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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 20, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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keep it on fox news for continuing election coverage. juan and i will be there and we'll see you back here on monday. "special report" is up next. this is a fox news alert. good evening. welcome to this special saturday edition of "special report." i'm bret baier in new york. all eyes on two big votes today. one in the west, one in the south. we can project that hillary clinton has won nevada, bouncing back from the big blow she suffered in new hampshire. we're also in the final hour of voting for a republican nominee in south carolina where 50 delegates are up for grabs. even though we don't have vote totals there yet and the polls are still open, my colleague martha mccallum is here with a fox exit polls that give us a pretty good idea of where things stand. good evening, martha. >> good evening. let's see what we've got so far from these exit polls in south carolina. once again, we are seeing emerging the angry voter in this
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race, very much like we saw in new hampshire. prominent in south carolina as well. they are going big, no big surprise here for donald trump this evening. 38% of those who characterize themselves as angry, went for trump. 28% for cruz. and 18 for rubio. in terms of endorsements, which we often say don't count that much anymore. it appears that governor nicky haley's endorsement indeed counts for quite a bit in south carolina. 44% of those who say that matters to them went with marco rubio. jeb bush wanted that and others. marco rubio got it in the final days. and those who voted in the final days voted for rubio. 30% for him and cruz came in at a close second with 28% of the late deciders. those top two appearing to be splitting that vote at this point. immigration also obviously a very hot issue in this election. got a bit hotter this week when the pope weighed in and went back and forth with donald
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trump. half of south carolina republicans say they want to give illegal immigrants a chance to apply for legal status to stay in this country. for those people for whom that is important, marco rubio is getting theirs at 31%. the supreme court also a big issue. same day as justice scalia's funeral today, obviously, south carolina gop voters who have that on their mind want ted cruz to be the one to handle that nomination to the court. donald trump came in second there. cruz at 30, as you can see. and trump is in there at 26. obviously south carolina, military very important issue for voters there as well. those who said the top issue for them in voting for the president is terrorism. if that's their top concern, cruz got 31% of that vote in south carolina. 27% went to trump and 25% went to rubio. you can see as one example here, bush gets 7% of that. he is in single digits in a lot
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of these significant topics for south carolina voters tonight. we may see a story emerging with regard to jeb bush. so also this was a very nasty week as we watched in the palmetto state. so which candidate do south carolina voters feel has run the most unfair campaign? we saw so much finger pointing and it's basically a pox on both their houses for the biggest finger pointers. trump got 41% and cruz is getting 33% of those who believe that this got pretty nasty over the course of the last week in south carolina. so crunching these numbers, we'll get another wave of exit polls in a little while. i'll have those for us in the 7:00 o'clock hour. >> okay. fascinating stuff. thank you. let's look at what's happening on the ground in nevada and south carolina. we have fox team coverage. ed henry is in nevada where the clinton campaign is obviously celebrating. but we begin with chief political correspond sent carl cameron who has been following the republican race from the beginning and has the latest on
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the primary that could make or break some gop campaigns. >> reporter: donald trump had a double digit lead in the preceding weeks to this primary race here in south carolina. it looks like we're gonna have a big turnout. that could certainly help him. first thing this morning, the frontrunner called in to fox news and as he did before his new hampshire win, took a cautious approach. >> i know the crowds are very, very large. even bigger than anticipated and that's supposed to be good for me. but i don't know, maybe it's a bad thing for me. i just don't know. >> reporter: trump was attacked by an independent pro ted cruz pac today in robo calls about his comments regarding gay and lesbian rights. >> when president trump is in office, can we look for more forward motion on equality for gays and lesbians? >> you can. look, that's your thing and other people have their thing. we have to bring all people together. >> it's about transgender bathrooms in your child's school. it's about tearing down our judeo christian values. it's about tearing down our america. ted cruz for president now,
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before it's too late. >> reporter: the pro-cruz pac ran robo calls last night against trump for backing the confederate battle flags removal from the state house grounds. >> trump talks p our flag like it's a social disease. >> reporter: the cruz camp disavowed the tone of the calls. trump says he never gave the flag issue much thought and ripped into cruz. >> you should call him a serial liar and i personally, and i've been in business with the best of them, i have never met anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. >> reporter: cruz was in washington for the funeral services of ant nonscalia. marco rubio after coming in fifth in new hampshire, attacked cruz all week for dirty politicking and jumped on the flag flap. >> to kind of bring that up again in a robo call on the day before the election, those are the kinds of things that obviously concern people. >> reporter: most candidates worked the polling places today after batting away rumors of salary cuts earlier this week, jeb bush dismissed a report that staffers are shopping their resumes to other campaigns.
