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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  February 21, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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pretty tough. only 8 in 14 people will be chose en. those odds may still be better than winning the powerball. >> thanks for watching. media buzz up next. the pundits bowing to reality has donald trump wins a major victory in south carolina, and even the media skeptics give him his due. >> i was just as sure as a lot of people that donald trump would stagger out of that debate and possibly finish in second place. he was often regarded myself included, as a candidate who was going to be a novelty candidate, not somebody who was going to win. >> the pundits, which i guess i am one, we didn't see this. we didn't understand that he was such strong medicine. >> this is a decisive win. >> there's still a lot of discussion among republicans who still say i can't believe he's going to be the nominee.
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>> trump dominating the coverage again through an extraordinary fight with pope francis, a war of words with george w. bush and an ugly slugfest with ted cruz. >> never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz, and he goes around saying he's a christian. i don't know. you're going to have to really study that. but he is a very unstable person. that's just my opinion. >> i understand if a candidate has a record like donald trump's, how he could consider anyone pointing to his actual record being defamation. donald trump's response to this, just to go through the iteration, his response to this -- no one will be surprised is to scream liar. >> hillary clinton beating bernie sanders in yesterday's nevada caucuses. is it time for the pundits to acknowledge that the socialist senator is a serious contender? conservative and liberal comment ators squaring off on what should happen to antonin scalia's seat. do both sides have a history of
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hypocrisy. plus apple battling federal authorities over whether it can and should unlock one of the iphone's of the san bernardino killers. i'm hours kurtz and this is media buzz. >> donald trump winning back-to-back primaries. they are now grudgingly or not acknowledging he's a strong front-runner. but on his big night in south carolina, trump said he had been watching the coverage. even though the commentators were fair overall, there was this. >> a number of the pundits said, well, if a couple of the other candidates dropped out, if you add their scores together, it's going to equal trump. these geniuses. they're geniuses. they don't understand that as people drop out, i'm going to get a lot of those votes also. you don't just add them together. >> and we have geniuses joining
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us now to analyze the campaign coverage. mary katharine ham, editor at large at hot air and a fox news contributor. heidi briz ba la. and julie recognizeinsky a i fox news contributor. >> mary katherine, the media must take trump seriously. are the pundits now coming out of denial? >> there's a couple of steps here. we've gone from denial to anger to now bargaining. >> where are you? >> i'm bargaining. we're going to bargain hard, and the media is going to be happy to cover all these scenarios whereby these guys can start chopping off a little bit of trump's support. but i think it is true that people can come together and coalesce into an anti-trump candidate. the question is whether any of these guys that remain are going to get out and that will continue to be bargaining story moving forward. >> yes. it's not that the race ended yesterday. heidi, given all the air time
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that trump gets, how much of some of the mainstream pundits actually helped trump so far. >> i think that's an important disfinks because you have the pundits and the mainstream press. it's very different. if you remember from almost the beginning. some of the commentators who get the most air, who reach millions of people, were taking trump seriously from the beginning. guys like joe scarborough on the morning show. they said you have to take him seriously. then you combine that with the live coverage that, sorry, no other candidate got. even though when you look at the raw percentage numbers, bernie sanders was getting about the same numbers in terms of the numbers. not getting that kind of it di highly critical. >> and do you se of the billionaire. >> do you see them on msnbc?
