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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 19, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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for cpac, come by. >> that's it for us. we've got a special election edition of "the five." "special report" is up next! we are one day away from two big votes that could change the face of the presidential race. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to myrtle beach. i'm bret baier. coming to you live fcarolina wh are just 13 hours away from the polls opening. the first in the south primary. almost 2,600 mile away, the democrats prepare for tomorrow's nevada caucuses in what looks like a very tight race there. all republican candidates are on the ground here in south carolina. battling for support. today, the six gop candidates were out trying to shore up
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last-minute votes. a state that has a history of picking the eventual nominee. a state that has 50 delegates on divvy up among the winners. the chief correspondent carl cameron jones us from columbia with a look at all the last-minute campaigns. >> reporter: tonight we have an example of the bare knuckle politics. it comes in the form of a robo call and radio ad from a super baghdad called the courageous conservative pac which is independent from the cruz campaign. but it is meant to help mr. cruz and it goes after donald trump for his comments made earlier this week on tuesday, in fact, when he suggested that he supported nikki haley, the governor of south carolina, and her move last year to remove the confederate battle flag. >> trump talks about our flag like it is a social disease. >> almost whatever you have to respectful let it go. >> donald trump's bank rolled
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nearly every major democrat in the country. >> that's by far and away one of the most controversial calls that we've heard in the entirety of the campaign. the cruz campaign makes the point that this super pac is unaffiliated with the cruz campaign. they do not agree with the tone of it. but it does show the sharper elbows are beginning to come out. and we're told in some homes, there will be dozens of robo calls in numerous campaigns. and it comes as the polls have begun to tighten and it shows that south carolina has the possibility to be a very, very close race tonight. >> no matter what you're doing, you have to say, i have to take ten minutes. i have to go out and vote. >> donald trump had a double digit lead for weeks so expectations are high after battling with the pope and former president george w. bush and the discovery with howard stern in which trump said he supported the iraq war. >> the first guy that ever asked me about iraq was howard stern.
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i guess. then i started looking at i. before the war started, i was against that war. >> the latest poll shows trump ahead but in a virtual tie with ted cruz within the margin of error. cruz came in third in new hampshire and would get a huge boost. >> just this week, donald trump said in a tv program, that he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. so let me tell you. this i have no intention of being neutral. >> rubio is third and can't afford to slim, having come in fifth in new hampshire. he needs to show momentum. >> we're very blessed to have so many good people. and look, none of our candidates is a socialist. that's a good thing. and none of our candidates is under fbi investigation. >> for jeb bush, the expectations are the most intense. he campaign with his mother again today and his brother earlier this week.
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he needs to be in the top three or could face an exodus of donors and volunteers. >> donald trump has never shown any interest in anybody other than himself. in the two dpats are gifted speakers, marco rubio and ted cruz have shown nothing in their past would suggest they could make a tough decision. >> john kasich said he is going forward no matter what happens. >> we're going everywhere. it is a national campaign. >> and ben carson's campaign has revealed that it did meet with ted cruz yesterday and in carson's assessment of it, it did not go well. it was supposed to be an opportunity for ted cruz to explain what carson has called the dirty tricks that he suffered in the iowa caucuses. they met, believe it or not mark the broom closet at an event in greenville. carson said it did not go well. the cruz campaign acknowledges there was a meeting but won't comment on the tone of it. we should point out six major
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candidates on the ballot in south carolina. three of them will go on. the other three could be in big trouble. >> in a broom closet, carl. some of this stuff you cannot make up. carl cameron in columbia. thank you. still ahead, i talked on voters here in south carolina about what issues are driving them this year. and which candidates they're supporting in tomorrow's primary. on the eve of the democratic caucuses in nevada, hillary clinton is touting a big endorsement that they insist could help. today, bernie sanders is making his way around the silver state while clinton is staying in las vegas for what was once considered the safe bet but could now swing bernie sanders' way. ed henry is there with a look at the last-minute moves to win over voters. >> reporter: hillary clinton raced across las vegas making her final pitch to groups she is having trouble connecting with. >> i do want to have seven days
