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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 24, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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cereal? 44% won't eat it because they don't want to clean up the dishes. the ugly -- a bernie sanders supporter cries because donald trump supporters were mean to her during a phone session. >> people voting for him are sick people. referred to -- >> the tearful rant going viral. wow. and "reliable sourcesho "fox & . >> bye-bye. hey, everybody. good morning. it's wednesday, 29s 4th of february, 2016. i'm anna koiman. the donald again. three in a row as he takes the nevada caucuses in a landslide. the battle for second taking all night long. and the runner-up just officially announced. we have the latest result straight ahead. and you saw hillary clinton squirm at this question -- >> jimmy carter said "i will never lie to you." >> you're asking me to say have i over -- i don't believe i ever
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have. >> talking about telling the truth and telling lies. this morning, she gets a do-over. and wait until you hear what hillary says this time. >> right. we'll include that. and president obama vowing to close gitmo before leaving office. before he does, the former gitmo guard himself got into the detention center. look. >> i have no reason to expect that their commitment is any less than it was the day that they were first captured. >> that's the terrorist commitment to kill us. what pete found out on his trip at gitmo this hour only here. mornings are better with friends, even if you went to bed late. >> we weren't expecting -- a couple of months ago we weren't expected to win. you know that, right? we weren't. of course, if you listen to the
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pundits, we weren't expected to win too much. now we're winning, winning, winning the country. [ applause ] >> donald trump is on a winning streak. he is going to join us along with the fellow who it looks as if is finishing in second place. donald trump and marco rubio. all night long, it was neck and ne neck. now rubio two, cruz three. the big story is he's on a winning streak. a hat trick, trifecta. trump wins. >> donald trump, three in a row. let's look at the numbers. we can tell you how many delegates each of the candidates have received, as well. trump getting 12, and rubio and cruz tied at five. carson and kasich coming in at zero. look at the numbers. 45.9% of the vote going to donald trump. 23.9% to marco rubio. 21.4% to ted cruz. >> marco rubio did spend six years of his life there and was a mormon. there's a big mormon population. many thought he would do better. he finished second.
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he's getting a lot of endorsement. that's almost half -- only half of what donald trump was able to accrue. as expected, there were glitches along the way. people said they ran out of ballots. they also said a lot of people weren't caucusing, they were going, there's my ballot. that's not the format, even though the candidates preferred it to be a primary. along with glitches, people said people were coming in without checking i.d.s. no one is disputing who actually won. it was also interesting that ted cruz decided late to come in and address everybody where marco rubio said, i'm just going to leave and be set to do the morning shows, "fox & friends." >> we'll fill you in on the side stories. why did donald trump win? when you look at the entrance polls, keep in mind this isn't -- this wasn't a primary, this was a caucus. so we talked to people going in. 86% said that they liked the fact that donald trump tells it like it is, or at least tells it like he feels it is. 71% liked the fact he's a
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washington outsider. 60% say that donald trump can bring the needed change that america needs. and about half the country is angry with the government, and that's why they like donald trump. >> and with both cruz and rubio having cuban backgrounds and trump saying he's going to build a wall in make is going to pay for it, this may surprise you -- donald trump taking 45% of the hispanic latino vote. senator rubio coming in at 28%. cruz, 18%. kasich, 4%. carson 3%. >> what's interesting is if you take marco rubio and ted cruz's numbers, they are the two cuban americans. you add those up, you essentially get the same number that donald trump got with the latinos and hispanics, even though so many pundits said, you know, no latino would ever vote for him. but they did by a lot. >> he's going to be on later. the thing that could be deceiving is only 8% of the republican electorate that showed up to caucus were hispanics. it's a small conservative population in that state. meanwhile, speaking of the state, the entry, the other
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thing was that made it intriguing in south carolina was the evangelical vote. you know, ted cruz thought to dominate that. marco rubio, as well. that's not what the numbers say. >> trump has done it again, taking 41%. cruz at 26%. rubio, 25%. % to carson. 2% to kasich. yeah, this is a blow to senator ted cruz once again who has run this faith-infused campaign. it hurt him in south carolina. he was expecting to get the evangelical vote. trump got it there, too. >> right. the horse race really in nevada was who's going to come into second place, marco rubio edged out ted cruz by two points. this, of course, increases pressure on mr. trump's opponents to somehow join forces to defeat the common enemy, donald trump. there you see, ted cruz put this out last night. rather than shooting at trump, he's shooting at rubio. he said marco rubio started working early, and put a significant amount of resources into making nevada the one early
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state he could win. despite the hype, rubio still failed to beat donald trump. we should point out that rubio has been in nevada with a campaign presence for approaching a year. >> yeah. he was organized there. spent several years of his life there. his dad was a bartender, mother a maid, and you know, that's where he talks a lot about that american dream story that he's campaigned hard on. his family was living paycheck to paycheck. look where he is now, serving in the senate. >> here's the thing, ted cruz had a terrible week. and when he had to fire his communications director after the accusations coming into nevada showed that there was -- there's a general consensus that his campaign of going to -- they kept saying with the refrain of he lied, he lied, he lied. finally with the incident at the hampton hotel, he actually fires his communication director. this was his time. you look back, look at marco rubio, and he had the bad debate with governor christie. that was his time. that was his test. it's going to be up to ted cruz now to marshal his resources, win texas, and win something
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else on super tuesday. he's got to find a way to do that. if you watched him last night -- i watched a repeat. his decision to speak. he looked tired for the first time, deflated for the first time. evidently at the room at the ymca, it was half full. >> i read one of ted cruz's only supporters at the y said, you know, it's going to take a miracle for ted to win. it look like donald trump will be the nominee for the republican side. >> that would hurt, the evangelical vote, to go back to that one more time. pastor robert jeffress of on "the o'reilly factor" and said he has a fear. it's -- a theory. it's not just that cruz and rubio claim to be outsiders even they're in the senate, donald trump is the only true outsider of the top and the other point, something i haven't heard anybody else say, following the supreme court's decision on gay marriage, it made evangelicals more open to
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secular candidates thinking the government isn't going to be the ones protecting me, it's my -- my church that's going to be protecting and upholding my values. the government needs to worry about immigration and the economy, two things that donald trump is good at. >> indeed. one other thing that donald trump spaernl apparently -- trump apparently is good at is organizing people to show up. there were reports of caucus chaos. apparently they were running out of ballots. there are suggestions that some people voted twice, although the local republicans say that's not the case. and then, we've got some images that we're going to show you of the volunteers who are actually -- that guy is one of the people in charge of taking the calk ballots. >> is that a trump shirt? >> you're allowed to. you're allowed to root for people. >> you know -- so the other campaigns were really furious about this. the gop said in nevada, they said there are rules for the caucus staff to -- you can wear
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it in a caucus. you cannot wear anything considered electioneering during a state or federal. this was not one. they said, "the volunteers went through extensive training and are doing a great job." >> the t-shirts allowed but not bud light. one guy tried to smuggle in a six pack of beer -- >> a bucket. by the secret service. they said, what are you doing? you don't need to bring that here. they were afraid that he was going to get too rowdy, so they stopped him right at the gate. >> no trump trying to sneak in alcohol. none of them drink, not eric, not donald or donald sr. does this sound familiar, sneaking beers into an event? >> it does. >> from recently? >> i've done that many times. haven't we all? good morning to all of you. serious news from down south and news making headlines.
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death and destruction in some of the southern states. tornadoes trampling states from louisiana to florida. one of the hardest hit areas, take a look. an rv park in southern louisiana, two people were killed in that devastation. now, a search is underway for others who may be trapped under the debris there. a third person was killed in mississippi. even more tornadoes are likely to form along the atlantic coast today. we'll bring you more on this weather as we get it. disturbing new images of that uber driver accused of randomly gunning down six people in kalamazoo, michigan. take a look at surveillance photos. they show jason dalton casually browsing a gun store with his hands in his pockets hours before the deadly shooting. store owners say dalton was laughing and was joking around. he didn't buy a gun, but he did buy a conceal carry jacket. dalton faces six counts of murder. police have yet to mention what they think his motive was. the justice department demanding apple unlock at least
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nine iphones in addition to the one used by the san bernardino shooter. the tech giant fighting that request in at least seven cases saying it poses a threat to overall privacy. people across the united states joining apple in their fight against the fbi yesterday. at least some folks. some protests outside of apple stores across 40 cities. in chicago, the protest was interrupted by the black lives matter movement. they showed up. protesters were angry over the city's handling of the laquan mcdonald case. an american flag was even burned during the protest. one person was arrested. hillary clinton's former top aides may soon be under oath. a federal judge wants to question them about emails found on her private server that she used while she was secretary of state. in the meantime, clinton getting a you do dooover after she -- getting a do-over after she botched a question. listen -- >> have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to. always. always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just
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gave yourself -- >> no -- >> always tried to. i mean, jimmy carter said, "i will never lie to you." >> you're asking me to say have i ever, i don't believe i -- >> is that a question that you'd like another shot at answering? >> i'll say no. [ applause ] >> you make mr. colbert -- >> goodness. like didn't work out so well the first time i answered it. let me try again. the democrats' next contest is saturday in south carolina. hillary clinton is heavily favored. that answer reminds me of something my 5-year-old would say. no, i was trying. >> don't want to get in trouble. >> yikes. see you soon. thanks, gang. >> thank you. coming up on this wednesday, hackers protesting a deadly shooting by police take revenge on police officers in cincinnati. >> when you murder a human being, when you have other choices of containing your suspect available, we will make your officers' information public record. >> and they did. the hacking group anonymous posting personal information on
3:13 am
line of police officers. but it may in many cases, it's completely legal. can police officers ever be safe in uniform? we'll go to cincinnati for the latest. and a viral video shows how hard it is for veterans to even get an appointment with the v.a. now one congressman is taking action. >> telephone carrier system -- >> transferred to an assistant. press two. please hold while are you transferred to a representative. >> hello. welcome to the v.a. telephone care system --
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the proof that it heals is you. the personal information of more than 50 cincinnati police officers was leaked by a group of hackers claiming its revenge for a deadly shooting. >> when you murder a human being, when you have other choices of containing your suspect available, we will make your officers' information public record. >> now that the personal data of those officers is out, can anything be done to protect them? it's out there in the twitter verse and universe on line. joining us is captain michael hartsler from the hamilton sheriff's office, also the director of the greatest cincinnati fusion center which works with local, federal, and state authorities to share intel and information. captain, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> curious your reaction after you heard that here you've got
3:18 am
these police officers doing their job. anonymous had an axe to grind with how one killing of a black man by some police officers was done, and so they put all this stuff on line. how -- how did you feel when they did that? >> it's very alarming. it's happened all across the country. and to happen here at home, it's alarmi alarming. disconcerting. >> absolutely. how did they get the information about the various police officers to put on line? >> well, they derived it from the public domain, from social networking sites. and if you're not protecting yourself on the sites and you engage in social networking, it is public. >> when you say if you're not protecting yourself, are you talking about if -- if a police officer is worried about his safety, they should take it
3:19 am
down? >> well, their recommendation is that you can set your privacy settings and make sure that you don't post photographs of yourself in uniform or identify yourself as a law enforcement officer. yes, you have to take every precaution necessary not only to protect yourself now protect the family and relatives. >> curious. you're in cincinnati now. how do you feel about the fact that this online group has put the information out and essentially has put a target on each of the members of law enforcement who were outed? >> i'm alarmed but not surprised. it's happened all over the country. we live in a very dangerous world, in a very dangerous country today. we need to take every -- as i said, every precaution to protect ourselves. officers deserve to go home, and
3:20 am
they certainly need to feel protected while at home. >> did this group break any laws, or because the stuff was out in the public domain, they were just repackaging it? >> this was docksing, and there was no breach of any systems, and so they derived it, and by releasing their names and addresses, it was not a violation. but they're -- it's still ongoing. >> absolutely. it's troubling that it's out there. all right. captain michael hartsler. thank you, sir. >> thank you. what do you think about that? e-mail us. veterans struggle to get treatment from the v.a. this could be why -- >> press two. please hold while are you being transferred to a representative. >> hello. welcome to the bedford v.a. telephone care system. >> frustrating. that video is now inspiring a bill going through congress.
