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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 23, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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the opposite. >> ray adds, that's treatment, that's enabling people to harm themselves while breaking the law. >> another, we have this in canada and it works. it can influence people to stop. >> yep. thank you very much for joining us today as always. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. >> bye. good morning, friends. it's tuesday, the 23rd of february, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. tonight, nevada heads to the polls to pick their gop nominee. as donald trump looks for his third win in a row, he's not afraid of a fight. >> here's a guy throwing punches, nasty as hell, screaming at everything else when we're talking. like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> why the donald said the protester deserves such a punishment. okay. meanwhile, fox news alert. officers exposed as a hacking group leaks personal information of cincinnati police officers all for revenge.
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how the cops are respondsing to that this morning. and and you won't believe it until you see it. king kong crashes a party at the international space station. what's going on here? chasing a surprised crew member. what he was doing on board the iss. we'll take a look at that. let me remind you in case there's a quiz later, mornings are better with friends. going to leave for our children what americans always leave their children -- the single greatest nation in the history of all of mankind. i need your vote. >> we're going to grow the economy both with wages and jobs for every american. [ applause ] >> is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and
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fight for liberty. who stand and fight for the constitution. >> we're going to keep winning, winning, winning, and i love you. we're going win. go out tomorrow and vote. ♪ ♪ i'm on the edge of glory >> akin to a t-shirt cannon or slingshot depending on the team and game. why would we do that? >> it's a psychological experiment on "fox & friends" this tuesday morning. brian. >> you talking about nevada or what's outside? >> on the plaza. the use of such an item tells you about the american population and a little thing about competition. >> we feel entitled. >> a little competition never hurt anybody. judge. >> entitled has everything to do what you'll do at a game you're attending. why would we walk away from the
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t-shirt on the street but dive over people to get it at a game? there's a science behind it. >> if it's free, it's for me. >> your brain on sports. and speaking of sports and competition, denny hamlin won the daytona 500 a couple of days ago. he's going to join us live. there could be gocarts involved outside. >> do you think there will be? >> i'm positive. let's talk about this -- nevada. the republicans out in that state head to the caucus sites late this afternoon, early this evening to figure out who they like in the republican side. the top three are donald trump, marco rubio, and ted cruz. and there was a shakeup yesterday that we told you about a little problem with one of ted cruz's staff members, communication director, and what he had re-tweet ted on the internet. >> the video showed senator rubio going up to ted cruz's father, rafael, at a breakfast area, saw a bubble a-- a bible ,
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"that's a good book. there's a lot of good answers in there." what was tweeted was saying the opposite, that there aren't a lot of good answers. this on the heels of the photo shopped image of rubio shaking hands with president obama that wasn't even a real picture. the robo calls and what happened in iowa dr. ben carson. yesterday, it came to a head when senator cruz forced the resignation of rick tyler. listen -- >> rick tyler's a good man. this was a grave error of judgment. we are not a campaign that's going to question the faith of another candidate. even if it was true, our campaign should not have sent it. that's why i've asked for rick tyler's resignation. >> even if it was true -- >> even if it was true. disastrous for ted cruz. think about the timing. trying to improve the sustainability of his campaign with nevada looming and a debate hours away. can you believe now he is underlining the fact that his chief proponents saying he's up
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to dirty tricks? donald trump and marco rubio weighed in. >> enough about donald trump -- >> this guy cruz lies more than any human being i've ever dealt with. [ boos ] >> unbelievable. he holds up the bible and lies. this guy is sick. there's something wrong with there guy. >> at stake today, 30 delegates in nevada. how this will play in that caucus senate. >> speaking of nevada, last night, as you saw, donald trump at a large rally. thousands in attendance. at one point, there was a disrupter out there. it was unclear to donald trump what happened. he details, he thinks there could be a scuffle, and how he would mete out justice if he was there with that guy. listen to this. >> you know what i hate?
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there's a guy totally disruptive, throwing punches. we're not allowed to punch back anymore. i love the old days. do you know what they used to do to guys like that in a place like this? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. [ applause ] like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> colorful and entertaining, and his supporters seem to like it there. others would say is that acting presidential? this coming from a candidate who could go down 5th avenue and shoot anybody and that it wouldn't affect his supporters. >> that's why people like donald trump. he's the kind of guy who would punch somebody in the smacker. >> you know, on fox news sunday, he said, when are you going to art presidential? he said pretty soon. he said, when is that? he said, you know, pretty soon i will. and you know, i'm going to try to act like abraham lincoln. >> right and by the way, lincoln, a heck of a wrestler. he could also probably kick anyone's butt if he had to.
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early days. let ae let's talk about the delegates -- >> cross country, too. >> i'm telling you, if there happen sing lets back then, lincoln would have been a heavyweight champ and a tall one. >> he would not have been a heavyweight, just saying. >> he was thin, tall, probably about 180 in high school. we'll look at that. he flifd olived in one house, o scale. and in nevada and the overall delegate race for the gop nomination. the count now has trump with 67 -- by the way, walking away with all 50 delegates in south carolina, as you see. 11, 10, cruz, rubio, kasich, and carson. there's pressure by bill o'reilly on carson last night to drop out. maybe kasich, too. >> he's got a lot of money in the bank. tonight, 30 delegates up for grabs in nevada. nevada will be complicated.
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iowa, they'll counsel count everything by hand and take the total and e-mail it in. that's the official way they report the findings. >> that comes on the heels of 2012 where they had a lot of confusion, and mitt romney was declared the winner. it took several days until number two was named. let's look at the other side of the aisle at the democrats. and their delegate count. clinton and sanders, they're tied at 51 after iowa, new hampshire, and nevada. then if you factor in the superdelegates, in a landslide, 502-70, some are saying this system is rigged. >> it's rigged, i tell you. >> for people who aren't following politics tooth and nail and feeling disenchanted by the numbers, explain how it's not rigged toward clinton. had a hard time doing it. >> who won the superdelegates? for the most part they are the
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democratic party establishment. elected officials, close to the candidates. you see where the establishment is going. they are positive hillary's the one. >> so far hillary after taking nevada -- evidently they use the cards a lot to decide in the precincts who would be the champ. in south carolina, there will be 53 delegates at stake, and it looks as though this will be a walk for hillary clinton. i think she's barely campaigning there. up by 20 points. i think that bernie sanders went home. >> he went elsewhere. >> he was upset about the votes in nevada. 80 no nevada showed up -- 80,000 showed up in nevada. the enthusiasm doesn't seem to be there. he said, you know, my supporters have to turn out. young people have a reputation for coming out to rallies and not coming out to vote. he's extra concerned because primaries are held during spring break.
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where are the students going to be? >> we've got to step aside. our prius -- our producer gavin is talking in our ear. if we don't throw to heather, he's going to punch us in the face. he goes right to -- >> that's gavin. >> the voice in our heads. good morning to all of you. good morning. hope you're off to a great day. this is big news out of washington today. the pentagon is facing a deadline to present a detailed plan to congress today on closing guantanamo bay. there are still 91 detainees at the facility now. 35 have been cleared to transfer to other countries. the fate of the others still up in the air. one idea that's being talked about is sending them to prisons across the united states. you may recall that that plan was nixed in the past after widespread public outrage. despite that, the pentagon looked at seven facilities in colorado, kansas, and south carolina.
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we'll keep you posted throughout the day. an update on the story out of michigan. that uber driver accused in the kalamazoo, michigan, killing spree admits he slaughtered six people at random. jason dalton speaking for the first time at his arraignment. listen. >> is there anything you wish to tell the court at this time concerning your connection with the spree? >> i would prefer to remain silent. >> dalton is being held without bond on murder and attempted murder charges. police say he randomly killed six people. the youngest just 17 years old. he hurt two others also in that rampage that took place at three locations. all while he picked up passengers in between the killings. his motive, still a mystery. uber defending the hiring practices saying no background check would have flagged and anticipated the situation. burr also being accused -- uber
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also being accused of the complaints against dalton in the hours leading up to the shootings. a disturbing fox news alert. a hacking group leaking personal information. 52 cincinnati cops, revenge for a deadly shooting. the group anonymous releasing a video claiming to have exposed the records of staff and accused police officers of gunning down paul gaston wednesday. they say simply because he was black. adding they are now at "war" with police officers. cincinnati's mayor, however, says anonymous simply got the facts wrong, saying the video shows witnesses, by the way, say gaston was reaching for a gun whether he was shot by police. listen. >> outrageous. i mean, police officers defend us, keep our way of life, keep us safe. >> any time you put information out about where our officers live, names of children, their cell phone records, it's very, very serious.
