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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> it can help their cognition, brain power, memory. >> women aren't the only ones that have to worry about things changing. men do, too. thank you very much. a day after his big win in the south carolina primary, donald trump speaks out on fox news with this message to the gop establishment. what's your view of the gop establishment now, sir? >> i think it's a mess. i think it's a mess. i think they better get their act together because they're going to keep losing elections. >> we'll break down what trump's win and jeb bush's exit from the race, what those two things mean for the rest of the gop candidates. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton is celebrating her win out west in nevada. who sided with bernie sanders could have big implications going forward. we'll break it down. fear in michigan. police say this man randomly opened fire outside an apartment
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complex and then a car dealership and a restaurant killing six people, wounding many others. we'll go live to kalamazoo. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> nice to be with you. good sunday to you. >> after this weekend's political double-header, the candidates are out putting their spin on where they placed in the pack as they gear up for the next round and donald trump acknowledging on "fox news sunday" he needs to act more presidential and hillary clinton saying she gets some voters' trust issues even as she marks another win in the win column. we have fox team coverage from the south to the west. that's where candidates are going next with nevada behind
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them, democrats move to south carolina. first, let's go to mike emmanuel in nevada where it's the republican's turn to face-off this tuesday. >> it's the republicans turn. we'll see texas senator ted cruz at an event this afternoon. donald trump is fresh off a win in south carolina hoping momentum there will be a celebration on tuesday. trump said he's amazed he did so well in south carolina after facing millions in negative ads. the guy who finished second is pressing trump for details or specifics on what he'll do if elected. >> donald's campaign has been about how bad things are. no doubt we need to recognize how difficult things are. you can't just say you'll make america great again. you have to explain how you're going to do it. >> a big story in south carolina was the battle for second place with senator rubio ultimately taking it with senator cruz
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right behind him in third place. despite being a u.s. senator who worked in the bush administration, cruz is selling himself as a rebel outsider. >> in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, they have given the voters a clear defined choice. you can go with washington deal makers. or we can stand together with a proven consistent constitutional conservative and bring back morning in america. >> it's still early here in nevada but already dean heller endorsed marco rubio for president. i'm told senator heller will be on the campaign trail with rubio later today. >> the candidates have left nevada and are heading east. nevada voters chose hillary
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clinton over bernie sanders 53% to 47 with nevada caucuses in the books, the democratic candidates are on to south carolina. john roberts is there. as this switches, no rest for you. give us a sense of what the feeling is on the ground right now for this next week where the democrats are going to duke it out. >> why would you want any rest? sleep is overrated. bernie sanders got a big rally in greenville tonight. expecting a lot of people will be here. bernie sanders likes to taut his come from behind wins. south carolina for bernie sanders will be a different story. hillary clinton has a 24-point lead here. much of that based on her support from african-americans who make up 55% of the vote here. those were the numbers in 2008. hillary clinton continuing the outrage to black voters.
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>> we see african-american families denied mortgages at nearly three times the rate of white families. in south carolina, i met kids trying to learn in crumbling classrooms and neglected communities. if we listen to the voices of flint and ferguson and don't you think it's time to face head-on the reality of systemic racism and communities left out and left behind. >> hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by substantial margins among black voters in south carolina. sanders has been trying to make inroads among that voting group lining up high profile endorsements from former head of the naacp to filmmaker spike lee. he said his policies are a natural fit with black voters. >> when the african-american community understands my record on criminal justice, my record on economics and agenda we're bringing forth and raising
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minimum wage to $15 an hour and we have more people in jail than any other country on earth that i'm against the death penalty and secretary clinton is not. as people become familiar with my ideas, we'll do better and better. >> do better and better. unfortunately he lost among black voters in the state of nevada. the math would seem to suggest that he has a very big hill to climb in south carolina. hillary clinton is hoping this will be her firewall and the first of many big dominos to drop letting her roll to the nomination. six days to go. we'll see. >> a lot can change in six days. we'll break down more of those exit poll numbers later in the show. john roberts in south carolina. maybe just a few hours of sleep tonight, john. >> just a couple. >> good luck. the democratic candidates roll into south carolina and republicans leave the state one man down. former florida governor jeb bush dropped out of the race last night in an emotional seven-minute speech that capped
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an underwhelming bid for the white house. what does his exit mean for the republicans still standing? all right. so anything that surprised you at all out of south carolina last night? trump didn't win by as big a margin as expected but still ten points. >> i don't think that was surprising to anybody. trump led in south carolina for a long time. his win was impressive. i think we'll continue to see him doing well in a lot of states and he'll win nevada in a few days and roll into super tuesday in a strong position. what was surprising was the comeback kid. rubio's sins in new hampshire have been cleansed with second place in south carolina. nobody really expected that after his fifth place finish in new hampshire. i think this has given the rubio camp a second wind here and they need to take advantage of it particularly on super tuesday into next week. >> with governor bush dropping out, where do his supporters go? it wasn't enough to push him up in the ranks. if you have 8% or 10% in places
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supporting you, trump said that people assume they'll go to other people but a lot of his people will come to me. the debate is where do they go? do they go to kasich? >> i don't think they're going to that's not just a policy difference that a lot of people that support bush have with donald trump. it's also a personality difference. they see him as a bombbastic person. kasich is a big problem for rubio moving forward here. if you look at south carolina, bush and kasich both got 8% of the vote. if the majority of that went to rubio, that would put him over the top in south carolina. it doesn't look like kasich is getting out any time soon. i heard rumblings he may stay through ohio which would make it difficult for rubio on super tuesday. >> that would make sense. only two jobs he cares about, president is number one but being governor of ohio is number two.
