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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 21, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. hello. welcome to "america's news headquarters." >> topping the news this hero, reaction pouring in after donald trump's south carolina victory. but now, his gop rivals preparing to steal trump's thunder, just two days away from another high stakes showdown. >> and a horrifying crime has rocked the heartland. police say six people were murdered at random in an hours long shooting spree. we'll have details on that suspect's shock m.o. and the ceo of apple in a high stakes face-off with the justice department. our legal panel weighs in on the battle that's pitting national
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security versus your privacy. but first, the republican race really heating up with the candidates now turning their focus to nevada. that after the hard fought contest in south carolina, that primary yesterday. donald trump, as you know, first of all, he's about to address a crowd. you can see the podium there. that's the georgia world congress center. it's atlanta, georgia. we expect mr. trump to step up on that podium any moment now and give his speech. of course, he soared to victory last night, cementing his frontrunner status in this race. what appears to be quickly turning into a three-man contest. mr. trump clinching more than 32% of the vote, with marco rubio and ted cruz locked in a virtual tie for second place. trump calling his candidacy part of something he says much larger. >> "time" magazine last week did an incredible cover story. they said it's a movement.
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that's what it is. it's an incredible movement. [ applause ] >> usa! usa! usa! >> and for more on his triumph in the race, mike emanuel joins us. he's in southern nevada with more. hi, mike. >> reporter: well, hi, eric. the republican focus shifts here to nevada, and time is obviously precious with the gop caucuses here on tuesday. donald trump is riding high after that big win last night in south carolina. he's clearly hoping that momentum will carry over here in nevada. on "fox & friends", trump said his campaign is typici capable expanding the typical electoral map. >> something i can do, i'm going to be getting a lot of democrats to cross over. they'll be coming with me. the reagan democrats. i'll be getting a lot of
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independents. i'll win michigan, which nobody else can even think about winning. i'll win new york. i think i have a good chance of winning new york, new york state. if i win that, the election is over. >> on his way to nevada, senator marco rubio did a large rally in franklin, tennessee. it was originally scheduled to be in a ballroom holding 1,400 people. more than 4,000 people showed up according to a campaign estimate. rubio sounded focused on the november general election and talked tough on national security. >> the best intelligence agency in the world is going to find the terrorists. the best military in the world if we're going to rebuild is beginning to destroy these terrorists. and if we capture any of these terrorists alive, they're not getting a lawyer, they're not going to manhattan for a court hearing, they're not coming to tennessee, they are going to guantanamo! >> after a third place finish in south carolina, texas senator ted cruz is about to hit the ground running here in nevada. cruz says there's only one strong conservative in this race who can win.
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in fact, we expect senator cruz here in picture-esque parump in the next hour. >> it's picturesque and they've got 38 hours to go. imagine this scenario playing out. could it lead to a stalemate? the national republican chairman says they're preparing for the possibility that no candidate has enough delegates in time for the convention. but priebus says it's unlikely. >> i don't think there are too many people that are more familiar with the procedures of nominating someone at a convention than i am. so i am prepared, and we will be prepared if that happens. but again, i don't think that's going to be the case. if it did, then of course, obviously, it would be pretty historic, but we'll be ready. >> the gop convention will be held in cleveland this july. eric? and without a doubt, donald trump has certainly made a lot of waves with his off-the-cuff remarks in this race. the boasting, the insults, the
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blunt views that has attracted a lot of support. could we be seeing a much different candidate on the campaign trail soon? here's mr. trump being asked about that in his appearance this morning on "fox news sunday." >> do you need to tone it down, do you think, as you become the frontrunner for the nomination, to act more presidential? >> well, probably, i do. i mean, i can act as presidential as anybody that's ever been president, other than the great abraham lincoln. i thought he was pretty hard to beat. >> so when are you going to start? >> well, pretty soon. but don't forget, we started off with 17 people. i've been hit from 97 different angles. and now we're down to i guess five. and we'll see what happens. >> mr. trump on fox news sunday with chris wallace. you can catch the full interview, just under two hours from now. "fox news sunday" repeats at 6:00 p.m. eastern. hillary clinton claiming a much-needed victory in the nevada caucuses.
