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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 24, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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trump with a commanding lead. you can see the numbers there. senators marco rubio and ted cruz it is still close to call. as of right now, and this will change nevada 30 delegates awarded proportionally stand like this. 12 to trump, 5 each to rubio and cruz kasich and carson 0. trump doubled down on his promise to reign in on immigration. >> mexico is going to pay for the wall. we know it, i know it. we have tremendous deficit. we have a trade deficit with mexico. believe me. i will talk to them. they are going to be thrilled to be paying for the wall. >> senator cruz who has been in a fierce battle with rubio to be the trump alternative thank his supporters for keeping him in a three man race. >> p tonight we are one step closer to morning in america.
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we are one step closer to turning the pages on the failures of the obama clinton disaster and getting back to the constitution, getting back to the free market principles, getting back to the unbelievable opportunity that is the american dream. >> marco rubio was campaigning in michigan. 11 candidates including six to dropped out and the votes for those candidates actually do count. >> back to you guys. >> you are correct. this is the second race where the second place winner has been too close to call right off the bat. editor for the hill says that is where the real gbattle begins.
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>> with donald trump three in a row that's a great feeling. heading into this decisive day just a week away. rubio and cruz are looking at the path ahead. rubio is hoping he can clean up his lane with a number he can take on donald trump. cruz, if he beats rubio tonight it's significant because he's competing with rubio. these two who refuse to fight trump are only fighting each other have got to figure out who their voters are. they are really running out of time. >> trump meantime has been winning the evangelical vote which ted cruz was banking on. cruz will hang on in texas but says he needs to figure out how else he is going to win. >> ben carson and john kasich refusing to throw in the towel despite a dismal finish in
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nevada. carson only receiving 5 percent of the vote there kasich finishing with 3 percent. >> i tell the pundits and political class they want to call everything. they say it is all done it is all over. we may as well go home and do the coronation now. you know what, i believe that they are wrong. >> i don't know if my purpose is to be president. my purpose is to be out here doing what i think i need to be doing and we will see where it ends up. if it is not this crusade it will be another one. >> kasich skipped nevada all together yesterday choosing to focus on the super tuesday states instead. the ohio governor hosted two town halls in georgia. >> could have the -- allegations of voter fraud in nevada. >> she joins us now with the latest. >> the problems started before
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votes were even cast, they waited in long lines for hours. some say they were intimidated while in line. extreme case was at a high school. two men dressed in kkk attire held signs supporting donald trump. allegations workers checked in voter without even checking their id's. some cases others are accused of et voing twice. many ran out of ballots and scrambled to get more. the ballots themselves were an issue as well. they listed candidates who had been dropped out including jeb bush, chris christie and rand paul. some poll workers wore donald trump t-shirts. you would think that would be a problem. the nevada gop said this. it is not against the rules for volunteers to wear candidate gear. they went through extensive training and are doing a great
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job. this is not the first time nevada had caulk cause chaos. in 2012 it took three-days to tally the results. last night's votes are still being counted. the gop said they have no official reports of voter problems but will look into the allegations. >> jackie ibanez live for us. donald trump dominating the third consecutive state with the help of several unlikely groups of voters. garrett tenney live with what the entrance polls show us. good morning. >> good morning, abby. these entrance polls were done as voters went into the caucus sites last night. they were close to what the voter total turned out to be and where donald trump is getting votes from. mo more surprisingly it was the hispanic voters 45 percent despite his strong stants and
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controversial comments on immigration. he was followed by marco rubio with 28 percent. donald also dominated among evangelical christians a group vital to ted cruz's campaign. 41 percent of evangelicals went for the billionaire businessman while 27 percent went for cruz the son of a preacher. like we have seen in other states trump dominated among voters who are angry with the federal government. 49 percent of the voters going his way compared to the next high ted cruz at 25 percent. trump counted his widespread support last night in his victory speech. >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. 46 percent for the his pan i goes. 46 percent. number one with hispanics.