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there's speculation on whether he stays in the race to be someone's vp. he shuts that down as do all of them when you ask if anyone wants to run for vice president but that's kind of what's happening. where do we go now if we look at last night? trump, cruz and rubio. rubio and cruz, you are splitting hairs. it's 0.2 percentage point last time i checked. rubio came out in second place. where do they go in this mix now? kasich stays in and carson stays in, you know, does he stick around? >> carson stick around? i remember he was asked a couple weeks ago and he said someone died from my campaign, that iowa staffer killed in that crash. i think that probably still does weigh on him and i think there have been blood, sweat and tears invested in his campaign. i'm not sure if he's going anywhere. i'm not sure if his dropping out would help. you would think they would go to cruz but there's bad blood between cruz and carson
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campaigns over dirty tricks. it wasn't a good night for cruz. south carolina was supposed to be his firewall. 72% of the gop voters were evangelicals which he should have cleaned up with them and to come in third place, even a close third, was not very good for him. from here on out, geography doesn't look that great for him. not as many evangelical voters. there are more minority voters which won't play in cruz's favor quite as much. last night was not good for the texas senator and i think you'll see a narrowing of the race possibly just rubio and trump particularly after super tuesday. >> exit polling showed that trump is the overwhelming favorite with voters who said thae they're angry with the federal government. cruz had an edge with voters who said the top concern was terrorism. right now that's not the number one issue for voters. >> and again right now. we never know what's going to happen. the world is a very volatile place at this point. something like that when one of
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these surprise attacks or surprise economics could fundamentally shake up the race. donald trump seems invincible to any kind of circumstance and whether he says something or something else happens in the world, he always seems to come out on top. i think trump was a close second on the terrorism question. a lot of people still trust him on that kind of thing. i don't think an attack would hurt him. it's difficult to see what would. the only thing is trump seems to have a ceiling around 35% or pushing 40%. that makes him a minority candidate. if another candidate can rally republicans behind them to make a good showing, that could stop trump. he's racking up delegates and that isn't showing a sign of slowing down. >> thanks for coming in. nice to talk to you. >> thanks for having me. after his second straight primary win, donald trump talks to chris wallace on "fox news
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sunday." don't want to miss it. candid conversation. chris also talks to second place finisher marco rubio about what's next for his campaign. keep it here. it's all on "fox news sunday" right after our show. a fox news alert out of michigan as investigators still don't know why a gunman went on a shooting spree killing at least six people and wounding two others. overnight police arrested a suspect in what they call a worse-case scenario of random murders. mike just youarrived in kalamaz and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the mayor says people in this community are now reaching out to him to try to determine what they can do to help this community rebound from this terribly sad and random occurrence. it was six hours last night in which a gunman terrorized this community. starting first with a shooting. 6:00 p.m. at a town home
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complex. the victim there survived despite multiple gun shots. the gunman drove to the kia car dealership and that's where a father and son were shot and killed about 10:00 p.m. then he came to where i am now. the cracker barrel. five people were shot here. four women were killed. they have all been identified recently from battle creek, michigan. there was also a 14-year-old girl who was initially thought to be dead. her injuries were so severe. she, however, survived. at last report she's still clinging to life in critical condition in the hospital. police do not have any explanation for why any of this happened. >> this was your worst nightmare. you have someone driving around randomly killing people. there's usually a rhyme or reason to it and in this particular case we're not finding that. hopefully when we interview the individual he'll disclose that to us. >> reporter: gunman is 45-year-old jason dalton.
