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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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now. >> why a lightning strike could
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mean a new trial for a man in a brutal home invasion. a land slide trapping resident in a remote town. it is all "happening now". but we begin our second hour with the democratic candidates criss-crossing the country ahead of south carolina's primary. i am jon scott. >> hillary clinton is in california for a fundraiser and bernie sanders is on to tuesday. clinton has 500 ahead of sanders's 70. voters can change their minds we mention. southern nevada didn't get a chance to caucus due to technical difficulties and long
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wait time. >> ed henry is live in colombia, south carolina for us. >> reporter: good to see you, jon. republicans were here over the weekend and now the democrats take over. and next saturday night, it is a big primary night. it is a test for bernie sanders. he closed a double-digit lead for hillary clinton. a wins a win for hillary clinton and now bernie sanders has to find the next place on the map to do well. here in south carolina is not friendly territory him. hillary clinton as a edge here with with the african-american voters. that is why he was here in the colombia area with actor danny glover and talking about education for african-american kids. >> african-american are not getting the education that they need. what or who determines it? >> it is about trust.
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>> reporter: you hear him talking about the issues and the bottom line is now, hillary clinton is trying to use that edge among the african-americans to rack up more delegates over bernie sanders. she has a big lead not only in the victory in nevada but the super delegates and party bosses as well. though clinton still facing tough questions about whether or not voters really trust her, listen. >> i understand that voters have questions. i will do my best to answer the questions and there is a underlying question that is in the back of people's minds. is she dm in it for us or herself. >> reporter: you can hear clinton adopting the message that bernie sanders is using it is not about him, but the people. and what she does there in dealing with the trust issue.
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entry polls in nevada found sanders had's 70 point edge with honesty and trustworthiness was the issue. it could mean vulnerabilities in a general election. >> both of us together. >> republicans focus on the nevada caucus and democrats and republicans switched places. senator rubio holding a rally this hour. and others drumming up more last-minute support. carl cameron is there in las vegas. much better than the rain, take the sun with you. >> reporter: there is serious wind blowing in vegas. and the caucus have a spotty record and the turn out lowest in all of the states that voted
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this month, there is a lot of action. donald is here in vegas over in trump towers. he's had a lengthy lead in the poes and this would be his first caucus win. you know caucuses are different and he didn't win in iowa and in south carolina, he down played expectations even though he has a big lead in the polls. marco rubio making all kinds of news and he complained about the cruz campaign yesterday having retweeted an article from a pennsylvania college newspaper that misquot ed rubio. and he said it was a dirty trick. they are endorsed by walburg and
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hillard who was a jeb supporter. and ted cruz bouncing on the campaign trail and not expected to do as well here in nevada. he's looking at other states going forward. but the candidate most not interested in nevada is john kasich. he made news in virginia. at a up to hall meeting, he talked about he was -- we are okay, it is really, really windy out here. >> at a town hall meeting, john kasich was talking about the surge and support he's and made a reference to women and you will have to see this. he will have to explain for the next day or so, watch. >> how did i get elected? i didn't have anybody for me. just an army of people who and many woman who left their kitchen cans who went
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door-to-door to put yard signs up. >> i will come support you but not out of the kitchen. >> i gotca. >> that is going viral on the web. mr. kasich said he did well in fourth now that jeb bush took himself out of the race in south carolina, he is get more media attention. he will get it for this. and apologies to donnie wahberg and got to get it right. >> difference between calvin klein. and donnie. it is a big >> thanks for driving all of the flying objects in the the wind and bringing us a great report. thank you very. much.
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>> this is a serious conversation in the country. >> a big shake-up in the race for the white house with jeb bush dropping out and raising questions about p who will get his supporters and donors and campaign staff. >> it is the people who are on jeb's team and people we have known for a long time. town time loyalties and admiration for him. and now, hopefully we'll bring everybody together. >> we'll see over the next week, where those people move. we have picked up a number of them. key political supporters and raise money and it will be a scramble to see where it all goes. it will settle down and we'll look forward to march 1st. >> johnny is jackie from the taily beast. and dale from the weekly standard.
