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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 20, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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could rest and retire. she deserves it. she worked so hard for us. and that's my off the record comments tonight. that's all for now. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thank you, tom. coming up, hillary clinton always tries to tell the truth. is this her biggest lie ever? and apple guru says he can crack the iphone in three weeks. and a high school girl's basketball team lost by a score of 108-1. i hope the coach of the winning team wasn't happy about giving up the one point. >> thanks, andy.
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welcome our guest. she's the red soxy -- roxy to my mr. cellophane. >> if you want to know his age, saw him in half and count the rings. our fan love her. they keep writing in to see her legal briefs. criminal defense attorney remi spencer. and his temper has a short fuse like the bombs he uses to i will c russian spies. sitting next to me is the covert officer and president of diligence llc, mike baker. let's start the show. bernie sanders claims the economic system is rigged to help the privileged few at the expense of everyone else. i wonder what charles coke says about that. >> i agree with him. >> wait a minute.
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what? >> in a "washington post" op ad, coke writes, they believe we have a two-tiered society that dooms millions of citizens to the lives of poverty. he believes they benefit from corporate welfare while others are denied opportunities on a level playing field. i agree with him. wow. charles coke coming -- feeling the burn i love what he did here. a lot of people had that same reaction. they may not have gone into his op-ad. he said yeah, we can both agree. there are advantages for the wealthy. no doubt about that. he is right. and then he says we have to fix them. we have to reduce the size of government. that's opposite of burn -- bern who wants to add more government. the only solution is add more government. i think what charles did -- i call him charles.
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we're very close. >> chuck. >> he did an el iment -- elegant op-ad. he doesn't want to reach across the aisle. he says he doesn't feel the bern. it is like a criticism. we have the same goals, but his ideas stink, right? >> they have the same goals. what is so brilliant is that it probably reveals why so many of the people are supporting bernie sanders. people want to hear these things that we need to make the country better. they don't fully grasp what sanders stands for and what koch is saying is what he is proposing is not going to accomplish these goals. it is going to undermine it. history has shown us that. it is an interesting -- >> it is an interesting history. >> this country? >> well, i don't know i was just thinking south in ven vens. >> -- in venezuela.
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>> growing our government will not solve the problem, but we want to see the same goals accomplished, but it will be done in a different way. >> do we have the same goals? theoretically. we are good people. we don't want to see others suffer. i think that is our -- >> define others. >> for instance he was talking about -- >> oh i will define. >> the corporate welfare. >> bernie wants more government, but i think he wants more rolaids. a rola ids joke off the top. most people are -- there are a lot of people on government assistance. it creates a voting block and they can constantly go back and they will get guaranteed support because these people want to continue to get the gifts from the government. it is similar to a feeder -gainer relationship. for those who don't know what a feeder-gainer relationship is --
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>> i am jealous of the stars of the show. >> i am promoting the fear. the government is the feeder and the people are the gainers. for those who don't know what the reference is google it. you will be fired. >> joanne, i think that koch is on to something here. >> give me a coke. >> this is the guy, the koch brothers the left is painting as extreme ricists. rightists. >> the extreme rights, the idea that people don't think about, they come together in a circle. you know what i mean? you end up thinking the same thing as the other side does. >> do you think that's where bernie is? you think he is so far left he is to the right? >> he has come around it and it is the implementation like
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you were saying that is not the same. >> more government is not going to solve these problems. and truthfully i want to be a millionaire. i never gave up on that dream like most people do when they are 12. or even beyond. a billionaire. if i had a business, why wouldn't i take advantage of all of those loopholes? >> i think you are in the minority here. i think this is -- >> she is a minority? >> she could be. i have no idea. >> on my resume i am. >> what i was going to say is that there is a problem here that underlies the whole crazy election cycle. >> how is bernie sanders pulling from the young. >> what she was maybe eluding to, i don't know, i wasn't paying attention, the young people, a lot of young people supporting sanders are doing so because they don't view themselves as part of the american dream. they don't see themselves becoming successful. for seven years plus now, the administration has been beating them down and