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police don't think he's had prior run-ins with the law. he stopped in the bar after a shooting spree. what we learned from a staffer at that bar is he only got to the parking lot. the doorman heard on the be on the lookout for the car. called police. police followed him. he was picked up a short time later. police say he was arrested without incident. he was cooperative and they have recovered a weapon. i also had a conversation a short time ago with someone who said he went to high school with dalton graduating in 1989. he said he was co-captain of the football team, married his high school sweetheart. no indication he would ever do something like this. >> so much more to learn. mike tobin on the ground in kalamazoo. back to you as news warrants. thanks, mike. thousands of protesters took to the streets of several cities across the country to support a former police officer convicted of fatally shooting an unarmed man. demonstrators say he's being scapegoated and treated unfairly
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because he's asian america. they found the police officer guilty of manslaughter of a man fatally shot in 2014. he says he accidentally fired his gun after being startled by a noise. he faces up to 15 years in prison. the supreme court goes back to work tomorrow without justice antonin scalia who was laid to rest this weekend. so we're going to break down what the absence of the conservative mainstay could mean for some big cases coming up. and the latest on the race to make space accessible to the masses, the masses who have an extra $250,000. so is this rocket ship the one that will make space tourism a reality? back to politics. is this the end of a political dynasty? >> so tonight i am suspending my campaign. yep.
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>> from presumed front runner to another casualty on this roller coaster of a campaign season. our political panel breaks down what went wrong for jeb. i think we should've taken a tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall?
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you're watching video of the unarmed minuteman missile blasting off from northeast of los angeles. the air force said they carried out the missile test yesterday to get data essential to the testing of the missile system. it headed for a target area 4,200 miles away in the pacific ocean. florida senator marco rubio told a crowd last night south carolina is his story of redemption. now he hopes the republican establishment will rally around him after jeb bush called it quits last night ending a well funded but entirely unsuccessful run for president. democratic strategist and we have former campaign manager for
10:21 am
lindsey graham's presidential bid who later endorsed jeb bush. we'll get to that in a moment. you have donald trump. he's won new hampshire handedly and he won big last night in south carolina. is this now his to lose? >> you have to get used to saying the gop nominee is running away with this. going into nevada, he's got the lead there. going into a lot of these super tuesday states he's leading with big delegate counts that will be hard to overcome. once he gets the ball rolling, you can't catch him on the delegates. >> the other issue is his die-hard support. an interesting piece about this. he wrote "it's not that trump supporters agree with everything he has to say. they don't. they see strong statements from trump as proof of strong conviction on his part and when he says something that causes his critics to go nuts, they see that as proof that trump is saying not just something that
10:22 am
needs to be said but something that he believes himself." christian, as you look at the donald trump method of campaigning including everyone else in the field, are we all of a sudden seeing a new way to campaign as a republican? >> i think this is very unique to donald trump. he has a microphone bigger than any other candidate we've ever seen. he is especially skilled at capturing the news cycle for himself. i think that is a real testament to his skill as a candidate here. i also think it's somewhat unique to him and we'll have to see if others are able to replicate it. >> you think about replicating it or being able to match it, how big of an issue is electability right now. you look at the matchups of generic democrats and generic republican. trump is under water versus hillary clinton. rubio is above water. does that matter going into
10:23 am
super tuesday as it stops being retail politics and becomes more of an ad war game and those kind of things? >> i don't think it does. if you look at south carolina polls about 15% electability to be the number one issue. marco rubio did well with those voters. voters want candidates that represent their values and share their values and candidates who tell it like it is and candidates who will shake up the system. they believe that donald trump right now is the candidate best positioned to do that. >> this question about momentum. interesting what we saw happening with marco rubio out of new hampshire. if we looked at the polling results out of new hampshire in south carolina, he came in fifth in new hampshire and was doing terribly coming out in the polls. 14%. people writing his obituary after that debate performance when he repeated lines five times. a huge surge in south carolina. rubio comes in second. anything to be said for momentum in beating expectations or not
10:24 am
something to look at? >> establishment wants to believe there's momentum to talk about. he came out with zero delegates. he left that state with a participation trophy. going into nevada, the only good thing that can actually happen with him is this bush drop out. now those voters and those establishment voters will be choosing between only him and kasich. kasich is waiting until we get to that third tuesday in march when ohio is on the ballot and he can make a push up there in the midwest and rubio has to last. you can't be a winner until you win something. he has yet to win anything. he didn't win a single delegate last night. >> interesting how well kasich does in head to head with hillary clinton. better than anybody else. i'll give you the last word on this. where does the establishment republican, lindsey graham supporters, jeb bush supporters, where do they go? do they coalesce around rubio? >> i think a big chunk will. some will go to john kasich and
10:25 am
some to cruz. i don't see many going to donald trump. the other candidates have to speak to them and show they are able to grow and i think that marco rubio and ted cruz need to show they can actually win on super tuesday. they'll get delegates. it's proportionate. they have to put wins on the board to take on donald trump down the line. >> that's what trump was hinting at last night in his speech saying we won in new hampshire and we won here. as they say in the military, it's good to be a winner. joe and christian, appreciate it. talk to you soon. thanks. all right. a fight for survival. we have dramatic attempt to rescue a couple surfers who were as you can see hanging on not pretend but for dear life and republicans are getting ready to caucus in nevada in just a couple of days. there are predictions that latino voters could turn out in record numbers.
