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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 23, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> the real story with gretchen starts now. >> fox news alert for you today. president obama unveiling his joint plan with the defense department to close gitmo once and for all. outlining a full plan to relocate the 91 remaining detain knees. senator ted cruz says instead we should make change can say to the facility. >> let me say this. don't shut down gitmo, expand it and let's have new terrorist there. >> as far as the president's plan, it secures relocating the 35 prisoners already approved for transfer to other countries under strong security measures. second, celebrate period rancic reviews of the detain knees to see if they can be transferred.
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live in washington with all this today. rich, what's in the plan? >> well, gretchen, in that final point is the biggest sticking point and when you look at what the communication can do after transferred to other countries, where do you move everybody else in the united states. take a look that if at the attempts the administration has made since 2009. 245 detain knees. the population falling to 242 and last year at 97 and currently at 91. taking the last 91 out should be a priority. >> do it in a way that makes
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sure we're safe e. >> how is that going to play out on capitol hill? >> it's moalreadied played out. >> we'll review president obama's plan but he should know that the bipartisan will of congress has been expressed. >> they say they are only
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focussed right now on the congressional process and not answer as to whether an executive order is in the cards. gretchen. >> very interesting. thank you. meantime, we're getting word another terrorist release from gitmo has returned to the battlefield. police in spain have arrested four suspected members of a cell. one of the suspects is a former gitmo detain knee. investigators say that jihadis was at gitmo two years before being returned to spain more than a decade ago. another alert here with the president facing opposition in his quest to close gitmo and the pentagon answering them right now. you can see this is live. in the past republicans have put a stop to its plans and they could house to detain knees. oklahoma senator is the chair of the armed services committee and
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joins me right now. actually you're not the chair of that, are you? >> no, i'm not concerned about it. nothing's changed, gretchen in the last seven years he's been wanting to do that and now that he's back down to his legacy he's trying to think of some way he can coerce this into happening. let's keep this mind we passed in the fiscal year 2016 the ndaa, national defense authorizization act that number one says you can't transfer them to the united states between now and december 31st and can't close it before december 31st. december 31st, he's out of there. let's don't let it get lost that james clapper whose the big intelligence guy, chief here in the country says that the rate of those he's already released is 30%. in other words, 30% of those guys he's released are killing americans again. >> we just reported on that now that this guy in spain has now
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been picked up and has ties to the islamic state. so you're right about the rate. i want to just bring to your attention the legislative change that is in the president's plan. here's what it says. the administration will work with congress to lift unnecessary prohibitions in the law. number two, the administration considering requesting changes to the act of 2009 effecting future prosecutions. i mean, let's go back to the first point there. he's going to work with the congress to lift prohibitions in the current law. you think anyone's going to agree to that? >> no, he hasn't worked in congress with his own issue or worked with military to get their advice. there's nothing he can bring up now. remember taliban five. those are the five worst most vicious terrorist in there at that time and they're the ones that right after we passed the authorizization bill that said
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you cannot release someone without a 30 days notice. the president released five people without giving any notice. he willingly and frequently breaks the law but he's not going to be able to get by with this. yet, as part of his legacy he's going to do everything he can. >> one of the argumen is that keeping gitmo open inflames the state to want to commit more terrorist attacks against the united states. do you agree with that? >> yeah. if you follow that through he's saying be nice to the terrorist. come on. we know better than that. >> senator james who i don't think is going to change his mind on this issue, thanks for your time. >> how's your violin doing? >> well, thank you. he asked me about my violin. i'll have to chat with him off camera about that. all right, senator, i'll chat with you off camera about that. thanks, sir. like that. in the meantime, new testimony
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in the trial of the master mind of the 9/11 attacks at gitmo. his lawyer says his client suffered psychological trauma because their guards, get this, the guards were women. in a previous hearing they had an order but rejected testimony from additional witnesses. now the defense wants to reconsider that decision. time now for my take. we heard a lot from president obama today about wanting to close down gitmo. one thing we didn't hear is this. bringing detain knees here is not a popular stance with republicans and democrats. many issues are partisan on capitol hill. turns out this one, not so much. in november 2015 senate voted 91-3 that made it illegal for the president to bring detain knees here. presidents signed that bill because he knew there would be
