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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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"outnumbered overtime" on the web. tab. click on it. see you back here noon eastern. thanks, pete hegseth. harris: nice to see you. andrea: "happening now" starts right now. severe weather. three deaths yesterday and now moving east. >> tornados and heavy wind and rain. weather watches in the carolinas, we are covering all of the news now. >> now we are winning, winning, winning. >> the trump train on the roll after the third straight victory. >> soon the country will start winning, winning. >> will gop leadership to get on board. is it too late for trump opponents to rally behind the candidate. >> plus, president obama determined to close the gitmo
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prison. >> keeping this system open is contrary to our values. >> which side will prevail. >> an amazing discovery in the florida pandhandle. century's old proof of a long lost settlement all "happening now". and we begin on this wednesday with the presidential primary race. it is taking a turn many republicans did not expect. i upon am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. donald trump is speaking at regal university in virginia beach. the front runner looks more and more unstoppable. >> you know we were not expected to win this one. if you listen to the pundits, we
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were not expected to win too much and now we are winning, winning the country and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. >> in the democratic race. hillary clinton is way ahead in south carolina, but a federal judge's ruling may derail her campaign. some of clinton's top aides will be called to testify under oath which could lead to a subpeona for the former secretary of state is. we begin with our chief political correspondent carl cameron live from las vegas. carl? >> reporter: good morning, we talked about the nevada caucus don't have the history of changing the race because the turn out is small and caucuses are different than primaries. and it hasn't changed. donald trump continues to win,
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win, win. and in virginia, talking to pat robertson and influential with evangelicals. he is winning and not acquitted himself as a devout or studied evangelical christian. he's a presbyterian. but his courtship of the evangelicals was successful here in nevada and boasting about it today in virginia with pat robertson. >> we totally won with evangelical. we were big-league with evangelicals and it was such a good thing and we worked very hard. >> that is really more than anything a shot at ted cruz' head. in the next couple of weeks, we'll have contest in all of the
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states. first one on super tuesday including texas, home state of senator ted cruz. trump is leading in the polls and cruz has to win by a strong margin or his candidacy will be in doubt. and in ohio and florida are mong the first in the the process to it be win or take all purses. ohio, the home state of governor kasich. and the home state, florida, of marco rubio. donald trump has an opportunity to go man-to-man with all three rivals. and he talked about that last night and boasting that he leads in the polls. his lead telegraphs his advantage. and last night donald trump got 45 percent but not 50 percent of the vote and that there is still a majority of the electorate
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looking for an altern tough of donald trump. rubio said some of the candidates need to drop out and so they can put it together and stop him. >> it is a big if and that is something to talk about in the program. great to see you as always. >> meanwhile, the movement to slow donald trump's campaign is trying to coalesce. and trying to get kasich to get out. rubio is in third place behind trump and ted cruz amid calls to exit the race kasich talked about it to be in it and not to win the white house. >> i know how a lot of people feel. i don't know if my purpose p to be president. and we'll see where it ends up. >> i am joined by ellena
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washington editer for the national review. eliana if you are going to run for president you have to have the fire in the belly. that comment from john kasich if he had the fire it went out. >> kasich is never known for his message discipline. and the stakes are so high in the mines of many leading republicans. if john kasich is not sure if he is intending to be president, then get out of the race is what undoubtedly what many leading republicans are saying to him right now and let the guys who are in it to win it. and believe their purpose to fight it out. >> they are saying that to john kasich and they are telling him to hand his supporters over to a top contender, what would be the affect of that? >> it would be status quo. the reason they are targeting h
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supporters and asking them to support rubio. that giant loss to donald trump is smaller. the problems that they have. they have three strong candidates. and donald trump and marco rubio. and they are going to ted. and they toss hillary clinton in the presidential race in ohio. 54- 37 percent. and if you look at his numbers against donald trump. he's losing to trump, 31- 26 in his own home state. that can't bode well. if he's planning to grab ohio
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and all of the electoral votes to take them to the convention is it working? >> the fact is, john kasich doesn't have a path to the nomination. that's why so many people are calling for him to drop out. they are calling on marco rubio to offer john kasich a spot on the ticket. he needs him campaigning for him in ohio. and that would allow marco rubio to win ohio. as phillip mentioned, it is not that kasich has the support among the primary voters, his endorsement would be significant in a state like ohio. that would be an asset when republican voters vote on march 19th. those votes are important. >> phillip, you said rubio and cruz are in a mutually assured destruction path in a moment. >> yes, five candidates are