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>> with a few votes being counted marco rubio holds a slight edge for ted cruz in second place. the florida senator easily beat out the other candidates over voters who wanted to have the next experience. 55 percent of the votes followed by cruz at 41. voters who didn't make up their mind for the last few days also went for rubio. the silver state marks three wins in a row for donald trump giving him a lot of momentum going for super tuesday next week. >> garrett tenney live for us. thank you. bernie sanders taking direct aim at donald trump at a town hall in south carolina accusing him of being racist for questioning president obama's birth certificate. >> this is on top of the issue which we have heard from donald
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trump and others a effort to try to de leg miez the president of the united states. my dad came from poland. guess what? nobody has asked for my birth certificate. maybe it is the color of my skin. i don't know. >> hillary clinton at the same event facing cough questions about benghazi and her e-mail scandal. >> i told the truth and testified under oath in the end they say they have nothing there. here i have turned over 55,000 pages of e-mail. nobody has ever been transparent or open. >> people might not agree with that. a gallop poll say they view clinton as dishonest. it shows socialist as the top result when asked to describe bernie sanders. >> in other news now terrorists coming to u.s. soil. that is part of president obama's newly laid out plan to
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close guantanamo bay. fe firing back saying they will not approve that move. >> this is about closing a chapter in our history. it reflects the lessons we have learned since 9-11 lessons we need to guide our nation going forward. >> how to go forward remains the source of an ongoing debate. the president acknowledged the brewing storm of opposition. >> i clear about the hurdles to find finally closing guantanamo. >> we will review president obama's plan. since it brings terrorists to u.s. communities he should know the bipartisan will of congress has already been expressed against that proposal. >> the president laid out a four-point plan to close the prison including the transfer of 85 detainees to foreign
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countries a commitment to use legal tools to try those eligible under article 3 and an effort to find u.s. locations to hold detainees who can't be released because of security reasons. under the 13 sun disclosed sites super max prison in colorado which has never had an escape pee and houses the underwear bomber shoe bomber and 9-11 co con spur core zarqawi. >> one of the things you do is hold the enemy combatants. if we do that where do we put them? >> the ongoing fight hasn't stopped them from slowly entering the prison. the president took office took fewer than 100 today. a number the white house said could fall to a few dozen by year's end. >> the gitmo story was a popular one on the presidential campaign trail today with marco rubio ted
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cruz and donald trump weighing in on the topic. he would keep open the facility. donald trump adding we would like to load it up with more bad news. at the white house kevin cork, fox news. >> what you always want. thank you kevin. always nice to have him join us. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. death and destruction down south. tornadoes trampled several states actually. the effort to pick up the pieces and the areas hardest hit. >> the question is are we ready to narrow the gop? the political panel weighs in next.
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>> it is going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest. >> donald trump takes another
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win giving him three states and ted cruz won. would this narrow the field into a two-person race or are we in it for the long hall? strategist and former white house press speaker for george bush. >> i will start with you. the obvious question in for the long hall or will it become a two-person race? >> it is for the long hall. senator ted cruz despite he will have a third place in ne neve which is disappointing for him but it was not a natural fit for ted cruz. he's looking at march 1st through march 15th where we have all of these southern states at play. his home state of texas right now he's up ahead in the polls. he can stay in the race. he's got the money to stay in the race. he's looking for stronger finishes in the southern states.
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trump is dominating cruz's base with evangelical christians. cruz has to figure out a way to broaden his coalition. it will be a three man race at least through march 15th. >> trump winning the evangelical vote. in nevada winning the hispanic vote by 48 percent. it is this going to continue for months to come? >> by the numbers it is overall ready. the rest of the candidates are throwing rocks at the train. nothing you can do about it. everybody is trying to figure out what to do. donald continues to role. at the end of the day we get through march and march 15th like ted cruz wins texas but donald trump also wins much of the other states. rubio will give a lot of the money that bush is getting in some of the donations but it may
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be too late because the calendar just happens too fast. i think that's where we are today. >> we want to talk more about that about bush supporters specifically and the money where it is going where it went. this race too close to call for second spot in nevada. does that tell you the bush supporters really split or is that really what happened? >> i think the bush supporters you see in florida the spanish are swifting from bush to rubio. you are seeing a shift. toss the jeb donors over to rubio in a cautiously slow way. there's bad blood between bush and rubio now. the i think for the jeb bush supporters while rubio is a natural place for them to go, i think there's some hurt feelings and it's going to take some if i am and it will take marco rubio to come together with jeb bush and make peace and see if that helps to bring the bush
2:18 am
supporters over. >> make peace and wash shocauti slow. you think either one of those things can happen in a political campaign? >> ifrng lots of things can happen. they are focused on how to take that train that keeps going by no matter how many rocks they throw at it. at some point the political consultants need to know what i know. they need to go big. he is thin skinned they have to continue to be on the attack if you don't take down the king you can never be the king. >> or does the establishment news need to kejump on board an start supporting him. thank y thank you for joining us. thank you as always. >> the time is currently 18 after the hour. chilling new images of the accused uber killer laughing and smiling in a gun shop. the purchase he made just hours before the carnage.
