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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 21, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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thanks for watching. all right. thanks megyn and bret and welcome to hannity. this is a fox news alert. fox news is projecting that donald trump is the big winner in south carolina. and at this hour, second place is still too close to call. senator marco rubio and ted cruz are in a very tight race to determine who will be the runner up. and earlier tonight, former florida governor, jeb bush suspended his campaign after finishing in the second tier with governor john kasich and dr. benjamin carson. and in nevada, fox news is projecting hillary clinton will narrowly defeat senator bernie sanderss in the caucuses in that state, we'll have live analysis of all those results later, but first, earlier tonight, after his big victory in south carolina, donald trump addressed his supporters, let's take a
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look. >> nothing easy about running for president. i can tell you. it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. [ laughter ] when you win, it's beautiful. and we're going to start. we are going to start winning for our country. it's an incredible movement with incredible people. i tell you. i've been saying, make america great again, and it's going to be greater than ever before. that's the kind of potential we have. greater than ever before. folks, let's go, let's have a big win in nevada. let's have a big win at the fcc, let's put this thing away. and let's make america great again. >> all right. joining us now from the trump campaign headquarters, our friend, campaign carl cameron, carl, another big night for the trump campaign. >> reporter: yeah, back to back wins, the first two primaries. and already, donald trump is eyeing the states that he thinks he can pick up in the fcc.
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actually, before he even made his victory speech tonight. we had a unique tonight to talk to mr. trump right backstage. his family was standing by. he wanted to talk a little bit about what the victory meant to him one on one, and he wanted to talk about his future first, first a little bit of how he described to be the as yet undeclared and unaccepted victor here in south carolina. >> south carolina, like new hampshire, i mean, its been so amazing, the people are incredib incredible. the military is unbleefblg. people that want law and order, people that want strong borders, that's an important thing, especially nowadays with what's going on in the world. we wanted so many levels, such an honor. they're great people. these are great people of this country. >> reporter: he talked about the military. he talked about evangelicals, those are two key constituencies and he even won them or split them with ted cruz.
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a resounding victory in that regard. and then we talked about what comes up next. mr. trump has been talking about confident now, he's not sure. of course he didn't win iowa, ted cruz did, and he's got the upcoming nevada caucuses, and they're not like primaries. they're more like a club consensus vote, and it's a very small turnout in nevada, and he had apprehension about it earlier this week. you didn't hear any of that after tonight's victory. listen to this. >> i think we're going to do fantastically in nevada. i have many, many employees in nevada. i think we're going to do great there. you see the polls with, they're way up. and i also think the fcc is going to be amazing. we're going to have great results and great with florida. florida's something special. we are getting numbers out of florida like nobody believes, but this is -- i'll tell you what, where we are right now, i love the people here, it's an amazing group of people. >> reporter: beginning to get momentum, sean, when his supporters with their own money, start making coloring books.
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there was a coloring book made years ago of one george h.w. bush and his wife. this one, its got trump as superman on the outside. and on the inside, he's portrayed in de vin which i's man at george washington, as alabama ham lincoln, as i michael jackson and john travolta in saturday night live. it was certainly a very, very big saturday night for him tonight in south carolina, sean. >> you know you've made it if you get the coloring book, carl, you know you're there. you have hit the top of the pinnacle. campaign carl, always good to see you. programming note, donald trump will be joining us, will be in nevada monday night for the full hour. and with a studio audience. you don't want to miss that. joining us now with reaction. steve hayes, monica crowley, and of course senior correspondent, geraldo rivera. monica, let's start with you. this is another huge insurgent victory, human momentum, i'm listening to the commentary tonight, and i'm like, well, if this one drops out, and this one
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drops out, we'll add all of their numbers to this person, this person, and then they'll catch trump. i'm laughing because i think that people do not understand that even in this election, nearly 60% of republicans are frustrated with their party in washington. they're not getting what's happening. >> well, i think that's exactly right. that the dynamic is certainly with the outsiders, whether it's donald trump or senator cruz. and i think a lot of people are, i think dawning on a lot of people that that's the dynamic. look, if you have ben carson drop out, if you have governor kasich drop out, the dynamic of the race will change, but let's not lose sight of the accomplishment of donald trump. this is the first time politician. man whose never run a race before in his life, and look at what he's pulling off here. this is an astonishing feat. donald trump's appeal issed a tud, it is not ideological, i know that's infuriated a lot of conservatives, but trump is selling strength.