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why me, worry from governor kasich there? he is confident to pick up a lot of support from the departure of jeb bush. >> i am shaking my head on the woman in the kitchen comment. he needs. it i don't know if it is going to happen. there is a lot of jeb supporter ares that are looking. when you look at the numbers of the nbc poll, a lot of them do. but 23 percent of the folks said they are still looking. and next couple of days are critical and if john kasich can show his stuff he might be more electicable. >> is masho rubio a fit. >> not a natural. but probably where they will g. to be clear, there are not that many jeb bush supporters and that is a problem with the candidacy. he didn't have enough supporters
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to make a compelling campaign and mount a challenge. the bigger question is where the money people g. he was able to raise over hundred million dollars. and do they want to invest in another campaign? don would trump looks poised. it locks like two campaigns. donald trump and the winning campaign and the side show of a huge struggle for second place. it is strange. the whole jeb question doesn't reflect what is happening and how trump is really cleaning up and how people should go after him to mount a challenge. >> marco rubio was jeb bush's political protogee and when bush was governor and rubio was in the state house. and they were chummy until both started running for president.
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and jeb spent a huge amount of the campaign money and tens of millions trying to trash marco rubio. and so it would be interesting, ironic and bittersweet, if the former jeb bush supporters are turning to marco rubio. >> they would have told you even when rubio was a final alternative to bush p. this is about donors. and marco rubio needs to show he can come in first. if he can't do that, maybe you will have donors that gave money to jeb bush sitting on the sidelines and waiting to it see how things shake out. and things get firmer before writing another check. is it's rise of donald trump that threw the monkey wrench. jeb bush was the number one candidate. he was far and away the guy
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poised to win the nomination. >> jeb bush created the perfect foil. you don't have trump's success without bush. the fear of a bush/clinton match up and the same old people and can't we move on to something new. donald trump looks good and a compelling message and he gave rise to him, i think. jeb bush, leaving the race and some of the support to marco rubio. that is not a boon. it may not be so helpful for the next person. >> we know that tom ridge, who had thrown his support and endorsement to jeb bush is endorsing john kasich. and so there is departure from
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the bush supporters go to rubio, jackie. could there be other big endorsements, will they throw support and will any of them go for donald trump. >> all endorsements are not created equal. and with all due support to former governor ridge, it is the network that person commands as much as their word. i am not sure his network and how much it will help john kasich in the end of the day. rubio is sucking the endorsements up of the establishment republicans and maybe kasich can use's little love to keep the momentum going for him. >> we'll see what happens. >> thank you, jon. >> a man convicted in a brutal connecticut home invasion of
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a mom and two daughters wants a new trial. new evidence that his defense attorneys are bringing to the table. and high-tech russian spy planes can get permission to fly over the united states. and our chief intelligence correspondent, and talking about this. former governor jeb bush suspending his campaign and what impact will that have on the race to the white house? go to to join the conversation. relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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>> a new wall street journal. and the polls call for the nuclear program. and that was rejected. and the u.s. and international
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community reacting swiftly to that earlier this month and imposing stricter sanctions on north korea. right now russia planning to it step up surveillance. moscow will ask officials in the open skies treaty to fly planes with high-powered cameras. that could compromise u.s. security other than catherine haredge is live in washington. jushgs the state department official said the amount of intelligence that russians get is incremental compareed to enteleigence in other means. russia will make a proposal as one of the 34 nations that are in the treaty. russia wants to use high-powered digital cameras and sensors to gather information. this is for greater transare
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parency. and russia is selectively implementing the treating and blocking surveillance over moscow and other regions. it can collect on defense department sites in the u.s. and the annual global threatses. the nation's intelligence chief said the threat of spying is persistent and complex and evolving. >> russia and china pose the greatest threat followed by iran and cuba on a lesser scale. and the threat of insiders taking advantage of the access and removing national security information is a persistent challenge for us. >> reporter: the request to conduct surveillance flights puts the obama administration on the spot. it is now coming when russia is
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a partner with the u.s. against isis on the ground. senator cruz and marco rubio going for the anti- trump. what our next guest said needs to happen to suck sowed. and a convicted murderer seeks a new trial. the new evidence crucial to his defense, next. i take pictures of sunrises. it's my job and it's also my passion.