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left. and picking up ben carc cannon and kasich, carson will go to cruz or trump. cruz and rubio are splitting the race. and if ted cruz, i am not sure it would go to rubio. with both of them in the second tier, i don't see how you can take donald trump at or they go and drive down his numbers independently. >> do you see that happening eliana? marco rubio, we had him on from fox and friends, arguing that if they would get out of the race, then donald trump would be less than 50 percent and the support would go to who ever is left, do you see that happening? >> crazy things have happen in the race, i think we will know more about ted cruz's prospects
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on march 1st. marco rubio has to win the state of florida, if he doesn't, it ises candidacy that is dead. there is no other candidate from trump that has the path to the the nomination. on march 15th. we'll know based on marco rubio's fate in florida. >> only a 10th of the delegates have been allocated on the republican side so far. good to talk to you, thank you both. >> thank you. hillary clinton is campai campaigning in south carolina. her momentum come cans amid new developments, the investigation of her e-mails in south carolina. ed? >> reporter: good to see you. in the last few moments, harry reid officially endorsed hillary
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clinton. interesting because the nevada caucus happen and reid was saying that he wanted to remain neutral and a lot of people suspected he was leaning to milwaukee. they are starting more and more to go to clinton as she looks to be poised for a big victory and ready to go with super tuesday and getting in a commanding position for the nomination again. this is more of a question of what would happen in the general election. the federal judge indicated that clinton and uman abedin may face subpeona. that was the issue here in south carolina and clinton tried to brush it off. watch. >> it is just not something that is going to have any lasting effect. i am not worried about it.
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>> except there is an fbi investigation that is ongoing and on capitol hill the attorney general was pressed about it. she made it clear it is an open investigation and the decision is not made on whether or not to move forward on criminal charges. >> if the fbi makes the case will be prosecute the case. >> that matter is handled by career independent law enforcement agents, fbi agents and the career independent attorneys in the department of justice. they follow the evidence and look at the law and they will make a recommendation to me when the time is appropriate. >> reporter: meanwhile, you have heard bernie sanders not make the e-mail controversy an issue and it doesn't appear that he's gaining from hillary clinton's problems.
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sanders pressed several times of his path to victory and he seemed to brush it off and say look, he believes his path is clinton likely to win here saturday, but massachusetts and minnesota he hopes to get victories. he will need to rack up victories and can't keep coming in a close second. jenna. >> thank you. new developments in the syrian civil war. world powers try to provide life saving food and medicine. how isis is trying to cut off the key route. >> they need to any after him. it is a money game. you look at the spending on march 1st. you can kind of see where they are trying to put down the fire wall and it may be too late on the trump train. >> does anybody stand a chance of catching that train.
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we'll talk to the strategist and now that the field has narrowed a bit. who would you like to see get the gop nomination. our live chat is up and running and deputy to -- go to he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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>> to the latest on the the conflict in syria where a ceasefire is set to go in effect. the u.s. brokered that deal with russia in hopes of getting food and supplies to the families left by the fighting. isis are tightening their grip on the key route in the city of a leppo. >> reporter: heavy fighting in syria particularly in the rebel held town of a leppo. in recent days the assad regime
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is putting pressure on the rebels there. they are beginning to attack the assad military regime supply line. the rebels not only moderate but isis fighters are trying to slow down the the assad push in to aleppo. even though the u.s. and russia agreed to the ceasefire and allow the u.n. aid to get to people in need of food and medicine, it is not chlor that everybody is on board. one of the largest rebel groups backed by saudi arabia said they have not agreed to the ceasefire. rebels believe the assad regime will bomb areas where there is isis and al-qaeda fighters because p the regime will not stop fighting isis.
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there is concern that they will get pounded by russian air strikes and the assad regime. there is not a lot of optimism for the sees fire that is supposed to go into effect on saturday. we hope according to the obama administration that the sees fire will go into effect and pave the way for larger peace talks. the concerns in the obama administration and watching syria will the ceasefire even go into effect at all. >> and how many people get killed waiting for that to happen. more than 20 people killed when a plane slammed in the side of a mountain. and president obama hitting a snag with his plan to close the detention center this guantanamo bay.