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>> wow. all that information posted on line by the group. cincinnati's fraternal order of police is doing everything it can to protect their police officers, their homes and families. a little monkey business on the international space station. check this out. ♪ monkies in space? not really. that's the astronaut, scott kelly, dressed like king kong, playing with a fellow crew member. how did he get that suit? his retired astronaut twin brother, mark, sent it as a care package for their birthdays. maybe fedex? by the way, kelly has been in space for a year. he comes back on just eight days. you would probably get bored in space that long. especially no booze. >> and you think, why would i ever bring that? after day 300, i'm going to put
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it on. >> i thought "snakes on plane" was scary. thanks. coming up, is marco rubio the best candidate to eventually be commander in chief? one u.s. army ranger says yes. he is next. what could a t-shirt launcher teach us about human nature? we'll find out. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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donors as well now that jeb has dropped out. is it enough to trump trump in nevada? u.s. army ranger and author of "outlaw platoon" joining us. for folks who are unfamiliar, tell us about your service. >> from 2006 to 2007 i served in afghanistan with my soldiers for 485 days, the longest combat deployment in global history. took an 85% casualty rate. we killed 350 bad guys at the time. not one civilian casualty the entire time we're there. >> unbelievable service. now we find yourself in the midst of this political season. why did you decide to put your support behind marco rubio? did he reach out to you? had you heard about him? tell us your story regarding that. >> i'd been watching him for a while. a lot of the inside the beltway folks told me not to back a candidate until after there was
3:19 am
a nominee. i feel our country's on the brink, it's time to choose. i think marco rubio has the unifying voice our country needs now. he's for strengthening and modernizing our military. look, i've got friends all over the world. we've been at war for 15 years, the longest period of war in the nations's history. they shouldn't have to worry whether or not the commander in chief has their back. marco rubio will have their back. i think another main reason why i support him, steve, is the accountability. he wrote the bill, passed it in the senate. it takes care of veterans whether they come home from war -- when they come home from war. >> i'm glad you talked about that. everyone talks about fixing things at the v.a. according to him, he's on the record as supporting the v.a. >> right. he's consistently supported our veterans since they've come home. he has a tangible track record to prove it. you know, he passed v.a. accountability when there's an yesterday amount of dysfunction in the senate. controlled by harry reid. 350 bipartisan pieces of legislation that left the house, went to the senate and stagnated
3:20 am
there. during that time, marco rubio was able to bring together bipartisan co-sponsors of the bill and pass v.a. accountability that -- basically gives the v.a. secretary the power to hire and fire people -- fire people that aren't pulling their weight. and also, it's a critical piece to that bill that provides veterans, gives veterans access to choice, which means they can go seek private health care if the v.a. can't see them within 30 days. i think that's a big deal for me. that's a big deal for veterans, and it means a lot to us. >> it must mean a lot to you. you got up at 3:00 to come on tv to talk about marco rubio. >> yep. it does. look, it's time to get involved. our country's on the brink. it's time to back the candidates we believe in. marco rubio's my guy. >> captain, thank you very much for your service. thank you very much for joining us today from pittsburgh. >> okay. take care. 20 minutes after the top of the hour on this tuesday. an 8-year-old girl dies from the
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quick headlines for you. the university of nebraska scrapping plans to build a chick-fil-a on their campus after students voted in favor of the restaurant. the student government pulled the plug after some students complained about chick-fil-a's ceo's support of traditional marriage. and a starbucks employee goes above and beyond learning sign language. a deaf man says he was blown away whether the barista started -- away when the barista started
3:25 am
signing when he normally has to text the order. she passed him a note reading, "i've been learning american sign language just so you can have the experience as everyone else." that is beautiful. >> nice. >> thank you. a tragic story in utah where an 8-year-old girl passed away recently after testing positive for the flu. a heartbreaking reminder of how dangerous the virus is. according to the cdc, 11 states and puerto rico have all seen an increase in flu activity this season. >> are what are things you can do to protect your kids so the flu doesn't end up fatal like in this case? dr. david samadi with the fox news a-team has been scrambled to help us out. i've not heard that many scary flu cases as i did last year. but we see with this girl, she went from flu to losing her life. >> yeah, this is obviously a very tragic story. and fortunately we don't see a lot of these kids. about 13 children died this year. it's unfortunate because when you catch it early, you can save
3:26 am
their life. brian, the truth is that 36,000 americans die from flu. we don't think of it like this. we think of flu as fever, fatigue, body aches that go away after a week, and i go back to work. children are more susceptible. children and men and women over 65 are more susceptible because their immune system may not be as strong. once this flu gets into your system, it can take over and can hit the blood, go to organs. the key in this case is -- she got the vaccine. the that the flu vaccine is not 100% bullet proof. it only works about 50% to 60%. you can still get sick even though you've had the flu, or maybe it doesn't cover the bug you've got. >> you've given us a list of ways that we can tell if it's serious. trouble breathe, numb or blue fingers, can't touch the chin to the chest. symptoms improve and return, or something doesn't seem right. what do you mean by that? >> that's a very good point. in this particular case, she
3:27 am
just had some stomach bug. vomiting, diarrhea, nobody ever thought about like having a flu. and there's nothing that the parents did wrong. it's at that point i would have taken her to the emergency with iv fluid, tamiflu, et cetera, we could have broken the cycle. recognizing if your kid is not breathing well, if the diaper is not wet and they're dehydrated. >> how is it different from kids and adults? i have different symptoms than a 5-year-old would have, a 5-year-old might have -- >> you may present as a typical flu. you may have body ache, be sick, et cetera. these kids may have diarrhea, vomiting, totally different symptoms. they may be dehydrated because when they cry you don't see tears. the diamonder is kind -- diaper is kind of dry. react quickly and don't let it go another day or so. >> to the hospital? >> i think they would have gone earlier perhaps. this is not a blame game. i think they did what they had to do. recognizing the symptoms that you mention sudden key. the other thing is, cover your
3:28 am
face. you know -- >> here's basic prevention -- first, cover your nose when you sneeze. you would think it's automatic. ride on the train every day, no one's covering their mouth. >> that's a problem. if you have the symptoms, it can spread all over the place. the other thing, don't put your finger and don't touch your eyes and your nose. that's another entry where the flu can get in. you're basically coming from the subway without washing your hand. you're going to touch your face. that's when you're going to get the bug in your system. >> don't touch the bansters. >> always watch your hands. carry one of those hand lotions. >> you say soap and water does wonders. thank you very much for your time. two minutes before the bottom of the hour. >> he did not go to justice scalia's funeral, but suspected gunman already cracking jokes about his death. >> some of you might be in the final year of your last term, working as hard as you can, helping people retrain, appointing judges, the usual stuff.
3:29 am
[ laughter ] >> too soon? we report. you decide. what can a t-shirt launcher teach bus human nature? we're exam -- teach us about human nature? we're examining the brain on sports, things you do when you compete. a big happy birthday to dakota fanning. the actress is 22 today. >> still a child. red lobster's lobsterfest is back. so come try the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year, like lobster lover's dream or new dueling lobster tails. it's a party on every plate, and you're invited. so come in while it lasts.
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♪ you got a friend in me that's me and my friend. it's time for 295th year in a row -- for the 25th year in a row, the labrador is again the favorite dog. this is my dog, baxter. and heather agrees, too. this is her lab, sawyer. >> adorable.
3:33 am
>> we asked for your lab pictures. todd tweets this of his maverick. full speed ahead before 9:00 a.m. and dana tweets, "meet river. the very balanced lab." actually by a river. >> funny. >> and mimi sends this, the whole gang spending quiet time on the couch. keep in mind, irish setters, your day is coming up on the 17th. >> i feel bad for the other dogs watching. we have a huge animal population. >> i know. my beloved golden retriever i believe is two or three on the list. number one in your house? >> poodles, beagles, yorkie poos. >> today's the day to salute the lab. they finish first. >> awesome. there she is. the mother of the lab with headlines. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. i bet a lot of dogs sit in front of the television and watch the show with their owners. good morning, headlines now.
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serious concerns over the growing militarization of the south china sea. a new report says that satellite images so that china has been building radar facilities on some of the artificial islands that they've been building up. this comes just a week after the country deployed an advanced surface-to-air missile system as well as a radar system. back at home, outdoor channel's "trophy hunters" is looking at special operations teammates on the show searching for game along the texas-mexico boreder when they ran into a group of illegal immigrants. listen. >> that's an illegal. sure enough, yeah, we were neck deep in it. >> the men had to call in homeland security for assistance. president obama wasting no time cracking jokes about replacing the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. take a listen here. >> some of you might be in your
3:35 am
final year of the last term working as hard as you can to get as much done as possible for the folks that you represent. fixing roads, educating our children, helping people retrain, appointing judges, the usual stuff. >> do you think that's funny? too soon to crack a joke about that? president obama has been criticized for skipping justice scalia's funeral. this as republicans slam joe biden's support of the nominee despite in 1992 saying supreme court justices should not be elected during election years. he says that excerpt does not accurately describe his views on the subject. how do you deal with a messed up food order? that could mean the difference between your job and the unemployment line.
3:36 am
charles schwab ceo walt bettinger reveals he takes job candidates on breakfast interviews and pays the restaurant to mess up their order on purpose. bettinger says how someone reacts is a test of their character, and it's also a way to look inside people's hearts instead of their minds. what an something way to do that. love that. let's head to maria for the weather. she's always pleasant during the breakfast hour. >> reporter: good morning. let's go ahead and look at the weather conditions. before we do that, i want to start by sharing with you pictures of the full moon yesterday because yesterday on the show, we told you that this full moon was called the snow moon. and we had photos being taken. you see maryland, also in washington, d.c., a beautiful sight. big moon with some light clouds. new york, a clear sky bringing in the beautiful image of the moon. that was a snow moon yesterday. should be a big moon today as the moon continues to get smaller in size.
3:37 am
let's look at the radar. you see that we have rain across the eastern u.s., rain across virginia, north carolina, and damage to south carolina. then farther west, area of low pressure rapidly intensifying and bringing in rain and storms across parts of eastern texas. snow across places like new mexico and colorado. and today a risk of seeing severe storms. there's a significant threat for this today. anywhere from eastern texas into places like the florida panhandle and also southwestern parts of georgia. and the concern isn't just for damaging winds and large hail but the possibility of tornadoes. some tornadoes could be quite strong. heads up if you live in new orleans or mobile, alabama. have a way to get the weather warnings throughout the day into the nighttime hours. let's head to brian. >> yeah. we're close to maria, but she won't acknowledge us. we'll talk to her later. sports can make people do crazy things. for example.
