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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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facebook page. you can put questions there for candidates who appear on the record. 7:00 p.m. i may read them to them. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get straight to our top story. donald trump versus ted cruz. both sides are unleashing vicious broad sides against each other escalating over the past few days. >> i have never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. he is a lying guy. a really lying guy. some people misrepresent, this guy is a plain out liar. >> truth matters. you cannot simply scream lier when somebody points out the actual position of
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donald trump. so i will continue to focus on substance and truth and let other candidates focus on the insults and attack. >> andá÷ the cruz campaign isn't stopping there. releasing a fresh attack ad, taking aim at donald trump. >> between sips of wine and bites of salad talks about getting money from tissue of aborted tuses for money. >> planned parenthood treats unborn like a form of currency. yet, some politicians still defend them. >> planned parenthood serves a good function. we have to look at the positives. >> donald trump is just plain wrong. >> and trump fired back today. >> this guy, cruz, comes out well i don't think he is going to win. this guy is so strident and so nasty, he is going to lose every single state. trump and cruz isn't costing trump support at least not yet. a new survey by public policy polling, a democratic
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group shows trump maintain ago strong lead in south carolina with 35% of likely republican voters backing him. ted cruz and marco rubio are followed by john kasich at 10%. then jeb bush and ben carson tied at 7%. joining us now with reaction from columbia, south carolina. stuart, senior advisor for the cruz campaign and from katrina. no two person sitting right here at the debate event event with your two candidates. start with you katrina, donald trump has said ted cruz lied about him and he is ready to sue. will he sue cruz for libel. >> he actually might considering how a lot of the attacks against mr. trump are not true. and specifically with this new ad on planned parenthood, donald trump simply says that cervical cancer screening for poor women is a good thing, even though he opposes abortion
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and opposes funding for abortion for. the cruz campaign wants to take it further. it's obvious that senator,k@&c @ cruz needs south carolina to move forward and he is not going to stop at anything, including misrepresenting his positions on pretty much everything at this point, eric? >> is ted cruz concerned about being sued in the middle of a fight for the g.o.p. nomination? >> well, if donald trump wants to sue, bring it on. the fact of the matter is, ted cruz has done nothing but point out donald trump's exact words, exactly as he said them. evidence has said that he supports the nation's largest abortion provider. he has said he is pro-choice. he has said that planned parenthood does some great things. and so i want to ask katrina, the nation's largest abortion provider, how can he compete in a state like south carolina when he supports abortion? katrina? >> well, first, i would like to ask alice if she actually believes mr. trump supports abortion. because the ads that the campaign are running are
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from 17 years ago. mr. trump hasn't been proabortion for a very long time. he has been pro-life. he has told stories on the campaign trail about that transition. senator cruz props up people like ronald reagan who, as governor of california, signed the most liberal piece of abortion legislation in that state, in the country's history, alice. >> okay. you can jcialtion cruz's campaign knows it. >> it was just last week when we were1z on the debate stage when donald trump says that he supports taxpayer funding for the nation's largest abortion provider. we are talking last week not 17 years ago. >> mr. trump said he supports the good things, the good things like cervical. do you think poor women shouldn't have cervical cancer screenings? >> planned parenthood is the nation's largest abortion provider. he supports the nation's largest abortion provider and south carolina is a pro-life state. the republican party is a pro-life party. and you cannot go around saying that you are pro-life when you support funding for planned parenthood.b
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in addition to that. he has said repeatedly he thinks they do good things. he has also said he supported democrat candidates over the years. >> he also supported ted cruz. he donate to do ted cruz. >> we can go back and forth on this. alice, honestly, there are a lot of candidates who change positions on certain things, for example on immigration. some would say ted cruz has changed his position on immigration as well enforcement should you be holding donald trump to the standard of what he said as katrina points out. i'm not sure about that 17 years ago number. if, in fact, it was 17 years ago that he said it, should he be held to that standard now? >> he should be held to the starpsd of what he said on the debate stage just last week, eric. that's what people are basing their decision on. and when it comes to immigration, no one has fought harder against marco rubio and the gang of 8 and their amnesty program than ted cruz in washington, d.c. here's fact. i'm in south carolina.
