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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 20, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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chilled. this went almost to the second as it was supposed to be, two hours. it is looking like two hours. our colleague and friend, chris wallace, that was an amazing event. and i cannot even imagine, chris, the pressure on father paul scalia speaking for his dad. >> well, it's funny you mention that. that's exactly what i was thinking and what struck me so much during the ceremony was the grace of father paul scalia. it must be emotionally difficult enough to celebrate a funeral mass of someone you know. but to celebrate the funeral mass of your own father in front of the country and the world, he spoke so beautifully. he sang so beautifully. and there was that wonderful moment during his homily, interesting, no public officials gave eulogies today. the only public figure who spoke
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at all was a short reading by supreme court justice clarence thomas. but the only homily sermon/eulogy was by the priests celebrating, as you say, paul scalia, the son of the supreme court justice. and when he said that his father didn't much like eulogies, because he thought that the whole point was that this was a sinner. every person who dies, who through god's infinite forgiveness would be accepted into heaven so that the praise was always a little overdone for a sinner, knocking on the pearly gates, it was just a beautiful, beautiful ceremony, deeply moving. and, you know, what a beautiful sendoff for a fascinating man. and as you see all these people that cardinal wuerl there in the foreground is saying goodbye to, now we're starting to see -- there is former justice david souter. but so many of the people in the
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beginning there were people we don't recognize or were just members of the extended scalia family. and that's what you have to remember. even in these big affairs of state. this is a personal event. this is a death in the family. and the real family of antonin scalia. and to see his beautiful wife, maureen, who followed the casket down the steps, and the sons and the daughters and the grandchildren and the extended family. you say about five dozen strong. this isn't a matter of state or confirmation for them. this is the loss of a man they loved deeply. >> you know, when you think about it, there was nothing that could have tele graphed what happened a week ago today. so they're still in grief and yet they have a role to play, if you think about it, chris, with the nation to keep it together. to hold it together. but i think as you also touched on at the outset, and maybe father paul illustrated this. his dad was a human being. like anyone else. and i love the -- the story
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about being in a confessional line when his dad was in his con's confession line and he wasn't going to have his son hear his confession. >> well, that could be dangerous, i suppose. >> absolutely. >> you could see some of the justices, just saw steven breyer there, of course clarence thomas, ruth bader ginsburg who said that justice scalia was her best buddy. and, you know, as i say, this is obviously an affair of state. the vice president of the united states was there. much of official washington. but what you never lost sight of, and that's what i think made this so deeply moving, was this was a death in the personal family of antonin scalia. >> did you get a sense as well -- with the -- clarence thomas reading, the second reading. you know much about their relationship, the two justices. were they close friends? obviously, you talk about it's a rather small network of individuals. nine of them.
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but were they particularly close? or -- >> well, i didn't really know. everybody knew about the relationship between ruth bader ginsburg and scalia. but the fact that he was chosen by the family to do the reading would seem to say something. and, of course, they were the two on the far right of the court to the degree that we're talking about, an ideological spectrum. they were the two true believers, if you will, in conservative clauses and beliefs. and to the degree that they were ideological soul mates, i suspect it probably was clarence thomas more than any other member of the court. >> if you're still with us out there, a private family burial service. we're not told the location. that is apparently as the family wanted it, correct? >> it is. and that's their one moment in all of this, that they will have just for themselves.
