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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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harris: you're a sweetheart. >> david asman, thank you for being here. melissa francis as well. >> back at 4:00 on "after the bell.". andrea: that's it. sandra: "outnumbered overtime." click on overtime tab. we'll be there. "happening now" starts now. % >> a commuter train thrown off of the tracks after slamming in a crane and the terfoying moments leading up to the crash. >> the defendant was highly experienced with arms. >> and tv appearance in a high profile murder trial. >> he customized the murder. >> and should the defendant get a mistrial? >> and forcing passengers out of
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a burning plane in the middle of a snow storm. it is all "happening now". >> we begin with the duel in the desert for the the republican candidates. the nevada caucus gets underway after a bruising gop battle so far. >> donald trump's back-to-back victories in south carolina and new hampshire, he is looking to build p on the the momentum. a caucus is a different sort of beast one that cruz and rubio are fire to tame. cruz firing a key staffer are and rubio picking up more support after jeb bush left the race, carl? carl, go ahead. we may. >> reporter: the caucuses don't
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happen until 9:00 eastern time and they are set to run through hours and take it to midnight. excuse me that is local time. things are much, much later for the east coast. and all of the candidates have been racing around the country and the contest is going on on here in las vegas and nevada. donald trump had a lead today and pushing hard with hiss rallies on fire. there was a demonstrator in the audience that had to be removed and wish it was the good old days, he would like to punch the guy in the face. and went after ted cruz, saying ted cruz is sick begin the amount of lying. as for marco rubio, looking to get a strong second here in nevada. and working to pull in a second place victory in the place he
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was born. he's been in a spat with the head of the ice immigration enforcement union that suggested that rubio was dismissive of the complaints that border security and other ares have and been dismissive of the union official. that happen to marco rubio a bit as conservatives try to tweak him to the path of amnesty. ted cruz had a rough day and had to sack a staffer and pounded by rubio for dirty tricks. he didn't win in south carolina and lost the evangelicals to donald trump and need real momentum and strong support. again, it is a late night here. and the caucuses don't start until late local time. we'll send it back to you in new
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york. >> thank you, carl in las vegas. hillary clinton arriving in south carolina in the meantime clinton's e-mail troubles surfaced where the chairman sparred with secretary of state john kerry. >> secretary clinton's actions have caused you heard ache and money. >> senator, it remains to be seen who it is 50 investigations by nine different committees that created more heart burn. >> bernie sanders campaigning in norfolk, virginia before heading to south carolina for a candidate forum. he's reaching out to african-american voters in hoping to build p momentum there. we'll have more on that in a bit. >> ohio is one of the biggest
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prizes in the general election and not even a popular governor of the 78 seems to be able to stop the donald trump machine. governor kasich falling bep hind trump. 31 percent for trump and 26 for kasich and there the others. cruz, rubio and carson. 21, 13, and 5 percent. and on the democratic side. hillary clinton leads sanders. and we'll get with it with betsy and chris. christopher, maybe you can take a crystal ball to governor kasich's strategy here. he didn't compete hard in iowa. he was hoping for a big p finish in new hampshire. south carolina, maybe not so much and hold on to march 15th
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when ohio votes where he racks up delegates. >> that is his plan. it looks like john kasich will campout in ohio and maybe the nomination. that is unlikely. there will be a lot of pressure on john kasich to drop out. people like rubio who is beating him in most polls, will not beat him in florida or the first place finishes they need. for example, if you are governor nicki haley with her endorsement angling for a v, slot you are worded about p that. >> maybe we can get the poll back up on the screen. what is the motivation for kasich to drop out and the others are falling so far
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behind. if you take kasich out of the mix, does his support go to the other three that are to his right on the screen? or does trump pick up the support? >> it is hard to look at that. he is a establishment and your second choice is also establishment. and talking to voters, not the case. the fatal flaw, kasich has to win ohio to get the delegates and the way they get allocated varys from state to state. ohio is a win with or take all. kasich comes in second it doesn't help him at all. same thing in florida, where trump is winning. rubio makes a strong second place in florida, it doesn't do any good the at all. and meanwhile, texas is porportional and ted cruz comes in first and trump second.