10:26 am
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immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. hillary clinton's campaign breathing a sigh of relief after she rebounded in nevada. the support of minority voters is key to her strategy. a fox entrance poll from the caucuses last night shows bernie sanders won among hispanic voters. nearly one in five voters in nevada are hispanic and we are seeing the glimpse of how that demographic could impact the election. now, republican candidates are beginning to descend on the silver state. first time donald trump will face a large hispanic population. we talked to voters and looking at the trump effect. >> latino voter groups, immigration activists and unions say they're seeing a substantial
10:31 am
increase in latino voter registration and number of legal hispanics who are working to become citizens in time for the election. why? because of donald trump. >> they are bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. >> from the day he announced democrats and republicans in nevada have used donald trump's comments about mexican immigrants to fuel latino voter support for their candidates. >> they've used trump's rhetoric as a tool to mobilize latinos who could be citizens but are not to get them naturalized so they can turn out to vote. >> the liberal culinary workers union is helping those in trump's hotel to become citizens to vote against him. >> i want to vote for the person that will help so many immigrants. >> helga flores says after 13 years in the u.s. she's on the path to citizenship. >> it's an important one and what i hear from the republican
10:32 am
side, i think it's time to mobilize. >> republican rivals could benefit from latino republicans wary of trump. he likes marco rubio because of his immigration plan. >> it's one of those things where you say, okay, i sat at this table for all this time and i was never given what i was promised. >> they love me. i love them. >> despite it all, trump is way ahead. >> i believe america needs him. >> republicans are close against marco rubio and ted cruz and hispanic vote could make a difference. if trump were to win the nomination, expect a major effort from democrats to mobilize 27.3 million hispanic voters against him. shannon? >> thank you very much. >> all right. now the onus is on bernie sanders to try to stage a
10:33 am
comeback after that nevada loss. can he score a win in south carolina? a state with many african-american voters loyal to hillary clinton. we are joined now from there. what are you hearing on the ground? the concept that south carolina is the firewall and this is what the clinton campaign is espousing. does that make sense and jive with what you're seeing on the ground? >> it does and she certainly is counting on it. the question will be two-fold. how big is that firewall? and what is the age split in that firewall? if she holds south carolina, that will validate her strategy going forward. if you see a split where they go for sanders, it could spell trouble for her down the road. while nevada gave her the
10:34 am
five-point buffer and allows her to turn her messaging around and get off the defensive, she needs to live up to the results that are expected in south carolina or it may become a drag for her heading into the super tuesday states. >> it's an expectation game. you talked about young voters as we look at polls out of nevada and entrance polls there. sanders won young voters 17-29 by a 17-82 margin. you can imagine what that could possibly change the ball game in south carolina. she's also changing a little bit as you listen to hillary clinton. she's changing her messaging as it comes to the campaign. take a listen. >> you know, i am so, so thrilled and grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us. we never doubted each other.
