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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 23, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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white house turning nasty in nevada. >> ted rcruz firing his campaig spokesman one day before the caucus. how will it effect voters? >> good morning, kristin. >> good morning. let's start with the video that created this whole mess. the communications director posted this link. watch. >> that would appear to show marco rubio showing a crew staffer that the bible doesn't have many answers in it. rubio's campaign cried foul and sent out a video of what he really said. >> that is rubio saying all of the answers are in the bible. he used the video as evidence of more dirty tricks from the cruz campaign. >> who will be held accountable
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for making up this video? ? who was held accountable for lying about ben carron? i think it's a disturbing pattern of campaigns or flat outlying. >> cruz's communications director since deleted the tweet and apologized but that wasn't good enough. cruz called it a grave error of judgment and yesterday asked for his resignation. >> rick tweeted out a press story that falsely attributed to marco, some comments about the bible. turned out the story was false. regardless we are not going to call any one's faith into question. that's a standard i set from the beginning that's whey i asked fr rick's resignation. >> not one to be left out of a fight donald trump laid in on to twitter and quote ted cruz apologized to ben car on and cruz for dirty tricks. no wonder he lost the evangelical support. make no mistake this is not the
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kind of story cruz wants to talk about heading into the caucuses in nevada. >> no, he does not. kristin fisher live for us. we will check back with you, of course. ted cruz' campaign has been called out from rubio for dirty tricks. firing rick tyler doesn't solve the problem. >> certainly the cruz campaign has increasing scrutiny about the ladies and gentlemened dirty tricks in the campaign. it showed up in the exit poll in south carolina with 33 percent of voters who answered exit polls talking about the cruz campaign was the dirtiest campaign. this was such a preposterous hit to say marco rubio would go pie by in front of cruz's father insult the bible while somebody was videotaping. i think rick tyler may be a scapegoat a little bit here but it was a silly tame president at an attack. the problem the cruz campaign faces in spoort of turmoil over this past weekend is i don't
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think this puts those suggestions to rest. >> and in a fox news exit poll for south carolina primary when asked which of the five candidates do you think ran the most unfair campaign as you heard mention ted cruz came in right behind donald trump. a fox news alert, officers exposed a hacking group leaking personal information up r5 2 cincinnati cops as revenge for a deadly shooting. kelly wright is here with the breaking details. 52 officers loved ones at risk. >> it is very disturbing. in response to the attack the cincinnati fraternal order of police is saying it is doss everything it can to protect police officers, their homes and their families. in a video posted on youtube it shows a masked man with a digitized voice explaining they are showing three separate cell phone clips of cincinnati police involved in a deadly shooting of
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paul gaston a man who they claim had his hands up when he was shot. it will share the personal information of cincinnati police as a revenge. >> we have a message to not only the cincinnati police department but to every law enforcement officer. when you murder a human being when you have other choices we will make your officer's information public record. >> cincinnati mayor says anonymous got the facts wrong. he says video shows and witnesses say paul gatson was actually reaching for a gun when police shot him. the mayor and other city leaders are quite concerned about anonymous sharing the personal information about police officers. >> police officers defend us, keep our way of life, keep us safe. >> any time you put information out about where our officer live, names of their children, their cell phone records, it is always a very, very serious. >> it is very disturbing. while the situation is very
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serious as you heard there, mayor john kran lee said it will not stop police wefrom doing thr jobs. >> kelly wright live for us. thank you. >> the uber driver accused in the kalamazoo killing spree admits that he slaughtered six people atlanta co random. dault speaking out for the first time. >> anything you would like to tell the court in terms of connections with the xhaunity? >> (indiscernible). >> dalton is being melt on bond for murder charges. he randomly killed six people and wounded two others at three different locations while picking up passengers in between the killings. his motive still a mist. uber defending hiring practices saying no background check would have flagged and anticipated
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this situation. terrifying video out of ohio two armed men threatening to shoot people at random on the streets of columbus. >> the 20-year-old men broadcast the threat on periscope. they said if they got 100 views they would take a pistol and 30 rounds of ammo and go on a shooting spree. someone in south carolina who saw it tipped off police before they could compete their mission. they are now under arrest on weapons charges. >> the pentagon facing a deadline today to present a detailed plan to congress on closing guantanamo bay. there are 91 details, 35 have been cleared for transfer to other countries but the state of the others is up in the air. one idea being considered sending them to prisons across the u.s. the pentagon looked at 7 facilities in colorado, kansas and south carolina. meantime protests planned across the nation today to support
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apple and the war with the fbi. the tech giant was ordered to supply software that would allow a shot at unlocking the phone of terrorist saeed farook. but tim cook refuses saying it sets a dangerous protest. the protests are set at apple stores in 40 cities as well as headquarters in silicon valley and the fbi headquarters in dc. and now to a fox business alert. fears of a mid flight ex flowings sparking a battery ban on passenger planes. >> lauren simonetti from fox business is here with what you need to know. >> the type of batteries that charge your phone and cameras are banned. the worry is the lithium eye on at res can over heat. it does not apply to batteries already installed in devices.
