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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  February 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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late developing news from the presidential campaign trail. has two of the top vote-getters from south carolina, in a fresh round of fighting words over who's best to take on the man in first place. donald trump. >> i think donald's campaign has largely been about how bad things are. there's no doubt we need to recognize how difficult things are, but you can't just say you're going to make america great again. have you to explain how you're going to do it. >> we're seeing people come together behind our campaign because we are the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and that can beat trump. you can't beat donald from the left up. can't beat donald with a candidate who has supported amnesty. >> well, this is the part of the primary season when the races are staccato.
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quick, one right after the other. the next nevada republican caucus is tuesday. the remaining gop candidates are there this hour with one exception, ohio governor john kasich, who will not make any campaign stops, we're toll, in nevada. instead, he'll focus on moose mass and several southern states. we have john roberts following the democratic race. we'll get to him. first, mike with the news from nevada. donald trump is favored, but does ted cruz think he can win there? >> reporter: well, harris, texas senator ted cruz sounded very upbeat about the race here in nevada, but did not make any bold predictions here. cruz held a rally a short time ago here in a community about 60 miles west or so of las vegas. his strategy seems to be hitting a lot of smaller towns between now and tuesday's caucus. cruz continued his swipes at the republican front-runner when peeking with reporters a short time ago. >> donald trump has dmonl straighted he has a relatively
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high floor of support, but he's also got, i think, a ceiling. and you've got nearly 70% of republican primary voters that don't believe donald is the right person to represent our party in the general election against hillary clinton. the national poll has consistently shown donald losing to hillary in november. that same polling consistently shows me beating hillary in november. >> reporter: so, ted cruz, the first of the big three on the republican side to start campaigning here ahead of tuesday's caucus. harris? >> well, it was a wild night with -- trying to figure out who was going to come in second place. what about the candidates who finished one and two in south carolina? >> reporter: senator marco rubio, who finished second, did several big rallies as he made his way across the country here to nevada, stopping in tennessee and also little rock, arkansas. in franklin, tennessee, rubio had a huge crowd. a lot more people than expected. they had to move the event outside. more than 4,000 people showing up.
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he continued a new theme of the children of the reagan revolution now stepping up to lead. rubio also had a compassionate message tailored toward november and the general election. >> republicans only care about the rich. what we don't have anything against people that have been financially successful. we celebrate financial success. but we fight for the people trying to make it because they're the ones -- they're the reason why america's special. every country in the world has rich people. and we're glad that we have rich people. we celebrate that success because they earned it. but we -- what makes us different are the millions of people that know they're never going to be rich. >> reporter: as for front-runner donald trump, he held a rally in atlanta, georgia, on the way to nevada. eventually. as only trump can do, he made a lighter moment of it. >> because to put them in our jails they didn't pay the electric bill. oh i like that much better! oh. no, get those lights off!
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off! turn them off. they're too -- they're too bright. turn them off! turn them off! let's go, ready? turn off the lights! that's the way we have to negotiate for our country. it's the kind of sick thinking we really need for our country, isn't that right? >> reporter: so, the top three out of south carolina on the republican side certainly seemed to be in good spirits ahead of another tough contest here in nevada. harris? >> all right. thank you very much, mike. always good to see you. wean a victory over bernie sanders, a close one in nevada, hillary clinton admits she has to make a better case to voters, especially independents, about trusting her. the democratic race now heads to south carolina. you caught that, right, they flipped? now the democrats go to south carolina and the republicans go to nevada. her campaign is banking on support from minority voters there, especially african-americans to turn out in force. sanders says he's proud of his campaign so far. despite the challenges, will press on all the way to the end. >> we're looking hard at michigan.
