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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> see you back here in an hour. >> this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. with us, harris faulkner. sandra smith. nationally syndicated radio show host, fox news contributor meghan mccain. today's #oneluckyguy, welcome back fox news contributor and iraq and ban goon veteran, pete hegseth. you are "outnumbered," yet again. >> you are a busy guy. >> it has been a busy day. we'll get to some of that. andrea: we'll get to it. donald trump is expected to make very first remarks in virginia,
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scoring a latest victory in nevada. nearly 20-point win giving republican frontrunner significant momentum going into super tuesday, march 1st, when 600 delegates will be awarded. trumping channeling roiling anger with republican voters, sweeping virtually every category of the gop electorate. get this, hayes panics included. -- hispanics. listen to the donald basking in his victory glow. >> we love nevada. we love nevada. thankthank you. [cheers and applause] we weren't expected to win too much. now we're winning, winning, the country. [cheers and applause] we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly-educated. you know what i am really happy about, i've been saying it for a
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long time. 46% with the hispanics. 46%. number one, with hispanics. [cheers and applause] andrea: all right. so you heard the man, pete hegseth, 46% of hispanics, evangelicals. also a point about hispanics. they tend to skew catholic. seemingly that back and forth with the pope did not hurt donald trump. these numbers of exit polls are just astounding. he seems to be unstoppable. what say you. >> it is a huge number. 46%, approaching 50% a lot of folks have been assuming a 35, 40% ceiling for him. there seems to be nationally some sense. that number is big. that hispanic number has a lot of people say, he said he would do it. i don't think he is unstoppable. i think the path is a lot more marrow. i think only one candidate can do it. it needs to happen quickly. there is a path through super tuesday, march 15th, when they become winner-take-all elections if it really consolidated quickly and
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powerfully, passionately, it could be possible but again getting more narrow. andrea: two men threaten him the most, marco rubio, ted cruz, are hispanics. they're saying adios, looking at the numbers. what about the spin coming out rubio camp and establishment republicans? are they doing math make themselves feel better we saw in 2012? when you think about it, pete, add up ted cruz and marco rubio numbers, they still don't beat the number donald trump had. >> it is tough, no doubt. kasich for sake of country and conservatism, set asaid establishment, because i don't think that establishes marco rubio. carson needs to get out. i love ted cruz. i think he is fantastic. great passionate conservative. has a bit more after ceiling than rubio. rubio would have to consolidate the support right now, stay strong second super tuesday and win march 15th, on florida, states winner-take-all.
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there are 19 states after march 15th, with a ton of electoral votes, with a marco rubio, donald trump battle, that is 50, 50, race. harris: interesting you say that. that was john kasich's plan, winner-take-all, get to his own state ohio. quickly breaking this morning, a mainstream sitting member of congress just endorsed donald trump, chris collins of new york, clarence new york. representative collins, if you remember, backed jeb bush. we haven't talked a lot about endorsements but what is interesting, ted cruz will never be able to say he has sitting member of congress who would ever back him. that would be the difference. hoyt is, probably not so much. timing really interesting because could you start to see, certain members of the so-called establishment or mainstream, whatever you want to call them, looking at trump saying, wait, probably a better idea on side of the winner than not. then what do you do? you a different type of divide
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within the party potentially. andrea: sandra, looking at exit polls as well, what surprised me conservative and moderate voters would have voted for jeb bush, donald trump won those two. my jaw is on the floor sandra: goes back to the question, is he unstoppable at this point? can he be denied? i will defer to chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor has a piece on he spells it out and makes it very simple. for donald trump to see any loss of momentum before super tuesday we'll have to see focused attacks on donald trump not just from candidates but outside groups as well. >> that may not work sandra: big the "c" word, consolidation of other candidates you keep talking about, pete. but he says we don't have to accomplish all these things before next tuesday. the party has to show there is movement in that direction. andrea: is there enough time? outside groups have spent over $100 million targeting donald trump. they have only a couple days to do it.