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of paid sick leave. >> reporter: just hours after bringing more attention to another sore spot. honesty and trust worthiness with this awkward answer. >> have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to. always, always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself. >> no. >> at a forum last night, clinton was bood during an msnbc town hall when she pointed to some of bernie sanders's criticisms of president obama and questioned the socialist's loyalty. >> he was not really a democrat until he decided to run for president. he doesn't even know what the last democratic president. did well, it's true. it's true. you know it's true. >> and then there is her cash crunch. the los angeles time reporting clinton is running out of celebrities in hollywood to get money from. many have given the max $2,700 allowed by law. an anonymous clinton oilist said
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the pond is getting fished out. while sanders is the king of small contributions so he can keep tapping his supporters for more money. a point he stressed today. >> you know what the average contribution was? $27! >> clinton did get a major boost today with the endorsement of a key african-american leader. congressman clyburn. yet clinton was not there for the endorse many which was expected to be rolled out next week closer to the south carolina primary. a stein clinton camp may be trying to umpblunt the damage. so in las vegas she is getting last-minute help from a one-time foe. the form he campaign manager. in south carolina, hollywood legend morgan freeman is allegeding his voice to this clinton tv ad. her work has been about breaking barriers. so will her presidency. >> here's why clinton's money
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problems matter. we've learned that next monday and tuesday she'll be in california again. raising money, valuable time off the campaign trail while sanders is free to stump in south carolina. >> thank you. one day before supreme court justice antonin scalia is laid to rest, president obama is already looking for his replacement. the president has called senate leaders, mitch mcconnell and harry reid, i know what the judiciary leaders about nominating a replacement. tonight, mourners are still lining up at the supreme court to say goodbye to justice scalia who will be laid to rest saturday. earlier, the president and the first lady paid their almosts to the conservative justice who died last week in texas. they even met privately with members of scalia's family to
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express their could nndolenceco. >> reporter: on a frigid washington morning, the flag draymond coffin of antonin scalia arrived at the u.s. supreme court. met by scores of former law clerks who lightning the long stairway into the great hall. there scalia's colleagues received his casket and welcomed his family in a private ceremony. >> god of faithfulness, in your wisdom, you have called your servant antonin out of this world. welcome him into your presence so that he may enjoy eternal light and peace. >> reporter: scalia's clerks took turns standing guard. >> if he was writing a dissent, if he couldn't cobble together four other justices to agree with him, he was writing for justices 20 years later, 30 years later. and i'm quite confident that law
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students will be reading justice scalia opinions a century from now. >> reporter: thousands cued up around the block the pay their respects throughout the day. while president and mrs. obama stopped by late in the afternoon. also visiting, several prominent judges who now final themselves the subject of nomination about whether they could fill the empty seat. he was unanimously approved by the senate less than three years ago. outside, a small memorial continued to grow throughout the day with cheeky nods to some of scalia's most biting words. the first time the court heard the challenge from the affordable care act, he asked whether they could force everyone to buy broccoli. in a dissent, scalia referred to the reasoning as pure apple sauce. and it is a gets darker and colder, the line continues to grow. we're told the wait is about two to two and a half hours at this point. the court has extended the hours
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of visitation until 9:00 p.m. there will be a celebration at the basilica. vice president and mrs. biden will be there to represent the administration. >> live outside the supreme court. shannon, thank you. senior pentagon officials say they saw an opportunity and took it. killing at least 40 isis terrorists including one considered a high value target in air strikes in libya. the strike today targeted an isis base in northern libya. tonight, national security correspondent jennifer griffin looks at who was killed in the attack and why the u.s. chose to act. >> the u.s. f-15 flew out of england. u.s. intelligence surveillance flights held with targeting and isis training in libya. >> we feel confident this was a successful strike. >> reporter: the u.s. air strike took place at 3:30 local time and hit a building where isis
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fighters were sleeping. about 15 miles west of the capital. the strike targeted a well known tunisian national and isis recruiter. in may 2015, the tunisian authorities named him as a suspect in a deadly attack on the museum in tunis that killed 22 people. he is thought to have been behind the attack on a beach front hotel in tunisia last june. no americans were killed in either attack. he has facilitated the movement of potential isis affiliated foreign fighters from tunisia to libya and onward to other countries. peter bergen once interviewed osama bin laden. >> the libyan affiliate of isis is the most virulent. >> president obama approved an air strike and has not ruled out more action there. >> we will go after isis wherever it appears.
