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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 22, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> my secret weapon is my mom, yeah. motivation, confidence. my mother told me that when you're in a room, the room is a better room because you're in it. >> and after the show, bill: time to go west as the race for the republican nomination heads into nevada. donald trump steamrolling into tomorrow's caucus with a big lead in the report and a victory in south carolina. >> it's an incredible movement with incredible people. bill: so that from saturday night. he had a speech in atlanta as we move to nevada. martha: good morning, i'm martha maccallum. the nevada caucuses are set for
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tomorrow, the next stop here. then super tuesday which will be huge, maybe. we'll see. that happens the following tuesday. the trump train rolls west. but the billionaire businessman is managing expectations when talking to chris wallace. >> can you be stopped for the republican nomination or is this over? >> i guess you can always be stopped. governors, senators, talented people. dr. ben carson, a tremendous guy, a talented guy. we have a lot of talented people. bill: byron, as you look at the race this morning, where is it? >> donald trump is in a very strong position. second place in iowa, won in
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new hampshire and south carolina. he's going into nevada with a 22-point lead. he lead in the polls in a number of the biggest sec primary states. look at the top three, texas, the favorite son. ted cruz leads there. then you have virginia and georgia. you have got to say he's in a strong position. >> i know you are in south carolina. what a stunning night that was saturday. let's look ahead to the first of march. you have got nevada tomorrow. we talked about that. you go into the first of march. look what comes into play. everything in yellow is on the board. texas, 155 delegate alone in that state. you think cruz might do well there. but based on south carolina, who
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knows. georgia is a big state, ba, ala, arkansas. the same day that florida winner take all. ohio winner take all. you can argue missouri is in a similar situation. so where does trump lose? >> it's hard to see where he loses much. in a lot of those march 1 state you have significant numbers of evangelical christian voters. here in south carolina and in iowa trump proved he can appeal to those voters. not by quoting scripture or make an overtly religious appeal, but by telling them he can secure the borders and defeat isis. go to florida and ohio.
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we'll have to see if john kasich stays around to compete in ohio. he's the governor there, he's popular. if he doesn't win anywhere else, an ohio victory means a lot to him. i think he will definitely need to win his home state. bill: 4 minute past. martha: we have a busy day as we head into nevada. many political watchers calling his a three-man race at this point. trump looking to run the table while marco rubio and ted cruz
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are lacking to take on the frontrunner. >> let's put this thing away and let's make america great again. >> for folks who are concerned that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton in november, it's becoming clearer and clearer we are the one campaign that can beat donald trump and we are the on the campaign that has beaten donald trump. >> if you vote for me i will unite this party. if you vote for me i'll grow this party. the democrats do not want to run against me, but i cannot wait to run against them. martha: that's the argument from ted cruz and marco rubio. what is the message of the republican candidate already campaigning on the ground, mike? reporter: they are working quickly with precious little time between south carolina and nevada. senator ted cruz was the first
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candidate on the ground after south carolina. he was in nevada 60 miles west of las vegas. he stood in the back of a pickup talk and talked about making america great again. i caught up with the top two on the republican side to get their thoughts on competing in nevada. >> we are seeing evangelicals and young people and reagan democrat uniting. here in nevada there is a strong liberty movement. we have strong support in the liberty movement and strong support among the tea parties. >> i lived in las vegas for six years. we are going to do well here. we feel good about it. >> i interviewed senator rubio after his rally in north las vegas.
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he's hoping this personal story will text with folks here in nevada. both of those candidate have a full schedule of event with time being precious before caucus time. >> what expectations are they looking ahead to? what's the plan? >> it is fascinating here because the 2012 caucuses were chaotic. so there is not lot of good polling heading into caucus day. the candidates are scrambling but the polls have donald trump with a healthy lead and he sound confident. >> there is nobody more conservative than me on identification, common core -- on education, common core. reporter: he will be doing a big
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event in las vegas this evening. bill: exit polling saturday night. what was marinating in your brain sunday that you found saturday night. martha: when you look at the exit polls it seems to be about the economy and dissatisfaction with the way the jobs picture. when you look at what happened in these state, people are not progressing and they look at donald trump and see him as somebody who can shake up the table, who can possibly go to washington and change things. that's resonating with him more than anybody else in the past. they are going for donald trump more than ted cruz. that's the biggest factor here. bill: when you see the real-time
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data come in, you start to pick up themes. now as i look back on it, horry county in myrtle beach. trump finishes around 42%. some of the rural counties where he was dominating. it could be important for florida. it could be important in ohio. i know kasich want to compete there. when you look at trump's strength out of south carolina. it will be difficult for both men in their home states to come out with a victory if the electorate goes the same way saturday night. martha: we haven't seen trump supporters being persuadable. the question becomes can he expand that? the best scenario for hip is for all these guys to hang into this
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race. the more they stay in fit might not matter if he gets above 35% to 36%. so donald trump touting his outsider credit. we found that in the polling in south carolina. they like that, as he rolls through this process so far. >> i was a republican establishment figure. then the day i decided to run i became an outsider, more so than i even thought. bill: top republican house majority leader kevin mccarthy is live in the studio and he's coming up 30 minutes from now. martha: ted cruz and marco rubio trying to change this trajectory from donald trump. who picks up the donors from the je campaign in and how does ted cruz plan to change the
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dynamic? >> there is only one strong conservative who has a path to winning, and that's having the effect of unifying conservatives nationally and teeing us up for nevada and super tuesday.
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>> to use a business term, are you involved in a hostile takeover of the republican party? >> no, not at all.
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i get along with republicans. there is nothing hostile about it. reporter: what else your view of the gop establishment now? >> i think it's a mess. they better get their act together or they will continue to lose elections. bill: a lot of pieces being written about the gop establishment. donald trump taking over the republican establishment. happy monday to you. this is like -- cue it up. he's going at the establishment. >> it's interesting to see trump go after the establishment it seems like the term "establishment" means people who disagree with me and who are against my campaign.
