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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 22, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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rid of homework so we can continue to dumb down our children. activism is what matters. >> most of you seem to agree. >> homework is hard, but you got do it. >> have a great day. "fox & friends" starts now. see you tomorrow. >> bye. hi, friends. good morning. today is monday, 22nd of february, i'm anna kooiman. he took fares in the middle of ailing spree. shocking details about the uber driver accused wiof killing peoe at random. one person ran for his life before the rampage. >> running stop signs, driving through medians, driving through the lawn. i jumped out and ran away. >> live in kalamazoo as police try to unravel a motive. then, donald trump still basking in the south carolina victory. he says this is just the beginning. >> we're just going one after another are. we going win georgia?
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[ applause ] >> the question, though, is can any other republican derail that trump train? and kanye west may be the real golddigger. the rapper claims he's tens of millions of dollars in debt. now the philadelphia police department want to talk to him about a job. this hour, the sergeant behind the viral post joins us live to see if kanye will take him up on his offer. i am glad you took us up on your offer, on our offer to join us in the morning because mornings are better with friends. kanye looks good in uniform. >> yeah. >> in his furs, too. he says he has money to buy him and his family furs but needs extra for creativity. i guess there's a bigger pot for that. >> big ideas. >> yeah, the creative pot which is empty. then you have the other which is -- >> you need a lot of cash. we'll talk about politics in just a moment because there's a
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big caucus in nebraska -- nebraska? nevada tomorrow. right now, all right's talk about kalamazoo. the fox news alert. details in the deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan, that left six dead and two others hurt. >> steve, the suspect just identified as an uber driver who took fares between the shootings. authorities are scrambling to unravel a motive. >> wow. mike tobin scrambled ed td to kalamazoo for the breaking details. mike? >> reporter: we've learned as the uber company is admitting that the accused killer was one of their drivers, we have chilling tales from people who claim saturday night he was picking up fares, giving people rides during this horrific killing spree. there's one twitter user who calls himself i am keith black who claims dalton gave him a ride saturday. this morning, i am keith black writes he's lucky to be alive. there are accounts that dalton was driving erratically. >> kind of driving through medians, driving through the
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lawn, speeding along. then finally, once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> reporter: we went to dalton's house where a neighbor described dalton as the best neighbor he had ever lived by. others said he appeared to be a family man, a nice guy, they never saw this coming. >> this is just -- i would have never put any kind of thought for him on something like it. this is just so out of character. >> reporter: saturday night the killing spree stretched over six hours. the first shooting was at a row of townhouses. a woman shot multiple times but survived. the next shooting was at a car dealership. a father and son gunned down there. the scene of the greatest bloodshed was where i am now, the cracker barrel parking lot. four women from battle creek, michigan, were murdered in cold blood. a 14-year-old girl was shot. she has been through surgery. she's now clinging to life in critical condition. all of the victims apparently
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chosen at random. it should be noted that during this killing spree, some of the neighbors told us that dalton returned to his house rather casually. one said he heard gunshots from the house during this period of time. dalton is scheduled to be arraigned later this afternoon. back to you in new york. >> mike tobin live in kalamazoo with the latest. apparently just before he was apprehended, he took somebody for a ride. somebody pushed the uber app. and in fact, they'd been apparently out drinking. and said the reason we're calling you is we've been out. but also, have you heard about the shooter? and then when people said -- you're not the shooter, are you? the guy goes, no, i'm not the shooter. >> he took a pause. >> are you sure? he goes, i'm just tired. it was apparently -- >> that may have added fuel to the fire. >> crazy. four minutes to the top of the hour, just as you had time to exhale saturday after the dramatic results from the democrats in nevada and of
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course south carolina for the republicans, now it's back to action in nevada for tuesday. that is tomorrow, the republican party. back to the caucus system. >> big steam ahead for donald trump heading into nevada. there before a crowd in atlanta, thousands gathered. take a look at this. >> we love you. we had such an amazing victory yesterday. incredible. that was something. and the week before, i'll tell you what, we're just going one after another. are we going win georgia? >> yes! >> out of the seven congressional districts, we won all seven. we picked up every single delegate. we walked away with 50. there are 50, and we picked up 50. let's go. it was just a signal. just amazing. the victory last night was very, very decisive. >> so here it was. decisive indeed.
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it was double digit. trump beat marco rubio, ahead of ted cruz by ten points. apparently the republicans shattered the turnout records in south carolina. they've never had that many people turn out for one of their primaries. looking ahead to the next 14 primaries, according to the associated press, donald trump leads in ten of the 14. he leads in nevada, alabama, alaska, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, virginia, oklahoma, minnesota, louisiana. >> in the delegate count now, trump with 67. cruz with 1. rubio ten. kasich with five. carson three. kasich says i'm not going to nevada. and i think that on most polls -- there you see it -- on most polls, it looks like trump is set to prevail again in nevada, up by 20. there's a "wall street journal" poll out there that has cruz on top. again, the "wall street journal" also had the poll which they co-wrote. >> the outlier. >> the outlier i ghaes had cruz within five. hee he was not within five.
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>> let's look at number-two candidate out of south carolina. and that is senator marco rubio. he had massive crowds, as well. in fact, he's using some jokes. listen to this -- >> there is a lunatic in north korea who has nuclear weapons. [ applause ] >> he's not a lunatic -- he's not a lunatic. i know i said this a couple times at a debate, and they got mad at me. he knows exactly what he's doing. >> after being accused of being mr. roboto in that debate and saying i'm never going to do it again, he's using it as a joke. in front of a different crowd he said, "i should have worn my high-heel boots. this is the biggest crowd of my campaign yet." new pep in his step. >> he acted like he won. if you looked at his speech, he acted like he won the south carolina primary. he did well, but he -- he was ten points from donald trump. >> he also had some start power on stage with him. donnie wahlberg and rick
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harrison on stage with marco rubio. by the way, rick harrison, the pawn guy, going to be joining us live in about an hour right here on fox newschannel. >> rick harrison believes his stance on the economy and he loves his stance on education. we'll talk to him. >> even though the fact that he backed marco rubio earlier has cost him business. >> yeah. let's talk democrats. bernie sanders knows hillary clinton has been stealing his numbers. he knows. he'll say stuff, next couple of days, hillary says the same thing. listen to this. here she is at a rallyada followed by bernie making that accusation on "meet the press." >> and we also agree that wall street should never be allowed to threaten main street again. no bank could be too big to fail. no executive too powerful to jail. >> we're looking into the copyright issues here. those are our words.
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obviously i think what the secretary has recognized is the american people are extremely angry about the power of wall street. >> i mean, she's been so cozy with wall street, too. i would have used that opportunity to say release your transcripts from the speeches you made at goldman sachs. >> right. the word is they're going to be coming out soon. they are being released, being leaked. the anti-wall street message might go against, might, we don't know, which is goldman sachs. got $650,000. it's not unusual to take the front-runner's pattern. if you think about this, what about the rest of the candidates and how they've really stolen donald trump's words on immigration, on cracking down on what he says about muslims, how he got tough on cracking down on things like that -- >> after watching so many
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elections, is special t soit -- it something you see all the time. we're starting to see that? >> sure. >> right now, people are motivated on the republican side. they said at the outset, south carolina shattered records. meanwhile, when you look at democrats and the rate of turnout over 2008, they're way down. >> yeah. down by one-third. >> in nevada. there's an enthusiasm problem on the left, not so much on the right. >> ten minutes after the hour. good to have heather back. >> hi, great to see you. >> you didn't break a leg skiing. >> i didn't break a leg skiing. last night i made your australian beef pie. cooking with friends. great to be back with you all. i have a couple of headlines now. new overnight, firing back at apple over its refusal to unlock the san bernardino killer's iphone. some saying the request is no
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big deal because the government doesn't break anyone else's encryption. just his. apple has refused a judge's order to help saying it would endanger the privacy of millions. and now the victims of the san bernardino attacks are going after the tech giant, filing a legal brief saying they have the right to know why they were targeted. days before north korea's latest nuclear test, we've learned that the obama administration has secretly agreed to peace talks with the rogue nation. the heating exchange as the u.s. dropped long-standing condition that north korea should first take steps to denuclearize. instead, they asked for the nuclear program to just be a part of the talks. pyongyang denied the offer and went ahead with the test. the state department acknowledges the exchange but says it took place with u.s. goals in mind. the supreme court back in session today after the funeral of justice antonin scalia. a somber mood. eight justices will hear oral arguments.
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huge move at the end of the daytona 500 to win by less than six inches. wow. that's considered the closest win in race history. >> i don't know where that came from. i don't know what would happen -- i can't figure out what i did. it all came together. >> who cares, it worked out, right? it was hamlin's first victory in ten tries at day tonight a. congratulations. fantastic. those are your headlines. great to be back with you. >> great to have you back. he doesn't know what he did but should do it again because he won. >> i think he just went faster at the end. we'll look at the tape. the uber driver accused of
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killing six will face a judge this morning. the lead prosecutor in the kalamazoo county, michigan, case joins us with chilling new details on the case that's still unfolding. what happens when the lights go out at a donald trump rally? >> whoa. >> those lights were brutal. they come from the dishonest press? [ applause ] >> don't turn them on. forget it. better, right? ake chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic
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good morning, everyone. this is a fox news alert. brand-new information about the suspect accused of killing six people and injuring two others in a random shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. the suspect, ryan dalton, is an uber driver who passed a background check and may have taken fares between the spree. investigators call it their worst nightmare and are trying to figure out why. here with the latest is kalamazoo county prosecuting attorney jeff getting. good morning, thanks for being with us. >> good morning, thank you for having me on. >> what can we expect today as far as charges and arraignment and all that? >> this morning, i expect that the three lead investigating police agencies, sheriff's department, kalamazoo department of public safety, and the michigan state police will be presenting their initial police reports to my office for review. we'll make a decision, a final decision on charges after reviewing those reports. and i expect the suspect will be
3:18 am
in court and be at district court this afternoon to be arraigned on those charges. >> for our friends waking up with us this morning and didn't follow the breaking news on saturday into sunday, here's the timeline -- at 5:42 p.m., a woman was shot outside an apartment complex. at 10:08, a father and son were shot and killed at a kia car dealership. at 10:24, the shooter opened fire outside of a cracker barrel. then at 12:40 a.m., the suspect is taken to custody. now, many of us are familiar with places like that, restaurants, car dealerships, apartment complexes. this is so startling for us. do you feel like law enforcement acted quick enough? >> absolutely. i think that this is very much a victory for law enforcement. the -- there were several hours that separated the first shooting from the second and third. those happened close in time with each other. the police acted quickly with assistance from the sealy
3:19 am
automotive group and cracker barrel to be able to review videotape from both of those scenes, to establish that it was a single shooter, to potential tie it to the first shooting that had happened earlier in the evening. and then to mobilize resources so that we could locate that vehicle and apprehend the suspect. to be talking about charges being authorized 36 hours after the shooting and a suspect being brought into court i think is pretty remarkable. >> great. our hats off to them. we can't forget that they're putting their lives on the line while they're out opening fire apparently randomly. there are local media reports that the suspect was known to stand outside in the back of his yard and fire his gun into the air. in recent weeks, he was acting paranoid. do you have information if he was on law enforcement's radar? >> to the best of my knowledge, our suspect didn't have a prior
3:20 am
criminal history so he wasn't on law enforcement's radar in that respect. but he is someone who was known to law enforcement, and his -- his affection for weapons is something that was known early on in this investigation when we were able to identify him as the suspect. that was one of the things that was brought to the table immediately. >> jeff getting, thank you very much for your time today. we know you're busy. kalamazoo county prosecuting attorney. thank you very much for your time. we're happy that the threat is overing. >> you're welcome, thank you for your help. 20 minutes after the hour. ahead on "fox & friends," can a gunmaker be held responsible for the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school? we're about to find out. plus, who will benefit the most now that jeb bush is out of the race? who will get his cash and supporters, next.