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handicapping people saying you are a victim. you are screwed. the system's rigged. there is no way to get ahead. >> that's it, baker. it is obama's fault. i was waiting for that. i was waiting to wrap up that story and blame it on obama.ic. moving on. hillary clinton did an interview on cbs. take a look. >> you talk about leveling with the american people. have you told the truth? >> i always tried to, always, always. >> she's always tried to, always. and it is the effort that counts, isn't that true? morgan free man has narrated a new ad for hillary that will air in south carolina. take a look. >> her church taught her to do all the good you can for all of the people you can. a single goal, keeping their egg alive. >> the hungry mother must return to the sea to eat. before she leaves she must
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entrust the egg to its father. >> she understands that our country can't reach its potential unless we all do. >> get busy living or get busy dying. >> that is really touching. >> i think it is great she pulled out the big guns. you thought that was a joke? >> that wasn't a joke? >> that was morgan freeman. he did do the voice over for her. she needs it, does president she? doesn't she? >> having god narrate your political campaign commercial, i am not sure it gets better than that. i think that clip of her, that interview saying that she tries to tell the truth might be one of the most awful things a candidate has ever done my beautiful 5-year-old niece knows you don't try to tell the truth. you just do. how is that lost on an educated savy person
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especially someone running for president? she basically told us on no uncertain terms, yeah i lied. i tried not to, but i have. >> we have all told little lies here and there. she doesn't want to get caught in another lie so she just -- she is trying to be sincere. >> the little lies can be very, very helpful. i always tell myself this is my last beer. >> it is interesting, speaking of beer. i made this analogy and it is totally true. a little plug. >> great pod cast. >> thank you so much. i love you. >> it is a great pod cast. >> thank you so much. i love my 600 pound life. >> thank you, mike. >> what was your point? >> when you look at microbrewery she is a microbrewery owned by budweiser. bernie sanders is a lakefront brewery and truly organic and truly micro. hillary pretends to be micro.
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in reality she is part of a large corporate scheme and she is feeding americans lies. >> he promoted his pod cast at wisconsin. >> and budweiser. >> i thought you were talking about mike roe of "dirty jobs." i was going to say mike roe has a pod cast? what we were talking about. >> hillary lying. >> hillary, she's a liar. >> it is as though she is saying my intentions are good though. i may lie, but i know what's best. and it is the repetition. it is like she was trying to convince herself even that what she was saying was in fact the truth. so as long as in your head it is real it must be. >> after all of these years being part of the bill clinton experience and all of that and white water and everything
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else, she has clearly learned the mechanics of answering a question like that. she was parsing that. >> like remi says, it was a bad answer. >> ask if i have ever lied. >> have you ever lied? >> i am a truth teller. i am a person who tells the truth. >> now you know what will happen? somebody will do research on you. they will take the one moment where they told a fib and they will beat you over the head. >> i think mike's right. to the average, everyday person it is a terrible answer, but to the politician it is a perfect one. when she is called out throughout the election for having said untrues she can say well i tried. i didn't say i never lied. it gives her room to get around sticky situations going forward. >> it is the difference between somebody who knows they lied and somebody trying to get out of that issue. >> bill had to lie to get out of sticky situations too.
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the clintons are very good. >> i call them slippery situations. >> a millionaire is -- has offered to hack into the iphone used by the san bernadino terrorists. no, not him. yes him. creator of the world's first anti-rye vus program and -- anti-virus program and claims he would be able to access it within three weeks. he says his team of the best hackers on the planet will be able to do what the fbi can't because the fbi would not hire anyone with a 24-inch purple mow hawk, and 10-gauge ear piercings and a tattooed face. he demands to smoke weed while working and won't work for less than half a million dollars a year. he will eat his shoe if his team can't do it. meanwhile, an eccentric billionaire has called for a boycott of apple until they cooperate with the fbi.