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if you're assuming that the american publicll channel surfs and looks at different networks to get balanced coverage, maybe you can make that case. but we know that people in this country don't get their news that way. >> l julie, let's put up the cor of the new york daily news which does not like trump. confederacy of dunces. i think it's becoming a biased rag and b a parody of a newspap. does this indicate there's a section of the media that are going to fight him every step f the way? >> there is a huge section of the media, that's a tabloid, you can't take them seriously as establishment media. i said this before. we are, we in the media, not meaning me, but a lot of people in the media are the drug dealers that feed this crack addiction. regardless of how you feel about donald trump, they put him on the cover. they're not putting, i don't know, ted cruz on the cover. they're not putting anybody else ver,ne cover..rdlel
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whether you have people that you just mentioned trashing him or complimenting him, nevertheless we're all talking about him across every network. >> this sounds vaguely illegal, the crack addiction. >> it should be, but it's not apparently. >> carrying him live and fighting with him even as a media person gets you viewers, gets you shontimghpeople, whic folks who would like to challenge him should have maybe fought with him earlier. cruz and rubio among them. >> i say again and again the negative coverage helps trump because he runs against the press,um which is not a popular institution. you talked about mainstream pundits. on msnbc last night, primary night, chris matthews and lawrence o'donnell were among those trump and pope francis exchanging less than pleasantries and saying this
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would hurt trump. let's take another look at how that exchange went. >> translator: a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not of building bridges is not christian. this is not the gospel. >> the pope said something to the effect that maybe donald trump isn't christian, okay? and he's questioning my faith. i was very surprised to see it, but i am a christian and i'm proud of it. okay. for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> you know, interestingly, the pundits didn't exactly excommunicate trump for those sharp words against the pontiff who did start it by questioning his faith. >> the lord giveth the donald another media cycle right before the south carolina primary. i think, look, there was a lot of coverage of this that was like is this real life? there was a point at which this gets so insane, this war of words between trump and the pope, i would caution people that escalating a war of words
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with the pope, let's imagine what would happen escalating a war of words with leaders in the world once -- >> i have to actually correct something because the pope didn't technically start this. a month ago donald trump referred to this pope as a very political pope, and then if you look also at the way that the question was worded to the pope, it was kind of a very leading question -- >> well, i have some of that for you. this hasn't gotten as much question. this is on the pope's plane coming back from mexico to the vatican and phil, a reuters correspondent, says to the pontiff, trump said you're a pawn of the mexican government. he wants to build a balwall, det 11 million immigrants, separating families. what do you think of these accusations against you and can a north american catholic vote for a person like this. is that a fair and balanced question? >> it's a leading question. if you're reporting it in print or broadcast, i think the context here is very important. whenever you're asking anyone
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this type of question, but also this pope apparently has -- he's a human being too. he's prone to anger and responding to things that might sound insightful, and i think in hindsight and i think both the pope and donald trump rolled back a little bit -- >> i just want to set you up with the sound bite. trump did soften on cnn. let's take a quick look at what he had to say. >> pope made the statement, and i think it was probably a little nicer statement than reported by you folks in the media because after i read it, it was a little bit softer. >> well, first of all, if there's nothing that you can count on as much as the sun rising in the east is that donald trump will walk back every incendiary statement he makes. i will say though donald trump -- i think it's pronounced buford, the only catholic majority county in south carolina. he won it. i guess picking a fight with the pope is not necessarily bad if you're trying to appeal to catholic voters. >> is your point about the walking make is trump makes the incendiary charge, gets an explosion of coverage, and when asked about it in interviews,
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even though he's doing interviews to his credit, he softens. >> he have ti-- every time. the base that appeals to whatever incendiary thing he says, responds to it. >> in general the media covering the pope want him to comment on politics and maybe we could be nor nuanced about how we address the pope. >> i think people are aware this pope has been a little more if you want to say political, having been out there. when he came to his visit to the u.s. talking openly about things, the environment and telling truth to his followers. >> abortion and divorce and many conservatives see him as left leaning whether that's fair or not. we're talking about the way trump sort of controls the media dialogue which he has done throughout this campaign. when he gets into it with ted cruz, we saw the sound bites earlier and says he's going to sue senator cruz over an ad he didn't like, are we devouring that and then cruz has to respond of course of course, and
2:11 pm
