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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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a lot requesting on facebook page. of course gretawire after the show everyone goes to debate everything said on the show. good night from washington. eric bolling is next. watch him. ♪ note set >> hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching special edition of the factor 2016 protecting america. let's get to the top story. the federal government versus apple. a federal judge is now ordering apple to help the fbi crack into the iphone owned by syed faruk one of the two shooters in san bernardino terrorist attack that killed 14 innocent people. but apple is hitting back saying it will not comply with the court order. the fbi has laced into apple for creating virtually unbreakable security features on its phones. >> it is a big problem for law enforcement armed with a
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search warrant when you find a device that can't be opened even though the judge there is probable cause to open it as i said it effects our counter terrorism work. you know, san bernardino very important investigation to us. we still have one of those killers'' phones that we have not been able to open. it's been over two month=,h> now. we are still working onz. it. >> but, despite that, apple chief executive tim cook has fiercely defended the security protections on apple's devices. >> on your smart tone today your iphone, there is likely help information. there is financial information. there are intimate conversations with your family or your co-workers. there is probably business secrets. and you should have the ability to protect it. and the only way we know how to do that is to encrypt it. why is that? it's because if there's a way to get in then somebody will find a way in. i don't believe that the tradeoff here is privacy
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versus national security. i think that's an overly simplistic view. we are america. we should have both. >> and the brawl between the feds and apple is entering the 2016 presidential campaign. donald trump weighed in on the controversy today. >> i agree 100 percent with the courts. we should -- in that case we should open it up. these are two people radicalized who were given a wedding party by the people that they killed. there is something going wrong. we have to be very careful. we have to be very vigilant to. think that apple won't allow us to get into her cell phone, who do they think they are? >> joining us now to analyze privacy and security attorney scott vernic alonghw with i have one apple and one pro-fbi. you are on the tim cook side apple should keep this encrypting back door closed, right? >> absolutely. let's be real here. what is the court saying? the court is saying that it's ordering apple to
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create a software that it doesn't yet have to break into this phone. this is a binary proposition. either you are going to have encryption and protect us against everybody or put in a back door, create a weakness which is only going to be available to the good guys but also to the bad guys as well. that's a radical step here. >> phil, everyone wants security. everyone is concerned about terrorism. but a lot of people say that once you give that back door, once you provide the software for a back door, the bad guys could get the key to that back door, too. >> that's right. they do say that apple only had this encryption for the last year. in 2012, 2013, 2014, the bad guys there were breaches but you are talking about having to have a balance. to go back to one point. >> hold on, is there a balance? it's either there is the soft wear or there isn't. i don't see where there is a balance. >> the government has the right to go into your isp and get your email. the government has the right to go to the hospital and get your medical records. the government already has these rights and these rights are limited by the
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courts. and no one is saying that the government will have the right to look at everybody's iphone to go into your house grab your iphone and use this back door. >> not yet. what about it, scott? i already heard the new york chief of police already saying hey we may want to use some of this back door window to look into some other types of crimes. murder rape, et cetera. >> you see therein lies the rub. it's a slippery slope. once you create this it software that will enable law enforcement or homeland security to get past the pass words and look at the encrypted data, then everybody is going to want a piece. that's why this doesn't work. i say and here's'nruhe other thing. here is the other sort of total misnomer here. if y3+ do this, it's not as if the bad guys, whoever they are the terrorists, state actors aren't going to find some other kind of encrypted technology. they certainly will. that's why we ought not to create this weakness. you can't create it for one set of people that we like and not have it for another set of people. >> what about that? there is so much
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information. honestly we keep everything on our sma2%@n phones. our medical records. our financial records. >> can i throw you one more? allegedly with this back door encryption. being able to break into the encryption, there may be an opportunity for people, good or bad to get into your camera and your microphone on your+nyy phone. you cannot say to me that apple doesn't know how to crack these phones. i don't believe it number one. number two up until last year, we are talking about the capacity to erase all the data on your phone, if you enter 10 erroneous pass words. up to last year the iphone didn't have that feature no one was talking about bad guys stealing everybody's information. >> not stealing it they are not getting their hands on it under that. whatever the numbers, 10 or 20 attempts, it wipes out the information. they are not getting and that kind of is the point right? >> that's the point if you oppose any kind of government forcing apple to handle over this
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information. i think what apple could do is get this iphone, crack it hand over the information of this one iphone and that's the end of it but the idea that either everyone's information is going to be for a free for all government to grab. >> this is not a bad idea though. let's' say they do crack the encryption or whatever they haven the iphone and get this information for the feds. they can develop a different type of encryption that wouldn't be able to be broken right? >> listen, i don't know that they can do that apple deliberately created a system of encryption where they didn't hold the key themselves. and a the fundamental question here is. this. how much government intrusion are you prepared to ask for and how much government intrusion are you prepared to tolerate? it might make sense with respect to food safety or medical devices or pharmaceuticals or with respect to utilities.j here we are talking about your phone. as you point out. people have a tremendous amount of personal stuff on that phone. health data. financial information. who they are dating. who they're seeing. the government already has access to all your tax records. >> that makes my point.