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amazon raised the free shipping medium to $49 to endeavour raj customers to pay $99 a year for the special membership. starbucks is changing the rewards program. they are moving from a per visit royalty program to a per dollar spent one. that mean customers will have to spend 150 bucks on coffee and pastries to get the coveted gold status. ditching your car keys and letting drivers unlock their cars and rev up their engines with their smart phones. you may not have to have your phones in your hand. it will signal the phone is near your car and pick it up in your pocket book is fine. master card thinks a picture is worth one pass word. it let's you use a selfie to buy something. how cool. back to you. thank you lauren. to find the fox business network
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go to >> an umbrella might come in handy. a wet tuesday is coming today. >> good morning, heather. i was looking at severe storms across the gulf coast. the moderate risk of storm prediction center across places like southeastern or southern parts of mississippi or nevada or the southern panhandle. it is the zoning across parts of louisiana that could be looking at severe storms and also the threat for damaging wind gusts with the thunderstorms developing. tornadoes are going to be a big concern. we have rain across further in the east and atlantic extending further south across places like eastern tennessee and down into parts of northern georgia. further west we have the storm system developing.
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there is rain associated with the system as well. we have snowfall across the texas panhandle. it will be producing the risk for severe storms. we are dealing with snow showers in places like new mexico as well and also in colorado. quick look at your current temperatures pretty chilly across parts of northern new england. 2 below zero in car beau, maine. a cold start to the day ahead out there. the time now is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up a highway miracle a car explodes in the lanes but one thing inside survived without a scratch. >> a little boy in a big battle. the rare skin disorder that is turning his skin into stone. >> the projects are going viral. will you see it up close? you will know why. >> after doing poorly in iowa new hampshire and south carolina jeb bush announced on saturday night he is dropping out of the
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avo: the ready for you alert, only at think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller. cancer. people who made the flooring are three times more likely to get cancer than previously thought. lumber liquidators says the cdc is over estimating the potential health risk. >> a colorado boy is suffering from a rare condition that is turning his skin to stone. it is called stiff skin syndrome.
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jaden roberts parents in theed heart spots on his skin and it quickly spread from his legs, back and hips. doctors are trying everything to cure his rare condition including chemotherapy. >> unfortunate thing with thick skin syndrome is once the skin has done this that area is kind of done. we are not examining to be able to bring back normal skin to that area. but what i am hopeful of is that this treatment helps prevent the spread of it. >> jaden's community coming together to raise 80,000 dollars too buy him a therapy pool to help ease his symptoms. >> meantime a 93-year-old woman with cancer may have to move out of the place she called home for 66 years. marie hatches' landlord promised decades ago that she could live in the california cottage as long as she wanted. now the grandson in law of the original land lady owns the home. because he has nothing in
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writing about marie's tenure there he says that she and her 85-year-old tenant have 60 days to vacate. >> it is comfortable. it's comfortable. how old am i? 97? why do they leave me here until i go to heaven or hell, wherever i am going. >> two attorneys are taking on marie's case free of charge. >> we are just hours out from the nevada caucuses where the stakes are high for the republican candidates. for the tech it is low. the votes will be hand counted there. katelyn burns is here to breakdown how the polls work. kaley, nice to see you. you say nevada is a real wild card. how does the system add to that? >> it is a caucus which is traditionally kind of a jumble. we saw in iowa had a caucus.
