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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  February 20, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ it's crunch time, folks. it's crunch time. you know what that means, right? we have to get out tomorrow. we have to vote. >> if we stand together and fight for the american people, we will win the general election. we will defeat hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and we will turn this country around. >> so let's go caucus tomorrow. let's get on the -- let's win this election. >> you all have the chance to reshape this race. you can define what you want your politics to be like.
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can you define what the future of this country looks like. >> i have feeling, folks, we are going to make history tomorrow. we are going to win in nevada. >> we have the chance to be the authors of the greatest in america. that's why i need your support tomorrow. that's why i'm asking for your help. thank you and god bless you. ♪ ♪ >> that's what i actually remember eating at lizard's restaurant in colombia, south carolina. biscuits so good. that's where we find tucker carlson this morning. >> tucker carlson, you are in a restaurant? >> oh, good morning. i'm at anna's favorite's restaurant lizard's thicket here in south carolina. a vast breakfast of grits and bacon. i have got to stop eating on the road. it's it unbelievable. >> you do have to survive.
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we are in the middle of a political double header. we had a chance to put you inmp nevada. had you problems before in las vegas. we stuck you in south carolina where the republican primary is. this is a huge day. i mean, i don't mean to steal a line from donald trump but when you talk about the amount of people voting in south carolina and what a victory in south carolina would mean and worse yet for those who don't finish in the money, it could be over today. >> oh, you're going to see the field very different tomorrow from what it is today. donald trump is leading in this state dramatically. the polls have him -- the aggregate of the polls is a% over any other candidate. trump is leading among evangelicals in this state, amazingly enough. going into it he has a huge lead. this is the test. you can attack both george if he pulls that off formidable candidate. >> i is going after apple today too.
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>> boycott apple even though sending out tweets from his iphone. he says he is going to stop using it. >> that is a lot. >> nevada is every bit as dramatic. nevada day one yeah i tied day one be in nevada. i lost by historic margin in new hampshire but those states are way too white. they don't represent the democratic party. nevada is the beginning of my myer wall about half nonwhite in the democratic primary. if she lose there today, you will see a shakeup in her campaign. she will fire some people and donors will start complaining publicly about this. this is not how it was supposed to unfold at all. if she not take out bernie sanders in those states that's a real problem. >> it's almost impossible to figure out in a caucus state. when you go there and caucus at ':00 eastern, a little bit later on pacific coast, when you do that, you can be persuaded. how do you possibly accurately poll something when they can change their mind when they actually get
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together? it's going to be a lot of nail-biting there from the democratic side. but here not to the surprise of anyone, anna. so dirty politics that's being played amongst all the leaders on the right. >> this is something we have seen in south carolina before. you remember rumors spread about john mccain fathering an illegitimate african-american child. governor romney seconding out cards that were not true. robo call some are saying it's from the cruz camp it's actually from the courageous political ache action committee. take a listen to it? >> put it in the museum, let it go. >> that's donald trump supporting nikki haley removing the battle flag from the confederate memorial in columbia. >> respect whatever it is that you have to respect and because it was appointed time and put in a museum. >> people like donald trump are always butting their noses into other people's businesses and saturday send donald trump and his new york values back to
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manhattan. sounds. >> sounds like ted cruz campll certainly sounds like ted cruz. anything that comes out against the donald trump really gets outrage with the donald trump camp. >> that's right. this is the kind of thing that can boomer rang. independent expenditures acting on behalf of different campaigns but without direct coordination. this is potentially a problem for cruz because, of course, he is running a campaign on values, not just yfrl values but his own values, his own decency and christian faith. if the perception spreads that he is dishonest and that is what the rubio and trump campaigns have been saying about him it can potentially hurt him. and make no mistake cruz needs to do well in this state. it's tailor made for the campaign is he running. if he contact perform in south carolina, where can he perform? >> very serious night for him.
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>> people are remembering what happened to dr. ben carson and when senator cruz was accused of dirty campaign politics there as well. let's take a look at donald trump. he is a counter puncher. he is calling senator cruz a big liar. listen. >> talk about people that lies. this ted cruz, this is the biggest liar liar i have ever seen. biggest liar i have ever seen. i have never seen any human being -- he lies, he lies badly. that guy lies. that guy does not tell the] truth. >> senator cruz please tell me where i'm lying a lot of times i use actual quotes from you and marco rubio who seem to be saying the same thing. you want to get a theme together. if you want to take down jeb bush say he is low energy and not into it doesn't seem to want to be there ben carson psychopath. he tries to find a weakness.
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look at what is behind ted cruz every one of his campaign stop is trusted. he wants trussments what's is donald trump and marco rubio doing no, it's just the opposite. type of marketing that could be effective. >> well, exactly. and this is exactly the kind of attack that wouldn't be as effective against donald trump because donald trump isn't running on his personal integritynez b you get the sense there is not something you know about trump that isn't already in the public. cruz doesn't have the benefit of the 30 years in the public spotlight there are things you don't know he about ted cruz. there are things we are finding out about him. if he is -- he is the guy who beat up on poor ben carson who everyone likes. i think that can hurt him. fifnsd out tonight at 8:00. this is is the attack that can undo the cruz campaign. >> south carolina very important. 19080 every single nominee has been picked for the
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g.o.p. for the palmetto state except for newt gingrich in 2012. a lot of that largely, brian, a microcosm of the g.o.p. >> just a note. evidently ben carson and ted it cruz when h. a one-on-one meeting in a side room, and it did#p not go well. they did not smooth things over which i find surprising. weave will look to follow that on the democratic side it's a high stakes race in nevada between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. once commanding lead has disappeared. who now stands -- this now stands at a dead heated, if you're to believe the caucus polls. >> neck and neck. big question this morning will little feel the berne. alicia with us this morning. >> the caucus stores open here in a matter of hours in nevada. things are getting underway as both candidates are at a near even submit if you look at the most recent polling. that shows a dramatic shift that has taken place here, a
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state that the clinton camp was banking on to be a sure thing when it began its on the ground work last year. nevada is is the first contest this nominating season that brings a far nor ethnically diverse demographic to the table. both campaigns working to shore up support with not only latinos but union workers. clinton and sanders have been spending the last hours leading up to today trying to convince people to show up to caucus. >> the issue is not just to ho wins the democratic nomination. the issue is whether nevada will play a leading role in moving this5 country toward a political revolution which transforms this country. >> if they will stand with me tomorrow, i will stand with them through this campaign no matter who the republicans nominate. the republicans have been after me for years and i'm
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still standing. >> clinton picked up a key yesterday. jim clyburn one of the tie republicans serving on capitol hill. you may have noticed that congressman clyburn made his endorsement in his own state while clinton was here. when you have such a high profile endorse wanted you usually have the two people standing together. how much things have changed and how time something so important. back to you guys. >> ak we factor tucker back in, shows you south carolina can no longer be taken for granted. seems as though if nevada seems the same message of iowa to the sanders' supporters that is i'm here, gaining momentum, take a new look at me. plus with the pressure on hillary clinton today and yesterday and the day before to come clean on what these transcripts were in her speeches to the hated wall
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street higher ups like goldman sachs, you wonder if things could be falling downstairs for her by the 28th when the vote is coming forward on the primary in south carolina? >> they have said from day one bernie is a boutique white states. nevada will totally change the narrative if he wins or even comes close. you are absolutely right he increasing the pressure on her to release the transcripts. and she won't explain why she won't release them. there is a civil war coming in the democratic party over the super delegate question. as one fewer votes but she has more delegates. this is a massive problem for her. bernie's people believe the system is rigged and there is evidence of it right there. it's a huge problem. >> yep. >> tucker, do you promise at one point to walk around the restaurant later on in the show we only have 3 hours and auto minutes left. >> black eyed peas and
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collard greens. >> i will. >> okay. he is he pro-great. tucker gets up in the morning and runs downstairs, right? >> upstairs get the heart rate up. grits means girls raised in the south. >> medal of honor recipient dakota myer has made up his choice for president of the united states. he is here to explain why ted cruz is his man. ♪ ♪ abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva.
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[ laughter ] we are going to utterly and completely destroy isis. >> well, with isis on the rise, of course, that's ted cruz and chaos around the globe. the latest place hitting libya yesterday. who is is the best presidential candidate to lead our military? let's ask dakota meyer. he has made his choice and appeared with ted cruz. here to reaffirm that today. is he is a marine corps reservist and joining us now live. sergeant, what made you say, despite a really no military service for anyone except governor perry on the right who is no longer in this thing, and, of course, senator graham, that ted cruz military backgroun for you to get behind him? >> i think he is a man of honor. i mean, you know, i call ted cruz a friend and i think he is a man of honor. he is the type of man that when i sat down with him that he is the type of man that i know i would want as a commander and chief to be behind me. i think with his plan to rebuild the military, to
3:17 am
build us back up, i mean, we have seen it go down the last few years. and then on top of it, you know, with the reagan-style leadership that he is proposing, a peace to strength, that's the kind of person i would like as a commander and chief. >> his attacked extense itively last debate. robo calls and accusations donald trump saying as well as marco rubio does that bother you at all a this is all going on and him being called ah liar. >> it's frustrating for me. i was just on the campaign trail with him. you have marco rubio, donald trump, you know, carson calling him a liar. and, you know, we are there and they're posting stuff inside the bathrooms one of the other campaigns, who knows which one it was, but they are post placards inside the bathrooms while we are out there speaking against ted cruz. you know, i think the reason that we are are seeing this and that focus is going there because i think the race is down between donald trump and ted cruz.
3:18 am
and you seed other two scwiewmping on the bandwagon with donald trump. not complaining about the issues or what other people are saying about him. >> dakota, the other thing, when you hear somebody -- you fight in the military. you actually fight these wars. you take the shots. you give them back and pull them out of the line of fire. when you hear candidates say things like we're going to carpet bomb isis when you know most of the major cities hiding among women and children. that seems to be a very rudimentary look at the knowledge of the military. does that halt you at all? >> you know, i mean, listen, i think that sometimes candidates get caught up in the emotions of it it i mean, look, you look at the other side, and i think that, look, it comes down to the two, donald trumpwb" ted cruz. i tell it you, it makes it it an easy decision. >> why? >> you know, look, i think donald trump had a chance to serve this country and the serve this country and the last a5
3:19 am
i know he says is he had bone spurs. i can tell you in my generation, i have watched men with, you know, amputees reenlist. if you want to serve, you would have served. >> the big picture, what is dakota meyer strategy for isis as you see them spread? >> that's why i have the confidence in senator cruz. i have confidence that he is going to sit there and stand, and not necessarily do what's popular but do what's right. i think that's what we need in the first step of going after isis. we have got to call it what it is and come up with a strategy. another piece of senator cruz that i like so much was not only is he an effective communicator but he is a good listener. to go in there and listen to their advisors and listen to our military advisors and listen to their strategy on how we should go forward and do. this i feel that you would have that as a commander and chief in senator ted cruz.
3:20 am
>> got to be such a good feeling for senator ted cruz like yourself on his corner, you joined him on the 17th of february and i'm sure you will join him again. >> i will. >> thank you for getting up with us? justice antonin scalia laid to rest. outside the funeral where a rundown of the day's events straight ahead. brutally beaten in a racially targeted attack. this american hero is getting major help from a completed stormtracker. the amazing gift he never saw coming straight ahead. ♪ waiting on the world to change ♪ we keep on waiting ♪ waiting on the world to change ♪ and get another free.
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the nation will be paying respects to justice antonin scalia this morning. the funeral will be celebrated. the national shrine of the immaculateo) conception. >> that's where we find. >> our garrett tinney, good morning, garrett. >> good morning, anna. if yesterday was any indication you can bet all the seats will be filled today. 3,000 people came out yesterday to pay their respects to justice antonin scalia. the line at times wrapped all the way down the street and around the block. some folks waiting two and a half hours for that opportunity. they even extended the viewing hours throughout the night to allow everyone who wanted to to come in and be able to view his casket. we are expecting to see much the same here.
3:25 am
vice president joe biden and his wife will be abe attending along with top7 officials. paul bearers will be most of scalia's son and son-in-laws. we will have two two readings. one from and clarence thomas. his son father paul scalia will offer the homily for his father and there will be a private burial following the service. back to y'all. >> thank you very much. garrett tenney out in the field telling us what's going to be taking place today. that's going to dominate a lot of coverage as people in south carolina go out to vote. >> you got it? >> as well as nevada. meanwhile, 25 minutes after the hour. >> president obama will not be at justice scalia's funeral today. instead, he will be spending the weekend researching who to nominate, we're told replacement on the bench. the president seen holding a binder with potentialu3 nominees. >> but should he go to the funeral anyway? what do you think?
