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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 23, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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go to my facebook page. good night9yjuáz washington. ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. >> coming up on the big show, done national trump dominates the south carolina primary. he will join us by phone to discuss. >> plus, john kasich is being called sexist for being said women came out of the kitchen to vote for him. will this cut into trump lead? and astronauts hearing mysterious music while orbiting the moon. sorry. that should have been heard
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mysterious music while orbiting the moon. >> her new book is called you're better than me. it is the first honest thing she has ever said. comedian bonnie mcfarland. he was called a nazi on the tv show "smash" which is unfair. he is not that short. author of razzle dazzle. the columnist for the new york post. she used to be a disk jockey. please find evidence of that, internet. and his witt is dryer than the planet jaku. next to me is tv's andy levy. let's start the show. donald trump scored a big win in south carolina and we'll get to that. first, i want to address some over looked remarks he made last week at a town hall.
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>> you actually bring fast-food to your plane sometimes? >> sometimes. >> when you roll up at a mcdonalds what does donald trump order? >> a fish delight sometimes. >> a fish delight sometimes. he says hen joys the chicken mcwhopper. trump went on. >> i am a person that i like cleanliness and i like clean. the one thing about the big franchises, you have to have a -- because of the importance, one bag hamburger and you can destroy mcdonalds. one bad hamburger and you take wendy's and all of these other places and you are out of business. there is something a certain firm is going through right now. do they make it, do they not make it? >> i think he was talking to the firm chough chipotle. but it is true. trump has been known to stop at mcdonalds on the campaign trail. here he is getting drive-thru.
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sometimes he parks it and eats it right there. that's nice. trump is a man of the people. >> really? >> yes. he likes a mcdonalds fish sandwich like the next guy. >> his whole thing is he won't eat at a small business establishment because it is dirty. this is completely anti-family and anti-small business. if you are a small business owner right now, keep in mind donald trump doesn't like you. he thinks you are dirty, dirty, filthy scum. that's what he is saying. i am to the extrapolating. >> he may be right that the bigger establishments have to be cleaner because they -- they are open to lawsuits and things like that. they have stringent standards. it shows he has belief in american businesses. >> i think it shows you are wrong. >> liz, have you ever had a fish delight. >> i am always suspicious of
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an order with delight. it is fillet-o-fish. you know people in your family would order that and you would say why are you recording the fillet-o-fish? why not go with the hamburger? and the name fish delight. i love when the politicians are trying to be relatable. leona helmsley loved the hamburglar. he should say i am successful and i am a billionaire and i eat what i eat. did he say fish delight or fillet delight of fish. >> i think he said fillet of fish or fish fillet. but it was clearly delight. michael, i uncovered that the fish delight is a real thing on the mcdonald's menu. you can find it. it is a special -- i think it is a 500 calorie meal, fitch delight 500 meal with a desani
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water. he is not making that up. >> his hair is beginning to take on a kind of green tint to it and it is looking like the shamrock shake. he swings by the window because he is porking out on the campaign trail. >> his doctor said he is very healthy, the healthiest person he has ever treated. >> he looks like a fillet-o-fish and he looks like the hamburg -- hamburglar. >> he looks like he had a face transplant. i wouldn't want to look like that. no one orders the fish fillet except for my sister whe is crazy. i think this is a good ipped cater that he shouldn't be president. i think you know this already, but i am a vegan. no i leave it there. i am holing strong to my belief.