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we have been out on the campaign trail for days here south carolinians about issues that they are concerned with. not some donald trump just calling his opponents liars and nasty. ted cruz this morning gave a phenomenal national security speech here in charleston where he talked about the importance of funding and barack obama has spent the past seven years with our national security on the back burner. ted cruz will put it on the front burner. this afternoon, we were out on the campaign trail with texas governor, former governor rick perry and dakota myer. talk about an event. >> katrina, now, -- >> -- donald trump is pro-life and has been for a very long time. we too are on the ground in south carolina listening to the voters who think that a lot of these things that the cruz campaign are too long have very sleazy from iowa all the way to south carolina. and with these horrible push polls. i will say this with regard to immigration. donald trump is the most solid on immigration as we have seen and the only
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reason we are having this discussion is because of donald trump. on senator cruz's own youtube page is he praising bringing syrian refugees to this country because it's the right thing to do for america. he flip flopped on that after mr. trump came out against it support increasing hv 16 visas and green cards. >> we can't go through the complete platforms of both candace. what i would like to talk about a little bit. we don't have a ton of time. start with you katrina, in the aftermath of the last debate where donald trump had mentioned things about george w. bush yet afterwards the poll numbers haven't seem to do have bundle. are you hearing on the ground that's going to effect anything going forward going into saturday's primary? >> no. not at all, eric. the people on the ground in south carolina and all over the country are tired of the transnational corporations back people like senator ted cruz who promotes obama trade. they are tired of it they want their jobs back. they want to make things in this country again, they want to secure the brs. they want to stop
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criminal aliens. peep on the ground get it they are yours to do politics and politic politicians alike and these why eeing the poll numbers. >> the poll numbers in the aftermath -- what a lot of people thought this was the one thing that's going to give donald trump his numbers to come down after all the other things. because george w. bush seems to be beloved, but it hasn't seemed to budge. is ted cruz concerned that maybe he shouldn't have picked this fight. >> well, here's the thing. ted cruz has done nothing more than point out donald trump's own record and his own words. and for -- it's sad that katrina has to defend someone who basically says anyone that calls out his record is lying. that's a pretty weak defense. and just by saying someone is a liar does not address the issue. so, you know, it's unfortunate. >> here is where the rubber meets the road. you look at the last poll, ted cruz was solidly in second for that poll now he is tied for second.
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his numbers have slid. is he concerned in the cruz camp. >> we are encouraged. we are making tens of thousands of phone calls every day and knocking on doors and having tremendous surrogates out here on the trail with us. and keep in mind, the polls have donald trump in first in iowa and we had a resounding victory in iowa. we are looking forward to saturday. >> we will have to leave it right there, ladies. th hot debate. next on the ruppdown, donald trump unlieding on%f former george w. bush and his role surrounding the 9/11 attack attacks. could that back fire in south carolina? that debate upcoming. [ coughing ]
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contentious issue. >> was a big fat mistake. george w. bush made a mistake. they lied. they have said there were weapons of mass destruction. there were none and they knew there were none there were no weapons of mass destruction. while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. i'm proud of what he did. >> meantime the former president appeared to strike back at trump while on the campaign trail for his brother jeb. >> real strength stwrent purpose comes from integrity and character. in my experience, the strongest person usually isn't loudest one in the [cheers] >> and bush family allies are circling the wagons rallying against trump. >> he sounds like a liberal democrat to me, bret. he is wrong. and he is, i think,
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deliberately promoting those views in order to advance his political interests. >> joining us now with reaction from washington emily, spokesperson for the young americas foundation and with us in the studio katie pavlich a fox news contributor. katie, i have read your tweets. i know you are not a big fan of donald trump. but, did he go over the line and isn't it all is fair in love and war and this could be seen as war? >> all is fair in love and war but you should tell the truth. the fact is that donald trump accused george w. bush of intentionally lying about weapons of mass destruction. when donald trump should really be focusing on thetj issues at hand in the sense of the national security threats that we face today. in terms of how this effects the election in south carolina, and the election nationally, i think that this does not body well for trump in south carolina in the sense. >> numbers don't prove that out yet. >> we will see. let me finish the point. the bushes are popular there. south carolina is a heavily military populated state. i don't think this helps jeb bush but i think it does help someone like marco
