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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 20, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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over. again that's tonight at. p.m. eastern right here. i want to thank tony for being our special one lucky guy. and julie in the house today. right now, special edition of "america's newsroom." thank you, sandra. it is noon in nevada, 3:00 in the east coast when means the doors have closed at hundreds of caucus locations all over that state. it is too early now for fox news to project who will win that state democratic presidential caucus. polling suggesting we were looking at a tight race between former secretary of state hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders. some, hang on as we say, good day, good afternoon, i'm bill hemmer, special edition of america's newsroom. >> great to be here on a saturday afternoon. it's a really exciting day. and we've got a live look for you at las vegas. where they are caucusing as they can do only in las vegas. cesar's palace, folks, and the
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big question, and this is a very big question for hillary clinton today. will her firewall hold up in the face of what bernie sanders is calling a political revolution that is clearly catching fire? we should have an answer some time in the next couple of hours. on the republican side, let's go over to columbia, south carolina, where the polls are open, analysises saying that the state is trump's race to lose. as the rest of the field is jockeying for a second or third place finish, most likely. >> so we have live team fox coverage, and here we go, carl cameron covering the trump campaign, he's live in south carolina. ed henry watches the democratic race in nevada. we have analysis. he too is in south carolina. first ed henry standing by with the sanders camp, sanders is said to be surging. don't know if that's real or not. but what is the strategy to get people to go out and caucus for him today there? >> reporter: bill, he had a big rally here in henderson where i am. his strategy for bernie sanders has been the big rallies, the
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inspiring rhetoric to try and talk about how this is a revolution. its been working to some extent for him if you think about the pattern of these early states. iowa, double digit lead for hillary clinton. then sanders closing strong, comes up short, but it's tight. same in new hampshire, double digit, good lead. sanders closes strong, blowout victory. this was a double digit lead for hillary clinton in nevada. now, it is a dead heat, according to the latest polling, sanders working hard on the las vegas strip this morning, going out to union employees and some of the casinos and saying, i need you to get out, watch. >> i think we can do just fine. it was a long turnout, that's another story. now, this happens to be the caucus sites for harry reid who lives nearby. i talked to senate democratic lead aerofew moments ago, he told me the early reports is that turnout is pretty strong. remember in 2008, it was only about 27% of democrats that
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turned out, despite that very hot clinton/obama race. so that'll be very critical here. can sanders get the young people in particular have have helped him in other early states, get them out today. >> she won that state in 2008. and as far as hillary clinton is concerned, you say she's already looking beyond nevada. what's that all about, ed, what's the strategy? >> reporter: it's about delegates. remember, yes, she won with a popular vote, but barack obama outmaneuvered her on delegates and it became a sty in the state. she wants to do something similar with bernie sanders. which is because of her advantage with super delegates, party bosses, and officials with her, but also she wants to get beyond nevada in the early states. she's going to houston, texas, tonight, hillary clinton, that's a super tuesday state on march 1st. what she is doing with her strategy is the long game. bernie sanders desperate for momentum in the early states. she just wants to grind it out and get more delegates than him
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because that's the strategy. she was on the strip a few moments ago as well, here was her pitch. so that is their strategy. she was saying get out, go into the showroom she was saying to the casino employees. there was a long line and still, people trying to get in behind me here in henderson, turn out appears to be strong and what the clinton camp is hoping even if she comes up short tonight, once that calendar, you get a lot more states voting, especially in the african american vote. they think clinton can grind it out and get more delegates and ultimately win. >> you're in the county that matters, clark county, thank you, ed, we'll talk later. >> thanks. >> so our fox team coverage continues from south carolina today where republican voters are turning out in force to pick their presidential candidates in a primary that could end potentially some of these campaigns. it could be the end of the road for some, we will see, chief
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political correspondent carl cameron joins us live right now. good afternoon, carl. >> hi, martha. and tonight, donald trump is looking for back to back wins in the first two primaries. in the last couple days he's been talking about how he doesn't know about caucuses, of course he didn't win in iowa, and that may be telegraphing something about nevada. should donald trump win tonight and the polls leading today suggested he had a sizable, comfortable lead. it would eliminate a lot of the debate about whether or not he really is the front runner, and put enough wind in his sails. trumps in spartanburg tonight for a hopefully a victory rally and party. this, the northern western part of the state is where there's a big concentration of conservatives, and all the candidates have spent a tremendous amount of time up here. just as they do down in the southern part of the state down on the seacoast which is a great deal of veteran voting. this has been a tremendously difficult week for all of the candidates because of the bare knuckle nature of south carolina
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politics. there have been robocalls, there have been anonymous e-mails and postings on facebook and a variety of things, spreading rumors, in some cases, straight up lies. some has come from the most combustive of the opposition material has come from robocalls from various different superpacs. marco rubio appears to have escaped a lot of that. he has been and was the first to call ted cruz a liar here in south carolina. that prompted an absolute avalanche of attacks from donald trump on ted cruz. and ted cruz's, one of the superpacs supporting him, completely endependent of the candidate, has been running robocalls that raised the issue of race, lgbt issues and essentially attacking cruz for those things, donald trump for those things, but because it's a pro-cruz superpac, the candidate himself has had to say that is independent and we disagree with the tone of it. its been quite bare knuckle. and then there's the issue of cruz, who really need to koj up
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with a win. he won the iowa caucuses, didn't perform well in new hampshire. and now needs to come back strong in south carolina as we head into the march 5th. but the march 1st, excuse me, states that'll be going in the super tuesday fcc primary, martha. >> that's kind of a look at the front runners and those have been battling it out up there. this is a very important night as well for some of those in spots three, four, five, and so forth, carl. >> sure. six months ago, 17 candidates, martha, now we' to six. of those six, three are battling for first and second, donald trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio. jeb bush, john kasich, and ben carson really needs to perform and exceed expectations in a big way. kasich has already moved on to massachusetts and vermont today campaigning for states that come later in the process. essentially using that as an argument and illustration of his
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intention to go forward. rumors that jeb bush has had to bat down all week that first he was going to be cutting payroll and staff, and then some of his staffers were shopping the resumes, he says that's not true. and ben carson has had seven events before the polls close as he tries to shake every hand and get every vote he can, martha. >> thank you. >> so let's go to the billboard now, we'll show you what we're getting in. nevada specifically, you're going to start to see the 16 counties in nevada. start this in. color coded according to hillary clinton and bernie sanders, all 16 over the next hour, we believe, for certain over the next two hours. some of this will turn colors. we mentioned this in 2008, that's the last statewide contested caucus on a democratic side nevada had. hillary clinton's in green, she won, beat barack obama by six points, he is in blue. clinton won the key county of clark which is where you find las vegas, it's where you find 70% of the votes. in the state of nevada. can she repeat a ten-point
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victory with the union vote and hispanic vote in that county. we are watching that. let's come across the country now to south carolina, then i'll bring steven here in a moment here. this will how it'll read out, cruz and carson, some time after 7:00 eastern time, you'll start to see these counties fill in a lot based on history. becan try and decipher and try and pick out points here or there. but to date, this election is anybody's guess. live in columbia, south carolina, thank you for your time. i know you went to numerous polling locations today, anecdotely, what did you find? >> well, look, donald trump is the dominant figure as carl just said. he's a dominant figure in this race. voters either love him and there are a lot that do love him, or they hate him, or essentially have been chased off of him. i came across voters who said that as of a week or two ago, they were trump people, the last week and a half or so has not
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been good for him. they thought he was, his temperament is sort of some anger that came through in the last debate. they didn't like what he necessarily said about president george w. bush. so he actually, i talked with decent number of voters that he actually lost in the last couple of days because of that, because of that behavior, essentially. that's something he's going to have to watch going forward. south carolina, now number of voters here said hey, this is south carolina, we're used to bare knuckle campaigns, but we still like south carolina nice. we like our campaign and our candidates to be gentle about it. and so that definitely hurt him here. look, as carl said, the race is probably most between rubio and cruz for that second spot. i heard a number of voters who actually said that, you know, they took a good look at cruz, and they actually also didn't like the charges of liar that was thrown out at him and dirty tricks they saw in iowa with the putting out the rumor about ben carson's campaign, possibly being over.