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whether you like him or not or agree with him or not, or whether you're voting for him or not, he is projecting confidence and authority. which are two things that are necessary, but not sufficient to a winning candidate. if he continues down this path, i think he's in the driver's seat for the nomination, sean. >> and geraldo, we saw this in new hampshire and saw it again tonight. you get to see another side of donald trump in victory. somewhat humble, very gracious. he reaches out to the other candidates. he reaches out to his family, and then he explains the process a little bit, brings you inside by saying yeah, well, we'll go back to war tomorrow. there's plenty of time for that, but he almost, tipping his hat that he knows deep down that they'll all be friends in the end. >> i agree, sean. i wish he had tipped his hat to jeb bush who spent ten times more money than donald trump has spent up to debate and happiless in his bottom line. he was gracious in defeat, trump
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is tie um fant, in that regard, about him his ability to seem human and approachable and so forth. i think trump's power isn't that he appeals to the military or evangelicals, although those things are important. it is that trump's words are like ghosts. he says them, they blow past you, and then you wonder, your brain processes what he says, and you think yeah, he said what i wanted him to say, you know, it's not about mexicans and muslims and, you know, the pope and all the rest of it, it is about we see in trump the people that support him, see in trump, what they want to see. and i think that is his power. he is not an ie dee log. he's not a person with rigid beliefs. he's a person that at some point believed in everything. >> but geraldo, it's a little deeper because he sees a nation in trouble, he sees a nation with so much potential, and he's stating the obvious that things aren't working that the politicians have failed us, seven out of ten voters in south
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carolina, they like a person that tells it like it is. he's unfiltered, he's iconic classic, and that is very refreshing to people. and you can't, that is a huge factor. steve, to that extent, do you now maybe unts this phenomenon? >> i think i've understood it for quite a while. the question is whether it's going to be successful and lead to a republican nomination. donald trump had a good night. and the numbers that you point to of the people who said of the south carolina republican primary voters who said that telling it like it is was the most important candidate characteristic which was 16% of the electorate. 77% of them said that donald trump was their candidate. i think that's an opportunity for the non-trump candidates in the race, when you look at what trump has said on a variety of positions, whether it was for the iraq war, against the iraq war, whether you like to see obamacare mandate, whether he opposes obamacare, he's been on many sides of the issues as we have discussed a number of
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times, and i'm a little surprised that other candidates haven't criticized that. not necessarily -- >> that's all we've heard all week. it's trump that is saying, i want to have these positions. what voters are deciding is, do they believe he's going to build a wall? does he mooef he's going to repay treuate money, tough on isis. the strength that he's projecting, and obviously, the voters are saying yeah, they believe him. otherwise, they wouldn't be -- >> true, but i think you're right. and that's a fair point. i would say that in some cases, trump hasn't had the positions in the distant past, he's had them in a matter of consecutive day us. he likes to embrace the obamacare mandate in a town hall just the other day, then the next day he said he wants to undo obamacare. >> i've interviewed him on health care, i have newt gingrich on the phone, i've interviewed him many times, now
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for the last six interviews, portability, health care savings accounts, and he's been consistent. >> that doesn't make sense. >> i'm only telling you somebody whose interviewed him a lot, he keeps giving me the same answer, but nobody ever reports on it, which i find interesting, but joining us now on the phone with reaction to tonight's results out of south carolina, and nevada, former speaker of the house. he won south carolina four years ago, fox news contributor, newt gingrich. your thoughts about tonight. >> first of all, it is a huge night for donald trump, and nobody should kid themselves. here's a guy who seven months ago for the first time entered politics, has learned at an extraordinary rate, came in second iowa. won thon start, week south carolina, and by standards, this is a victory, he's going to win, you look at the numbers in nebraska right now and the fact that you only have a few days to
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tirn it around, he's going to win nevada. at that point, somebody in the establishment, i've been listening with amusement -- >> we must be thinking the same thing. have you been listening, if you add this to this to this, then you might beat trump. it's hilarious. >> get a grip on in the washington establishment, their job is to understand trump, his job isn't to understand them. >> that's really well said. >> they live in a world of ideas and details and policy programs and long papers and conferences on ideas. this guy lives in a world of making very big decisions, doing very big things. you know, and i think you could start keeping a list. will there be a wall and how soon? whether he have got an dramatic change in health care and how soon? will he in fact rethink our policy in the middle east and how soon? but these are future, and that's the base of his support.
