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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  February 20, 2016 4:00pm-7:01pm PST

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to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. >> it is 7:00 p.m. on the oastern coast and donald trump and ted cruz and marco rubio are locked in a race. it is too early to project the winner. those will be the top finisher. good evening, everyone. i am megyn kelly. >> and>s5k i am brett bar. ben carson and john kasich and jeb bush are stick in single
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digit. fox news exit poll shows that significant numbers ended up supporting cruz and rubio and causing more candidates to perform more strongly. much more ahead on that as coverage in the first and south primary starts right now. >> the road to the white house winding its way through south carolina and nevada. >> we are going now to south carolina. >> i tonight want your money, i only want your vote. >> we have challenges and we'll fix them. >> people of south carolina will get to the the truth and that's why they are uniting. >> we have a field of many choices and i am asking for your vote and i will do everything i can to unite the country. >> i am not looking just for a job, i want to fix the country. >> republicans doing nothing to
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diinnish the but meadow known for politics. >> cruz is unstable. i really do. >> radical islamic terrorist wage jihadi on the united states of america you don't just twist inshuts. >> out on west, the candidate thought to be inevitable is feeling the burn. >> this will be a shot heard all over the country and world. >> will hillary clinton's fire wall hold in nevada. >> i hope to get your support in the caucus. >> who will advance. >> who will go home? >> and i will fight to the bitter end. the battle to the white house begins right now.
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you are looking live at fox news headquarters in new york city just steps from the cross roads of the world. the time square. >> the candidates have been criss-crossing for weeks in the pawmeadow state. and 50 kroushl -- crucial delegates up for grabs. >> our panel is here with us in new york city and our reporters are spread out across south carolina. carl cameron in trump head quarter ares and john roberts following rubio campaign. and ed rosen in the cruz. and all throw in colombia, south carolina and it is also a big day for the democrats, hillary clinton pulling off a victory in nevada earlier today. >> ed henrow and mike emmanuel at the clinton.
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and back in the studio. bill hemmer braking down the county data. martha is in the exit polls in south carolina. >> reporter: it is looking like a three- way race for first place in south carolina. donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio. south carolina voters are divide on whether they want a candidate with political experience or an outsider. and those who want experience are going to marco rubio. and ted cruz gets 34 percent of those. it is a good night for donald trump. he gets 60 percent of that vote. it looks tight among the top three because voters are split of what they want. winning in november is the most important thing. rub grow gets that group at 49 percent. and cruz at 21. and trump down to 18 percent.
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and so if elect ability is on their minds they are not going for donald trump. if they share their values, interesting in light of how tough and gritty it has been. ted cruz gets 38 percent of those who say it is important to share my values. and rubio gets 26. and carson?íp gets ten and kasi 10%. & trump in single digits in terms of that measure in the exit polls. for a guy who tells it like it s. trump runs away with those voters. no one is even close. we are not seeing bush on any of these measures, really. he's in single digits and clearly as the exit polls, a tough night for him and carson
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>> now the panel. fox news contributor, stove hays. and kristern powers and cohost of the five danna pirenno and cohost of the five and fox news political analyst, juan williams. stove, the race appears tighter than expected? >> it is interesting, if you look back in the the iowa wacaucus us and a lot of numbers reflect that same kind of turn out and priority as the iowa caucus. and can one thing that martha just mentioned, 77 percent of the voters who want a candidate who tells it like>x$t is opted for donald trump. it was the same in new hampshire and same in iowa. he wins with people who want to blow up the system whether they want change or someone who tells it like it is. >> juan, there is an interesting
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development. ted cruz winning conservative 39 percent. and some what conservative 20. 59 for cruz and 61 for donald trump and rubio in third there. it is three of them together. >> we saw this playing out in terms of campaign advertising in south carolina. where trump was trying to emphasize that he is conservative. don't listen to the cruz ads, i am conservative on a range of issues. he talked about common core and obama care. what is surprising to me, it is not only the issue of are you a conservative, but also evangelicals. trump split ovenly with the evangelical vote in south carolina. to me that is a stunner just like the conservative vote? trump is competing on cruz's ground and he's not losing on
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these grounds. we saw is the controversy on his comments on weapons of mass destruction or is this guy a republican. >> yet some may not have helped don would trump. the late deciders are split between trump and rubio. it is around 30 and 30 and 15 for trump. >> it is a depend thing trump had a good lead in south carolina, coming out of new hampshire with a win. he was already popular in south carolina. but there was a number of undecided. and not come to the vote in iowa for the late deciders it went against him. and in this case can, if possible, the endorsement of nicki haley and representative
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trey gowdy might have helped marco rubio get closer to the 30 or second place. >> cruz got the same number of late deciders as rubio did. he got mark sanford. with all dew respect to mark sanford, i am not sure. one thing kirsten we can say, that these numbers look horrible for jeb bush. he spent 15 million if you add up the campaign and super pac and it locks like nothing transpires, in south carolina a state that should line up for the bushes. >> it is it a state that is good for him. his mother came to support him and his brother went there, and now the question people are asking, is jeb bush getting out of the race? the question of staying in to florida and the question3@a is,
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you want to lose that state? obviously the republican party, wants if you look at the numbers, it is it a tight race and they need an antifor trump for people who don't want trump. and having the other establishment lane%fv?6 candidan there, it is a sense they will want to chlor the decks a little bit. >> great to see you, and we'll be back to you often. thank you. >> fresh off the new hampshire victory, donald trump said if he won south carolina, he will run the table. carl is at trump headquarters. >> reporter: it would be the first canditate to win back-to-back in the first two primaries. donald trump has spent the week focusing on suppressing the vot= of ted cruz. it has been a nasty campaign and trump continuously and
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repeatedly accusing cruz of being a liar. cruz has had to adjust his treatment and can they are no longer pals and they are adversaries and trump is trying to manifest a fight between trump and cruz. he is trying to divide and conquer and pitting them against each other and casting cruz as the ones who lie and don't get things done. >> next, marco rubio hoping to place well tonight. he got the endorsement of dpof goff haley and congressman tray gowdy and senator scott. john is live at rubio headquarters. >> in a few seconds, you will hear a roar.
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he is looking for a big turn around. there is theroar. the way he's going to do it or trying to do it, it is the extra week for the primaries. and going to every part of south carolina and talking to the voters and endorsements is a big factor for are the rubios. it could be worth a couple of points and i talked to governor nicki hail hail this morning. why did she not go with bush? she said it is not an election where you get friends in office but the person baeft qualified to be president. most negative advertising coming from cruz campaign. and there were negative ads and robbo calls and a lot of those aimed at immigration and marco rubio's stance.
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here is something interesting we found from the exit poll ping, 50 percent voters in south carolina believe that illegal immigrants should have a path to legal status. those ads may not have hit as negative as the cruz campaign hoped. >> senator ted cruz has courted the evangelicals in south carolina, but donald trump and marco rubio are accusing the senator of playing dirty trick. james is at the cruz headquarters in colombia. >> reporter: good evening, the cruz campaign denies the dirty tricks, either those in the campaign or super pac. it is an interesting night for ted cruz. exit poll ping data shows that he did very well with voters that identify themselves as very
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conservative and he is splitting the late deciders with marco rubio. perhaps of concern for ted cruz, he is splitting the vote of evangelicals with donald trump. and ted cruz kicked off his campaign in liberty university and had operation giddion and amassed 346 pastors to do christian to christian outreach and heavily counting on the vote and to see them splitting that vote with donald trump a figure that quotes the art of the deal and married three times and given to outburst of profanity that has to be a concern for ted cruz as we see supporters filing in now. >> on the democratic side. hillary clinton fending off a tough challenge from bernie sanders and winning the nevada
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caucus. there was a tight margin. this is a state in which she was crushing him not long ago in the polls and to many on his side, it was a surprise he surged as close as he did. hillary clinton eking out a victory. over 80 percent of the vote counted. hillary clinton called nevada her so- called fire wall and she saw the double-digit lead evaporate. voters. the ticker on the bottom of the screen. you can see less than one percent in from south carolina. as it comes in there, 83 percent in nevada. it is much clearer here in the world headquarters of fox news.
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combroen. >> can you get ready 20 minutes before you go out to air. >> there is no fireplace here. >> isn't it amazing with less than one percent of the vote in we can say anything? this is the bottom throw and top throw. and less than one percent of the vote in. >> it is exit poll numbers and raw vote total. absentee ballots deputy in right away. exit polling gives us more data than the screen can reflect. we know more. >> but we are just getting started and a brig night ahead from south carolina. we are off to a three- way race between trump, cruz and rubio. >> will donald trump live up to the big lead, or will cruz, rubio or bush make this a more
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>> welcome back to america's election headquarters. we have a big night ahead. you are are looking at the three candidates locked in a close race for first place. that race is too close to call. >> who expected that drama? that is the big surprise of the evening. we are told that donald trump would be the likely victor and a battle between cruz and rubio, now it is it a battle for first. it comes down to big wins. and bill hemmer is manning the board tonight. >> we'll show our viewers of how we are breaking it down in south carolina. you can see the colors in 46 counties in south carolina. trump is purple and down to
4:22 pm
carson blew. don't be sdoefed. this is less than one percent of the state at the moment. rather color, right? it is it like a south carolina rain bow. what does this mean? go back four years to 2012, that was a year when newt gingrich beat romney. he won except in the middle and in the capitol city of colombia. and low country and in charles stop and buford counties. and if marco rubio is doing well here. that would be richand and cloumia and with that support of nicki haley, the republican governor and others. it tells a different story. mccain was in green and huckabee
4:23 pm
in blue and mccain won by three points and see where mccain did well. greenville county and huckabee out performed and evangelicals in the north carolina board and over here in spartan burg. state comes from the two counties alone. and huckabee beat mccain by 13 points in the county eight years ago. and if someone like ted cruz will do well tonight, places needs to outperform. megan, back to you. >> and going back to washington d.c. and chris wallace, archingor of fox news sunday. and karl rove, senior advisor to george w. bush. and joe trippi advisor to howard dean. >> thank you so much. these are the campaign cowboys.