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as father paul scalia, the son, said today that he wanted to extend's everyone's thanks here during this public ceremony, because that private moment would be the only thing they had and they weren't sticking around to talk to people. it is the one brief private time the family will have to say goodbye. as to the relationship between justices scalia and thomas, they were very close. they did have a lot of the same ideology. they both have a very deep devout catholic faith. they share that, as well. their spouses close as well. so not surprising that we would see him selected to give a reading today. justice thomas reading from romans 5, talking about hope and talking about the fact that christ died for us while we were still sinners. he very much too seemed to want to focus on what he thought would have been justice scalia's focus, which was on not glorifying the man, but focusing on the faith. i thought it interesting too that father scalia, the son, again, talked about the interplay between faith and community and -- he talked about the founders and how they knew
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that faith was an important thing and that it was okay to bring into the public square. and he ended up by saying his father had a belief that you can love god and your country. and there is no conflict between those two. so a little bit of a political hint to what was said today, saying there should be no shame in combining faith and country, as well, at least as justice scalia saw it and as noted by his son today, neil. >> you know, you think about it on a day we're looking at very heat heated contests in south carolina and nevada and we're living in the moment. it is a sharp reminder that we all meet the same fate. it all ends. sometimes you can step back and see that in a bigger perspective. and maybe think through things a little more. >> well, absolutely. and nothing -- i must say, i found myself almost moved to tears as you saw the casket being brought down and put in
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the hearse followed by the family of antonin scalia. if we're fortunate, we meet the same fate. to be loved by your family, to serve your country, to love your god. that wasn't a bad sendoff. i think most of us would take that bargain. i said yesterday that to be 79 years old, a giant in your profession, to have a wonderful family and to see father paul today. what a credit to antonin and maureen scalia. and to be out doing something you love, quail hunting, and to go to sleep and not wake up. not a bad way to go. and what a beautiful sendoff today. >> and i was getting a lot of e-mails from folks who said they had a feeling that given the pressure on father paul, that his dad was watching very closely. he was a tough grader. but i think he would give him a good review. >> well, i thought the same thing. and, you know, i suspect that
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justice scalia, the late justice scalia, is -- was watching today. probably was very proud of his son. but probably given his disposition, probably had a few corrections he would have made. >> should have been and instead of the. you used the wrong grammar, right? >> and father paul would have accepted it with grace, and kind of said that's my dad. >> that is his dad. chris wallace, it's been moving. and very nice working with you, my friend. chris wallace. >> my pleasure. >> it is a formality that we get used to in life. when a major public figure leaves this planet. something we all do. maybe not quite in this fashion. but for antonin scalia, his long fight back and for the is over. well-chronicled, well reviewed. well-liked. a life well done.
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know better sleep with sleep number. a certainly big day. voters in two states making big decisions today. right now, casting ballots in the south carolina republican primary, and in nevada, heading to their site for the democratic caucuses. hello and welcome to a special saturday edition of america's election headquarters, happening now. i'm jenna lee. >> and a business saturday it is, especially in those two states. i'm john scott. voters in south carolina and nevada choosing their candidate for president. in south carolina, the republican field down to six. and today's primary could narrow that slate even more, with
10:13 am
several candidates under pressure to go big today, or go home. on the other side of the country, hillary clinton and bernie sanders made their last-minute pitches to voters in the silver state of nevada. chief white house correspondent, ed henry, is in the thick of th nevada, just outside las vegas. ed. >> reporter: good to see you, john. i'm outside a caucus site. as you said, it's game on now. it's early check-in for people to arrive. some people have already arrived. a police officer just walked behind me coming off duty, getting ready to caucus. people are ready to go. there's about 250 caucus locations all across the state of nevada. including on the las vegas strip at the winn in caesars palace and that's why hillary clinton and bernie sanders nearly bumped into each other at harr a's, to wrangle caucus-goers to get out here and caucus. last night, as you say, they
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both held rallies. clinton and sanders, and made their last final pitches here. watch. >> i know how hard so many of you have worked. i am so grateful for this campaign, for all the organizers and staff. and i am particularly grateful for all the volunteers, all the doors you have knocked down. all the phone calls you've made. >> it could well be that 10, 20, 30 years from now, people will look back on what happens in nevada and say this was the beginning of the political revolution. >> now, just like iowa and new hampshire, now here in nevada, this is a state where hillary clinton had a double digit lead. the last poll a couple days ago suggested it's a dead heat, extremely tight. this will be very important for momentum moving forward, who wins. but remember, all that controversy in iowa, john, about
10:15 am
coin flips, deciding some close precincts. it turns out, we're told by the nevada democratic party, if there is a tie, not making this up, they decide by taking out a deck of cards. this is vegas, after all. a sanders representative and a clinton representative, each gets to pick a card. high card wins. not making up. that's how they're going to decide. if you thought there was controversy in iowa, there may be some controversy here with a deck of cards, john. >> better than dueling in the streets which is how they used to settle arguments in nevada. >> i agree. >> ed henry, thank you. meanwhile, on the republican side, south carolina voters are heading to the polls for the first southern primary today. our chief political correspondent, carl cameron, is reporting live from south carolina, with more on what's happening on the ground. carl. >> reporter: hi, jenna. ed henry is talking about high cards and i'm going have to talk about low brow. there has been some sharp elbows thrown year night. it's election day, and some of the field is frenzied in its trek around the case. ben carson seven events before
10:16 am
the polls close at 7:00 tonight. and the last couple days, the robocalls have arrived in south carolina, helping the state live up to its reputation for very, very tough campaigning. the first that caught people's attention was one in which donald trump was quoted talking about nikki haley, the republican governor's decision to remove the confederate battle flag from the statehouse grounds last year. this ad comes from a super pac, an independent pac that supports ted cruz. but it's certainly a shot at donald trump. listen to this. >> let it go. >> that's donald trump supporting nikki haley, removing the battle flag from the confederate memorial in columbia. >> respect whatever it is you have to respect, because there was a point in time and put it in the museum. >> people like donald trump are always butting their noses into other people's business. and saturday, send donald trump and his new york values back to manhattan.
