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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 21, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. look for savings on boost® in your sunday paper. >> breaking tonight less than two-days until the nevada caucuses. can the trump momentum build? as we welcome to a special sunday edition of "justice. i am judge jeanine pirro. thank you for being with us tonight. the candidates for president back at it after hours after a late night in south carolina for the gop. a close one in nevada for the democrats. here are some of the highlights from today on the stump. >> we are going to win, oh, are we going to win. you are going to get so tired of winning. you are going to get so tired you are going to say, please, please, mr. president. we can't stand it any more. we don't want to keep winning.
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we can't stand it. i am going to say i don't care. we are going to keep winning. we are going to make america great again. >> we have to grow this party which means we have to take our message to penople who don't voe for us now for people who have been told for decades republicans and conservatives don't care about them. you know the story we tell them the democrats and big government is good for working people and republicans only care about the rich. >> we have to make sure my friends nothing holds you back not discrimination not a deck always stacked for those at the top. breaking down the barriers for our country is a big job. we are not going to get it done by making promises that don't add up. >> which defend our rights in privacy the 4th and fifth
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amendments. how many of you all have your cell phones. let me ask you, please leave your cell phones on. i want to make sure barack obama hears ever are i word we say today. >> saturday, south carolina has the opportunity to make american history and i hope you will. >> we go around once we may as well make history as we go around. we may as well do something that people will remember decades from today. with me to break it down foreign republican speaker for the florida house of representatives will weatherford and former
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senior aid to democratic senator chuck schumer and syndicated radio host chris hawn. all right guys. first question you are not surprised? >> no. >> you were a good friend of jeb bush. he's out. are you surprised nicky haley didn't support him? >> i am not surprised. it was a tough decision for her to make. south carolina was not a good night for jeb bush. i think he was a great candidate he would have been a good president. this was not his year to run. >> who will his support go to? >> there's no question marco rubio stands to benefit the most. >> i think when people are friends or become enemies it is hard to get them back again. >> if the infighting between the
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staff, too, they will never for give what happens. >> who do you think? >> i think they split up. i think some will go to trump believe it or so a a lot will go to rubio. some will go to kasich. >> you can't say i want you to go for this guy because he's more like me. if someone told mae where to go i would tell them where to go. >> jeb bush voters are not going to donald trump. he's a divisive candidate. reckle reckless. he he's not a conservative candidate. >> people voting for bush like the bush family. >> south carolina was bush friendly. let's look at some of the polls that came out. the most important qualifications the republican said that you see shared values. they went for donald trump. the candidate was experienced
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which obviously takes hull ry. >> he wants to be a socialist. >> he has no plans. bernie is the music man. where is the plan. where is the plan. >> he takes 80 percent of your salary. you have got no plan. neither does trump for that matter. >> unfortunately for the democratic party hillary clinton is your best bet for winning the white house. she has damage in the campaign ethical issues chasing her all over the place. this is set to be a great republican year. even if she gets that bernie sanders. >> what if she gets past the fbi and the justice department. >> the republicans can't win virginia without virginia they can't win the presidency.
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>> very little chance nominating somebody let me pick john kasich. doesn't look like they are going to do that>> is the brokerage convention the last ditch hope of those who were antitrust? >> he's an anger candidate. he's 16 people in the race and 10 people in the race. >> everybody keeps saying that. >> the race will narrow down and people will look for an uplifting voice. not a voice of negativity. >> when you look at the campaign they are having fun. this is the thing. i saw the candidates saying wow 70 percent does not want donald
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trump. >> 80 percent of the democratic party say hillary is not trust worthy. >> politicians most think they are not trust worthy. it is not a good issue to run on. >> that's a very good point. anyway, going forward after super tuesday we have the primary south carolina hillary is going to win. >> the latino vote. a lot of talk about that and cursing. the clinton sxan used t -- campn used the bs word that bernie sander's team was full of poop when they said they won a latino vote. >> they couldn't have won the latino vote and had her win the way they won. they were in the las vegas county area. there is no way the poll was after it. >> the guy who claims to be a
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socialist proudly -- she is a socialist. the fact that she is getting a hard time getting past someone in their 70's who claims to be a socialist as far left as they could possibly get. >> it is not just the 74-year-old guy. it's the guy who is speaking to a lot of people. >> where do the blue collar workers go? >> that's a good yes. you are talking about the general election>> i think that goes to who the nominee is. >> the construction guys. i have a feeling trump will cut into that democratic union. >> i don't think so. i think there's too much to play. they are not going to trust donald trump. >> trump is pliable. >> trump is not going to be the
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nominee. he's not conservative. he doesn't represent the true value of the republican party. >> trump is winning and he has a path to it. >> thank you so much. >> now we talk about where the race goes from here. let's talk to the communications expert lee carter. good evening, lee. >> good evening. >> my question for you talking about the latinos just now everybody said that sanders had them, hillary won in the areas that were latino heavy. >> my conclusion is hillary had to win the vote. he said she said entrance polls. i don't think any one is going to say hillary won the way she did if she didn't get the vote there. >> some of the exit polls make it clear the african americans