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rubio or ted cruz. people are thinking about the fact what if we have another 9/11 here. what if there is another attack. terrorism is the number one issue here. they are thinking maybe twice about who they want to be sitting in the white house if that were to occur. >> now, emily, george w. bush who is genuine. he had a charm. >> yes. >> some would say jeb could use a little genuineness and charm. you think it's okay that donald trump elicited what he did regarding 9/11 because as i stated earlier all is fair love and war. >> all is fair in love and war. i think precisely why katie said that we should be focusing on terrorism is why it's a fair point to talk about 9/11 is the most important, you know, national security disaster in recent history. sov i understand why he is going after it. and no n. no way do i agree with what he is saying. i understand politically why he is going after it. his base has been impervious to any sort of thing the pundit class has said is going to hurt him. we have heard it time and again when he aattacked senator mccain and attacked megyn kelly. it never seemed to impact
5:16 pm
his base. >> katie, that's a very, very good point. it's like donald trump can go anywhere, take whatever shot he wants to, and the base, the 30 to 35% is still going to say i'm going to vote for this guy. i don't care what he says. >> well, sure. i think it's important to take a look back. that's a whole another discussion we can have in entirely different segment what really matters? does it matter that donald trump. >> do they? >> donald trump is pulling up an argument that liberal democrats have been using for years. pulling up an argument that treason news code pink has used for years general's george w. bush without offering any real solutions to the problems that we faceó today. >> but, again, i will point out that p.p.p. poll that went through after the debate two days after the debate that he mentioned this comment, his poll numbers. by the way, jeb bush's were last. >> this does benefit not jeb bush but benefits marco rubio or ted cruz. i think moving forward, look, just because someone
5:17 pm
is winning in the polls doesn't mean you have to justify or accept everything that they say. donald trump certainly crossed the line this week. when he accused george w. bush and used a code pink talking line on a republican stage to acould you see him of intentionally lying again and not addressing the issues that we face today, 13 years later. >> emily, let me ask you. this chris christie took a shot at marco rubio. it cost him. he lost new hampshire. of he had to get out of the race. jeb bush has decide to do take on donald trump. and his numbers, frankly, the last poll, he was in last place. >> yeah. i think that's just still a symptom of how split the republican base is right now among this incredible field of candidates. i do want to make one point which is that you can say you have right now about 30% of republican electorate is for donald trump. about 20% of the democratic trump. now, when you look at that, that means 70% on republican voters, principles do matter. you can say it that way. i think that's positive news. >> i hate that. >> why? >> i really hate that katie,
5:18 pm
here is why i hate it you have a people in the race, any way you slice it, how is this? you want numbers? donald trump has 200 percent of what ted cruz has. 200 percent of what marco rubio has. and has 600 percent of what jeb bush has. >> i think when you look at the numbers and really the calculation of other candidates on the, quote, establishment side of the spectrum. i think that jeb bush could do us all a couple of favors and decide to give his donors to someoneh. who can actually win and consolidate and make that trump versus whoever else campaign. we will see who wins then. there are 70% of the population on the republican side who disagree with donald trump. is he winning in a five man, six man race. is he not winning a majority. >> none of them are. >> one important. >> but, eric, when you look at the principles. >> he is only getting ' 5%. well, is he getting double, triple and quadruple.
5:19 pm
>> you asked the question whether principles matter. the fact is that the conservative principles have been embedded for a very long time in the republican party. the records of people who are not donald trump actually reflect that. they are not just saying things. they have done things. donald trump has changed his mind in the last five, two, one year, i don't know. last debate on liberal issues. that's the difference. principles do matter and the other candidates have them and donald trump does not. >> put you down for a maybe. [ laughter ] >> thank you very much. president obama versus the g.o.p. how the clash of wills over the supreme court, the federal courts and his entire agenda will play out. stay tuned. you're down with crestor. alright! now there's a way you can get crestor for $3.