now you're on trump's turf? >> yes, and also it is a story. it's a story when these two seeming front-runners fight each other. i think this played out on another level with rubio sort of grabbing the trump attacks on cruz and using them to his advantage as well which showed up in exit polling with people thinking his campaign was unfair. >> on that point, marco rubio apparently has finished second in south carolina, the final tally not in. but he made a big deal, and the media made a big deal, about this photo shopped picture that showed rubio shaking hands with president obama. kind of casting it as a dirty trick and cruz as a deceitful guy. did you think it deserved that much coverage? >> i don't know about that one particular instance, but the problem was and here is where donald trump is right, it was a part of a pattern of things that we're seeing all the way back to iowa, including the robocalls, including this photo shopping and the trey gowdy facebook page. so it played -- the reason why it got a lot of coverage, because it played in a
2:12 pm
narrative. ted cruz himself was aware that this is really going off the rails and he pulled ben carson into some kind of storage locker and tried to say, hey, man, let's be friends again. >> this is the daily beast reporting on this closet meeting between cruz and carson. i love that. but on this photo shop thing i think it was obvious. it obviously wasn't a real photo. their heads had been put on a different photo. finally trump this morning been on four sunday shows so far, and he tweeted about "the wall street journal" which had that "wall street journal"/nbc poll which had the south carolina race down to five points. he won by double digits. "wall street journal" should fire both its pollster and its editorial board, seldom has a paper been so wrong. totally biased. fine to criticize the poll but the editorial board is sxosed to be biased. it's an opinioned group of people. we'll talk more, have you guys back a little later. ahead, is the press engaging in hypocrisy in the battle over whether to fill antonin scalia's supreme court seat? when we come back, jeb bush bowing out after his brother
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pundits have already been speculating when jeb would get out of the race even as the man who wanted to be the third president bush brought in his brother to help him. but he finished in single digits in south carolina and called it quits, most likely ending the bush die nascy. joining us is jon meacham. jon, the media which once anointed jeb the front-runner a long time ago were already trying to petition him out of the race with kind of a death watch. does his political demise in this campaign change the way we cover and define the republican
2:17 pm
party? >> unquestionably. although donald trump has changed that, and the press has been obviously part of that process. you know, this is the end of almost a 70-year story. prescott bush, jeb's grandfather, first ran for the senate in 1950. six of the last nine presidential tickets on the republican side had a bush on it. and so the shift from jeb bush and that kind of republican, mitt romney, george w. bush, those kinds of republicans, to a front-runner like trump obviously changes the entire conversation. >> barbara bush complained at one point that the pundits or the press were ignoring her son, but although he had some improvement toward the end, didn't the media reflect the fact that he just was not a very good candidate? >> i think it was more of a mirror than a maker. you know, this has been -- you've talked about this a lot on your show and elsewhere. it's just been a year where the whole play book has been rewritten, and you have this extraordinary personality in
2:18 pm
trump, but it's beyond the politics of personality. this is someone who is speaking to deep emotional forces and reservoirs in the country, and it's part of the tragedy in some ways of this moment for jeb bush that so much of the anger is at an establishment that his family has personified. >> bush 43 of course coming in south carolina with former first lady laura bush to try to rescue jeb's candidacy. that proved impossible. but he got into it with donald trump, who as you recall just last weekend that trump really went after the former president in the debate. let's take a look at that. >> george bush make a mistake. we can make mistakes, but that one was a beauty. we with should have never been in iraq. i want to tell you they lied. they said there were weapons of mass destruction. there were none, and they knew there were none. >> now, i understand that americans are angry and frustrated. but we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors and
2:19 pm
inflames our anger and frustration. >> jon, i saw one pun dut after another saying it was insane, and jyet trump still won south carolina. >> he's defying political gravity. he decided to take on george w. bush. i don't know if he's backped backpedalled on the lying. he certainly side pedalled, saying he doesn't want to get into it anymore whether he lied. >> anderson cooper asked him four times are you still saying that bush lied about knowing in advance that saddam had no wmds, and he kept deflecting the question. >> right. so what you have is someone who sort of eludes fact-checking to some extent. now, whether that lasts going forward is a great question. but to take on the question of whether president bush kept us safe after 9/11, to take on the
2:20 pm
question of iraq and wmd shows that to some extent, part of trump's appeal here is that it's a bipartisan commentary. it's a suprapartisan commentary. he's willing to say almost anything about the different parts of the establishment, including the last republican president. >> right. and i think just to put an exclamation point on it, i mean seven years ago it this was george w. bush's republican party. whether it's in the process of becoming donald trump's republican party or not, it's hard to say. but certainly with jeb bowing out, as you noted earlier, an era has ended. thank you for joining us. ahead on media buzz, will the press create a new story line for hillary clinton after her win in last night's nevada caucuses. how much did donald trump's coverage contribute to his victory? our media microscope straight ahead. victory? our media microscope is straight ahead.