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i think we have seen watering down of that term and no one can really define it. the big story here is trump versus rubio. we have to keep in mind how rubio came to power in the first place. he was running against charlie crist. and we have a similar situation with donald trump. i wouldn't count marco rubio out, despite the fact that donald trump has a lot of momentum going into nevada tomorrow. bill: he was tweeting two hours ago, which means he was up at 4:00 in the morning. a number of months ago it was an
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unexpected win in south carolina. now i win with an exclamation point. what about taking on the establishment? >> there is no establishment left and that's a fact. they tried to do something about donald trump and they can't. donald trump for all intents and purposes is the republican nominee and we'll sow it up tomorrow. just winning south carolina alone, 50 delegates. in a presidential nomination contest that is an almost insurmountable obstacle to overcome, those delegates alone. and rubio has as many delegates as john kasich. rubio is calling on donald trump to be more specific in his policy proclamations. the problem with marco rubio is he could recite the nuclear test ban theory and people wouldn't believe him.
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bill: speaking of rubio, here he is taking on donald trump. watch. >> i think donald's campaign has largely been about how bad things are. you can't jus -- just say you ae going to make america great again. voters deserve to know in great detail how you are going to achieve the things you say you are going to achieve. bill: he's look for detail. katie, does the matter for the moment? or is that something that gets headlines this summer? >> it apparently doesn't matter for donald trump supporters. donald trump's campaign is taking advantage of the old saying a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has the chance to get its pants none the morning. supporters don't care. they care about what he's saying
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at the moment on the day he's saying it. in terms of the other candidates still in the race, they do care about the details which is why you are seeing the clash between marco rubio and ted cruz on nsa surveillance and immigration. people do care about the details on the other side of the donald trump spectrum. once we get the field coalesced and down to 2 or 3 candidate, i think you will see the details matter. >> my sense is he's making his supporters feel good. maryanne, what about the details? when do they matter? >> they don't matter right now. as i said, trump is about to sow -- about to sew this up. every state donald trump wins which will be most them including marco rubio, home state of florida, which is why
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jeb bush got out. he was going to be embarrassed in florida. bill: on the democratic side, marianne, in nevada, turnout was down 30% over 2008, that is significant. turnout was out of new hampshire, but not as much. how concerned are you about the level of enthusiasm among democrats this early in the race. >> over the last three contests republican turnout is up 22% and democratic turnout is down 22%. that has to be addressed. hillary clinton in a similar position as donald trump. it will be hard for bernie sanders to start a catch up to her in any way to overcome her. how soon can she sew this up. and what can she do to turn out
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hispanics and african-americans in a general election. bill: hispanics and african-americans was down 35%. >> the f.b.i. is still investigating as well. martha: new reports of possible peace talks, this time between the youth and north korea. is the white house looking for a deal that looks similar to what they got with iran? plus, a road trip gone wrong for dozens of travelers when their bus went up in place. -- in flames.
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by frightening ordeal for travelers outside of chicago. mayor mega bus caught on fire. one of the passengers said she smelled burning rubber and then there was an explosion. all the passengers made it out okay. martha: new reports cop out that the white house tried to get more nuclear talks going, this time with north korea. it happened really without success. but it was kim jong-un who refused, and not on that, he tested a long-range missile a few days later. there was a failed long-range missile launch in april 2012.
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then a missile put a satellite in space. and fast forward to this january, it fourth nuke test and reports of the first potential hydrogen bomb in that one. earlier this month north korea put another satellite into space. kt mcfarland has been watching this. she is the former assistant secretary of defense in the reagan administration. the ball is sort of over here and it appears the white house is working on something they hope will be a feather in their cap. >> last year of an administration there is a mania for legacies. obama and kerry have a legacy mania syndrome. they went to north korea saying
6:27 am
we'll give you everything you want, but let's sit down for a chat and maybe we'll talk about nuclear weapons. what did the north koreans do? spit in their face. i look at the obama administration in complete desperation. they have their nuke deal with iran that endangers american security and they have their deal with cuba and now they want north korea. martha: if you look at it in the context of iraq and syria and afghanistan, there seems to be a tendency to end the war. so we are done with this war in iraq, we can talk about the ramifications of that all afternoon. but we have an ongoing situation for many, many years for north korea and they seem to want to move past that.
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>> it would be terrific if you can get the north koreans to do it. we have very little leverage over north korea. they don't care. but we have leverage over china. and that's the leverage we should use over china. because guess who does have lenches over north korea. martha: do you think anything moves in this situation? >> no. i think north korea continue to the do its nuclear test. the on way it moves is in a bad direction. that's because iran and north korea historically have. bill: it was the most powerful cyclone on record and it was deadly. devastation in the south pacific
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caused by winds that topped 200 co rubio hour. are battling each other in nevada. how each is trying to he morning as the top rival to donald trump. >> the conseatives are uniting behind this campaign. if you are a conservative, this is where you belong. there is one strong conservative in the race.
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by the most powerful storm in the pacific on the island of fiji. winds hit 200 miles an hour. at least 17 reported dead as of today. the tropical storm knocked out tour lines, flood roadways and forced thousands from their homes. a state of emergency is in
6:33 am
effect for at least 30 days. that's fiji in the south pacific. >> they say the field narrowed dramatically lane's on one strong con who has a path to winning. that's unifying conservatives nationally and teeing us up. martha: donald trump may be heading into the nevada you a cusses on top. the two senators vying to be the top rivals to trump, and to grab jeb bushes supporters after he dropped out saturday. the two finishing neck and neck in south carolina. both focused on the silver state. let's look at some of the exit polls from south carolina. the first one deals with how to deal with evangelicals.
6:34 am
this was point out saturday because senator cruz staked a lot on the evangelical vote. what do you say about that? >> i think donald trump has appealed to evangelicals and he convinced them emdefend them and i understand that because evangelicals are often ridicules in the media and movies. but if you have someone with a proactive record on the life issue and planned parenthood issue it's ted cruz and he will continue to communicate that to them. martha: articles with titles why ted cruz is south carolina's biggest loser. he was expected to the do well there. it was a state that should suit his strength in a big way. how do you recalibrate after south carolina. >> charleston is a liberal community.
