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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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factor." tomorrow, a special report on deporting illegal immigrants. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, nevada's republican caucuses are now under way. news coming in and our reporters are on the ground at meeting sites across the state. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. this is reed high school in reno, nevada, where senator ted cruz spoke just a short time ago. nearly all the candidates or surrogates are dropping in, making their final pitch to the voters. nevada is the fourth contest on the republican election calendar. voting started tonight as early as 8:00 p.m. eastern time and we could know the projected winner by midnight here on the east coast. hours ago, the candidates thr s
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delivering their closing arguments. >> the whole country is looking to you. every one of you is here not just for you, but hundreds and thousands across the country, who are saying enough is enough. stop cutting deals with the democrats. stop giving in. stop burying us in debt and handing away the constitution. start fighting for the american people. >> it's important, you know, all 50 states are important. i think we need to bear in mind that we've got a marathon here and not a sprint. but certainly early momentum is a good thing. >> you don't like the direction of our country like now and you vote for bernie sanders and hillary clinton, you'll get more of the same. all of these policies that are hurting our country become permanent if they them. and so we have to win. we cannot take a chance.
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we will make a difference in 2016. >> i spent a lot of money here, nobody else did. i spent a tremendous amount of money in this state, and i tell you, i love it. i love it. these other guys, they're all gone. they made their little speech this morning and they ran away. and you shouldn't be voting for people. for trump, i'm going to be here with you all night. all night. >> i don't know if my purpose is to be president. my purpose is to be out here doing what i think i need to be doing and we'll see where it ends up. and if it's not this crusade, it will be another one. >> chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in nevada. carl, set the stage for us. >> reporter: this is the first in the west caucus, and it's the final of the first four, first in the nation contests. and donald trump is looking to go three in a row with a victory tonight. he and ted cruz are still in nevada and furiously working the clock. in fact, we have some live
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pictures of ted cruz in sparks, nevada where he's talking to caucusgoers. for mr. cruz, this is a huge and very important event and it's been a very rough week for him. he had to fire his communications director. he didn't get the finish in south carolina that he hoped for. donald trump comes into this with a big lead. for cruz, the pressure is on to show that he's still competitive and doesn't get eclipsed by marco rubio. as for donald trump, trump comes into this with the lead. he has been dominating since south carolina and really aggressively going after mr. cruz and to a lesser extent marco rubio. it's clear that trump realizes that doing away with cruz sets up this race that would be donald trump versus marco rubio. and trump has not made a lot of effort in going after rubio until this point. for marco rubio, who lived here in nevada as a kid, here in las vegas as a matter of fact, the opportunity for a big showing tonight is huge. he knows full well that cruz has been weakened this week, that trump has an advantage and a strong second place showing for
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marco would be a very big deal. we don't want to forget, we don't want to leave out either john kasich or dr. ben carson. ben carson today used the metaphor of the tortoise and the hear. and john kasich hasn't invested very much in nevada. he's more focused on michigan, which votes two weeks from now, and the so-called s.e.c. and super tuesday states a week from now. the nevada caucuses have never really been something that changes the trajectory of a race. the turnout is low, maybe 50,000 to 70,000 votes. so not a big affair. it has been a tremendous battle, an incredible fight for a comparatively small number of voters themselves. >> carl, great to see you. joining us with his
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expectations, brit hume. good to see you. so nevada hasn't mattered that much historically, so what role does it play tonight? >> well, there are only 30 delegates at stake, that's fewer than iowa, which has often been criticized as too much made about not very much. so you get a sense from that. but at this stage of the proceeding, we only have a few states having held contest, every one of them counts as a token of momentum, and momentum is important. you look at marco rubio has shown some ability in two of the three states to close well and do better than his previous polling suggests that he would. ted cruz has struggled, and donald trump, of course, has been the big winter last two outings. and the polling that we have, some of sit a week old. in fact, i think that's the latest poll suggests that he has a strong lead here. therefore should be expected to
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win. if he does and does what was expected, i don't think it will have much momentum. so the really interesting struggle is for second place between cruz and rubio. and rubio, if he has a chance needs to get cruz out of the way and cruz needs to get rubio out of the way. we might get a sense of that tonight. >> nobody is talking about rubio or cruz talking about having a shot at first. it seems like they're conceding the man who owns the casino in las vegas is the one who is going to win tonight and that would be donald trump. the question is, brit, while rubio and cruz continue to say i got second here, i got third here. at some point don't you need to win in order to win? >> of course. the fact is, the field remains even as crowded as it is now, this split in the field has two possible effects, megyn. it allows trump to keep winning
