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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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answers. 18% no, 28% yes. go to my facebook page. good night9yjuáz washington. ♪ ♪ >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> he peaks on february 11th a at 38% in the real clear politics average. today '4. is he declining not rising. >> other experts don't believe that is the case. he will secure the nomination. we have no spin zone analysis from charles krauthammer and brit hume. also senators marco rubio ted cruz and dr. ben carson will all be be here. in addition, watters takes on the apple terrorism controversy. >> so it's apple versus the feds. that's like big brother issue. >> you think so? >> that's not 1984. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪
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hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the south carolina vote and other stuff. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. realistically, now down to trump, rubio and cruz on the republican side it would take a miracle for carson and kasich to rise up. on the democrat front hillary clinton won the nevada caucus because minority voters supported her. very good news for the secretary. talking points predicted trump would win south carolina andów that nonwhite voters would secure the nomination for mrs. clinton. and while she is a lock, unless the fbi presents damning email evidence, the g.o.p. race is still in play. donald trump's support is loyal and about a third of republican voters will back him. however, 48% of g.o.p. voters according to a new fox news poll do not believe mr. trump has the temperament to be president.
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he must overcome that. ted cruz and marco rubio remain competitive although they have the high negative numbers in some areas as well. while i was away last week, a few things happened that voters should think about. first, there is no valid excuse for president obama not attending the funeral for justice scalia. no excuse. the no-show was disrespectful to scalia's family and to the supreme court and demonstrates just how ideological mr. obama become i believe the president would have attended the funeral had the deceased judge been a liberal? so if you are going to vote for someone based purely on ideology expect divisive behavior has president obama has demonstrated. now on to the appear tell controversy. it's really simple. a terrorist was directly involved in the murders of is americans. feds want to dissect his apple iphone in order protect the folks goings=(3ç forward. but they don't have the password. apple should, in this specific case, assist
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investigators. theory walks when terror violence occurs. i say that with the caveat that the privacy of americans is under assault. and that's wrong and dangerous. this country needs new law to blunt high tech intrusion in many places bad people can tape you copy your texts and even listen to your conversations using without legal consequence. congress should stop that. but when violent terrorism strikes, apple and everybody else must cooperate when directed by a judge. period. finally, the pope. i would very much like to speak with him. and if i can arrange that, i would like to bring the family of kate steinle with me. i would explain explain to francis the facts about the murder of the 32-year-old kate. i would tell him that because the u.s. government
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will not will not secure the southern border of the united states, a mexican career criminal was able to illegally enter america six times after being deported five times. for decades this man sold narcotics on the streets. and was ultimately protected by the corrupt city and county of san francisco which alowed the illegal alien criminal freedom. result? he shot and killed kate. then, after all of that, i would point out to the pope that the u.s. congress was incapable of passing kate's law, giving authorities more power to control illegal aliens who committing a vated felonies in this country. finally, i would suggest to pope francis thats: millions of americans have been harmed economically by our immigration system which
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desperately needs reform. i think i could persuade the pope that providing protection and enforcing settled law is certainly not unchristian. what is against the tenets of jesus is to allow chaos that harms in the people like kate steinle and her family. what i believe might infuriate jesus is politicians who are sworn to uphold laws, ignoring their oaths in pursuit of power and votes. when human beings are being harmed christians are a sacred duty to try to stop that harm. yes, there must be compassion for the poor and oppressed. and no one is better in promoting that than pope francis. but social order and justice must be incorporated in to compassionate public policy. if not harm will follow