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time for a quick look at headlines. an island full of rattlesnakes in massachusetts is giving residents the creeps. i wonder why. the state wants to create the colony on an uninhabited island to regrow the population. people fear the snakes will escape and attack humans and wipe us out. experts refute the threat feeling rattlesnakes are timid. a dog quickly learns he barked up the wrong tree. [ barking ] [ laughter ] >> after chasing a cat up a tree, he thinks he has it cornered. then when the cat launches an aerial attack, jumping for a branch ten feet in the air. i'll give more cat play by play
3:25 am
later. but steve wants to talk. >> it's why we love you, too. south carolina and nevada special v spoken. donald trump -- nevada have spoken. donald trump taking it for the republicans and hillary clinton for the democrats. trump confident he has what it takes to beat hillary in november. >> i will beatler. one of the things that i -- beat her. one of the things that i do that nobody else can do, i'll be getting democrats to cross over. the reagan democrats will be coming with me. i'll be getting invests. i'll win michigan which nobody else can think about. i think i have a good chance of winning new york, new york state. if i win that, the election's over because there are so many delegates. i do things that nobody else is going to do. >> that's donald trump yesterday on this program. so are we now looking at a trump versus hillary showdown, and who would have the upper hand in the match-up? here to debate, we've got senior political reporter ashley pratt. good morning. >> good morning. >> we've got the mayor of miami beach, florida, and clinton supporter, phillip levine.
3:26 am
mayor, thank you for joining us, as well. >> good morning. >> okay, ashley, let's start with you. is it too early to say it looks like it's going to be clinton versus trump? >> i don't think it's too early. i think both have big advantages as the front-runners for both their parties. i think there are obstacles still in both of their ways. when it comes down to it, donald trump would have the upper hand over hillary clinton. she is a flawed candidate. most people don't find her trustworthy. she has large issues when it comes to being able to relate to women, especially young women. donald trump talks about appealing to at broad base. he does something she can't do. >> you said he has obstacles between here and the november general -- >> he does. >> obviously. isn't one of them the republican establishment? they hate him.t is definitely o this. i think his -- one of them. i think his biggest challenge is
3:27 am
marco rubio. now that jeb is out, we'll see them coalesce around him. they were doing it in deference to jeb and his family, not throwing support to rubio. >> mayor, do you think that is a likely pairing, trump versus clinton? if so, who has the upper hand? ashley said trump did. >> first of all, secretary clinton and the campaign believe we have a long primary to go. senator sanders is a formidable opponent. he's expanded theaire t.i. i think we're not taking anything for granted. hillary clinton needs to expand every delegate, meets all the voters. we're not calling this. we have a long way to go. >> even though she's got all these superdelegates. >> we welcome any republican that's going to be a challenger. donald trump -- you got to love it. he started on third. he thinks he hit a triple. this is somebody that was on the 30th floor, then went to the penthouse. he represent thes -- represents the 1% of america. what hillary clinton and bernie
3:28 am
sanders believe is that we live in an america where money and opportunity for challenges for those who don't have it. whether it's marco or trump, it doesn't matter -- >> someone heckling you asked about the superdelegates. as bernie would say, it's rigged against him for her. >> in the bag. >> well, i could say this -- i know -- >> it is rigged. come on. >> she's going to -- >> are you a superdelegate? are you a superdelegate? >> i'm not a superdelegate. let me tell you about this this -- it's very different. the commentators go on, do their research, come out and talk. i'm a self-made businessman who became a mayor. what i hear from the people is they need help. they need someone who is going to go to the white house and speak for them. the two americas. give them the opportunity -- >> and what i saw yesterday saying that her biggest issue -- >> she's looking for people that will literally help them rise up. >> this is why it's a great debate. you guys have different opinions. before you go, now with jeb bush
3:29 am
dropping out saturday, where will his money go? >> i think it definitely goes to marco rubio. again, out of deference to his family and legacy of the bushes, i don't think the establishment lined up behind rubio quickly because of jeb remaining in the race. now that he's out, i think that will go to rubio. i think that will pose a threat to donald trump. at the same time, he still remains the front-runner. >> okay. i totally disagree. can i give -- >> absolutely. >> you're asking jeb bush supporters, asking them who supported barry manilow and they are going to go to millie van ill? i don't think so. >> my goodness. >> people in florida know who maker is. he doesn't -- who marco rubio. is he doesn't show up. >> they aren't going over to marco rubio. >> your candidate is a liar, they aren't going her. >> who's lip-synching? who's milli vanilli? >> marco rubio or as they call him marco polo in florida. >> thank you very much for joining us live.
3:30 am
good spirited debate on this monday morning. thank you. meanwhile, ahead, watch this -- a mega bus burst into flames in the middle of a highway. and wait until you hear who was inside. and it's not just any monday. today is actually, as brian will tell you, national margarita day. he's going to shake things up in the studio next. thanks, jimmy buffett. ♪ ♪ wasting away again in margaritaville ♪
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the "shot of the morning." lights out at a trump rally atlanta. >> put them in our jails. to put them in our jails -- they didn't pay the electric bill. that's so much better. those lights are brutal. they come from the dishonest
3:34 am
press? don't turn them on. because the lights didn't work, i won't pay the rent. turn off the lights! turn off the lights! that's the way we have to negotiate for our country. we say without paying the rent, the lights didn't work, this is ridiculous, we will not pay the rent, and we say bye-bye. >> there you go. protesters pulled the plug on the lights. when the guy in charge of the lights went to the bathroom. nice system there. >> yeah, trump kept going. when they brought the lights back up, he insisted that they be turned down again because he's a negotiator and didn't want to pay the rent. you heard him there. and this had the opportunity to be super chaotic, and he made it more entertaining. one for the trump column. >> i wish we had the song, "the night the lights went out in georgia." last night was it. >> that was it. >> for trump. steve doesn't need a teleprompter -- >> good point. >> he just sits there -- i think he's got a few notes in magic
3:35 am
marker and just goes. >> he knows it by heart. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. heather joins us -- we promise to keep the lights on for you. >> thank you. thank you very much. good morning, everyone. hope you're off to a great day today. a couple news headlines to bring you now. a connecticut judge will decide today if the maker of the gun that was used in the 2012 sandy hook school massacre that left 26 children dead could face trial. lawyers claim the freedom group is protected under a law that shields manufacturers from these types of lawsuits. those suing including the families of the victims say there is an exception to that law when a company knows or should know that their weapons are likely to hurt others. we'll keep you post. this video out of minneapolis. unbelievable. a mega bus packed with people explodes on the highway. a travel blogger who was on board started live tweeting and posting pictures of the entire thing. he said this, "driver says there's a flat tire, that there's no need to panic, and
3:36 am
goes outside. minutes later, smoke starts pouring out of the bus. then then, "people abandon luggage and gets away. series of loud booms." there were 41 on board. no one injured. the luggage, that's another matter. megabus investigating what on earth went wrong there. it is a surfing fail big time. the coast guard coming to the rescue after two surfers got in trouble and a third person tried to save them. the currents were too strong. all three were hoisted out of the water. this off of washington state. nice job, coast guard. who wants to spend an entire weekend celebrating "ferris bueller's day off"? anyone? anyone? i would. >> this is my ninth sick day this semester. getting tough coming one new illnesses. if i go for ten, i'm probably going to have to barf up a lung. i better make this one count. >> terrific movie.
3:37 am
get ready for "ferris fest" in chicago. a three-day party taking place in may to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic flick's release. what do you think, guys? should we take the show on the road for that? we could do the parade. a little -- >> making me feel old. it's been 30 years since that came out? >> true. yeah. >> i was 12 at the time. i remember it well. >> i did not -- i did not watch the movie. i think it's a bad message to our youth. >> you've never seen it? >> i think it's bad for america. >> sends the wrong message. >> thank you, anna, you agree? >> yeah. and i love your life advice you always give. be yourself. >> stay within yourself. >> stay within yourself. thank you. let's go -- tim for the "fox guest." hurry up, maria. >> reporter: tracking areas of rain, anywhere from texas, louisiana, parts of arkansas. there are also showers farther east. a lot of moisture will continue to move eastward.
3:38 am
we'll have a pretty unsettled couple of days across the southeastern u.s. and also in the southern plains. out west, we have snow showers rolling through parts of the rockies in places like nevada and utah and also stretching into idaho. the concern later on today and also into tonight will be the risk for severe storms across parts of texas. we have the risk for damaging winds, flash flooding, and isolated tornadoes. heads up, and eventually we'll continue to see a risk for more severe weather tuesday and wednesday across parts of the gulf coast and eventually along the east coast. your current temperatures now, not too bad. 29 in chicago. 39 in new york. and much milder as you head southward along the gulf coast where temperatures now are in the 60s. let's head back inside. >> thank you. it's not just any old margarita day. today is national margarita day. >> wow! >> not to be taken lightly. to shake things up, chief mixologist for margarita's mexican restaurant. mixologist, correct? how many years, 12 or 16 to
3:39 am
learn how to make a margarita? >> it's a very, very perfected technique. you keep making it, practice all day, so it's a long time -- >> i want you to feel fully appreciated. please show me the magic in the mix. >> absolutely. >> you invented something new. i think it involves prosecho and margarita? >> it does. a hybrid. we call it our prosecco-rita. a gun safety favorite. they look great, they taste -- a favorite. they look great, they taste great. >> do we have to have margarita music -- ♪ wasting away >> the raspberry margarita. one ounce of your favorite raspberry puree. >> everyone's got their favorite. >> everyone has their favorite. then you want to fill your shaker with ice. >> okay. >> then here comes the fun part -- >> we encourage people continue to do this at home yet. >> are these two separate -- >> yes. this is triple sec. orange-flavored liqueur.
3:40 am
then we use this blue in ours, tequila. >> i've read about it in books. >> is this the slowest you've ever made it usually? 2 20-deep people -- >> usually we make them pretty fast. >> let's do this. >> we add 1.5 ounces of our house-made margarita mix we make every day. >> it's fresh. >> yummy. >> then you want to shake it up real well. pour it into your glass. now we're still searching for that last shaker of salt. >> we haven't found that yet. >> how do you do the color? you said -- >> the coloring? this is a colored bar sugar. it's a super fine sugar. we color it with a little bit of red coloring. then we rim the glass with lime juice and rim it in the sugar. >> fantastic. 25 locations throughout new england and also -- pete the bottle -- >> yes, if you have a dlip, put it on the side -- a clip, put it on the side. we have these little bottles.
