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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 19, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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all right, now apple had some big trouble. the donald. the donald. >> but i think you ought to boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. i just thought of it. boycott apple. >> all right, so if apple didn't have enough problems with the justice department now recommending action on apple's refusal to address this issue about this phone and the san bernardino attackers, well it just goes on and on and on. >> it's been a busy day for donald trump in the state of south carolina. earlier trying to brand senator ted cruz as a liar over a photo
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shopping controversy and moving on to iphones and this debate over privacy and security. trump was asked about it. he was asked about apple's ongoing battle with law enforcement over security data on the phone of one of the san bernardino killers. here's what he has to say. >> tim cook is looking to do a big number. but apple should give up -- they should get the security. or find other people. when these two people had bombs all over their apartment, those people are as guilty as the ones who did the shooting. we got to get to the bottom of it and you're not going to do that unless we utah common sense. i like the idea boycott apple until such time as they give that information. i think that's a great idea. >> thinks it's a great idea. boycott apple, that's the latest from him as he continues to lead in this state in the polls. we should point out we are at a
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high school in north charleston for a marco rubio event. he is accompanied by the governor of the state and senator tim scott. trump will be in this area for a rally later tonight. >> thank you very much. this is the best 24 hours after the dust off with his holiness. the vatican is saying that the comments on trump were going to far. greta got reaction from the donald today. >> i think he is a terrific person frankly and i was surprised to hear yesterday, to be honest, with the pope. to me it's illegal immigration. i don't think the pope understood with the crime problems and problems with illegal immigration and the fact that he said that i'm honored by it. >> i'm learning right now that greta might have got -- i'm disappointed, where is the pope, greta? she did it again, look forward to that interview.
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in the meantime, bernie sanders is the front runner for the democratic nomination if you look at the latest polls. he leads in the national poll, first time we have seen that. he has been closing the gap in a host of states. he already beats all the prominent republican presidential candidates. so so much for the argument that he's unelectable by some polls. ed henry with the latest in las vegas. >> good to see you, we have this nevada caucuses on saturday night. it's interesting because you talk about sanders being the front runner in the fox poll, he could be the front runner with money because hillary clinton appears to be in a cash crunch. the los angeles times reporting today that this could be coming up here at the end of february, the second straight month where sanders outraises clinton but she has a problem where celebrities in hollywood have maxed out $2700 what they're allowed by law. so she keeps going back to
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hollywood and tapping everyone out. sanders has small contributions and can go back and get money from those folks and keep tapping them. there is a forum here in las vegas hosted by msnbc, a friendly democratic audience but clinton was booed at one point. >> senator sanders wasn't a democrat until he decided to run for president. he doesn't know what the last two democratic presidents did. and you know what, you know, it's true. >> now what clinton is looking forward to, though, is south carolina which is a week after nevada got a big endorsement today. james clyburn the african-american leader in congress. but clinton not there for -- she would hold until next week for the primary but they might be putting it out there today to avoid damage from a possible loss here tomorrow.
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>> thank you very much. putting this in perspective here and the argument against bernie sanders is that he's unelectable that he would be too extreme and be like a mcgovern moment for the party. that is he is a galvanizing figure for liberals in the party but as its nominee he went down to crushing defeat and that seems to be the fear that the clinton folks have raised about the prospect of nominating bernie sanders and the polls that pitted against any one of the top republican contenders, bernie would win and hillary clinton would not. we are going to be weighing this with what is going on with bob dole. he is all of 96 years old. so right now, why is he saying what he has been saying about who he would support? did he just hint he's backing
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i know it seems like we say this with every single primary or caucus, we are expecting very heavy turnout at least in south carolina. some of the argument in south carolina is that heavy turnout will benefit the trump forces.