4:24 pm
one of the things we do when the returns are fragmentary and i ask carl and tell us key places to look for and bellweathers. carl picked a town in new hampshire a couple of weeks ago new hampshire. so where are you looking in south carolina. >> one of them was picked by hemmer, greenville county in the upcountry and a lot of evangelicals and two way battle blue and cruz getting the college educated and a third contender, rubio received the endorsement of tray gowdy. and rich land county which is the state capital and the suburbs. you will find full conservative on economic and this should be
4:25 pm
good for marco rubio and where mitt romney won. and could be trump country because of the highest concentration of veterans in the state. charleston and the low country. of retired from the midwest. romney did well and mccain did well in 2008 and if rubio is going to pop this is where. >> let me ask you a question joe. looking at these results and at this point we can't say who is going to win. but there are two distinct tiers. rubio in the top and other three including bush in the the bottom. will there be pressureó"x to ge out of the case kasich, bush, and carson. >> there will be money problems
4:26 pm
and constitutional problems and people say issing let's call it down. and the personal pressure that they face. what is is the faith for them if they come up 4th, fifth or sixth. >> talking about nevada, joe. clinton won a close race and looking at the final exit poll. among white. and sanders won. and blacks make up only 13 percent of the voters in nevada, but she won by 54 points and african-american who provided her entire margin of viektry. >> the problem for sanders if you look at that number and going to south carolina where 52 democratic primary will be african-american. if he can't close that number, this is it what happens when it is tlaep percent of the vote,
4:27 pm
wait until he gets to south carolina and then alabama, tense, louisiana. >> what was it. clinton one or sanders made it close. >> i think the important point. he got it close but he did not change the dynamic with the key group that is happening now. >> campaign cowboys, looking for numbers and get happier and less grumpy. >> we got numbers. >> we don't want guys grumpy. >> we'll have the latest from the rubio and bush campaigns in just a bit. >> we'll talk with south carolina congressman tray gowdy and here they are with reaction straight ahead. if you have high blood pressure like i do,
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>> fox news can project that businessman don would trump will win south carolina, but not by double-digit. it is back-to-back victories for trump who doubled the vote of his closest competitor. texas centar cruz and rubio remain locked in a battle for second place tonight. >> we'll bring in the panel. not as big as projected going in. he was up by 13 heading in to this day and still a win and significant for the trump campaign. >> a wins a win for donald trump. to go back 6 or 9 months ago, people did not think donald
4:31 pm
trump would win anything. he was regarded as a candidate that was a novelty and not someone who would win. >> huge credit to donald trump. >> and now kirsten, i believe the facts are-sz8ojz candidate ever went on to not get the nomination after winning both new hampshire and south carolina. >> he doesn't get the nomination? >> i think the exit polls things are tightening up for him. it isñr more of a three way rac and people have had time to think about this. people talk about how south carolina is the microkasmir can ym. and he's running pretty tight. and 92 percent of the people dissatisfied or angry with the overnment. those will be trump voters and that is his sweet spot. and 31 percent and cruz got 26.
4:32 pm
that is not that huge of a margin. we may see a tightening among the candidates and notes inially trump running away with it. >> i am not sure they have the news yet. they might want to turn the channel. and this is from here, trump is build on this momentum. and he talked about the self funding. and people donating to his campaign. and i think he has momentum in a seriesçó of states for super tuesday. >> it is it important. and if you look at the number of people who said the most important thing for them voting with someone who can win in november. 49 percent said that the be marco rubio. and 21 percent said cruz and 18 percent for trump.
4:33 pm
you may have to convince people that i can win in november. >> but this is a message of anti- establishment and anti- washington. >> the top three are all a road less travelled for republicans. typically they go with the next guy in line and the safe. rubio put himself in that category taking on charlie criowa st in florida. >> we know who ever will come out, they will declare and expected to finish second and here we did. and the third place will say i am in it to stay and head lines will be a throw man race. but is it realistically? what does it mean ted cruz and rubio will win in second or third. >> rubio had a come back from
4:34 pm
new hampshire. and today, where we look at numbers from the polls so far. you would say that donald trump didn't perform below expectations. he pretty much met expectations in terms of what we saw ahead of time. it is it the fact that cruz and rubio exceeded expectations and cruz, especially i think can say, you know what, no one thought and people doubted me down here and didn't think i had the money or organization. and he's done well. i am surprised he ended up splitting the evangelical vote with trump. i don't think he would play with planet casino. of course, it is trump. trump looks like he could run the table. but it locks that way to me. >> i love candidate casino.
4:35 pm
i always watch that on friday. >> we'll go to trump headquarters. carl cameron is there in spartanburg. carl, do they have the word. zjuxknow. a handful wanted fox for a while. and donald trump rewrote the history book. and it is to say they call it down and eliminate the candidates. south carolina picks the most conservative candidate that can win and the pawmeadow state said that man is donald trump. he's here in the hotel and he had his election headquarters planned. he campaigned hard and picked the location rather than the colombia state capital and sea coast. he wanted to come up here and
4:36 pm
send a message and he will take it to nevada and other states. he has express the a certain amount of caution and a quizzical nature saying i don't know about the caucus. ted cruz won the calk u.s. and it is it a different type of campaign. given the momentum out of south carolina, that may sway his way. if is literally since iowa and as juan said, you can run the table. it is a terrifying thought for the so- called establishment lane. so many republicans are talking about the necessity of the fields to be cleared out and so that 1 or 2 other nontrump candidates can coalesce the known trump votes. and that's why three candidates who don't appear to be competitive will be so intense. and they all had plans to go on
4:37 pm
to other states, that will come first and foremost from their own donors and can supporters who think it is just too late when it gets nationwide and particularly on march onest. and it will take a lot of money and a lot of organization and that erodes when you don't come in the top three. >> it is clear that the turn out of the mastered today. it looks like all across the counties, they reached the levels at 2:00 this afternoon. that obviously means that trump energized people coming out to the polls. it is closer than we thought. and donald spent 1.78 million on ads. marco spent 12 million and jeb bush 15 million. this is a economic success, this campaign. >> reporter: it plays in donald trump's rhetoric. and ability to resonate in an
4:38 pm
evening interview right in the morning shows. call in a morning show and have that drive the political debate during the course of the day. there is no doubt that donald trump eliminated the necessity of big data. and they spent millions to prepare for this. and bush campaign and the money he raised hundred million for the right to rise super pac that has been spending in an amazing rate and yet jeb bush back in the second tier and perhaps watching john kasich beat him in south carolina. a candidate who is not here tonight. those are the types of things they are facing. they got it. and there it is. the folks in spartan burg just finally heard what fox news viewers have been hearing and
4:39 pm
perhaps the trump campaign will switch the channel and recognizing the reaction is a few minutes too late for their supporters. >> we can hear them chanting we want fox in the background. the third tear ben carson and john kasich. do they need money to stay in? >> well, ben carson is running an organic campaign and his burn rate and how much it costs him to run. he has a strong organic base. john kasich is doing it with the money in citiesing from the super pac. jeb bush is batting back rumors that the campaign staff is losing their pay or putting ouë% their resumes looking for other work. that tune may change tomorrow morning. >> carl, thank you. >> coming up, more on the south carolina primary.
4:40 pm
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>> welcome back to america's election headquarters, a big win for donald trump. he takes the first south primary in south carolina. now there is a fight for second place between marco rubio and ted cruz. we can see it is going to be pretty close between rubio and cruz. you can see on the screen, numbers on the bottom of the screen it is it adding up as well. >> it changes by the minute rubio and cruz. we will go back to the washington panel. chris? >> thanks, megan. campaign cowboys, they called it for trump even if the margin was smaller, how commanding of a position does it put donald trump in for the race?
4:45 pm
>> he had 17 delegates, already he has 29. and the state awards 29. and he has 46 delegates. he needs 1239 to be nominated. even with a smaller field it tookw;l'a mayñi 14th to get dowe person and before midromney got to one-half of the convention delegates. he has come out of here with a head of steam. on february 11th. he was 38 percent. of the counties reporting. >> let's assume it is a three man race, trump, cruz and rubio, how does that play out? >> trump has the upper hand until we get to win or take all states. build on the lead help gets as
4:46 pm
result of tonight with the only win or take all state. and it hurts cruz. this was a state made for cruz. 73 percent of the electorate are evangelical. he will do well in the south and texas that vote on march 1st. but hard to see more states more evangelical than this one. >> south carolina can be a win or take all. and they are by congressional districts. and the margin, it is not double-digit, but if it is it big enough he may win all of the delb0áes in south carolina. >> what is so interesting sitting with the campaign cowboys. they were campaign managers for presidential candidates. and so during the night, they are shouting their strategy and joe, you said that donald trump should come out and declare
4:47 pm
victory. >> i would. the rest of the night is looking at cruz and rubio. he is go out and set the tone in terms of how he intends to take bofth them on. and i think he generates a lot better story for himself than wait withing. >> carl, candidate quality in the exit polls. when people were asked this is a party that is so manying sploit. true believer overwhelmingly cruz. and testimony its like it is trump. there were three wings in the party. >> both political parties are at war with each other. if you wanted experience hillary clinton. and honest you go for bernie sanders. and republicans are split. they are at risk of coming apart at the seems.
4:48 pm
joe is right. trump waited until the end and how many hundreds of thousands of people went to bed and missed his remarks. >> and one of the things i always say, you don't start thanking everybody including the precinct chairman. you start and deliver your message and you keep it relatively short and to the point, back to you. >> all right, guys, donald trump winning south carolina. how did he do it? martha is drilling down on the exit polls to see what the voters were thinking when they cast their ballots today. >> we'll go to her momentarily. we'll have the live coverage of the republican south carolina primary continues. stay with us. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options.
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4:53 pm
out in the nevada caucus over sanders and led the drudge report to send out. clinton versus trump. epic, wild and nasty and fun. we expect donald trump to come to the microphone any moment now. you hear the campaign cowboy saying he is do it shortly. we'll bring you there as soon as he comes out. >> so how did trump win? we'll check in with martha. >> brett, we are getting a picture of how this came together. the voters who say they are angry about the way the federal government funks and a common theme in trump'sñi campaign. they went for donald trump and followed by cruz and rubio as you can see. in terms of the immigration issue. 44 percent who want to deport
4:54 pm
illegal immigration went for trump. and cruz and then rubio followed. in terms of this question, where immigration is concerned. donald trump famously said he wanted to end muslim immigration temporarily and 73 percent of the voters in south carolina agree with that idea. they went for donald trump. those who want toñr see change,2 percent for donald trump. and over half of the voters, 53 percent feel betrayed by republican politicians. they feel they have let them down. and those supporters went for donald trump this evening as well. and it is it a picture in new hampshire and we are seeing it brett, and megan in south carolina. >> it is incredible to see the numbers on the muslim ban.
