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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 23, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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tomorrow on gop caucus day. special report next. a cruz campaign shake-up. one day before the goop's nevada caucuses. this is special report. >> good evening, welcome to washington. after being accused by donald trump, marco rubio and ben carson of dirty tricks throughout the campaign, ted cruz today took action, firing director for a retweet of a video, wrongly quoting rubio of trash talking the bible. yes, you heard that correctly. the video was misquoted. it was not enough to save his
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job. chief political correspondent carl cameron reports tonight on how the latest campaign controversy could play in tomorrow's nevada caucuses. >> on the eve of the nevada caucuses, the charges and counter charges are again escalating. ted cruz fired his communications director rick tyler today, for tweeting a pennsylvania newspaper article with subtitles that depicted marco rubio as insulting the bible. >> this morning, i asked for rick tyler's resignation, i have made clear in this campaign, we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. >> rick tyler was a good man. >> he had already apologized for tweeting the inaccurate report. >> rubio said it represented a pattern of deception and made it clear, it was about his faith he would not let it go. >> who's going to be held accountable for making up this video. who was held accountable for the robo calls, who was held accountable for the commercials
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on television they had to pull down. again, i think it's a disturbing pattern of deceptive campaigns and flat out lying to voters. >> wow! ted cruz falsely suggested marco rubio mocks the bible and was forced to fire his communications director. >> cruz makes no apologies, but drew the line at faith. >> we are not a campaign that's going to question the faith of another candidate. >> the cruz campaign has rocked the campaign internally. trump leaves the polls in nevada ahead of tomorrow's caucuses, where there are 30 delegates up for grabs. turnout is expected to be around 10% of the state's republicans. john kasich put in little effort in nevada to instead focus on upcoming contests in march. >> in virginia today, discussing his early political campaign for the 1970s, he raised eyebrows talking about women. >> how does i get elected? >> we had an army of people
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who -- and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me. >> i want to say your comment earlier about the women who came out of the kitchen to support you. i will support you, but i won't come out of the kitchen. >> the candidates are proud of the stay at home moms who supported him, trying to twist his comments into anything else is just desperate politics. >> because the nevada caucuses tend to be low turnout affairs, they seldom affect the overall trajectory of the race. there may be a bitter battle for second place between cruz and rubio tomorrow night, what may turn out to be the most memorable, here in las vegas, the bible is upstaging sin city. brett? >> live in las vegas, carl, thank you. it is now on to south carolina for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. the state holds its democratic primary this weekend. and despite the polls tipping in hillary's favor there, bernie sanders made an effort to grab
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some of the support of a key voting block. ed henry is on the campaign trail in south carolina. >> bernie 157bders moved quickly to try to deal with his huge disadvantage by african-american voters with actor danny glover. >> just days after ads here in the palmetto state for hillary clinton started featuring the distinctive voice of actor morgan freeman. >> and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always stood with us. >> despite the countering celebrity endorsements. clinton beat sanders in nevada by exploiting a cleaning edge with african-americans. she hopes to carry into saturday's primary and super tuesday three days later. there were still warning signs for clinton in her victory. she tries to co opt sanders message, which positions her to the left in a general election. >> the middle class needs a
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raise. and we need more jobs. >> clinton is behaving like an inevitable front-runner again. she's not taken questions from the traveling press since early december. today was fund-raising in california. perhaps taking her double-digit lead in south carolina for granted. leaving sanders to campaign here. entrance polls show that for voters who care most about a candidate being honest and trustworthy, sanders drubbed her by 70 points. clinton acknowledged to cnn she has trust issues with vote irs. is she in it for us or herself? i think it's a question people are trying to sort through. i'm going to demonstrate i'm the certain person who's always fought for the same values. >> clinton had said, a few years ago, this guy would have been getting a coffee.
