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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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insonsomnia let to a change in the law 80 years ago today. great day for the dow. up 222 and the tennessee women's basketball team, out of the top 25 poll for the first time in 31 years. >> and this morning, i asked for rick tyler's resignation. i have made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of interesting grit. >> let's get ready to rumble. you're watching "your world," and on the screen behind me you're seeing marco rubio speaking in reno, nevada. we had ted cruz in las vegas, nevada, the site of the very big caucuses tomorrow night. the bottom line is we're waiting to hear from marco rubio how he will respond to ted cruz's communications operative told to quit, to get out to pack up and leave. mike emanuel is in las vegas now with the latest.
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>> reporter: neil, an explosive afternoon here on the campaign trail in the silver state. a cruz adviser, it appears, will be losing his job after senator marco rubio accused the cruz campaign of more dirty tricks after a cruz aide tweeted out a story from a university of pennsylvania student newspaper, accusing rubio of telling a cruz staffer in south carolina there weren't many answers in the bible. cruz communications director rick tyler tweeted out a link to the story. tyler apologized this morning on fox, but cruz took action a short time ago. >> a grave error of judgment. it turned out the news story he send around was false but i tell you, even if it was true, we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate. even if it was true, our campaign should not have sent it. that's why i've asked for rick tyler's resignation, because the
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standards of con community the campaign have been -- conduct have been made absolutely clear. >> donald trump has taken to twitter, accusing the cruz campaign of more dirty tricks and accusing ted cruz of being the biggest liar in politics. neil? >> thank you very much. wore monitoring closely whether marco rubio will say anything about this. it comes ahead of the big caucuses in that state where a lot is on the line average reaction to all of this from real clear politics catlyn burns. i'm sure the ben carson people want know where the pound of flesh was for what they called cruz transgressions. what's the fallout from this? >> it's clear that cruz has to get these negative storylines behind him. he is heading into crucial caucuses tomorrow and also a week from tomorrow in those southern states where he hopes to do well. he needs to win more state, to win more delegates to continue
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on his path to the nomination, and meanwhile he has marco rubio at his heels in a lot of states trying to paint the cruz campaign as unethical and trying to undermine cruz's pitch he is a trusted conservative, that he plays by the moral code and that sort of thing. so, all of this serves to undermine cruz and it's clear that cruz knows that he needs to get all of this behind him to move on. >> its must have happened literally within thet(m last hor because tyler was on this network other few hours ago and felt bad about all of this, but the hammer went down shortly thereafter. what is the fallout for just the cruz campaign at this point? >> well, i think anytime you have questions about your campaign or a shakeup within your campaign, rick tyler played a significant role in this campaign, and as you noted earlier, he is$raz the visible e of the campaign.
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anytime you have that ahead of when goetzers are getting ready to cast ballots or in the case of tomorrow, getting ready to caucus, i think those spell trouble for any campaign going through that. it think it's all measured in how the cruz campaign handles the potential fallout. we saw ted cruz earlier just really trying to move quickly away from the headline of rick tyler, asking for rick tyler's resignation and moving quickly to, again, hitting the rubio campaign for their own what they call their own dirty tricks. he is definitely trying to move quickly past this but again, this is a huge headline heading into a new week of the campaign. >> all right, then to marco rubio. might or plighted not make statements today, speaking in reno. we're monitoring closely. but much of the so-called main stream run party seems to be coalescing. not exclusively around rubio but increasingly toward rubio. holiday does this today affect
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that -- how does this today affect that? >> that's another headline for the rubio campaign. it seems every hour, someone from team bush or someone who had endorsed bush is moving over to rubio. you have several key endorsements in the senate and the house today. rubio is really trying to consolidate not only the republican establishment but also pull votes away from cruz and in the conservative lane. we saw him over the past several days painting himself as the uniter of the conservative movement, and he has been really focusing on ted cruz and not donald trump. hoping to make this a two-person race. but the question regarding rubio is, which state does he win? where is his path to the nomination? that's not entirely clear. in fact, trump is best positioned in really all of these states moving forward, and so i think you're going to see marco rubio really heat up.