6:35 am
marco rubio won that -- did very well there. and he did well in the capital city which is quite liberal. there are pockets of liberalism in south carolina. south carolina is a beautiful state. but oklahoma is not like that and tennessee is not like that and alabama is not like that and texas is not like that. we spent a lot of time in those states. but we won iowa, and a lost those states look a lot like iowa. martha: you are in a strong position up by 6.7 in ted cruz's home state of texas. do you feel you will win those three states? i think you mentioned a fourth as well. >> part of our strategy is to do well on march one. that's the biggest single day for delegates. after that day 45% of the
6:36 am
delegates have been chosen. we finished january with more cash on hand than all of our competitors combined. we have that money saved to compete march 1. and we have tens of thousands of volunteers. in ted cruz's home state we have over 27,000. he's the on the conservative left in the race with a path to victory. so we feel good about march 1. >> would you declare that you expect to win in texas? >> i'm not going to predict anything this race. but we hope to do well there, absolutely. martha: the past 10 days ted cruz got hit from both sides with the liar label. marco rubio was laying that on him as was donald trump.
6:37 am
it seems to have stuck and hurt him in south carolina. you have got this issue i know you already apologized forward. there was a video that marco rubio stopped and said someone of the ted cruz supporters all the answers are in there pointing to a bible and somebody said no answers are in there on this video and you retweeted it or put it out on a facebook page. do you have to be careful about that? >> absolutely. the "daily pennsylvanian." they are sticking by their transcript. but tino it could be wrong. the reason i know it to be wrong is i know the faster marco rubio made the remark to it was a light-hearted remark. marco in his candid moments is a funny guy. he likes to tease. he went over and he was pointing out that he was reading the
6:38 am
bible he said there are a lot of answers in there and the transegypt says the opposite. i asked for it to be corrected and taken down. martha: the fact that he would say that would be preposterous. why didn't that hit you as odd and not exactly the way it went down when you saw it. >> usual right. i posted it in haste. i should not have done it. i apologized to marco rubio and the campaign. i shared it on twitter. it was a mistake and i would not knowingly post something i knew to be false. the judgment about what he said was wrong so i apologize about that. martha: there is a lot of heat in these moments. we thank you for being with us. bill: big interview from las
6:39 am
vegas. sean hannity interviews donald trump for the entire hour. members of that audience will get to ask trump some questions, too. >> it's unbelievable schanl. bill: have you ever seen this before? that's denny hamlin in the dark car right at the tape. the winner of nascar season's opening race. he needed a late surge to win. he crossed the line by inches. that's the closest finish in daytona history. >> i can't figure out what i did, but it all came together.
6:40 am
bill: the victory is hamlin's first in the daytona 500. also toyio taps first in the race. fox sports reporter jamie little. he's a little bewildered. i don't think that's going to hurt him. it will take more than that. martha: another string of bomb cans to tell you about at the hands of isis. what it means as world leaders try to hammer out a ceasefire in syria. bill: will republicans get on board if he steamrolls? we'll ask the house majority leader kevin mccarthy. he's live in studio.
6:41 am
first here is what house speaker paul ryan had to say before the voting got under way. >> we'll support whoever our nominee is. it's the republican primary voter who makes that decision and that's who we respect.
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no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta! martha: isis backed bombings killing almost 130 people and injuring dozen of others in damascus and homs. the bomb thing take place in southern damascus near islam's holiest shrines. >> if the delegates get accumulate in such a way that any of the candidates become the
6:45 am
nominee we are prepared to support whoever the nominee becomes. bill: that's reince priebus on abc on sunday morning saying the party will rally around the nominee, even if it's donald trump. trump gaining momentum, but will republicans on capitol hill get on board? kevin mccarthy, house majority leader. nice to see you back here. are you willing to support donald trump? >> i will support anyone who wins the republican nomination. whoever wins, i'll be there to help. bill: why is he winning? >> it's the frustration they have seen across this country. up it's similar what i saw in california during rail in 2003 when you had schwarzenegger around run. people were oh frustrated with
6:46 am
no change that they wanted to go a different rout. it's been building. in 2010 the republicans took mat overhouse, then we took the senate. now you will see the presidency. bill: you are comparing this election to arnold schwarzenegger in california. a celebrity candidate. >> where did arnold go to announce? "the tonight show." i was the republican leader then. i rode with him. it was unbelievable crowds. people who had never been part of politics. look at size of the crowed in the debates. it's ironic they replaced trump on "the apprentice" with arnold. bill: they said you asked us to get you the house and that majority and we did and still nothing changed. what you hear from voters is we gave you what you were looking
6:47 am
for and why did it not change. and that is driving trump. >> it's driving trump. but something that didn't change was the president. our government -- we need the president. we cut $800 billion when i go through. you look at what we have been able to stop his tax increase. we put repealing obamacare on his desk. we've have done things, but we need the white house. bill: now the story is changing again. we need the house, we need the senate and we need the white house. >> you need somebody to ian the bills that we send hip at the end of the day. i wish the senate would pass a lot more bills we send them from the house. you watched this president divide this country. but what has he done internationally. america has taken a step back.
6:48 am
iran has take and step forward. russia has taken a step forward. you vnt haven' -- you haven't ss malaise since 1979. a lot of this is similar to when jipy carter was president. bill: prior to that you had a contested convention. >> i think this race is down to two people. it's between donald trump and marco rubio. because when i lacked at cruz, i have not endorsed anybody in this race. when i look at cruz's plan to get there, he needed south carolina. a lot of this will move up until march 15. there is an under where both people can lay out a clear agenda. you look at marco rubio. this is a guy who came from the outside. upset the establishment pick down in florida for their
6:49 am
governor running for senate. bill: i get it, but where is he going to win? >> he need to win florida. bill: let me motor through a couple more topic. you say you will support trump if he's the nominee even though some of his positions are at odds with what republicans said for several years. >> whoever becomes the nominee will want this country to be successful. if you look at what the house is doing from tax reform, regulatory reform. poverty and opportunity. they are going to want to be successful. we are the house of idea. they are going to want to work with us. we'll want to work with them. jeb bush dropped out. the state of the republican establishment is being written about a lot in 20 seconds. what is the state of that establishment this morning. >> who picks the establishment. we trust the people.