10:17 am
>> reporter: another party talks about how donald trump talks about the flag, the confederate battle flag, as if it were a disease. very tough stuff. and a sign that there still are some very, very sore feelings here. and it's a very provocative one. mr. trump said that he hadn't really given it that much thought when he was asked about these -- the resulting ads and robocalls that have come from this. it did appear on some radio. and has said he didn't think it was such a big deal. but it also shows that cruz, the -- that cruz has also disavowed this. he says the super pac is independent, they have no control over it, no coordination. didn't have anything to say about it. and aides have organize argued they don't agree with the tone of it. in the meantime, marco rubio has weighed in on it. and been critical. saying that these types of things are dangerous, that they are tapping into the wrong types of sentiments. particularly in the wake of the mother immanuel shooting and with race being a very, very sense it active subject here in south carolina. this is the kind of thing that isn't going away. and there's now another one out from that very same super pac
10:18 am
today that talks about transgender issues. and uses a woman asking a question of donald trump, saying that she's a lesbian and what would his presidency mean for lgbt issues. and donald trump says, well, we've got to unite, we've got to bring the country together, we've got to be progressive and move forward. and the ad then says, what does that really mean? what does he think progress means? and then it goes on to explain it would mean such things as transgender bathrooms in elementary schools. and being forced to put your religious convictions aside and bake a cake for a same-sex marriage or things of that nature. very, very tough stuff. all this happening on the day of the election. and the trump and cruz campaign saying they've got nothing to do with it. it was a super pac. but it gives an example of just how truly toxic some of the voter suppression exercises can be. because this is the kind of thing that turns people off and prevents them from going to the polls. it ain't working, because we're being told the turnout is large across the state and is likely to break the record of 600,000 of the republican primary.
10:19 am
>> as you're talking, carl, marco rubio is coming out telling ted cruz to repute aid those commercials. and ted cruz's spokesperson saying that rubio is just trying to show -- come out ahead of this, because he's going to lose in south carolina. so i mean, here we are. it's 1:00 eastern time. 1:19, here we are. >> there was a development last night at one of rubio's events that was really quite dramatic. a man was taken ill and was sort of able to get to the back of the room and lie down on the floor. and the crowd -- rubio announced there was somebody who was having a hard time and the crowd then suggested they pray. and rubio led the room in prayer. and over the next 45 minutes or so, there were allegations made and the rubio campaign has spoken out against this and denounced it. that the rubio campaign may have actually planted a man getting ill in order to prop up -- or create a way to end his event and drop out of the race. i mean, they've had to it actually put out a statement saying that's completely erroneous, what a horrible thing to be said. and the guy is apparently all right, the man who has taken ill
10:20 am
last night. but on the eve of the south carolina primary, that's the kind of stuff that partisans for unnamed candidates do on facebook and twitter and everything else. just trying to mess with the other guy's support. >> you know as well as anybody that at these campaign events it gets hot, crowded and we see these reports more times than not. and obvious times we don't cover them because you have somebody fainting in the crowd. there is some medical, hopefully minor medical situation. so but that just gives an idea of the emotion and tension on the ground in south carolina, carl. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. certainly more from south carolina throughout the day today. in the meantime, we're also watching what's happening in nevada. >> where the doors are just about to open. in nevada for democratic voters to gather and pick their candidate for president. so exactly what happens inside a caucus there? we'll take a look. also, how will the outsiders fare today as voters consider so many issues facing the country. one of them, the feud between apple and the federal government that comes down to security versus privacy. we shouldn't be playing
10:21 am
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the democratic caucuses in nevada and the republican primary in south carolina are huge tests for the outsider candidates this election season. in the republican field, donald trump dominated for months, and won decisively in new hampshire. bernie sanders is giving hillary clinton all she can handle, nearly matching her total in iowa and demolishing her in new hampshire. so how will these outsiders fare with voters today? let's talk about it with david avila, republican strategist. nicole graham is a democratic