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which, in america, it has. and that's the memo. now for the top tore sent to. reaction, joining us from reaction charles krauthammer. let's take the south carolina vote first charles. has it changed your opinion on anything? >> well, it looks like trump has tremendously solid support about a third of the electorate and if things don't change, he will run the table. the thing that has to+m change is the field has to narrow. there was an interesting poll, nbc poll about a week ago, if you run trump one on one against either rubio or cruz trump loses by 16 points. the fate of this primary election is going to depend, ironically, on the actions of the -- whether carson will stay. in kasich will stay. in and then whether one or the other rubio or cruz gets so relatively early that it's a one-on-one. >> all right. number one, i don't believe
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that nbc poll. because i don't believe hypothetical questions ever get you any accurate information. just my opinion. number two i think that it's after super tuesday a week from tomorrow, that you@ might see kasich, but probably not but carson will hang it up. carson is only polling at about 7%. that's all he has got. that will be scattered across the three. so i don't know if that will be much. we have the senator coming up and i'm going to talk to him about that let's get to the pope. am i making any mistakes in my analysis? >> well, let me just say that i may not be be the best authority to comment on what is christian and unchristian, now had the pope said that trump was acting in a way that was unjewish i would be waxing loquacious on the issue. >> judeo-christian philosophy is very similar
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in the justice sense although the eye for the eye is not what the christians practice. >> bill? >> what i'm trying to get is policy now. >> bill? >> yes. >> that was meant as a joke. on the politics of it, on the policy of it, what the pope actually did is to help trump. and the reason is that americans instinctively do not like to religious leaders weighing in on political issues. particularly on candidates themselves. and particularly in in invoking scripture. particularly in south carolina where catholic church. >> protestant. don't you baited into that? don't you? >> no. he was asked a question. his advisor should have told him that this is a question with a lot of weight on it. and you will only end up worse off if you comment ton. >> i don't mean to say i don't think he knew. >> he should have in countries that you don't really understand. >> i got it.
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>> argentina maybe. united states, no. >> okay. apple versus the feds. i'm right. i'm right well, that's because it's not a hard question. >> now i got that joke. >> this is completely slam dunk. look the feds aren't asking apple to create a back door on every iphone. >> no. >> they aren't asking apple to n$ythem the cofd to a back door. here's how you do this. i mean, it is so damn simple it's annoying. the feds hand over the phone. apple has it in secret. apple then does its stuff. and all the fedsant is not the code or the the information so what apple does is put the information in a little envelope. it hands it over to the feds. and then it can take the phone and obliterate it and it calls up a soprano who takes it and tosses it deep into the east river.
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>> another joke from charles krauthammer. >> well, i'm just trying to lighten up the atmosphere here. >> lighting -- >> -- that is not a hard question. >> all right. and i think that americans are not going to be happy with apple going forward. charles, thank you. next on the rundown, marco rubio, then ted cruz, then ben carson. later, watters wading into the apple he will controversy. that should be interesting. up ahead. [ sneezing ] the cold truth is, if a cold keeps you up at night... you can't work from home the next day. [ coughing ] that's why you need alka seltzer plus day night liquid gels. it's tough cold symptom fighters provide powerful relief. relief that helps you sleep at night and gets you back out there during the day. [ deep breath ] [ truck horn ] alka-seltzer plus day night liquid gels. also available, in stores alka-seltzer plus night time hot drink mix.
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it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections osteoporosis and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. impact segment tonight as mentioned, republicans in nevada will caucus tomorrow. donald trump is widely expect to do win that contest. according to the polls. senators rubio and cruz are fighting for second. joining us now from nevada is senator rubio. so let's talk a little policy tonight. first we have got about 12 million illegal immigrants currently living here in the u.s.a.