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>> single payer healthcare. the government is going to have all your medical records anyway. >> bill makes my point. without this the government already has access to so much data. the question is do they really need access to more? >> everyone wants this crime solved. everyone wants the trail that these two murderers in san bernardino took and see -- >> -- not about solving the crime. >> i know that. >> this issue is is about getting faruq's cell phone to find out if he has any trail to other terrorists. >> that's right. >> i get that aren't we -- so you solve a crime or you thwart one terror attack. do you really want to open literally the rest of the population up to possible terror isis getting hold of all of our information? >> it already is a possibility that isis can get that there are other ways isis can find information. if you are using computer in
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internet cafe. it's not as if everyone in the world who is a bad actor is only using an iphone. >> scott i want to ask you this. do you really want, if that information is sitting right there for the feds to have in that device, do you really want it unaccessible to the feds to solve a terror attack? >> i say yes. the reasonable i say yes is that i think that you can work around, that the government homeland security fbi, whoever it is can work around that encryption issue. they can look at metadata. they can look at other sources of information that they have. to me, standing firm and not allowing government intrusion into personal data is a thing we ought to be very careful. >> big big topic and not going away any time soon. apple backlash. should americans walk away from the computer giant unless it helps the feds? in a big debate upcoming.
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in the impact segment tonight, should americans turn their backs on apple if it continues to defy the court order and the feds and not help them hack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists? with me now in new york monica crowley, fox news contributor and jeanne zano, a political professor at iona college. i started with the apple guy in the a block. anti--apple people should walk away from apple if they don't hack into their iphone. >> i think apple is making a big mistake. bordering on unamerican and unpatriotic. if i had information that was detrimental to the security of the united states potentially. i would be forced and you judge's order to go and a reveal that information. a corporation like apple that is an american corporation, there is no difference. and i appreciate their interest in privacy although i think there is a profit motive there. i am af huge proponent of privacy. but you. >> not profit?
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>> >> i like profit too eric. >> one of the biggest it were selling point iphone encryption can't break through. asking apple to take that out of their product. >> i think every consumer should make their own determination and judgment based on this case whether or not they still want to buy apple products or not. it's a free market. buy if you want. don't buy if you don't. to your point about the encryption for apple. this is part of the reason why apple is becoming the company of choice for terrorists, sex traffickers child pornographies because the encryption is so tight. look the fbi's position. >> is that making the case for apple or against it? you are almost making the case maybe it's too good the encryption. >> this case is the perfect collision of national security with privacy. right? which is something that we have been arguing since 9/11. the fbi's position is look you have ax dead terrorist we need to see in the phone to see if they had other contracts. totally legitimate rg argument. eye prepared to track whatever they need
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especially terrorists too do whatever they can to keep us safe. apple's position is look you are not -- what the fbi is asking for here is not the specifics on these two terrorists' phones. what the fbi is asking for is overly brodz demand, an overly broadway to break encryption into any iphone anywhere. >> once the software do it theoretically use it on any phone. >> master key. >> let me flip this discussion on its side a little bit here. a lot of people who are concerned about terror, about waterboarding, for example, we have got a lot of information from waterboarding. it helping to kill usama bin laden. would you say the same thing here by any means necessary? is that what you are saying that apple should turn it over? as much information as we can get no matter what -- who -- i don't know personal liberties are violated. >> no, i'm not saying by any means necessary. let's put this in