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analysts say it was disappointing finish for rubio who lived in las vegas as child. and hoped to capitalize on the state's hispanic and mormon populations. he insisted that he is still the only one who can beat trump. >> nevada caucuses are atypical. i respect nevada very much. that process is just different than the rest of the country. the vast and overwhelming majority of republicans do not want donald trump to be our nominee. evidence by the fact your own poll showed if it came down to me and donald trump, i beat him almost 16 points. andrea: cruz's third place finish is latest setback after the surprise victory in iowa, aides reportedly now acknowledge allegations of dirty tricks and questionable campaign tactics are taking a to toll.
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it appears they are, make again mccain. he is spiking the football. they're saying donald trump underperformed in the polls. before nevada, polls are unreliable, caucus states are hard to poll. now we're saying trump underperformed. is that a fair argument by rubio? >> you have spin it any way he can right now. one thing i will say, caucus-goers, only 8% of the caucus-goers were hispanic. ever since george w. bush ran, republicans lose hispanic vote larger and larger margins. we'll see if donald trump makes up the hispanic vote after saying all things he said about deportation, et cetera. marco rubio, right now it is game time. take ted cruz out, do it right now. if you can't, part of the problem, why voters are going to trump, if you guys can't take each other out, you can't take out hillary. i don't know what you're doing? i don't know why you're hesitating. go to the mattress.
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you have to get ganger is -- gangster. people want a winner. like pete, i'm a fan of marco rubio. if you're not being able to do this and take him out you don't deserve to win. andrea: pete, no indication ted cruz or rubio or seems kasich is getting out of this race. ben carson doesn't appear to get out. maybe he will. if they don't get out, are we seeing this winning, winning, winning from donald trump? people really want want to be pf a winning campaign? i think they truly do. >> if they don't he is unstoppable. what rubio weighs point was about underperforming, mitt romney won the state twice with over 55%. so previous winners of nevada have had a majority. trump did not. still impressive showing by trump, what he is saying it is not over. yes he may have won three in a row, this is year like no other. rubio rebounded after a stumble in new hampshire. what he needs to do, make sure as he gets establishment support, rubio, he reminds
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people he is conservative. his heritage score is very high. not a establishment guy. he went against the establishment to win his seat in florida. as he battles it out with cruz. two principled conservatives battle it out. rubio's argument has to be i'm a conservative and i can beat trump. harris: bigger arguement, he is a winner. they know donald trump is not necessarily yoked to tight conservative values. they don't seem to care. they want healthier economy. they want a whole lot of other issues. they're not single issue like that. he ought to tout i'm a winner if he can do that. couple issues come to mind. my younger girlfriend couple years ago, got botox. came to lunch and nobody recognized her. i'm getting there. recognize people who at the polls. look how many were first-time voters or first-time voters in caucus. >> or democrats. it was open process.
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a lot of these are open primaries. >> whatever it is voter intensity is huge. called unknown. she showed up, won't call her by name, who is this woman? republicans are looking to say who are the people voting? sandra: cruz last night turned his focus going home to texas. he stumbled in nevada. goes home to texas. he faces potential defeat in his home state. how big is that for him. andrea: i don't see cruz advancing to the nomination but he should do well in texas. if he doesn't do well in his home state, he is going to be lambasted like al gore was in tennessee. that is his firewall. harris: only five points apart in texas from trump. andrea: sandra you made a great point, highlight trump is not conservative, already baked into the numbers. people know it. they just want someone who doesn't hate them, who isn't beholden to special interests, a fighter who can win. sandra: that was quoting evangelical leader.
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>> talking about ted cruz, john kasich if he loses in ohio, i completely agree with you, he is running a vanity vice-presidential campaign. should honorably get out right now, will have lasting legacy in ohio if he loses his home state. >> americans have seven years of mom jeans. they want strength. andrea: they don't want skinny jeans. pegleg skinny jeans. want some normal maybe dark wash. new fallout in the hillary clinton email scandal. a federal judge, get this, ruling clinton's top aides now should stef under oath about whether they -- testify under oath about whether they knowingly broke the law. what does this mean for the investigation? plus, dishonest, liar, what americans are saying about hillary clinton in an eye-opening brand new "gallup poll." should her campaign be fretting. catch more from the couch on the web. it is getting hot.