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>> is media coverage translate into votes? it's little wonder that donald trump scored a big victory in the south carolina primary. trump totally dominated in the top main extreme media outlets as much as in any week we've studied in the past. for monday through thursday, more than 13,000 media mentions for the billionaire. this as he sparred with george w. bush and pope francis among others. it's almost triple the media mentions for ted cruz, who had nearly 5,700. jeb bush with a little help from his family plus speculation whether he was on his last legs rising here to more than 4,100, not that it did him much good. marco rubio next, more than 36 media mentions and then a big drop off. john kasich over 1,000 mentions and ben carson just over 800. not much difference in tone among the most covered candidates. you see negative in red, positive in green. trump, cruz, bush, rubio all hovering around two-thirds
2:25 pm
negative in their media portrayals, but that jumps to 83% negative for governor kasich and 91% negative for carson. so why are the media so down on them? undoubtedly because they're low in the polls and the pundits are pes miz tick about the governor or the doctor winning the nomination. in our press picks, this media fail, msnbc's chris hayes gave the impression that bill clinton had taken a hard shot at president obama. here is the clip he played. >> she's always making something good happen. she's the best change maker i've ever known. a lot of people say, oh, well, you don't understand. it's different now. it's rigged. yeah, it's rigged because you don't have a president who's a change maker. >> except it turns out that the msnbc program engaged in some deceptive editing. here's the rest of what the former president said. >> yeah, it's rigged because you don't have a president who's a
2:26 pm
change maker with a congress who will work with him. but the president has done a better job than he has gotten credit for and don't you forget it. >> a better job. >> hayes offered a sort of half an apology. we said he went off message, which is arguably true. here's the important thing. in cutting off that clip in the editing, we didn't allow you the chance to make that judgment for yourselves in the full light of context. we shouldn't have done that. >> he should not have done that, but at least he corrected the error. still ahead on media buds, in the wake of the nevada caucuses, will the media start writing off bernie sanders once again? and then the supreme court vacancy. do pundits and politicians keep switching sides depending on who controls the white house?
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clear victory over bernie sanders in yesterday's nevada caucuses. that for the moment at least changed the gloom and doom narrative as the pundits acknowledged her win. >> even if you don't like hillary clinton, you can't ever say she doesn't fight. >> this is going to be a big win for hillary clinton because she held him off. >> she would have suffered a set back here in nevada, it would have been really, really ugly for her. >> we're back in the panel, heidi, as wolf blitzer set up this question, my sense of the reporting by the media is that hillary kind of dodged a bullet, that had she lost the nevada caucuses or it had been another squeaker, she would have gotten hammered by the press. >> let me commit an act of hercy and say having covered hillary clinton, i feel the fundamentals of this race has been the same. we have had some -- she's always been ahead by double digits. we've always known that these first two states are
2:31 pm
overwhelmingly white and this is where she was going 0 have her most difficult fight. now we're going into seeing exactly what the fundamentals have told us were the case, which is that she's setting herself up now for a string of victories and it's going to be very hard to stop. >> does that mean, julie, that the press has been sort of pumping up the bernie sanders threat because we're kind of bored with the coronation story line and we wanted a competitive race. >> no question. she's done a terrible job of reaching out to the press. you saw chris wallace take a hit on her. she won't go anywhere really to have an interview. >> she does a lot of msnbc. >> there were other networks out there and she doesn't reach out to them. >> aren't you underplaying here the fact that bernie sanders, a 74-year-old self-described socialist senator has raised all this money, draws these huge crowds, has generated all this excitement and actually wasn't taken seriously by the press? >> i will give him his due.