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>> sometimes i do a little native american thing. you ever go to a casino and win? i always bury a little bit for the native americans. >> i am going to try that. moving on. is trump valdomar? the data consistently and overwhelmingly shows trump with the most unfavorable and the large candidate field shields trump with harm. trump is losing his shield and that is making him more vulnerable. they said, note, we are not calling donald trump evil. this is an analogy and not a direct comparison. >> people voting for trump don't know what an analogy is. i don't know if that helps. >> he has support all across the political spectrum. >> everyone loves him. >> trump is more like a
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character out of another fan fantasy epic. take a look. >> the pope was in mexico. does anyone know that? he said negative things about me. the pope has been told donald trump is not a nice person. trump is a very nice person. no deals. we don't make deals with anybody. >> excuse me. we need people who know what they are doing. we don't need babies. >> are you refusing to obey my order? >> i think you can say that, yeah. >> that was made by australian youtubeer, huw par kin son. funny. >> he is a darth vader in a way, but his wife looks like one of those vampire ladies in the old hammer movies with christopher lee. that's what she looks like to me. >> she is a gorgeous woman.
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>> those women were gorgeous to me too when i was growing up. it is like in transylvania and you fall asleep and there she is in a white gown and she smiles it and then the white teeth clamp down on you. >> is he valdemore or is he -- some compare him to joffrey from "game of thrones." >> i was thinking of bernie sanders' dopie. you have to bring in bernie sanders. >> he could be dopie. >> bernie could be yoda. >> who is cruz? >> cruz is ramsey bolton. trump talked about bringing back water boarding and stuff like that. i don't think he would do it himself and he wouldn't watch. he would order somebody to do it. cruz i get the feeling he would like to do it or watch.
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>> wait a minute. look, bonnie, i don't know if this is fair -- they are not saying that trump is evil. they are comparing them to one of the great literatures. >> i don't know anything you are talking about because i am a beautiful woman. i don't have to do that kind of thing to get friends. i don't know about the harry potter books. i saw a guy once in my gym, he was really muscular and he was getting on the life cycle and he started reading i said there is fog in it for me. there is no way that could possibly be for me. >> how did trump win south carolina? on sunday trump broke it down. >> we won with everything, tall people, short people, fat
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people, skinny people, just won. >> fish delight all the way around! >> what is the key to winning south carolina? >> you want to know something in in -- something? i am a beer person than the -- i am a better person than the people i am running against. >> that what it is? we are trying to figure it out. he has defied convention. >> just ask him. the short, the fat, the skinny and he left out -- well actually he said it, but they clipped it. he left out the brown people, the yellow people and that's what people were saying. just stop while you are behind. he is not behind. he is well ahead and props to him. >> isn't it true that he is surprising everyone that he is winning in demographics? >> it is absolutely right.
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if you look at the demographics he pretty much had a clean sweep across the board. he is not wrong at all. that would be like a newspaper you would see in a sci-fi comedy seeing a weird future like cubs win world series again. that's what we are living in now. >> was that spy magazine? >> now why not hear it from the horse's mouth. >> listen, before we get started i am banning andy from participating.
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>> i don't like anyone on your panel. they are not nice people. very, very mean. >> we'll keep it mano-y-mano. >> i like you. you are a good guy. >> first let me congratulate you on the win in south carolina. >> i love south carolina. i love all of the carolyn yens. i have to tell you though i am not a big fan of their crescent moon flag. there is something strange about it. it looks like where obama came from or something. >> it looks like a palm tree and a crescent moon. i didn't know that was the flag of south carolina. >> i look at that and i get shivers up my spine. >> congratulations on the win. you won all demographics. tall people, short people. >> skinny people. people who play on rocks, fat
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people, giants, dwarfs, all religions. i did very, very well with attractive people which i usually do. even the religions i don't particularly like we did well with. they all love me. it has been fantastic. >> jeb bush dropped out, does it make you happy? >> no, jeb dropped out and it does not make me happy. i will miss him to be honest. he is a much stronger candidate than than light weight miami sound machine back up singer marco rubio. >> you actually -- actually prefer bush to rubio? >> absolutely 100%. he is a feather weight and he drinks too much water and chokes at debate. i think he is a robot. i am not sure. he wears very, very feminine boots. i don't like it.
