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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am PST

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next stop, super tuesday. >> come join me tomorrow night rear here on the kelly file. 9:00. we hope you'll join us. see you then. it's midnight on the east coast, and in nevada polls are now closed. fox news can project that donald trump will win nevada's republican caucuses based on entrance polls. marco rubio appears to be ahead of ted cruz for the battle for second place. far behind are john kasich and retired neurosurgeon, ben carson. >> this is the third win for donald trump, who this month won south carolina and new hampshire after placing second in iowa. so it gives him significant
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momentum heading into super tuesday next week. >> you can see cheering at trump headquarters there in las vegas. let's bring back our panel in new york city. hard to overstate how significant this is, three in a row. >> trump by a mile. big tail wind behind his back. on the question of his ceiling it could be the more you win, the more you can raise your own ceiling. what you'll hear from the rubio camp, i think that they're going to try to get this to a two person race, after new hampshire, marco rubio was considered dead on arrival. >> talk about marco rubio for a while here, juan. and rubio is said to have a 3,
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2, 1 strategy. 2, 1, 1, 1 is good. right? >> i mean, he's, you tell me is there stopping him now? >> i don't see it. you know, everybody is looking r strategy. early in the evening. i expect people who decided late seem to go toward rubio. what strikes me is that donald trump has won across all lines. if you look at people who define evangelicals, donald trump wins. as strong conservatives, donald trump wins. even people as moderate conservatives, donald trump wins. so exactly, you know what is the hope here? i don't know. you talk about 2, 1, 1, 3, 1, 2, strategy, marco rubio has to win somewhere. >> you paint the picture of an outsider taking over a party that may lead to a nomination.
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>> right. >> he's turned this upside down. >> yes. he has. i think when you started to try to map out how do you stop donald trump, you have to start implying almost magical thinking and saying you know rubio is going to somehow, kasich is going to drop out and rubio will win ohio and florida and you piece together things that seem to be moving pieces or cruz is going to drop out and head to head between donald trump and rubio but why is cruz going to drop out? there are a lot of things that have to happen that probably aren't going to happen. it looks as and, so, it definitely looks like rubio drops out. advisor w saying that you, past is pro logged because what they're doing isn't working so far. >> that is right. marco rubio said yesterday this is not about going after donald
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trump. it's about who is best capable of uniting the g.o.p. that may have been the case. that may be what he wishes is the case. at some point it's going to be about going after donald trump if you're marco rubio. >> 25% of this according to the entrance polls are buying that marco rubio line that i'm the most electable. these people don't really care. according to this number. >> it is an interesting fluctuation in who can win in ohio. so it's important, i think it was the second-most important candidate quality of the ones posted to voters tonight but it's not so important that it's going to lead to marco rubio's victories. i don't disagree with kirsten. the more donald trump wins, the more likely to be the republican nominee. 5% of the delegates have been allocated today, as of today.
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just 5%. so there is still time. you won't declare a winner of the football game after the third minute of the first quarter. if people want to bring him down, they can't be waiting too much longer. >> panel, thank you. >> want to bring in our fox ns editor chris stirewalt and houry kurtz. >> donald trump learned a lesson in iowa. intensity and mobileization of your people, and we heard complaints about hats, shirts, and gear and signs were getting out there. that means there was organization. and that means that donald trump learned his lesson from iowa, which is in these small turn out affairs you've got to get your people there and he got his people there. so he learned a big lesson and put it into action.
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>> howie, what, you know, the g.o.p. establishment is over there saying huh? huh? right? they don't seem like they know what to do. they have four candidates against trump that are not going anywhere. and they seem befuddled. >> to me, nevada is who gets jet fuel and who sputters next tuesday. trump having won three regions the narrative of is he unstoppable, that is flying high and the party is going to try to get a one on one with trump. for ted cruz, if he finishes third, this deepens the sense he's losing altitude. by firing his communications
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director a day before caucuses he made that a bigger story by the factor of 10. if trump, according to polls has won hispanics that is going to change a lot of people's thinking. >> thank you for mentioning that cruz let go of his communications director. you know, you can see the argument that that was to cruz's credit. the guy had done something he shouldn't have done. cruz said that is not the campaign i want to run. now, for perhaps it brought more media attention to it. you can make that argument, stirewalt, though the party leaders have this reputation that they're eve kril but the polls thus far also show that trump's negatives are way higher and he remains the lease
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acceptable choice, but there are people who just i had one on tonight, saying i will never vote for him. i don't believe he's pro-choice. >> nothing about tonight changes donald trump as an uncertain trumpet for the republicans in the general election. i doubt there are that many hispanic voters in nevada. >> one out of 10. >> this is demonstrating that donald trump does have organization and is building momentum and the republican party waited too long to try to stop him. now, there is one week before you have a almost a third of the delegates having been allocated. they might fail to stop him but that doesn't mean he's a certain bet against hillary clinton. many argue his high negatives, trouble with female voters and other things could put the
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republican party in big trouble in november and that thinking hasn't filtered into the folk who's turned out today. >> she has high negatives, too. her negatives are high, too. >> there is an aura about donald trump. just tonight, he crashed a caucus polling place where glenn beck was speaking on behalf of ted cruz. he gets away with this sort of thing. he gets away with getting into a spat with pope francis. >> great to see you both. >> you bet. >> that female number, though, 48% were female in caucuses. of those, 45% went for trump. >> i don't know but in the general election it's a different story. but who among us hasn't gotten into a fight with the pope?