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perspective. this was not his phone. this was a county phone. the owner of this phone is fine with the judge's order. the judge's order is not overbroad. it's narrow. it does require them to build the software to get into the encryption. it's for this specific phone. it's the same thing. >> you mean, once it's out there as monica points out it's the master key. >> is that slippery slope doesn't work. if there is a judge's twoornt break into your car because you have potentially information there on how to build a bomb, can you bet you are -- the government is going to do that they have a right to do that. they need to keep us secure. apple is in no position to resist that call from the government. you know, that is where apple's problem is. they are not protecting our privacy. they are protecting their profit motive because this is a big selling point for them. >> last thought? >> i think -- look, consumers, i think when they choose a phone. this is where i carry a blackberry right? you want as much privacy as you can this is why the president carries a blackberry and kardashians same thing. we are dealingy n. a murky
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area. an area we have been struggling with since 9/11. the fbi today has come back and said this is not an overly broad request. >> let me just point this out. camera one. >> one of each. >> one of each. got all the bases covered. up next on o'reilly factor special. donald trump bashes president obama and his terror fighting record. whattrump's own plan to keep america safe? we will get into that in a minute. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. in the election 2016 segment tonight, donald trump and the security threat against america. trump's tough talk is helping push support to new highs with republican voters. the latest national quinnipiac poll shows trump
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with a 2 to 1 lead over rivals coming in 3 the%. marco rubio second place at 19%. followed by each have 4%. meanwhile, president obama threw a big piece of red meat to trump yesterday stating trump will never be president. trump, of course, wasting no time to give a response. >> he has done such a lousy job as president. [cheers and applause] you look at our budgets you look at our spending. we can't beat isis. obamacare is terrible. we're going to terminate it. we're going to absolutely terminate and replace it you look at everything. our borders are like swiss cheese. this man has done such a bad job. he has set us back so far. >> joining us now with reaction from@ nashville the tea party news network to they nell hughes and prosecute atlanta republican
5:21 pm
strategist kevin paul. kevin, we will start with you. you don't think donald trump's foreign policy either platform is working for them. look at the numbers sir. they look like they are doing pretty darn good. >> it is definitely resonating with voters. foreign policy in particular and leadership in general are about two things, clarity and consistency. clarity is are you you clear about it and consistency is do you keep saying the same thing. is what you say what do you? you have got to understand. this obama's foreign policy is reckless, not as muchv because he is weak but because he waivers whether it's the red line in syria or ukraine in russia. here is my issue with trump. it's not his clarity. he is very clear on what he is going to do. but his policy changes over the years makes me worried and i think it's going to make our allies and enemies worried when he is very clear is that same clarity going to hold true six months month from now a year from now it's can trust us and enemies respect us. >> hold on, scottie nell,
5:22 pm
what are the foreign policy changes that kevin mentions? >> well, that's kind of what i was wondering. mr. trump has admitted on social issues he has evolved just like ronald reagan did but on these foreign policy issues, i think he has been pretty consistent. is he saying is he not going to sit there and declare a war on very temperamental leaders in china and russia. rather, is he going to it earn their respect. you know, i like that idea of earning respect and being the biggest power house in the world. and not necessarily because we have to use it but because people fear us. it's kind of like insurance. i think mr. trump has been that same way. he is also not going to be some sort of neocon that is going to go in and start bombing people without knowing what actually the end result and what it is for america. >> let me get back to kevin. which raferg are you talking about? you point out that president obama, his foreign policy was weak because he has changed his stance but then you say donald trump -- which policies? i'm trying to figure it out. go. >> donald trump going heavily after hillary clinton is the same guy that said she was a great
5:23 pm
secretary of state a few years ago. don't get me i don't wrong, donald trump is is a great deal maker. i actually think that would be hugely -- >> -- that's not foreign policy. that's a compliment. >> you levied it you said is he wavering on foreign policy stance. what is it it he is wavering on. >> as a citizen he says hillary clinton is a great secretary of state. >> that's an opinion of a former secretary of state. not a foreign policy. i mean, has he said he agrees with everything she did. >> her positions. endorsement of her positions as secretary of state. >> no it's not. >> going to endorse that. >> if you consider that to be endorsement that's a kindness right there. you have to remember he was a private citizen. >> i think it's a laps in judgment. >> no, it's not -- you can still say nice things about people and not necessarily endorse them. let me tell you this as a wife of a former captain of the united states army. mother of a son who might one day enlist himself i will tell you i want a commander and chief who is going to be willing to