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight. the fight over justice scalia's replacement. during a news conference today presidentu obama made his most pointed comments yet about it. lashing out at the senate as obstructionists. >> the fact that we have almost grown accustomed to a situation that is almost unprecedented where every nomination is contested. regardless of how qualified the person is the venom and rancher in washington has prevented us rancor in washington has prevented us from getting basic work done. >> with us is marianne march andrea tantaros. he is blaming the republicans as being obstructionists. i think the republicans should at least hear who he wants to put up. when the question was asked whether he was going to nominate a moderate. i didn't say that i wasn't saying whether he was or wasn't but he drew a line in
5:24 pm
the sand. >> the most important thing that jumped out to me is he a hypocrite. he talked about this obstruction but when president obama was a senator in 2005 he voted to filibuster samuel alito. he also voted against john roberts. even though he said he was imminently qualified, eric. he said it was just because of his politics that he couldn't do it. now because president obama doesn't want republicans to follow the rules that he created. so it's highly hypocritical. i do agree with you, eric. i think they should÷ hear who his nominee is he does have that right. hear who it is, i think mcconnell needs to stand up and do what the republican party elected him and put him into power to do. that is say, all right, you like a filibuster so much, president obama, we'll give you a filibuster. 600 votes, and he will never get it. >> the other thing, marianne, that struck me during that news conference is president obama basically saying oh the republicans, all of a sudden they want to go by the rule of law. they want to go by the word ofp the constitution. president obama himself has the constitution for better of seven years.
5:25 pm
think president obama using commerce clause. think gitmo and drone program. he has been time and time again going around the constitution. >> no, if that were the case, then they would have all been overturned, eric. the fact is he has used every tool at+ñhis disposal every time the republicans have thwarted him. to andrea's point both alito and roberts are on the court. you can filibuster and vote against people but let's go through. this that's what i don't understand about this. not only is is it wrong not to fill scalia seat -- >> --let the process work. let them nominate and let the republicans decide whether they want to put that nominee in the seat. >> but then it sounds as if when you listen to the other republics that they are never even going to vote on is i don't understand why republicans think the voters will reward them for not playing by the rules and doing their job when that's exactly what's fueling this election and you are looking at a republican primary where more republicans are
5:26 pm
only republicans who are going to vote in november. moderates and many independents. that's going to hurt republicans and hand the senate to the democrats. >> president obama actually weighed in on donald trump. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. the reason is because i have faith in the american people. i think they recognize that being president is a serious job it's not hosting a talk show or relation show. >> all right. marianne, your thoughts on the president weighing in on donald trump's potentials) nominees. wow. >> notice he didn't say he wouldn't be the nominee. so, if trump wins on saturday, it's hard to imagine he went be the nominee. i believe if it's a trump/clinton race. it's going to be one of the closest elections we have seen since 2000a very hard fought race between them.
5:27 pm
>> was that the time and place for the president to be weighing in? know he was asked the question. >> not the first time. >> let's talk about the supreme court. >> eric, is he very, very worried. we saw him sit down with 60 minutes last month and mention trump by name and say he is making the blue collar male angry. they are looking at numbers and see trump has crossover appeal with blue collar voters. that's supposedly a democratic strong hold and president obama is nervous. you don't punch down, you always punch up. he is actually elevating donald trump. i think it helps him in the republican primary to have president obama attack him. >> are youed. >> i'm not surprised because he has done it before. the democrats are very nervous about donald trump winning and the crossover appeal breaking into those reagan democrats. traditional democratic voters. i think it's really telling. >> all right. we're going to have to leave it right there. marianne, thank you very much -- >> -- thanks, eric. >> for bringing fair and balance to do thãdebate right here and no spin.