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trump says he will stop using his iphone and go back to his old phone. that is quite a threat. if he walks around with that and people follow trump's lead and they will go back to the gecko phones. >> i like the idea. whatever trump says it is smart and on point. >> what do you think about this? >> first of all he gives great benefits at his company. >> that's good. >> i under both sides and we don't want the government snooping on things. >> take one side please. >> i say government don't hack the phones for your own good. it will be full of disgusting news. >> for the government's own good? >> look, this whole thing has resulted -- this apple iphone dispute has resulted in self-righteous crap. this is the situation. they have a coupl of months worth of -- they know the texts exist on this device. they have a couple months.
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they went to apple and have had lots and lots of conversations. apple said go [bleep] yourself. they said hold on to this device. take it to your facility. create -- >> the government is saying that to apple. >> yes create a systems information file. force it on to the phone and then you can destroy that systems information file as soon as you finish. they say no we can't do that. maybe apple has a concern over internal security. this idea that tim cook is out there saying they want us to create a backdoor for all of the devices is a load of [bleep]. >> we have to be careful of privacy rights. >> the place to be careful with the privacy rights is the warrant process, the legislation, the courts. >> you are saying it is a one-time deal. solve this problem, would you, remi? >> i don't know that i can solve it, but i can explain the other side. wherever you stand on this issue i think apple's position
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is it is a slippery slope. just because this is a serious matter and we all agree that the government should get these text messages. what apple is saying this is mott the way to do it. if you can do it here what is to stop you from doing it here and doing it here and doing it there. >> they said don't worry about the warrants, the court process and all of the legislation that has been put in place. the head corporation, we know best and we are going to make these decisions for the country. >> i don't know if that's what they are saying. they are saying they will challenge the legality of the trial court's order. they will take it up to the circuit level or the appellate level and beyond that to the high court. that's the way the system works and that's how the law is made. >> hold on a second. how is this different from delta airlines refusing to give up the black box? they say it is in our plane and we don't want to set a precedent?
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>> i don't know. it is the same thing. >> it is a company that helps out the government by looking at the black box. >> i understand what you are saying. it is the idea of blanket surveillance. multiple phones and privacy of lots of people could potentially be compromised. that's not the case. shouldn't we be encouraging that cinder -- that kind of process. it warrants for specific circumstances. you would want that to happen. there are employees who would want to help the government. go and work for the fbi and do a side deal and make sure your knowledge of the company and this is probably illegal, but you can use it. >> joanne is encouraging economic espionage. to speak of that, why doesn't the government have these pierced people that work for mcafee. he says he has cool employees
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because he lets them smoke. >> anybody should google mac uh fee and read up on him. he is a colorful character. i am just saying he is a colorful character. >> i heard green immediately. >> look, i understand the issue. i understand -- and this is always a good debate to have about privacy and where does that pendulum stop between security and it is always moving and always trying to recalibrate it. that's always true. the place to fight for all of that is in the courts and in the warrant process and in the legislation that sets what you have to do to get approval to go with a court order to apple. after talking with them incessantly and saying this is what we would like to do. you read the court order and it is very, very clear. it is the subject phone. keep it on your facility. destroy that key once you make it. we don't want it. >> why don't you just say -- baker -- i don't think they need the courts.