6:50 am
we want a fundamental change from where obama has taken this country and that's what republicans are going out, talking about idea. seeing a fundamental difference. you have got donald trump and. martha: . if you listen to marco in south carolina, he's talking about this generation that grew up under ronald reagan is ready to take the helm. i think that's a movement everybody is looking forward to. martha: there are some brand-new developments in the heated dispute between the f.b.i. and apple. why the tech giant will not follow orders from the f.b.i. >> is i * ha -- isis has used sl media to break the model and push into the united states into the pockets and mobile device of troubled souls throughout our country in the united states a twin message.
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martha: there is a new twist in this faceoff between apple ceo tim cook and james comey. domey has written a letter to cook asking him to reconsider unlocking the phone that belonged to one of the suspects in the san bernardino terror attacks. he said when can't look at survivors in the eye and ourselves in the mirror if we don't follow this lead.
6:55 am
tip cook is saying if we create this back door, then everybody's privacy is at risk. but you are going to explain what this terrorist did with his phone that made it so inaccessible. >> if you have an. >> i phone you know there is a but none our security page that says after 10 tries if somebody gets it wrong do you want to erase the data. it's a switch you choose and he chose that. that's what comey is up against. he was also back up his information to the cloud. we learned the hard way that you probably lose control your information once it goes to the cloud, whether they tell you it's secure or not. the f.b.i. admitted they have looked at the stuff in the cloud. this person did not back up his information within a certain number of days before the terror attack. so there is stuff that on exists
6:56 am
on this phone. comey is saying we don't want to try 10 times. and if we don't get it the phone deletes itself. when i talk to cyber experts in the silicon valley, they say they already have the back door. if they don't already have it, they know how to do it. what they are saying is we don't want to do it and we don't want to tell our customers that we can get into their data like this and let other people into their dat. anyone has access? martha: they already do on the i cloud anyway. very interesting. we'll talk more with judge napolitano about this the next hour. bill: republican showdown in nevada. republicans are bracing for caucus mayhem in that state. why would that be?
6:57 am
all this as the candidates make the final pitch to voters. >> get out and vote. we are going to start winning again. you will remember his evening and say this was the beginning. by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. . .
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martha: we are now 24 hours out from the nevada republican caucuses and donald trump dominating in the first of the west gop. welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. i'm loving this desk. i'm bill hemmer. polls showing donald trump sizable lead over his competition in the silver state. despite that, his win in new hampshire and sweeping south carolina, the frontrunner downplaying his success to a degree. >> i think i have a big advantage. certainly a three-person race.
7:01 am
you have a couple of other people talented there. you have a five-man race. i think it will be, not easy. i have a big advantage. but a long way from being won. martha: interesting tone there, from donald trump and michael warren joins us now, staff writer for "the weekly standard." mike, good morning. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. martha: having 24 hours to think about what happened over the weekend in south carolina, a lot of things being written that basically say trump has this sown up but doesn't sound like you agree? >> no. i mean, let's be honest he is in the front of the line on delegates. he is obviously leading in nevada. he is leading in the national polls. so i think republicans who think that he is not in the lead right now and has potential to grow are deluding themselves but at the same time he is still beatable. i think he is somewhat of a weak frontrunner because he doesn't seem at this point to be expanding on his level of support. he actually lost support in the
7:02 am
last few days before south carolina right when you start to hear a lot of attacks, actually against him. so i think he is certainly beatable but it is going to take one of the candidates or maybe all of the candidates to go after him. martha: just to play devil's advocate here, let's put up the newest nevada poll. cnn poll taken last week. 45% for donald trump. rubio is second at 19, cruz, 17 and on down. i guess one of my questions is, mike. this is i think a lot of people who watch the political situation are grappling with right now, how do you run against a phenomenon, right? you think about president obama, who became after the early states a phenomenon. he was something different. and there was an enthusiasm, that was so natural and organic for him across the country. it feels like that is what we're seeing here with donald trump. so you know, riddle me how that is not the case? >> well, the, you're somewhat right. there is a problem that donald
7:03 am
trump has with regular republican voters, people who are not necessarily on the trump train, who have a lot of problems with the things that he says. i think if you're a candidate who is trying to stop donald trump's, you know, inexorable rise here, you have to go after his strengths. he says he is is fighting for the little guy. he hasn't always done that he went after, as jeb bush pointed out before he dropped out of the race, went after the old woman in atlantic city, tried to get her out of her house so he could build a limousine parking lot. so i think you have to go after where trump is weak. martha: didn't work well for jeb bush. marco rubio steered clear coming out after him but that could change because now donald trump is retweeting that question's rubio's citizenship. look at the tweet and look at donald trump talking about this over the weekend. there is mr. trump, both cruz and rubio are ineligible to be potus, slam-dunk case.
7:04 am
check it. here is what donald trump said. >> i think the lawyers have to determine that. it was retweet. not so much with marco, i'm not really that familiar with marco's circumstance. >> you're not really sure marco rubio is eligible to run for president? you're really not sure? >> i don't know, george. i honestly never looked at it. somebody said he is not. i retweeted it. i have 14 million people between twitter and facebook an instagram. i retweet things and we start dialogue and it is very interesting. martha: so michael warren, is there any question about marco rubio's citizenship. >> no. there is not. he was born in the flights. it is ridiculous and irresponsible for trump to do that. but it is not going to make a difference if i say that or you or anybody else. i do think rubio has to fight back against this, this sort of pernicious lie about rubio, you know could have real effect. we saw this a little bit about ted cruz. even ted cruz pushed back against it. he had other candidates pushing
7:05 am
back against it. i think it had an effect the way people viewed ted cruz's eligibility. this is ridiculous. rubio and his camp would be well-advised to face it and refute it. martha: we'll see if we do. mike, thanks a lot. >> thanks. bill: want to show you back on the board, some of the results in south carolina. saturday night we called barney board. trump in purple. rubio in green. would you give that to me, maccallum? couple things i want to point out to you, this is horry county. this is myrtle beach. winning this county at 49.2% of the vote. that is a landslide, by any measure. just pop over here, we talked about it a lot on saturday night. 30% of the vote comes from greenville and spartanburg counties.