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>> sdet and destruction down south. three people are dead after tornadoes trampled states from louisiana to florida. >> one of the hardest hit areas. this was an rv park. in two people were killed there. a search is underway for other who's may be trapped under the debris. a third person was killed in a mobile home in mississippi. even more twirsers.
2:23 am
>> good morning. this is a powerful storm. severe weather farther off to the east. including tornadoes like you mentioned including gulf coast and the storm system is moving eastward and north ward as well. further south across places like florida. you are also looking at the risk. but the greatest risk area is in the south carolinas and eastern parts of virginia. strong tornadoes and strong damaging winds and flash flooding possible out there as well. another thing with the storm system, it has a lot of wind. you will see strong winds in southeastern texas and mid atlantic and appalachians. some kind of wind advisory or high wind morning in effect
2:24 am
right now. high wind as well. we are lacking at flooding concerns possibly especially places in the northeast. that's when several will be possible. on the backside of the system across places like michigan down through northern parts of indiana and illinois with several inches of snowfall possible. >> maria molina this morning. thanks so much. >> the cdc now investigating 14 new cases of the zika virus in the u.s. that were possibly spread through sex. experts say confirm through testing this could mean serious changes for the way the virus is controlled. the women never traveled to areas affected by zika. officials believe there is no other way they could have contracted this virus. >> new images of the suber driver with six people in kalamazoo, michigan. the surveillance photo showing
2:25 am
john dalton casually browsing a gun store with his hands in his pocket hours before the shooting. he was laughing and joking around. he didn't buy a gun but he bought a concealed carry jacket. he is facing six counts of murder. police have yet to mention a motive. >> horrible story. >> the high stakes faceoff between apple and the doj that reached whole new levels. lauren simonetti is here to explain. good morning. >> good morning, ladies. unsealed court documents show the justice department pursuing a court order to get the iphone locked of a terrorist and 12 others. pass code on the terrorist code they argued this week chocolate makers mars recalling popular candy bars. it may pose a choking hazard.
2:26 am
this came after a snickers bar in germany. a customer satisfaction survey but abercrombie and finch dead last. wall maft just slightly ahead of them. you may be in for a shock the pick for mcpick for $2 menu will now cost $5. >> 26 minutes after the top of the hour. eyes on the prize. the gop candidates shifting their votfocus oh super tuesday. who has the most momentum as we head into the state? >> our next guest weighing in next. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
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>> it is wednesday, february 24th and trump on top. the billionaire businessman declaring victory in the nevada caucus winning three straight states. >> this now giving him the momentum he needs when you say super tuesday. the biggest prize of the campaign so far. >> we love nevada. >> now we are winning, winning, winning the country. >> soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. you are going to be proud of your president and you are going to be even prouder of your country. >> the battle for second place between marco rubio and ted cruz still too close to call far behind with john kasich and ben carson. >> we have fox team coverage for you. she is live for us in las vegas. good morning. >> heading and rolling toward
2:31 am
super tuesday donald trump winning after his third process in a row. the numbers are still coming in. they could change. trump does maintain a commanding lead. you can see the numbers there. senators marco rubio and ted cruz, right now it is too close to call for second place. as of right now this will also change nevada's 30 delegates which are awarded proportionately 12 to trump 5 each to rubio and cruz and kasich and carson 0. donald trump spoke to a packed house. >> we will be the smart people. we are not going to be the people pushed around all over the place. you are going to be proud of your president and you are going to be even prouder of your country, okay? >> senator cruz who has you kno
2:32 am
has been in a fierce battle for rubio for keeping him in a three man race. >> if you want a president who will defend the second amendment right to keep and bear arms, i have been told folks in nevada kind of like their guns. >> as a texan i understand. let me sell you something. you look at those super tuesday states they like their guns, too. >> hours before the caulk days doors even opened, marco rubio was on plane to campaign in minnesota and michigan. abby. of note on the ballot here there were the names of 11 candidates six of whom had already dropped out. if someone wanted to vote for jeb bush that would be a valid vote. if by chance he garnered 3.33 percent of the votes, that's the threshold he would be awarded a delegate. since he's no longer running he could decide what to do with that delegate.