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and they are passionate and would come out. those with a good ground game it wouldn't be as beneficial. you hear stories for bernie sanders in nevada where the caucuses are very big. i don't know what is the case but it doesn't always pan out that way. so maybe john can help me sort this out. heavy turnout in south carolina if that is ultimately the case, who benefits from that? >> i mean, it can really go either way. i think a lot of people think that donald trump a lot of his supporters are not traditional republican voters, people are like ross perot voters and motivated by issues like trade, that could help trump. but then again if what we saw in iowa was that the number of evangelicals ended up beating
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expectations. that helped cruz. >> if you think about it, john, your supporters are jazzed whether few or many in number they're going to show up. right. but to the passion behind let's say a bernie sanders, for example in nevada, that i could see. you know, benefitting him. but the question always becomes with a caucus, whether they know what they're doing. that is a confusing process. not as confusing as iowa but it seems like suddenly everyone has this quick ground game down. haven't they? >> i think so. one thing that was hurting donald trump in iowa is that it was a caucus. you have to show up at 6:00 p.m. on the dot and it's confusing people. the trends we have seen in the polls are troubling for trump. if you you look at the clear politics, average of the polls, he's gone down about five or six points in the average since the last debate where he said george
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w. bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in iraq. but he is over the other two candidates by double digits still. >> a lot of ha been made of the attacks on jeb bush and he pointed to barbara bush was in new hampshire and he has to rely on his family and rely on mom. that is risky to do in south carolina to say of jeb bush like the bush family. what do you think of the fallout as a result? >> i don't know. jeb bush, people have a great affinity for president george w. bush who was here last week. i don't think that people like the idea of a dynasty whether a clinton or a bush dynasty. so right now, jeb bush is down 10% in the polls but he is in the mid teens and maybe he will end up nipping a candidate like rubio or cruz and be able to soldier on from there. >> are they saying for jeb bush
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he has to place in the top three to still carry on? are they worried if he doesn't do that his donors might say, i don't know? >> i think there is a good chance that happens especially if you see marco rubio and ted cruz getting close to 20% and jeb bush closer to 10% it's hard to see where jeb bush goes from here. on march 1st there's a 20% threshold to get any delegates in any state. if they can't get to 20%, you might see them drop off and think it is hopeless after march 1st. >> thank you for taking the time. in washington, justice antonin scalia lying in repose, president obama and michelle
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obama visiting. tomorrow there isn't a consistent precedent on this. it doesn't matter one way or the other. we know that senator ted cruz plans to go to the funeral tomorrow. i don't know whether there is a contrast or statement to be made there one way or another. molly hemmingway, is there anything to be made one way or the other? >> no one was as critical of the decision to skip the funeral was ted cruz. he will be attending the funeral and showing that respect and i think it is a good moment for him because this tragic death of justice scalia leaves a huge hole in the court and reminds voters how serious it is to elect someone president and instead of throwing a tantrum you make a wise and produce dent decision. the president will be nomining the eventual appointee to the court. people do take cruz seriously.
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he was a clerk in the supreme court and he cares deeply about a constitutional approach to the law and this will help him a great deal. >> of course it's the day of the south carolina primary, he would be doing that, is there any risk in doing that? these guys like to get in last-minute campaigning. >> ted cruz had a plausible scheduling conflict but that he is doing it on an important day speaks to how important it is. >> and this might make a bigger statement for his base, too. down the road. is it your sense that for ted cruz, look at this, and trying to pay attention, he was the one who said we shouldn't be holding confirmation hearings. he backed mitch mcconnell early on saying holding hearings would be ludicrous. and other republicans are
1:16 pm
nervous about that. say what you will, but president obama has a year to go. it would look foolish to block the hearings. where is this going for him and what are we to make about republicans who are going back and forth on this? >> i don't think republicans have an option here. if they were to seriously consider any candidate and -- for placement on the high court the voters would revolt. if republican voters do not want someone to replace scalia who would not match his strong and robust leadership. so it would just be laughable to even take it seriously. and the voters would punish republicans so much. there's really no option -- >> punish republicans for not holding the hearings? >> absolutely. absolutely. they just take this versus seriously. conservatives care a great deal about the court. there are so many decisions coming down the pipe which are
1:17 pm
going to be lost until such time as a conservative can replace scalia. >> why not hold the hearings and reject whoever the president nominates. you are saying at face value we don't like his picks. it's been done before. why not do that? >> it hasn't really been done before, there hasn't been a vacancy that began so late in a presidential term. this is a highly politicized era. no one likes that that's the case, but everyone knows that if president obama has his way he will not put someone fitting for the court's balance in there. >> that might be the case but you are holding that precedent to -- let's say it's a republican successor and he or she is in their last year in office and we're saying, you can't do that. >> it's a rare occasion but it's true that this is how things are since democrats did what they did to robert bourque this is a political situation. there is really again no option
1:18 pm
for republicans. voters would be done with the republican party entirely if they cave on something as important as this. >> i will respectfully disagree with this. the voters in the general election might revolt if a party did something like that. >> it's not going to be that long of a delay. there have been vacancies much longer to fill on the court. it's important to get someone good it's worth the risk for the sake of the party and the court and the country. >> we'll see. thank you very much. in the meantime there has been a lot of back and forth about who is lining up with marco rubio, who is lining up with ted cruz, who is lining up with jeb bush. enter into the middle of this, bob dole, the iconic republican figure who had strong things to say about ted cruz just a couple of weeks ago when i had the pleasure of chatting with him. bob is back and wants to set the record straight on something. in a world that's trying to turn you into someone new...