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>> you are wondering if he was a natural born citizen. do you have any evidence of that? >> are you following along? i don't need evidence. all i have to do is ask a question and i am questioning it. that by the way was a retweet. i don't know if he was naturally born or unnaturally born or c section or section 8 housing, i don't know. i wasn't there. 1k3 what about john kasich. something is not right. he was born in makeezrocks? i have never heard of makeezrocks. i have been many, many places. it could be cuba or kenya. what kind of person comes from rocks? >> i think it is in pennsylvania. >> no, i think you are wrong. i don't want the democrats to file a lawsuit. it is simple as that. >> you are protecting they will? protecting them. >> i have a master plan and i am looking out for the
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republican party. i am in the lead and i don't get it. it looks like you got moo it with jermaine jackson. michael jackson lost confidence after the bad, bad, bad plays stib surgery -- plastic surgery. how do you feel about that? >> i never liked jermaine. he was a mean person and i was more of a tito guy. tito is a nice guy. he is very unassuming and plays the base and duds -- does a fantastic job. tito is better than jermaine and of course janet. i love janet. latoya, she is not the brightest bulb in the shed. >> hopefully caw -- you can make up with jermaine. thank you for joining us. >> absolutely. it will be fantastic. super tuesday and i will crush every state you will have me
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back on and your ratings are going through the roof. >> absolutely. thank you, sir. >> good night. >> meanwhile there are other candidates beside trump. i know i was shocked too. john kasich said he first won in 1978 thanks to women who left their kitchen to campaign for him. >> how did i get elected? i didn't have anybody for me. we got an army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go outdoor to door and put yard signs up for me all the way back when things were different. >> the comment quickly drew criticism. the ohio democratic party issued the news release, kasich gives draper a run for her money. and then a woman's place is wherever she wants it to be.
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we may have to disagree mz clinton. let's see how republican donor spent that weekend. >> the jeb donors are moving to marco rubio or is it ted cruz? whose field will they end up in? bonnie, i think we are being hard on kasich. some of them left their campaigns to -- their kitchens to campaign for him. >> they are making pies and doing bake sales to raise money. it makes perfect sense. i don't know why everyone is so up in arms. ladies, get your -- like they were having a supper war. a it uper war. there were probably a lot out there. >> he should be in the kitchen with his head in the oven.
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would you unlock the jacket? this is my guy. he can't get a foot note in the pollses right now. >> there he is in a nice casual sweater. >> can't you give him a break? he made the comment about the kitchen, but that is what he saw. the women were coming out of the kitchen. >> it is the old barefoot and pregnant with the wooden campaign sign. a lot of people are giving john kasich a break. a you lot -- a lot of republicans like what he stands for. they think he can lead. he has great things about him and pome say he would make a great president and a solid vice president. why isn't he resonating 1234. >> we don't know.
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andy? >> unlike you, i don't remember 1978. this whole thing was a complete failure of the media. there is nothing wrong with what he said. he said it was different back then because it was. in 1978 the percentage of women was a lot smaller than now. there is slotly nothing wrong. >> what kind of mind-set is it that you know you are campaigning in 2016? >> we have to go. it is a good argument and andy is right. what do you expect to be san francisco and flowers in your hair of course. find out after the break.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. here is what's happening p. we are just hours away from the republican caucus in nevada. the once crowded gop field is now down to just five candidates. real estate mogul donald trump, senators marco rubio and ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich and ben carson. most polls show trump ahead by double digits, but that could bemis leading. political polling is tricky in nevada since 10 to 15% of the republicans are expected to caucus. and ted cruz firing a a communication director for circulating a doctored video appearing to show marco rubio insulting the bible. she was asked to resign after being hammered for what they call dirty tricks.
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>> if other candidates choose to go in the gutter we will not do the same. rick tyler was a good man. i will tell you, even if it is true, we wil -- we are not a campaign. >> marco rubio isn't buying it saying tyler was a fall guy who expected a culture of dishonesty. it was created by cruz. the uber driver has confessed. six people were killed in the shooting spreet in kalamazoo. two others were injured including a 14-year-old girl. uber did receive complaints about dalton's driving, but it is unclear if they the victims had no apparent connection and there is word of a possible motive.