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>> a small plane crashes in a mountain side in nepal killing all 23 people on board. the plane lost contact ten minutes after taken. most of the people on board were from nepap. there were favorable weather condition cans. but search crows reported dense fog. it was half a mile from a resort town for hikersj %
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united states. the republican leaders are calling the president's plan illegal. charl is a heritage senior fellow. and it is great to have you on the program as always. what do you make of the attorney general's comments. >> she is referring, i think, to the fact that every congress since 2009 and including the
10:25 am
democrat house and september restrictions on the president from spending money to bring the detainees to the united states or building facilities for purpose. when the president blames the republican congress he needs to remember the democratic congress put the restrictions in place. >> we look at the balance of power between the legislative and excutive branch. who has the upper hand if you will, when it comes to prisoners of war? what control does congress have versus the president on this issue? >> the congress has the power of the purse and the law they passed didn't say president, you can't move detainees. the law said you can't spend the federal money. the president is commander in chief and has the authority as commander in chief to make tactical moves of what to do
10:26 am
with the detainees. but the supreme court weighed in on the president's power and the courts, lower courts have done that as well. so this is the ultimate clash between the legislative branch saying we control the purse. and the executive branch saying they can do what they want. >> what if the president orders the movement of the prisoners to whatever place he decides? does the defense department have to follow his order ares? what happens legally in the president wakes up and decides that's what he will do? >> the president said he will not do that. and the director of the joint staff of the pentagon, senior general wrote a letter to congress, the law in place said we can't do it and we don't intend to violate the law. we'll see if the president tries to work out accommodation. that is tough in an election
10:27 am
year. this plan is seven years too late. if it was delivered in 2009 it would probably have gone through and gitmo would be closed. if the president feels like he is frustrated and goes alone and attacks excutive action of his own. >> we have reaction. senator pat roberts posted the voochlt and we'll run this video. >> this is what i think of the president's plan. to send terrorist to the united states. >> and that is theatrics of that. we can see for ourselves. and is there anything that congress can do proactively. the president may take executive action in the final days of his presidency. but can can congress do anything to prevent it from happening if
10:28 am
members of congress like senator pat roberts don't like. it >> congress spoke loudly and the president signed this law every year as part of the national defense authorization act. congress made its position clear and now it is it up to the president and we'll see. one thing for sure. he is going to transfer at least 35 cleared off of the ilanand probably more during this year. and that 91 detainees will go down to the 60s or 50s and we'll see what happens in the end of the year. >> i have to run, tilly. what does your gut tell you? >> i have no clue. my gut tells me it is it going to be open next for the president to deal with. but i could be wrong. >> it was brought up day one, the president's presidency and now we are talking about it all the way to the end.
10:29 am
thank you for your honesty and your candor. we appreciate it. >> thanks. >> well, the trump train rolled through another state. after a decisive win in nevada, it is looking likely that trump will be the republican nominee. is it too late for establishment republicans to band together and to stop him. and more than a dozen new cases of the zika virus in the united states. doctors will be testifying on capitol hill, that is 30 minutes from now.
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>> they need to not fight him. now that bush is out they are trying to get behind rubio. people need their game plan and go after him. it is a money gachlt if you look at spending on march 1st. you can see where they are going to try to put down that fire wall. it may be too late for the trump train. >> that is chuck rocha talking about the nevada caucus. the gop is waking up up to a trump nightmare and it may be too late to stop him. apparently not for everybody. trump won handedly in nevada and what do ted cruz and marco rubio need to do to close the gap.
10:34 am
they have a democratic strategist and a former candidate. too little too late for anybody but trump? >> somebody's gotta to get a victory and winning matters and the days of touting second place as a victory have come to an end. and for ted cruz, he needs to go back to texas, and campaign as if he is running for reelection for the senate and make it a one state strategy, because he needs a win. and just as john kasich needs to head to ohio and get a victory and marco needs to keep the race close as he can to trump next tuesday, but there is no polling showing him defeating trump in the states and hope that ted cruz loses texas and then he can do the same thing that cruz and kasich need to do. go to his home state and win it and get a victory.