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we think we have a pretty good shot in parts of texas. so, trust me, we are focusing very hard on trying to get as many delegates as we can. but let me also say this, we are in this race to the convention. >> john roberts live for us in greenville, south carolina. john? >> reporter: harris, good evening to you. bernie sanders has climbed a lot of big hills in the first three primary states to either draw close to hillary clinton or beat her outright, but the hill he faces here in south carolina is a much steeper one. with just five days until people vote, bernie sanders is looking up at a 24-point deficit in the polls. he's at a significant disadvantage with african-american voters, who make up 55% of the democratic elector rat here. at a rally he held a few minutes here in greenville, south carolina, the crowd was overwhelmingly white. but sanders was introduced by the former head of the ncaa and actor danny glover and he issued
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an appeal to african-american voters. >> we're listening to the african-american community who understand that we have a criminal justice system, which is broken. we spend $80 billion a year locking up fellow americans. that is something we must be ashamed of and we will change! >> reporter: if sanders hopes to make a dent in hillary clinton's popularity here, he needs to spend about every waking minute of the next week, harris, courting every black american he can find here in south carolina. >> well, we have seen her campaign over the last few weeks, john. really drop the race card, if you will, on bernie sanders. so, how much of a difference has that made, do you think? >> reporter: well, she's certainly more popular among black voters than she was in 2008 but the landscape is substantially different. even this year in south carolina, has the support of congressman james clyburn who you might remember back in 2008
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in a response to a question from me, told -- famously told bill clinton to just chill out. now, bernie sanders, he's talking about a wide range of issues. many of them are important to african-american voters, but hillary clinton tried to paint him as a single-issue can dated who's solely focused on wall street. listen. >> i don't think we are a single-issue country. and i am certainly not a single-issue can dated. i want to knock down all the barriers that are holding people back. we had a lot of opportunity to talk about bigotry and discrimination, student debt, the deck being stacked against people. the whole range of concerns that were brought directly to me. >> reporter: sanders' response to charges from clinton that he's a single-issue candidate and she doesn't have the vaguest idea what she's stalking about. after talking to folks in the sanders' campaign, it seems his real play is just to keep his head above water and then try to make a real dent in those super tuesday states, which come up
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right after the south carolina democratic primary. >> no doubt. one thing that shows no color whatsoever is the deficit of trust that some of the exit polling is showing for hillary clinton. that certainly exists. we know that her campaign is trying to adjust to it. and there's no race to be played there. john roberts, good to see you. thank you very much. so, how critical is this is week? look at it again. tuesday circled in red, the republicans caucus in saturday. saturday in blue the democrats vote in south carolina primary. only days after that, super tuesday, that should have some, i don't know, scary shark music behind it or something. 14 states, many of them winner take all, including texas. no time to regroup because voters in five other states hit the polls. very quick pace now. if you have been asleep at the political switch, it is time to get in the game. no better way to do that than with our fox news political insiders on a sunday night. they're coming up later in the "fox report." stay glued.
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>> an individual decides to be evil, i don't know how you -- how you stop that. and this is tough. the mayor of kalamazoo, michigan, his town is hurting after a string of random shootings that killed people. now we know the suspect was a driver for uber. local media report he picked up customers in his car between the attacks. here's a live look at michigan as this comes together. people gathering for a candlelight vigil to remember the victims. they reportedly range from a group of people returning after seeing a play, a mom standing outside her apartment, a dad and son checking out cars at a dealership, along with the six people killed, two others shot as well, badly hurt. the suspect, jason dalton. uber says he did pass a background check they did on him and they're offering to help police with their investigation. the attacks happened over a span of several hours across three locations. a townhouse complex, that car
4:10 pm
dealership i mentioned and a cracker barrel restaurant. mike tobin is live for us in kalamaz kalamazoo. that vigil getting under way. >> reporter: yeah. pardon the hush tones but we don't want to disturb the prayer service that's under way right now. what we've seen thus far for is a lot of people coming together and hugging, a lot of tears. they put out a call through this network they call jesus loves kalamazoo, a network of about 60 churches to alert people this is a place they could come together to try to make sense of the senseless, to try to find some peace from the center of this violence. and this all comes on a day when neighbors have been speaking. neighbors of jason dalton. they say the guy they knew was a family man. they got the impression that he was a nice guy and they're stunned. >> i thought he was just, you know, a good dad and just an ordinary guy. i would have never put any -- you know, any kind of thought for him on something like this.