3:21 am
congressman seth mulan with his idea to fix the problem for good. and the story doesn't sound real. these identical twin sisters just gave birth to twins. both of them. it's not the first time. meet the moms now going viral. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. good morning. veterans continue to struggle to get help from the v.a. this may be why -- >> the bedford v.a. telephone care system. with this system -- >> transferred to an assistant. press two. >> please hold while are you being transferred to a representative. >> hello. welcome to the bedford v.a. telephone care system. >> social security number by pressing the numbers -- >> this video has gone viral
3:25 am
showing army veteran dennis mcnasco trying to make an appointment at his local v.a. hospital in bedford, massachusetts, but getting stuck in endless automated messages. he happens to work for iraq war veteran and democratic congressman seth moulton who joins us live from capitol hill. thanks for joining us. >> good to be here. >> i know you've got a lot of additional support by posting that on social media. but first, i mean, how frustrating is this? i can't handle that when i'm trying to get the cable company on the line. when you're going for your health care, how important is it to our heroes? >> it's absolutely essential. and i made a commitment to continue getting my health care from the v.a. even as a member of congress. so i've experienced this firsthand. the irony is that the bedford v.a. is one of the best v.a. hospitals in the country. it delivers outstanding care if you can just get through the national phone system to actually make an appointment. >> yeah. and i know you've gotten a lot of additional support. it's called the faster care for veterans act that you're
3:26 am
pushing. here's what it does -- an 18-month pilot project. veterans would schedule their own doctors appointments oline. the bill now has 19 co-sponsors. explain to me how it would work and how easy you say it would be. >> well, what the bill does is it tells the v.a. to pilot a program where veterans will be able to make aspoimts right on their smart -- aself-employments right on their smartphones. they can see cancelations and get appointments. it's been tried in the private sector and been successful in the private sector. it's not available to veterans now. what the bill says is rather than try to develop a system over the next five years, proprietary to the v.a., just take the system that's available in the private sector today and give it to veterans. >> yeah, look at the private sector instead. you say they were planning on spending $623 million to do what, and how would this compare? >> they're spending $623 million to revamp their entire scheduling system when a lot of pieces already exist in the private sector. so let's just take that private sector innovation, give it to
3:27 am
veterans today, rather than waiting for the next five years and spending an awful lot of taxpayer dollars to get it done. >> what about our veterans, the ones aging up? they have a hard time using technology. it's not just as easy for them as clicking a button. you know, it's confusing for them. would there be help out there for people in those situations? >> well, that's a great question. you know, the phone system would still be available. but it wouldn't be so backlogged if all the iraq and afghanistan veterans, the young veterans who want to make appointments on their smartphones can use that system instead. >> we know that some veterans have apparently died while on waiting lists. that just is heartbreaking. something certainly needs to change. are you hopeful that something will happen? there's a lot of gridlock in washington. this bill apparently is on track for a hearing in the house oversight and government reform subcommittee soon. what's that schedule and timeline? >> you know, i am optimistic because we've gotten a lot of co-sponsors on both sides of the aisle. taking care of our veterans is not a democratic issue or a republican issue. it's an american issue. it's something we need to do.
3:28 am
i believe our veterans deserve the best health care in the world. >> right. yeah. >> and get it done. >> it's something they were promised when they signed up to serve. congressman seth moulton, thank you very much for your time. we'll continue to follow this story. >> thank you. 28 after the hour on a wednesday. coming up on "fox & friends," donald trump is on a winning streak. super tuesday isn't far away. that's a whole different ball of wax. we're live in las vegas with the very latest. that's coming up next. and before president obama attempts to close guantanamo bay, our very own pete gisd smith, a guard himself, speaks out. >> he's here with what he found on his trip inside gitmo. that's next. you don't want to miss it. first, happy birthday to boxer floyd mayweather. he's 39. hi, i'm here with some advice from the future don't buy makeup that settles into lines, it ages you.
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we're back with the latest on the race for the white house. i don't know if you heard, it's going on now. guess what, three in a row for donald trump. >> that's right. the republican front-runner dominating the competition at the nevada republican caucuses last night. >> we have more live from las vegas on the latest results. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yes, the nevada republican party is now reporting record turnout from last night with 75,000 people participating in the caucuses. during entrance and exit polls, so many of them expressing their frustration, rage, and agitation with the federal government and the way the system works. the one who benefited most, donald trump. look at the numbers watch 100% of precincts reporting, you see the commanding lead mr. trump holds. then senators marco rubio and ted cruz in that order. now the candidates take their
3:33 am
delegates and head into the super tuesday states to compete for some big prizes. donald trump lead in the polls in a majority of those states. >> we've had great numbers coming out of texas. [ applause ] amazing numbers coming out of tennessee and georgia and arkansas. and then in a couple of weeks later, florida. >> tonight, i'll sleep in my bed for the first time in a month. and then it will be back to the campaign trail and texas and all across super tuesday. >> reporter: marco rubio moved on quickly from nevada. he left this state yesterday morning, many hours before caucus sites even opened. he went to minnesota, a super tuesday state, and michigan which holds its primary on march 8th. senator rubio really fighting to be that trump alternative, as you know. he's been racking up the establishment endorsements. however, stopping that trump momentum could be an uphill
3:34 am
battle at this point. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much. marco rubio actually is in grand rapids, michigan. he's going to be joining us at the top of the hour. at 8:00, we'll have mr. donald trump. >> right. >> we'll see if marco rubio comes in first, if he's going to go at donald trump. >> he want to come in first -- >> he's got to go at the guy in front -- in first place. kind of strange. >> get him in the cross hairs. we'll bring in pete hegseth for concerned veterans for americans and get to your gitmo story in a second. i want your reaction to the interview with congressman moulton. he has a guy who works for him who's a veteran. tried for two days to get the v.a. on the phone to schedule an appointment, and was so frustrated. when i'm interviewing the congressman, he said that the government was going to spend $620 million to come up with an app that does something that's already out there in the private sector which would allow these veterans to pretty much with the click of a button schedule their own appointments, use an app on
3:35 am
a smartphone. where is the disconnect? >> typical v.a., typical government. they try to use a proprietary system instead of using technology we already use on our smartphone. this is a simple concept. a smartphone where you schedule your own appointment. it earthwatch a great idea, a pilot -- it's a great idea, a palo alto a great program. it's about transparency. vets have no idea when it's calling 1-800 numbers to wait on hold. it's not a silver bullet solution, but tell force all the right things to the v.a. >> he's had the idea since '08 to close gitmo, now he says, congress, approve it. >> not really a plan. didn't say where he's going to go -- >> a little vague. >> vague with the details. it's effectively let some go. review more to see if we can let even more go. then bring them effectively end commission and bring them to our civilian courts which has a whole number of problems. law fare as opposed to welfare.
3:36 am
put them in prisons, supermax. it's what he think he can do. but congress has blocked it. it's not going happen. >> some of these guys after they're released from gitmo want to stay there because it's so much better than it is where they want to send them. you returned from gitmo. >> i was there as a guard in 2004, 2005. when we saw the president was going to release his plan, we thought why don't we go and look at the real gitmo. get a sense of what goes on down there. a lot of people have a characthat -- caricature of guantanamo bay. we went to take a look. >> there have been, oh, 300 and some assaults on the guards since i've been here. >> am i surprised to see somebody going back to the fight? no. >> reporter: bombmakers, bin laden bodyguards, many with american blood tlo hands. evenmasterminds are being held.
3:37 am
>> even when they don't deserve respect, we treat them with respect. even when they're throwing feces or urine or spitting on guards or scratching guards. >> reporter: nearly 700 detainees have been released since 2002. the percentage of those who return to the battlefield, upwards of 30%. do you feel like the men here pose a threat, some of them may pose a threat to americans in the future? >> i have no reason to expect that their commitment is any less than it was the day that they were first captured. >> reporter: wire, chain link fences, wooden tires, fixed in the consciousness of americans and the world when they think of guantanamo bay. the 90 detainee that's remain here don't live -- detainees that remain here don't live like this. they're in a maximum facility inside. bare bone facility replaced with first-class accommodations. their health care, exactly the same as our troops. plus, a library with thousands of dvds, video games, and over 20,000 books. >> by far most popular item since i've been here has been our religious books.
3:38 am
>> reporter: this is a cell inside camp six. inside you see basic clothing items provided for detainees. religious observation items as well for prayer time. head iphones -- headphones used wireless three watch any number of 300 satellite television channels that detainees have access to. basic amenities. also, an arrow pointing to mecca for prayer time. gitmo is more than a detention center. it's an active duty naval station home to thousands of military members, their families, and civilians. it has a church, a school, and even a mcdonald's. >> guantanamo bay, as you're aware, sitting here is a unique location. it's an odd combination of being deployed and being in a normal stateside military base. there's opportunities for off-duty things that you don't have if you're in afghanistan or iraq or someplace like that. >> reporter: here in camp america, dozens of mini monuments mark the deployment time of various military police
3:39 am
units and infantry units, many of which spend six to nine months, some upwards of a year with detainees. one was from the new jersey army national guard. i was a part of the unit. >> the men and women who work here in this facility in the joint task force are a professional, dedicated, honorable bunch who do a great job every day. the politics aside, my folks, they can be proud of the work that they're doing and go home with their head held high. >> that last sound from colonel heath, one of the commanders there. leaders at guantanamo say there's only one thing they'd like besides faster internet on base. a fair shake from the media. they want the truth being told that the professionalism of the guards, the high-quality facility that is this detention facility. they do a great job. >> we keep hearing how expensive it is. $450 million? i don't get it. why does it cost that much? >> you've got to staff the facilities. it is a full-time naval station.