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mr. trump s1s he would deport all of them. would you? >> well, the ones that are dangerous criminals the ones that are violent, the ones who pose a threat immediately deported and many others will have to leave or be deported because they don't qualify. what we do the rest of them is not something we have a debate billion until we first secure our border. only after we secured our border we will see what the american people are willing to support when it comes to someone who has been here for a long time. not otherwise a criminal. passed a background check. learns english pays a fine, starts paying taxes. we will see what the american people support. can't do it all at once. it's got to be secure theward first. >> we assume anyone who wins the republican nomination will do that. if they become president. but i'm interested in your vision. okay? because your father came here fromnl cuba. and he came legally because cubans had the political component going for them after castro took over in
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'59. now, your vision, not the american people's vision, your vision, you got 12 million people living here. trump says he is going to round them up and use federal authorities and federal power to force them to go back home. some people say that's not not realistic. that won't happen courts would block it your vision is to deal with illegal aliens here, who have broken our laws, how? what will you try to sell the voters? >> yeah, and first just to set the record straight, my parents came in 1956. they came through the regular green card process. they aplid and entered theb country the normal immigration way. they've didn't have any special status. as far as the 12 million that are hermine i don't believe they support militaristic roundup. the tactics that it would require would offend the american people. we don't have to do it that way. secure or border and put in place mandatory everify and
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exit entry tracking system. if we prove to the american people that illegal immigration is finally under control, i think the american people will respond in a very rationale reasonable but responsible way but what do you do with someone who fits their criteria. >> again, it depends on what -- >> -- let me give you what the american people are. >> let me give you an example. all right. so tommy o'malley has county corc in ireland. let's take it out of the mexican realm. a lot of non-mexico are here illegally. >> overstays his visa. got a job out on liltd. he has been here, evidence ha two kids. you let him stay? you give him american citizenship? what do you do with him? >> first it off it depend on what the american people are going to support. >> you are not going to give me your vision. >> no i'm going to give it to you. hold on a second. let me finish my statement.
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>> it does fend on what the person people will support. this is what i have suggested in the past. if someone has been here for a defined period of time. past a background check. they have to pay a tax. they will have to start paying tags. pay a substantial final because they violated the law. in exchange for all of that, they can apply and receive a work permit. that's all they are going to be allow to do have. a work permit that aplows them to work here and theasd if. ism think the that's the something oour people would be. borders are secure. >> have to be well defined to them. as you know last week u.s. bombed libya to try to defeat isis is. every almost military commander in the country says he just kant defeat isis from the air due huff rays to make thdout or thfm contain but notee
5:18 pm
feet. elm being need to be defeated. safe pafns the i were why isis needs to be hit in libya. that's where they bring their foreign fighters. the air component is significant. need to do more than would are doing now. i also believe we need to conduct number of targeting logistical areas. they will need to be confronted by ground force. that should ideally be made up of primarily sunni arabs themselves. sunni arab liberate would and held by sunnies themselves. they of they >> again. the sunni common meant joining together. >> right. >> and attacking isis in the three countries where they have established -- >> -- well, we would. >> well, naval toe hasn't been -- no bruck candidate
5:19 pm
has put this off that nato should be involved. >> the problem spend less on military than new york city spends on police department. nato has been significantly eroded in terms of its capabilities to projected power from abroad. we are nativity toe. the french and brits have some capability so the toe mate co. special operators from the united states working in conjunction with a ground force make up from egyptians and jordanians and saudis and syrians and iraqis from the tribal areas. it has to be sunnies that govern these tear tofs once they are lib enter rafted.t puts any other group on the ground lead to ten tear are going to be -- >> i a agree. in order to extend pef agree upon to it nato. the sunnies are north going to have central lived and which. >> i agree the u.s. should
5:20 pm
coordinate all of this. >> you know what? they are out. they are out. that's it. because this is that serious. >> basically nato is what i'm u(vr'g j i disp nd thanget apostle land can pony up to. awful west virginia he need is 50,000 men. we appreciate it it. good conversation tonight. >> thanks, bill. >> north senator ted cruz we will put policy questions to him, breaking news he spirtd. st. giant company wught in persons in real jeopardy? rear coming right back. so my doctor told me about botox®, an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's shown to prevent headaches and migraines before they start.