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i wouldn't be surprised if rubio weighed in on this announcement. he has been asking for accountability from the cruz campaign and he believes that helps him. but both cruz and rubio are facing a really uphill climb to >> to put it mildly. thank you very much. and we're monitoring that event as well. you know, senator rubio. but senator rubio also to our point here has been picking up more and more endorsements from the so-called mainstream republican party. nevada senator heller is among them and is here later in this hour. of wall and broad. when we were looking at a nadir of 15,600 on the dow, we're now a thousand points better than that. oil moving up today was a big
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catalyst. that's he way it goes. as oil moves up, stocks move up and today they moved up. we'll keep you posted on those developments and keeping you posted on the apple developments. everyone seems to be piling on apple right now. but now some of the representatives on legal representation for those san bernardino victimmers adding a percentage element to this. why they want apple to do something and now. after this.
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very closely monitoring marco rubio at this hour, whether he was going to respond to thei6"mñ cruz campaign jettig rick tyler, the communications chief, over the whole dustup here. we're expect took hear shortly from rubio, at least acknowledging this happened today. maybe not. we don't know. we do know we're following all this issue with apple and whether it's going to cooperate with the government. now an issue i was addressing with rubio on whether enough is being done. >> we're going to have to confront this issue because encryption is a real problem in terms of terrorists using it to deny is information but at the same time it's important to know that irrespective how someone may feel about encryption, if apple is under counterorder they have to follow the court or the,
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they're not above the law. >> apple ceo tim cook things otherwise. we reached out to apple's attorney and mr. cook and hope to arrange something later in the week in the meantime, mr. larson, good to have you. are you free to tell us how many of the victims you represent? >> we represent several victims. we're still in the process of lining up engagements. as you might imagine it's a difficult thing for the victims to decide whether or not they want to enter into this fray of this battle between the federal government on one hand and apple on the other. but several victims have come forward and have engaged us to represent them in this struggle. >> now, in this particular struggle you have apple resisting doing anything for the government with this particular phone, fearing it could be a slippery slope and all of a sunday they start a constitutional crisis on your personal freedoms, privacy, et cetera. what do you think of that? >> well, neil, it's not a constitutional crisis.
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you can't hide criminal evidence. law enforcement for years has had processes by which we can obtain information, evidence, that has been secreted. goes week in fourth amendment, as long as there's probable cause and a federal warrant you can go into somebody's house. the 1960s we passed wire tapp legislation you. can wire tapp somebody's phone. with the new technology, yes, congress is going to need to pass new legislation to come up with ways in which law enforcementing legitimately go in and get this information. but right now, we have a national security case, case in which you have a dead murderous terrorist on one hand who was using a cell phone owned
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one case -- this is one phone, and apple needs to obviously take great care of its trade secrets as it has done for many years and will do for a many years. nobody is asking to make this public. nobody is asking to disseminate this. this is what law enforcement does. they work with financial institutions, they work with telecommunications firms, under a court order, under a court supervision, and they effectuate their law enforcement interests. >> i think part of apple's misgivings or concern or anxiety is that even though they might open up this phone -- let's say they have the technology and
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wherewithal to do it. they say they don't. that surprise me because they're apple. that i say they would lead traces for that. the government would know exactly how they did it if they did it, even for this one phone and that is opening up something they do not want to open up to the government. what do you say to that? >> these are scare tactics itch don't buy this. they are apple. and they have technology, they have the ability to secure this. this is not opening it up. this is not going to become public information, and frankly, if apple could do it and if they can do it readily, there's probably people that can do that already. you can never stop crime. you can never stop organized crime. you can never stop terrorist. we have to take every step we can to get the information that is out there. there's evidence of a crime, we believe, on these phones. you can't hide criminal evidence. i don't know why apple is making this -- drawing the line in the sand at this time. >> stephen, thank you very much
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you know the drill here, folks, we try to practice this fair and balanced thing with did reach out to apple and reached up to tim cook's offices. legal representation. when they're available they're welcome to come on at any time, all the time. that invitation is still out there. tomorrow on coast-to-coast, former nasa director general michael hayden on this. we have to be careful, he says, that apple might be in the right on this. 12:00 p.m. eastern time on fbn and only fbn. remember the housing meltdown? a lot of folks say it was because we made getting a mortgage darn near a birthright rather than a goal and that it was almost too easy to get these mortgages. no money down, no loans. are we slipping back into -- no doc loans. and we're keening a close eye on
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we had a 228-point surge in the dow. normally i don't fixate on these things outside of the trend that seems to be going on here. after the best week of trading we have seen of this relatively new newy]b[ year. in fact one of the best weeks since back to november. and it continued apace today. a lot of that has to do with the fact that oil went up and a lot of it has to do with the fact that financials, banks, those kind of things have been beaten