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those sorts of things have filtered down here. so everybody's sort of getting dinged by those reports, by their attitude, the dirty tricks. the only guy that has remained above it is rubio. and a decent number of voters who said he was the first choice or just about everybody he was their second choice. >> well okay, good stuff, steven, thank you. back to reporting there in columbia, south carolina. 7:00 eastern time, the polls close. we will call nothing before then. and then we'll see hoump we can call, right? if trump's a clear winner, what's the battle, how close is separated set from three and on and on it goes. will there be six men standing tomorrow after south carolina? we'll see. martha, back to you. >> must-see election tv all afternoon here and all through the evening. we're going to follow the south carolina primary and the nevada caucuses which we should get some indications of over the coming hour or two, we will be with you mere until 5:00 eastern, then megyn kelly and bret baier will cover the
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evening coverage. the nevada situation obviously is so important for hillary clinton. she was 25 points ahead one short month ago. and now she's in the fight of her life in nevada. >> indeed. and apparently she's going to texas next. that's something we'll look down the road, about two, three weeks away, you have a lot of delegates in the state of texas. we'll get into the other contests as we go along. nevada today for the democrats and south carolina for the republicans. on we go. the results starting to connell in from nevada democratic caucuses, so far, it is too close to call. one candidate will get a big shot of momentum coming out of nevada. a victory today. so who will it be? also numerous republicans now laying it all on the line in south carolina, including jeb bush. so what does a win in round three mean for him going forward and what does he need, rather, to do today? he was talking just a bit earlier today. have a listen in. >> this is the third in 55
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only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. it is too close and too early to call anything in nevada right now between hillary clint clinton, which will give us an indication of how things are looking at least as people go into the polls this morning.
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>> i mean, that's what you call working it to the final minute. play until the time runs out. jeb bush at a polling station earlier today in south carolina. his final push today. that he's making to voters. he's not the only republican still scrambling for support. in this oh so important primary. >> no matter how you feel, i don't care, it doesn't matter if you think you're not going to make it for the day. we have to go out and vote tomorrow. we're going to start winning, winning, winning, again. we're going to become the smart country. >> the next 24 hours, we are fighting to determine if the next generation will have the same constitutional liberties every one of us has been blessed to enjoy. >> i'm here to ask you for your
12:18 pm
vote for one simple reason, everyone else was rooting for alabama. i don't know if that's true or not, but in this campaign it doesn't matter, you just say it, it didn't happen. >> communications director, sean, how you doing? good afternoon. >> good afternoon, bill. >> you're not in south carolina, what are you hearing about turnout though? >> well, turnout way up from what we've seen so far. absentee and military returns are up tremendously. but this isn't new. we've seen this in both iowa and new hampshire, record turnout on the republican side, that's not true on the democratic side. i think it's really important because what you're seeing is not just a lot of hype and ratings for the debate, but it's translating into interest. it's not just republicans, it's independents, it's democrats, voting in the republican primary, trying to say i'm tired of democratic way. i like what the republicans are saying for them. i'm excited, it's not just one, we've now seen it three in a row where the interest, excitement, intensity, and turnout is up on
12:19 pm
our side. >> sean, i think the record 605,000 four years ago. >> right. >> when you get there, do you think, some are suggesting 650, what do you think's the number? >> i've heard matt moore, the south carolina chairman down there talk about the metrics he's looking at. have been extremely high in terms of ab sen teen ae early vote. or early vote down in south carolina. and military ballot being returned. so inch that's, very heart warming to hear. but want to keep this in perspective. there's 1237 delegates need to win. 50 are at stake tonight. 26 at large, 21 will be decided by congressional districts. all winner take all in each instances. but more importantly, we got to remember that the month of february, 6% of the delegates, 133 total are at stake. so february's important. the early states have a crucial role, but when we get into march. we've got 60% of the delegates at stake. so we're very early in this
12:20 pm
process. and i think we've got to keep some perspective on that. >> that may be the case. writes today about leading republican strategists and thinkers suggesting that it's time for perhaps those who do not finish in the top three get out. scott reid, chief political strategist, u.s. chamber of congress says only the top three have it to continue down the road. where are you on that in this race today? >> i think that the last thing republican voters and activist needs are people in washington telling them what candidates need go on or not. u this is going to be up to the voters. under the leadership of chairman previs. we have more voters participating than ever before. i think test the voters right to have a say in what the nominee will be and not bun i did thes in washington telling the candidates when to get out. i think each of these candidates is going to make an assessment in terms of the support they're getting, the resources they have, whether or not to continue in this race.
12:21 pm
but again, the thing is is that this is different than any cycle before. we're going to leave south carolina, then the nevada caucuses are up. but then just a few days after that, you've got 11 states on march 1st, that's sooner than ever before. and so in some cways the dynami has changed where there's an incentive to say hey, i want to stay in, maybe pick off a few, but some candidates are going to make the ultimate decision that they don't have the support or resources to carry on. south carolina has played important role in the process. >> i'm going to take that as it's up to them to make their own call. thank you, nevada is on tuesday for the republicans. thank you very much. out of washington today. martha. >> so the amount of democrats making the decisionings right now. they are caucusing as we speak. very tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, it was not that way just a short time ago, but bernie has a real shot in nevada. we'll talk about that when we come back. abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign.