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these people who are sick and tired of the day-to-day bologna that has dominated american politics. and it's also a very simple rule. if you think washington's so sick you want someone to kick over the table, then you like donald trump and you frankly don't care about the details. and remember, between trump, cruz, and carson, 62% of south carolina republicans voted for very dramatic change. >> mr. speaker, let me ask you this, i watch with amusement, and maybe i'll add the word frustration tonight, i was watching people -- and i'm flipping all over the place like a lot of us do in the news business. and i'm watching this person. if you add this persons numbers to this person's numbers, then you might be in a position where trump's really in trouble now, and i'd be worried if i'm donald trump at this point. and i'm thinking with, he just won south carolina by a huge
2:13 am
margin. he just won new hampshire by a huge margin. >> i own one share of stock. if we could have borrowed the denver defense for that game in arizona. green bay couldn't have gotten into the playoffs. >> couldn't have won the super bowl. >> i mean, these guys, first of all, if carson drops out, at least half his votes going to go to trump. second, you don't know today, this isn't -- i can't overstate this because you and i both have talked to trump and we've watched him and we've been tough with him. this is a guy who's learning every 24 hours. he's not the same person he was dwred, by the time he gets to the speech in atlanta tomorrow, where my dear friend casey is organizing it, she's a remarkably sophisticated woman when she came out for trump, i realized, this guy's got something going that's different. then nevada, he will be a
2:14 am
slightly more mature, more thoughtful person by the time he lands in nevada. and that's what people don't get. serious man who has done serious things. for seven months now tried to figure out how to be president of the united states, and he keeps growing. you know, it's not that he's changing in a shallow sense of free consultants telling him what to say. he's a very interestinglly unde very complicated job. >> i think that is a, probably the most -- i think the most honest analogy, you said something early in the process, and you said it both on the radio show and here on the fox news channel, if you want to know who donald trump is, read the art of the deal. you get some insight into his mindset. so here's my question for you, going into nevada, going into super tuesday, if you would have talk to him on the phone tonight, great job, but i would advice you to make these three minor tweaks, what would you tell him? >> fist of all, change nothing
2:15 am
between now and nevada because it's too short a time. hold every possible rally you can get to and go to every small town where they never see a candidate and you'll win nevada in a huge margin. and that gives ewe boost. then take a deep breath, 24 hours off the campaign trail and think about being a potential president rather than a potential candidate. and he will begin to grow into a job vastly more humbling and vastly more challenging than we've ever dreamed of. >> last question, whaltd you say, both, and donald trump acknowledged tonight, ted cruz, marco rubio, had good nights tonight. what would you say to them in the -- great nights, what would yo say to them in the 30 seconds you have left? >> marco needs to wrap up the entire establishment, become the practical alternative and continue to communicate. did a wonderful job tonight pulling together the fact of an african american senator and indian american governor, latino
2:16 am
presidential candidate. this is not the party the democrats need to run against. second i'd say to cruz, he is right at the edge of breaking through. he has got to be a cheerful warrior, i saw him today at the justice scalia's funeral, i think he and heidi in fact are enjoying this experience, and they've got to be a cheerful warrior to go on. it's a tough business. he's one of three. there are only three plausible no, ma'am niece, that's a good achievement for someone who's 45 years old. >> is he 44 or 45, i'm not sure. >> i thought he had a birthday. okay, he's 44. >> 44, i don't know. anyway. mr. speaker, great council advice as always, thanks for being with us. coming up, we have a lot more on south carolina's republican primary results. also hillary clinton barely beats bernie sanders in nevada. so what does this mean for her campaign? ed henry is on the ground in nevada, here's a full report, quick programming note, tune in monday night, 10:00 eastern, be