10:35 am
and this one is for you. >> how significant do you think is this change in messaging? this is for you. we're all in this together. this is our revolution. >> it certainly is not accidental. we, us, you, you'll continue to hear more of that. early on in the campaign, you know, clinton and her aides thought that it was a big asset for her to make the chase she shou should be the nominee because republicans have gone after her because of her long record. as the campaign evolved and sanders has taken hold among many of the democrats who are not that enthusiastic about clinton, it's become clear that those voters don't like focus on her and want to hear more of a focus on them and she's responding to that. you heard her do it last night and i'll be interested to hear how she shapes that rhetoric in south carolina and what will be interesting about south carolina is that although she's worked
10:36 am
very hard to mend those fences, there were bad feelings in 2008 in the primary where she ran against barack obama and it will be important for her to deliver that message of us rather than i when she's talking to african-american voters. >> interesting to see how that translates into the every day stomp speech. she's out there speaking of that bad blood in south carolina. how does bill clinton play into the south carolina primary over the next six-day sprint? >> fantastic question. we'll certainly see him here. he will be careful and on message presumably. it's important for him to do that. there are south carolina voters here who still are very fond of him and have decided to let 2008 be a bygone. the problem with president clinton sometimes he's on a rope line and not at the podium, he goes off script at times and feels passionate about his cause
10:37 am
and supporting his wife and there will be emphasis for both clintons to stay on message and message for blacks of south carolina for her is she's been with them for a long time and bernie sanders is a newer face and untested and should stick with candidates they know. it will obviously be an easier sell to older african-american voters. the question that won't be answered until election day is whether younger african-american voters are as motivated by what john lewis asked them to do or other civil rights leaders ask them to do. >> we've seen younger voters r new hampshire, iowa break for bernie sanders. appreciate your insights. shannon, what's up? a massive clean up and recovery begins after the most powerful storm in the southern hemisphere since record keeping
10:38 am
began. it ripped through the pacific. plus, after saying good-bye to justice antonin scalia, the remaining eight justices get back to work tomorrow. how will his death affect the cases to come. >> god of faithfulness, in your wisdom you called your servant out of this world. release him from the bonds of sin and welcome him into your presence so that he may enjoy eternal light and peace. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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sensitivity to rifaximin, rifamycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan. tell your doctor right away if your diarrhea worsens while taking xifaxan, as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking other medications, because these may increase the amount of xifaxan in your body. tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or are nursing. the most common side effects are nausea and an increase in liver enzymes. if you think you have ibs with diarrhea, ask to your doctor about new xifaxan. in feijifiji, six people ard and thousands are without electricity and fresh water after a powerful cyclone ripped through that island nation. winds topped 170 miles per hour when the storm hit yesterday. you can see the destruction. many people are now stranded after flooding and there's a lot of debris on the roads there.
10:43 am
some of which are totally impassible. the weather is calmer today but a curfew is in place through monday morning as they try to get a handle on exactly how long this cleanup could take. >> the supreme court is back in business tomorrow. hearing a new round of cases including a challenge to abortion restrictions out of texas. it's the first public work for the court following the sudden death of justice antonin scalia. meanwhile, the battle over filling his seat is just beginning. former indiana senator, democrat and fox news contributor joins us to talk about the impending showdown. senator, thank you for joining us today. >> great to be with you. >> you were there a few years ago when senators attempted to filibuster the nomination of justice alito. he was confirmed to the court. several who voted for that filibuster say the republicans shouldn't do it and give the president his nominee and put that person on the bench. how do you think this resolves?
10:44 am
>> it will be a long road and a fair amount of hypocrisy on all sides as you look at these battles. i think the president will nominate someone. he'll probably look for someone republicans have supported in the past. republicans will then have to decide senator grassley whether to have hearings in the judiciary committee. my guess is they will. then the they'll have to decide whether to bring the nomination to the floor. a couple senators said they'll filibuster the nomination requiring a 60-vote majority to overcome. hard to see 14 republican senators break from their party who president obama would nominate. there will be heat and sound and fury.
