward. remember, a!4 few months ago, there was sort of an emerging consensus that cruz would be the coalition candidate that trump would fade out and his supporters would say okay, we like cruz enough, we will get on board with this guy. it's going to work out. cruz actually said he would be able to pick up trump
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supporters. given the last week. given the fact that on the debate stage multiple times trump called cruz a nasty guy like a bad human being. >> everyone says it's bad for the republican party, i must admit i think it's rather rough. i thought it was rough when he said that governor perry got glasses to look smarter. we have been doing this for six or oseven months. the numbers just don't show it everyone sets it's bad for the republican party. why are so many people interested in this campaign and a why is he winning if it's so bad? >> yeah. the other thing is, he has been calling ted cruz names now for well over a month. he called him unhinged and nasty and -- >> -- unstable. >> unstable. that was weeks ago. and then he turned around and not only that a liar who cheated and stole an election. that was another thing he said about ted cruz. a few days later he said but i like him and he might be my running mate. now it's back town stable vicious. trump cannon will turn on a dime when he feels like the moment is right. >> i would argue there has been a shift. i would argue looking at this last debate the tone was just a little more
4:11 pm
acerbic. it's more personal. i'm not convinced this is a cannon that's going to turn back. something changed in the last few days. >> we'll find out on saturday if you both will stand by. just a short time ago a, president obama rejecting the g.o.p. call to delay the nomination of a supreme court successor for justice antonin scalia. >> i intend to nominate in due time a very well qualified candidate. if we are following basic precedent, then that nominee will be presented before the committees. the vote will be taken, and ultimately they will be confirmed. >> is there any way president obama could get a nominee confirmed by the republican controlled senate? fox news correspondent shannon bream is here. shannon, anyway, even a moderate? >> you know what? i have had one g.o.p. senator to tell me privately if the president put up someone that was viewed as a consensus pick that they
4:12 pm
could agree that could be a moderate. they could pull away g.o.p. votes to get that done. he doesn't think there is such an individual currently out there. >> what's -- how does this play out? the president is going to nominate someone and then the senate just sits on it and doesn't hold a hearing? >> well, according to all of the 2016 contenders who happen to be u.s. senators. they have no plans to let it move forward when asked if he would filibuster ted cruz who sits on the judiciary committee. you know he clerked at the supreme court. he said absolutely that is is the plan to filibuster obviously you have to hold the other 60 to do that. we will see. >> there is something -- i know that a lot of people think that should be done that way. the fact is that we have a process. constitution is a process. it says he shall nominate and the senate has a right to just sort of sift on it it you know what? the shoe is going to be on the foot another time it. it would be nice to set a precedent where they at least hold a hearing so the person gets a fair shot at it if the person doesn't getqt confirmed doesn't get confirmed. when will rereverse this search acting according to the constitutional process?
4:13 pm
>> i would not say this year. i don't think this will be the year. >> i shouldn't bet on it then. >> no. don't bet on it. president obama did try to appeal on his remarks. constitution does tell me as president i nominate. >> shall. >> they have to consider. >> shall. >> they have to consider. doesn't mean it's appointment. it's a nomination. >> they say there is going to be no hearing. they are stopping it that's what the problem is. >> yeah there are those who think that chuck grassley the republican senator whodl chairs the judiciary committee may actually be considering allowing there to be some type of hearing. is he between a rock and hard place. i think it all depends on who gets nominated. >> i think they would be wise to hold a hearing. if they don't like the person reject it, the senate. not to do anything and then we will just go through this another time. >> i nominate you. not for president but still. >> shannon bream has nominated me, thank you, shannon. of the battle for supreme court nominee is turning the political world on its head. >> the substitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now. >> when there is a vacancy
4:14 pm
on the supreme court, president of the united states is to nominate someone. >> i think the senate republican should take very, very careful look at it. it would be best if left until the next president was elected. >> the president has the right to nominate under the constitution. and a the senate has the obligation to process that nomination. >> the president has an absolute right to nominate whoever he wants to. the senate has an schut right absolute right to firm or not confirm, the president are like justice scalia or like some of the other justices on there now. >> then you have got to fight. you have to the to fight for it. there is a lot riding on this. >> td" political panel is back. betsy weave this into the scenario we have. we have an open seat on the supreme court and nomination is coming from the white house. how does it play out in the races? >> i think all the republicans say what we have been hearing which is they can't confirm anyone. >> can't confirm or don't
4:15 pm
think there should be a hearing. >> perhaps not even that there should be a hearing because, look, this issue is so good for ted cruz, for donald trump, for marco rubio, for the further right, more conservative guys. because they can say who cares about precedent. we don't want obama putting another liberal on the supreme court. just let the clock run out. that's what they want. reviewed a really interesting poll with viewers republican debate on saturday. of they asked what candidate these folks trusted the most to appoint a supreme court. a supreme court justice it was ted cruz by about five points. so, these folks aren't going to say oh yeah, just have a hearing and do the thing that's -- that is not going to help at all. >> now is your chance to vote at home on twit are.[[ will president obama appoint a liberal or moderate justice. tweet the word liberal or moderate using #greta. we will show you twitter votes throughout the show. guy, is there any advantage. if they had a hearing and if it went to the floor, senator ted cruz have a chance to stand up and recite everything that scalia ever did.