3:26 am
here to react former congressman of indiana david mcintosh. president of the club for growth and former student of justice antonin scalia himself. i imagine emotional day for you as you look back at the life at what he led and the man you knew. but in the big picture do you think the president nothing being there is a big deal, congressman?-umb it is a very sad day. justice scalia was last five years. need to apply the text of the law and the constitution and be faithful to its meaning, it is a shame president obama is not there to pay respects to justice scalia and to the institution of the supreme court. he can't rise above that partisan politics. >> he did show up yesterday. >> i was glad to see him attend that yesterday. i was delighted to hear the report that there were over 'thousand people there to pay honor to justice scalia
3:27 am
who really deserves it he was a man who served his country for 30 years on the court and even before that. >> congressman, we heard that the president now is going to be researching who to nominate. that's one of the reasons he is not going. that's that is how he is going to be spending his time. earlier this week we had the pressure secretary josh earnst ducking and dodging the question multiple times. take you to the7press conference. listen to this. >> the president will not be at the funeral on saturday. >> the president will pay his respects at the supreme court on friday, and he will be joined with the first lady when he does that. >> the president has said that he is not as always sensitive as he should be on optics. you can rule golfing on saturday instead of the funeral. >> i don't have a sense of what the president's plans are for saturday. the president obviously believes it it's important to the presidency. pay his respects to somebody
3:28 am
who paid three decades of his life to the institution of the supreme court. >> you saw the reporter there looking at the weather and realizing it's going to be of 1 and sunny and wondering if that is what the president would be doing. congressman, what is the fallout from all of this, you know, lookingc' ahead, the president has said that republicans are being obstructionists saying they will filibuster whoever he appoints. he did the same thing to alead toe, didn't he? >> he did. he was one of the leaders of the filibuster when he disagreed with justice alead toe's nomination. let's look at what the constitution says. let's do what justifiable scalia would do. in article it 2 it says the president shall nominated. so president obama that's his duty. he must nominate someone to the supreme court. but it also says the senate by and with their consent then that person can be appointed to the supreme court. perfectly valid for the senate to oppose a nomination from the
3:29 am
president. president obama did that when he was in the senate. and i thinky6 the republican senate are saying you are north going to rad radically change the supreme court with one nominee. we are going to do our constitutional duty. if it's a bad nomination we will say no. >> game of poker. if they lose the senate and white house, they could get an even liberal nominee than comes forward. president for club for growth, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. great to be with you. it's a sad day. >> yep. 29 minutes now after the hour. coming up straight ahead. brand new developments in the fight to it unlock a terrorist's iphone. apple said they couldn't do it now if they wanted it to it now it's becoming a campaign issue. >> today is make or break for candidates. who could be the next republican to drop out of the race? our political panel will weigh in next as we continue our coverage from south carolina over a nice southern breakfast. ♪ ♪
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and save up to $200 when you trade in a rod and reel for new ones. and save even more by purchasing with your bass pro shops or other mastercard with combined savings of up to $300 on top of our sale prices. only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. i'm glad you are up. don't be alarmed. it is saturday and it is the final push to the primaries, the polls in the palmetto state open in just about 30 minutes in what's expected to be a record breaking turnout special thanks to donald trump. >> rich edson is live in south carolina waiting for
3:34 am
those doors to be unlocked. good morning, rich. >> good morning, anna and brian. 25 minutes from now the doors will open here. the voting will begin here in lexington, south carolina. very close to the capital of columbia and statewide. they are expecting a wide turnout here and throughout the state in part because of donald trump but in part because of the way the primary system is developed here. have you had new hampshire. you've hadsz iowa. and it is south carolina alone today and republicans alone today. this is a primary that was created in 1980. part of political operative lee at water's design to get ronald reagan elected president and nominated and it worked. in 19 8 the same with george h.w. bush. and in 2000, his son george bush coming here after losing to john mccain that season and that really created the come back for george w. bush, moved him on to the republican nomination and on to the presidency. south carolina has chosen the winner of the republican nomination since the primaries started in 1980.
3:35 am
except for 2012. and that's when newt gingrich won. back to you. >> all right. >> that was a shocker and that was a convincing one. thanks, rich. we will check in with you again we will start getting commentary on how everyone is voting. >> big evangelical population down there. big military population so you are noticing the candidates have been morphing for that reason. and tucker carlson political panel over some business cuts and grave this morning. good morning, tucker. >> well, thanks, anna. beating heart of the city of columbia here at lizard's thicket. we have three people who know this state and know what's going to happen today or guess anyway. the historic south carolina primary help run the huckabee campaign among others. covering all this for real clear politics and zeke miller for "time" smag zeenel. great to see you all. >> good morning. leading in a conservative, evangelical state? i know we are taking for granted he is in the lead. if he wins this state, can
3:36 am
he be stopped? >> if he wins the state, it's going to be very difficult. obviously he will have won two of the first three. going into the southeastern primary states. he leads in a lot of those they like him there. >> in all of them they like him there and it's going to be very difficult to stop what -- it's been very difficult to stop donald trump from the get-go. we are talking about an unconventional year. those running conventional campaigns are having a tough time winning in unconventional election. >> the understatement of the morning. caitlin, among those having trouble putting points on the board is governor bush. we are getting reports late last night some of the staff sending out resumes, donors have stopped donating isiyá over for him if he doesn't do well today. >> it's going to be difficult for him to make his case beyond south carolina. south carolina was supposed to be a place of redental for the governor after new hampshire showing. >> it was just monday he brought his brother in. >> exactly. this was supposed to be his way forward. if he doesn't come within striking distance of, say, of rubio or even at john
3:37 am
kasich, who i think could surprise some people here, i think that's going to be very troubling. >> and what about ted cruz, zeke? this was the case that everyone said was tailor made for him and, yet, he is losing evangelicals to trump. if he doesn't come in a strong second today, what's his future? >> he really does need to strong second to show his pathway turning out evangelical voters. a lot of them who haven't voted for like he says, a lot of them have stayed home. he needs them all to turn out. if they don't turn outzw here for him, then he has a serious problem making his case going into march one. his problem here is that he has been squeezed by donald trump and marco rubio who both saw vulnerability as we are talking about the character issues coming out of iowa. and they have both been can nil. >> doesn't say you are loose with the facts like most politicians. you are the worst liar we
3:38 am
have ever seen. obviously polling has shown that is working and hurting cruz because rubio is calling him a liar. trey gowdy is calling him a liar. jeb bush campaign has called him a loyer. so folks are actually using the word liar. and it's killing him. >> hostility toward cruz from the other candidates is palpable. you can feel it talk to them off the record and boy they don't like you. >> today the rubio campaign is warning voter today of nasty cruz tactics, saying beware of the cruz campaign. >> he did it in iowa. >> southern charm. lie around all the time. >> got to be leary of the person who says bless your heart because at the same time they are saying that they are slitting your throat. why am i losing this election? >> gory imagery. >> that's the south. >> caitlin, if you are a bernie voter and you think the system is rigged against you anyway by wall street and you look up. your guys within more votes than hillary clinton, but she has more super delegates, you are mad,? aren't you?
3:39 am
>> sure. yeah, that's the other big race going on today, right? and i think if bernie is able to at least be competitive with hillary in nevada today, and, you know, as you mentioned earlier in the show, that is the start of her fire wall. >> i hear we are having bad audio. i'm sorry we have to close this out. thank you all three of you. we will go back to new york and someone is going to fix the audio. >> tucker, you sounded fine. great job. great analysis. as much as people are going to want to find out who wins there, anna. they also want to find out who goes out. goodbye christie and carlie fiorina. find out who maybe will call it quits after south carolina. >> number two and number three, how much momentum will they have goingá; forward. key run the table. >> 39 minutes after the hour. other stories making headlines. unlock a terrorist iphone. court documents show the password to syed's reset by
3:40 am
faruk's former employer just hours after the phone was in the government's possession. apple says that password reset is keeping it from recovering data from the phone. the doj filing a motion pressuring apple to write code to unlock the phone calling apple's refusal a marketing strategy. meanwhile, donald trump calling on his supporters it to boycott the tech giant. >> >> get to the bottom of it not going to get to bought of it as we use common sense. boycott apple until such time as theyp information. that's a great idea. >> appear people has until next friday you to decide how to proceed. in and europe may be facing biggest threat in more than a decade. top european union intelligence leader is say nearly 5,000 jihadists have just returned to major european cities after getting extensive terror training in iraq and syria. officials safe these extremists are now planning deadly attacks across europe
3:41 am
and say law enforcement should be on high alert. so there is no evidence of a specific threat. and several good samaritans coming to the aid of a marine veteran still recovering from a brutal assault. two brothers cutting a thousand dollars check to iraq war vet chris marquez after hearing about his attack in a washington, d.c. mcdonald's. it was caught on camera and it was a beating and a robbery. >> there it is caught on camera. n,att did land him in the hospital. another man who heard the story started a go fund me account has already raised $12,000. take a look at that video and see if you make out who that is. >> and that shoulder joined us earlier this week. he is talking about what it was like to get beat up to the point how he doesn't remember how it started. 19 minutes till the top of the hour. not only talking politics
3:42 am
but weather today. flights grounded and poweri outages everywhere all thanks to 600 mile-per-hour wind gusts in chicago. whose idea was that halting service on the l line due to a falling debris from high rise construction sites. that's good enough reason rick reichmuth tracking what is next in the windy city, good morning. >> not just chicago but a lot of planes had winds like 70 miles per hour. wind gusts in colorado of over 140 miles per hour. gives you an idea. still some winds across the plains. take a look at the maps. along with that a different pattern that we have have got. different wind÷ pattern. warmer air across west. minneapolis, 44 in chill. chicago got into the 60's yesterday. all part of this system you see up here moving in towards canadayç now. little bit of snow this morning across parts of eastern new england. it will be out of here quickly. the rest of the country you are mostly looking really nice.
3:43 am
take a look at that election day. >> little bit of rain across the person part of the state later in the afternoon and over towards the caucuses in nevada. another good day as well. a little bit chillier in the higher he elevations, as far as the rest of the state goes, mostly sunny and a great day to get out. guys? >> all right. rick rick mouth, a little bit later we will find out if you are indeed wearing sneakers like you were before the show. >> mad dash into the studio. >> he might have gym later. >> it's a heavy political day. >> he has to run back and forth. >> coming up straightoi ahead could donald trump called pope a disgrace. what a dinners a day makes, watch. >> i think he is a terrific person, frankly. >> but should the pope be weighing in on american politics in the first place? by the way i 100 percent agree donald trump. >> we hear facebook tracks its users to what extent.
3:44 am
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3:47 am
facebook profiling your politics and religion based on what you like or share on the social media site. and some of that very personal information could eventually be used against you. so how you can stop this invasion of your privacy for good? kurt, the cyber guy, joins us now with all the details. good morning. >> hey, good morning. really cool tool that's out this morning that you can get your hands on absolutely free. university of cambridge did this study. what we're finding out is every time you hit like on facebook it will tell facebook and its advertisers, whoever decides to share this facebook information a lot about you. >> if you are wondering why
3:48 am
you are seeing shoes that you liked -- >> -- not just shoes. >> from anthropology and popping up it's because you like that site. is that what you are saying. >> that's the innocuous kind of stuff. easy stuff we sort of know. what itht really l. do is tell like where you lean politically. it will guess your age. it will have an idea of what your like and dislikes add up to to say that you might vote in a certain way. look at this app. it's aptly magic sauce is what it is. it's free. you have to log on with facebook. it is a secure way of doing this and we have checked it out. i have put in myself is. it guesses and absolutely incorrect. it guessed i'm 27 and then it also says that i lean a little bit toward more of how a woman might think which may be true or maybe not. i also think that, you know, this tells me about my personality it says how open am i? am i more conservative and traditional or am i more liberal and artistic? it says i'm slightly more liberal and artistic than other people. and then it will ask you a
3:49 am
you an extrovert this one says yes, i am. but actually i'm -- i'm not as much engaged with the outside world. i don't know if people would agree with everything that's here i know that i don't. it tells you all kinds of information like are you satisfied in life? horror scope. once you you read it oh yeah that's right. a lo the of those things are wrong about you. >> well, is it? the other thing is it may tell me all of those kinds of things. it also is telling a lot of people all these kinds of things and they may think it's fact about me. what you can do to protect yourself is just another reminder to go in to facebook and on your profile in facebook you simply can access and limited those -- that privacy setting inside. you want to click the top right button inside of facebook, inside of your profile. on the top right of your screen. top right. you go down to settings. and you will go -- this
3:50 am
thing is so slow but we have a very slow connection here in the studio this morning. there you go. you are in to your settings, and you pop right here to ads, and you can limit all that stuff. >> we have to monitor quite regularly because they do change the opt in and opt out. >> they do. so as they update we have to do that. there is a lot more. i know if you follow me on facebook, you know that i'm drilling into this stuff right now. >> we will find you on there kurt the cyber guy, thank you so much. 10 minutes before the tom of the hour. here is what is coming u>vzez the program. we are headed back to lizard thicket from columbia, south carolina. where the candidates past and present have been stumping there for more than 35 years. dishing out politics and breakfast live from columbia next. ♪ ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
when you think of south carolina you don't think of chain restaurants. you think of unique personalityh2 restaurants. lizard thicket have you been there. you are talking about the history of politicians stumping there. >> yes. but we are eating like we always do. the family started lizard's thicket 38 years ago. 13 outlets around columbia. this is the destination for everybody who is running for president. you basically can't run in a republican primary or democratic one until you come here. sarah, it's great to see you this morning. what do the candidates eat? they come in to lizard's thicket? what do they get. >> this they come at breakfast time they might get omelet or waffle.
3:55 am
lunch or surf time friday chicken. it's your number one. >> you see a candidate eat a waffle. >> yes. and just this week i saw candy carson eat an omelet right here where we are sitting. >> that would be dr. ben carson's wife. >> right. >> what kind of omelet? >> she had spinach in her omelet, mushrooms and onions. >> very sensible person hosm is going to win today? >> i don't know. it's going to be a tough one. i'm not sure. >> do you sense the democrats and republicans who have come in to your restaurant order different things? can you tell by someone's order who they are voting for? >> no. not really. everyone just love country cooking in south carolina. >> your motto is country cooking makes you good looking. >> is there any evidence of that. >> i have been eating it for 29 years. >> i ate it this morning. >> there you go. >> i do feel a little bit heavier than did i before but it was really excellent. >> thank you. >> who are your neighbor's voting for? i'm not going to ask you who you are voting for. >> honestly i haven't talked to them specifically about who they are voting for. but there has been people that have said trump that i have talked with, here in
3:56 am
the restaurant. a lot of rubio fans. jeb bush fans. you know, it's kind of across the board. kasich fans as well. >> so your senators, one has endorsed jeb bush. the other has endorsed marco rubio. your governor has gone for rubio. all pretty popular figures here. >> right, so it will be exciting to see what happens and plays out here in south carolina. >> trump sees like the least south carolina candidate you could have. >> you are correct. >> he is from new york. >> right. >> he probably does have new york values for good or bad. how can he win in a state like this? >> people don't want a politician. i think they want something completely opposite. so, they are going for trump. he is, you know, is hekl entertainer in my opinion. >> he is entertaining for sure. is he coming on the show. i have a another helping of grit by the time that happens. >> you are in south carolina, you have to. >> thank you, sir. >> haunting you too all morning. back to you new york. >> a little bit of salt and pepper is good too.
3:57 am
>> tucker is having a great time. he doesn't even realize sometimes how much he does eat during a four hour broadcast. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, of the polls opening in few minutes in south carolina. live on the ground with voters counting the ballots. trying to find outin what exactly --
3:58 am
3:59 am
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4:00 am
few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. will turn this country around. >> i have a feeling, folks, we're going to make history tomorrow, we're going to win here tonight. >> going to have a chance to be the authors of the greatest chapter amazing story in america. that's why i need your support tomorrow. >> we're going to say that i was there for an evening where donald trump representing all of us made
4:01 am
speech and i voted for donald trump the next day and our country started winning again. >> the thing i want you to remember is the republicans have been after me for years and i'm still standing. >> i won't be a divider. i will focus on the things thable bring us that i >> let's have a strong day tomorrow and it's on all the way to cleveland, ohio, for the nomination for the republican president of the united states. >> governor kasich you saw there trying to keep the momentum going after big new hampshire finish in second place. we are looking live, anna. >> this is lizard thicketd right off i-77. that's where we find our tucker carlson this morning live in columbia, south carolina. the show is so long you can start the morning with eggs over easy and country ham and four or five hours later you can stay there and eat your crinkle fries and country friday steak.