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he still gets a bunch of delegates. it is bad news for kasich and bad news for rubio and good news for trump. and that's why establishment figures want kasich to scoot. >> and christopher, donald trump had long business interest in nevada. can he be stopped? >> i doubt it. they shouldn't try to put any bets or weights on how they will go ahead in nevada for feeling better about themselves. we may have this idea of that state is las vegas and party town. but it has a strong mormon contingent and traditional conservative voters that may trouble for ted cruz over the last week and could push other candidates forward, but i would not bank on anything but donald
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trump on winning nevada in a late night. >> the battle seems to be for second place between ted cruz and marco rubio, betsy when you look down the road, where do you see it shaking out? >> conventional wisdom that rubio is getting big endorsements and momentum on his side and cruz fired his top communication's factor and good gets better and bad gets worse indicates well things for rubio, but the important things to remember here, even if all of the anti- trump votes coaulose that may not stop him. many people supporting bush go to trump. and having support is helpful. and that's why mitt romney ecked
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out a support in nevada he got a last-minute support from trump. we just don't know. >> donald trump was jeb bush's tormenter in chief. and if they are flocking to trump now, that would be interesting p indeed. thank you both. >> thank you. >> president obama today unveiling his controversial plan to look at guantanamo bay. and republicans in congress are blasting the plan among other ares. this is from the white house with more, rich. >> the white house has submitted a plan to the congress on how it proposes to close the detention center in guantanamo bay. there are 91 detainees there. the problem arises when you talk about p the others.
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the administration is planning to pull many to the united states. the problem with that, that is going to counter to federal law. the administration needs the u.s. congress is needed to move them to the the united states. it appears that the republicans are not going along with that. >> even in an election year, we should be able to have a good faith honest dialogue about how national security. >> we'll review president obama's plan. the will of bipartisan congress has been expressed against that proposal. >> reporter: the plan to close the center in guantanamo bay is ill considered to close that center. the president's plan identifies 13 locations in the united states.
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defense department officials look at fort leaven worth in kansas and brig in south carolina and prisones within colorado. to transfer one of those facility to house the detainees could cost hundreds of millions and it says it would save on operations 65 or 65 million transferring them out of guantanamo bay, cuba and will recoup the costs in the first few years. >> do you think that we should close guantanamo bay. go to to join the conversation. >> and now fox news alert. emergency crews are on the scene of an explosion outside of a power plant in london. witnesses say it sounded like thunder and half of the building collapsed there. it is a major incident in the power plant west of london.
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bbc reports one person dead and other casulties as well. and we'll monitor the story. breaking developments in syria with both sides accepts the u.s./russia brokered ceasefire. we are live in the region and donald trump, claiming on several occasions he is not treated fairly. is he right? keep it right here on the gop caucus tonight. and live report with fair and balanced analysis.
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candidate donald trump has been dominating headlines and tv screens since he announced he is running for president p. some media outlets are facing criticism that they are are not treating him fairly. we'll talk to bernie goldberg. you hear that from trump himself
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a lot. he said the media are horrible to him and are they? >> sometimes they are. but it sounds like whining to me. it is unfair when the biggest tabloid daily news in new york runs a front page cover showing donald trump as a clown. that is not in the ballpark of serious journalism. that is right when they portray his supporters as dummies and morons. and the media let donald trump get away with all sorts of stuff. in the south carolina debate. he said they lied. he said there were no weapons of mass destruction and 12 hours later. not 12 years later. 12 hours later, on the sunday talk shows, he says, i said
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maybe there were lies. was it a lie. who knows. in my hard news days, i would have hammer ared him on that and i would say no, you're lying and a while back, he sent investigator ones to hawaii to check on barak obama's birth records and you will not believe what they are finding? really. what were they finding? no one is holding him accountable. yes, sometimes the media is unfair, but the bigger concern from my point of view, too often they let him get away with stuff they would not let another politician get away with. >> when he rails against the media, it fires up the crowd and so forth. he is sort of the big middle finger aimed at everything that people hate about politicians and politics as usual?
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>> i think donald trump is a symbol. and the symbol is the middle finger aimed at everything. his most passionate supporters detest politics and politician. and they will ignore anything he says. it is not only he can give a liberal position and supposed conservatives don't care. that's only part of. it he can say anything and they don't care. there is something called the tyson zone. that meant mike tyson could say anything and they say that is mike. and he could say he wanted to be a trolley card and that is a tike zoevenlt and trump could say i will move to saudi arabia and open a tower outside of the
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mosque. you can't take that seriously. but the serious point is, it is not good when journalist accept crazy things and write it off, that is donald trump. donald trump can complain about the media being unfair and he will have examples to back him up. but by and large they have been too easy on him as far as i am concerned. >> and he gets a lot of free media coverage as well. bern p , thank you. >> the republicans are looking for a establishment candidate. ted cruz took on the establishment as well. what is really going on here? we'll look closer. and bill gates making headlines and he supports the feds in the fight with apple.