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with 35 or so percent of the vote. might get more tonight. but it also prevents him from getting above 50%. because when these others drop out, when and if they do, he will inherit that support. the question is, will it be enough to push him over the 50% mark, where he will have a clear path to the nomination. the hope among main stream republicans is somebody can get one on one with the guy and beat him. that becomes increasingly important when we get past the states that will vote next week when there are almost 600 delegates at stake and then some states are winner takes all. >> looking forward to that sort of second super tuesday, the march 15 voting day, where we have florida, ohio, north carolina, illinois, missouri, florida and ohio just took a look at the latest polling. in florida, the last polls were
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january 21, so a month ago. it showed trump at 40% in florida. the next closest was cruz at 19%. rubio in his home state hat 13.7%. 40 to 19 to 13. in ohio, the latest poll by quinnipiac, trump had 31. kasich had 26. ted cruz had 21. >> right. remember, megyn, this is pretty fluid at this stage. some of those polls that were taken that were in that average, several other candidates were in the race. certainly jeb bush was in the race. you know, it looked even more spread out than it is now. i would say that i would be very surprised if -- it's almost a month from now when those states vote, we will have had 600 delegates on march 1 selected and the race may look different. if it doesn't look different by
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them, trump has a clear path to the nomination. >> so if you had to put money on it, number one, do you think trump secures this nomination? number two, how do you see him patching up against hillary clinton, if it's her? >> well, if trump wins the nomination and he's certainly the man to beat, i think it will be hard for him to beat hillary clinton, because you look at the negatives and negatives matter in the long-term a lot. he has the highest negatives in the field of either party. something on the order of 60% at the last round that people have an unfavorable opinion of him. >> nationwide. >> yeah, nationwide. that's right. and when you get into a general election, you know, if you're -- that becomes a tremendous burden. now, hillary clinton has very high negatives, too. but not as high as his.
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of course, we've not seen in this republican race, megyn, anybody making a really concerted effort with an expensive advertising campaign to go after trump. all they've ran so far is going after each other. can you imagine what the democrats would spend and what kind of advertising they could do on donald trump with the positions he's changed, with the things he's done? the imminent domain dispute that the bush people finally made an ad out of, that caused a big blowup in the last debate that didn't help trump out very much. so when the full guns of a general election campaign are loosed on the guy, i think he's vulnerable. and i think it will be hard for him to beat her. but in this crazy year, who knows? >> who knows is right. mark your calendars for a special kelly file election 2016 event.
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tomorrow night, we go face-to-face with the gop candidates. and the voters of texas for a q and a, just days before the big super tuesday vote. donald trump will not be there because he will be in another state. but we'll have the other candidates together and they'll take questions directly from the texas voters and from yours truly. we are keeping a close eye on news coming out of nevada where a lot of attention is on senator marco rubio. oh, look at that, feeli ining patriotic. next, why team rubio needs to make a big change and why he thinks rubio has a lot more to brag -- has to do a lot more than just brag about the endorsements he received to win. plus, big news from the senate judiciary committee on the future of the supreme court. a historic fight is shaping up. >> the nomination should be made
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i'm proud that we've been picking up endorsements over the last few days because it's proves what i've been saying. that is i am the conservative in this race that can unite this
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party. we won't just unite the party, we will grow it. >> that was senator marco rubio in nevada earlier today, telling voters that the big-name republican endorsements he picked up yesterday proved that he's the man who will lead the gop to victory in 2016. john roberts is live in grand rapids, michigan tonight. john? >> reporter: good evening to you. marco rubio just wrapping up a rally here in grand rapids. earlier he was in minneapolis, started off the day in las vegas, but decided the caucuses are one day, but super tuesday is ahead, that biga michigan primary, at every stop, making the argument he is the one candidate that republicans can coalesce around, pointing out that donald trump, 65% of republicans don't want him to be president. suggesting if you nominate
6:17 pm
someone that can't get elected in the november election, you really are wasting your vote. rubio has been racking up endorseme endorsements, mostly from establishment republicans and rubio has been portraying himself as not of the establishment. a little earlier today, i asked him about that, saying how can you maintain your independence with all of these establishment republicans endorsing you. >> i wasn't their first choice or in some cases not even their second choice. but now they realize this is what the race is. these are the finalists and they've made the choice that they think is best for the party and our country. >> reporter: rubio was very positive going into tonight's caucuses, looking ahead to super tuesday. there's only so much proportionality before the 15th. so if marco rubio is looking to make a move, he needs to do it
6:18 pm
quickly. >> john, great to see you. my next guest is stuart stevens, former mitt romney campaign strategist. he thinks the rubio campaign needs to change its campaign and soon. i know you like marco rubio, nothing against him. but how is he messing it up? >> well, look, as you say, i'm a great marco rubio fan. i just think that you have to post up against a guy who is winning. and i think a message about the party is not a very compelling message to most people. most people who vote republican primary, they don't care about the party, they care about nar lives. i think that donald trump has laid out a series of economic proposals that would have devastating impact on jobs and these crazy foreign policy ideas that would put america at reisk.