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this is now turning to nevada. it is very low turnout. in 2012 only 8 percent of the republicans turned out to vote in that caulcus. it is very hard to count some of these votes. the state party is in charge of this. and apparently officials will be taking pictures of the results on their cell phones an sending them in to the party. there is lots of room for error in this. >> of course back in 2012 the system did not go so well. this year as you mentioned they are going to be pictures sending those forward but to get into specifics you have more than 1700 presivenths that will be caucused. they will be sending the tallied results in. what happens if this process doesn't go smoothly? what does it do for the momentum of whoever wins? >> i can image whoever does win will spin this to victory. whoever doesn't win or comes in second or third or fourth or
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fifth will somehow be able to spin this as the party handled this incorrectly. they will question the results and that sort of thing. also nevada's status as the fourth state to weigh in on the presidential race will be in jeopardy. >> nevada is a critical swing state in the general election. what will tonight tell us about the gop race in general? >> i am not sure it will tell us all that much. if donald trump wins it will be indicative of a national campaign. ted cruz and marco rubio do have a strong ground game. if either one pulls out a victory it will change the trajectory of this race. any one who doesn't win first will spin it off as an anomaly and go to the states that vote march 1st. >> this system is a little more smooth than it was before.
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heather? >> the time is 20 minutes almost after the top of the hour. legal drug the controversy over one mayor's plan to let heroin addicts to get high. the snow move that brightened up the night sky.
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>> it is time to brew on this in up state new york he wants the city to host the nation's first supervised heroin injection facility. >> this is mayor savanti my rack.
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he is under the care of medical professionals without getting arrested. it's an effort to combat a growing heroin epidemic keeping them safe while directing them to addiction services. there will be a panel about the city leader today and official will be tomorrow. do you think it is a good treatment plan or is it encouraging addicts? >> send us your comments on facebook, twitter or send us an e-mail at "fox a -- >> let's switch gears completely. something lighter. high school student's art project is going viral and we will explain why. >> carly sipkus is here to check it out. good morning. >> god morning, ladies. an indiana high school student jacob capreated an american fla. instead of fabric he constructed it out of tiny army men he painted red white and blue. he used 4,466 army men to
2:24 am
complete the project. pictures have been shared thousands of times on facebook. jacob says he's just hoping for an a. >> a plus i think. >> a free head student getting an a for effort. >> maybe not so much. the student at columbia university tried getting out of an exam he says he e-mailed the picture to his professor as r f proof of his illness no word on if he got out of taking the test. >> i don't think that works anywhere. >> speaking of pictures kevin spacey joins instagram and posts the perfect picture selfie. >> showing off his house of cards inspired selfie. he posted a picture outside of the white house with the caption
2:25 am
even i like to take a selfie outside of my house from time to time. welcome to my instagram. season 4 of house of cards will premiere. >> he looks more dashing in that second picture, doesn't he? >> speaking of dashing. they think he's dashing. donald trump. some do a lot. he joins the cast of game of throwns. >> trump may be busy on the campaign trail a spoof video shows the presidential candidate tackling the world of game of thrones politics as well. >> pope was in mexico. did you know that? he said they have a thing about me. the pope is being told donald trump is not a nice person. donald trump is a very nice person. >> the title is winter is trumping. a popular play on game of thrones phrase, winter is coming. >> according to donald trump, he is a very nice person. >> all right. thank you carly.
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you can hear carly shimkus. >> a change of tune for joe biden. automatic oo once the political season is underway and it is action on the supreme court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. >> the supreme court nomination 25 years ago. >> distracted driving what experts say is more dangerous behind the wheels than texting. right now,
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you're not thinking about all the money you saved by booking your flight, rental car, and hotel together. all you're thinking about, is making sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. >> it is tuesday, february 23rd, nevada is next. just hours before the first vote in the silver states and a fight to the finish. donald trump looking for another
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win. other candidates rally to get ahead. >> a highway miracle burns into flames. >> accommodating passengers of all shapes and sizes. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> welcome to "fox and friend first. i am heather childers. >> i am lea gabrielle. it is a silver state show down going on. republican voters in nevada head to the caucuses later today deciding whether to hand down another state victory or offer the republican establishment an alternative. >> donald trump is the heavy favorite in nevada.
