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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 23, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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over the place with each day with no rhyme or reason. just like politics. "your world with neil cavuto" is coming up now. this is fox news channel. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. and i've been listening to donald trump speaking to loyal backers in nevada. among some of the revelations he made about gitmo, for example, hey, let's just have the cubans deal with that. but more to the point is the fact that on this caucus day, he is loaded for bear and ready to fight, and i mean fight. mr. trump just a few minutes ago. >> watch out for dishonest stuff. because i'll tell you what, you have to be careful. they have paper ballots, the whole deal. so just watch out. if you see anything, legal us know about it. but we have a lot of people watching, because what's going
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on and what goes on is really quite terrible. >> all right. you do need a good ground game, because this is iowa shrunk down to about two hours. that's all they have to do. keep in mind, in a state with better than 400,000 republican voters, last go-around only about 33,000 showed up. and that was divided amongst some familiar names, with mitt romney and ron paul and they had to divide the scraps up. but that was then. could a small sampling affect the turnout now? we do know with mike emanuel in las vegas, what romney was able to do then was stop the newt gingrich stampede after south carolina cold, flat, done. what is at stake tonight? >> reporter: good afternoon to you. we know the other rivals to donald trump would like to get a point on the board, if you will, from winning the nevada
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caucuses, so there's a lot at stake here tonight. the first in the west competition between these republican candidates and the war of words has gotten tougher in final moments. you have a variety of candidates taking swings at one another. ted cruz accusing donald trump of being a flip-flopper today on a whole wide range of issues, and trump in sparks, nevada, if we can show the rally there, trump a few moments ago called ted cruz a soft, weak, little baby. and issued a warning to supporters basically saying trump has strong poll numbers here in nevada. he expects a victory. the only way ted cruz can win is if there are dirty tricks and he's been accusing the cruz campaign of carrying out over the past weeks. so trump with some harsh attacks on ted cruz saying the only way trump loses here is if cruz
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steals it with sneaky tactics. within the last 30 minutes or so, marco rubio's campaign sent out an e-mail to support es across nevada, warning about cruz campaign dirty tricks. the caucuses in the past have been chaotic and there are concerns is that the only way you lose is if there's something sneaky. >> mike evanwell, thank you very much. what was donald trump fearing, what do you think? >> i think he feels like he's had some success sticking this dirty tricks accusation on ted cruz, first of all after the incident with ben carson in iowa, and now with the incident in which ted cruz had to fire his communications director, rick tyler, over this video that
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allegedly but did not in fact show marco rubio saying something derogatory about the bible. so i think trump kind of senses success here in weakening cruz. so when he senses success, he keeps pushing at it. >> it's a good deal of attention. this notion that, as caucus states go, you don't get a lot of bang for the buck or a lot of interest in what you're doing to spend the buck. 30 delegates are at stake, but little participation. only about 7% of eligible republican voters. what can we expect tonight, byron? >> i think that they all want to win. first of all, trump has come off with second place in iowa, landslide in new hampshire, double digit win in south carolina. so he could basically lay claim to a lot of momentum with a lead out west and nevada.
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the other candidates, the only one who has won anything is cruz, and rubio is zero in that didn't. so they want to actually win something. i will say we should be a little careful about the polls on this. they've been really ragged. we've only had two polls this year on nevada. one showed trump with a 26-point lead. another showed trump with a 16-point lead. neither was after south carolina. so i think we should take those with a little skepticism, especially since the polls in the last caucus state, iowa, really steered us in the wrong direction. >> as you point out, it's an inexact science, especially this is the second go around where they're trying this, republicans are, and a lot of the voting lists they had last go around they lost, so the candidates had to start from scratch. but my producers are listening to what donald trump is saying right now. he's saying that he thinks he's going to win the latino vote.