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are with hillary. that's a no-brainer. we know that's going to happen. what about bernie dasanders eve the numbers 22 percent when they got out of south carolina they are far more diverse. this doesn't bowed well for bernie sanders. >> it duds not. hip ry is in the double digits. knowing the polls are still there's a lot of stuff she should be safely the nominee. there's a lot of things that can happen. i think she should be concerned lacking how close she is that it is in the race given that she is all but coordinated before. >> what do you think the republicans are now. would they rather run against
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hillary or bernie? >> i think they would rather run against hillary. i think hillary has a big issue it's trust issue. 6 out of 10 democrats have trouble trusting had ill ry. 9 out of 10 republicans do. it will be hard for her to pull voters over. bernie is a much more emotional sale. if i were a republican i would feel much more comfortable i had to run against hillary especially if i were donald trump. >> based upon what you have seen so far, is it going to be trump? >> so far it is what it is looking like. with he can look at all of the polls and there are a lot of polls within the margin of error. we are looking forward to the super tuesday polls. bush stepped out, where are those votes going to go. trump hadz a ton of momentum. i am somebody who i will admit got this wrong in the beginning. with the momentum you are talking to people trump is giving them hope. trump is giving them enthusiasm that you just don't get from any other candidate. that is really, really
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important. that is what will drive people to go and vote and change their minds they are having conversations. people are switching their mike all of the time toward trump. it is unexpected toward a lot of people the way they used to think. >> people are giving them inspiration and all of that who does that remind you have? hope and change jeers ago. top of the side of the political spectrum but that's what americans want. >> some of the exit polls show the democrats for most important issue for economy and jobs. for republicans the issue has to do with terrorism or safety. >> terrorism, economy and jobs that is donald trump's appeal. he's saying i am going to make america great again i am going
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to give jobs back to people who need jobs. >> how do you think it is going to play out if it is a hillary donald trump campaign if hillary doesn't get indicted? >> if hillary doesn't get indicted and it is hillary verses trump i think hillary will have a hard time. trump motivates people and excites people. hillary does not. democrats will be motivated to go out and vote against the republicans and not for her. >> when you talk about motivated far fewer came out in nevada to vote for the dems and far more came out in south carolina to vote for the republicans. >> ideology and the supreme court a fascinating fight.
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i am going to talk to a long time expert on the court who has surprising things to say. next the pope with done in aed trump. radio talk show hoets and author is here to tell us who won the battle and why. then... >> do you know of any country that has been a socialist country. >> no. i didn't do great in history class. >> we are talking socialism. tonight street justice doesn't mi -- don't miss it. "justice i growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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>> donald trump not only had a huge win in south carolina but a dust off not only the head of catholic church pope francis. the author is cultural commentary on issues of faith. eric, what do you think of the dumb stuff pause the pope in the right or the wrong? >> the pope was in the wrong but here's the key. i am a very pro catholic non catholic. this is a teaching moment for everybody in america and many catholics. the pope is not invaluable at all times. when he speaks like a regular
9:19 pm
guy like from argentina he's just opining like any figure would. officially as pope. then it is infallible. >> why would he get involved in this? >> baud he's a human being who makes mistakes. >> christians should build bridges not walls. that's a cliche. that's true but does that apply to immigration policy? >> that's the point in the world in which we live we have walls. i don't want stranger rs to come in. that's a weird thing he said that. >> what about donald trump swub suggesting i am not a christian. >> as usual with trump i found his response like fall downhill
9:20 pm
layer why yous. i am not saying this to disparage him. it was funny. he say how dare a religious leader judge people on their faith. i thought who do you want a plumper to judge people on their faith. >> he doesn't know donald trump. how could he judge him anyway? >> the pope wasn't really judging trump on his faith. he was making an off -- he said i think he said to do that wasn't christian. not that he wasn't a christian. >> one word one letter a. >> speaking at the election how are catholics going to do when they vote? >> if donald trump was pro abortion if you are catholic there are plenty of catholics out there. they both the candidates like biden or pelosi or people who claim to be catholic who think
9:21 pm
it's okay to do abortions it's not okay. >> that's not on the table here. >> no. >> i want to talk about the election. i want to talk about some of the things that have happened and some of the things that are being said. i know that we have some sound where hillary clinton is talking about the fact that -- i think we have it. i will always try to tell the truth. >> what do you think of that? >> i think there are times when -- i think i read a piece about this today. there are times when a simple answer, right, it tells you something. an answer like that almost shows you that hearing the question created great stress for her. she is not someone both democrats would -- to say i will always try, the nice way of putting it is it's a cop out. it also tells you here's a person with truth and lie she is
9:22 pm
very uncomfortable. >> even going forward there are a lot of things they can contract dikt her on. with the benghazi family she said i am telling the truth saying they are the liars and not me. >> she doesn't believe in truth. that's my opinion. there are certain people that believe in power. they will do w need to do to get that power. i believe the clintons think at that way. they think they are doing that for the right reason. it makes no difference because i want the power. >> i want to go to new movie risen. >> it is up against dead pool and kung too panda 3 which of course every family is going to go do. >> tell me about the movie.