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all right. we have new polls that have just come into fox news. pollsters talking to voters as they went into the caucuses to begin making their choice between senator sanders and hillary clinton. remember, that things may change, obviously, once they go in there. caucusing by its nature is a pros of persuasion. unions of course very strong in nevada. especially in the las vegas area which is the most populous part of the state. union workers appear, at least in the entrance polls to be split between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they were split between clinton, obama as well. the culinary union, which is uncommitted so far in this race is one of the big factors here. so they are neutral at this moment. clinton at 56%, sanders at 43% with unions on the way in. hillary clinton in 2008 carried
12:26 pm
51% of women in nevada. this time, according to our questions on the way in, she is at 56, also decent news for her, at least at this the stage of the game, sanders at 41. won the majority of women in iowa, not so much in new hampshire. the women went, with bernie sanders in a big way in that primary. so what will they do in nevada today, a big question. also bringing new people into this process is always the goal for candidates. today, first timers, not a big surprise, appear to be breaking in the early going for bernie sanders. at 54%, clinton getting only 43% of those first-time voters and caucus goers. younger voters, obviously have been very strong for sanders and what we've seen in the early primaries, that trend appears to be continuing today. those under 45 years old in nevada, 76% for sanders, hillary clinton not getting traction with that group again here at least on the way in. democrats at the caucuses in nevada today think the most important issue that faces our country is economy and jobs at
12:27 pm
34%. income inequality which is the bumper sticker issues for bernie sanders, 29%. 21% for health care and terrorism at 9% in the state of nevada. not a lot of interest in that as one of the most important topics for these caucus goers as they head in. orvel going to see how all of this shakes out. this is just the beginning of the process, we'll bring you more as we get them throughout the course of the next hour. >> very interesting stuff there, martha, thank you. how significant is the evangelical voter today? not in nevada, but in south carolina. we'll talk to congressman mark sanford in a moment, plus chris wallace, carl rove, a joe trippy, a special edition rolls on from nevada, south carolina, and new york. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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fox news alert now, polls closing in south carolina in about three hours and 29 minutes. voting under way as we speak. we're told it is heavy, perhaps
12:31 pm
record turnout. we will see. meanwhile the race too close to call right now in nevada. that caucus continues at the moment in realtime. should last another 29 minutes. with me now, joining us, chris wallace, anchor of "fox news sunday" he's there with joe and carl rove and the gang it all here. hey chris. >> thanks so much, bill. yeah i'm here with the campaign cowboys, carl rove, joe trippy, you have a news report, breaking news from nevada on the status of the voting. >> well, this is just anecdotal, the computerings have gone down in part of clark county and people are having to back up in line and seems to be -- >> that's the las vegas area. >> yeah, about 67% of the states population. 70% of the democrats are in the county. >> and they're saying that there is a line -- voting may be delayed? >> delayed, heavy turnout already, but now with the computers down, may take longer. >> who would that favor? >> depends on what part it is.
12:32 pm
suburban, the fringes, hendson and so forth and sunset. these are likely to be hillary voters. >> obviously we've got the entrance poll so far, very fragmentary, 300 people so far. tight race. what impresses you, what stands out about the entrance? >> how they're both doing very well with their sort of assigned groups. he is just growing at the same huge numbers with young people, at least it looks that way. and she is way ahead of him with older democrats, 15 above. in terms of the entrance poll. you look at that and the gender split, same thing. he's doing well with men. she's doing well with women. this is going to be complete who turned out more of their people -- zblb the big things going in was the clinton campaign said, look, this is where we start to see voter, a voting block that looks more
12:33 pm
like america, more hispanics, more african americans, about a third of the vote is going to be minority. who's doing how well among the minority? >> well, you can't really tell that yet from the entrant because there aren't enough entrant questions. but it's going to be interesting to see whether she can pull both her gender advantage and the age advantage because if she can, it looks like the groups that she's winning with, the entrants polls are groups that tend to turn out in the caucus. older voters. and i think women are going, could make the difference for her, if she ends up winning. >> carl, let's just, and we don't know. we absolutely do not know what's going to happen here, but it is probably going to be tight. let's just suppose. scenario. hillary clinton wins. but this woman who was ahead by double digits a month or so ago, let's say she wins by four points. >> yeah. >> who wins? >> well, she will, but she'll be
12:34 pm
damaged. but look, there are four divisions in this. i think joe's got two of them, absolutely right. the question of how well we do on gender and how well each candidate does among age. the other two though are does she do better among non-whites than he does among whites? this is the first primary in which we have a significant slug of non-whites. about a this is going to grow. in south carolina, two-thirds. if she does well, much better among non-whites than he does among whites. then that mean she's on the right path. the other is we have two different kinds of democrats showing up. one group of democrats says you know what, i care about somebody who cares about me. and somebody who is, who is going to be honest and trust worthy and do the things we democrats want to do. the other group says we want win -- >> and let's just say, nair all for sanders. >> and the others are, we want to win and she's got the right kind of electability and experience. she crushes him. >> right. >> the mix of these two is going to be -- >> briefly, let's talk about
12:35 pm
south carolina, is trump going to -- >> yeah -- >> go on and win a big victory there? >> the question is going to be, the rules for the republicans -- >> i didn't know you had a white board. >> the rules for the republicans bias towards the winner. they have 50 delegates. bush got 53% in 2000, he took 66% of the delegates. newt got 40% of the delegates or the vote in then. tonight, it is possible given the fact that we have so many candidates that trump could win less than a third of the vote and take 100% of the delegates. >> statewide vote and if he wins at each district. >> 29 is statewide, 21 at seven congressional districts. >> and 30 seconds, joe, which race is more of a mess at this the point? the democrats or the republicans kpn. >> oh the republicans by far. >> i mean, really, the whole thing here is what happens with non-whites. i agree with what carl said, but if bernie sanders does well
12:36 pm
tonight, can't move that into south carolina and start with african americans, she will be him there for sure. >> gentlemen, first time with the campaign cowboys through the afternoon into the evening. and that's the word from here. the koubs ready to get some actual numbers so they can start krurgeing them. >> saddle up, thank you, chris, talk to you next hour. back to south carolina now as ted cruz gets a last minute boost in his battle with donald trump for south carolina's evangelical vote. cruz receiving an endorsement yesterday for mark sanford. part of a final push to gain support in the state and from the evangelical base. >> it is easy to say make america great again. that's easy to say. you can even put it on a baseball cap. but the question is, do you understand what it was that made america great in the first place? and what made this country great is number one, we began with the understanding. revolutionary understanding.
12:37 pm
that our rights don't come from government. instead, the declaration put it, we hold these trues to be self-evident that all men are created equal, and they are endowed by their creator. [ applause ] >> ted cruz in the final push there joining us now, south carolina congressman mark stanford. congressman, obviously the evangelical vote, very significant in south carolina. we saw ted cruz do well in iowa with evangelicals and with organizations. sop how do those two things look for him now? >> i think strong organization. i think the question will be how the evangelical vote goes. trump has, you know, basically had a commanding lead on that front. but i would argue it's not evangelical vote per se, but that really, it's the, the i-85 corridor. south carolina lost 80,000 textile jobs not so much years ago. some went on to get high-tech
12:38 pm
jobs in places like bmw or others, but some folks were left behind. and i would argue that's the jet fuel behind the trump candidacy rather than evangelicals. >> we've seen a lot of that already in this race. in the short time that we been watching it. in iowa, in new hampshire, that with evangelicals, the most important things appears to be the economy and who can turn that around. now you can backing ted cruz. how hard a decision was that for you? you made it very late in the game. >> yeah, the fact that i made it on a friday afternoon before a saturday says everything about me not particularly one to take it all into sight. and as much as anything, it was a statement about by concern about the trump candidacy. i absolutely get where people are coming from in terms of frustration with washington and frustration with some pocketbook issues that are, i mean really impacting themselves and those that they love. but the way in which he has gone about it, i think has gone to the point of dangerous. when you say a former president
12:39 pm
was in essence a cospiriter in 9/11, you get in a context if you will with the pope, you talk about deficit, but then you won't talk about entitlement spending. i could go down a litany of different things. i think he has turned this into something of a carnival. i applaud the way folks are pushing outside of politics, i get it. i once carried two pigs into the state house, and believe if he in challenging the status quo, but i'm concerned about the tone and the tenor. >> at the end of this evening, the conversation that you were right, and that those manners sort of issues and the way trump presents himself mattered to south carolinas, but we may have the conversation that it didn't. it didn't matter what he said about the pope. it doesn't matter what he said about george bush and south carolina residents want something that is clearly different. obviously at that point, we don't know. talk to me about the demographic of the state. what we've been hearing about south carolina is that this electorate there is very different than it was even four
12:40 pm
years ago. >> i would concur. what you've got to remember about south carolina is not only do you have a traditional evangelical base, not only a significant military presence based on active duty and retirement alike, but you really have a really significant portion of the population that's new from somewhere else. i'm right now in charleston, and itself bergening, a lot come dprt upper midwest and the northeast to make south carolina their home. and the same is true at the opposite end of the state up along the mountains. retirement communities. those retirees i think are againing this process, substantially changing the demographic base of this state. >> you look at greenville and spartanburg and those areas that have a lot of new american companies in them. how does that change that area? >> in the same way. people from somewhere else. i mean, south carolina, when you think of deep south, you think of, you know, horse drawn carriages and folks that have lived here through several generations. that's not the south carolina of
12:41 pm
today. the south carolina of today, i literally was at lunch a while ago and speaking to a couple next to us at the table from bulgaria. like what are you doing here? well, we came here because we wanted to get in the business of transport. and so, it's a much more international, and i would add this, south carolina has the highest number on a per capita basis of direct foreign investment of any state in the domestic united states. >> very interesting. >> u.s., number one. >> congressman, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> very interesting. very interesting. when you see in these polling numbers right now? >> the biggests is going to be turnout. we're getting a sense of what the percentage is in terms of the union vote which is significant especially in 70% of people who live in clark county in the area around las vegas. it appears that hillary clinton seems to be doing better with the union votes than sanders. then you've got the young vote
12:42 pm
that's turning out for him in a big way and the first timers in a big way. we know that there are at least anecdotely on twitter, accounts of people saying that their lines were so long to vote in carson -- >> clark -- >> clark county because they had to go back to work. whether that's significant or not, we'll find out. >> entrance polling because people are going into the caucus centers. it continues now there in nevada. it's a nail biter too in that state. that's what we are hearing. the caucus continues in the silver state. whether we have them, whans to the hillary clinton campaign if she does not have a strong showing? our panel, doug and monica standing by for that, next.
