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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 24, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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before it's history, it's news. >> well, tomorrow on the program, country music group you may not have heard of them yet, called low cash. they're going to perform. sounds like an atm. >> sounds like my life. by here we go, everybody. he has now won three in a row. the trump train rolling on. winning nearly 46% of the vote last night. a late night for us. martha: i'm martha maccallum. the silver state spoke last night and shouted one name loud and clear, and that's donald trump. marco rubio got 24%, senator ted cruz came in at 21%. trump telling his supporters they better get used to this. >> a coup months a -- a couple
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months ago we weren't expected to win this one. and if you listen to the pundits, we weren't supposed to win the country. and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. bill: ted cruz says the fight is not over now. >> being angry is not going to solve the problem. i understand donald likes to say he's going to make america great again. how exactly are you going to do it? >> we are one step closer to turning the pages on the obama-clinton disaster and getting back to the constitution and the free market principle and the unbelievable opportunity that is the american dream. thank you, and god bless you. martha: chris stirewalt with all
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the analysis. but first let's go to mike. what was trump's message after his big win last night? >> donald trump appears to be feeling great after three wins in a row and is already looking ahead to the upcoming state. we saw donald trump here in las vegas at a caucus sight. he appeared to be having a great time mingling with folks as they were making their decision. no surpriseton sound confident leaving las vegas. >> we are having a good time, we are meeting the governor. it's going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months, to be honest. reporter: after wins in the
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northeast, south and now west, trump showing a lot of strength with a lot of contests on the calendar next tuesday. martha: what are the competitors saying. reporter: it appears senator marco rubio has outdistanned ted cruz for second place. cruz had a hard time in nevada facing charges of lying and his campaign having dirty tricks. the senators are looking forward to the next contest. >> the undeniable reality the first four state have shown is the on campaign that has beaten donald trump and the on campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> we never played that expectation game. but we feel good about next tuesday. we have an organization, a good team and a good plan for every
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state on the map. reporter: rubio knows he will get that question a lot about where he can win. even consistent silver medal finishes won't be enough. martha: mike, thank you. >> chris stirewalt spent the night in las vegas. >> i spent the night within 50 feet of this room. i think that one of the most significant stories from last night is the turnout. 75,000 plus. which almost doubles the previous record in nevada for republicans. that's a blowout number. >> this is the first type they have seen a large number. their two prior caucuses were low energy as done there are would say. what we saw in new hampshire
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iowa, the body politic is inflamed. bill: trump is 3-3. where does he hit a wall? >> the question isn't about trump. all he has to do is keep doing what he's doing. but i'll put it another way. the entire purpose of ted cruz, and marco rubio's campaign is to stop donald trump. but if they are each sitting on half of the vote neither of them will do it. donald trump will walk right through. bill: their objective, trump and rubio is to take one or the other out. >> seven days from day if we talk about what happens in the march 1 primary and say cruz and rubio split decision, donald trump can call himself the republican nominee and it's all
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done. bill: jeb bush spent $80 million, marco rubio $40 million. and donald trump $8 million. >> donald trump is a media maestro, he knows how to stay on camera. and you stay in the news. report report obama clinton going deep into that campaign. we are -- remember that night watching the nebraska caucus at day at 1:00 a.m.? we have been conditioned to think that this is something that can happen all the time. the truth is it's rare. now we are thinking this trump deal could go on for a while or it may not. it may stop on the 15th of march. >> the republican party is bad at being a political party.
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they blew what they thought would be pratt says. they are going to go right over the dam on this. they only have about a week. because almost a third of the delegates will have already been allocated. bill: will you be in new york? >> heck yeah, right here with you. martha: the ohio governor john kasich coming in last place in nevada but he says he's staying in the race. >> i know how a lot of people feel. i don't know if my purpose is to be president. my purpose is to be out here doing what i think i need to be doing and we'll see where it ends up. martha: dr. ben carson also looking ahead despite finishing in fourth place. he says he will disregard
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political pundits trying to push him out of the race. >> we togethering are an incredibly powerful force -- we together are an incredibly powerful force. we'll decide what kinds of nation we'll have. thank you very much. martha: according to his campaign dr. carson will attends a gop dinner in houston. bill: a week from yesterday super tuesday, sec primary, that will take place on the 1st of march. you get arguably two super tuesdays in the month of march. texas is the big one. 155. we'll talk to the -- talk to ted cruz. also that day, georgia, alabama, tennessee, arkansas, virginia.
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march 15 which is three weeks from yesterday. these are significant. you have got florida and ohio in the same day, both states are winner-take-all. john kasich has been talking about ohio for a long time. marco rubio is talking about florida. his popularity is high there as well. can they win? can they take it from trump? martha: we want to show you something we want to correct from a moment ago. obviously this race is completely done and called. donald trump 46%, the winner. rubio 24%, cruz 21%. we just put something up that said it's too close to call.
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it was snuck the gears. ted cruz is trying to set himself apart. >> you between two washington deal makers or one proven consistent conservative. martha: ted cruz says he alone has what it takes to beat the gop frontrunner donald trump. bill: we'll tell you who is getting behind whom and whether or not that matters. martha: a massive storm brings devastation to the gulf coast overnight and the danger we are being told is far from over. >> a tornado come right behind our house. you could hear it ripping the trees apart. it was terrible. is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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thisever since i hadw me. a pretty bad accident. the medical bills all piled up. so i signed up for experian. they helped educate me on how debt affected my fico score. now my credit and i - are both healing nicely. go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today. martha: president obama has not yet nominated a new supreme court justice. but any nominee has leaked prospected in the senate. republicans in the judiciary committee say they will not hold any hearings on a nominee passed by president obama no matter who it is. >> i can confidently say the view shared by everybody in my conference is the nomination should be made by the president
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the people elect in the nomination being held right now. martha: the nomination is to fill the seat left by the late justice antonin scalia. >> the first four states have shown the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. bill: senator ted cruz going after the frontrunner. he says he's the only alternative to trump. can he? alice, good morning to you. your first interview since you got the big job. thank you for coming here to talk about this. tell us where ted cruz will win. >> that remains to be seen. in terms of last night several great takeaways from last night.