6:19 pm
he needs to talk about that. he needs to talk about what it's going to mean if donald trump were president. >> the first report on that, major financial donors who don't like trump are not going to give money to an anti-trump campaign, because they're worried that they will get hit. just yesterday, we warn marlene ricketts, a big republican donor, "better be careful, that they have a lot to hide" he said about the ricketts family. so he scares some people, and they also worry that it's not going to work because he's teflon don. >> i thought the senator from nebraska had the perfect response to that. that thuggish threat from donald trump, he said can you imagine if this guy had his hands on the fbi and the cia and the national
6:20 pm
security apparatus? these are opportunities. donald trump is uniquely unqualified to be president of the united states, and he demonstrates it every day in different ways. i think you have to take that, use it against him, show what people want in a president, show how donald trump is lacking and show the sort of steadiness and temperament that a marco rubio -- >> still, the voters see that. they've seen what his temperament is. they know what his qualifications are. they like that. that is not a deal breaker for them. they see a man financially successful, you know, those ads, we've seen some try, but people have rejected that in favor of a disrupter. >> i think that it's like any argument. first, you have to argue to win an argument. secondly, you have to frame it.
6:21 pm
so look at last week in south carolina, in the most military state in the country, he called george bush a war criminal basically. and one of the most religious states in the country he attacked the pope. you have to frame that. he was running basically as a combination of michael moore and christopher hitchens but never held accountable for that. that's how you win. you have to show what the consequences are that these -- what he's saying and how it affects people's lives. >> jeb bush tried a little of that. you saw how it ended with that. the question is -- people like jeb bush tried that but failed miserably. i want to talk about marco rubio. i see your point. you're basically saying if rubio doesn't change something about the way he's running this campaign, he can expect the same results he's been getting. your message about just talking about the party is interesting. he does say middle class americans are struggling and talks about his personal story and so on.
6:22 pm
is it -- what is it about him? what does he need to do to go from third and fifth to first in some of these contests? >> i think he has to show that he understands your life better than donald trump does. i think he's putting out half the argument. i think he's showing that he understands your life. he's not showing that donald trump doesn't understand your life. it's a choice. if they believe that both are equally qualified, or both can satisfy what it is that they have, he may lose that argument and right now he is losing that argument. so you have to go in and disqualify the other person. it's a straight-up debate. you have to show why the other person is wrong and why you're right and what the consequences are. >> what about this argument that we keep hearing that, you know, if only kasich or cruz could get
6:23 pm
out, that would clear the path for rubio to amass more votes. this sort of argument that less candidates need to be in the race. >> i think that's a terrible argument. first of all, there's something inherently weak about it. if i could have picked the field of two in the daytona 500, maybe i would have had a shot. you have to race the field. you can't say if only these people got out, i would have a shot. people want you to go out there, post up with who's in there and win. i think there's been this strange, almost unique obsession with the order of losing versus the paramount need to win. donald trump is focused on winning and he's won a couple of these things. he may win today. the rest of the field wants the win. they've got to go out there and challenge donald trump. >> if only we could have
6:24 pm
different contestants, i know i could win this thing. stuart, great to see you. so ted cruz is right now working the voters of nevada with his final pitch, but earlier he was going after donald trump with a last-minute push to cut trump's lead. we'll show you the exchange there, next. plus, senate republicans vowing to ignore any nominee president obama may name to the supreme court. so what is the next step in this night that's next. and the supreme court question may come up tomorrow night when we go face to face with the candidates in houston, texas. a special conversation with the voters, the candidates and yours truly. don't miss it. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months.