2:32 pm
he's run a spectacular campaign. he's done amazing job to be where he is today. she also suffers from the fact that the press has never liked hillary clinton. they've always been distrustful of each other and that feeds into the narrative as well, where somebody who tells it like it is, this is the trump phenomenon all over again, on the democratic side is able to tap into that press hunger. >> trump and bernie sanders are both responding to a real strain of deep dissatisfaction in both parties and so i think she is a winner in this case. she's still a winner with many worries because of the way that the democratic primary is set up and you get this super delegate story again and young people angry about how their votes are not counting in the process and the party is taking over. there's oxygen here and there's excitement here in the bernie sanders campaign, and i think that will continue. >> but sanders not only won at least according to exit polls, the hispanic vote in nevada, which a lot of people were surprised by, but overwhelmingly again as in new hampshire, won among those who want honesty
2:33 pm
most in their candidate. i just want to pause because an interview that's gotten a lot of atefngs both online and on the air is hillary clinton's sit down with cbs anchor scott pelley. take a look. >> have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to. always. always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself. >> well, no, i -- >> i mean jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you're asking me to say have i ever. i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever will. i'm going to do the best i can to level with the american people. >> wasn't exactly a trick question from scott pelley? >> nobody wants to say i am perfect, but there are good ways to answer that question without painting yourself into a corner. she did not choose any of those good ways. she show a bad way to answer the question and it points to the fact that she is a fundamentally flawed candidate and her weakness came up in 2008 to bite her and it's coming up again with bernie where she's seeing this threat. >> is this question about
2:34 pm
honesty and a lot of this has to do with the e-mail scandal, and especially commentators on fox say she may be indicted, is that the story of why she has not, you know, just easily dispatched bernie sanders, or are there other relationships here? >> no. i don't buy the e-mail story because i've been looking at the poll numbers -- >> you're not saying you dismiss the -- >> i don't think the e-mail story is what's hurting her honesty numbers, okay, because what's happening is that she had very high numbers as secretary of state, okay. when we started to see her favorability numbers come down amid the e-mail story, if you looks at the internals it was among republicans and republican-leaning. when she gets into general election, yes, the e-mail thing hurts her. but what hurts her in terms of honesty with the democratic base is the fact she is not seen as a more progressive candidate like bernie sanders. she's seen as the same kind of democrat as hear husband, who when you heard bernie sanders talk about all these things the people are angry about, they're all bill clintons policies like
2:35 pm
nafta, like the crime bill. so for democratic base voters, the honest and trustworthiness has to do with believing she's not who she says she is. >> does it bother you that she has not held a press conference or press gaggle in 75 days? >> of course. we're begging for that. >> julie, hillary clinton changed her message a bit in the closing days before nevada saying that bernie sanders not a real democrat because he has criticized her husband and president obama. of course she's hugging president obama, and she got booed at this town hall. but he wasn't a registered democrat. he was an independent senator. >> the smartest thing that she did, i don't know if people saw the ad that she put out with the young latina girl coming to her, hugging her and saying, i'm worried my parents are going to be deported, it was an emotional moment. it made people relate to her. it was the strongest, strongest part of her campaign to date. that's the kind of thing she needs to do to connect. she needs to stop being select hillary and start being a human being. >> great to see you.