3:41 am
you slip it in. there you go. >> holy cow. >> i think that might need to be shared between a couple of people. there you go. alcohol. >> jenna, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks. >> we're not going to get the tequila out of the studio -- >> no. >> thank you. meanwhile, it is the new frontier of global terror. how could the unrest in africa affect the united states, and which candidate is best suited to protect the homeland? jillian turner, former white house security council member, is live next. >> and she gets a rather rita for her appearance -- margarita for her appearance. and a job for kanye west after a viral tweet. we'll see if kanye will take the offer. ♪ ♪
3:42 am
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today, we're series looking at the unrest around the world and how it might impact our safety here in america. our first installment is all about sub-saharan africa. some predict it's the next frontier for terror with extremists threatening to turn the area into a global jihad deadly front. jillian turner is here, fox news contributor. janelle, former white house security staff under president bush and president obama here to break it down. jillian, great to see you. >> you, too. >> let's talk interesting stuff. first off, the continent of africa. let's look at where the terror really manifests itself and grows like a plantar's wart. in the north portion of africa, what's the threat? >> in northern africa, we're looking at across parts of central africa. we're looking at boko haram and al shabaab as the most lethal operating continentwide.
3:46 am
isis and al qaeda have also got their hooks in, as well. >> here's where aal al shabaab located if you're looking at where the threat s. their ideology is islamic extremists. who separates them? >> both boko haram and isis believe in the establishment of an islamic cal fate, much like isis. they believe that non-muslims should be expelled from the continent. that means they have to be killed off or kicked out of the country. >> hence christians are targeted. >> exactly. all non-muslims targeted across the country. they're thriving because there's unique combinations of an impoverished population that's largely undereducated as well as instability and armed conflict. perfect conditions for terrorists to take advantage of. >> let's move to east africa. the countries you'll see highlighted are -- they want to be borderless, but there's ethiopia, kenya, tanzania and
3:47 am
uganda. what's the terror group there? >> it's al shabaab, based out of somalia but is also operating in kenya. they're sort of -- their claim to fame, most high-profile attack was the one of two years ago against an upscale shopping mall in nairobi, kenya. a shopping mall much like you'd see here in the tri-state area. wealthy patrons from across the world, europeans, americans, and african. almost 65 people died in one single day. >> and that is their hall of fame. the more you kill, the more damage you do, the more press you get, the more powerful you are. and the more terrorists you'll attract which is bad for us. anything to, one of the most -- nigeria, one of the most industrialized countries, they have the blessing or curse of oil. we know it can be quite dangerous. this is boko haram area. >> yeah. and their claim to fame or one of their most high-profile attacks was that was last year when they kidnapped and later subsequently murdered almost 300 schoolchildren, all girls and young women from a facility in
3:48 am
nigeria. it sparked a kind of social media campaign here in the west. beyond that, government didn't take a lot of action, unfortunately. >> jillian, the overhanging umbrella groups are al qaeda and isis. and basically they're competing with each other to attract groups like this. some are leaving the al qaeda orbit to go into isis. al qaeda feels they've got to up the terror rating and will inflict more harm and terror. who's winning the battle? >> it's hard to say in terms of raw numbers. we just don't have the intelligence and the data right now. i would point you to the fact that isis has recruited boko haram over the last year. that was a huge coup. boko haram declared allegiance to isis and is getting funding among other things. >> which the theory would be crush them in syria, crush them in libya, make them look like the weak horse and the strong horse. you're coming back. all week we'll be talking about the world on edge with the terror groups, where they're located and their chances of coming here. appreciate it. >> thanks, brian. >> thank you very much. 12 minutes before the top of
3:49 am
the hour. ahead on this show, he endorsed marco rubio for president. why does the star of "pawn stars," rick harrison, think marco rubio will win nevada tomorrow? yep. the "pawn star" himself joins us live next hour. he's mr. entrepreneur. then, kanye west says he's $53 million in debt. one police department stepped up and offered him a job with this viral tweet. the officer who posted it, who made the offer joins us next. jay knows how to keep his wheels spinning. nice shorts, dad... this is what the pros wear. uhhh... that's why he starts his day with those two scoops in heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. kellogg's raisin bran. deliciously heart healthy. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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♪ ♪ the night that the lights went out in georgia ♪ >> i think we should use it a little while ago because we were talking about the story about
3:53 am
how, in atlanta last night, this giant, giant rally for donald trump, a protest when the lighting director pulled the plug on the lights, and suddenly the lights went out in georgia and there you have a beautiful shot of new york city >> where the lights are on. >> if we're playing name that tune i've asked for new kids on the block, uh-oh, the right stuff, donnie wahlberg for senator rubio. >> we should spin records on our show. >> if only they still had them >> did you just mention rubio? >> i did. >> well that's funny, because he's actually in the news. because on saturday, at a hampton inn, marco rubio was heading over to breakfast, and he spotted rafael cruz, who ted cruz's father, the pastor. and he and a staffer were having breakfast and right next to them was a bible, and as marco rubio walked by, he said, got a book there? all the answers are in there. especially in that one. but then, it was posted on
3:54 am
youtube with incorrect subtitles, and rather than all the answers are in there, they posted, not many answers are in there. and that was absolutely wrong. >> right. so then the communications director for the cruz campaign decided to come forward -- >> because he posted it. >> yeah. so he's apologizing. there's the video there where he's talking to rafael cruz, the father of senator cruz, saying positive things, rather than negative things. but anyway so here's the apology. i want to apologize to senator marco rubio for posting an inaccurate story earlier today. according to the cruz staffer the senator made a friendly, and appropriate remark, since the audio was unclear, i should not have assumed the story was correct. and this is not the first time the cruz campaign has been accused of dirty campaign tricks. you think about what happened to dr. carson in iowa. and when you're somebody who's running on your principles and your values and your campaign
3:55 am
slogan is trusted does this damage you? >> i think it plays to that story line. i saw ted cruz ratchet up his lying about me story line yesterday so that's a theory that he's pushing forward. and ted cruz does have a firewall coming his way and it's not in nevada although "the wall street journal" has him doing quite well in nevada. i think it's going to be texas. because if he can't take texas on super tuesday i think it's virtually over. >> right now in texas, which is ted cruz's home state, trump trails him by six. ted cruz is ahead by six. when it comes to marco rubio, marco rubio -- >> 155 delegates. >> it's big. when it comes to marco rubio, his home state is florida. and currently, trump is beating rubio in his own home state, trump has got 40. cruz is in second with 19. and marco rubio is at 13.7. according to this morning's real clear politics average. >> with another story line this morning, about governor jeb bush
3:56 am
dropping out of the race after him not doing so hot in south carolina, where will the money go? where will all the donors go? will they go to senator rubio and will it help? because in a lot of ways that money that jeb bush had wasn't helping him. >> even more than that will the support in florida that jeb bush had, the voters, will they go to marco rubio. you notice marco rubio. listen, i'm not saying there was tension, looked like there was tension between the two camps at the end. if they do really like each other, his comments after jeb dropped out were extremely gracious about jeb. so that is also a hope to get all his supporters. >> actually we had trump on the program yesterday. trump had some nice things to say about jeb bush. >> yeah. now that he's gone. >> he did. now that he's gone. >> a whole lot more show for you on "fox & friends" coming up. you won't believe this. some ivy league students complaining that homework is interfering with their activism. our pete hegseth, a princeton grad whose activism in college was military service, joins us live to react. >> and basketball. >> think about that. and talk about a smart business
3:57 am
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good morning, it's monday the 22nd of february, 2016, i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. an uber driver accused of a sick killing spree and taking fares between slaughters. >> running stop signs, kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn. i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> what drove him to do it? police now trying to unravel a possible motive, as the man prepares to face a judge for the first time. wow, just one day until the gop caucus in nevada. no break here. front-runner donald trump is riding a south carolina victory to tomorrow's caucus and beyond. >> i just think that nobody else is going to win.
4:01 am
i will win states that nobody else is going to win. >> is it too late for the remaining candidates to stop the trump train, or is it about to hit a stop sign? and before you post something online, can you get sued for posting your opinion on sites like yelp? one couple is getting sued. and they're going to join us live this hour with what got them in trouble that will have you thinking twice. live from new york city, this is "fox & friends" for a monday. a lot of people post things online. they're trying to be helpful but if the business doesn't like it, and they take you to court, ooh a cautionary tale. >> we're going to get to that in just a bit. first stunning new details this morning in that deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan, that left six people dead and two others hurt. >> the suspect just identified as an uber driver who took fares between shootings. authorities now scrambling to unravel a motive.
4:02 am
>> mark tobin is live in kalamazoo, michigan with breaking details. >> good morning, gang. as we await the arraignment of jason dalton we still have no clue about a motive. neighbors say they knew jason dalton had purchased a weapon, that was following a break-in at his house. one neighbor said he heard him out in the yard firing the weapon a couple times. but it's a rural part of michigan. nobody thought that much of it. this morning we heard from the county prosecutor who said dalton had much more than one weapon. >> he is someone who is known to law enforcement, his affection for weapons is something that was known early on in this investigation. when we were able to identify him as the suspect. that was one of the things that was brought to the table immediately. >> now the shooting spree stretched for more than six hours saturday night. victims were chosen apparently at random at three different locations. neighbors say dalton returned home during this time. one says he heard him fire a
4:03 am
weapon again at the home. now, uber users say dalton was casually picking up fares during this whole spree. the uber company will only confirm that dalton was one of their drivers, and he passed a background check. he was arrested without a fight police say they did recover a semiautomatic handgun. guys, back to you in new york. >> all right, mike kalamazoo with the very latest. as anna pointed out with one of the prosecutors out in kalamazoo this morning, according to the cbs affiliate out there, this guy was known to go out in his backyard and just shoot his gun straight into the air. >> that's what neighbors were saying and they also said in the past few weeks he'd been acting paranoid. so would he have been on the radar? >> and apparently he also had told a passenger who took an uber ride with him that he was upset about some reviews that he had gotten for rides he had provided. so, it will be really interesting to see if there was a motive, because the cops have said shooting, murders, were random. >> i'm sure they are on pins and
4:04 am
needles with the uber company. because people are going to be looking at that and saying what about their background? what about the way they screen drivers? does that play a role in this or is this guy just off the reservation? >> apparently there's a third party organization that does the background checks but people are going to be saying now can you really trust the uber guys? >> especially when uber is growing by leaps and bounds and many people depend on it. me included. >> me, too. meanwhile, as you know over the weekend, a big caucus out in nevada for the democrats, and a primary in south carolina. in never today hillary clinton won by five points. in south carolina, donald trump won by ten. >> well, yesterday, he was on the program and i said we got to give credit where credit is due. he won with women. he won with evangelicals. which surprised a lot of the pundits. but in a new fox news poll head-to-head match-up he is not the best candidate to go against hillary clinton. hillary clinton beats him by 5% while senator cruz beats her by 1% and rubio beats her by 4%. i said mr. trump why are you the
4:05 am
best candidate to go up against potentially hillary clinton in november? here's his answer. >> one of the things i do that no other republican can do, rubio, cruz, nobody, i'm going to be getting a lot of democrats to cross over. and they'll be coming with me. the reagan democrats, they call them. i'll be getting a lot of independents. i'll win michigan, which nobody else can even think about winning. i'll win new york. i think i have a good chance of winning new york, new york state. and if i win that the election's over because there's so many delegates. i just think that nobody else is going to do -- i will win states that nobody else is going to win. in addition to that i'm polling incredibly well in ohio. my numbers in florida are fantastic. i'll win pennsylvania. i'm going to win states that nobody else is going to win in the republican side. >> well, that's what donald trump hopes. he's on a roll and the polls indicate he's actually got some facts to back him up. rick harrison joins us right now, good friend of the show, and also made it clear pretty early when it comes to his support marco rubio has it. rick, always great to see you. thanks so much for joining us from las vegas. >> good morning, mr. pawn star.