4:55 pm
that benefitted trump. so much maligned in the media and many people questioned whether it would be implemented. and trump dialled it back and yet one of the number one things that resonates with the voters. >> think of what happened here. donald trump was a state heading to the bushes. 84 percent approval for the bush. he said that george w. bush lied and got them in the war. that resonated and the muslim ban also as well. >> talking about how 9/11 happen on bush's watch. the debate in which his ñi performance was maligned, but there is a disconnect to what the pundits see and say and voters see and say.
4:56 pm
half of the republican party does not want donald trump. but he needs 40 percent and given the way the field looks and he run its. >> if allt( of these candidates stay in, that benefits donald trump down the road. and he splits the vote. the question is whether others will stay n. >> john kasich said he's in michigan and for ohio. and they all say that and jeb bush said the same thing. we'll find out if it is it true. >> we are waiting on donald trump's victory speech. >> and ted cruz and marco rubio locked in a tight race. takinn every day of your allergy season... ...for continuous relief. with powerful, 24 hour... ...non-drowsy claritin, live claritin clear. every day. just prepping for my boss' party in a couple weeks. what are those? crest whitestrips. they whiten way better than paste.
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5:00 pm
or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. >> it is 8:00 p.m. on the east coast. we know that donald trump won his second primary in a row. he is expected to address his supporters 30 minutes from now. welcome back to america's election headquarters. i am bret baier. >> i am megyn kelliy. and now marco rubio and ted cruz are in a battle for second place. >> we'll any to charles krauthammer, charles, your thoughts on the win? >> the exit polling is interesting to me which of these things was most important in the candidate. electability only ten percent. and rubio swept that and he got
5:01 pm
half of the voters saying they supported him because of electability. and as for values, cruz wins that. trump wins hugely, 77 percent is he testimonies it like it is anh adjunct to that will bring change. it seems to me the trump vote is saying right now. it is it much more of a protest. whether it will translate to this is the guy you really want in the end we'll see. we'll only see it when we get the willowing of the field and i would think it would be by bush and carson. kasich will want to stay in there, but i don't think he will have a major affect. if you take the also ran votes it is 20 percent andags] add th
5:02 pm
more to cruz and rubio than to trump, then you have a three way dead heat. >> charles, just reading the tweets from so- called mainstream republicans on line and the commentary from folks, they're talking about how if the panic doesn't set in for the anti- trump wing of the gop by now, it will not until it is too late. you think the panic has set in for the wing and what can they do about it? he has the most delegates and momentum and certainlily not nevada. >> the panic set in before new hampshire. put problem is rubio had a i cup. he was rising rapidly and could easily come in second and maybe
5:03 pm
the fact that he didn't, meant that the field was fractured for another two weeks which has been be a problem. the panic ought to be there right now. if you don't have the field to three. i don't see how trump is stopped. if it is it a three way race. trump, rubio and cruz. trump got 31 percent of the vote n. a three way race it is it a dead heat with the other two. this is an odd campaign. the losing candidate, christie for what he did with rubio in new hampshire, jeb as to what he's going to do tomorrow, whether he stays in or not. and carson whether he stays in or not. losing candidates will have the decisive affect on the
5:04 pm
conjectory of the campaign. >> charles, the race is too tight and going back and forth between rubio and cruz. what is the narrative for second? obviously trump with a big win in south carolina, for second how does it play out? >> i don't think that is going to be in any way decisive or important. essentially rubio and cruz are coming in almost tied for second place. and what is really important is the gap between third and fourth. top tier and lower tier. >> right now. >> it is a double-digit. number 2 or 3 which ever it is, both in the 20s. and the bottom three, in single digits. that is an unbridgeable gap and that ought to be a cut off and i am not sure that claiming number
5:05 pm
two is going to make a difference in south carolina. if you get a metal, that is what counts and if you are way behind in the fold, then you are really in crisis. >> charles, what kind of pressure would be on say john kasich to get out of the race. we got a tweet from a campaign manager. the nomination battle is down to the final four. john kasich headed to favorable states. only governor and chlor path and no more outspent. does not sound like a man getting ready to stand down. >> no, i don't think he is. i think he is if heñr believes there has to be a consolidation of the so- called mainstream. other people call it establishment wing and it will hurt the party. with him he runs on a shoe string and all he needs is a plane ticket.
5:06 pm
i think he has no chance and delusional in thinking that he might. with bush and carson. i think bush, it is a matter of honor. he's been hard on trump. he obviously thinks that trump would be a disaster for the party. and the best thing he can do to defeat him is to leave the race, whether he will or not i don't know. i think he has a sense of the honor of the family and the tradition and that he doesn't want to be utterly humiliated way down the rod. >> charles, thank you. one entering thing on bush. no television is on at the jeb bush campaign. this reporter said i don't think i have ever seen that. >> did he go into french. >> yes. >> i never took it. but i recognize it when i hear. it we'll find out what he said
5:07 pm
and bring it to you. as we wait for donald trump to speak. there is a fight for second place. and john robert at the headquarters. and we are here with bill hemmer that is drilling down on the counties. >> this is what we are looking at right now. a lot of purple on the map and purple corresponds with donald trump. this is the counties where they are leading in these specific counties. trump has a lead just about everybody. 21 percent of the vote reporting in the state of carolina. where is he winning. look at the margeun 34 percent in. a few minutes around 50 percent and dropped down 47 and half for the moment there. and other places he's cominating in charleston county. this is it a place like marco rubio ord;'jeb bush would get
5:08 pm
inroads. and trump's right below 30 percent and rubio behind him at 24.7. and right here in the middle. rich land county and capitol city of colombia and this is one of throw cooperates that mitt romney won four years ago. and trump five percent reporting he has the lead at 25 and half percentage points. and up here in greenville county, marco rubio cording to the color map has the edge and not clear how many votes are reporting and we don't know if those numbers will stay the way they are. if rubio is doing well and if ted cruz is doing well. you have to look at counties that border north carolina. evangelical votes. and we'll change the map here, back then john mccain beat mike
5:09 pm
huckabee by three points. he was the winner and huckabee in blue. and huckabee did very well on the border counties with north carolina. if we change that eight years later, right now, at the moment, it is purp ple territory for tonald trump. that is for the moment. that is domination for trump in south carolina. and in nevada. only because we called it hours ago. hillary clinton on the results calendar had an edge of about 4.9 percent age points and comes in five points in nevada, that will be a headline for her team. back to you. >> thank you, bill. >> battle going on for second place. john, is live with the rubio campaign. >> a lot of cheering when those numbers came up in terms of what
5:10 pm
the polling has shown. a second place finish would be an indication for rubio after the poor finish in new hampshire. it is it a strong third. and that would go a long way to establishing him as the establishment candidate, despite, the fact that jeb bush might stay in the race longer. rubio and you can hear cheers of marco going up here. rubio doesn't like the idea of establishment candidate but likes to be the candidate that the republican party coaulosed around and this is what he told me today. >> voters are aware of what is happening. voters are going through that process now. you want to get behind someone win the nomination and ultimately has a chance to win the general election. we hope a handful of decided
5:11 pm
voters make that determination in our favor. >> reporter: here in south carolina, a lot of people are vote on someone who will not be in it. but based on the polling and results, you can make a logical guess as to who that would be. interesting to know that a lot of late deciders went for rubio this time around. that may bode well for him tonight. >> and now to james rosen who is live at cruz campaign headquarters. >> good evening. in this rally headquarters there is disappointment and anxiety as the cruz supporters look to see whether their man will finish have spoke with senior cruz aides and they never identified south carolina as a must win for the candidate. they believed with cruz having finished first in iowa and third
5:12 pm
in new hampshire and having placed in south carolina, that sec southern primary states. there is a distress signal. he split evangelical voters with donald trump. ted cruz made turning out the evangelical vote one of our priorities. withñi donald trump who is not e model of evangelical behavior has to be distressing. and i offer one last point. the cruz campaign said marco rubio needs to answer about his strategy going forward. 1 and now 3, 5 and who knows for rubio. the cruz cam can pain has big institutional forces in a lot of states and they will continue on
5:13 pm
to the super tuesday march 1st primary battle. >> worth pointing out. donald trump wins evangelical 32 to ted cruz's 27. and steve hays. a b stoodard columnist for the hill and danna pirio and cohost of the five juan williams. okay, juan, boy, you can't take away the night for donald trump. this is a significant across the board, win even though it was not as pig as predicted. it is significant. >> i don't think it is that big of a difference in the numbers. he performed. >> no real clear politics said 14. and the latest poll had him up 22 points. >> no, what you are seeing is the difference between cruz, pumping up and therefore getting
5:14 pm
closer, megan and i think rubio got closer. no one thought they were going to be there. and to my mind that's the way i take it and the question going back to what brett is saying. if you are going forward, what is the strategy? and so who has the strategy. what is cruz' strategy going forward? we heard from james rosen he had institutional forces and people who are true conservatives who are willing to say that cruz is their guy and shares my values, but many of the people evance vans and true conservatives are saying i can vote for trump. and that's why, it is not chlor to me that he can steal trump voters. charles krauthammer made an interesting point. look at the bottom tier they could be determinative. it a summing they will go to one
5:15 pm
candidate and i don't know they will go to one place. >> trump is most people's first choice of the voters we have seen and almost no one's second choice. that's the conventional wisdom that most people get out it hurts trump. and he's knocked out some, but coping others if it is up to him strong enough that he divided the rest of the fold. what does it say about tread cruz he had such a strong ground game we were told and he speaks the language of the evangelicals and playing on that note loudly and persuasively that he is a true conservative and you know, i think the south carolina voters may have believed that but he did not win tonight2k&t, may come in third? >> he was underrated at the beginning of this race. and while most people are dismissing him, he was getting
5:16 pm
his campaign very well organized and it is all over the southern states which are the next to go. and i also picked up on the exit polls, look at total family income. between thexd ranges of 30000 a year and 99000, middle class. it is a virtual tie between cruz and trump. i think it is the middle-class that one, needs more attention in this country. the democrats and the republican side had to look at what do these results show us? they are so key to the future and security of our country. >> stove, this is it a record turn out for republicans in another state. clearly, the gop is energizedñi and coming out and whether that is trump or the rest of the field, we don't know. but trump plays a factor in this? >> yes, people are coming out to
5:17 pm
vote for trump. he has intense support. and 54 percent of those voting for donald trump made the decision a ñimonth ago. and they are early supporters and poim are turning out to vote against donald trump. in the fox news poll of south carolina voters taken this past week, donald trump won 39 percent of the voters who said they would never vote for donald trump. and one of the questions going forward. what can can trump do if going to bust through the ceiling? it seems to be clear that trump has a seouling. he will do well in the race, but what does he coto break through the seouling? ftquestions. and what can he do to broaden his appeal. he does well with the conservative voters and said that sharing my voters was
5:18 pm
important characteristic and voted for ted cruz. what can he do to expand the field beyond the evangelical and mark row rubio has a challenge. he would be third and fifth and third. he has the most room to grow. rubio does well in second choices and unfavor aeblt. >> but the bronze medal is eventually not good enough. >> if he doesn't win. but the field winnowing here benefits marco rubio. and all of the lack of clarity, one thing that is clear, this is going on for a long time. marco rubio's not getting out and ted cruz is not getting out and donald trump is not getting out. >> it is a four man. >> kasich is not competing. it is a hard argument to make.