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next're >> one of the men convicted of murdering members of a family in connecticut wants a new trial. defense lawyers said police recordings thought to be destroyed at the time of the
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trial were not. lawyers said they were crucial to his defense. the men entered the family home in connecticut in july of 2007. they murdered jennifer and her two young daughters. dr. william petit was beaten but survived the attack. thomas blowed not guilty to the triple murder. nearly a month later he was found guilty to 17 counts making him eligible for the death penalty. he is sentenced to death after the jurors deliberated more than 20 hours. and last august, the supreme court overturned all death sentences including thomas and stephen. and now joining us now is the criminal defense attorney and also with us, defense attorney
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richard roeth. it is hard to figure out what they are thinking. but police tapes and police response the day the family was murdered. because of a lightning strike they thought the tapes were erased and then they found them. now he said those tapes will release my client. >> they are saying if the tapes were found. and there are copies it would have somehow caused the action not to occur. it is legally harmless error. and to us ridiculous. the a pole is frivolous. you can't over turn it because of a tape. >> they are saying essentially, that well, the police didn't act
10:26 am
fast enough to stop my cli kill they have plausible exposure here? >> they are saying that the police department act in time for them to stop them. and that would not make the crime to occur. on the civil side. the family institutedit police for failure to respond quicker. but not the police stopping the crime. and this defendant got a break when connecticut decide not to execute him because they did away with the the death penalty. he will not get two breaks. it is harmless error. it is not going to change the outcome of those 17 guilty verdicts that the jorgave to him earlier. and so this is all basically a matter. >> and police when they got to the house, the house was in flames and didn't go in right
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away and there was confusion of what went on. >> this was a brutal, brutal homicide. the facts of this is horrific and the evident is overwhelming. they had everything. all. dna evidence and they have mission and literally overwhelming if you will. >> they have a surviving witness who thankfully survived. but his wife and two children were murdered. there is no chance the appellate court will overturn this. this story brings out ill will and bad feelings. but jana is right. in the civil case, there is a lawsuit against the municipality. and if they were not there timely, there may be negligence. and help the plaintiff out. >> and put the fire out. that has nothing to do with negating the elements of the crime. at one point they took her to
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the bank and forced her to withdraw the money and she tried to tip off the teller to her situation. and the tapes show that the police were talking about stopping her car on and in between the bank and going back to her home, but they ultimately didn't do that. if they didn't stop the car, does that change in any way the trial and the murder conviction. absolutely not. too bad they didn't stop the car. the rest of the events wouldn't have happen. it will not change the guilt of the monsters involved and that is what they reported on the tapes. you can't say because of that i wouldn't have murdered someone. >> he is getting a free appeal and all of this is on the
10:29 am
taxpayer dime to boot and if the family had to go through that gaep it be a tra verty. >> we don't like the case. >> a lot of people would like to see the death penalty reinstated for these two. here is an interesting plan to help save a group of endangered species. a u.s. island as a home for poisonous snakes. >> and donald trump in nevada caucus. why doesn't the establishment get behind trump? >> i have a big advantage but it is certainly a three person race and couple of other people that are very talented there, too much -- whiten 25 times better than the leading whitening toothpaste. i'd say... ...someone's making quite an impression. crest 3d white whitestrips. the way to whiten.