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in las vegas with republican front runner donald trump, he'll join us for the hour in front of big crowds. it'll be something unlike you've ever seen before. you want to set your dvr monday night, 10:00 p.m. right here on hannity. quick break, right back, we'll continue. tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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never be allowed to threaten main street again. no bank could be too big to fail. no executive too powerful to jail. but if we listen to the voices of flint and ferguson, if we open our hearts to the families of the country and indian country, if we listen to the hopes and heart aches of hard working people across america, it's clear there is so much more to be done. >> all right. that was hillary clinton
2:20 am
addressing her supporters earlier tonight after, well, narrowly beating senator bernie sanders in the nevada democratic caucuses. joining us now, live from vegas is ed henry on the ground, ed, what's happening? >> reporter: good to see you, sean. all right, look, this is the third straight day where hillary clinton had a double digit lead in that evaporated bernie sanders, proving that he can close in on her. what he is not proving is that he can win. if he won new hampshire, but in both iowa and here now in nevada, he came up short, danger signs for hillary clinton. when voters were asked in the entrance polls here what their top issue is, if their top concern was honesty and trust worthiness, he got 70 points. he did well again with young people. raising questions about enthusiasm for clinton. he did better with hispanics than expected. however, clinton had a huge edge here with african americans, and that's good timing for her because it's just as this race
2:21 am
is going to south carolina next saturday, then super tuesday, a lot of southern states like georgia and clinton is hoping to really take advantage of that edge. watch this. >> i am on my way to texas. i'm on my way to texas. bill is on his way to colorado. the fight goes on. the future that we want is within our grips. thank you all. god bless you. >> i believe that when democrats assemble in philadelphia in july, at that convention, we are going to see the result of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> reporter: and what sanders is referring to there is, don't forget, democrats award a delegate proportionately, even when he comes in second, he's walking away with delegates, it's not winner take all. and sanders by the sway on pace now for the second straight month to outrace hillary clinton in the money department. and so, he has the money to
2:22 am
stick around for a long time. what he hasn't proven yet is that he can actually win a lot of these states. so hillary clinton tonight took a big step towards securing that nomination, sean. >> all right. ed henry, thank you so much. here with reaction, fox news contributor, former clinton pollster doug schoen and juan williams, guys, we just got a statement from george w. bush on his brother jeb bush suspending his campaign tonight. he said i talked to my brother, congratulated him on his campaign for the presidency. i told jeb how proud i am of him and his staff for running a campaign that looked to the future, presented serious policy proposals, elevated the tone of the race, jeb's decision to suspend the campaign reflects his selfless character and patriotism i was moved by jeb's concession speech, and laura and i are proud of the family, et cetera, et cetera. ly i will say this, i've had the opportunity, as you know juan and doug to interview all of these guys, and jeb is a classy
2:23 am
guy. he ran a strong campaign. he tried his hardest. i would say unfortunately for him, probably his last name hurt him a little bit. immigration was a very big issue in this campaign from day one. and i think he had a hard time just overcoming that one issue. thoughts. juan. >> well, you know, trump said he was low energy. and i think exactly what you said is true, which is, he, because of the name, has come to represent in so many minds among primary and caucus voters, the establishment. and this is not an establishment election. this is an unpredictable kind of, you know, crazy ride election, and people, tonight, clearly said in terms of voting for donald trump, we want someone who tells it like it is, not necessarily someone who is a proven conservative. >> juan, you know -- and i'll throw this to doug, you know what washington has gotten us, doug, 95 million out of the labor force. 50 million in poverty, 46 million on food starns, we
2:24 am