9:23 pm
i was going to say it is rare. it is basically unique except for the passion. a movie that has overtly religious people but it is not. it is a movie for everybody. to pull that off is almost impossible. there are a lot of films where they are religious and they have this religious feel. i praise them and like them tell people to see them but i said i wish the film would make one where everybody can so too. it takes the point of view of an unbeliever under pontius pilot. a roman guard. >> investigating the resurrection. >> the famous joseph fines. he tells pontius pilot if you don't find the body of the would be messiah we are going to have chaos and revolution. it is obvious we killed him the body exists, you do what you need to do to find that body. >> that's what the movie is about. >> the movie abois about trying find the body. good luck with that.
9:24 pm
>> yeah, finding the body. i get it. >> next a bernie sanders reporter is talking about bernie's brand of socialism. >> have you ever heard socialism is a political and economic organization where the government pretty much owns all of the methods of productions and redistributes the wealth? >> say that again? >> street justice is still ahead. don't go "ow..."
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>>. live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. the man accused of last night's killing spree in michigan is facing multiple counts of first degree murder. six people died in the shooting
9:29 pm
and two others were hurt. mourners including the michigan lieutenant government were at a prayer vigil to remember the victims. and the u.s. state department agreed to talks with north korea to try to end the core ren war, and the latest north korean nuclear test in january, the u.s. insisting north korea reduce it's nuclear arsenal for the talks. a formal peace treaty was never signed. i'm kelly wright. now, back to justice with judge jeanine. . jeanine. >> hillary clinton beating bernie sanders in nevada despite his momentum after the new hampshire win. so with the democratic primary in south carolina less than a week away what does bernie need to do to turn his race back into his favor? with me now is executive
9:30 pm
director with democracy for america and charles chamberlain. thank you foring wi being with . is your candidate cooked? >> no, not at all. we have 26 contests ahead of us over 800 delegates to choose. this isn't a sprint it is a marathon. we have a lot of room to win here. we are going to see a lot of victory ies come in. >> he is not projected to win south carolina this saturday. it is kind of interesting in light of the fact that it was just this week we saw pictures of him being arrested in the 60's apparently in civil rights marches. are you surprise he's not winning south carolina since hillary lost it four years ago? eight years ago. >> i think we have to recognize we are running against the most famous woman in the world. that means there's going to be some contests that will be easier than others and others will be hard. what we need to look at is how
9:31 pm
much does she need to win by? she needs to have a new hampshire type win. if we can win by 20 points that will say something about what lyndon intoynn -- clinton is do. she is going to win it. the question is will it be enough. let me ask you about the super delegates. they can change hear mind. when i started looking at the states she already got them locked in. does that make you feel like the whole race the whole election or the nomination is rigged in her favor? >> no question the establishment they have got their in for hillary. super delegates for the democratic party are lobbyists and insiders and no question the overwhelming establishment goedz for hillary. we saw this in 2008. the pledged delegates are equal. we have 51 pledged delegates between the candidates. it's a tied race.
9:32 pm
what we saw in 2008 is super delegates that originally supported hillary flip to support the rank and file democrats. the votes that happen in the state. as long as bernie can do it and win the largest number of rank and file delegates through out the race we will have the super delegates to our side and we will win this thing. >> bernie, his audiences are so much stronger, but at the same time there was a low voter turnout in nevada, certainly lower than four years ago. were you surprised at the lack of energy or lack of momentum in terms of the nevada caucus for your candidate? >> you know, if you look at new hampshire bernie out performed hillary clinton for 2008 by 38 percent. that's a huge extra turnout. a lot of that had to do with doing the independents in the polls. in iowa and nevada the overall numbers are down a bit. that's something the democrats need to worry about bit about.