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edging out bernie sanders by about 5%. the close battle between the two now moves to south carolina. ahead of next weekend's democratic primary. senior national correspondent john roberts is live in greenville, south carolina, with more. hey, john. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. at least one of the candidates already on the ground here in greenville, south carolina. bernie sanders has got a big rally here. several thousand people at the bond secure arena. bernie sanders up until now has done even better than he could have imagined in his wildest dreams just months ago. but for him, south carolina could be a whole different ball game. hillary clinton with just days to go leads sanders in the polls by 24 points. she also leads by a substantial margin among african-americans. they are the largest voting block here on the democratic side, comprising in 2008 of 55% of the vote. last night, in her victory speech in nevada and again this morning, clinton sought to characterize sanders as a single issue candidate.
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listen. >> i don't think we are a single issue country. and i am certainly not a single issue candidate. i want to knock down all the barriers that are holding people back. we spent a lot of time talking with the voters in the last week about the barriers they felt did impede their getting ahead. >> reporter: sanders, who has cast himself as the champion of disaffected voters of all shapes and sizes, didn't exactly take kindly to such pigeon holing. listen to him. >> i haven't the vaguest idea what she's talking about. if she thinks that income and wealth inequality and the fact that the rich get richer while everybody else gets poorer is the only issue, it's not. we are talking about dozens of issues. i'm not quite sure where secretary clinton is coming from. >> reporter: sanders attributed his loss in nevada to hillary clinton in part, because mrs. clinton knows the state much better than he did. having been there back in 2008. she also knows south carolina a
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lot better than he does, but keep in mind, south carolina voters already have a history of voting against hillary clinton. in 2008, she lost in a blowout to barack obama. >> but different set of circumstances. all right, john roberts. i know you'll be watching it. thank you so much. next up for the republican candidates is nevada with the caucus there on tuesday. with the large latino population expected to play a big role in the caucuses there, what about frontrunner donald trump and his anti-immigration talk? it hasn't sat well with a lot of hispanic voters, but he says he will get the majority of latino votes in that state. other gop candidates were there trying to capitalize on the controversies. how will all this play out? ryan ennis h bryan llenas has the details. >> reporter: they could win over the vote who are feel alienated
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by trump, where there are a lot of latino voters. in the general election, if trump is the gop nominee, expect increased efforts by the democrats to mobilize 27.3 million hispanic voters against him. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> from the day he announced, democrats and republicans in nevada have used donald trump's comments about mexican immigrants to fuel latino voters' support for their candidates. >> they've used trump's rhetoric as a tool to mobilize latinos who could be citizens but have not to get them naturalized so they can turn out to vote. >> the liberal culinary workers union is even helping latino workers in trump's vegas hotel become citizens to vote against him. >> translator: i want to vote for the person who's going to help so many immigrants. >> reporter: mexican immigrant held ga flores traveled from washington, d.c. to volunteer for hillary clinton in nevada. after 13 years in the u.s., she's now on the path to citizenship. >> this is truly an important
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one. and certainly what i hear from the republican side is scary. i think it's time to mobilize. >> republican rivals could benefit from latino republicans wary of trump. fernando romero left the democratic party nine months ago. he likes marco rubio because of his immigration plan. >> it's one of those things where you say i've sat at this table for all this time and i was never given what i was promised. >> they love me, i love them. >> despite it all, trump is still way ahead. >> i'm voting for donald trump because i believe that america needs a ceo. >> latino voter groups, immigration activists and unions say they are seeing a substantial increase in latino voter registration and the number of legal hispanics who are working to become citizens in time for the general election. why? at least in part, because of donald trump. eric? >> all right. certainly we'll be breaking all of that down on tuesday night. thanks so much. >> no problem. at least six people are killed and two more wounded