4:06 am
>> good morning. it's early in the morning. >> so, rick -- >> especially out there. >> you seem to be the latest in the lineup of high profile politicians and i guess celebrities that are backing marco rubio. this was second place finish discourage you? >> no it doesn't. because he keeps on rising in the polls. i mean, when for south carolina and all the polls said he was going to get 15% and he got a lot more than that. and now that bush is out, i think he'll get most of those votes. and i think he'll keep on climbing. >> okay. let's talk about nevada. the caucuses for republicans are tomorrow. according to the realclear politics average, of republicans in nevada right now, donald trump is 22 points ahead of ted cruz. trump's got 42, cruz has got 20. and rubio's got 19. for folks who are unfamiliar with why you attached yourself to marco rubio, and you were on this program very early on, why is it you like the senator from florida so much? >> there's a lot of reasons.
4:07 am
i think he truly cares. the other thing is, no one else is talking about education like he is. i mean, we have a country where every high school in this country judges their success on how many kids go to a four-year college. we don't need every kid going to college. i mean the problem is, half the kids don't go to college and you throw them out on the street and we don't prepare them at all. rubio wants to bring back trade schools. this country des sprattly needs machinists, welders, and electricians. the average machinist is 55 years old in this country. >> college is not for everybody. and vocational training is great for people who -- i mean who are trying to make money and there's a lot of money that can be made in that. also, you say that you think he's going to be good for jobs. and also his tax plan is family friendly. what do you mean? >> well, i mean, he's giving a tax credit for if you have children. it's -- it's 25% for when people have businesses. there's, you know, he has a just
4:08 am
a just deduct equipment when you have a business, instead of having these insane depreciation schedules that no one can figure out. and it just make it simpler, and more people will do business, and more people will have jobs. it's that simple. >> rick, you know, the circus just left town. the democratic circus. unbelieve gli low turnout. you had hillary clinton with a four or five point lead. what's with hillary clinton and your people of nevada? >> i have no idea, to tell you the truth. i mean, you know, i mean for some reason with younger people, voting for bernie is cool. and with a lot of people just voting for hillary is cool. i mean, i ask a young person a few weeks ago, why are you voting for hillary? they could not give me an answer. then i said, tell me one thing hillary has done. they couldn't give me an answer. but they're still voting for hillary. >> right. what do the people of nevada care about? >> it's the old adage if you're 20 years old and a republican, you have no heart. if you're 40 years old and a democrat, you have no brain. >> right.
4:09 am
i've heard that same story. >> what is it like on the ground right now in nevada the day before the caucuses? is there an excitement? do you feel like they're going to wind up with a record turnout as they did over the weekend in south carolina? >> oh, i think there's going to be a huge turnout. i think rubio's going to do a lot better than most people think. remember, this is a caucus state. it's not a primary. so, it's actually getting people to the caucus, and those are the wrounger people that i think that are going to be going for trump are not going to show up in droves like everyone thinks they are. >> and you had been on the program earlier, a couple of weeks ago, and said that the fact that you have backed marco rubio has cost you some business. if you had it to do over, would you still stand up with him on stage? >> oh, yeah, i would. you know, the thing,i mean, i've been a successful businessman my whole life. i have six kids. i'm looking at their future. you know i have six kids and three grand kids. i want them to have the opportunities that i had.
4:10 am
and this country is slowly turning where they're not going to have those opportunities. >> great. i just think that you are so in touch with the entrepreneurs, the business people. the nature of your business in general, and the way you have to wheel and deal in your job, you're uniquely qualified to comment on the economy. do you feel as though we're coming back? >> no. i mean, this is the problem. we have the government coming along and saying, you know, we have small gdp growth. but we have zero percent interest rates, the said feds can you bring interest rates to a normal level the economy will collapse. that is not a good idea. the whole thing is is you have government regulations that pushes down business, and you have the fed lower interest rates, to compensate for that. just make it easy to do business, and everything will be great. this is -- >> -- it's a nice formula. rick harrison thank you so much for your time. pawn stars star and also a senator marco rubio supporter. his candidate came in second in south carolina. >> who obviously doesn't need much sleep because he's up --
4:11 am
>> he would like a little more. >> thanks, rick. >> all right. >> thanks, guys. >> it's 7:11 now here in new york city and heather has got the news. >> we're following that story about apple, and the u.s. government. and a new development to bring you right now. new overnight, apple's ceo tim cook calling for the fbi to drop its demands to unlock the san bernardino terrorist phone. in an e-mail to employees sent this morning, he said that complying with the judge's orders would create a back door to the iphone and put people's privacy at risk. well, fbi director james comey has said that the government doesn't want to break into anyone else's inkripgs, just the san bernardino terrorist. now victims of the san bernardino attacks are going after the tech giant, filing a legal brief saying that they have a right to know why they were targeted. well, take a look at this video. a mega bus, packed with people, explodes on a highway. a travel blogger happened to be on board this minneapolis-bound bus and live tweeted the whole thing. he said, in part, this.
4:12 am
quote, driver says it's just a flat tire, there's no need to panic. and he goes outside. moments later smoke starts pouring out of the bus. then small fire over big over wheels becomes big and people abandon luggage and get away. the entire thing goes up in flames. series of loud booms. well no one was injured. but their luggage was destroyed. mega bus says it's now investigating what went wrong. and here is one way to sell your girl scout cookies in a flash. set up shop outside a pot store. >> what? >> that's what happened in portland, oregon. one troop did this. advertising with this sign, reading satisfy your munchies. the girl scout organization says they don't condone the selling strategy, but it's not against the rules, either. and those are your headlines. you know, i won my cookie contest in winnebago county years ago. >> did you put pot in them? >> that's great. >> was it the samoas or the tagalongs.
4:13 am
>> everything, everything. >> how about this? is it good parents bringing it to work? >> does it bother you? >> it happens in every work place. >> i did it one year here in the building for my daughter mary who never came in. she told 310 boxes. >> right. >> it took me three weeks to distribute. >> you had to go do it all yourself? >> thank you very much. >> all right. coming up, we're sure you're going to feel bad for these people. ivy league students complain that homework is interfering with their activism on campus. pete hegseth, a princeton grad whose activism in college was military service! joins us with his reaction. i think you can imagine. and what does this look like to you? it's driving the internet crazy. and the comments will make your morning. we're not going to tell you what chris thinks it is. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
4:14 am
client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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4:16 am
4:17 am
this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. a recent article in the brown university newspaper describes the plight of a number of students there, explaining how they're course work is getting in the way of their activism. according to one student, there are people breaking down, dropping out of classes, and failing classes because of the
4:18 am
activism work that they are taking on. >> oh, wah, wah. all of this is at a prestigious ivy league school. fox crib for pete hegseth is ivy league. he joins us with his take. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> what do you make of all this? why are these kids going to school in the first place, paying tens of thousands of dollars sometimes per year for it to get educated or to be activists. >> last time i checked doing things other than your schoolwork was called extracurricular and if it affected your schoolwork you might either want to drop out of school, which these kids should do if they don't want to show up for class, or find a way to manage both. which is what i did. i was not just -- for me i ran the -- i had no time. but i never got a note from a dean saying you can't go to class. they'd say go to class, get your work done, or you're out of here. today, the inmates run the asylum. the students had the dean so wrapped around their finger that they could do whatever they want
4:19 am
and no one tells them no. >> i remember when i went to school, i had three jobs just to pay for college, and so my extracurriculars were making the money to pay for the college. of course many of these kids are either, you know, they get financial aid, or their parents are paying, i wonder, pete, if their parents truly understand what the kids are doing on campus? >> well, i think most parents unfortunately don't. or they think when they send them to an ivy league school they're getting some sort of an elite education. they may have been true at one point. but no longer. now their minds are being filled with the mush of microaggressions, and safe spaces, and diversity, the king of all things, as opposed to real, solid education that they used to get at these academic institutions. now these protests, by the way, that they're involved in that they're wearing them out so much, anti-israel. they were protesting a soviet dissident. i mean these guys are out of their mind in their anti-sort of establishment, anti-the man sentiment and they just can't go
4:20 am
to class. they can't. >> pete, we were having some signal issues at the beginning of that interview when you were telling us what you were doing playing division i basketball, running a conservative publication, rotc. tell us about your unique perspective one more time. >> yeah, i went to princeton. i was from a public school. wasn't set up for success, but i still played varsity sport, rotc preparing to serve in the military which these folks would know nothing about and then i ran a conservative publication that was controversial because it was not a conservative place. i managed all that while getting decent grades, and managing to graduate without anyone ever saying oh, here's some more time. you don't have to go to class. these are coddled elites. and that's why we get bernie sanders. >> there you go. >> all right. pete hegseth, trying to join us from minneapolis. apparently the same guy who pulled the plug on donald trump's life last night was messing around trying to make sure that your message not. pete, thank you. we did reach out to brown university. we have not yet heard a
4:21 am
response. >> and still ahead kanye west says he's $53 million in debt. so one police department offered him a job. the officer who posted that officer -- that offer joins us next with an update. jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. don't basic policies cover basic accidents? of course, they say... as long as you pay extra for it. mutual base policy, new car replacement comes standard. and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. learn more by calling at liberty mutual, every policy is personal, with coverage and deductibles, customized just for you. which is why we don't offer any off-the-shelf policies. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509.
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4:24 am
what kind -- >> a little help here. >> oh! >> cool. >> all right time for your news by the numbers. $55 million. that's how much deadpool earned at the box office this week. real quick, who saw it? nobody. so far it brought in almost $500 million globally but none from this studio. $75 million. that's how much reporter erin andrews hopes to get from a marriott after a stalking case that dates back to 2002008.
4:25 am
jury selection in her trial begins today. and one more problem for kanye west. the parking police caught up with the singer in los angeles yesterday leaving him a ticket on his range rover. he was out shopping with wife kim kardashian and daughter north when he got the ticket on -- >> range rover and shopping don't really go well with needing money, right? >> not really. >> that's not the only trouble for kanye west. the rapper says he's $53 million in debt despite spending millions of dollars on clothes and cars. philadelphia police have an idea to get him out of debt. >> the philly cops department tweeting this photo of west, they photo shopped something of him, in a police uniform, writing we're hiring starting salary $47,920. you could be debt free kahn way by the year 3122. >> joining us right now is the man who posted that viral tweet, sergeant eric grip. he's media manager for the philadelphia police and a heck of a photoshopper. welcome, sir. thanks so much for joining us.
4:26 am
>> good morning. thanks for having me. >> oh, it's good to see you. good to see everybody. >> yeah, we just had a different people. we had somebody else on the screen for just a second. >> that's all in the past. >> now you to, sergeant. >> real quick, what gave you this idea? >> well, listen, i handle social media for the philadelphia police department. i spend a lot of time on twitter, and i saw kanye's plea for help, and listen, the philadelphia police department, we need help, too. we need police officers. i figure it was the perfect match. let's get the two of us together. >> okay so you did a little photoshopping. you took a picture of some philly cops and put kanye's face on it and we're looking at it right here. and you talked about how he could be debt free by the year 3122. you went to lunch. you came back. describe what was going on on your twitter feed. >> well, the twitter feed was kind of moving like a stock ticker. but that's, you know, that's a good sign.
