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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 20, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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caucuses are under way for the democrats. we'll be watching what's happening in nevada and south carolina. we'll bring you all the latest numbers from both of those states starting tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. >> that's it for us. "outnumbered" starts right now. this is a fox news alert. it is decision day. voting is under way in two states right now. it's just starting for the democrats in the hotly contested nevada caucuses. and for republicans, in the south carolina primary. polls have been open since 7:00 a.m. this is "outnumbered." welcome back. >> great to be back. i'm a veteran now.
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it's great. >> your fans are behind you. >> strategist doesn't do you justice. >> is you're the best. you appreciate my value. >> let's get started. hillary clinton and bernie sanders duking it out in what's become a very close race in nevada. we'll get to that in a minute. but we begin in the palmetto state where six candidates are battling it out in the first in the south contest which could go a very long way in defining the republican race for the white house. gop front-runner donald trump looking for his second straight victory once the dust clears tonight, will he have a win by a large margin like he did in new hampshire? in the meantime, ted cruz and marco rubio appear to be fighting it out for second place. or could we see some surprise finishes?
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and today could be make or break for other candidates, including jeb bush. politico reporting that even his most steadfast allies think that it might be the end today in that donors have stopped giving to him. the bush camp pushing back on that report and refuting another -- that several of his campaign workers -- listen to this -- they're already sending out their resumes looking for new jobs. we will get to that in a minute. but first let's look at the front-runner. donald trump has a commanding lead. we've seen this before. despite all the stories that we talked about again and again, he's proven trocontroversial, h feud with the pope still holding a commanding lead. does he still hold that lead today? >> there is no reason to think he won't. in iowa when trump slipped into second place, there were some indicators ahead of time, the lack of a ground organization, for example, that made us understand why he could have come in second. in new hampshire he changed the story. he's taking that story right into south carolina. the big deal here is that you
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have march 1st, super tuesday. a lot of states very similar to south carolina in the southeast. if trump wins big, this is the template that he is going to now have set for the next several weeks of this campaign giving him a huge delegate advantage. let's not forget this is all about delegate acquisition and momentum. those two things can be solidified for trump with a big south carolina win. that looks very likely. >> is he already running a general election campaign? >> you know, that point's been made when he took on president bush, for example, in that south carolina speech that he had given on behalf of his brother, jeb, claiming that somehow he was complicit or at least at fault for 9/11. lied about wmd. people said he is appealing to a larger base. i don't think he is yet. i think trump runs the trump strategy. i don't think he plays with those conventional lines of the primary strategy, general election strategy. >> he's got to be thinking about it, because he is very shrewd. >> yeah. i think that donald trump understands that it is not going to be a structural general election campaign that's going
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to lead to donald trump. it is going to be one that has a lot of voters who are looking for something different, shopping around who like the disruption and the authenticity he has brought. i for one have a serious issue if the republican party doesn't somehow fight back against this idea that our potential nominee has said that george w. bush is the cause of 9/11. i think that is insulting and it could lead to -- >> but trump goes back to you've got to show up. that's what he keeps telling his supporters on the ground. we know he's assembled this broad coalition of voters who have not voted in previous elections. they're first-time voters, they're infrequent voters. >> they're immovable. when they decide they want to vote for him, there's no getting them to budge either way. talk a little bit about that second tier candidates, cruz versus rubio is this today, as i see it, the fight for that sort of establishment or second-tier candidate that could take on trump? >> ted cruz was speaking at one of the theaters there in charleston on the ground yesterday. he basically very much spelled
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out that marco rubio has the most to lose today. he's pointing out the fact that he's gotten these big endorsements. nikki haley this week. tim scott. trey gowdy. he's saying with all of those endorsements coming this week, if he doesn't pull off a wig win or at least a big second place finish, that's going to be very painful. >> there's something specific about those endorsements, too. they're establishment-like endorsements. not like. like. so then the question becomes is that the new establishment candidate. and if he doesn't do well, that's not something greater about the establishment in the republican party. are they not able to elevate the stars the way that they think that they can? if we could just step back for one second on donald trump. is it a true win for donald trump if he wins less -- by less than 10%? i'm reading in some quarters that now that the percentage has shrunk between them, between him particularly and cruz, but also
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the rest of the pack, that it is not as much a victory if he comes in less than 10%. it might be an indication that he saw some divot making. like crater sized is divot. maybe krypton night, ite, if yo. maybe some of the ted cruz anti-trump advertising that was out there. first he thought he'd see if he could sue to get more air. but also the back and forth with the pope. you saw him soften be his position. we talked about it on the couch. if he wins that less than 10% what do you think? >> you bring up a good point which is ted cruz. this is a variable we have a hard time handicapping. he has a great ground organization in the south, particularly south carolina. he's worked this for years. this is not something that he's decided to do in the last three months. so i wouldn't bet against it. is it enough though to your point narrow that huge trump gas. andrea's right, have you a third of this republican electorate even beyond south carolina that
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is unshakeable for donald trump. they like the fact he is this outsider, secular conservative. it is not an ideological battle for trump. it is a practical battle, it is doing what's right making america great. good stuff, nonetheless, that l really motivates voters. but rubio is another one, you can't rule him out. >> look at these other candidates and talk about what happens after south carolina. is there a pathway for a ted cruz in a super tuesday? is there a pathway? he is more conservative. he isn't as establishment. i mean he and donald trump are the outsides which speaks to how people really want these outsiders because they are the arguable front-runners. rubio, more electable than cruz. >> typically you have the establishment candidate, then the non-establishment candidate. here you've got three. rubio/bush/kasich in the establishment lane. donald trump in some very bizarre lane which i'll get to in a second.