9:33 pm
we are motivating people to get to the polls. caulk caucus ks are hard they happen in the middle of the workday hard for the core supporters of the democratic party to get to the polls and spend two-hour, three hours talking. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> next it's debate time. should apple crack defend bern ben killer's iphone and help the government potentially stop more attacks or is the company right to refuse? i have two people with two different views on this. next. ♪ ♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you.
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>> antonin scalia was laid to rest on saturday. it sparked a battle about the nomination for a new justice. author of "murder in the supreme court and landmark crimes." >> good evening. >> nice to be with you. >> nice to have you on tonight. i am not going to get into it. make sure you and i are in agreement. both sides played games with nominees objecting to them and now they are saying we want justice, we want justice we want to follow the constitution. >> exactly. >> let's move on. how is justice scalia's death impacting the republican presidential race as it relates to the appointment of the successor? >> we don't know how it will play out. we don't at this point. republicans have their right to get their man on the supreme court. if that means blocking president obama's nomination they should
9:39 pm
do what is in the best interest of the republican party and best interest of the united states. if they block the nomination the court will be crippled on these big socially divisive issues for two years. this term will end in june and next term begins in october. you get a new nominee named in january confirmed march it is gone. as bad as that is it might be worth it for the republicans to purs pursue that. there's another big concern. first of all if they block the no nomination and there's a qualified nominee they approved for a lower court there could be fallout for the republican party in the election. >> you are saying if they support an appointee what's different now obama the president says i nominate this guy. how do you say no they want it now? >> they say these issues are so important they want the american people to baye in on it.
9:40 pm
whoever is nominated has to be confirmed by the senate. 33 senators are up for election in november. 23 of them i think it is 23 are republican. they should ask themselves what are the odds we might lose the senate? donald trump is the frontrunner for the presidential nomination. you will lose either one of those. mitch mcconnell may do well with all of the president saying can we make a deal? >> let's look at the other site. the president will ask are you going to appoint a moderate he says no. >> if he no am nates anybody they have record on ideological issues i think they will have to take that to the matt. >> every bit that's important with who is leaving. if you know the republican is going to block the nomination
9:41 pm
whoever obama nominates. what qualifies the nominee pick me. get in the middle of this donnie group. >> who do you think that the president could not r nominate and ideology how does that play into all of this? >> i have no inside information about all of that at all. two prominently mentioned possible nominees could be sree sree vass sen. en neither one wrote anything on ideological issue. they are highly respected. orrin hatch said we could not do better from a democratic president than garland. you have two guys if the republicans don't stem down i think there could be fall out from that. on the other hand if the president selects somebody with a clear ideological record the fight begins it will last for
9:42 pm
two years. >> it is interesting the two judges have an expressed ideology in all of the decisions and cases they have handled. that is interesting in itself. >> i think one they try to avoid it but sometimes they can't help it. the cases are assigned to them. might be a luck of the draw. >> tim, thank you so much. >> another battle dominating the headlines is apple verses the fbi. tim cook's company refuses to crack the san bernardino shooter's iphone. my next guests are ready to duke it out. cyber security expert and professional hacker david kennedy fights with apple while former member of the fbi terror task force steven rogers says they are going unamerican. on the phone is former federal judge steven larson the lawyer representing the victims of the san bernardino terror attack who are filing a legal brief in support of the u.s. government to force apple to act. all right, david you think apple is doing the right thing.
9:43 pm
why? >> let's look at this first. what they are trying to do is get this one phone. farook had two phones one that was destroyed a personal phone and one owned by the county which is what they are trying to get at now. the fbi accidentally reset the pass word which would have allowed them and apple sent technicians to help them. since the fbi met thssed this o specific issue up they are requesting they back door this one specific phone. one of my friends jake on twitter put it in an easy way. it is not a master key for one safe deposit box it is a safety key for all future safe deposit box. >> let me ask you this. my understanding of the judge's court order is that the code is unique to this device and they are not asking them to write or code. in fact they say you can keep the phone we are only asking so we can preserve the evidence.