5:19 pm
it is it a three man race and goes on a long time. >> the enthusiasm on the gop side. we saw something different in nevada. there were no where near record turn out when obama was on the ticket. and the numbers for honesty is terrible. if you have a race and say it is 3óen hillary versus trump goingy the delegate. the democrats are not enthusiastic and republicans are enthusiastic but half of the party doesn't want that nominee, how does that translate? >> there is a lot of thinking that the republicans would run a fourth person if michael bloomberg got in and might have to go to the house. and these are nightmare scenarios that the republican
5:20 pm
deal with. the republican party is the at a cross roads. supporters made him the least electable in the exit polls. and he always says, those are important numbers in a general election. in the match up against hillary clinton he performs the weakest every time. is the party poised to rally around someone else and try to stop him or does he energize people and bring new people. that is it a big xe question. >> donald trump building on the momentum. and we think he is coming up in moments. we'll take you there live. >> we have been watching for the race for second as we talked about cruz and rubio. that is one to watch. this is america's election headquarters live in new york city just steps from times
5:21 pm
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5:24 pm
>> welcome back, everybody. if you are just joining us, we project that don would trump will win the south carolina primary. still a battle between ted cruz and marco rubio.
5:25 pm
the bottom three will be ben carson and jeb bush and john kasich. as we speak of ben carson, we have news on that front. >> there it is. dr. ben carson and he's talking. he said he's not going anywhere or getting out. >> they only have complete control if we give them complete control. it is we the people, it is we the people who really have the power. the problem is, if we don't exercise the power, then they continue to have the control. and this is a message that i'm going to be taking across the nation to try to help the people of america recognize that we still have the ability tohe cou country.
5:26 pm
we still have the ability to save it for the next generation. we can do it. if we continue down the same path that we have been going, that will never happen. intended to get into the political world. i must admit. and since i've gotten into it, what i have discovered is really quite disgusting. i mean, the engine that drives country is full of filth. and corruption. and favors. and intricate relationships. and they will do anything and i do mean anything, to maintain their powerñr and to maintain
5:27 pm
their position. >> dr. ben carson talking there is aing he's not getting out and has the tv in the background and it is on fox. and he gets going and we appreciate you watching fox down. there dr. carson is staying in continue to fight. donald trump obviously the big winner had an interesting woke and starting with the controversial comments of george w. bush and the pope and ending carolina. charlie, what does it mean long- term? >> the big wins donald trump beating the field by double-digit points. it is a particularly strong win for him, ted cruz and marco rubioiezon knotted up together. again double-digits behind him. and as long as they are knotted
5:28 pm
up, he's not going to face or have that face off one-on-one with somebody who can take him on. and i think that the conversations that are going on or will be going on in the next couple of days, the intense pressure on jeb bush to get out and get behind marco rubio, and kasich is less likely to heed that advice. jeb bush is down below 10 percent in south carolina and a major case of delusion. he has his tv off in his room and ben carson talking about he will not give a concession speech but just getting started? people are not thinking clearly right now. >> what is interesting, charlie, is the evangelical upon vote. it lined up for cruz. but it is it donald trump who is
5:29 pm
taking home the evangelical vote, the most according to the exit polls. >> if ted cruz can't win in south carolina, i don't know where he will win? obviously in iowa waand that is a caucus and the kind of ground game you need to win there. if he can't win in south carolina with the evangelicals? and donald trump is able to reach those people48ñ and clear not one of them andjt÷' appeal them enough, they trust him enough, that they give him their vote, that has to be troubling for ted cruz. i think ted cruz is finished. >> charlie, this is what the cruz people say, he never had to win southbú?qti=1%9and well positionedñi for the sec states and came in a strong third in new hampshire and questioning the mark row rubio 3, 2, 1 and
5:30 pm
3, 5 will not work for rubio. that's what cruz camp is saying. >> the rubio strategy is not workingxd that great either. the cruz strategy is not working either. if he can't win, again, if he can't win in south carolina, where is he going to win? i don't think the jeb bush voters or any of the others in the bottom three, i don't think they will go to different candidates, but they will likely to line up beend marco rubio and the money people who are behind jeb since last summer and at their wit's end, they are going to get behind marco. know, if trump has to face marco rubio, he has a much tougher road ahead than if he has to face ted cruz. as long as they are knotted up
5:31 pm
and fighting for second place, he's in good shape. >> charlie, in washington, thanks. eu)4]y >> we are waiting from donald trump on a good night in his campaign. and we are watching a to it race for second. our coverage of the south carolina republican primary continues here on america's election headquarters, fox news. . one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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or have severe kidney problems. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction. symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit >> welcome back, everybody. 8:33 in the east. we are waiting for donald trump's arrival to make his victory speech. we have our eye on cruz campaign head quarters and rubio's headquarters. this is a big win for donald trump who has swept two states. new hampshire and south carolina. we are waiting for mr. trump and we have our reporter in the
5:34 pm
trump cam pawn headquarters carl cameron. we'll go to him. and see what he's hearing, carl? >> reporter: well, in a matter of moments, mr. trump is going to take the stage and make an acceptance. it is not only the back-to-back wins, but south carolina's history. they pick the conservative who can win meaning the nomination. and tonight, donald trump will put that mantel and crown on and set his sights on who ever the democrat nominee will be. whether it is bernie sanders, the democratic socialist. or hillary clinton who should race given all of the questions on her e-mails. we are just moments away from donald trump claiming victory in new hampshire, excuse me, south
5:35 pm
carolina. it is only a matter of seconds. him before p he gets on the stage? >> reporter: we are hoping but one doesn't make promises and he hasn't made his way to the back stage area and we happen to be. it is a pure coincidence. >> carl what does the campaign say about the numbers? their opponents say he got 28 percent in iowa. and 35 percent in new hampshire and 34 percent. and that means a large portion of the republican party that is not behind donald trump. what do they say in that criticism? >> reporter: well, they recognize it is it a crowded field. six months ago we had 17 candidates and that's when donald trump got in the race and we are now down to six. and no matter what ben carson and jim kasich say tonight.
5:36 pm
there is an expectation there will be viewer candidates in the next couple of days as they wake up tomorrow morning and get an accurate ark sessionment of what happens tonight. trump has seen the poll numbers had dropped down in the 20s and now a return of over a third. so at this point in south carl color primaries. 30 percent of the vote was good enough to name nominees and presidents of the republican parties and so they have nothing to low ball or explain. it is a very, very big victory and one that ted cruz and hark row rubio worked to do. >> explain the path forward to ted cruz and can he feels so confident with the sec primary. >> reporterró1%yt her,< to go in the old south stage and campaign. he talked about an organization, literally thousands of people
5:37 pm
out there and talking about 12000 people volunteering in and just in iowa caucus and that type of ground combam doesn't appear to have materialized here. and cruz and rubio are in a title battle for second. and it could go either way. the battle between them and trump is decisive. if you take the kasich and bush and carson. that might have changed things. trump would have gotten some of it, too. all of the candidates have voters who had trump as their second choice and when they go out there will be some from kasich and bush and carson that will go to trump. he will benefit as well and not just rubio and cruz. >> and even the voters who said that they would never vote for trump or least number of people
5:38 pm
may feel differently if they feel momentum behind him and feel like he is securing the nomination and it is natural instinct. >> that is the natural of campaigns and winning candidacies. people say it is ridiculous and methodology. and candidates build momentum and organization. and as they build organization they need more money and the donors come with the momentum and it is a self fulfilling prove see and that is what trump wants to put together and done in new hampshire and south carolina tonight. we do deputy to a caucus and he made it are very clear he will compete everywhere and his ability to manage the media where there is disdain in his candidacy. he has been be able to dominant and make sure his message gets out and it has clearly pushed down his opposition and suppressed their vote while his
5:39 pm
has continueed to grow above expectations given the recently polls. >> carl. they are walking fast behind you. i saw milani trump. and we'll go down to the washington d.c. pan ple. chris wallace and karl rove and joe trip pi. >> we'll go back if he gets the interview with donald trump. you are donald trump's campaign manager. he won in new hampshire and south carl recall and and 35 percent of the vote. how does he extend that. that is not enough in a three man race. and if youñi took out the undece he was at 34 percent. he's decloining and not rising. i would be worried and after all
5:40 pm
of the ugly things he said. stop saying the ugly things and yelling liar and focus on what needs to be done to knit these people together and unite them. there is a lot of damage done. if people dropout. jeb be bush, his people are unlikely to go to donald trump. if kasich were to drop out, again, which of the 11 people who dropped outqwókp embraced d trump and gone in his camp. >> late deciders did it not go after donald trump. he went after george. bush and the pope. >> we are if to go to jeb bush. >>ñi thank you lindsay. when i began the journey. i would campaign and serve and go everywhere and keeping my
5:41 pm
word and facing the issues without flinching. and for the better part of a year i have condition that. and i have put forth a vision for america that includes all because our country deserves a president for everyone. the presidency is bigger than any one person and certainly bigger than any candidate. this is not. we are different in our country because our head of state is not buf us. but the people who aspire to the president see are part of the people and in a government of the people and by the people we elect a president like us and perfect under dpod's watchful eye. i had a front row seat to this office and seen fallible mean rise up with humility and clarity of purpose to make our nation safer and stronger and
5:42 pm
freer. i believe the american people must entrust the office to someone who understands that who ever holds it is a servant and not a master and someone who commits with honor and decency. our next president will lead an extraordinary country whose people made the improblemable possible. in big ways and small. every day americans test the boundaries of freedom and achieve what they could have dreamed. over the last seven years our nation's bright light is more than a flicker. we have retreated from the world stage and american values that brought peace and opportunity are fading. that is not the americañi we kn and love. america is a country that thinks big and acts boldry and leads without apology. it will be be up to the next president to restore that kind of leadership. i am proud of the campaign we
5:43 pm
have run to unify the country ñ advocate conservative solutions that give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach the god- given potential. but the people of iowa waand new hampshire have spoken. i am tonight suspending my campaign. i congratulate my competitor that are remaining on the island on their success for a race that is hard fought. just as the contest for the presidency should be because it is a tough job. in this campaign i stood my ground and refusing to bend to the political wims. we put detailed plans to address
5:44 pm
the mounting challenges that we face and despite what you may have heard, ideas matter, policy matters, [applause] and i truly hope that thesei ideas that we have laid out will serve as a blue print for a generation of conservative leaders at every level of government so we take back our country. we laid out plans for reforming our tax and regulatory system and can reviving our economy and mre building our military and fixing the va once and for all. [applause] finally,finally, i am so grateful to senator lindsay graham from south carolina for his steadfast support. [applause]
5:45 pm
and his amazing humor. he stole the line that i am now saying, he's become a friend for life. i thank all of the jeb alumni that have been going door-to-door all over the country and put their lives on hold for this cause. and i want to thank my mom and brother who came to south carolina, america, truly loves them and respects them and so do i. [applause] i want to thank all of my family. 2.0 is always back there in the back. [applause] and to my dad who served as an inspiration to me and he is the greatest man alive. and i want to thank all of the
5:46 pm
volunteers andxd supporters thai have met along the incredible journey and all of the fellow grinders in our campaign and staff who never, ever, ever gave up. [applause] and i have had an incredible life and for me public service is the highlight. and now matter what the future holds, had here is the greatest landing. i will slope with the best friend i have and the love of my life. [applause] and i am totally blessed to be the father of three extraordinary children and as you might know, four near perfect grandchildren and i will be blessed to say that i am live
5:47 pm
nothing the greatest country. with i remain optimistic and america's best days are ahead with conservative leadership, republicans can win the white house and get back to being on the verge of the best time to be alive. that's what i believe. and i look forward to working to make the dream come true. and thank you for the opportunity to run for the greatest office in earth. i love you all, god bless you. >> governor jeb bush officially suspending his campaign for president. standing in front of a crowd of supporters saying that the people have spoken and he will listen and announcing he will suspend his campaign and cries of no. and you could see him choke up with his wife with a tearstained face. we need a president who understands that he is the
5:48 pm
servant and not master and he with folks and what a remarkable moment for a man who was the front runner and favorite when this race first began. >> think about the journey that we have taken with jeb bush the candidate. he was considered the front runner. will win south carolina and take it to the bafshg. he was one of the only candidates that took it to donald trump in debates and spending money in his campaign and super pac going after donald trump. and yet he never got traction in new hampshire or iowa or in south carolina with his brother at his side and family behind him and his mother campaigning and a state that should have lined up for jeb bush p. >> we hear about the anger of the voters against the incumbents and establishment and party. it is no mystery why.