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enough votes in congress to override a presidential veto. one other thing he did is executed another thing called a signing statement declaring a narrow provision of the law unconstitutional. this may be what the president tries to use as an excuse to defy congress and bring prisoners here under executive order. the president's actions could pin more responsibility on the democrats running for president than republicans. he offered no comment about bringing prisoners here. as of right now, no response at all from hillary clinton. what else is going on today? the nevada caucuses. ted cruz holding a rally. he's looking for support to
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prevent donald trump from earning three straight victory. mike, is the pressure on marco rubio now to perform well in a state where he once lived when he was young? >> gretchen, yes. senator marco rubio told me he expects to do well here and notes his personal biography as someone whose spent six of his childhood years in nevada. rubio continues piling up republican establishment endorsements and says he can be the g.o.p. >> every time this race narrows, we pick up support. when that happens, we'll win. >> rubio is saying he might not be some republicans first choice but he believes that the g.o.p. voters are realizing he may be their best choice, gretchen. >> okay. let's talk about ted cruz for a
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moment. what's he doing in the final hours before tonight's caucus? >> we are at senator cruz's nevada headquarterers. volunteers and staffers are burning up the phone lines trying to drive support and making sure they don't go
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. buses headed to minneapolis, my hometown area, sunday. good news, none of the passengers hurt. most of their belongings though bad news destroyed. investigators are still looking
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into what caused the bus to go up in flames. more politics now. establishment seems to finally be rallying around one candidate. marco rubio receiving a slew of endorsements. is it too little too late if they want to take on donald trump. president and founder and a former clinton campaign adviser and former chief of staff with communications of house majorities leader. he's also a director of the republican national committee. long titles there, doug. >> sorry about that. >> good to have you guys on the real story. the establishment seems to be conservative. is it too late for all the endorsements? >> i think the conservative credentials are without saying.
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any candidate takes any endorsement they can. aca hutchinsons. lauren hatch in utah. if you can bring resources with you, certainly, rick santorum, that helps you move forward on primary day. >> pund nts have been saying all along some of the republicans need to get out of the race so what's happening now can start to happen with regard to coalescing around one or two particular candidates. so if you have donald trump in his own lane and then you have ted cruz in the really conservative outsider lane and then you have marco rubio, could it be this is kood news for marco rubio? >> yeah, possibly. i saw a study yesterday that showed that trump is getting exactly the same percentage of
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the vote at this point as mitt romney and john mccain did when they won their nomination. he's gotten 50% more votes. donald trump has been racking up more numbers. he's got a lot of support and a formable candidate. washington post said they think it's almost impossible now given how well trump is doing next week to stop them. trump seems to be in the driver's seat right now. >> speaking of trump, new poll shows trump beating ohio governor john kasich in his own state of ohio. trump leading kasich by five points. still three weeks to go until the ohio primary. another shows it's tough to pull support from him. 78% of the people who support trump say their minds are made up. that's higher than any of his republican rivals. now, compare that to kasich
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suppo supporters. 48% might change. now, doug, i know you're making news today because you have an interesting statement about whether or not trump if he's the nominee what he's going to do. >> i can't support him. i think he's dangerous for the republican party and the united states. i can also be realistic about what he's done with his campaign and how amazing his campaign has been. very few were taking him seriously. he's been able to dominate the conversation and put every other candidate on the defensive. if we're going to beat donald trump, you're not going to do it by being an energizer bunny that outlast him. you have to do it by taking him down. >> none of that stuff has worked. we should realize in politics
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nothi nothing. there's all these other military figures showing donald trump as a joke candidate. no one did that. >> you use to work for the ric. you don't like him. a tremendous amount of people do like him. by the way, getting information from watching tv, simon, i remember hearing that quiet a lot from president obama. >> well, listen, i just want to be the first to invite doug to come join the democrats in the fall. we're happy to have you come on board. listen, i said it earlier. donald trump is the front runner. rubio certainly is a very talented guy.
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i don't know that we're thinking that far ahead. our race is much more competitive than we thought it was going to be. hillary had a big win on saturday. she looks like she's in the driver's seat on our side but we still got a race that's got to play out here before we can start looking to the general. >> okay. i like it. every single day there's something new and exciting. nice to see the both of you today. doug, simon, take care. >> thanks so much. >> these words dishonest, liar, criminal, older. those are just some of the first things that come to mind to describe these two candidates in a fascinating new poll. what else do they have to say? plus what can we expect in the republican show down in sin city? we'll ask someone whose there, michael mcdonald. not the singer. gosh, i love that singer though. the head of the republican party in nevada. that brings us to our question of the day. what's your favorite thing to do in vegas? i know i asked yesterday. keep it clean.