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% continuing with coverage of presidential campaign. ted cruz fired communications director rick tyler. that happened because mr. tyler inaccurately reported some comments marco rubio made about the bible in south carolina. that ought to be a tough one for you to fire the guy but you know, this is the third controversy you guys have had. so how do you see it? >> well, bill, it's good to join you. thank you for having me. listen it was unfortunate that i had to ask for rick's resignation. but we have set a standard from the the very beginning of this campaign that he we are going to operate from the highest level of integrity and rick tweeted out a press story that falsely attributed to marco some comments about the bible it turned out the story was false. but, regardless, we are not going to call anyone's faith in to question. that's a standard i set from the very beginning. and that's why i asked for rick's resignation. we are instead, from the beginning, running a campaign where we are taking the high road and not engaging in the insults and
5:25 pm
attacks of the otherç%races. rather than keeping the focus on issues and substance. >> some of your today weighed in with your campaign is dishonest, blah blah blah, that kind of stuff. donald trump was in the lead on that as you probably know. do you have any comment on trump saying that, you know, your campaign is dishonest. you are a bad guy? you know what the drill. >> well, you know, bill, it's a very strange dynamic where two of the candidates in this race donald trump and marco rubio when anyone actually points to their actual record, they won't defend their record. they just scream liar, liar, liar. both of them have been engaging in very nasty personal attacks relentlessly and daily. it's all false. i will give you an example. the the dewe had last saturday i made the point for are debate stage that donald trump 60 years of his life described himself as very pro-choice and even now he supported planned
5:26 pm
parenthood. and trump began bellowing liar liar, that's not true. he said when did i support planned parenthood? i said when i led the fight to defund planned parenthood you opposed it. and said planned parenthood does wonderful things. likewise wise with marco. let's talk about the fact because my focus is on facts and substance. >> yeah. i don't want to use the whole interview thing for this but because of the breaking news i@ had to do it. here is a policy question i need to you define for me tonight. 12 million illegal aliens here in america. mr. trump says he would deport them forcefully. the real authorities would wind them up. goes bass home. we can't alowe the law to be broken this way. would you round up 12 million illegal aliens here and if so is how? >> we shouldúm law. build would the wall. triple he will board.
5:27 pm
>> biggest difference. >> prosecute trump would look for them to get them out. would you do that if you everywhere president? >> bill, of course you would. that's what ice exists for. we have law enforcement that looks for people who are violating the law thatá apprehends them and deports them. but, bill. >> wait, wait. let me get this straight because this is very important. so i use the same example. so tommy o'malley from county cork in ireland is over here and he overstays his visz is a and has a couple kids and settled into long island. you, president cruz are going to sends the feds to his house, take him out and put him on a plane back to ireland? >> you better believe it right now we actually can't too that because we don't have a biometric exit, entry system. we've don't know what tomorrow goes home. >> the. courtney: would probably block you. i'm sorry to cut you of but i want it get to the meet meet-eye meat of this. federal courts block you
5:28 pm
from doing that. >> why would they do that. >> due process. >> no. no. listen, i have spent my entire process as a constitutional lawyer. so federal law requires biometric entry exit system on visas. the obama administration refuses to enforce federal law. as president i will put that in place we will know the day sun extends and send law enforcement are here pree hend them and send them only. the piggest difference is that donald trump and marco rubio would allow those 12 million people to become u.s. citizens. donald says once he deports them he would let them back in as citizens. i will not for anyone concerned about=: expwrobs. they are going to be under existing law. he are not eligible to come in if they have been report to do breaking the law. marco rubio and donald trump are wrong to drive down
5:29 pm