5:49 pm
he never served in washington and clearly considered anned inner and establishment lane guy. and although the way he ran the campaign may win him fans. reaction on twitter. jeb is an honorable man who ran an honorable campaign. >> he said ideas matter and policy matters and highway patrol that it would be a blue print for the eventual nominee. there is no love lost with the current leader in the race, donald trump. we'll go back to the panel and reactions of the news as jeb bush suspends his cam can pain. >> huge news and what you saw tonight, that çóreaction, someo who showed patriotic grace and did not talk about himself. but talked about the country and did not take any swipe at any of his competitor or candidates. he did his family proud and should feel good about what he
5:50 pm
did there. bush fatigue was bigger than he anticipated. and it was impossible to over come. he was playing a tough hand and didn't play it well at certain times, but the fact that he came out tonight and not willing to put his supporters through another moment of wondering what was going to happen, also means thatñi that you can all sleep easier tonight disappoint ped as they are. >> what about that? >> what about the example of recognizing it is it over for me and i don't have a chance to win the election and leaving as opposeing to staying in whatever the reason. maybe they believe they can win. and maybe, maybe want to get out. maybe they actually believe they can win. maybe they want to increase name recollection. we've seen that. >> he's a classy guy. and i think he comes from a
5:51 pm
classy family. and some people take that as an indication he's the establishment, the patrician. but in this instance i think you saw jeb step up at a very difficult and emotional moment. remember the emotional content. he is jeb bush. i mean, he was for the longest time the son that everyone said he's the one that might have been president, surprised. and here he is now at a moment, he's got to deal with his mom that was just out there, his dad. so i really just take my hat off to him. i will say this on a purely political, pragmatic level. i can't imagine him working with trump. i can't imagine him working with cruz. and remember, there's a lot of ill will between him and rubio at the moment given that at one point he was rubio's mentor and rubio has come out now and run by him for the establishment lane in this race. >> let's interrupt and go to trump headquarters. donald trump the winner of the south carolina primary. ♪ don't want to wait till tomorrow ♪
5:52 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you. [ crowd chanting "usa" ] [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much, everybody. well, i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a special state. thank you. these are special people. and you know, we got a little boost last week from a place we all remember, new hampshire. we can't forget it. special, special. we love it. and they sent us in here with a very good feeling, right?
5:53 pm
very good feeling. so i really want to thank you. and my volunteers, all of these people, volunteers. and they travel and they go -- i say what are you doing? and now they're going to texas and they're going all over. some are going to nevada. i'll be going to nevada. we're making a big speech tomorrow in atlanta, and then we're going to right to nevada. i think we're going to do terrific there, and the s.e.c.'s going to be very, very exciting. we expect to do very, very well. [ cheers and applause ] i want to just say thank you to my family. it's been not easy for them. they don't see me anymore. i'm making speeches all the time. and i have a great family. i really have a great family. so i just want to thank all of you. and ivanka, you know we have a hospital ready just in case in south carolina. we're going to have a baby. there's nothing wrong with that, huh? [ cheers and applause ] it could be any second. it could even be before i'm finished. but you know, she insisted on
5:54 pm
being here, it was so important to ivanka to insist on being here. so thank you. really good. vanessa, don. we have a wonderful lieutenant governor who backed us very early in the process. you know henry, right? the lieutenant governor of south carolina, i will take him over the governor anytime because we won. we won. he can handle that very nicely. he's tough. he's very tough. tiffany, eric, lara, and melania. melania, say something. please. [ cheers and applause ] >> just want to say an amazing place, south carolina.
5:55 pm
congratulations to my husband. he was working very hard. and he loves you. we love you. and we going ahead to nevada. and we will see what happened. he would be the best president. [ applause ] >> and representing some very, very wonderful children, ivanka. just say a few words. >> thank you, south carolina. this is an amazing, amazing night. the momentum since the beginning of this campaign has been unbelievable. and that's because my father's message resonates so deeply with so many people. so as our family, we're incredibly proud. we're incredibly grateful to each of you. so thank you for being here to support us. and i will say this. my father is an incredibly hard worker, and he'll be working for each and every one of you. together we'll make america great again. thank you.
5:56 pm
[ applause ] >> thank you very much. thank you very much. you know, i was watching upstairs, and it was really amazing to be watching when i was watching. and some of the pundits -- you know, overall fair but not too much. a number of the pundits said, well, if a couple of the other candidates dropped out, if you add their scores together, it's going to equal trump. these geniuses. they're geniuses. they don't understand that as people drop out i'm going to get a lot of those votes also. you don't just add them together. [ applause ] so i think we're going to do very, very well. i think we're going to do very well. i want to also congratulate the other candidates. in particular i have to say ted and marco did a really good job and they got -- they did quite well as i understand. [ boos ] no. come on. just one minute.
5:57 pm
one second. good. okay. we go back to war tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning we'll be back. but i just want to congratulate the other candidates. there's nothing easy about running for president. i can tell you. it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful. and we're going to start -- we are going to start winning for our country. we're going to start winning. because our country doesn't win anymore. doesn't win. we don't win with the military. we can't beat isis. we have great military but we can't beat isis. we don't win on trade. you look at what china's doing to us, what japan does to us, what mexico is just killing us at the border. at the border and with trade. mexico is killing us absolutely -- we'll do the wall. don't worry. we're going to do the wall. we're going to do the wall! and by the way, who's going to pay for the wall?
5:58 pm
>> mexico! >> mexico's going to pay for the wall. the other politicians come down-u can't get mexico to pay for the wall. i said 100%. we have a $58 billion trade deficit with mexico. the wall is going to cost 10 to 12 billion dollars. okay? believe me, they will pay. one of the officials actually, one of the ex-officials from mexico had a news conference, and he announced that we will not be paying for the wall, who does mr. trump think he is? they came to me, the press, these people. look at all those cameras back there. [ boos ] the press came to me and they told me he said he would not pay for the wall, do you have a comment? i said yes. the wall just got ten feet taller. [ cheers and applause ] it's true. and i love mexico. i love mexico. i love china. i love many of these countries that rip us off because we have
5:59 pm
leaders that are incompetent and don't know what they're doing. i love these countries. they're great. i have thousands and thousands of hispanics. we're going to nevada. i lead with the hispanics. i'm leading in every poll with the hispanics. they love me. i love them. the problem is -- the problem is that the leaders of these countries, whether it's mexico or japan or vietnam, which is just doing a big number now all of a sudden, or china in particular, that's the big one. the greatest abuse of a country that i think i've ever seen financially, china. what they've done to us is the greatest single theft in the history of the world. they've taken our jobs. they've taken our money. they've taken everything. we're bringing our jobs back, folks. we're going to bring them back. and i know how to do it. we've had so many -- we've had so many incredible endorsements. and to me getting the greatest business people to endorse me is very important. carl icahn endorsed me.
6:00 pm
so many others have endorsed me. and we're going to put these great business people in charge of trade. and when china wants to come and negotiate, they're going to negotiate not with a political hack, which is what they have now, they're going to negotiate with the best business minds in the world. and we have them in this country. so we're going to do a lot of beautiful work. we're going to terminate obamacare. it's going to be terminated. it's going to be over. it's going to be repealed, and it's going to be replaced. and you're going to have much better health care at a much smaller cost because obamacare, if you look, look at the increases in your obamacare, 25, 35, 45, even 55%. it's dead. it's not working. we're going to go to a plan that's going to be so much better and so much less expensive. second amendment, by the way,
6:01 pm
this is a room loves the second amendment. thank you, fellas. this is a room, loves and cherishes the second amendment. we are going to protect our second amendment. totally. common core is gone. we are getting rid of common core. we're bringing education to a local level. the people in this community, every time i see them, they want education locally. the parents, the teachers, they want to do it. they don't want bureaucrats in washington telling them how to educate their children. [ applause ] we spend as a nation more for education per pupil than any other nation in the world. not even close. more per pupil. second place doesn't even exist, it's so different. and yet out of 30 countries we're ranked number 30.