4:02 am
>> country cooking makes you good looking. that's the motto here, anna. as you know it's indisputably true. this is a huge day. this is a day we find out if the republican party and the democratic party are still in control of their own voters. hillary clinton faces the biggest test so far of her career today. and right here in south carolina, you are going to see this field go from six to a smaller number. we don't know what that is basically the revolution is in progress here. >> happening on the left and certainly on the right. one thing say beyond a shadow of a doubt. the turnout is going to be tremendous. it was great in new hampshire. record-breaking in iowa. i think donald trump and i think everybody would agree has a lot to do with it a lot of intrigue that fireworks filled debate also brought a lot of intrigue. and the big news is the primaryr is on the polls are now open. we're going to watch people he streaming in all day. the fact that the ballot requests are through the roof. i think that's important,
4:03 am
too right? >> the absentee ballots, more people have voted by absentee in a republican primary this year than voted in the republican and democratic primaries four years ago. so, it is huge. now, there have been hundreds of thousands of people have moved to south carolina during that time. but there is no doubt turnout is record. a lot of the people are voting for trump a lot of them are voting against trump. the bottom line though is if donald trump can win in this state, which is about as far as from no, physically and culturally as you can get, where will he be stopped? this is a nightmare scenario for republicans in washington. it's unfolding here live right now. >> which is why you are starting to see the dirty politics come outex of woodwork all week long. that's something south carolina is known for from the push polls, having pollsters call and pose -- callers pose as pollsters and spread that misinformation about candidates. photo shopping of latest robo call that many think is from the cruz campaign. he says no, no, no. it's from courageous conservative action
4:04 am
committee and it's slamming donald trump. listen. >> put it in a museum, let it go. >> that's donald trump supporting nikki haley removing the battle flag from the confederate in columbi. >> respect whatever it is you have to respect because it was a point in time and put n a museum. >> people like donald trump are always butting their noses into other people's business. saturday, sent donald trump and his new york values back to manhattan. >> so, tucker, okay. the word is liar. they are trying to label ted cruz. they say a liar. but ted cruz comes bang and says i'm using rubioens words. i'm using donald trump's words. that was about the confederate flag. >> well, it's such a stupid ad. of course donald trump has new york values. is he from new york city. he is the most new york city guy know of. people know that and appear to be voting for him anyway. the push poll or the facebook page, it's all
4:05 am
ineffective. the problem with this is for ted cruz. if this liar line sticks to ted cruz, it's damaging. in a way it %yuldn't be for other candidates because cruz is running on own personal integrity on christian faith. running as evangelical outsider. if that guy turns out to be a liar in the minds of voters it's damaging. by the way this is a real test for him. if ted cruz doesn't do well in this state, what state is he going to do well in? this is really crunch time for his campaign. >> particularly donald trump away some of the evangelicals that cruz has been really trying to poor on that i-will 8 will 5 corridor there where the evangelicals are really concentrated. you mention him running on his principles and his valuings. even if you look at his sign it's trusted. donald trump is hitting hard on that calling him a liar. >> you talk about people that lie. this ted cruz, this is thew. biggest liar i have ever seen. ted cruz, who lies more than
4:06 am
any human being i have ever seen. and he -- i have never seen -- i have never seen any human being lie. >> he lies. he lies badly. he lies. that guy lies. the guy does not tell the truth. >> you know, i'm not sure where it falls into play. we are going to talk to donald trump later. testified cruz is on with sean hannity. what ted cruz keeps saying i'm using donald trump's words. however, i don't know how this plays out, guys. because, tucker, i don't know what you have seen before but donald trump says hey, flat out, i'm not a politician. i used to support everybody. i worried about business. >> right. >> he says he flip flopped knowingly and he doesn't deny it when it it comes to things like being >> >> no. and i mean, look, here is the bottom line. this is an a symmetrical contest. on the one hand you have cruz saying i don't agree with trump or criticizing trump. on the other hand, have you trump, he is the bear in the resident. he is just ferocious.
4:07 am
not only a liar, the biggest liar i have ever met. this is a problem with being attacked by donald trump. it's so overwhelming and so ferocious that there -- it's very hard to come back at it. it intimidates these guys even someone like ted cruz. i do think these attacks have caused damage to his campaign. that's one of the reasons that donald trump, believe it or not, is leading as of this morning among evangelicals. who would have predicted that? nobody. >> yeah. well senator cruz was on with sean hannity last night. is he basically saying donald trump promises may actually be empty prom mits and although his slogan is make america great again, cruz says he is the one who really knows how to make america great again. >> it is easy to say make america great again. that's easy to say. can you even put it on a baseball cap. the question is do you understand what made america
4:08 am
greated in the first place? [applause] and what made this country great is number one, we began with the understanding, it was revolutionary understanding that our rights don't come froml& government. instead, the declaration put it we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their creator. [ applause ] >> it's interesting. ted cruz has to win and do well. if he can't win here. it's not an all or nothing state as you know, tucker. the other thing is if you are to believe the marist, "wall street journal," and i think nbc poll yesterday, is he within five points of donald trump. and i think the theory is that trump is going to win. the other story is going to be who is going to be second or third. and how does the race change as the field gets smaller? each time we are losing at least two people. as it gets smaller is more pressure go on donald trump to keep that distance? will it be harder for him to do that? >> well, that's the idea. there is g
4:09 am
washington republican establishment figures who want to take out donald trump as soon as possible that the anti-trump coalition is so big in splitting the vote. depending on the results tonight. really there are pundits that ought to lose their jobs. who would have predicted any of this that trump would win south carolina and bernie sanders might win the caucuses in nevada today. i don't know a single person. everyone predicting the opposite there should be a shakeup in pundit world, no? >> absolutely. those are your colleagues. you grew up with them, tucker. you have to face them after you leave that building. >> i know. let's talk about the democratic side. in nevada it's a virtual dead heat. the real clear average is hillary up is.a caucus state and i believe the polls open up at 3:00 eastern time. 6:00 their time. people are going to be persuaded on the inside to go either way. south and up north to go scramble to seal up what she thought was going to be an easy victory. the question is, anna, what happened? >> well, and the other question is how, you know,
4:10 am
how is she going to get some more money because she is having this cash crunch. i wasn't watching "special report" last night with he had henry. all the fish out of the pond, according to one clinton loyalist because she has maxzed out $2,700 loued under the law from hollywood super stars. bernie sanders on the other hand every time is he is on the trail the average donation i'm getting is $27. is he starting this revolution and so if he has got his supporters are really motivated and a caucus setting what could that mean for him? key gain supporters? >> tucker, i called you tiger. thinking golf, masters. tucker, i have got to ask you, in the big picture they are talking about joe biden yesterday finding out there is not much of a difference between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. i'm thinking well that really helps hillary, sarcastically. not much difference between a socialist and democrat? if hillary can't disseminate the difference and separate herself from a socialist without any legislative
4:11 am
victories or accomplishments, how could she beat anybody? >> there is massive difference. for one thing, bernie sanders is running against the obama economic legacy. hillary has latched herself to it she is run aring identityeg politics campaign based on the idea if you look like me, vote for me. he is running a purely ideological campaign. i mean, is he running against the democratic party. she is running with the democratic party. i don't think that there is a massive difference between democrats and socialists that's true, but their campaigns couldn't be more different. here is the bought line difference, she represents the establishment and has her support and he doesn't. majority of votes cast by democrats so far and this will be true tonight as well will be cast for bernie sanders. yet, she has more delegates. why is that? super delegates? elected officials, democratic party officials who sided with her. this is a rigged system. his voters know that they are mad about it and i think if anything it increases his fundraising appeal. >> it's an odd system from
4:12 am
people looking from the outside in. i mean even in iowa with all the coin tosses that hillary clinton won deciding who the >> six in a row. >> here in nevada it may come down to a card game we are going to be playing, literally, that's true. >> i would check those cards for markings. i mean, she won six coin tosses. that's north north korea. i don't think kim unsung would do that. i wouldn't play cards if i were him. that the spheafer kim jong un. hearken about to that we will see what happens now, we're going to see hillary clinton try to beat bernie sanders and beat the email investigation and push back people including bernie sanders who want to see her transcripts from the speeches given to the enemy of everybody -- every democrat's campaign and that's wall street. so, things might look good in the polls for south5. carolina. but she has got some huge
4:13 am
stumbling blocks, if she can't get a substantial victory out of nevada and looks like she could, she in a lot of trouble and restructuring is inevitable. >> yes. she is going to start firing her staff. that's who i feel sorry for. >> tucker, thanks so much. check back in with you in just a bit. enjoy collard greens and cornbread. >> you must memorize that menu. you throw out another food item. >> that's what we're known for in the south a fixin's. >> what a dinners a day makes. >> i think he is a terrific person, frankly. >> but should the pope be weighing in on american politics? we'll find out. and by the way we are going to be talking to donald trump soon. hello my love!
4:14 am
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4:17 am
hi, friends, happy saturday. 17 minutes after the hour. donald trump has praised pope francis just a day after he blasted the pontiff for÷ú seemingly questioning his faith and criticizing his proposal to build a wall around our southern border. >> i think is he a lovely person frankly. i was to hear it. to me it's illegal immigration. i don't think the pope understood in terms of the crime problems and want problems of illegal immigration and the fact that he said it i'm very honored by it. >> should the pope have weighed n the first place? let's bring in fox news contributors and author not
4:18 am
all roads lead to heaven, and jonathan morris. >> pastor jeffers, i'm going to bring new first. listen to the pope question he about donald trump and many critics say he was >> a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian. i say this man is not christian if he said things like that. >> do you think something got lost in translation there or is that the way it really happened? >> well, i think with the clarification yesterday from the vatican, it's very clear what the pope meant. look, i think the pope is very sincere. i just think he is sincerely wrong in assuming that it is unchristian to build a wall look god has given government the responsibility to protect. god told jeremiah in the÷a old testament to build a wall around jerusalem.
4:19 am
that wall wasn't meant to keep the jews from going outside but to keep the enemies from coming inside. anna, i would remind our viewers that it was exactly one year ago this week that isis chopped off the heads of 221 coptic christians on libyan beach and then they looked into the camera and said we are coming to rome next. that ought to be a great concern to the pope and to all of a us, i believe for government to keep to keep us safe. >> government's duty to keep us safe. that is not unchristian. it's christian and biblical. >> i want to make sure we get in father jonathan on this and also the vatican's response. the pope said what we already know if we follow his teaching positions we shouldn't build wall and bridges. no way was this a personal attack. the pope has clearly said is he didn't want to get involved in the electoral campaign in the united states. does this clarification go far thuf, father jonathan? >> well, he did respond to a question it weacketd that he had this grand plan to enter into american politics and
4:20 am
the campaign. he was responding to a question. the part as i mentioned yesterday that i didn't like about the popens answer was not so much about the building bridges rather than walls buy rather when he said if this man said that you say he said referring to donald trump, then that man is not a christian. that's the part that i said whoa, i think that's a mistake your holiness and i don't say that a whole lot. i think it was a mistake even just theologically if you say something wrong or do something wrong it doesn't mean you are no longer a christian. i do agree with the pontiff with pope francis here saying that if we think we are going to solve the very, very, mess we are in right now just by building walls instead of building bridges between peoples we're going to be very uncalifornia successful. >> all right. father jonathan morris and pastor jeffres thank you for your time. >>c father bets puppy if
4:21 am
favorite hockey player scores and then this happened. >> he scores. [ buzzer ] >> i guess they are getting a puppy. >> a new pickupy. now those boys are the talk of the whole school. brother and dad join us live. knock it out, fast. abreva. legalzoom has your back. for your business, our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. all right, puppies and professional hawkeye -- hockey players. does it ever go together. until a dad makes a deal with kids. true story. and then suddenly it happens. this story goes viral. >> drops it back. goal post. he scores. [ buzzer ] a pile up in front and bobby ryan pokes it home and ottawa has the first goal.
4:25 am
[ buzzer ] [cheers and applause]$r and i guess they are getting a a puppy. >> the kids do get a puppy. >> the dad walks away arms crossed because before the game ottawa senators right wing bobby ryan saw the sign and helped the kids get their puppy. if bobby ryan scores the kids get a puppy and dad has to make it happen. and that's what happened thanks to bobby ryan. hi, guys, wave. your parents amber and warren and, of course, the dog's name bobby ryan. and congratulations to everybody including bobby ryan both the pet and the player. first off, warren, how did you get whose idea was this bet. >> i guess the bet was my idea. they have been bugging me i always worried i was the going to be the one taking care of the dog. they kept bugging me. we were all going to the
4:26 am
hockey game as a family. bobby ryan is their favorite player. if he goes a goal. >> how does he get a goal. make a sign. the boys had drawn up this sign. and feverishly coloring it away and took it to the game. >> amber did, they realize, did bobby realize what was at stake. because he has been on a bit of a hot streak anyway. >> yeah. so, i think bobby knew. he said more of the pressure was on him, i think, from us than it was to actually score the goal. but he was actually -- he was a really good sport about it he seemed super happy to do this for us. and it's just turned out actually really good. >> cole, what's it like having a dog. >> it's good having a dog. he is he nice, he doesn't bite or bark. is he very quiet. >> what kind of dog is it? >> he is a husky mix. >> i had a husky they like
4:27 am
to lie around. good watchdog and a jill. >> reese, what is it like when the puck went in the; net? >> reese is giving me the gold shoulder it happens at home, too. >> he couldn't hear. >> all right. so did you have a chance to talk to bobby ryan? >> we did. actually we met him yesterday, sorry. we met him yesterday and he met us on the team bench and came down and had a chat with the boys. and signed their jerseys and signed the sticks for us. just a super, super, nice down to earth guy. sat down and chatted with the boys forever. it was actually pretty awesome for them to be able to do this. >> hockey kids are known as the nicest professional athletes. they certainly like to connect with the fans. i have to ask you something warren tactically. you picked one of the best players on the team who has been on a bit of a scoring streak. does that mean on some level you wanted a dog?