2:31 am
if he does it will be a historic third win in a row. that has ted cruz and marco rubio very concerned. >> the only way to beat them is go behind our campaign. if they attack us and engageling in personal slurs and attacks they could weaken us to a sufficient extent they hand donald trump the nomination. >> i don't care how much you think they are funny or how interesting they may sound if we nominate someone 40, 50 percent of our party can't stand we har going to lose. i will bring us together. >> the other two republican candidates in the race john kasich and ben carson are under property to drop out. kasich says don't count me out. he's hoping to squeeze out momentum from the second place finish in new hampshire. >> i am not going to listen to a
2:32 am
bunch of lobbyist insiders. i never have. i am an independent person. for the first time in my campaign my message is starting to be heard. that's why we are getting crowds. >> the candidates that gets the biggest crowds is donald trump. it doesn't hurt today his name is lit up on the vegas strip right above his hotel. tonight both trump and cruz will be in las vegas. rubio who has already moved on to minnesota he has his sights set on super tuesday which is exactly one week from today. >> thank you so much. iowa and new hampshire have spoken. i respect their decision. tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> jeb bush suspended his spa campaign over the weekend leaving five candidates left. as we head into the nevada
2:33 am
caucuses kristin was talking about that marco rubio and ted cruz are in a virtual tie. who is most likely to get jeb bush's vote? thank you so much for joining us. s always we appreciate your insight. bush dropped out we are headed to nevada there is a virtual tie. who gets bush's votes? >> a lot of people are saying there is a split here. he has 5-7 percent of the votes knew. where are they going to go? i think they are going to go to rubio. part of it is i think people that were supporting jeb they don't want trump to win. if you are deciding between kasich and rubio and the others i think you have to say where is my vote going to count? where am i going to put momentum. momentum has to go to rubio. you are somewhere between rubio and kasich.
2:34 am
remember this is a caucus. caucus is about momentum. it will be where the people are there. are conversations that happen. i think a lot of the votes in nevada will go to rubio. >> what about the candidates refusing to drop out of the race we have carson and kasich. they are just in single digits. >> they are at single digits. kasich is at about 9. carson last poll is about 5 percent. 5 or 6. i am looking between these units you have about 20 percent of the vote. that's how much trump is ahead. if these 20 percent go one way or the other it will have a big impact. what we need to have happen if trump is not going to be the candidate we to get it down to a 2 man race. a 3 man race is not going to be enough. we will have a third, a third, a third. if those candidates don't drop out. people say carson votes are going to go to cruz bush's to rubio. kasiches will go to rubio likely. it will make rubio a good contender. momentum matters a lot. people like to go for the
2:35 am
underdog they like to go foreground swell. rubio has to do everything right. he cannot have another new hampshire moment or he's going to have a hard time. >> speaking of momentum k he build off of the latest dirty tricks exit polling that said the campaign with the dirtiest tricks is 35 percent. >> one of the worst things that candidate can have right now is a lack of trust. we are seeing that on the democratic side hillary was hurting her. now she has a lot of questions about her. cruz was really really strong. he was seen as a leader. people question whether they can trust him. >> now to have this happen the campaign manager was forced to resign there's not only just the question there's evidence to say there was foul play there. i think it will make a lot of people supporting cruz soften. >> why is it that it would affect or impact cruz but yet you have donald trump who is actually ahead of him.
2:36 am
39 percent in terms of people that don't trust him but his campaign is dirty politics as well. >> it doesn't impact him. >> people support him, support him, support him. one of the things people say about trump that they love he says thwhat he means, he means what he says. he's authentic and real and true. people who don't like him don't trust him. they say this is a breath of fresh air. >> your predictions? >> i think we will see half winded big numbers. rubio will perform better than expected. cruz will have him go down. i expect rubio to come in second. >> any one drops out afterwards? >> i don't think so. >> i think they are promising to stick around. carson is draping out. why would he go home before he goedz to the home state. we will see what happens. we will have you back for sure. >> absolutely. >> officers exposed a happy
2:37 am
group of personal information as revenge from the deadly shooting. the group called anonymous released a video claiming to have dumped the records of staff and accused police officers who are accused of gunning down paul cast ton only because he was black. the group added they are at war with police. sun sin's mayor said they got facts wrong. gaston was reaching for a gun while he was shot. >> it is outrageous. police officers defend us for our way of life, keep us safe. >> any time you put information out about where our officers live, names of their children, their cell phone records, it is always a very, very serious. >> cincinnati fraternal order of police says it is doing everything it can to protect police officers their homes and their families. out of control frat house party in massachusetts ends with 41 people in handcuffs. police in bridgewater were called to a home on sunday
2:38 am
morning. they have been rocking for days. when cops arrived people fled to windows for escape. the house has been condemned. republicans looking to block president obama from nominating a new supreme court justice may have just found a new friend, the vice president. president bush should consider following the practice of a majority of the predecessors and not, and not name a nominee until after the november election is complete. >> vice president joe biden made that comment back in 1992 when he was serving as senator of delaware. critics now using it as ammunition after he slammed republicans for calling on president obama to let the next president choose a nominee. the vice president responding saying this.