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then you've got ted cruz who's in his own lane as the snae anti-establishment, you think evangelical wing of the party except he seems to be competing for the evangelical vote for a guy who says he loves what planned parenthood does. he made incredibly controversial statements about the mandate of obama that he'd want to keep it. >> it hasn't hurt him the way i think traditional republican -- >> let's keep going. he got intoa tiff with the pope! he's an iconoclast, yet he tends to lead, which brings me back to the question of what does the republican party stand for these days, if all they want is a guy who rhetorically says i'm going to win. >> that's a very fair point. when you look at ted cruz versus
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a donald trump, i do call trump the outsider secular. cruz is really the outsider evangelical. he understands conservatism wise what we want to see done from the president. a lot of these issues, what he said about bush, the battle with the pope, i don't think it will have a short-term impact on trump. the question is will it have a long-term one. >> can we focus on jeb bush? we talked about the top of the show, jeb bush, this could be his last stand. he started with a $100 million war chest. that's a lot of money. a lot of big donors pulling out. campaign staffers shopping resumes. >> apparently he's been working the phone himself. >> you know when the money dries up, it's big trouble. >> but to be fair, he went on with megyn kelly last night and she asked him about this. he said i don't know anything about this. he's there to give it his best shot today. but it does appear by some of the reports that are coming out of the state right now that his campaign is in trouble. could it be his last stand?
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he's got to have a strong showing today for us to believe that he's in it. >> harris, he was on with megyn kelly last night and he responded to those reports of staffers shopping resume. >> there is a report in politico tonight that several jeb bush campaign workers are shopping their resumes believing that you will not continue on after south carolina. is that true? >> with all due respect to politico, let's let the voters decide this. i don't read politico. i think it is trash. >> i may have spoken for him by saying that he didn't know anything about it. he didn't actually answer the question but it leads you to know if he knew anything reportable he might have said it then. he certainly didn't. but a couple of things are going on that are also similar to marco rubio. he had members of the, if you will, establishment elite behind him. okay? his brother coming out. former president george w. bush on the trail, and drawing some fire from donald trump as he became a lightning rod on trail. you had his mom come out --
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again. because we saw that previously in new hampshire. so those are really elite members. those are some of the icons in the establishment, if you will. if, again, jeb bush cannot -- just like i said about marco rubio -- move that needle any, this says something greater about the republican party. they have to really sit down and have some good talks about the establishment versus these guys who are at the top and who are not. >> that is your point exactly, what ha irrrris just said. why is it different this time around? it's different because i think he does use those establishment candidates. the bush mom, the bush brother. you wrote a big column about this. it is the bush legacy that gave us donald trump. they are sickened with politics as usual. >> but two reasons to why he's having problems. one, first and foremost, we're having a year where people are just sick of the establishment. you see it on the democratic side. you see it on the republican side.