4:16 pm
>> look. i think that there is not going to be a selection for president obama that republicans can support. therefore, there will not be a confirmation of whomever he puts forth. >> not going to get a hearing. >> right. you could have a hearing in committee. have it voted down in committee. if it somehow got on floor, it's voted down on the floor with the republican majority. >> after a huge -- after an a opportunity everyone to speak on the floor about it. >> there are many different i would be absolutely9yj stunned floored if president obama gets someone through. he won't. >> guy, betsy, stay with us. here is something you didn't know. even before justice scalia's sudden death, there were some already planning to block president obama's court. former justice -- goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> you worked for him, you were a clerk. i know his death touches you deeply. all the clerks are much -- they love their justices. >> absolutely. it's been a very difficult
4:17 pm
several days. >> i imagine it has. even before were -- you wanted to block all nominees or not true. >> no, no. not true. i never realized the amazing power of one little blog post. >> dangerous, isn't it. >> the discussion is about appellate court nominees only. president obama already has in his second term as many as president bush had during his entire second term. and let's have in mind just it to understand the narrative of what happened. back when president bush was making nominations, the democrats launched their unprecedented campaign filibusters against his nominees. >> it's horrible. >> and then, years later, when republicans rushed a little bit in kind, democrats couldn't take what they were dishing out, and in november 2013, abolish the filibuster for lower court nominees. you then had this flood of abomb that nominees confirmed and is here's the
4:18 pm
problem they keep getting even with each other. republican, democrats, are looking sort of taking a stepping back and taking a bigger you have a, they are getting even with each other and saying the other guy did it before so we are going to it do it now. look, whoever the president nominates is not going to get confirmed likely by the senate. i got that. but the constitution says shall. and so should he not at least nominate? >> well, under that theory, he in dereliction of constitutional dutiesh5q for leaving other sorts of offices without nominations. what that provision means the president makes a nomination. not someone else. there is no constitutional obligation to make a nomination as soon as there is a a vacancy owes otherwise he is already in dereliction now. of course he has a right, i'm sorry, of course he has a right to make a nomination. no one is contending otherwise. what senate republicans are saying is that that nomination is not going to go anywhere so why are you wasting our time? >> why not have a hearing
4:19 pm
let's hear from our u.s. senators and have a robust debate. i know they are going vote no in the end. >> >> >> you have seen any of his hearings the last 20 years? a hearing is not going to provide meaningful information. i don't think a hearing adds much at all. becomes a spectacle. no one confirmed this year why waste your time with a hearing? >> i see robust debate having value for the american people. can you see how this sort of -- how the sausage is made in some ways. >> you can have the debate. it doesn't require a hearing. >> anyway, he had, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> is secretary hillary clinton stealing the election from senator bernie sanders. "on the record" investigated voting so far. the results are coming up. also dr. ben carson said in an interview muslims who embrace american values mustn7 be, quote, schizophrenic. what did dr. carson mean by that. dr. carson will be here to "on the record" to explain.