4:28 am
>> no, actually it doesn't. a lot of people ask me that it's their favorite player that was part of the bet, i guess. guess. him so far. of course i haven'tjv done much of the cleanup yet. all right. you are afraid that you are going to have to take care of the dog by yourself. kids are you helping out? mom, are you helping out? >> yeah. mom is doing most of the work. >> the dog certainly -- mom is doing most of the work. warren puts up the bet and the kids make the sign and bobby ryan scores the goal. whose dog is named bobby ryan. i love this story. thanks so much for sharing it? >> thanks for having us. >> bye. >> go ottawa. all right two. minutes before the bottom of the hour. straight ahead. lizard's thicket in columbia, south carolina has been dishing up politics for decades. tucker is there harassing people in a kind way, asking what voters want amend what they are going to do when they go to the polls, because the polls are now open.
4:29 am
primary in the south has now begun. and remember the tie breaker coin toss during the democratic caucus in iowa? well, nevada is doing their tie breakers vegas style with a card game. we're going to play. rick is going to shuffle. ♪ ♪ mñ
4:30 am
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4:33 am
>> hey, everybody. good morning. 32 minutes after the hour. we are doing a split screen show today between new york city and columbia, south carolina. lizard thicket is where tucker one on one with voters. going to the polls and vote. not only harassed by robo polls. bus station. asked to show up at rallies. we finally have a situation where there are six republican candidates. all hoping to win the primary. tucker, on the ground. i'm getting the sense that you are getting the sense that this is trump's to lose. correct? >> well, you don't meet a lot of people who say bring a blanket, have an actual. >> jimmy outlaw that's the greatest name i have ever heard had. >> mr. outlaw, who did you vote for? >> i haven't voted yet but i will be voting for jeb bush. >> jeb bush,.
4:34 am
>> absolutely. >> why? >> to me is the most trustworthy person out there. i have always supported his brother and father and reagan before that of all the people out there, and we have got good people in the republican side, i would vote for any one of them over hillary or any candidate that may be there. >> you see the numbers trump running away with it in the poll. >> yeah. >> but you8í never meet anybody, we saw this in new hampshire and iowa, too who says i'm voting for trump. why is that? >> you have you never meet people that say they are voting for trump? >> i don't. >> i think trump came on board very quickly. kind of shocked everybody and he said what's on everybody's mind. he was like a spokesperson for everyone. i think a lot of people still feel that. who is presidential and who would you want to trust in the white house? >> yes. >> if you would want to look up to as a leader as a family for your children. talk about your children. i have got grandchildren now. to me, jeb bush is the man.
4:35 am
>> were you disappointed that your governor didn't endorse jeb bush? i know the bush people were disappointed. >> i was disappointed. i wasn't surprised. rubio is a good by guy, too. that's the problem. weave have amm lot -- it's not a problem, it's wonderful. we have got a lot of good people running. >> it's embarrassment of riches. >> it is. and, you know, what i was telling you before we came on air is that you look at trump's numbers but reverse that that many people aren't voting for him. that many people have their votes spread between rubio and cruz and bush and carson. and it's just a shame that some of them are going to drop out that are really good people. i think that trump has a lot of good things to say but there is no detail and substance. he embarrasses me by his language. >> he embarrasses you. >> he puts other republicans down of high honor.
4:36 am
the way he disgrace to do george bush, called him a liar. those don't sit well with me and they are not presidential. >> tell me what you had for breakfastéj4(p&c@ >> this is my saturday morning special. two eggs over light or over easy. home fries, potatoes, white milk grave, that's the key. >> not sure what it is but i'm going to try it later. >> milk and flour, bacon and dry toast so you can clean up the egg yoke when you are done and then plenty of blends and reflect on my week on what happened and reflect on what's coming forward this week and everything that i have to be thankful for. >> boy, there are a lot of nice people in the state, youcv>jjjt them. mr. outlaw thankui you for talking to us. >> thank you,. >> back to new york where we have no white grave. >> i'm going to be playing role of bernie sanders. >> check back in with you, tucker. as we know with the nevada caucus. everyone is focused on south carolina. caucus going on in nevada. like in iowa. remember in iowa, to break a
4:37 am
tie. >> literally a coin toss. >> six coin tosses and hillary clinton won all a of them. how do you break a tie in nevada? >> so nevada is different. and it is, of course, nevada. it's about cards. >> what do you mean? >> every precinct is given a deck of cards that's unopen. and then if it is a tie. the dealer takes out that deck of cards and shuffles it seven times. this specific thing and then one supporter for each candidate draws a card. so you are playing bernie today. >> you are playing hillary. >> it's tie. everything is at stake. the world is at stake. caucus is at stake. we are going to be defined by cards. >> this is it. everybody should get the same amount of anything if you are bernie. >> free. >> highest card wins. >> that's it. >> you win the delegates. >> i will be bernie sanders. >> wait. i want to show you my poker face, first.
4:38 am
>> you win nevada. >> wait a second. >> wait a second. something must have gone wrong here. i should have won. remember iowa? >> must be special rules. >> here you go. wait, there you go. now you win. [ laughter ] >> that's exactly how it's going to win. get the same draw. then it goes into order of suits. goes, spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. so if you had a queen of clubs and queen of spades then you would win. >> this was used in two precincts in the 2008 democratic caucus. >> 1700? >> unbelievable amount of precincts in a very rural type state outside of las vegas. we don't know what's going to be happening here in a party that forgives you super delegates. bernie sanders, locked in a precinct, no one can figure
4:39 am
out who is going to get the delegates and here comes the dealer. >> there you go, benchy, hillary. >> thank you. >> i have a three of i do monsdz and you have to two. >> i have a two. >> she is hillary clinton so she wins anyway. that's the way it works in 2016. sorry, bernie. >> who had any idea this is what was happening. >> would you promise -- did k. we actually play this again in two hours you? say you play grams. >> as long as they will keep this game. >> great neck games do this. >> a legend will be laid to rest in washington, d.c. we are live as prepare for historic funeral of justice antonin scalia. >> biggest names in politics rallying around marco rubio. will all that translated to! vets frot governor to the senator to trey gowdy?
4:40 am
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4:43 am
america paying respects to justifiable antonin scalia today. the basilica of the shrine of the were immaculate conception. >> good morning, brian. it will happen four hours from now. people are asking where the line is to be able to get inside. yesterday at the supreme court, more6ç than 3,000 people came to pay their respects to justice antonin scalia. and we're expecting to see much of the same here today. and we're expecting to see many of washington's top leaders, including vice president joe biden, as well as all of the current supreme court justices will be here. they will join scalia's wife maureen, their nine children and 36 grandchildren.
4:44 am
most of his sons and sons in law will be the paul bearers of his casket. read a passage from the old testament. and closest ally on the court justice clarence thomas will read a passage from the old testament. father's son father paul scalia will deliver the mass and homily. after the service the family qiuu)(qbrian? qiuu)(qbrian? emotional day. 16 minutes before the top of the hour. one of the things going on today. another takes place in south carolina. this week senator marco rubio picked up the support of some south carolina heavyweights. when i think about a conservative that can inspire a new generation of voters marco rubio. >> you have a conservative who communicates our message and hopeful as spur racial persuasive way he can win in november. >> what i do want to see is america get a great
4:45 am
president. i know we can do that with marco rubio. i'm determined until the polls close on saturday. >> tucker carlson, how does that convert, if at all to votes today? you have a special guest to unwind, spent some] quality time with donald trump himself. >> >> it's unbelievable here. van hemp who t ran the republican party in south carolina for quite some time. also a sideline reporter for wave ford football something i didn't know. i'm totally impressed. >> you say the polls are basically accurate. trump is likely to win today. how did that happen in this state? >> i think donald trump took a page out of bush 41's playbook and made south carolina his fire wall. he got in here early and organized. he had mcmullen his campaign manager did a brilliant job starting last summer. donald trump organizing, hired a uble of in the old gingrich field workers. if he wins by so or more today, i think it will be because of the ground game they put in place early on. >> that's interesting. you don't associate him with
4:46 am
a ground game. extemporaneous. >> ground game. metropolitan areas. margin of area will come in the rural areas and in the absentee votes. >> interesting. which are huge this year. tell us about ted cruz. seem problematic if he doesn't come in a strong second here and he may not. why? >> he under the ante. come in one or two talking like that. if he does come up second analytics. let's face it, he has been hurt by the robo calls. he has been hurt by the photo shopped images. trey gowdy fictitious posting on facebook. at the same time you have dr. ben carson and donald trump running around talking about what happened in iowa. all of that stuff together has hurt him.ytq juvenile delint tactics do tend to catch up with you. >> here is a guy who would do anything to win.
4:47 am
>> people don't like that. there comes a point you can explain one or two of those things but after a while, it causes people some problems. >> the establishment in this state is really, with the exception of wednesday graham who has endorsed governor bush basically everyone else is for marco rubio. how significant are those endorsements? the governor, tim scott. internal tracking rubio has picked up a couple of points because of the nikki haley endorsement. no question. the big endorsement that helped rubio the most/< was tim scott. big momentum uptake when he came out and let's face it, tim scott, in my opinion is the most popular conservative politician in any red state in america. >> i believe that. it's interesting though, governor hailey didn't just endorse rubio. she really came out against donald trump and not just in this primary but in her response to the presidency of the union. she targeted trump almost by name. i don't think she used his name but got the point. >> they have been going back and forth on the refugee
4:48 am
situation. state you say? >> i think the people of south carolina were trump on that. we have got to keep this country safe. isis has told us they are going to use the refugee situation to infiltrate and bring radical -- that resonates. >> if jeb bush doesn't finish a strong third is this the end do you think? >> i would not be surprise to do so see john kasich overtake jeb bush in south carolina. if that happens and there is a bit of a kasich across the coast. if he overtakes jeb bush i think that's a big story. >> the lindsey graham endorsement doesn't mean thatch. >> it does. tells you how far down bush is in south carolina. >> you can catch this man on the sidelines at wafford football. >> go terriers. >> donald trump leading in the polls here.
4:49 am
buff, we have seen that before. remember iowa? how is the frontrunner feeling today? us live in just a minute. and, is age just a number when it comes to a race for the white house? if elected, all three of these candidates will be over 70 years old while in office. dr. marc siegel says says that's a good thing in the end. he will explain coming up. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about
4:50 am
is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. make sure you've got your partner behind to watch. there he is! (boat hits post) klunk ♪ at bass pro shops spring fishing classic get a bass pro gift card with purchase of select tracker and nitro boats.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. people talk about a presidential candidate's age. a lot of the focus has been on bernie sanders. >> the big decision for sanders will be picking a vice president.
4:53 am
it's important because whoever he chooses, is just a prostate away from being next president of the united states. after his big win in new hampshire, they say hillary trying to dig up dirt on berniedñ sanders. you know, calls someone who digs up dirt on bernie sanders? an archaeologist. >> bernie sanders is getting the support of students at hillary clinton's alma mater wellesley college. yeah. so now, of course, hillary is trying to get the support of bernie's alma mater, jurassic park. >> the 7 had 4-year-old isn't the only candidate that would be the oldest president to enter the office should they win. frontrunner donald trump is 69. he would be' 0. breaking the record as well. should age be a factor? >> joining us now to weigh in is fox news medical a team dr. marc seagull, good morning. >> you remember when reagan took office and he was running he said i'm not going to use your inexperience and youth as disappeared vantage in this election. >> you can turn things around. >> i don't think
4:54 am
chronological age is an issue. it's health. bernie sanders may be 74 and he would be over 80 in his second term. i don't think his medicare for all would help him very much. hillary seems to me has many more health issues than bernie has. she has an issue of bloodk$ clots. had them twice. one outside of her brain second blood cough. coughing. we don't know where all this cough something coming from. that's got to be investigated. i want to see hillary's health records. i saw them for john mccain in 2008. over 1,000 pages. the media poring through his health records looking for something a melanoma. >> do you think that releasing your health records should be done. >> that should be the standard. >> bernie sanders is 74. believe it or not he is 74. he seems to have a healthier candidate than a lot of the younger ones. >> absolutely. i also want to see a dial by the way when ted cruz something called a liar by everyone. i want to see what happens to his blood pressure? he may be had 5 and cruz and rubio look like they are in really great shape.
4:55 am
>> ben carson 64. and rubio and cruz in mid 40's. >> not chronological age. by the time you get in the oval office. the stress is enormous. take a look at president obama when he! went into office and what he looks like now. the secret and key to surviving the presidency, i believe george w. bush had had. which is a lot of exercise while you are president. he told me that he used to be on the elliptical machine before any major decision he had to make for 4 a minutes. and he ran the first term. he how about weeked for the second term that helped him deal with the stress. >> we showed a side by side of president obama. >> unbelievable. >> people notice the gray hair and the wrinkle was that not just obama that every president seems to get. new study says that every year of the president's term is actually two years of aging for them. how would that fair for these candidates? >> look at what happens when they leaves office? clinton had to have a bypass surgery. all five vessels were
4:56 am
bypassed. president bush stress. pate industry chef. i'm considered about hillary's health. i'm not so much concerned about chronological age. i believe reagan broke the mold on that. look at president eisenhower smoking in office. look what happened to him? >> we are all living longer. >> because of the technolv-ñ we can get away with things now. i'm not against older people running. >> job interview, not only let you know the candidate can they not only put up with the stress and structure of campaigning seven days a week for at least eight or nine months a good indication there. >> that actually tells a lot, brian. you saw it up in new hampshire. traveling around everywhere they go. they are not sleeping. they are staying in strange motels. trump is eating fast food. that can have an impact on your health. >> all right, dr. siegel. thank you so much. >> 56 minutes after the hour. coming up on the program. donald trump telling americans to boycott apple. >> what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until
4:57 am
such time as they give that security number. how do you like that? i just thought of it boycott apple. >> we get reaction from our very own neil cavuto next. >> plus a big show ahead. speaking of that donald trump is here live. ú like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed.