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in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. breaking news now on an outbreak of tornados in louisiana and mississippi, where officials say at least three people have been killed by what they estimate were seven different twisters. the deadly weather system is expected to move beyond those states to georgia and alabama, where the governor has already declared a state of emergency. folks in louisiana are apparently still looking for survivors, trapped in the rubble. more on this as we get it. also breaking tonight, voting under way in the nevada caucuses, just hours ago it got nasty. the republican candidate's final pitch to the voters. ted cruz hammering donald trump
6:29 pm
for opposing the transfer of federally owned land back to the people in nevada. watch. >> donald trump has come out against transferring the land from the federal government back to the state of nevada or the people of nevada. i frankly don't care what position donald decides to support today, tomorrow, or the next day. they change every day. i don't care what they are. but pick one and defend it and don't pretend when people point out what you said oh, never mind. [ laughter ] >> senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live in las vegas. mike? >> reporter: good evening. beyond the war of words with ted cruz and donald trump, ted cruz has been working rural voters, he's in sparks, nevada at this hour, a suburb of reno. cruz said some of the tough talk coming from donald trump is
6:30 pm
because trump is rattled at this point, suggesting that trump lashes out when he feels threatened. cruz has been hammering that big issue here out west, which is the federal government's ownership and regulation of so much land in nevada and in the west. cruz says he's the only consistent conservative and says if elected president, he would return that property, which is a big issue with rural voters, back to nevada and other western states. but cruz has been on the defensive a whole lot, called multiple times by donald trump a "liar" and also accused by the trump and rubio campaigns of dirty tricks. of course, cruz fired his communications director just yesterday. so ted cruz has to be worried that the allegations of lie and dirty tricks will have an impact on nevada caucusgoers this evening. but polling here is quite limited and turnout is also typically limited, so nobody is
6:31 pm
making bold predictions tonight. ted cruz still working it to the very end. >> mike, thank you. we are already getting reports of problems at these caucus sites. nevada has only been doing this in caucus form since 2008, and there are already some problems, according to the reports we're hearing about people not asking for i.d.s, people allegedly voting twice. some of the ballots allegedly having names of still bush and chris christie and huckabee on them. so we're keeping an eye on what's happening in nevada for you. back in washington, breaking news on a historic fight over choosing a successor for justice antonin scalia. republicans taking a page from vice president joe biden's book, refusing to consider any potential nominee in an election year. in 1992, joe biden proposed just that, when george h.w. bush was president. watch.
6:32 pm
>> it is my view that if the president goes the way of presidents filmore and johnson and presses an election year nomination, the senate judiciary committee should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until after the political campaign season is over. >> joining me now, mark thiesen, and bill burton, former obama white house deputy press secretary. the hypocrisy on this issue is rich in washington, and both sides are guilty. mark, when he said, it was taken out of context, i was talking about hypothetical vacancy, well, that doesn't change it. >> he was for blocking supreme court nominees in an election
6:33 pm
year before he was against it. this was -- there was no vacancy at the time joe biden said this. he said this as a preemptive strike. he said if the president nominates somebody in an election year, it is essential we will not confirm them. chuck schumer said the same thing in 2008 and now they are outraged what republicans are doing what they twice threatened to do. >> but on the other side, bill, we have the republicans, including mitch mcconnell, who, at the time came out and said -- when this was being done -- not giving up and down votes when the republicans wanted them, this is an excuse for our colleagues to run out the clock on qualified nominees who are urgently needed to fill vacancies. apparently they're not that urgent on the supreme court when it's now 4-4. having an extra justice will help break the ties. >> look, joe biden -- people
6:34 pm
should remember that he ushered through justice kennedy, you know, while there was a republican president, as well. >> no one is saying you never do it. [ overlapping speakers ] >> the rhetoric is overblown. regardless of all this, the politics on this are so bad for republicans, they're handing democrats this election year gift that will energize the democrats. >> they don't see it that way. they see it as gift to them. >> bill, you might have noticed that the republican electorate is upset with the gop establishment. and the reality is, if the republican senate, the gop establishment in washington, allowed barack obama to cement a liberal majority on the supreme court in his final months in office, there would be a revolution in this country. so this is not going to happen. [ overlapping speakers ]
6:35 pm