12:43 pm
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12:46 pm
now between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and they were making their last minute appeal to folks in nevada this morning. have a listen. >> no matter who the republicans nominate, the thing i want you to remember is the republicans have been after me for years, and i'm still standing. [ applause ] >> 10, 20, 30 years from now, people will look back on what happened in nevada, and say, this was the beginning of the political revolution. [ applause ] >> with me now, doug schoen, fox news contributor, adviser to president bill clinton and month kra crowley. good day to both of you. wish you were in studio. this is what we've got. you don't have a monitor, okay, in nevada right now on the board behind us, we're looking at results, we're going to start seeing the 16 counties fill in, but there's no data coming in from the caucuses which means, nothing's been approved so far
12:47 pm
in the vote, okay. you go back to 2008, right monica? you look at clinton's victory, six points over barack obama. that was enormous for her campaign at that point in the campaign. and a lot of votes capable down here in clark county woo where she beat barack obama by ten points. barack obama was big up in reno, the county here, he won that county by nine, tends to be caucasian, right up around there, you get more union voters, hispanics down here around las vegas. monica, how important is the margin of the vote in nevada today? in other words, if it's too close to call, how much does it matter first or second place? let's start there. >> well, victory for say mr. clinton is very narrow, bill, and this is going to have a very damaging affect on her campaign. as you pointed out, 2008, she merged victorious, and what a difference even one month makes. one month ago, mrs. clinton was
12:48 pm
leading bernie sanders by 25 points. that is if the polls are to be believed, that lead has since evaporated. so she came out of new hampshire with a resounding loss. she needs a substantial margin of victory here. and based on what you just recorded with some of the exit polling that we have, at least right now, looks like perhaps that the polling showing them running even might be accurate. if she doesn't deliver a substantial margin of victory here, then going into south carolina where she does have a substantial lead, at least the moment it might damage her going into that state, showing that her weaknesses and vulnerabilities are in fact real. >> we shall see. now democrats south carolina week from today. doug, what are you watching in nevada? >> well, i looked at the same entrance polls that i think you and martha and monica did. . looks to me like hillary clinton, potentially has a very, very slight advantage, though
12:49 pm
it's too close to call. my take is different than month kas. if hillary clinton even ekes out a narrow win, i think it is a huge, huge momentum breaker for bernie sanders. doesn't say a lot about her, but it means that she will have stopped the momentum, at least temporarily from new hampshire and going into south carolina where as monica says, secretary clinton has a big lead. i think she's looking at potentially two wins in a row if the nevada data that i am seeing bares out as i suggested. >> doug, quickly, a loss in nevada means what to her this early on? >> i think it means that the race is changing fundamentally and what monica was suggesting will almost certainly happen, the momentum will break, her support potentially even among minorities which is her firewall koul start to erode. >> she's getting ready for the african american vote. that will turn out in south carolina, we know that, monica, 15 seconds, go. >> yeah, what's interesting is
12:50 pm
parts on the polling, you look at momentum, which seems to be with senator sanders in nevada. you look at the body language of the campaign and the candidate. and what we know the body langu the candidate. mrs. clinton is not staying in the state of nevada tonight to watch the result. she will be leaving to go on to texas. so i think that tells us a little bit about what their internal polling may be showing. >> that was a great shot right there of the caucuses underway right now. fantastic. i mean, you see these people come out, they have been waiting for how long, right? getting so much media attention and today is the day in las vegas and elsewhere. thank you, monica. thank you, doug. talk to you real soon. here's martha. we are waiting for the results from nevada. we are also getting new reaction from south carolina and we're getting closer to hearing real information out of nevada as well. stay tuned for that. voters giving us a glimpse into their thinking as we go into today's pivotal voting where the
12:51 pm
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watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. they are polling in south carolina, just six minutes before the top of the hour. six candidates, all men, will advance. will any of them drop out regardless of the results? all this we are watching today. it is on you, your turn. >> the voters have quite a bit to consider from last-minute endorsements to a sudden vacancy on the supreme court. rich edmson is reporting for us. >> reporter: one woman told us
12:55 pm
she has endorsed marco rubio. though we have spoken to others who say the endorsements mean nothing to them. they have had plenty to consider over the last week, whether the candidates are calling each other liars, arguing with each other. one candidate arguing with the pope. but beyond that, we talked to the voters here who say essentially they are considering a variety of candidates. >> i like the way that jeb bush has stood up to donald trump. and yet he's not gotten in on -- i don't know, like a battle with him like some of the others have. >> i voted for cruz. we're a conservative family and we feel like he holds our values. and that's who we are supporting. >> reporter: one woman told us she asked for divine health. she called her son a minister and asked him who to vote for. >> sometimes you have to do that.
12:56 pm
how is the turnout looking, rich? >> reporter: we have just heard within the last minute they set an absentee ballot record here. 59,000 absentee ballots for this year thus far. in the last primary season, we are talking democrats and republicans, they reached only 36,000. it's been steady here. we are in the columbia area and election officials say throughout the area they have seen steady voting throughout the area. >> rich, thank you very much. the voters in that state sh as we mentioned, have until 7:00 eastern time to cast their ballots. that's south carolina. meanwhile, screen right, that's nevada, appears to be too close to call. they are in a caucus at the moment. a tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders continues. so results as they come in as our special coverage continues live here in america's newsroom. do not go anywhere. we'll have it for you coming up. feel a cold sore coming on?