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>> yeah, it's trash. politico, it's trash. they never have a source. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich was campaigning massachusetts and vermont to illustrate there are other states ahead. >> i'm going to do my best to stay positive and try to sell my ideas without having to run anybody else down. >> reporter: at the back of the pack, dr. ben carson had seven campaign events in south carolina before the polls closed. six months ago there were 17 republican candidates in the race. tonight there are six. it's a pretty fair bet that the top three are in a close battle and will have plenty of momentum to continue on. the back three might be faced with tough decisions and intense pressure to get out of the race, bret. >> carl cameron live in spartanburg, thanks. it was the first task in the west for the democrat candidates and once again, fox news projects hillary clinton the winner in nevada. ed henry has been following the campaigns closely and joins us from sanders' campaign headquarters. good evening, ed. >> reporter: good evening.
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it was close with 79% in, clinton only up 52-48%. that's happy to take any victory tonight. it's from entrance polls that sanders had a slight lead among hispanic voters. but clip houston a 45-point edge among voters 65 and over. she rode that to victory. in the final stretch, bernie sanders closed in on hillary clinton here in nevada. in the end, she won. this morning the two candidates were in the same employee cafeteria at harrah's, within minutes, urging casino work force get out to caucus. sanders raced further down the strip to rally workers at the mgm grand. >> i think it's good turnout. >> reporter: a turnout was strong. long lines at the henderson caucus site in clark county. senate democratic leader harry reid lives nearby and came to caucus here, though he claimed to be uncommitted out of fairness to both.
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>> well over 30,000. that's good. >> reporter: for the candidates, their final pitches closely resellibles their overall strategy the. sanders hold ago big rally and trying to stir his ground troops with lofty rhetoric in an effort to seize the momentum now. >> it could well be that ten, 0, 30 years from now people will look back on what happened in nevada and say this was the beginning of the political revolution. >> reporter: clinton gets smaller crowds and delivers business-like speeches focusing on her grind it out approach of getting more delegates over the long haul. >> i am so, so grateful to each and every one of you who have been part of this campaign over these last months. >> reporter: to show that's looking beyond early states, she's leaving nevada quickly tonight for a rally in texas, which is a super tuesday state on march 1. after south carolina next saturday, democrats vote the
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following tuesday in a total of 12 states and territories. including massachusetts, minnesota, and vermont. clinton hopes to exploit her edge with african-american voters in arkansas, georgia and tennessee. and clinton is looking to run up the delegate count in the south in march. but sanders now has the money to stay in this race for a long time. interesting that we saw ties broken in iowa by the coin flip. here was a deck of cards. in one precinct, clinton won by getting one of her supporters got an ace of clubs. >> there you go. ed henry in vegas. thank you. do you have any predictions for what will happen to the republican race following tonight's south carolina primary? let me know at facebook or on twitter. you can use #specialreport. for analysis, let's bring in george will and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer.
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early in the show tonight. george, let me start with you. nevada, obviously hillary clinton wins and it looks like largely because of labor. john podesta, tweeted out, thank you to our brothers and sisters in the labor movement for bringing nevada home. we are told senator reid made a call to the culinary union and opened up some caucus sites and casinos and that may have been what took her over the top. >> it may have been, bret, but the interesting thing is that the culinary union really is the dog that didn't bark here of the it could have endorsed her. it didn't. and we'll wait and see what that is about. this was really a good state for her because it's the third most urbanized state in the country hyped california and new jersey. and there is a heavy union presence there. her task it seems to me, is to reassemble the obama coalition. that's not the elderly where she did very well, according to the entrance polls. it does include the young and once again, it seems from the
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entrance poll that she's being crushed by the oldest candidate in a long time among the young voters. she has a problem that she's arguing over and over that we should have continuity with the obama administration. she criticized bernie sanders for criticizing the president. yet the most recent gallup poll among likely general election voters finds 71% said the country is on the wrong track. however, since her main argument is she says we are knee is fun, bernie is exciting, but he's not practical 'cause he's not electable. she has to start winning and she did today. >> charles, this is a big win for hillary clinton, obviously, as she heads now and the democrats head now to south carolina. but you look at some of these entrance poll numbers, especially on honest and trustworthy. 84 to 12 we want to bernie sanders. person who cares about me. 75 to 23. those have to be somewhat alarming. >> it beats her result in new
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hampshire where on the honesty and trustworthiness, she lost by 95-5, which is sort of historic. but i think the difference here was, the huge margin among african-americans. there are only 13% of the vote. but she won that by 55%. interestingly among whites, which she sort of was saying bernie has the advantage and that's how she explained away her losses in iowa and new hampshire, they're about evenly split. and the most interesting i think is that at least the entrance poll that we have, the latest one has her losing hispanics to sanders by eight points, which means at that it's a fairly narrow constituency. but an extremely important one, meaning african-americans in the south. so she escaped here i think rather healthily. there was no way she was going to win big. the fact that she won. she won by looks like four or five points.