3:40 am
it's than expensive if you look at what it would take to transport, house, try in the united states. it's efficient. remember, we lease this land from cuba for $2,000 a year, and they don't cash the check. it's the cheapest land you could find anywhere. >> does the place look cavernous? >> it doesn't. they've got the ability to shrink or expand. this is a top-notch facility that's well run. when i asked is it better than the supermaxes in the united states, one of the commanders said absoluteli, it's the best prison i've ever seen. >> with the recidivism rate being 30% and more suspected of returning to the battlefield, doesn't make me comfortable that the president wants -- >> doesn't make a lot of americans comfortable. >> thank you very much for going down. >> thanks. >> showing what's actually happening there. what's actually happening in the news? we turn to heather who's going to talk about mosquitoes. >> yeah and the zika virus. the cdc investigating 14 new cases of the zika virus in the united states. experts believe that those cases have may all been sexually transmitted. experts say that if that is
3:41 am
confirmed through testing, it means serious changes for the way the virus is kroeld because the women -- controlled because the women infectsed never traveled to the areas affected by the virus. officials believe there is no other way the women could have contracted zeke a. horror, shame, and humiliation. that's what erin andrews' lawyers say the sportscaster felt when she found someone secretly recorded her nude through a peephole in her hotel room. she's asking for $ 5 million in damages -- $75 million in damages for the incident that took place in 2008. she says the nashville marriott at vanderbilt university did not stop serial stalker michael barrett from reserving a room next to hers. she also argues that the hotel made it possible for barrett to rig a peephole for a camera and then spy on her. two teenagers arrested for cowardly attacking a decorated marine in washington, d.c., will not be facing hate crime charges. surveillance footage seen here shows them knocking sergeant chris marquez unconscious as he
3:42 am
leaves a mcdonald's restaurant. marquez told us yesterday that they called him a racist and then attacked him. listen -- >> i believe that i should get the same type of protection as other people in this country, as well. we all know if this was the -- other way around, it would be considered a hate crime automatically. >> he says they asked him a question -- do black lives matter? he says he did not answer it, and that's when the beating took place. authorities are still investigating at least two more people involved in the attack. it is twin mania in utah. fun story to bring you now. identical twin sisters in utah give birth to a set of twins again. this is their second set of twins just weeks apart. now between the two of them, carrie bunker and kelly wahl, they're both ages 36, have nine children under 5 years of age. imagine that. nine kids under 5. they now have five sets of twins in just two generations.
3:43 am
and get this -- they're currently building a new home next door to one another. they say so the kids can all grow up together or they can feed them all together and bathe them all together and do things that make life a little simpler when you've got that many kids. >> i wonder if the two houses will be twins. if the houses will look exactly -- >> tear down that wall. let them all run around. >> tear down that wall. sounds like a reality show. >> thanks. coming up, tornadoes turn neighborhoods into a war zone after deadly storms streak through the south. and the extreme weather isn't over yet. the latest on this breaking story when we come back. and a big show ahead. nevada's two winners, donald trump and marco rubio. first and second place. join us live with their reaction to last night's caucus results as they get ready for super tuesday and a debate tomorrow.
3:44 am
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on to this now. some extreme weather. tornadoes trample the south. several twisters spotted from louisiana to florida. one of the hardest hit areas, an rv park in southern louisiana. two people were killed there. a search is underway for others who may be trapped under debris. a third person was killed in mississippi. even more tornadoes are likely to form along the atlantic coast today. maria molina is tracking it on this wednesday. i'm looking at the radar, and for most part, the eastern one-third of the suds a rainy day today. >> reporter: yeah. this storm system packing a punch, bringing all kinds of weather, not just rain and also heavy snow, but the threat for severe weather. that does continue into today. we have a tornado watch across florida, georgia, and that area looking at the tornado watch in effect until 10:00 a.m. eastern time. looking at several hours here of potential severe weather across that zone. eventually as we head into this afternoon and this evening, we
3:48 am
could continue to see severe weather and extending through parts of the carolinas and the mid-atlantic. that red area that's where we're expecting the greatest risk for severe storms. we could be looking at strong tornadoes and also very strong winds that could produce a lot of damage. heads up again. the carolinas and also southeastern parts of the mid-atlantic. a lot of wind with the storm system. anywhere from the south all the way to new england. looking at those strong winds and snow on the back side of this system. potentially more than a foot of snow across parts of the midwest. let's head back inside. >> tornadoes followed by snow in the same storm. that's something. thank you. coming up on this wednesday, iraq and syria dominate the headlines on national security. libya could be the new terror front again. which candidate is best equipped to handle? that? former white house security council official gillian turner next. >> she's here. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
3:49 am
because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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3:52 am
fox contributor and former white house security council staff member to president bush and president obama, gillian turner. welcome back. >> thanks. >> next stop, this stop in libya. we know about the operation there where we bomb from above. gadhafi's dead in 2011. what's happened since? >> since he was deposed in 2011, the country's been racked by massive political instability.
3:53 am
mooring military, political, religion factions competing for control over the oil resources. now isis has taken advantage, inserted itself into the country, and they're being able to exploit that. >> and to the tune of -- as we look at the middle east and as it relates to africa and where we're located. as you look at what's happening, we're putting pressure on them in syria and iraq. this seems to be where they're going. why is this place, libya, so amenable to isis? >> well, there's a sort of perfect storm of conditions for terrorists to exploit in libya. there's largely impoverished population. they've got a plethora of oil and natural -- natural oil resources that can be fought over. so because there's been this leadership vacuum now for five years, it's just ripe condition. >> unbelievably irresponsible for us to take our operation there and have no post-war plan. is this -- is there even an interim government for us to work with in order to oust isis? >> it's the second iteration of
3:54 am
an interim government at this point. what they're hoping to do in the future is establish a legitimately elected unity government. so far there's not a lot of progress on the political front. it's kind of comparable to what's going on in syria with stalled proposals for negotiations. >> what they did when they arrived is raided banks just like they did in mosul. they took billions, most of it's probably ours. now they're using it to finance their terror operations. what happened last week -- it seems that general dumford got his way. started bombing. >> we did. we bombed a small coastal town to the west of tripoli just outside. we were targeting a tunisian islamic militant who was there, high profile -- >> one guy? >> one guy. he was killed. we killed others, as well. i think what the u.s. military will have to do is bomb oil infrastructure sites like we're doing in iraq and syria. >> when you look at this map, you see how close it is to western europe. you see the italian boots sitting there. and if you wanted to hop in a
3:55 am
boat and go there and become a refugee or you wanted to go target europe, italy, or the vatican, man, you're close. >> i mean, you're a boat ride across the sea at that point. it's not a wide gap between the two continents at that point. so refugees are going to be pouring into and out of that country over the next year. >> so when people think, okay, that's there, we don't have to worry about here, what do you have to tell the american people watching? >> it problem is that political instability in this kind of global, interconnected 21st century world is that instability in one part of the country is always going to inevitably affect the united states. remember, isis and these radical islamic organizations have as their primary goal the complete destruction of the western way of life which is embodied by america. they might not have the capability now to attack us on our home soil, but if they continue to grow like they are, that's what's eventually going to happen. >> do you remember how this started? the arab league combined with
3:56 am
western europe, france, and italy to push america to help us lead the charge. where are these people? where is the arab league, italy, france? >> where is the gcc, nato? why is the united states stand alone here? >> we're not doing anything. >> right. i mean, should we decide to take on a leadership role, we wouldn't have anybody to lead. >> if you don't mind me saying so, i think one thing we're getting from all three parts is when you have a failed state, it's not only their problem, it becomes our problem because that is the magnet for these terrorists. >> exactly. exactly. >> jithank you very much. about 6,5 hundred. as we force them out of syria, they end up there. tomorrow we'll continue our "world on edge" series with a look on where isis is going now. meanwhile, president obama sparking a firestorm with his plan to shut down gitmo. is his plan a good idea? is it even a plan? former british prime minister tony blair joins us live to weigh in on what's ahead. donal.
3:57 am
marco rubio joins us live. a preview of the debate tomorrow and a look at super tuesday. which should be do or die for whom and why? a great show. please get dressed. want to get their hands on. if they could ever catch you. this... i can do easily. i try hard to get a great shape. benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement.... ...that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle.
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4:00 am
think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller. we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> the first four states have shown is that the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> i'm not running for re-election to the senate. next january, i will either be a private citizen or i will be the president of the united states and we're doing to work to be the president of the united states.