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
round three now for the race for the white house is well underway today. we have entrance polls that tell us something but not everything. they suggest bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in a very tight race in nevada. it did not look that way just a few short weeks ago. but bernie has worked hard to close this gap and it is anybody's race in nevada at this point. the republican contenders are looking to overtake donald trump. voting still underway in the first of the south primary that is happening today in south carolina. welcome, everybody. brand new hour of "america's newsroom" on a saturday. i'm martha maccallum. >> i'm bill hemmer. feels a little weird. >> we can do this every saturday. >> see you next week. i mean, we might with the democrats voting on saturday. the stakes couldn't be higher. testing the strength of the anti-establishment fervor in
1:01 pm
this child campaign of 2016. >> we have team coverage of all of this with john roberts live in columbia, south carolina. and mike emmanuel covering the democratic side for us live in las vegas. mike, let's get started with you, what can you tell us from there? >> reporter: well, good afternoon from las vegas, from caesar's palace. i'm at a caucus location where they just announced the numbers, 190 supporters for hillary clinton, 81 for bernie sanders. we saw hillary clinton earlier working today the casino worker voter, basically, going to paris casino earlier and calling on folks to turnout for her today. taking selfies, asking for support, her message was trying to drive turnout. here's a sample of what she's telling nevada voters in the final hours. >> they will stand with me tomorrow. i will stand and fight for them
1:02 pm
through this campaign, no matter who the republicans nominate. the thing i want to say is that republicans have been after me for years and i'm still standing. >> reporter: it's very loud in here. as the numbers come out, the hillary supporters are hearing she is doing well at this caucus site. actually, just a snapshot of what is going on across the state of nevada. >> so bernie sanders has ramped up in nevada quite a bit over the last several months in terms of organization. where is he today, mike? >> reporter: well, he's also been out trying to reach casino workers, trying to get them to turn out. he says if the turnout is big, he'll do very well. also, he was also on the strip. they almost bumped into each other at harrah's earlier today. bernie sanders seemeded to be in good spirits, seeming like he'll do well today. here's a pitch on his final voters. >> if there's a large turnout, i think we'll do just fine. if it's a low turnout, that may
1:03 pm
be another story. >> reporter: so we're seeing huge turnout here in las vegas on the strip. a lot of casino workers taking a break from their jobs coming in to caucus and will go back to work in a few minutes. but this was a good location for hillary clinton. we'll find out if that's the case across the state a little later today. martha? >> bumping into each other there and sitting in the same pew on opposite ends at a church in nevada earlier in the week. so interesting race. mike, thank you very much. so then the race in south carolina, senator marco rubio hoping he and his team have done enough to surge in that primary. his endorsement from the governor nikki haley could give him a boost. rubio and donald trump have had a tag-team against senator ted cruz, will that work and have an
1:04 pm
effect? senior national correspondent john roberts is live at the site of rubio's watch party tonight in columbia. good day to you. >> reporter: good day to you. marco rubio locked in a dead heat for second place with ted cruz. the big difference up tonight when the votes are being counted could come in the endorsements that you mentioned. south carolina governor nikki haley who visited with rubio volunteers this morning as they were getting out the vote working the phone banks was the big prize for him. you also mentioned tim scott. he was a congressman from the first district here in south carolina. now a very popular senator. he's been out there on the campaign trail trying to bring people in the door, as is trey goudy. jeb bush really wanted her on his side, but with just days to go she decided with rubio. why did you decide to go with rubio? >> jeb is a mentor and a friend
1:05 pm
and always been good to us, but this election is not about picking a friend. we need to bring the congress back to republicans. and the movement you see with marco, that's the new movement of america and what we continue to fight for. >> reporter: experts say a close race like this would build the endorsements and would be worth a couple percent annual points at the polls, to make all the difference between the second place finish and coming in third. >> no doubt. in the meantime, there's hate aimed at rubio as well. how is that figuring today, john? >> reporter: an awful lot across the state coming in with pushed photographs and negative advertisements. a lot of that coming from the cruz campaign which marco told me this morning all added up to underhanded political tactics. listen. is cruz playing dirty politics? >> i think it goes beyond dirty politics. dirty politics is one thing. this is just a regular pattern of saying things not true and make things up out of thin air.
1:06 pm
just making it up. when voters start to see that every day constantly, it starts to turn them off. but at a minimum, we can't let the truths stand because then people think they are truth. >> reporter: you mentioned just a moment ago he and donald trump have been tag-tagging ted cruz. indeed they have. labeling him as dishonest and an outright liar. we'll find out if in three hours that has affected ted cruz's numbers in south carolina. >> what an 11 days it has been in that state. john roberts there in columbia, thank you. now to chris wallace, "fox news sunday" host, he is in washington. what do you think at this point? >> well, we actually have some results. and campaign cowboys with results are happy. campaign cowboys, what do you have so far? >> these are some of the most important results here tonight in lincoln county. bernie sanders has taken a precinct with 100% of the vote, 1-0. >> but you had more than
1:07 pm
numbers, delegate numbers. >> right now there's just -- it looks like one smaller precinct in clark county, las vegas, and it's basically 134 votes for hillary clinton to 101 for bernie sanders. >> okay. so we will call this the return. talk about the entrance -- man, you oversold this. >> 12% in and the delegate count is 420 delegates for hillary clinton, 419 for sanders. so it's a tight race. >> it's a tight race. let's talk about this nonwhite number. because one of the keys about nevada that the clinton campaign said is, once we got to nevada, once we got to south carolina, the voting pool is going to look a lot more like america. they will be the case in south carolina. about 35% to 40% of the voters nonwhite. at this point in our entrance poll, clinton leads sanders 52% to 46% among the nonwhites.