2:36 pm
we could go on for quite a long time. we've only got an hour. still ahead, apple getting a ton of bad press as a federal judge orders the tech company to help the fbi penetrate a mass murderer's iphone. but is it more complicated than that? up first, the pundits choosing sides on a very divisive story. does president obama deserve a vote on antonin scalia's successor? right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery
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the death of antonin scalia has led to a furious clash between pundits and polls on the right and left over whether the republican senate should vote on whoever president obama picks to replace him. >> so now president obama doesn't want republicans to follow the rules that he created. so it's highly hypocritical. >> i think they're going to get hurt on this, the republicans. because this is obstructionism pure and simple, and it's about as bad as it's gotten. you don't even have a debate, no he hearing. >> joining us now, gayle trotter. and ruth marcus, a columnist from the wa post, who is also a lawyer. counselors, opening arguments. gayle, are republicans, in saying that they won't vote for any nominee president obama sends up, are they doing this out of principle or raw partisanship. >> this is about raw, absolute power. this fight is to replace justice scalia's seat is all about power and not about principle. and anybody who is talking about
2:41 pm
principle is transparently phony. but i think the most interesting thing about this is the media is lacking the democratic talking points. they are not looking out for the republicans' best interest. >> let me come back to that because i want to get opening argument from ms. marcus. you write in your column that there is obstructionism. are democratics in insisting they should get a vote acting out of principle. >> i've always wanted to say this, so may it please the court, i think that nobody come republican side or the democratic side with clean hands. i mean let's be serious. washington is the capital of situational ethics and never so situational as when it comes to supreme court nominations in particular and judicial nominations in general. that said, there is -- i totally agree with gayle. this is an exercise of raw power, and where we disagree is it shouldn't be. >> we'll give you a chance to
2:42 pm
follow that up. but to underscore the point, and i applaud you both for your honesty in seeing that it depending on when. on that point, chuck schumer on the democratic side, mitch mcconnell on the republican side, you know, making what they describe as high-tone constitutional arguments for or against filling the seat, let's look at what they had to say in previous years. >> we should not confirm any bush nominee to the supreme court except in extraordinary circumstances. >> the republican conference intends to restore the principle that regardless of party, regardless of party, any president's judicial nominees, after full debate, deserve a simple up or down vote. >> those were both during the bush administration, so, gayle, it seems to underscore the point that it all depends on which party controls the white house. >> the difference is this time the liberal mainstream media is
2:43 pm
taking the democrat size. ruth herself wrote a very long piece advising republicans that it would hurt them if they didn't confirm president obama's nominee. but i don't think that ruth, who's a democrat, is really looking out for the best interests of the republicans, and the republicans are certainly not going to take political strategy tips from ruth. >> i have to agree with the last point. they're certainly not. i'm going to actually correct you because i'm not a democrat. i'm not registered with any party. i'm a left of center columnist, but let me say this. i have been part of the washington post editorial board when we supported the confirmation of justice roberts and justice alito. i have criticized democrats for abusing -- i have criticized democrats for abusing the filibuster when it comes to miguel estrada who was defeated for the appeals court. >> he was the first nominee who
2:44 pm
was ever filibustered. >> and i've criticized them for getting rid of the filibuster when it comes to lower court nominees. so i'm the only one in washington with clean hands here, and i think the point is this is going to -- this is going to hurt republicans, and i know they're not going to tick my argument because what goes around comes around here. we have to find our way out of these judicial wars and. >> it's the republicans who find themselves on the side of having the mainstream media have the democratic talking points. >> >> i think that one thing that we're seeing here that is different from the norm isn't an argument about whether somebody should get an up or down vote, whether there should be a filibuster, but whether there should be a hearing at all. that is a difference that i think has affected the press coverage and has contributed to some of the criticism that you're feeling. >> there's a misrepresentation by "the new york times"