4:01 am
>> images out of nevada last night and those particular pictures of mr. rubio at a campaign event in another state. the headline this morning as you get up, take a look. donald trump wins the nevada caucuses. he clobbered marco rubio and ted cruz. donald trump wins 12 delegates. mr. rubio and mr. cruz each get five at this point. >> we'll be talking to donald trump later. but right now time to bring in the senator who made a tactical decision last night, my numbers came in, but i'm going to get out because i have to be on "fox & friends" tomorrow morning and i want to be somewhere else. senator marco rubio, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks. good morning. >> what's your take on these numbers? in second, got to feel good, but a distance from first. it's got to make you scratch your head. >> well, a couple of things. first of all t nevada results are different from what you see in other parts of the country. their caucus system is different from iowa's. last time, mitt romney got over 50%, so donald trump
4:02 am
underperformed what mitt romney did, not once but twice in this state. look, i have been saying this for a long time now. this is an unusual election. throw out everything you know about presidential politics because this year is very different. it's been proven week after week. right now what you have is a situation where donald -- the majority of the electorate, the majority of republican voters do not want trump to be the nominee. the problem is that they're divided up among four people. at some point in south carolina it was five people and before that seven people. until that's consolidation you don't have a clear alternative to donald trump and the argument we have made, i'm as conservative as everyone in this race, but i can unify the republican party. you have seen wit the number of people that weren't with me initially. a lot of the establishment people didn't want me to run. a lot went with jeb or whoever but they're starting to consolidate across the spectrum with if understanding if we don't come together we're never going to be able to provide a clear alternative to the direction that donald trump wants to take the republican party and the country. >> well, what about this kind of
4:03 am
consolidation? you know, there's pressure on for instance you and ted cruz to somehow unite, to join forces, to stop donald trump. is that a possibility because a lot of the experts say without something like that, it's trump's to lose. >> yeah. well, first of all, both ted and i are running vibrant national campaigns so the voters have to provide a consolidation. it isn't going to happen now and i think voters have to start making a choice here about not just what kind of republican fair, but what kind of country we'll have in the 21st century. i'm as angry and frustrated as everyone. i have been angry and frustrated since 2010 and i had to take on the entire establishment in the u.s. republicans. anger and frustration can motivate you do do something you have to know what you're going to do. voters deserve know how you're going to do it. right now, all donald says is -- he tells you what the results
4:04 am
are going to be, but he refuses to outline how we'll achieve those things. this is the most important political job on the planet. >> right. you're going through the interview process all of you are right now. senator rubio, the argument that senator cruz is making, he said, look, at least i won iowa. we need you to congratulate you on the last two performances getting second place, but do you need to start winning and where can you do that? we know you picked up high profile endorsements since monday, orrin hatch, bob dole, and the list goes on. where can you win? >> you don't win the nomination by how many states you win. ultimately when you get to winner take all starting march 15th, you have to win all the states because the delegates award to the winner. i have five delegates in nevada and not as many as donald trump, but it takes over 1,200 delegates to be the nominee. there are states out there right now that if you were to win that
4:05 am
state it would more than make up the difference between first place and third place in the delegate count. so right now, all of these states are proportional. they're awarding delegates on proportion. people are picking up delegates and the count is relatively close in the states that are -- >> where are you going to do well, senator rubio? where are you going to do well on super tuesday you have a lot of delegates up for grabs. where do you think next tuesday -- where do you think you'll do well? >> we feel we'll pick up delegates in all of them and some we feel better than others. i don't won't get into the joe they myth style of we'll win there or there, and we have an organization and a good team and a good plan for every state on the map. i think we'll surprise some people next tuesday. we feel optimistic about it. a week later there's a slew of other elections and then we'll get into march 15th and ohio and
4:06 am
some other places. we feel where we'll be after march 15th. >> senator, the people admired the fact that you had a debate or a few minutes in a debate that you suffered for in the polls in new hampshire. you came back from that. did well and did well again coming in second place. people admire the way you're campaigning, you can'you're doit in a positive way. but you saw what happened to jeb bush and governor perry when they went after donald trump and they suffered in the polls is that the reason you're not going at donald trump, because you're concerned about the outcome? >> no, first, we have gone at donald trump on policy. but look at the last debate, he said that george w. bush was responsible for 9/11 and i took him on on that issue. i know everyone is dying to see republicans tear each other up -- i'm not saying you guys, but in general. everyone wants to see a food
4:07 am
fight and that drives the conflict and makes the shows more interesting. i'm not in this race to beat up on other republicans. if i'm attacked i'm going to set the record straight. if there's a policy issue we'll talk about this. but i'm not calling the republicans names. i want us to win this election. i don't want bernie sanders or hillary clinton to be the president. >> i didn't do a good job of making my statement then. to separate yourself from donald trump consistently rather than talk generally since you want to be first, why not go after who is first? >> well, again, everywhere that i go i talk about who i am and what i stand for. i point out how it's a clear contrast not just from donald but from ted and others. i'm as conservative as everyone in this race because ted cruz likes to say he's the only conservative. and i'm offering real answers. my point to people, i'm as angry and frustrated about the direction of this country. that's why i ran in 2010 and took on the whole establishment in washington, d.c. but i also know that being angry
4:08 am
not going to solve the problem. we have to know -- we have to have ideas about exactly what you're going to do and the people watching this they deserve know from me and everyone else running what are your policies? how are you -- don't tell me what the outcome is going to be. i understand donald likes to say he'll make america great again. how? how, importantly on the foreign policy front you have to have attention to detail. and voters deserve to know that. i don't view that as negative, that's not an attack. that's the difference between the candidates and we'll continue to talk about that. >> well, going into the caucus sides last night there were -- sites last night there were teams of pollsters out there. so we have the results from the entry polls in nevada. what's really curious here, senator, is that even though so many pundits have said, you know, donald trump is never going to wind up with any hispanics or latinos voting for him, he actually won and he won by a lot. he wound up with 45% of the hispanic and latino vote. you wound one 28%.
4:09 am
and ted cruz wound up with 18%. how do you analyze -- >> that's an interesting graphic. but that's -- it was less than 7 or 8% of the total thing. the margin of error is huge. i'm not saying -- that's self-identified by the way. i'm not saying it isn't true, it could be. but at -- i have said to you guys, i have always said this repeatedly, americans of hispanic descent they're voters and they care about the future of this country. they care about jobs, they care about terrorism. they're impacted by illegal immigration negatively in communities overrun by that. i have said that about americans of hispanic descent. it's the media that tries to categorize you by race or ethnicity. but if you're a hispanic, you're paying taxes like everyone else and worried about terrorists like everyone else. >> while you were sprinting through nevada and off to super tuesday t president of the united states at 10:30 eastern time went to the microphone and said here's my plan to close
4:10 am
gitmo. it's better for america. this has been a poster for our enemies to attack this. what's the reaction to what he presented and do you believe that? >> i don't believe it's the reason that isis and al qaeda attacks us. i has nothing to do -- it has nothing to do with isis attacking us. there's no national security rationale toguantanamo. he's releasing the people to kill the americans. spanish police arrested a former gitmo detainee. when i'm president we're not going to close it, gearing to keep it. if we capture terrorists alive we'll start spending people there again. >> what if he used executive order to put the 60 in america. >> what? i'm sorry. >> what if he uses executive order to put the 60 into the court and the american legal system? >> first of all, we have to fight on that. but second of all, my first day on the office, we'll put them
4:11 am
right back on a plane and go right back to gaughuantanamo to that -- they will be going to guantanamo and we'll be finding out everything they know. >> all right. senator marco rubio. joining us this morning from grand rapids, michigan, thank you very much. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you very much. 12 minutes after the hour. heather nauert has the news. >> good morning. let's start off with the midwest. disturbing new images of the uber driver who is accused of randomly gunning down six people in kalamazoo, michigan. surveillance photos show jason dalton casually browsing through a gun store with his hands in his pockets just hours before that deadly shooting. store owners say that dalton was laughing and he was joking around. he didn't buy a gun there, but he did buy a concealed carry jacket. he faces six counts of murder. police have not given a motive just yet. the department of justice is demanding that apple unlock nine
4:12 am
iphones. the tech giant is fighting that request in at least seven of the cases claiming that it poses the threat to overall privacy. now, some people in the u.s. joining apple in the fight against the fbi. yesterday, protests outside the apple stores in 40 cities and in chicago it was interrupt by other protesters from the black lives matter movement. they say they're angry over the city's handling of the laquan mcdonald case and an american flag was burned during that protest. one person was arrested in chicago. and some pretty cool technology on display by the google owned company boston dynamics. it released a brand-new video of this robot, how cute is that? it's called atlas. s they say it can do hundreds of things we can do. it can move around indoors and outdoors. it can get pushed over and watch. he gets up. wow. that's eerie, isn't it? weighs about 180 pounds. and those are your headlines.
4:13 am
isn't that so odd to watch that? >> yeah. >> looking for a friend. >> getting nervous they'll take over everybody's job. >> right. i know robots have been stealing luggage for a while, according to steven wright. coming up, we saw hillary clinton squirm when being asked if she ever lied. >> jimmy carter said i'll never lie to you. >> you know, you're asking me to say have i ever -- i don't believe i ever have. >> this morning she gets a do over. wait until you hear how she answers. >> hillary clinton recently visited the set of the hit abc show "scandal." is that really the show you should be visiting right now? [ laughter ] why not drop by the set of "i did nothing wrong." or maybe there was nothing illegal in the e-mails. that's a good show.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
hi, everybody. tornadoes trampling the south from louisiana to florida and leaving at least three people dead. >> oh, my. >> look, it's going down. i don't know. maybe we should pull over?
4:18 am
>> and they're out on a bridge. two of those killed were in an rv park in southern louisiana and the other person in the state of mississippi. >> tornado coming right behind our house. you can hear it ripping the trees apart. i mean, it was terrible. >> wow. even more twisters are possible along the atlantic coast. some time today, maria molina is tracking it. i'm sure she'd like to be in front of it, taping it to see what's going on. >> as a meteorologist, you want to see what exactly is going on and what people are seeing in those areas, but we have a line of storms continuing to move eastward and today we have a tornado watch in effect. that's in effect until 10:00 a.m. eastern time including parts of florida and georgia. then as we head into later on today, we do have the continued risk for more severe storms including the carolinas and parts of the mid-atlantic as well. the greatest risk zone is across the carolinas. you can see it shaded in orange and in red. that's where we could be looking at potentially some strong
4:19 am
tornadoes or even long tracks. a big concern out there, again, for the strong tornadoes across that particular area. but you have a risk to see them from florida all the way up into parts of southern new jersey. so this is a very widespread area. feeling the impacts from the storm system. another impact is very strong winds. so we have wind advisories in effect right now across places like southern texas and also stretching into parts of new england. then on the back side of this system, get this, heavy snowfall potentially more than a foot of it across places like indiana, michigan and even extending into parts of illinois. ahead of this system a lot of heavy rain and the potential for some flash flooding. anywhere from the appalachians up into parts of new england. so stay safe out there. today it will be a messy day for the eastern third of the nation. >> it will. more rare february tornadoes. maria, thank you. as you can see outside the wind is picking up.
4:20 am
what happens to the terrorists when president obama closes guantanamo bay? should they come here and stand trial in our courtrooms and the congressman who said not in our backyard is next. look at this message sent to white college students. it says it's not your fault you experience privilege. it's your fault if you deny it. talking about the privilege. more on this university's attempt at a year of diversity. find out where it is, straight ahead. i've been claritin clear for 14 days. when your allergy symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season... ...for continuous relief. with powerful, 24 hour... ...non-drowsy claritin, live claritin clear. every day.
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23 minutes after the hour. first 6,000, that's how many cell phones have been tracked by u.s. marshals in their hunt for wanted suspects. according to the newly disclosed records the powerful cell phone surveillance tools known as sting rays. next, 29%.
4:24 am
that's how many americans have no emergency savings at all. most have credit card debts that exceed their emergency fund or savings. and finally, five bucks. mcdonald's pick for $2 deal is no more. the company raised prices after adding more expensive options. but at least you get a couple of patties. we'll work with congress to find a secure location in the united states to hold remaining detainees. these are detainees who are subject to military commissions. but it also includes those who cannot yet be transferred to other countries or who we have determined must continue to be detained because they pose a continuing significant threat to the united states. >> well, that was president obama yesterday with his new plan to close gitmo including sending the worst of the worse to the u.s. prisons, about 60. but the next guest says not in
4:25 am
my state. joining us is congressman mike pompeo. your reaction to the president's presser yesterday? >> good to be with you this morning. i want them out of my backyard, but out of your backyard too. i want them right where they are. this is a place that's an important asset, guantanamo bay works. it holds these worst of the worst terrorists who killed americans and provides the opportunity for us to continue to collect intelligence such that we can take down the networks and keep america safe. the president said yesterday in his press conference that he's forced to go around the world apologizing. no, mr. president, there's no need to apologize. this is an institution. guantanamo bay, it's lawful, it is illegal to bring them here to the united states and we should keep them right where they are. >> 79 are suspected to -- former gitmo did day knees have gone back to the fight. 91 are left, 60 according to the president's plan are coming here. 35 have been cleared for transfer.