2:33 am
>> very interesting. alicia thank you for breaking that down for us. live for us from las vegas, nevada. the overwhelming turnout all across the state including allegations of voter fraud. jackie is here with that. >> the problem started before votes were cast. voters waited in long lines for hours. the most extreme case was outside one high school in a las vegas suburb. two men dressed up in kkk attire held signs for donald trump. inside not much better. they checked in voter without checking id's. some cases they were accused of voting twice. many ran out of ballots and scrambled to get more. they asked supporters to report video of any issues they might find on their cell phones but that's not allowed under state
2:34 am
gop rums because it would intimidate voters. that shouldn't be allowed either some day but there it is. it is not against the rules to wear candidate gear. they had extensive training and are doing a great job. this is not the first time they dealt with caucus chaos. only 23,000 people voted but it took nearly three days to tally the results because of various issues. last night's votes are still being counted. they received no official reports of voter problems but will look into the allegations. let's hope it doesn't take three-days, huh? >> jackie ibanez thank you. >> several unlikely groups of voters helping secure his third consecutive win. garrett tiny live for us with what the polls show us. some likely some rather likely.
2:35 am
they wind up pretty closely to what the actual vote totals that are working out to be so far. they certainly helped explain where donald trump is getting his support from. most surprisingly last night wausz among hispanic voters who overwhelmingly went for trump. 45 percent despite a strong stance in controversial comments on immigration. he was followed by marco rubio with 28 percent. the donald also again dominated among evangelical christians a group said to be vital to ted cruz's campaign. 27 percent went for cruz, the son of a preacher. in other states so far trump dominated among voters who are angry with the federal government. 49 percent of the voters going his way compared to the next highs highest cruz at 25 percent. last night in his victory speech donald trump touted his widespread support. >> we won the evangelicals.
2:36 am
we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we wouldn't know with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. 46 percent for the hispanics. 46 percent. number one with hispanics. now a few of those are still being counted. marco rubio holds a slight edge over cruz for second place. easily beat out the others who wanted them to have political experience. 55 percent marco rubio followed by cruz number one and voter who's didn't make up their minds who went for rubio 39 percent compared to cruz at 26 and donald trump at 25. it will be a busy week for all of the candidates now six days away. all of the candidates will have a chance to make their case in a next one-on-one with megyn
2:37 am
kelly. abby and heather? >> it is all coming down to the wire. thank you so much. the focus shifting to super tuesday. who has the most momentum with the biggest surprise? >> the moment pupum and the num. weighing in is lisa. thank you for joining us. >> let's talk about the momentum and who has it going into tuesday, super tuesday. >> we have seen him recently dominate in new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. it is a testament to the diversity of his candidacy. he picked up new hampshire and liberal leaning voter republican voters. also a state like south carolina which has 65 percent are the evangelical born again christians. ne neve winning with the hispanic voters turned out as
2:38 am
well as e gel cal voters. a commanding lead in the polls would have been done in the states outside of the arkansas and texas. he had a commanding lead. he absolutely has the momentum. between rubio and cruz it is a race for second. right now we are only in the proportional states. they are trying to vie for that second place finish and pick up delegates there. >> super tuesday a lot to pick up there. you have a dozen states including texas. 600 delegates at stake. how will we talk about the results come next wednesday? >> not only is this a raise for money and momentum specifically for marco rubio or ted cruz. for those candidates they are looking to try to stay in this to make the case for voters to make the case to the establishment type, but they are viable, they can sptick it out
2:39 am
until march 15th where we will see the winner take all states. but you are right there are a lot of delegates that stay on tuesday which would be the fcc primary. if you are looking at a state like texas 155 delegates. the problem right now is those states on tuesday are only going to be allocated on a proportional basis. do for donald trump he has to take as many as he can. vikto res in south carolina, new hampshire, nevada, if you are marco rubio or ted cruz if rubio you are trying to take a state like minnesota if ted cruz you are trying to win a state like texas where he has been up in the polls and there are 155 delegates at stake and the primaries on march 8th with michigan. trying to make it to march 15th where he was a winner take
2:40 am