5:24 pm
invest in places where we need to. not necessarily because we are supposed to because that's what other people expect us to do. you cannot say this commander and chief who has sat here and gone through theúq failure of procurement. reduced our technology, hasn't in any way made us stronger today than we were 8 years ago. go in there day one and show strength and put the military back at the top. >> do you remember when president obama drew the red line on sir i can't understand backed off his red line in syria? i get that. whether you agree with the read line or not whatever the commander and chief to do what he say he is going to do and he didn't. are you suggesting that there is -- if donald trump were president he would be the same type that would draw a red line and change his mind down the road? >> you know, if somehow we are able to say it's okay that he changed his mind on domestic policy issues. and we are saying he would never do that on foreign policy issues. i think is he a great dealmaker, deciding whether or not to put our men and women into harm's way is different than negotiating a
5:25 pm
casino deal abroad. i like donald trump's clarity. i worry about his consistency and i think ultimately our allies and enemies abroad would worry about the exact same thing. >> he is not going to put himself in a deal. evidence says that time and time again like mcarthur and pat test. he will get out when he needs to and get out when he needs to. >> not about making a deal doing what is right. >> it is making a deal with our soldiers. saving their lives. >> come right back, new polling showing big problems for hillary clinton's campaign. is her background as secretary of state becoming more of a liability than an asset with voters? that's up ahead. preventing you from getting the sleep you need. talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals.
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od. helping the world keep promises. in the personal story segment tonight, is hillary clinton's experience as secretary of state helping or hurting her in the campaign in a new cnn poll of likely democratic caucus goers in nevada shows mrs. clinton in a virtual tie with bernie sanders. that vote is just three days away. that same poll also finds voters trust her far more than sanders on foreign policy matters. a new national pollu%:b by quinnipiac also finds that 93% of democrats think she has the right kind of experience to be president compared to 74% for sanders. maybe that's why hillary is making statements like this. >> when people go to vote in primaries or caucuses. they are voting not only for president but the commander it's important that people really look hard at what the
5:30 pm
threats and dangers we face are and who is best prepared for dealing with them as we all remember. senator obama when he ran against me was against the war in iraq, yes sir, when he won he turned to me, trusting my judgment my experience to become secretary of state. >> but none of that is stopping voters from flocking to bernie sanders. joining us with reaction from washington richard good stein who advised hillary clinton's 2008 presidential campaign along with rebecca of the hudson institute. richard, you worked with hillary clinton. she is crushing it in that same quinnipiac poll in nevada. hillary clinton people trust her 68% versus 28% when it comes to foreign policy. >> you don't have to ask the voters you have to turn on democratic debates. when hillary clinton is talking about foreign affairs and if she wants to talk about her record, she can talk about bringing the russians and the chinese to the table so that iran doesn't have a bomb about
5:31 pm
reducing nuclear weapons with the russians. asked henry kissinger who said she ran the state more effectively than anybody has ever seen. compare how she talks about foreign policy how bernie sanders talks about foreign policy. it's as clear as day that the voters of of course are going to be attract to do her around. this when you talk about flocking to bernie sanders it's true this nevada thing has tightened. but every other state after that that's been polled, hillary is leading by 20 or 3 0 points or more. >> she was leading in nevada by 20 points. she was leading in south carolina by 30 or 40 points. i mean, she has -- all her leads have shrunk, rebecca let's go to you. hillary clinton's experience as secretary of state helping or hurting her? i mean, if you go back and think about. so things that she was involved with. the iran deal and whatnot it may help her in a primary vote. will it help her in a general? >> yeah, you can take a look at that poll and put it in