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secondly, don't discount the fact that he is just a horrible candidate. >> he's had some tough times. >> it's not on anybody else. he's truly not just been a good candidate. you look at his brother who was an amazing candidate. he's not his brother. he doesn't have it in him to be the candidate that he needed to be this time around. >> as i watched that interview last night with megyn kelly, one thing rang true to me. i kept saying, well, what would his brother do to answer this particular question? like i was wondering what the other members of the family would say. because he struggles at times. we saw him the first time he was asked about the iraq war. how many times did it take him to answer that question? >> look, think george w. bush wouldn't have the same problems as jeb for the precise reason that julie alluded to, he was just a much stronger candidate, authentic. and he was likable, accessible. i think jeb comes across as a little more stand-offish. there are parallel things happening here. this is a result of -- trump is the result of the obama administration's failures, colliding with the failure of the republican establishment leadership in the congress to
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fight those failures and prevent it. number one. number two, donald trump is also the product of an electorate that is just fed up. we saw the seeds of this in the tea party in 2010. it's metastasized to a point that's uncontrollable by either party establishment. >> on the staffer story, it just seems like they spent so much time attacking people who have called this race accurately and pointed out the mistakes of his poor behavior as a candidate rather than actually try and rectify those mistakes themselves. could get wild. out in the west, woo-hoo! democrats in nevada caucuses today for clinton or sanders. hillary once holding a 25-point lead in that state. but poof! it's gone and it is a dead heat now. so we are all over today's contest. we'll ask our resident democrat. keep it right here throughout the day, into the evening, because the awesome team starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern and we start to get a picture of the results. again that starts at 7:00 p.m.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. the highly contested democratic caucuses are getting under way right now in nevada. you're looking at a caucus room. that's how they do it there. pt state was supposed to be
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hillary clinton's fire wall. she was leading by double digits just a few months ago, but the latest poll shows the former secretary of state is now neck and neck with vermont senator bernie sanders. this as a new batch of hillary clinton's e-mails were just released. 64 of them now upgraded to confidential. bringing the total number of classified e-mails to more than 1,700. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live for us from henderson, nevada. good to see you, ed. big day out there. what are you expecting or what is expected as far as turnout in the state? >> well, that's a good question. what's interesting, early check-in at these caucus sites, about 250 sites across the entire state, 11:15 a.m. turnout is always important in
11:19 am
any caucus or primary but particularly here in nevada because if you think back to 2008 when you had this very exciting race for democrats between barack obama and hillary clinton when there was great interest, turnout being increased around the country. nevada still has very low turnout of about 27% among democrats. that was disappointing to the party so they want to see a bigger turnout today. with bernie sanders sort of exciting young people and others within the democratic party with his views further on the left, the enthusiasm we've seen generating, they are expecting pretty strong turnout today. sanders' camp is saying if there's strong turnout they think they're going to win. remember there's been a pattern here which is iowa, new hampshire, now nevada. as you say, started out as doub double-digit leads for clinton. iowa was very, very close for clinton. but new hampshire was a blow-out win for sanders. today we are looking to see who wins not just for the victory
11:20 am
but for the momentum swing. >> as i led in to you, ed, i mentioned this new batch of hillary clinton e-mails that have been released. 64 were upgraded to confidential now bringing the total number of classified messages to 1,731. how does this e-mail scandal continue to impact her campaign? >> reporter: well, long term it has always seemed like if hillary clinton wins the nomination, this is going to be a much bigger general election story because the republicans have been hammering her on it, whereas bernie sanders consistently says he doesn't care about the e-mail issue. when you talk to the sanders camp in private, what they mean is, they say look, there's an fbi investigation. that's for real. they don't want bernie sanders to act like he is politicizing it. that could turn off democrats in the party, one. but two, the sanders camp feels it is baked into the cake. hillary clinton said at the beginning of this there was no
11:21 am
classified on the server. with the drib drib out there, the sanders camp is confidence that the american people, whether in the primaries now or in the general election eventually, are going to be able to make their own decisions about whether she was telling the truth. >> before we let you go, bernie sanders now is taking advantage of some things. he doesn't even have to talk about this e-mail scandal. when he is talking about it, as i understand this, he's pushing for the transcripts and those high-paid speeches to be released on hillary clinton. he's going around, she's in circles now with some of thistu. >> yeah. because remember, she said i'm looking in to it as to whether or not i can release them or will release the transcripts of those speeches. number one, it's now been a few weeks since that debate where she said she was looking into it. the sanders camp now has this website with sort of a countdown clock with how long hillary clinton has been looking into that issue of transparency. i think the substantive point is that the sanders camp believes that perhaps hillary clinton getting high-priced speeches from wall street, companies like
11:22 am
goldman sachs, may have been saying something in private about a coziness with wall street. again allegedly. because we don't know what happened behind closed doors. that would be different than her talk in public now on this campaign to excite the left by trying to say she would crackdown on wall street. other point i'd make is real quick, you remember all that controversy coming out of iowa because of the coin flips that were determining some very close precincts between sanders and clinton. not making this up, but here in nevada two make sense with las vegas and all, they're actually going to use ooh dea deck of ca settle ties. you throw a deck of cards on the table. each camp picks one and the higher card gets it. you have to shuffle the card seven times. i don't know why. i like the number seven. but they really don't want to leave this to chance. they're rolling vegas style. >> that also tells us nobody when it is game day -- nobody is better prepared than harris.