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so he's counting this perception that latinos -- counter thing perception that latino also hate him. what is your sense of that? >> he wants to do that because he wants to first win. and if he won the latino vote, to remind marco rubio who won the latino vote in nevada. now, we don't know if that will happen. we have no idea, we'll know more tomorrow when they count the votes. but clearly trump is trying to press this rather small caucus. there were i think 170,000 republicans who caucused in iowa this last time. we're talking maybe 35,000 to 40,000, so a really small group. but it has a lot of symbolic value, because the race has not been out west yet and here it is. >> the argument with those 30 delegates, it's not a winner take all state, but it is possible if you wen -- win a
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little bit -- >> you know, when you look at these numbers, so trump has 65 delegates and nobody else has more than a dozen, we're talking about 1200 plus needed for the nomination, so they haven't gone that far. i think the bigger value is winning states. if trump can stay i won new hampshire, i won south carolina and nevada, if we were to do well in the s.e.c. primary states, it makes a very strong case for himself, not so much in the raw delegate count, with you -- but in saying i won all of these states, what have you won? >> byron york, thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. >> this big push to close gitmo today. the president is outlining a plan to do it. it's not being popularly received. but the same day we had a former detainee arrested with links to isis. the former cia director michael hayden on that and his fears, up next.
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be careful what you wish for, mr. president. a terror bust in spain that included a detainee that was once in gitmo. this as the president lays out his plan to close gitmo. general michael hayden is among those saying be careful on this.
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the former nsa and cia director now saying we have to tread very slowly on gitmo. >> i understand why the president wants to bring them here, he made a political promise, i get that. >> and he's going to keep it. >> we'll see if congress allows him. there are some congressional issues involved here. >> can he do this by executive order and the courts strike him down later? >> i would really strongly prefer to do this without a constitutional crisis. i would rather do this by consensus. let's parse out what we've got. the president made the argument this is a recruiting magnet for isis. i don't think that's true and it's certainly not true now. imagine we're in a recruiting line out there -- >> apparently they don't have any trouble getting recruits. >> we're in raqqah and somebody
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tweets obama is closing guantanamo. oh, well, no need for us to sign up. those guys are still going to join. >> a lot of communities are going to be pretty nervous. >> and they have a right to be. that said, that's not my core concern. we now how to keep people in prison here, but i'm more concerned about legal ramifications here. so one legal ramification is, what additional rights and privileges will these people accrue because of the very fact of geography, that they're not longer in cuba but over here in the united states? how much more difficult would that make circumstances for the u.s. government? and then beyond that, neil, here's something i want the president to say as part of this deal. the president says we're at war with al qaeda. he believes we're at war with al qaeda, otherwise he wouldn't be
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out there killing people, which i strongly support. one of the elements of making war is to capture people and hold them, not through the criminal justice system, but hold them under the laws of armed conflict. we have a right to do that. we haven't done that in over seven years. i want our government to embrace that we reserve the right to grab enemy combatants and hold them. whether or not we ever intend to put them in court. >> speaking of terror, you have been asked over the years and you talk about it in your book about how much this president has been dealing with terror and how much his predecessors dealt with terror, particularly president bush. you said even though donald trump has really blasted president bush saying that he didn't keep us safe, 9/11 happened under his watch.
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you had said there was no actionable intelligence pre-9/11. what does that mean the >> it means on the 6th of august, the intelligence community went in in -- we had one item in the president's daily brief saying, bin laden determined to attack america. that was the headline. >> did it say using commercial airlines? >> of course not. >> that was just another rumor started after the fact sh >> look, we knew they were fooling around with airliners. but here's the way i explained it. >> but not using planes as weapons? >> we had so much data sitting in those databases, all right? that it was almost as likely that the attack would have been conducted by the tigers from sri lanka in san francisco bay with
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submarines. >> but donald trump has used this as a galvanizing message and he tried this in south carolina of all places. could you accept donald trump as the republican nominee? >> i'll accept anybody who carries florida and ohio. >> so you would accept the republican nominee over hillary clinton? >> i would accept whoever controls the electoral college deserves my loyalty and respect as president. >> knowing that bill clinton appointed you, which i had forgotten to be honest, do you have any loyalty or preference to his wife? >> this is about going forward, and i will cast my vote based on whom i think is best for the united states. and you put some chum in the water, so let me come to the