10:25 am
strategist. and an attorney. welcome to both of you. nicole, to you first. what's the appeal of the outsiders this next year? >> well, you know, i think trump's base would argue this. i think actually, the american public, they're kind of acting like the 1960s hippies. they're done. they're done with the establishment. they're done with people lying. and they want somebody else. somebody fresh. and i think that's part of the appeal. >> and bernie sanders, from your party, is he the outsider? >> you know, he's been in the senate for years, and you would see on paper, you would think he was an outsider. i mean, an insider. but who is more insider than hillary clinton? she lived in the white house. so compared to hillary clinton, he's the outsider. >> david, it seems like there are lots of outsiders still left in the republican race. >> you know, our field really breaks down into three groups. you have those who want to completely blow up the system
10:26 am
and start over. and those tend to be your donald trump and ben carson supporters. you have those who believe that republicans haven't been true to conservative principles, and we need to -- but we need to get someone who can win, and that breaks down into the ted cruz and marco rubio supporters. and then you have your traditional grass roots republicans, which -- who favor george -- jeb bush, and john kasich. now, that's fluid. certainly, there is overlap amongst those groups. personified by the fact that tonight, 10% of south carolina primary voters say they're still undecided. and 25% say that they still may switch their vote before they cast it tonight. so while we talk about insider/outsider labels, may not be the best way to describe voters. it's really those looking for someone who is going to shake up the system versus someone who is going to handle the status quo.
10:27 am
because let's keep in mind, ted cruz has been in elective office and has had a government paycheck most of his life. and as we see every day with donald trump, he is a master politician. >> are you surprised, david, at how well donald trump is doing, given the fact that he hadn't run for office before? >> look, donald trump has a message that american voters, and i would say not just republicans, because donald trump won new hampshire with democrat -- with independent votes. and is doing very well in south carolina with democrat and independent votes, because they can vote in the republican primary. he is talking about conservative ideas that americans support, which is securing the border, which is getting job creation going. and most importantly, which really appeals to american voters, is that he's willing to say exactly what he means, whether that's politically correct or not. >> nicole, in our latest fox news poll, bernie sanders overtook hillary clinton for the
10:28 am
first time on a national basis. i mean, could you see an election where we have a donald trump taking on bernie sanders? >> you know what, right now it seems like that. and i think one of the things that we would have to think about is if bernie sanders versus donald trump. we would have another outsider come into the race. i think michael bloomberg would become a serious candidate. so while we say, you know, it would be donald trump versus sanders, i think it would be trump versus sanders versus bloomberg. and i do think that's a very big possibility. >> we have had, obviously, a democratic administration in power for the last seven years, going on eight, nicole. does it worry you that people really in both parties are so agitated for change, it seems? >> you know what, on the surface would seem to bother people. but the thing is, america was based on the concept of we're not going to take the establishment. you know, we've always had the american people, their will is
10:29 am
what decides what happens in america. and while i think, you know, it might be troubling to the actual base of the party, the american people, their will, is what makes up eventually who is an insider and who is an outsider. so, you know, we follow the will of the people. >> it's going to be a fascinating ride to november. nicole graham, david avella, thank you both. >> thank you. hillary clinton on the defensive on the topic of trustworthiness. we're going to show the interview that is giving her critics more fuel. up next. save like a pro at bass pro shops' spring fishing classic - like bass pro utility boxes - 4 for $10. this spool of trilene maxx fishing line for under $5. and save $100 on a pro qualifier reel and johnny morris carbonlite baitcast combo. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that.