6:02 pm
you have china. you have norway, sweden, denmark. and then you have number 30, the united states. so we spend the most and we're at the bottom of the heap. it's not going to happen anymore, folks. not going to happen anymore. we are going to build our military, which i thank because a number of the people came down an a number of the pundits are watching tonight. we love our military. [ applause ] we love our military. and by the way, we love our police. our police are terrific. we love our police. they are not being treated properly. we're going to build our military so big, so good, so strong, so powerful that nobody is ever going to mess with us, folks. and we're going to buy -- we're going to buy the equipment that our generals, our soldiers, that
6:03 pm
everybody that's in the know want. we're not buying equipment that sells because they have political people, because they take campaign and they give campaign contributions. we are going to get the equipment that they want. not the equipment that they're told to have by senators and congressmen in washington. we're going to have great equipment. and the reason i can say that is i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm not getting millions of dollars from all of these -- i'm not getting millions of dollars from all of these special interests and lobbyists and donors that once they get it they literally do whatever the politicians want. that's not going to happen. and we're going to take care of our vets. we love our vets, and they're being treated terribly. we're taking care of our vets. [ applause ] so we're now off to nevada. and it's a great state. we have great people.
6:04 pm
we have great people in our nation. no matter where we go. i went to mobile, alabama. 35,000 people. we went to oklahoma recently twice. 20,000 people, 20,000 people. no matter where we go, we fill up the arenas. over here the other day we had a 9,000, we had a 10,000, we have people -- the only thing that stops the crowds are the walls. because we can't get them in. we have to send thousands of people away. "time" magazine, "time" magazine last week did an incredible cover story. they said it's a movement. and that's what it is. it's an incredible movement with incredible people. incredible people. [ crowd chants "usa" ] it's an incredible movement with
6:05 pm
incredible people. i tell you. and whether we go, honestly, whether we go to dallas or whether we go anywhere you say, you go to l.a., you go anywhere you say, our people are incredible. and you know, our theme, what's our theme? you know it, right? right? our theme, which i love, may be the greatest theme of all time, right? and the word "again" eventually is going to come off. we're going to get rid of the whole theme. because what's going to happen, make america great again, right? and the last two weeks, because i've got-tone see so many i guess millions when you add them all up with all of these rooms and all of these speeches, and i've met so many people. but the people are so incredible. that i've been saying make america great again, and it's going to be greater than ever before. that's the kind of potential we have. greater than ever before.
6:06 pm
i want to thank everybody. i love you all. again, south carolina, we will never forget you. we will never forget you. we will never, ever forget south carolina. we will never forget our great volunteers. we love our volunteers. we'll never forget all of the people that have helped us so much. my family and -- folks, let's go, let's have a big win in nevada. let's have a big win at the s.e.c. let's put this thing away. and let's make america great again. thank you very much. thank you very much. >> donald trump wrapping up a big victory speech after a big win in south carolina saying he has an incredible movement with incredible people. we heard for the first time after one of these wins from his wife, melania. his daughter, ivanka, as the family stands behind him there and you hear the supporters cheering for him. now there are five. donald trump, ted cruz, marco
6:07 pm
rubio, governor john kasich says he's staying in. he is the last governor standing, as jeb bush has suspended his campaign. dr. ben carson says he is staying in this race. so now it is on to nevada. >> their numbers are not insignificant. if we can pop up the full leaderboard, you can see that john kasich and -- the other page. john kasich and ben carson have a fair amount of votes. look at this. so that's not an insignificant percentage for them to hold on to, assuming they can do those numbers or better in the coming states. we're going into nevada next, where i think trump has a 16-point lead. and so if you're cruz or rubio, you're really wanting those guys to go the way of jeb bush in hopes of persuading their voters to come over your way. >> what's amazing about donald trump is how closely he watches and listens to pundits on tv. and he said that he doesn't believe that if everybody else got out that he wouldn't get
6:08 pm
some of that vote. he said he would get a lot of that vote. to his point, though, if marco rubio got every one of jeb bush's votes, he would still lose to donald trump by four points in south carolina. so there is a dynamic here that is at play. and donald trump is dominant in south carolina. there you see the map with all of them. >> right. in some of these states, not in these particular numbers as you're seeing them, but in some of these polls if you add rubio's and cruz's numbers together they don't beat donald trump or they barely beat donald trump. so the next tier down matters a lot to them because they'd like to knock out their main opponent and then they'd like to scoop up some more of those votes at the bottom. at this point with trump 16 points ahead in nevada the question is whether any of that is going to matter unless something dramatic happens. >> but you know, we did see his numbers drop going into south carolina from where they went going in. the real clear politics average going in had him up almost 14. he is going to win this race, but not as big a margin as
6:09 pm
heading in. nevada could be similar. we should point out that ted cruz has not won a single county yet in south carolina. the northern part of the upstate is still coming in as that race for second continues at this hour. >> and that's, our panel tells us, more conservative. we're waiting on marco rubio, by the way, who we're told is going to come out next. we'll go there live when he does. want to bring back our panel on all the events we just witnessed and donald trump's remarks. steve. >> donald trump may well win the republican nomination. he didn't win it tonight despite what you're hearing from some people. this is a very good night for donald trump. this is not a victory. as i said before, this goes for a long, long time. >> you mean it's not a victory of the nomination. he did not clinch the nomination. >> you have people saying the republican nomination is over and donald trump is now on a glide path to the republican nomination. you have two out of every three voters in the republican primary here in south carolina voting against donald trump. it's a good night for donald trump. the race will continue for a long time, in part because you
6:10 pm
have so many people who are as passionate against donald trump as you have who are for donald trump. to go back to jeb bush real briefly, i think he obviously had trouble with his name and the bush hangover, as dana suggested. i think it was also due in part to the fact he has been out of office for as long as he's been out of office. he was a successful conservative reform governor but he left office in 2007 and in that interim time he wasn't much involved in the fights that you were seeing take place nationally among conservatives. >> we are looking live at the marco rubio campaign headquarters. congressman trey gowdy speaking there. there will be i think a couple of speakers prior to marco rubio taking the stage. and there you see senator scott and governor haley. with all that establishment support, if you will, in south carolina, it looks like ploorko rubio is going to have possibly a strong second. he's still not winning the state of south carolina, though. >> i think it's a great night for marco rubio. i think this night is as much a story about cruz and rubio as it
6:11 pm
is about donald trump, who did come in under his polling expectation. look, rubio and cruz have flipped all night, every few minutes. looks like rubio is ahead right now. but cruz is -- his evangelical path to the nomination has been crushed by donald trump. that was not part of the plan. south carolina, he might have regretted going to new hampshire. south carolina had 65% of gop primary voters in 2012 identifying as evangelicals. donald trump got more of them. >> and conservatives. >> he has a tougher path going forward. donald trump is winning moderates and somewhat conservatives. the nominee always wins those people. but if you do add up the rest of the market share and rubio can pick them up, he is probably in the best position to -- >> let's just explain. the winner gets 26 delegates. the other delegates are proportional by county. that's why we're saying when ted cruz didn't win a county yet, currently the delegate math doesn't add up for him out of south carolina.
6:12 pm
>> and just the path is becoming more difficult tonight because people saw him as the way to stop trump and now people are saying, wait, he doesn't even get the voters he was definitely going to cement. and so i think that's an opening for rubio. i think we're going to see a ton of endorsements for rubio in the days to come. jeb bush might even have to turn around and endorse him. there's going to be a lot of pressure on bush to do that. and finally on kasich, look, kasich is a vp prospect. he's a two-term governor of ohio. anyone would be a fool to not consider at least picking him. he could help rubio by stopping trump from winning ohio. and that could be a reason to stay in. >> isn't ohio the likely reason he's staying in right now? >> right. but it could end up helping rubio and it could end up helping his chances of being rubio's vp pick. >> can you explain that? my mind got stopped on that. how does that help rubio if kasich stays in this race and kasich wins ohio? >> because if kasich was out trump could win ohio. if kasich stays in he blocks it for rubio. and that could really help rubio later on. >> he also splits the so-called
6:13 pm
establishment vote going forward. >> i think that's the big point to me. i mean, to me the problem right now is that the establishment has to consolidate its energy, its forces, the endorsements we've been talking about if they want to stop donald trump. they've been unable to do that for this entire campaign. so you know, jeb bush had a lot of money. is that money now going to flow to other places? i don't see it at this moment. do i -- steve says, you know, that my thinking is wrong when i say it looks to me like donald trump is on a zblied path to the nomination. but i really do think that at this moment. i just don't see that the establishment in the republican party is going to be able to somehow gain traction with grassroot voters and tell them donald trump is not your guy. >> all right. stand by, panel. i want to get to dana after this. but we're seeing marco rubio come out. keep in mind as he makes these
6:14 pm
remarks we done yet know where marco rubio has finished. right now he's in second place with 82% of the raw vote counted, but you can see it's pretty tight between rubio and cruz, although right now he's got a bigger lead over cruz than we've seen earlier tonight, hugging the two men who endorsed him in south carolina. and there's nikki haley, very popular government behind him, whose endorsement did make a difference according to the exit polls but it was not enough to put him in the first place position. let's listen. [ crowd chanting "marco" ] >> thank you. first of all, i want to begin by -- i want to begin by congratulating donald trump. we haven't had a chance to speak yet. he won here tonight. but after tonight this has become a three-person race, and we will win the nomination! [ cheers and applause ] i also a few moments ago got to see on television, i haven't had a chance to speak to him yet, governor bush and his
6:15 pm
announcement. i have an incredible affection and admiration not just for governor bush but for his family and for their service to our country. [ cheers and applause ] jeb bush has many things to be proud of. he is an extraordinary husband. he's an extraordinary father. he was the greatest governor in the history of florida. [ applause ] and i believe, and i pray that his service to our country has not yet ended. and i thank jeb bush for everything he did for the state of florida and for running a campaign based on ideas. and i pray for him and his family tonight as they move forward in other endeavors in their life. tonight here in south carolina the message is pretty clear. this country is now ready for a
6:16 pm
new generation of conservatives to guide us into the 21st century. [ cheers and applause ] the time has now come after eight years of failure to return to the constitution of the united states that made us the freest people that have ever lived. [ applause ] the time has now come for leaders that will reembrace free enterprise, which made us the most prosperous people that have ever lived. [ applause ] and the time has come to rebuild our military because the world is a better, a safer, and more stable place when we are the strongest military in the world. [ cheers and applause ] we as a nation have faced troubling times before. in fact, 36 years ago this nation faced a period of doubt. after a failed presidency it felt like america was in
6:17 pm
decline. our economy was stagnant. and the american dream felt like it was slipping away. and then we elected a president that inspired us, a president who asked us to remember who we were and who believed as we do that america's greatest days always lie ahead. ronald reagan -- [ cheers and applause ] ronald reagan made us believe that it was morning in america again. and it was. well, now the children of the reagan revolution are ready to assume the mantle of leadership. [ cheers and applause ] now those of us who grew up when it was morning in america and ronald reagan was in the white house are ready to do for our generation, are ready to do for the next generation what ronald reagan did for ours.