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if apple was just cool and the government came to them and they said yeah give us the phone we will break it and they break it and give it back. when china asks for a phone they say no. we don't like china. we like the usa. >> apple is cool. apple is not snitching. >> apple has helped in past cases. they were cool, but they are not being cool now. >> it does belong in the system. it does belong in the courts and our elected officials -- >> i don't like the courts. i like calling a guy and saying hey, hey. coming up, what company refuses to hire white males? see where you should direct your ha -- i mean love tweets next.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. thousands of people paying their respects to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia on friday. mourners lined up to view his flag-draped casket that is on display in the supreme court hall. among them president obama and the first lady. obama is receiving criticisms because they are not attending the funeral later this morning. the white house said is it is a respectful arrangement given the president's large security detail. the fight over privacy versus security continues between apple and the justice department. apple refusing to unlock a phone used by one of the san bernadino terrorists. the judge ordered the company to help crack the phone. but apple ceo tim cookery fused saying it would give the government the power to reach into everybody's devices. the department saying it will allow apple destroy the software it would have to
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create to help them crack the phone. ethan couch heading to adult court in texas. he received probation after killing four people in a drunken driving crash and he was 16. his defense claimed he was too rich and spoiled to know better. couch and his mother fled to mexico after a video leaked reportedly showing couch at a beer pong game, a possible parole violation. he is facing up to four months behind bars or longer if he messes up again. harper lee, the author of "to kill a mockingbird" is dead. the book was published in 1960 and was a best seller and won the pulitzer prize for fiction. president obama said it changed the way americans saw each other and themselves. now back to the show that keeps you warm at night. "red eye." now back to fox
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>> buzz feed can that you do is looking for long form writers. it is a job that used to be known as writer. he posted a call for applicants on twitter. would you like to write long horn? you can. a are -- after thinking it over one minute she said would particularly like to hear from you if you are white and male. wow that seems like an eke collusionary request. she didn't say that. she said busby canada would like to hear from you if you are not white and not male. she is looking for diversity and always a worthy goal. everybody but white dudes who as you know have the same perspective. she got some push back on twitter and became contrite writing, last thing if you are a white man upset we are
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looking for nonwhite, non-men i don't care about you. go for mcclain. and then posted this poem. white man get huffy when you don't actively encourage white men to do so white men think they are everything. haha, ban men literally. throw them in the garbage. yom really starting to like her. i would love to see a pictury like her. she has a lot of spunk. look, mike why don't you go right for mcclain. guilty on both counts. i don't think that was a poem. i think it is a hiku. >> as white male you should
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know . >> i thought this was indicative of where we are now a days. what i thought was most interesting, i started following her a little bit and seeing where some of her comments had gone and i saw at one point she was frustrated by the fact that people were now banging on her saying this is ridiculous. she felt put upon and it was a microaggression. she said this must be just like you face every day. somebody else said you went to a white guy to find out -- they pointed that out. >> remi, is there a worse nation than discrimination? >> i have to tell you i didn't know who this person was.
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and then i looked at it. the only thing that made sense was that this woman was recently dumped by a white male. >> she was? >> i have no idea. that's what it seems like. it is woman scorn ied. it seems like it is coming from an emotional place and not so much a business minded, strategic decision to get diverse at -- at cals. >> maybe it is a canadian thing. you hit your head when we get too far to the east. >> honestly if you want to know how i felt, my feelings were hurt. it is a mean spirited thing. white men, the world has this -- well america and canada have a misconception that we were handed
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everything. >> i have had mental health issues and we have multiple you neck perspective. >> how are you a fun loving guy? you had a lot of tran de in your life. >> i need a hug. if you are out there give me one. >> it's fine. anyway. i think the irony it is kind of sexist against women. she is saying only women can make meaning less list. >> i love that list. i do. i get sucked into reading those. buzz feed sh -- it is bunch a girls, right? >> i follow a few on twitter. i remember my first drunken
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tirade. she certainly had a lot of confidence and i gain mine from liquid. >> are they an actual company? >> oh they are big. i remember when andy levy put out a want ad. >> i remember it all. >> he said i am not interested in meeting with the white males. >> we have to go. half time with you who. go to tom shawly and get ticket.
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hey, welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy. >> hi, tom. before i start, you know we started the "red eye" investigations or investigative unit? >> i had to talk to them. >> they had the first fruits of their labor. can we play it now? >> yes. >> before i go down for make up i like to make myself a cup of coffee. >> the stock market. >> it is an interesting take. >> it is bothering you? >> it is bothering me. we have been in this studio now for a couple years. it is nice. we are on the 12th floor and my friends are here checking on things to make sure they are right.
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we have a noise. i wonder if there is an animal in there. something is in the wall. do you hear it? we are on the 12th floor. whatever above us is a control room. somebody is in the wall. security can you get on that, please? >> i like to be alone when i grind my beans. >> now we know why hillary clinton spent more time. . >> it is a nice house. >> i was wondering why they asked me the questions. >> i didn't know they could hear. people talk in the studios all the time. >> the day that happened we were sitting around going i wonder what that noise was? >> i don't even though.