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if i had a nickel. >> yesterday. >> you take the wafer in your left hand. >> okay. >> the candidates watching tonight's returns closely. john roberts is standing by in michigan. marco rubio is in another battle for second place. we begin with carl cameron at trump headquarters in vegas which is at treasure island casino, not the trump hotel. >> the trump hotel is off the strip and this is one that is going to get lots of street traffic. to the extent the nevada entrance polls suggested the electorate here is very angry which is what we heard in south carolina, and new hampshire and iowa. they're not angry at the idea donald trump is going to win tonight. republicans felt hopeless in
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washington for years and the leadership wasn't serving purposes of the american conservative voter. donald trump has broken a lot of furniture in the last elections, including tonight and his turned into enthusiasm and hopefulness. that is the message for a campaign that is gaining steam and terrifying the opposition. the rubio and cruz campaigns have to be doing a lot of reassessments. donald trump has been breaking conventional wisdom, defying gravity at every turn. reporters, pundits, political consultants across the spectrum never thought it would come to this. he comes out of the first month of voting with an incredible head of steam heading into next week and into march 15th. and to the extent that john kasich and ben carson are
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hanging in there, that marco rubio is picking up some of the donors once attached to jeb bush and establishment support with that, it pales in comparison to the margin of victory that trump seems to be building tonight and combination going into the big states and massive national race we face in a week. no other candidate is close to that and the idea that money and organization is going to stop this type of momentum,ing f forgets the idea that donald trump can pour into his own money at any given time. and donald trump can dominate the media every morning with a phone call, evenings and talk shows. that is more than millions of dollars of super pac advertising. >> carl, he's doing something right. does he change anything? his biggest, the sharpest elbows this week were with ted cruz.
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does he train his fire on marco rubio? >> well, yes. one of the things donald trump has been skillful at doing is avoiding specific policy positions by attacking his rivals for their inconsistencies. where this any other candidate, the analysis would be oh, he's protecting his position to be a better general election candidate. well, don't think for a second that donald trump and his team aren't fully aware of that to the extent some of his positions have been vague, that is what a good politician winning the nomination wants to do in order to be able to win the general election in the fall against democrats. >> thank you. we'll head out to the speech. >> we've been talking in prior nights about when donald trump should get to the microphone? we can see now 13 minutes past he has in the come out.
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hear dr. carson twice, once through the microphone and once through tv feed. solid man, fox news channel, thank you, doc. >> sounds like he's still going on. john roberts is following the marco rubio campaign standing by live in grand rapids, michigan. nothing else tonight, right, john? >> nothing else tonight. the senator has gone to bed and a lot of work to do between now and super tuesday. he was in nevada briefly this morning and went on to minneapolis and here to michigan, michigan votes on the 8th of march. and of senator making the case he can unite the party and urging the party to coalesce around him. the problem for marco rubio, the
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math is just not there for him to challenge donald trump, what he needs, and the campaign will tell you, is that they need kasich to drop out. the problem is that kasich has no plans to drop out. he believes that he is more rubio states going i asked the senator about that just a short time ago. >> john kasich, you're probably going to lose florida? >> that is another campaign. i mean, bottom of the other campaigns are going to talk us out. i have performed stronger than anyone else in this race in terms of being able to bring people together. i can unite this party and grow this party. that is why we're going to have the best chance of winning in novemb november. >> they have what they call marco-mentum can he turn that
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into standings into super states? it's going to take an awful a lot of work which is why he's getting sleep right now. he's going to have a lot of sleepness nights ahead. >> a big night for donald trump. marco rubio and ted cruz battling it for second place. >> our live coverage continues with more, fox news is technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico.
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expect great savings and a whole lot more. is. still a close race for second place. ted cruz is now at the podium. let's listen in. >> i'm your attorney general, adam laxo. a tremendous, strong, principalist conservative when he ran for attorney general. all the political establishment was against him. he wasn't supposed to win.
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i can't imagine what that feels like. i want to thank our incredible leadership that is here, the men and women across this state that worked so incredibly hard forging a grassroots coalition. so they don't know the exact result. but i want to congratulate donald trump on a strong evening. and i want to congratulate the grassroots, the conservatives across this country who have been behind this campaign. apparently, a year ago, there were 17 candidates.
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the role for primary historically is at the narrow end of the field. we have seen the first four state dos exactly that. narrow the field. now, at this point, we've had four primaries. history teaches us that. >> donald trump and us. the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign.
10:21 pm
who believe we do better in elections when we actually nominate conservatives. you can choose between two washington deal makers or one proven consistent conservative. one week from today will be the most important night of this campaign. one week from today is super
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tuesday. 11 states, alabama, alaska, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, tennessee, vermont, virginia and the great state of texas. one week from today, the most delegate that is are awarded on a single day will be awarded next tuesday. the role of the first four states is to narrow the field and get tuesday twice. and now the voters can decide. if you want a president who will
10:23 pm
repeal obamacare, ask yourself who has led the fight against obamacare. if you want a president who will stand for life and religious liberty, ask yourself who's led the fight defending life and marriage and religious liberty. if you want a president who will defend the second amendment right to keep and bear arms, i've been told it's kind of like they're done.
10:24 pm
if you want to protect that amendment, ask yourself who has led the fight to keep and bear arms. you'll see america standing unapologetically alongside the nation of israel. ask yourself who has led the fight to stand unshakably with israel. and if you want a president on day one who will rip to shreds this catastrophic nuclear deal. if you within the a president to utterly and completely destroy
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isis, ask yourself who has led the fight against this nuclear deal against radical empiricism and who's best prepared to keep america safe. if you want more debt, fewer jobs, lower wages, you've got two candidates. on the other hand, if you want a president who says no to the bipartisan corruption that stands up to the lobbyists and special interest, that stands up and will not bankrupt our grand kids. we will bring back millions of high-paying jobs.
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young people coming out of school. that's what this choice is about. i want to thank the good people of nevada. i can not wait to get home to the great state of mississippi. tonight, i'll sleep in my bed for the first time in a long time. and then it will be back to the campaign trail and texas all across supertuesday. those courageous conservatives,
10:27 pm
libertarians, evangelicals. they are all coming together. tonight, we are one step closer to mourning in america. we are one step closer to turning the pages on the obama-clinton disaster and getting back to the constitution, getting back to the free market principles, getting back to the unbelievable opportunity that is the american dream. thaurng and god bless you. >> that was senator ted cruz. donald truch was the big winner tonight. ted cruz is still too close to call. now, back to our regular programming.