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after a deadly shooting rampage in michigan. police in kalamazoo saying the gunman drove around randomly targeting people outside multiple locations. 45-year-old jason dalton seen here is under arrest, believed to be the gunman. authorities now working to figure out his motive. mike tobin is live from kalamazoo, michigan, with the latest. mike? >> reporter: the uber company has confirmed that jason dalton was one of their drivers. what's not confirmed is that he was driving last night, or the social media claim that a complaint was posted to social media that he had been driving erratically, even sideswiped a car. police won't confirm or deny that. the county prosecutor says that is all part of the investigation. we talked to neighbors of dalton. one of them called him the best neighbor he's ever lived by. others say he's a regular guy. a nice guy who raised his kids and worked on cars. >> i thought he was just a good
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dad and just an ordinary guy. i would have never put any kind of thought for him on something like this. this is just so out of character. >> reporter: for six hours, kalamazoo was terrorized. the first shots were fired around 6:00 p.m. a group of town homes. one person was shot multiple times, but she lived. >> we heard, like -- we didn't know that they were gunshots. we thought that it was possibly just rocks or something hitting the wall. >> reporter: at 10:00 p.m., a father and son were killed at the kia ford dealership. five people were shot here in the parking lot of the cracker barrel. four women all older than 60, all killed. a 14-year-old girl was shot. at last report, she is clinging to life in critical condition. dalton drove to the up and under bar, it's a college bar here in town. a bouncer recognized the car in
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the parking lot, from the be on the lookout alert from police. he alerted police. dalton was arrested without a fight. police have confirmed now that they did recover a semiautomatic handgun. >> okay. mike tobin. thank you. they thought it fell into the hands of the radical islamic terrorists of isis. but now that missing radioactive material, we've been told it has been recovered. and that is good news amid fears isis could be working on a dirty bomb. plus, pope francis speak out about the death penalty. the bold step he's asking leaders around the world about that controversial policy. okay, it's my turn now. donald trump about to address a crowd in atlanta, georgia, after celebrating a double-digit victory in south carolina. but now the question is, can he keep winning? i'll bet you donald will say absolutely yes. >> i'm not a trump supporter, but he's got so much momentum going out. and we're going to know in the
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next three weeks whether or not he can win. and marco rubio and ted cruz have got to fight this one out and choose which one of them are going to go up against trump, because at this point, i would say it's a two-man race between ted cruz and donald trump. s a cn in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ we'd like to open a savings make account for him. yes yes. great thanks to mom and dad and their safe driving bonus check from allstate. oh. look at this. safe driving bonus. are you a safe driver? lucky little fella. only allstate gives you two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safe. see how much more an allstate agent can do for you. call 877-644-3100.
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time now for a quick check
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of the headlines. radioactive material stolen from a u.s. company in iraq turns up intact, ending speculation isis may have it. the material uses gamma rays turning up near the town that's about nine miles away from where it was stolen. officials say the thieves likely dumped it when tightened security prevented them from smuggling it out of town. pope francis asking world leaders to stop the execution of inmates during his holy year of mercy. the holy father pushing to abolish the death penalty permanently, saying even criminals have a right to life. a lock of john lennon's hair fetches a healthy price at a texas auction. a collector of beatles memorabilia shelling out $35,000 for the four-inch find. he's not stopping to saver his victory in south carolina. donald trump is taking his
1:19 pm
campaign from south carolina to one state south. he's in georgia. we expect him at any moment to appear at the podium in atlanta, georgia, where he's expected to speak to the crowd as he goes forward. in fact, georgia, they're already voting. there's early voting right now in georgia, so certainly his speech and what he will lay out in a few moments, we expect him to take that podium, will be to try and also influence the early voters who can cast their ballots right now. meanwhile, out west, hillary clinton beat out senator bernie sanders in the nevada democratic caucuses there, but that was a lot closer than expected. so how exactly are last night's ruls sha s results shaping the race ahead? larry sabado is with us. great to see you. what does this mean? is trump unstoppable? or is it now down to a two-man race? >> well, let's remember. only three states have voted. now, with the three states put together, it's pretty obvious donald trump is the favorite. is he a prohibitive favorite?