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this is more evidence that conservatives are rallying and uniting behind ted cruz. second he's the only candidate in this election cycle that has taken on and beaten donald trump. and ted is the tomorrow true consistent conservative in this race. they certainly have evidence that they will say one thing to get elected and do something completely the opposite. however, ted cruz campaigns as a consistent conservative. an has done so as senator. bill: you are in houston, texas, his home state. can you say whether or not he will win texas a week from yesterday? >> we are feeling good about texas. we'll have a phenomenal boost when we have the official
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endorsement of governor greg abbott. he has served in the administration with ted when he was attorney general and ted served as solicitor general. one of the points he makes so eloquently is that he knows ted cruz. he knows how he ran for senate and how he served as a senator. he knows first hand's someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. he says it's time for texans to bring home texas to ted cruz and we are hoping that will happen. bill: that was not a yes. >> a lot will happen. we are expecting great numbers to come in next tuesday night. we are excited about arkansas, georgia, louisiana, several great states on tap. we are excited to rally the people on the ground right now in texas. he's gearing up for the debate tomorrow.
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he's speak out at an event this evening. it's about turning out the base, turning out our voters. having greg abbott and former texas governor rick perry on the campaign trail with us next week. bill: i want to move to a couple quick things in the two minutes we have left. first in iowa, third in south carolina and nevada. why is he losing evangelicals? that was expected to be his target zone. >> evangelicals are not monolithic voters. there are liberal and moderate aspects of the evangelical vote. ted is getting the conservative evangelical vote.
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they have issues on faith and family and marriage and the like issues. with all states there are different facets of it. we are polling to indicate ted has rallied the electorate. bill: what did the firing of rick tyler two days ago, what did that do to the campaign? how much of a distraction have the events of the past week been? >> we have said from the beginning of this campaign we wanted to run a positive issues-driven campaign that does not involve attacks personally on other candidates. when it arose ted took swift and decisive action. and he's moved on to talk with people about the issues they are concerned with.
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bill: he said last night a week from today is the most important out of this campaign. thank you, alice stuart, communications director for ted cruz in houston. martha: president obama making a last push to close gitmo for good while he's til president. critics call this plan he sent to congress dead on arrival. so what is going to happen to the detainees at gitmo? here is former cia director michael hayden. >> one of the things you do when you are at work is capture and hold enemy combatants. we should have the courage to do that. if we do that, where do we put them?
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>> we are closing a chapter in our history. it reflects the lessons we have learned since 9/11. lessons that need to guide our nation going forward. >> president obama announcing his long promised plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay. not on from republicans there is resistance. when you look back at the president's words and talk about the lessons learned on september 11 and that's his reason for want to go close guantanamo bay. but a lot of people would say the lessons we learned since then would make it a good reason to keep it open. >> there i no question we need a facility like guantanamo. you need a play to put these
6:25 am
guys. a paradox of the left's insistence that we close guantanamo has been, we don't take prisoners anymore. sometimes you want to take some for intelligence purposes. what troubles me most about the closing guantanamo is a moral victory. there are endless problems with his from the magical accounting you heard from president obama. he's not good with financial figures. he doesn't know where he's going to put them. he's desperate to cling to this one part of his legacy. and it appears he appears to
6:26 am
have learned almost nothing in 7 or 8 years. martha: in terms of the reality of the practical. we are at war. the president said we are at war against isis. he want to defeat and eliminate isis. so when you catch people involved in that, you are going to need somewhere to put those enemy combatants. i talked to pete hegseth and he showed everybody what it was like down there. he showed the prayer rugs and everything to make it as comfortable as possible. >> there i no legitimate argument. i thought pete hegseth's segment
6:27 am
was terrific. but even that fell short of one point. pete made the point the detainees get the say medical care as our troops. but the detainees at guantanamo get better medical care than tens of millions of working americans. critics of guantanamo have never been about conditions at guantanamo. it's direct at the bush re jeep and overall against the united states of america. and there is a side of it although i don't want them on american soil. i don't want those terrorists here. but given how great the conditions are down there. i would love to see them ina super max prison in colorado or out in the general population
6:28 am
where they could make new friend. but the left has portrayed guantanamo as treblenca with palm trees and it's not so. bill: aew video coming into "america's newsroom" showing the destruction left behind. martha: we'll show you how weldon did across the board with minority, age groups, income groups. we'll show you what the numbers reveal coming up. >> i will tell you what we are going to do. we get greedy for the united states. we are going to grab and grab and grab. living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the
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martha: donald trump coming up
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big last night with every deputy graphic, even winning over voting blocs many critics thought he would not. >> we won the evangelicals, we won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated. you know what i have been saying for a long time? 46% were the his and i cans. d were the hispanics. martha: i'm joined by larry sabato from the center for politic at the university of virginia. martha: we pored over the numbers. let's get your response to them. angry with the federal government.
6:33 am
to donald trump's credit web's saying we are not angry. we are saying the people who support us are angry with the federal government. for those voters who care about that issue he wins handily at 47%. people who want hair president to be an outsider. 61% of those who voted want the outsider candidate and he wins handily at 71%. >> we are seeing this build from primary to caucus from primary to caucus. we are having the first four contests and trump won three of them and finishes a strong second in the fourth. what's also important for republicans is he's bringing in a lot of these people. the turnout was 75,000. the turn out in 2012 was 33,000.
6:34 am
martha: donald trump is turning out people who have not voted in the past. he's turning them out for primaries and caucuses. on a night when most people don't go out and even gang in this process. the hispanic vote is 8%. but among those hispanic gop voters who turned out, they went 45% for donald trump and they had a choice of two other candidates, rubio and cruz who are of cuban descent. >> that's the stunning part. it's a small percentage. it's 8% in nevada. in the whole about 19% of the people who vote in the general election are hispanic. it's not so much that they are new people. these are registered republicans. you had to be a registered republican to vote. it's the fact that donald trump is winning hispanics against two
6:35 am
hispanic candidates, two cuban americans. marco rubio and ted cruz. that has got to disturb rubio and cruz. martha: the next one, do you prefer your president to have political experience. someone who has been elected to office before. 55% of them like rubio. but the bigger fact we showed people before. they don't care about that. they wanted somebody who doesn't have political experience. >> this is one of the strongest throw out the bums emotional impulse i have seen in politics. anybody even in office for a few years in the case of ted cruz and marco rubio, they are somehow tainted by that service. the voters rule in this country and it's called democracy, and
6:36 am
that's what we are seeing. martha: maybe we can put up electability. they think marco rubio has the best chance of getting elected in november, yet that's not the primary thing they care about. they care about the other stuff much, much more. >> electability is a tough thing to sell in party primaries. it's true tore democrats as well. partisans who want to vote in primaries and caucuses feel strong lit about their issues and concerns, and they are interested in find something one who is addressing their concern than they are in trying to play pundit and figure out who can win in november. after all, the pundits are frequently wrong. martha: they are not interested in being pragmatic. they are interested in having their voice heard. larry, thank you.