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the same way that we went after al qaeda wherever they appear. >> both of these military strikes are an indication that the president will make good on his promise to continue to apply pressure to isil leaders who threaten the interests. >> witnesses on the ground in libya say 41 people were kill in the strike. mostly tunisians but also, one jordanian. >> tunisians make up most of the isis foreign fighters in syria. the pentagon said this training car. hosted up to 60 isis fighters at one time. that they have their eye on other training camps in libya. >> live in washington, thank you. the justice department is stepping up its fight with apple over the company's refusal to open up the cell phone of one of the san bernardino attackers. tonight, the chief corn katherine harris has the latest on the battle that could end up before the u.s. supreme court. >> with today's 35-page court
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ruling, the gloves are off. they said the refusal to unlock the phone is a marketing strategy where the tech giant is putting its interests above the rule of law. despite its efforts, apple nonetheless has the ability and so should be required to obey it. rather than assist the fbi which is exploring whether the san bernardino terrorists had outside help, the judge said apple is refusing and has the ability to bypass the password without destroying the data. in today's filing on behalf of the attorney general loretta lynch, and fbi director james comey, they were told that software developed to open the iphone will not be shared with the fbi and apple could destroy it. if the fbi can course an tol build a key, you can be sure
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authoritarian regimes like china and russia will turn around and force apple to hand it over to them. they will use that key to oppress their own people and steal u.s. trade secrets. they said the fbi wants a back door and this weakens data security for the individual consumer and the government. because encryption can be used by anyone with that knowledge. trump called for a boycott of apple products until the fbi works with the fbi. >> thank you. as you mentioned, donald trump said he will stop using his iphone until apple cooperates with the government and he said you should too. >> first, apple ought to give the security for that phone. what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. i just thought of that. boycott apple.
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>> boycott would be no easy task but could really harm the company. research estimates that at the end of last year, 103 million iphones were in use in the u.s. that's not counting other devices. coming up, money problems. whether the rich should be the target of politicians during the election season. we'll explain. first, here's what our fox affiliates are covering around the country. in honolulu, an incredible moment the helicopter crashed into pearl harbor thursday. five people were on board that chopper at the time of the crash. all were rescued from the water, including a 15-year-old boy who remains in critical condition tonight. and this is a live look at mobile, alabama from our affiliate. the big story tonight, the death of author harmer lee in her home town of monroeville. her book to kill a mockingbird became a classic about racial injustice in the south.
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man 2: no. man 1: hundreds, if you don't count the freelancers. man 2: should i be worried? man 1: you are the ceo. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. a gorgeous sunset here in
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myrtle beach. about 12 and a half hours before the polls open in the first in the south primary. making a lot of money is for many the american dream. but when it comes time for elections, rich people are usually demonized for having so much money. should they be? >> what doctor do have jay-z and dr. zuckerberg have in common? a lot of money. >> greed for a better word is good. >> not on the campaign trail. >> the wealthy will have to pay their fair share. >> we have a rigged economy. >> bernie, you have to know something, buddy. you're a nice man. a very nice man and you mean well. >> most do play by the rules. nike's did not get rich because
3:22 pm
of handouts or a rigged system. >> these are the people giving us jobs. >> we analyzed the 400 richest americans. they employ more than 10 million people across the country. they owe their kids' education to these so-called fat cats. >> right now the wealthy pay too little and the middle class pays too much. >> we look at stupid politics. that's what people do to try to get people to vote for them. >> stupid because tax policy can kill the golden goose. when job creators leave, so does the capital. >> you're working seven or eight months out of year just to pay taxes? >> many economists agree. demonizing billionaires may be good politics but it is bad economics. >> if there is a ceo that is creating a lot of value for shareholders, wealth for the economy, the value they're creating is so much greater than their actual compensation. >> the irony is while many young want to tax rich, they're saying
3:23 pm
on it a bill gates software while using an iphone developed by another billionaire, the late steve jobs. >> thank you. to the markets, the dow down 21 points. the s&p was down a fraction. the nasdaq was up nearly 17. a big week for the markets. the dow and the s&p 500 were up more than 2.5%. up next, taking the temperature of south carolina voters. how some of them plan to vote and what matters to them for tomorrow's republican primary.