1:20 pm
i think even donald trump would say no. he's been around life long enough and business and politics long enough to know that it's a long and winding road to the republican nomination in cleveland in july. so what do you say? well, we're looking for whether anybody else drops out, or when they drop out. well, i see no indication that ted cruz is going to drop out or marco rubio is going to drop out. john kasich is going to stay in for the time being. dr. ben carson is staying in for the time being. happiness to donald trump is a divided opposition. that's not to say he can't win even against one opponent. but the longer he has multiple opponents, eric, the better off he is. >> and when do you see this multiple opponents that as you say are clearly favoring him, when do you see that win knnowi down. will that be super tuesday? >> i don't think it will come on super tuesday. i think probably it's going to
1:21 pm
go pretty much through the end of march. ohio, for example, votes on march 15th. john kasich's state, as does florida, marco rubio's state. we're going to go a ways. this is going to play itself out for a while. and the donors and supporters of the candidates who have already dropped out are finally going to make some choices. they're going to decide who they're for, whether it's trump or rubio or cruz or somebody else. >> what do you see going forward? what do you think will happen? jeb bush, he's got those millions and millions and millions. what can he do with that and what's he going to do with his supporters and donors if he endorses marco rubio, for example? >> well, he can certainly have an impact, if he wants to. i didn't get any indication last night that he's leaning in that direction. and as you know, there's some hard feeling there between bush and rubio, and their various supporters. the bush people thought that rubio should have deferred to jeb bush as the senior
1:22 pm
politician from florida. and there's no law in the books and there's nothing in the constitution that says that somebody has to defer. but there's hard feelings there. so we'll see how that develops. >> what do you think he'll do? >> in the end -- look, i think it's possible that bush will just decide to stay out of it for the time being. he may stay out of it through the convention. i'm going to be fascinated to see not just what bush does, but also what the republican establishment does. there are a lot of powerful people, wealthy people there for everybody but trump, and maybe cruz. they've also got some tough decisions to make. i think they'll end up being all over the lot. >> and on the other side, the democratic side, hillary clinton -- it was like the basket in the last two seconds. bottom of the ninth, two out. she hits a homer. she really needed that last night. tell me about what that meant for her campaign and even in the
1:23 pm
perception? >> yeah, nevada was supposed to be part of her fire wall, and then all of a sudden in the past week we were told no, it's a tie. it could go either way. an sanders was surging. so clearly, this was clearly very welcome for the clinton camp. they needed some good news after the blowout loss in new hampshire and that tie in iowa. now, she's got to follow it up with a big win. i don't mean a single digit win. i mean a 15 to 20-point win in south carolina. >> do you see that happening? >> i think she's got a good chance to do it given the demographics of south carolina. i sure know she needs to do it if she wants to run the table in at least the southern states on super tuesday, march 1st. she can afford to lose the colorado vote or the minnesota caucuses or certainly vermont or massachusetts. but she can't afford to lose the states in the south. she's told us from the beginning
1:24 pm
and her campaign has that she was going to win them, and if she doesn't, then the questions will arise anew. >> all right. we are continuing to follow it. and you are the professor who knows all about the voting patterns and we always appreciate you coming on fox news channel. larry sabato. thank you for joining us. now that justice scalia has been laid to rest, the fight over his successor is in full force. and right now, everything hinges on one person, and that is president obama. we're going to look at who is inside that very thick binder that the president is holding there, and what's ahead in the battle for justice scalia's successor. florida senator rubio, while he says it's a three-man race, what challenges does he face moving ahead? you think he will get an endorsement from jeb bush. larry sabato doesn't think so because of that bad blood. we will ask that to our next guest, utah congressman. >> our chances continue to grow.
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washington at a crossroads right now on how to fill the seat of antonin scalia. he was laid to rest yesterday after he passed away in his sleep in west texas at the age of 79. republican leaders want to consider any new nominee, though, and they want to do that until the next president takes office next year. but president obama says he and congress need to act on this vacancy right now. kristin fisher is live in washington on these developments. hi, kristin. >> hi, eric. so there's no question that president obama will nominate someone to replace justice scalia. the question is when. right now president obama is in the process of whittling down a number of potential replacements to a short list. on friday, he was photographed
1:30 pm
at the white house carrying a thick binder. inside are the resumes and records of people who the white house says may be worthy of consideration. >> i suspect the president will be dedicating a significant portion of his weekend digging into that information. >> last week, president obama called two key republicans on capitol hill, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, and chuck grassley. but both continue to say that they will block any replacement that this president appoints. obama's promising to nominate someone who is indisputably qualified. but it's tough to imagine who could possibly fit that criteria in the midst of such a heated presidential race. last night, candidates on both sides of the aisle weighed in. here's senator ted cruz followed by hillary clinton in nevada. >> his passing one week ago today underscores the enormous stakes of this election. it is not just one, but two branches of government. >> we all want to get secret