3:38 am
>> straight ball. hate it very much. [ inaudible ] >> take fear from bats. i offered this in rome. he will come. >> well, our next guest can be explained by science. his book is called "this is your brain on sports." it takes readers on a wild ride into the inner world of sports and what it can teach us about human nature. >> joining us is john wortheim, author. good morning to you. what's the book about? >> sports make us do crazy things, athletes, players, coaches. are they crazy, or are s the-- well an underpinning? we looked at the crazy not and tried to explain it. >> let's give an example of the underdog. why do -- >> why do we pull for the
3:39 am
underdog? >> usually we want to associate ourselves with winning. wear designer clothes -- why are we rooting for the teams that by definition have the biggest chance of losing? it turns out that, first of all, we like what the underdog says, like the myth, sort of like the mythology of the underdog. we do the mental tradeoff. it's worth it even if one's not likely to be duped. the surge if that happens -- [ all talking at once ] >> we see ourselves there. we love the moral of the underdog. the little guy with a little luck and pluck can beat the big giant. >> exactly right. >> why in life the small thing, whether working at the gap across the street or trying to get an a at columbia university or trying to win a national championship, why do we like rivals? why do we do better with rivalry? >> we love competition, first of all. rivalry's super competition. we -- we take the s.a.t. in a room by ourselves and with other people, we'll do better when there are other people there. on the treadmill, we go running, you and i, brian, in central
3:40 am
park be, we'll have a better run together. we love competition. rivalry sort of turbo competition. >> is that why we love the presidential campaign? it's the ultimate rivalry. >> exactly. there's a winner and loser and -- and athletes where there's a rivalry, their testosterone levels, saliva levels, their bodies react differently. >> i can't understand the science behind everybody wanting to have these big oversized, silly t-shirts that come for free. and they're shot out of big, massive cannons or slingshots. knocking elbows trying to get them. why is that? >> there's science behind why we care? why do we care about the t-shirts guns at a game? whoa. they shoot this out at every game, and people go crazy, why? >> we love them for two reasons. they're scarce, not everyone gets one. you and i aren't getting one
3:41 am
here. >> oh! >> congratulations! >> i have a note to the producers, next time we do this, let's not have t-shirts -- >> exactly. >> you see there's something -- we'd walk by the t-shirts on the street. but america has a sense, we pay so much to go to the games, we feel entitled to the t-shirt. >> they are free. two things, they're scarce, not everyone gets one. if everyone got one, would we be jumping like this? probably not. there's scarcity. we do that in life, too, right? limited time offer, special offer. and they're free. and human beings do amazing things for free. >> the thing is people have fallen off balconies -- >> elbowing grandma to get one. exactly. >> great book called "this is your brain on sports. the science of why we do crazy stuff." >> good catch. >> exciting -- >> yeah. ahead, the world is
3:42 am
seemingly on edge, and terror attacks are spreading. which areas are the biggest threats to us right now? all week, former white house security council staffer jillian turner is giving us a daily briefing. it's next. you'll want to see it. and free shipping at amazon is about to cost you more. we'll explain you more. >> what? why is that? >> get on the prime. want to get their hands on. if they could ever catch you. i tried depend last weekend. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. only depend underwear has new confidence core technology for fast absorption and the smooth, comfortable fit of fit-flex™ protection. get a coupon at
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think of it as a seven seat theater... for an action packed thriller. time for news by the numbers. 6.8 million text messages. that's how many children's conversations the child tracker minneapolis you know leaked. it tracked note oweows and was available for a month and a half. the company says the data base wasn't locked down. next, $49.
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amazon's new minimum to get free shipping. the price hike is an effort to get more people to become prime members. and 2.5 hours. that's how long the "batman versus superman" movie is. holy running time, batman. bam. now let's talk about the bad guys. we're looking at ohio terror in the middle east affects our safety -- at how terror in the middle east affects our safety in the u.s. jillian turner, fox news contributor and former white house security council staff member to president bush and president obama. welcome back. >> thanks, brian. >> today we'll focus on yemen and turkey. let's start in turkey. what's the danger there for a country that's accepting a lot of refugees? >> turkey has really handled its fair share of the anti-isis military campaign by taking in over two million refugees since this crisis started unfolding. you know, a lot of western countries have been critical of
3:47 am
the turkish government lately. they haven't 100% committed to the military campaign. they're doing things in other ways. i think we need to give them credit for that. >> true. and we have a situation where they got hit last week by a major bombing in their capital. people look at that as a nato ally getting hit when they supposedly are doing the right thing. >> more and more we're seeing the core cities being targeted by terrorist. first, istanbul, now ankara. it's on their borders, inside their country now. they're going to respond in accordance with their own national security imperative. >> you say there's controversy with our national security issue. they sit these people -- they're running for their lives, being bombed by russia, the allies, being bombed by the syrian government. the turkish people let them in, they started to let them into the border, but you don't know when you're letting in. >> and nobody's stepping up to offer financial assistance from the west. they've completely taken this burden on themselves. >> and how we view the kurds
3:48 am
dprifrs how they view the kurds. >> they believe the pkk is a terrorist organization and treat them as such. >> for a while yemen had a country we allied with. now it's been taken over by the houthi rebels backed by iran, which has a mini terror fight on the ground. >> why we find ourselves this year in a situation where there's an ongoing proxy war inside yemen between iran on the one hand and saudi arabia on the other. what happened last year is that the houthi shia rebels ousted the sunni-backed government from power. now there's huge political instability that terrorists are taking advantage of. >> so this affects us at home perhaps this way -- al qaeda we had to prevent from having a foothold in a country. hence, we ousted them from afghanistan. they're slowly taking over yemen. they're a sunni terror group. >> they are. and al qaeda's branch in yemen is called aqap or al qaeda in
3:49 am
arabian peninsula. it is their most lethal, most dangerous, and most well-equipped branch worldwide. very lethal. they've had a series of high-profile attacks in the past. one of them we've all probably heard of which was the 2009 underwear bomber who attempted to detonate an explosive device on a northwest flight over u.s. soil. it was thwarted, thank god. the guy managed to get on the plane. >> it's just another failed nation. when there's a failed nation, they become a terror haven where they plot and plan to take out westerners. and we are the holy grail for them. >> and it may seem far away, but tomorrow, they're coming here. >> gillian turner, tomorrow you're coming back to talk about this. there's more of the world we have to worry about terrorists come here and their methods and practices. thank you very much. >> thank you. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. you heard the warnings before -- batteries exploding on airplanes. why the united nations is getting involved. and the battle between apple
3:50 am
and the fbi showing no signs of ending. if apple doesn't play ball, could they be charged with treason? judge napolitano has been given the question. does he have an answer? i hope so because we gave him a lot of time. ♪ i'd like to make a dep-- vo: it happens so often, you almost get used to it. we got this. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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hi, good morning. seven minutes before the top of
3:54 am
the hour. the high stakes face-off between apple's ceo tim cook and the justice department is growing and people are taking sides. facebook's mark zuckerberg is supporting apple and bill gates is backing the fbi. so if apple does not play ball should they be charged with treason? let's ask fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judging from the sigh, you think that's a bit extreme. >> i think it's extraordinarily extreme. apple's behavior is the opposite of treason, it's patriotism. refusing to permit the government to force it to do something against its will. look, if apple had a key in a vault and the fbi needed the key, they could subpoena the key and get it. but the fbi wants apple to create something that doesn't yet exist. and this thing once created, once it's on the internet, once it's used can be used by all sorts of people to break into all kinds of people's private security of their data. >> for example, hackers and spies. so it's not that apple would be giving it to china, for example.
3:55 am
>> no, no. but a former high ranking nsa official told me very recently once this is out there, the chinese will have it in less than a week. not that the fbi will give it to them, but they'll find a why to acquire it. all of that is the practical argument. the legal argument is that the government can't force you to work for them. they can force you to tell them what you know. they can force you to give up documents that you have. but they can't force you to create something at your expense that doesn't exist, which will destroy your business model. >> well, when we have an attack on our homeland by muslim extremists like with the san bernardino attack out -- that pulls on our heart strings. >> yes. >> do you think this is a slippery slope, if the government forces apple to do this could the government force other companies to do something that, you know, doesn't have as large of a ramification? >> right now keep private
3:56 am
information on the iphones and mobile devices because we're aware of the encryption that apple uses to protect us and other companies use it as well. once that paradigm is broken, forget about it. nothing will be private. nothing will be sacred. the people who want to cause us harm who are very adept at using the internet, isis and those monsters are extremely adept at using the internet. they're rooting for the fbi. they want this stuff exposed so that they can tap into it. i don't know that personally. i'm suggesting it because i'm aware of how adept they are at using the internet to harm people. >> the courts are asking apple to do this. exit question in just a few question, will they have to do it? >> i think this will go all the way to the supreme court and i think apple has the stronger argument. that's no authority for the government to force apple to work for the government. always a pleasure. >> nice to see you as always. four minutes before the top of the hour. here's what's coming up on "fox
3:57 am
& friends" -- voters place their bets on the gop candidates today in the nevada caucus. we are live in las vegas, top of the hour. and we have a whole lot more for you. don't go anywhere. with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why
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od. helping the world keep promises. we will leave for our children what our parents left for us. what americans always leave their children -- the single greatest nation in the history of mankind. i need your vote tomorrow. >> we're going to grow the economy both with wages and jobs for every american. it's going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and fight for liberty. who stand and fight for the constitution. we're going to make america great america and we're going to keep winning and winning and we're going to win. go out tomorrow and vote! >> all right. the race for the white house, you know, we have been talking
4:01 am
about it. well, for years. this morning on the program, we're actually going to be talking to an expert, the guy who won the daytona 500, denny hamlin. when he was in second grade, by six inches he won over the weekend. when he was in second grade, he wrote a letter that said he was going to one day grow up and win the daytona 500. his mother tweeted out a picture of that. we've got denny live and we'll go head to head in go carts with him. >> if you in second grade wanted to do the same thing, write us or tweet us. >> or if you said you wanted to be an astronaut or a firefighter and you are now, let us see the note. and your picture and your uniform to prove it. >> the time capsule. all right. need to get right to this because we begin with the race for the white house and its caucus day out in nevada. >> that's right. yesterday, ted cruz made news by entire -- by firing his communications expert when
4:02 am
things got nasty in the silver state. could the campaign shakeup influence voters help him today? >> it won't help him. john robert has more. everyone said there was lying, there was problems. he was doing dirty tricks and now there's proof that there's a little bit of there there, correct? >> yeah, brian, steve, anna, good morning. this is a pretty big hit for cruz because trump and rubio have been saying he's dishonest. even outright lying when it comes to attacks on his opponent. but this episode is the smoking gun to that narrative. last night on his plane on the way back to las vegas from an event in nevada, marco rubio said he doesn't blame cruz's spokesman but puts the blame on cruz. >> and today they -- they found a fall guy. at the end of the day he was coming up with something isn't true. this is just the latest example of it.
4:03 am
>> reporter: and donald trump who has been the target of attack ads by cruz, robocalls as well, piled on with rubio last night. even saying he think that cruz might be crazy. >> this guy cruz lies more than any human being i have ever dealt with. unbelievable. and he holds up the bible and he lies. this guy is sick. there's something wrong with in guy. >> reporter: trump remains the man to beat in the nevada caucuses. it will be a test of hispanic voters as well. will they go for trump or might they break for cruz or rubio? rubio quickly becoming the candidate that the republican accomplishment is coalescing around, racking up a ton of endorsements yesterday. see how it goes. >> thank you. i think one thing we know for sure, it will -- if the past is prologue be as smooth as things happened in iowa. it certainly could be a circus
4:04 am
out there, given the fact that last time the nevada republicans caucused it was a mess. it took days before they could figure out who the winner was. >> yeah. the media had called it for mitt romn romney. and momentum matters. well, they're trying to change things and improve them. this time around. they're using their smartphones to take pictures of the results just like -- >> that's right. >> like this. it's a stark contrast to the way it was in iowa when microsoft had the app. >> you have 1,700 precincts and 130 caucus locations. other newspapers have picked up, there's big fear among the gop they're underequipped, underfinanced to pull this off correctly. instead of the iowa situation where microsoft donated an app, steve, they have something different now. called -- >> a smartphone. as you zoom in -- i'll make this a twofer. they'll take a picture of the results. they're going to count all the -- >> by hand.