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back now on primary day in south carolina. jeb bush is making a very big push in south carolina, despite questions about the future of his campaign. watch this. >> there is a report in politico tonight that several jeb bush campaign workers are shopping their resumes, believing that you will not continue on after south carolina. is that true? >> with all due respect to politico, let's let the voters decide this. i don't read politico. i think it's trash. >> as we sit here on the eve of south carolina, the voting to begin in ten hours or so, what's your final message to the voters there? >> well, that we can grow our economy at 4% rather than 2%. that we can restore the military cuts to keep us strong. that we need a commander in chief and president of the united states that will restore
10:34 am
america's leadership in the world. people are deeply pessimistic about the future. they're latching on to the big horse on the stage, and in the case of the republican nomination. but that guy isn't going to solve their problems. i can. >> here's what jeb bush had to say this morning. >> meeting expectations, this is the third of a 55 jurisdiction process, 50 states and a few territories. and such a volatile time to be able to meet expectations would be helpful. and i think we'll do that. we'll see. >> senior editor of the daily caller. a political reporter for the "boston globe." great to have you with us today. as we look at south carolina, specifically for jeb bush, and we'll talk about others, as well. jamie, one thing we see from iowa and narp, beating expectations can be as important as coming in number one. what does jeb bush need to do to beat expectations? >> well, i mean, he really needs to get in the top three to continue on, in my opinion.
10:35 am
i mean, he might go on, but his campaign will be functionally over. i mean, if you look back at new hampshire, he spent tens of millions of dollars and came in fourth place. he tried to claim that as a victory. he comes down to south carolina, brings out everything. brings his father to campaign for him. calls it bush country. if he can't get in the top three, it's hard to see not where he can win, but where he can even get in third place going forward anywhere. so anything less than third place is -- why is he even staying in the race. >> james, do you see it the same way? >> yeah, this is about the political argument as to why jeb bush can stay in the race. top three, that's fine. what we're also talking about is the rest of the field. there are certain questions here about moving after south carolina, do we have a two-person race between donald trump and ted cruz or a third-person race that also involves marco rubio. now we're asking the question, where does jeb bush fit in this? clearly he has to get in third to even be in the conversation. but then what kind of third-place showing are we looking at? still a two-person race between
10:36 am
cruz and trump or does it involve someone like bush or rubio? >> a good question. one thing i don't want to do -- i asked the question about beating expectation. there sometimes becomes this self-fulfilling prophecy with the media when different journalists start circling a candidate saying, "are you getting out, are you getting out." which isn't fair either. which is why we wanted to play jeb bush's arguments to the south carolina voters, because they're going to be casting their votes today. we'll see what they do. in the meantime, on megyn kelly's show last night, one of the candidates like jeb bush and john kasich, some voters are now feeling if they cast a ballot for them, it's really casting a ballot for donald trump. it keeps the field wide and doesn't allow the narrowing that might allow some more filtering out of different candidates in the republican field. what do you think about that? >> i think there's no question that's the case. there's a question also of electability. i mean, if you're supporting jeb bush because you think he's the best candidate, great.
10:37 am
but can he actually win? are you allowing this rate to continue to be fractured which only helps donald trump, because he can win by getting 30%. so i do think voters go in thinking along those lines sometimes. are they just wasting their photo on jeb bush or worse than wasting their vote by voting for jeb bush, are they helping donald trump continue his victories at 30% by now allowing the support to consolidate around other anti trump candidates. >> we mentioned cameron and marco rubio and ted cruz and their campaigns going back and forth. there's a little bit of a battle playing out between john kasich and jeb bush's campaigns this morning. john kasich, one of his chief campaign officials saying there is no way forward for jeb bush. but there is a way forward for kasich, because of what happened in new hampshire for kasich, beating expectations there. and in the meantime, jeb bush's head official came out and said that jeb bush is running -- is -- said that john kasich is running a zombie campaign,
10:38 am
trying to win the vice presidential sweepstakes. that's where we're at. are either of them right? >> yeah, again, this is about a two or three-person contest. that conversation right now does not involve people like jeb bush, john kasich or ben carson, who we have not even mentioned. look, going after today, jeb bush says he's getting on a plane and he's going to have events in reno and in las vegas for the nevada caucuses, where he is at 1%. today john kasich is not even in south carolina. he's in massachusetts, and in vermont. and then i think a further part of that quote says -- john kasich has a three-state strategy in vermont, massachusetts and i guess ohio. for them right now, they still are not part of this bigger argument. and i think when we talk about jeb bush, we're missing the bigger piece about today in south carolina. since 1988, south carolina has correctly picked the nominee for the republican party, except for last time when it came to newt gingrich. and if donald trump wins, he's going to win two out of the