double the debt, and we have a president giving, let's see, a rainy $150 billion. that's what this election is about. and republicans have not stood up and fought and stopped him. this is -- this explains everything. i don't know why it's so complicated for some people to figure out. >> well, that's why donald trump in the republican party and bernie sanders in the democratic party are doing as well as they are. because, there's wade spread agreement across the ideological divide that what you say is entirely true, the problem is, the left and the right have very different solutions, but they don't disagree that washington is broken, dysfunctional and corrupt. >> all right. now you can't say this was a big win for hillary, doug, i mean she kind of pulled it out. >> she won. >> she won. >> she won. a win is a win. a win is a win. >> and bernie, air was out of his sails. the fcc primaries in south
2:25 am
carolina don't look particularly good for bernie. look, hillary's not showing any strength, sean. i'll be honest, but bernie is being turned back and for now, that's all hillary needed. she's a very happy woman tonight. >> yeah. >> yeah, i think you're probably right, but she's still a very weak candidate. >> she is. >> juan williams, and she's flawed, she does not have the warmth and charm of her husband bill and the magnetism of barack obama. and i don't see all of those people that went out in 2008 and 2012 passionately pulling the lever for barack obama doing that for her. so, ultimately, she's going to have a very tough general election, juan williams. >> how are those sewer grapes tasting to you tonight? you're unhappy that hillary clinton won and bernie sanders -- you would prefer to run against bernie sanders, but let me just tell you, let me just tell -- >> donald trump will crush her. >> is that right? you think trump will crush her? there's not one poll, i don't think there's one poll that
2:26 am
shows hillary clinton losing to donald trump. >> excuse me, let me correct the record, there was a poll that came out -- >> oh come on. >> and donald trump -- >> get out of town. sheesh. >> ted cruz, you are in a fantasy -- >> excuse me, and john kasich all beat her, doug, you be the final arbiter, did that poll come out or not? >> bernie sanders at this point is actually polling better in terms of favorable, unfavorable than hillary. hilla hillary's numbers are 38, 39, positive 55, negative. juan, i believe she'll be a good and strong general election candidate, but it would be a mistake to really read too much into this victory or believe she's a strong candidate. >> remember, the republicans are energized right now. tremendous turnout tonight in south carolina. tremendous turnout, new hampshire, iowa, but don't forget, bernie represents the fact that the left is also angry, energized, and doesn't like washington. and i think if hillary is the
2:27 am
only alternative to the republicans, we're starting to see some of that energy from the democrats. >> i don't really think so. >> i think trump can get 20% of the democrats, and i think there's a real concern that reagan democrats would go to donald trump in such a match-up. >> that would be interesting. >> doug schoen, 100% right. i have nothing else to add. thank you both. coming up, more reaction and analysis to donald trump's huge win tonight in south carolina. in the republican primary and hillary's win in nevada, others are here to weigh in next. that and much more on the special saturday night edition of "hannity" straight ahead. vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c.
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have had, that's illegal, on top of that, special access program
2:32 am
classification, dozens and dozens of those as well. that has got to concern every democrat in the country if she's their nominee. >> none of that has shown up in any of data or the polls showing that there's a concern about that stuff. i understand may be and will be certainly an issue in the general election, republicans will continue to raise it. and facts may come out, but right now that has not impacted her, her favorable ratings or anything else within the party. and tonight -- >> look -- >> go ahead. >>no, tonight her -- she won nevada by roughly the same exact margin that she defeated barack obama in 2008, and the most interesting, the biggest thing in that, in the results night in the exits or the entrance poll because it was a caucus show that she won african americans,
2:33 am
76 to 22 against sanders. in 2008, that was barack obama beating her 72 to 22. >> how big and important is that? >> that was a split vote that sanders edged out. but that's how that was in 2008 as well. so what i'm saying, now you're going into south carolina, you're going into as juan williams was saying, he's going to the south, sanders is the one who had the huge problem right now, not hillary clinton. >> i agree with you. i agree. and katie, this is my question to you, because i agree with joe. i think the path is pretty clear for hillary. but there are big problems and bumps ahead if she's the candidate for the democratic party. not the least of which is the fbi investigation, and polling 60% of americans do not believe she is honest and trust worthy. that cannot help her. >> right. and i think it's important to keep in mind that in the democratic primary, we've