4:11 pm
this is just so out of character. >> reporter: and that's pastor paul nouman leading the prayer service right now. a number of church leaders and community leaders are taking part in this event, among the people who will be leading the prayers and who will be speaking is lieutenant governor of michigan. >> we want to be so sensitive. i know they're aware our cameras are there, so i won't hold you, mike, but multiple locations. eight people shot, as i told our viewers. what more about the timeline do we know? >> reporter: well, really it was six hours of terror beginning right about 6:00 p.m. the first victim was shot in front of a group of townhomes out there. shot multiple times but that woman did not die. >> we heard, like, what we -- we didn't know that they were gunshots. we thought it was possibly just, like, rocks or something. hitting the wall. >> reporter: now, closer to 10:00 p.m., a father and son
4:12 pm
were shot and killed outside of a car dealership. the most devastating site of the carnage is the cracker barrel parking lot where four women from battle creek, michigan, were apparently chosen at random and murdered. there was also a 14-year-old girl shot there. at last report she's still fighting forrer had life in critical condition in the hospital. now, following that, jason dalton's car was spotted in the parking lot of a college bar here. the doorman recognized the car from the be on the lookout message that had gone out to police. he called police. ultimately he was arrested without incident. one weapon was recovered. onehing, the neighbors told us is that at some point throughout this whole shooting spree, dalton returned to his home. they heard a couple more shots fired at the house there. >> wow. mike tobin, our thoughts, our prayers are with that community in kalamazoo, michigan, at this hour. thank you.
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a fox news alert now. "the wall street journal" is reporting the united states has agreed to peace talks with north korea to end the korean war. before the north carried out what it claims was a nuclear test. the paper is citing u.s. officials familiar with the events and the talks formally end the korean war that ended with an armistice 60 years ago. pyongyang rejected the condition that the talks include nuke weapons. the state department has released a statement, quote, it was the north koreans who discussed a peace treaty. we carefully considered the proposal and made clear that denuclearization had to be part of any such discussion. the north rejected our response. more on that to come. we'll tell you as it happens. right now, everyday citizens getting involved after a gang reportedly beat up and robbed a u.s. marine corps veteran. tonight, how americans are coming together to help him out. and the vacancy on the supreme court sparking heat
4:14 pm
partisan debate. you saw it play out last week. it continues. and it could be a game-changer in 2016 race, stretching far beyond the race for the white house. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horse power, torque ratios... three spreadsheets later, you finally bring home the one... then smash it into a tree. your insurance company is all too happy to raise your rates... maybe you should've done a little more research on them.
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don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. hundreds of people across america are now coming forward to help a u.s. marine corps veteran who was attacked at a washington, d.c., mcdonald's restaurant. a gang of teenagers reportedly knocked the veteran, christopher marquez, knocking him unconscious and stealing his wallet. a good samaritan has started a gofund me page to replace the $400 he lost. it has blown past that, with almost 14,000 $. the remaining supreme court justices set to return to work tomorrow after the death of their colleague, antonin scalia.
4:18 pm
we covered his funeral live on fox news. gathering at the largest catholic church in the nation to celebrate the life of a legal icon. with justice scalia now laid to rest, the focus shifting to the contentious battle over who should replace him. potentially putting republican senators in a vulnerable position as they try to maintain their majority in 2016. more on this from washington. how is the vacancy proving to be problematic for gop senators? >> reporter: they have two options, they can agree to take up an obama nominee but they would go up against leaders, the conservative base, or they can fight to keep the seat vacant until after the election. if they do that, they risk being labeled as part of the washington gridlock, someone who can't reach across the aisle to get things done. neither of those are appealing for senators facing re-election, especially in swing states. senators like rob portman, and ron johnson from wisconsin, they
4:19 pm
were already vulnerable. now they're facing what could be a lose-lose decision and the majority of the senate hangs in the balance. harris? >> we know president obama took some criticism for not attending that funeral. we were told by the white house that he was studying. he put out -- they didn't. they put out that picture of the binder under his arm. how close do we know the president is to announcing his nominee? >> reporter: on friday the white house declined to give a timeline, but over the weekend president obama began digging into that thick binder that you mentioned he was photographed carrying on friday. inside are the resumes and records of people who the white house says may be worthy of consideration. now, how many people are in that binder? we don't know. all the white house would say is more than two. they don't even have a short list yet. but whoever ends up on top, president obama promises it will be someone who even his most fierce political opponents he would say would serve with
4:20 pm