11:23 am
>> don't forget, you have to cut the deck, too. ed henry, thank you for joining us live from henderson, nevada. a lot going on there today. we continue to see hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck in the polls. >> yeah. there's so much polling data that contradicts. bernie makes up ground fast though. all of this talk about hillary has double-digit leads in michigan and south carolina, that potentially evaporates if he shocks her here. in nevada she was up by double digits in nevada, she was up by double digits in new hampshire and iowa. one. two, there is absolutely no doubt about it, bernie sanders is a real candidate. he's leading against republicans in national polling more than hillary is. in fact the only one who's losing again in the numbers according to latest polls i've seen is marco rubio whereas hillary loses to all three consistency, trump, cruz and
11:24 am
rubio. this idea that bernie is unelectable, that's being totally demystified. >> in fairness, he's not electable -- nobody is taken shots at him yet. they're taking shots at her. >> i'm not for either of them. >> right. look, here's the problem for hillary clinton. ed pointed it out so well. this is not a white state. remember, everybody kept saying bernie sanders does well in places like iowa or new hampshire but they don't reflect the democratic primary base. nevada which the clinton campaign, again, for reasons are mysterious to me said it is really a white state. no, it is not. nevada is a really diverse state. full of latinos, full of african-americans. it is somewhat reflective of south carolina, not as much, but very reflective of it demographically. she must do well here. if she doesn't do well here, south carolina is her firewall. she's leading by huge margins there. but he's got an ability to make up ground really very quickly. she needs to do well in clark
11:25 am
county which is where she's spending moefrt ining most of nevada. if you see a massive turnout today, that helps him. >> a sign that bernie sanders is starting to pose a bigger threat to the republican side of the equation, ted cruz in a speech yesterday, they're no longer just saying i'm the one to beat hillary clinton -- now "or bernie sanders." >> i know, it is the best news. right? julie's absolutely right. i think that you got to watch the key indicators of turnout, also how well bernie sanders does with that minority vote. lots of latinos, african-americans. we'll see how he does. also, 8-1 margin winning young people in new hampshire. are they going to turn out in those rural states -- or counties, i should say. that's where he is really focusing his resources. if he pulls off a big win, i think in nevada it is going to be a domino effect. the onus really is on him. she could survive because of the delegate mass and she has a superdelega
11:26 am
superdelegate. but if he pulls off a big win in nevada it is going to be so hard for her to argue she is a strong candidate and she is the presumptive front-runner. >> i don't know how you can do anything else but stay with fox news today. it's true. supreme court justice ant nin blantonin scalia laid to re today. why president obama could not fit the funeral into his schedule. we'll debate it next. relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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try cool mint zantac. hey, need fast heartburn relief? it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. loved ones, colleagues, political leaders all paying their final respects to justice antonin scalia today. scalia's casket departing for are a private burial service just a short time ago following a public funeral mass you saw on fox news channel earlier this morning. supreme court correspondent shannon bream is live for us outside the basilica of the
11:31 am
shrine for emaculate conception. >> reporter: hi, harris. as much as it was a somber day, it was a celebration as well of justice scalia's life. there were thousands here, including his eight remaining colleagues on the supreme court bench, and vice president and mrs. joe biden here representing the administration. but of course today the focus on his family. there were 64 of them by our count who were gathered on the steps here to walk in to the basilica with his casket as it was taken in for the celebration of funeral mass by his son. he has nine children. one of them said one of them had to take one for the team. it is a devout catholic family. his son paul celebrated mass at times it was personal and poignant. he talked about his father's believe there was no need for to you separate your believe for love of god for love of country. >> he knew well what a close-run thing the founding of our nation was. and he saw in that founding, as did the founders themselves, a
11:32 am
blessing, a blessing quickly lost when faith is banned from the public square or when we refuse to bring it there. >> he also went -- had to tell a story about his father chiding him for taking confessions one saturday. he didn't have a problem with the timing but it turned out justice scalia was in line. when he found out it was his son who would be taking confessions, he quickly left and went home. justice clarence thomas also spoke today reading some scripture he wanted to share. here's a little bit of justice thomas. >> hope does not disappoint, because a lot of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit that has been given to us. >> an interesting bit of irony here today in that when we walked in we had to come through some baptist protesters. you are familiar with them often at funerals of fallen service