10:45 am
>> there are so many political calculations. you talked first about the senate judiciary chair viewed as a reasonable kind of guy. down to earth. do you think he'll be under pressure from the party leadership not to hold a hearing? it doesn't necessarily mean they have to vote. this is not an appointment. arguments about that. how do you think the pressure is on senator grassley to move ahead with that committee hearing step? >> i think there is pressure. there's pressure on senator mcconnell as well to figure out how best to go forward. they're in a tough spot if they don't agree to give the person a hearing. that doesn't look that fair. on the other hand if they have a hearing, do they schedule a vote? is that vote scheduled fairly timely during the spring or summer or say we have an election coming up so we'll give you a vote but let's wait until november after the election or
10:46 am
do they just schedule the vote and then knowing the vote will be filibustered and it will go down, do they handle it that way? a couple of things at the bottom of all of this. number one, not surprisingly, there is politics involved. democrats aren't as enthusiastic about voting as republicans so perhaps there will be calculations about how to handle this nomination in ways that will affect voter turnout. the other thing is when you go down to the bottom, it's not about whoever the nominee is the person is probably going to be intelligent, ethical and those sorts of things but there are differences of opinion on merits and supreme court is closely divided on cases involving same-sex marriage, abortion, affirmative action, regularotor policies so they are reluctant to confirm someone from the
10:47 am
other party. >> that's critical with justice scalia's voice out of those decisions. you have voted on four. all four of them are now on the bench. how critical is the u.s. supreme court? you talk about it being an election issue, the missing voice of antonin scalia now, how critical is it to future of the country looking long-term? >> it's very critical. he was such a forceful personality. very hard to replace him. it's particularly important because the court was divided 5-4. one vote can make a difference on a whole host of issues many of which i just mentioned that basis of two parties care deeply about. the average viewer may care more about the economy or health care or those kind of things, the supreme court can have a dramatic impact and these are lifetime appointments. filling the seats can last a
10:48 am
long time after the president who has done that and senators voted to confirm or not have left the scene. it's a part in motivating basis of two parties in this election coming up. >> makes sense. all right. senator, thanks for weighing in on this today. >> glad to be with you, shannon. literally out of their depth. surfers trying to catch a wave end up fighting for their lives. we'll show you the coast guard crew's battle to save them against the waves and the final fronti frontier. will this be the spacecraft that takes us where few have gone before? ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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it was suppose d to be a nie day hanging ten. caught on camera is the dramatic rescue of two women who were surfing off gray's harbor in washington state. they started getting swept away by the current. a man who swam out to help also ended up in trouble. finally a coast guard helicopter crew from oregon was flown in to save them. you can see them hoisting each one of the surfers out of the choppy waters. the three were then taken for medical treatment, but word is
10:53 am
after all of that they're going to be okay. this week richard branson and virgin galactic getting back into the rice among rival billionaire entrepreneurs to send passengers into space. 16 months after a deadly accident, he unveiled his latest rocket. will carr is here with the very latest. hey, will. >> reporter: hey there, shannon. we're definitely one step closer to commercial space travel. the big question, will you be able to afford a fikt? i'll give you a hint, it ain't cheap. virgin galactic unveiled the new version spaceship which is replacing the enterprise. you may remember that crashed and broke apart over the mojave desert in 2014, that killed one test pilot and severely injured the other. the new space ship will take passengers up to 50 miles above the earth's surface. it will hold two pilots, six passengers and has upgrades
10:54 am
including a feature that would have prevented the 2014 crash. virgin galactic has said after that fatal crash, which was caused by pilot error, the new spaceship will face ex tetensiv testing. richard branson says it's a result of true teamwork. >> together we can make space accessible in a way that has only been dreamt of before now. by doing that we can truly bring positive change to life on earth. this spaceship is the embodiment of that goal. >> reporter: steven hawkin named it the unity. branson says he has a free ticket on one of the first flights. >> if i am able to go and if richard will still take me, i will be very proud to fly on this spaceship. >> reporter: virgin ga llactic
10:55 am
one of a handful of companies competing in the space tourism have i. about 700 people have signed up for the first flights, shannon, the tickets going for $250,000 each. if you're interested, you may want to start saving now. >> would you do it, will? >> of course he would. >> reporter: i would absolutely do it if you'll give me the loan for the money. >> all right, will. thank you very much. leland? still to come, it is your special day. i hope you didn't mind sharing it with a few of your best friends or a few thousand of your best friends tying the knot. choose world.
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11:00 am
>> and there were free pictures. >> the world can see. >> "fox news sunday" is next. we'll see you next weekend. >> see you then. i'm chris wallace. donald trump wins big in south carolina. where does the republican race go from here? we'll talk with the top two finishers and get the latest from the campaign trail. >> when you win, it's beautiful. we're going to start winning for our country. >> this is a three-person race, and we will win the nomination. >> first, donald trump on the results and his battle with pope francis. >> he actually said maybe i'm not a good christian or something. it's unbelievable. >> we asked trump if he's truly teflon don. then, senator marco rubio on


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