6:18 pm
[ applause ] and who is this conservative movement in the 21st century? because our principles remain the same. but who are we? my friends, the 21st century conservatives are the son of a single mother who grew up in poverty and was almost lost. and today he serves this state as its junior senator, tim scott. [ cheers and applause ] the 21st century conservative movement is the daughter of immigrants from india who wanted desperately for their children to have all the opportunities
6:19 pm
they never did, who faced a string of prejudice and yet because of the greatness of our country today nikki haley is the governor of a state where it's always a great day. [ cheers and applause ] and the 21st century conservative movement is the son of a bartender and a maid from cuba who tonight stands one step closer to being the 45th president of the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] [ crowd chants "marco" ] thank you. we are a nation -- we are a nation and a people that celebrates success. we are a nation that admire people that have worked hard and moved ahead. and as conservatives we will
6:20 pm
always celebrate successi. but we fight for those who are still trying to make it. if tonight you are that single mother who has made it the purpose of your life to leave your children better off than yourself, in the 21st century we conservatives will fight for you. if you are watching tonight and you are that father that works two jobs so that your kids could have all the chances you never did in the 21st century we conservatives will fight for you. [ cheers and applause ] if you're the 17-year-old high school student who wants a big future and so you get you will well before dawn to take two buss to a better school halfway across town, who gets home late at night to do homework because you know that god has made you for more than what people around you tell you you were made for.
6:21 pm
in the 21st century we conservatives will fight for you. [ applause ] we will fight for you. because we come from where you are now. because we live the way you live now. and we know that limited government and free enterprise and a strong national defense is a better way forward for you, for me, for us, and for the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] tonight for those watching at home i ask you to join us in this effort. but now practically speaking it's down to three. and i know that our campaign gives us the best chance not just to come together, not just
6:22 pm
to unify our party but to unify our country and to grow this movement. [ applause ] i ask you to go on our website. if you're watching tonight i ask you to go on our website right now,, and join our campaign. [ applause ] 60 years ago a young couple from cuba came to america in search of a new beginning, a second chance, a fresh start. and america changed their lives. of course i'm talking about my parents. 10 days ago their son arrived in south carolina after a difficult election in new hampshire in search of a new beginning and a
6:23 pm
fresh start. and many thought it was over. somehow doubts about whether we would wind up here even now. for me the state of south carolina will always be the place of new beginnings and fresh starts. [ applause ] i know that god's hand is on everything. and so whatever god's will is in this election is what will ultimately happen to us and to our country. but if it is god's will that i should serve as the 45th president, if it is god's will that we should win this election, then history will say that on this night in south carolina we took the first step forwards in the beginning of a
6:24 pm
new american century. thank you, south carolina! thank you. god bless you. [ cheers and applause ] >> a celebratory marco rubio claiming he will go on to win the nomination. congratulating donald trump, saying he'll call him in a bit, and paying his respect to his one-time mentor and fierce competitor in this contest, governor jeb bush. going on to say that we are the children of the reagan revolution and we are ready to assume the mantle of leadership. as you can see there, with senator tim scott of south carolina and trey gowdy with governor nikki haley in the back. >> getting a lot of support obviously in south carolina from those key politicians you see on screen. governor haley, congressman gowdy, senator scott. and that did help tonight. judging by the exit polls, governor haley's endorsement after that debate did move the needle for late deciders. i do want to add this. so far $262 million has been
6:25 pm
spent on ads. jeb bush with his team, super pacs and the campaign spent $80.9 million. donald trump, $8.5 million. marco rubio has spent $50 million just on ads. you can see the disparity here. >> what's remarkable about those numbers is a lot of the bush money was spent going oofr marco rubio which was one of the complaints of his team, why aren't you targeting trump or clinton? why are you going after him? clearly he perceived him accurately as it turns out as his main threat for that so-called establishment lane. let's get more from our fox news digital politics editor chris dyer waltz and our fox news media analyst howard kurtz. what's your headline? >> trump will continue to. his numbers, he was off the beam a little bit from the original expectations, but he did everything he needed to. and will -- there's no reason to
6:26 pm
think he won't continue to do so. that's story a. story b you just heard. marco rubio had a great night. not only did he run well, better here than expected, but also jeb bush did something that was very hard for him but probably will earn him a lot of respect from his fellow republicans by packing it in and clearing the way for rubio to consolidate the support like you're talking about and make this a game going into the 1st of march. >> howie, your thoughts? >> it's a bounceback for marc roe rubio. the press went too far in burying him after the robotic debate and the fifth place flop in new hampshire. but let's look at what trump just accomplished. seven nights ago just about this time he was trashing george w. bush over iraq and 9/11 in a republican debate. later backed off a bit. then he threatened to sue 2ed cruz. then he got into a war of words with the pope. with the pope over immigration. he later softened that as well. everybody was saying this time he's crossed the line, he's gone too far, he's blowing his lead. what people forget is when donald trump controls the media
6:27 pm
narrative, even if a lot of that media attention is negative, that helps him because he runs against the press as much as any other institution. that's part of why he was able to win in south carolina. >> not only that, he came out and said he supported the obamacare mandate on that cnn town hall. the obamacare mandate, which is -- that makes the hair stand up on the back of a lot of republican voters' necks. and yet let me ask you, stier-walt. perhaps people don't think he means that. i don't know what they conclude from that. but the trump support is as sound as ever. and now what we're hearing is there's going to be a rush to consolidate behind marco rubio because those establishment folks, they're scared. >> i don't know who thought that donald trump talking about pig-blood soaked bullets for muslim assassination squads or mocking the president over justice scalia's funeral not being in a mosque and all -- i don't think anybody i know thought that that would hurt
6:28 pm
trum wp his core supporters. if anything, it helped with the core supporters, who love it, who love the smack talk, who love the smackdown. and that's the message for the republican party. donald trump is not going anywhere. and they have to be aware of this. the idea that somehow it wasn't true, it wasn't real. it gets harder for him when they're in a closed primary and democrats can't come over and vote. now the pressure on john kasich is going to get big. the pressure on ben carson is going to be enormous. >> how does that manifest itself? because we've already heard from those two that they're staying in. and you look at ben carson, it doesn't seem like he has an expensive campaign apparatus. >> oh, my lord. >> he's going from state to state and people love him and he goes on tv. how difficult is it for him to stay in? >> you want to talk about burning enough money to burn a wet elephant, ben carson's campaign has shoveled through more cash than the guys burning coal on the "titanic." holy crocono. he raises a ton of money. he raises all this money. but boy, does he spend it. and that's going to ground to a halt.
6:29 pm
that's going to stop. the engines will seize up on that. kasich's in a different situation. he's got ohio waiting to him out there. the question for him is how concerned is he about a donald trump nomination for his party? and by the way, what that would do to rob portman, his fellow ohioan in the senate and the republican chances to hold on there. >> howie, your thoughts on whether trump spins this into this is it. because he says and others believe this is it, he runs the table. >> i don't think he has to. i think the press in part will do it for him. yes, there are some pundits, you saw trump mention that niz victory speech, he was watching a couple liberals on an unnamed network whose initials are ms saying if this happens and this happens he might not get the nomination. but i do think this is the moment where the establishment, both political and media, are coming out of denial, see the fact that trump is now certainly the leading candidate for the republican nomination, and as you say, megyn, the fact he can come out for the obamacare mandate and is still standing shows that he is not bound by the normal rules of a republican
6:30 pm
primary where you're not supposed to say such things. he's coming up with his own what he calls common sense conservatism, and it doesn't seem like his fierce supporters, they give him a lot of leeway, they're not necessarily voting as you would expect. by the way, ted cruz in south carolina, this should have been a very good state for him, and yet trump somehow cut into his lead again as he did in new hampshire. >> trump won conservatives. notwithstanding that mandate thing and ted cruz's presence in the race. >> amazing. >> guys, good to see you both. >> same here, megyn. >> it has been a big night in south carolina. donald trump wins again. jeb bush has dropped out. and the battle for second is still in full effect. senator cruz, senator rubio both in that battle. looks like rubio's reading right now. senator cruz will be speaking shortly. we'll take you there. >> we have a lot more coming up. the campaign cowboys, wallace, rove, and trippy. and we'll tell you how they -- really? >> yeah, we will. >> got their famous nicknames. stay tuned for that.
6:31 pm
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treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. all right. welcome back to america's election headquarters. you're looking there at cruz headquarters. and we expect senator cruz to speak in just a bit. but we want to look at a path to victory and now take some time and look at these kroushl counties with bill hemmer over at the billboard. bill, what did chris stier walt say? enough money spent to burn a wet
6:35 pm
elephant? >> burn a wet elephant. you know what that means. >> what does it mean? >> a lot of fire. the temperature's got to rise. the calendar is crucial now. quick look ahead to what you have here on -- well, for this week anyway on the 23rd of this week republicans go to nevada at the caucus. results sometime after midnight late tuesday night. then a week from today the democrats go back to south carolina for the primary down there. hillary clinton an early favorite. we'll see if that's the case. and then we move into the month of march. and this is a big one. ten days from now march 1st look at the calendar light up. you've got texas, 155 delegates there. you have georgia, 76. tennessee has 58. and you've got virginia, alabama, and arkansas. that's the 1st of march, what's called the s.e.c. primary. could be super tuesday part one. because two weeks after that, march 15th, is super tuesday 2.0, or the second s.e.c.