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>> excellent work by the "red eye" investigative team. >> charles koch agrees with bernie sanders. >> exhibit a. tom shillue. he wants to see people happy butt does president -- but doesn't make them happy. >> joanne you said at the extremes this show has ended up in the same place. i agree. sometimes that's correct. right now there is an agreement that the idea -- people are successful not because they are good, but because the system is rigged. >> definitely. i find ways to win when i don't deserve it. >> the left looks as a rig
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system and says we need a bigger system which i don't get. >> write that down. >> hillary stuff. remi you said she said she is always trying to tell the truth. you do. or as yoda put it in. do or do not if there is not a tribe. >> you .ed out that hillary was was -- obviously she was. what if she said something like i have always tried to be truthful with the american people, but there were times when i was secretary of state i could not speak the whole truth? if she says that she sounds like a bad a as. i can't divulge informationful
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informationful -- information. she could. i am not saying she could have lied. >> she could have parsed it better. >> i take your . and it is a solid . disash -- point. it should should be legal for more began freer man -- you cringe i will -- give young people a job. a frees voice over job. >> under president it cassidy stroyed by a tsunami. >> a tsunami of government. >> apple stuff. tom you said trump threatened to boycott apple and use his old phone. this is actually a tony motor motorola flip phone.
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>> that's a really teeny -- tiny thumb. and the airlines are regulated by the f.a.a. that makes the analogy dumb and bad and dumb and bad. >> mike, everything you said in the segment was wrong. i don't actually believe that. >> you don't? >> my problem is -- i $-- also do to the believe the fbi cares about getting ago sells to the phone. did wants to set the tech companies coming for john. >> let me submit this from the doj's filing. they said, quote, apple has attempted to design and market its products to you a lou technology rather than the law to control access to data.
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>> the data doesn't say what they are asking for. >> i understand that. they don't like the fact that in the near future apple will not be able to get into its own phone and the government doesn't like that. i am not sure that i trust apple has not created a system they can't get into. it strikes me as a low of hooie. >> sorry, ant we all? >> and you said apple has been cool in the past, working with the government. for the the record it does look like they -- >> they basically said we will help you get what is on the cloud. the last time it up loaded was october. it means there are dozens and
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dozens and u.s. diddens of text that the shooter was sending out. you can argue at this point, april -- apple is disappeared. that's because of the time it has taken to get this done. >> i will forward that to apple. >> white males need not apply. >> her tweets were really bad and juvenile and dumb. i don't think what she was asking for was bad and dumb. she tweeted the reason i was sources out works from woc is because she filled our freelance roster until june with white dudes. for people who want to diversify. is that not legitimate?
12:41 am
>> exactly. >> andy, wouldn't it have made more sense to go on the pair writs of the writing simples. >> no. >> that makes no sense. >> it is not always what you say. it is how you say. it. >> it is time for a break. awkward job interviews when we come back.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. a funeral mass well beheld for the late justice antonin ask scalia this morning. it comes one day after thousands of people were seen paying respects at the supreme court. friends, family, colleagues and ordinary people all making it to the court's great hall to say goodbye. president obama and the first lady visiting scalia's national-draped asks skeet. he was 79. meantime, the state department releasing more of hillary clinton ease a 500 e-mails. 64 of the documents had portions deemed confidential. 47,000 pages have been disclosed. the tate department will -- the state department will finish the e-mail. >> they could strike a deal with apple which is refusing to crack an iphone.
12:46 am
the white house is willing to let cap pell -- apple crack the phone. they need help because it is pass word protected and it will be deleted in they. >> american warplanes are striking multiple targets including a terrorist training camp near the tunesian border. dozens of people killed and a terror operative responsible for an attack in tunisia last year. air strikes in libya may not be over. i'm patricia stark. now for you "red eye" fans, back to the show. for your headlines log on to fox
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>> they didn't get the job and probably for a good reason. the job hunters are revealing their biggest interview blunders on the anonymous confessions app, whisper. the daily mail captured some of the better ones like this woman who posted "i was so nervous at a job interview when he asked me what i wanted to be in five years i said race car driver. wow. another wrote during an interview i was intending to show a picture of my social security card from my phone, but instead i showed a picture of my to bees. i am mortified. here is a tip. don't put either of those on your phone. she is mortified, but employed. >> my phone started ringing during a job interview. my ringer is "sexy can can i." the guy doing the interview died.