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the narrative, had she lost, would have been that everything is collapsing around her and would have begun to look like a rout. now that she won, i think she goes into the south, again with a kind of firewall advantage of the heavy african-american vote and a good -- she's going to have to slog it out with bernie, but a good chance of coming out ahead in the end. >> we should point out when hillary clinton speaks in vegas, we will head there. george, quickly on this republican race. it seems like it's developing into two tiers. you look at some of these exit poll numbers for south carolina and the single digits for bush and kasich and others on these questions have to be concerning for those campaigns. >> i think the thing to watch tonight is the compression between the first -- whoever wins and whoever comes in second and then the compression between whoever comes in second and whoever comes in fifth. the real question about mr. trump is does he have pat buchanan's creeling? that is
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pat buchanan could get into the low 30s sometimes in his race in '96, but couldn't get higher than that. and if you can't get higher than that in south carolina, it may be a real stretch. >> quickly, charles? >> the bottom three appear to be down in single digits. they were all to be eliminated, we'd have a three-man race and then it's a toss-up. the pressure on bush will be enormous to get out. kasich looks like he doesn't care. he feeds a plane ticket -- needs a plane ticket and a platform and he can continue. carson i think is probably going to be staying in for a while, but he knows he's not going to win. so it really depends on the also rans as to how it's going to finish. >> charles and george, thank you very much. the first in the south primary could be as we talked about, the end of the line for one or more of the six remaining gop candidates. that means what happens in each county in south carolina is very important to the campaigns because of the make-up of each
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county and it's very different in the state of south carolina. bill hemmer joins me now with the counties to watch tonight. good evening, bill. >> hey, good evening. we'll be watching this throughout the evening and when the polls close in 45 minutes, this map will start to change. let's take you down to south carolina. here is what we've done for you from bush, trump, kasich, rubio, carson, one through six, the colors for the county will correspond with their name very soon this map will start to fill in. in a typical year, in south carolina, you've got the low country. you have the midlands that include columbia and richland county. and you've got upstate, which tends to be more evangelical. so based on history back in 2012, what happened? gingrich and green was a clear winner over mitt romney in blue. look where gingrich won. just about everywhere, except for the capitol city and richland county here right in the middle. the other place where romney did well, down here along the coast. if somebody like marco rubio or jeb bush is going to do well
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tonight, we'll see whether or not they cut into that lead. coming up in a bit here, bret, the evangelicals and why they are so critical to someone like ted cruz. back to you. >> thank you. let's head out to las vegas now. hillary clinton, the winner of the nevada caucuses, taking the stage. let's listen in. >> thank you. thank you, nevada! thank you so much! >> hillary! >> thank you. thank you so much. you know, i am so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other.
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and this one is for you. i want to congratulate senator sanders on a hard-fought race here and i want to thank each and every up with of you. you turned out in every corner of this state with determination and purpose. hotel and casino workers who never waiverred. students with too much debt and small business owners who never go off the clock. tens of thousands of men and women with kids to raise, bills to pay and dreams that won't die. this is your campaign and it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. we're gonna build ladders of opportunity in their place so
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every american can go as far as your hard work can take you. and to the thousands of volunteers and organizers who worked so hard in this state. to the more than 750,000 people who have gone to hillary clinton .com and contributed what you could, the vast majority giving less than $100. and to the millions of people across our country who are supporting our campaign, thank you from the bottom of my heart. we hear you. we see you. we're incredibly grateful to you. it's because we're in this together. we look at our country and see so much that isn't working the way it should. we see grandparents forced to choose between paying rent and
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buying medicine because a prescription drug company has increased prices 5,000% overnight. we see african-american families denied mortgages at nearly three times the rate of white families. we see small towns and rural communities hollowed out by lost jobs and lost hope. we see a rising generation of young people coming of age in a world where opportunity seems out of reach. and worst of all, we see children growing up in poverty or pain or fear. here in nevada, a brave young girl told me how scared she is that her parents could be deported. in south carolina i met kids trying to learn in crumbling classrooms and neglected communities. and then there is flint, michigan, where children were poisoned by toxic water just because their governor wanted to save a little money.