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but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. .paragraph ♪ ♪ >> it's crunch time, folks. it's crunch time. you know what that means, right? >> we have to get out tomorrow and vote. >> if we stand together and fight for the american people, we will win the general election, we will defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders and we will turn this country around. >> to so let's go caucus tomorrow. let's get on the -- let's win this election. >> you all have the chance to reshape this race. can you define what your politics to be like. can you define what the
5:01 am
future of this country looks like. >> i have a feeling, folks, we're going to make history tomorrow. we're going to win here in nevada. >> we have the chance to be the author of the greatest chapter and the amazing story in that's why i need your support tomorrow. so i'm asking for your help. thank you and god bless you. ♪ ♪ >> on the heels of all these famous politicians who all want to say that they got their -- they got the 50 delegates from south carolina. >> yep. they are stumping all over the state, the palmetto state but we find our tucker carlson at lizard's thicket a restaurant off i-77. i have been there and a lot of candidates have gone there to stump themselves, haven't they, tucker? >> all smart people go to lizard's thicket. they miss you here, anna. we are on the eve of a transformidable election. voting started an hour ago. we will feigned out where
5:02 am
the democratic party is still the party of obama and the clintons or something very different. we will find out whether the republican party is still the party of of the bushes and mitt romney or something still evolving but different. that's what's at stake today. not just one of 50 primaries. it really is!f a pivot point in the history of the parties. >> it's also, brian a microcosm of the g.o.p. electorate as a whole. you know, you have got the evangelicals, the veterans who are there. you have got tea party sympathizers. so establishment sympathizers as well with. you have really got it all in south carolina. >> we talk about the shootings and talk about racial tension and the shootings in charleston, so that brought everything in front and center for both parties. and it brought off you talk about the, you know, the confederate flag that popped up as an issue. seeing major events from iowa to new hampshire to south carolina something will change about the six man field at the end of this. and there is a rumor this morning and it's been written in a few other places that maybe jeb bush
5:03 am
has the most on theqt line. >> no question about that donors have stopped donating and staff passing out resumes. always the primary is about the issues you just mentioned. confederate flag, abortion, religion. this year the race on the republican and the democratic side in nevada seem to be about economics. the state of the economy, globalization, what about me? i don't seem tow4a fit in this new economic order and i'm mad. that's the message that's the voters are giving the loudest. those other issues aren't be -- >> somebody who always brings ratings with him. ratings in a box. just add water or give him a microphone. is he neil cavuto down in undisclosed location. neil, it's been an hour without you being on the air. what the heck is going on? >> is that really necessary? i'm just saluting you. >> i was listening to
5:04 am
tucker. are you telling me south carolina is today? it's today's happening? >> you have different information. >> i like to come in here every day. i heard that this was happening. >> more on the line. more delegates on the line, neil. and we know for next week the circus will be in for republicans. so if you read that last poll everything up in the air. >> a 6 point lead for donald trump over ted cruz. >> you know what's interesting too is it's all about delegates when it when you think about it the trump go a little or a lot, whatever, in the polls bring in and show a victory. we're talking auto delegates and he would win 29. in that event. 21 others would be apportioned among the other candidates, depending on how they do in various precincts. that's where it guess a little slippery here. famously it was hillary
5:05 am
clinton who won the nevada caucuses for the democrats eight years ago but later on when the delegates were all counted up barack obama was the better ground game and the way they worked this in a caucus. had the state in delegates. it is weird but it tells you how the enormous pressure to it start wrapping up delegates. you could get to cleveland without a republican nominee. >> tucker, you have a question for the great neil cavuto? if not we will pass it? >> a matter of time before neil cavuto himself becameha a factor in the campaign. that moment has arrived. donald trump has been campaigning against the iraq war 13 years ago saying i was against it from the very beginning. somebody found the following sound bite he did with howard stern and neil cavuto in 2003. watch. this are you for invading iraq? >> yeah. i guess so.
5:06 am
i wish the first time it was done correctly. >> are all waiting to see what happens even before the fact they are obviously taking it a little bit for granted. it looks like a tremendous success from a military standpoint. i think this is really nothing compared to what you are going to see after the war is over. neil, you remember that interview? >> i do. now, his people have come back. atlanticer allude to do this too, look, in the beginning it did look good. but we didn't have an end game there, you know. we just wouldn't have anything to do after j6 won quickly and divisively. he will come back and try to clarify yeah like anyone else, i was happy to see how quickly we were effective in sort of putting saddam and everyone else in their place. but my concern and donald trump's concern was that the end game didn't justify it. now, of course, we can pars pars this all we want. mane it wasn't quite that
5:07 am
black and white in the early days. >> neil, donald trump was actually on with our greta van susteren last night. he responded to the comments he had made to howard sister-in-law. he said it's no big deal he ji guess. so it wasn't something that was emphatic. listen. >> that is the first time that i was ever asked about it. it was the first time. and i sort of said, i guess so. and then seven, eight, nine months later, i guess, the war started. by that time i had already gonna i was absolutely opposed to it i just thought it would destabilize the middle east. i was right. if you take out iraq iran will woo take over the middle east and that's exactly what is happening. >> is that on effective retort, neil? >> he have to split this right down the line here to. say that you were really strongly against a war but early on indicating you were impressed with how it was going it not going to jive. i understand what he is saying that he was talking
5:08 am
about initially about the war but his fears and other interviews, including with me, he worried about how an extended conflict would go. and that is what happened. it's going to be interesting. >> it could get expanded as people research more in his background. tucker? >> meanwhile, there is still a massive contrast with other candidates on the stage some of whom were still defending the iraq war and, of course, know, that may be the point for voters. we will see if that moves any votes. meanwhile, in nevada, hillary clinton may be coming to the end of her current strategy. i mean, as you all followed for the last year, she has basically said to her donors and supporters, i may lose the first two, those states are overwhelmingly white. they are natural bernie voters. when it weá( get to the state of nevada, primary on the democratic side is half nonwhite, that's the fire wall and that may turn out to be completely untrue. we will find out tonight at 7:00. >> when you think about it, the clinton folks dialing back those expectations. well, nevada is still kind
5:09 am
of lily white state. it's when, in fact, 64% white. it wasn't 90% white. they were trying to ratchet down those expectations and that got the likes of harry reid very upset. they all sort of consume by consume kum ba yahed. >> she is going to have to leave the campaign trail and go to california at the beginning of the week and to raise some money. meanwhile, bernie sanders is free to go and continue his revolution because he has got his $27 average donor. >> right. >> >> what do you make of that? >> i thought she would salivate for brian kill need's book royalty sales to crisscross across the country. she doesn't have that benefit.f+p&c @&c@ that puts her at disadvantage. in all seriousness, it is hard to believe the candidates knee deep in money, think about it jeb bush on the republican side,
5:10 am
certainly hillary clinton on the democratic side, and they could be hurting for cash very, very soon or at least from donors unwilling to cough up some more. >> when can we see you today? that's what everybody wants to know, south carolina or whatever. when can we see neil cavuto again? >> i'm looking forward to being a couple hours on this network and later on working with chris wallace on, obviously the appear ton anyone scalia funeral. later on i know you guys don't know what to do when it comes to a big story like these primaries and caucuses, fox news or fox business, which if you don't get, you guys should demand, that starts lou dobbs at 6:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox business network, i pick up at 7:00 p.m. we will go until midnight if need be. we understand there is free catering. little nervous well, i don't know. bret baier is on at the same time. bret has already assured me it is fine to dvr him.
5:11 am
>> thank you for the tv guide. neil cavuto we will be watching. >> nothing like dvring live election coverage and watching it the next day. >> it does sort of take it away. i grant you. >> what about tucker carlson able to put up with background noise of crashing4+ the forks and knives and plates. >> i would be the one crashing them. >> soon to meet you in person. i can't wait. coming up straight ahead, 11 minutes after the hour. marco rubio is in third place in some of the polls. he is surging when this it comes to endorsements. that includes congressman darryl issa. the congressman from california joins us live to explain why he is supporting marco for president. ♪ ♪ attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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congressman issa -- florida senator marco rubio for president matter. do that with somebody in the other chamber and back rubio is republican congressman darrell issa himself. congressman, thanks so much for joining us, always great to see you. you seem to be in the middle of every major story over the past six or seven years. this one doesn't surprise me to see you weighing in here on a republican primary. what sold you on rubio? >> >> brian one thing is exactly what you mentioned for all the investigations, fast and furious, benghazi, lois lerner and the irs scandal, these are all areas in which i went it to the senate for help and marco rubio was there. even as a freshman senator doing what he needed to do to help. that's a big part of it. showing up matters the other
5:16 am
reason is much more timely. a president to%é believes he can spy on everyone. rubio wants open transparent government. he wants to change us versus them into reaganesque let's find people to work with. move an agenda, conservative agenda but move it when you show up in south carolina, and you see that message on the ground, you see marco interfacing with people and a very open way, you realize how different he is and how it's the direction that i think americans want to go. >> let's get back together again. >> you know what's interesting is i think your personalities are the same. however, i thought when this came to62by i-i thought it might be a hard decision for you because you saw ted cruz making some very brave controversial stands for the conservative movement do you agree with that assessment? >> thereui is relationship i get to this is wrong exactly the same as
5:17 am
ted cruz. i get to solutions proposed solu rubio. as a conservative, the first thing to say is that's wrong. we're not going to do it that way. the next thing is to get to yes. you know, to contrast marco rubio and ted cruz ted cruz hasn't been able to find a way to vote even in a republican majority for our defense authorization. he says he is for a strong military. but you have got to be at the table saying at some point i get to yes if we can make this better. that's true in the senate but it's also true in the white house if you want to get the house and the senate and the american people behind you. >> what does he have to do in south carolina to have momentum as the republicans move on? does it have to be second? we know disappointing in new hampshire and a the surprise in iowa. what do you think? >> >> i was there on the ground in both of them felt the strong support. ask people i would cruz
5:18 am
rallies just in south carolina couple days ago and you know what i found was people walked up to me and said hey, i thought you were with rubio. >> yeah. i really like him. and you realize he is everyone's second choice if he is not the first choice. marco has to be top tier. he has got to be in that top three or four. he also has to be a survivor as we whittle down essentially what's likely to be a trump/rubio one-on-one for the american people at least for republicans to decide. >> i know that's what you hope for one thing that's clear is they are taking no prisoners in south carolina. here is an example of the photo shopped ad that came out yesterday. has marco rubio shaking hands with barack obama. that is just a bad photo shop, left hands. what's the significance of this? because they want to portray does that bother you? >> it bothers me a lot.
5:19 am
you know, every christmas we go to the white house and we stand with the president and the first lady and a we pay our respects. at every state of the union people stand in line trying to get to that handshake. no matter which party they j4(p&c@ j4(p&c@ these sort of untrue allegations brings us all back to iowa when we all heard the rumors spread by the cruz camp on ben carson getting out. he apologized for it, sort of, but this isn'th-9÷ what campaigns should be about. there is enough difference that we neeley need to just talk about us versus hillary. >> all right. congressman darrell issa. look forward to seeing you again soon when it comes to intelligence defense. right now talking about campaigns. thank you so much. >> thanks, brian. >> coming up straight ahead here on "fox & friends weekend." donald trump is leading in the polls. we have seen this before. remember iowa? how is the frontrunner feeling today? donald trump joins usc live to see if this is like iowa
5:20 am
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5:23 am
hi, welcome back, everybody. europe may be facing biggest terror threat in more than a decade. top intelligence leaders say nearly a thousand jihadists have just wrurend to major cities after getting training' in rickenbacker and syria. extremists are planning deadly attacks across europe and say law enforcement should be on high alert because of that though there is no evidence of one specific threat.
5:24 am
meanwhile, america paying respects today to the supreme court justice antoninr scalia. his funeral happened -- is happening at the nation's largest roman catholic church. the basilica. many national leaders expected to attend. president obama will not be there. scalia's son, father paul scalia will lead the funeral mass and deliver the homily. 24 minutes after the hour. anna, let's talk about kids. >> kids and politics. scandals and attack ads these days!ó part of the political process in electing a brand new president. how do you talk to your kids about how it should all go. here with very important tips is bhit whitted any kneel bill of rights institute. brought some of her helpers this morning. hey, everybody, do you want to wave at the camera? let's wave, hi. whitney, first up with our youngsters they are probably going what is all of this? what are the red white, and
5:25 am
blue ads on tv? what is this all about. >> biblical politics is very new and can be scary. if they are watching tv with parents. all the political ads how bad and scary things is. we want to make sure kids feel comforted and talk about their kids about politics. these guys are making campaign posters. they where diddinging to talk to their parents about why they would do certain things if they were going to be president. why people could vote for them if they got to run. >> you are doing a lot of coloring and having them draw pictures of them and also use words that they would want for their president but you get a lot of interesting answers, don't you? >> e.y. some kids want to make the world better place for puppy or kitty. other kids are thinking we have kids out there whose parents have been out of work for a while. i would do things for jobs or help my mom and dad along those lines. here we have sadie and tallan and owen. >> i said i would vote for my mom because she is organized. >> she is organize od.
5:26 am
wow, i could get some tips from her. do you want to turn it around and show all our viewers? looks great. how about you too. >> sadie and talia, do you want to show yours, too? >> they are very good. we will let you continue working on that as we go to the next a group. third through fifth grade and myelo here. you have been hard at work, haven't you? >> we didn't finish. we still have. >> you have a few more? >> you canmñ tell me what you have been doing here. >> we have been organizing these different magnets through executive, legislative and judicial. >> very good. and all of these are made up of one -- that is a mix between justice and supreme court. >> so some of them can be a little bit tricky, can't they? how do mom and dad help out. >> this is a great activity. print out the words that align with each of the three
5:27 am
branches. nice opportunity. kids in third through fifth grade they are learning about the election in school. learning about what government is. they may have read the constitution for the first time. this is the great way to reinforce that in the home. pictures of presidents and supreme court justices and talking a little bit about what are the jobs of each of three branches. that's what these guys have been doing who does what. >> three presidents, where they would go? >> >> nice job. and one more. a picture of ronald reagan. is he a president, too. >> can you give me high five? >> but then we have the last one. >> we're going to let you work on that as we move on to the oldest ear bribleg, group, sixth through 12th grade. scavenger humidity. >> social media is where kids are going to get information. have your children go through and look for political cartoon and articles about politics and talk to them about bias.
5:28 am
how do different newspapers and organizations look at one particular issue or a candidate. kind of talk through those things. do something that's beyond facebook or twitter that really gets them to dig deeper into the information. >> that's really important when you talk about the primary source is this kind of a liberal publication or more conservative publication. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. you have been working hard. i know moms at home are going to be excited to he so you on here. thanks, guys. 28 minutes after the hour. here is what is coming up after the program. donald trump is getting ready for a big primary day in south carolina. we will be asking him on everything from what he expects will happen to the boycott on apple. stay with us.