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we're awaiting donald trump's victory speech. there is a battle for second place as you can see our ticker has the raw vote coming in as well as the percentage. it says 7% in yu you're going to see the sites reporting in the next half hour. >> great to see you both. and so, the question tonight is whether trump is going to exceed the 35% or 40% range, charlie, and by how much. does that translate into a state bigger than nevada? with more voters than nevada? you heard about how this is a
10:32 pm
caucus. >> sure. you know, i think that number is the most important number to look at out of tonight. whether or not he is a able to breech that 40%, those wins, before now have been in the 30s and 20% and that number is going to go up as fewer people are remaining in the contest. but if trump is able to breck the 40% barrier and get into 43%, 44%, that is a big deal for him. one of the arguments levelled against him is that there is a feeling among republican voters that he won't be able to reach and it's just one more ceiling he will breech so that is going to be a very important thing to look at once more. >> is there -- tell me about second place. is it a big deal that marco gets second place, and what does it
10:33 pm
mean for ted cruz? >> it is a big deal thatlp batt for second place. there is -- both of them are now facing a donald trump won three in a row in two weeks with incredible momentum, more of a band wagon effect than a ceiling heading into this day. so, rubio and cruz looking at the path ahead. rubio hoping to clean up his lane with a number where he can take on donald trump. krus, if he wins rubio, it's significant. if that is cruz's path to nomination how is he going to get there? at some point, they have got to
10:34 pm
figure out who voters and i think who comes in number two tonight is going to be significant in terms of voters trying to pick one of the two of them. that is the fight that they're choosing right now. they're not fighting off trump. >> but charlie if you're ted cruz and let's say you come in third tonight behind marco rubio, you're thinking it's razor tight here and in south carolina. i'm going to convince people that i am the conservative alternative to trump and i'm going to make my case in this primary going on march 1 with states that are very favorable to me. >> these guys are politicians. they're running for president. have you to be delusional to do this. because of that, you -- they're convinced they can always, always, go on. >> with all due respect to ben carson, he just said i believe
10:35 pm
things are starting to happen here. >> yes. yes. >> he said people think i'm going to make a concession speech. this is a just the beginning speech. >> something happens to you. if you've been running for president two years, it does start to go to your head. the best news tonight for donald trump, i would say is the fact that marco rubio and ted cruz are knotted up, a dozen points behind him, giving neither one a reason to get out of the race. >> exactly. >> you look at the terms, the turn out, and there is a heavy mormon account that went overwhelming forly cruz. that went against the assumption rubio is going to do well with that vote, it seems like this is going to be a battle between
10:36 pm
õuiand rubio. g get -- the question is, what state are they going to win? >> the question is rubio, can he survive florida? if he doesn't, how can he go on? you want to see, you want to win texas and you want to see cruz, you want to see rubio lose florida, i guess, it is true. and they're fighting each other. and they compete with voters, bret, you and i, we talked to those people in early states. a lot of them choosing between cruz and rubio. as different as they think they are, they, those two actually have sort of the same coalition. if they're still interested in picking off each other's voters but it doesn't stop the trump machine. it just helps them. there is very little time left.
10:37 pm
that is why there is so much consternation. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> we're waiting for donald trump to speak to his supporters in las vegas and watching a close battle for cruz and rubio for second. we cannot call that positioning. >> in nevada our live coverage of the nevada caucuses continues, next.
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all eyes on las vegas, 20 minutes to go until 1:00 a.m. in the east. trump headquarters very happy tonight. we go there to our our campaign carl cameron who has been watching the crowd. >> this is taking it out of the trump perspective. think what marco rubio and ted cruz have to do in six days to stop some of trump's momentum. they have to readvise their strategies to come up with a way
10:42 pm
to stop him before next super tuesday, when there are 600 delegates up for grabs. half of what is necessary to clinch the nomination. donald trump has successfully dissected the republican party. he has defied conservatism, and laughed at ted cruz in nevada, blown over marco rubio's supposed fire wall where he spent his childhood. the republican party has to come to a decision. does it now begin, even the establishment getting behind donald trump or do they try to bring back a marco rubio or ted cruz or perhaps get behind john kasich or ben carson in six
10:43 pm
days? it's an almost insurmountable achievement. in about 15 or 20 minutes, donald trump will get here into the treasure island casino, on the strip in las vegas. he'll take the podium. the crowd will go wild for him and their anger, frustration, and some cases the pure hatred of the washington establishment gets bomb basted by the promises to make america great again. he does have clear positions when it comes to immigration, when it comes to isis, the exact specifics on how he will perform policies have never been outlined to the degree and detail that the american electorate has been accustomed to in decades. so marco rubio and ted cruz have
10:44 pm
to figure out new rules to play by. >> understood. if you're looking at all of the numbers and you're a marco rubio supporter and states have gone so far, nevada i don't think the marco rubio campaign would say nevada is their fire wall, they expected to do well in that caucus state. but if you look at that, they'd say, wait a minute, there is a second of the republican party not voting for republican. if you can consolidate that, it's a big if. you're saying interest is still a chance. >> sure. you've got to get them into the polls first. and the history and tradition of primary politics in both parties is between 30% and 45% of the party votes. the so owe -- called base. and sometimes, it's as much as 60% don't participate. they wait for the general
10:45 pm
election when the nominee has been selected by that base. donald trump is not your base conservative social, fiscal conservative in the traditional sense of the republican party. he's said let's take care of bombing isis in syria. that is to the idea that foreign policy is dictated by the commander in chief out of the oval. not by congress and not by a businessman on the campaign trail. you can see these conventions, these things have been the corner stones and fillers for generations being oeb blliterat. it was marco rubio reminding that nevada was part of his
10:46 pm
forfor formative years and his dad was a bartender and his mom, a maid in hotels, just like this. it didn't seem to matter. >> yet another battle for second between senator cruz and senator rubio. it's still tight, mike. >> well, bret good evening, it's been an emotional roller coaster for senator ted cruz. they turned on the televisions as they called for donald trump. then, it looked like senator cruz was in second place, there were cheers in the room. now, it looks like he may be a third place, the room has been quiet. but his supporters are here. we know senator cruz is expected to seek to his supporters soon, and we'll, you know, bring forth a hopeful message. but it has been a rough few days
10:47 pm
for the cruz campaign. i've taken heat for saying that, but his own aides admitted they fired their communication director yesterday and there have been bruising attacks. bottom line, the cruz campaign says they're in it for the long haul, they're going to go from here back to his beloved houston, texas. he's got a meeting with megyn kelly tomorrow night and they'll say nevada didn't have the results they're hoping for, they're hoping for the best and will live to fight another day. >> mike, thank you. >> looking forward to that outing. and we're standing by to hear from tonight's winner, donald trump, dominating once again. he will be delivering his third victory speech moments from now and we'll take you there live, don't go away. think of it as a seven seat theater...