10:35 am
and victories matter in this process. >> i need a diagram. that is a lot to happen if somebody can stop trump. what do you think of that strategy and what rings true to you? >> it seems the only way to go. it don't see a clear path for cruz even if he wins texas. he's still far behind and it will be interesting, there is pressure on kasich to get out of the race. he's not winning in ohio but it is close. that will be a big push for him and then there is florida, my state, we have a win or take all. the largest number of delegates and it is rubio's home state but trump is really popular here. and he can come together and get together with kasich's people and start putting together numbers. it is it a moving chessboard and
10:36 am
unbelievable. >> and the political report referencing the mysterious group of gop elites are coming together in the shadows to takedown trump because p they haven't done it yet and they are going to do it next. and one wonders if that is legit. who are the mysterious people and where are they? and so far it hasn't worked. >> having been a republican all of my life, i can assure you we are not that organized to have such an effort to put together. and in fact, i will tell you that donors across the country have called us wanting to know how they can get ahold of someone in the trump campaign. two members of congress endorsed donald trump this following scott brown doing it. and in fact, senator brown, is trump now establishment now that you are on board? and while there are some in the
10:37 am
republican party want someone else. a number of republican establishment, your words who are now rally around trump as it looks like he is becoming the nominee. >> i wonder if it is to little too late. what is taking them so long to get on the the trump train. we looked at trump, against hillary clinton, he's not winning. but on the question, who is trump's running mate? that is a marked turn of events. the gop could get on the trump train and build a good ticket and why not at this point? >> i just don't know that we will see that happen. it is hard to imagine, given two members of congress, but two? that is nothing compareed to what rubio has. people are coalescing behind him. members of the house and senate.
10:38 am
>> but, voters are against that. >> the idea of sort of this thought in a couple of months we'll have a stage mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and don amd will trump sharing the stage. it is hard to believe for everyone involved. trump is the presumpative. see what happens in the gop debate. certainly trump's debates don't affect his numbers. but cruz and rubio, it is it a game changer and instead of second is or first. rubio needs the firepower. >> megyn kelliy speaking to most of the candidates in a town hall event. and interesting to see how they handle themselves and then of
10:39 am
course, the debate. thank you so much. >> we are awaiting a house committee hearing on the zika virus. and the coordinated response to it by the government agency. that is one day after the centers for disease control put out a advisory on guarding against the sexual transmission of the zika virus. steve? >> john, federal health officials. they are concern canned about 14 new cases of zika in the u.s. that may have been passed on from sexual transmission from a man or woman. a man returned from outside. and the woman did not. they suspect that the zika virus could be transmissible through sex than previously thought. >> third or fourth new emerging
10:40 am
infections. and what the world has had to deal with. and the funding agencies are realizing the need for a rapid response and preparredness to deal with the new emerging infections. >> of course, the zika virus is passed on through the mosquito and devastating in parts of latin america and the caribbean and linked to devastating birth defects. there have been 90 reported cases here in the u.s. of those 9029 in florida alone. and in each of the florida case, it is it a case of someone traveling outside of the u.s. and contracting the virus and returning home to florida. >> thank you, steve. >> it may be a discovery of a lifetime. the the archaeologist dating back to the 16th century. and tells us about america
10:41 am
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>> back on stage in las vegas, since the death of her husband the first time. she paid a tribute. >> it is in the balcony, back stage or at home with the kids, he's always been on stage with me. >> but a crowd giving her a standing ovation she credits her late husband with success. he discovered when she was 12 years old and managed her career. he died after a long battle with cancer. >> an amateur archaeologist strikes gold in the florida pandhandle you might say, unearthing a lost settlement dating back to the 16th century. it gives us a new perspective on
10:45 am
early spanish colonism here in the u.s. here is john worth, an associate protessor of anthropology in the university of west florida. when i first heard about the story, i was trying to figure out why, spanish sailed to florida. they didn't come from spain. they came from mexico? >> yes, it was. they sent an expepdition at the king's order and left vera cruz and the idea was to go on the atlantic coast and beat the french to the punch and settle spanish florida. >> how was this settlement located? >> the site was located by a local historian who was
10:46 am
observant enough and connected with the university. he had worked in the arkicology department in the '80s. and he saw artifacts on the ground. and he contacted us. and over the course of several weeks, we looked at the collection of surface artifacts and it was a mid16th century pot pery and also in the location that was perfect for it. >> we are showing pictures of some of the artifacts. most of them are chips of broken pottery. if i saw that on the surface of the ground, it would mean nothing to me. he had his eyes open? >> he did. and the remarkable thing, the pottery, is nondescript outside. but it takes someone about specialized training and experience to distinguish it is
10:47 am
european or spanish cerammics and not the 18th century that we normally have in pensacola but a specific type that dates to the 16th century. that is unusual. >> the name of the ships brought 1500 spaniards and slaves to the pandhandle of florida? >> trysta deluna was chosen as leader and mounted a float of 11 or 12 ships and brought 1500 colonist and soldiers. and when they picked their spot, five weeks later in the process of building a warehouse on store. and the hurricane wiped out the fleet and left own throw afloat and that meant 1500 colonist with little food and it took them two years to figure out
10:48 am
they had to withdraw and abandon the attempt. they stayed there until 1561. >> st. augustine was settled by the spanish. what does this to to the claim of the st. augustine claim of oldest settlement. >> that remains the first european settlement in the united states. we had the settlement that did not last. luna preidates st. augustine about six years and even though it lasted two years longer than the previous expedition it was not a success. sapt augustine remains the first permanently occupied settlement. >> and hats off to the archaeology who made the discovery. thank you. >> thank you very much.