1:21 pm
up too much. then long comes bank of america% offering mortgages with as little as three percent down. there are some interesting details to this but suffice to say, charles payne, no doubt first heard that and wonders, wait a minute. isn't this how we got into some trouble before the meltdown? charles, always good to have you. what do you make of this. >> i heard that twilight zone music in the background when i heard it. i was takensñ7eaback initially t you do a little digging and there's a couple of interesting components to this. now, people should know that banks already are offering these loans as low as 3-1/2% down. mostly they're backed by fha, government insurer. fha has been rocking these financials. they're just charging them for any kind of small amount of mistakes. bank of america themselves paid $800 million, quicken loans in december actually said we're not even going to get involved in this anymore and they do six percent of the lending. so it's a huge issue. what i like about the idea is the sense that if the bank of
1:22 pm
america wants to make these kind of loans, that's great. it's up to them to decide what kind of risk they want to take. what i am worried about, though, is in this part of this new program, which goes up to $900 million -- $500 million worth of loans -- there's freddie mac component which worries me because that was the epicenter of the meltdown. banks were forced through the community re-investment acts to make loans they didn't want to make. they said ifover go to do its we'll do it on steroids because at the end of the day fannie mae and freddie mac were a repository of buying this junk and making the whole crisis possible in the first place. >> you're saying, calm down, it isn't as if wore getting back to the anyone with a pulse gets a mortgage. there some stipulations and provisos here. >> there are some stipulations. now, before the great meltdown, private mortgage insurers for 80-90% of the insurance the
1:23 pm
obama administration published them out. the meltdown pushed them out to the point they were like 14-15%. they're comp back. with get private insurers who want to make insurance, banks willing to eat the hit if indeed there's a hit, have no problem with that. that's what free markets are all about. but everyone should be worried when you start to talk about freddie mac being involved and worry because it seems no matter what we still bail out the banks. >> on the dow, and what has been going on with the markets, you always remind me, you don't go pouncing on a day but let's go pouncing summon days here and a thousand point comeback, it could be a bear market rally. what do you think? >> two weeks ago the das waugh down 400-points and only closed down 200-points. a reversal. that was a double bottom. then today we close above 16,500. a huge resistant point. led my names like united
1:24 pm
technologies, led by the financials you were talking about. i if we're going to have a rally it's great to have it beyond the facebooks and amazons. all the industrial names are coming back and many of them are really cheap. that's encouraging. still i see is trading in a tight pattern for most of the. >> , although i do believe we were oversold a couple of weeks ago i. >> charles payne, always great my friend. >> you got it. >> the guy is an an encyclopedia. >> you know that bernie sanders attracts the young in overwhelming numbers. bad news for bernie sanders, spring break is occurring in the middle of some crucial contests, which allows to us run some shameless video. this is shaving.
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we're still waiting to hear whether marco rubio has any reaction to rick tyler getting fired as communications director over at the ted cruz campaign. so far no response to that. all of the dustup that started with the insinuation that marco rubio wasn't a christian. i could go on and on. but he has not responded and maybe he will not respond, and just let it lie and not give his opponent the opportunity of the doubt. switching sides, though to what could be a big problem for one bernie sanders, his core base will be going on spring break. now, that doesn't mean they're all going but a good many of them could be going, and for the young and the restless, that could leave a lot of sanders folks very restless indeed. ed henry in columbia south carolina, with all that. hey, ed. >> reporter: good to see you. young people has been a core element of the coalition that bernie sanders is putting
1:30 pm
together. spring break could hurt that big-time because the map is going to get very difficult for bernie sanders very quickly for a number of reasons. a lot of states, all at once in march, particularly super tuesday, a week from tomorrow. that playsz the advantage of hillary clinton clearly because he has more of the national apparatus, more of the name i.d., all of that. and so he could have some struggles there. then you have the fact a lot of contests like south carolina here this coming saturday, and then on super tuesday as well, georgia and alabama, where the african-american vote will be critical, she has clear advantage there as well issue clinton. and just a few moments ago bernie sanders was at another super tuesday spot, massachusetts, and he was saying that he is tired of the press asking him where his next win will be. he says that he is sticking around in this race and is not going anywhere. watch. >> we have gone much faster, much further, than any or many
1:31 pm
people would have believed possible, and with organizations like the ones behind me, we are going to do just great. [applause] >> reporter: hillary clinton is not yet in south carolina here. instead she is in california today, part of tomorrow as well, fundraising. that is a sign that for her victory in nevada, beyond that, she still has some other issues such as money, trying to keep up to that fundraising machine that bernie sanders has built on the internet. but just in the last couple of moments moments moments the clinton campaign put out their tally the terms of pledged delegateses and say with a vic in nevada over the weekend that's have 52 delegates to sanders' 51. you add on the dozens of super delegates, party bosses, who are saying they'll support clinton. she has a solid week, and then super tuesday, that's when she could really run up the score. >> all right, thank you, ed, very much.