allstate. >> 328 delegates then alone. the last republican candidate. it was back in 1996. we will have you back heather and abby. appreciate it. >> 26 minutes to t-- 20 minutes the top of the hour. bringing gitmo terrorists to u.s. soul. >> this is about a campaign promise. not a real plan. >> why critics say this is a disastrous plan. >> millennials wanling a new generational war and the enemy for my favorite captain crunch why melinn mitochondrials won't eat cereal, what is wrong with you? then you might be gearcentric. ♪ right now, get 25% back in rewards on hp ink, toner, and paper!
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would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> fox and friend first
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developing. terrorists coming to u.s. soil. that is president obama's plan to close down guantanamo. they are facing a lot of backlash from lawmakers who say it isn't in the plan but rather his attempt to save face. >> this is about a campaign promise. first of all not a real plan. he doesn't even identify where in the u.s. he would like to transfer that from. he identified the number of locations doesn't say which one he thinks is best. then there is absolutely no plan if we capture a terrorist tomorrow where we are going to incare gate thindare get the-- them. the just as the president laid out that plan or lack of a plan, a former gitmo detainee is arrested in spain. he's among four people accused of plotting an attack with a
2:45 am
jihadi cell and recruiting teenagers. he was held in gitmo for twoer yaos before being transferred to spain. abby? >> death and destruction down south three people are dead after tornadoes trampled states from louisiana to florida. one of the hardest hit areas in southern louisiana two people are killed there. 30 people were treated at hospitals. a search is underway for others who may be trapped under debris. a third person was killed in a mobile home in mississippi. even more twisters are likely to spin-off near the atlantic coast later today. a dramatic rescue in the show. a girl falls into an icy hole full of water. her father couldn't get her out. luckily a search and rescue team was another by. the group came to samantha's rescue using ropesment hear more
2:46 am
about the incredible rescue and samantha joins "fox & friends" live at 8:20 eastern time. look forward to seeing that. >> 14 minutes to the top of the hour. two-days after the nevada caucuses who do the candidates need to do? political panel is back with that answer. >> they are really sick people referred to human beings as animals? actually made me sick. >> and the ridiculous reason why this bernie sanders supporter hysterically is crying. trying to figure out what that is. >> she is going to tell us what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> why would someone weep because someone lost a caucus. i am no the sure. let me tell you what's coming
2:47 am
up. i know you went to bed not knowing fully what happened in nevada. the caucus coverage continuing. we have a nice big winner. it is donald trump but how big a margin and why. we are going to talk to senator rubio. prime minister of the u.k. tony player on the couch. gitmo guard went back to gitmo to the detention center the president wants to close. mark is here from kansas. we are going to weigh in on the president's plan to shut down gitmo. talked about the efforts to help find veterans to help them get better healthcare. three hours to fill don't miss a minute. please put something on. cl incredible bladder protection
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tomorrow, you'll be hearing, you know, if they could just take the other candidates and add them up, and if you could add them up -- because you know the other candidates amount to 55%. so if they could -- they keep forgetting that when people drop out, we're going to get a lot of votes. [ applause ] >> there you have it. donald trump declaring another victory. his third consecutive state. the big question now -- should the gop rally around the front-runner, or is it too early? our political panel is back. gop strategist and former white house spokesperson for george w. bush, and democratic strategist check chuck roach. another win for donald trump. mercedes, you look at history and see if the candidate won new hampshire or iowa, south carolina and now nevada, usually the party starts to coalesce
2:52 am
behind you. we're not really seeing that happen yet. >> i think that the establishment is still in shock, and i think they're not really willing to accept the fact that the past for these other candidates to -- the path for these other candidates to take the lead is narrowing. they're looking at, well, rubio's going to win florida, and ted cruz has got to win texas. they keep expanding it to march dates. at this point, it's still too early. the way it's looking now, when you look at march, through march 15th, you're talking about 989 delegates that will be distributed. some of these candidates will be able to gain momentum there somewhat. trump surely because of his lead in new hampshire, his wins in new hampshire, south carolina, nevada, he's clearly in a -- in a position or, as he would say, a beautiful position to get the nomination. >> and chuck, the fight is on to be the trump alternative. cruz and rubio, it's getting ugly. how long do you see this playing out for, and who do you think comes out on top?