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>> right now the presidential race is sending shockwaves in the political establishment with the rise of donald trump in the gop and senator sanders popularity with the democrats. robert wright writes this. something big is happening and not due with bernie sanders or donald trump. it is a rebelian against the establishment. and david, good friend and secretary of president bill clinton. 0 about that david. one for clinton and bush. they are part of the
10:25 am
establishment and both of you had interesting ideas on the politics. mercedes, is it less been the candidates and rejection the political system. >> i think it is both. establishment words 1990s, it is one of those things where you have candidates that are part of a dynasty and we have seen the rise and fall of the dynasty with the bushes and now we have other candidates who they are not taking money from the big they are not taking money from the billionaire ps. and this is the way washington has been run is rigged. and it has not benefitted the people. the establishment where they have failed is failing to listen to the the american people in serving the american people. they have gotten socked. and this is a rise of bernie
10:26 am
sanderses or trump. both with destinctive personalities. we are bring nothing new ideas and we are listening to the people. >> david, meredez saids these candidates are free or dominated by billionaires and echoed in a new ad, for bernie sanders. this is spike lee. hey, bernie from brook len, talk to the folks. >> i am bernie sanders democratic candidate for president and i paid for this message. >> not the billionaires. bernie from brooklyn, david. that is the adthat is out there. and that is hitting on the not for mercedez said for both political parties. >> i would be the first to say that many of the things we are hearing from both donald trump and bernie sanderses are right.
10:27 am
it would be a big mistake for my candidate hillary clinton or any on the republican side to belittle or demean those supporters. they have genuine feelings. i come from the the industrial midwest and those jobs are gone and people are angry. and that has something to do with trade. if i were african-american and after eight year was barak obama and see the unemployment in the african-american community, they have not changed. that is not something to run away from or distance yourself from. these candidates need to pivot and understand this is something to address. it is okay to say i came over here and think about franklin roosevelt. he came from money and a wealthy family and yet he was able to address the needs of every day americans. >> and that brings us full circle. when you see the editorial. and it is really about the
10:28 am
establishment and rejection of the political system. that is dismissive of the candidates like trump and sanders that are successful. if is not just running anybody that is able to capitalize in the current environment, is it? >> it is important to understand. trump is beholden to nobody. and sanders it is it a similar situation. he's getting money from small supporters. and trump is financing his own cam can pain. they feel that washington is benefitting the corporation and lobbyist and wealthy and they are not taking care of america out. there and the rest of america is protesting and saying we have had enough. >> why doesn't the establishment embrace the candidates to embrace the voters as well? >> i liken it to the bob
10:29 am
influencing fdr. hillary clinton his been influenced by bernie sanders. i think she will wen and the delegate count. but the impact on her that the process has had is positive. this is the energy in the democratic base and the sense of alienation. i think candidates changing and evolving that is not bad. >> david, hillary clinton is the establishment and part of the problem. and that's why the bernie sanders people are running away from her. >> hillary clinton is winning. and all i am saying, the affect that this is on her. >> she is winning because of a lot of super delegates and a strong hold on the democratic side with the establishment. >> we can argue about delegate. it is important for her to notice.
10:30 am
>> she is making a chance or whether or not will be business or usual. and we have big early, early races to watch. it is great to have you both and it is a big topic to it talk about. thank you very much. >> little time to stop, a train no time to slow down and the latest on a deadly crash in europe. should a accused murderer get a mistrial because the prosecutor talked about it on tv?