4:26 am
can you guys do anything to stop the president if he indeed wants to do what he said he's going to do yesterday? >> right, you have asked the right question. we have stopped him for seven years. this is a campaign promise he made over and over again and his desire to close it is a direct result of that campaign promise. we have passed over a dozen laws many signed by president obama himself that make it illegal for him to transfer these detainees to u.s. soil. we shouldn't do that, we shouldn't bring them here, shouldn't read them the miranda rights and we hope the president obeys the law. >> let's look at the sites that have been brought up and see how everyone is going to react. for example, how about south carolina? there's a u.s. naval con -- one of the military bases. ft. leavenworth where americans are being jailed for allegedly doing bad things in the military. then a correctional institute over in colorado, a super max. have you gotten a sense of the
4:27 am
reaction from your colleagues? >> brian, i have. it's very consistent from those states for sure, but from all across the country and frankly from both political parties as well. i held a town hall at ft. leavenworth outside the gates a few months back. that community does not want the terrorists there for lots of good reasons. we have to keep them where they're at. >> senator mccain who was cited yesterday by president obama as well as former george w. bush who said i want to close gitmo too. what's your reaction to republicans are on the same page as him? >> he's just wrong. i have a lot of respect for senator mccain and president bush, but they're wrong on this issue. we'll continue to pull the terrorists from the battlefield and we need a place to take them and interrogate and get answers that's not ft. leavenworth or south carolina or colorado. it's guantanamo bay, cuba. >> do you get the sense that he wants to empty gitmo and give it
4:28 am
back to cuba? >> i think so, he's talked about how it's a stain on the american way of life, and our culture and our values. he's wrong about this. but it certainly suggests he wants to do more than close the detention center there. we have lots of other assets at guantanamo bay as well and he wants to give it back to the folks he's trying to make peace with there. >> the president wants to put them on a military jet and bring them here, what would stop him? >> we'll do everything we can as members of congress. we may end up filing a lawsuit. there's lots of actions that governors might take too. we'll move every piece of earth we possibly can prevent him from doing that. >> the big story too, a lot of democrats agree with you and don't agree with the president. see if they'll step forward like senator schumer forward when they were going to bring khalid sheik mohammed to new yorker and other new yorkers who were democrats. congressman pompeo. thank you. >> thank you, brian. straight ahead s this the solution to drug addiction in america, opening up illegal drug centers for addicts to shoot up
4:29 am
is that a good idea or more legal insanity? stick around, more breaking news on the campaign trail. this time for texas senator ted cruz and plus nevada caucus winner, donald trump. and tony blair. yeah, we're name dropping. ♪ are you ready? are you ready? i mean, really ready? are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? do you look buttoned up, prepared, professional?
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4:33 am
snoop good morning, my friends. we are back with the latest on the race for the white house. and make it three in a row for donald trump. the republican frontrunner dominating the competition at the nevada caucuses. >> trump took 46% of the vote. in the distant second place with marco rubio with about 24 and ted cruz trailing close behind with a little more than 21%. >> dr. ben carson and governor john kasich only getting about 5 and 4% of the votes. but both candidates insist they are not ready to give up. in fact, ben carson says he feels momentum is gaping. >> all the hopefuls are refocusing on super tuesday and nor than a dozen states are holding primaries. 600 delegates are up for grabs. >> about 30 minutes ago we had marco rubio on this program. when you look at the numbers, donald trump clobbered cruz and rubio. but marco rubio on this program is saying okay that's one thing,
4:34 am
but keep in mind the delegate count. mr. trump got 12, mr. rubio and mr. cruz each got five. listen to this. >> i got five delegates and ted cruz got five delegates so obviously not as many as trump, but it takes over 1,200 delegates to be the nominee. we're not close to getting that number. there are states out there right now, if you were to win that state it would make up the difference between first and third place in the delegate count. you know what i'm going to do is get into the joe namath style of we're going to win here or there. we feel good about next tuesday. we're six days away. >> well, just looking at the states that are up for grabs he's very close in georgia, but he trails donald trump everywhere. ted cruz is the only one who is beating donald trump anywhere and that is in texas. now, the real clear average it's by eight points. >> you know what's interesting though, in texas, by the way, ted cruz is leading donald trump in the real clear politics poll.
4:35 am
in the state of florida which is marco rubio's home state, donald trump is leading by a lot. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit more about texas. >> yeah, the senator ted cruz wants to win his home state for sure and he got the endorsement of texas governor greg abbott. >> he had the former governor rick perry in his corner. we know that he does have senator cornyn also who is supporting him. >> he needs to win that evangelical vote and he lost for the second time in in nevada just like he did in south carolina to donald trump. >> all right. speaking of donald trump he's going to be joining us in 25 minutes from right now. he's out and about. he's very happy. you'll hear him and his reaction to the big win coming up in 20 minutes. you have two important people waiting for you, but we have to go to heather nauert to tell us what's happening in the world. >> thank you. good morning to you. hillary clinton's former top aides may be placed under oath. a federal judge wants to question them about e-mails found on the private server she
4:36 am
used while secretary of state. in the meantime, clinton getting a bit of a do over after botching a question about her honesty. remember this. >> always told the truth? >> i've always tried to. always. always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself. >> no -- >> always tried to. i mean, jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you're asking me to say, have i ever, i don't believe i ever have. >> is that a question that you'd like another shot at answering? >> i'll just say no. [ applause ] >> unreal. well, the next contest for democrats is saturday at south carolina where clinton is heavily favored to win. a massachusetts congressman pushing for change so our veterans can avoid situations like this. >> telephone care system, with this system -- >> transferred to an assistant. press two. please hold. >> endless automation. wow.
4:37 am
well, we have shown you this video of a veteran trying to make an appointment at his local v.a. in bed ford, massachusetts. earlier massachusetts sam moulton explained how the veterans act can help the veterans. >> to pilot a program where veterans will be able to make appointments right on their smartphones and they can get an appointment right away. >> moulton says the plan can save the government time and money reforming the v.a. an oklahoma college marking diversity in a very unusual way. the university of oklahoma engineering school has added these footprints around its building to shame students into admitting they're quote/unquote privileged. one reads only 1.5% of all engineering ph.d.s awarded went to african americans in the united states last year. the other one says it's not your fault if you experience privilege. it's your fault if you deny it. well, they say it's an effort to
4:38 am
enhance awareness of that issue. those are your headlines. anna, over to you right now. >> all right, heather, thanks so much. 37 minutes after the hour. time now for legal insanity. the mayor of ithaca, new york, wants to open up a facility where addicts can inject heroin under the supervision of health care workers. and he says it can steer them to treatment. the clinic would be the first of it kind in the united states and would it work and is it legal? joining us is fox news contributor dr. keith ablow. he's opposed to the idea and fox news analyst arthur aidala is supporting the idea. >> yeah, let's have a shooting gallery. >> kilmeade said this is one of the best pairings in cable news. >> wow. i always liked brian. >> arthur, you're arguing for it. and public supporters are saying this good because it acknowledges the health crisis. >> i don't have enough of the data to know whether this will work.
4:39 am
but the mayor's position is -- >> don't let that bother you. >> -- we have people who are addicted to heroin, who are using dirty needles who are giving each other hiv and hepatitis, who pays for it? we do. not like a band-aid. these are tens of millions of dollars treating people with aids, with hep c. if they're going to do it, let's bring them into our facility so they won't get the diseases. >> yeah. >> maybe we have an opportunity to get them into treatment. >> so dr. ablow, he thinks -- because they want the clean field needles, and may get treatment there. >> or they'll go back out on the street and use the dirty needles the second or the fifth time. you don't retreat and add water and stir it and say we'll just change the law and give it out. how about we have some stores where people can come in and shoplift? then we have some counselors who can say, hey, don't shoplift.
4:40 am
this is ridiculous. and the way -- >> don't shoplift it doesn't create a tax burden on the public. >> legally, can this happen? >> no. that's the problem. i don't know how they get over the just the local criminal laws. they would have to pass a law basically saying that this is okay. so that is a hurdle that i don't know how the local ithaca government -- >> i treat drug dependent people all the time. increasing treatment and prevention, absolutely. but guess what happens with the legal shooting galleries if they ever open, people are encouraged by the drug dealers here, go try it. it's legal there. >> i don't people are out to go try heroin. >> oh, come to my office. >> stick a needle in my arm. >> we're little old for this epidemic. >> people do cutting or -- >> cutting clinics, why not? >> the mayor is trying. even if this is wrong -- >> wrong ideas gets you to applaud the man? how about a recall election? how about a recall election instead of applause from the --
4:41 am
>> at least he's trying to -- >> i have more ideas for him. i could do a session with him and cure him. >> give him a buzz. >> 15 minutes with the mayor we may cure him from his wrong mindedness. >> maybe you can give him a ring. >> start with the recall. that will help him. >> thank you. we did reach out to the mayor's office for a statement and he said this plan is a new approach that's proven to save lives and get people into treatment. he is expected to formally introduce the plan later on today. here's what's coming up on "fox & friends" -- president obama sparking a firestorm to shut down guantanamo bay is it a good idea? former prime minister tony blair will weigh in. and from ballot shortages to workers that are wearing donald trump t-shirts, and a foiled plot to drink some beer? we have a whole lot more of this, coming up.
4:42 am
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all right. let's talk about nevada yesterday. caucus chaos. the overwhelming number of people who turned out caused problems across the silver state. include ugh -- including allegations of voter fraud. >> alicia acuna is live in las vegas. how bad was it? >> reporter: well, according to the nevada republican party, it wasn't that bad at all. they said they had no official reports of irregularities or violations, but from all the people, voters included, there were people reported. twitter was blowing up about some of the volunteers at the caucus sites wearing t-shirts, hats and stickers with candidates' names on it. here's one example. quote just wrong that the guy collecting votes wears trump shirt/hat. did he change my vote? this one, trump supporter
4:46 am
working the precinct in sun valley. after the social media storm, the nevada republican party defended its volunteers saying they were in compliance with the rules. no violations by wearing items emblazoned with their favorite candidates' names, but some thought it amounted to voter intimidation. we heard of complaints of very long lines outside some of the caucus locations. a party official telling fox news, that's a good problem to have because it points to the high turnout. where we were located i can tell you we had voters coming up to our crew, trying to give us their ballots because it wasn't clear where to drop them off. there were also some locations that ran out of ballots. they had to hurry up and get some more in there and one thing that was most bizarre, at the trump event, treasure island, secret service had to step in because supporters were trying
4:47 am
to sneak in bottles of bud. outside the doors i'm assuming they were getting drunk anyway and alcohol is not too far away from where they were -- >> it is vegas. there's a lot more potent things they could be drinking more than bud. >> i think it was bud light. >> you talked about the number of people who showed up. did they break records last night? >> reporter: they did break records, yes. in 2012, they had a hard enough time -- the republican party had a hard enough time counting all of the ballots because they had some 33, 35,000 people show up. it was 75,000 last night. >> whoa. that's double. >> reporter: so many of the people were complaining. they were just so mad about everything that they have seen, they all showed up to vote. we know who they voted for. >> no wonder they needed a bud light. she's live in vegas this morning, alicia, thank you. meanwhile, coming up on wednesday, a brand-new effort to
4:48 am
fight islamic extremism that goes right to the source. tony blair is teaming up with america to fight the terror. >> but first he's teaming with us. right now, you're not thinking about all the money you saved by booking your flight, rental car, and hotel together. all you're thinking about, is making sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters.