4:05 am
>> by hand, they're count by hand. write on the outside of an envelope, then they'll take a picture of it. if you zoom in here this is the next thing we'll be talking about. at 7:00 eastern time, quinnipiac came out with a brand-new poll in the state of ohio. and with republicans, and this is big news. donald trump right now has 31 and he's actually beating the native son, john kasich, who has 26 followed up by cruz and then cruz and dr. ben carson has five. >> the reason that's significant, the general consensus is if you don't win your home state you have to get out. and if rubio trailing in florida, you have kasich if he loses ohio where's the rationale for staying in? >> exactly. and you know, john kasich obviously feels he can win ohio. he has been looking ahead. he has been ahead, but now suddenly, there will be people today who are going to cite this particular poll and going to go,
4:06 am
you know what john kasich should drop out now. he should team up with either ted cruz or marco rubio, become a super candidate and a vice president as larry sabato suggested yesterday. that could be the only thing that could possibly stop donald trump who right now is leading in the republican polls. >> but then john kasich would say my message is starting to resonate, that's what he said on "the kelly file" and don't count me out. >> from bob dole on down, looks like marco rubio got five or six very noteworthy republicans jumping to his side, saying this is the last -- these are the -- he's the last hope to stop donald trump. >> exactly. one other note from the quinnipiac poll in ohio, hillary rodham clinton is besting bernie sanders by 15. she's got 55. he's got 40. speaking of bernie sanders, we know that he has been fuel -- his surge than fuelled with a lot of college kids but there's a problem. during this next surge of contests, over the next four
4:07 am
weeks, a whole bunch of the kids who he's counting on are going to be on spring break. >> yeah. from maine to hawaii, it could spell trouble for bernie sanders and in fact, coming off of nevada, he said what killed him losing to hillary clinton by about five points was low voter turnout. 80,000 nevadans came to vote and that's down by about a third from 2008. what does that say about enthusiasm? >> you know, i think this is a head fake. i think that bernie sanders is -- >> spring break? >> well, spring break i think is real. >> those kids are going to go. think about it. it's a choice. bernie sanders, sunny beach? >> make it cool like going to the rallies is cool. >> some kids won't show up, but if bernie sanders wanted to win and did everything that all his supporters wanted to do he'd bring up the thing -- talk about trust nonstop. he'd talk about the e-mails upon further review.
4:08 am
>> he could have been doing that for months. >> right. i need to see the transcripts of what your message really is to wall street. and stop stealing my lines. don't do it as a joke on "meet the press." do it on the stump speech and everyone will pick it up. >> the democratic party too, say this whole superdelegate thing, you guys seem to be in the tank for hillary clinton and it's killing me and it's not fair to the voters out there. when you look at the superdelegate count, it should be -- she beats him by a landslide but they're tied for what they actually earned. >> half a million college kids are going to be on spring break. if bernie is smart what he will do is he'll say in addition to free college, i will give you a free spring break next year if you stay -- this year. just saying. >> and a beer bong. but at eight -- >> they have those. >> that's true. they can make it at a hardware store according to reports. eight minutes after the hour. heather nauert has more.
4:09 am
>> that's right. that's a deadline today to present a detailed plan to congress about closing guantanamo bay. there are still 91 detainees opportuni currently at the facility. but the fate of the others is still up in the air. now one idea is to send them to prisons in the united states but you may recall that was nixed in the past after widespread public outrage back here at home. well, the pentagon recently looked at seven facilities in colorado, kansas and south carolina. uber is under fire this morning after admitting that it ignored alerts from customers that the accused killer, jason dalton, the driver, was driving like a maniac just an hour before his shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. the ride sharing company said it only reviews complaints after talking with the driver to be fair to both sides. the accused shooter jason dalton has admitted to murdering six people and wounding two others
4:10 am
during a killing spree that took place at three different locations, all while he picked up passengers in between those shootings. his motive still remains a mystery. well, the type of batteries that power laptops and phones now being banned on passenger planes by the united nations. starting in april, lithium ion batteries will not be allowed in cargo areas of the plane because they can overheat and cause an explosion. experts say it's capable of destroying an aircraft. that does not apply to those already installed in devices. an art project that will make you more proud to be an american. take a close look at this. this is put together by jacob fesil. he created an american flag out of toy soldiers that are spray painted red, white and blue. it took 11 days and 4,400 toy soldiers to get that done. the photos have been shared more than 270,000 times on facebook.
4:11 am
what a great idea. >> a little green soldiers are red, white and blue. >> i love that. >> we have to get him on the show. >> crafty. ten minutes after the hour. thanks, heather. still ahead, ted cruz and marco rubio have been going at each other pretty hard, but on the way to defeat trump is for them to join forces. then new rules for the hit game show "jeopardy." canadians are no longer allowed to play so what does that mean for alex trebek? ♪ are you ready? are you ready? i mean, really ready? are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? do you look buttoned up, prepared, professional? you've got to be ready. the floors, mats, spotless. the uniforms clean and crisp, ready to produce. ready for the unexpected. are you ready to prosper, to grow? do your people have the right safety gear?
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. cruz and rubio. rubio and cruz. sounds like a miami law firm. if you have been injured on the job, call rubio and cruz. >> despite some recent bad blood between those two campaigns, political science professor says a rubio/cruz combo would be the super ticket that the republicans could then use to win the white house. and the professor joins us right now. sans tie from pittsburgh. good morning to you, professor. >> hi, steve, how are you?
4:16 am
>> i'm okay. you have been suggesting the best way for the establishment or for the republicans to derail the trump train is to have rubio and cruz team up. what's your rationale? >> well, look, clearly the three front-runners are trump and cruz and rubio. and in fact, there's a poll last week by nbc and "wall street journal" that showed in a -- one to one race with rubio beating trump 57 to 41 and cruz beating trump 56 to 40. what's going on, i mean, trump has been crowned this political colossus and phenomenon, but in south carolina he didn't even get one-third of the vote. he got slightly under one-third. trump has a very devoted group of about 30 to about 40%. he caps out there and then the remaining six, seven, eight, nine 12, republicans in the race divide the remaining two-thirds. so really, i mean, this -- this is really a three-man race. i think cruz and rubio are clearly the conventional,
4:17 am
conservative, traditional republican favorites. and that would be shown if it came down to the three people that needs -- it needs to come down to. trump got less in south carolina than bernie sanders did or hillary clinton did among the democrats because they're in a two-person race. there's too many people in the field and it's good that jeb bush got out and those who are in single digits they need to get out too. so it can be the three-man raise that it really is. >> when you talk about electability when you look at rubio versus hillary the republican wins. when you look at cruz versus hillary, the republican wins. when you look at trump versus hillary hillary bests him. let me ask you this, professor. would it make a difference though -- why would cruz and rubio team up because you hear them talking on the trail. they don't appear to like each other. >> yeah. it's campaign stuff.
4:18 am
look, this has been going on for years. reagan and bush in 1980. i mean, they'll eventually come together and a lot of times those who finish first and second or second and third come together anyway. i think those are two very actually quite compatible. they balance each other in some the areas where even they disagree like immigration. this too, steve, is really crucial for conservatives. i get e-mails from them all the time demanding perfect ideological purity. think of this. you will not think -- ted cruz gets 100% american conservative rating and rubio is 98%. he's got a lifetime conservative rating of 98%. >> yeah. >> conservatives, you will not find in your lifetime -- you have to go back to ronald reagan, somebody with that kind of a conservative rating that is favored as widely by the broader electorate as marco rubio is. >> also, professor, in a column
4:19 am
you have written that got published this week, you say that by the two of them teaming up, it would solve rubio's immigration problem by bringing in cruz, it balances them both on immigration which is big this selection cycle. >> it is. conservatives need to realize whereas they see rubio's immigration problem as a problem in the primary, which it is, in a general election it's a big asset. i mean, that's one of the things that makes rubio attractive to the wider electorate. and conservatives, you know, you need somebody who can't win -- not so much who wins the primary, but you need somebody to beat hillary clinton in november that's the goal. keep your eye on that ball. >> professor, real quick exit question though. at this stage, you know, we have been talk about cruz and rubio. but at this stage right now, it looks like it's going to be donald trump, right? >> yeah. it does, because there's too
4:20 am
many people in the field. for these guys who are getting consistently single digits if that doesn't turn around really quick they need to get out. because as long as there's half a dozen people in the field, donald trump is going to run the table with the mere 32% of the vote. >> okay. political science professor from grove city college, thank you for joining us today from pittsburgh. >> thank you, steve. all right, meanwhile, straight ahead, we first introduced you to this marine in an iconic photo of him carrying a wounded comrade in iraq but since then that marine was viciously attacked here in the united states. your donations have been pouring in to help him. sergeant christopher marquez is going to join us live to thank everybody coming up next. what happens when donald trump enters the realm of "game of thrones?" >> given the circumstances, my lord, i believe extreme measures are warranted. >> the people that are with me 100% are the people. >> what?
4:21 am
>> the pope, the pope was in mexico. do you know that? everybody knows, right? he said negative things about me. >> dreadful. ♪ phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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4:23 am
4:24 am
after you wake up it will be a great tuesday. some quick star studded headlines now. kevin spacey posts the perfect picture on instagram. he posed in front of the white house with the caption even i like to take a selfie outside my house from time to time. he's commander in time on the hit netflix series. and donald trump takes on wester rose from "the game of throne" universe. >> this country needs somebody intho a deal maker. we don't make deals with just anybody.