6:37 am
we'll see you next time. we are now just 6 days away from the biggest competition and biggest night of this race so far. clear your calendar, folks for tuesday, march 1. it gets under way at 6:00 p.m. super tuesday. nearly 600 delegates for sale that night. start shopping early. bill: on sabato's last point. this is a "washington post" article from yesterday. trump's efforts to get out the vote don't appear to match those of rubio and cruz. the number of notable elected officials and team trump remain stagnant at 1. "washington post," bush's departure. no proof it will go to rubio or
6:38 am
kasich. no proof of that last night. martha: it's quite a phenomenon. it's tough to explain one as these pun did and writers do every day for a living. we are witnessing something we haven't seen before and it's pretty stunning. bill: this was significant. an extreme weather alert and this was deadly. people are in cleanup mode after a massive storm killed three. an apartment complex levels. jonathan serrie is in pensacola. what's happening where you are, jonathan? reporter: it was a rough night. now that daylight is here and the rain stopped. residents are inspecting the damage.
6:39 am
you can see the tool shed in the backyard overturned. the windows knocked out of the vehicles in the back lawn. some of the residents were there when the tornado struck. they took cover inside a hallway. i spoke with a neighbor who said he was nervously watching the tv. but then there was a lull. he thought the worst had passed. >> i could hear the popping sounds and the shingles coming off the roof. i said we are starting to lose shingles, and then the pressure in the house dropped. i started yelling at everybody to tell them to get in the hallway and get down. all you could hear is crushing and popping and any moment you are waiting for the roof to peel back like a sardine can. reporter: three buildings suffered heavy damage.
6:40 am
two dozen individual units were destroyed. 6 people were injured but no reports any fatalities in this particular area. bill: what about other parts of the gulf coast? >> people in other parts of the gulf coast not so fortunate. the small town in son louisiana was hard hit. the storm struck a mobile home park. two people were killed there. more than 30 people were taken to hospitals. in mississippi, lamar county authorities say a 73-year-old man died in a mobile home. bill: those are tough pictures. martha: a terrifying scene unfolded at a downtown high-rise. two window washers became stuck 62 story ies high on a day the wind was whipping around
6:41 am
manhattan. bill: presidential candidates are all choosing sides. but do they matter in campaign 2016? >> next january i will either be a private citizen or be the president of the united states.
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6:44 am
bill: less than a week to super tuesday. as we close in more politicians are picking sides including this one now. joining me, republican illinois congressman adam kinzinger. you are getting behind whom as of today? >> as of today i'm officially endorsing marco rubio. i have got to tell you, i watched him since he has been out here.
6:45 am
this is a guy that can unite this party and bring conservatives together and put us behind the mission of america which is to be an example for the rest of the world and get our people back to work and do what we need to do. and frankly no one more inspirational and marco rubio. bill: what's wrong with donald trump and ted cruz and john kasich and ben carson. >> i consider foreign policy as very important to me. neither ted cruz or donald trump have a coherent foreign policy. they flipped a lot. ted cruz votes against the national defense authorization act and voted for rand palms budget that -- rand paul's budget that slashed the military. marco rubio has put up solid
6:46 am
plans and i have no doubt and no lack of confidence when he's president he can destroy isis. bill: the senator was on our morning show "fox and friends" and said this. >> people watching deserve to know from me and everyone else running what are your policies? i understand donald likes to say he's going to make america great again. how are you going to do it? you have to have attention to detail. all this is important. but these voters are telling you something else. they are telling you they are angry, they are telling you they like an outsider. >> it seems like that except for i think you will see support consolidate behind marco. i think you will see folks get closer that we'll select a nominee, a person who will thank hillary clinton for the future of this country.
6:47 am
regardless, marco is going to go out there and talk about his ideas and plans and talk about uniting our party. if we unite our party, we defend this country from the listless future of not knowing our purpose and kind of going along. he has a mission and idea. trump doesn't. he speaks big word. but marco has that inspiration we need and i think people will see it. bill: politic is a game of winning. where does senator rubio win? >> he's come in second consistently now. i think they will have to take on trump. people will have to look at trump and see this guy is not serious. i think you will see marco win. bill: the difference in nevada and south consider and new hampshire, he's been no closer than 10 points with donald trump. it comes back to the point where
6:48 am
does he win? florida is march r5, less than three weeks from now. >> yeah. trump has done well but we have a lot of state. we have i now. illinois is march 15. it's among many big state. i think i now will put marco rubio in there. people will see john kasich is a good guy and a decent governor. but at the end of the day they have to vote for the guy. bill: why is the american people saying to the establishment in washington, d.c. enough of you. >> i think they are upset. i think they are rightly upset. they feel disconnected and feel they haven't been well represented. i understand that. but what i hope they look at is
6:49 am
somebody who understands the anger and shows us the way out. that will be marco rubio. i'm excited to be behind him. bill: adam kinzinger, thank you for coming in today. his endorsement is in. martha: the democratic race shifts to south carolina. >> if you ever took money from any business of any kind you can't fulfill your public responsibilities? that's not the case. martha: that's hillary clinton in a town hall last night. can senator bernie sanders make a dent in her double digit lead in the south carolina polls? bill: is anding being candidate to do a lot more than unlock a single iphone? only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by
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bill: a pair of window washers had a bad day at work. stranded 62 stories in manhattan. it was cold, rainy and windy. it took 20 minute to cut through one of the windows and pull them inside. the entire operation took an hour. ems says the workers are doing a-ok. martha: the department of justice reportedly asking the tech company to unlock at least nine additional iphones. adam housley reporting on this live from los angeles. >> the numbers are even bigger than that.