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democratic side of the aisle virtual tie and then in new hampshire senator bernie sanders had a huge win crushing hillary clinton with new hampshire voters. right now and this might be perplexing to you secretary clinton is crushing senator sanderson in the delegate race. how can that be? "on the record" explains. >> thank you, new hampshire. [cheers and applause] >> bernie sanders scoring big in new hampshire. a massive victory in the critical new hampshire primary. that big news happening just days after a stunning near tie in the iowa caucuses. >> very excited. bernie's the best. >> i'm not going to be surprised if he becomes president.
4:24 pm
>> he is going to win. america is going to have a revolution. >> so senator sanders is winning, right? well, actually, no. former secretary of state hillary clinton has more delegates than senator sanders. way more. a whopping 394 delegates todu only 44 for sanders. that is a 350 delegate difference. but$t why? the answer is super delegates. or party leaders who can vote at the at the democratic convention for whichever candidate they want regardless of how people might vote. >> the did he goes are not a function necessarily of the caucus and election process. that's what people have to watch. >> right now clinton already has 362 super delegate endorsements. sanders only has 8 even though sanders beat clinton by more than 55,000 votes in new hampshire. 8 super delegates already endorsed clinton. the other two still haven't picked. that means despite winning big at the polls in new hampshire senator sanders
4:25 pm
probably won't get a majority of new hampshire delegates to the new hampshire convention. >> is the system rigged? >> going to be a tough thing. if the candidate gets a nomination because of a super delegate that doesn't will of the people. >> the truth is super delegates can vote whoever they like. they are free to switch before or after the convention. that happened to her in 2008 when she lost her super delegate leads to then senator barack obama the "on the record" political panel is back. betsy i don't make the rules for the democratic party or republican party that does seem missed unthat the people going to vote at the polls and then turns out that there are all these other delegates out there in the democratic party. >> super delegates. supposed to be the called the democratic party for a reason because it's about democracy. this super delegate system basically puts the thumb on the scale for the democratic party establishment. makes it so that if you're
4:26 pm
in with the right folks. if you are already a person in the position of power, your vote literally counts more than if you are a normal run of the mill typical democrat and it makes bernie sanders supporters understandably totally eye rated and in a way i think this can back fire it gives them more of a case for burn it all down guren all up revolution. >> in iowa a virtual tie and bernie had a commanding. he clobbered secretary clinton in new hampshire yet if he won totally in new hampshire and he won totally in nevada, he would have only 88 more delegates because that's the two states. and he is 350 delegates behind because of these super delegates. >> you hear the mantra from the democratic party. one person, one vote with an asterisk. only when it benefits them in their general opinion. in this case they are going out of their way to ensure that it's not one person, one vote when it comes to picking their nominee. this is the establishment really imposing its will on the party. i think for a lot of theo÷ consternation we have heard in this country dry about
4:27 pm
the elites controlling too much in the establishment. it's mostly on the republican side. republicans have the more democratic nominating process where voters get to decide. democrats have these powerful, steroid voters elites get to do things we saw give hillary super delegates who bernie right now based on vote totals from actual people ought to be leading that count. >> not only ought he be leading but she is clobbering him because of the super delegates. not even close. betsy, guy, both stick around. and 2016 is an election year like nothing history has ever seen. more campaign shockers straight ahead. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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and have the presidential candidates wild? don't answer that yes, this 2016 race has been anything but dull. we are seeing candidates saying things you thought you would probably never hear from someone trying to be the leader of the free world. >> donald trump is trying to hijack the republican party. he is not a conservative. he was unhinged in this debate he is fowl mouthed. foul-mouthed. we will have businesses that used to be in new hampshire. can you tell them to go [bleep] themselves. >> marco went on univision in spanish and said he would not rescind president obama's illegal executive amnesty on his first day in office. >> i don't know how he saysuzz on univision because he
4:32 pm
doesn't speak spanish. >> one of my favorite, favorite political ads of all time was a radio ad, rural arkansas, where the announcer said wouldn't it be great if somebody running for office said something we could have an immediate reaction as to whether it was true or not? well, we have trained this dog and the dog, if it's not true is he going to bark. i'm trying to figure out how we can do that with the republicans. you know? we need to get that dog and follow them aroundcx)r every time they say these things like oh, you know, the great recession was caused by too much regulation. [barking] >> ted cruz is seriously, he has got a mental problem. ted cruz is a liar. he has got a problem. >> i think he is unstable problem. i really do. >> okay. what does this mean for the states of american politics? and do you think the world -- closely? the "on the record" political panel is back from the daily beast woodruff and town guy benson.