10:48 pm
for an action packed thriller.
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technology entire countries w if they could ever catch you. man 1: he just got fired. man 2: why? man 1: network breach. man 2: since when do they fire ceos for computer problems? man 1: they got in through a vendor. man 1: do you know how many vendors have access to our systems? man 2: no. man 1: hundreds, if you don't count the freelancers. man 2: should i be worried?
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so i want to thank lendlessly. endlessly. we're not going to forget it.
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some great numbers coming out of texas. we're going to be doing very well. it's going to be an amazing two months. >> if they could just take the other candidates and add them up. the other candidated amount to 55%. so they keep forgetting when people drop out, you get a lot of votes. they don't tell you.
10:53 pm
and don went up and you were all over, right? and this is serious nra. so we love the second amendment, folks. just remember that. what a group we had. it's just been amazing. phil said donald, like, for the last three months, he's driving me crazy.
10:54 pm
i get greedy. i'll tell you what we're going to do, right? now we're going to get greedy for the united states. we're going to grab and grab and grab. we're going to bring in so much money and so much everything, we're going to make america great again. >> and another friend of mine, mr. and mrs. steve win. stand up, everybody. two great kids. >> steve is always calling. he's always got advice. his advice, i'd like to listen to, i'll be honest with you.
10:55 pm
>> so this was very exciting. but, i'll tell you. it looks like we won by a lot, evangelicals. >> and as you know, liberty university. jerry, jr.? an unbelievable guy and he has been with us, and with us from the beginning and i want to thank jerry and his family, it's been amazing, the relationship. so we won the evangelical. we won with young. we're the most loyal people.
10:56 pm
so i'm very proud of you. this has been an amazing night. and i love the country. we're going to load it up with a lot of bad dudes out tlchlt. let me tell you, mexico is
10:57 pm
going to pay for the wall, right? it's going to happen. >> we've going to be the smart people. we're in the going to get pushed around all over the place. >> so, tonight, folks, this was a great evening. i love this place. i love this state. i love las vegas. >> he's fighting me all the time.
10:58 pm
but i just want to say, it's over. the people were amazing. the enthusiasm. it was unbelievable to see. the people of this country are absolutely amazing. i love you, folks, remember, make america great again. we're going to do it. and it's going to happen fast. thank you very much. you can hear him talking about the number of groups he won with. >> tonight, he did win the hispanic vote in nevada.
10:59 pm
>> pl pl obviously hitting his nearest rivals, senator ted it will cruise and marco rubi,. this was a huge win for donald twilight. >> the fox news decision desk to tell you definitively who has commented second place. nor can we tell you we came in above fourth and fifth as we waited to see kaisich and carson. today,he said he wasn't sure.
11:00 pm
next stop, super tuesday. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> i love the old days. do you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? they would be carried out on a stretcher. i would like to punch him in the face. >> donald trump responding to a heckler in nevad-i is that kind of blunt talk actually helping him with some voters? we'll have a special report. >> this is about closing a chapter in our history. it reflects the lessons that we have learned since 9/11. >> the president announcing the closing of the guantanamo bay prison. is that legal? can he do it unilaterally? is it legal on the case. >> bernie sanders, i see a man saying that the emperor has no clothes while everyone around him is saying they insist they see
11:01 pm
clothes. >> also ahead, dick van dyke supporting bernie sanders. we're not show what rose marie and mary will think about that. >> well, it's getting late. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. covering the presidential race, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. some in thew4aamerican media do not quite understand that reporting and analyzing what presidential candidates are doing and saying is not supposed to be a rooting experience. when you root for someone, you cannot possibly cover that person in a fair and balanced way. now, if you are not a journalist, it really doesn't matter. plenty of programs on radio and tv that use political campaigns for entertainment purposes. comedy central, for example, makes a living doing that. with stuart and colbert becoming stars.
11:02 pm
but the serious business of actually bringing information to you, the american people, about those who want power over you, is no joke. it's well-documented national press in this country leans left. if the fox news channel did not exist almost all the television reportage would come from liberal leaning companies. that's a fact. there is also pressure to get ratings, to bring in candidates who will attract a mass audience. donald trump is the best example of that. he is in great demand on tv. mr. trump knows. this i have to say he has been fairly fearless, showing up pretty much everywhere to make his case. we hope that continues. however, like every other candidate mr. trump wants to be treated in a way that he considers fair. and therein lies the problem. what'súy fair? there is some political candidates who will not appear on certain venues because they do not want to themselves to rigorous questioning. sometimes i tell you who those people are dick cheney, for example, did not do the factor while he was
11:03 pm
vice president because he knew that i had many questions about his iraq war participation. after mr. cheney left office he came in here a number of times. while he was serving he wanted no part of us. president obama has sat with me for three interviews but i don't believe he will do that again. last time we spoke the interview was very intense and the word on the street is the president didn't like it very much. now, that does not matter to me. my job is to ask every political candidate the tough questions i can think of. if you watched the factor last night you saw marco rubio, ted cruz, and ben carson all put through their paces. we will have a very lively mail segment about that at the end of the program. the danger here is that some candidates will go only to venues that favor them. this week some pirated audio featured a conversation off the air between donald trump and msnbc host joe."u scarborough and mika. some b!÷ieve that
11:04 pm
conversation was inappropriate it began with ms. brezin ski bringing iraq war vet on to the stage with him. >> do you know what i thought was kind of a wow moment with the guy you brought up on stage? >> we played it several times this morning. >> we played it up against obama. >> we played obama first. and then we plays the guys. >> i saw it i watched your show this morning. you had me almost as a legendary figure. one more segment? >> one more segment and then we are good. >> i'm doing it because. >> you get great ratings and a raise. me, i get nothing. >> we are getting a real window into your -- >> -- just make us all look good. >> exactly. >> now, i said mika it's mika. talking points doesn't see anything wrong with that banter. i want to be quite clear. donald trump has said similar things to me off camera that he brings in big ratings and doesn't get much out of it. he does it in a joking way
11:05 pm