10:39 am
first three states, he's ahead big in nevada. today may be the day that donald trump becomes the nominee. >> interesting. james, let me stay with you for a moment. james, one of the things we're putting on the bottom of the screen, while you're speaking, is that -- one of the items you told one of our producers, which is that jeb bush has the money. and he doesn't have anything to lose. and when it comes to the issue of money, perhaps he doesn't have to get out of the race. if he doesn't get in the top three, which is unlikely. but we don't know until we get the result. >> right. if you want to look at the elements of this campaign right now, there are only ways to evaluate how a campaign is doing. their money, which he certainly has. their organization, which he sort of has but is dwindling a little bit and then polling, which he does not have going for him. the political argument is the reason he needs to go on. he certainly has the money. though i remind you, so did rick perry. he had $11 million in his super pac and decided to drop out. >> fair point. when james said we might know today if donald trump is the
10:40 am
nominee for the republican party -- i heard -- i don't want to characterize what i heard. talk to us. >> i don't think so. i think it would be big for donald trump to win. but after march 15th, going forward, those are actually better states for someone like marco rubio. now, it's not an easy task and it would be big if donald trump won. but if this race now were down to a two-person field from march 15th going forward, that other person, that non donald trump candidate, for instance, marco rubio could win and is polling better in some states. it would be big. >> and we'll certainly watch -- >> unless those two candidates are donald trump and ted cruz, which is the winner of iowa and new hampshire. we have a lot to talk about. not just about south carolina. we have to keep our days moving forward, as well. gentlemen, great to have you both. it's an interesting day and we look forward to having you back. thank you. >> thank you. in other news today, north korea firing a few rounds near the border with the south, as tensions run high after the north's nuclear and missile
10:41 am
tests. plus, hillary clinton gets a question in a tv interview. has she always told the truth to the american people? we'll have her answer to that question and let you be the judge. coming up. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea,
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here's a look at head lines. two officers are recovering after a shootout with an armed suspect. officials say the suspect rammed his vehicle into a patrol car following a pursuit, then started shooting. officers returned fire, hitting him several times. injured officers are expected to be okay. the suspect is in critical condition. north korea escalating tensions with its neighbor, south korea. the north reportedly firing artillery rounds near the disputed sea border between the two koreas. this follows the nuclear missile test we have been watching so closely. and u.s. air strike in libya targeting isis may have killed two hostages. serbia says two embassy staffers are among the dead in yesterday's air strike. the men were captured by the
10:45 am
terrorists in november. well, the question of honesty and integrity pops up yet again for hillary clinton after a televised interview ahead of today's democratic caucuses in nevada. here is secretary clinton with scott pelley. >> i have to tell you, i have tried in every way i know how literally from my years as a young lawyer all wait through my time as secretary of state to level with the american people. >> you talk about leveling with the american people. have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to. always. always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself. always tried to. jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you know, you're asking me to say have i ever. i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever will. i'm going to do the best i can to level with the american people. >> tammy bruce is a radio talk show host. ellen ratner, bureau chief for talk media news.
10:46 am
both are fox news contributors and comprise our media panel today. tammy, how did she do with that answer, answering that question? >> painful. look, i'm a feminist. i want women in power. i want them to do well. it's an embarrassment. she -- this is why she has problems across the field during a campaign. she -- even when she is denying she is lying, she can't really even deny it. she appears to be untruthful. she appears to be uncomfortable with her own sense of self. and this is what the irony is. clearly, the woman has lied in a variety of ways across the years. and maybe she was determined to then not lie when being asked about it, and as a result, she confirms she's effectively a liar. it's heartbreaking. it's a shame that this is the leading candidate for the democrats. this is why the democrats need super delegates, because someone like this would not give the natural public vote. but it's heartbreaking, it's a
10:47 am
shame. but it's a highlight of why she hasn't had a press conference drawn with her own traveling press corps with the campaign for 78 days. it's why people when they meet her don't trust her. it's that demeanor. >> ellen, you see it differently? >> i do, actually. first of all, we all lie. we tell people, they look younger when they don't. we ask people how they feel a particular day and they say great and they're lying about that. it has to do with intent and deceptive practices. perhaps the best person to talk about this is backe and her book online. and we all lie, and the question is what is the intent in public life. and i don't believe that hillary clinton intends to lie ever. she is not like lbj who said he wasn't going to send young people into vietnam and then did. that's a very different kind of situation. i believe that she has been honest with the american people to the degree that any of us are honest. >> but, you know, this came after jimmy carter famously said