wages and take away americans'' jobs by giving 1 million here citizenship. that's not. senators we will tenel much the conversation. we pleecht you take the time. plenty more ahead as a the factor moves along this evening. wee will continue with presidential politics. ben carson and brited hume will be here. watters, finding out what the folk they apple's california to fight terrorism. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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this is sheldon whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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personal story segment tonight, in south carolina on saturday, ben carson clocked in about 70% of the vote which put him six in a field of six. the doctor joins us from las vegas. you said on the factor's last appearance you were anticipating coming in third in south carolina. how do you see the final tally? >> well, one more point and i would have. but, you know, it is what it is. obviously you would like to come in higher than you do. but we have a pretty significant fight with the media blackout. we're just going to keep fighting and using different mechanisms for getting our message out. >> okay. but really, i mean, as i said in the talking points memo and you know me, i'm a fair straightforward guy it would take a miracle for not only you but john kasich at this point with the delegate situation being what it is
5:34 pm
to overcome trump. i'm not saying is he going to win because it may be rubio or crz will catch fire. that can absolutely happen. for you to catch as far behind as you are very difficult. >> at love things can happen bill. you have to recognize that particularly now that there is only five candidates in the race, it's very possible that we might actually turn to the issues rather thanb+ personalities. and if that were to happen, things could change pretty quickly. >> you have cut your staff in half. is that a fact by the way? i know that's a. is that a fact you can cut your staff down? >> it's not quite in half. we have way more than we needed. a lot of duplication going on. and the people who were running thez campaign before we changed things around clearly didn't know what they were doing financially. that has changed dramatically. we have a much more efficient system now. so things like the report in the "the washington post"
5:35 pm
yesterday that says we spend more per vote than anybody else, you know, that's taking into account the frivolous spending going on before we made the change. >> all right. so next -- nevada doesn't really matter for you tomorrow night. but next tuesday does. a week from tomorrow. you know, doc, i have got to tell you. i just don't think you are going to do it. it's not you either. it's history. it's almost like governor bush in the sense that it was just the wrong time for governor bush up against the colossus. >> that may be but remember bill clinton didn't win anything until the sixth contest. >> you have special circumstance this year and you know it with trump. you have got a very special circumstance there. it's almost like the obama circumstance that was very special as well. so, my question is, if you don't do well ono÷ super tuesday, you have to pack it in. is there someone in mind? you don't have to tell me tonight. i don't think it's fair tore
5:36 pm
to you could that, is there someone in mind that you would get behind? you are very well respected in this country among republicans and many democrats as well. you may not win but they still like you and they still respect what you stand for. do you have somebody in mind that you would go for? >> well, certainly if i were going to do that i would want to sit down and talk with whoever that was. you he no, can i see myself myself -- i know if i'm not the candidate i will support whoever the candidate is. there is no question about that. >> for your support in the primaries, if you don't continue after super tuesday would be be important to any cab candidate. do you see what i'm saying to you because you are so well=ú respected. >> i understand what you are saying. i'm just not willing to make that commitment without having a series of conversations. that's all. >> okay. >> and again i want to esm if a size this whole scenario has been based on
5:37 pm
personality and fear and anger. at some point we actually start dealing with the facts. we actually start dealing with the solutions. and when that happens i think you may see a fairly dramatic change. this is a very unusual year. it's not like any other. and the stakes are extremely high. we ever at the precipice. and if if we make the wrong decisions at this time, we may have con our children and grandchildren in. >> thank you i want everybody to know we did invite john kasich on this evening but he had other scheduling commitments. when we come right back, brit hume will analyze the latest polling from nevada. then watters on the7v appleqz?ák controversy. those reports moments away. through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions...
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the hume zone segment tonight. a new poll out of nevada from the organization that's a nonpartisan political consulting firm. they have the caucus tomorrow this way. trump 9. cruz 23, rubio 19. however, the sample is very small. less than 700-likely voters. with us now boca florida.