5:29 am
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hi, everyone. and welcome back. and we have got tucker, down at lizard's thicket? south carolina and we have a big interview lined up. don't we, tucker are? >> we certainly do. we want to bring in the republican frontrunner are by phone this morning. donald trump joins us on the line. mr. trump, are you there? >> yes, i am. hi, tucker. >> i want to ask7y you about a controversy swirling on the democratic side over hillary clinton's speeches to wall street. bernie sanders is demanding she release them. she says she won't until others in the race do. so would you release transcripts of speeches uh-huh given to wall street in order to encourage hillary clinton to do the same? >> well, i wouldn't mind.
5:33 am
personally, you know, whenever i speak the press is there anyway. i really wouldn't mind. i think hillary probably has to do that. i would imagine she is going to release it. we will see what happens. but i wouldn't mind doing mine. >> why do you think she doesn't want to? >> well i'm sure she panders and i'm sure she says wonderful things about goldman sachs and everybody else she spoke for where she got millions of dollars. it's not going to be helpful for her. to me it's going to be fine. i love everybody. >> mr. trump, the polls opened about an hour and a half ago in south carolina. expectations game. what are you thinking for today? do you think the polls are correct? the poll numbers that you have with a commanding double digit lead? >> the only poll that matters as they sayut is today i know the crowds are very, very large. even bigger than anticipated. supposed to be a good thing for me. maybe it's a bad thing for moo. i just don't know. i have seen some phenomenonnal polls and seen some where it's a little bit
5:34 am
closer. i don't know. you people will tell me. i will be watching you all day long. so you better tell me and a i will probably see tucker later on. you will probably take steve doozy's' place today. steve got the big exclusive last time tucker. we were very impressed with steve. but you are standing right there. so i will see you later. i will be watching you guys all day to see what happens. >> let's talk about some of the big things that's been happening in the news. not only did you clash with the pope and by the way i think you were 100 percent right. i think the vatican agrees because they backtracked yesterday. cooperate with the fbi and time matters when it comes to these terrorists. what are you calling for when it comes to that organization? >> first of all it, has to be a big day when they have brian on, when they have their big star in on a saturday. >> absolutely. me and cavuto. >> this has to be. and cavuto, too. wow, that's good.
5:35 am
look, apple is, i think, acting terribly. they are doing it for a reason. i think that security is so important. from what i understand this guy who was killed. this radical terrorist didn't even own the phone. it was owned by either the government or the company. else wasshould open it up involved. we shouldn't be playing games. i said very strongly and i think apple is just playing games. this is a one-on situation. when it comes to terrorism, i think these companies have to behave. and they have to open up. we have to find out what's going on. what are we going to do? you will find out there were three or four other people that worked with him. that's the kind of stuff you will find out with this. what are they doing? who are they trying to impress? they should open up, absolutely open up the phone. >> the president hasn't weighed in on it. he has let his justicefs department do it. >> he is out playing golf or something. he has more important things to do like playing golf. they should open up the phone. we are talking about serious stuff. we are talking about the
5:36 am
security and radical islamic terrorism. we have to get to the bottom of it you don't get to the bottom of it if you have apple saying we are not going to give you messages by a wise guy that killed is people. >> in trump, it's an easy call when it pertains to a terrorist. the counter argument is it's a slippery slope and would you've the federal government to have access to your iphone and be able to read your emails and texts and listen in on your conversations? does that make you uncomfortable? >> it makes me uncomfortable. i hate it i'm willing tou-iiu((u have two groups. i understanding, tucker. now, this is unusual because this is a terrorist who killed 14 people. people lying really really in bad shape in the hospital all over the place. this is a difficult situation. that one there is no question. and i also understand the other side of it. myself, i'm in to safety and security. and if somebody is going to be listening to me, i would prefer that if i could get safety. i don't think it's going to
5:37 am
happen where they are going to listen, but i am in to security and security for the country more important. >> absolutely. now, if we could switch gears a little bit and talk about iraq. we know what happened on the stage on saturday where fireworks were aplenty but you said weapons of mass destruction, bush lied and we shouldn't have went into iraq now there is the howard stern interview where you indicated in 2002 that maybe going into iraq was a good thing. then had you a interview with neil cavuto saying it's going to effect the market positively. in your in 2,000. baghdad little to slow he iraq's become a nuclear power. got missiles of flying. tel aviv, excerpt here brought forward by buzz feed which i have. it says that you felt as though they had weapons of mass destruction: in 2,000? >> how why know? i mean, i was a civilian. i was a business guy. i read the papers like
5:38 am
everybody else. and the government is talking about weapons of mass destruction. went into iraq. that's number one. and if you saw, it was very tepid like oh, i don't know, maybe, maybe. it was a very tepid. that was many months before. the other one was not. all i said is they performed the military operation well. i didn't say it was a good thing. and just came out today to87oty joe scarborough said in an interview right around that time that he had many years ago. i didn't know about this. that i said we shouldn't be going there. that just came out about 20 minutes ago. they just found it and regardless, in 2003, it's all over the place that i was saying we shouldn't be in iraq. we shouldn't go in to iraq. get the hell out of iraq and we certainly should have. it was one of the great catastrophes in this country. the iraq war it led to all of a the problems we have right now in the middle east or most of them and it was a mistake. i was not in favor ofmm it i was against it. i was against it in 2003,
5:39 am
i'm glad they found the interview with joe scarborough. but even regardless of that. he was something we should not have been involved with.rb[x i want to get your take on robo call. >> the problem with iraq is $2 trillion. thousands of people killed. thousands of oour great people killed, wounded warriors august over the place. we have nothing. we have nothing. we left and we have nothing. >> we don't live our life -- we can't recue up events in our life that we now look -- >> -- i know. it would be great if we could recue it i'm sure that they would decide not to do it. it's one of those things. robo calls? >> we want to play it for our viewers. a group called courageous political action committee supporting ted cruz, here is the robo call. >> put it in a museum, let it go.
5:40 am
>> that's donald trumpyw supporting nikki haley removing the battle flag from the confederate memorial in colombia. >> respect -- in columbia. >> respect whatever you have to respect are, respect whatever it is that you have to respect because it was and put it in a museum. >> saturday send donald trump and his new york values back to manhattan. >> that was. >> you on ted cruz. >> that would sound like a ted cruz. >> where are you on the confederate flag, exactly? >> you know, i never really gave it much thought. it was never something that1í was brought up, i guess a couple questions were asked and by that time he this had put it in a museum and i was fine with that i was fine with numerous decisions on it. it was something i never really gave any thought to. so he will take a quarter it of a sentence because it would be interesting to see what i said in the rest of it. because i never really had much of a view on it i'm from new york. not a lot of people ask me
5:41 am
about it again, at that time i wasn't a politician. also, i was, you know, i was an entrepreneur as they say. i was as they call me this morning a world class business person. now i guess i'm a politician, unfortunately. but what happens is ted cruz is a dirty player. he lies like i have never seen anybody lie. i have dealt with some pretty bad people. i have dealt with much, much worse people than ted cruz. much tougher than ted cruz. a much, much tougher group of people than ted cruz, but i have never dealt with anybody that lies as much as ted cruz. is he a liar. i will tell you what, i got a little tougher on that when marco rubio during the debate called him a liar and i have never heard a politician call another politician a liar because they are always trying to protect themselves because they are sort of all liars, politicians. but i got a little cover. ted cruz is a serious liar. i guess you could call him a serial liar. and i personally and i have been in business with the best of them. i have never met anybody that lied as much as ted
5:42 am
cruz. >> mr. trump, you have threatened to0n sue senator cruz and he said -- he kind of said bring it on and i will take your deposition. is that stilled in the plans at all for you? >> well, we will look at and it i will tell you being honestly, i'm having a lot of fun playing with ted cruz. i really am. i'm having a lot of fun. he has an ad in nevada. it's an ad saying donald trump wants to take your land. he shows a big prairie of land that i want to take. and nobody even knows what he is talking about. i want to take people's land in nevada the state of nevada and nobody knows what it's referring to. it just says donald trump wants to take your land. i think the guy is sort of -- he is off. he is really off. i have never met a worse liar than ted cruz. and i i have met some unbelievable professional liars, by the way. >> by the way we only have 20 seconds left. if he does -- if he does get the nomtion, could you see not -- could you see supporting him? >> well, i will talk about that at the time. it's really too early but i will talk about that at the time.
5:43 am
>> all right. donald trump. best of luck today. the happiest i have ever seen you was after new hampshire. today would mean more for your campaign. so i know everybody is oní[ pins and needles. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> threw have it, your crowd is building. i'm listening to it build during the entire interview. how packed it that place? >> i'm being mobbed by grit-eating south carolina voters, unbelievable. >> all right. we have more from columbia, south carolina, lizard's thicket coming up in two minutes. don't go away. ♪ ♪ o... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control
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5:47 am
so, i would go right to you, zeke. i don't know if you heard what donald trump just said about ted cruz. it's one of the toughest things i have ever heard anybody say about another candidate. is he a horrible person. is he a liar. does this hurt cruz? >> it certainly is taking a hit had. seeing the numbers down in theék last week and a half, two weeks. we have seen his unfavorability numbers skyrocket in this state and nationally as well. that's a problem for him going down the pike here. also striking as we are talking about off camera that we're now seeing this type of heated rhetoric thrown around in this business in general. ted cruz had to defend himself in that press conference. that was not a great look for him and not where he wanted to be three days before primary. >> not at all. let's get to the democratic side here quick. hillary clinton is losing in vote counts. the strong majority of democrats who voted voted for her opponent bernie sanders. she is leading delegates super delegates. so undemocratic. such a suggestion of a fix. is there going to be a
5:48 am
reaction about that. >> talk about antiestablishment, right? it that speaks right to that issue. critical state for hillary clinton. if bernie sanders can win there i think his path to the nomination becomes even more clear. she has made this case that iowa and new hampshire primary caucuses were not representative of the democratic party, the diversity that we have. big test for that what's test, i watched her for 2 a years. you think her message would be obvious. i don't know what it is. >> i don't know what it is either. obviously the voters don't either. somebody like bernie sanders is tapping into that seething rage and anger out there. frankly the rnc and dnc either chose to ignore or refused to acknowledge just how people are. somebody like hillary is going around saying i'm trusted, i'm trustworthy. she is not. no one trusts her. her negatives are through the roof. people don't like her on her
5:49 am
side and looking for something different than she is offering. i don'twhat she is offering. >> we are journalists and we can write the script here. in this year the message is you are getting shafted by the people in power if you are on the democratic side it's by the rich. why isn't that her message. >> that's a hard one for hillary clinton to make given she is the establishment. very similar phenomenon that we see on the republican side as well. same reason why jeb bush is having trouble catching on. same message i am confident. can i do the job. very few people doubt hillary clinton could handle the job of president people aren't looking for confidence. >> i doubt that judging by her performance in this primary if you can't beat bernie sanders in nevada, i don't know. i don't know if i would want you to run my kids' preschool. >> cut taxes, balanced budget, protect life. none of these folks in the position of power on the republican side, the cruzs
5:50 am
of the world, have done any of those things, the governors have a record doing what the voters want and reason they don't want it. experience is not a qualification. >> it is for brian kilmeade though who has a ton of it. we will throw it back to him in new york. >> i would love sitting around the table talking. that is a slice of tucker carlson's real life. and he actually wakes up in a suit as coming up straight ahead, are you tired of all the cold weather? then move. sam will be here from million dollar listings in miami. he's here with the homes where you never have to worry about winter. that story is next. from the moment they wake up, doers don't stop. every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical.
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hey there morning, snow birds flocking to places where the weather is much warmer this time of year. has affordable listings in those sunnier places. joining us now is real estate expert sam. she's also the star you'll recognize her from "million dollar listing: miami" good morning. >> good morning. >> first, orlando, florida. >> all homes are under $350,000. this home is a three bedroom home in orlando. obviously you're close to the theme park. minnie, mickey, harry potter, beautiful new home, three-car garage. tennis court, great to have the extra amenities. >> and great excuse to get outside since the weather is nice there too. albuquerque, new mexico, for $321,000, we can have this. >> yes. it's a three bedroom home. new construction, never lived in, they build a great product. when you're owning new, you have
5:55 am
everything new, new floors, new roof, new ac, it's a beautiful thing to live in a brand new construction home. >> you can tell the layout is new too. it's nice and open. next up a four bedroom in phoenix, arizona, for $350,000, yes. >> so this four-bedroom home actually, it's interesting because phoenix, arizona, has the most sunlight out of any major metropolitan city in the united states according to so it's a little bit of a fun fact. this specific home has vaulted ceilings, beautiful backyard, it's located in a gated golf community. so again that extra amenity. and you have sunset and mountains. >> do these homes come from sunscreen and hats and sunglasses too? >> i'm sure the agent can arrange that. >> thank you so much. from "million dollar listing: miami." we'll windchill you on there. you can find out about the wonderful homes if you're interested. on which is owned by the same company as fox news
5:56 am
channel. five minutes before the top of the hour, coming up, it's a southern show down and the polls already open in south carolina. how are the candidates looking as they head in today's primary? we are live on the ground next and senators ted cruz looking to scoop up the evangelical vote. cruz's father, rafael cruz joins us live with his expectations next hour. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. in my business i cbailing me out my i.all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at
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do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card we will win the general election. we will defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders and we will turn this country around. we're going to make history, tomorrow, we're going to win here in nevada. >> we have a chance to be the
6:00 am
author of the greatest chapter in the amazing story of america and that's why i need your support tomorrow. >> you're going to say, that i was there for an evening where donald trump representing all of us made a speech, and i voted for donald trump the next day. and hour country started winning again. >> the thing i want you to remember is the republicans have been after me for years, and i'm still standing. >> i won't be a divider. i will focus on the things that i believe bring us together. because if we get together, we can start solving problems again. >> having really strong day tomorrow, and it's on, always way to cleveland, ohio, for the nomination for the republican president of the united states. >> there you go. everyone making their final case, their final push. and the primary polls are finally open in south carolina. and tucker, we finally have another major event to discuss
6:01 am
and we can stop the previews and the analysis on the numbers tonight. >> actually we ended up losing his signal. >> knowing tucker, he has the room on his credit card to get the satellite time to put himself back in, or else he'll be having a great time at the restaurant. >> south carolina is so important, ryan, since 1980, they picked every single gop nominee, beginning with reagan. except in 2012 when they picked newt gingrich, it's a microcouple of of the electorate as a hole, it was a fire wall. >> trump leads in delegates, 17 to cruz's 11, rubio 10, you come in first, you get 29 right away. that is why to me, i read in the interview we just did with donald trump, cautiously optimistic right now. walking away with a big night. >> yep, and the showdown certainly is on in south carolina. the gop gear being up for the primary battle in the state. feeling the bern in nevada.