5:28 pm
bill clinton letting loose against hillary clinton supporters. will campaign stop the hillary surge or turn voters off? we will be right back with that. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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slot. bill clinton biting opinion about sanders' supporters during a rally in florida. >> it's not all together mysterious that there are a lot of people that say well, the republican party rewarded the tea party. just tell people what they want to hear, move them to the right and we will be rewarded except they didn't get anything done. then, that's gone on now in our party. if you don't deal with the fact we are too politically were -- i reward people for saying things they can't do pushes our hot button we can't do anything together. >> joining us from washington a senior department state advisor under hillary clinton and
5:33 pm
sanders' supporter the lion according to his twitter0i page. all right, lion, what do you think about being compared to the tea party? >> well, it smacks of desperation to try to slow bernie sanders' progress down. when bill has to go out and do hillary's dirty work, it reminds me of 2008 and barack obama all other again when bill came with a big fairy tale. it didn't work then and it is not working now. the american people know better and they are not falling for this. >> hillary clinton over the last couple of deeven on the campaign trail has said she is going to be the third term of barack obama. very interesting tactic there. she is pushing away from sanders. here's my question. do you really want to be that? do you want it be to the third party. african-americans employment gone down and poverty gone up. is that what you are really going for. >> whats you really want is the majority of 5 million voters that president obama had in his second resounding
5:34 pm
victory so two term president falling on promises he has made. if you are talking to a primary voting base separating yourself from people who love obama as bernie sanders has done is starting to tackle not only attack hillary's record but also attack president obama's record is not going to get you democratic primary voters in your lane. >> well, what about that andell? bernie has said he is going to run a positive campaign not going negative. i'm like an outside viewer here why wouldn't you attack that obama record. if you are african-american, it hasn't been good -- white's incomes have gone up. hispanics incomes have gone down. black's income has gone down. that's income wydening. >> it's more about whether you like one candidate or not or try to continue obama's policies orz not. what policies work best for the american people. all of the american people including african-americans. if you are going to look at
5:35 pm
the issues. bernie sanders is bringing about solutions that appeal to moving forward. not going back. >> let's talk about those solutions actually. i'm so glad to hear about solutions. >> rather than moving forward. >> part of what the challenges we are see something that bernie has some wonderful rhetoric. this morning in the "new york times." austan goolsbee called it puppies and rainbows. and now it's puppies that fly with magic lottery tickets. the reality is that the democratic party is advocating for healthcare, it's advocating for equal access and opportunity and income. something that needs to be discussed in detail. simply saying that you are going to promise free college education but expand government by 50% is not reality. so now we're looking at the phase of the campaign where reality is catching up to some of obama's lofty rhetoric and it's not catching up. >> "saturday night live" had a great skit on hillary clinton where a bunch of young people sitting around and basically saying oh, yeah. we will vote for hillary, right? but they really like bernie. tell us what do young people
5:36 pm
really like bernie? is it in fact the free stuff? >> well, i think it's about more than free stuff. the young people as they're looking ahead to the future, they see bernie's vision for what america can be it's different from what it has been. i think young people are excited about that they are motivated about that and turning out for the polls feel the berne. >> do they care how you are going to pay for it? do they care about the debt? do they care about $19 trillion additional on top of the 19 trillion we are already in debt? >> of course. >> i think we should give young people a lot more credited. >> let andell finish. go ahead. >> what they are looking at is that bernie has a plan that talks about how to generate the income to pay for these things. it's not all fairy tales or puppies and rainbows or whatever has been said about it. when they can't deal with the the policies, and attack his track record, all they can say well, it sounds too
5:37 pm
good to be true. that's a losing position it lost in 2008. >> andell is right. these are same things that came in 2000 will. you see bill walking around with a long face going not this again. should he worry? >> i actually think that in the last eight years hillary and obama developed a great relationship on certainly the campaign teams are grown and strengthened and now they have practically morphed together. you have a lot of the( game memory from the obama team now being adopted by the hillary folks. this idea that bernie is heir apparent isn't holding up to what the campaign structure looks like and what. so rhetoric is. hillary is proud to say she is allied with the obama administration. but,. >> now she is. wasn't always that way though. there was a lot of fighting going on after the 2008 and then after she left the state department there was a
5:38 pm
lot of bickering going back between the obamas and the clintons. i have got to leave it right there. back, hillary clinton's desperate efforts to hold on to the black vote even meeting today with al sharpton is one of her long-time bases turning on her. moments away. provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the impact segment tonight, hillary clinton and black voters. concerns are swirling that her support among african-americans once thought to be ironclad may be slipping. so today hillary met with black leaders in new york city, including al sharpton and delivered remarks on race to try and shore up support. it comes on the heals heels of her add campaign trying to appeal to black voters. >> something is fundamentally broken when african-americans are more likely to be arrested by police and sentenced to longer prison terms for doing the same thing that whites do. when too many encounters with law enforcement and end tragically we need investment in education, health karen and jobs to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the
5:43 pm