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♪ sandra: more potential trouble
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for hillary clinton over her email scandal. a federal judge warning her entire private server could be subpoenaed. that judge also ruling that top clinton aides including cheryl mills and huma abedin should be questioned under oath whether her private email use had anything to do with intent to get around open records laws. despite all of this, the former secretary of state says she is not concerned. >> i'm well aware of the drip, drip, drip. i've been in the public arena for 25 years. and have been the subject of a lot of on going attacks and misinformation and all the rest of it but i can only tell you what the facts are and, you know, the facts are that every single time somebody has hurled those charges against me, which they have done, it's proved to be nothing. it is just not something that, you know is going to have any lasting effect.
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and i am not at all worried about it. sandra: all right, she is not at all worried about it. meghan mccain, you first. >> she is such a victim, held to double-standard, poor hillary, why she is losing with young women because she wants to have it both ways. she is victim all the time yet women don't want to look at women being victim simply because of her gender. more than anything i want huma abedin to be subpoenaed. i want to know what hench woman huma knows. what is in the emails. once we get that, which we will, we'll know exactly how dirty. sandra: we have breaking news. harris: we do. what is happening right now, president obama meeting just a short while ago with jordan's king abdullah. we expected them to talk about isis, syria, trying to come up with a two-state solution to fighting isis there. we know reporters would likely ask the president about supreme court nomination process. he answered. let's watch.
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>> and so my hope and expectation is that once there is an actual nominee, once this is no longer, that those on the judiciary committee recognize that their job is to give this person a hearing, to show the courtesy of meeting with them. they are then free to vote, whatever their conscience dictates as to whether this person is qualified or not. in the meantime the american people are going to have the ability to gauge whether the person i nominated is well within the mainstream, is a good jurist. is something who is worthy to sit on the supreme court. and i think it will be very difficult for mr. mcconnell to explain how if the public concludes that this person's very well-qualified, that the senate should stand in the way, simply for political reasons. we'll see what happens. and, i think the situation may
9:19 am
evolve over time. i don't expect mitch mcconnell to say that is the case today. i don't expect any member of the republican caucus to stick their head out at the moment and say that but let's see how the public responds to the nominee that we put forward. the one thing i think is important to disspell is any those somehow this is some well-established tradition or some constitutional principle that a president in his last year of office can not fill the supreme court vacancy. that is not in the text of the constitution. eye i cannily these are -- ironically these are republican that say read text of the constitution and focused on the intent of the constitution. none of the founding fathers thought, when it comes to the president carrying out his duties he should do it for three years and then on the last year
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stop doing it. there is an argument, that well, the president shouldn't do this because he is a lame duck. well, the truth of the matter is is that traditionally the term lame duck refers to the two or three months after an election has taken place in which a new president is about to be sworn in. i've got a year to go. i don't think they would approve of me abdicates on my duties to, as commander-in-chief and stop doing all the other work that i got to do. well, this is part of my job. there has been arguments that for 80 years this has been the tradition. well that is not the case. justice kennedy was approved after being nominated by ronald reagan in ronald reagan's last year of office.
9:21 am
they say well, that is different because he had been nominated in 1987, even if he was confirmed or 85, even if he was confirmed in '86. well, the notion that there is some two-month period in which suddenly it you all flips and everything shuts down. that is not a credible argument. what other arguments are they making? they suggest, well there have been a couple of times where democrats said, it would be wise for a president not to nominate someone. first of all we know senators say stuff all the time. second of all, these were comments that were made where there was no actual nomination at stake. so it has no application to actual, the actual situation that we have right now.