1:08 pm
now, there was a point, joe, when sanders was 20 to 30 points behind nonwhites. is that good enough? >> if nevada -- nevada won't show us that. the fact of the matter is after you come out of new hampshire, the democratic party for the rest of the way starting in nevada is 44% nonwhite. each state differs but it's a lot more -- >> 44% of the vote post-new hampshire is nonwhite. >> nonwhite. and hillary clinton's big advantage is with african-americans where she leads whites 69% to 23% in that kind of range. >> what i'm askingou about here, she seems to be leading by 6 points, not 30 points. is that good enough for sanders? >> it's a caucus state. if he can do this and stay close, that's a good sign for him. the fact is, where you're really going to see the big test for him is not going to be not just
1:09 pm
tonight. that will tell us what's closing. but south carolina and the states between march 1st and march 15th, those two days he's running out of time to close the gap with blacks. he can -- he has to make some effort in nevada, show some signs of that tonight. >> carl, we'll turn to south carolina. a couple races there it seems to me. trump, cruz, how much does trump need to beat cruz by to make it a solid victory, double digits? >> yeah. i think the answer is close to as real clear politics average and that average has him up by 13 points. 31.8 to 18.8 for marco rubio. ted cruz in there at 18.5. essentially, rubio and cruz tied for second. that will be the second most -- >> but is it fair to say double digits? >> it will be close to 13 points. >> now let's talk about the other race. and that seems to be the sort of establishment lane. rubio, kasich, bush. how important for rubio to separate himself by, from bush and kasich and try to force, put
1:10 pm
pressure on them to drop out of the race. >> it's vital. if you start to have consolidation on resident establishment somewhat conservative angle, you have to start seeing it by rubio tonight pulling away. >> all right. that's the latest from the campaign cowboys. we really need more numbers here because they will get very grumpry on me. >> they should get them in a few minutes. thank you very much, guys. we have a little bit of numbers here. i want to share data with our viewers coming in from nevada. and this is -- this is powerful stuff here right now that could tell a story right now in the state of nevada. here's what we have done for you, we have put hillary clinton in red. bernie sanders in green. maybe a lime. but that's where he is right now on the map, okay? 7% of the caucus vote reporting. but if you go to reno up here, las vegas down here in clark county, this is a county she won 70% of the vote coming from clark county with 21% of the
1:11 pm
vote reporting. look how close this is between clinton and sanders. that's .4%. if this continues, that's not good news for hillary clinton. because she won this county easily over barack obama eight years ago. but again, it's early, only 21%. we'll see whether or not that holds or whether or not that stays with any level of consistency throughout the afternoon here. back up in reno, hillary clinton just edging bernie sanders. good news for her in that county. 27% of the vote in. this was a county she lost to barack obama in, really got blown out. back to 2008, the caucus there, barack obama won washoe county, reno, nevada. again, here is the picture we have. .4% separate clinton and sanders. it is early. only 7% of the statewide vote
1:12 pm
reported to date. more coming up on this in a moment. thank you. fox news is america's election headquarters. and as the results roll in throughout the afternoon and tonight, we're going to bring you all the latest numbers as we are getting them. nevada first and then on to south carolina this evening. our primetime coverage gets underway, 6:00 p.m. eastern, right here on fox news channel. very important day in the democratic race now. senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton seeing their first big test out west. who will come out on top in that caucus? we'll look at the early results as we get them. you will see them first here in "america's newsroom." hey mom. yeah? we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim.
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1:16 pm
anybody who thought we could call nevada early was wrong. this is what it looks like right now. we just got 8% in the vote count at this point. and you can see that it is a very, very tight race. you've got bernie sanders at 50.3 at this moment. and hillary clinton at 49.4. and we keep saying it, but remember that in recent weeks hillary clinton had a huge lead in the state of nevada. she's had a number of things that have eroded over the course of the last month. it's been a very tough month for her. rich lowry is here, a fox news
1:17 pm
contributor. rich, characterize for us if you could what has changed this so dramatically in the last few weeks for hillary clinton. >> reporter: well, martha, it's just amazing. if all of us haven't been so obsessed with what is going on on the republican side with donald trump, this would be the biggest political story in the country. what bernie sanders has managed to do, not just catching up to hillary clinton in national polls, not just essentially tying her in iowa and beating her soundly in new hampshire, but you look at the entrance polls for young people, yet again, bernie sanders' hold on them is absolutely astonishing. it's kind of what you would expect in a north korean election with one candidate and you're not allowed to vote for anyone else. so he's reached out and touched those kids and inspired them. and it's quite extraordinary. >> and the interesting thing is, exactly as you say, rich, when you look across the entrance polls, and we need to caution people about them, they are a very small sample, they are people going in and a number of
1:18 pm
undecided voters in the caucuses who people try to sway back and forth as well, which could be a big factor today. but sort of the old line, union vote, the older vote, the people who typically turn out for caucuses, seem to be trending toward hillary. and you have the younger vote, the first-timer, same kind of group coming out for donald trump is coming out in this case for, it appears at this point, bernie sanders. >> reporter: yeah, first-timer, independent young people are with bernie. and very liberals. the liberals seem to be turning out today in nevada. and i think the most interesting number we have seen in the entrance polls so far is some of them suggest that bernie sanders has cracked the code with non-white voters in nevada where he appears to be beating her. if that holds true down the line, and he can crack the code with african-americans down the line, then hillary is in for a toucher fight than we thought. >> the numbers are coming in from nevada, it's early, only 14% of the vote recorded so far.
1:19 pm
clinton has a lead, 50.3%. sanders, 49.5. if this continues to play out, a race that really is too close to call is indeed just that, okay? so we'll watch as it goes. reno in northwest las vegas down here in the southeast. clinton in red, sanders in green so far. rich, i want to show you from 2008, okay, this is how the caucus turned out between barack obama and hillary clinton. she won the state by about six points. clinton is in green here. obama is in blue. she won clark county, las vegas, ha handily, by the way. she won by eight points. up here in reno, that's where barack obama did so well and won that county by ten points. if you go to 2016 now, in the county of washoe, okay, she's right there with him. if this continues, rich, with 40% of the vote in, she could win that county and that could
1:20 pm
bode well for her. in the end, is it simple to say a win is a win for hillary clinton, rich? >> a win is a win because she checks bernie's momentum and presumably wins south carolina and the firewall holds. but on the other side of the ledger, a loss is a loss. and just a narrow bernie sanders win today could suggest perhaps that south carolina firewall is vulnerable or at least it will be much closer than anyone would expect and we're in for a long, long struggle. >> rich lowry here in new york, stand by. thank you. we are watching south carolina as we get ready to see what happens there this evening. republicans all over the state making their final pitches. who will take spot number one? number two? and at the end of the day, what story is written in south carolina this evening? after this. f you're young or ol. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one.
1:21 pm
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1:24 pm
easy to say let's make america great again. you don't need to put that on a ball cap. >> they don't want to run against our campaign because we have the ability to reunite this campaign. >> ted cruz and marco rubio making their arguments against donald trump. the two senators are duking it out, possibly for second place in south carolina in the republican primary, first in the south. each looking to the south carolina state to submit their alternative. that's where we are in this race right now. joining us is matt moore, chair of the republican party in south carolina. good to have you here.
1:25 pm
what it looks like in terms of one, two and three and what is important in the second spot? >> i think you are right, the past week the candidates have gone after each other in south carolina. it's good that south carolina is so important for what comes next. you head to nevada next week and into march 1st. states around us are voting for the conservative party but it will matter a lot what happens tonight. >> you know, in terms of the interest in donald trump, what do you make of it? >> people are frustrated. i get many of the frustrations. with a broken political class in washington that can address any of the country's biggest challenges, but i think it is true that donald trump or any of the candidates will be better than another term of barack obama and hillary clinton. that's why we're seeing such big turnout here in south carolina today. we expect the records to be set tonight. absentee numbers in south carolina today, 59,000 absentee ballots requested and returned. that's more than double the returns in 2012. that's an amazing thing.
1:26 pm
>> wow. >> matt, if we look back at history and we have all accepted that this race is unique, right? >> reporter: right. around 7:00 eastern time, all 46 counties will start to fill in. 2012, newt gingrich was a winner. romney won where you are in columbia in charleston and buford county. back to 2008, maybe it was a little more closer to normal. brian, would you grant me that? when mccain beat huckabee by three points and huckabee is in blue. he won all the northern counties here, strong evangelical vote. mccain in green. won the middle section of the state here, the midlands and along the coast as well. if you take this example right from 2008, you take this example from 2012 and put that into 2016, i mean, what's closer to -- what's closer to what we're looking at right now,
1:27 pm
matt? >> reporter: i think 2012, the coalition that newt gingrich put together was maybe a little bit unique in history here, just considering he was sort of a neighbor of ours in georgia, a southern boy. i think, though, that coalition of working class, middle class combined with people in columbia, in the columbian area that want to focus on national security, maybe the coalition that is very successful tonight here for trump. i would not be surprised if trump does really well tonight. and the battle is for second. ted cruz has got to do well in the spartanburg area, a lot of evangelicals there. but not all evangelicals are the same. i expect senator rubio to do well here with military here. in the low country, a bit of a toss up, a melting pot in south carolina near the charleston area. >> that covers it. we need a flowchart. thank you, matt moore, appreciate your time there.