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by the state department tonight. the state department said they were not marked classified at the time the e-mails were sent. close to 85% of the 55,000 pages of e-mails have now been made public because of a judge's ruling. of those, 1731 contained classified information. tomorrow south carolina primary could predict the next republican nominee. the palmetto state has been nearly flawless in predicting the eventual nominee since its first in 1980. it failed just once when they picked newt gingrich over mitt romney. what are the voters here thinking and what matters to them most? i got a chance to talk to them earlier today. >> safety, the economy, the debt. those are very important things. >> bill group lowe has been a car dealer in myrtle beach for 20 years. as a business owner, he knew the republican he want to support from the start. trump. >> i've had this for 20 years.
3:29 pm
i own it. no one has helped me. i don't get funning from anyone. this is all on me. so i understand, i have you know, bills to pay. if i have to borrow every week $5,000 or $10,000 every week to keep my doors open, i'm a failure. this country is borrowing billions of dollars. now we're into trillions of dollars. our government has failed us. we can't go anymore. a sanders or clinton will make it worse. it will be like greece. i got kids, man. i got a 15-year-old son, a 9-year-old daughter. i'm concerned about their future. >> finally have a guy that understands and has common sense and has problem solving skills that i think can do a really good job. unlike what we had with the establishment candidates. >> you're a car dealer. so he is your vehicle for this
3:30 pm
message. >> exactly. >> ant establishment, ant-washington. all wrapped up in one. >> everything is negotiation. donald trump is very strong when it comes to deals and making negotiations. when he has his mind set on something, he goes at it 100%. he doesn't do very well. >> i think one of the most important issues is absolutely going to be safety. >> megan is a mother of two and manager at a clothing boutique. she is most concerned about security and gun rights. >> i have two little girls, 4 months old and a 4-year-old. i want to be reassured, when they go to school they're completely safe and taken care of. with that i feel confident, there should be a staff member on site who has a gun. i think gun control is such an issue and i think the gentle is being pushed to take that right away. and i think it is really important to go back to what our country was founded on. the conservative beliefs that we
3:31 pm
were founded on in this country. >> so is there a candidate who lines under for you? >> rubio is definitely one of the ones that is resonating with me the most. >> but she said she may vote for ted cruz instead marco rubio. >> i think that should be something people think of. would you rather give your vote to somebody who is closest to being in first or someone that you want to bump up and the closest they'll be in is second. >> that's the biggest thing, helping people have a great life. maybe keep more of their paycheck so they can survive. >> john 58 pastor of legacy church. he is following the head to head polls very closely. >> i'm leaning but still under sure and i'll decide when i'm in the booth. i did some research on rubio. looking at the national polls is what i've always looked at. who is the best republican candidate who can win.
3:32 pm
and you know, i was floored to see that rubio was the only one to beat hillary clinton and sanders. we need a candidate that can win. and you know, i think that he is the one to do it. >> you're definitely not voting for donald trump. >> i would not vote for trump for dog catcher. that's the way i feel. character, integrity, honor. i was thinking about this. if he acts this way in a presidential primary, how is he going to look on the world stage? >> cruz doesn't light your fire? >> cruz, that's where my dilemma came. about a week or so ago. i was maybe leaning toward cruz. then after all of the allegations in iowa and now things going on here in south carolina, you know, i don't know whether i believe it all or not. where there's smoke, there's fire. i don't know that he could win the general election. >> with rubio, if i vote for him, i will support him.
3:33 pm
it is one of these things i'm not hike, rubio! a lot of trump supporters are sold. >> the economy and national defense are right there. i mean, that's absolutely the top. >> don weaver is a career guidance counsellor at ocean bay middle school. the kids voted for donald trump and bernie sanders this morning in a mock election. weaver is still deciding. >> i like trump. i like cruz. i like rubio. and i love carson. i wish prior to last saturday night's debate, or since then. i would like to put them all in a blender and come out with one candidate. i was very disappointed last week. it was not an opportunity for those of us who want to consider it, it was embarrassing.
3:34 pm
>> so like parts of all these candidates. you have to make -- >> right now, it is trump-cruz. as a form he business person, i really like what trump says. probably, i'll probably end up going trump. >> washington is so bloated and ineffective and not fiscally sound. >> she is president of the myrtle beach republican women of she said she is leaning toward one candidate but knows people supporting a lot of them. >> i have very close friends who are advocates of ted cruz and close friends that i really like that love trump. and close friends that really like kasich. and people that follow the bushes. i don't think we need another clinton or a bush. we need a new generation. people talk about rhone's experience, or lack there of. his youthful and i remember john
3:35 pm
kennedy was younger than rubio. and i consider him very inspiring leader. and articulate and inspiring. and you knew that he loved america. the american dream is what we're fighting for. >> our thanks to the voters today. we'll talk to more of them over the next day. both here and south carolina and in nevada. one day work the big votes. some predictions on how that all plays out from our panelists, next. i've been claritin clear for 14 days. when your allergy symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season... ...for continuous relief. with powerful, 24 hour... ...non-drowsy claritin, live claritin clear. every day.