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so americans are right to be angry. but we're also hungry for real solutions. [ cheering ] in the campaign we've heard a lot about washington and wall street. we all want to get secrets, unaccountable money out of politics. that starts with appointing a new justice to the supreme court who will protect the right of every citizen to vote. not every corporation to buy elections. and we also agree that wall street can never be allowed to threaten main street again. no bank could be too big to fail. no executive to powerful to jail. but if we listen to the voices
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of flip and ferguson, if we open our hearts to the families of poll countries and indian countries. if we listen to the hopes and heartaches of hard working people across america, it's clear there is so much more to be done. the truth is we aren't a single issue country. [ cheering ] we need more than a plan for the big banks. the middle class needs a raise. and we need more jobs. we need jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced. jobs that provide dignity and a future. we could do it by unleashing the innovation of our entrepreneurs and small businesses. we could do it with new investments and manufacturing, infrastructure and clean energy, especially here in nevada which will be the center of so much.
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somebody, some country is going to be the clean energy super power of the # 1st sentry. it's probably either going to be china, germany or us and i want it to be us. and it will be when i'm president. we also have to do more to make it easier for parents to balance work and family and to break down barriers that keep so many people on the side lines of the economy, especially women. don't you think we've waited long enough? it's time for equal pay for equal work. don't you think it's time to face head on the reality of systemic racism and invest in communities that have been left out and left behind? that means reforming our criminal justice system, our immigration system.
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insuring that people with disabilities have the same opportunity to work and fully participate in our society. it means to make sure nothing holds you back. not death, not discrimination, not a decked stack for those at the top. no one can get this done alone. not even the president of the united states. it's got to be the mission of our entire nation. i have never believed in dividing america between us and them. we are all in this together. we all have to do our part. so let me say this to the men and women who run our country's corporations. if you cheat your employees, exploit consumers, pollute our environment or rip off taxpayers, we're going to hold you accountable.
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but if you do the right thing, if you invest in your workers, contribute to your communities, help build a better america, we're going to stand with you. we're going to go into the future together. we need more jobs. we need more opportunity. and i want to say this to all the young people out there. i know what you're up against. if you left college with a ton of loans, it's not enough just to make college more affordable. you need help right now with the debt you already have. that's why i have a plan to cut your interest rates and cap payments so you never have to pay more than you can afford. but i want you to think about this. it can't be just about what we're going to give to you. it has to be about what we're
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going to build together. your generation is the most tolerant and connected our country has ever seen. in the days ahead, we will propose new ways for more americans to get involved in national service and give back to our communities because every one of us has a role to play in building the future we want. washington is never going to have all the answers, but for every problem we face, somewhere, someone in america is solving it and we need you to be part of that exciting journey we can make together. we need the community activists who decide to run for school boards, the entrepreneur who stays and builds instead of leaving a hometown that has seen better days. we need the millions of teachers and nurses, police officers and firefighters who get up every
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day and do quiet, heroic work to make our country a safer, better, fairer place of the it's going to take each of us working together, growing together, looking out for one another and lifting each other up because there is a basic truth about america. it's something that bill and i have been the beneficiaries of, that we have tried to contribute to and do all we could to continue. america can only live up to its potential when each and every american has the chance to live up to your potential, too. so imagine a tomorrow where no child grows up in the shadow of discrimination or under the specter of deportation. and every child and every zip code gets the education he or she needs and deserves. imagine a tomorrow where every parent can find a good job and
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every grandparent can enjoy a secure retirement. where small businesses thrive and big businesses play by the rules and give more back to the country that has given them so much. where hard work is honored. families are supported and communities are strong. with your help that is the tomorrow we will build for our country. so please join us. go to hillary, become a part of this campaign. or text join right now. let's do this together. now i am heading on -- i am on my way to texas. i'm on my way to texas. bill is on his way to colorado. the fight goes on!