7:06 am
greenville is county won by trump. beat cruz and rubio. look at rubio and cruz, vote total, most populous county in the state. both 24.6%. look at that. spartanburg, cruz and rubio close as well. trump was the winner. some of these rural counties, our buddy stirewalt was talking about places like barnwell county, very rural and white middle class. you see this consistent pattern throughout the state. rural counties donald trump does very, very well. look ahead right now. we will show you what's on this. what is coming up here. as we move forward to tomorrow, nevada obviously for republicans and then on saturday, democrats move down here to south carolina, first of march, when it gets really, really interesting. on the first of march, in one day, every state in yellow.
7:07 am
goes to the polls. 155 delegates. not winner-take-all. big states, like georgia, tennessee, alabama, arkansas and virginia. two weeks after that, 15th of march, florida is winner-take-all at 99 delegates. ohio is winner-take-all at 66 delegates. by the 15th of march, people starting to look at this right now. three weeks from now, will you have a nominee? will you find out whether or not cruz and rubio were able to stop the trump train? right now, we await. martha? martha: we'll watch it over next couple weeks very closely. some governor john kasich is on the campaign trail today, in virginia, just one day after signing a bill to defund planned parenthood in his home state of ohio. got a live look for you across the campaign trail as we like to do. this is fairfax, virginia, today. he signed a bill that prohibits ohio from contracting with health services with any
7:08 am
organization that performs or promotes abortions. the legislation does not refer to planned parenthood by name but the organization is firing back because obviously they're included for that. the consequences they believe for women will be devastating. john kasich. bill: race for democratic presidential nomination starting to look like a trend, at least when it comes to the delegate count. according to the ap, hillary clinton has a huge lead, 502 for clinton. bernie sanders has 70. that despite the mauling that sanders put on clinton in new hampshire. ed henry live in columbia, south carolina. he left vegas, baby. where he was starting to take residency. clinton seems to be in really good shape, ed. some problems are looming. what are they? reporter: well, bill, interesting because look, she has that delegate lead, big lead in part because of the superdelegates, party bosses, party officials who go with one or the other candidate. remember in 2008, she had a big
7:09 am
edge as well with super delegates. a lot of them ended up flipping to barack obama when he started winning caucuses and primaries. that is the challenge for sanders. clinton, with that win in nevada, a small win but it's a win. she gets momentum back. vulnerabilities, look in entrance polls, if voters said top issue was being honest and trust worthy, sanders won 84% to 11%. there is dispute whether he won latino vote or not but bottom line he increased his support with latinos. did better than expected. that is something she has to watch on super tuesday in texas, for example. bottom line, hillary clinton, a win is a win. she got that in nevada. now she comes here to south carolina, saturday. i think that is obviously. she has a big edge with african-american voters. she is looking to exploit that, bill. bill: what about sanders's camp, what are they saying today about south carolina? reporter: they think, look, because democrats award their delegates proportionally, which
7:10 am
is different from what you were saying with the republicans with winner-take-all, bernie sanders doesn't have to win the african-american vote here in south carolina. he again has to do better than expected. and he can pick up some delegates. he also is starting to out raise clinton in the money department. that is a vulnerable for clinton. sanders camp is happy about that. she is not in south carolina. where is she? hillary clinton is is in califoa raising money trying to keep up with bernie sanders. with proportional delegates he can keep around a long time grinding out delegates and he has to come up with wins to secure the nomination, bill. bill: nice to see you. ed henry in south carolina. niece to see you. martha: today is the day, supreme court back in session just days after justice antonin scalia was laid to rest. how the high court is honoring their colleague as they return
7:11 am
to work. bill: vladmir putin making a question, he wants to fly surveillance planes over the united states. he says international treaties are on his sid. will he get the go ahead from the obama administration? martha: donald trump with all the momentum. will party leaders rally around another candidate to stop donald trump. that is the question. >> as this race continues to narrow i feel it will be easier for the 70% to coalesce. that's why i feel so good. when heartburn hits
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
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7:15 am
bill: remain remaining eight justices back on the court since the death of just sis antonin scalia. his can empty chair is draped black fabric. it will remain that way until march. the debate brewing whether president obama will nominate is new justice. martha: donald trump coming off the second straight win a decisive won on saturday in south carolina. marco rubio and cruz cruz paintings themselves the only alternative to donald trump. rubio says the party will have to rally around the candidate sooner or later he says. >> sooner or late he rer he coalesce, as party in general. there is natural process that will take hold. martha: former new hampshire governor john sununu serves as wife house chief of staff to president george w. bush. good morning to you.