>> bill, as a strategy matter, what is to stop the republicans from saying forget it, barack obama, name whoever you want, he or she is not getting a hearing. then if they get close to november and let's say they're starting to feel like whoever their nominee is, is going to lose and hillary or bernie will be the next president, then can they say, okay, we'll do it, if they think that nominee may perhaps be a consensus nominee or closer to? >> i think there could be a situation where that happens, especially if donald trump is the nominee and it looks like they will lose the senate. what they should have done is not said no, we're not going to do any nominee, they should have let the president nominate someone and vote against that person. there has been this enthusiasm gap between democrats and republicans and what republicans have done is handed democrats a
6:36 pm
gift of enthusiasm at a time when i think the democrats could very seriously use it. >> could they take the risk of one of the wobbly gop senators crossing over and giving said nominee an up or down vote that might go away that republican leadership didn't want? >> i think bill's overplaying the enthusiasm advantage for the democrats, because there's an enthusiasm for republicans, as well. republicans really have to win the senate. they have an uphill bat toll do so. the base is not so enthusiastic about some of these senators in tough races. now that the supreme court is on the line, there's going to be a real push in the gop base to solidify the base behind some of these moderate senators. the other thing is, i think barack obama is going to have a hard time finding someone to take this job. the republicans have said he's dead on arrival. no hearing, no vote, no chance that he's going to get it. who's going to be barack obama's
6:37 pm
kamikaze pilot in this mission that will ruin their judicial career? >> you raise a good point, who wants that? guys, good to see you both. up next, we'll take you live inside of a nevada gop caucus site as the votes are just starting to get counted. and then political analyst and trump supporter david wall is here on why he says his man is going all the way. >> these other guys, they're all gone. they made their little speech this morning and ran away. but trump, i'm going to be here with you all night, all night. [ applause ] incredible bladder protection from always discreet
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6:42 pm
not a subject i know anything about. it's a hell of an ad, but this is a cruz ad. this guy is sick. >> that was donald trump punching back at ted cruz after the senator accused trump of siding with the feds over some land fights unfolding in nevada right now. in moments -- actually right now -- yeah, in moments, we'll be joined by david wall and eric erickson, who feels very differently about this. but first, we'll check in with our fox news correspondent live in las vegas, as we get some reports of problems there. >> reporter: absolutely, megyn. yes, lots of organizational issues is what we're hearing about. we have a producer at one site that said they didn't get things started for 20 minutes. we have some issues with ballots, trying to get clarification on that. from where we are here, at this high school, as we were prepping for our live shot with you, we
6:43 pm
had so many people coming up to us, trying to give us their ballots. yeah. and also asking us questions, trying to figure out where things are. the party was desperate for volunteers heading into today. the chairman explained to me this state has more of a hybrid system of a primary and caucus. folks can vote and go or they can come over to this area and participate in the caucus at these tables. it's very different from iowa. one, you aren't required to caucus to vote. here the campaign makes their pitches to those who may have not voted yet, but this is the election of the delegates who are going to go on to the national convention. they changed things out of complaints. megyn? >> unbelievable.
6:44 pm
thank you. we are hearing a lot of reports about this. one caucus site has a ballot counter wearing trump campaign gear. and that in nevada is totally legal. joining me now is eric erickson and david wall. eric, you just wrote this piece called "i would not vote for donald trump ever," you're very active in conservative circles. you had previously said you would support the nominee, even if it was donald trump. why the reversal? >> i'm a christian, and my number one issue is life and to have donald trump called planned parenthood, an organization that chops up children, as wonderful, that's a bridge too far for me. he's been very consistent in saying nice things about planned parenthood and universal socialist health care. that's not even a republican to me. >> what do you make of that,
6:45 pm
david? >> trump is leading with evangelical christians ironically and trump made it clear he is pro life. he did say that planned parenthood serves some useful purposes, such as exams and mammograms -- >> they don't have mammograms. >> he will defund when it comes to abortion. he will find they are intertwined, so my guess is he will defund planned parenthood. >> so you think trump will reverse his position on planned parenthood? >> with respect to any funding that goes toward abortions, he said that will be defunded. >> that already is defunded. they already don't get taxpayer dollars for the abortion part. >> money is fungible. up until donald trump ran for president, he was pro abortion. he told tim russert it was part
6:46 pm
of his new york values. trump has been very consistent, even going back to 2010 with the rise of the tea party -- >> he said he changed like reagan changed. >> reagan had a period of change over about 40 years. donald trump has changed in two years. i don't think he's had a road to damascus moment, i think he's trying to date the preacher's daughter. >> basically, trump has evolved, megyn. and many people in the establishment gop are -- >> i'm sorry, i don't buy it. he's doing a great job and what he says people believe. that's what is putting him over the top. >> go ahead, eric. >> you know, donald trump has taken every side of every issue, including the issue of federal land. donald trump did say the federal government shouldn't hand land