9:44 pm
if we keep trying to break the four digit code or go over 10 times it will erase everything. what is wrong with that? >> the technique they are introducing to allow them to do that would create a back door or a flaw in the software that effects all iphones. >> the new iphones have a new technology called enclave. they don't allow apple to get after them. what happens in the next tr or situation? >> why should apple comply. i think they should there's a court order. >> what i find most disturbing is the execs at apple don't understand we are at war. this is going to be a war unlike any war we have ever seen in the history of this country. >> why is apple picking to fight this case where the optics are against them. sure you can get the millennials to come in and say i want my privacy but why is apple fighting this? >> it is mind boggling. i will say this to you judge and mr. kennedy if your name and
9:45 pm
family's name and locations were targets on that phone, you would not be talking about privacy tonight. you would be talking about protecting your family. how about talking about protecting your country. we are doing it on a case by case basis. intelligent information step up to the plate and do what other americans are doing. >> here we have a dead terrorist phone that belongs to the county that a judge says apple should be able to open that four code so they can preserve the evidence. what is wrong with that. i know it is a slippery slope i want to call in the federal judge. >> it does actually say that. it means apple whenever they produce any security technology in the future it has to provide
9:46 pm
access to phones. >> this is a unique case. >> they have family members from san bernardino judge can you tell us this is something apple should do? oo there is no question apple needs to comply with the federal court order. this is the process it creates. federal law enforcement in the court order and search warrants. we know what is required for the best to get an order in order to do that type of inclusive work. it is this war we are fighting just indicated. this is a case by case basis. in this case there is a compelling reason to get the information from the ted
9:47 pm
terrorist ace hophone that isn' owned by the terrorists it was owned by the town of san bernardino. >> why did the fbi handle this appropriately. apple provided them step by step guidelines was getting this information without having to get the pin out of it. they botched it on accident. >> do you know that to be the case, judge? >> the county made an official statement as of friday releasing that they are under the guidance of the fbi. >> let me tell you what my conversations with the fbi are. they said we don't want the code they will think that one day it is four numbers we can't blow it because it will be erased. is it a universal back door?
9:48 pm
no. it is about a judge's order by the way guys i think this is going to the united states supreme court. >> i asked that question of you if your name was on the target list in the phone wouldn't you say it is time to talk about national security not privacy. i would love to hear the questianswer to that question. >> i have fought in two wars i wouldn't sacrifice my security for those d d -- privacy for that. >> nobody k is asking anybody to sacrifice privacy. this is part of a hyperbole. this is an unique case involving a unique phone. >> david kennedy steven rogers judge larson thanks so much. if you have been waiting all if you have been waiting all night treat justice is if time is infinite, why is there never enough of it?
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when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. ♪ go paperless ♪ don't stress, girl ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ]
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. >> i wanted to see how many people knew exactly what socialism is. i took to the streets in my latest edition of "street justice to find out. take a look at this. >> you know what socialism is?
9:53 pm
>> i do. >> what is it? >> sharing the wealth. >> what is socialism? >> socialism is an economic system that -- well, let me think about it for a minute. >> i think it's where everybody pays their own share, the fair share. >> socialism is a part of a utopian belief in everybody having an equal share of society. >> it is just the person who talks to other people a lot. >> yeah, a socialist. >> i am all for a lot of the values that socialism promote. i don't think it is the economic system that has a pro enrecord. >> it is a thatter reof government which provide for more close valuing of all people and allows the poorer to live more substantial lives. >> do you know of any country had a has been a socialist
9:54 pm
country? >> no. i wasn't great in history class. >> socialism is akin to communism except there is no government control over every aspect of yao you are life. >> socialism would be horrible for our country. socialism is when you take money from people that make money and give it to people that are networking. >> if you brought us here what would you do to america? >> it would make america different than what it is. it is a free enter enterprising system. it is more affordable free healthcare or more affordable free tuition and college. it would be good. >> who pays for it? >> in the current environment the very wealthy should be tacked at a much eyer rate than they are. >> it didn't work because they were over spending on a military budget and the rest of the world waudz in a free market society
9:55 pm
and they couldn't cope with it. >> i don't know if it's going to work. you have people that don't want to let go of their money. >> why is bernie resinating? >> i think he relates to people as well. i find him charming to look at. last guy in the world i would ever vet for. >> did you ever heard socialism is a political and economic organization where the government owns all of the method of production and redistributes the wealth? >> say that again? >> you know what socialism is? >> yes. i lived in a socialistic country. >> what do you think of socialism? >> one thing here is the day that's why socialist is not that great. >> thank you. >> we will be right hey mom. yeah? we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that?
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>> i am greg gutfeld once again straight from the local penitentiary. here's what's coming up, victory for donald trump. the establishment couldn't get over the hump. the tomatoes in my garden plump. hillary wins bernie sin spins. the grapple national security in one corner right to privacy in another. i am in the middle eating a delicious taco. let's get started, america. i have a hot yoga class with my good friend eric estrada. >> let's welcome tonight's guest. he


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