7:16 am
>> happy monday. martha: happy monday to you. marco rubio is suggest everybody coalesce. there is no sign that is happening right now. should that be happening and do you see it happening in any way, shape or form? >> it will not happen until republicans, voters begin to shift from voting emotion ally to perhaps voting on substance. and that is not going to happen until rubio and cruz and kasich start defining the differences between themselves and trump. instead of waiting for somebody else to go after trump, they are going to have to either engage in hand-to-hand combat or give up the ghost. i think they're going to begin to understand that. and they have to define the difference not only between their own positions and what trump has been saying but between the republican party and what trump has been saying. most of what trump has been saying on issues really doesn't correspond to the basic issues republicans support. trump has said that he likes the
7:17 am
mandate in obamacare. that's horrible. trump said he wants the government basically to be a single-payer? that's horrible on health care. trump's position on eminent domain? not republican. there are some issues that trump is fundamentally opposed to what republicans stand for but nobody is going to know that if rubio, cruz and kasich don't emphasize those differences. martha: so far the voters don't seem to care about those things. >> they haven't been hearing them, martha. martha: want to send somebody to washington who will shake up the system. they are tired, you heard, we watched bret baier's piece over the weekend over the voter revolt. sound bite after sound bite. we want someone who will yell and scream a bit. shaking things up in washington. we're sick of sending people there who -- >> martha, what the shake-up mean? it means change the bad policies that exist down there. if you send somebody that supports the bad policies, no
7:18 am
matter how strong his rhetoric, you are not going to get the system shaken up. they're saying they like the trump says it like it is. what trump has been doing, is telling them what they want to hear but they, but when it comes to the issues they care about, he is not making a commitment to change those. but it is up to rubio, cruz and kasich, to be saying that. martha: this is where it comes in immigration and comes to dealing with china and elevating our position in the world. those seem to be resonating quite solid i with people. >> doesn't say how he is going to do it. >> i get it. appears to me, just looking at numbers, put up tell gaat count for donald trump. you have 10 proportional states, more than that, on super tuesday. you go to winner-take-all states. trump is at 67. he has, what looks like pretty solid lead in nevada. larry sabato was on this morning, suggesting what the remaining strong candidates need to do is hail mary pass in form
7:19 am
of pulling together and potentially declaring who your vp candidate is going to be and presenting as a team. here he is on that. want to get your thoughts. >> first of all, very reagannesque. who was the guy who did that, broke the mold, on naming the vice president before you even got the nomination? ronald reagan in 1976. you're going to have to build coalitions. i mentioned, kasich is not only one. it could be somebody else. but kasich is in the race and might bring ohio. martha: he was suggesting a rubio kasich ticket and they come forward with that now. what do you think? >> i don't think that's a good idea. martha: why? >> because it is not the way the process can be made to move. the process has to be moved by exciting voters and picking a vice-presidential nominee now isn't going to excite anybody. it is just going to pick somebody in a box they may not like six months from now. martha: it is interesting, just anecdotally, some people who
7:20 am
like trump also say they like kasich. so potentially, you know, if the two of them teamed up, there was combination of the teaming up, and i'm sure john kasich is watching, saying forget it, i don't want to be vice president. he certainly deserves that perspective on the whole thing. do something that will really shake this up, make people go, oh, wait a minute, they have got a plan? >> even from trump's point of view that is a dumb idea, if he does that with kasich, that makes it clear rubio is clearly without any ambiguity at all the candidate that is the against trump candidate. so he right now, trump is benefiting from the -- of kasich hanging on. if he eliminates that hanging on, it helps rubio. that's a dumb idea from his point of view. martha: all right. john sununu, always good to speak with you, sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. bill: tomorrow goes nevada for
7:21 am
the republicans. party leaders are on edge. why they are bracing for possible mayhem in vegas. how is this going to go down? martha: donald trump's outspoken comment raised some eyebrows on the campaign trail for sure. so what happens if he makes it to the oval office many are asking? here's this. >> i think i will be very presidential for the appropriate time. right now i'm fighting for my life. i'm fighting against a tremendous amount of very talent and and tough people and i really didn't have time to think about it.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
bill: as we mentioned nevada goes tomorrow. republican caucus for 2016. party officials hoping for the best. but there is a bit of concern because the state's last two republican caucuses did not go smoothly.
7:25 am
they changed things this year. we have a reporter for live for us in vegas. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. how are you doing? bill: i'm doing fine. thank you for your time. in 2012 they get ballots at 36 caucus locations and put them in the trunk of a car and drive them where. >> drive them to the county headquarters. bill: they count them and tabulate the numbers and blah blah. in 2012 took days to figure out the winner. so they have a new system this year? >> yes. bill: they will have the party precinct captains add up numbers and take a picture and send it where? >> they're sending it to the counterparty headquarters again. bill: how is that going to work? >> we, we'll have to wait and see. you know, i can't say whether or not there will be problems but we all know, that, text messages are not necessarily the most reliable so. bill: technology age. you put them in the cars for 40 years.
7:26 am
that is kind of old school. maybe this is a step up. no reliable polling in nevada. why is that? what does that mean? >> well, nevada is a notoriously hard to poll. caucus state first of all. caucus states are hard to poll. we've only had the caucus here for basically two rounds. this will be the third time we have been a first four state as far as the caucus goes. you know, nevada voters are, there are more issue voters. not necessarily party voters. party-line voters who get behind a candidate and stick one way or the other. a lot of them can remain undecided. so it is really hard to gauge, who will turn up, why they are supporting, who they will turn out, all of that. right now, looks like donald trump has very solid lead as far as numbers go. bill: you mentioned the issues. what are the issues for nevadans? >> issues that exist nationwide, immigration, economy, those kind of things.
7:27 am
we have specific issues. federal lands. more than 80% of nevada is federal lands. water rights, another big one. western issues most people might not consider. bill: does that play to trump or play to cruz or rubio or -- >> i don't know that it necessarily plays to any of them. but you will notice when they come out here, they will, they will address those issues. they will mention in their stump speeches or talking to voters or something like that. i don't know that it necessarily plays one way or another. it is an issue that voters here are concerned about. bill: two more things quickly. no same day registration. you suggest that hurts trump. why? >> i would think so. a lot of trump supporters are first-time caucus-goers. this is, they have been disenfranchised voters so to speak. tired of politics as usual. this might be the first time coming out for a caucus or primary. without same day registration the deadline was
7:28 am
february 13th for people to register for the nevada caucus. without them having same day registration they can't just show up to the polls i want to vote for trump today. bill: interesting point. one final thing, fourth state status, that means nevada has it, right? south carolina, sorry, iowa, south carolina new hampshire and nevada. harry reid did this to make the state significant. is it necessary that the republicans could lose the fourth state status in nevada? >> there are national reports about that. seems to be be a common theme. turnout is low. it is still process being early state. turnout in 2008 was 44,000. turnout in 2012 was around 33,000. most people are not expecting record turnout or anything. you have the furs three states which saw very high turnout. maybe that could change. martha: that is exactly right. we shall see. thanks for coming in today. in las vegas today.
7:29 am
seth, thanks. martha? bill: we've got new developments in this big story about apple's refusal to give fbi access to the san bernanadino shooter's iphone. we'll tell you whose side the victim's are on. bill: where is roger waters. new audio from apollo 10 reveals a space tune from the dark side of the moon. ♪
7:30 am
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7:33 am
after i talked to the police, saying that we needed to get this guy off the road. >> through this whole time he was very calm. >> yes, yes, surprisingly calm. i was freaking out. martha: huge tragedy. mike tobin, live from kalamazoo. we're learning that authorities were aware of jason dalton before his rampage saturday night, right? reporter: it wasn't a secret jason dalton kn, or liked guns. his neighbors knew he had at least one weapon he purchased after a burglary. one neighbor told me heard dalton firing weapon in the backyard. it is rural part of michigan. nobody thought too. of someone firing a gun. however the county prosecutor said on "fox & friends" that dalton had much more than one weapon. >> he is someone who is known to law enforcement, his affection for weapons is something that was known early on in this investigation when we were able to identify him as the suspect and that was one of the things that was brought to the table
7:34 am
immediately. reporter: dalton is scheduled to be arraigned at this courthouse later today. looking preliminarily significance charges of murder and two charges attempted murder and asorted weapons charges. martha: mike, if you read what happened because the charges are, the accusations at this point he killed people. he got back in his car and picked up more uber-fares and drove them someplace and then carried on? reporter: it is amazing. the uber company confirms he was a driver. he pass ad background checks because he didn't have any criminal record but it is accounts of witnesses who say that he continued to pick up fares during this spree that lasted just shy of seven hours. the first shooting happened just before 6:00. that was at a townhouse where a woman was shot multiple times. she survived. >> we heard like, what we, we didn't know that they were gunshots.