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jeb has been a great son, great father, great husband, married well. and is one of my four favorite sons. >> she has a great sense of humor. no more so when it comes to barbara bush, but barbara isn't running but it's jeb bush. he is in a world of hurt in the polls. on the phone with us, former republican presidential nominee in 1996, republican leader as well. bob dole. senator, so good to have you back. how you doing? >> doing good, neil. how you doing? >> i'm fine, sir. there has been a bit of a confusion that you were veering
1:23 pm
away from jeb bush and looking at others, marco rubio's name came up. where do you stand? >> i am 100% for jeb bush and you can study their records and the best qualified to be president, and that's what we're electing is jeb bush. and you know, he has all the qualifications. he's been around a couple of presidents. he knows his way around. he knows his foreign policy. so i'm for jeb bush. and i'm looking for south carolina's surge. >> if he doesn't see a surge, senator, what then? >> well, i don't know what the next state is. >> i guess a lot of folks there when it comes to jeb bush point to florida. it's a do or die battle between he and marco rubio, favorite sons and even though that is a state that donald trump could win. what do you think of that?
1:24 pm
>> well, i -- you know, i have -- i really believe in florida. that jeb bush is going to win. he was a great governor. and you know, he's tested with -- i think eight hurricanes in 16 months and he's pointed thousands of women to high paying jobs. he has a great record and he's the only one i know of who spelled out programs in every area including social security, tax reform, health care, and national defense. >> he definitely has detailed policy positions. it hasn't helped in the polls but it could change. i don't know how you feel about the battle back and forth between donald trump and the pope. whose side are you on?
1:25 pm
>> well, i would say i'm neutral but i don't think the pope should have been, you know, talking about american politics. and he truly had trump on his side. on the other hand the pope is right in terms of helping the poor and helping others in need and i think the press kind of -- if you read the script -- it's not really that bad. >> yeah, you're right, if you read the italian version of what he said it's a little different but it's he did seem to say, the pope, that there are some times that donald trump appears in his views of building a wall, less christian like. do you think that that hurts donald trump or helps donald trump whatever your own personal political preferences are, in a
1:26 pm
state like south carolina? >> well, there's a wall around the vatican. >> you're right about that. >> so -- no i don't think it hurts donald trump. i think it's kind of one-day story. >> yeah. >> it's gone and it demonstrated again that trump can control the news, as he did all day, over that story, and he's pretty good at it. >> you're right about that, senator. i want talk about your thoughts on ted cruz. and i talked to cruz folks afterwards and they said that's our next campaign commercial right there, the rhinos, that is why they were intimating you were, republican in name only. if that isn't a sign that he is
1:27 pm
a compelling -- that is senator cruz, compelling new force than someone like bob dole saying what he did about him, it's pure magic to us. what do you say? >> yeah, well i think -- i don't know what he said about me. i know what he said about me earlier, he ridiculed me and mccain and romney because we weren't right-wing extremists like himself. >> he was saying you all three, good men all were ultimate losers in the general election. >> i wouldn't say it quite that way all the time. >> so it is your sense that he overdid it with those attacks? i think your argument was, senator that if the present cruz got in forget about reaching across the aisle he would have
1:28 pm
trouble with his own side of the aisle. >> he would not have a single senator with him. the voters in south carolina, if you have 64 friends and you're 64 and you want help from the other 63, you want to do something, you're going to get it. but he doesn't have -- they don't like him. and he's self absorbed and has this giant ego and he's overly ambitious. he entered the senate as a canadian citizen. i worked for a while for four years as the leader and i think behind jessie helms, i supported
1:29 pm
ronald reagan. we ought to check our voting records. >> let me know how you feel about ted cruz next time. but let's say in the end he is the nominee of your party, would you support him? >> oh, yes, certainly. >> okay. just wanted to be clear on that. you know, i want to get your thoughts on a good friend of yours, antonin scalia, lying in repose in the supreme court now. both you and he had exchanged good funny barbs. he had a good sense of humor. you were not too shabby on that front. the president paid his respects today and is not going to the funeral. is that much ado about nothing to you? should the president go to the funeral? what do you think? >> joe biden knew scalia very well because he was chairman of the judiciary committee and a
1:30 pm
catholic. i don't know why the president's not going. i mean, i think if i were there i would go. but i can't -- you know, i don't know what made the decision. so -- justice scalia, you know, was -- when i ran for president in '96, he was considered as my running mate. >> i remember that. >> yeah. and probably would have been a good one. >> that's interesting. real quickly, if i can, this dust up over whether the president, too, should go ahead and name a successor, the republicans in the senate should have confirmation hearings. where do you stand on this? mitch mcconnell says maybe we don't hold those hearings?