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back to politics now in the 2016 race. nevada known for being a difficult state to pull and voter turnout expected to be low for today's caucuses. during the 2012 race only 1.9% of the voting eligible population participated in the g.o.p. caucuses in nevada. that's about 33,000 people a lot
11:25 am
of the turnout in 2012 and less than a tenth in new hampshire. time to bring in michael mcdonald. chairman of the nevada republican party. great to have you on the real story today. what's the real story about nevada? do you think you're going to see more people. we've had bigger turnouts in the first three states. will nevada also see a bigger tou turnout on the g.o.p. side? >> definitely. our numbers say our preregistration tops 2012 numbers. >> we've made it very easy this time. you can come vote and cast your ballot to be a delegate late. >> you don't have to hang out in iowa and bring your crock pot?
11:26 am
>> we hope you do. we would love to see that. that would be great. >> all right. what issues are important to the g.o.p. in nevada? >> i think it's more reflective of the entire population. clearly, economy is a big thing on our side. security because we are sitting on the lass vegas boulevard down here. up north it's land. land issues. overall, i think it's the republicans this season. what was predicted beforehand was something totally different. mitt romney at 55%. do i have this correct? is this a prediction?
11:27 am
mccain was third and it was totally different from what the polls said. why is it so different to get accurate polling in nevada? >> because it's a caucus. the caucus itself is very difficult. we're still young to the process. overall, nevada voters make up their mind at the last minute. by the way, are you a singer at all? >> yes, i am. not michael mcdonald, of course. >> really? you're going to breakout into i'm going to be there right now. >> not yet. when i come back from new york, i will. specifically for you. >> all right. now i have two michael mcdonald's i like. have a successful nevada caucus. we'll check in again with you sometime soon. >> thank you very much. it's an honor. >> thanks. wow. didn't expect him to tell me he was a singer too. check this out. video from 1963 showing one of
11:28 am
the presidential hopefuls getting arrested. who is it? we'll give you the real story on that. plus what does senator pat roberts think of president obama's plan to close gitmo? >> this is what i think of the plan to send terrorist to the united states. he apparently doesn't like it. we're going to find out what the democratic candidates think about the plan. >> i know who the democratic nominee is going to be. it will be a devowed democratic socialist or someone under fbi investigation. they work fast ane chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. bottom of the hour. mitch mccolonel vowing to clock any supreme court nominee until after the election. this as the president narrows down his list of potential nominees to replace justice scalia. meeting today to discuss the matter for the fist time and despite the hard line stance, there's republicans pulling away from the rank and file. live on capitol hill for us, which senators had the biggest impact on the decision not to hold the hearing? >> the judiciary committee, c consensus was there should not be a hearing or vote among the
11:33 am
republicans. they're getting a lot of credit for helping them make up their mind. they both spoke extensively in great detail why a republican president should not be allowed to nominate a supreme court. now they're using their words to say they're worried because despite what the white house said the senator is right today to quote nowhere in the document do they have to give the m shl nominee a vote. that is very different than saying every nominee receives a vote. and there's not going to be a vote in the judiciary committee. before today, the chairman, senator had been keeping the door open for a possible hearing on the nominee, the back door is now closed. president obama insists he'll nominate someone to fill the
11:34 am
vacancy by the late justice but it is completely unclear how far that nominee is going to get. >> okay. so are there any republican who want to vote on an obama nominee? >> there is just one. he is not on the judiciary committee but he has a tough re-election coming up. it's illinois senator mark kirk. he says i recognize the decision to place before the senate a nominee for the supreme court and i look forward to president obama advancing a nominee for the senate to consider. just the last few minutes white house applauded senator mark kurk by saying he's somebody here in the senate who actually appreciates the oath he took. gretchen. >> very interesting. peter, thank you. hillary clinton trying to hold on sanders in south carolina's primary and ed henry live for us
11:35 am
today in south carolina. ed, the candidates on board are president obama's gitmo plan? >> there could be a split. they're both going to be on the campus of south carolina later tonight for a democratic town hall. bernie sanders out with a statement saying he agrees with the president saying i'm encouraged to see the president is sending congress a plan to shut down the prison. as i've said for years the prison must be closed as quickly as possible. others including my opponent have not always agreed with me and the statement goes on to say book in 2007 when they are both in the senate, sanders was one of three senators to say shut it down and bring the prisoners to u.s. soil. clinton voted against the opposite side on that measure. she later cosponsored legislation to close down gitmo but different details about where to send the prisoners. today another statement from
11:36 am
clinton. >> let's talk about south carolina. the african american vote will be key. seems sanders is making gains now? >> yes, he got a big endorsement from spike lee although james who is a popular african american congressman from the state who had already endorsed hillary clinton is saying that sanders never even bothered to ask him for his support. >> when bernie gets in the white house he'll do the right thing. how can we be sure? bernie was at the march on washington with dr. king. >> he never asked for an
11:37 am
endorsement. i never considered giving one. >> you heard him mention in reference bernie sanders was arrested in 1963 in chicago as a college student fighting for civil rights. here's video of that. they have found a still image in their archives of that. there's actual action. there's been members of the black caucus saying sander is a johnny come lately. this is evidence he was actually acting back in the 60s. i have to say sanders himself has not been very aggressive on the campaign trail making that case himself, gretchen. >> okay. all interesting, ed. see you later. all right. i want all of you to think of one word that comes to mind when i say this. hillary clinton.