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i'm kelly wright. back to "red eye. a tech was supposed to apologize for his insensitive letter. they wrote an open letter to the mayor in which we use riff-raff and call it a shanty town. the outrage was swift. it is a familiar story and it is is -- it described the author as a male entrepreneur. it is flushed with self worth that comes with working in a city and an industry and they are the most important to grace them with their presence. but he shouldn't have apologized. everything he said was correct. i just got back and here is a picture of me standing in front of a bridge to prove it. it is a potentially beautiful
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city. i'm sure it once was, but it isn't anymore. the streets smell like bathrooms and the bathrooms smell worse. all parts are being used and there are no public spaces. i only went to the good neighborhoods. that's what i do. it is a knock on people who run that city. you are not the compassionate one. >> bonnie mcfarland, san francisco is a comedy city. do you know what i'm talking about? >> don't tell me you don't get accosted -- >> oh you think i leave my hotel room. sometimes i watch the channel what is going on in the city. i love homeless people. i wouldn't want a world
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without them. i give them money. you are not supposed to. you are not supposed to give them money and we know what they want to buy. a home. >> the thing is they pretend to be compassionate, but they are not doing the homeless any favors because it it is not getting better. >> you started off saying a tech entrepreneur was forced to apologize. this is happening every day. a tech has to apologize. this guy is not a bad person. i think she is a very, very good writer. he said it was a knock on the people who run the city and that's what he said. but remember that matt damon movie that came out and the earth was full of poor people
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and the rich lived in a spacestation. he is a bad writer. >> that prequel isn't that public policy in the sequel it the lib blal -- liberal run cities. >> welcome to berkeley 1982. now thanks to this guy they can have gourmet food. i am surprised there is no is there something to give to the homeless. >> it is called -- honestly i lived in san francisco and i lived in berkeley. it is a huge problem in california. the panhandlers and the homeless. i understand his emotion, but he didn't phrase it very well. >> look, the streets that i was walking on -- i wasn't going into the bad
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neighborhoods. i was president seeing -- see homeless camper people some the park who kens from a -- >> surprisingly a lot of young people want to live in sliping bags and finger their love beads and play their guitar and not get a job. a city like san francisco will support their laziness. >> very aggressive. >> and i don't like the kid. i hate those 12-year-old multimillionaires. i hope i livelong enough to see the tech number burst. >> no andy levy. instead we will talk about the latest barbie doll. can't wait.
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we were supposed to have hover boards by now. instead only barbie has them. a this year's international toy fair mattel unveiled a pink clad princess on top of a remote controlled drone. the new doll is called barbie starlight adventure rc hover board naturally. a simple push of a button and she takes flight. soaring through the sky on her mission to find a good
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husband. actually something the barbie could aspire girls to look at science and aviation. the founder of amilia droneheart said, quote, everyone knows barbie. if your daughter likes barbie, that may encourage her to pursue stem. the next drone won't necessarily be pink. it is as realistic as her standards of beauty. michael, is this a good idea? is this going to encourage women to go into the sciences? >> you know what the barbie flying around in a drone is? it is barbie flying around on a drone. >> you could be correct. >> what do this idea that this -- this wasn't some good saying -- some guy saying
12:35 am
this. this is the drone woman. >> if you want to encourage women to be pilots don't use amilia earhardt as your model. we don't know what happened to her. >> she left her kitchen the same. >> i think it sends a great message to little girls that they can be as annoying with their hover boards as men. >> but i think it is a little condescending to say women need to uh trect them -- attract them to sciences. >> nothing says 1 01 than pink spandex and a hover board? >> that's obvious to me. >> we may have been contacted by aliens. it is an upcoming episode on nasa, apolo 10 astronauts heard weird space music out of
12:36 am
radio contact with earth on the dark side of the moon. they were marked classified by nasa and kept locked up until 2008. here is a bit of the far out music. >> the tapes contain recordings of strange otherworldly music. >> ♪ >> they are unlike any astronauts i have ever heard. >> sounds like outerspace-type music. >> if i were to hear something back there, the first thing would freak me out. >> it is unclear what made these eerie noises, but they believe the most likely culprit is a giant space whale.