2:39 am
critics say one expert of my speech is evidence that i oppose willing a supreme court vacancy in an election year. this is not an accurate description of my views on the subject. >> they got a celestial treat last night. snow moon lit up the light sty and social media with breath taking photos. >> it is tushlly an ordinary full moon and not as bright as a super moon or as rare as a blue moon. it gets its name because the heaviest snow usually falls in february. >> we got snow this year. >> we sure did. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. a quick phone call turns into an automated nightmare for veterans. >> to get an assistant press 2. please hold. >> the maddening stream of voice messages that forced members of
2:40 am
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend first. veterans continuing to struggle to get treatment from the va. maybe this is why. >> press 2. please hold while you are being transferred to our representative. >> hello. welcome to the va computer system. >> this video is going viral showing army veteran trying to make an appointment at his local
2:44 am
va hospital. but instead getting stuck in endless automated messages. the va says it fixed the phone system. more than a dozen lawmakers are pushing a bill to allow veterans to schedule an appointment through a computer or smart phone app. >> it is being called a highway miracle. a bible is undamaged after an suv burst into flames in tennessee. the vehicle was sideswiped. several people helped to free the trapped driver before the jeep exploded. they later discovered a bible sitting in the front seat without so much as a scratch. >> it is god. if you don't believe, i don't know what is faith. >> the driver of the jeep is expected to be okay venlth. >> amazing story. >> this bright idea to stack seats on airplanes. >> this idea to add storage to
2:45 am
seats and eliminate leg room. >> there's a brand new idea lia. fro fox business here we are with a look. >> good morning. of course there's a new idea. think of it as a family picnic in the air. you can lied back and forth no arm rest to get in your way and extra posiness. >> this bun shows the concept for replacing chairs with bench seats that can be reconfigured on passenger need. the reconfigureable passenger bench seats has the following reason for the paperwork. optimal space available and passenger cabin is of major economic performance. >> they suggest this type of seating ob useful for families senior citizens and people with limited ability. the drawings don't look real comfortable. maybe they will add pillows. some of the drawings pull have pull out arm rests. it can be configured for through
2:46 am
passengers not three. or it can hold two adults and two kids. based on the idea i have seen this one isn't -- isn't as bad as the other ones. >> you can fly from dc to germany. that is not going to happen. $8? they charge you 100, though. >> put you in the cargo area. >> do you make less than $20 an hour? a new warning that could be replaced, that you could be replaced by a robot? >> apple ceo tim cook, why won't you help crack the phone for the feds. >> it is waters he is hitting the streets to find out what people think about apple taking on the fbi. first steve doocy with what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning do you ladies tonight the state of nevada republicans will head to the
2:47 am
polls to pick their gop nominee at the caucuses. on our program we are going to talk to ben carson about his strategy to win this one. also sergeant christopher mar k questions. the u.s. marine veteran talks about people and how they are trying to rally to help him with his medical bills there. they are piling up. >> the science behind sports. why do you like rooting for the underdog and why people can't help going crazy. we have a busy three hours kicks off right now on the channel you trust for your morning news.