honor. it's tough to imagine who might fit that criteria in the midst of a heat presidential race. last night candidates on both sides of the aisle weighed in. here's ted cruz followed by hillary clinton in nevada. >> his passing one week ago today, underscores the enormous stakes of this election. it is not just one but two branches of government. >> we all want to get secret on accountable money out of politics. that starts with appointing a new justice to the supreme court. >> reporter: so, the supreme court will begin hearing oral arguments tomorrow with only eight justices on the bench and no time frame for when that pivotal ninth seat may be filled. harris? >> thank you very much. well, you know, you saw it here on fox, jeb bush is out. >> thank you for the opportunity to run for the greatest office on the face of the earth. i love you all. god bless you. >> when we woke up on sunday morning, things had changed. his campaign officially over
4:21 pm
after never really getting off the ground in the first place, some say. so, where will his supporters go? latino voters will make up a large share of the turnout for the republican caucus in nevada on tuesday. who has the edge with them? (fl) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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the battle for the hispanic vote taking on add the significance in nevada, the state's back-to-back caucuses, remember, the democrats went first now to the republicans. and all of it is offering the most diverse electorate yet in the 2016 race with latinos accounting for nearly one-fifth of the potential vote. both political parties looking to harness that key demographic. brian spent the week in nevada talking with voters, with the sunshine and the -- take me with
4:25 pm
you. >> harris, one thing we noticed being in that sunshine is donald trump's immigration talk isn't sitting well with a lot of immigration voters. something both candidates are hoping to capitalize on. his closest rivals, ted cruz and marco rubio, could win over latino voters who feel alienated by trump especially in texas, nevada and colorado, where there's a high latino population. democrats are citing an increase in voter registration, all thanks to trump. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists -- >> reporter: from the day he announced, republicans have used donald trump's comments about mexican immigrants to fuel latino support for their candidates. >> they've used trump's rhetoric as a tool to mobilize latinos who could be citizens but are not to get them naturalized so they can turn out to work. >> reporter: the liberal coalition is helping latinos in trump's biggest hotel to become citizens to vote against him.
4:26 pm
>> translator: i want to vote for the person who's going to help so many immigrants. >> reporter: mexican immigrant helga traveled from washington, d.c., to volunteer for hillary clinton in nevada, after 13 years in the u.s., she's now on the path to citizenship. >> this is truly an important one. and certainly what i hear from the republican side, it's scary. i think it's time to mobilize. >> reporter: republican rivals could benefit from latino republicans wary of trump. fernando left the democratic party nine months ago. he likes marco rubio because of his immigration plan. >> it's one of those things where you say, okay, i've sat at this table for all this time, and i was never given what i was promised. >> reporter: they love me, i love them. >> reporter: despite it all, trump is still way ahead in a state with large latino votes. >> i voted for donald trump because i believe that america needs a ceo. >> harris, i guess can you call it the trump effect, and with two hispanic candidates, it's going to be interesting to see how the latino vote splits. >> you guess you can call it? i mean, that was really interesting.
4:27 pm
and then the last person you talked with there, you know, back after 2012's loss with minute romney, we were talking in the commercial break, the rnc said we cannot win -- their words, we cannot win another election without the latino vote. >> they needed to do better with the inclusion, they said, because mitt romney only won 26% of the vote. they said if hispanic americans perceive a gop nominee or candidate does not want them in the united states, they will not pay attention to our next census. again, this idea that immigration is the gateway issue. you care about the economy, we care about other things but the latino community isn't going to listen to your other things if they can't get past that issue. that's part of what we saw in nevada, harris. >> whether you agree with him or not, who has talked about that issue more than anybody? who got us started with that? >> it's made him arguably the front-runner. the main reason he's the front-runner but there's another side of that. >> that's what your story point out. some people might try to get their citizen because of that.
4:28 pm
thank you. the 2016 election is not the only race in town. the daytona 500. i'm not talking politics, baby. photo finish, denny hamlin edging out martin truex jr. closest race ever finished in u.s. history. denny hamlin's first time winning the great american race. it's also the first victory for toyota. back to the people actually doing the driving. south carolina has spoken. not only did voters tell us who their favorite is in the gop race there, they also shed new lights on issues they feel matter most. you may be surprised by what is on top of that list for them. plus, sdth trump, hillary clinton, one step closer to winning their respective party's nomination, but the road to sealing those noms is in a long and winding one. the fox news political insiders are about to take the seats. brian sitting in right now. join me. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals.
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this is "the fox report ". when it is the bottom of the hour, it's time to bring in the fox news political insiders. john gets so excited when i say that. pat, former pollster for jimmy carter and fox news contributor joining us from location in beautiful charleston, south carolina. doug, former pollster for bill clinton, and fox news contributor. i don't know where he is, but he looks fantastic. and john, former republican congressman for new york, is here across the desk from me.