6:54 am
nationwide, we are learning there are hundreds of requests for apple to help, and an apple spokesman tells associated press the tech giant has received 10,000 requests in the last year. all those are for iphones and they complied with 80% of them. they didn't get into specifics. but in regard to this with the feds, the recent court filings in the southbound terror case it shows law enforcement wants access to 13 apple devices, including a fraud case in chicago and several cases in new york. 8 of the 13 devices have the older operating system, much easier to access. apple has a record of helping on those in the past. the manhattan d.a. says it
6:55 am
seized 800 apple devices it can't access due to encryption. there are rallies across the country from sacramento * to new york to santa monica had rallies in support of am and their defines to work with the f.b.i. the loudest came from the apple flagship store in san francisco. >> it would be among the most dangerous things created since the birth of computing. >> it would be great if they can work something out. work specifically with that phone because it's a security issue. reporter: while the rallies seem to support apple, the country may be a bit in favor of apple working with the f.b.i., 51% saying apple should unlock the iphone, 38% saying do not unlock the iphone. we are learning apple with their
6:56 am
arguments coming later this week will tell a federal judge petting this towards congress. that come should be making this decision. that's according to the associated press. and we are learning am has spent nearly $5 million lobbying congress in the last year mostly on tax and copyright issues. the investigators involved think that phone, that one phone found in a lexus they believe will tie the terror couple to other people who helped them in the attack. bill: he has won three out of four and three in a row. so what does the map look like for donald trump on super tuesday? >> we are going to be the smart people. we are not going to get pushed around all over the place. you will be proud of your president and even prouder of
6:57 am
your country, okay?
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martha: mr. donald trump on a winning streak. the republican frontrunner cruising to victory in nevada last night, pushing his campaign like a tidal wave into super tuesday. welcome, everybody. brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. i heard carl cameron say trump will go on 25-day, 25-city tour. we'll try to nail that down. if that will happen, that is ambitious. martha: make america great adventure. bill: need some energy. trump running away with 46% of the vote in nevada, leaving marco rubio and ted cruz in a tight battle to become the trump alternative. trump's next big test, for everyone, frankly is next tuesday. that is super tuesday, when 14 states and nearly 600 delegates are up for grabs. >> i'll tell you what we're going to do, right?
7:01 am
we get greedy, right? now we'll get greedy for the united states. we'll grab and grab and grab. [cheers and applause] we'll bring in so much money and so much everything. we'll make america great again, folks, i'm telling you. we'll make america great. martha: very happy donald trump last night surrounded by his family. jonah goldberg, senior editor for "national review" and fox news contributor. and he always said this day would happen, right, jonah? wasn't that you? >> that was me all along, yes. i always predicted the end time. martha: what do you think? has he got this thing sown up or not? >> i certainly think if donald trump were any other candidate people would say he is presumptive nominee, he has pretty much got this in the bag. i do think these are not normal times of the fact donald trump is where he is is proof these aren't normal times. so, but i also think anybody in the rest of the party is going
7:02 am
to stop trump, nevada really has to be seen as sort of dunkirk, seminal moment leading up to world war ii which caused everyone to rally around in great britain. you have to figure out in the next week how the rest of the field, anti-trump or non-trump field is going to consolidate in a way that could still defeat the guy. he has such incredible momentum. he is looks like eventual nominee. that has its own power. people like to vote for winner. martha: if they are getting together, by they, the republican traditional establishment, whatever you want to call it, they're planning their dunkirk, it would be somewhat of a surprise because they have basically been sitting back and watching this whole thing happen without doing a whole heck of a lot, thinking it would fall apart on its own volition. >> i think that is absolutely right. in game theory, there is expression called belling the cat. all the mice agree if we could put a bell on the cat but none
7:03 am
of the individual mice want to be the one who volunteer to do it. we've been watching the bell the cat problem for a really long time. and, another reason why sort of the republican primaries have been crazy garbage fire that they have been has been the normally, an establishment figure or a grassroots figure tries to consolidate the other part of the base. so george h.w. bush wins over certain amount of grassroots base. ronald reagan wins over certain amount of the establishment. this time around no one got out of their lane and created this huge gap that trump could sort of barrel into. martha: you say in your piece that you wrote today for "the national review" that you think the only thing that is dunkirk-like would be, if ted cruz and marco rubio joined forces and ran together. now these guys get along great. they're really good buddies right now. there is high likelihood that will happen, right? >> it's very unlikely. my point that they need to do
7:04 am
something bold. what a rubio-cruz, or cruz-rubio ticket would provide you would have the establishment wing of the party and the grassroots purist conservative wing of the party joining force. those are two major anti-or non-trump factions and still make up a majority of the party. if it is not that, it will be something else bold. lots of reasons why people say that can't work, that won't work. that marco rubio would need a food taster. fine i get all that. they have to do something bold or donald trump will run away with it. martha: interesting piece you wrote this morning. encourage people to take a look at it. show the quinnepiac ohio poll, john kasich came in last, basically said that was what wag behind donald trump in the polls we've seen, although a poll out today shows him winning as well. do you think either john kasich or marco rubio or ted cruz essentially can win their home
7:05 am
states and will it really make a difference or would that just be expected? >> well you know, some ways this is now just a straight up delegate contest and in that sense there is, you know, some time here only 7% of the delegates have been allotted yet. even after super tuesday it will only be a third. those delegates will be divided amongst everybody. if ted cruz still thinks he is in the race to win it, i think he thinks he can win texas. i still think he can probably win texas but it will be more of a contest than people realize. that is a lot of delegates. ohio is a lot of delegates. michigan is a lot of delegates. for someone like kasich doing this as some sort of a strange vanity play which i don't quite understand, the idea of possibly losing in ohio which would ruin his argument for being a vice-presidential candidate, ruin his whole narrative how popular he is is with democrats in ohio and everybody loves him, it is a big risk little reward
7:06 am
proposition for him because i don't think he get anything out of ohio other than a nice speaking spot at convention which he could negotiate for himself now anyway. martha: boy, it is fascinating, watching this stage of the game, heading into super tuesday where you say we'll be able to think about 600 delegates by end of super tuesday. jonah, thank you very much. good to see you, sir. >> thanks, martha. bill: heading back to south carolina democrats vote on saturday in that primary. hillary clinton fighting to hold a double-digit lead in the polling there with bernie sanders making headway among african american voters. she is not taking a win for granted. chief white house correspondent, ed henry, you just came out after press conference with bernie sanders. what is the headline? reporter: he made a last-ditch effort to win in south carolina attacking hillary clinton over the welfare reform bill her husband got passed in 1996.