and of course he gets a lot out of it. some believe mr. trump tries to co-opt some journalists, tries to persuade them to be friendly. almost every political candidate does that. it's part of the process. of course politicians want favorable treatment and there is nothing wrong with them trying to get it favorable coverage to any candidate access or because of simpatico ideology. running for president is a very serious business and all of us covering the campaign have an obligation to be fair but tough. and make no deals.;y associated press dealt with me in decades. anything wrong with that msnbc exchange for trump. >> no. exchange as well. perfectly normal. the question is are they in
11:06 pm
the tank for you or not? are they going to ask you the tough questions even though you have a friendly relationship or are they going to just off and on all over you? i always liked being asked tough questions. in fact, if i got asked the tough questions, i was able to give the voters tough answers. >> sometimes you got testy with us. >> i was christie before christie. >> you were pretty forward and again i apologize. mikabryzenski. i apologize i you have known her for a long time. everybody should know, this he brings in numbers. so everybody is trying to get him. and trump is aware of that. very well aware. you are an advisor in trump, informal advisor. >> informal as well as other candidates. >> he he calls you up like 3:00 in the morning, right? >> never at 3:00. donald gets a good night's sleep. >> he is a vampire. don't give me that he calls
11:07 pm
you and asks you certain questions. you don't have any compunction in giving him advice, correct? >> that's right. sometimes he takes it. sometimes he doesn't. jeb have also spoken to bush, chris christie when he was a candidate. rubio,bsq/ one candidate today, i won't mention because of private conversation. so i talk. >> so anybody who calls. >> you i like donald? yes, been a friend for 25 years and i would call him a personal friend, absolutely. >> i have known him for a long time, too. and i don't mind answering questions politicians calling me off camera. curry favor not only with donald trump but hillary clinton bernie sanders to get what they call the get. i talked to barbara walters
11:08 pm
a lot about this because she was a master. >> barbara, i did a number of interviews with barbara when i was mayor and she would do exactly that. but then -- >> -- but then she would hammer you when she got you. >> right in the middle. she would but butter you up first. >> 10 minute interview. 8 minutes beautiful. >> right, and then wham. that's what you would see. >> the eighth minute was the question you never wanted to be asked by anybody. boom. >> that's what you see on abc the other 8 minutes. there is a big danger here for favoring one candidate or another because they bring in ratings. i'm keeping an eye on everybody. part of my job is to watch the media in this country not just the politicians we had a situation today where president obama is basically not going to be able to nominate a supreme court justice. the senate judiciary committee came flat out and
11:09 pm
said we are not going to take any of his nominees. what do you think about that? >> i think president obama created this situation itself. taking so many executive actions that are so unconstitutional. disregarding congress. treating congress as if it doesn't exist. having several court cases that have now overturned his executive action. >> so this is pay back? >> no. i think it's congress saying why are we wasting time? we're going to send us somebody we are not going to confirm anyway. >> wouldn't it be better for the republican party. >> you want me my strategy? if mcdonald would have called me first i would have taken it and voted him down eventually. down if it was a good judge. >> no, no. not if it was a good judge. >> but with the election so close i probably would apply a much higher standard to what a good judge is. >> and be very aware aware of fact we are a 4-4 court right now. >> i don't want ideological judge. i don't want another kennedy. i don't want another ideological judge.
11:10 pm
>> i would be afraid that obama would try to slip in ideological judge. >> right now. >> actually, everybody's answer should have been it's too early to talk about this. one of our great justices has died. for the next week, how about we think about nina scalia for the next week. >> americans should know behind the scenes the republican party has decided we are not going to take a no, ma'am me. you can put them up not voting on the judiciary committee. >> they have a right to do that. >> they do. >> they have the same constitutional right he does. >> i don't think it's going to be an issue in the presidential campaign. now, last question, trump vs. hillary had. you know them both. if hillary calls you for advice, are you going to give it to her. >> first of all i don't think she will call me for advice. >> does she not like you. >> i think she thinks we are such different political positions, hillary has never called me for advice. actually, when she was senator she did several times when i was the mayor. >> i thought had you a pretty good >> i like her and i like
11:11 pm
bill. she would not be likely to call me for advice. i would give her the opposite advice of everything she is doing. donald and i probably agree on 80% of the things. as i do. >> both yankee fans, right? >> both yankee fans. and my rule, i work for president reagan. my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy. we can disagree.o >> so trump vs. hillary? >> trump for sure. >> that's how will support. >> of course. >> who will win? >> i think he will win. >> you do? >> because i think if he gets the nomination there is something going on here. some magic going on here that none of us have gotten from the very beginning. >> he will probably lean on you a lot if he gets the nomination. >> if he gets the nomination, there is something going on that he caught that nobody else caught. because six months ago, everybody was waiting for him to implode. >> not me. >> not me either. >> i did the first interview when he announced i knew -- because i knew the anger out there. all right, mr. mayor, we appreciate you coming in. your candor as always. next on the rundown andrea
11:12 pm
tantaros and mary ann marsh will react.
11:13 pm
11:14 pm
11:15 pm
mary anne marsh in boston and andrea tantaros here in new york city. what did you think of that back and forth? >> i think if you read the transcript and you don't watch the video, you think that something could be inappropriate. but if you watch the video, there is nothing there. donald trump has been going on morning joe for years like he has been going on "fox & friends." you can tell he has a cozy relationship and friendly relationship with both joe and mika. i don't think this is a big deal. >> do you believe if you are tough on trump that he will
11:16 pm
hold it against you? >> i think that he has. and a he can. but not for long. i mean, you have been very tough on him. yet he still continues to come on the factor a lot of reporters here at fox and journalists at fox have been tough on donald trump. it doesn't seem to scare him away for long time. he has been able to answer the questions. like the democrats. hillary clinton hasn't taken a question in over 70 days? wool that be accurate for you that hillary clinton likes to stay away from confrontational interviews? >> no. i don't think that's the case. i think in the primary she certainly has some media targets in places she wants to be to win over base democrats. but, ultimately, if you want to be president of the united states, you have to take on all comers. you have to take on every interview. every opportunity. everybody. because that's what voters are looking for. they know when you are ducking. and they know if you don't stand up for yourself and your beliefs, they say that is not standing up for them. >> do you think they care anymore? >> yes. >> hang around for the mail segment on the factor. because -- and i don't think -- i don't know.