4:33 pm
gentlemen, we have an incredible night last night. pat, i want to go to you real quickly first just to get your overall thoughts about where we are, particularly among the now-shrinking field of republican candidates. >> well, first of all, i think we need to stop and realize that eight months ago in june, when donald trump got in the race, the consensus of the conventional wisdom of our conventional media was that jeb bush raised over $100 million for a super pac, had all this money and support endorsements, was the certain nominee of the republican party. and then hillary clinton was on her way to coronation. jeb bush is gone and hillary clinton is fighting for her life against a socialist 74-year-old. so, that sets the tone of what we've been through this year. what happened last night and what's happened in the republican party, and is really significant, there was a lot of
4:34 pm
talk that the polls were going down, the trump would win a narrow victory. i saw in this network, i would say friday night, somebody parading around and supposed focus groups with two of the other candidates and with not a single trump voter. i thought, my gosh, maybe trump's done. then yesterday he won, saturday, a crushing victory. he won every section of the state. he won down country, the more moderate area. he defeated cruz upstate. he ran crazy and big in the piedmont. won 44 counties and basically took all segments of the republican party, but particularly those unhappy. >> john, i want to come to you. the leader of your rnc said he is, quote/unquote, ready for anything. and, you know, there are critics who would say that is slightly offensive. that it shouldn't be that he's ready for anything if ice talking, in fact, about donald trump.
4:35 pm
let's watch and then we can speak about it. >> i don't think there are too many people more familiar with the procedures of nominating someone at a convention than i am. so, i'm prepared, and we will be prepared if that happens. >> your thoughts? >> well, it's not going to happen. whole thing is just hooy made up by people. we have primaries with delegates and we're working our way through it, exactly the way it's supposed to happen, but we don't know the outcome, whether trump will end up -- he is clearly ahead at the moment. he's got 35% in every state in every poll all the time. >> is the establishment worried it's going to be donald trump? >> yes, they're very worried about it. the only thing they worry more about is if cruz could be the nominee. they don't want either one of them. they want some guy they can control and keep all their regular -- >> is it really up to them? >> no, it's not up to them. it's up to the voters. what's helping trump at the moment -- >> i know that. i just wanted to you say it. >> if i remember right, 13
4:36 pm
months ago we were all on the set. i leaned over to pat and said to doug, doug, we're talking now about, this is january 2015. we were talking bush, romney, christie. those were the names we were talking about. i remember saying to doug, why do i feel by september we won't be talking about them? and they're all gone. and trump is dominant. and this thing is still very fluid. >> interestingly enough, mitt romney's name came up, but not as a presidential candidate. pat, i want to ask you about this because i'm seeing it on twitter. jeff, do the guys thing romney will endorse marco rubio? helpful or not? we saw a story put out by media outlets and then they are-h to retract it because marco rubio said it wasn't true. >> first, i think there's a natural fit between marco rubio and mitt romney. the "but" is it isn't clear to me that that would be at all helpful to marco rubio.
4:37 pm
in fact, it could be harmful. so, i think there's clearly some doubt in the rubio camp as to whether this is a path they want to take. john and pat are right, it's still a fluid situation. rubio has got to consolidate the establishment vote if he's to have any sort of a chance. and i think he probably is the best chance if someone other than trump is to be nominated. but pat and john are right. donald trump is in a commanding position now. could change, but a very strong one. and hillary clinton, i think, is headed to the nomination, but her only constituency looking at the exit polls is african-americans, where she has strong majorities. >> you know what, i want to talk about those exit polls for a minute. can we pop up what people said coming out of south carolina was most important to them. look at this. 32%, terrorism. pat, who does that play to as a candidate one-on-one? go down that list and where is the strength per candidate?