5:42 pm
brit hume. >> i wouldn't say inevitable bill. he is the clear frontrunner. he has the poll position. it's opinion shown i think particularly in these last two states that he has kind of a durable coalition of voters of, you know, somewhere between 30% and 40% of the republican electorate or at least the republican primary electorate that's prepared to come out and vote for him. there is a big difference in the nature of the constituency in new hampshire and the constituency in south carolina. and yet he did about the same in both. he is the man to beat for sure. >> okay. now that's what i said in the talking points memo. that he has got at least a third, maybe a little bit more of republican voters who is r. going to vote for him no matter what happens. i think he cand3 start duking ted cruz out and it wouldn't matter. but he also has accord fing test test test fox news poll last welcome and this water
5:43 pm
9% -- don't think he has the temperament to be president. >> i would assume he has got to bring that down or he is not inevitable. >> some people might vote for him whether he think he has the temperament or not. it also suggests of mist negative trouble in of people who look upon him unfavorably which is worrisome for republicans to have him as a general election can at that time because he would like lick a louisianaer and suggests there is a field on him if the field clears and, you know the alternative to him becomes one person instead of three or for four now that he could be beaten. that he was got to happen and so far except for bush dropping out it's not happening. >> only two and the two gentlemen we had on before you cruz and rubio. kasich and car sooren don't have a chance. >> bill, they don't have
5:44 pm
have a chance. as long as they are still on the ballotog still running they siphon off some of the nontrump vote. now, if they were to drop out, the support would go somewhere. some of it would go to trump. but i think a large majority would go elsewhere. the question is would it be enough so that one of the other candidates cruz and rubio probably yorve take him. e. is in it from a week from tomorrow at least. john kasich who is now 00 even campaigning in nevada, he is up in massachusetts and michigan and those places. yeah. so ifield assume that after super tuesday kasich and carson will probably leave. and that gives -- puts out of play about 11% 12% of the republican vote. that's what the percentage is. so, say rubio picks up, and then you have got to factor
5:45 pm
cruz in, too. because cruz could get him too. carson voters, you know? i'm not sure whether that 11% or 12% makes a difference. >> what did rubio have out? >> it 22 being go for rubios way they did about 21%. >> the other thing about it, bill, he came from behind. coming out of new hampshire he was relative of where he ended up um how familiar he can gain between last week and this, we will have to see in nevada which doesn't have that many delegates anyway. of the big question is whether rubio can gain a lot of ground somewhere around super tuesday enough that i would be well passed cruz andy weather he other candidates say this is hopeless and get out. if they don't i think the path to trump evan cleaner?
5:46 pm
>> run it knowing mifd want around he time has not been his friend so far. his support has leveled off. >> yeah. well, we will see. >> how many democrats are going to vote for donald trump? well some. he has probably got them already. but it's not a majority. >> allo right. brit hume, watters on tech. of the apple controversy, is that company pulling putting all of us i should say in gave dangers.
5:47 pm
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should obey the judge's orders, and help them get into the phone. apple's defying the order, saying it's safeguarding your privacy. we sent watters out to sample opinion in arizona. ♪ >> reporter: what do you think about this apple controversy? >> i have no idea what you're talking about. i don't know anything about it. i like apple. >> c'mon, honey, say saves jokes, we're starving here. >> what happened in san bernardino. >> i work the night shift. i'm either sleeping during the day or working at night. >> it was the biggest domestic terrorist attack since 9/11. >> really? >> i think apple should open the phone secretly by themselves and then give it back. >> apple should step up and do the right thing. >> that's like brig brother-ish.
5:51 pm
it's like "1984." did you ever read that book? >> i don't think they should unlock the phone. >> how will we win the war on terrorism if we could unlock a dead terrorist's phone? >> i'm sorry, but all questions must be submitted in writing. >> what do you think is motivating apple? >> could be the cost to redesign the back door. >> you think they're putting profits above patriotism? >> absolutely. >> i think if you have nothing to high what is the big deal? >> i have no secret. >> you don't have any secrets? >> no. >> how do i satisfy a man? >> oh, my gosh look. >> how to satisfy a woman. [ laughter ] >> can i tell you the answer? money. >> nice ascot. >> where do you stand? do you support apple or the federal government? >> i support apple for the fact that they want to you know protect their customers. >> what about protecting the country?