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4:51 am
terrorists perhaps coming to american main land soil. the president's controversial plan to close gitmo under fire from congress and u.s. allies. former prime minister of the u.k. tony blair was in office and he's helping the next one fight radical islam. good morning. what do you make of our
4:52 am
president's plan to close gitmo? he promised voters 7 1/2 years to do it and now i have to do it before i'm all done? >> i understand why he wants to do that, the u.k. government asked for that as well. but in the end, the real issue is what we do with these large numbers of radical extremists who are going to be causing trouble all over the world. >> yeah. >> and, you know, frankly in a way what happens to guantanamo is not the central question. the central question is how do we counter the rise of the radical islamist groups. >> in our surrounding the president's announcement to close guantanamo bay with this plan or lack of a plan, within hours he had spanish and moroccan officials arresting a former guantanamo bay detainee who had been released and he was suspected of trying to recruit for isis. with the recidivism rate of 35%, returning to the battlefield, would we be less safe if
4:53 am
guantanamo bay is closed? >> because of the numbers now, for me that's not the central question. the central question is, what do you do with the large numbers of these people who are not just fighting in the middle east, but in north africa, in the far east, central asia and in our own communities? so we have people returned from guantanamo bay in the u.k., you know, there are still serious security problems let's say. >> just so interesting during your reign as prime minister you were tight with the clintons and with the bushes. now you team with a guy that used to be a republican and then served for president obama, leon panetta. all in the counterterrorism operation. tell us about it. >> what we're trying to do is say not just for the next president, but the next generation of leaders in europe, we have this problem. it's global. right, this extremism it's growing. it's affecting the development of countries, it's disrupting societies, causing chaos across the middle east which is one of the most important arenas of the world. how are we going to tackle it and we'll look at the military
4:54 am
and security measures. you know, how do we do better than at present, learning all the lessons of past years. then in particular, how do we tackle the ideology, not just the violence. in other words, my real passion is to persuade people that the problem here is not tens of thousands of fanatics that go and kill people. that is a problem and we need to deal with it. but it's tens of millions who follow an ideology that is deeply hostile to the west and based on what i would say is a perversion of islam, but is being incubated in education systems around the world where millions of these young kids are taught view of religion that is essentially hostile to the modern world. >> do we need to change the way that we are trying to fight this ideology as well? >> technology for sure. we need to change those methods. we need to see how we can cooperate better on the battlefie battlefield. in my view, whenever the groups manifest themselves we should have the capability to hit them hard. the moment that they're there. but we also need to be saying to
4:55 am
countries who have got these types of education systems, look, this is not just your business, it's our business. >> well, that's saudi arabia. >> that's -- it will be the countries in the middle east. it will be countries like pakistan. but even countries that supposedly fairly moderate have many of the same problems. >> yeah. >> we need to work with some of these countries and saudi arabia for example is an ally of ours. an important ally because they give us huge help on counterterrorism. but over time what we have to realize is that in the muslim world today, you know, 70% of the population's under the age of 30. so you have these young, young populations. >> right. >> and now you have 1.6 million -- billion muslims. the majority of these people by the way, they want what we want. >> can i switch gears just for a second? because we have only you for another 45 seconds. >> okay. >> you have a unique world view. what do you make of what's going on in american politics right now with the race for the white house? >> it's going on everywhere.
4:56 am
that's what i would say. it's exactly the same in the u.k. people are angry. they want to rattle the cage of the people in power. i understand that. but in the end, you need answers, not just anger. >> and what do you see? do you see anger with donald trump, do you see anger with bernie sanders? >> yeah, i see a huge frustration with the system. and the desire to break it up because people feel it's not delivering for them. >> right. >> you know, look, as you have been indicating by the people i work with, i'm more of a centrist. but unless the center recovers the muscularity and starts to put forward solutions, like the fact that incomes are flat lining for many in the economy, then we'll be pulled to the side from the left and from the right. >> sure. >> and any candidate specifically you like? >> your election is -- i'm going from the british politics. >> you're our favorite former prime minister. you're not going to defend. >> tony blair. >> we give you asylum.
4:57 am
>> that's kind. i may need it. >> thank you, tony blair. donald trump is going to be joining us live just in about four minutes so stick around, put the remote down. we'll be right back. >> you can stick around, tony.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
you can choose between two washington deal makers. or one proven, consistent conservative. >> but i'm as conservative as anyone in this race. will i hold my record up against anyone running for president. i didn't become a conservative like a year and half ago when i thought about running for president. >> if you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning, winning and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. >> and he's a guy who won last night in the nevada caucuses.
5:01 am
as you can see, donald trump, a gigantic 46% of republicans voted for him. about 24% for marco rubio and ted cruz behind at 21%. and donald trump joins us right now. mr. trump, thank you so much for joining us. you have won in the west, you have won in the south. you have won in the northeast. how do you feel on this wednesday morning? >> well, i feel great. the numbers were so fantastic. we won with evangelicals who i love and we won with just about every group there is. we won with the hispanics. big group. we won it 46 be the hispanics. i was saying that was going to happen because i'm going to bring jobs back. my relationship with the hispanics is fantastic so we won by a lot. so just very happy. it was a big victory. >> we just had marco rubio on the program and we put up that particular entrance poll where you had 45% of the hispanic and latino vote and he said that's
5:02 am
not a large demographic out in nevada. >> well, it is really a large demographic. it sets a tone because we're doing great with the hispanics. we're doing great with african-americans. we're doing great with the african-americans. i'm going the bring jobs back. look at what's going on with their unemployment, young african-americans, 59% unemployed. nobody heard of anything like that i think we'll do really well. >> you know, it's no doubt about it, when people got close to you in the race, at least this the polls even before we started to keep official score you went after them. you found out their weakness and go out aggressively. what i found different, only 4% of the dollars that the super pacs have have been spent going after donald trump and marco rubio and ted cruz are going after each other and yet you're leading. i asked him that an hour ago. >> being angry is not going to solve the problem.
5:03 am
we have to have ideas of what you'll do and the people watching this, they deserve to know from me and everyone else running what are your policies? how -- don't tell me what the outcome is going to be. i understand donald likes to say he'll make america great. how? how are you going to do it and flo particularly on the foreign policy front? you need details. i'll continue to make that point. that's not an attack, just a difference between candidates and we'll continue to talk about that. >> what's your reaction to that? >> well, i'm not an angry person first of all, but i'm very angry about the way that the country is run and so are thousands and thousands and millions of people that support me. we have a strong bond with the people. the polls show that. they don't want to leave trump, i don't want to leave them. so we're not angry people but we're very angry about the iran deal. we're very angry about the economy. we're very angry about china taking all our business and our jobs and taking all our money. you know, we'll have a deficit this year of $500 billion. we're very angry about the border.
5:04 am
the border is like a piece of swiss cheese and the president signs executive orders allowing everyone to pour into our country. we're angry about common core, our education is not working in this country. we're at number 30 on the list. you have nations that are like third world nations that do better than us. so we're angry about a lot of things. we're angry about obamacare which isn't working. so, you know, marco can say what he wants. but the fact is -- we're not angry people but we're angry about what's going on. soon we won't be angry, because if i'm elected we'll get things fixed. >> carson and kasich do not get any delegates but they have zero plans to drop out of the race. many pundits are saying if the field is winnowed the establishment rallies behind rubio. that could spell trouble for you. how will your campaign strategy
5:05 am
change if that happens? >> i don't think it spells trouble. i think -- i had 46% last night. i was joking add up that means 54% on the other side. right? well, it will add up. you know, then like i said it would be 54 to 46, like i won't get anything. well i'll get a lot of votes. if somebody drops out, i'll get a lot of votes. if ted cruz drops out i'd get a lot of the votes. if any one of them drops out i'd get a lot of the votes. i have been watching the pundits for a year, they said, well, they just add up numbers. they forget that when somebody drops out, i get a lot of the votes. >> but you would -- rubio would point to your favorable and unfavorable ratings. he said he's reached your ceiling, mr. trump. >> they have been saying that for approximately six months, i have reached my ceiling. i started at 12, i went to 16 that's a ceiling. that's the most he'll get. then the national polls are even higher. you know the national poll i'm
5:06 am
at 44. >> right. >> that's with five people, i mean, that's a lot of people. so i'm at 44. i think i have far fewer people i have to attack. i had 17 people attacking me initially. and now i'm down, you know, down to not so many left. we'll see what happens. i think my favorables will be very good. >> well, you know, we can see what happened in nevada where you wound up with 46, so i guess now your ceiling is 46 for nevada. >> yeah. >> but you mentioned the pundits. the pundits have been cooking up the plans to derail you. one of the ideas is that the fact that you are surging, you've got three in a row. the hat trick here, that your opponents have to team up. cruz and rubio have to team up to go against you. we just had mr. rubio on an hour ago and he said that absolutely is not going to happen. >> well, i don't think i'd do that. they want to win. you're not doing to team up and win, because what's going to happen to your team if you do?
5:07 am
i don't think they would anyway. you know, just seems that i have a very, very strong group of followers. and we're like a team. we're actually like a team. we're a real team. >> right. >> my people are very, very loyal. you see that, everybody sees that. the base is very big. you know, it used to be -- you remember, brian, when -- you were there, you have been watching this whole thing from day one. when i first went out, i started at 6. then i went to 12. then i went to 16. then i went to 18. then i went to 20 -- every single week they said, oh, he's reached his maximum, okay, he's got that base. now i'm at 46. you know? pretty soon i'm going to take it. i'll take my maximum. >> and the first time i noticed that you -- the way you -- i witnessed the way you resonate with the blue collar workers when i walked the streets with you. none of the rich people were saying hello to you. all the everyday people were saying hello to you.
5:08 am
texas is the only state that you're trailing in the polls and they have been pretty accurate outside of iowa. on the real clear average, will you try to knock down ted cruz? >> i think i'll do very well in texas, i have tremendous friendships in texas and ted is the sitting senator there. we have a sitting senator in florida and i'm number one by far in florida and the governor of ohio -- i'm number one in ohio. that came out yesterday. people were surprised. but substantially number one in ohio. so when you look at ohio and you look at florida, now the only one i have to do is texas. i will focus on that. i'm very close. i mean it's very close. i don't know the accuracy of the polls. >> do you believe it's a knockout? does ted cruz get knocked out if you beat him in texas? >> well, i think i have nothing to do lose, yes, if he loses texas or if marco loses florida, you know, i think if kasich loses ohio certainly that would not be awe inspiring for them. >> how important are all these endorsements?