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point here. if mr. trump intends to govern consistent with some of the things he said during the campaign, i would be quite uncomfortable. >> really? >> yes. >> so when he talked about building a wall and the things he said about muslims, maybe that's all hyperbole on the campaign. >> maybe. and we will see. >> what about keeping muslims out? >> let me repeat that for you another way. we as a nation are going to keep the adherence of one of the world's great monotheisms out of our country until we think about it for a while, which is not an unfair description of the plan of action. >> so you think it would cause more harm than good? even though all the prominent terror attacks have been committed by extreme muslims? >> it would cause more harm than
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good, and hear me out. more of those attacks happened in europe than the united states. part of that is distance and geography. part of that is the character of the societies in which we live. we are a welcoming society. we assimilate very well. the average islamic income in this country is above the national average. none of that is true in those european countries. why would you put that cultural reality at risk by saying these kind of things? that makes americans less safe. >> that's interesting. would marco rubio and his comments on this and other subjects, since so many bush loyalists have moved to him as sort of like a backup acceptable figure entice you? >> i have advised governor bush. i've not made any decision on advising anyone else. >> okay. on how dangerous things are now
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versus post 9/11, you have an interesting vantage point from the nsa, cia, more or less vulnerable to attacks now versus then? >> let me paint a graph in the ether. this is september 10, 2001. that's our starting point. we were in great danger. over the next ten years, because of the actions of two presidents, not just president bush, but president obama, we have made ourselves a great deal safer. if you and i were having this conversation in 2011, i would be feeling good about life. but since about 2011, that line started to go back up. we've run into jihad 2.0 in the face of isis. so that line now has come back up on that graph. it's still not in my view where
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it was in 2001. >> is that because of the rise of isis or the rise of these, you know, lone wolf attacks? >> it's across the board. >> john mccain was saying, well, what we've done is default on our leadership role in the middle east and now there's hell to pay. >> i would strongly agree that that line nosed over at about the same time, and in fact, in part because of the american decision to go to the residual force in iraq represented by a round number, zero. >> so a huge mistake? >> oh, yeah. it threw away victory that behad in our grasp. i am not saying those 15,000
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residual americans were going to defeat isis, but they were the glue that kept iraqi society from turning against itself. with the americans there, the three factions could these agree on one thing, the other two weren't going to eat them. when the americans left, everybody went to their corner and lived out their worst expectations. scary stuff. in the meantime, donald trump is speaking, ted cruz is speaking. we're listening to donald trump right now, because he is looking at his lead in ohio, moving well past nevada and the caucuses today and take note of the fact that that is john kasich's home state where he is presently the governor, and he is salivating at the prospect of beating kasich in ohio. a big kasich supporter named montel williams says he has another thing coming. he's next.
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a big poll just came out in the state of ohio, where trump is leading by a lot, okay? [ applause ] that is pretty good, right? >> donald trump really liking that. regardless of what happens in nevada, setting his sights on those big states, especially state where is his opponents reside, texas for ted cruz, ohio for john kasich. that could be a signature development if he were to win in either of both those states. montel williams is supporting john kasich and he raises an interesting point. >> neil, let's make sure we understand what he's saying. he said i'm winning by a lot in ohio. he's only winning by 5% on a quinnipiac poll, which back in october he was winning by 21%. if you look at john kasich, in
1:26 pm
october he was at 13%. he's now at 26%. he's still growing where donald has hit his limit and that 5% is within the margin of error. >> fair enough. but what do you make of it, that obviously donald trump, this would be slaying the two beasts that are threats to him right now, if he can beat marco rubio in florida, as he hopes to do, if he can beat ted cruz in texas and if he can beat your guy, governor kasich in ohio. regardless of your opinions, would you say that would be a triple death blow? >> i think it would be a blow, but you have to deal with the other 15 states in the midwest. and donald trump is not going to take them all. hopefully, and i think he's going to clearly show you how he will smack rubio. rubio is going down, because people can see through the fact that we have a person that hasn't accomplished a single thing at all, and we see what
1:27 pm