1:32 pm
ed eye lewdded to the pledged -- alludessed to the pledged delegates they're essentially even but hillary clinton has the advantage of the super delegates which put her over 500, and in that event she is a quarter of the way to the democratic nomination. jamie weinstein on that two very different sets of numbers. what are the super delegates pledged to hillary clinton do? are they -- they're not duty-bound to support her on the first ballot. just headed in that direction, right? >> right. absolutely. these are delegates given to kind of big elected officials in the democratic party. 20% of the total delegates. people worry if bernie sanders came in with more death galts they won in raised that these super delegates could swing the race to hillary clinton and tear the democratic party apart. i suspect that even if it came to that point, those pledged delegates may reverse themselves and bernie sanders had more
1:33 pm
delegates going into the convention because they don't want to see the democratic party torn apart which is what would happen if they swung the nomination to her. right now, it looks pretty stark because with those pledged delegates, the superdelegates and hillary clinton's boss put are her well ahead of bernie sanders. >> very akin to what happened in 2008 where super delegates or party delegates, whatever you want to refer them to as, were originally with hillary clinton and then the obama phenomenon ensued and all of a sudden a lot of them started, even before the convention, moving over to him right? >> they would switch. and it's never happened where a candidate has win all the way and had the most delegates, even if they didn't achieve allow need win, and have the super delegates give it to the other candidate. that hasn't happened before. people thought maybe it would happen this time but if it got to the point where bernie sanders was leading you have to emergency that those super delegates would switch to bernie sanders. >> do you get a sense that the
1:34 pm
sanders -- just don't know how to explain the super delegate phenomenon because it looks like a buddy-buddy system. your point not withstanding that he is essentially even with her, he can point out, look,6[ç beatr two to one in new hampshire and we both walked out with the same amount of delegates and he could raise a compelling case for, this is weird. >> reporter: no question. when i first landed in nevada on thursday behalf the democratic caucus here, i got picked up at the airport by a cab driver, who started talking politics when found out i was a journalist. he mentions the super delegates. he says if bernie sanders wins the state and goes to convention with more delegateses than hillary clinton and the hillary clinton change to -- the would vote for -- not vote for hillary clinton and probably vote republican because he is so angry. this is that'ses with certain people in the democratic party,
1:35 pm
it's unfair that the super delegates are rigging the game for hillary clinton at this point. >> thank you very much. we have been following this whole rubio dustup, a separate one, with ted cruz, and our peter barnes on fox business network has tried to find out what the exact status of rick tyler is, the communications director, and we're told he is no longer communications director but the spokesman apparently didn't specify with peter barnes where rick tyler is now. in other words, has he left the campaign entirely or did he just give up that post as communications director. we just don't know. more after this. fore i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet served my country, carried the weight of a family, and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain. from moderate to even
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formally no reactions right now from the marco rubio camp on rick tyler, the communications director, being fired, but donald trump certainly has. he's been issuing a series of tweets over the last hour. the latest saying ted cruz has now apologized to marco rubio
1:39 pm
and ben carson for fraud and dirty tricks. no wonder why he has lost evangelical support. there's no response from the rubio camp and might not have a response but we have someone who is supporting the senator coming up in the next block, and this dustup, is reince priebus, the chairman of the rnc. good to have you. >> thank you, neil. >> what do you make of this and rick tyler being forced out of his communications post in the cruz campaign? >> well, first of all, we're not going to get in the middle of calling balls and strikes month among the campaign every campaign hires and fires people all the time -- not all the time but once in a while. obviously have to be careful on social media, and little retweets and things like that can cause problems. i'm not in the middle of it and -- but certainly it makes
1:40 pm
for a little more drama for the day, that's for sure. >> what do you make of donald trump's response to all of this? he really comes out swinging, saying essentially ted cruz has been playing an ad about me that is so ridiculously false no basis in fact, take the ad down, ted, biggest liar in politics, on and on. >> it's par for the course. campaigns often spar with each other, and no different in 2012, same in 2008. they said this and it's not true and that's not fair. those things happen in campaigns. ultimately time runs out, delegates are allocated and we'll have a nominee. and so we're getting there. i think it is obviously exciting to people. we're -- we have numbers off the chart. the debates are through the roof. people are interested in our party. we're breaking records on turnout. we have volunteers coming out of our ears. we're doing great as a party. but obviously you want to get to