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the future that we want is within our grasp. thank you all, god bless you! ♪ ♪ >> hillary clinton with a victory speech in nevada. las vegas, specifically thanking the union vote there, the culinary union getting out in big numbers to support her and the casino caucuses. she also made a specific pitch to young people with student loan problems, she said. she lost, according to the entrance polls in those caucuses, young people, 85-10 to bernie sanders. perhaps making an effort there. specifically thanking all of her supporters as she makes the way to the next stop which will be -- she said texas. but the next stop for democrats is south carolina where she heads in with a big advantage in that particular make-up of south carolina. the democrats heading this next week. the republicans there today. if bernie sanders comes out,
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you'll hear that here on fox. we have other news today in our nation's capitol. lawmakers, dignitary, family and friends gathered to say good-bye to supreme court justice antonin scalia. today's funeral mass was celebrated by his son, father paul scalia. joe biden and fellow justices were in attendance. he died last week at the age of 79. law enforcement officer died in the line of duty following a stand-off in mississippi that injured three other officers. james tart, an agent with the mississippi bureau of narcotics, died this morning of a gunshot wound. the suspect also killed. diplomatic talks aimed at stopping the violence in syria continue to make some progress. today syria's largest opposition group, said it's ready in principle to agree on a temporary truce with conditions. but with one step forward, two steps continue to be taken back in the cease fire negotiations. friday france shot down a
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russian cease fire proposal, that would have halted turkey's military operations in syria. the u.s. called the proposal a distraction. serbia's foreign minister says it wants an explanation from the u.s. over the deaths of two serbian embassy staffers killed in friday's u.s. air strikes in western libya. american fighter jets bombed the suspected isis training camp, killing dozens, including a possible terrorist responsible for attacks in tunisia last year. serbian officials believe their two staffers were being held hostage there and that the u.s. may not have known that. the pentagon says it has no information indicating the deaths were a result of the u.s. strike. next up, a conversation with senator ted cruz. his thoughts on today's primary and his battle with donald trump. right now we're looking at where bernie sanders will be giving a speech, a concession speech after his loss in nevada. expect to hear from him shortly. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. as we go to break, senator marco rubio in south carolina, feeling pretty good about today.
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>> we'd like to take as many as we can and move forward into nevada. we feel good. we really feel good about this race when it narrows down.
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texas senator ted cruz won the first presidential contest in iowa. he came in a strong third place in new hampshire but well hyped donald trump there. the senator hopes to pick up some momentum in south carolina. just yesterday myrtle beach, i had the chance to talk to him about his chances. >> i'm very encouraged. the momentum we've been seeing has been growing steadily for months. what we're seeing is that old reagan coalition coming together. if you think back to the iowa caucuses and the week leading up to it, every pundit and pollster said we couldn't win. they all said donald trump was going to win. on election day, we saw record shattering turnout. we won more votes than any republican in the history of the iowa caucuses and i think the reason is simple, bret. the stakes are too high. we can't gamble.
3:36 pm
if you look at the other candidates running, it's rolling the dice. do you know what they're going to do? i don't know that anybody knows what donald trump would do and the stakes are too great. we're talking about defending our constitutional rights, the bill of rights, and we're talking about commander in chief, keeping this country safe. >> i listen to yourself and it has evolved and you talk about the supreme court a lot. do you really believe that the other republicans would make poor choices in filling seats vacancies on the bench? >> i think there is no doubt. we've seen over and over again republican presidents who don't nominate conservatives to the court. and what history has shown is unless you have a presidentllinl and fight, we're not going to get a principled conservative on the court. and i give my word to the voters of south carolina and of this country that every justice i put on the court will be a principled constitutionalist who will defend the bill of rights. if you compare, for example, donald trump, there is no doubt that donald trump would nominate liberals to the court. how do we know that?