6:47 pm
back, now he's saying he doesn't know about the issue. he probably doesn't need to tell cbs and others that the federal government should keep the land if he doesn't know about the issue. >> when you see trump reverse his positions quickly, like we saw on whether bush intentionally lied to get us into the iraq war, what effect does that have on you? >> zero effect. not just on me but tens of millions of people. >> explain why. >> because he's -- megyn, we suffered through the last seven years, and this is the reality, we've had the house and the senate, republicans have, and they have not stood up to mr. obama. they have basically allowed everything he wanted to go through because they don't want to offend him. now you've got a guy who is a sledge hammer, as i said before, that transcends the party that says i'm going to do things that make and put america first. i'm not going to worry about offending other people or offending my party or the
6:48 pm
democrats. i'm going to get it done. and guess what, megyn? at this point, that's what people want to hear and that's why he skyrocketed to the top and what will get him the nomination. >> great to see you both. thanks for being here. as we track these reports about ballot problems and issues of long lines in nevada, the big question is not who comes in second. but we'll show you what the relevant question is when we come back. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ test. test. test. (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> there's a lot at stake in nevada since this is the last stop before the critical super tuesday vote buts if not just the bragging rights of a win at play but may or should drop out when the voting is done tonight. a.b. stodard is a contributor for the hill. the pressure is on and it's on in particular. tell us who. >> well it is really on john kasich, the govern nor of ohio. obviously people would like carson to get out, as well, dr. ben carson. he is not influenced by -- >> carson. >> not been in the system. he'll do the his own quirky thing and drown in debt and then
6:53 pm
leave. but governor kasich is taking phone calls as you can imagine from friendly advice all the way to you're threatening the future of the country if you let trump win so -- >> bold. scary. >> mounting on him. he is resisting. you have read the editorials today. it is an incredible pressure out in the open but he is going to resist. and carry on and the team believes he has add good a path or better in proportional voting and winner take all delegate allotment than marco rubio. they'll get the anti-establishment vet. >> do you think the pressure is getting him? we heard a different sounding message from him today. >> right. >> do we have it teed up? listen. >> i don't know if my purpose is to be president. my purpose is to be out here doing what i think i need to be doing and we'll see where it ends up. and if it's not this crusade, it will be another one.
6:54 pm
>> steve hayes said he sounds like a therapist in chief, not a commander in chief but mean is it true? >> that sounds like a man when's getting a lot of pressure an a lot of phone calls and he is. but so far and campaigns always say they keep going. >> jeb bush told me that on friday night. within 24 hours he bailed out. >> that's what they do. governor kasich has planned for a long slog. they believe that they have a chance in ohio. even though the new polling shows trump ahead by a bit in ohio, a better chance in the winner take all than rubio in florida and they believe they have a plan to play a long game and get voters they're competing with trump with voters and anti-establishment -- >> do you think it's a vp play for him? >> it might be. but i think for now he will hang in through tonight and probably through the 15th of march. >> because, you know, if he can deliver ohio on a republican ticket, that would obviously be attractive to whoever might be atop the ticket.
6:55 pm
i asked him yesterday whether he's interested and he said i'm not running for second place. you could argue it's first place in second position. >> what they have to say. right? >> i know. >> not ever running for number two. ohio is kind of necessary i think. >> ab, i have to go, great to see you. >> thank you. so again, reports of long lives in nevada tonight. some sites run out of ballots, ballots with names of candidate that is dropped out. they have all the candidates on there, bush, huckabee, fiorina. back in a moment. >> this is a big night for on the record.
6:56 pm
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dr. carson. the voters will help us question them directly. first, we're back in one hour. live coverage of the results of the nevada caucuses beginning at 11:00 p.m. eastern time. see you then. welcome to "hannity." and that is fox news alert. we are live in las vegas where the nevada republican caucuses are now under way. gop front-runner donald trump is hoping for another big night after winning in south carolina and live at trump campaign headquarters right here on the strip in vegas is campaign carl cameron. what's going on? >> hi there, sean. we got into the trump room although they'll throw out for the service sweep in preparation of donald trump hoping for a big victory celebration tonight and cautious about caucuses. he didn't win in iowa and throughout the last couple of days particularly after the big south carolina win, been occasionally


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