4:33 pm
this is so serious. but, when you hear this stuff, unhinged foul-mouth to go something themselves. mental, unstable. not speak spanish, arf, arf, it goes on. >> doesn't mention the fact that ben carson mentioned schizophrenic and donald trump mentioned ben carson a pedophile. you can't make these things up. if i were writing a novel about politics in some bizarreo future and a i wrote this stuff into it, people would say that's ridiculous, that's not real. >> tamp it down a little. that's getting a little crazy. >> got some problems in western europe because they are consumed with their own problems that they are probably not watching -- >> -- they are paying some attention. just watching that montage there, greta, there was some stuff i had forgotten. >> that doesn't even go back far. >> last two weeks. >> hasn't gone back that far. hillary is talking and barking wouldn't it be great realtime fact checking mechanism in politics. i'm not sure that would
4:34 pm
benefit her, necessarily. and then with trump, i didn't understand that comment in new hampshire he said we're going to take those new hampshire businesses who left from mexico, we will bring them back to new hampshire and then tell them once they're back to go f themselves. i don't understand that come on back and we will insult you. >> let's not forget that earlier today, a few minutes ago, donald trump said if he had been president on 9/11 it wouldn't have happened. >> wouldn't have happened. very interesting argument to make there. >> he would have found a way to stop it. >> all these things that they're all saying and pretty much all up to their eyeballs and i guess kasich -- i haven't heard anything out of kasich yet that i can think of. if i said these things, i would get the hook so fast. they wouldn't keep me on the air if i was going around calling my colleagues these things. >> kasich's brand is to take all of that and say no to it. frequently and ostentatiously. i'm the one rejecting the circus. >> i'm the altar boy. >> also kasich isn't winning.
4:35 pm
that's the problem with him. beside new hampshire great brand and makes sense and we all like it. voters are bored. >> i do not think voters are bored with donald trump. his numbers, i think the polls are stunning. he has got a solid lead. not just a little bit of a lead but a big lead in south carolina. at least the most recent poll. >> he is many things, boring is absolutely not one of them. >> he also, mean, look, a lot of people think he is fearless. he must be fearless. is he not afraid to say anything. >> fearless or clueless or reckless or having a really good time. >> is he going to sue ted cruz? >> i hope so for my personal journalistic point of view that would be a great story. he might as well do it. what does he have to lose? >> do you think he will sue him. >> he will bat that around and trot it out as a threat from time to time. ted cruz is eligible to be president. >> i think that donald has really figured out how to play us in the media. >> e oh, of course he has. we are biting so hard.
4:36 pm
anyway, guy, betsy, thank you both. and donald trump said he wouldn't do it but now he says he might. what is it? coming up. plus, remember this live streaming? she just made the news again. that's next. ational. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro. every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return.
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get ready to speed read the news. former united nations secretary general has died. the 93-year-old egyptian was the first african-american secretary general when he was elected in is the 91. best known as history making diplomat one of the architects behind the campf3 david accord. remember this florida drunken driving. she avoided jail by making a plea deal. whitney deal getting is it months probation. alcohol treatment, community service and six months drivers license suspension. on that live stream video. she can clearly be heard saying she was driving drunk. and two tornadoes touching
4:41 pm
down in florida. the first striking broward county and 45 minutes later the second hitting miami-dade. violent winds of the roach collapsing. apartment building a large winter storm brought know and ice to the north. pounded florida with high winds and rain to the heavy rest. florida's panhandle ten homes destroyed in the storm. mississippi, windows of the school were blown out when the storm rolled through and that's tonight's speed read. and donald trump, he is at it again. the g.o.p. presidential frontrunner once again floating the idea that he candidate. >> i signed a pledge but it's a double-edged pledge. and as far as i'm concerned, they are in default of their pledge. >> of course, that pledge trump mentioned is is the one all candidates signed back in september agreeing to run as a republican and candidate's candidate is. republican national committee chair reince priebus goes "on the record." niles it to see you sir. >> how are you. >> donald trump friendly. got a nice shoutout after won new hampshire. >> donald trump and i have been just fine.