3:37 pm
we know that number one, bus for 60 years of his life, he described himself as prepro choice and a supporter of partial birth abortion. we know that number two because he's points to do one example of the type of judge he would appoint of the that's his sister who bill clinton put on the court of appeals, his sister is an extreme abortion supporter who struck down a restriction, new jersey's restriction on partial birth abortion. she said it was irrational to ban partial birth abortion and donald said that that extreme pro-abortion judge would make a phenomenal supreme court justice. one more liberal justice and our religious liberty will be taken away for a generation. >> you have evolved in your relationship with donald trump. the beginning of this campaign now, i listen to the stump. you use we'll win so much. we'll get sick of winning. that's a donald trump line. >> you know what? we're going to be winning so much, we'll get tired of winning. >> we are going to win so much, we're going to have win after win after win. you people are going to get sick and tired of winning! >> how do you think this relationship with trump has
3:38 pm
changed for you, because obviously you're talking differently about him. >> oh, listen, my response from the beginning and now has been number one, to take the high road. number two, when insults are tossed my way, not to respond in kind. donald has tossed all sorts of insults. when he called me a maniac, i tweeted out the old song, maniac. >> now he's saying liar. >> maybe i should send out the jim carey movie next. look, we're going to have fun. we're going to tell jokes. we're going to be light and joyful. we're running a joyful campaign. and the reason is i'm running on my record. if i'm elected president, we will keep this country safe and we will utterly destroy isis. >> on our air just a short while ago, donald trump spokesperson directly refuted cruz' claim that trump is not a true conservative. >> senator cruz likes to point out ronald reagan and worked under the bushes and i'll have
3:39 pm
to say that conservatism isn't amnesty, isn't raising taxes and bailing out wall street. what mr. cruz doesn't tell everyone, that only donald trump has a coalition of all conservatives combined because he's a core conservative. >> let's take a look live now in las vegas. bernie sanders is taking the stage after his loss to hillary clinton in nevada. let's listen in. >> has been about the issue of momentum, is the issue of breathing more and more people into the political process. when we began in iowa, we were 50 points behind. when we began in new hampshire, we were 30 points behind.
3:40 pm
and we were way behind here in nevada. but what i think is happening is that as people hear our message, and it's a clear message. it speaks to the truth of an american society today that a lot of people just don't want -- that is the fact that we have a corrupt campaign finance system which is undermining american democracy. we will allow billionaires and their super pacs to continue to buy elections in the united states of america. and the american people are catching on that we have a
3:41 pm
rigged economy. ordinary people, working people, working two or three jobs, longer and longer hours, and almost all new income going to the top 1%. and together we are going to create an economy that works for all of us and not just the top 1%. and the american people are catching on that we have a broken criminal justice system, a system which says today that some kid in nevada or vermont gets picked up with some marijuana, that kid will have a police record staying with him his entire life. but if you are a wall street executive and your illegal behavior destroys the economy
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and the lives of millions of people, somehow nothing happens to you. and our job is to bring justice back to the criminal justice system. i want to thank all of our supporters here in nevada. i want to thank our thousands of volunteers, including many of you for working tirelessly. i want to thank our staff for the great job that they have done. i am especially proud that here in nevada, we're seeing this all over this country, we are bringing working people and
3:43 pm
young people into the political process in a way we have not seen for a very long time. in a short while i'll be on a plane to south carolina and then we're going to be competing in 11 states all across this country on super tuesday. and i believe that on super tuesday, we have got an excellent chance to win many of those states. [ cheering ] but i also know that on super tuesday and before, we are going to be taking on a very powerful and well-funded super pac, a
3:44 pm
super pac that receives significant amounts of money from wall street and wealthy special interests. so as we head to super tuesday, we would very much appreciate the support of the american people who are so kind and generous. we have received at this point over 3.7 million individual contributions. >> bernie sanders in a concession speech in nevada. hillary clinton the big winner out there talking about the way ahead and big plans he has for super tuesday. let's bring in our panel, steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. ebony williams, and philip bump. we'll be right back up the democrats today. obviously this firewall holds for hillary clinton. >> yeah, that was the main
3:45 pm
question, whether or not nonwhite voters would come out, support hillary clinton enough to give her the win in nevada. this is her biggest win. she won in iowa barely. she won here, particularly african-americans. early entrance polls suggested three to one they voted for hillary clinton. >> she didn't see that with latinos. that vote went to sanders. she won that handily in 2008. i agree certainly african-americans were a big part of her success tonight. nevada. we'll see how much bernie can dig that next week. but the latino vote now at play, i think. >> steve? >> i think she's got to be relieved more than enthusiastic about this outcome more than anything. nobody expected this would be competitive if you would have asked people six weeks ago and it was competitive. more competitive than most people thought, including hillary clinton. there are signs i think of concern for the clinton campaign for democrats generally. the turnout is down, according to ralston in nevada. down from the 2008 level of 120,000, down to 80,000 this time, which might suggest a lack
3:46 pm
of enthusiasm. and also when hillary clinton's speech was playing at the sanders rally, his supporters were booing her speech as it was playing, which suggests that there might be an enduring rift there depending on how long this goes. >> there is clearly a civil war in the democratic party. all the talk is the divided republican party. but there is a split in the democratic party as well. as we look to south carolina, we are 14 minutes away from polls closing in south carolina. you look at these exit polls, and you see some things developing here about the tears in this race. >> yeah. i think that, first of all, we see the early, early exit poll suggest that head cruz is doing probably better than people expected. he is fairly close to donald trump. what we're seeing from the lectorates those favorable to ted cruz. a lot of conservatives and evangelical coming out. it looked like in iowa where he closed the gap in the end. >> south carolina is a much different state from new hampshire and iowa.