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i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! final pitches. trump has the lead in nevada and cruz and rubio are trying to position themselves as an alternative to the front runner. >> everyone of us here wants to make america great again, but the question is, do you understand the principles that made america great in the first place. >> as a democrat, they will eat our lunch in november. >> and harlinhills, and it is
10:34 am
great to have you both here today. >> when i see the titles and repeating themselves. who is the alternative to trump and where will the party go to find the alternative to trump. why doesn't the republican get behind donald trump? >> there is a lot of people who are concerned about his style and substance. it might be possible for more people to get bep hind donald trump if he had greater substance and details and adjust his language as though it doesn't appear he is against the immigrants from mexico or muslims or other individuals who ultimately need to be included in our american system of welcoming people all types. >> but early voters have sided with donald trump and we see that in the democratic party as
10:35 am
well. more momentum than previously thought going for sanders in the race. if we have the information, and those reporting on the news and those who are are watching the news, then why is there not more of an embrace with donald trump. people want a outsider and he's winning. >> and winning changes the perception of the candidate. we'll see it with the other candidates, ultimately for marco to be viable, he needs to win. it is not enough to be second, third and fifth. and so winning shapes people's perception of a candidate and looking back historically. a lot of candidates had ceilings. and mccain had a seouling and mitt romney had a ceiling. i think trump is getting momentum and well positioned to break through it. >> and so what about rubio then,
10:36 am
mike? and i know what harlen had to say. he hasn't won a contest and ted cruz has. and d how did harko rubio present hills to donald trump. >> i think we have to look at the big picture. we have the anti- establishment appeal and the ain't trump alternative and break it down and look at cruz. we see cruz does well with the evangelical and voters but p not the economy and job and terrorism voters. trump versus cruz as choices. trump would won. and look at rubio as the alternative. he has no appeal to the anti- establishment movement and he's a tough campaigner and the other campaigns of bush and cruz, would be so upset that the voters would not support rubio.
10:37 am
as between rubio and trump, trump prevails. what we are not talking about and anyone who is interested in pursuing the anti- trump alternative. john kasich can appeal to 18- trump and anti- establishment. he was not liked in congress but p he balanced the budget and comes from ohio and appeals to a number of working class individuals and looking for an alternative to steer our attention to john kasich. >> interesting, maybe not the alternative in the top three. >> it is important that we realize in a three- way race. no one beats trump. and so the only way you have an anti- trump candidate clear out the entire field. and peeling off jeb bush and carson is not enough to break trump's momentum. that doesn't work.
10:38 am
we saw it in a recent poll and you gov. you need two candidates or trump will win. >> the initial question in the segment. rnc issued the autopsy statement. and after losing the election to president obama. they needed to do things different. who is more different than donald trump. he has 100 percent name recognition and filling the stadiums and winning. and although those in a certain class of political pundits don't necessarily feel can have theable with him, voters do. >> and we have to look at the electability and crucial and always a problem in the republican primaries. we know that the democratic base is depressed and two-thirds of the voters you showing up in nevada. and what we need to pay attention to is who might draw
10:39 am
those voters out in november. it will be the candidate on the republican side. >> harlem. we have seen that with the numbers. they are not coming out as big numbers and going back to the question, donald trump is bringing out new numbers and as you a democrat is he formidable and despite the controversy. >> i look at him and i look at a candidate that is 100 percent name id and a known quantity and been a moderate voice. he brings modivate democrats in to play for republicans. i am not so convinced he is unelectable. and whether people will admit it or not. >> i am hearing the same on the right. >> interesting p note to end on
10:40 am
here in nevada and beyond that super tuesday. harlinand mike, great to have you both. >> and a quick programming note. and sean hanity will get intelligent answers and getting a crowd more than 300 people a chance to talk to donald trump. what about the questions from the media and answers. hanitiy tonight. and stay with fox news tonight for the coverage of the nevada caucuses. it is 11:00 p.m. eastern time as the results start rolling in. >> earthquake and politics and now a massive land slide over a highway that trapped 200 people in a town in id no. they have been there since thursday. some of the boulders weigh as
10:41 am
much as 30 tons. they are working to clear the rod. power has been restored. but no phone or internet service for the people trapped there. >> as researchers try to look for a link between zika virus and babies. plus, critics charge there is a lack of diversity in hollywood and a new study may back up the claim. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ >> some people in massachusetts thinking of turning an island for dangerous snakes. the plan is pretty fool print since it is big enough to make a nice home for the snakes and even if they slither off the
10:45 am
island they would not go after people. residents are still skeptical. >> countny among them. >> and we'll move on to a service story. the cvc is go to brazil and health furnishes are trying to determine if the virus will cause microencephalitis. and there is court reporter that it could be linked to the develop the of serious mental illness for children later in life. we have assistant professor of infectious diseases. and this is a twist to all of this. why is autism and these sort of disorders even brought up in the conversation with with the zika virus. what is the thinking?