7:07 am
he charged that clinton hurt those who were poor and needdy, particularly suggesting african-americans were hurt by that. you will bet hillary clinton will want to respond to that attack today but i have to tell you, sanders is on his heels in in news conference a bit, pressed by reporters whether he is writing off south carolina. whoa, no, i'm still fighting here. even his own team knows he is unlikely to win here saturday. the pressure is really on a week from yesterday which is super tuesday. he has a lot of states to deal with. many southern strongholds for clinton. you were talking about the delegates on republican side. the math will get very difficult for sanders very fast if he doesn't do well next tuesday, bill. bill: there was a forum last night in south carolina with clinton and sanders taking turns. some predicted fireworks. i don't know, did they happen? reporter: finally had some i think. sanders wint after clinton over not releasing her transcripts of her pricey wall street speeches. clinton fired back there is a double-standard here.
7:08 am
if republicans have given big speeches want to release them, she will release hers. that is not likely to happen. bigger issue that will have impact not just on primaries is this but asked about a federal judge yesterday opening the door to both clinton and some of her aides like huma abedin facing subpoenas over personal emails they did not turn over to the state department. because after suit by judicial watch. the clinton campaign says this is right-wing case. what they're not mentioning the judge said it could move forward was appointed by president clinton back in the '90s. bottom line this opens the door to subpoenas and other problems on emails that will last well into a general election, not just a short term primary. bill: that is interesting. ed henry, talk to you later in columbia, south carolina. i mentioned this last hour. tv advertising in nevada for republicans, jeb bush 80 million. marco rubio 50 million. ted cruz, 16 million. donald trump, 8 million. 8 million.
7:09 am
you could take all the old rules and just throw them out so far in this election. martha: of hundreds of millions of super-pac dollars spent, only 4% of the that money has been spent against donald trump. so all of those other millions of dollars went on to republicans attacking each other essentially. only 4% of the money went against donald trump. they will question for a long time whether or not that was the right strategy. bill: add two more things. jeb bush holding a conference call today with his donors. that will be some tough medicine for them coming to end of this campaign. keep an eye on this turnout number. this was a blowout number in nevada. martha: yep. bill: remember in 2008, was first time nevada and republicans really moved up their caucus to make it matter in the west. the turnout in 2008 was 44,000. this, then it dropped 25, 26% in 2012. mitt romney won both times in the primary. last night was 75,000 plus. we're talking two times the number of previous record. that's amazing stuff.
7:10 am
martha: trump supporters would argue that those are their people. that they're bringing out people never been in this process before. i think democrats will have to start looking at those numbers are some of those folks ours crossings over to vote for donald trump in primaries and caucuses? something to watch. now that nevada is the in the books last night who were the winners and who were the losers going forward. we talked about that quite a bit. what to expect on super tuesday, which is going to be a meganight? our panel takes that on coming up. bill: there is outrage over the plan to goes gitmo. lawmakers looking for details, not getting many. speaking out saying not in my backyard. >> we don't want it in south carolina. we don't want it in kansas. we don't want it anywhere in the country. >> we're seeing more terrorist threats than we've ever seen. this is not the time to unsettle people of this country or south carolina saying we'll send you a few more terrorists.
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
♪ martha: very stark criticism of the president's plan to shut down the guantanamo bay detention center. one of the proposed sites to transfer detainees to is a military facility in south carolina and some high-profile republicans from the palmetto state are speaking out about that. that includes south carolina senator tim scott who joins us this morning. senator scott, welcome. good to have you here today. >> thank you. martha: how do you feel about that prospect? >> it's a terrible prospect for any place in the country
7:15 am
especially in hanna hand, south carolina, a bedroom community. within five miles you have 13 schools an churches this is the community that is the worst place to put enemy combatants, number one. number two, any place in america put as target on the back of that community. frankly, we're asking our president to do is follow the law. the lay is completely crystal clear. it simply says, you can not transfer enemy combatants to domestic location because we have the world's best location for those enemy combatants. it is called guantanamo bay and that is where they should stay. martha: i think that is something that gets lost in this discussion. i think safety concerns are something clearly communities have. the president said that is not a problem. that these facilities are very, very secure. >> no. martha: you also have the issue how it changes their legal status once they're brought into this country t changes the way you go after them and makes them essentially not enemy combatants anymore, right? >> absolutely.
7:16 am
one of the questions we can't get the answer to what the legal status looks like when you transfer them from guantanamo bay to american soil. what we know we're not talking about criminals. we're talking about terrorists. we know they're not looking to do harm in one place. they're looking to kill thousands and thousands of americans. this is a challenge we can save lots of money fighting. keep them where they are. we have built the best location on earth for them. why on earth would we want to change location of the world's worst terrorists? we don't. the law is very clear. we shouldn't. and he can't. i hope the president will adhere to the laws of our country. martha: if the law is so clear what was he doing yesterday? some people think that he knows that. he knows he can't get it but he wants to make it clear that is what he would have liked. do you believe that? >> i think the president is in ambitious on this topic. i think his objective to find someone in congress who will listen to him and start the conversation and look at alternatives. the question is, why would we even consider alternatives when
7:17 am
in fact what we've seen in the last just few days is that folks who were at gitmo have gone back into the fight. moroccans and spaniards worked together in collaboration. found jihadists. one of the four they found was a former detainee at guantanamo bay. why do we put ourselves in jeopardy having that conversation? there is not a good reason. martha: let's switch over the to presidential election. you endorsed marco rubio. a lot of people think that endorsement helped him a lot in south carolina. he came out of new hampshire roughed up a bit and finished second in south carolina. the road ahead looks troubling, and when you look at his home state of florida, you look at "real clear politics" average, donald trump is up by 21 points in florida right now. what will change that scenario, ifing for marco rubio? >> one of the things we were excited about in nevada we're picking up delegates. the road to the white house, the road to the nomination means we have so tart picking up tell gates.