1:31 pm
>> i think senator grassi wants to have the hearings. and if he wants to have the hearings, there will be hearings. whether or not there will be anybody reported out of the committee is something else. but -- because it would take i think him to join the democrats. but you know, we don't have to wait too long. we're 11 months isn't long and they're split four to four. and some of these cases will go back and they're not too many cases coming up. >> so they could wait, you think? >> i think they can wait. you know, we're not -- >> okay. >> -- it's not a big -- it's going to be a campaign issue because obviously democrats will say one thing and we'll say another. >> that's the way it goes. senator always an honor to have you on.
1:32 pm
thank you for joining me. >> good luck tomorrow. >> we're going to be busy. senator bob dole, a pleasure. a little bit more after this.
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i love that announcer's voice. wake up. i'll have cheerios with milk. you have to watch that now. welcome back i'm neil cavuto. and rumors going around there is a caucus in nevada and a primary
1:37 pm
in south carolina and the candidates are reaching out to voters. but what is interesting is how they are going after young voters. hipt hint going after -- hillary clinton going after the plel millennial voters. and ever since playing bernie madoff, he kind of fell for the guy. good to see you. thanks for coming. how do you think of the process? >> i have a message to you from frank lunts. and he said to tell you to speak clearly -- for me to speak clearly to you and in the clear, to say, that the dreyfuss initiative dot org is nonpartisan and urgent. everyone should look at that
1:38 pm
site. it is meant to bring civics back to the grades below high school graduation. >> that's terrific. >> bingo. >> really? we had to start with that? this is from frank luntz. why don't you just say it? >> in some circles some people think that frank luntz is respectable. >> just say this is me and what i'm doing. >> when you read the comments it gets ugly real fast. >> i want to get to the state of this campaign. every time we chat about it you are concerned about the tone of it on the left and the right. but you have great fodder talking about what is going on the right which leads me to
1:39 pm
believe you hate everyone on the right. >> i don't hate but i find it fascinating the centrist party has decided to go to its most extremist side. >> on the left with bernie sanders and on the right with ted cruz or donald trump. >> with bernie sanders it's not that the party has committed to that. perhaps that's up in the air but on the republican side i asked the tea party in the clear would you let someone be called a moderate in your party and they said no. >> what you just said about bernie sanders, he certainly has driven the agenda and the sentiment in the party. >> but he doesn't yet have the endorsement of the party. and on the republican side, there has been an endorsement of the most -- >> of who? >> of all the tea party -- >> now you are just showing your bias. >> really? >> you don't like these republicans, right? >> no, i'm -- i'm waiting -- the
1:40 pm
reason i went to iowa was to see in person if i could find someone i could talk to and be talked back with. >> so wait, when you went to iowa and we're so glad so to have you on, i thought you came to see me. >> well, neil, i wasn't going to say that outloud on the show. >> you know where i got a lot of e-mail. i had you on, people say what did dreyfuss say about the bernie sanders taxing the rich stuff? you all seem to think that you happily support higher taxes on the rich. could you answer yes or no? >> yes, if it's a certain time lie limit but no if it is permanent. >> if we were to get back -- you and i have chatted, it's not going to be 90% but it should be a lot higher. you argue for a limited time you
1:41 pm
do that? >> yeah, depending on the need. what is the need? when it was 90 it was because we were paying for world war ii. now we have to say what is the need and why and for how long? there is nothing wrong with that. >> do you worry, though, that government screws things up? >> yes, i do. >> do you worry that giving government more money would risk screwing things up more? >> i think that if you created a piece of legislation, let's say, that had a sunset clause so that that required that that thing be scrutinized by another generation of politicians who have no skin in the game, that's what's lacking. it's our -- >> there's a shelf life for everything. >> for everything. >> that's what ted cruz says about rules and regulations. >> that's what henry paulson says.