9:22 am
i'm trying to think of any other leads they're grasping here why they would not carry out their duties, and, i can't really think of one. i recognize that this is an important issue for their constituencies and, it is particularly sensitive because this was justice scalia's seat that is now vacant and, that a whole host of decisions on the supreme court could turn on this ninth justice and their vote. but, that is how our democracy is supposed to work. and what i do, last point i'll make, we have already seen a breakdown of the judicial
9:23 am
appointment process that gets worse and worse each and every year, each and every congress. it becomes harder and harder to get any candidates for the judiciary confirmed. we saw senator reid have to employ what so-called "nuclear option" because there was such a logjam in terms of getting judicial appointments through. if in fact the republicans in the senate take a posture that defies the constitution, defies logic, it is not supported by tradition, simply because of politics, then, invariably what you will see is a further deterioration in the ability of any president to make any judicial appointments.
9:24 am
and appointments in the supreme court, as well as the federal bench suddenly become a complete extension of our polarized politics. and, at that point, not only are you going to see more and more vacancies and the court systems break down, but the credibility of the court itself begins to diminish because it is viewed simply as an extension of our politics. this is a republican judge or is this a democratic judge, as opposed to this is a supreme court justice who is supposed to be standing above the day-to-day politics that take place. so i understand the posture they're taking right now. i get the politics of it. i'm sure there are under enormous pressure from their base and their constituencies around this issue. i've talked to many of them and i have told them, i'm sympathetic.
9:25 am
and by the way, there is not a lot of vigor when they defend the position that they're taking, that they wouldn't even meet, for example, with a supreme court nominee. they're pretty sheepish about it when they make those comments. so we'll see how this plays itself out. i will do my job. i will nominate somebody and let the american people decide whether that person is qualified. and if they are qualified, let the american people decide whether there is enough time for the u.s. senate to hold hearings and have a vote. not as if from what i see the senate calendar is so full we don't have time to get this done. all right? thank you, guys. harris: for those of you who are wondering whether that felt long it, was a nine-minute answer to the question on the supreme court nomination process and what the president will do. you saw the wide shot pull out. i want to give respect to jordan's king abdullah sitting
9:26 am
here for that answer. he is here with a bilateral meeting with the president at white house talking how best to fight isis and come up with a two-state solution for that but during the question and answer period with the reporters as you saw one of the questions that was atop the list was about this battle going on in washington. at one point there toward the end the credibility of the supreme court tends to break down because it is seen as extension of our politics. what he is alluding there to is, you know whether or not republicans and democrats can come together choosing a nominee. if you put somebody up, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he won't look at nominee. president obama said, quote, the republicans are sheepish to say they wouldn't talk nominee. let's bring it out now. sandra, as worry watching this, president went long way to basically said in an op-ed, basically this process constitutionally has to go forward. he is going to do this. hopes people can come forth.
9:27 am
sandra: that was the entire point, right? he is trying to dispel all the notion that what he is doing is not within the constitution. this is what he is supposed to do and what he plans to do despite all the opposition to him doing it. he went as far to tell us exactsly what the qualities are in person he is going to nominate. harris: do you think anybody is buying that? because the president did not attend the funeral of justice scalia and there were some critics, make gan, who looked at that, is that politics, because you had opportunity in non-partisan way to bring people together? >> there is this dirty clip of joe biden in 1992. harris: we ran it. >> no choice of supreme court during election time. he will not listen to joe biden, to say this is not politicized you would have to be an absolute idiot not to see that. justice scalia was icon for so many conservatives of the his death is being politicized,
9:28 am
talking about republicans, pole la raz rising the country, basically the worst pole la razorings with country. >> you know why people are frustrated, spent nine minutes building up straw men, criticizing their position. when you appoint people with no fidelity to the constitution which is what conservatives are worried about from a barack obama. owe said he is looking for independent mind and how rule of law affects daily reality of people's lives. look for justice like antonin scalia look what the constitution says. that is what keeps politics out. andrea: people not only look for president to nominate justices to have fidelity to the constitution they expect the commander-in-chief have fidelity to the constitution which he does not. he came out yesterday calling for closing gitmo and if they do not, he will do extra
9:29 am
constitutionally, to her him lecture us on the constitution it is a bit maddening. look at constitution, president has right to put up a nominee. i do think he should. i think mitch mcconnell should his his own rule and filibuster. harris: gave interesting example, justice kennedy was approved after being nominated by president ronald reagan. he does have a point. he could put somebody you will and they could do whatever they are going to do after november. we don't know. but it is interesting that he went down that road for nine plus minutes about politics but we're supposed to then step away from this think it's a non-political process. moving on, republican presidential candidates are blasting president obama's plan to close guantanamo bay which you just heard andrea alluding to. yet we have learned of another former detainee who has returned to join the savages on the battlefield. we'll talk about that and show you some footage from inside of the gates that was shot during pete's recent visit to the prison in cuba.