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>> this whole thing is the biggest fairy tail. >> the former president is front and center in in the clinton campaign highlighting his wife's push of the african-american community of flint, michigan. >> she's a walking change maker. >> clinton has not had media availability since last year. sanders took reporters questions, was pressed on whether he's in this for the long haul, he has a three letter answer, yes. >> live in columbia, thanks. the fight over privacy versus homeland security gets personal. over the weekend, james comey made a direct plea with apple to open the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. today apple responded. >> the fbi director weighed in, writing the case is not about setting a precedent, justice for
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the victim. we don't want to break anyone's encryption. in a statement posted on the fbi website, we can't look the survivors in the eye or our survivors in the mirror. >> the fbi wants a chance with the warrant and apple's help to unlock syed farook's iphone. >> the request that the fbi has put forward is one that is quite limited in scope. it doesn't require apple to redesign a product or to create some sort of new back door. >> an e-mail to apple employees today, tim cook wrote they have no tolerance for terrorists, this is a case about more than a single phone or single investigation. because cook says it would mean rolling back apple's operating system. we all know that turning back the clock on that progress would
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be a terrible idea. six weeks before the attack, that killed 14, saeed's iphone stopped backing up data to the cloud. the fbi has some e-mails, texts and phone traffic everything after october 19th, 2015 only exists on his phone. apple is digging in about developing a password work around for a reason. >> you can't delete those trails, someone will figure out how apple created it. and this is just going to open the flood gates to access all phones. >> apple has until friday to file its response. cook wants the justice department to settle the debate. >> the centers for disease control is beginning a study to find out whether the zika does cause birth defects in babies. a 16 member team in brazil,
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where the zika virus has been most rampant has been sent to get blood samples that will determine if mothers of the children with the devastating birth defect had zika. the dow was up 228 today. the s&p 500 nearly 28, the nasdaq closed up 66. the white house rolled out its economic report today saying the economy is doing better than ever. but to hear the democrat candidates tell it, that's not the case. who should we believe? kevin crunches the numbers for us tonight. >> president obama today told a gathering of the nation's governors, the u.s. economy remains the envy of the world. >> we have the best businesses, the best technology, the best innovation, we have the best workers, we are a free market dynamic economy like nobody else fp. >> the president's sentiment predicts continued growth for the u.s. economy, 2.7% in 2016
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and by 2.5% in 2017. bolstered by low unemployment which the council of economic advisers project at 4.7% in 2016 and a touch lower at 2017. >> it's not just a matter of taking the white house's word for it, there's a story to tell all across the country about the strength of our economy. >> despite the assessment, anxiety has emerged as a major theme of the 2016 presidential campaign. the latest fox news poll found they felt like the economy was getting worse. 42% said it was getting better. the white house would expect criticism over its economic performance from the right, the president has faced his share of friendly fire from fellow democrats. >> people in nevada and around this country are working longer hours for low wages while almost new income and wealth is going to the top 1%. >> we need more growth. more jobs.