1:28 pm
quickly so our viewers know out here in nevada, the caucus is underway at 21% of the vote. really close here. clinton at 50.8. sanders 49.1. as we drill in on the critical counties, clark county again here around las vegas, you're at 14% of the vote right now. and it kind of comes in clumps, like chunks i guess you could say from the caucus. i jumps up in points and now it just has, clinton at 54.5 and he's at 45.5. so you have a nine-point advantage for clinton in red down here. and in washoe county near reno, this is interesting. 47% of the vote now reporting. so you just read at the midway point, clinton at 50%. sanders right behind her at 49.7. if that number holds up, that's good news for hillary clinton up in that part around reno, nevada. martha, more coming in in a moment. >> sure is. we will see. so donald trump taking on his critics over his conservative credentials and
1:29 pm
just what the political dust meansolina and beyond. >> if i hear these people go, donald trump is not a true conservative and he is not a true conservative. these people, where do they come from? where do they come from? these people are not going to get you to the promised land. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven.
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1:32 pm
it is still too early to predict who will win the nevada caucus. check that, 1:32 local time in nevada. but fox news entrance polls combine now with early caucus results to show former secretary of state hillary clinton with a slight lead over vermont senator bernie sanders. more information coming in by the minute. so stand by on nevada.
1:33 pm
we have an early look at the entrance poll waves. we have another group of them that have just come in. for the first time in this nominating process, we have sizable minority numbers to take a look at. hispanics make up one in five of those participating in today's caucuses. this is a group very strong for clinton in '08. she got 64% to barack obama's 26%. but as of now, and this is the significant development, if it holds, hispanics appear to be favoring bernie sanders 54% to 43%. now let's take a look at the independents because anybody could be part of this caucus process today. independents can participate. sanders is popular with these folks, a group he won in both iowa and new hampshire. today in nevada we see this, sanders 75% of the independent vote, clinton at 20%. also the supreme court, a hot-button issue recently, of course. slightly more caucus goers say clinton would be best able to handle a supreme court nomination 53% to 44%. but look at this honesty number,
1:34 pm
because this is something we have seen dogging mrs. clinton in the course of these early races. those who want an honest and trustworthy candidate vote strongly for sanders. 84% on the honest and trustworthy with sanders. only 11% with clinton. but when you talk about electability, take a look at these numbers. it flips in almost mirrored ways. clinton at 77%, sanders at 16%. seniors is a strong voting group for hillary clinton. she had them in '08 as well and they are with her again in nevada today. so here's -- that is sort of the latest wave that we have at this point. still stoo eatoo early to tell % of the precincts coming in. we are starting to get a real sense of why this is such a tight race tonight in nevada. indeed. the tight race continues in nevada. now we want to move back to south carolina. donald trump defending himself against critics who say his
1:35 pm
views do not line up with those of true conservatives or the republican party. here is the frontrunner at a campaign event today in south carolina. >> some of these really not smart people say, donald trump is not a true conservative. he is not a conservative. i'm the most conservative person in the world along the border. i'm the most conservative person in the world with respect to getting rid of common core. i'm the most conservative person in the world with getting rid of obamacare. i'm the most conservative person in the world having to deal with our military and rebuilding our military and taking care of our vets. >> so that was part of his closing argument. katrina pearson is national spokesperson for donald trump. good day to you and thank you for your time. how are you feeling about south carolina, give us a read? >> well, bill, we feel great. the enthusiasm on the ground
1:36 pm
sup sup supercedes what i felt in new hampshire. everybody where i go i get a thumb's up. we are feeling good today. >> are you predicting victory? >> i am predicting victory. i think we are going to do really well in south carolina. and looking forward to heading on to nevada. >> the nbc poll that came out just yet showed a race in south carolina tightening. just about a five or six-point difference between trump and ted cruz. why is that? >> i think as we get closer to elections, most of the times polls do close. this was considered an outliar considering all the other polls had mr. trump in double-digit leads. but i think that is just to be suspected. >> do you not believe that poll, is that what you're saying? is it an outliar indeed? >> i think it is an outliar but i am pretty confident donald
1:37 pm
trump will take south carolina. >> here is ted cruz hitting donald trump considerably on his call that he is a conservative. watch. >> if you've lived 50 years of your life without ever writing, saying or doing anything to prove you're a conservative, you ain't. and unless you have had a record of standing and fighting for the constitution, there's no reason to believe you would suddenly develop a fidelity you have never had at any point in your life. >> is donald trump having a hard time answering those questions? >> no, not at all. i believe you played a clip earlier of mr. trump talking about his conservativism. but i'll point out, senator cruz likes to point out ronald reagan and working under the bushes. isn't amnesty raising taxes and bailing out wall street for crying out loud? i will say this, there are different buckets of conservatives. and these conservatives always want to say that if you're not
1:38 pm
in my bucket, you're not a conservative. you have social conservatives. those who want to have government regulate society. then you have constitutional conservatives that want strict adherence of the constitution and neoconservatives to go into sovereign nations to overthrow governments be. what you mr. ted cruz doesn't tell everyone is that he's a co conservative, which is government in the economy. free market, capitalism and pro-military. >> katrina, the expectation is a big part of this. with the exception of the wall street/nbc poll i pointed out, so much of the polling as donald trump in double digits in south carolina. if he underperforms, what is the effect of him and his campaign going forward? >> well, i don't really see anything underperforming. i think we are going to say a win is a win whether it is one point or 15 points, bill. this is a race. we're in it for the long haul and donald trump is going to do very well tonight. >> he says if he wins in south
1:39 pm
carolina, again, whether it is one point or more, that he can run the table. >> well, yeah. when you're coming out of new hampshire and south carolina, i mean, we're talking about voters who are supposed to be in other people's camps, like evangelicals voting overwhelmingly in support of donald trump. in new hampshire, now we'll find out what is happening in south carolina. this is a huge indicator for super tuesday. donald trump winning here could really turn the table. >> thank you for coming back today. so we are watching this and you're looking at the polling, martha. day after day and week after week, and the trump team will tell you, we have been in south carolina for a year. we have been going our ground game for a year. the cruz folks are saying, we have 9,000 volunteers working in south carolina. you have 12,000 in iowa. it did make a difference. will it again today? we wait to see. >> when you look at the delegate count, south carolina is the first winner-take-all state and
1:40 pm
you don't get another until the middle of march. so in this case, whoever wins tonight in south carolina will be a winner because they are going to get the huge pocket of delegates, which is what it takes to add them up to get there. so it is interesting in what katrina was saying, obviously, no one knows the outcome tonight, but it seems very unclear to them whether or not it's going to be very close, like what we saw in iowa or whether or not they are going to win by a good margin. >> they were saying just yesterday, don't take it for granted. all right. we have more results that are coming in now from nevada. right now fox news entrance polls combined with the early caucus results show former secretary of state hillary clinton with a slight lead over vermont senator bernie sanders. but this is very tight. and we are also hearing some reports that we're checking out that there are still caucus sites hope with long lines with places understaffed out there. so we are checking into that and will get you the latest on that when we come back. right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign.