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our pete hegseth on the couch reporting. ♪ pet moments are beautiful,
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♪ sandra: backlash growing over president obama's plan to close guantanamo. yesterday the same day he delivered his plan to congress we learned another former gitmo detainee was arrested overseas. this one in spain accused of being part of an isis cell planning an attack. now some gop candidates saying we should do anything but close guantanamo. >> this morning i watched president obama talking about gitmo, right, guantanamo bay. which by the way, which by the way, we are keeping open. which we are keeping open. [applause] we're going to load it up with some bad dudes, believe me, we'll load it up. >> this is all about fulfilling a campaign promise to close guantanamo, it leaves america more vulnerable. it will not happen. we'll fight it ever step step of the way. >> let me say this,
9:35 am
mr. president. don't shut down gitmo. expand it. let's have new terrorists there. sandra: meanwhile the plan to close get mow getting much warmer reaction on democratic side. watch. >> i believe the president is right to try to close it. i think it's a continuing recruitment advertisement for terrorists. i know he wants to work with the congress and i hope the congress will work with him. >> we look like hypocrites and fools to the entire world. what we have done is locked up people in a way that is, causing all kinds of repercussions around the world. i think the president is right. i think we should shut down guantanamo. i think in the long run it will help us significantly. sandra: our own one lucky guy who was once stationed at gitmo, made a trip down there recently for "fox & friends" and got some pretty remarkable video. check it out. >> bear bones facilities have been replaced with first class accomodations.
9:36 am
their health care? exactly the same as our troops. plus, a library with thousands of dvds, videogames, over 20,000 books. by far the most popular item since i've been here has been our religious books. >> this is cell inside camp six. basic clothing items provided for detainees. religious observation items as well for prayer time. head phones which are used wirelessly to watch any number of 300 satellite television channels that detainees have access to. basic amenities. also, an arrow pointing to mecca for prayer time. sandra: wow, an amazing inside look, pete. >> i served there 10 years ago and it has only gotten bert and improved. it face nominal facility run by dedicated people to perform their mission. they are treated incredibly well. the programmings, our president
9:37 am
promulgates that perception like pretending it is some kind after gulag. it is a fantastic, top-notch facility we could expand to hold as many as we need to. harris: could i ask you a question? one. places or some of the places the president talked about inmates coming here would be military installations. do the guards at guantanamo bay, are they packing? >> yeah. harris: our people at home on military bases, i was born on one, you know the deal, are our people here at home, are they armed? >> not on military bases. harris: we know that isis wants to target them and their families. we know they become further target when they put these people there potentially. does that give you pause? >> sure, absolutely. we make targets at home. propaganda value of closing gitmo, propaganda win for other guys. they tricked us to closing a great facility that could house their worst. it plays in the other direction. i asked one of the leaders there at gitmo, the commander, how it compared to stateside facilities because he run a number about,
9:38 am
he said it is better than any supermaxes here in the united states. in addition to the videogames and satellite tv, the detainees can be outside 23 hours a day if they want. free to roam their area. free legal representation. harris: fertile ground for republicans to run with. takes it out of the realm of personal -- andrea: saw donald trump mention it yesterday in nevada. he is heading to virginia beach, virginia. home of u.s. navy seals. special-ops, they spent years capturing these detainees. >> yeah. harris: andrea: years. we spent millions of dollars. we lost lives on missions to put them there in the first place, harris. all this will be undone by president obama and we'll have to redo it. to pete's point, it is tropical paradise. when hillary clinton and obama say this recruitment field, is the soccer field not nice enough? assuming they did not want to kill us before and move them to supermax in colorado, they will stop wanting to kill us. so the logic isn't there. i would say to hillary clinton and barack obama, where's the proof? there is not one piece of