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now cease four in syria and secretary of state john kerry said the united states will soon know if the truce will hold. >> reporter: the disagreement between the united states and russia was supposed to go. it was supposed to go in to affect be this saturday. john kerry talking about the ceasefire and leading to wider peace talks. but this agreement is fraught with serious holes and issues. there are no observe pers on the ground per this agreement in large part it is simply too dangerous. we'll not know if it is violated by the assad regime or rebels first. there are low expectations for the agreement also because it
10:35 am
was negotiated by the united states and russia calls for the ah sawed regime and largest rebel group to stop fighting but allows assad group to target terrorist. they few isis and other rebel groups as well. we don't know if assad will pound on the rebel groups. they may see them as terror groups. that is a question going forward. what we have seen, the ah sawed rep jeem made progress backed by russia air strikes and hesbollah on the ground. there is low expectations that this agreement, jenna will halt fighting for any significant part of the next few weeks. >> we'll watch it, conner, thank
10:36 am
you. jon? a prosecutor's appearance on a cable program is causing problems on a murder trial. a former sergeant is accused of killing his wife. his legal team is{for a mistrial after it was talked about on the nancy grace. >> why did he have an assault weapon at home? >> the defendant was hilo experienced with firemans and he had 15 different weapons and he had been handling guns since he was four years old and builds a r 15s and bias the parts and customized the weapons in this case for danielle. >> what does that mean? i think i know my way around the weapon from being a prosecutor. what do you mean he customized an assault weapon for his wife.
10:37 am
>> he put it so it could be used on either shoulder. >> again, that's the voice of the super vising prosecutor. our legal panel is here. elist is a prosecutor herself. and eliste, did the prosecutor, cross the line? >> i don't think so. what he did was not smart in my opinion. you shouldn't comment on the the casine if you are just super vising. it is not smart. but he's not putting his own comments and talking about motives and the judge found no evidence that the jurors listened to the media going on. and no evidence that the jurors watched the nancy grace show and so they couldn't have been prejudice and no evidence that they were impacted by the
10:38 am
ongoing case. not spart but p did not cross the ethical line. >> the theory of the prosecution, that the former soldier was upset with his wife, because he was training maneuver, she got another guy to buy her alcohol. and she was 19 years old and boom, she has a bullet in the back of her head from the a r 15. again, the question is, was he okay to on talk it about it. >> he does have a duty to make sure and establish the elements of the crime and make sure the defendant receives a fair trial. like she said, he didn't necessarily cross the ethiccal lines enough for the judge to declare the trial a mistrial. the judge has to find an error
10:39 am
so great or fundmental he can't instruct the jury of wrongdoing. and all he can go off of. have you seen anything on tv concerning this case or read anything p, that's all you can go off of. it is an honor system. >> what about nancy grace. he tends to back up prosecutors and she was suggesting that she believes the guy is get. >> she is theatrical and crying on the show. and it is down the rod it comes out that one of the jurors heard. maybe they didn't see the prosecutor but saw her commentary about the case, and they saw her putting together things about the case, then that could be something that they could use, they being the defense as a potential for an appeal down the rod and that would be something that the
10:40 am
prosecutor would rue the day. once you have said something like that and made an impression like that on television you can't bring it back. >> the judge watched the segment in court and evaluated it. >> he said no evidence that the jurors watched. >> what if there is evidence down the rod. would the prosecutor say i wish i was not on that program. >> and the defense attorney did his job by raising that issue. if it comes out that the jury saw the program they will bring it become p up on appeal. >> we'll let our viewers know what happened. thank you. >> jon, a police investigating a deadly train crash in the
10:41 am
netherlands. the driver was killed and several killed when the train jumped the tracks. >> new developments between apple and the federal. it is not the first time they have clashed. something is fishy about the public brawl. >> airline passengers forced to exit a plane in a snow storm on emergency chutes. we'll tell you why next.