1:41 pm
the point where you have a nominee and you're moving forward. we're not there yet. but i think we're on our way, and it will be 60 days or so. we'll know what is going on. >> do you give much thought to the fact that some in the party, i guess, mainstreamers, establishment guys, i don't know what the term is -- worry about the possibility of a trump nomination?:!w so they're coaleg around marco rubio as the default stopper. is that true? >> i hear things like that, and obviously you see some of the movement that you can't deny in the press, and what people are saying on the record, but i talked to people every day that fund our party, that work for our party or volunteer for our party, and what i get from people is that they're pretty happy with the fact that have got this huge array of people to choose from, that we have had great debates and that hillary
1:42 pm
clinton's in the ditch and that we're poised to, no matter who our nominee is, to win in november. that's what i get. now, granted, when people are invested in certain candidates and they don't win, or they drop out, those people that invested are going to say things that would comport with what they want to have happen, which is, hey, this guy can't win or what if this person wins, have to stop this guy. that's what people do in politics. but like i said before, eventually time runs out. and you get to a place where you have a convention and move forward and we're prepared to do that. >> i guess what they're worried about -- might be no justification for this -- is that donald trump ills your nominee would take the party down to defeat. it was john mccain who said some months back you could risk that as republicans losing the senate. are they just overhyper ventilating on this?
1:43 pm
>> i think so. i think that people always pontificate ad nauseam about everything, and the truth is we're going to find out, but winning is -- >> do you worry about that? you're the guy who has to keep everyone together. that trump nomination might hurt. >> no, i worry about everything. obviously -- but our job is to coalesce around the nominee, neil. whoever that is. and to win with whoever that is. but for someone to try to predict today -- >> when you say coalesce -- >> later -- how die know. >> when you say to co aloes around a knock any. nikki hailey supported marco rubio, all of a sudden she really can't rally around a donald trump. in fact doubles down on prior remarks, chastising him. i'm wondering if everyone is in sync on this kumbiya thing. >> well, i mean issue don't thing think everyone has to be in sync today. when you have five people
1:44 pm
running now, and each one of these five players have a different group of people supporting them, i think it's silly to think that everyone is going to agree that no matter -- everyone is equally great. no. they've a person. they've invest fed their person and they think their person is best. eventually the goal is, when you end up with one person, one nominee, that you have the time to bring everyone together, and defeat hillary clinton, and save this country. i think we'll get there. just like we always do. that's how i view it. >> were you given a heads up about rickhhúi tyler's firing? >> no. i wasn't given a heads up. maybe someone in my office was but i'm -- not to me directly but could be that someone inhouse knew bit. it's one staffer. it's a senior staffer. >> we don't -- >> an important staffer but i
1:45 pm
don't get phone calls every time someone gets fired. >> peter barnes says he is out another communications spokesman but night not be out of the campaign entirely would that surprise you? >> no, not necessarily. that wouldn't surprise me. >> finally, then, your sense, where that's goes. i mean, as you know, senator cruz was criticized after the whole ben carson thing in iowa that he didn't -- he apologized but didn't exact a pound of flesh or fire somebody over that. he did in this case. any significance to that, timing, coincidental? >> i don't know because i don't know internally in the cruz campaign what -- where they're at in the process. we have employees here all over the rnc, and it may be an accumulation of things over time that creates an environment where we might have to let someone go 0, might be one thing that happened and it was bad enough that we have to do the same thing.
1:46 pm
so, i just don't know the details of all of that. obviously what happened wasn't a good thing, but those are their decisions to make, and not for me to be in the middle of deciding their personnel decisions. >> all right. reince priebus, thank you very much for taking the time. >> thank you, neil. >> a lot of headaches for that job. all right. we told you about this move on the part of the cruz camp to spins with the communications director, no indication whether he left the campaign entirely but the rubio people have been wanting to see something like this. we didn't hear from marco rubio, a big supporter, the senator from vermont -- i'm sire -- nevada is next. we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight...