2:34 am
actually seen data bear out this idea that voters are concerned about hillary clinton's honestness and honesty and trust worthy numbers. i mean you look at the exit polling from new hampshire and bernie sanders beat her there on the issue of being honest and trust worthy, 95% to 3%. so people certainly in new hampshire, which can be a good representation of a lot of different states across the country later as we get further into this primary, they do feel in the democratic party that hillary clinton has a problem. and let me tell you, when democrats have a problem with someone being untrust worthy and not honest, you can bet that the general electorate will certainly have that problem as well. >> you know, listen, this is a rough and tumble sport, we call it a blood sport, joe, jeb bush is a very nice man, and came in with high expectations by the establishment, and donald trump was very tough on him, and we know what happened tonight, and i've got to believe that that same donald trump is going to show up if he wins the nomination and the general
2:35 am
election, and just go after hillary in a way that i don't think she's going to know how to deal with it. how does she deal with that? >> i don't doubt that donald trump will be going after her. he's the nominee. look, he had a great victory tonight. no one can take this away from him. it was double digit. i've heard people talk about oh, it wasn't as big as it was supposed to be. >> it was massive. >> and he's going to walk away with all 50, i bet when this all counted, he'll walk away with all 50 of the delegates from the state. he won so big, it will be winner take all because he made it winner take all. by winning all sen of those congressional districts and the state. >> one last point -- >> he's going to be there, and he's going to be -- he's in this and could well be the nominee. >> from the very beginning, more people that i have interviewed have predicted this man's demise, and have been wrong every step of the way. at this point, it's kind of
2:36 am
amusing, but thank you both for being with us. coming up, more reaction, more analysis, and results out of the south carolina and nevada. quick programming note, monday night, 10:00 eastern, we will be in las vegas at the cesar hotel with 2016 republican presidential candidate, donald trump. it'll be something like you have never seen before. fresh off his big win tonight in south carolina. trump joins us for the full hour in front of a huge audience, monday night, 10:00 eastern right here on hannity.
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2:42 am
socialist they nominate. if you are a conservative, this is where you belong, because only one strong conservative is in a position to win this race. >> all right. that was senator ted cruz earlier tonight addressing his supporters. joining us now the author of the clinton's war on women, fox news contributor rich lowrie. roger what people aren't getting here, by the way, nice suit. >> roger has a lot to celebrate tonight. >> he does, but if you add trump's big victory numbers tonight, and cruz did have a good night tonight. and you add ben carson's number in, those are the real insurgents in this campaign, that's 60 some odd percent of republican primary voters, and it's happening every time. what part, roger, is the establishment not getting? >> yeah, you just described the past victory for donald trump. the anti-establishment vote, immigration policy, trade
2:43 am
policy, fiscal policies of the bush wing of the republican party is in a majority which is why trump will ultimately be the nominee. when they say oh, well bush getting out, that'll strengthen marco rubio, yes, but ben carson's votes and ultimately ted cruz's votes, they will end up disproportionately with donald trump. that's how he's going to triumph. >> yeah. and rich, you know, i know that national review came out hard against trump, look how well he's doing, what do you say to that? are the people wrong or is well deserved by an establishment that has lost touch with the people they're supposed to serve? >> i agree with his critique on the establishment, especially like immigration, for instance, but our case against trump was that no, it wasn't that he's not going to win states in the nominating contest. it said he's not a conservative, and it doesn't plaert how much states he wins, it doesn't make him a conservative.