4:25 am
>> stately, my lord. that was a command. >> no no no. excuse me. >> so there you go. somebody created this hilarious online match-up with his greatest hits cut together with the scene from the hbo's hit show. over to you, brian. last week we introduced you to the marine vet, carrying a wounded comrade from fallujah's hell house and christopher marquez got the medal of bravery and 12 years later he never expected to be part of a vicious beatdown because he wanted to eat at mcdonald's. one week after he appeared on "fox & friends," viewers like you stepped up. and donated more than $25,000 to a gofundme page to help him with his medical bills. sergeant christopher marquez joins us today to update us on his condition and what's going on with the case to find those who assaulted you. first off, sergeant, how are you feeling? >> i'm actually doing a lot
4:26 am
better. but i still have like pain here and there. and they're creating this as a tbi case for the v.a. so i have to get treatment for that. >> chris, one thing we found after our interview, they put forward the black and white video of your being assaulted. you did not remember exactly what happened. and those bouts of amnesia is why they're treating you the way they're treating you right now. you had constant headaches last week and there's been a development since this video became public. can you share what the officers told you today? >> absolutely. they have made up to two arrests so far. a male and a female. they're teens they said. they're charging the male with aggravated assault. the female with pick pocketing but didn't say anything about a hate crime so far. >> why do you think a hate crime should be figured into this? >> because if it was -- because
4:27 am
i believe that i should get the same type of protection as other people in this country as well. and we all know if this was the other way around, it would be considered a hate crime automatically. and it was a hate crime because they did target me because of my skin color. >> so they walked up to -- for those who missed the last interview or didn't read about your story, you were having something to eat and they walked up to you and asked you what? >> they asked if i believe in black lives matter and i just ignored them. how they confronted me was confrontational and like they wanted to start a fight. so i wasn't going to participate in that. >> and after that, we're watching you leave the restaurant. and then you get assaulted from behind like the true cowards that they are. it looks as though according to a report they hit you with an object. might have been a gun. that's why you have the -- some bouts of amnesia and treating it like a tbi case like we hear so
4:28 am
much of in the nfl. >> that's correct. >> since that time, as -- great news you're sharing with us, this is brand-new, no one knows about this. you told us about the arrest of the assailants and hopefully we can find out more information. but the good news is our viewers and others have rallied to your side. and you wanted to use this time to thank everyone for being there as you were there for us. >> absolutely. i just want to thank the people from fox news, all of the -- like outlets out there that's been just talking about this. just keeping attention on to it and to the americans all over the country for helping me out during this time. it really helped a lot during this period because i'm not going to lie. just seeing that -- what happened with the videotape it stirs up a lot of emotions in me. kind of hard to watch. especially because i'm being attacked. they're americans attacking me, so it kind of caught me off guard. but all the support and love, it's truly awesome and it just
4:29 am
shows why america is the greatest country in the world and we're truly, truly a great country. >> i think a lot of people are horrified that you suffered this in washington, d.c. after what you did for us in fallujah and so many others. but you're taking a portion of this money and giving it to the veterans group, correct? >> yes, sir. i will be giving to a veterans group. >> and i understand too we're still trying to find that cab drive their picked you up and he -- and you did not have any money because you were robbed. he picked you up and dropped you off for free. you're trying to find that guy. >> absolutely. i'm trying to find that cab driver and i want to pay him my fare and a reward as well. >> well, sergeant, we look forward to hearing more about the an ppprehensions and thanks much for what you have done for this country and for sharing your story here. >> i appreciate it, brian. i appreciate everything too. >> all right, sergeant. >> thank you. >> continued success in your
4:30 am
recovery. sergeant marquez, thanks. coming up, an suv crashes and bursts into flames and one thing survives without a scratch. and he won the closest daytona 500 in history. we are racing denny hamlin in go carts. he said he was good in third and fourth grade, but does he still have what it takes? you'll ask what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? what joint pain? advil liqui-gels are so fast, they make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil liqui-gels the world's #1 choice what pain? advil.
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4:34 am
and a chocolate lab, gab rielle said his name is cleveland. here is coda bear enjoying her first snow. >> they love snow. that's going to be a big dog. finally, labs wallace and willow agree that mornings are better with "friends." >> good. keep the pictures coming. we'll be racing denny hamlin who won the daytona 500 over the weekend. i just was racing him outside in go carts. he tried to run me into one of the planters. just saying. he is dirty. anyway, he's with us in a minute. right now, some headlines. >> good morning, 34 minutes after the hour. a couple of things to tell you about right now. it's a bold drug plan. the mayor of ithaca, new york, that's upstate, wants his city to be the first in the nation to have a supervised heroin
4:35 am
injection facility. now, he says that these spaces would allow addicts to shoot up under the care of medical professionals without fear of getting arrested. he says it's an effort to combat a growing heroin epidemic. what do you think of that plan right there? well, veterans continue to struggle to get treatment from the v.a. and maybe this is why. take a listen. >> the v.a. telephone cares system. with this system -- transferred to an assistant. press two. please hold while you're being transferred to a representative. >> hello. welcome to the v.a. telephone cares system. >> it goes on and on and on. that video now going viral, showing an army veteran trying to get an appointment and he gets stuck in the endless automated messages. how frustrating. well, that video caught the attention of a veteran and
4:36 am
democrat congressman seth mollton who is sponsoring a bill to allow them to schedule thousand a computer or smartphone app. he will join us tomorrow morning to talk about the plan. this is being called a highway miracle. a man survives this and his bible undamaged after his suv bursts into flames. that vehicle was side swept sending it off the road and completely on fire. several people helped to free the trapped driver before that jeep exploded. they later discovered a bible sitting in the front seat without even a scratch on it. >> there is a god. if you don't believe, i don't know what to say. >> boy, that driver of the jeep is expected to be okay. what a miracle. and famous host alex trebek hails from canada but don't expect to see any of his fellow countrymen competing on "jeopardy." >> bob ford, mayor of this fourth largest city in north america first said he smoked weed, not crack.
4:37 am
then he said, yes, okay, crack too. >> well, the correct answer -- well, you know this one, it's toronto. because we reported on this story. if you're from that city your dreams may be over. the show is no longer accepting applications from canadians. producers there say they're concerned that qualifying tests may violate canada's new online privacy law. okay. let's head outside to brian. he has a look at the go cart. >> hey, there, the great american race came down to the wire. closest to the wire. >> bouncing off each other -- >> unbelievable! >> i think it was denny hamlin. >> denny hamlin won the closest race in history by six inches and six inches from us is the daytona 500 winner, denny
4:38 am
hamlin. congratulations. when did you know you won? >> it was about 20 seconds later. it was a long 20 seconds, trust me. i'm on the radio, i'm asking, like, did we win? everybody is keeping -- i hear screaming and everything. i'll take that as a yes. that that's it. >> so what did you do three seconds earlier that you put six inches ahead? >> side drafting. know the casual fan doesn't know what that is, but you're lit rail will stealing air off the car beside you, dragging him back, pushing you forward. >> is that one of the things that your coaches is telling you to do in your ear or instincts? >> instincts. we do it so much, you have to visualize the split stream. that's what dale earnhardt was so good at so many years ago. >> let's visualize denny ham lip in second grade.
4:39 am
what did you do to memorialize your dreams? >> i wrote an essay about the daytona 500 saying i wanted to win the daytona 500. i said i was going to do it on 1998, i think. so i was 18 years off. but 30 years later, my mom kept the essay letter that i wrote. >> and actually tweeted it o>> do you keep this stuff? >> don't talk to us. talk to your mother. we called your mother. she's on the line. hey, mom, say hello to denny. >> hi, denny. >> hi. what made you keep that letter? >> well, your aspirations throughout his entire life was to be a race car driver so i held on to that along with many other things. and when we were selling our house and his house that he grew up in, i decided to pack it up. and i took a picture of it before i packed it up. >> wow. well, he certainly is lucky that
4:40 am
you saved it. what was it like for you that moment when you realized your son won after cheering him on for all these years? >> well, it's been a whirlwind, but so exciting. it's so amazing to see him as a young person have the aspirations that he did to be a race car driver and to be able to achieve his goals. >> that's great. denny, tell you what, i just know too that the family sacrifices a lot to make sure you're a race car driver. it's a lot of money. >> it's different than a lot of other sports. you're not buying shoes and pads and you're ready to go play. we have to buy fuel and tires and everything. mom, just do me a favor. don't share any of my report cards. i know you have those. >> i won't. i have to share something good. >> mary lou, thank you very much. congratulations. all right. >> thank you.
4:41 am
>> during this entire interview you have been hearing the roar of the go carts. want to go for a race around midtown? this is how you started. what do you want? >> number 3. >> saddle up, partner. >> all right. >> any advice for riding the go carts? what do we do? >> go fast. >> match the gas. >> just remember he plays dirty. >> gentlemen, start your engines. brian, hurry up! and they're off! >> denny hamlin definitely hugging those corners a lot. pretty close. >> that's enough.
4:42 am
>> come on, denny, show them what you're made of. there he goes. brian is out -- >> let's go, denny. all right. >> all right. we'll continue, as heather nauert tells us what's coming up. >> that's one way to beat the new york city traffic. well, still ahead, a fox news alert to bring you. a group of hackers leaking the personal information of police officers they say for revenge. >> you murder a human being when you have other choices of containing the suspect available. we will make your officers' information public record. >> heather childers has a live
4:43 am
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4:47 am
good morning. 26 minutes after the hour. a quick look at your health headlines. what's more dangerous than texting and driving? driving angry. people who are upset or agitated are ten times more likely to crash. that's more than those texting and driving. and watch out for snack oclock. there are three times you're more likely to cheat, 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. you can scarf down an extra 750 calories. >> that's accurate. meanwhile, a fox news alert on this tuesday morning am hacking group leaking personal information of 52 cincinnati area police officers as revenge for a deadly shooting. "fox & friends" first co-host heather childers has breaking new details. >> good morning to you and to everyone at home. anonymous, they have released a video claims to have dumped the
4:48 am
records of staff and accused police officers of gunning down a man only because he was black. in that video, the hacker group shows a masked man with a digitized voice explaining the cincinnati police involved shooting which left paul gaston dead. a black man who they claim had his hands up when he was shot. well, the hacking group now says that they are quote, at war with police. >> we have a message not only to the cincinnati police department but to every law enforcement officer. when you murder a human being when you have other choices available, we'll make the officers' information public record. >> cincinnati's mayor said anonymous got the facts wrong, witnesses say that gaston was reaching for a gun when he was shot. >> it's outrageous. police officers defend us and keep us safe. >> any time you put information out about where our officers
4:49 am
live, names of their children, cell phone records, it's always very, very serious. >> well, cincinnati's fraternal order of police meantime said it's doing it can to protect the police officers and their homes and their families. >> that is just awful. all right. heather, thank you. 49 minutes after the hour. would you like to have your -- how would you like to have your own apartment on an airplane? and on this day in history, woody guthrie wrote "this land is your land." and the first children received a polio vaccine in 1954 and in 1998 "my heart will go on" was top of the charts. it makes steve cry every time. >> i'll never let go. when heartburn hits
4:50 am
fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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hi, everyone. have you ever wanted to travel the world but can't stand the idea of a 15-hour flight? >> now, what if you can rent an apartment sized space -- space -- >> what if you could -- here's -- what if you could have your open apartment in sky. >> yes. i boarded the new a380 airbus, the first of its kind in commercial travel. i got to get my flight attendant on, take a look. this looks like any bedroom in a new york apartment. this actually is the residence, it can be yours for $32,000.01 way from new york to abu dhabi.