4:27 am
that's kind of what we're looking for. and you know, we don't want anybody to be discouraged. the starting rally is almost $48,000. so for kanye it's going to take 1100 years to get out of debt. that's if he never got promoted, never got a cost of living increase. a couple promotions, we could get it down to 500 years probably. >> have you heard from him yet? >> no. he's ignoring me. it's like high school. but i did see the other day that he was at l.a.x. he broke up a fight between two members of the paparazzi. >> clearly qualified. >> he may be thinking about it. he wants to become a peacemaker. that's what we need. we're looking for people to come and help us. >> peacemaker, gold digger. one or the other. >> whatever. >> was it risky at all did you feel like to post this? i mean normally from a police department you see pretty vanilla things. >> just the facts. >> it's really just the facts. then you do something creative like this. was it risky for you? or did you feel like it would be
4:28 am
kind of relating well to your community in 140 characters and a photo hoped picture? >> well, that's what it's all about. anybody who follows us on twitter or facebook knows for the past several years, i mean we're pop culture, it's something we do. and we have to relate to people. we have to talk to people. we have to meet people where they're at. so listen, people love kanye. people love the kardashians. you know, got to help out any way we can. >> sure. >> sergeant, he doesn't have a neck in the photo. what about the decision not to give him a neck? >> oh, well -- >> kanye's neck makes him look awkward. >> well listen, you know, you saw what the salary is. i mean, i'm a police officer. i'm not the best photo shopper in the world. so, you know, maybe if i get a raise, i'll throw in the neck. >> all right. good job. all right. well he stuck his neck out to put it on twitter, sergeant eric gripp with the philly police department. he's the digital manager there. sir, thank you very much. funny stuff. >> although kanye west isn't going to be getting any of my
4:29 am
money on his go fund me account page because i don't think he's broke and needs money. i do like his music, have to say. >> you could? >> i do. >> all right. >> fair and balanced. >> meanwhile straight ahead, violent crime spiked in the 1960s. then that tide almost turned, but crime may be about to make a comeback. our next guest says it is linked to one thing. >> okay. and this navy s.e.a.l. bet me a back flip this morning. he's making good on that bet. i'll explain. he's a common guest here. who is even stronger than i thought he was. look at this. ♪
4:30 am
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♪ here we go. here it is. >> we're going to make you read this one, steve. >> thank you. i got the short straw. your shot of the morning, a blimp set to sail over britain is the butt of many jokes. and you can see why. from a certain angle, this one, it looks like a giant posterior. >> yes, it does. >> the massive blimp is causing a firestorm of funny comments on line. >> let's share some of those funny comments. josh posting on twitter, quote, i like big blimps and i can't deny. >> and i can't deny. you got to read it -- >> i don't have a sense of rhythm young lady. >> another person saying kardashian 1, you are cleared for takeoff. >> that is kshs oh, my goodness. she'd be thrilled by this. so how would you caption it? e-mail us. tweet us. and we'll share some of the answers. >> remember it's a family show.
4:34 am
>> yeah, indeed. >> all right, everybody's family every day. >> this family, the kardashian family getting a second tweet. it is now 27 minutes before the top of the hour on this very busy monday. heather's got headlines. >> how do i transition from that? to nuclear active material. all right. good morning, everybody. hope you're off to a great day. dangerous radioactive material that's been missing for nearly four months. we are told has now been found. it had been stolen from a storage facility in iraq last november. the device is actually owned by a houston-based company but they claim they're not responsible for it because they don't operate the bunker from where it was stolen. officials say there is no threat to the public now that that device has been found. well, 250 people back here at home trapped in a remote idaho town, take a look at this. it's el beik city idaho. this thanks to a massive highway land slide. that moment of impact caught on camera. watch.
4:35 am
>> wow. holy [ bleep ] that whole rock is moving. holy -- watch the power lines. power lines! >> oh, how scary there. 14 tons of debris sliding onto that highway knocking out power and blocking access to the small town of elk city. that pileup of rock, trees, and debris is about 40 feet deep. efforts are now under way to clean it up but no word on how long it will take. and a mystery in outer space. newly uncovered tapes reveal astronauts said that they had heard strange music while they were out of contact from earth decades ago. listen. >> sounds like, you know, outer space time music. >> while on apollo 10 mission back in 1969, astronauts say that they heard spooky noises while they passed the far side of the moon.
4:36 am
former astronaut gene cernan was on "fox & friends" last week and he describes what it's like being on the moon. >> you get close to the surface. you shut down. the most quiet moment a human being can ever experience in his entire life. >> well, intense. at one point the apollo 10 astronauts even wondered whether or not they should tell nasa command about it. what do you think of that? hmm? well nearly seven decades after his death a family of a world war ii hero is getting his dog tag back. a historian found thomas davis' i.d. in a field in saipan. the army soldier fought in the pacific island in 1944, and earned the silver star for risking his life to save a wounded camp rod. the following year davis was shot and killed by a japanese soldier. his dog tags found will be returned to his family, and likely a nephew who was named after him. and those are your headlines. what a real honor for that family and his nephew to have that back. >> that's unbelievable. thank you very much, heather.
4:37 am
that documentary with gene cernan is unbelievable. meanwhile the great american race coming down to a photo finish. yep. >> at the daytona 500. >> this is unbelievable. >> denny hamlin making a huge move on the final lap of the daytona 500 to edge out martin truex jr. and win the race by less than six inches. the closest win in race history. >> i don't know where that came from, i don't know what happened. i can't even figure out what i did. but it all just came together. >> wow, it was hamlin's first victory in ten tries at daytona. fox had to be pleased with that result. a former navy s.e.a.l. and donald trump supporter making a bet on "fox & friends" over the weekend with me to do a black flip. >> donald trump's going to win south carolina either way. the voters out there in south carolina get out and vote and if you do i'll come back here and do a back flip on set if they'll let me. >> he did something better. he followed through in every way.
4:38 am
carl higbie tweeting make america great again and tweeted us this, and sent this via e-mail, too. and this incredible video. watch what he did and watch how he followed up. >> it's amazing what people do for trump. now it's time to do that on the set. >> you're next, brian. >> i wish we had time. do we have time for me to do that? >> yeah, at the end of the show. >> okay fantastic. meanwhile anna on another note. >> want to watch this one more time. oh, shoot. 38 minutes after the hour. during the 1960s america witnessed the biggest rise in violent crime in our history. fast forward some 30 years and the tide of that crime wave had completely turned. so why is that? our next guest, and the author of the brand-new book the rise and fall of violent crime in america, credits it all to one thing, the fear of drugs. professor of criminal justice barry hasser joins us now.
4:39 am
professor thanks for being with us on "fox & friends." >> good morning, anna. thank you. >> so, the reason for the drop in violent crime is fear of drugs. explain. >> well, this was certainly true in the early 1990s. what happened was, violent crime rose 353% if you measure from 1960 to 1990. and it began to fall in the early '80s and everyone thought well, maybe they were heading for a crime decline. but, no. by the late 1980s, because of the cocaine, the crack cocaine surge, crime spiked all over again. it was violent crime, homicide, robberies, assault, all crime. it spiked, and it continued up until around 1993, 1994. >> well professor we're doing this called addiction in america
4:40 am
trying to get to the bottom of what's become an epidemic and one of the issues is heroin being on the rise. are you concerned that we're going to see another violent crime streak because of that? >> i'm not as concerned because what happened with the crack cocaine business was, that people who could not afford to support their habits engaged in a great deal of crime. robbery, and assault, and even prostitution in order to raise the money for drugs. the heroin users, as far as we know right now, are more affluent, and don't have to engage in violent crime to support their habits. >> and another reason for the fall of the violent crime was the justice crackdown on drugs. so, what can we learn from that for today? >> no question, the criminal justice system had been built up, actually the buildup began in the mid 1970s. the buildup continued in the
4:41 am
'80s and this was a part of the reason why youths abandoned crack cocaine. it was sort of a positive youth contagion. reversing the contagion that established the crack cocaine problem in the first place. does this mean that we ought to have a law enforcement crackdown on drugs now? it's not as clear that that would be appropriate. >> i know one thing that kept me away from drugs was just that simple program you go to in elementary and middle school, dmplt a.r.e. to keep kids off drugs. one more question for you, with marijuana become legalized in more states do you believe it's a gateway drug and is that a cause for concern for violent crime in the future? >> i don't know. but i do know this, when you loosen the constraints on behavior in general, this always creates a risk for new resurgence of crime. so, if it's part of the general weakening of the criminal justice system, it could lead to trouble down the road. >> we'll keep our eyes on it.
4:42 am
professor of criminal justice at john jay college, thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. >> 41 minutes after the hour. is it already too late to stop donald trump from winning the republican nomination? larry sab toe says one candidate has the best shot. so who is it? larry's going to tell us next. all they wanted was a trustworthy person to watch their pet. when they didn't get it they commented on yelp, and now they're getting sued. meet that couple straight ahead. be good.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
after his weekend win in south carolina, donald trump is looking ahead to nevada tomorrow, and then super tuesday. >> i had a win, so i guess you'd say win, but you know, we still have a little ways to go and we have good competition, very strong competition, very smart people, so let's see how it works. but i certainly have a lead. and i had a great win and a great win the previous week in new hampshire, too. >> but is it too late for another republican to derail the trump train? director for the university of virginia center for politics larry sabato joins us from virginia with his thoughts. larry, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> okay. so, right now donald trump, in the next 14 primaries, is leading in 10 of the next 14. is he stoppable by other republicans? >> well, it won't be easy. that's obvious. but, it's certainly not over.
4:47 am
look, donald trump would agree with that. he said as much on several of the sunday shows. look, we've had three states vote. nevada will be the fourth for the republicans. just on super tuesday, march 1st, the republicans have 12 contests. so, you don't want to bring the curtain down before the end of the play. and we're not even through the first act yet. >> you're absolutely right. >> but basically the republican field is finally winnowing. and jeb bush helped that a lot by getting out of the race. with the field winnowing, donald trump could face his toughest battle. which is eventually a one-on-one battle. when is eventually? that's the critical question. >> sure. exactly right. of course, historically, you know, generally by this point, oftentimes you hear people say the gop establishment, we need to coalesce. we need to unite around the front-runner. but it's donald trump, and the gop establishment hates them. you say there is one republican
4:48 am
left who might be able to jump the trump train and that person is -- >> marco rubio. there's no question about it. and that's not a diss to ted cruz but let's be honest. he came in third in south carolina. he needed to do much better there. and his comeback could be march 1st if he does well in multiple states. but we'll see. it's going to be tough. rubio did come back from a fifth place showing in new ham 1450ir to a second place showing in south carolina. boy does he owe governor nikki haley, senator tim scott and congressman trey gowdy. they're the ones that put him over ted cruz. >> absolutely. meanwhile, you suggest, in crystal ball, your online publication, that what marco rubio might want to do is something that people have tried in the past, it's a risky gamut, but perhaps name john kasich as vice president now. why would that work? what's that about? >> well, first of all, it's very
4:49 am
reaganesq reaganesque. who was the guy who did that? who broke the mold on naming the vice president before you even got the nomination? >> yep. >> ronald reagan in 1976. now he lost very narrowly to president ford in the convention. but, what a brilliant stratagem that was and it might easily have worked. now this is much earlier. but listen, you're not going to beat donald trump with, you know, the average tricks. in politics. he's too strong. you're going to have to build coalitions. kasich is not the only one, it could be somebody else. but kasich is in the race. and he might bring ohio to rubio if they made this coalition. and steve, you know as well as i do, behind the scenes, the more establishment republicans are praying for a rubio/kasich ticket. you know that. i'm not saying it's the best ticket. i don't want to get a million e-mails from people telling me why they don't like the ticket. that's what they're saying. >> in a perfect world they'd
4:50 am
love that. all right, of course they love the commentary by larry sabato who got up real early this morning to be with us. thank you very much for making a studio call on this monday morning. hi energy. hi energy. >> really good. >> thanks, larry. all right, coming up, they all wanted -- all they wanted was a trustworthy person to watch their pets. when they didn't get it, they posted about it online. now, they're getting sued. how did that happen? the couple and their dogs join us live next. good morning to you all. but first -- good morning. first let me say in 1989, straight up by paula abdul was the song to be singing. ♪ straight up now tell me is it going to be you and me together ♪ ♪ oh, oh, or are you just having fun ♪ "scorsese finally wins."