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' leave is to my friend peter barnes who asked a question that no one else has been asking weapon see rick tyler is out as the we see rick tyler is out as the cruz communications person. is he out of the campaign entirely? it doesn't sound like you got a clearance. >> that's right. i asked senator cruz's remaining spokesperson whether or not rick cuyler had left the campaign in light of the senator's request that he leave with this rubio vid video. she said, we are going to let the senator's comments spook for themselves. >> what does that mean? it doesn't answer your question? >> i tem you that based on previous experience with these kinds of things.
1:51 pm
when the boss says that you should go, you go. but then there's often times some sort of negotiation about final pay and some kind of severance or what have you. he did apologize this morning, but i think if he had left the campaign, we probably would have heard them say that specifically. they're working something out, as we say. >> is this much ado about nothing. i don't mean to minimize the importance. it won't move the needle one way or the other outside the criticism that cruz and the cruz campaign had similar issues coming up. they're still not satisfied. they want to be much clearer here. >> there's been a steady drum beat as you know against the cruz campaign by donald trump, by marco rubio, and one controversy after another with the ben carson incident. and as well as the -- you know,
1:52 pm
this new picture photo shop picture of rubio shaking president obama's hand and other controversies. this has been building. the cruz campaign had to do something. >> peter barnes, thank you as always. peter barnes, in nevada with the latest on -- what looks to be more a soap opera than anything else. it will go on and on and on. >> i can't tell you the number of people that have come up to me and said, neil, you had fox business coverage over the weekend. you did miss, and i hope you know now that it's important to you, no matter when it occurs. you never ever avoid us again. this is what you missed, coming up.
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you thought fox business wouldn't be open for the weekend with big primaries and caucuses? you're wrong? >> i've been hearing you plug fox business. i want to make sure i'm on message. >> you're still getting it done. >> maybe you're hearing the cheering behind me. they saw the first fox business. maybe a lot of them don't get and now they're getting on demand. this is one of many, many commercials i'll be doing for this fine network. >> what television is playing in the back court. >> what's on the tv behind you. is it? please tell me it's fox business network. >> is there any shameless opportunity for self-promotion? >> no. >> it's fbn and we're very proud of that. emare attuned.
1:57 pm
as they watch you on the big screen. i heard the cry go out there in the ted cruz ballroom tonight. >> i leave that in your hands. >> megan, his final appearance on the show tonight. >> they turned on the tv to fox business. you can see the reaction, i don't know whether that's for donald trump or fox business. maybe you can -- you're right there in the middle of all that. what excitement are you getting? >> the pigeon just flew in with the word that trump had won the race. >> you know, henry, right? >> lieutenant governor of south carolina. i will take him over the governor any time. because we won. >> we won. >> donald trump speaks the truth. he tells it as he sees it, and that might make some people uncomfortable. that's his appeal. the people out there in the
1:58 pm
country are so tired of politicians dancing around the barn every time you ask them a question, they are looking for somebody who will tell it straight. that's what he does. >> i'm going to put you down -- very good having you, sir. >> the last republican winner of the south carolina primary, and i believe if memory serves me right it was when you were on the phone with us? fox news is now calling you have won south carolina. we are calling this race for you. congratulations there, sir 37. >> thank you. that was then, this is now. bernie sanders lives in the universe with his supporters. trump lives in a universe with his supporters. it's like science fiction. tonight i am suspending my campaign. yeah, yeah. thank you. >> wow! that's all you can say, wow!
1:59 pm
he was once the predicted front-runner. a man who led all polls and all opponents combined by double-digits. that was a year ago, that was before donald trump entered the race. that was before marco rubio, had said he would never enter the race when it looked like his mentor was still in the race. now he's moving on to nevada where republicans are going to duke it out as democrats did tonight. and hillary clinton lives to fight another day. a comfortable win for her, when all is said and done. that will do it. >> you know what i notice looking back at that. no one on my staff or co anchors. no one sucks up to me, not a one. james rosen, i don't even want to start with that guy. we're at it again. fox business means business. we're doing this from the very time we started, your money in the intersection of wall street
2:00 pm
or washington. we're going to be doing it again tomorrow night, we're told it starts at 11:00 p.m. we're there, and we're on as late as it goes. as late as it goes. we mean it when we say it, thanks for watching. we'll see you then. this is a fox news alert, ted cruz axed his national spokesman after he posted a link of marco rubio trashing the bible. you're going to hear from cruz in a moment. but first, as the republican candidates head to nevada. two are making their case as the alternative to donald trump. who's built a big orange head of steam. cruz says he's the one, because he's more conservative. >> there is now only one strong conservative remaining in this race who can win. our game plan from day one was do well in the first four states. and consolidate conservatives to


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