1:31 pm
unaccountable money out of politics. that starts with appointing a new justice to the supreme court. >> now, the supreme court returns from a month-long recess tomorrow. they will begin hearing oral arguments with only eight justices on the bench, and no timeframe for when that ninth seat may be filled. >> thanks so much. first of all, i want to begin by -- i want to begin by congratulating donald trump. we haven't had a chance to speak yet. he won here tonight. but after tonight, this has become a three-person race, and we will win the nomination! [ cheers and applause ] >> and that was senator marco rubio calling a new state of play in the gop race for the white house. after his narrow second place finish in the south carolina primary. now many are seeing rubio as a top tier candidate. especially after governor jeb bush announced that he is leaving the race altogether. so can rubio use this momentum
1:32 pm
to challenge donald trump's frontrunner status? let's talk about it now with utah congressman jason chaffetz, the chairman of the house oversight committee. and a rubio supporter. congressman, good to see you. >> hi. >> so i'm not sure that not having scored first place is crucial up to this point. but that time is coming. so can rubio forge a healthy lead over ted cruz in nevada and on to super tuesday? and if so, how does he go about it? >> well, he certainly has the momentum going in his direction. here in nevada, one of the exciting developments is the republican senator from nevada, dean heller is announcing he's jumping in. later today, marco rubio will have a rally and i believe senator heller is going to join him at that event. a lot of good momentum going marco rubio's way. when you have donald trump, who had a great victory, not taking anything away from him, but he got less than 1/3 of the vote in
1:33 pm
south carolina. there's still a lot of consolidation that needs to happen. we've had a big, wider field, but as that gets narrower and narrower, i think marco rubio is perfectly situated. >> in the meantime, to get to first place, rubio has to beat trump. is the rubio campaign concerned about staying on message and not getting distracted by the incoming that donald trump is most certainly to rev up? >> well, there's always a lot of incoming. i think the rubio campaign -- and i've had a chance to see it up close and personal. just play your a game. be an aspirational candidate. try to demonstrate that you're a conservative. show his record. because he is a conservative. and as a republican, i want to put forward the most conservative member we can possibly put up there to win in november. and that is marco rubio. time and time again, poll after poll has demonstrated marco rubio is by far the best person to go up against hillary clinton come november. >> okay. you keep mentioning conservatives. let me clump a few categories
1:34 pm
together. rubio consistently ranks third place with vote who are are angry with the federal government, with voters who want a candidate who can bring change. very conservative voters, and with evangelical christians. so again, rubio is consistently in third place with those voters. how does he win them over? >> look, i'm about as conservative as they get in the house of representatives. and you see a lot of rock solid conservatives. people like trey gaudy and tim scott. look at his scorecards. he has demonstrated he's a very conservative person. look at the policies. who could bring the party together. who can win that fight against hillary clinton. then i think you come to the conclusion that marco rubio is that person. >> okay. so we'll see if those numbers that i just pointed out, if they turn around and reflect what it is that you're telling me. but let's take a look at specific results from the south carolina republican primary exit poll. voters who want a candidate who
1:35 pm
can win in november. 47% voted for rubio. followed by trump at 21% and then cruz with 17%. so does that put wind in rubio's sail, or does it cause him to work harder to meet those expectations? >> look, he's going to work as hard as he possibly can and make his case to as many possible people as he can. i think what you see, and marco rubio is a very aspirational candidate. very positive message. he's not going to just tear down a whole bunch of people in order to win the nomination. and that's a little different approach that you see in the field. but it's one that i enjoy and it's why i think so many people are rallying behind marco rubio. >> okay. well, i thank you for your time this great sunday afternoon and we will speak to you again. thank you so much. good to see you. >> thank you. some new developments to tell you about. that heated dispute between the fbi and apple. the tech giant is refusing to come ply with those orders to
1:36 pm
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of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at looking live there, donald trump addressing supporters at the georgia world congress center in atlanta, georgia, where early voting has already begun in georgia. just moments ago, donald trump calling the win in south carolina an amazing victory in that he plans to win in georgia. if anything else comes of that, we will bring it to you live. in the meantime, we'll talk about this. a legal battle is brewing between apple and the federal government in a showdown pitting privacy rights against national security concerns. the justice department filing a motion friday to compel the company to follow through on a federal judge's orders. the fbi wants apple to crack the phone belonging to san
1:41 pm
bernardino terrorist syed farook. but apple argues it would threaten the privacy of every iphone owner. max lavechin saying there is no guarantee that door can be closed once it is opened. >> do you think if apple were to just open up this one phone, that that would create a back door for others to have access to our information? >> if they hand the can opener, so to say to, the fbi, yes. if they don't, presumably that can destroy it. but the precedent will have been set. >> all right. let's talk about it now, bringing in robert chalke and david schwartz, both defense attorneys and former prosecutors. good to see both of you. david, i'm going to start with you. not only is apple asking -- the government asking apple, the feds, they want them to not just crack the phone, but they want them to come up with new technology to get into the