11:17 pm
this is my -- and i want to get your opinions on this. look, i get mail every time i ask a politician a hard question or interrupt one of their filibusters you know they all come in with rehearsed garbage and he we don't take that on the factor. i will interrupt them and throw them off their game and support unfair. you would do this, this that, and the other. so, to me, i don't know if all americans want tough questions asked of the candidates. i'm not sure of that, mary ann. >> the fact they take the right to tell you tells you do. when they see a candidate, especially for president, who doesn't stand up for themselves or their beliefs, that says to the voter that person is not going to stand up for me, i don't want them in the white house. that is the ultimate test for many people in this country. >> do you think that? >> i think that if they support a certain candidate, they feel and they view certain questions as being unfair. >> because you get that right? >> what do you mean i get it? >> you get it on outnumbered, right? >> we have had a number of presidential candidates come
11:18 pm
on outnumbered. i have taken a lot of flack. i was very hard on chris christie and tough on lindsey graham but i asked very, very tough questions. >> did their supporters yell at you afterwards. >> i got nasty tweets but that's my job. i'm a political analyst. i have to be tough. >> what it says here is the gauge of the american public. do you want hard questions asked even if you like the person or not? here is something mary ann, last night ben carson came on and i told the truth that he has no chance to win the nomination. everyone on earth knows that all right? ben carson knows that ben carson is in the race still to get his message out. and that's worthy. all right. you should see the mail. how dare you? how dare i? i mean, this is my job. so, i'm not sure that you ladies are really -- i'm not sure the american public wants the truth as jack nicholson once said. >> you are dealing with the the die hards right now. people really devote to do their candidates and trying to defend them. as you get closer to
11:19 pm
november. every voter now is picking up perceptions of everybody who could be the next president of the unitedfw states. and they are holding them accountable. voters are the toughest critics of all and they know when you duck. they do care. >> interview with me and i hope she does then you won'tj9 vote for her. >> i expect she will. so you are going to vote for whoever the republican is if hillary doesn't come in here. that's the attitude i want. >> >> that is not happening. she will be here. >> then you are not holding them and you are saying one thing and not doing the other. you are saying got to come in but got to vote for them. come on. >> no. she will be in, i bet you on it. >> no, hillary has ducked a lot of. >> i think. >> for a long time especially on her emails originally. if people like ted cruz. if you say something negative about ted cruz and you are being fair, they will come after you. if they don't like donald trump and say something critical, they will come after you. it depends on who they support. they do want tough questions asked because the times -- >> -- even if they don't like it. >> even if they don't like
11:20 pm
it, they want it. >> all right, ladies, i hope you are right. >> we are. >> directly ahead why are some very religious americans supporting the secular candidate donald trump? we will find out. appear versus the fbi. gitmo being shut down. bills can buy's wife force to do testify in
11:21 pm
11:22 pm
11:23 pm
campaign 2016 segment tonight. on saturday in the republican south carolina primary. evangelicals broke this way. support donald trumped, 27 ted cruz,fñ8ñ 22% marco rubio. pastor robert jeffress author of the brand new book
11:24 pm
not all roads lead to heaven. were you surprised by the south carolina veank vote, pastor. >> i was surprised trump won as much as he did with evangelicals, especially over a more traditional evangelical candidate like ted cruz. look, bill, i think there are two factors at work that explain the trump phenomenon with evangelicals. first of all, he is the only candidate who can clearly claim to be an outsider. you know, cruz and rubio claim the outside erman telbut they are still part of that elite group called the u.s. senate. but the other factor here is in a strange way, i think the same sex marriage ruling by the supreme court last june actually made evangelicals more open to secular candidate like trump. i mean, evangelicals, many of them say if we can't depend upon government to uphold biblical values like marriage and life, maybe we ought to let the church articulate those values and let government be responsible for fixing the immigration and. >> they gave up on having the federal governmentç[ actually make a decision
11:25 pm
that is compatible with their religious beliefs. that could be. that's speculation. but here is what i find interesting. part of the nasty battle in south carolina was over trump's perceived sympathies toward planned parenthood, for example. ted cruz made a big deal out of that. even last night on this program. and the evangelical movement is usually fairly judgmental, it has been in the past. it's giving trump a pass on his less than strident view of planned parenthood and of gay marriage and of social issues. he is giving the evangelical -- evangelicals are giving him a pass this year. and is it just because he is an outsider and angry about politics? is that the only reason? i think they are allowing for the fact that trump has evolved rocks, bill, i was in his office in trump tower. i asked him straight in the eye the question would you
11:26 pm
defund planned parenthood over abortion? he said he would. i take him at his word on that. i believe what he is saying is planned parenthood has done some good things but if they continue to perform abortions, he said he would defund them. ( >> okay. so you believe him and obviously hometown guy senator from texas. do you you see a different outcome in the vote there than in south carolina? write off ted cruz at this point? he is 8 points ahead in texas right now. don't foreguest he has 12,000 volunteers in texas who helped propel him to unexpected upset victory back in 2012. so, i think it's going to be tighter. but, bill, remember this: donald trump doesn't have to win texas. ted cruz has to win texas. if he doesn't, he is finished. >> you are not in a position to make a call down there, your church? because you have a big mega church are they a lot of trump supporters are are
11:27 pm
they standing by cruz. >> a lot of trump, some rubio, some ted cruz. a lot of people like trump as well. we try to leave that outside the church and not bring it inside the church. >> when you speak on sundays, do you make your preference known? >> absolutely not. you know, people watch me on "the o'reilly factor" and know that i have said some nice things about donald trump. i think he could make a great president. but i don't endorse officially from the pulpit. we talk about issues not personalities. >> do you count anyone out. >> well, look, it's interesting, right before i came on the factor tonight, i got a call from representative from the the carson campaign asking me to attend a breakfast, a meeting this saturday in dallas with carson. so i don't think he is ready to drop out yet, bill. he may be just staying in there to stick it to cruz. >> are you going tof97> i can't. i have a speaking engagement. otherwise, i think it would be interesting. >> would you eliminate hillary clinton and bernie
11:28 pm
sanders because of their pro-choice stance? >> i would never vote for hillary clinton or bernie sanders because of their proabortion stance, never, never. >> all right, pastor. we appreciate your candor, thanks very much. as the factor moves along this evening, gutfeld and mcguirk trying to find out why dick van dyke is supporting bernie sanders is it legal on bill cosby's wife being force to do testify in a defamation lawsuit? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to