7:18 am
we started picking up delegates. a solid second place is good place for us to start. we will start winning states. i look forward as most of the folk are looking forward as well. the key is to continue our momentum. i think it is going to continue. i think it is getting stronger. i think the campaign is getting stronger and better. marco being marco is good for america. we saw in south carolina when marco rubio is just being himself. it is fantastic. i am looking forward to really strong performances throughout the sec primary and beyond. martha: what states, when you look at that map, you all discuss it, what states do you think he can win? >> i think he can be very competitive in a lot of states. what we're trying to do is make sure we continue our momentum as opposed to me outside of the campaign as surrogate where he will do the best. my goal is to be present in as many states as possible to help push the surge forward. i think we'll be surprised by some of the finishes in states. so we will see where that happens. martha: no doubt, happy to have you by his side, senator scott.
7:19 am
thank you very much for being here this morning. good talking with you. >> thank you, ma'am. bill: there is severe weather in the deep south. we're tracking storms as they barrel toward the east coast and toward the northeast. that in a moment. more on that in a moment. martha: hillary clinton tries to set the record straight on her trustworthiness, with answers like this one, do answers like this one help or hurt that cause? >> i testified for 11 hours on benghazi committee. people were really, oh, my goodness, i told the truth. i testified under oath. and at the end they had to say well, there was nothing there. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
7:20 am
then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion.
7:21 am
no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
7:22 am
bill: issue of trust worth aniness continues to be a thorn in hillary clinton's side. in recent interview cbs's scott pelley asked her if she ever
7:23 am
lied to the american people. you will her initial response to the question and then the answer to the same question during a cnn town hall last night. >> have you always told the truth? >> i always tried to, always. always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that he just gave yourself, always tried to. i mean, jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you know you're asking me to say, have i ever, i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever will. i will do the best i can to level with the american people. >> is that another question you would like another shot at answering? >> i will just say no. bill: steven dine men says yes, political editor "washington times," live from the hill. steven, good morning. she had a do-over last night, how did she do? >> she at least got the answer right this time. the fact we're talking about a doover, she had to take a
7:24 am
do-over on questions whether she is truthful, whether she ever lied, that is the problem. not so much her answers at one point or another. the fact she comes off as politician, that she can't keep her story straight at beginning. that is what is hurting her. clinton email. this sort of thing, non-release of her speeches. all of this says politician in a year when voters on both sides of the aisle, democrats and republicans are not looking for a politician. bill: interesting response. last night she said she is not at all worried about the lingering issue of her e-mails. you were in court yesterday, right, when a judge handed down what some considered to be a significant decision regarding the server and email. what did the judge say, stephen? >> so the judge did two things. first of all he granted limited discovery to a group, judicial watch. who is suing to look at huma abedin messages, and cheryl mills messages. limited discovery they will be able to ask and get the answer
7:25 am
under oath how the server was created, who approved it, how the messages 55,000 pages that mrs. clinton returned to the state department two years after she left, how those were decided and how she decided which ones she want going to return. all this is a prelude to getting those other 30,000 messages that she deleted. the judge said yesterday he is inclined to issue a subpoena, demanding that she return those other messages that she says is private. that doesn't mean they will all be made public. but it does mean a good chance the state department will have a chance to go through afterward, after mrs. clinton, this one is public, this one is public. you did this one wrong. there is a real jeopardy for her in the future. bill: to whom will they be able to ask these questions? to her or members of her staff? >> they're in the middle of drawing up what they want for the discovery. we don't have an order. they will present the plan in three weeks and the judge will go ahead decide see if the plan looks good. i imagine they go as broad as they can. the judge nightmare row it a
7:26 am
little bit. we'll know in a month or two who they will actually ask. here is the deal. the fact we're talking about discovery over next two, three months, this issue isn't going away. this goes back to the issue of trust and veracity. this is issue of mrs. clinton's own creation. the fact we're in the situation. the judge kept repeating that yesterday. he said look, this is not just any employee. this is a sitting cabinet secretary. the obama administration has made extraordinary concessions in order to sort of deal with this, her emails. there is no precedent for a situation like this. any question whether there has been bad faith on the part of the obama administration in getting these emails out there and getting them out there quickly. bill: stephen, she would argue and other democrats say it is irritation, it is annoying but there will be no indictment. i heard, i heard a lot of people make the case against her but very few people finish that case by saying she will be indicted by the federal government or this administration. now will she or won't she?
7:27 am
>> i don't know and we don't know. it is likely that the justice department will make some sort of recommendation one way or the other. fbi will make a recommendation to the justice department one way or the other. the fact we're still talking about this, even if she is indicted the fact this is issue of her own creation, to boil this down this only happens with hillary clinton essentially. speeches not being released and her getting asked about those. emails and fact judge sullivan said this is unique situation we've never seen before. a cabinet secretary creating her own system and with holding messages until two years after she left office, that is the issue. this is a politician activity in a year when politician activity not welcomed by voters. bill: point well-taken. stephen dynan, working things on the hill for us. good to have you back. >> my pleasure. martha: there is a battle brewing on capitol hill over replacing supreme court justice antonin scalia. some members of the senate judiciary committee say they will not consider president
7:28 am
obama's supreme court nominee at all. we'll speak to a member of that committee just a few moments away. bill: by now, donald trump notched another win in nevada. that is three for three. three out of the first four. how did he get it done? a look inside of the numbers as we break it down with our panel next here. >> if you could add them up, because you know the other candidates amount to 55%, if they could -- they keep forgetting when people drop out, we're going to get a lot of votes. they don't say it. [cheers and applause]
7:29 am
>> ..