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we have to make sure we get a big mandate. tomorrow we have to go out and vote. >> the week before iowa, every pundit on tv, every pollster on tv said there's no way we can win. the one thing they forgot was the voters.
3:40 pm
>> that will be the consequences if bernie sanders or hillary clinton wins. if they win, all the policies barack obama has put in place which have damaged our country become permanent. >> so the sounds on the campaign trail today as we look at the real clear politics of polls, heading into the first in the south primary. donald trump still with a big lead here. almost 13 1/2 over ted cruz, marco rubio and you see the rest the field. let's bring in our panel from washington. charlie hurt, political columnist for the washington time. chuck atlantic from the "washington post" and charlie krauthammer. i like to call this the chuck wagon. we're coming up with new name. set the table for us, charlie krauthammer. you look at the polls and you see what's happening on the ground. >> i think the odds are that trump will win.
3:41 pm
probably big. that's expected. i think the real key will be what is the difference between the third and, if there is a big spread. if you get trump, cruz, rubio in that order. then the bottom three are in single digits. that i think would be a seminole event. if the vase a three-way race, it is a toss-up. who at the top three would get it. if it remains a six-man race, trump will dominate all the way to the the vote. that's the real issue. will south carolina win the way we expect in it new hampshire but which new hampshire did not? >> now, i want to chuck lane, listen to this back and forth with donald trump and ted cruz with a new lien of attack by ted cruz on israel.
3:42 pm
>> to make lasting peace there, probably the toughest deal of all but i'll give it a try. let me an neutral guy. i'll give it a shot. i would be so proud if could i do that. >> as president, america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. i am not neutral. >> okay, chuck. >> there is a lot of support for israel among evangelicals. they are a key bloc for which these two men, trump and kroos, so ted cruz pounced on that little word neutral. even the idea of neutrality or even handedness is not what would you expect from donald trump who is always sort of positioning himself as mr. belligerent. it was an off key note and
3:43 pm
moment for him and cruz completely pougsed on it. of course, whether he has what it takes to outpace trump at this point or not, i don't know. but i think he has to keep a lot of evangelicals on his side. >> i talked to a lot of voters. there's a lot of support on the ground for donald trump when you talk to people around the state. >> and i think one of the big problems for donald trump, he's done very well in material of the poerls. if he does went by a double digit margin, that's a tremendous victory but he probably won't get the credit in the media that he would like. in iowa he came in second place. marco rubio was very much viewed as the winner there.
3:44 pm
at least between the two of them. another thing i'm interested in watching. history is lit effort with candidates who get in under the leader and turn it into a murder-suicide. and rubio and cruz have to be very careful about that. they're going hotly negative. >> okay. it's friday. we go to a place called the candidate casino. looking back for this particular panel, take a listen. >> my first time. i'm going to place the five chips on jeb. 15 for rubio. >> you have the top three.
3:45 pm
bus bush. >> i have $live the on donald trump. this is new for me. i have been a skeptic. >> trump on top 35. cruz is number 2. rubio, and my long shot is christie. you can see the evolution from the beginning to now. >> the evolution is that i've doubled the wine, women and song. i'm now up to $10 on that. i've got trump, cruz, rubio in that order. rather close together. a lot will hinge on tomorrow. again, if the field is winnowed, i think it is a toss-up between the three of them. if not, trump remains the prohibitive favorite. >> charles lang? >> they say what happens in vegas stays in vegas.