has happened when you put a senator in office who is the same level of experience. >> maybe that's why they're looking at a donald trump. he gets thousands to go to these events. you're right to point out the numbers in the polls, particularly in nevada where it's very confusing. >> and in nevada, you said it earlier in the same segment, only 7% of the people of nevada show up. so that is not going to clearly demonstrate anything. john kasich is one of the only people in this game that right now is the adult that has accomplished things. he has balanced budgets, he has gotten a detintive portion of minority vote in ohio that donald trump will never touch. and truthfully, the republicans they lost the last election. you keep playing with people so divisive, that they are alienating minorities from the
1:28 pm
pack. there is zero percent that donald trump can overcome an 8-1 minority advantage. >> trump folks have argued that i'm bringing far more into the republican party, not only never voted republican for never voted at all. >> let's play the numbers. right now less than 22% of the people in this country consider themselves republicans. if you take that as a portion of the entire population, that's about 80 million people. donald trump is getting 31% of that 80 million. that's about 29 million. if those are the numbers he's bringing new people to the poll, right now, those numbers can't even beat hillary clinton, period. because you take the same numbers, 26% of this people consider themselves democrats and hillary is getting 60% of that margin. right now, hillary also crushes him. but you -- >> i love you dearly, but you're
1:29 pm
playing the numbers to suit your argument. >> isn't that what we all do? >> at this stage, he's attracting about a third of the voter support. he could still get the nomination and the delegates necessary still rolling out the rest of the state. i understand what you're saying. but i am just saying that in a general election, you don't think he will make up that gap that -- >> no. >> -- when it's a battle between negatives, hillary clinton has sizable negatives. >> even with her negatives, hillary clinton still beats donald trump. >> you're good at numbers, that would explain your vast wealth, but she used to enjoy a 30-point lead over him, now it's a toss-up. >> but each poll that puts john kasich against her he beats her.
1:30 pm
so we've got to pay attention. let's look again to ohio and the midwest. >> what if trump put kasich on his ticket, would you be okay with that? >> see how are you? i thought i had you and you throw that monkey wrench in there. he would have to bring me on as a consultant because i think i could bridge the gap in communication. >> you could personally kill the terrorists. you have a hand shake that could kill them. montel, my friend, always good seeing you. >> so good seeing you. >> montel williams, never a victim, that man. when we come back, apple and the fbi, they're in this argument over what phone to turn over and when and what is at stake there. what if i told you this is not a recent phenomena, that there are
1:31 pm
about a dozen other cases on the books with apple and apple is resisting them too, after this. ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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the republican party affirms they want to make sure everybody is fair and square, urging everyone who sees something weird, let them know.
1:34 pm
i think america is more secure with end-to-end
1:35 pm
unbreakable inscription available to all americans, even admitting that's going to make the fbi's job and from time to time the nsa's job hard tore do. >> he might be on the side of apple technically in this one, but that is not going to do it. a lot of devotes of apple in 40 cities are showing their support for apple and the fight against the fbi. hey, jolene. >> reporter: the battle with the fbi and apple hitting a new fever pitch today. fox can now confirm that the justice department has asked apple for access to 12 different devices across the country, and apple has already objected to ten. meanwhile, bill gates weighing in to the debate, taking a rather surprising stance on the matter saying that he would support providing specific access to one device, implying apple should provide it.
1:36 pm
later he said he does value the government stepping in for cases of terrorism and that those cases would be important to them. that was on bloomberg. but supporters for apple across the country are rallying today, and they are getting organized in cities across the country and around the world. we're joined by jeff lions, co-organizer of a rally here at the apple store. a very rainy, sleety new york city. why are you here and what would you like to say to the fbi? >> well, sure. i'm the co-founder and chief technical officer at places of the future. people across the country are gathering tonight to send a message to the fbi and the country that americans are concerned about their privacy, but also their national security. the issue of the fbi putting a back door in the iphone is not just about people's civil rights but a matter of weakening our
1:37 pm
security. because as soon as you have a back door they can use once, that can be stolen by malicious actors and used all over the place again and again. >> reporter: what would you say to the victims of the san bernardino shooting and the 22 injured who continue to survive? >> right. that shooting was a tragedy, and we expect the fbi to pursue an investigation aggressively. at the same time, we expect the fbi to be reasonable and it just seems like they're technically naive and they don't understand some of these investigative powers they've requesting will endanger american lives. that would be the most bitter irony, if it causes more people to lose their lives. >> reporter: jeff lions, thank you for joining us. jeff is not alone. he's also being joined by facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, twitter's jack dorsi as well.