7:35 am
we thought that it was possibly just like, rocks or something, hitting the wall. reporter: a father and son were shot and killed at a car dealership four hours later. four women from battle creek were murdered in cold blood in the parking lot of a cracker barrel. that is where a 14-year-old girl was shot. she survived. out of surgery and still listed in critical condition. during all this time, witnesses say dalton was still making up fares. neighbors say he went back to his house. one neighbor told me heard the weapon fire again in the backyard while this was all going on. of the authorities won't confirm any of this. they say it is all part of the investigation. police say security video from both the cracker barrel parking lot and car dealership helped them identify daulton. he was picked up without a fight. martha? martha: mike, thank you. bill: senator marco rubio saying it is high time for donald trump to give voters details, details
7:36 am
on specifics for his policies if he is president. >> i think donald's campaign is largely how bad things are. no doubt we have to recognize how difficult things are. you can't just say you will make america great again. you have to say how you will do it. at this stage of the campaign voters need to know in great detail, need know how you will achieve these things you want to achieve with specific public policy. bill: charlie hirt, washington times. good morning in d.c. >> good morning, bill. bill: this is sort after pillow fight right now, maybe it stays that way, maybe it doesn't. how do you see rubio's issue? >> beating ted cruz in a state that ted cruz should have won outright but certainly shouldn't have fallen back to third place puts marco rubio very much sort of in the spotlight in terms of going head-to-head against donald trump. you make a very good point it is
7:37 am
more of a pillow fight than anything else. he is being very careful. he is not attacking trump in any sort of personal way. it really, actually kind of soft punches if anything, it is, it is a legitimate criticism that donald trump has not been as specific as most political candidates are forced to be at this point in a campaign. but i think that marco rubio is aware of the people that, before him who have gone really hard at donald trump, and really tried to land a punches on him in ted cruz and jeb bush. and it, who knows, you know, there were more reasons than just the attacks on donald trump that caused those candidates to you know, jeb to least race and ted cruz to fall to third place in south carolina. those things didn't help and didn't succeed tearing trump down either.
7:38 am
bill: rubio will get more people to listen to him if he wins the state. we'll see how that goes, right? >> absolutely. bill: i want you to listen to two things. this is donald trump with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." when asked whether or not he should be will be or might be more presidential in behavior and attitude. watch. >> i can act as presidential as anybody that ever has been president other than great abraham lincoln. i thought he was pretty hard to beat. >> when will you start? >> pretty soon. don't forget we started off with seventeen people. i've been hit from 97 different angles. now we're down to i guess five and we'll see what happens. but i think, yeah, i will be very presidential at the appropriate time. bill: there sills a lincoln. do you see that changing? do you see a need for that now? >> it is interesting, everybody has been so amazed how much donald trump seems to shoot from the hip. he says whatever is on top, top of his head. and he has gotten himself into trouble or what would get normal
7:39 am
politician to get into trouble with some of the things he said. one thing i don't think people have given him credit for. there is a lot more strategy going on. there is a lot more thinking going on. he is a candidate who is very fast lerner. we've seen him become a much better candidate over the past six months. and i do believe that we are going to see more moderated donald trump. he realizes though, right now, that, this shoot from the hip, you know, take no hostages, this is working for him right now. bill: his supporters love it. >> yeah. bill: kevin mccarthy, majority leader on with us, hey, you want to get the house, you want to the got senate, making case you need white house if you want to get change. putting bill after bill on his desk and won't sign it. here is kevin mccarthy last hour. >> we trust the people with a
7:40 am
fundamental change than where president obama has taken this country. you've to the donald trump, you've got marco rubio. both are sitting about a future. bill: sitting and talking about a future. charlie, last word. >> this is the sort of thing, obviously kevin mccarthy is exactly right. republicans doing everything they can in congress. but voters don't want to hear that anymore. they are fed up. and they're angry at system. angry at politicians. that is why donald trump, has managed to take the field the way he has. doesn't hurt him that he doesn't go into greater specifics other than i want to make america great again. bill: charlie, thank you. i think it says that on a hat. >> one or two times. bill: charlie hurt in d.c. martha. martha: vladmir putin wants to fly surveillance planes now, over the united states. does that make sense? international law and where it actual falls on this one. bill: survivors of the san bernardino terror attacks taking sides in this heated legal battle between the
7:41 am
government and apple. judge napolitano on drawing the line between national security and your personal privacy. >> i personally feel very upset for apple not cooperating with fbi. i personally spoke with the family members of victims and they feel the same.