2:45 pm
editorial board. they talked about the constitution basically requiring a vote, and that it's disrespectful not to have a vote. but the constitution -- you know this, you're a lawyer -- it doesn't say that. it's a two-key operation as charles kraut hammer says. you need the president and the congress to agree, and i will tell you that the republicans have to redeem themselves with republican voters. they have the majority leadership for a reason. >> interestingly in a fox news poll, 62% of those questioned say the president and the senate should act now on filling the vacancy. 34% say no. it's also interesting "new york times" reported that since the beginning of 2015 when republicans took over the senate, president obama has only gotten one vote on 12 appellate court vacancies. interesting the press hasn't made that more of a story. let me turn to i think one thing we could also agree on is that the life of this great jurist kind of got overshadowed by this fight that started 20 minutes after his death. there was criticism of president obama for not going to
2:46 pm
yesterday's funeral. is that a fair story to rap the president for only paying his respects on friday? >> i think so. i do estate planning as a lawyer, and i think it's very important to show up for people's funerals. this is one of the three co-equal branches of government. justice scalia had a very revered plais. he was the longest serving justice on the supreme court currently. obama should have been there. >> i am a believer in two things, not speaking ill of the dead, and there was a lot of really ugly conversation that erupted almost immediately on twitter that i would just like to dissociate myself from. and also, you know what, it's always a good idea to err on the side of behaving honorably. so it was good that the president and mrs. obama went to see the family when the justice was lying in state. if they could have gone to the funeral, even better. >> on this rare moment of consensus, i am adjourning the argument. thank you both.
2:47 pm
after the break, apple under fire from politicians and the media for refusing to crack the iphone of one of the san bernardino killers. but does the company have a point? our digital download is next. n s of drywall into my mercedes-benz metris. to get 60 sheets of drywall into my van, i invented the fold-o-matic 5000. my metris also holds over 2,500 pounds of payload. hauling 2,500 pounds in my small van is no problem. i just divide and conquer. hauls more, stows more, tows more and fits in your garage. the mid-size metris from mercedes-benz. vans. born to run. more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. . . she's much more aware.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪
2:50 pm
♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. >> apple has been getting hammered in the media for fighting a federal judge's order that it help the fbi unlock the iphone of one of the killers in the san bernardino massacre. donald trump now calling for a by cot of apple until the company complies with the government. but the issue is a little bit more complicated. joining us now is technology analyst shaina glenser. do you believe that many are painting apple as not just uncooperative but unpatriotic? >> a lot of the headlines seem fair. but if you listen to the banter
2:51 pm
on television news or on social media, there is quite a universal agreement that apple is not patriotic in this case. >> the media chatter. >> it's the chatter, not necessarily the headline. >> so apple says right now it doesn't have the technology to help the fed unlock or break into this phone. explain a little bit about the company's position. because i think sometimes it's mischaracterized. >> apple's defense is that it doesn't have this security workaround, this back door as they call it. and if they were to create that, it could then get used or hacked and be dispersed to every single iphone user. so my mom, my dad, my grandma could be at risk of getting their data stolen. >> we all like privacy. >> we all very much value privacy. >> that's about apple's brand. defense say this is all about apple's marketing. but part of apple is selling you have a phone that can't be easily hacked into. at the same time what dow mean they can't help law enforcement? this is a terrible, horrible terrorist attack.