hard truth of injustic⌜ and systemic racism. >> joining us now from washington to analyze. syndicated radio host richard fowler and from boynton beach republican strategist chris metzler. let's start with you chris, you look and watch what's going on in south carolina you watch what's going on down there, and 74% of black voters down there, in south carolina, favor hillary clinton. why? >> were because they like bill clinton. they don't like hillary clinton. they want another term of bill clinton. here's the problem with hillary. first of all, the! barking as a dog, give me a break. secondly, in 2008, remember, the whole -- her whole characterization of black voters to. suggest that somehow all of a sudden she has found religion. by the way, if she has so really enamoured with the black vote, why is she
5:44 pm
meeting with the race baiters in harlem? sharpton, et cetera he? >> richard, if she is so enamored with the black vote as christopher points out, why is she meeting with sharpton and i want to talk to you a little bit about the clinton's history with african-americans. go ahead. why is she meeting with sharpton? >> oh, i think saw bernie sanders meet with him last week. what hillary is doing and mind you more than al sharpton the national urban league, the national bar association, a number of other groups that she met with today. i think the idea of meeting with them was to talk about the issues facing the african-american community. the african-american vote isqx not monolithic. it doesn't go to one person. >> let's talk about what the issues are. >> i think it depends on how you pars the african-american vote. there are two camps. you have your obama voters slash black lives matter. other camp is christian church based african-american voters. there are two different issues. one issue they have in common is criminal justice
5:45 pm
reform which is a bipartisan issue. >> i'm glad you said that criminal justice reform 1994 bill clinton instituted three strikes and you are out, right? >> it was a bad law. >> bill clinton did it and hillary clinton, i remember. this hillary clinton was out on the talk show circuit talking about this program talking about this law that incarcerated tens of thousands of african-americans. >> i think that law is one of her problems. younger voters as to how she has gone beyond the 199 had crime bill. when being said the crime bill was add on to ronald reagan's failed war on drugs. that's part of the problem. >> she -- >> i agree with you. i'm not disputing the facts. >> no, no, no. >> african-americans incomes have gone down under president obama. yet, hillary clinton as you point out wants to beml the third term obama. why? >> hello, yes, that's right. that's the problem.
5:46 pm
so she backed it and if you look at a hillary hillary clints kind of uncomfortable rihanna with the race, that's exactly what she has. she uses -- >> -- what's uncomfortable relationship? please explain. >> she uses it when it's comfortable for her, number one. number two richard, i think it's interesting that you have said and you contradicted yourself here that the black vote is not monolithic but hold on, by the way, then you broke it down into the so-called religious voters and the other voters, all a of whom tend to be democrats. wait a second, chris. wait a minute, i have got to interrupt you on this point. >> no, i am not done. i am not done. >> okay, quick, quick, from my perspective, those of us who are conservative
5:47 pm
blacks, we vote as well. thank you. >> i don't disagree with the fact that conservative blacks vote. i appreciate the prose and poetry. ted cruz should be on the black church door because south carolina is an open primary. it's an open primary. they aren't even going after black votes. not one candidate is going after black vote. >> we need to focus. richard, chris, thank you very much. >> call it what you want to, chris. >> stunning poll shows losing confidence in military might. can keep that country safe? the factor is coming right back. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults
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in the back of the book segment tonight, keeping america safe. a new gallup poll shows fewer americans than ever believe the u.s. military is the best in the world. 49% of adults believe the u.s. is the world's top military power. the lowest level in the poll's 23-year history. get this, down 10 percentage points from a year ago. recent comments like this from the director of the cia probably aren't helping matters. >> if there was a major attack here and we had isis fingerprints on it, certainly this would encourage us to be even more forceful in terms of what it is that we need to do. >> if our policy after an attack in the united states would be to be more forceful, why isn't that our policy now before an attack? >> well, i think we're being as forceful as we can be and making sure that we're being surgical, though, as well. what we don't want to do is alienate others within that
5:52 pm
region and have any type of indiscriminate actions that are going to lead to deaths of additional civilians. >> wow. with americans increasingly worried about our security and military might, which 2016 candidate is best suited to restore their faith? joining us now to analyze from palm springs, rick crennel and from washington simon rosenberg, president of the new democrat network. simon, i might start with you. i was more shocked than scott pelley when he heard john brennan say basically let's wait until isis attacks us before we take them out because we don't want to instigate the muslims, i guess is what he's referring to. >> listen, i want to agree with your premise which is i think americans are feeling unsafe. i think they're feeling unsure about the world. i think that poll number reflects that. i think that the democrats, who are going to be running in 2016, even though i'm proud of obama's record and i can go down a whole long list he's done in asia, latin america and so on, it's
5:53 pm
going to be defined in this election about what happens in the middle east, syria, isis, and the spillover into europe. >> americans are more concerned about american's military might globally in the 23-year history of the poll. rick, brennan basically saying let's wait until there's a pile of american bodies piled up and then we'll go ahead and take out isis. come on, president obama started this in 2009, did he not? >> yeah, look, he -- we saw it starting to mount in syria and he ignored it. what brennan said there about being surgical i think is absolutely correct statement, we want to be surgical. we don't want to carpet bomb as some gop candidates have said. but this administration has tried to bomb from the air and has refused to be surgical. being surgical means you send in intelligence sources on the ground. we still haven't taken out the command and control center for isis. the reason why is because we're bombing from the air.