5:52 pm
-- >> oh, my gosh. >> do we care about the privacy of a dead terrorist? >> no. >> i don't know how we're talking about invasion of privacy if we're talking about a terrorist. >> everybody deserves privacy at the end of the day. >> even dead terrorists? >> yeah. >> what? why! >> if apple doesn't cooperate, will you still use apple products? >> snow would never. no. if they won't keep us safe how much money they make they should be on our side. >> if they don't hand over the information to the feds are you going to keep using apple products? >> it's better than galaxy and samsung, so yeah. >> what do you think we should go? >> boycott, national boy coit. >> ceo tim cook why won't you help crack the phone for the feds? >> that is a joke. i get it. it is not funny. >> do you ever watch "the o'reilly factor"?
5:53 pm
>> this is your world. >> i'm watters, and this is my world right here. >> i'm brandon. this is my crew right here. >> uh-oh. here comes trouble. >> that's watters. was there anyone you talked with that had a defense of apple other than privacy? >> no. i mean i think young people care more about privacy than patriotism. >> did you believe the woman who said that dead terrorists have a right to privacy? did you believe her? or would they just panic -- >> i think they panic and say anything. anytime you challenge them they don't have anything underneath. >> the guy is dead. if we can pick up some confederates before he killed these people we have to do that. as i said in talking points this is a specific thing, not general. so anyway apple is wrong.
5:54 pm
watters, thank you very much. what i did on vacation. i wrote a little essay for you "the tip" moments away. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. the tip of the day, what i was doing last week in a moment. first couple factor notes, marco rubio and others are referencing ronald reagan in their quest to become president. hillary clinton will also be running against the ghost of ronald reagan. so if you have not read my book it explains exactly why ronald reagan succeeded in his presidency and why he is a legend among many republicans. also i've been tweeting about the presidential run run @o'reillyfactor. if you have my tweets you can
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do and they'll come to you. it's magic. now mer 2ki9 baldwin, o'reilly thank for you explaining the concept of democratic socialism. i don't think many supporting bernie sanders understand that. that explanation is posted. lee nora -- from venezuela, i adore the factor unfortunately our government eliminated cable, so i have to hear it on the internet. you know i'm going to sending a primeius premium membership the least i can do and it's not working on the in venezuela. bill what is the status of kate's law? any progress. not yet, but it's not done. i believe we will get a vote in the senate but it's not easy brian taylor mr. o, i have watched the factors for year.
5:58 pm
george depaolo, aurora colorado -- bill i was deeply moved by "killing reagan." i lost my wife of 59 years and i can relate to nancy reagan being overprotective of her husband. i don't believe, george that nancy reagan was overprotective in the end. her loyalty to the president in his final years in my opinion, nothing short of heroic just like you. ed -- will there be a book for the -- >> yes, ed it is called the president has been shot out on june 21st. warren grab bow, my wife got any a premium membership and tickets to see you and miller in l.a. on march 12th all for my birthday. great wife warren. we'll see you at the microsoft theater where just a few choice seats remain. also in fairfax, virginia on may 7th. great time to be in the d.c. area. one of the fees place is i
5:59 pm
can get away from it all is under water. here i am in the turks and caicos. it's a snuba. it's great for kids. they gain confident, have a blast and it's very safe. thank you jody taylor for a great dive. the turtles were happy to see us. and if you haven't done snuba, you might like it. that is it for us tonight. please check out is the website. we would like you to spout out from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine, do not be bellicose when writing. you can't be bell i counder water. there's a hint. you can't do it in the water. again, thanks for watching us toon.
6:00 pm
i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. \s breaking tonight, the republican race for the white house hitting a critical new stage. over the next eight days we may learn more about the eventual nominee than we have since it all started 11 months ago. good evening. i'm megl engine megyn kellie. kellie. to an increasingly national race. playing out in states across this country. tomorrow the candidates square off in the nevada caucuses. wednesday they go face-to-face with the voters and yours truly in a kelly file town hall broadcast from convenesbury theater in houston,


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