6:02 am
it's a political double header. >> that feels like iowa all over again. fox team coverage this morning, we are in las vegas at the democratic trail. but first let's go to rich edison in south carolina where voters are starting to cast their ballots, rich, right? >> indeed they are, brian, and it has been a pretty steady stream of voters. they got here before voting even started this morning at 7:00. they said they wanted to beat the crush, even though it's on a saturday morning here and there has been a very steady stream since then. we already are seeing very large demand, according to the board of elections saying that 49,000 absentee ballots have already been submitted. in 2012, already a significant increase from four years ago. you mentioned down in the history of this firewall state, it is between the super tuesday elections and the fist nominating processes through iowa and through new hampshire.
6:03 am
started in 1980, almost as a way to get ronl reagan elected. that's what happened here. 1988 to george h.w. bush, sitting vice president at the time, and then, off to his son in the year 2000 who used this state to capture momentum that he had after losing to john mccain back in 2000. we'll see the results now, voters trickling in, we'll see the results this evening, back to you. >> the steady stream, prior to that, setting all kinds of absentee ballot request records. so rich edison, it's going to be an exciting day and we're going to get a sample of south carolina of where we're at. thanks so much. of course, if you weren't interested in south carolina, if you watch that debate on saturday, that set the table for a crazy week that featured the pope and the ceo of apple. >> and also brought out politics. let's go to the other side of the aisle in the high stakes democratic race there in nevada. >> the polls couldn't be tighter. hillary clinton, hoping to avoid a collapse while bernie sanders
6:04 am
hopes she feels the bern. >> we're looking at our friend right now up very early this morning with us. for more from las vegas, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we are just five hours from the dooring opening for the nevada caucuses here for the democrats and from all indicators, this is promising to be a nail-biter. and that's because as you mentioned, heading into today, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck according to recent polling. and as it comes down to the wire. sanders who initially wasn't affected to fair well in the state went straight to the faithful base, union workers and latinos. 28% of the population is hispanic. both candidates heavily courting this more ethnically diverse electorate. interesting split happens, which sanders garnering plin yams and clinton warming more to the older generation. last night, both candidates appealed to nevada to show up.
6:05 am
>> tomorrow morning, all of you have the opportunity to make american history. i have a feeling, folks, we're going to make history tomorrow, we're going to win here. >> if they will stand with me tomorrow,ly stand and fight for them through this campaign, no matter who the republicans nominate. the republicans have been after me for years and i'm still standing. >> reporter: and mrs. clinton was joined by the former president last night and the daughter. each reminding to commitment to immigration reforms and unionizing rights. of note, hillary clinton is not expected to be here tonight. she's actually going to get on a plane and head to texas for a get out and vote event in houston. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. that is the latest from nevada where the caucus state makes it very, very hard to figure out let alone the polls always have
6:06 am
that questionable character to them. >> in iowa, ryan and tucker, they had to decide on a lot of those nail-biter races with a coin toss. and they do it with a card game, and we're going to play it later. hard and fast numbers from south carolina, but from everything that you've seen, from all the campaigns you've followed, when we get outraged about dirty tricks. does this make you feel like there is the same old thing here or does this feel outrageously dirty this year? >> well, i don't think it feels dirtier than most. can i can say something about nevada, i spoke to someone close to hillary clinton yesterday. who said if she loses to bernie sanders in nevada, she deserves this. i mean, she's done everything, she is a full support of the democratic establishment, she is basically comes flat out for illegal immigration. using illegal immigrants in her campaign. if she loses any way to him, you can't overstate what a disaster that is. as to the dirty tricks here in
6:07 am
the state of south carolina, of course the state is famous for it. i always thought going back along many elections here that it's overstated. the nastiness of it, and yet, ted cruz is really bearing the brunt of the bash lash. especially the now famous robocall from a group not affected by the campaign, it's an anti-trump call, here it is. >> let it go. >> that's donald trump supporting nikki haley, removing the battle flag from the on if red rat memorial in columbia. >> you have to respect whatever it is. it was a point in time and put it in a museum. >> reporter: people like donald trump are always butting their noses into other people's business. on saturday, send donald trump and his new york values back to manhattan. >> earlier on the program, we had donald trump on about half hour ago, we let him respond, here's what he said. >> never really gave it much
6:08 am
thought, it was never something that was brought up, i guesses a couple questions were asked, by that time they put it in a museum. i was fine with that, it was something i never really gave any thought to. so he'll take a quarter of a sentence because it'll be interesting what i said at the restaurant. i never had a view on it. i'm from new york, not a lot of people ask me about it, again, at that time, i wasn't a politician. but what happened is ted cruz is a dirty player. he lies like a never seen anybody. i've dealt with bad people. aye dealt with much, much worse people than ted cruz. i've never dealt with anybody that lies as much as ted cruz. >> did he overstate that ted cruz lies? >> he really is like the bear in revenant. you don't want to get into it with donald trump, he's all over ted cruz. what's interesting about this specific issue though, you heard trump say, he doesn't care about the confederate flag.
6:09 am
i don't think he can describe it actually, and yet, i bet the polls will show that of people who do care about the confederate flag here in south carolina, they vote for trump overwhelmingly. it's so interesting. it's not about the issues, clinton, another reason he's winning the evangelical vote, is the issues aren't as significant as the general feeling that this guy will defend us against the culture. that is my view of it, we'll find out tonight. >> that's right. >> also he's going to bring a billionaire magic to bringing jobs, the economy, better trade deals or no trade deals. two things happened this week, that factor into this campaign. the pope weighing in on donald trump, number two, apple refusing a court order to unlock the phone for the fbi from the san bernardino terrorists. donald trump is not taking this lightly. he called out apple today. here he is. >> apple is i think acting
6:10 am
terribly. they're doing it for a reason. i think that security is so important. from what i understand, this guy who was killed, this radical terrorist, didn't even own the phone, it was owned by government or the company, and they should open it up and they should find out what else was involved. we shouldn't be playing games. i said very strongly, and i think apple's just playing gages. this is a one-arm situation. when it comes to terrorism, i think these companies have to behave and open up. we have to find out what's going on. >> and would you want the federal government to have access to your iphone and read your e-mails and texts and listen into your conversations? does that make you uncomfortable and. >> it makes me uncomfortable, i hate it, and i'm willing to sacrifice it for security. >> the answer, tuck per. >> pretty honest answer. at least he acknowledged that this might wind up that there may be a slippery slope here. that you can't just open up
6:11 am
iphones to monitor terrorists, in so doing may so allow them to monitor you. he said that's the trade-off he's willing to make. it's worth it for him. pretend you could only do this for terrorists. we've noted in the last seven years this administration has been monitoring americans with no ties at all. it's not even alleged ties to terror. so i guess voters can make up their mind on that. it is a trade-off. he's not telling the truth. >> opening yourself up to hackers. >> hey tucker, got to ask you something you may not know the answer to. how long is the wait? if i try to get a table, not that i want to sit next to you, but how long would i have to wait for a table? the place looks jammed. >> if you brian kilmeade walked in here, you'd be carriedshoulds a hero to them. they would feed you grits against your will. you wouldn't need to wait at all, trust me. >> all right good. we're going to go with, i'm special. >> quite special. >> thank you, tucker. >> especially here. >> please find out. 11 minutes after the hour.
6:12 am
we'll check back with tucker carlson. he's going to stay in various eateries throughout the whole campaign. >> we're not going to fit him through the door. grits and bacon and eggs. legal icon will be laid to rest today in washington, d.c. where we are lie live as hundreds prepare for antonin scalia's funeral. straight ahead. hillary clinton caught plenty of attention when she tried to slam republicans like this. >> every time they say these things, like, oh, you know, the great recession was caused by too much regulation. [ dog barking ] >> well she barks, but did the voters bite. we are putting the big moments of the week to the dial test, coming up. feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately
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6:16 am
candidates make their final sweeps this beak heading into nevada and south carolina. there are quite a few memorable moments from barking to tears to the wild ride of the 2016 election continuing. but how do these tactics impact the vote rs? that's what's important. that's this woman, she put these moments to the dial test to give us the results. because it doesn't matter what we think. it's what the voters think now in south carolina. >> that's right. >> the first one you've pulled out for us was hillary clinton barking and she says the bark was indicative of somebody lying, like republicans. listen. >> you know. we need to get that dog and follow them around and every time they say these things, like oh, you know, the great recession was caused by too much regulation. [ dog barking ] >> oh, to me this was a disaster. what'd your dial show you? >> independents and republicans
6:17 am
agree. it was a disaster, but democrats loved it. this made hillary show a the love personality. she had an advertisement where she hugged a little girl and talked about how she was going to take care of her and make sure her parents were never deported. this moment was genuine and people on that democratic side really liked it. everybody said said i don't buy it, this is her playing up a new side of herself and it's a pitt in her campaign, but it's working with democrats. >> on monday, george w. bush made news when bush 43 helped out his younger brother, jeb bush, i want to say how it resinates, even though it's 84% approval in south carolina. let's listen and watch. >> there seems to be a lot of name calling going on, but i want to remind you what our good dad told me one time. labels are for soup cans. here are some things i think people ought to look for the next in the president. starters, i think you ought to look to someone whose had executive experience. someone who knows thousand run a
6:18 am
large, complex organization, to lead people and to make sound crisp decisions. for example, someone who served two terms in a large southern state as its governor. >> this one i thought was interesting. people still love w -- >> red line was high. >> yellow line was high. then he started talking about his brother, and just as he was introducing him, the going down, going down, jeb gets on the stage, and they sink. it's really, really sad for jeb. i feel sorry for him. and i think what the voters said. the worst thing i could feel toward the presidential candidate is sorry for him. and i just feel like you're feeling this sad moment in his campaign and he's going to have do it. >> every time he comes on, he seems more into it, maybe he got off to a slow start, maybe he'll have trouble getting back. we'll see a lot today. governor kasich made news.
6:19 am
he wasn't expected to do a lot in the south. but he's certainly resinating with some, especially this supporter, watch. >> a year ago, a man who like my second dad, he killed himself, and two months later, my parents got a divorce, and then a few months later, my dad lost his job, but and i was in a dark place for a long time. i was pretty depressed, but i found hope, and i found in the lord, and in my friends, and now i'm founded in my presidential candidate that i support. and i'd really appreciate one of those hugs you've been talking about. [ applause ] >> well, that was an ad. it was amazing to see the line. i was amazed at the blue line, democrats didn't like that story? >> they didn't like that story. but they said it's hard to dial up something that's so sad. kasich has an appeal across the
6:20 am
board. the dials may not reflect this, but everybody was talking about the end, we did survey, what's most memorable? they said this hug because they said he seems so genuine, so authentic, it seemed so unplanned. what people really want to the see is a candidate they can trust, it's authentic, that cares about them. and it really worked for him. i don't know if it'll show up in the polls, but that's one of his great appeals. >> there isn't a lot of expectations there. he's pushing up north. the good news for kasich, that is exactly the demeanor he had in the debate. there's consistency. we call it fascinating. >> great week. meanwhile, straight ahead, while the country honors the life of antonin scalia at his funeral, he's narrowing down his list of people to replace him today. the president says it isn't political, but really true, we are live at justice scalia's funeral, next. you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone.
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hi friends, good morning, thousands will be packing the nation's largest rowman catholic church today to pay their respects to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. his funeral happening at the bah silica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. we are joined live now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anna and brian. so much of the discussion in the last week since the passing of justice antonin scalia has been about the politics. today will be different. it won't be about one of the most influential supreme court justices, but rather, about the man, the husband, the father, the grandfather and above all else, a firm believer in god. yesterday, more than 3,000 people went through the supreme court to pay their respects to justice antonin scalia, many of them waiting outside in the cold for more than two and a half
6:25 am
hours. today, we're expecting to see more of the same, all 3500 seats here at the nation's largest catholic church are expected to be filled. and a little over an hour from now scalia's family will arrive, the sons and sons in law will be the pal bearers. it'll run for an hour and a half, two hours. one from the old testament from the old friend leonard lee owe, the other by one of his closest allies on the supreme court, justice clarence thomas who'll read roe masn chapter 5, 5-11. paul scalia will be delivering the homily, later today the family will be holding a private burial service. anna, brian. >> all right, jarrett, and all eyes will be there. we'll be covering that obviously live as much as we can. garrett tenny, thanks. 25 minutes after the hour, president obama will not be at justice scalia's fawn ral today. instead, he's researching who to nominate for his replacement on
6:26 am
the bench. >> and hours after the obama's paid two minutes of respect to scalia at the supreme court, he was seen holding a binder full of documents about potential no, ma'am niece. well he says this is a nonpartisan issue, but do actions speak louder than words? ryan fraisher is joining us now to weigh in on this. good morning and thanks for being with us. >> nice, we're jealous, still chilly here in new york. let's just talk about how important the next supreme court justice will be. i mean, with issues like immigration, obamacare, affirmative action, religious liberty, gun rights, all of that. how could whoever president obama appoints, if they become the justice, change american culture? >> well, first like so many people all across colorado, folks all throughout this country, we all join in mourning and celebrating the life of justice scalia, we're so thankful to his family and for everything he did for our
6:27 am
country. and we are, our prayers and thoughts are with the family. this nomination processes is so important. the fact that the president decided to skip out on the funeral, i think says a lot. the reality is, is that it's very rare for sitting supreme court jus toys to pass during an administration. it certainly seems worthy that a president would attend that funeral to show respect and honor the life of justice scalia. and particularly so, when you talk about the fact this president has said he wants to unify our country, well as we head into this, what's going to be likely a contentious nomination pros. what a better way than to honor that ability to unify by attending the funeral of someone who perhaps you disagree with, but who you're willing to show up to say, i celebrate this person's life. very significant. >> the day he passed, i thought he struck the perfect tone, since that time, maybe a different message. so, you know there's going to be a battle. the president's going to nominate somebody.