5:54 pm
we're not putting intelligence officers on the ground, which is code word for boots on the ground. the kurds can't do it as ted cruz says. we really need to have u.s. troops in there. we are the best and we're going to have to do it. we don't have to try to build the country back up, but we need to have intelligence officers there. >> let me turn the discussion a little bit to another area a lot of americans are ticked off, iran. we just learned today that iran is now trying to negotiate a deal with the russians to buy a super tank that the russians built. that violates the deal we put together with iran. simon, we gave iran or in the process of giving iran $100 billion. they're taking the money and buying tanks with it and violating the sanction rules. >> first of all, we didn't give them anything. we didn't give it to them. the point is, look, iran is an independent sovereign nation. they are clearly in a regional struggle for power and influence
5:55 pm
with saudi arabia and other sunni governments in the region. one shouldn't expect for them -- they have disarmed their nuclear program. they are not going to disarm their conventional -- >> highly effective jet fighter from the russians. rick, they're using the money that we gave back to them. i don't know, maybe we could have spread that out over the course of ten years. >> well, look, i don't believe that it is their money. it was money that was frozen because there's a world sponsor of terrorism. if simon wants to say that a terrorist organization that has a state-sponsorship is allowed to get their money back because they're a sovereign nation, i think there's a lot of democrats that would disagree with him. just because iran is sovereign doesn't mean we have to go along and give them their terrorist money back. this deal from the very beginning has been violated almost on a weekly basis, but we have been unable to call it and say that the iranians are violating -- i mean you just
5:56 pm
look at parch an. we're not expecting military sites but john kerry says, oh, we were able to disarm them and simon just said that -- >> i've got to leave it there. thank you very much. a quick reminder, if you want to see miller and o'reilly on tour, there are two shows with tickets remaining. los angeles at the microsoft theater on march 12th and fairfax, virginia, at the eagle bank arena on may 7th. if you want to be a premium member, you get access to great exclusive content so check out bill o' coming up, a word to the wise, don't cross taylor swift. the music star is striking back against her favorite frenemy, kanye west. don't miss it. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. before we go tonight, if you follow pop music, you know there's plenty of bad blood between kanye west and taylor
5:59 pm
swift. kanye brought it to another level with the release of his new album where he claims in one song to have made taylor swift famous himself. he also used some explicit language about her. last night at the grammy, swift got some sweet revenge after winning its top award. >> as the first woman to win album of the year at the grammys twice, i want to say to all the young women out there, there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. but if you just focus on the work and you don't let those people side track you, some day when you get where you're going, you'll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there, and that will be the greatest feeling in the world. >> shake it off, tay-tay. remember, haters going to hate.
6:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. please remember the spin right here stops right here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, the raging political firestorm over choosing the next supreme court justice gets hotter as president obama weighs in on the fight. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. just hours ago president obama stepping to the microphones and for the first time personally addressing the death of supreme court icon justice antonin scalia. the president saying that he will nominate someone to replace the late justice scalia, saying the nominee will not necessarily be a moderate. the president also lashing out at critics, berating republicans who say they will not even consider the president's potential nominee. mr. obama telling gop senators to do their jobs and risebo


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