1:42 pm
phone. is this a fair or unfair request? >> apple has complied with all of these court orders. they have handed over everything that's within their records. they have handed over. now the court is ordering them to create new technology, new technology to crack open this phone, and it's completely out of bounds. we've never seen anything like it ever in a court order. and it completely goes over the line. you can't order a private company to create new technology to crack open a phone. >> so you're talking about apple having complied, not just with this case, but others. they said they complied with some 70 cases already. >> yes. >> how do you see it, robert? >> i agree with david. there's one case, if i'm the government, i hang my hat on this case. in the 1970s, the court ordered that phone kacompanies agree to help create pen registers, used every single day on search warrants across this country. that is where the government can get a search warrant to look at your phone and it records your call log. there is some precedent where courts have ordered companies and the government to work
1:43 pm
together to create this technology. if i'm arguing on behalf of the case of the government, that's what i rely on. >> i agree with you, but the technology existed. here today, the technology doesn't exist. >> right, that's the problem. >> okay, robert. so apple executives saying to the company, what apple would prefer to do is to let congress set rules for when the tech companies have to cooperate with the government, rather than the court doing this on a case by case basis. >> there's a case in the eastern district of new york on long island where a judge agrees with that assessment from apple. they said there's the 1994 -- it was the communications in support of law enforcement act where they told telecommunications companies to support law enforcement. however, it hasn't been amended to include cell phone companies, data like this. so they're saying why don't you have congress pass the law, and we won't have these arguments, we won't have these issues any longer. >> i totally agree. although congress is so dysfunctional. when is the last time they passed any law?
1:44 pm
but absolutely they have to amend the law to include this situation. >> so david, apple is saying this is a fight to protect civil liberties. is that a strong argument? >> well, look. it is a strong argument because there's definitely a privacy right at hand here. but i'm not sure that's the winning argument. i think the winning argument really is you're trying to force us to do something that we don't have. we don't have the technology. mr. government, why don't you come up with the technology to crack the phone, and then you'll have to deal with the courts and it will be out of our hands. how do we do that to our customers, we have to create a new technology to crack our own phone. >> apple says not only do they not have this technology, it would be too dangerous to create it. >> dangerous and burdensome. the law that the government is relying on is from the 18th century. one of the defenses for apple is going to be this is too overly burdensome on us. you're requiring us to spend our money and efforts to create technology that doesn't exist and that's been david's point the entire time. >> why doesn't the government hire apple?
1:45 pm
maybe they should just outright hire apple. don't let the court force them to do it. >> apple has until friday, february 26th, to respond to the judge's orders. and then there's a court hearing set for march 22nd for the judge to hear both sides. so i know you will be keeping a close eye on this. >> absolutely. >> and we'll have you both back. robert schalk and david schwartz, great to see both of you. eric, your turn. isis is claiming responsibility for some new terrorist attacks overseas. dozens of people have tragically been killed after homicide bombers targeted a town in syria. we'll have the latest on where isis is expanding. >> and this comes as the u.s. is taking the fight against isis to a whole new battlefield. libya raising the stakes in this operation. a security expert weighing in on that. you earn bonus cash back. then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way.
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the death toll from three blasts in the shiite suburbs of damascus climbs to at least 50 with another 200 wounded. the bombing targeting a vegetable market in the afternoon during rush hour. isis has claimed responsibility for the blast, saying two islamic state fighters set off a car bomb before detonating their explosive belts. the attack was a little more
1:50 pm
than a half mile away from one of the shiiteit. >> the fight against the radical islamic terrorists of isis has been escalating into some new territory. there were back-to-back u.s. air strikes in libya. the administration meanwhile is also backing united nations initiative to end the division among the libyan factions and form a united government there. will all this work or will isis continue to expand? retired u.s. navy captain bob welsh joins us. captain, always good to see you. >> great to see you, eric. >> what is so disturbing about this, is icsis, they're pouring thousands of fighters because they see this as a new part of the caliphate. do you think air strikes will work? >> it will have to work in the near term. i think the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff previewed
1:51 pm
this particular importance of the new area of libya to isis. as we continue to squeeze down on isis in syria and iraq, they're coming to libya, and it's been like this now for the past year and a half in particular. you mentioned the two air strikes that just occurred. they're just the start. we're looking at on the military side making sure we have better reconnaissance, surveillance. we have special forces that are looking at possible areas of interest and targets and who we could find that are willing to work with us. but it's a political challenge, and we'll talk a little bit more, i think about the united nations and their efforts toward trying to bring the two parties together inside libya. >> the united nations had a report that al baghdadi, he has more control in libya than even syria or iraq. so clearly baghdadi sees an opening to expand his so-called caliphate in libya while all this is going on.