2:44 am
and this is a big difference and why trump and cruz are at war with one another. these guys aren't allies. because there's a big ideological dispute amongst the two of those guys, i would have preferred to win tonight, but donald trump ate his lunch because he beat him among evangelicals and beat him soundly among voters who want an outsider. and trump -- >> let me ask roger this -- >> -- is bonded with blue collar voters who really want change. >> you know, i've asked him numerous times, meaning mr. trump, roger, you know him well, you work for him, so, the answer is, i guess for some people they will never blaef that he has changed his views on some things. it's clear that that's not really working as a narrative against him. do you see any area where he's not conservative? >> here's the point, i have never argued that donald trump
2:45 am
is a pure conservative. he's just the best choice for conservatives this year because on the big issues, economy, downgrade policy, immigration, the security of our country, and our half bake foreign policy, trump has the most conservative position. he's also a doer. he exudes the confidence that is inspiring voters that he can do something that career politicians haven't been able to do. look, he had $40 million in negative advertising thrown at him in south carolina. his mechanics jim merle and ed mcmullen ran an excellent campaign. donald trump is the one who gets the the kudos with very special word of thanks to the pope by the way. >> all right. guys, thanks very much for being with us. we appreciate it. we have more reaction, more analysis to the big political news out of south carolina and nevada. that and much more tonight on "hannity." i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot.
2:46 am
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welcome our continuing coverage here on fox. welcome in, and we are looking at the issue that a lot of
2:51 am
people are looking at jeb bush suspending his campaign tonight, and john mclaughlin said, are where would the vote go go? and 30%, bush, and then 32% for him, and cruz he would get 2% of the he would get 2%. cruz 25%. he'd get 2 of the 7% got tonight and trump would get 1. carson would get 1. that won't change the race the way that everyone is claiming all over the dial tonight. >> it really won't. >> go ahead. >> let's assume that one of the big guys drops out. cruz drops out, his votes would likely go to trump. if rubio dropped out, like with bush, his supporters would split pretty evenly. i don't see how trump gets stopped. >> david, this is kind of frustrating. i really think that the
2:52 am
establishment does not understand trump. he is working their world, their foundation and shattering all and defying all political gravity. it is driving them nuts. >> well, not only do they not understand donald trump, they don't understand the electorate. two major things have happened in the last five, six, seven or eight years the rise of the populism. look at the change in the state legislatures and the changes in the house and the senate. people gave the republicans a chance but the establishment fought back. they wouldn't dance with the people who gave them the majorities. so trump projects strength. whether you like him or dislike or not sure about him, donald trump projects strength in an america that sees a weak obama, weak leadership in washington combined with failure. to the point of who translates what goes where until somebody gets through the southern primaries and we see, you know,
2:53 am
dr. carson, john kasich and maybe another drop out, we don't really don't know if anybody is going to change trump. >> but the top two guys, larry they have been insurgents, donald trump and ted cruz. it's stayed that way for a long time. to me you can make a pretty strong prediction right now, there's an insurgent winner, true or false? >> absolutely. and people don't realize it's the economy, stupid. this is the worst economic recovery since the great depression and people are upset. they have not recovered since 2007 and 2008. obama's policies have made things worse. obama made things worse. the stimulus made things worse. the regulations he's unleashed have made things worse. people want somebody who can fight back and feels their pain and donald trump despite the fact he's a multibillionaire he connects with these people the
2:54 am
way nobody has. >> his son don jr. said something with me. he is a blue collar billionaire. >> yeah. >> i thought that was a great description of his dad. >> it is, because you're rich and a billionaire doesn't mean you don't connect with the american people. trump makes that connection. remember this, he projects strength in a nation that has been weakened. people live a weak reality. it's still the economy, stupid. they get up monday morning to feed themselves and their families. >> thank you both. when we come back, an important announcement after this break. straight ahead. tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off?
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2:58 am
all right. that's all the time we have this left this evening. a quick programming note. be sure to tune in monday night 10:00 eastern. we'll be in las vegas the night before the nevada gop caucus. it's doing to be something like you have never seen before. donald trump joins us for the full hour. we'll have a huge crowd and some members will get to ask a question of mr. trump and participate. you don't want to miss it. monday night, 10:00 eastern. stay tuned. my friend judge jeanine takes it from here. see you in vegas on monday. ♪ [ playing the star spangled banner ] ♪
2:59 am
♪ ♪
3:00 am
there's nothing easy about running for president i can tell you. it's tough, nasty. mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful. >> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken. and i really respect their decision. so tonight, i


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