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personal story segment tonight, speaking in virginia, yesterday, governor john kasich was explaining how he was elect to do congress in 1978. >> we just got an army of people who -- and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me all the way back when, you know, things were different. now you call homes and everybody is out working. >> if i want to say your comment earlier about the women came out of the kitchen to support you. i will come to support you but i won't be coming out of the kitchen. >> i gotcha. i gotcha. >> predictably some grievance people were offended by the governor's remarks. >> i thought that it was incredibly tone deaf. you know, we are talking about 1978. my mother wasn't in the kitchen. that's not to say there isn't anything wrong with being a stay at home mom, but the blanket statement that all of the women that voted for him got out off the kitchen was, i think,
11:33 pm
offensive. >> bologna. joining me now from washington katie pavlich. anybody offended by that in the context in which it was said that it was a different time in 1978. far more women were homemakers but they left their home to elect john kasich. all right. anybody offended by that is a pinhead. >> i agree with you. this is the biggest bowl of nonsense that we have been fed during this entire election cycle. you are talking about john kasich who said i was a kid in 1978. my mom was at home making yellow cupcakes for the bake sale and they were proud of the work they were3 doing. why is he kitchen shaming people? that's not what he is doing. that's what feminists are doing when they respond. >> unfortunately, the governor apologize if i offended anybody. he should have said hey you pinhead i didn't mean that and i was putting it in
11:34 pm
context that my appeal, all right, is to people who are traditionalists. that's what he he is saying. and you say? >> he was talking about completely different time period. he was talking about the women he was engaging with on a regular basis. he was going to people's homes and having conversations with them inside their homes. i have to say for the record. it's not john kasich who was kitchen shaming. let's not forget hillary clinton's famous quote from 1992 saying i could have just stayed home and made milk and cookies and had tea but instead i went out to work. hillary clinton took advantage of john kasich's statement which in the context has no controversy after the all. she pointed it out. >> she tweeted. >> she tweeted it. >> a woman's place is wherever she wants. >> oh. how, how profound. tweeted. i love tweeting. >> smart. >> now i want to ask you both this question. do you know women who just are offended by everything that look to be offended that you if you make a
11:35 pm
comment particularly if you are a a man,y4lá2h, oh. do you know people like that? >> i do know people like that. i have hadr to unfriend many of them on facebook. i do not want to hear anyone's political convictions or views on feminism on facebook. >> do you know these whiners? >> it's funny because donald trump has come out and said john mccain is not a war hero. arianna huffington is unattractive inside and out and her husband was right to leave her for another man. no one outraged. i think kasich made a mistake by apologizing. >> i don't think he should have apologized do you know grievance women who are looking to be offended by stuff that isn't really designed to offend? >> bill, i just hope that when i buy cookies and cupcakes from the store because i don't bake very well that people aren't offend dollars, okay? i prefer women who decide to be alpha in the sense they don't allow things like this to effect them. again, if you are going. >> do you know anybody in your world who is like this? >> there is a couple people in my world but as kennedy
11:36 pm
said, in terms of close friends, no. we have bigger problems to(pq deal with than john kasich talking about the kitchen. >> all right. see this? miss kennedy was in the kitchen last night baking these gluten free cookies. >> gluten free and dairy free. >> so you were in the kitchen. >> i was. i work and then i go home. >> to the kitchen. >> in the kitchen where i'm not enslaved. it's not indentured. >> if you are offended, tweet to kennedy. whatever. all r"r$t, ladies, as always. thank you. is it legal hun president obama closing gitmo? apple versus the fbi. bill cosby's wife force to do testify in a defamation case. legal is in connection with. legal is next. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down.
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11:40 pm
thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight. three hot topics kimberly three hot topics kimberly a÷ are going to lose to the feds? >> i do. it's a very narrow request that the feds have. it's just this one terrorist i pony that they want to get
11:41 pm
into. and it's necessary because the fbi does not descrt software that it needs through and try to get through the fire wall of this one, again, this one terrorist iphone to really get through to find the password before it really explodes. in other words, if you or i tried to get through a password and we tried so many pass words -- >> -- i'm sure the fbi has got that thing can't get through to it but it's not going to explode. >> this was issued by san bernardino county by the government too. and they had already waived the right to it: this terrorist was in the process is of murdering 14+dp americans. on his phone, maybe people who helped him do it. that's the crux of the
11:42 pm
matter. people who helped him do it. and the fbi surely wants to know who that is. you both agree that apple will lose this lawsuit. then what county federal government do to tim cook, the ceo of apple to make him comply and help.óe@&c @&c@ >> they ken force an order of civil contempt if they disobeyed ruling on this. court dates coming up. they can fine apple. fine tim cook. >> could they put him in jail. >> they in fact could. >> could they put him with snowden. because that would break cook if he had to be snowden he would break. >> not meant to be cumulative. comply with the judge's order. >> but we all feel that the feds will win. guantanamo bay today the president on television says is he going to close
11:43 pm
guantanamo bay. he can't can he? >> correct. mr. o'reilly, currently illegal under federal law to bring detainees on to u.s. soil. congress has the power of the purse. congress is not going, to we know they have been on the record about this. >> all of this is political? >> to enforce his legacy. >> he knows that he can't. >> he knows that he can't. he went on and said is, look, to his followers, who he pledged to close, look, i want to, but he didn't mention today, i thought it was interesting, in his speech, that he can't do it. >> no. >> that he can't do it or the location. the united states. that he would bring people,. >> that's not even going to happen because he can't close it. >> he can't close it he doesn't have the power. >> power of purse to close it? >> he has to file a report it could have been just a little report. here, follow file a report. >> grandstand. >> >> it's doa. >> got it. >> camille cosby looks like a nice woman. would you say that? she has been married to bill
11:44 pm
cosby for i guess. >> 52 years. a longlq time. >> there is a defamation lawsuit up in massachusetts where bill cosby is suing one of his accusers in civil court. and accuser being sued. drags in mrs. cosby to give a deposition she tried to fight it it i think the system said you have got to come. >> in right. >> here is my question. does a rife, in america, have to testify against her husband? >> in massachusetts, under criminal law, no, she would not have testified. but this is a civil matter. yes she can be compelled what you saw here. >> so, if she lies in the deposition that's a crime. >> it's perjury. >> she can't say or her lawyer can't say look, she can't answer that question because she is married to bill cosby?