12:37 am
it makes it funny. why weren't these released until recently? >> i don't know. because there is no aliens and there is nothing else out there. why don't we know that now? we were sending out signals for however long. no one answered the call. either we are the only ones here are the biggest universe in the universe. oh my god, it is earth again. >> like you keep texting your text and they don't respond. >> they don't want anything to do with them. >> you must have a thoor reon this. >> you know how you go to a movie and you can hear the explosions from the theater next door? that's what happened. they were filming this on a sound stage. there were explosions and hard noises. >> if in our little film -- we
12:38 am
used our own music, but $eerie $eerie -- it was eerie sounds. >> that was the attempt on a theme song. >> what is it. >> it was the houston guy who had a tangerine dream. that's exactly what it was. >> it could interfere. don't you remember when the astronaut, i forget which one, he saw magical lights, it was the fies of good and it was urine -- >> are you right about that? >> can i shoot one thing down though? the media -- this is as big of a failure at the kasich. it was not recently classified. it was recently digitized.
12:39 am
>> did you hear the music? >> i couldn't hear the tomb. was there a tomb there? >> did we cover it with the classic -- we couldn't hear the song. it is only because we wanted our viewers to go to bed hearing that song over and over. they will not be able to get it out of their heads. it was declassify. unclass -- unclays fight. >> my husband is old. you know that. >> do you have a cassette player in your car? >> an 8 track tape player? >> it is one of those -- >> it is the real deal. >> time to take a break. it is time to talk to bonnie about her new book. >> i wrote a book? here is what is come up on the
12:40 am
nice kennedy. >> hi, "red eye." on the next "cain gnaw de" judge nepal tan know and michael moynahan. we'll see you on fbn.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. president obama officially asking congress for nearly $2 billion to fight the zika
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virus in the u.s. and latin america. he wants to move quickly on this and is asking congress for the flexibility to use funds previously earmarked for ebola in the fight against zika. the world health organization declared the zika virus an emergency at the beginning of the month. the bill and melinda gates foundation is turning its attention to the zika virus. they distributed $4 billion in grants to fight ebola in 2014. its last financial report showed a balance of more than $40 billion. the virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and travelers who have visited the infected areas. it has been linked to birth defects in babies in brazil. the u.s. and russia agree to a new cease-fire for syria. it is supposed to go into affect on saturday. but major questions remain about how to enforce it. syria's government needs to sign off on the agreement. the centers for disease
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control says it underestimated cancer risk on a laminated flooring. those who bought the flooring are three times more likely to get cancer. it emits a formaldehyde and is on the list of carcinogens in 2011. they stopped selling the floor back in may. starbucks is changing the terms of the row ward program. right now a member gets a star for every transaction they make regardless of the stars. you can get a free food and drink item of your choice. in april you need to earn 125 for a star. now back to "red eye. one of our favorite canadians -- i was going to
12:46 am
say comeeden whys. comedians and canadians. she writes about growing up on her parents' farm and why she turned to comedy. she also writes candidly about raising her son justin bieber as a single mother. bonnie, tell us about the book. it is wonderful. i was reading it. >> did you read it? >> this is the thing. i don't -- you don't have to read my book. i would never do that to anyone. but please buy it. >> if you happen to have nothing to do i don't mind. >> i love the inside comedy stuff. >> you wanted to be janeen garafalow. >> you picked up the phone and called caroline's comedy club. >> my plan was to get to the united states to track down janeen. >> and stalk her.