4:38 pm
>> well, i think, actually, that broke pretty across the board. for both cruz, trump, rubio and even bush. we're seeing where voters who cared about that. clearly, people who were voting for someone thought terrorism was high. what's interesting, harris, is it's number one among republicans as it is in the country, with everyone. but in the democratic, in nevada, it was the last issue. it was so small, they couldn't even break it down. about 6% or 7%. something's out of whack on that sort of thing. but you can see from these issues, the economy, and the immigration, which about 10% supplied donald trump with several major points. he swept that vote. >> quickly, on twitter, trump may have a core group that would have followed him but that won't win him the national vote. just a quick thought. >> i think the three of us have been saying in a way, to donald
4:39 pm
trump through the show, which is you got that 35%. they are devoted to you. now, how to grow? the way to grow is cool it with the personal invehicletive and add on, as he talked about today to chris wallace, i can act presidential. well, he has to start doing it in substance. really lay out what he would do to make america great again. and do it with seriousness and he will go from 35 to 40 and into the 40s. >> interesting. we heard him do some of that. but he -- >> listen, he can do it. >> he said at the town hall last week that he's had to go on attack. go ahead, pat. >> quickly, if you listen to what trump has been talking about this week, he will engage on trade. rubio is a supporter of the transpacific trade deal and free trade. he is not. i expect in this three-man race, that's going to be an issue. he's also been talking about prescription drug costs for all americans. something you don't normally hear from a republican. he is broadening his message,
4:40 pm
but when he stays on it, is when he's most effective. and when he's strongest. >> they're playing our background music, which isn't just a dance. they want us to move on snoop you heard us touch a little bit on jeb bush exiting the race 37 we want to get into that deeper and talk about where some of the votes will go. stay with us. pain from your day can haunt you at night, don't let it. advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. hey liquid wart remover? could! take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast with as few as one treatment. freeze away! dr. scholl's. the #1 selling freeze brand.
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4:44 pm
corruption, crony capitalism is such that bush and clinton would face serious challenges to get their respective nominations. we have also indicated, and i think pat has provided data to this effect, that on the republican side, the anger is even greater than on the democratic side, making it tougher for jeb bush to be competitive. he's leaving the race with a very modest amount of support. i think the -- >> he can help anybody -- >> i'm sorry? >> can he help anybody else? >> i'm not so sure, harris. i think kasich and marco rubio will probably compete most aggressively for his 4% or 5%. can dit candidly, in the scheme of things, i don't think rubio or kasich's calculations will have a lot to do with trump -- sorry,
4:45 pm
with bush. i think they have to do with donald trump and how best they can win votes in the midwest. >> you explained it so clearly. i was wondering, if the electorate is mad, how come it seems like the republicans are willing to kick out a establishmen establishment/dynasty candidate. you said they're more angry on the left than the right. why? >> anger votes, passion votes, they come out and vote. we have to look at this thing. trump has 35% in every state. cruz has around 20%. so, that's 55%, boom, is there right away. the rest is up for grabs and rubio wants to get -- he wants kasich out after michigan, hopefully for him, and bush is now out. he needs to get all those votes. and he's got to start winning a state. he'll get to march 15th, which is the florida primary. that's his home state. he's the sitting senator. he's behind both trump and cruz there. he has to win florida or he's finished. on march 1st cruz has the --
4:46 pm
>> do you believe that's next tuesday? >> yeah. he has to win in texas. i think he will. he's ahead there. kasich has drawn his line next week in michigan. so, this thing's going to be all over the place starting next tuesday for a couple more weeks. if we get it down to really three, and there's one other guy hanging around, carson. he's got four or five points. they had this meeting in a broom closet at a -- >> thursday night. >> thursday night. called by cruz. carson, he went into a closet for half an hour. and i think it's logical that went one on was cruz was trying to make a deal to get ben to drop out on friday, the day before south carolina, and endorse cruz. >> so, wait. >> but it didn't happen. >> cruz, is who is accused of doing what in iowa to -- >> the robo call thes the night before. it did not go well. the meeting did not go well? >> were the brooms coming out of the closet, i guess?
4:47 pm
colleen says let's talk vice presidents, carly fiorina, nikki haley, who would beat clinton and with whom as the nominee? your thoughts. >> well, those candidates are not going to beat the presidential candidates -- >> no, it's the v. >> i think any of them, martinez, carly fiorina, both strong. either one could be. but we're very far away from that still because we have to battle the republicans do inside their party. you have rubio, who has been looked like on paper such a strong candidate, came in well, but doesn't seem to be able to win and seems too much an establishment candidate. i don't know why he wants to be that. you have cruz, who has the best organization, done terrifically, but is becoming an idea llogica candidate and being hit very hard by his opponents for having
4:48 pm
sharp elbows, if you will. you mentioned the thing with carson and -- i can just imagine that meeting. apparently wasn't very nice. in this broom closet. but there's -- he had some -- a terrible ad up on -- and he had robo calls. his pacs are hurting him. you just have to admit it. and yet his campaign has come up with the single best negative campaign, but, unfortunately, it was overshadowed against rubio, let me say, on immigration with the president. but it was overshadowed by that -- by that photoshop stupid thing they did that just added to doubts about him. so, all these candidates have pluses and minuses, but as john said, somebody's got to get over 40 here. and, of course, what the establishment wants is a one-on-one. but sometimes you should not wish things upon yourself. >> well, that's interesting. >> the polling has shown, all these pollsters in all these
4:49 pm
states, taking everybody out and have trump versus rubio, rubio wins like 52-40. trump versus cruz, same thing., beat trump among republican primary voters. that doesn't include independents and democrats, where trump is actually much stronger. so, this thing has a ways to go. >> senator bernie sanders may be down after losing the nevada caucuses to hillary clinton, but is he out? and for more on the crucial hispanic vote, go to the political insiders are come back to weigh in on it all. stay close. many sleep-aids have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep.