3:46 pm
but in candidate casino, they bring up your past and throw in it your face. >> i'm saying $35 on trump. as i said, i capitulated. my second was $30. it is about remaining one-on-one with trump. i'm sticking $10 on john kasich. i think he is the one guy you really can't eliminate in south carolina even if he finishes in the bottom three. he is still intent on playing ohio and michigan. >> we're going to get the tape. so talk slowly here. >> just to be clear, i paid somebody to burn all of mine. so right now i have trump, 75, and in between rubio and cruz, he give rubio 15 and cruz 10. only because i think the establishment ultimately about will have get behind marco rubio big time. and that is a powerful thing and
3:47 pm
it gives him some edge. >> the three cs, charles, charles, charles, or charlie, chuck and charles. next up, two local journalists join me here for a look at the situation on the ground in south carolina. hey mom. yeah? we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage with your phone and upload them to allstate. really? so you get a quicker estimate, quicker payment, quicker back to normal. i just did it. but maybe you can find an app that will help you explain this to your father. quickfoto claims. just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good. hey liquid wart remover? could! take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast . .
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it appears that there is apestablishment lane and then there is the outsider lane. i'm in the establishment lane because i'm the son of george h.w. bush and the brother of george w. bush. i got that. i'm proud of it. doesn't bother me a bit. >> i feel good about the feeling down here. i don't predict. but i think we'll do better than we were expected to do. >> being able to talk about the real issues, not get into the gladiator stuff because it's not really about me or touchdown or ted cruz or anybody else. it's broabout we the people. >> carson, bush and kasich all fighting here in south carolina. we're back with the panel. bill borrow reporter for the associated press and claire
3:52 pm
reporter for the sun news. thank you both for being here. give us perspective. this is a big state. a lot different than iowa and new hampshire. >> republicans here are very proud, south carolina is the first opportunity for republicans to play before the microcosm of the national republican electorate. evangelicals, tea party sympathiz sympathizers, veterans, you have to play to all fields here. >> and as you look at the map, there is a lot of veteran presence and you see candidates adjusting their message to the on the stump because of that. >> veterans have been a major issue.that. >> veterans have been a major issue. issues have hit the sures of veterans affairs and benefits really hard. >> and evangelicals, as well.
3:53 pm
>> senator cruz has made a hard play there on that i-85 corridor. you find people that i had guy with the evangelical all over the state. but if senator crux z is able t catch mr. trump, it will be his strength in that abo abouthat. >> and the radio ad about the flag play and it goes after donald trump and supporting governor haley. how does it play? >> i think the people in south carolina that were bhered about the flag coming done are very vocal. but if you look at governor haley's numbers now, they're still very strong. so i'm not convinced that -- and even when it does, going after trump, trump already has attracted a lot of support from positions he's taken in the past a or even now. >> down here also a lot of
3:54 pm
retirees. what are the primary issues? i've talked to a lot of voters today. but what do you see out there when you hear the town halls? >> they're vocal about social security benefits and whether they're being taken away or being cut at all. so they're pushing hard at keeping them and improving them. >> and is there one issue that you think is driving this race more than others where trump is doing so well is this. >> i think a lot of it is trump is seen as an outsider and people in south carolina are verythis. >> i think a lot of it is trump is seen as an outsider and people in south carolina are very vocal about they want someone new in office that doesn't have all the political experience that isn't in government all the time. >> and they want somebody to kick over the table in washington. they want somebody to shake it up. >> and that is a national theme in the democratic primary.
3:55 pm
it's a national theme. no different than the two states who have already gone to the polls. >> looking forward to next week, that looks like it will be a battle as well for hillary clinton. >> for now. >> claire, bill, thank you very much. we'll be right back here from myrtle beach with some final thoughts. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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that's how we own it. as we wrap up from beautiful myrtle beach, we saw a wonderful sun set behind us. our thanks to the people of south carolina who have been great to us and of course the voters who agreed to speak to us on camera. that does give us a sense of how things are here. tomorrow is the big primary here in south carolina for the republicans. democrats will head out to the caucuses in nevada. and fox news as you covered. we will bring you complete coverage, the results and analysis all day. i'll be up in new york for a special edition of saturday edition of special report 6:00 p.m. polls close here at 7:00. that's men america election headquarters begins. thanks for inviting us into your
4:00 pm
home tonight. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and still unafraid. greta is down here, too, and she starts right now. from the uss york town for a live election special on the record on the trail, the countdown to south carolina. meanwhile the race for the gop nomination getting nastier by the minute. it might be hard to believe when you look at us here on this beautiful aircraft carrier. but it's not just the candidates slinging mud. donald trump has been in a fierce fight with of all people the pope. yes, the pope yesterday suggests donald trump is not a christian and tonight donald trump is here to respond to the pope right here on the record. we caught up with donald trump earlier


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