7:42 am
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>>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground. bill: moscow today will ask permission to start flying surveillance planes equipped with high powered digital cameras over the continental united states. this is part of open skies treaty which allows open flights among 34 member nations. it was to foster transparency about military activity and arms control. russia according to u.s., says has failed to meet conditions under that treaty. martha: a lot more fallout in the heated legal battle between the government and apple. the tech giant ceo refusing to unlock the iphone of one of
7:45 am
the gunmen in the san bernanadino terror attacks, saying it could have dangerous consequences. fbi calls it a matter of national security. families of the victims coming down on the side of the government on this one. >> not only was this a horrific event in san bernanadino, you know, it affected me personally and affected a lot of the families in san bernanadino. families of other victims as well. the bigger picture, there might be some information in that phone that could lead to many other terrorist plots these people might have been involved in. martha: judge andrew, napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst joins us now. good to have you here. >> good morning. martha: want to read a quote from jim comey's letter, head of fbi, wrote a very pointed letter. here is a little piece of what that said. 14 people were slaughtered and many more had their lives and bodies ruined. we oy them a thorough and professional investigation under
7:46 am
law. that is what this is. what say you? >> well, i understand the emotion and what he says is correct. 14 people were slaughtered by a monster. and i also understand the wish of the victims here, that the fbi leave no stone unturnedded in order to find out who else may have been involved and what other plots may have been afoot at the time that these people pulled this one off. but that doesn't change the basic constitutional principles, which are, the government can not conscript somebody who is not in a litigation to do its work for them. if apple had hardcore evidence, evidence of innocence or evidence of guilt and the government subpoenaed it, apple would have no choice but to turn it over but what the government wants apple to do is create something that doesn't exist and it simply doesn't have the authority under the constitution to do that but i would suggest to our friends in the justice department that the information
7:47 am
they want is already in the possession of the government because the nsa has been capturing all metadata from all cell phones in the united states at least since 2009. and that's what they want, metadata they want to know calls made, calls received, who made them and where the cell phones were. martha: apparently they had the erase button moved to one side on that phone which was very crafty of them because if someone tries to get into the phone several times, then that phone is going to destruct. information on it will be gone forever. here is what i want to ask you because you're the great legal mind and i'm just a reporter. here is what strikes me. >> here it comes. martha: this is the equivalent of a search warrant. okay? if you go buy a house and you see a crime could be possibly committed in that house, and you have enough information to make it valid to enter that home and find out what's going on, that is what a search warrant is, okay? the phone is now an extension, i would argue, of your home.
7:48 am
so much of our lives are in this phone. so why would you not be able to say, we have a search warrant. you need, it is incumbent upon you, apple, american corporation, to let us into this home? >> well, again if apple had i in its possession evidence the government wants it would have to turn it over but the government is asking apple to create something that doesn't exist against its will and at its own against. martha: that is what they say. a lot of people dispute that a lot of people do believe they have absolutely the ability to get into that one. >> the burden is on the government to use least obtrusive means. martha: don't you think they have exhausted all avenues? if they continue to bang down the door, we need to look into the phone with information that could save people's lives? >> i don't think the nsa wants to acknowledge it has this and i don't think the fbi wants to get in turf war with the nsa and i think it should and court will ask them to do so.
7:49 am
when you're asking information about a person against that person's will you have to demonstrate you have sought it from all other reasonable sources and come up with a dead end. i don't think they have knocked on the nsa's door yet. if they have, they haven't told us. martha: i hope we continue the conversation. this is fascinating. >> this will end up -- martha: seems to me a search warrant is a search warrant. >> this will end up in a court unfortunately has only eight members because the ninth just died. martha: it will probably end up there. thank you, judge. bill: jon scott up next on "happening now." hello, happy monday. >> happy monday to you, bill. the judge just teed it up for us. the supreme court is back in session for the first time since the sudden death of justice school i can't. landmark cases on the docket. how will his absence affect the cases on the high court. one man convicted in a brutal murder now wants another trial. will this help him go free in
7:50 am
connecticut? republican candidates channeling ronald reagan in their campaigns. is it an effective strategy? all ahead on "happening now." bill: see you in ten minutes. music from space as senates heard strange sounds as they passed by the old dark side of the moon. unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. wthat you can book on our apps to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters.
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martha: nasa releasing some eerie audio from a long ago mission, apollo 10. the crew was flying past the dark side of the moon in 1969 when they heard something very strange. listen. >> do you hear that? that whistling sound?
7:54 am
martha: the tape is among lots of apollo mission data that was declassified in '08. revealed in upcoming series, nasa's unexplained files. maybe it was meteor whipping by? bill: good stuff, right, how, hello? kmele camille cosby will have to answer questions about her husband in a defamation suit against bill cosby. molly line in spring immediately, mass. her attorneys did what they could do to stop or delay this, right, molly? reporter: despite a multitude of legal manuevers including last minute motions filed and addressed over the weekend to prevent this from happening, camille cosby will be dees pod. happening inside of the springfield marriott. it is not happening in a courtroom. we will knot be able to watch the proceedings unfold but a federal judge has ruled while she will have to submit to the deposition, she may not have to answer every question,
7:55 am
specifically those under the massachusetts marital disqualification rule which generally prohibits spouses from being forced to talk about private conversations. bill and camille cosby have been married more than 50 years but she also acted as his business partner. joseph camerota represents women that claim cosby assaulted them, some alleged attacks that took place decades ago. they have portrayed them as money hungry liars. camerota says the step is long time in coming. >> pleadings filed any indication she doesn't want to be here. she doesn't even want me to ask her name but i intend to do what i need to do for my clients and i intend to be very respectful and try to get the information that is important to the case. reporter: but those seeking some window into what camille cosby is saying, we have a signed declaration, i believe the plaintiff's insistence taking my
7:56 am
deposition with repeated, attempt to intentionally harass and embarass me and seeking testimony regarding my and my husband private sexual and medical life unrelated to the lawsuit and otherwise obtain publicity from taking my deposition. bill cosby filed a counter it suit in this case alleging the women made false accusations in an attempt to extract financial gain. bill? bill: molly line, we'll watch it. springfield, massachusetts. martha. martha: donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio all making their final pitches for support in nevada ahead of the caucuses. this could play out a lot differently than what we've seen so far in 2016. why? stick around. one crest 3d white smile... all it takes... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains...
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have you seen this? the heated debate season and march wakes up from a nightmare lamenting the lack of civil discourse bureau you registered to imagine onamerica where all candidates get along and then ♪ ♪ this happens . ♪ >> how sweet it is to be
8:00 am
♪ loved by you. ♪ go how sweet it is to be ♪ loved by you. ♪ go don't drop me.♪ ♪ >> just trust me. i was perfect. the rest of you morons were flat. >> flat like the canadian prairie you were born on . >> let's dispel once and for all with this fiction he doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. >> want to see something my mother suggested? >> go ahead. >> goldman sachs says hello. >> hillary, if i get elected will you tell me what to do? >>


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