5:32 pm
context. poor democrats hillary to choose from or bernie sanders. pick your poison. she might be doing better that regard. because they know her perhaps a little bit better. let's take -- richard mentioned russia and nuclear weapons. hillary clinton is responsible for russia reset and part of what russia reset entailed was the new stark treaty. the reduce nuclear arms between the united states and russia. the missiles -- the missiles that the russians would not allow to be included in the deal are the very same ones that they are now threatening nato allies wia9ñ and the obama administration conceded on that point. short range tactical nuclear weapons it was a failure. you start with a failure. russia reset was a failure. you see the russians are more emboldened now. look at what they are doing in the middle east. look at what they are doing in syria. she owns russia reset and it was a disaster. richard she does, she owns iran deal looking bad for
5:33 pm
america. iran yasians are dealing with the russians as rebecca points out not only tanks but also fighter jets. both violations of the iran deal. we have heard d.n.a. on that d.a. deal -- we have her d.n.a. on élat deal. >> when hillary clinton became president the u.s. was reviled -- excuse me became secretary of state. the u.s. was reviled around the world. george bush couldn't go anywhere. >> and now they love us? >> yeah. look at the pew. >> iranians that want to kill us. isis that wants to behead us and taunt us. >> talk to any ceo who wants to open operations abroad. hillary clinton went to bat for boeing and g.e. >> whoa, wait a minute. you just named two companies that happen to be tied to donations to the clinton foundation for deals with foreign countries. hold on, richard. >> no, no, no. eric, you are saying that she shouldn't have created jobs in the u.s.? >> i think you named two
5:34 pm
companies? stop stop, hold on. you named two companies that i know for a fact that the donations were made on behalf of g.e. and boeing and they ended up with deals with foreign countries foreign countries have also had, wait, wait, the same countries also had bill clinton speaking for 4 and $500,000 for an hour. rebecca? >> that's exactly right. you want to talk about jobs she created? all that, the billions of dollars pumped into the iranian economy is going to go straight to building missiles and building greater conventional arms. do you know where all that money is going to go to? north korea. they have been building ballistic missiles and iran is one of north korea's biggest clients. it will be a giant jobs program for north korea missile scientists and nuclear scientists. >> richard final word? 20 seconds. >> listen, iran would have a nuclear weapon today but for hillary clinton marshall ling the sanctions program that brought the russians and the chinese to the table, period, there is no
5:35 pm
debate about that. >> all right. >> single thing responsible for, i thank her. >> you are saying there is no debate. no spin zone so there is always a debate. rebecca, richard, thank you very much. coming up on this special edition of "the o'reilly factor." karl rove slices and dieses, addresses and assesses the strefnts and weaknesses of all the candidates and their plans to keep america safe. moments away. nths? i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way. you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet? pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase
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thanks for stay with us on this o'reilly factor 2016 special protecting american. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the factor follow-up segment tonight with six republicans and two democrats left in the presidential race, who has the strongest plan to keep america safe? joining us now from austin, texas, fox news contributor karl rove. now, karl, we picked the g.o.p. first the democrats second. but we are starting with trump, ending with bush. i'm just won you have changed your mind on all of this? let's start with trump. bolling, your people, you came up with the list. i'm happy to talk to them in any order. >> it's alphabetical and reverse order. >> reverse order. and your people picked it. don't be laying the blame on
5:40 pm
me man. >> keeping america safe, trump, go. >> yeah, first internationally he has done business abroad. so he has some knowledge of the world. he has strongly held opinions that he expresses but gently. he is outspoken opponent of trade deals. so american people look at him and say he has got some strong feelings on this. and they are drawn to that on the other hand, he has no detailed plan unlike a lot of these people, kasich, rubio, bush. they have all laid out foreign policy views. he oftentimes has conflicting views he declared ice ways wasn't our concern and a couple weeks later said we would bomb the hell out of them. he tries to project strength and does. >> a through f what do you give trump? >> i would say a minus on style and i would say c minus on substance. >> very good. let's go to rubio. >> rubio has some background in this.