11:45 pm
>> there is a very slight narrow trick in there. because she can say look, under intimate discussions, there is a slight variation there and then what happens is literally they stop the deposition and they call the court and they have the court rule on that. >> and then they will decide on that specific issue. but she also, there is some mixed coverage here she also served as a business manager. there is questions that could be asked of her that do not pertain to private marital discourse. >> you assume that the business end of it in a defamation suit isn't going to be in it there are criminal proceedings against mr. cosby. you are telling me that she doesn't have to testify in those, right? >>. no not the criminal. >> the spouse is shielded? >> shielded only on the intimate conversation. no, i disagree with you on that. >> that's what i thought you said. i'm not putting it forth. i thoughtoj you said in the criminal case wives or husbands. >> are not enforced on the intimate conversations. >> under massachusetts law. >> just in massachusetts.
11:46 pm
i have got to stop it there okay. thank you very much, ladies. gutfeld and mcguirk on deck. dick van dyke supporting bernie sanders. how could that possibly happen? dicç÷m÷ straight
11:47 pm
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11:49 pm
back of the book segment. some celebrities are becoming involved with the presidential race. donnie wahlberg, apparently supporting marco rubio. and dick van dyke is feeling the bern. >> bernie sanders, i see a man saying that the emperor has no clothes. but i want to say they insist they see clothes. whether or not he makes it to the white house, i hope and pray
11:50 pm
that everyone hears the alarm he's sounding now. maybe the last voice we ever hear. >> i have no idea what that means. here to explain it to us, bernard and greg. so the last voice we'll ever hear is bernie sanders, according to mr. van dyke. not quite sure what he's getting at. >> dick van dyke loves this really young whipper snapper in bernie sanders. he's a young go-getter. but i'm waiting for maury amsterdam to chime in and rose marie. >> i think boast have passed. but mr. van dyke is what, 91? >> yeah, and looks great. >> at 87, he married his young makeup artist. >> is that her? >> i believe that's her. but listen, if he gets betty white, he gets the assisted living vote, sanders does. so they're on a roll. >> dick van dyke, very talented
11:51 pm
guy. let's face it. but i had no idea what he was talking about there. there was an emperor in there, clothes and no clothes. then we have to listen or it's the last voice we'll hear. it almost was like one of those science fiction movies where it's not really dick van dyke, it's some little martian that is in his throat. >> that happened to me once. i ate at chipolte. he's no lyle wagner. >> yeah, okay. the nevada vote will go to trump tonight i'm predicting right here. nevada is a very rural state. trump appeals to people that don't like the government and i don't know anybody in nevada that likes the government. remember mo green? he didn't like the government before he was shot in the eye.
11:52 pm
tomorrow, trump has got it? >> he's going all the way to the nomination. >> you think so? >> positively. >> gutfeld? >> if some people drop out and they converge, that could happen. but trump, he might have it. if the media was high school, donald is the jock that glides in and out demanding that you do your homework. rubio is the most electable, but he looks like the sixth member of minuda. he looks like he arrived on a schwinn with a card in the spokes. he east the most electable according to the entrance polls. >> i don't know what that means, though. the only thing i've reported on this, is that the clinton campaign, hillary clinton, she's going win the nomination, unless the fbi takes her down. doesn't want to run against
11:53 pm
marco rubio. they're salivating to run against donald trump. but they may be underestimating donald trump. >> the people who supported bush don't like marco rubio, but now he does have donnie wahlberg's endorsement. he could get the jonas brothers. >> kasich is not going to drop out. >> i don't get it. he once guest hosted o'reilly. >> john kasich did. >> being president is a step down. >> that's why i'm not running. mcgurg is a front liner thanks to this show. okay, guys.
11:54 pm
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11:56 pm
"factor tip of the day," stopping bad behavior, in a moment. first, the mail. >> false, bob. both candidates got the same amount of time last night. your watch must be broken. >> it's my job, logan. dr. carson is not going to get the republican nomination this time around. that's it. >> how dare i, ted? how dare i? good grief. >> because his circumstances are
11:57 pm
different. all interviews are dictated by circumstance. many viewers are rooting for a candidate, and that's good. it's good. it's what a vibrant democracy is all about. but if you object to tough questioning of your favorite candidate, that's not good. "the factor" provides the best political coverage, because there's no rooting here. everybody is treated the same way.
11:58 pm
>> that's exactly what the pope did, steve. but he made a mistake in including donald trump. he should have kept his remarks general and avoided the u.s. border issue, unless he's aware of the many complexities of the illegal immigration problem in america, and he isn't. >> we have posted those talking points on the website. thank you. >> it has changed a lot since the 1980s. also, i want to wish a very happy birthday to helen mcdaniel, watching us in bay side, queens. 97 years old.
11:59 pm
and i can't wish all the birthdays, we get a lot of those. but once in a while, we'll mention someone. it's like the lottery. and in missouri, some radical teachers and students, one teacher was charged with threatening a photographer. now it seems that missouri alum are punishing that bad behavior. donations are down about $2 million. here's the "tip of the day," when an institution acts poorly, walk away, whatever it is, don't support them. that's a good way to correct misguided behavior. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news website and spout off about "the factor." please name a town if you wish to opine. the word of the day, do not be tendentious when writing to "the
12:00 am
factor." tomorrow, a special report on deporting illegal immigrants. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops it's midnight on the east coast, and in nevada polls are now closed. fox news can project that donald trump will win nevada's republican caucuses based on entrance polls. marco rubio appears to be ahead of ted cruz for the battle for second place. far behind are john kasich and retired neurosurgeon, ben carson. >> this is the third win for donald trump, who this month won south carolina and new hampshire after placing second in iowa


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