4:42 pm
but, you know, the issue with the pledge is simply that if you are going to run as a republican and avail yourself of the process, yourself of the process, come to the9 going to support the republican party. that's what the pledge says. so, all the candidates agree to that i expect all the candidates to continue to agree to that i'm not worried about this at all. >> if he gave himself an out if he says he was not treated fairly. >> the pledge is simple. two parties basically that run this type of process in place, the debates, convention republican and democrats. each of them have rules in place for that process. so, if you want to run are as a republican, you have to pledge that you're going to be supporting the republican nominee. that's pretty fair. i think it's pretty stashed and i i am not worried about this whatsoever. >> all right. the other night at the debate, there was some applause. and he made a remark that the crowd was stacked with donors.
4:43 pm
>> donors. well, just so we are clear how these tickets are allocated. i know it's not the most interesting topic in the world. >> it's interesting now. >> interesting formula for. this all the candidates. 1600 people in the audience. each candidate gets 107 tickets. so that's 642 tickets are there for the candidates. the rnc had a total of 10 donors in the audience from our ticket allocation. 10. so that's about a half of a percent of the entire audience were rnc donors. the fact is is, here's the relates. when you have 600 that are in the room that are guests of the candidates. guess what, they are going to be pretty excited to either be for their candidate or against otherr÷ candidates. that's pretty natural. that's what happens. that's what this is and it's pretty normal. it's going to continue. it's going to continue on at the next debate. each candidate is going to get a candidate allotment. they should. >> we're both from wisconsin. there is a phrase in wisconsin called herding cats.
4:44 pm
do you sort of feel like that's your job right now that you are herding cats? >> i am herding cats. it's difficult. you can't react too strongly to any one particular thing. you just have to be steady, be patient, be open-minded. that's what i say every day. be patient, be open-minded and be steady every day that's what i tell myself. >> you have to admit it's a wild ride. >> it's fun. people say oh, you have got such a horrible job. i actually think it's one of the best jobs there is right now in politics today. you know what? it's drama-filled. it's little wild but eventually we have a nominee and we'll be able to run against hillary clinton who is face the fbi or a socialist from vermont. i like our chances. >> mr. chairman, niceh to see you, sir. >> you bet. >> i asked you on facebook what you want to hear from dr. ben carson. some of those questions next. if they could ever catch you.
4:45 pm
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4:49 pm
infighting is shaping the everchanging 2016 race. dr. ben carson telling a group of diners the race is so ugly the candidates are like gladiators going into battle. >> when i i call the ancient roman coliseum. everybody wants to go to the coliseum and see a fight. nobody wants to -- [ laughter ] >> dr. ben carson taking a quick break from the campaign trail to go "on the record" from aiken, south carolina. good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. >> nice to see you. all right, dr. carson, tell me. today you made a statement about muslims and democracy and schizophrenia. can you explain that please? [ laughter ] >> yeah. i basically said a muslim who believes in all the tenets of islam, including sharia would have a very difficult time embracing our constitution and our values
4:50 pm
because they are at odds with each other. so, someone then said well, can't they do both? i said yeah, if they are schizophrenic. if they can both in both directions at the same time. >> are there some muslims who don't embrace, in your mind, american muslims who don't embrace sharia law and thus, you know, that would be a different view? >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, i grew up in detroit. i knew lots of muslims who embraced, you know, american values, and they were just like anybody else.úz >> dr. kerrson, i put on my facebook page today asking for questions because we knew that you would be a guest tonight. i thought i would brings the voters. in and benny joe basset says a question to you: dr. carson who would you consider as your nominee to go before congress for next supreme court justice justice. who would be someone you would sort of think about? >> joyce rogers brown, i he
4:51 pm