5:41 pm
he has been a member of the foreign relations committee where he has been active on the subcommittee on counter terrorism. and the near east middle east and central asia. so he has a great deal of expertise on this. he has been a member of select committee on intelligence and dug in deeply. he has offered up a detailed plan on how we ought to restore military. one weakness is a strength. outspoken advocate of the national security agency's bulk data collection program. he and tom cotton have been the most ardent defenders in the senate. strength for defense hawks but libertarians don't like it as much. >> grade? >> i would give him an a minus on substance and i would give him an a on style. he has a strong effective leader on foreign policy. >> all right. john kasich? >> john kasich is interesting. he is a governor but for 18 years on the armed services committee wher he led efforts to kill some bad weapon systems like the a-12 bomber. he was also a reformer who helped modernize the defense
5:42 pm
department a piece of legislation passed in 198 called goldwater nickels. father of we'll be right back brak. led to reassignment and closing of some bases. a way to put muscle into the military. i think it's a plus. some people say z. it as a minus. he also opposed expanding the military, keeping the military strong. >> what do you give kasich? >> i would say he is a b on substance and a c plus on style simply because he doesn't pend a lot of time talking about it. >> ted cruz? >> conversant with these issues. he has had a light footprint on the committee. that's in part because he has other interests. he also has a rocky relationship with his committee chairman. he is on the opposite side of rubio on bulk data collection and yesterday he is also voted against three
5:43 pm
defense authorizations which put him in line with nancy pelosi and harry reid. i would give him a b plus on the style but i would give him a b minus on the substance. >> very good. >> only yesterday that he finally began to talk about this in a detailed fashion. >> quickly ben carson? >> a sweet guy. i love ben carson. is he a wonderful human being. he has no real understanding of these issues. he has no real detailed plan. doesn't talk about this with fluency. i would have to give him a d on substance and a c minus on style. >> rough one. okay, jeb bush. >> look. he has thought about these issues for a long time. he has been the commander and chief as a governor of the state and national guard. he has been active in democracy movements particularly our hemisphere. he has laid out a detailed plan. was the first to do so in a major speech at the sit sitst dal. i would give him a minus on substance and b minus on
5:44 pm
style. i think the best plan that has been laid out there. something he hasn't sold as effectively as he might. >> let's move to the democrat side and start with bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders is a left wing lunatic who has never missed an opportunity to cut the defense budget. and opposes the military i would give him a d minus on substance and give him a c on style. because he does pay respect to our veterans. he was a member of the veterans committee and did help make efforts to help clean up the v.a. in a bipartisan fashion. but when it comes to military and projecting america's power around the world. >> hillary clinton? >> well, this a mixed bag because hillary clinton when she was in the united states senate helped strengthen defense. she was an advocate for a stronger military. she was more effective advocate and more fervent
5:45 pm
advocate than most democrats. only a handful of democrats seem to care about the military. on the other hand, this has dropped to the bottom of her agenda this time around she rarely talks about it. i would give her a c on style and i give her a c on substance. neither democrat has really made talking about national defense and america projecting its power in the world. >> mr. rove, i think you gave hillary bit higher grades than one or two of the republicans. are you wearing blue for a reason tonight? >> i only gave them higher than one if you pay attention which i know is hard to for you with a limited attention span. >> blue sky and blue drapes in the background. >> blue skyo in texas today. next time i will dress entirely in red bolling. i have noticed you have been wearing blue shirts and no tie which what is that all about? >> i don't know. we will talk about it next time karl. thank you so much. always good to have you on.
5:46 pm
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5:50 pm
michael balbony. and from washington, jim hanson from the center for security policy. we'll start with you, michael. what do you say, who is the most effective for keeping america safe? >> i think rubio, from my stand point, has the experience of serving on the intelligence committee. he's had very good statements in terms of how to prosecute the war in the middle east. don't do the pinprick type of attack. you have to have a design to win. i think that's absolutely correct. kasich experience and temperament matter. kasich being a governor word is on him that he really had a good relationship with his counterterrorism group. >> very good. jim, what do you think would keep america the safest? >> i can't endorse a candidate, but i can tell you that ted cruz impresses me with the plan he released to rebuild our
5:51 pm
military which has been ridden hard over the past decade and he's not just doing it by throwing money at it. it's a plan that redirects wasteful spending. he's rock solid on immigration. first thing he said he would do and i believe him, is he'll secure the border. he'll criminalize people who are overstaying inging visas a and try to find people who are in our country. and the way americans are most personally involved in safety is the second amendment and he's 100% in favor of that right. >> i totally agree with that. that second amendment is the one thing that needs to be protected above all. jim, he said at one point i want to carpet bomb isis and make the sand glow. i like that. >> you know that's a very muscular statement. i think what he meant was to go from the precision strikes to
5:52 pm
actually punishing isis. maybe carpet bombing wasn't the perfect term but we need to squash them like bugs and ted cruz impresses me as a guy who is likely to do that. >> ted cruz also said don't use american troops if at all possible. which -- do you think we need american boots on the ground? >> libya is more of a concern than the focus on syria because of the proximity to europe. so what you really have to have is this ability to go at them right this and contain them. every time they get to the libyan oil fields they continue to mount the amount of money they need to continue to prosecute their war. so i think we need to have very decisive action from the military which we haven't seen.