4:51 am
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4:54 am
all right. have you ever had a bad experience with a company and then gave it a bad review online? well you may think twice now, after hearing this story. >> a texas couple posted a review of a pet sitting company on yelp. >> yep. >> saying the one star is for potentially harming my fish. otherwise, it would have been two stars. the care of our dogs was fine. it was just the company is not one i would recommend due to their policies. well now that company is suing them, because of that post. joining us now are those pet owners michelle and robert. good morning and thanks for being with us. and good morning to your puppy dogs, as well. >> good morning. >> fortunately. >> i got to tell you when i first heard this story i thought man they must have just raked this company over the coals. and you actually paid them a compliment about how you treated your dog. it was just your fish you had a problem with. when you noticed what was wrong with your fish, tell our viewers just how bad it was. >> well, with regard to the fish it was overfed and i think it's an example of where one of their policies, and this is mainly
4:55 am
about their policies, not so much about the fish per se, the same policy that didn't is allow us to have the contact information for the person watching our pets and our house, it handcuffed them, as well. because they were not able to reach out to us and say hey we forgot how much we were supposed to feed the fish and they couldn't do that. i think the broader issue is their policy of not allowing us to have the contact information. and also, we were not allowed to get an update on our dogs unless we sent them an e-mail each and every day to get the status of the dogs. >> so michelle you go on yelp and write a negative review of the company which you thought is supposed to help people, be a public service almost to help people choose a company for their business at some point. so you went on and put what on yelp? >> i put my opinions of the various policies. and you know, essentially said here's the policy, here's the next policy, here's the next policy, and, you know, my thought is it's just my opinion, take them or leave them.
4:56 am
but they're trying -- >> they're trying to sue you now for $6,700 in damages. claiming that you violated the nondisparagement clause that we're showing -- now we're showing the review. we can show the nondisparagement clause says your acceptance of this agreement prohibits you from taking any action that negatively impacts prestigious pets llc. was that in such fine print that you didn't read it or just post to yelp thinking you couldn't be held responsible for it? >> well, i actually felled out the contract. michelle didn't have a chance to review it. and when we went over the contract there was two paragraphs that required us to pay special attention and initial those paragraphs. one about the key return, one giving them permission to care for our pets. and then the nondisparagement was down at the very bottom. it's something we never anticipated, we've never seen before in a contract to watch our pets. >> i didn't expect it to be there. >> and unfortunately you're up against a break here michelle. we're going to follow this case. a lot of people are doing the same thing as you and they don't
4:57 am
want to end up in court and hope you do well in this fight. michelle and robert. thanks so much. >> thapgs. straight ahead, donald trump dominating south carolina. can he have the same success in nevada? we'll examen. bret baier next. rence rence between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. bret baier next. technology for fast absorption and the smooth, comfortable fit of fit-flex™ protection. get a coupon at
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great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at >> >> good morning. it's it the 22nd of february, 2016, i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. an uber driver accused of a sick killing spree and taking fares between slaughter. >> running stop signs. we were kind of driving through medians. driving through the lawn. i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> what made the suspect do it? police are trying to unravel a motive as the uber driver prepares to face a judge for the first time. and watch this right here on the side of the road. a mega bus bursts into flames. and wait until you hear who was inside to give us details about what was happening. then with just five gop
5:01 am
candidates left, donald trump is still basking in the south carolina victory and he should, but he says his is just the beginning for him. watch. >> we're just going one after another. are we going to win georgia? yes! >> plus, is the ted cruz campaign back to their dirty tricks? why they are apologizing this morning. and let me remind you every morning, but especially this morning, are better with friends. >> well it was a big weekend of politics and tomorrow is going to be a big day out in nevada. in fact in south carolina we got two of the best to talk about things. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house is going to join us in about a half an hour. and now live from our nation's capital, it's monday, 8:00, time to talk to bret baier. hey mr. weekender. >> good morning. it was a big weekend. >> what's your head line from south carolina? >> donald trump rolls on and now
5:02 am
controls 65% of the delegates that have been available so far. well positioned into nevada, with what looks like a 25-point lead heading into tomorrow. and the establishment is in full -- >> panic? >> freakout mode about this. and trying to figure out a way to stop him. >> bret, the south carolina primary, number one, it has a track record of picking gop nominees. every year since 1980 with the exception of newt gingrich who we're talking to later in the show, and it's a good example of what the electorate looks like across the country, because it's a microcosm of the gop electorate. does this signal to you and pundits that you're talking to that donald trump could run the table? >> he could. he is well positioned to be the republican nominee. as of this point. listen, 77% of the people who voted in south carolina said the number one issue for them is someone who could tell it like
5:03 am
it. to talk straight. that is quite something. i mean, he is the vehicle for the anti-establishment, anti-washington, shake it up, kick the table over, start over, and anger about what's going on in washington. so, he is well positioned to get the republican nomination. as of today could something happen? yes. but, i think we've seen that a lot of somethings have happened. and donald trump has still won. >> right. and looking at nevada, which is tomorrow, i cannot believe we're going at this again and super tuesday with 989 delegates in the balance between the first, and the 12th. march is going to really define where we're going. nevada evidently the republican party is underfinanced and undermanned. this could be chaotic. the cruz camp is saying, told reporters get the video going on your cell phones because we think there's a lot of unsavory things that could take place in nevada. >> that's possible. you know these caucuses, iowa has a history of running it and they've had their own problems. but they, you know, this year
5:04 am
went pretty well from iowa's standpoint. nevada just this weekend, the democrats were complaining that it was kind of chaotic, again, and hillary clinton was winning some precincts by cutting carbs. so i think this is going to be interesting to watch. >> it is indeed. meanwhile we've actually got a little bit of video from the campaign trail, and i know, bret, you're familiar with it. over the weekend, saturday morning, at a hampton inn, marco rubio was going down to breakfast. he spotted ted cruz's father rafael at breakfast. on the table next to him, a bible. also a cruz staffer right next to him. what happened then was somebody incorrectly subtitled what happened, put it on youtube, and then the cruz campaign retweeted it. whatever. put it out there. but anyway, what they -- what was said was, rubio said got a good book there, all the answers
5:05 am
are in there, especially in that one. but the way it was incorrectly subtitled, not many answers in that book, and now the cruz campaign has had to apologize. is that a dirty trick or is that just an unfortunate set of circumstances? >> i think it's probably a combination. i don't think it's a dirty trick. they retweeted something somebody put out there. the problem is that the narrative has been about ted cruz that there are dirty tricks and the focus on the ben carson thing, and the iowa caucuses. so any time there's anything like this it's automatically going to be blamed on the cruz campaign dirty tricks. i think this was probably somebody was trying to think that they were helping him. it ends up fitting into that narrative. >> quickly does it hurt cruz more than anybody else? politics are dirty. south carolina politics notoriously dirty but he's somebody who is running on principles and values in a faith infused campaign. would it hurt him more than
5:06 am
somebody else because it seems like these are starting to roll out a lot? >> yeah, again, i'm not sure that this is generated by the campaign. i think it was kind of an offshoot thing. but it does fit the story line. and here's the big thing about ted cruz. he did not win in the northern part of south carolina, where the evangelical vote is. he was supposed to win those different precincts and counties. and he didn't. donald trump did. and that is really the narrative of south carolina. >> so let's talk about the democrat that we can. we know that hillary was in a dead hit we thought going in in nevada. she ends up winning that state by about four or five points. she has the delegate edge, 53-47. but the superdelegates is a runaway train. is this thing over? >> no. it's not over. there will be states where bernie sanders is positioned well. and i think he is now going to pick and choose where he's going to fight his battles to try to stop the hillary clinton train. south carolina is not one of those states.
5:07 am
so tomorrow, i expect that hillary clinton's lead, especially in the african-american community is going to buffer her to a win. there will be states where bernie sanders and his momentum, with young people especially, will be a factor. also, honest and trustworthy, 84% went for bernie sanders. that's a big issue in the general election. >> and hispanics, too. don't you think that's important, bret? he got the hispanic vote? >> yeah, well if you consider that she won over barack obama by 40 points in hispanics in nevada. so yeah that's -- >> meanwhile bernie sanders is watching hillary, and because she's interesting trouble, it's supposed to be a cake walk but she's been having trouble and she's been taking parts of his message, and using them verbatim out on the trail. we've got two little clips to show folks. we've got some of hillary at a nevada rally over the weekend. and then we've got bernie on meet the press talking about how she's stealing his punch line.
5:08 am
watch. >> and we also agree that wall street can never be allowed to threaten main straight again. no bank could be too big to fail. no executive too powerful to jail. >> we're looking into the copyright issues here. those are our words. >> well, obviously i think what the secretary has recognized is the american people are extremely angry about the power of wall street. >> people are angry about that, he says. but also, she realizes his message is working, and she's just going to borrow it. >> yeah, and that's what, you know, some effective poll pigss do. they absorb the opponents' talking points and make them their own. if bernie sanders doesn't win the nomination he will have succeeded in changing the democrats' playbook and platform for perhaps. you can talk about newt gingrich about triangulation and how bill clinton took a lot of the ideas, perhaps, from the gop house back then and made them his own. i think hillary clinton is doing
5:09 am
the same. she spend a lot of time talking about student loans. >> right. >> and affecting young people. that's because she lost young people about 85-10. >> right. by the way, i think marco rubio wants to make america great again. is that a problem? >> well, i saw it, i was at a ted cruz event in south carolina and he said we're going to win so much you're going to get sick of winning. and i said wow, i've heard that before, too. >> yeah. sick of coming in second. bret baier, great to see you. you working tomorrow night? >> i think i am, yes. >> you should. >> between now and then -- >> he's working tonight, too. >> we'll see you at 6:00 eastern. congratulations on the ratings. set an all-time record. that's awesome you and megyn. >> it's a big year. >> all right, thank you is sir. meanwhile, big day for news and for the start we go to heather who takes us to michigan. >> that's right. good morning, good morning to you all. getting into new information, stunning new details from the deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan, that left six people dead and two others hurt.