1:52 pm
>> exactly. in fact, since the arab spring, and you remember this about five years ago, was the beginnings of the arab spring in neighboring tunisia. then the libyan part got started. then we had the nate tow operations odyssey dawn five years ago this 340imarch. since that time we've had a split in libya where you've got the islamists in tripoli, and the legitimate governments had to move way across the other side of libya. so they're having a difficult time bringing these two different political factions together, and right in the middle, you've got isis. you've got isis in the entire, in particular, serte, which used to be muammar gaddafi's strong hold. >> now it's baghdadi's strong hold. it's right across the med from italy, and they're going to potentially grab all those oil facilities there. so if they do and this doesn't work, what happens? >> we have to make sure it works. i think the planning for
1:53 pm
additional military operations and as they specified over this past weekend, looking at tactical targets, this is not a strategic effort to be sure, but we have to basically deny, disrupt and defeat isis in libya. we know where they're physically at. we're getting more fidelity in our coordination with the special forces from the united states, u.k., france and britain on the ground. so we have to make it work. this political process that the united nations is response for has lagged. we still have that concern not just for the trans-mediterranean progress to have isis get into europe and italy as you just mentioned but also next door in tunisia. tunisia has been severely impacted by isis, if you recall, the beach terrorist attack by isis as well as the bardo museum in tunis. so i would watch the effort with
1:54 pm
the united states and u.k. in particular since the tunisian issues and looking at where isis continues to be as they continue to grow. as i understand it, we've gone from 3,000 foreign fighters to about 6,000 fighters in libya, and many of them are foreign fighters from neighboring tunisia. >> and finally quickly, what do you think is going to happen? we've got some success. there is success in iraq. we've got to go after mosul, that hasn't happened yet. some successes in syria. still having peace talks in vienna. not really accomplishing anything yet. now you've got them expanding in libya. >> i think you're going to have a three-part plan. you're going to have continued assessment of where we could actually deny, disrupt isis by the u.s.-led military coalition as general done ford has advised the president. i also think the militias inside libya are stronger than they are different places. they've had to encounter like iraq. they've actually fenced off some of the intrusions by the foreign fighters, especially around the
1:55 pm
oil fields. i also think there's more dialogue with the two-parliament theory and factions in tow brooke and also tripoli that will come. but i think that will be late. i think in the near term, tactical military conduct, looking at having the militias fence off the critical vulnerabilities of libya, the oil, their population, their people. and then finally the political process gaining some ground. >> we'll see if that indeed works. we'll be continuing to follow it. captain bob wells, always greet to see you. a new record for nasa. getting the highest number of astronaut applications in the space agency's history. what's behind the big increase? >> and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. cook healthy meals... yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more...
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i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. look for savings on boost® in your sunday paper. . nascar driver denny hamlin has won the daytona 500. his number 11 car edging martin truitt jr. in the closest finish in race history by .01 seconds. denny hamlin, winner of the 58th daytona 500, and to think he started racing go carts when he was 7. >> nasa's program says it's received a record number of applicants for his next class. more than 18,000. that's double its previous record back in 1978. >> the selection process is
2:00 pm
pretty tough. only 8 in 14 people will be chose en. those odds may still be better than winning the powerball. >> thanks for watching. media buzz up next. the pundits bowing to reality has donald trump wins a major victory in south carolina, and even the media skeptics give him his due. >> i was just as sure as a lot of people that donald trump would stagger out of that debate and possibly finish in second place. he was often regarded myself included, as a candidate who was going to be a novelty candidate, not somebody who was going to win. >> the pundits, which i guess i am one, we didn't see this. we didn't understand that he was such strong medicine. >> this is a decisive win. >> there's still a lot of discussion among republicans who still say i can't believe he's going to be the nomine


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