5:53 pm
we haven't seen that game plan. >> i only have about a minute so jim, what about either the democrats, would you feel safe if either hillary clinton or bernie sanders in the >> i would feel considerably less safe. i'm stunned a socialist has gone that far. hillary is better but only marginally. >> michael last thought sp >> i think after what happened in benghazi you have real questions about the clinton leadership and i don't think she's right for america at this time. and then the same thing, sanders has not articulated where he would be on any of this. >> we'll have to leave it there. thank you very much. when we come right back what is the biggest national security threat facing america right now? wait till you hear what some democrats think. but be ware it might make your ears melt. stay tuned. hi, i'd like to make a dep--
5:54 pm
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in the back of the book segment, what is the biggest threat facing the united states? throw that question to a democrat like bernie sanders and you'll probably hear something like this. >> in the previous debate you said the greatest threat to national security was climate change. do you still believe that? >> absolutely. climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism. if we do not get our act together and listen to the scientists you'll see countries all over the world, this is what the cia says. they'll be struggling over limited amounts of water and land to grow their crops and you'll see all kinds of conflict. >> joining us from washington the managing director of the climate program at the group public citizen. you agree with mr. sanders, don't you? >> i think he's pretty much right. it's a severe national security threat. i don't think it makes a whole lot of sense to ask what is the number one threat facing the u.s. that's the type of question that
5:57 pm
is designed to make you look bad tomorrow when something different happens than what you said and makes you think we can only do one thing or the other. >> so our viewers know the link between climate change and terrorism is -- if there's a that is a massive amount of climate change people will turn to terrorism to support their families rather than farming. that's the link you're trying to make here? >> that's part of the picture. you're going to have mass starvation food and water shortages, increases in disease, mass migrations. >> and when is this happening? because i've been hearing about this for a long time. i think 1975, 1988 ice was going to be the problem, then it was global warming. when is all this horrible stuff
5:58 pm
going to happen? >> some of it is already happening. there's good evidence that climate change contributed to the rise of isis in syria. didn't cause it necessarily. there was a severe drought in syria. there was a massive famine big rise in nutritionally related disease and you had people fleeing from the farmlands into the cities basically refugees internally in the country, 1.5 million people fled their farms. >> okay. i'm still with you. and so you say they're vulnerable to terrorists saying here's $500 come join our jihad against the west? >> first of all, there's already 1.5 million refugees from the iraq then they contribute to problems that are already there. there's already poverty in the cities unemployment in the cities corruption dissatisfaction with the government and social unrest.
5:59 pm
this just exacerbates the problems. and the assad government didn't handle this very well. >> here's my point. again, i'm trying to get back to the national security. bernie sanders says it's a national security issue for america. how is this our issue? if they're mad that they -- they want to kill americans why? >> i think it's widely recognized. if you ask pentagon officials, they will tell you problems like food scarcity lack of water, lack of food, lack of employment opportunities, those contribute to terrorism. >> i have to tell you, david, i'm scratching my head. it's the weather. it gets warmer it gets colder. there are decades of global cooling, global warming. those fields in syria, they are going to be planted again as soon as the drought broke. david, thank you. that's utit for us tonight.
6:00 pm
thanks for watching this special. i'm eric boling in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. with just three days before south carolina votes, we are witnessing an all-out war between the top republican contenders and new threats of lawsuits. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. for weeks we've been documenting the steady decline of the relationship between donald trump and ted cruz. but things just hit a new low. with a cease and desist letter set on behalf of mr. trump who is outraged by this ted cruz ad. >> life, marriage, religious liberty. we're just one supreme court justice away from losing them all. >> would president trump ban partial birth


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