1:38 pm
a lot of silicon valley standing in solidarity with apple as this fight continues. >> thank you very much. we told you about the president planning to close guantanamo bay, even if he has to do it by executive action. you heard what some of the republican candidates said. you haven't heard a peep about what hillary clinton and bernie sanders are saying about it, but you will, after this. the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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.. the republicans aren't too keen on the idea of them being out of gitmo, but democratic candidates haven't been as aggressively queried on this. today they have been. ed henry has the latest on that. >> reporter: it's interesting that bernie sanders, you're right, jumped out almost immediately and said he agrees with president obama that gitmo should be closed quickly and he doesn't mind if the detainees wind up on u.s. soil.
1:42 pm
what's different about hillary clinton's response is, so far there's no response hours later. surprising since she's been so eager in recent weeks to wrap herself around the president's agenda as she tries to wrap up this democrat primary. the reason for her not commenting may be that she was on different sides of this guantanamo issue while she was a senator and secretary of state. bernie sanders pointing out in 2007 hillary clinton voted essentially to keep gitmo open for a while longer, not wanting the detainees to wind up on u.s. soil. sanders now does want them on u.s. soil. will hillary clinton go with him and move to the left or stay more in the center and not want the detainees here? there's a forum here at the university of south carolina tonight with sanders and clinton. she will likely be forced and pushed to clarify that. another issue for her in recent
1:43 pm
days as been the e-mail controver controversy. that popped up on capitol hill today when republicans were wondering whether or not the federal government and state department's budget has been taxed and drained by all of these clinton e-mail dumps. watch. >> secretary clinton's actions have caused the federal government a lot of money and probably caused you a lot of headache. >> it remains to be seen, senator, whether or not it's the 50 investigations by nine different committees that have create more heartburn. >> reporter: you see that pushback from secretary clinton's successor, secretary of state john kerry, that it's the republican investigations that have cost the federal resources to be taxed. the clinton camp feels strong they're going to win here in south carolina on saturday and it appears that bernie sanders agrees, because he's been traveling to super tuesday states where they will vote a week from today, massachusetts
1:44 pm
and virginia, for example. he will be under big pressure next week to rack up some victories. >> ed henry, thank you very much. i want to switch to minnesota where marco rubio is addressing crowds. when it came to gitmo, trump said maybe we should let the cubans handle this. rick santorum reacting to all this at the same time. the former presidential candidate and senator now backing marco rubio in this race. republicans by and large, senator, good to have you, have argued that it is better to have a gitmo than to have those guys out of gitmo spread all over the earth, particularly when it comes to bringing them to the united states and then three prominent states were mentioned, colorado and south carolina. >> kansas. >> you're right. what do you make of this and how
1:45 pm
republicans should respond? >> well, look, gitmo is a national asset that needs to be maintained. we need to keep these very dangerous people in gitmo, not releasing them back to whatever country would accept them, very few will, and not bringing them to kansas or colorado or any other place. these are dangerous people. people do escape from prison. we don't want these people to be anywhere near anybody -- they could do harm here in the united states. cuba is the perfect place for them. >> the fear seems to be in the eyes of the republicans, that the president if he doesn't get his way will force it by executive action, empty the place out, courts might say what you did is wrong, but those guys are out. >> the congress can pass things on an emergency basis to try to stop him from doing it. they can simply file lawsuits. the courts have gotten a little wise to president obama.