11:33 am
members. today they had signs that we couldn't print or tell you on television. but the interesting thing is reremembered a few years ago they had a free speech case at the supreme court. they won that case to continue doing what they're doing by an 8-1 vote. justice scalia voted in favor of them having that right that they exercised here today. one person notably absent from today's services, president obama. we knew that he was not going. he and the first lady paid their respects yesterday as justice scalia lay in repose at the supreme court. instead, the white house says the president will spend a significant portion of this weekend reviewing potential supreme court nominees. so doing some homework. here the president is pictured walking through the white house with a binder under his arm. said to be filled with information on a list of individuals he is considering. the last time that we saw a president not attend a funeral of a sitting member of the supreme court was 1954. it was eisenhower. and it was justice jackson who
11:34 am
was known to be probably liberal appointed by roosevelt. but not a lot of political fanfare that the brain room and i could find today. this though is different. we are now in a very divided time in our nation politically. what are your thoughts? >> well, correct, harris. the president himself in his own words during the state of the union called for national civility of conversational politics in the sort of healing and reconciliation. these are the types of events that give the president the power of symbolism to do that, to take the nation through a healing process together. for a man who was iconic regardless of his politics and no different than that of the president who was the longest serving justice on the supreme court, one who died while still serving as justice. there's something here that really bothers me because i believe there should be tradition that presidents of both parties carry on and create and these are not just state funerals where you send the vice president to go to the president of guadalupe's funeral. this man was part after co-equal branch of government who in many ways was a thought leader in this branch.
11:35 am
for the president to say i got a bunch of binders to look through strikes me as very lame and really sad, to be honest. >> it is so interesting what you say. i see julie nodding her head on that tradition. >> i think you're right about the tradition. if i were in the president's shoes i would have gone. i will say having gone to countless catholic funerals, i think we all have been, it is not an affair of state. it is a religious ceremony. typically you don't have eulogies. you have homilies. you saw the son give a beautiful eulogy about his father. reports of the family said the president did the right thing but not going but paying his respects the day before. i note there is a memorial service planned on march 1st which is not a religious ceremony as this was today. but a memorial service. i hope the president does go to that. i think that would be very significant and a very inspirati inspirational thing to do. to say listen, we probably profoundly disagree as
11:36 am
constitutional scholars on both sides, but this man was a leader. i hope the president does go march 1st. i'm not sure if today would have been appropriate to go. >> just to move this down the road further in advance, this story, we look at the process as we see that photo-op that the white house released of the binders. we weren't sure what the president would be doing that. that's where some of the speculation came in he could have quieted by showing up. josh earnest didn't want to say that he wouldn't be golfing. we weren't really told until we saw the binder. >> we know in that binder are at least two individuals that he plans to vet. they say that there is no short list. the white house has said that there is no short list the president is looking at, and that the list is actually not complete. but there is more than two, they're saying. i wonder moving this forward -- because i'll let you debate whether he should have been at the funeral -- but moving forward, what is the time frame? he says in due time he is going
11:37 am
to nominate a supreme court justice. but this time frame, the white house announced the nomination of sonia sotomayor and elena kagan a month after seats became vacant. what is the timing of this? >> we're going to have plenty of time to talk about the timing and we're going to have plenty of time to talk about president obama's strategy. i don't want to see the picture of him, that staged photo carrying the binder. the story today is about justice scalia. the story today is about the greatest legal mind of our time. a man who embodies truthfully bringing both sides together outside of the court. he was able to disagree with the other jurists on the court in a way that was respectful and vigorous and honor the traditions of this country. he was able to get his points across but still co-mingle with liberals like ruth bader ginsburg. he left an indelible mark on our replendant republic and he will be missed and that is the story today. >> you heard his son there as we leave out, we'll show you more of it.