5:09 am
senator rubio has racked up a whole host of high profile endorsements and senator cruz got governor abbott. >> i have great endorsements, i have sarah palin who's a terrific woman and i have jerry falwell jr. from liberty university who is amazing. pastor jeffers, i have so many. obviously those two have really -- and sarah really have gotten me tremendously strong with the evangelicals. because i'm winning the evangelicals over ted. and you know ted has proven to be a major liar. nobody has seen anything like it. i have dealt with tougher people in my life, he's like a baby. but he's a tough one for lying, he's like a professional. i don't like a person -- and neither do the evangelicals who hold up a bible and then lie. so he's been very bad. >> speaking of ted cruz, one of his supporters is glenn beck. glenn beck was at a caucus site in nevada yesterday. he was speaking on behalf of ted cruz and then you showed up. and wound up making your pitch for the people there who are at
5:10 am
the caucus site to vote for you. did you know glenn beck was there and did you do that on purpose? >> no, i didn't, but when i walked in i saw he was on the podium. there were thousands of people in the room. not too many people listening to him. he's not a very good guy to listen to, frankly, he's boring. when i walked in, everybody saw me. the place went crazy. they all ran away from him. his whole crowd. he was standing up and talking to nobody. he steamed out of the room. i didn't do it on purpose. but i happened to be there and we had such -- i bet you 95% of the people in that room in that particular area went with us. you know, we finished so high. but i didn't do that on purpose. i wouldn't want to do that. >> real quick, hillary clinton said i'll release my transcripts to wall street to my speeches if everybody including the republicans do. would you release the transcripts to any wall street firm you might have given? >> i wouldn't mind doing that. what i say is what i say and everybody knows the way i say
5:11 am
it. yeah, i make speeches. they have transcripts they'd love to have them. i would give transcripts immediately. >> should she? >> what? >> should she, she -- i think she should. i think in this case she probably should. i'm sure she was very cozy with goldman sachs and with citicorp and everybody else she spoke to. she probably said things to a room of people -- i think it would be very bad for her. i'm a different kind of a person. i've led a different life, but i think it will bad for her. i think she has to. i think she has to. >> well, big difference here, you have won the last three in a row. donald trump who won with 46% last night out in nevada, sir, thank you very much. >> congratulations. >> i have to say, yeah, you and brian really were there from the beginning so we're having fun together, right? >> yeah. we knew you made an impact every time something was in the news, it was great to talk to you to get your perspective and you did
5:12 am
it with our show and i think on some level, the american people got a chance to know you again. >> and you started on the program years before -- >> every monday morning. >> i think you're right. it's a great honor. i'll talk to you soon. >> donald trump ripping through the republican primaries. coming up a family in panic after their daughter falls in a snow hole and is nearly buried alive. how that ended is hard to believe. her father and an unlikely hero is joining us ahead. and is the supreme court controversy over? not so simple, peter johnson jr. is here to explain next. technology.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
well, a major blow to president obama's plan to nominate a supreme court justice replacing antonin scalia. republicans holding firm in the senate refusing to have any hearings or meetings with any nominee until after a new president is elected. >> so the question is, who should make the decision?
5:17 am
and my view and i can now confidently say the view shared by virtually everybody in my conference is that the nomination should be made by the president the people elect in the election that's under way right now. >> what's the next step? peter johnson jr. joins us live. >> good morning. this is unprecedented, in american history. the senate of the united states saying we're not going to say hello, we're not going to shake hands. don't invite him or her over here to the senate chamber. we're not going to have is a hearing. we're not going to vote on it, up or down. we're doing nothing with the nominee that you send over, mr. president. >> right. >> this has never been done before in american history and they are taking the advice given by joe biden in 1992 hypothetically that you shouldn't take up someone in the election year. why is this happening? >> right. that's the big question. you know, we were talking about this shortly after antonin
5:18 am
scalia died. and you know suddenly the democrats were saying that the republicans aren't going to do anything. they're the party of no no no no no. but really isn't this about the survival of the republican party? >> this is about the survival of the republican party because the republican establishment is so concerned that so many republicans are angry at the party for not standing up to this president over time. that's something that senator harry reid is going to be taking up because he says this is no longer the party of reagan. this is no longer the party of lincoln. this is the party of trump. this is the party of anger. and so the republican party through mitch mcconnell is saying we'll take in what our view is a principled stand and say to this president, no mas. don't send him or her over here, we're not doing to do it because we think that you're wrong in doing it. we think it's a blunt and base political move. democrats say, republicans are -- have gone off the edge. this is a constitutional issue
5:19 am
that's facing us as a country. they are thumbing their nose at the constitution. so we'll have angry on the right, angry on the left, it's going to play itself out in this presidential campaign. and that's what's going to be happening for the next year going forward in america. >> you know, i don't know if you were watching about 25 minutes ago we had tony blair on and we asked him how the world views the presidential campaign right now, and he says it's the wrong thing around the world. everybody is angry at their government. if the senator is saying no m a mas right now, we'll let the people pick. >> mitch mcconnell said they won't vote. we have 11 members of the judiciary committee, they won't vote or hold hearings. is this a constitutional crisis? it might be. it's a grave political crisis for each party. and voters are going to make a determination in the
5:20 am
presidential election. did the republican party do the right thing here, did the democratic party do the right thing with the senate nomination, because the president will be a sending a name. the pressure will mount every day when the republicans refuse to even shake hands or say hello to that presidential nominee. >> what's interesting though is the fact that people say we need an odd number so they can break a tie. but i have been reading that our founding fathers when they first started the supreme court there were six justices on it. >> yeah. >> even number. >> it's not set by the constitution, it's set by congress. you can have more. you can have less. we'll have a 4-4 tie. liberals and conservatives. let's see what happens. >> let's see. >> it's going to be a mess. >> peter johnson jr., thank you. straight ahead, speaking of the president he's promising to close gitmo. we'll talk more about that. and a family in panic after their daughter falls into a snow hole and is nearly buried alive.
5:21 am
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hey, disturbing new images of the uber driver accused of gunning down six people in michigan. jason dalton is casually browsing a gun store just hours before the deadly shootings took place. he faces six counts of murder and police have yet to give a motive. and rescued from isis is now speaking out. the 16-year-old says she left her foster home with her boy friend after he wanted to join the terrorist group. she says despite not knowing anything about islam or isis she
5:25 am
agreed to go, but lived a miserable life in syria. >> when i was there, i didn't have anything. no water, no electricity. and didn't have any money either. and it was really hard life. >> yeah, why don't you google it next time? she was rescued by kurdish officials after calling her mom and said she wanted to come home. she is lucky to be alive. anna? >> thanks, brian. a family out enjoying the snow in california when the unthinkable happen. 10-year-old samantha white fell in a snow hole and she was trapped and then she fell further into the cave and help from 911 was at least an hour away. but then hope -- thankfully, the unexpected happened. a group of heroes in the right place at the right time. joining us is william white and daughter samantha and bob gellen from the search and rescue in marin. samantha, i'll start with you,
5:26 am
when you fell in how scared were you and how cold was that water? >> when i fell in, it was really scary and the water was up to my ankles. and it was really cold. >> dad, you're a retired firefighter. you have known about how to handle situation like this. you were faced with a tough decision to help her and risk the three of you falling in, right? and all of you being in real trouble, or letting her go and live with her potentially dying. what is going through your mind and how helpless did you feel? >> it was a pretty -- it was a really tough decision. you know, i was laying on my stomach holding on the her as she was hanging over the hole. like i could see the ground was three or four feet below her, but at that point my wife was holding my legs and we were about to slip in. i told samantha, calm down, i can see the ground and i have to let you go or we'll all end up
5:27 am
in the hole. i made that painful decision. >> what's your wife screaming, what's samantha screaming at you? >> sammy is screaming don't let go of me, daddy. my wife is screaming don't let go of samantha. hold on to her. so it was a pretty tough decision. >> well, like a blessing from the heavens, bob, you and your team were out. you were doing some training. the safety department there. just on a regular hike, right place at the right time. what did you notice and how did you help? >> you know, when we first came on the scene, it was difficult to figure out it was an emergency because all we could see was william on the phone d and, you know, he was so calm. i think his firefighter background kicked in. and i heard the word helicopter and then it dawned on me that things weren't right. i walked over to william, he pointed down, i saw the hole. i heard samantha. and, you know, william didn't realize that we were a mountain rescue team out there for training. and, you know, i said to william
5:28 am
that we could help. i yelled down to samantha that help was on the way. that we were here and she would be out shortly. >> samantha, how are you feeling this morning? >> i'm good. i feel good today and it was just really scary when i was in the hole. >> yeah, we're so happy you're all right this morning. samantha william and bob, thanks for your time. i'm sure the friendship, this bond is going to last forever. thanks a lot. >> it sure will. >> thank you. 28 minutes after the hour. here's what's coming up on "fox & friends," you saw hillary clinton squirm when she was asked if she ever lied. >> jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you're asking me to say have i ever -- i don't i ever have. >> this morning she gets a do over and wait till you hear what she says. before president obama attends to close guantanamo bay our pete hegseth a former gitmo guard himself got an inside look. >> i have no reason to expect
5:29 am
their commitment is any less than it was the day they were first captured. >> pete hegseth is here with what he found, next. i'd like to make a dep-- vo: it happens so often, you almost get used to it. we got this. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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5:32 am
hi, everyone. another big morning for politics, while much of the nation was sleeping donald trump scores his third consecutive victory. 46% in the nevada caucuses. >> all right. second place is marco rubio. and he was speaking to us a little bit earlier. in fact, it was about and hour ago, we asked him about this finish and where is he going to win? >> the majority of the republican voters in this
5:33 am
country do not want donald trump to be the nominee. the problem is that they're divided up among four people. until that's consolidation here, you won't have a clear alternative to donald trump. >> so he wants people to drop out. donald trump firing back right here on "fox & friends" 25 minutes ago. >> like you say it would be 54 to 46 like i won't get anything. i'll get a lot of votes if any one of them drop out, i'd get a lot of the votes. >> there's what he's saying. don't think everybody will drop out and run to somebody else. super tuesday will be dizzying to keep up. those elections less than a week away. a debate on thursday and for the democrats they have this thing -- they have their south carolina primary on saturday. >> 600 delegates up for grabs, four times the amount already awarded. >> it's getting good. thank you very much for watching fox for your election coverage. in the meantime, 27 minutes before the top of the hour on
5:34 am
this wet wednesday in new york city. time for some headlines. >> really crummy outside. i hope you're off to a nice day. some news making headlines today. hillary clinton's former top aides may soon be placed under oath. a federal judge wants to question them about e-mails that were found on her private server that she used while she was secretary of state. in the meantime, clinton getting a bit of a do over after she botched questions about her honesty. listen to this. >> have you always told the truth? >> i have always tried to. always. always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room you gave yourself. always tried to. i mean, jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you're asking me to say have i ever -- i don't believe i ever have. >> is that a question that you'd like another shot at answering? >> i'll just say no. [ applause ] >> unreal. oh, boy. well the democrats' next contest is saturday and clinton is heavily favored to win in south carolina.