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1:44 pm
we have a tight race in nevada. too early to project any conclusion here. combining what we are seeing with the caucuses, we are showing hillary clinton has a slight lead over the vermont senator, bernie sanders. we have a lot of stops coming in moment by moment. joining us is mercedes schwab, and allen coombs. allen, given what we have seen so far, what are you seeing in nevada? >> looks like with late results coming in for hillary that bernie sanders is doing well early. he seemeded to be ahead, but as more results come in, places coming out of the caucus locations seem to be more hillary focused. so it looks like she might be going ahead a little bit. >> yeah, it's very tight. when you look at twitter and you see different places reporting, both sides are claiming that they're having some pretty nice victories here. the hispanic vote appears to be
1:45 pm
leaning a little bit towards bernie sanders, at least at this point, mercedes. that's a pretty big surprise. >> i've spoken to a bernie sanders campaign official who explained to me that that was their target. they were focusing on the latino vote, the african-american vote, as we know, even bernie's been playing his immigration story of his family, his father being polish and telling that story. we know that hillary clinton put up an ad that was an emotional effective ad where she's hugging a dreamer and telling her she'll take care of it. latino voters in nevada is where they have been focusing their time on spanish airwaves, tv and radio. if bernie is able to crack the code in nevada, he could surely take that momentum down south. >> a video surfaced of bernie sanders being arrested in 1963 at the age of 23 at an
1:46 pm
anti-segregation rally. interesting timing. >> he's been talking about that recently. and we'll see whether or not that makes any difference for him. alan, one of the things i'm watching in this nevada race is the delegates versus the popular vote. because the last time around hillary clinton won the popular vote but barack obama had sealed up the delegates. we have learned a lot on how the democratic process works and it is an interesting one. harry reid is one of those people that has a superdelegate he can vote with. do you see a scenario where bernie sanders wins the popular vote and hillary clinton goes home once again with the delegates. what is the response to that in your party? >> i don't speak for the party but i'll tell you something, i think it is a shame it is not more popular vote based. also, the presidential election itself if you're voting for and elector, not the candidate, the popular vote would have had al gore be the president. it is not a democratic process when superdelegates can supercede what the vote is.
1:47 pm
>> mercedes, it is fascinating to watch this. we know hillary clinton is working hard to get the delegates across the country. >> i'm sure the democratic establishment are shaking in their knees right now. they are hoping that not only hillary clinton can but that she's able to win pretty significantly. we have to remember that hillary clinton, for example, let's take nevada, she's been there since last spring. bernie really started to put his organization together just a couple of months ago. and when talking to folks down on the ground in nevada, political operatives, they were telling me while she was focused on voter registration for a long time in nevada and the numbers increased, bernie sanders has felt the momentum in the past three or four weeks. >> it's been a stunning month for hillary clinton, alan. and sort of disillusion of what she thought she had sewn in a lot of the states is truly remarkable. what is your take on what's
1:48 pm
happened? >> same thing is happening with the republicans, that people want somebody who is not part of the establishment who is perceived as telling it like it is. in fact, although mr. trump keeps changing on the iraq war, that people want somebody who is not in the establishment lane. so i think that we're seeing a similar kind of trajectory on both sides of the political play here. >> let's put up the trustworthy number because clearly this is an issue. and we have looked at this number quite a bit over the past couple of states. the top candidate quality, honest and trustworthy, hillary clinton only gets 11% of that, alan. and that's got to be a tough number for her to look at. >> well, if she ekes out nevada, does well in south carolina and the super taste tunes will be the real tell-tale here and she'll be on her way. but then again, it's all about who that person, whether it is bernie or hillary faces, if it's donald trump, either candidate on the left, i believe, would win. in fact, a poll out this week shows bernie sanders beats every republican candidate. and i think hillary would do well, too. >> it is clear people find him
1:49 pm
more honest and trustworthy in the early states. so we'll see. thank you very much, guys. good to see you both. we have a minute to show you the latest data coming in. clinton is in red, sanders in green on the map. all the counties now filling in the state of nevada. at the moment you've got 37% of the vote in. it's about 3.5 point difference, hillary clinton over bernie sanders. as we watch the two counties up near reno and washoe, bernie sanders at 64% of the vote in. he has edged ahead of hillary clinton. so that's a bit of a shift from what we saw, oh, i don't know, ten minutes ago, 15 minutes ago, down here around las vegas and clark county. with 32% of the vote reporting, she has a significant lead on bernie sanders. whether that changes or not, we do not know. but it's right around eight or nine points for hillary clinton. that's the county she won and had to win eight years ago against barack obama and did just that. more coming up in a moment here
1:50 pm
from the board. all right. we have a little more than two hours before the polls in south carolina close. what is on voters minds as they head into the polls? the coverage continues as the results start rolling in now
1:51 pm
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1:53 pm
we lost one of our producers. fox news reporting out of nevada, that the state democratic party says many caucus sites remain open because of volume. they'll stay open how long? we will see. let's bring in chris wallace, joe trippi and karl rove.
1:54 pm
you guys are watching it from there. you've seen the results from clark county and washoe. what are you seeing in these returns that could potentially be a story that lasts after this afternoon? >> well, it's going to be hillary clinton strength monday among whites, looks like it's carrying her in clark county. most of the rest of the state appears to be in, washoe, two-thirds. some of the smaller counties, pershing county, 100% in. we're only about a third of the vote in clark county, laying. and she's winning by 9% in that county. and this is a county in which the turn out in the democratic primary is largely latino, significantly black, and significant amount of union strength. >> joe, given what we know about the clinton campaign. we know her campaign director ran nevada for her in 2008 and then was elevated to run this entire campaign. they felt very solid going into nevada. again, we don't know the
1:55 pm
outcome. but what we know at this point is that this is very, very tight. what does all this spell at this stapling of the game -- stage of the game for the clinton campaign? >> i worked against them in 2008 and their organizational strength is light years ahead of where it was then. so even though they've lost a lot of caucuses in that campaign, we saw in iowa the dead heat. we may see a dead heat here. i don't know. maybe i think with clark county, she may win here. but i think they're very well organized across the country. i think robbie mook and the campaign would be very happy with a win, any win in nevada tonight. >> chris, what are you seeing? what do you guys talk about during the commercial? >> well, i am going to tell you. the thing that i've really taken away is that for all of our talk about a dead heat or maybe even a sanders win, particularly joe seems to feel that just the predominance of african-american
1:56 pm
vote over the next two weeks is going to be a huge advantage for hillary clinton. it appears to be an advantage for a much smaller percentage of african-americans in nevada. and this is going to be a tough time for bernie sanders. he's going to have a rough month of march. he's going to have to stay alive. he's got places like minnesota, wisconsin. he's got to make it through march. the calendar turns a little more positive when you get into april. >> the days just starting for all of us. thank you. stand by there in washington. >> we have numbers coming up after this and we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back. majority of people
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
significant for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we'll get that number for you as soon as it gets underway and we will see you coming up in a few minutes. >> in the meantime, "the five" starts right now. so hang on. here we go within the hour. fox news enters the polls combined with early caucus results show a very tight race with clinton slightly in the lead. here with both candidates earlier today. >> i need your help this morning. >> yeah, we will. we will. >> we need your help this morning! thank you all! >> thank you


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