11:38 am
reverend paul scalia is a priest in the arlington, virginia diocese. andrea has reminded us, this is the place we need to take this now as we go to break. he said earlier, his son, "god blessed dad with a love for his country and today the nation remembers, as do we here on "outnumbered." we'll be right back.
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has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories. voters in south carolina head to the polls today, evangelical christians normally one of the nation's most powerful. united voting blocs appear deeply divided in this year's red-hot republican race for the white house. analysts point to several reasons for the shift, including younger, more ethnically diverse churchgoers with a different approach to their faith. most of those analysts say that they're stunned that donald trump has a commanding lead among this critical group in the latest fox news poll. despite his coarse language,
11:43 am
multiple divorces and past positions on issues like aborti abortion, they seem to be flocking to donald trump defying all logic. when you look at this, they're not going to the presumptive republican religious candidate like a ted cruz. why? >> this is fascinating. i have to be honest with you. you segment these groups, we used to work campaigns together, you begin to understand the demographics of the terrain you are running in. you look at south carolina and the south, say evangelicals, ted cruz's base. granted, he has 250 pastors supporting him, huge ground operation as far as the evangelicals. but trump has inspired them in a way, much like reagan did. when jerry falwell's son endorsed trump from the liberty university platform, he cited the whole reagan example, how reagan had been divorced and at one point had been a pro-choice governor in california. but he kind of reformed and was a true christian in the way he
11:44 am
acted and treated people and the kindness trump has shown to people. i think people are so disenchanted, this is kind of consistent throughout. new different breed of evangelicals. with the establishment across the board, they elect them dutifully since 2010 and they get nothing in return. i believe with trump they believe they will get some disruption. >> right. it is that qualitative research that people are pointing to. respondents are saying when asked why they're supporting trump, they'll say it is that fighting spirit because they elected so many leaders to congress who haven't fought for things like religious freedom. they want a fighter who is going to fight for religious freedom. >> the easiest way i heard this put the other day by an evangelical leader, he said we're not looking for someone just like us, we're looking for someone who doesn't hate us. after the past seven years of this white house, they're looking for somebody who's just going to let them do their thing. that's the easiest, most simple way i heard it put. donald trump has been very good at convincing them that he is for them, not against them. >> let me just say this.
11:45 am
donald trump joked -- but i think this is a joke if you're an evangelical that you're going to take very seriously -- his sister marion trump berry. she's the person who overare turned jersey's ban on partial birth abortion as a judge. he himself said he was pro-choice back in the day. he's flip-flopped on that. it is second corinthians, i believe. not ii corinthians. >> it doesn't matter. analyze why. >> it doesn't matter i guess because these people are hypocrites and i'm going to get a lot of flack for this, but all the time they're talking about the fact that they believe we need some sort of god-driven theocracy which is what i think a lot of evangelicals want. i think i'll get lot of flack -- >> you called christians hypocrites. >> i didn't call christians. i called some of the evangelicals. this applies to ultra orthodox jews, it applies to ultra
11:46 am
religious muslims. people who want to bring religion into the public square are now supporting in large droves a man who -- >> i don't know that it is necessarily all of that. some of that was offensive, but you know i love you. >> i'm not trying to offend. that's the reality. >> i would say this. we saw with president, then-candidate obama, people were looking for almost a messiah, somebody who perfected every aspect of anything anyone could do, then elected that person. i think people are starting to figure out if i take care of what's mine, my faith, can you take care of everything else? like will you fight for me? will you make sure that while i'm taking care of what's important to me, that i have a job in this economy? that my children are going to be educated, that there's going to be equality, that you're going to believe in the american amen. >> but sandra said it best. as she was quoting someone else. that doesn't mean you get to hate what i do.
11:47 am
you have to at least not hate me -- >> wait, wait. amen. i've been saying this for months and getting a lot of trouble for it. go do what you want to do. nobody is trying to prevent you from doing it. but stop trying to foist it on other people. that is factually incorrect. yes, it is. let me tell you why. this administration has used -- i'll use an example. obamacare. the hobby lobby case. they are imposing their progressive liberal views that are infringing on the rights and religious rights of voters and american citizens. they are not trying to invoke -- let me finish. they're trying to put their views in the public square. that is not the case. they are saying as harris so beautifully articulated with be please, just let me do what i'm constitutionally allowed to do. >> and furthermore, to your point, andrea, the separation of church and state is to protect the church from the state, not the state from the church. >> no, absolutely -- no, no. >> there is a role -- there is a role for religion in the public square. >> is it saturday or sunday? because it feels like -- >> no, no.