3:47 pm
it is a different demographic entirely. >> very. i grew up not far from it in charlotte, north carolina. here is the thing, a lot of people are talking about the margin in which trump will win tonight. i don't think it matters so much. i think that if he gets a win, that allows him to continue his narrative as a winner and that's very, very important to his campaign. >> steve? >> i think the most important thing that will likely come out of this is a win knowing of the republican field. if you look at the issue numbers, if you look at the ideology numbers, it looks like there is once again a three-man race, as there was after iowa. new hampshire looks to be a bit of an anomaly in terms of its results. if that's the case, i think people will begin asking questions very soon about whether other candidates drop out of this race and whether the so-called consolidation of the establishment lane actually takes place. >> because let's be honest, this comes down to money, support. donors will start looking at these numbers and saying, i'm not in. >> yeah. the problem is that three of the four people who are in that
3:48 pm
bottom tier, three of those four people are from florida or ohio, which come up in the middle of march. they'll be hard pressed to want to drop out now before their home state actually comes out for them. it's a tough decision to make, unless you're one of the two florida people and you didn't do as well as the other florida person. >> yeah. a split field f they all stay in, it does benefit donald trump in the end. >> it absolutely does. we're getting reports that jeb bush's campaign is well funded as it is. it's starting to run out of money. it's only so long you can spend $3,000 per vote and stay in this thing. so the two representatives from florida, it's going to be very interesting to see how long jeb stays in this. >> is it shaping up like iowa? does it look like it? >> it is. if you look at the exit poll results, whether you're talking about candidate qualities or the issues, regardless of what you're looking at, it looks a lot like iowa. and you're seeing some of the same kind of themes. donald trump is winning voters who care most about a candidate
3:49 pm
who tells it like it is and who want change. ted cruz is winning or doing well, very well among voters who think sharing their values is most important. marco rubio is doing very well with half of the vote of the people who said that winning in november is the most important number. >> and obviously we'll be getting the total in the next few minutes and we'll be able to get a lot of information quickly. late deciders split between rubio and cruz. that suggests maybe that that debate had some influence. >> yeah. that certainly may have done some. as you look at the polling average, we saw trump dropping off last week or two. again, his strength was with earlier voters. i think the real question here is can donald trump actually get voters to the polls? this is as close as it looks like it could be, may not be of the but if it's close, the answer may be no. >> philip, ebony, steve, thank you very much. we will be right back with more analysis on today's primary and caucus votes and the countdown to the polls closing in south
3:50 pm
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. welcome back, joining me now
3:54 pm
chris stierwall and a member of the decision desk. the countdown is on, you can see the clock. >> gets me a little wiggy. this is sort of what we waited for. first two contest are fascinating and unique. but in south carolina, it is on a saturday but much more like a execution and we have more polling. and you can kick in on the after burners on this. >> we know that turn out is high and absentee ballots were double. >> we expected iowa to be great for donald trump but also for marco rubio and cruz, so there is assumption as we look for the pollnumbers. we take our cue from iowa. >> i talked about the late deciders splitting between cruz and rubio and that debate having
3:55 pm
an impact. the field is separating in two tiers. >> they have had too many choices. the field is willowing. and we know that we are looking at numbers and when the polls finally close, you can see the field snap and have real making a decision of how long to stay on the trail. >> can we say we make a call in the next hour? >> oh, i mean, it would be reckless to speculate. >> that's what you are here for. >> a definite maybe. >> a maybe. >> thank you, that is it for this report. we are not done yet. south carolina polls close and megyn kelliy is on the way to the studio and we'll kick off
3:56 pm
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