4:54 am
so just taking a little bit of a nap on the flight and i want to take a shower. i have my own shower which is amazing. just for myself. i have got a full bathroom in there and then afterwards maybe as i'm getting close to new york or abu dhabi i decide to relax in my own living room. >> and what we wanted to achieve here was just really the height of luxury. so again, you know, we're sitting on seats that are upholstered in leather, these are the same leather you find in ferraris. >> these are the first apartments behind the residence on top of the aircraft. these are basically first class seats. then if you want to have maybe a snack, maybe a drink, it's time to go into the lobby and meet some people and have some fun. come on. it's between the first class apartment and business class seats. this is where everyone can come, have a cocktail or a snack and make few friends on your 12-hour flight from new york to abu flight. remember, everything has to be
4:55 am
secured. so like these are the carts that you will see in the aisleway, but for takeoff and landing everything has to be secured. i used to do then when i was a flight attendant, you know, back in the day. this is business class. this runs about $10,000 round trip between new york and abu dhabi. you get your own bed and television, but the difference is quarters are tighter. if you don't like the person next to you, you don't like them, you don't have to. bye. >> i'll take business class. >> business classes would be just fine for me as well. or the first apartments. by the way, that leather that you saw throughout the plane is the same leather they use for ferraris. >> well, it better be. how much does this cost? >> $32,000. >> yeah, so if it's $30,000 every time they fly between here and there, how many times have people actually rented that? >> it's not always full, but for the most part it is.
4:56 am
you get private service, a private driver out to the plane. >> get a butler there. a butler? >> you have a butler during the flight. an english trained butler that they supply for you. so they take care of everything you need. >> compression socks for the people on that flight? >> you have a shower. >> i'll be the butler for that. >> it's great to be the butler on a flight like that. >> well, look for more of the airlines to start doing this. they're getting competitive. >> what's the name of that airline? >> etihad. >> very good. >> this student used this to get out of midterms and that didn't work. what gave it away? up ahead, laura ingraham and dr. ben carson. we are live in vegas, baby.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
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5:00 am
we will leave for our children what our parents left for us. what americans always leave their children. the single greatest nation in the history of mankind. i need your vote tomorrow. >> we're going to grow the economy with wages and jobs for every american. it's going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and fight for liberty. who stand and fight for the constitution. we're going to make america great again and we're doing to keep winning winning, winning. i love you. we're going to win. go out tomorrow and vote! >> he's pumped up. >> he also said just imagine we're going to ti because you sit on your hands, i won't win.
5:01 am
we have got a lot to talk about regarding what is going on this afternoon and this evening in nevada with the caucuses. laura ingraham will join us shortly and dr. ben carson who would like to be the next president in this hour of "fox & friends," live from new york city and out west. >> all right. so that in a matter of moments. but first, some of the other breaking news. it took most of yesterday's cycle, senior national correspondent john roberts is live in las vegas with the latest on the race. it is caucus day, john. >> reporter: it is caucus day and hopefully it will go better than it did in 2012. the nevada caucuses are an interesting test for donald trump because this state has the highest percentage of hispanic voters than any state so far in this primary process. he said hispanic voters love me because i have been giving them jobs but he's been attacked because of the hard-line stance on illegal immigration. trump leads in nevada anywhere from 16 to 26 points, depending
5:02 am
on which poll you look at. as you mentioned, last night, in las vegas, he reached out the the supporters and said, do not take anything for granted. >> they're saying, trump is going to win tomorrow. trump is going to inwith. believe me, just assume we'll tie. don't assume you'll lose. we don't want to think about that. but if you assume we're going to tie, you're going to go out and vote. >> reporter: marco rubio also hoping for a big night here, since his strong second place finish in south carolina he has racked up a ton of endorsements from governors and senators and he's optimistic that he can beat trump in the long run. >> over 65 to 70% of the voters are divided up among the people and now there's less people. so it's the alternative to trump -- >> reporter: the big question here in nevada today, how will ted cruz fare in south carolina? he seemed to lose a little bit
5:03 am
of support after trump and rubio were hammering him very hard for as they said, dishonest attacks against them, lying about them. this whole episode with his spokesman and this bogus video and cruz having to fire rick tyler seems to be a smoking gun. brian, steve and nanna, to all the charges that trump had been leveling against them. >> and at three minutes after the hour, a guest. >> we're going to bring in laura ingraham, fox news contributor. good morning. >> hey, anna. >> what do you make of the feud between cruz and rubio and cruz having to fire or -- or force the resignation of the communications director? >> it plays sadly from ted cruz right into the narrative that rubio has been trying to set up and trump obviously has helped with. that ted cruz, you know, dirty tricks and mean guy, he might be really smart and might be a good person on the supreme court, but as a presidential candidate not so much. so they love this moment, so
5:04 am
rubio is whipping it all up last night. saying we can't trust this guy on anything. i'll say on this, in the spotlight of this campaign as things are moving really fast, everyone is trying to get an edge over everyone else it doesn't surprise me this happened. people aren't as careful as they should be. and so it was probably the right thing to get rid of tyler. he had no choice. i think he had to do that to kind of stop the bleeding on the way that the other campaigns are characterizing him. but it's obviously not where he wanted to be going into this important caucus state. >> laura, we said this a million times. politics ain't beanball. >> yep. >> it's a dirty business, so as things go, you know, historically we have seen a lot worse than this. and so now ted cruz is getting tarred with all of that. >> yeah. right. so i think we have to either smash back at the critics like trump does or you have to -- or
5:05 am
you have to quickly get beyond it. say this is absurd. everybody knows my record. these people have been smashing me with negative ads and false mischaracterizations. so you have to move forward really aggressively. ing he handled it -- i think he handled it okay. i might have been a little bit more aggressive against the rubio/trump pig pile on this if i was cruz. they want to narrow the field, they want rubio to be the man against trump and they basically want kasich and cruz out of the way. the establishment does. so they're jumping all over this. it's predictable. >> in the photoshopping it was clumsy at the kindest. yesterday, it seems like a lot of the establishment is lining up behind rubio which could hurt him. bob dole, asa hutchinson -- >> shocking. >> so this feels like the days before new hampshire prior to rubio's bad debate. >> yeah. i mean, here's what people are missing in this race. you can have all of the
5:06 am
endorsements you want from all of the elected officials you want, you can have the bushes, you can have tim scott, you can have nikki haley. but if you're lined up with the policies that have driven the middle class into a hole over the last 15 years, globalist economic policies, really horrible, unenforceable trade deals, foreign workers coming in to take american jobs and military -- a policy that a lot of people think has gone awry, you can have all the endorsements you want, but you won't win the contest, because the american middle class are rising up against the old order and the dinosaurs in the gop. so the dinosaurs come lumbering toward rubio and look, rubio seems like a nice guy but he's a younger cuban version of jeb bush so why would i go with rube rube? >> if you're a rubio or cruz and trying to blunt the momentum of
5:07 am
trump, why don't you try to winnow the field by promising john kasich the vp spot and take the buckeye state. >> maybe. >> there's a new quinnipiac poll out that shows kasich doesn't take his own state, donald trump does. 31% for trump, 26% for kasich. >> i think trump can take ohio for one reason -- trade. you saw ron portman move away from the transpacific partnership a couple of weeks ago. you hear the republican establishment not wanting to talk about this deal at all, they're say, let's wait. we won't vote on it this year. i think the more cautious folks on trade like jeff sessions, trump to some extent are saying let's debate this now. let's let the american people see what's in this deal. see who's -- whose fingerprints are over this deal and who gets a raw deal in the tpp. so this is a big, big issue. >> sure.
5:08 am
looking forward, you know, if you want to believe the polls of the next 14 or 15 polls sounds like donald trump is leading in about ten of them. and historically, laura, you know, if he were the mainstream establishment candidate, people in the establishment would be saying, okay, let's coalesce around the front-runner. >> now they want to kill the front-runner off. now we have more excitement than we have seen in politics in certainly i can think of since maybe bush 2000 or reagan 1980. there's so much out out there and most with trump. i'm thinking what's his secret sauce? maybe it's time to re-examine some of the issues and do a mea culpa on the issues. if you're marco rubio you say, you know, i'm seeing the crowds. i'm hearing your comments about this. we're not doing this immigration reform. we'll enforce the laws for five or six years and then deal with the people who are here in a humane, proper fashion. but we're not going to even walk toward the chamber of commerce on this issue.
5:09 am
marco rubio has the cards here to play with the big donors. if i were he, i would say, look, we're doing -- we have a new path forward. trump is on to something. i'm going to do it better than trump. i'm going the show the voters i can learn on these issues. >> but marco rubio -- >> he could do that. >> but can't hijack like hillary did to bernie. you need rubio in your trump axi axioms. >> yeah. but i think that shows a lot for rubio to say, i don't agree with trump on a lot of things but he tapped a vein on globalization and immigration. i'm listening to the people. remember romney didn't do that on romney care. he dug his heels in. on romney care, that hurt him in the end. i think rubio could go to the donors and say, look, we'll lose this thing unless we start compromising with the voters and then you have an interesting face-off perhaps between rubio and trump. otherwise, i think trump carries all the momentum in and meanwhile the gop says how can we kill off the guy that's the front-runner?