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10:45 am
160 passengers and crews had to evacuate. microsoft founder bill gates weighing in on the fbi. it may be okay to unlock the iphone because p of national security. >> i do believe with the right safe guards there are cases when the government on our behalf like stopping terrorism which could get worse in the future, that that is valuable. >> and this comes as the wall street reports that the department of justice wants to unlock phones in cases not related to terrorism. bob, an encryption on cyber. poeb, you have a question before we dig down on what people want about why this is such a public debate. tell us about your background
10:46 am
and why both sides are so public here? >> yes, so i am something they call self encrypting drive technology that is associated with devices that are encrypting, the same way iphone and ipad is encrypting. we have today, literally billions of people every day are using self enkristing drives and don't know it. all of goggle is protecting people's privacy, basically their stuff, okay. and so it turns out that the in developing that i was chief technologist in seagate and we would get requests, so for example bmi attack, the attacker at virginia military, through his disk drive was thrown in the
10:47 am
pond. and the government brought us the disk drive we are happy to do it quietly. we didn't want to create a precedence and we certainly didn't have back doors on the the drives. none of them did in and the iphone and ipad is the same. that is intentional. we are looking at something that is fishy to us. >> it is fishy why? they could be more private conversations between the government and apple or do you have questions why this battle is playing out in a public sphere? >> it is because of the you know, couple of decades of experience i have got where matters are dealt with quietly. so for example, there are groups in the united states government could address this as easily as apple could address it and we are confused as to why the
10:48 am
government is not taking care of the government? >> why is it? >> we think that what is happening, the government wants apple to give them a tool that they can use without apple's permission which is a back door. and the problem that we have with that. not that certain individuals in the government are using the tool, but the experience tells us from the security world that that tool will get out to our enemies and everybody else and now all of theud sudden, you'll have people, companies, families, and who can no longer have faith that their prufacy is preserved. >> that is a huge concern for us and our vowers. the balance on these things. what do you think is the solution here? >> so, two solutions, one there
10:49 am
needs to be a education around what i call the front door approach. all of the self encryption have 41 dorincluding iphone and ipad. i will give you an example. medicine and health care, the law requires that all self encrypting data has centrally managed and when it is centrally managed the company or entitty, san bernardino in the case, can recover the data no matter what the guys does with the phone. unfortunately what goes on, places like that do not adopt the central management software that is out there today. >> and if they did a lot of this would be a moot point bras we would have had access. bob, i am going to have to leave it there because i am up against a commercial.
10:50 am
thank you for your information. >> thank you. >> new information on abraham lincoln and a plot to oath of o. who was behind it and how it was forwarded. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. look for savings on boost® in your sunday paper. go, go, touchdown!, go... ♪ choir and harp music. this place, it's the best-kept secret in football since... hey, how did he get in here?! and with toe nail fungus! fight it! with jublia.
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hi everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. tim scott dunt think it's good to close gismo. do you want the dee take knees in our state? plus dishonest, criminal, liar, older, those are new words from the fascinating new poll asking people to think of the first thing that comes to mind when they think of the presidential candidates. who they're talking about.
10:54 am
plus a video of one of the new presidential hopefuls getting arrested. the stories at the top of the hour. >> president lincoln was assassinated days after the confederate army surrendered. turns out there was another plot to kill abraham lincoln years earli earlier. joining us now with details, doug, it was the missed day. the plot was to be carried out in baltimore. why did anyone want to assassinate him? >> it was a very -- time and most historians are amused to hear the pund nts on tv. there were actual fistfights in the well of the u.s. senates and beatings and abraham lincoln who was the president elect had bushels full of letters sent to
10:55 am
him in illinois and almost half of them were death threats. it was a bitter dangerous time and he was very public in the fact that he was taking the train to washington d.c. from his home in illinois. >> so how did he avoid it? >> prime target. >> how did he avoid the assassination attempt? >> it was actually a private citizen, samuel felton. he was the owner of the railroad. he decided it wouldn't be good for business if he died on his watch. they concocted a security plan to protect the president. >> interesting. he was able to get out of baltimore at night when his family stayed behind and he was on his way to washington d.c. and they constructed a whole way to do this. what does it tell us about the
10:56 am
time in history and about the presidency he was about to assume? >> it tells us a lot. it tells us lincoln was innocent and no president had been assassinated up to this time. he didn't take the threats seriously to actually protect him. pinker son had someone pose a look alike stand on a platform with a she around his shoulders. the story got out lincoln had dressed as a woman to sneak into washington d.c. that became a big political storm. the first cross dresser president. >> wow. who knew 150 years ago we were still having those conversati s conversations. thank you very much. we'll be right back. er? heart healthy california walnuts.
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>> the real story with gretchen starts now. >> fox news alert for you today. president obama unveiling his joint plan with the defense department to close gitmo once and for all. outlining a full plan to relocate the 91 remaining detain knees. senator ted cruz says instead we should make change can say to the facility. >> let me say this. don't shut down gitmo, expand it and let's have new terrorist there. >> as far as the president's plan, it secures relocating the 35 prisoners already approved for transfer to other countries under strong security measures. second, celebrate period rancic reviews of the detain knees to see if they can be


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