11:48 am
when you take my taxpayer dollars and spend on parochial schools? what some people want to do? i'm offended by that. obama is the only president in our history -- >> prove it. >> it's a fact. >> planned parenthood doesn't get money for abortions. stop with that kennard! i'm so sick ever that kennard. it's happened under every sfrags. >> this administration has targeted christians, they've not defended christians. they have every reason to want a fighter in the white house. >> you think donald trump's going to be that -- >> i think it is interesting you're two people that are atop the polls in the state, one is an evangelical and one is not. yet they're both also talking about things like the economy.
11:49 am
i mean you can't just put people in a box and say that they're only focused on one thing -- >> apparently they're not. >> i can't wait to see what happens tonight. >> me, too. >> we love you. >> i know. that was in the spirit of justice scalia. powerful enough but not offensive. >> the latest in the fight over digital privacy. the government claiming that apple's refusing to unlock this terrori terrorist's phone as a marketing stunt. are the feds right or is there much more at stake? went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. it gave me a leaf almost right away. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington.
11:50 am
i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
new developments in the battle brewing over privacy in the digital age. the justice department now is demand nag a judge immediately order apple to help us pack into the phone of of a san bernardino terrorists. apple's refusal is based on closed marketing strategy, rather than a legal rational. all this as the government says this will allow apple to retain possession of the hacking technology and later destroy it. your thoughts. >> julie fair and balanced, i agree with the obama administration on this one for sure. i think the debate, and the struggle between civil liberties and giving the government more authority is a very legitimate one, and it's going to get more complicated the more technology obviously is pervasive. this is not complicated.
11:54 am
okay. this has to be a tool given to the government to combat terror that is fighting us on so many fronts and we if begin to tire hands, i think we lose the cyber war. >> great analogy. sandra, is there any backfire for these corporations when they do something like this? >> did you stop using your iphone? does anybody putting it down in protest? >> i'm about to based on what i just read on my twitter after that one. >> aw. poor joy. >> would it, perhaps if you thought tim cook was giving away your privacy. okay. so that's where the argument is. tim cook is saying that privacy is a civic duty. he is out thereto trying to protect us right now. privacy and security has become synonymous with apple's brand. tim cook himself, the ceo of the company rarely grants an interview, if ever. i mean that is the name of his game and that is how they pour hundreds of billions of dollars
11:55 am
a year. >> is anyone worried that they can't hack in by themselves? >> i said that. >> i mean people say to me, the way they say oh, paris is a special iphone, yeah, but, aren't they supposed to be able to do everything? >> they're basically asking the feds for apple to write codes to hack into its own product. why would they do something like that? and i listen to people on tv talk about how this is a victory for isis. that's a really naive point of view. they have not taken the time to study the issue. julie, we're going to agree, supercomputers they can do that. and the fbi have cemented this yesterday, they've been talking about ending these encrypted technologies for other reasons, for law enforcement purposes, for a long time, and that endanger all of our privacy. >> boy, i'm outnumbered on this one. >> you are. >> enthusiasm, but i wanted you to finish your thought. >> my only thought is i agree with everything you said, san
11:56 am
bra. and i'm sorry, we don't agree on this. >> that's the name of the show. >> but i will say that i continue to be shocked so we have to have a public discussion about this. i was 100% convinced that our government had the ability to hack into whatever they wanted based on what edward snowden said, apparently i was wrong. >> posturing. >> we're coming right back. >> we are. >> oh my gosh.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. there's a lot more election coverage to come throughout the day and into the night. megyn kelly and bret baier take
12:00 pm
over. again that's tonight at. p.m. eastern right here. i want to thank tony for being our special one lucky guy. and julie in the house today. right now, special edition of "america's newsroom." thank you, sandra. it is noon in nevada, 3:00 in the east coast when means the doors have closed at hundreds of caucus locations all over that state. it is too early now for fox news to project who will win that state democratic presidential caucus. polling suggesting we were looking at a tight race between former secretary of state hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders. some, hang on as we say, good day, good afternoon, i'm bill hemmer, special edition of america's newsroom. >> great to be here on a saturday afternoon. it's a really exciting day. and we've got a live look for you at las vegas. where they are caucusing as they can do only in las vegas. cer'


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