5:10 am
the suspect has now been identified as an uber driver who allegedly took fares in between the shootings. police say that 45-year-old jason dalton fired at three different locations over a span of several hours, picking up customers and then driving erratically along the way. well, earlier on "fox & friends" the prosecuting attorney told us that dalton was not a stranger to police. >> he is someone who is known to law enforcement, his affection for weapons is something that was known early on in this investigation, when we were able to identify him as the suspect, that was one of the things that was brought to the table immediately. >> dalton's expected to be arraigned on multiple murder charges later today. chief jeffrey hadley with the kalamazoo public safety department will join us with new details on that suspect's background. take a look at this video. a mega bus packed with people exploding on a highway. a travel blogger was on board
5:11 am
the minneapolis-bound bus, and he live tweeted the whole thing. he wrote in part, driver says it's just a flat tire, that there's no need to panic and goes inside. minutes later smoke starts pouring out of the bus. and then this. small fire over wheel becomes big, people abandon luggage and get away. the entire thing then goes up in flames. series of loud booms. well no one was injured but their luggage was destroyed. mega bus is now investigating what happened. the supreme court back in session today for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia. a somber mood expected in the chambers today as the remaining eight justices hear oral arguments in two cases. a furious fight between president obama and senate republicans continues over who should nominate scalia's replacement. and we introduced you to the marine who was ambushed and brutally beaten at a washington, d.c. area mcdonald's. well now online donors take a look at this raising nearly $18,000 for christopher marquez. a group of teenagers as you may recall jumped the iraq war
5:12 am
veteran after asking him this question, do black lives matter? well he joined us right after this happened. listen. >> i found it very ironic, because a person calling me the racist was the actual racist, and they have no idea about my background, what i did for this country, or what other people like myself, you know, every day we do for this country. >> that beating was so severe it landed him in the hospital. the donations originally meant to replace the $400 he lost in the attack. well that number has grown. if you want to help out you can find that link on our website and those are your headlines. what a hero he is. >> we have very generous viewers, so logon and help him out. he said that it's bringing back all kinds of ptsd from when he served. >> yeah. it's just unbelievable. and unbelievable embarrassing that you can fight for your country and come back here to not only get some glory and then you get beat up in a mcdonald's by multiple people. >> the cops have now released
5:13 am
people of interest pictures. so perhaps they will have some leads in that. mean time coming up on this monday, apple just upped the stakes in its fight with the feds. what the ceo just told the fbi this morning, you're going to want to hear it. >> what does this look like to you? well, it's driving the internet wild. your comments are pouring in. keep it pg. ♪ with advil, you'll ask what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it's the world's #1 choice. what pain?
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5:17 am
got some quick monday morning headlines right now. a yelp employee fired after bringing attention to yelp low wages. in an open letter the ceo she said she was forced to live on water and rice and beg for money just to get to work. she lost her job not long after she posted the letter. the ceo says he had nothing to do with her getting fired. meanwhile samsung's latest phone is giving apple a run for its money. the galaxy s7 and the galaxy s7 edge except microsd cards and can even go underwater. that's cool. it's expected to cost about $200 if bought with a cell phone plan.
5:18 am
speaking of phones. >> the battle between the fbi and apple really heating up. the fbi director saying unlocking the phone of the san bernardino shooter's cell phone is no big deal while apple refuses to back down. >> plus a difference about what the fbi's actually requesting. kristin fisher is live in washington with the details. >> good morning. so the director of the fbi is saying this is not about setting a precedent in the debate over privacy versus security. this is about getting justice for the 14 victims of the san bernardino terror attack. fbi director james comey says, quote, we simply want the chance with a search warrant to try to get the terrorist pass code without the phone self-destructing and without taking a decade to guess correctly. that's it. we don't want to break anyone's encryption or set a master key loose on the land. apple's arguing that is exactly what the fbi and now a federal judge has ordered apple to do, build a back door to the iphone. apple's ceo reportedly sent an e-mail to employees this morning
5:19 am
saying, quote, at stake is the data security of hundreds of millions of law abiding people and setting a dangerous precedent that threatens everyone's civil liberties. but that argument isn't good enough for the families of the victims of the san bernardino attack. they're now planning to file legal papers in support of the fbi. >> the bigger picture is that there might be some information in that phone that could lead to any other terrorist plots that these people might have been involved in. >> now the fbi admits maybe the phone holds includes to finding more terrorists. maybe it doesn't. but the director says we can't look the survivors in the eye unless we follow this lead. brian, anna and steve? >> all right kristin fisher with the very latest. up was reading this morning in the new york daily news. it said had san bernardino sim ply subscribed to i think it was called a noble phone management system, they would have been able to, because they owned the phone, they would have been able to open it right up. the cost for that? $4 a month. >> well, here's the other thing.
5:20 am
is that john miller doubled down too, yesterday. he's head of counterterror in new york city said it's going to be on me if something happens here. we don't know if anything is on that phone. >> if you open it up the digital bread crumbs may lead you to somebody else and stop another potential path. >> he's not saying open the phone for me. get rid of the feature that says i can't try multiple times to figure out the passcode. they want to crack it themselves. but they need multiple opportunities to crack it. but right now if you go four or five times the whole thing wipes out, or shuts down. >> all right. on to another story we're following. this is a fox news alert because disturbing new details are emerging about the uber driver accused of killing six people at random. kalamazoo's public safety chief joins us next. >> and later in the program, former speaker of the house newt gingrich joins us live. we're going to talk politics and a whole bunch of other stuff coming up shortly. there is no way allergies are getting in my way.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
hi friends, good morning. it's a fox news alert. brand new information about the suspect accused of killing six people and injuring two others in a random shooting spree over the weekend. suspect brian dalton is an uber driver who passed a background check and apparently may have taken fares between the spree. >> we're running stop signs. we were kind driving through medians, driving through the lawn. speeding along, and then finally, once we came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> able to jump out and run away. investigators call it their worse nightmare. joining us now is the chief jeffrey hadley with the
5:25 am
kalamazoo public safety department. chief hadley, thanks for joining us on "fox & friends." >> thanks for having us. >> i know you say this was a very tough incident for you to be a part of. and you were actually on the scene of the car dealership. set the scene for us. >> yes, ma'am. i was called by my department that we had a homicide that occurred at the dealership and very quickly thereafter there was another shooting incident that happened at the cracker barrel just up the state road so we were quickly able to determine that those were related based on the suspect. i arrived on scene obviously at parking lot of the dealership and like anything, any time you witness that, it's very concerning. personally, but also for our city and -- >> for our viewers who aren't familiar with how this all unfolded, it began at 5:24 p.m. when a woman was shot outside of an apartment complex. then a father and son was killed
5:26 am
at that kia dealership where you were instructed to go to. then between 10:08 and 10:24 passengers were dropped off at a hotel, then at 10:24 a shooter opened fire outside of the cracker barrel, 12:19 a family takes ride with no suspicious reports. then at 12:40 a.m. the suspect is taken into custody. now, initially, you were not -- you'd heard reports that there may have been an uber driver involved but you say that it didn't seem like it was necessarily important at the time. now that those details have unfolded, what do you think the fallout is from a public safety standpoint? honestly, i think our personnel performed admirably. more than any information at the time that this occurred i understand the human interest story and how it may be -- but what's important to notice is this person was in custody 90 minutes after the second shooting occurred.
5:27 am
and, was no longer a threat to the community. the first incident that happened in a very different part of the county, where a different vehicle was used to commit that crime. we had no way of knowing that these were related at that time. once the third incident happened at the cracker barrel, law enforcement was quickly able to discern that these more than likely were related. we were dealing with the same suspect and in short fashion that person was taken into custody and being interviewed by law enforcement personnel. so my hat goes off to law enforcement -- >> ours does, too, because the threat is over. yes it's awful what happened for all those families who lost their lives. i guess what i'm trying to ask is many of us depend on uber and this guy passed a background check, and we don't want to place any blame on uber. but what's the fallout from that? do you have a warning for anybody who may be getting into
5:28 am
a vehicle with somebody that they don't know, what do they need to look out for? >> yeah, certainly. and i appreciate the question. you know, this -- mr. dalton had no criminal history, no reason for us to put him in our focus so, you know, uber is obviously a very dynamic, very different -- limousine service, so whether or not they have the proper protocols and procedures in place to vet out their potential drivers i don't know that. >> right. >> the answer to that question. >> chief jeffrey hadley the kalamazoo public safety department. we thank you for your time. we hate that you had to go through that. thank you for neutralizing that suspect as you did. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all right, steve. >> all right, thank you very much. a little while ago we showed you the image, that one, it's heating up the internet. your comments are pouring in.
5:29 am
i'm reading them. we'll share them coming up. plus what happens when the lights went out in georgia. on donald trump. >> those lights were brutal. are they come from the dishonest press? no don't turn them on. forget it. better, right?
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
all right. it's your shot of the morning. and it's lights out at a trump rally in atlanta. look at that. >> oh, i like that much better! so that we put them in our jails because to put them in our jails -- they didn't pay the electric bill. oh, that's so much better. those lights were brutal. are they come from the dishonest press? oh, don't turn them on. and because the lights didn't work, i won't pay the rent. turn off the lights! turn off the lights! no, that's the way we have to negotiate for our country.
5:33 am
so because the lights didn't work, even though it's better, we say we're not paying the rent, the lights didn't work, this is ridiculous, we will not pay the rent, and we say bye-bye. >> maybe we could do that with the irs. really someone was up to no good. when the guy in charge went to the bathroom, one guy in charge of the lights, a protesters unplugs them. >> then you see trump just keeps on going and then when they were brought back up he insisted they be turned down again. you got to see him being the great negotiator that he is. i ain't going to pay the rent. you're not going to have the lights on for us? >> donald trump is focusing not only on nevada where he's going to be tomorrow hoping to get a good result, as is marco rubio, ted cruz, governor kasich is not trying, and ben carson, but i also think that he is going to be he was in atlanta yesterday getting set for super tuesday. because he wants to run the table. >> you know the interesting thing about donald trump is, you just assume hollywood for the
5:34 am
most part leans so far to the left. and yet, bret easton ellis, you know him, he was a great, is a great fiction writer, a novelist, and a screenwriter for his generation. he tweeted this out over the weekend. just back from a dinner in west hollywood. shocked at the majority of the table was voting for trump, but they would never admit it publicly. now, isn't that because we've times that hollywood a-listers won't back any conservative they're blacklisted and then they can't get work sometimes. >> especially donald trump hole even has republicans off their axis because of the way he's gone at it. the things he's done. the things he's spoken and how high his ratings get. what's interesting is donald trump always says don't get caught up in the mitt romney formula or the john mccain formula. i'm going to bring new people over to my side. he said i even think we're going to win new york. man, i don't think that was possible since the '80s, that has not even been in play.