think, would be a good choice. but i think, you know, we should look at a whole host of different people. they have done in the past. what kind judgments they had? who do they associate with? there is a lot you can tell about a person's life and whenp they come to just do interviews for the position, they have been prepped on what to say. so he i think the life is something that you can't necessarily prep something somebody on. can you get a lot of information by looking at that. >> a lot of the 2016 nominees think that president obama while he has certainly has the right and duty under the substitution to nominate someone for the supreme court that there should be no hearings. do you think there should be hearings or no hearings by the republican-controlled senate? >> well, you know, they are not going to approve an idealogue. now, if he is going to select somebody who is a strict constitutionalist, like judge scalia was, i
4:52 pm
suspect that they probably would be very willing to have hearings in a situation like that. so, you know, the ball park -- the ballgame is in his court and he needs to make that decision but, remember, the supreme court was supposed to be a system of people who loved america and who knew substitution -- the constitution. trying to uphold the standards and patrol car -- practices. they were not supposed to idealogue. people are reacting to that. >> here is another question from facebook. jennifer michelle greenberg has this question for you, dr. carson, what do you think of the caddie fighting and finger pointing going on between other candidates. is it helpful or isv it damaging? >> >> well, it's very damaging. you don't have to go that far back in history. you have to go back 2012, you see how the republican candidates savaged each other. it turned out to be
4:53 pm
extremelyiful for barack obama that compiled a record that should cause anybody to lose. yet they were still able to win because they had donem÷br so much damage to each other. i hope we can learn from these and stop inflicting these wounds on ourselves. >> in your campaign in south carolina, do you get any different question when you were in new hampshire or iowa? anything sort of piquing everybody's attention down there? >> well, i'm getting a lot more enthusiasm here than i had in new hampshire, that's for sure. and, you know, a lot ofzx people who think that things are going to change in our favor down here. so i'm optimistic about that. >> dr. carson, thank you for joining us. good luck in the primaries, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> and coming up, a big now. -- big announcement today for fox news plus my take off-the-record.
4:54 pm
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let's all go off-the-record. she might be bionic. apparently she does not need sleep. she has a new baby, and you mothers know what that means. zero sleep. i think she is used to it. for the last few years she has been receiving wake-up calls in the we we hours in the morning to co-host at 5:00 a.m., "fox & friends first." y, i'm talking about my fox colleague ainsley earhardt. you know her. the fox news channel doing segments for hannity and she has done a lot since. so now the big news. just a short time ago ainsley was named the new co-host of "fox & friends" and that is fun news here at the fox news channel because "fox & friends" is a favorite of all of us. it's also a hugely launched in 1998 and has been going gang busters ever since. i'm thrilled for ainsley and i'm also thrilled for her co-host steve does were and brian kilmeade. so congratulations to the number one show in the morning "fox & friends." and congratulations to ainsley and the%u new gig.
4:59 pm
ps, doocy offered me a bucks to say something really nice about him and steve, i really tried and i really wanted that a dollars but i couldn't think of anything nice to say but. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. campaign flash. senator ted cruz about to rally in henderson, south carolina. donald trump figure a performing arts center in south carolina. trump just wrapping up his speech. governor jeb bush getting his barbecue fix. governor bush holding a town hall at a barbecue restaurant in leaseville. and for the second straight day ohio governor john kasich is in michigan. governor kasich calling on education, drug problems, and poverty. that's tonight's campaign flash. and, your live twitter voting on your screen right now. will president obama appoint a liberal or moderate justice in here it is moderate 13%. liberal 87%. that's all for now. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern.
5:00 pm
don't forget to go to my facebook page. you can put questions there for candidates who appear on the record. 7:00 p.m. i may read them to them. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our top story. donald trump versus ted cruz. both sides are unleashing vicious broad sides against each other escalating over the past few days. >> i have never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. he is a lying guy. a really lying guy. some people misrepresent, this guy is a plain out liar. >> truth matters. you cannot simply scream lier when somebody points out the actual


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