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you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right . >> 343 he's had three of the last four in the contest for the battle for 2016. how did he do in nevada? here's the breakdown. trump is in purple, rubio arena and cruise in yellow. this is a map loaded for trump
7:32 am
with the exception of these two counties that went for ted cruz. 46 percent of the vote did well down in las vegas for our county. just a tick below 50 percent in that county. also, reno nevada in the northwest, trump again with 44 percent of the rubio 25 and cruise 21. alan coles hosted a radio show and is a fox news contributor. the former assistant to george w. bush here to talk about all this and gentlemen, good morning to both of you here's how marco rubio characterized trumps victory this morning. >> trump underperformed mitt romney in nevada. romney got 50 percent of the vote so it shows a significant number of republicans in nevada who did not want donald trump to be their nominee but now it's divided up among four people. >> i want to get a reaction to that but let me show you what he's talking about turco 2012,
7:33 am
romney cleanup in nevada. the turnout was off, low 50 percent of the vote, easily beating newt gingrich. romney is in greensboro for years prior, 2008, strong turnout. nothing like this year romney a winner with 51 percent in every state in nevada. does rubio have a point? are you reaching for rationale? >> i think he does have a point to go so far trump has one by a divided congress strategy and it works. you can be onminority candidate and still win with a wide field. as a matter of math and numbers the more people you have, the less votes are available so unless , and real quick, the others dropout to make it a more contested race then trump is likely to continue to win and be the nominee with minority support. you can be selected by the party will that be transferred to be electable by the people? that's a hard question.
7:34 am
>> washington post still about people are you ready brad? alan, rather. he wasn't supposed to win conservatives, even the very conservative ones wasn't supposed to win better educated voters on them. this as an electorate that doesn't care about what it is supposed to do. true, alan? >> in many respects yes but let's not forget you are talking about the people that show up for a caucus which is different than a primary. a caucus is a commitment of time. it's a dedicated voter. it's not your typical voter so i'm not sure again this is representative of what would happen in a general election and not if they held primaries on the same day in all states. >> how about the blowup numbe ? 75,000+. that dwarfs the record of 44,008 years ago. that's astounding. >> interesting would be if we find out how many people are voting just because trump is in the race and with a vote in a general election? maybe they would but i believe brad has a point.
7:35 am
it's a divided field that could help nominate trump and the only way of republicans and can avoid a trump nomination is to coalesce around somebody like rubio which is why the pressure is on k-6 to get out of the race and i don't know why carson is still running. >> brad, jump on this girl rubio and cruise go after each other, trying to not one or the other out and get a one-on-one competition with trunk. >> you do but on the other hand if you are going after each other, they're giving a free pass to trump so there's got to be a meeting of the minds somewhere as to a path to victory, using the map as to where you are going to win. where are you going to be able to take this guy on and take him on mono on mono.>> i'd say what i'll do for you brad. i'll set you up here. back on the map, if we go up to march first, we can go from yesterday. you've got texas, right? ted cruz maybe, maybe not. tennessee, alabama, georgia,
7:36 am
arkansas, virginia. does trump lose there? >> there's real vulnerability there because remember this is one of the first times in this process where you are going to have to have to fight in many states at the same time. trump has had the luxury so far of picking one state at the time to appear in. he hasn't been able to fight in numerous places. so yes, i think illinois is a great opportunity for marco rubio. and think about if crews were to lose texas of course, casey is hoping for march 15 which is a long way away in political terms for ohio. these guys have to get out now in order to winnow the field down. >> let's go ahead to march 15. that's ohio, florida, illinois as brad mentioned. this is case country.
7:37 am
but brad has a point except for one thing. when trump gets on national television all the time. he doesn't need to do it state-by-state.he gets more television time than any candidate, basicallyfree advertising. has spent less money because of that so he can be a national candidate because of all the air time he gets by his appearances . >> there's some truth to that but if there's no substitute for organization and you need to be organized in this state. so far trump has had the luxury of having individual battles. it's harder to do when you have multiple states on the same day. >> unless there's a coalition around another candidate, when crews and rubio have to work something out work trump is your nominee. >> the establishment is trying. trump makes seven stocks in seven cities over the next five days. reporter: we have breaking news and we are going to run.thank you brad and alan. reporter: the republicans at the senate armed services
7:38 am
committee are holding a news conference now on the president's plan to close guantcamo bay. no doubt senator john mccain is not happy with this plan, never has been and we will let you know if there is news coming out on that statement. reporter: in the meantime, deadly tornadoes that tore through the gulf coast region and took the lives of three people. overnight last night, strong winds ripped the roots off of homes in louisiana while cold air behind that system means blizzard warnings are in effect to the midwest. damaging winds, hail and tornadoes now headed east toward the carolinas. that is a lot to keep an island. melina is here with more onwhat we can expect. good morning maria . reporter: this is a strong storm system where you are looking at severe weather on one side and then winter weather on the backside so kind of a transitional storm system for many areas and we had a lot of severe weather yesterday across parts of the gulf coast. multiple reported tornadoes. a cluster to be west of new
7:39 am
orleans and they expand north and east work as the storm continues to roll in those areas in places like mississippi, alabama and parts of the florida panhandle. the low pressure is located now somewhere around kentucky so it raises north and east out there and ahead of it, a lot of moisture being pulled north. we have persistent diversification all the way up to maine and also vermont and new hampshire but because of the combination of very humid air and also strong wind shear, we have the possibility for additional severe weather, anywhere from florida up through the northeast so a widespread area looking at the possibility of severe weather and there is a threat for isolated tornadoes in some areas and also damaging winds but i think the greatest area of concern is across the carolinas and southeastern parts of the mid atlantic because out here we have the biggest threat for tornadoes
7:40 am
and some could be long-lived or particularly strong. heads up if you live in raleigh or north of virginia you have that threat for tornadoes in your area through today. on the backside, heavy snowfall andwe are not just talking about accumulating snowfall but more than a foot and strong winds . we have blizzard warnings in effect across parts of indiana and into illinois. gusts up to 60 miles per hour will be possible at times so that's a big concern and potentially producing white out conditions so stay safe. winter warning conditions in effect for parts as far south as missouri. reporter: the president laying out what he wants to see in a supreme court nominee but senate republicans say they will not be a vote for weather president obama is in the white house. the area committee explains their position .