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jobs that can't be exported. >> it's that town drawing a sharp rebuke from joe biden. mr. biden said, if everybody doesn't buck it, guess what, it's gospel. analysts say americans feel uneasy about the economy, and for a good reason. >> they know that their job opportunities have gone down. they're having a tougher time getting loans at the bank, it's because of laws like the affordable care act and dodd frank. policies which this administration pushed on this economy. >> the white house is eager to point out the fact that the deficit has gone down dramatically, down nearly 75%. what they don't like to talk about as much is the debt. $19 trillion. more than half of that coming on the president's watch, it's a bill he'll be passing on to the next occupant of the white house. >> kevin, thank you. congress will get its first look at the president's plan to close
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guantanamo bay tomorrow. the white house today said that some of the remaining 91 detainees could be held in the u.s. the white house is skeptical congress will go along with that plan. just two days after justice antonin scalia was laid to rest, the supreme court was back in session. this as president obama works on a short list to replace him. janet breen joins me now. >> there was a mix of emotions at the court this morning. the bench and seat where justice scalia sat remained draped in black. a memorial tribute to his missing colleague. 292 opinions that scalia authored on the bench. he was also known on occasion to dissent. provoking a lot of laughter in
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the courtroom, given those biting colorful desents scalia wrote when he was not happy with the majority opinion. the president is moving ahead, having spent the weekend researching potential nominees, he expects the senate judiciary committee to hold a hearing on his nominee and for the full senate to vote. josh ernest said the president continues to talk with democrats and republicans on the hill. including some on the judiciary committee about the situation. >> there's plenty of time to do this work, the president and his team are moving expeditiously to nominate someone and put someone forward, so that congress can fulfill their responsibility. >> mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley will reportedly meet with gop members of the in the tomorrow. while today gop senator mark kirk facing a tough re-election battle came out in favor of the president's nominee actually getting a hearing and a vote. whether any of that will happen is unclear. also unclear, what's going to happen to the cases that supreme
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court heard while justice scalia was on the bench. for which it has yet to release an opinion. any case that now ends in a tie without scalia's vote will be reheard once there's a new justice or simply issued as ties. meaning the lower court ruling stays in place. >> thank you. republicans have argued the next president should fill the vacancy. in the summer of '92, the vice president then senator joe biden made a similar point. >> president bush should not name a nominee until after the november election is completed. >> the senate too, mr. president must consider how it would respond to a supreme court vacancy that would occur in the full throws of an election year.
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>> if president bush were to press ahead with a nominee the senate judiciary committee should consider not holding confirmation hearings. the president admits it's not going to be easy. fox 2 in detroit. police say he went on a random shooting rampage. the 45-year-old admitted to the shootings, president obama also said today, he's pledging all needed federal assistance in the investigation. >> constituents are learning claire mccaskill has been diagnosed with breast cancer. she said she will be receiving treatments for the next three weeks and expects a full recovery. this is a live look from chicago. the big story there tonight, the
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governor of illinois looking at possibly blocking chicago school debt. the state has the power to block any debt by distressed school districts. the district has been dependent on borrowing funds to operate. that's tonight's live look from outside the beltway, we'll be right back.
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isis has released the last 40 hostages. some 230 syrian christians it kidnapped in syria this year isis received millions in ransom money. the figure was lower following the negotiations. the white house and russia are talking as president obama and vladimir putin have reached a cease-fire agreement on syria. the u.s. will try to capitalize on it, as john huddy reports, the agreement will be anything but easy to implement. >> as isis carried out suicide attacks in syria. the u.s. and russia hammered out a cease-fire plan to stop syria's civil war. the u.n. spokesman said today after the agreement was
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announced that it exerts influence on the warring parties to reach a long term cease-fire. >> above all, it is a long awaited signal of hope to the syrian people that after five years of conflict there may be an end to their suffering in sight. >> bashar al assad and the rebel groups his regime is fighting must also be willing to hold their fire. over the weekend assad said he would agree to a truth as long as it didn't help terrorists. one of the factions russia and syria considers a terrorist group is the al qaeda linked assad nusra front. the high negotiations committee, the group representing syria's opposition faction said it would accept a cease-fire with conditions, one of them that syria and russia stop bombing the nusra front. >> this is going to be difficult to implement. we know there are a lot of obstacles and there are sure to be some set backs.
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>> after several other failed cease-fire attempts. there's doubt this one will be any different. vladimir putin called at agreement a real step forward that can stop the bloodshed. >> even if the cease-fire happened, it doesn't mean the war will end in syria as the u.s. and russia will continue to fight isis and isis will continue its bloodshed. brett? >> john, thank you. a suicide bomber killed at least 13 people today in afghanistan during the attack in the country's northern parwan province. the police commander was the target of that attack, he was among the 2 dozen wounded. the taliban has claimed responsibility for that attack. the voters are setting records in the republican nominating contests. what all the big numbers could mean into november next. >> we had i guess 8,000 is the first one, we have been packed every single one.