5:35 am
>> speaking of hollywood some, some a-listers are supporting senator marco rubio as i mentioned. one of them is donny wahlberg from new kids on the block. we've got some music that we can play. they were taking the stage with him and also rick harrison from pawn stars saying that he loves his stance on education, and also his tax plan being family friendly. >> ted cruz brought up earlier that hey, listen, before you say marco rubio's the next guy, keep in mind he had the most powerful politicians in south carolina and he only bet me by a handful of votes and he was ten points from donald trump. but the establishment's rollieing more around rubio. >> speaking of donald trump, he filed papers over the weekend with the s.e.c. and now we know exactly how much money he's put into it. remember, he said he would spend whatever it takes. so far he's only spent $17.5 million. which is a fraction of what everybody else is spending. and the reason he's able to do that is for the most part, he is not fund-raising, which saves a
5:36 am
lot of money. you don't have to hire people to raise your money. plus he's not buying ads. >> tweeting. >> instead what he's doing is he's able to put that money into hiring more people, and at the beginning of this year, donald trump actually had more salaried campaign employees than ted cruz or marco rubio. >> yeah. >> that is shocking. >> he also controls the news cycle. he says one outlandish thing and everybody covers it. you know, over and over and over. he tweets his 7 million followers. that's a platform nobody else has. >> the latest is that marco rubio is not eligible to run for election. >> is that right? why? >> i think he says because i don't know what his theory is, but that's the second story trending right now on politico. >> i got news for you, he's running. meanwhile, it is 24 minutes before the top of the hour and heather's got some news out of connecticut. >> that's right. good morning to all of you. 36 minutes after the hour. a judge in that state today will decide if the gunmaker of that gun that was used in the 2012
5:37 am
sandy hook school massacre that left 26 children and teachers dead could face trial. lawyers claim that the freedom group is protected under a law that shields manufacturers from these kinds of lawsuits. but those suing including the families of the victims say that there is an exception to that law when a company knows or should know that their weapons are likely to hurt others. well new information about el chapo's capture. reports now say mexican authorities delayed arresting him until after sean penn's interview with the drug kingpin. they had an opportunity back in early october to detain el chapo. but they didn't want the actor to be caught in the cross fire when they would go after him. the drug lord's wife speaking out for the first time in a new interview. there she is right there. she complains about her husband's treatment behind bars. she says, quote, i fear for his life. we don't know if he's eating well. we don't know what his situation is, because we haven't seen him. i think that all human beings have the right to have at least
5:38 am
the basic things. they're not giving that to him. hmm. okay. well apparently homework is just too much for ivy leaguers. students at brown university now complaining that they are too tired from protesting to do actual schoolwork. well fox news contributor pete hegseth is an ivy league alum. he went to princeton and harvard and joined us earlier with his take. listen to this. >> by the way, that they're involved in, they're wearing them out so much, anti-israel, they were protesting a soviet dissident. i mean these guys are protesting -- they're out of their mind in their anti-sort of establishment anti-demand sent imand they just can't go to class. >> teens at that university are even stepping up to help the students by asking professors for extensions on assignment. really? okay. we'll keep you posted on those developments. and bad moon rising so to speak. this blimp we've been talking about it all morning long, set to sail over the uk is the butt, get it, of many jokes. and perhaps you can see why.
5:39 am
from a certain angle it looks a little bit like a giant rear end. but here's what it actually looks like when you're not so up close and personal. see, there you go. a little fair balance here. social media exploding with hilarious quips about the shapely blimps. this guy tweeting i like big blimps and i cannot lie. and this guy say s kardashian oe you're cleared for takeoff. we're getting some folks writing in about this one. >> the south carolina -- everybody says the same thing about. >> made famous in house of cards. >> jimmy tweets that this hangar makes my blimp look big. >> jim said the blimp reminds me of the old song linda and her londonderry air. >> i get it. >> and make had a good one. my name for the blimp, the behindenburg.
5:40 am
>> the like leg blimps and i cannot lie. >> you just crack me up. >> all right. meanwhile, it is 20 minutes before the top of the hour. we hope maria molina is outside. >> good morning. you know what? it is a beautiful day here in new york city. we have sunshine. dry conditions. people are out and about and enjoying it. and if you're out and about tonight, make sure to take a look up, and check out the full moon, because we have a full moon tonight, and this one is called the snow moon. now every full moon has a name which dates back to the native americans, and this month's full moon is known as the snow moon because february, of course, is our snowiest month across the eastern u.s. and many parts of the northern u.s. some tribes called it the hunger moon because of the poor hunting conditions during this time of the year. but you might not be able to see it if you're across parts of the south because you'll be dealing with rain there today and also into tonight and a lot of cloud cover, unfortunately. back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. interesting stuff. >> all right. 20 minutes before we're done and now that jeb bush is out, where
5:41 am
will his support and money go? and which candidates will benefit the most? former house speaker newt gingrich is here to answer that question. and at least six others. >> and why did taylor swift just give ke$ha $250,000 for a court fight? the story that has a lot of women taking notice this morning. you're late for work.
5:42 am
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. if we're going to do some monday morning quarterbacking talking about politics, we should bring in somebody who knows something about it. look at that. the former speaker of the house newt gingrich. good morning to you, sir. >> how are you doing? >> doing okay.
5:45 am
what do you make of south carolina? donald trump won by ten. >> well, i think it's the size victory he had to have. he got it despite doing a whole range of things i thought were really not going to work. including picking a fight with george w. bush, who's very popular as a person, but clearly not as popular in terms of his policies. trump is now far and away the front-runner. he has vastly more delegates than everybody else combined. and i think the real crisis which is a couple weeks down the road, can rubio win florida? right now trump is winning florida. how well does cruz do in texas? right now he and trump are pretty closely waged campaign. so trump is a national player, and he's strong everywhere. we'll find out tomorrow night just how strong in nevada. >> does he close the gap in florida with jeb bush's supporters, and do you think jeb has to go out and anoint rubio for that to happen? >> well, i think even if jeb goes out and anoints him, here's the challenge for marco. who is a terrifically bright guy
5:46 am
and has a great future. the more he is endorsed by the establishment, the more he becomes what people have been voting against. and in florida, there's no evidence that rubio and bush combined get as many votes as trump. >> and -- >> good point. >> mr. speaker, where do you think the support, as far as dollars, from jeb bush's campaign, is going to go? will it go to senator rubio, and how much does money matter in this election? >> i think that bush money, and by the way, if it was malpractice in politics, i think jeb bush would have a good case to sue the people who ran his super pac, for malpractice, but the bush money will split, i think, probably 80% or 90% for rubio, and a small amount for john kasich. but i think that that money once somebody who is comfortable with and i think they're uncomfortable with cruz and they're very uncomfortable with trump. >> they are uncomfortable with trump. the gop establishment. you talked to the gop establishment. i mean, you're part of it.
5:47 am
for the most part. what this is their nightmare scenario. what are they trying to do? >> i think they live in a fantasyland right now. donald trump is tapping into something in the country that's real. and if you take trump's vote and cruz's vote and carson's vote, the three outsiders, they are once again at about 62% in south carolina. and they have been consistently above 60% everywhere in the country. if you pull together all of the insurgents, and there's a message there. people believe the country's decay, they believe washington is the heart of that decay. they want somebody who is going to kick over the table and change washington. that's why cruz has done so well. and it's why trump has done so well. >> mitt romney, one of his great advantages was money. that's why a lot of you guys couldn't keep up. this time the billionaire is spending the least amount of money and running away can with this thing -- >> well, that's because of you guys. >> what? >> that's because of you guys.
5:48 am
donald trump gets up in the morning, tweets to the entire planet at most cost, picks up the phone, calls you, has a great conversation for about eight minutes i would would have cost him a ton in commercial money and meanwhile his opponents are all trying to raise the money to run an ad. >> mitt romney made a decision for three months he wouldn't do us at all. i mean people decide for awhile jeb bush wouldn't hop on any television at all. hillary clinton didn't do anything in the beginning. donald trump from day one made himself available to big and small. >> plus he's invented scenarios where suddenly he's got all this free media and that pope thing at the end of the week. who wasn't talking about that? >> look, you could say that trump is the candidate "fox & friends" invented. he was on your show i think more than any other show. >> every monday. >> it was always a happy, positive conversation. >> yep. >> he just kept going around the country. and this is one of his great advantages. he loves what he's currently doing. he is having a ball. that gives him more energy, and
5:49 am
the fact that he can get on his plane to go back home to get up in the morning, get back on his plane, pretty comfortable life for a presidential candidate. >> i want to be a billionaire, too. just saying. all right, newt thank you very much for joining us today. >> thanks. >> straight ahead he's behind some of the biggest music acts of the last four decades. ♪ don't go chasing waterfalls >> oh, baby baby. >> the president of epic records revealing some incredible stories behind the music. first let's check in with martha maccallum. >> sounds great. thank you very much you guys. so with nevada, south carolina, and super tuesday now in view, donald trump is looking very strong. rubio, cruz and kasich fighting to change that. the window is rapidly closing here. we will talk to eric trump and to the cruz campaign this morning. and should one of the remaining candidates pick a vice presidential partner now? and would that be a game changer? we're going to talk about that
5:50 am
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♪ l.a. reed spent four decades discovering some of the biggest recording acts of our time and now he's opening up about his humble beginnings and massive success in this memoir, sing to me, my story of making music, finding magic, and searching for who's next. he joins us live this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> thanks for being with us. we want to get to some of your stories and have you pull back the curtain on some of the stars you helped produce. first there's a story out about kesha. she's trying to break her contract with sony and her music producer because she claims that he sexually assaulted her.
5:54 am
the judge is saying she can't break it. taylor swift has come forward and given her hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> oh, wow, really? >> $250,000 to help her. and a lot of other artists have come to her aid on social media. as a music producer what do you make of this? >> i have this new book out called "faith in me." i don't have a comment because i know nothing about it. it's better for me to stay out of it. >> let's talk about your history. one of your great regrets, and it's in the book, which is a great book -- >> where are you going? you're going to go straight to -- >> 2006. >> lady gaga. >> lady gaga. she was -- you signed her, and then didn't work out, and she went away. but to this day she credits you. >> well at least she got the story right. most people say so you passed on lady gaga. no i didn't pass on her. i actually did sign her and i do regret letting her go. it was a horrible mistake. it was probably great for her. and in many ways it was probably great for me. i won't make that mistake again. >> shows nobody's perfect pap
5:55 am
man your track record is full of success >> my track record is full of everything. >> you know why? because no one gave you anything. you outworked everybody. you went from humble beginnings with a great mom and you made it happen. >> yeah. i love music. i found my passion early. and i think that was my luck. is that i really knew what i wanted to do. and i just outworked most of the people around me. >> you're talking about mariah carey and usher. first up mariah carey, tell us the connection. >> the connection with mariah's purely musical. she's a genius. and i'm an appreciator. and what do i call myself a fan. >> you saw it early. >> well conveniently she was already a massive star. >> but she needed a restart. >> yeah, we both needed a reboot. so we gave i've other a little kick. what about usher? >> usher i met when he was 14 years old. it was pretty instant when he walked in. but the real beauty of the usher
5:56 am
story is he came in when he was 14. i signed him. and then many years later he brought me another 14-year-old named justin bieber. >> oh, yeah. >> who i also signed. so it was kind of a beautiful pay it forward story. >> justin bieber and the hair cut. we want you to sit right here on the couch because in two minutes you're going to reveal what can, you know, what it is about your personal history that made you such a success. you got two minutes to figure it out. the future belongs to the fast.
5:57 am
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5:59 am a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. l.a. reid is here he has a brand new book out called "sing to me." you overcame a lot to be successful. tell everyone some advice they could take away to their workplace today or to school? >> my greatest advice is i don't see obstacles. i only see the destination and i just charge toward the destination. i'm lucky because i found a passion, something i love and figured out how to be good at it by working harder than everyone. >> your secret weapon, your mom?
6:00 am
>> my secret weapon is my mom, yeah. motivation, confidence. my mother told me that when you're in a room, the room is a better room because you're in it. >> and after the show, bill: time to go west as the race for the republican nomination heads into nevada. donald trump steamrolling into tomorrow's caucus with a big lead in the report and a victory in south carolina. >> it's an incredible movement with incredible people. bill: so that from saturday night. he had a speech in atlanta as we move to nevada. martha: good morning, i'm martha maccallum. the nevad


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