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4:53 pm
i misspoke, rob, you're right. it was actual live calls done from the cruz head quart others the night, february 1st of the iowa caucus, saying there's a report out that ben carson's dropping out of the race. >> that was the irony they went into the so-called broom closet to work out a deal. like, could that really happen? let's move on. can we put up the delegate count for the democrats? i want to go straight to doug. 502-70. doug? >> yeah. a couple of things going on. the vast majority of the 502, harris, are super delegates who theoretically are committed to secretary clinton but could change their minds. but as long as secretary clinton wins victories, however narrow, as in iowa and nevada, those delegates will stay right now, she's on a path to the nomination. a detailed look at the nevada exit polls, as we were discussing preliminarily before shows that only with
4:54 pm
african-americans did she have strong numbers. she did relatively well with older women. won hispanics i think narrowly. but candidly, she shows great weakness. her negative is very high. i believe she'll be the nominee. i believe she's going to win south carolina because of african-americans. but her weakness rather than her strength came through last night. >> young women i'm talking to are saying they simply accept the fact that there will be a woman president in their lifetime. they don't know what they want this woman to be yet, so they're willing to wait. every time she plays the woman card, that's not working for her. i want to give you twitter. t.m. freeman writes, will bernie supporters embrace clinton if it should come to that? your thoughts, quickly, doug. >> i think they will because they won't have anywhere else to go. but candidly, harris, this is such a volatile year. they are so committed to their candidate. and so ideological, you can't say definitely. it's the problem hillary faces,
4:55 pm
trying to thread the needle between the left, the center, and ultimately the right. >> pat, before we go to a quick break, i want to get your thoughts on what's coming up for hillary clinton. and, you know, more e-mails came out this past week. >> yes. well, let me just deal with this thing. honest and trustworthy factor in nevada. people who thought that was important voted 84-11. they voted 91-5 in new hampshire for sanders. she finally won a contest. i disagree with doug. she did not win iowa. they will not release the results. and the chairman of the democratic party dr. mcguire has a car in which her license plate reads, according to "the des moines register," hrc-16, which is hillary rodham clinton '16. but i'll tell you where she goes now. she's still going to have a real fight. bernie is taking her base of unhappy and alienated white workers. >> all right. >> so it's going to be a long
4:56 pm
contest. >> we're coming right back. final thoughts with the political insiders. and your tweets. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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4:59 pm
...non-drowsy allergy brand. live claritin clear. every day. final thoughts. let's go to john first. >> harris, the polling has shown the two candidates running for president this year who are considered the least honest and trustworthy, hillary and trump. and yet as of today, they're leading their two parties for the nomination. which makes me want to ask pat and doug, is there still room in this race for someone to run against both of them on the idea we've got to be honest and trustworthy? >> ten seconds each, gentlemen. doug, go first. >> well, mayor bloomberg, my client, is assessing the process now. so we will see what he answers by early march. >> okay. what do you think he's leaning, bloomberg? >> i don't know, honestly. >> all right. pat, your final thought?
5:00 pm
>> my final thoughts are these. i watched the press go after trump and other republicans. >> pat, i'm going to owe you one next week. forgive me, buddy. "fox news" anchored by bret bai baier, next. we are going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. >> the political establishment has been taking a thrashing. >> that is not what democracy is about. that is what oligarchy is about! >> and the voters are taking over. >> you need to make me speak or i will shut it down. get out of my face. >> what i learned about hillary, she's very corrupt and she lies a lot. and that's it. we're done. >> this hour, we'll look at how people are speaking out. i'm gay. and i support trump. >> i don't want to have a beer with the president. i want him


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