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>> in worcester today, jam packed crowd, it was absolutely fantastic. >> in this room there are roughly 1500 people.
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republican voters are setting records with voter turnout. senior political correspondent mike emmanuel indepth tonight on what this could mean for the general election. >> the cycle there are signs of an enthusiasm gap with republicansacing democrats. >> we're conservatives, libertarians, we're seeing evangelicals, we're seeing reagan democrats all uniting. >> participation was up 57% on the republican side compared to
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2008, democratic turnout dropped 47.4% compared to eight years ago. gop turnout on saturday was up 71.1% over the 2008 primary. in nevada, turnout dropped off from 20078 levels. that caused harry reid to call a news conference. >> no one ever expected this one to match that. the state has been through a lot. and we're relieved that the economy is better than it was eight years ago. >> on the way to nevada, marco rubio held a rally in franklin, tennessee, the crowd was so large, more than 4,000 showed up. the event was moved outside. rubio predicted enthusiastic turnout tomorrow night in nev a nevada. >> it's a place i'm familiar with, i have a lot of family here, we're going to do well here. >> donald trump says his
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unorthodoxed campaign is capable of expanding the traditional gop electoral map. >> i'll win michigan which no one else can think about winning, i'll win new york. i think i have a good chance of winning new york, new york state, if i win that, the election is over. >> the enthusiasm gap so far is real. >> i think democrats are mindful of the need to turnout in order to win the state if they are going to win the state. it's going to be competitive, and enthusiasm is certainly one factor there. >> the concern for democrats in the general election is, without president obama on the ticket, a good chunk of his coalition could stay home. that may create a golden opportunity for the gop. >> mike, thank you. >> what do you think the reason is behind the lackluster turnout on the democratic side. let me know at or on twitter at bret baier. you can use the #special report. supporters contributed tens of millions of dollars and yet
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saturday night jeb bush bid ado to his presidential dreams. how is it that one super pac could raise so much money and have a losing candidate. james rosen tonight with the question surrounding right to rise. >> i'm proud of the campaign that we've run because despite what you might have heard. ideas matter, policy matters. >> thank you for the opportunity to run for the greatest office on the face of the earth. i love you all. god bless you. >> nothing became jeb bush in the 2016 campaign so much as his leaving of it. >> jeb bush is true to being a bush. that is putting his country and his party above his personal ambition. while bush's deficiencies were manifest. >> i should stop campaigning maybe, it's all done. >> some are now pointing to the role play by right to rise. mike murphy is estimated to have spent $81 million. >> frankly, i think jeb bush and
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his donors would have a pretty good malpractice case against the super pac. >> murphy declined to be interviewed. right to rise officials told fox news the former house speaker served as the paid agent of the tech firm that wanted to be a vendor for right to rise and was rebuffed. >> tested and proven leadership matters. >> more broadly the groups leaders argue they did everything a super pac should, and exceptionally well. right to rise raised upwards of $118 million. >> marco rubio, just another washington politician. >> in the wake of bush's exodus. stunning collapse likely to occupy political scientists for decades to come. in diagnosing the placebo effect, some pointed to the sing layerity of the cycle. >> i don't blame the super pac as 67 as i blame the trump phenomenon.