7:41 am
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reporter: senate republicans butting heads with obama over the vacant seat on the supreme court. the senate judiciary committee which handles the nomination hearings has refused to even meet with anyone nominated by president obama and say they will not hold hearings until a new president is inaugurated obama still planning to nominate someone soon which is his constitutional duty and he wrote in a blog today, the person i point will be eminently qualified. he or she will have an independent mine, rigorous indirect , impeccable credentials and a record of
7:45 am
integrity. the person i point will be someone who recognizes the limits of the judiciary's role, who understands a judge is job is to interpret the law, not make the law. utah senator mike lee who sits on that judiciary committee and he joins us live. good morning. it's good to have you with us to talk about this important topic. the president has laid out i think what anyone would say is a very fair set of circumstances for nominating someone so why not give this person hearing? >> that sounds great. we have to remember martha, we are talking about a lame duck president in his final months of office who was talking about making a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land, a court which in recent years has played an increasinglylarge role in the development of public policy. we think the american people have a voice , that voice should be heard and the american people ought to be able to choose their next president and have the next president b&. reporter: when the american people say we elected president obama. we also elected the senators who are in office and we accept
7:46 am
expect them on both sides to do their job. the president's job is the name on nominee, your job is to get a hearing and a point or not. either consent or not. so why not go through the process? why do you get to decide that? >> you are absolutely right that elections have consequences. president obama was elected again as president in 2012. senate elections also have consequences and republicans when we were elected to the majority in the senate after the 2014 elections, we had an increasingly large role to play in the system. you are also right, president has a right to nominate. that is his prerogative. it's the senate's right to decide when, whether, how to confirm someone and here what we are saying is, we think it's important to make this a tradition which goes back to 1888. add was the last time you have supreme court vacancy arise during a presidential election year and the last time that vacancy arising during the election year was still during the same year and confirmed by
7:47 am
a senate that was run by a party opposite the president's party. reporter: i think everybody listens to that and understands what you are saying and that, but i don't think that gets around the basic requirement to do the job, to go through the process and if you decide you don't want to give consent to that person, that's absolutely your right.just given your background and being adherent to the constitution, it seems surprising to some people to take that attitude and it also feeds in perhaps to the notion that perhaps people in your position are blocking things from happening on capitol hill. reporter: speed. >> we are blocking this from happening, make no mistake. and we feel it's our obligation to do so. we think especially with this president who has overstepped his constitutional boundaries so many times. reporter: you could look at this person and say no thank you, we don't like this person
7:48 am
but why the hesitation to have a hearing? to do the process? that's what's so hard to understand. >> we've already made that decision and it would be a waste of time and resources for us to do so. we've decided already were not going to do this and the court is well-equipped to operate this way. it would be mathematically impossible even if the president nominated someone today for us to get on someone confirmed during this term of the supreme court so the earliest someone confirm this year could start would be this october and even if we were to fill it then, we are still talking about 70 ã80 cases that will be decided in this next term. also, there are only about 16 on average that are likely to be brought to court. of those, on average based on recent data, justice scalia would have been the fifth boat in five or six of those so were
7:49 am
talking about a small number of cases in which this would make a difference. the court is to operate with eight members. we think the court ought to operate with eight members until the next election . reporter: sometimes conservatives and liberals appoint people that they think will have their perspective and it turns out they don't. it's just interesting and i think controversial in terms of the way this is being set up and played out. but you've made your point clear.we understand where you stand on it. i want to ask you one more thing in terms of the presidential election, you and ted cruz seem to wind up on a lot of things, have done a lot of things together. why have you not endorsed senator cruise at this point? >> he and i are very good friends, very close and i think he'd be a fantastic president. i do have two friends in this race that sothat's why i haven't endorsed at this point . reporter: thank you very much. senator mike lee. thank you for being with us .
7:50 am
reporter: how you doing john? good morning. let's talk about some of the people who might want to appoint that next supreme court justice. novel donald trump not his victory number three in nevada as marco rubio appears to be out ted cruz for second place. some analysts now saying it will be very hard to stop trump from winning the nomination we take a look at the state of the race and evolving strategies plus, hillary clinton writing momentum to a likely victory in south carolina. can sanders still win? plus, we had details on an amazing new archaeological discovery in florida. coming up , happening now. reporter: thank you john. breaking news now, more reaction to the proposal to close gitmo . lawmakers suggesting it's not really a plan because they were looking or details and those were few and far between according to many republicans. we will watch senator mccainfor headlines in a moment here . what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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reporter: breaking news from senate republicans talking about the plan for the or the proposal i should say to close gitmo. they don't like it. senator john mccain a moment ago was talking about those who returned to the fight and have proved to be deadly even after being housed at gitmo for years. here's his comment a moment ago duringthe commercial . >> this spring, lisa monaco, the presidents advisor on terrorism and the secretary of defense came to my office and sat there and said we are going to have a plan for you immediately. well, that was last spring. but i would go back 7 and a half years when the president then legal advisor craig crane came and sat in my office in february 2009 and said we are going to send you a plan immediately. we are still waiting for a plan.
7:55 am
mostly, the plan was a rehash of the historyof the facility, previous transfers and the administration's current overseas transfer process . everything that we already know. the administration didn't choose a location to replace the guantcamo facility. it didn't even name all the locations they looked at. the report blocked detail about modifications, what would be required of a new facility and how much those would cost. no cost estimate. we've got a lot of dollar figures but provided no details so we could break down the cost making it an impossible to evaluate how they arrived at those numbers. the administration didn't provide a plan for each individual detainee because it doesn'tknow which of the 91 remaining detainees will be brought to the united states . the report doesn't include very importantly any plan for future detainees. anybody who thinks that this conflict is over with isis and
7:56 am
doesn't believe wewill capture more terrorists obviously has a different view of the world . reporter: it is clear where mccain is on that issue and the white house talked a lot yesterday about saving money, $80 million i think? $19 trillion deficit is minuscule. anyway, this debate will continue and we will figure it out. reporter: interesting when that comes from the terrorism budget for new york city. it was $90 million that was cut from that budget so maybe they can move that money over here, make some folks in new york happy. in the meantime as we have said this morning it was a big night last night for donald trump in nevada. where does he go from here?
7:57 am
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>> where did it go? vanished into thin air and you will see on super tuesday again. maybe we can figureout a way to glue it to the floor. >> it takes a lot to hide that. jenna: you like this desk or that desk ? you will see me later. >> . jon: donald trump makes it three in a row with a commanding victory in the nevada caucuses. welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee and the businessman crushing the competition, winning by more than 20 points. marco rubio claiming second place with a narrow win over ted cruz and now the candidates are in a full sprint ahead of next week's super tuesday contests. mike emmanuelle is live in las vegas with a wrap-up. mike? >> three wins in a row, this


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