10:48 am
"i will not lie could you." he was coming off of the nixon years, which the american people obviously found so distasteful. why could she not be a little more 100%, ellen? >> i think she was about as 100% as any human being could be. i think that she was being honest in terms of saying, i have tried to be honest. what more can any of us ask for? >> but, you know, tammy -- 57% of the american people have said that they don't find heretically honest and trustworthy. and that -- the number is not quite as high among democrats. but this is not just a right wing conspiracy. >> yeah. and i adore ellen. but, boy, ellen, are you wrong. look, we know she went out and blamed the right wing conspiracy when she knew about monica lewinsky and what was happening with her husband. we know with the benghazi hearings she lied about the video, the youtube video for benghazi to the parents of the
10:49 am
fallen. so these are not about the maybe everyday little asides we might make. none of us have to wonder if we're going to be a liar or not. when you're in that position, it's very strange. and when you yourself are not sure, none of us are ever in that position about the larger issues. and yes, this is why bernie sanders in large part is so refreshing for the democrats. it's a shame that they need to turn to a socialist for some level of personal honesty. but this is a result of her problem, the situation republicans are facing are a result of a same kind of large government that has dismissed the american people. this is backlash, and not being truthful and not being trustworthy is hillary's problem. >> so, ellen, you think if she had come out and said, yes, i've always been honest with the american people, people wouldn't have liked that, because everybody fibs and people would have seen through it? >> i think she said exactly what she should have said, which is i have tried to be honest with the american people.
10:50 am
now, i mean, the american people at the voting booth are going to have to decide, first of all, in the primary, is it bernie, is it hillary. and who is the most honest in terms of their bernie, is it hillary, and who is the most honest in terms of their program. then eventually they have to decide with the republican candidate and whoever the democrat candidate is. so the american people are going to get to weigh in on that. >> we will see. that's why this nevada caucus is so fascinating. thank you both. senator ted cruz looking for a strong finish in south carolina. we're live with a look at what his team is doing to try to push him to the top of the republican field. that's next. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older.
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let's check out what's ahead
10:54 am
on a special edition of outnumbered at the top of the hour. >> well, today is the day. will south carolina be another win for donald trump? why he is topping evangelical polls there despite his divorces and coarse language. and what about those reports that can be it for jeb bush? we'll discuss that. as democrats caucus in nevada, hillary clinton's once-commandi ining lead -- gon. is apple's refusal to unlock a terrorist's i foep juiphone j marketing stunt, as the feds claim. >> it is "outnumbered." top of the hour. back to you. senator ted cruz hoping for an upset in south carolina. his campaign reaching out to as many voters as possible. in an effort to close the gap with front-runner donald trump. our chief washington correspondent james rosen is live in columbia, south carolina
10:55 am
with more on the cruz campaign. >> reporter: good afternoon from cruz campaign headquarters in south carolina, capital of columbia, aides say they're confident their man is going to win tonight, in large part on the strength of something called operation gideon which is aimed at turning out the all-important evangelical vote. to the surprise of many, gop front-runner, donald trump thrice married, given to y outbursts of profanity, more prone to quoting from "the art of the deal" than from scripture, the cruz campaign has recreted 10,000 volunteers and enlisted the righteous energies of more than 300 pastors drawn from all of south carolina's 46 counties to make outreach to faith-based voters, christian to kwi christian to christian. stephen williamson from yosemite
10:56 am
baptist church is one of them. >> you have so many evangelicals that will vote for trump. you're going to have that here in south carolina. i believe that they were voting more out of seeing somebody attack political correctness instead of following the bible. senator cruz also attacks political correctness. he's not going to go along just because it is politically correct. he wants to make sure it is b biblically correct. there are new developments in the battle between apple and the fbi. what the justice department wants now in this tug-of-war between national security and personal privacy. account for him. yes yes. great thanks to mom and dad and their safe
10:57 am
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10:59 am
top henderson, nevada, the
11:00 am
caucuses are under way for the democrats. we'll be watching what's happening in nevada and south carolina. we'll bring you all the latest numbers from both of those states starting tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. >> that's it for us. "outnumbered" starts right now. this is a fox news alert. it is decision day. voting is under way in two states right now. it's just starting for the democrats in the hotly contested nevada caucuses. and for republicans, in the south carolina primary. polls have been open since 7:00 a.m. this is "outnumbered." welcome back. >> great to be back. i'm a veteran now.


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