5:10 am
i don't see how it works out well for the gop. >> so many people out there don't trust the establishment. thank you, laura. see you next week. all right. nine minutes after the hour. heather nauert has more on what's making the news. >> good morning to you. isis under fire. pounding the terror group in syria, earlier this month. take a look at this video. we are just getting it in. they targeted various weapons storage facilities. isis headquarters we are told. a group of buildings used to house isis fighters. officials say there were a total of ten air strikes in syria that day. new video just coming in. it's clash of the titans for the apple fight. bill gates siding with the fbi in the war against apple. he said that the tech giant should comply with the court order to unlock the san bernardino killer's iphone. he said, this is a specific kate where the government is asking for access to information. they are not asking for some general thing. they are asking for a particular
5:11 am
case. interesting. well, apple's ceo tim cook said unlocking the phone sets a dangerous precedent and in the meantime, protests are set for 40 cities around the country today for people backing apple. our judge andrew napolitano predicts the whole thing will go to the u.s. supreme court. uber under fire after admitting it ignored alerts from customers about their safety after the accused killer jason dalton was driving like a maniac for an hour before the shooting rampage began in kalamazoo, michigan. the company says it only reviews complaints after talking with the driver in order to be fair both sides. dalton admitted to murdering six people and wounding two others in the killing spree at three different locations. all while he picked up passengers in between those shootings. his motive is still a mystery. the youngest victim is 14. and a silly attempt to get
5:12 am
out of midterm, it's a picture that's going viral. terrell finer from columbia university tweeted out the photos of himself with iphone head phones shoved up his nose and a mac book charger across his arm so it would look like he was hooked up to hospital tubes. after seeing that joke going viral he tweeted this showing everyone that he was just playing. really? head phones in hiss nostrils. >> i don't think i'd use them again. >> college. >> embarrassing. >> thank you. 12 minutes after the hour. the president cracking jokes about justice antonin scalia's death. >> some of you might be in the final year of your last term working as hard as you can helping people retrain, appointing judges. the usual stuff. >> some see it as joke, others
5:13 am
don't. is it funny or too soon? we report, you decide. they were supposed to be hunting images on the texas border when they spotted proof of illegal aliens jumping the border. what happened next? stick around. i'd like to make a dep-- vo: it happens so often, you almost get used to it. we got this. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
5:17 am
this is a fox news alert. you're look at images from gitmo and the island of cuba. this morning at 10:30 eastern time the president of the united states going into the roosevelt room at the white house to make a statement on gitmo. it is presumed he's doing to say he wants to close it and he will unveil his plan we believe. >> the pentagon has been -- was told to draw it up. evidently they finally got it, it's late. there's 91 people left, the worst of the worst. we are getting dizzying reports of those who have been released and gone back to terror and lauded as heroes for surviving america's prison which we know is better than a lot of luxury hotels it seems. with soccer games. but now the president of the united states is hell bent on closing it. the problem is constitutionally, he's not allowed to bring these guys here. so what are we going to do with
5:18 am
the khalid sheik mohammed's and -- >> we are seeing the drip drip drip because he's making good on a campaign promise. he claims it's too expensive to keep open and it's a terror tool for those around the world. but we had many on the program saying to the contrary and it makes us unsafe because of the recidivism rate. >> right. presumably the plan he'll unveil in two hours from right now, the bulk of the 91 will probably go back to their host countries. and they'll take care of them. they'll keep an eye on them so they're not our headache. but there are a number of the super bad guys who they don't know what to do with, would probably go to unnamed at this point detention sites in the united states. i know my congressman mike pompeii owe out in texas had a town hall outside of leavenworth, the federal maximum security lockup, the people of
5:19 am
kansas do not want the bad guys going there. i'm sure the people of colorado around super max and people in south carolina don't want them there either. >> these guys are war criminals. they should be given life in prison. we give others life in prison. they have done arguably worse. now, pete hegseth, he served in gitmo as well as at iraq and afghanistan, he just went down exclusively for us to see how that place has changed. the types of accommodations they have and he's going to be reporting with us. he's going to be here on the couch tomorrow to discuss. >> didn't look too bad. we had house speaker paul ryan talking about the president wanting to close guantanamo bay and paul ryan saying it's not a good idea and that congress will do everything they can to stop it. listen. >> the best way forward to prevent that from happening which is our border state governors who had standing in court went and sued the administration and guess what, he didn't get the executive
5:20 am
amnesty. it's not happening because we were successful. whenever he does one of the actions is take the best way forward we can come up with to get the best result which is to stop him from doing it. >> congress wants to stop him, but keep in mind this is the thing that the president promised first thing in office he would do. he's coming to the end of his tenure. he's going to probably pull out all the stops to close gitmo. you'll see his statement at 10:30 eastern time right here on the fox news channel. >> we don't capture anyone or interrogate anyone anymore. what will the intelligence apparatus will do to keep us safe, it's been made so unsafe to keep us safe. and anonymous release information on police officers they say as revenge. and with poll numbers in the single digits one of the most asked questions for dr. ben carson who would like to be president, are you going to drop out soon? well, no. he's not. he's going to explain why coming
5:21 am
up shortly.
5:22 am
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got some quick headlines for you. first up, the university of nebraska's scrapping plans to build a brand-new chick-fil-a on their campus. students had voted in favor of chick-fil-a but the plug was pulled after complaints about chick-fil-a's ceo's support of traditional marriage. now, a lot of crying foul. and president obama under fire for this comment that some say was a joke about replacing the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> some of you might be in the final year of your last term working as hard as you can getting as much done as possible
5:25 am
for the folks that you represent. fixing roads, educating our children. helping people retrain, appointing judges. the usual stuff. >> and they laughed there in the white house. many thought it was a joke. meanwhile, president obama criticized for skipping justice scalia's funeral this past weekend. well, he finished fourth in iowa, then placed eighth in new hampshire. in the primary there. and after finishing sixth in south carolina, dr. ben carson had this to say. >> when this thing started, there were 17 candidates. there are only six now and i'm still one of them. i'm not going anywhere. >> so now the question remains is dr. carson -- where is he going to go from here as he continues to run. always great to see you. i heard your remarks a second
5:26 am
ago. do you feel pressure from the establishment to push out, to emerge with one person to go against donald trump? >> well, i know there are some people who are saying that. but, you know, there's a reason that we have a process like this. >> yep. >> and if we -- if we're going to call it after three or four primaries and caucuses, why don't we just change the system and we'll see say we'll do it for three or four states and that'll be it. it doesn't make any sense really. you know, there's a lot of information that still needs to come out and the nice thing is now that the numbers are down to a smaller size, maybe it's just possible that we might actually start talking about the real issues. and the real solutions to the problems of america, because they are very, very substantial. this is not about personalities. this is about the future of our country and our children. >> so when people say, dr. ben carson, you're in the single digits why don't you drop out, your response is? >> my response is, you know,
5:27 am
it's a dynamic game. you know, remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. if you give up on the tortoise too early, you have a hare who is exhausted and not too effective. >> senator cruz has run a campaign on values and yet he's finding himself in the questionable situations with the robocalls and the video of the bible incident with senator rubio, and of course what happened to you in iowa. with the tweet that went out saying that you dropped out of the campaign with senator cruz forcing the resignation of the communications director, do you feel like you have accountability for what happened to you? >> there is some there. but you always have to ask yourself the question, is there a culture here that i'm permitting that creates a problem? you know, i discovered that in my own campaign there was a culture there that was not good.
5:28 am
and we got rid of it and it's much better and much more effective now. that's what i call taking action to correct problems. now, is moving this guy to another position enough? i guess we'll find out. >> well, so wait, i thought he resigned. is he doing another position? >> well, it's unclear what is going on so we have to wait and see. >> we'll share it as soon as we figure it out. a number of the viewers while you're here joining us from las vegas had questions for you. christina asks, would you ever consider accepting a job as health and human services secretary? >> well, i'm not looking for a job. quite frankly. i have had a job all of my life. i'm looking to really, you know, alter the course of this nation. and, you know, i need people to wake up and recognize how serious this is. we're on the brink of disaster on several different levels.
5:29 am
and i don't think most people recognize it. they're still interested in who's on "dancing with the stars." >> you're right. >> lilly writes on twitter, dr. carson, what are you going to do differently from president obama to unite the races? >> a lot. believe me. first of all, i will emphasize what we have in common. versus what separates us. and i will be encouraging the private sector to invest in people around them. so that we're all on the same track. you know, government programs tend to leave people in a situation where they're dependent. and it may not have meant to do that, but that's what they're doing. you know, united we stand, divided we fall. >> thank you very much, dr. carson, for starting your day here on "fox & friends." good luck out in las vegas. >> thank you. >> we'll talk to you soon. >> have a great day. >> he's got town halls and caucus sites -- >> it's started. 29 minutes after the hour.
5:30 am
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what up? you know me. snoop do double g. we're training you with the new menu items, hot dogs. grilled to perfection. we're grilling this dog my way. bikini, martini, zucchini. where my dogs at? >> hey, we're right here, snoop.
5:34 am
we're right thanks for sending your new hot dogs too. they're pretty. >> so burger king has officially started selling grilled hot dogs. you can get them with as a classic with as you can see right here ketchup, mustard, a little bit of onion. and relish as well. for a little extra you can get some chili cheese. >> yeah, no longer is the burger king only a burger guy. i mean, this is amazing news. this is -- we should have led with this. when burgers decide to go into the hot dog world, that's a -- that's calling out nathan's. >> here's the thing, brian. i remember this from when doocy told me when i was little -- pardon me for talking while i eat the hot dogs, the kids didn't like the burger, they loved the chicken nuggets. >> whoever put the swings in the middle of burger king was
5:35 am
genius. this is a genius. what other -- it must be thomas edison on that staff. >> i will say this, it's delicious. >> it looks great. >> nutritious. >> all right. there she is from burger king to the queen of headlines, heather nauert. >> it's the eighth wonder of the world, how you stay so trim when you eat so much stuff on the show. >> i'm hungry. we have a serious story out of ohio. a hacking group now says that they are at war with police officers. they posted personal information of 52 cincinnati cops online as revenge for a deadly shooting. the group anonymous releasing a video claiming to have exposed the officers' home addresses and other sensitive information. the group accusing police officers of gunning down paul gaston on wednesday, simply because he was black. but cincinnati's mayor insists
5:36 am
that anonymous got the facts wrong, showing the video shows that gaston was reaching for a gun at time he was shot. >> outrageous. i mean, police officers defend us. our way of way, they keep us safe. >> any time you put information out about where our officers live, the names of their children, their cell phone records, it's always very, very serious. >> yeah, no kidding. well, cincinnati's fraternal order of police is doing everything they to protect police officers and their families. a family is desperate for answers after a children's tennis instructor, from west palm beach vanished without a trace. he went on a surfing trip to the dominican republic at the end of january with a friend. the man on the screen left. but he later went missing, two days later. and investigators do not believe that he drowned and the fbi is now investigating this case. investigators say they're
5:37 am
looking fine the friend's time line in the case because he left the dominican republic before torah was declared missing and he's changed his story numerous times. if you have any information, please contact the u.s. embassy in the dominican republic. the outdoor channel show "trophy hunters" looking at a much different issue than hunting this week. special operation teammates were on the program and they were looking for big game along the mexico/texas border when they ran into the group of illegals. listen. >> josh goes, that's an illegal. sure enough, yeah, we were neck deep in it. >> well, the men had to call in homeland security for assistance after they saw those guys out there. a new development to tell you in the case of the decorated marine whose brutal assault at the washington, d.c. mcdonald's left him injured.