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welcome back to "fox & friends first." protesters gathering nationwide today in support of apple's
2:51 am
refusal to unlock the san bernardino gunman's iphone. >> rallies are planned in 40 cities four days before apple must respond to a federal judge's order. should apple obey? >> we have more from the streets of arizona. >> reporter: what do you think about the apple controversy? >> i have no idea what you're talking about. i don't know about it. i like apple. >> come on, honey. save the jokes. we're starving here. >> reporter: what happened in san bernardino? >> i work the night shift. i'm sleeping during the day or working at night. >> i don't know. >> it was the biggest domestic terrorist attack since 9/11. >> reporter: really? wow. >> i think apple should open the phone secretly by themselves and give it back. >> apple needs to do the right thing. >> i don't think they should unlock the phone. i think it's one of apple's big claims to fame.
2:52 am
>> reporter: how are we going to win the war on terrorism if we can't unlock a dead terrorist's phone? where do you support? do you support apple or the federal government? >> i support apple for the fact that they want to protect their customers. >> reporter: what about protecting the country? >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: do we care about the privacy of a dead terrorist? >> no. i don't know how we're talking about invasion of privacy if you're talking about a terrorist. >> everybody deserves privacy at the end of the day. >> reporter: even dead terrorist? >> yeah. >> what? why? >> reporter: if apple doesn't cooperate with the federal government, are you still going use apple sflukts. >> no. would never -- products? >> no. would never. absolutely not. >> it's better than galaxy and samsung, so yeah. >> reporter: tim cook, why won't you help crack the phone for the feds? [ crickets ] >> that was a joke. i get it. it is not funny. >> reporter: i'm watters, and
2:53 am
this is my world right now. everyone take a deep breath. keep calm behind the wheel. a new study finds driving angry, sad, or agitate sudden more dangerous than using your phone while driving and is ten times more trilikely to cause you to crash. those who are overwhelmed become distracted leading to a higher risk of accidents. are you in the mood for a sweet treat? go ahead and indulge, no problem. a new study shows eating any type of chocolate at least once a week can improve brain functions. a researcher found that those who had chocolate weekly performed better on a whole range of mental tests than those who did not. they believe that a certain type of cell repairing antioxidant found in chocolate is responsible. i'm going to have a little chocolate for breakfast. >> i'm a true believer. i needed an excuse. 53 after the hour. legal drug dense. one mayor's new plan to let
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2:58 am
murder in connecticut is fighting for a new trial. attorneys for joshua komarceski say a key witness was proven not credible. a mother and two daughters were kidnapped and killed. the pentagon will present a detailed plan to congress on closing guantanamo bay. 91 detainees remain at the facility. and nevada republicans caucus today for their favorite candidates. front-runner donald trump seeking a third win in a row after his victories in new hampshire and south carolina. talking about which gop candidate has the best chance in nevada and why? weigh in on our facebook page. ♪ time for "the good, the bad, and the ugly." first the good. a military family gets the surprise of a lifetime. >> be able to say thank you for -- your whole family really because they're your support for what you do for us. >> she's lovely.
2:59 am
the martin family says they never expected country music star carrie underwood to walk on out. next, the bad. you earn less than $20 an hour? white house reports say your job could be filled by a robot over the next few years. as a result, some workers will be pushed up into higher paying jobs. finally, the ugly. poor panda. look at this guy. a giant panda falls out of a tr tree at the toronto zoo. he tumbles down headfirst. not a good way to start the day. >> no, it is not. wakes you up. time for "the brew." a mayor in upstate new york wants his city to host the nation's first supervised heroin injection facility. >> the space would allow addicts to shoot up under the care of medical professionals without getting arrested. >> we asked, do you think it's a good treatment plan or encouraging addiction? >> jason writes, the only way to combat drug abuse is to reduce accessibility and acceptability. this does neither and even does
3:00 am
the opposite. >> ray adds, that's treatment, that's enabling people to harm themselves while breaking the law. >> another, we have this in canada and it works. it can influence people to stop. >> yep. thank you very much for joining us today as always. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. >> bye. good morning, friends. it's tuesday, the 23rd of february, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. tonight, nevada heads to the polls to pick their gop nominee. as donald trump looks for his third win in a row, he's not afraid of a fight. >> here's a guy throwing punches, nasty as hell, screaming at everything else when we're talking. like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> why the donald said the protester deserves such a punishment. okay. meanwhile, fox news alert. officers exposed as a hacking group leaks personal information of cincinnati police officers all


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