9:39 am
evidence that is used as propaganda in "inspire" magazine or other sites. only propaganda we're hearing is coming out of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. sandra: republican response, trump says we'll fill it up with more bad dudes. ted cruz saying we'll expand it. >> obviously i love that. our president has no plan of anything to do with any of these prisoners. more so than anything, my reaction to bernie sanders, how dare you, how dare you question how i feel about these people that want to kill us and spend their entire lives wanting to meet their seven virgins or whatever in heaven. andrea: 70. >> 70, whatever. trying to kill news the united states. how dare you. let them back into the universe to train again and come over and try to kill americans but we're the ones are delusional? that is what bernie sanders always continues to lose me. that is why he is delusional. >> amen. sandra: amazing to get your perspective on that. you were a guard there, two years. 2003 and 2004. >> my challenge to barack obama go visit troops at guantanamo bay, cuba.
9:40 am
bo visit the troops. they're real story. sandra: thank you, pete. concern how americans view democratic candidates. harsh words they most associate with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. ♪
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♪ harris: it is hump day. welcome. new "gallup poll" raising concerns about democrats how america views the party's 2016 candidates. most common reactions for hillary clinton, 21% describe her as dishonest or liar, 9% say they dislike her. top reactions to bernie sanders, 12% describe the vermont senator as socialist. 6% say older or aged.
9:45 am
new "quinnepiac poll" in the battleground state of ohio shows clinton trailing by or tying republican candidates in head-to-head matchups there. ohio governor john kasich beating her 54-37%. clinton trails donald trump by two points which is basically a tie. trails marco rubio by five. ted cruz by three. you are dancing over here. what is going on, sandra smith. sandra: i was just, i'm inspired by your energy today, harris. harris: oh, thanks. >> put it that way. look, if the number one word they're associating with bernie sanders is socialist, he has gotten his message across, right? he has done a good job. i don't know if there is anything wrong with that. he is 74 years old. all those things are accurate. obviously hillary clinton will argue and dispute all the words associated with her but they were pretty factual in the other column. harris: yeah. >> 8% with hillary clinton to get to a positive response which is like her. 7%, they kind, not love or really admire, like. and then seven was, capable of doing the job.
9:46 am
she has got serious problem. we talked earlier about, you know, her and her email problems, server problems. she doesn't like the drip, drip, drip, then she shouldn't have deleted, deleted. seriously it will keep coming. it will infuse people's perception of her. like she is overcoming bernie challenge, that is coming right back. harris: the gift, she is running against bernie sanders. no matter how popular he is, meghan you said before, socialist is accurate. >> calls himself a socialist. >> democratic socialist. >> i mean whatever. i can't even handle that. [laughter] i'm sorry. i do a road yo show every day. i talk to so many millenials i truly believe being brainwashed. they think socialism has something to do with social media. harris: what? >> yes, true story. pet spying me how, no it is petrifying me. harris: that is not possible.
9:47 am
>> it is possible. young people, i will get free everything. >> high self-esteem. >> i love my generation obviously and will defend it forever, but guys really? for me incredibly scary if you look at history in any form. talk to some immigrants who fled socialist countries who came to america to experience democracy before you start buying what bernie sanders is selling. i think he is the most dangerous candidate running. harris: what is interesting about this, andrea, they can go against each other, bernie and hillary on these percentages but when they face the republicans, no matter who it is going to be, it is going to be different because that capable of doing the job, arguably she has biggest resume' of anybody running. if only 7% of people think she could do that who would vote for her, that's a problem. andrea: she ad what accomplished she had and can't answer the question about her own resume' and neither can her supporters some that is a big problem. meghan, you are right.