1:42 pm
he says i'm against regulations completely but until the industry comes up with their own reward and punishment -- >> the former treasury secretary? >> yeah. >> he says until they do that i'm for regulation. >> you want to move things forward. people agree that the politics but move things forward. you talk about denim on boeth sides there's more than appeasing your base and not getting anything done. and people think that donald trump will get stuff done. what do you think? >> well, it's not that he'll just get things done. it's what are his talents and what is he good for? >> he's a businessman. >> we all respect him and admire him because he his ability to counterpunch. someone comes at him and he's going to come back. but he doesn't make a distinction between a friend and an enemy and when the pope
1:43 pm
critiques donald trump the tone of his reply, the tone of donald trump's reply is the same tone as if the pope was his enemy. >> a lot of people say the pope oversteps his bounds. he didn't say the say the same thing on european leaders. he hasn't called them less christian. >> that was a specific moment and a specific question. but i'm saying is the response -- >> you favor the pope over donald trump? >> i'm saying that donald trump should be able to nuance his response. >> why? maybe we're tired of nuance. >> i am the king of nuance. >> no you're not and that makes you an appealing figure. and great job on bernie madoff. the madoff family loves the show. >> your show? >> you did a great show.
1:44 pm
if you don't clean up at the awards i don't know. how did you study for that role? >> i didn't. >> really? >> i grew up in that role. i -- >> you got his walk down, his cadence. i mean, scary. >> first of all i'm from queens. i lived ten blocks away from where he lived. and that informed my whole performance. and so did the play "all my sons". >> if you don't win every award for that, even piaeople who hat you have to admit you were outstanding in that role. >> can i get that knnotarized. >> it is so good seeing you again. >> nuance is -- nuance is the absolute requirement in a president of the united states? >> no, it isn't.
1:45 pm
be blunt and tell them how you feel. >> but they're not all the same enemy. they're all different. you treat everyone the same -- >> you are in the hip pocket of the pope. we just learned that. >> in the hip pocket of the pope. >> see i have the benefit of time. a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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an approach to care that may help patients like christine enjoy the things that matter most in their lives while undergoing treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here. that's definitely something worth celebrating. learn more about precision cancer treatment at appointments are available now. to the next stop because neil never stops. republicans, south carolina, democrats, nevada. tomorrow night neil is live as voters decide. lou dobbs kicking off coverage at 6:00 p.m. and then neil as the polls are closing at 7:00 to whenever we know the winner, as long as it takes, whatever it takes, take comfort in knowing we're there for you, fbn. be there. i was in a really dark place for a long time.
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i was pretty depressed but i found hope. i found in the lord and in my friends and in my presidential candidate that i support. and i'd appreciate one of those hugs you've been talking about. [ applause ] >> do not underestimate the power of a hug or the power of -- well, showing simple, real, raw emotion. it can have a big effect on a race and it can have a big effect on a contest and a big effect on the electorate if they see you are home an you care. the washington examiner has more on that. what do you think of this? this was an unusual moment. we now and then get to see such moments on the campaign trail but they stop people this their tracks. >> yeah, neil especially in this campaign where we see the front runners slinging insults and threats at each other and you
1:50 pm
have this genuine and heart warming moment with kasich delivering this hug and saying encouraging words to this young man. an uplifting what has been a pry rough and tumble primary season right now. so it certainly can give kasich a little bit of a boost. make people pay a little more attention to him. it was trending on social media. people were talking about it. so sure, it was a great moment for kasich. but i think the question is, is it enough to really salvage his campaign at this point? does it give him any pass forward to the nomination? he's number 95 in the polls in the southern primary states. a moment like this can maybe be a life line for him if it moves him up a little in the polls. helps him knock off with the lower levels competitors. >> it gets people talking.
1:51 pm
youtube and what have you. it depends at the time at the moment. i remember for the democrats years ago, hillary clinton welling up had people showing up at the polls. i think it made a very big difference. not all the time it does. i guess the voters have to come away with the idea that it was a genuine moment, a real moment. what do you think? >> i think what it does, it makes people pay attention to kasich. he's been drowned out. wait. he gives hugs? what hugs? he's a genuine candidate? let's pay attention on someone not insulting people. who is not just being arrogant and bombastic. so i think in that sense, it gets people paying attention. and you're right. hillary clinton really helped herself. is it enough? he's number five. hillary was just duking it out with barack obama. one other person in new hampshire. this is different. he is way down the line there.
1:52 pm
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