1:46 pm
they have done this now a couple of times with epa orders where the epa would do things, file lawsuits, take time and continue to implement it, even though the court was not -- was ultimately going to rule against them. now the courts are granting stays. they're stopping the president from moving forward with some of these regulations. this could be another case where the congress, if they did go to court, could be successful in stopping the president from doing something that could be against the national security of our country before the congress can go around and pass a law. >> why did you decide to back marco rubio? >> well, i think he's the strongest on national security, no question in my mind he has the most experience in this area. he served almost six years on the foreign relations committee, the intel committee and he's been active in this area. he's been active speaking out against radical islam and done some work on hezbollah and stopping nmoney from getting to hezbollah. he's also taken an interest in
1:47 pm
central and south america. that's one area i talked a lot about on the campaign trail that we've ignored for many years, that is a fastering problem. one of the reasons our southern border is in such bad shape is the problems going on in central and south america. venezuela is one of the cancers spreading throughout the region, so he understands the threats that confront this country and as far as i'm concerned, the most important issue a president deals with is national security and he's the strongest on it. >> you would be okay if it ends up if donald trump is the republican nominee? >> i think marco rubio will be the nominee. i think he's the only one that can unite this party and have everybody -- >> i understand that. but you would be okay in the end if it were donald trump against your better hopes? >> i've said from the very beginning, i'm going to support whoever the republican nominee is, but i'm going to make sure
1:48 pm
that's marco rubio. that's what i'm all about. >> senator, thank you. i want to give this reminder to folks, we call all the candidates and the supporters. we call bernie sanders, hillary clinton, ted cruz, we call marco rubio, we call donald trump. we always reach out to each and all. every single day. to the point where many of the campaigns say, you know, you're really making a pest of yourself. at which point i say, by the way, is the candidate available? more after this.
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this is the last dash for voters. peter barnes in las vegas on the press before the big caucus. >> well, donald trump just wrapped up a rally in sparks, nevada on the western side of the state. in it he appeared to be trying to deliver ever deliver a knockout punch to ted cruz who yesterday announced he was firing his communications director for posting a video that purported to show marco rubio questioning the bible. trump today insulting, mocking cruz as this rally just finished. >> soft, little weak baby by comparison. but the lying, he is the best i've seen. the great liars the ones who don't get caught. >> trump's competitors out making their closing arguments to their supporters today as
1:53 pm
well. and those arguments amounted to being not trump. >> a very hard core that do not want trump as the nominee. >> i frankly don't care what position donald decides to support today or tomorrow or the next day. they change every day. >> the nevada republican party out with a press release just in the last hour as well. trying to make sure everything goes smoothly and fairly in the caucuses tonight. advising participant to report any suspicious activity, quote, in light of recent events. >> they're bracing for something. are they really hoping something good will happen? something is bound to go awry. it wouldn't be cheating. it could be more confusion if anything. >> both the rubio campaign and the trump campaign have either
1:54 pm
issued releases or put out letters saying that they're worried about dirty tricks at the caucuses tonight. the trump letter specifically referencing ted cruz and the controversy around his tactics. >> all right. thank you. all of this hits the fan tonight. two hours. it's down to two hours. three hours from now when they get to those polls. two hours to wrap it all up. and they had to register ten days ago to do this. in sin city and elsewhere, that's pretty much what you need to know. this might look like the whole state of nevada. why are we showing this from trump in las vegas? that's because we wanted to. a little more to this. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends...
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>> think about it. >> vegas. >> vegas. >> spontaneous. >> i can't hear you. >> vegas. >> vegas? >> vegas! >> vegas! >> we're reporting from new york. on the nevada caucuses. it is the republicans' turn. the democrats just did this a couple days ago. i don't know why they can't coordinate this on the same day. they can't. who am i to complain? same thing in south carolina. you saw the republicans compete and now it's the democrats' turn. a lot on the line here. it is only two hours of voting. it can be very spore attic. if you're going to vote, you can't just walk in today. you had to register two weeks ago. fox business will be there. we'll take it until 1:00 a.m. or later if need be before we get an answer.
1:59 pm
a lot of people are looking at this saying there are about 400,000 registered republican voters in the state. 50 or 40,000 will show up and you have three primary candidates dividing it up as it was four years ago. that's when mitt romney and newt that gingrich and ron paul were battling it out. and mitt romney won a plurality of those votes which was good enough to be seen as a comeback after he was surprisingly beaten back by newt gingrich in south carolina. and we are there. we actually could do the flight. i guess not. there are my fans. they're all waiting for me. i don't know how to break it. some of them do seem like it. i will there be in spirit, all of you. so i don't want you to start the celebration without me. 11:00 p.m. eastern. if it matters to you, it matters
2:00 pm
to us. by sides, they're providing catering here. remember, we've got your back even when we're not technically there. hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." in just under three hours from now nevada republican there's begin the process of deciding who they want to be their party's nominee. the gop caucuses start at 8:00 eastern. 30 delegates are at stake. last night, trump sat down for an


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