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it took on a world of its own. >> others saw a super pac selling an unmarketable product. >> you could have the best ad salesmen out there. trying to brand an old rotary phone. no one was going to buy that. we moved beyond the rotary phone. and that's what right to rise ran into. >> one thing right to rise did not do was target donald trump. propublica estimates only 25 grand was used to attack the gop front-runner. the new york times estimates only 4% of all super pac spending was aimed at donald trump. >> a big shake-up in the cloouz campaign after an attack on marco rubio proves to be false. we'll explain it all and talk about what it m
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the daily pennsylvanian put
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up that video and the captions of what they said was the transcript on that video. i know it not to be true. i asked the daily pennsylvania an to correct it and take it one that. >> they have actively promoted it, i disrespected -- i know exactly what i said to that young man. i said the answer to every question you'll have is in that book. >> the news story he sent around was false, i tell you, even if it is true, we're not a campaign that's going to question the faith of another candidate. even if it was true, our campaign should not have sent it. that's why i asked for rick tyler's nomination. >> shake-up in the cruz campaign today. rick tyler, the communications director let go as you heard there by senator cruz. tyler was the spokesman, the chief spokes man for the cruz campaign. donald trump quickly took to twitter today saying, wow! ted cruz falsely suggests marco rubio mocked the bible and was forced to fire his communications director, more dirty tricks. just saw the phony ad by cruz,
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totally false. is this man crazy. the rubio campaign put out a statement, rick is a really good spokesman who had the unenviable task of working for a candidate willing to do or say anything to get electedp no lie is too big and no trick too dirty. rick did the right thing by apologizing, it's high time for ted cruz to do the right thing and stop the lies. that's where we will start. steve hayes, national public radio and singdy indicated columnist charles krauthammer. it feels like this was the straw on a number of things. somebody's got to pay for this. >> i think that's right. certainly the cruz campaign was under increasing scrutiny about its alleged dirty tricks in the campaign. it showed up in the exit polling in south carolina, with 33% of voters who answered exit polls saying they thought the cruz
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campaign was the dirtiest campaign. i think there's a concern among cruz supporters this was beginning to stick. this was such a preposterous hit, to think that marco rubio would walk by and in front of ted cruz' father insult the bible when someone may have been videotaping him. it was so ridiculous on so many levels. i think rick tyler is being scapegoated a little bit here. it was a silly attempt at an attack. the problem the cruz campaign faces in sort of turmoil after this past weekend is, i don't think this puts those suggestion s to rest. i don't think it's going to make the cruz campaign say okay, everything's fine now. it's not as if rick tyler was the one responsible for earning these allegations. >> mark? >> i think the cruz campaign is really being pinched from both ends. he's got trump and rubio making
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the same argument, it's a character argument, saying ted cruz does dirty tricks, he's a liar. trump con stently says he's the biggest liar in world history. >> the biggest problem is in south carolina, south carolina was a bad result for ted cruz. he was supposed to win in, that was his kind of state. donald trump keeps on winning. donald trump married many times, using profanity and said famously, he never asked scott for forgiveness. he's being shut out or at least stiff competition for his voters. >> the other thing trump does is repeat this tack on the stump. not only is he doing it. >> i understand how the cruz campaign felt. it had to do something to counteract this narrative, in these campaigns, these narratives, you don't have to have them last for a year, six
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months, they go so fast, if you can create a narrative a bad one about another candidate, that lasts three weeks, it can kill them. rubio's comeback is because christie had created a narrative he's a robot. he had a guy in a robot suit walking around his campaign. you don't see the guy in the robot suit because within in a week rubio had procured that with a good performance in the next debate. he killed it. cruz was trying to do that, i think he highlighted the issue. you fire a guy, it's the main news story all of us are talking about. the lead story, it gives, of course trump and rubio an opportunity to pile on with those rather rough tweets. i'm not sure he's cured his problem at all. >> another sound bite got some attention today. john kasich campaigning in virginia. >> how did i get elected? nobody was -- they didn't have
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anybody for me. we got an army of people who -- and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me. >> the women came out of the kitchen to support you. i'll come to support you, but i won't be coming out the kitchen. >> a couple people yumped on that. >> hey, listen, when they started in 1970s, all kinds of people, stay at home moms took up their -- the cause. >> we know what he meant. it was a little retro, i'm sure many women left their jobs or worked on the weekend for him. or got extra baby-sitting for their kids. >> more importantly, he's campaigning in virginia. >> why is he in virginia? because nevada doesn't offer a lot for him. he's in massachusetts recently. that's where he thinks he can do well. he wants to get to the midwest, michigan and his own state of ohio.