10:46 am
>> the thinking they are ilnesses that are mental and organic. and that is one of the reasons why they may respond to chemical medications and that can help balance or even eliminate some of the manifestations. >> and new york times did an interesting piece. children born in an epidemic and rubella there was a higher rate of mental illness and there is a question whether or not a mother fights off the virus whether or not that impacts the child in utero and if they develop later in life these illness. is this for the zika virus or the mom fighting off something
10:47 am
while pregnant. >> the zika virus infects cells that are associated with the nerve beous system. that is particularly unfortunate. but there are certain inflections that doesn't reach the nervous system. but the mom's inflammatory response can cause damage to the fetus. it is important to minimize or eliminate the serious infections throughout the pregnancy. >> and that is the key to unlocking the mysteries. and questions are raised whether or not when someone is pregnant and impacts the child later in life. and with your experience and infectious diseases, mosquitoes that carry the virus. they can only carry 100 meters radius. and so what did your real concern of how the zika virus
10:48 am
comes here? >> well, the mosquitoes don't fly. but there is an area where they get infected and during the time they are infected and recover, the virus may be in the blood stream and they travel where there is another type of mosquitoes and that will transmit the infection and the mosquitoes bites the infected person and goes on to bite an uninfected person. and enough people infected, it is more widespread. >> it is about the people that could be infected and another mosquito comes along. and another that can carry the virus in the southern of the united states. and what is your opinion as we are moving to warmer months and that is what we entertain
10:49 am
mosquitoes. and what do you advise to american families about the unknown and scary virus? >> it is important to understand that the key to maintain the control of the environments and they don't have too many opportunities to breathe. and if you control the mosquito populations and the kitty pools are turned over and emptied and water baths are changed and you don't give them favorable conditions to breed, and you can minimize the opportunity for the mosquitoes to bite an infected attorney and transmit the virus to someone who is not infected. >> and maybe we can keep a handle on this before it gets too big. fewer than 100 cases but they
10:50 am
are brought in from other countries. >> a new study reveals a crisis over the lack of diversity in hollywood. what it means for tinsel town. technology. technology...
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10:54 am
our own edhenry will tell us that. see you in a few. >> a new study revealing a serious lack of diversity in the entertainment industry. this is coming just days before the osoccurs. our chief correspondent is live with more, johnathon? >> reporter: hey, jenna, this is an exhaustive study. it seems to back up, the complaints we have heard in the oscars nomination when some were overlooked. now the figures from the study paint the picture of what the reporter calls the white washing of hollywood. they studied movies from 2014 to
10:55 am
august 2015 and found that minority had speaking rols in 23.8 percent. and nationally, 37.9 percent. and directing 87 percent of the directors were white and all of led them to lead to the twitter hash tag. prequell to oscar so whites hollywood so white. they have an epidemic of invisibility of minorities and lgbt people and women. women have 28.7 percent spoking roles and 51 percent of the population nationally. and as for directing, 3.4 percent, were directed by women.
10:56 am
and the report grades by percentang. six scored under 20 percent with only dizz -- disney and amazon and hulu. it is functioning as a straight white boy's club. >> interesting. >> why at penn state had 10 million reasons to keep grooving at the end of a 46 hour dance marathon in the final 30 next.
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time for the final 30. a dizzying 46-hour dance marathon for a good cause at penn state ends with a big announcement. the school raised nearly $10
11:00 am
million to help fight childhood cancer. >> our producer nick went to penn state. you do have to stay up for that -- there is no shifts. you have to be up that whole time. >> 46 hours. congratulations, thank you for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. >> one day now and counting until the republican caucuses in nevada. john kasich is the only republican not there today. kasich looking ahead to virginia with two campaign events planned there. meantime the rest of the gop field is in nevada making a final push before the caucuses. senators ted cruz and marco rubio making appearances today as is front-runner donald trump. we have coverage for you on decision 2016. first, mike emanuel is live in las vegas with the republican side. mike,


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