6:36 pm
primary. and these are significant. florida. 99 delegates for republicans. winner take all. in ohio 66 delegates in ohio. that is also a winner take all. that's what john kasich's been talking about for a long time. so that's what you have over the next three weeks. tonight, however, in south carolina this is a pretty stunning map here. i want to show you. donald trump is in purple, right? 94% reporting. up 32.8 to rubio's 22.3. all the counties you see here in purple is where donald trump is winning or has won already. two exceptions. marco rubio in green here in richland county, the capital city of columbia, with 100% reporting, rubio has now won that county. the other area where rubio has an advantage is down here in charleston. with 100% now reporting. just clicked during the commercial break, it's a little less than that. rubio looks like he will win
6:37 pm
that county as well. but for now everything else is trump territory in south carolina. looks like barney over here, all purple, a little bit of green. i find this fascinating for what trump has done. you know, your evangelical arc here up along north carolina, i've been watching this all night. in york county trump's clocking in right now with 32% of the vote here. pop on down here to chester county. he's at 42% with 100% reporting. over here to the east in lancaster county it's almost all in. he's at 33, almost 34%. why is that important? let me take you back to 2008. this is mike huckabee, okay? in his battle against john mccain. huckabee lost the state by three points. but huckabee easily outperformed in these counties. in lancaster county he was almost at 40%. over here in chester county, again, almost at 40%. up here in york county he was 36%. he outperformed considerably. 12, 13 points in all those counties.
6:38 pm
that's where you get evangelical voters. and this year in 2016 trump has won the table up there. that is pretty extraordinary right now. when you look at the makeup of the state and the history for how they vote and what they have done tonight in giving trump a resounding victory in the palmetto state. >> so now we're calling it the barney board? >> i like that. >> cruz people are saying, they were asked why isn't he winning evangelical voters, especially in that northern part, and they said the evangelical vote is not monolithic is what they said. he needed to win that. >> you've seen a the bit of the evangelical vote break down based on class, too. some middle income as opposed to other income. they've split the vote. i'll tell you right here, we've been watching greenville, right? you have, you know, a little bit of votes coming in. you're only at 59%. greenville has, you know, close. so maybe that changes a little bit. we'll see throughout the night. >> all right, bill, thank you. >> and you can see ted cruz coming up to the microphone
6:39 pm
surrounded by his family, his wife heidi and their two daughters who've been with him consistently on the campaign trail. one of the interesting things to watch is just how the candidates want us to hear the messaging from them tonight. it telegraphs a lot. and marco rubio didn't make any -- it was no mistake that he came out second, trying to project something to us. let's hear how ted cruz wants to walk us through this evening. you can see his adorable daughters who are very beautiful and very sweet. and now we will listen to their father. [ cheers and applause ] >> god bless the great state of south carolina. [ cheers and applause ] friends, once again, we have made history. you, the good people of south carolina, and our incredible volunteers all over the country continue to defy the pundits and to produce extraordinary resu s
6:40 pm
results. [ applause ] let me say a word about governor jeb bush, a man who had a terrific record as governor of the state of florida, who brought job creation and education innovation to the people of florida, a man who ran a campaign based on ideas, based on policy, based on substance, a man who didn't go to the gutter and engage in insults and attacks. governor bush brought honor and dignity to this race. tonight he has suspended his campaign. but heidi and i give our very best to jeb and columba and their entire extraordinary
6:41 pm
family. we wish them the best, and we thank them for their remarkable campaign. i want to thank our tremendous team here in south carolina, congressman jeff duncan. [ applause [ applause ] congressman mark sanford. and former attorney general charlie condon. [ applause [ applause ] senator lee bright. [ applause ] and representatives bill chummily and wendy nanny and gary smith and mike burns and jay jordan. [ applause ]
6:42 pm
and ray nash and pastor mike gonzales. and heroic volunteers like david helmer and david aguilar and shawn and kay meyer and all seven of their terrific kids. and the nearly 500 south carolina pastors that endorsed and joined this campaign. [ applause ] first iowa, then new hampshire, now south carolina. we don't know the exact results right now. right now we are effectively tied for second place. but each time defying expectations and causing the
6:43 pm
pundits -- [ crowd chanting "ted" ] indeed, the screaming you hear now from across the potomac is the washington cartel in full terror that the conservative grassroots are rising up. but before we reflect on what we have together accomplished, i'd like to pause for a moment of silence in honor of a great man, an american hero. justice antonin scalia.
6:44 pm
today i attended justice scalia's funeral. i had the honor of knowing him for 20 years. he was brilliant, principled, faithful, and a ferocious defender of the constitution and the bill of rights. [ applause ] as ronald reagan was to the presidency, so too was july sst scalia to the u.s. supreme court. [ applause ] his passing one week ago today underscores the enormous stakes of this election. it is not just one but two branches of government that are at stake.
6:45 pm
and justice scalia's replacement will not be decided by the washington power brokers. it will be decided by we the people. [ applause ] this election will be a referendum on the supreme court. and i'll tell you this. i cannot wait to stand on that debate stage with hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whatever other socialist they nomina nominate. and make the case against their radical vision of the constitution that would strip away life and marriage and religious liberty and the second
6:46 pm
amendment and the basic rights of every american citizen. [ applause ] in iowa they said it couldn't be done. and we won. [ applause ] in new hampshire they said a conservative, a bible-believing christian could not compete. and we defied expectations. and tonight despite millions and millions of dollars in false and nasty attacks, despite the entirety of the political establishment coming together against us, south carolina has given us another remarkable result.
6:47 pm
[ applause ] together iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina tell us three things. first that conservatives continue to unite behind our campaign. [ applause ] if you are a conservative, this is where you belong because only one strong conservative is in a position to win this race. second.
6:48 pm
we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump. that's why donald relentlessly attacks us and ignores all the other candidates. now, i congratulate donald on his victory tonight. but i will say this to the people of america. if you don't believe that donald trump is the best candidate to run against hillary clinton in november, if you believe we need a strong contrast with the democrats, -- [ applause ]
6:49 pm
then we welcome you aboard our team. we welcome you to be part of the over 200,000 volunteers and the over 980,000 volunteers' contributions at join us at [ cheers and applause ] [ crowd chants "ted" ] and the third lesson of iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina is that only one candidate remaining has a consistent conservative record. other candidates engage in nonstop personal attacks. we have not and we will not respond in kind.
6:50 pm
there is a reason other candidates resort to insults, and it is that they cannot defend the substance of their record. there is only one candidate who has led the fight against amnesty. who has led the fight against obamacare. who has led the fight to defend light and marriage, and religious liberty. who has led the fight to protect our right to keep and bear arms under the second amendment. [ applause ]
6:51 pm
who will fight to pass a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. only one candidate has stood up to washington and said no cot corporate welfare and indeed only one candidate took on the mandate in iowa, and won. [ applause ] as president, i will rebuild our military. stand unequivocally with the nation of israel. [ applause ] and utterly destroy isis. [ applause ]
6:52 pm
together, we will secure the borders and keep america safe. [ applause ] and i give you my solemn word, every justice i point to the u.s. supreme court will be a principled constitutionalist who will be faithful and will vigorously protect the fundamental rights of our children and grandchildren. [ applause ] [ applause ] when i look at our young daughters, caroline and katherine, i know that i will fight with every breath in my
6:53 pm
body to ensure that they enjoy the same fundamental liberty that all of us have been blessed to inherit. [ applause ] >> senator ted cruz in a battle for second place. still continuing in 99% in. saying that he is the only candidate who has beaten and can beat donald trump. saying he will continue to fight, also spending a lot of time talking about the appointments to the u.s. supreme court. he travelled to washington today to go to the funeral for justice antonin scloe yalia. >> that margin is still razor thin. we want to get final thoughts from our panel, steve hayes, and juan williams, steve. >> well, it was a good night for donald trump for sure. he outperformed what many thought going in. but it's early. 4% of all republican delegates that will be allocated, 2,400
6:54 pm
plus has been allocated as of tonight. >> houston, a lot of news on the democratic side happened before our show began, but look at the democrats, hillary clinton's big win in nevada tonight. >> yeah, and definitely was a big win for her. she's been able to turn on the african american which she's going to need in the states coming up. there is some question about the hispanic vote which actually preferred sanders which is unusual because she won by about 60% or higher in 2008. we'll have to see in the sort of revised at the polls if those are right because they have the mistakes in the past in the harry reid versus sharon angle, they said 30% for her and the 8%. so it'll be interesting to see if the numbers are right because they don't quite add up. >> juan. >> i thought cruz went to the ramparts there. the establishment is in panic mode across the potomac, and he's the only guy that can beat trump. we're going to see. i don't know what happens between rubio who had a great
6:55 pm
night and cruz, but i don't think there's any doubt, trump not right now, stands like a titan in the republican race. >> i would say a study in contrast. if you're a republican voter, you can look at trump, cruz, and rubio, those are three very different paths. none taken before in the republican party. and significant development tonight when jeb bush decided to drop out of the race. gave al classy speech, and he is leaving the race. that again, big headline for tomorrow morning. >> ted cruz paying nice tribute to him saying jeb was a man who didn't go to the gutter. and engage in insults and attacks. and suggesting that's the kind of campaign he'll pursue as well saying he has as well. although he and trump have been mixing it up a fair amount over the past week. and will continue to from the look of the polls. just as we get ready to go to break. the way it's going to end. cruz or rubio's going to be second and third. it'll be razor thin. the delegate count may not be affected at all. it basically is bragging rights
6:56 pm
for one of these guys. and no one's going to get out. that's between those two. >> nonstop political coverage all night, we'll be back with final thoughts. sean hannity takes over at 10:00 eastern. want to get their hands on. if they could ever catch you. i'm bushed! i've been on my feel alyea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. urgent it could be ibs-d new prescription xifaxan is an ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms.
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7:00 pm
p.m. to 1:00. we'll be up. have our coffee, you do the same. and keep it tuned right here to the fox news channel, because right now our coverage of the south carolina primary continues with our friend, sean hannity. thanks for watching. all right. thanks megyn and bret and welcome to hannity. this is a fox news alert. fox news is projecting that donald trump is the big winner in south carolina. and at this hour, second place is still too close to call. senator marco rubio and ted cruz are in a very tight race to determine who will be the runner up. and earlier tonight, former florida governor, jeb bush suspended his campaign after finishing in the second tier with governor john kasich and dr. benjamin carson. and in nevada, fox news is projecting hillary clinton will narrowly defeat senator bernie sanderss in the caucuses in that state, we'll have live analysis of all those results later, but first, earlier tonight, after his big victory in south carolina, donald trump addressed his supporters, let's te


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