2:53 am
>> they need to not fight each other and take him on. obviously everybody within the establishment now that bush is out is trying to coalesce behind rubio. time is running out quickly. people need to get their game plan together. they need to go after him. and what's happening is it's a money game. if you look at the spending happening in march 1st, and i pulled them up this morning, you can see where they'll try to put down the firewall. may be too late with the trump train. >> mercedes, another debate tomorrow night. wh do the candidates have to do? cruz and rubio are the ones duking this out. what do they do to get back in the game? >> this debate is very interesting. it's the only one with telemundo part of -- with cnn, they've pa partnered. it's going to be live broadcasted for the spanish lake audience. this presents an opportunity for the candidates who have obviously with the issue of immigration, have had a difficult time really trying to court the hispanic voter on this important issue. and so they're going to have to walk a fine line.
2:54 am
you'll see tomorrow, there's going to be a lot of infighting between cruz and rubio on immigration. trump obviously will be strong on talking about the wall. candidates need to think about how they'll sound to hispanic voters which might not be as important in the primary election, but hispanic elections will be important in the election. >> donald trump won in nevada. >> that's right. it was a small sample. everything that we know about politics, and we specialize in doing latino turnout, 20% of the latino electorate is conservative. that's what you saw last night. about 6,000 latino showed up, and he won a majority of that. back to the debate, they need to take him on tomorrow. i'm a child of the '80s, listen to me, rubio and cruz. it's time to sweep the knee, it's time to get in there cobra kai. you've got to get in there if you're to have any chance at all. take it from the old man. >> we love your energy.
2:55 am
thank you both for being with us. we appreciate it. heather? >> as chuck said, 6,000 latino voters turned out in nevada. 75,000 gop voters overall, a record number in the state. the time is now about six minutes until the top of the hour specifically. the fbi's request of apple growing larger. what feds are demanding from the tech giant. plus, double vision. identical twin sisters give birth to twins again. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave, here's what's happening -- at least three people dead after tornadoes slammed states from louisiana to florida. crews searching for others who may be trapped under debris. the justice department demanding apple unlock iphones used by criminals in five states in addition to the san bernardino killer's phone. and three in a row for donald trump. the republican front-runner taking first place in the nevada caucus. let's keep talking about donald trump. is he unstoppable? weigh in on our facebook page. and time now for g&d. first, the good. flowi first, identical twins give set to their own sets of twins. the family has five sets of twins in two generations. next, the bad. millennials too laysy to eat
3:00 am
cereal? 44% won't eat it because they don't want to clean up the dishes. the ugly -- a bernie sanders supporter cries because donald trump supporters were mean to her during a phone session. >> people voting for him are sick people. referred to -- >> the tearful rant going viral. wow. and "reliable sourcesho "fox & . >> bye-bye. hey, everybody. good morning. it's wednesday, 29s 4th of february, 2016. i'm anna koiman. the donald again. three in a row as he takes the nevada caucuses in a landslide. the battle for second taking all night long. and the runner-up just officially announced. we have the latest result straight ahead. and you saw hillary clinton squirm at this question -- >> jimmy carter said "i will never lie to you." >> you're asking me to say have i over --


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