6:28 am
there's some sense on the right that they might be giver quivering from that. where do you think this is heading, being the president has only eight months left in his term. >> i think it's at a very contentious fight. he has a duty to nominate, but so does the senate by the constitution, how they do this to advice and consent on the appointment of that nominee. and so i think it's it says volumes about the responsibility of both parties to actually come together with someone who will not only uphold and adhere to the constitution, but will really abide by the instruct rule of law. that's what justice scalia's life on the court meant. i think that's what many people are looking for in the next high court juries. >> are you excited about your run for the senate? >> it's a big race. colorado is a swing state. and it's truly a state that i think represents a microcouple of of america. we have so many important issues facing our country, good jobs and keeping america safe that colorado's going to play a
6:29 am
pivotal role, not just in my senate race, but in the presidency of our country. >> yeah, good with the business background trying to get into politics. usually helps the country. ryan fraser, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me, guys. >> all right. thank you. 28 minutes after the hour. >> coming up on the program, dakota myers putting his support by senator ted cruz. is he really the best candidate to lead our military? our panel of veterans joins us live to weigh in next. and grab your gravy, biscuits, tucker is live at lizard's stick it in columbia, south carolina, talking to voters. and he's really bothering them. >> well, one of the best restaurants in the state. we're going to ask south carolina voters who are you voting for and why? and what are you eating this morning and can we have some? actual south carolina voters, coming up next.
6:30 am
6:31 am
6:32 am
6:33 am
good morning, everybody, the enthusiasm is strong for democracy down in south carolina. we find tucker carlson at lizard stick it eating good this morning. he's all for democracy. >> oh yeah, we talk about voters, we figured we talk to a few of them while they're eating breakfast. why do you vote for donald trump this morning? >> i voted for him because he's not part of the political world and obviously he's not doing it for the money. >> obviously, he's not. and you? >> because he's truthful.
6:34 am
i feel like he's part of what america wants to see. we're tired of what is going on and we want something different. >> honest man, you say. boy, that looks good, i'll be back. >> good morning. can you tell me who you voted for? what do you think? >> still undecided. >> even now. >> when i go in that booth, i have to make my mind up. >> we hope we can help. and you? >> undecided. >> still? >> are you leaning toward anyone? >> i'm leaning toward trump. >> yes, but marco is still in the running. his immigration policies bother me. and that's my question. >> so immigration is what a key issue for you. >> yes. >> because the way i feel about immigration is we can't house and feed our homeless citizens in this country now -- >> yes. >> and we're bringing people in, who are taking from our program to help our citizens. >> thanks very much.
6:35 am
over here. i did some pre-interviews here. this woman decided she doesn't want to the talk to us, she's very smart, but i'm going to ask you who you're going to vote for. >> rubio. >> have you voted yet? >> no. >> why rubio? >> i think he has an optimistic view. very conservative. you know, i just like his message. >> conservative optimist whose voice you like. >> can we bother you? >> so can we vote? >> i'm still undecided. >> who's it between? >> marco rubio and donald trump. >> marco rubio and donald trump. you're the second person. what's going to make the decision for you? >> well, i really like how governor haley supports marco rubio, and my husband's a dentist, so when i heard the story about marco rubio breaking a tooth on a 2006 and having a dentist fix it for him. i thought that was funny. >> thank you. the lesson you never know what moves voters, marco rubio, hurt
6:36 am
his tooth and may have gained a vote. i bet he never thought that would work, and yet it may have. brian. >> thooir going to toss you out soon, just leave them alone. great insight, appreciate it, and of course the polls are open. when they're done eating with, they get to vote. meanwhile, dakota myers said ted cruz has his support for president. here's his explanation because he's a military guy. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. i wish the first time it was done correctly. >> that's not really the sound byte we're looking for, but it is precursor for what we will be discussing. he came out strongly for ted cruz. he's going to be strong at the fence. and on february 12th, he was out there in south carolina. will be again. meanwhile, let's meet our veteran panel here to talk about where this country's heading. carl's playing center squares, navy seal and trump supporter, he's a founder of servicewomens action network and retired marine captain and a hillary
6:37 am
clinton supporter, and then katie is retired marine corpse captain and bush supporter. here we are with candidates, none of which have a military background. can we start with you, katie? why do you feel as though jeb's the best? >> i will start on dakota's endorsement, cruz is polarizing, that's not the leadership we need in the country right now. i think jeb has put forth a great platform to reform the economy and also to me, he's the only person that indicates he can play the long game with national security and foreign policy. one of the few candidate shas hasn't said things like i'm going to rip up the iran nuclear deal. i think jeb's been one of the few people that's acted like an adult up there. >> even though it might be better headlines to say i'm going rip it up. >> i know you're supporting donald trump, you've been at this before. even though he does not have a military background and was saying that russia should take care of isis, he's still your guy. >> he's still my guy.
6:38 am
to what katie was saying about the dakota meyer thing, he was a real big hero on the battlefield. you don't get it for knowing the political field. i respect dakota myers meyer, it's not going to help donald trump. donald trump is the only person with conviction, like he took on apple, the pope, he's taken on the republican party. he takes on everybody that was detriment to america, and that's what people get behind. >> couldn't he say the same thing about you? >> dakota about you about policy. >> he could. he could do it. and the fact of the matter is, donald trump's leading for a reason. >> he is leading in all the polls. a new, let's talk about your secretary of state hillary clinton for that. >> i do, i believe this is a dangerous world we're living in right now. i think all of us can agree on that, and hillary clinton is the only person with the global experience to really take on these phased off with global leaders, with thugs, she's spoken with this folks, now diplomacy is a scale which is necessary in the presidency. >> wanting a reset with russia and seeing what happened with
6:39 am
libya, saying let's go in, but there's no post plan, does in a make you say i should rethink this? >> no, absolutely not. global threats, diplomacy, the world of international affairs is not easy for any president, but she has, she has proven that she can handle these issues. >> but she can handle or handle it wrong. >> there's not a single president who hasn't made a mistake over time. you hire advisors, surround yourself with smart people, make the best decision you can, she's somebody who has the most experience. >> and carl, let's not talk about donald trump, a couple of things have happened, i've always been against the iraq war, number one, he talked to howard stern in 2002 and said, i guess i'm for it. and with neil cavuto, this is not only good after the invasion happens, it's going to be great for wall street, and now we see in his book in twoouz, he quotes as say, six years of tough talk and u.s. fire works and baghdad will slow iraq's crash program to become a nuclear power. i'm no warmonger, if we decide it is necessary.
6:40 am
it's madness not to the carry to its conclusion. >> right. but he says he's no warmonger, he's not in support. i guess so on the howard stern program isn't going to do it. donald trump is going to win south carolina either way. and the voters out there in south carolina get out and vote, and if you do, i'll come back and do a back flip on set if they'd let me. >> and you follow those directions. you should be proud and so should everybody watching right now. they shouldn't fall victim to the rhetoric of politics in 2012 that war was won. here is donald trump responding to that with us earlier. >> in 2003, it's all over the place that i was saying, we shouldn't be in iraq, we shouldn't go into iraq, get the hell out of iraq. look, it was one of the great catastrophes in the history of our country. the iraq war. it led to all of the problems we have right now in the middle east or most of them. and it was a mistake, okay, it was a mistake. i was not in favor of it. i was against it. i was against it in '03, i'm glad they found the interview
6:41 am
with joe, but even regardless of that, it was something we should not have been involved with. >> katie, is that okay with you? >> i just don't agree with him using, you know, retroactive criticism, it was complex conflict at his foreign policy experience. i just really don't agree with him using that as a sound byte. all he does is talk in sound bytes. this is just one more for him and discredits him in my mind. >> when they first came out, right or wrong. >> right, the fact he's using it in his campaign as eftd of his foreign policy experience. he didn't have skin in the game. this is after the fact. and i don't really think that's fair. >> i do think that in the big -- go ahead. >> trump is primarily an entertainer, he's a phenomenal entertainer. i love watching him, we needs a statesman in the white house. >> anything should go to his website, he detailed programs and plans on six major issues from his tax plan on down -- >> no governing experience. no governoring experience. business is not qualify you for the presidency. and being a great entertainer
6:42 am
certainly does not qualify you. >> what does hillary run? >> what does she run? senator for one of the largest states in the nation. she was secretary of state. that in and of itself qualifies you, above other candidates, particularly in a climate right now where we face global security threats every single day. >> right. i guess she's used to that. and i guess how you respond to that would be the key. real quick, as we head down to the number one conflict that you think we're facing right now? >> honestly, it's the economy that has domestic implications as well as wide ranging international. >> there's no economy, starts blowing stuff up. that's the biggest threat. >> on the offensive. >> offensive. >> and i think it's terrorism. >> terrorism. >> here at home. it'll be great if we can get on top of it. open up an iphone. >> thank you very much. carl and katie, thanks so much for your service, and thanks so much for your time. >> coming up straight ahead, hillary clinton taking a major hit in the polls and this could be the reason why. >> you talk about leveling with the american people, have you
6:43 am
always told the truth? >> i've always tried to, always. >> at least she tried. the hill's a.b. stod ard discussing the race. ted cruz looking to scoop up the vote. cruz's father, pastor rafael cruz joins us live with his expectations next hour. if you're running a business, legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. whfight back fastts tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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all across the state the economy is growing,arts today.
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with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at democratic front runner bernie sanders, that's what the pollings say. let that sink in for a minute. it wasn't supposed to be this way. not according to to the plan the hillary clinton campaign had a year ago. and yet it is. why? what happened? what is going on with the hillary clinton campaign? joining us now for an answer, a.b. stod ard of the newspaper live from washington. so a.b., great to see you.
6:47 am
if you were running for president and i asked you, if elected, will you lie to me? you would probably say, no. but that's not what hillary clinton said when asked the same question by scott pelley, here was her answer, watch this. >> i have to tell you, i have tried in every way i know how, literally from my years as a young lawyer all the way through my time at secretary of state to level with the american people. >> you talk about leveling with the american people, have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to. always. always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself. always, always tried to. jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> have i ever, i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever will. i'm going to do the best i can to level with the american people. >> what is this, a deposition? why is that such a hard question for her to answer?
6:48 am
>> that's the question, saturday night live skit or actual second struggling hillary clinton presidential campaign. i mean the fact to come up with the obvious response. really almost makes it seem like a joke. i mean that was the worst answer she could have given. i have tried to, and i believe i've told the truth. and i believe that i always will. she is dealing obviously not only with the problems that she has in '08, tucker, where someone else has outexcited her. she's the vegetable candidate, nobody likes her. her message, she doesn't know what her message is. they're doing a lot of intersection in the campaign about where they fail as somebody else takes off they didn't expect to. she has the e-mail scandal, and that really can compound her political liabilities as she tries to win the nomination for the second time in eight years.
6:49 am
>> the e-mail scandal is the fbi agent in the room that nobody's talking about. if she loses the nevada primary tonight, are you going to see a shake-up in her campaign do you think and will it help? >> right, well that's what they always threaten. and then it doesn't usually happen because the people closest to hillary always stay close to hillary. so they can, they do, they bring in sort of outsiders and theicallyier over and layer in and create nor cooks in the kitchen, but they'll never get rid of the people she traces the most. someone told you yesterday who knows the clinton's well, if she loses nevada, quote the disaster of the first order. i think that if she loses by a little, that's still a big deal. i don't think they should lose by a lot, it's going to deflate the campaign, build bernie's momentum, build his warship and make her struggle to keep a big going in south carolina. it could close it forbyny if he wins tonight.
6:50 am
he could go into next saturday's contest with more momentum. maybe not win, but a moral victory in closing what was a blowout gap between them. >> exactly. boy, we're watching so much drama take place, it's hard even to keep up with it, thank you for sorting it out. probably the smartest person in washington, great to see you. >> thanks for having me. what does ted cruz need to do to take the south carolina primary away from donald trump? evangelical vote could be the key. and we are joined in just a minute by ted cruz's father, pastor rafael cruz. he's here at the restaurant. we'll be right back. feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. ive in a pick and choose world.
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welcome back. ted cruz is hoping for a victory today in south carolina, or at least a strong second in order to do that he'll need a lot of help from the community here which is large in the state of south carolina. will he be able to pull it off? we're joined now by his father, pastor rafael cruz whose been on the campaign. good to see you this morning. >> great to see you. >> god bless you. >> so this is shaking out a little differently than we thought. donald trump is leading among evangelicals, how did that happen? at least in the poll expectation. >> i don't really believe those polls. >> okay. >> we have over 350 pastors that have endorsed ted cruz in south carolina. that is an army. we're calling it the gideon army. and actually many of those are mobilizing their congregation. i think that all are just not reflecting that tremendous support among evangelicals that we have. >> we saw that in iowa for sure. >> that's right. >> what role is god playing in this campaign, do you think? >> well, you know, we have seen
6:55 am
tucker over the last 50 years an erosion of our moral values, and i think that the church has been the moral compass of america for many years, but we have seen it of over the last 50 years. and we have taken a toll in our moral, in, you know, a lot of chaos that has occurred in our society. and you know, if the foundation that may this country the greatest country in the face of the earth are rolling, we're going to be in trouble. >> do you think god takes sides? >> i don't think god takes sides, but god takes sides in righteousness. god wants to see people uphold the principle of the word of god, the prince. s of the skiegs, which are -- constitution which are actually the same, honesty, integrity, hard work, individual response, the rule of law. >> yes. >> and you know, those are judeo
6:56 am
christian principles and they are the bedrock of america. >> finally, quickly, is it hard to see your son come under attack? >> well, actually, being under attack means you're making a difference. if it wasn't making a difference, nobody would be attacking him. so we take that in stride. we take that is part of the process. and that, that we are making an impact. and i believe we're going to see a victory in south carolina. if evangelicals gather around ted cruz, ted cruz will be the next -- >> growing up with you, great to see you, thanks, pastor. >> good to see you, god bless you. >> thank you very much. much more "fox & friends" coming up next. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older,
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the single most important election of the 20d 16 presidential race sundaysway here in south carolina, behind me, the geniuses who make
7:00 am
breakfast the best in the state here at lizards stick it, tomorrow's special, liver pudding. fantastic. finally an organ made to be a pudding. who would have thought of of that? the results, keep it right here after the short show coming your way. the basilica of the national shrine about an hour away from the body of antonin scalia which has been in repose at supreme court being moved for the formal funeral. will be going to that at the top of the next hour. in the meantime, focussing on all the mad dash on the candidates for the south carolina primary. and the democratic caucuses in in nevada. a reminder that we've got marco rubio, john kasich, ben carson, among others, to talk about how important this day is for them, and where it goes for allhe
8:30 am
>> i have a feeling, folks,


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