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he's done remarkably well. from the beginning debates, he got into this groove of being the positive, uplifting, sunny, nondivisive republican. and i theys he still has -- there's somer if tile ground for him to plow coming up. >> let's talk about jeb bush and the analysis of this campaign. this is rush limbaugh today talking about the demise of the bush campaign really from the start. >> the republican establishment and the establishments consultant's class raised over $100 million, believing in an old par dime that all it took was money. the message, that could come later, the candidate. yeah, that was somewhat important, we can't use his last name. they went into this knowing there was fatigue in the population for the bush family. >> and here's how the washington
1:44 am
post wrote it. the candidate and his team misjudged the degree of bush fatigue against republicans. his team miscalculated the role of money in the 2016 race. his final remarks as a presidential candidate were a reflection of the dane. he had misconstructed, had constructed from the start, one he had built from -- to his unique specifications, which nonetheless proved to be a mismatch for a political environment that caught him by surprise. fair? >> i think it is fair. i think rush limb about a is exactly right. there is always an over emphasis on money. it's as if people in washington who do this for a living can't think of anything else. it's self-serving, a lot of them make their money based on there being more money in these campaigns. i remember talking about this in 2012 when rick santorum beat mitt romney in iowa with $25,000
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or something crazy in his bank account. i think this was clear from the very beginning, from a year ago, that jeb was going to have trouble for that reason, that message was going to be more important than money, and this was likely to be the year of the outsider. i thought it would be more likely to be ted cruz than it would be to be donald trump. >> we picked out the vulnerabilities for each candidate. bush had to do with his name and his tie to the bush family, it seemed like it never got started. it he seemed like it never took off, charles? >> well, apparently he didn't have a last name, he had a punctuation point. it was obvious from the beginning, if you're going to run against a clinton, which it looks like it's going to happen now, the worst idea for the republicans is to run somebody who's got a legacy, sort of a dynasty issue. i don't think -- i'm
1:46 am
experienced, i'm a governor. that worked, it was nothing dishonorable or disreputable about what he did. it's a time in which people are not interested in that it was a wrong time. he has remarkable graciousness. he deserves credit for that. and for not waiting until the morning. he knew he had to cut it off, he did it cleanly and i thought, well -- >> i will say right to rise, the super pac, cameron saw two ads against rubio today. >> i guess they were already in rotation. that will change and whatever money hasn't been spent will now be directed against donald trump. >> they're going to drop the word not in the commercials. next up, the democrats head to south carolina.
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going on in this campaign is that bebv sanders is too ambitious. is thinking too big. well, yonks. i think virtually every idea that we all not only is the right idea, is what our country needs is what the
1:51 am
american people indifference. >> we need action now. >> president stands against those who would undo his achievements, just like she has always stood with us. hillary clinton. >> well, hillary clinton ad tracked by morgan freeman. bernie sanders campaigning with danny glover as you head to south carolina. and the real clear politics average of polls has clinton up 24 as they head toñ> saturday's contest. we're back with the panel can bernie sanders make up ground especially in the black community in south carolina? >> it doesn't look like it. he hasn't moved the polls much. he can many states on march 1st, not investor many of them. vermont, massachusetts. later on, oklahoma and colorado. i think it's a problem. he hasn't been able to make the big inroads into the black community that he wanted to.