9:48 am
when you understand socialism what is really is, not me, really rich people. it will not be me. sweetie, under the guise of bernie sanders, how much do you make? they told me here in new york city. you are rich. you are going to get taxed. but i do think there is a stench of just impropriety she can't get rid of following her around. pete hit nail on the head. it made it worse because expanded to her staff and inner circle with her at every turn. harris: among democrats, the question will it really even matter? when we get tote general it will become a larger part of the conversation. one major university is kicking off a year of diversity. placing red footprints around the campus with messages about privilege. we'll debate. this is a step forward toward a healthy dialogue or back just to cast guilt? r feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein
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♪ >> controversy brewing at the university of oklahoma over what some say are apparent efforts to shame white students into admitting their quote, privilege. organizers of the engineering school's year of diversity project say it is about encouraging a healthy dialogue. to do so they are placing red shoe prints around campus with messages written on them, like
9:53 am
it is not your fault if you experience privilege. it is your fault if you deny it. for anyone who misses footprints, there is three-page pamphlets filled with more messages like do you recognize privilege? one group is systematically advantaged. advantaged is every bit a powerful force as disadvantage. recognize and reduce. i have no idea what that means, recognize and reduce, anybody? no idea. >> what is worrisome about this, these footprints are not berkeley, brown, one of the schools you think is absolutely radical, this is the university of oklahoma. it shows you how absolutely pervasive this is. we were talking about bernie sanders. reminds me of ache ham lincoln quote. said a lot of great ones. philosophy of one schoolroom generation becomes philosophy of the next. that is what we're seeing. have myself esteem, no sense where america came problem. micro aggressions and cocoons and safe places.
9:54 am
talking about privilege how to reduce it. don't know what that means. they're not civics or economics or all the things -- >> there are targeting high achievessers at school. they're putting this in the engineering center first. where the shoe prints are going to be located. i don't know what strategy behind that. >> shaming engineering students. harris: deeper divides and putting people further apart classes on campus. now you have the privileged versus, i guess in the anti-privileged would be victims. so now you have kind of a furthering this idea if you are different than you must be a victim by your differences. which is really sad. like that, that just puts people in category -- sandra: truly angered andrea, with the solution. andrea: we spent how many years and how many battles, to reverse that exact thing and now they're reinstituting the prejudice and the separation. i mean it is ridiculous. your point about bernie sanders, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are the face of white
9:55 am
privilege in america today. so it is just astounding. sandra: don't know why there is so much extra time on their hands. >> well, because standards have eroded anyway. some students, recently complaining that their activism is betting in the way of their course work. deans are writing them permission slips to miss class in order to be part of a certain activities. we're seeing more balkanization. this leads to more division. seeing more race and more division as opposed to seeing past it which i thought it was all about. harris: isn't it a stab, another way at getting at american exceptionalism? if you divide us enough, we won't talk about where we are together as nation. >> great point. harris: which is one of the most special places on the planet. we love more, feed more, fight for more people than anybody else on the planet. would i love to see you challenge that because i know it wouldn't be true. look all the places you're extension of our military you served. look at all places we've gone to help other. >> to liberate others. harris: okay, but if we talk
9:56 am
about our differences all the time we don't remind the world and ourself of our exceptionalism. how convenient is that? seems like that talk about exceptionalism would be quashed. andrea: captain mike. you're right. it is reflective of the political and cultural society we live in too which is sad. we should start our own university. ou. moreout numbered in just a moment.
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"outnumbered overtime" on the web. tab. click on it. see you back here noon eastern. thanks, pete hegseth. harris: nice to see you. andrea: "happening now" starts right now. severe weather. three deaths yesterday and now moving east. >> tornados and heavy wind and rain. weather watches in the carolinas, we are covering all of the news now. >> now we are winning, winning, winning. >> the trump train on the roll after the third straight victory. >> soon the country will start winning, winning. >> will gop leadership to get on board. is it too late for trump opponents to rally behind the candidate. >> plus, president obama determined to close the gitmo


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