11:38 am
now the same thing for bernie sanders. you can only pick one word. the poll asking more than a thousand people for their gut reactions. some of the most common answers were this. dishonest or that they dislike her. others use stronger words like criminal, crooked and thief. in the meantime, american's most often describes bernie sanders as a socialist and old along with a fresh face, honest, crazy or delusional. guy, i'm not going to put you to the test and make you give me a wournd response but this is a fascinating study. it's just say anything and we'll write them down and group them. i would use one word to describe hillary clinton and that's as a
11:39 am
rule unusual based on these numbers. maybe not in the democratic primary. between these numbers where it shows she's seen as dishonest and disliked and other numbers from a new poll this week showing that she is under water on personal favre rablt by 21 points and worse in some other crucial sub demographics, this is a presidential front runner who is absolutely beatable. >> okay. before i ask you to do the bernie sanders one word, let's take a look at the positive responses for hillary. then they have neutral responses and these fall in that category of first woman president, outspoken, democrat nonelectable. the highest percentage was
11:40 am
dishonest. those also got 9 and 7%. >> it's dishonest, liar, not trustworthy, bad character, that grouping was far and away the number one cluster associated with hillary clinton. when you take the negative and positive numbers it's upside down for her by about 14 points. >> the positives for bernie sanders, a favorable fresh face. hops, caring good guy and then the neutral ones were socialist, 12%. didn't know 8% and then you get to the negative one, not sure socialist should be neutral but anyway, crazy, unfavorable, communist, free stuff. dislike him, not electable. okay, guy, what was your word going to be? >> my word would be authentic. i think he's authentically wrong on almost everything but he has
11:41 am
believed this stuff for a very, very long time. he's open about it and tells the truth. i think that's sort of the big dichotomy within the democratic race. we have a woman known for her dishonesty running against a man whose viewed less electable by the democratic establishment that has much more e radical views and plans. he's telling the truth and we know who he is and he's consistent. >> all right. i love this poll. guy, good job. thank you. >> firefighters in new york city working to rescue two window washers. this has happened before on this screen. two window washers are stranded on the side of the building in midtown manhattan. that's where we are here in the studio. rain is falling outside. some snow earlier. rescue efforts continue. the pair have been stuck there for about an hour now. the fdny has sent down ropes to
11:42 am
secure the scaffolding and doing everything they can to pull him into safety. about a year ago or so they broke out a window to be able to pull those two guys into safety. that was a heroi rowing situati that went on. midtown manhattan, the weather conditions are not spectacular and we're going to keep an eye on this to make sure those two guys can get in safely. another alert. reports say there has been an explosion at the site and there were casualties. so far, one reported death. the dual fire station has been closed since 2013. why would there suddenly be an explosion there? a bit of a mystery.
11:43 am
reaction already fierce over the president's plan to close gitmo. here's what pat roberts thinks of it. >> here's what i think of the plan to send terrorist to the united states. he's not the only one not happy detainees could take up in their states. if a choice must be made, what's going to be the best alternative? plus this plane comes crashing down after lightning or actually lighting on fire. we don't know what caused it but it was a major construction catastrophe. more on that when we return.