12:48 am
i buried him in the woods. that ended darkly. >> but resourceful. >> that's the guy you want in a job. >> join why he -- i don't know why he hid his in the bush shell. >> what is the cia like 1234. >> a long, arduous process. it takes quite awhile as if should. >> do they put you in a room and yell at you? do they play the mind games on it? >> it is a long process and at times it has you questioning yourself or am i cut out for this? it is a lot of batteries of tests and a lot of work that goes into it. one of the things is you come out of it and you really feel special.
12:49 am
if you get recruited in -- when i was brought in you really feel special. the training continues and by the time -- it is a great organization. any kid thinking about -- yeah, just do it. >> that's fantastic. remi when a multiple felon comes in and wants to be interviewed -- with is that a job interview for him or you? >> primarily i am being interviewed and he is deciding whether he wants to place -- he or her. >> every job is a job interest you view. interview. >> think of what it takes to hire someone who is your advocate and you may lose your job. $t's a little bit of a -- it is a little bit of a dance. it is also an interview of my part as well. i have the benefit of not
12:50 am
taking every client. >> any quick job interviews? >> long arduous journey. one time i tried to get a job atta co john's. didn't get the job because i showed up drunk for the interview. don't do that. i enjoyed the free meal before i totally bombed it. >> do you deliver the goods on air? >> i don't interview often, but when i was younger i worked at a sc iddie -- kiddie candids. i told them i was good with kids and i never held a child before.
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an ohio school girl's basketball game ended in a final score of 108-1. to put that in perspective, that's a lot to a very the. gilmore academy defeated northeast ohio college prep quite soundly in a playoff game. the winning coach claims they didn't run up the score. >> it is a lot like if you were in a baseball game and you were winning 9-0 and you have a guy on first. you don't steal second. >> too bad he couldn't think of a basketball analogy. the losing school is still
12:55 am
proud of their girls saying our scholars are taught to respect, embody relentlessness. all chasht teres were on display . thought shot nothing but air. >> i would hit the ball with the rim and my grand parents would stand up and her pants would fall down and my coach put me on the bench. >> like john candy did with his niece and uncle buck. he rolled the bowling ball. if the ball is to get the closest without getting one down is the winner. >> recommend my -- remi -- >> in this day and age everybody got a trophy. >> they were in the playoffs. >> they made it to the playoffs. >> but they didn't win and it is division 3. >> i don't even understand. you know these divisions and
12:56 am
everything? >> no. >> i feel like they can't be as good as 1. >> i looked at their record and they had not stopped a win. >> you are in the playoffs? how does that work. >> he played his zone and played the freshmen. and look, if you think about all of the kids in college screaming about microaggressions and you count them back to when they were little that's when we started this crap we are not keeping skier because we don't want people to feel bad. everyone gets a participation trophy. sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. he put the brakes on and he wasn't trying to run up the score. >> he he wasn't trying. >> they only had a basketball team for a few years and there are only eight girls on the team of the they played them the whole time. >> they are great and now
12:57 am
minor celebrities. they sumped a humiliating defeat and will come back stronger than ever. >> that does it for me, tom shillue. i'll see you next time. eport" i!
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we are one day away from two big votes that could change the face of the presidential race. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to myrtle beach. i'm bret baier. coming to you live from south carolina whereas you know, we are just 13 hours away from the polls opening. the first in the south primary. almost 2,600 mile away, the democrats prepare for tomorrow's nevada caucuses in what looks like a very tight race there. all republican candidates are on the ground here in south carolina. battling for support. today, the six gop candidates were out trying to shore


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