1:52 am
without doing that a next bunch of primaries a lot of them in the south that's what the democratic base is. >> charles, he is today asking for -- othe campaign is asking for the transcripts of those wall street speeches to be released. but, really not taking the attack to hillary clinton that forcefully. >> starts with that first debate when he said i'm tired are of hearing about the emails. he seems to have a little bit of regret about that but, none the less, he has not done with a traditional candidate would do, which is to go after the central weakness of your opponent, comes up at every debate. it has to do with honesty. has to do with history i don't think so it was out of bounds. perhaps he thought it was the nobility of the campaign that was accounting for the great enthusiasm of the crowds, especially the youth supporting him, and that it was actually an electoral advantage to askew use of these problems that hillary
1:53 am
has. i think it's a huge mistake. you are running against a candidate with more baggage than delta airlines and you choose to ignore it. if he does now, it's going to look desperate. >> look at entrance polls from the contest on saturday when it comes to honest and trust worthy, sanders 882%. hillary clinton 12% this sphrt entrance poll those those caucuses. take a listen. she is now asked about this a lot. >> you have always told the truth? >> i have always tried to, always. always. >> you know, you are asking me to say have i ever -- i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever will. i understand that voters have questions. i'm going to do my very best to answer those questions. i think there is an underlying question that may be is really in the back of people's minds and that is, you know, is she in it for us or is she in it for herself? that's a question that people are trying to sort through. >> steve? >> well, i think that scott
1:54 am
pelley exchange that you played at the beginning of that will be in a republican ad at some point in the fall if she is the democratic nominee. the answer to the simple question you have always told the truth is yes if you@+"á she didn't say that because she can't say that and i think she knows that she looked panic as she was trying to answer the question. the numbers you just gave from nevada on honest and trustworthy with an improvement where/7xsq lost honest and trustworthy 93 to a. what bernie sanders is with the wall street speeches is hit her on vulnerability in a way that will appeal more to the left wing of the democratic party. they care far more about ha she said in private meetings where she was being paid by goldman sachs and wall street firms than they do potentially i think about the emails until something is proven about the enails. he is trying to have it both ways. i think the risk now, if he were to bring up the emails and i certainly would have done it a while agging if i were him and hit her on both of those is nau that it looks desperate. evidence said he wouldn't do
1:55 am
it. to you he said he wouldn't do it if he does to now then it looks like somebody doing it because is he losing. >> this is a dumb strategy. he already has the left wing of the democratic party. what he doesn't have is african-americans. he stunt have an appeal to the bedrock constituency. he is wasting his time on goldman sachs. >> quickly? >> i'm not convinced that it would be good for him. if h attacking her on those, it's possible that democrats just wouldn't like it. >> that is it for the panel, stay tuned to find out the best gift for someone turning 110. test
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finally tonight, a spokane washington woman celebrated her 110th birthday last week. and she did not hold back when a local reporter asked her about her birthday wishes. >> she is enjoying some blends this morning because flossie, you say you are a little tired this morning; is that right?
1:58 am
>> i am tired. [ laughter ] >> she is very tired. that's actually, i heard your favorite activity to do at the center here is to take a little nap. >> take a nap as many times as i can. >> are you excited for your party? >> not one bit. [ laughter ] >> not one bit. she is a truth teller. >> absolutely. >> run her forá$ governor. >> she is good. 110 you get to do that. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" now. >> it is tuesday, february 23rdrd. nevada is next. hours before the first votes in the silver state the gop race
1:59 am
for the white house gets uglier. the campaign spokesman who just got fired. >> officers exposed police in fin fin on high alert after their personal information is leaked to the public. >> when you murder a human being when you have other choices of containing we will make your officer's information public record. >> the direct threat that just put dozens of officers at risk. >> legillegal drug pin. one mayor wants to let heroin addicts get high on public property. we report, you decide. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. happy tuesday. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am lia gabriel in for ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us as always. we begin with the race for the
2:00 am
white house turning nasty in nevada. >> ted rcruz firing his campaig spokesman one day before the caucus. how will it effect voters? >> good morning, kristin. >> good morning. let's start with the video that created this whole mess. the communications director posted this link. watch. >> that would appear to show marco rubio showing a crew staffer that the bible doesn't have many answers in it. rubio's campaign cried foul and sent out a video of what he really said. >> that is rubio saying all of the answers are in the bible. he used the video as evidence of more dirty tricks from the cruz mp


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