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as you try to sleep, which could be leading to your insomnia. ohh...maybe that's what's preventing me from getting the sleep i need! talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia. shepard smith on the fox news desk. when results start rolling in later today, it's the second place spot that really matters the most. that according to the world news
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report editor. we'll hear about the bitter fight between marco rubio and cruz. who has the edge with just one week left until super tuesday? that coming up with shepard smith reporting. >> back to the real story now. congress bracing for a big fight after president obama announces his plan to shut down gitmo. 13 detention facilities are being considered in several states to house several prisoners and they will save 65-$85 million. there's no final decision. south carolina senator tim scott who is supporting senator marco rubio for president is my guest. great to have you on the real story. i understand that this prison that's being looked at in our state of south carolina has close proximity to abunch of
11:48 am
little kids at an elementary school and in a residential area. what's up with that potential plan? >> you said it right. we're talking about literally less than a half a mile from the middle school. this facility, a medium security facility that would need hundreds of millions of dollars of upgrades to keep it safe. you can't keep it safe is what we're telling the president. what he needs to do is abide by the laws of this country and the law is very clear and simple. you cannot transfer enemy combat nts to the location period. much less one that's been a bedroom community right out side of charleston. what an awful idea. >> here's the thing. the senate voted on this december 10th, 2015. it was part of the spending bill, right. >> yes. >> do you believe the president will try to do some sort of a signing statement, executive order, something like that to try and jam this thing through? >> it is one of our concerns.
11:49 am
here's what we realized. the president himself has his signature on this wall and looking for ways to sert this law in a way of passing what the city would do on the campaign trail. this is versing national committee. the choice could not be more clear than to keep the enemy combatants in guantonamo bay. >> 68% agree with you. they don't want to prids nosone coming to the united states. ted cruz hitting another speed bump in his campaign firing his national spokesman yesterday for posting misleading video. doesn't everything come from the top? i'm just asking. i'm not sure. but senator cruz got rid of tyler. does that change the way he's
11:50 am
running this political campaign and do you believe it was coming from senator cruz? >> i can't look into his mind and tell you what's came out of it but i'll tell you the will t incident is just that, the latest incident. this has been going on for the caucus and new hampshire. there's a culture within the campaign that needs to be changed. i'm not sure one person being fired this is way you change the culture. that has to be a message that comes from the top throughout the entire campaign. senator tim scott, republican, south carolina. he doesn't want that gitmo thing to happen. we'll keep a close eye -- >> no, not at all. >> thanks. >> yes, ma'am. >> coaches at one southern university firing back against a federal lawsuit now, why they say the school is being unfairly portr portrayed. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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welcome back to the real story. coaches at the university of tennessee now hitting back at a fer federal lawsuit alleging the school's culture allowed a sexual assault. >> the male and female coaches on their own decided to hold a news conference contending the kur culture is strong despite this lawsuit made against student athletes accusing the university of creating a hostile environment and deliberate indifference to sexual assaults and failed to take corrective action saying the university gives more legal rights to suspects than victims. five student athletes are accused of sexual assault including a basketball player
11:55 am
and three former and one current football players. the suit even accused tennessee quarterback, peyton manning, of inappropriate behavior to a female trainer in the '90s. manning denies the accusation. all this puts the football program and coach butch jones under close scrutiny why coach jones is fighting back saying we have great players in our football program and have a very good culture in place and why i say we're going to defend our culture. coaches of male and female athletes defended jones calling him a huge supporter of female and male athletic programs and they have more access to resources than ever before. >> i don't think everybody sitting up here feels like there's a five alarm situation sitting here. we're not doing anything differently now than we've done over the last 15 years as coaches. we always talk about culture and
11:56 am
always educate. the university of tennessee has come under fire in the past for failing to disclose rape allegations against student athle athletes. >> interesting development. thank you. an unconventional presidential portrait, an an unveiling in the real smithsonian. anne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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crane collapse caught on camera in australia. the construction site before the arm swings down on itself dam e damaging cars below. no one injured thankfully. an electrical malfunction being blamed for that fire. kevin spacey getting the presidential treatment. the smithsonian unveili ining h role on "the house of cards" in its fourth season. i asked what's your favorite
12:00 pm
thing to do when you go to vegas? daniel says, hitting the blackjack table and then the buffet. >> watching the fountains at the bellagio. sometimes they have fireworks. >> thanks for being part of the day today. i'm gretchen. here's shep. it's caucus day for the gop. donald trump has been leading there but anything can happen come caucus time. we're watching the race for second place, ahead, how marco rubio and ted cruz are trying to position themselves as the man to take on trump. the new poll that shows ohio's governor, john kasich, trailing in his own state. the app that may let campaign workers tell you exactly what you want to hear. does it really have information on hundreds of millions of us? plus, president obama on his new plan to close guantanamo bay for good. where exactly would the detai e detainees go and would


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