12:47 am
>> yes. in those days you couldn't -- you had to actually, physically -- it was a lot of work. >> the manager picked up the phone and tell me what you said to him. >> i was like, hey, can i get on the show? he is like, are you funny? he said i tell you what, i have the workmen in my office and if you can -- they are fixing the ceiling. if you combine make them laugh i'll put you on speaker and you can do the show. i had my notebook and you read your stand up act. >> i did comedy and crowd work and i got in the show. >> it is unbelievable -- >> he asked me if i was attractive. he said are you cute? >> he said it is a visual medium, right? >> you didn't even give an answer. >> i said i don't have a full length mirror. jay but he said i like your -- >> but he said i like your spunk and he put you on the
12:48 am
show. >> put me on the show. then you go to the strip. everyone you wanted to pass at the strip and there was a manager. you performed at your addition and came out to the bar area. would you like to come in my office to crew teak your fact. what did you say? >> i said no thank you. i had just thrown there and missy some flights and it was a long day and i really wanted to drink beer. i didn't know that was part of the thing getting past the club. i just thought he wanted to complement me in private. i was tired. >> you probably like that. >> it was a month later when people were telling me their stories. >> everybody had is a story. you had to perform for him and he called you in his tiny
12:49 am
office. >> you still haven't been there? >> no idea what it looks like. >> he had a tv screen. he would watch you by closed circuit tv. >> he would say we have enough white guys which is something people couldn't do anything about. or lose the mustache, you look like a pedophile. people would go up and they said said -- he said you will have to drop a few pound. or you could just put on a few and go for the whole spectacle of it. i swear to god. now are you in new york and you are a comedian and then you went to l.a. >> i did meet janeen garafa
12:50 am
lloy. >> was she nice? >> she was indiffer -- indiffer rent. i was so nervous. so somebody introduced us and i said hi and she just went. hi. that was it and i left. >> that's so jaw -- janeen. there are so many great stories. buy it and pick it up. you will love. it we will close things out with a bedtime story. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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watching tvs get sharper, bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here.
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because of the nevada caucus. i said nevada, did you hear that? we will be back on wednesday with megan mccain and sam roberts and mike baker. >> who is drunk? who knows? a proposed bill would require bar bartenders to identify patrons who may be drinking too much and intervene of the it is phone as the responsible intervention for beverage -- is that the real word? try saying that after a couple beers. >> they would have three years to complete the training and
12:55 am
they must take a refresher course. the law aimed at curbing drunk drivers would go into affect in 2020. i don't love any new laws. >> two things, first of all it was responsible intervention. they are calling it ribs. it has nothing to do with bar tenders. they should call it when alcohol seems to excessively damage or waste it. >> 42 seconds. >> this is a solution in search of a problem. it is called common sense. bartenders have common sense. you can tell when someone had too much to drink. you don't need a state certified course. >> we don't have to worry about this, but when i travel
12:56 am
across the great state of america i feel like everybody is drunk driving. nobody catches a cab in the middle of no where. >> that's true, that's true. >> i was at a los angeles restaurant and they are drinking wine and martinis and they get in their cadillacs and drive out of beverly hills. >> what year are you talking about? >> john kasich may get elected. >> bonnie, what do you think? bartenders know this, right? >> they know when you're drunk because then i sleep with them. that's how they know. >> you know, maybe it is better they get the training. aren't bartenders and establishments loyable? >> yes -- liable. >> it goes back to an actor who got on a motorcycle after drinking too much. how do i know this? the lawyer lived across from us. but he wrote the law that you can sue the last establishment
12:57 am
who sold the alcohol. which at what point are we responsible for our own actions. >> thanks to bonnie mcfarland and andy levy. that does it for me, tom shillue. see you next time.
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>> we'll see you back here tomorrow on gop caucus day. special report next. a cruz campaign shake-up. one day before the goop's nevada caucuses. this is special report. >> good evening, welcome to washington. after being accused by donald trump, marco rubio and ben carson of dirty tricks throughout the campaign, ted cruz today took action, firing director for a retweet of a video, wrongly quoting rubio of trash talking the bible. yes, you heard that correctly. the video was misquoted. it was not enoug


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