2:52 pm
but it's not about protecting the privacy of farook. it's about whether or not this -- what if hackers got ahold of this new workaround code and it could spread and what foreign governments wanting it? >> absolutely. it's not about this particular incidence. they have agreed they can build this technology. they can build it. but if they apply to it one iphone, could it then be applied to how many others? and to what extent does the government get to say when the iphone gets to be used. that's their concern. >> what is interesting about the press coverage is a lot of folks have reported that apple has previously cooperated in about 70 other cases with law enforcement. you run a correction saying in the past apple extracted data from the iphone. it did not unlock the iphone. it sounds like a technical distinction, but it's a different technology. basically, the phones are more unhackable now because of better technology, right? >> absolutely. apple created this technology post snowden to incrept all their data to make it more private. they're not completely innocent
2:53 pm
here. they actually used it in advertising against competitors, we're more private. but in doing so, they made it harder for the fbi, for others to get access that could be helpful in terrorists or other investigations. >> right. a number have made that mistake many basically comparing, forgive me, apples and oranges. if you logistic at this at somebody in the field, bottom line, do you think apple has a good case? >> i think apple has a good case. but i don't think that they should cease from engaging -- if they're going to say can't get access to this iphone, we need to find another way to have this discussion in legislation or some other way that committee with agree that this is important data that could help the terrorist investigation and how could we get it in other incidents. >> so whether apple has a good case or not on the technology and the legal argument, would you agree in about 20 seconds that it proves that tim cook and the company are losing the pr war here? >> i think that they are fighting a very uphill battle here. and i think that there are a lot
2:54 pm
of people that squarely align on tim cook's side. but in the general population they're losing the battle here this week. >> donald trump says boycott apple, a lot of people say yeah, apple needs to comply. you made a good point. it's a little more nuanced than sometimes television discussions allow for. great to be here. thanks for stopping by this sunday. still to come, we get a price tag on tmz's checkbook journalism and a hume embarrassment for omarosa when she knocks another woman's physique. e, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out,
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knock it out, fast. with abreva.
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the new yorker wasn't able to talk to harvey levin for a lengthy and not always flattering profile. so the magazine recounted a program i did after the devastating elevator videos of ray rice decking his fiancee. you're in a business. fox news channel makes money. it's a profitable operation.
2:58 pm
tmz is a profitable organization. abc and nbc and cbs. the fact is they're not charitable organizations. they make money. >> yes. >> if somebody comes along and they say look, i've got this video. i'd like you to pay for it, by paying for it, the video is still the video. so who cares whether you pay money for it? >> well, some of us still care about checkbook journalism. and harvey makes some good points. the new yorker says tmz paid more than $100,000 for the two surveillance videos, one of them from the security officer who recorded the camera footage on his cell phone. maria bartiromo was anchoring a segment with omarosa whose claim to frame she was once on "the apprentice" and fox news contributor tamara holder when things, well, kind of went off the rails. >> let's talk about iraq and let's talk about donald trump's a position. when tamara -- >> it's tamara, tamara. >> it's the same difference. so you want to come up with big boobs, then you do it with the pronunciation of your name. look, donald trump stands firm on what his position is about us
2:59 pm
going into iraq. >> wait a second. why you bringing up -- -- why are you bringing up tamara's boobs? i don't understand why you brought up her boobs. >> oh, you were a democrat and you supported hillary clinton. you want to get personal, you can get personal. let's talk about donald trump and let's talk about iraq. >> the size of my boobs considering this is how i was born. >> i'm sorry, i should have called you a boob. >> that was a big blunder. why go there? never quite gotten why anyone cares what omarosa thinks about politics? but now we know how she treats women she disagrees with. that's it for this edition of "mediabuzz."howard kurtz. we just passed 20,000 linings our facebook page. check it out. i respond on video to your question, ask a media question or comment,
3:00 pm
you might get a response. don't forget to dvr the show if by some chance you can't watch live. we are back here next sunday, 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. i'm chris wallace. donald trump wins big in south carolina. where does the republican race go from here? we'll talk with the top two finishers and get the latest from the campaign trail. >> when you win, it's beautiful. and we're going to start winning for our country. >> after tonight, this has become a three-person race, and we will win the nomination. >> first, donald trump on the results and his battle with pope francis. >> he actually said that maybe i'm not a good christian or something. it's unbelievable. >> we asked trump if he is truly teflon don. then senator marco rubio on what is next for his campaign. >> the state of south carolina will always be


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