5:38 am
sergeant marquez gave us brand-new information about arrests made in his case. listen. >> they made up to two arrests so far. a male and a female. they're teens they said. they're charging the male with aggravated assault, the female with pick pocketing. but didn't say anything about a hate crime so far. >> well, marquez spent time in the hospital recovering from amnesia. thanks to viewers like you, his gofundme page has $28,000 in donations. he says he'll give the extra money to veterans groups. by the way the cab driver who drove him home to the hospital, he's trying to locate him as well. brian, he served in fallujah. >> yeah. he's still banged up. he's still dealing with his issues from war and now with the issues from mcdonald's. so he needs some money. he definitely needs a hand. i'm glad everyone is pitching in. >> heather, thank you. meanwhile, republicans want
5:39 am
the next president to appoint justice scalia's replacement on the supreme court and the current vice president agreed with that idea. we'll have more on that coming up. and is tonight's vote in nevada a disaster waiting to happen? mr. las vegas, bob massi, is up next on that. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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5:42 am
all right, quick headlines now. the animal edition as you just saw. two military horses are up for adoption. they served in the army's old guard. horses took part in pulling thousands of our soldiers' coffins to the final resting place at arlington national cemetery. a giant panda on the play perch at the toronto zoo.
5:43 am
watch this. it took me forever -- i could not believe it. when he got to the top he lost his balance but he's okay after the tumble. anything happens we'll have a panda alert. monkey business breaks out in the international space station. ♪ that's astronaut scott kelly playing along with the birthday gift from his twin brother mark. the cosmonauts must think we're crazy. he's coming back in eight days with or without the suit. the election officials, it took them days to finalize the results four years ago in 2012. is tonight's vote in nevada a legal disaster just waiting to happen? joining us right now, bob massi, a native of nevada. and bob we were talking in the commercial break, this not where you go in and just vote. these are caucuses. and unfortunately, in nevada,
5:44 am
you say they are very chaotic. >> well, back in '12, it took them weeks for them to get everything right. earlier you were demonstrating with the smartphone how they'll do it. when you think about it, 2016, it will be a little more improved but as we have seen in the past when you go to the caucuses it's organized mayhem. in many ways. it is really different. the key is going to be, can they follow the votes, can they make sure that it's done legitimately, that there's no kind of intervention here that's going to cause a problem to get a true vote and this depends upon the people running it and how proficient they are. >> sure. i understand you might be busy tonight because when donald trump was talking to sean hannity last night in las vegas, i know you were there with the camera crew. and trump saw you out of the corner of his eye and he said this. watch. >> i think we'll do well here, but we have to keep it honest. i'll have bob and his group going to the various polling booths because that way i know it will be honest. >> i do have a reputation. >> it is las vegas, folks,
5:45 am
right? i mean, it's a wonderful place, i love las vegas, but it is las vegas. >> so you'll be a caucus cop tonight? >> me and vinny boomboch. he was kind, he talked about "the property man" show and look, all the candidates you just had dr. carson on, i had the pleasure of meeting what a gentleman, the bottom line they're all concerned about is this being run correctly? here's another thing, steve. most people in our state really believe we should be a primary state now. that we have been around long enough, and in the old days where the electoral votes didn't mean much, we mean something now. although we respect the caucus and want it to run correctly and hope it does from when you walk in to when you vote to when you leave and when they count, you hope in fact at some point this state will become a primary state for future presidencies. >> all right. bob, primarily, what do the people of nevada care about? what are the issues out there?
5:46 am
>> employment, steve. it is all about employment. look, things are better but they're still not what they used to be. people are concerned about housing, they're concerned about lending. the common things that we hear about every day in america is what we're concerned about here. the big issue is how this is going to play out. after watching yesterday and watching the one-on-one sean and seeing the different personalities, the dynamic of what these men and women do and these potential wanting to be president of the united states, when you see it one-on-one, it's pretty intense. you have to respect all of them. >> absolutely. big job, running for president. bob, good luck tonight. sounds like -- >> i have my caucus hat on, brother. >> good enough. thank you, bob massi from las vegas. meanwhile, remember when vice president joe biden agreed with republicans about nominating the supreme court justice? we do. when he was a senator. >> once the political season is under way and it is, action on a supreme court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over.
5:47 am
>> really? peter johnson jr. is here to react to that, next. but right now, bill hemmer let's figure out what will happen. >> the president will announce his plan to close gitmo. you will see it live here on america's newsroom. and nevada chooses today, and ohio governor john kasich is here and eric trump. and has marco rubio found a new groove? we'll debate this on the campaign trail for 2016 when martha and i see you at the top of the hour. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks.
5:48 am
for me... it's aleve.
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5:50 am
well, because it's an election year, republicans have argued that the next president should fill justice antonin scalia's seat on the supreme
5:51 am
court and joe biden has criticized them for that. but in 1992, he sounded a whole lot more like the republicans. >> it is my view that if the supreme court justice resigns tomorrow or within the next several weeks, or resigns at the end of the summer, president bush should consider following the practice of a majority of his predecessors and not -- and not name a nominee until after the november election is completed. >> joining us now to discuss this is peter johnson jr. and his critics say he's changing his mind because the shoe is on the other foot. >> it's interesting obama and joe biden at logger heads, joe biden saying to c-span clipped from the senate floor statement
5:52 am
that hypothetically, if this ever happened we shouldn't take up the nominee in the election years so republicans and democrats will be punching it out for the rest of the year on the issue. i have said it in the past and unlike what others have said i believe the president does have a constitutional responsibility. the senate does have a constitutional responsibility to take it up. but now i'm thinking about it a little bit more because joe biden in that statement said, listen, a 4-4 tie in the supreme court, yeah, that's a problem. but is it a bigger problem to have a fight that tears the country apart in an election year? >> after this tape was dug out of the archives, joe biden came forward with this statement. he says, some critic say one excerpt of my speech is evidence that i oppose filling a supreme court vacancy. as i on tconclude that critics pointing to today urge the senate and the white house to
5:53 am
overcome the differences. that remains my position today. he's saying he hasn't changed at a all. >> he's changed, and anything that politicians say, republicans or democrats. and my view is that if the republicans want to keep the senate, if they want to keep the house, if they want to keep control, then they exercise common sense and say we'll look at the nominee of the president. we're going to exercise our constitutional responsibility one way or the other. and we're not going to be part of this silliness that joe biden said, well, i said this, but i didn't mean that. now i mean this. now i mean that. that's why everybody really has no regard for the united states congress and that's why the outsiders like donald trump and bernie sanders are so successful. because they look at congress and they say, oh, no more of this nonsense. >> how about this scenario, president obama under fire for not attending the funeral of justice scalia over the weekend, but he was seen holding binders
5:54 am
of information supposedly scouring over information about who should be the next potential nominee. are republicans doing themselves a disservice if they do vow to filibuster if he'll put somebody he's trying to get through that may be a little bit more middle of the room? what if we get a liberal president? >> that's right. some consultant is saying, you've got to be tough, there's rage and anger. i see it in tweets, don't give the president what he want, he's screwed this country up. you can make a pretty good argument on that on a lot of points, but is that a reason to turn your back on the constitution? now, senator kirk and senator collins have defected from the republican party on this issue and senator kirk talked about taking an oath. his navy reserve career and that it means something, uphold the constitution. a lot of people think this is naive in the rough and tough environment where we kick the heck out of each other. do you know who will suffer you?
5:55 am
i am, you, the american people. they should sit together like adults democrats and republicans and decide together, nominee, not a nominee, what's best for the country. not what's best for the party or any nominee that's what we should have. >> well said. peter johnson jr., you're fired up. >> i am. >> five minutes before the top of the hour. what happens when donald trump meets "game of throne?" >> i believe extreme measures are warranted. >> the people that are with me 100% are the people. >> what? >> the pope, the pope was in mexico. do you know that? you know that, right? he said negative things about me. >> dreadful.
5:56 am
5:57 am
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takes some getting used to. not always. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side before it's history it's news. ♪ >> all right. one for the road. any fan of "game of thrones" knows winter is coming, but what happens when republican front-runner donald trump takes
5:59 am
on wisteros. >> what? >> the pope, the pope was in mexico. do you know that? he said negative things about me. >> dreadful. >> the pope is being told that donald trump is not a nice person. donald trump is a very nice person. >> hmm. >> you do not let us in. all of us will die. >> i said temporarily. i didn't say permanently. i said temporarily. we have no border, we have no control. people are flooding across. we need to build a wall. and it has to be built quickly. >> i would -- >> i love this. >> a mashup of trump's greatest hits going viral on the internet today. >> i read somewhere it was done by a guy in australia. he took some clips from the shows, took some clips of donald trump. somehow figured out how to cut out his head and put it right there. >> pretty entertaining. >> so funny. >> we told you that the labrador is named america's favorite dog once again. 25 years in a row.
6:00 am
we asked for your pictures. our very own judge napolitano sent us a picture of his puppy gina. >> we'll see you back here on the couch tomorrow. >> stay within yourself. >> tha bill: awaiting a major announcement from the white house. president obama will announce his plan to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay. that's an idea that's not without opposition. martha: i'm martha maccallum. the president is expected to fulfill his campaign promise to close guantanamo bay which currently houses 91 detainees. the defense department says it will meet today's deadline to close the facility and move the prisoners. reporter: a house


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