5:35 am
a car salesman in ontario killed when a customer drives a corvette into a tree. authorities say that warren smale died from the injuries. the driver 28-year-old alex demetro has been arrested for vehicular manslaughter after drugs were found in his system. witnesses say the corvette reached more than 70 miles an hour before it careened out of control. what a shame. well, humiliation, that's what erin andrews' lawyer says the sportscaster felt when someone secretly recorded her nude through a peep hole in her hotel room. she is asking for $75 million in damages for the 2008 incident. she says the nashville marriott at vanderbilt university did not stop serial stalker michael barrett from reserving a room next to her. she also argues that the hotel made it possible for barrett to rig a peep hole to spy on her.
5:36 am
and kanye west is feuding with taylor swift and he asked mark zuckerberg for money. and dr. phil diagnosed him as stupid. and seeking attention. >> you can't be that wrong that in times in a row unless you're working at it. he gets -- here we are talking about it so it's working. >> there we go. dr. phil blames society's addiction for sharing everything on social media these days. those are your headlines. dr. phil, brilliant. ♪ i ain't saying she's a gold digger ♪ >> thank you very much. we watched the president yesterday at 10:30, pete hegseth, i'm going to close gitmo like i promised. here's my plan. i'll take the 91 left, send 60 to america, the rest back to their country, any questions? >> try them in civilian court with no plan to do anything with future detainees. and reminding -- saying time and time again, there's a propaganda problem with gitmo. it's terrible scourge on america. i think with a big disconnect of
5:37 am
what's happening there. >> speaking of gitmo, for a year, better part of a year you were one of the guards at gitmo. we asked you to go back, compare how things were there and now. >> that's right. it's a lot different than public perception. president obama is going to cuba, he should look at the real guantanamo bay. we did. there have been oh, 300 some assaults on the guards since i have here. >> am i surprised to see somebody going back to the fights? no. >> many with american blood on their hands and the terror master minds of 9/11 are being held. some behave, others don't. >> we treat them with respect even if they don't deserve it. if they're throwing feces or urine or scratch scratching the guards. >> reporter: the percentage of
5:38 am
those who return to the battlefield -- upwards of 30%. do you feel like the men pose a threat? some may pose a threat to americans in the future? >> i have no reason to expect their commitment is any less than it was the day they were first captured. >> concertina wire and the towers are fixed in the minds of americans when they think of guantanamo bay but the 90 that remain here don't live in a facility like this. they're in a maximum security high-tech prison that we went inside. bare boned facilities have been replaced with first class accommodations. their health care is the same as our troops. plus a library with thousands of dvds and games and over 20,000 books. >> by far the most popular item since i have been here is our religious books. >> this is a cell inside camp six, and you can see basic clothing items provided for detainees. religious observation items for
5:39 am
prayer time. headphones which are used wirelessly to watch some 300 satellite television channels that detainees have access to. basic amenities. also, an arrow pointing to mecca for prayer time. gitmo is more than a detention center. it's home to thousands of military members, their families and civilians. it has a church, a school, and even a mcdonald's. >> guantanamo bay as you're all aware is a unique location. it's an odd combination of being deployed and being in a normal stateside military base. there's opportunities for off duty things that we don't have if you're in afghanistan or iraq or some place like that. >> here in camp america, dozens of minimonuments mark the deployment time of various military police units and infantry units many of which spend up to a year guarding detainees here at guantanamo bay. one of those was second to the 113th infantry, i was a part of
5:40 am
that unit. >> the men and women who work here in this facility and the joint task force are professional, dedicated, honorable bunch who do a great job every day. the politics aside, my folks -- they can be proud of the work they're doing and go home with their head held high. >> leaders at guantanamo bay like the colonel there say there's one thing they'd like, besides faster internet, they want a fair shake from the media. there's an impression of gitmo that's not true at all. >> we were looking at one of the tabloids where they talked about gitmo, and the president closing it. it was one of the orange jumpsuit pictures from 2002. the gitmo of today is much different. >> far different. and the maximum security prison at gitmo, the folks that are there say it's better than most in the united states. a perfect place to hold these folks. as you said, amenities. same health care as the americans. satellite television. they can roam where they want 22
5:41 am
hours a day. they have it good. >> the president is pushing a propaganda program, saying it's a tool for terrorists. yesterday, spanish and moroccan officials arrested a former gitmo detainee who had been released. >> that's right. the president should be praising those who serve there. and tornados last night through the south. >> tornado coming right behind our house. you can hear it ripping the trees apart. i mean, it was terrible. >> i can imagine. extreme weather not over. we are live on the ground in florida next. and we all know the dangers of driving and texting. did you know that that's not even the riskiest road behavior? we are showing you the top technology to keep you focused behind the wheel. don't drive angry. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
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5:45 am
tornadoes trampling the south from louisiana to florida. and leaving at least three people dead. >> oh, look, it's going down. think we should pull over? >> well, two of those killed in the rv park in southern louisiana and another in mississippi. now, the clean-up begins today, even more twisters are possible along the atlantic coast. >> we'll hear from maria about that in a moment. but first, steve alexander from pensacola joins us from the spot from one where tornado touched down yesterday. steve? >> reporter: we're in a very hard-hit area. take a look at this. tornado flipped over that huge trailer there, knocked over the pod unit right back there.
5:46 am
power lines, fortunately, they have been turned out. something that's really graphic to show you how powerful something like this is. this was a basketball goal. this basketball goal was blown over by the wind. the tree, power lines, all on on the -- all on top of the cars here. this is the eau claire division here. there was an apartment complex not too far away from here. six people were hurt, three buildings destroyed. as many as 24 apartments also destroyed. so again, it shows you the fury and the power of this. in pensacola, again, while a lot of people were getting ready for bed. back to you all. >> that's right. steve alexander, they get a good view of what happened last night. >> everyone starts to really try to pick up the pieces. >> right. a lot of pieces. well we have some extreme weather that is not even over yet. maria molina is tracking some
5:47 am
more storms that are on the way. what can you tell us? >> well, the storm system is massive. the entire eastern third of the nation is feeling an impact. we want to start off with a severe weather impact because we have the tornado watch in effect across florida, including tampa. line of storms pushing through that area right now. we have a tornado warning with a possible tornado that could have touched down in places like south carolina. stay weather aware throughout the day today. make sure to have a way to get the weather warnings throughout the day today. that red area, that's where we're expecting the greatest risk for virginia as well. we have a possibility of some strong tornadoes in that area. so heads up again. carolinas and parts of the mid-atlantic are looking at some significant impacts later on today from this storm system. another impact, strong winds from southeastern texas up in through parts of new england. you have wind advisories in effect. then on the back side of this
5:48 am
system, blizzard warnings in effect across places like indiana where you could see more than a foot of snow and wind gusts as strong as 40 to even 50 miles per hour. that's producing whiteout conditions and people are being urged to stay off the roads. >> wind, rain, sleet, tornados, snow. what a snow. >> packing a punch. >> no kidding. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. driving drunk against the law, but what about driving after getting dumped? >> the dangers of emotional drivers. you won't believe how you can say safe in one of these cars coming up next. >> martha mccollum knows i'm overly emotional. >> i don't like to drive when he's overly emotional. good morning. so nevada in the rearview mirror. super tuesday lies square ahead as the winner donald trump looks to secure his lead. we have larry sabato and
5:49 am
senators tim scott and mike lee. lots to talk to them about. and the president's plans to close gitmo, and polls from ohio, a very tight race. lots to talk about at the top of the hour. its sleek design... is mold-breaking. its intelligent drive systems... paradigm-shifting. its technology-filled cabin...jaw-dropping. its performance...breathtaking. its self-parking...and the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv. starting at $38,950.
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5:51 am
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5:52 am
hey, listen to this study. it's a new study i want to share with you. it's tracked more than 3,500 drivers with cameras and radar in realtime. they found that drivers engage in some type of distracting activity more than 50% of the time. that means you. more than 90% of the most severe crashes involve driver distraction. get this, driving while emotional which i am increases
5:53 am
the risk of a crash by ten times. what can you do to focus on the wheel? helping us out is anna and steve in other cars. honk if you can hear me. good morning, this is lauren fix. she can do anything. all the opportunities to get distracted. how can my life be easier? >> this car has great technology because naturally people get distracted. in five seconds of looking at the standard gps screen in the center is the same as driving a length of a football field. >> what do we do? >> audi has virtual cockpit. this is fighter pilot thought process. heads up display. mixed in with the totally awesome -- >> that's cool. >> i drove this car for a week and i was so addicted. it engages everything in your sight line as well as every piece of information in front of you. >> there's really cool. so everything is voice technology, it helps. things like this certainly help.
5:54 am
i like to stare at the mirror, that's dangerous. >> yes. hands on the wheel. >> and this is the audi. time to change the cars. i have to stay here and not be distracted. >> this has a series -- seamless integration in here. hi, good morning. >> it's so wet outside. >> it's okay. part of having the fun. >> this one is actually great for parents with teenagers. they can set limits. >> right. it has my key or my touch. people get their phone and it's like text, it rings. this allows you to have the new sync system. think of the apple car place. the same type of design. >> right. >> you can use all of the controls that are on the steering wheel. there's a speak function. you can tell it -- tell anna i'm on my way. tell anna i'm on my way. >> you can speak your text. also parents can block text messages from coming in and set
5:55 am
speed limits? >> my key, which is with ford and with lincoln, this is lincoln mkz, a brand-new one. you can actually program -- they have been doing this for years. you can program volume of the radio. and no seat belt, the car is not going to function. >> do i look as cool as matthew mcconaughey? i drive a lincoln. thank you. one more to get to. >> lauren, come into the brand-new volvo. this is fantastic. they have something called senses. bring us to our senses. >> well, this is some new technology. volvo designed the seat belts so they're tops when it comes to safety. this is the truck of the year. this is the brand-new -- >> unbelievably beautiful. >> it is beautiful. this is very much touch screen, so it's intuitive. they have the ability as a pedestrian crosses -- when you see pedestrians in the way, but also it has some state of the art things that nobody has. if you run off the road it will protect the passengers in the car. it can detect intersections and
5:56 am
the traffic coming at it, and the pedestrians, for people and animals and bikes and everything. >> the car would never move in new york city because there's so many pedestrians. there's a thing -- this is -- this goes to your point about distracted driving. if you're driving and you're distracted and getting out of your lane, it puts you back in your right lane. >> it has lane keeping as well. the technology is heads up display. but one of the things your emotions of, you know, crying, anger, everything that brian was talking about, being annoyed, they have moved it all over so everything -- it's all right there on the steering wheel. it's state of the art. >> i love this car. >> i do too. >> beautiful. lauren, thank you. all right, i have to figure out how the wipers work. right there. we'll be right back.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
before it's history, it's news. >> well, tomorrow on the program, country music group you may not have heard of them yet, called low cash. they're going to perform. sounds like an atm. >> sounds like my life. by here we go, everybody. he has now won three in a row. the trump train rolling on. winning nearly 46% of the vote last night. a late night for us. martha: i'm martha maccallum. the silver state spoke last night and shouted one name loud and clear, and that's donald trump. marco rubio got 24%, senator ted cruz came in at 21%. trump telling his supporters they better get used to this. >> a coup


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