10:49 am
a dangerous storm system heading north from the gulf coast. latest details from the fox weather center, next.
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hi everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. coming up, two members of congress endorsing donald trump for president. will others now join after trump's third win in a row? plus can baby powder cause cancer? a family of a woman says yes. we'll give you the real story on that. and chick-fil-a under fire on a college campus. some don't agree with the chicken chain's politics. join me at the top of the hour. >> forecasters calling for
10:53 am
possible tornado es along the eastern seaboard. powerful winds leaving at least three dead and dozens more injured. j.d. is live with more in the weather center. >> tornados over five states and it's not over yet. as you mentioned the same storm system that brought the damaging devastating tornados yesterday moving across the mid-atlantic and behind that a foot of snow and blizzard condition. very dynamic. we have tornado watches in effect toward the carolinas and the virginia and delmarva. thunderstorm warnings here west of the charlotte area. we have a tornado warning and also a couple more since i last checked. several tornado storm in around the greenville, north carolina area. heavily populated neighborhoods seek shelter immediately.
10:54 am
we have all the ingredients coming together for the potential of hail, damaging winds and large tornados this afternoon and again into the overnight jana and john. watching these areas from the northeast. even new york city here included in a slight risk for severe weather. we can see tornado reports as far north at new york. we're watching the hatched area where we think we have all those ingredients here for long lasting potentially deadly tornados. a lot of folks along the east coast need to be unaware and alert and know where you're going the get your weather were warnings. then the cold side of this where we have blizzard warnings and up to a foot of snow. this is going to be one to watch over the next 12-24 hours chs jana and john will be here. >> we appreciate it. >> that's scary stuff. if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.
10:55 am
the city with the most billion arthur zager a billionaire's in the world. the big apple just got beat out. we'll tell you more.
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you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays. because peanuts take their job seriously. so unless you want a life of skimming wifi off the neighbors, you'll harness the hardworking power of the peanut. (cheering) giving a shout out to one of our four legged fans. dewy says his dog perks up whenever i'm on the air. so i just wanted to say hello. i do dog sit. glad you're watching. >> what do you think the secret is, john? >> i'm not sure. i hope it's not that i look like someone the dog wants to bite. he said that the dog perks up. >> it perks up and is attentive. that's a new analyst for us and some no so distant in the future. time for the final 30. we're going to move on.
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the san diego chargers are pr planning to pack up and move downtown. this is their plan. the team's proposal goes around the mayor's office, the mayor's plan to replace the old stadium in mission valley. it looks nice. could be great. >> going to be some big conventions in there, i would think. and the big apple taking a backseat for a change. beijing now reportedly now the billionaire capitol of the world passing new york city. the chinese capitol has 100 billionaire's. a mere 95 make new york city their home. >> we're going to need five or six to beat them. >> one of ours could be moving to washington soon. you never know. >> still waiting on bloomberg's decision reportedly, but we'll see. or, oh, i guess donald trump as well. >> thank you for joining us today. >> the real story with gretchen
11:00 am
starts now. >> speaking of donald trump, he takes nevada. now it's on to super tuesday. hi everyone. i'm gretchen. this is the real story. no rest for the weary. trump meeting with pat robertson as the rest of the g.o.p. field moves south. senators marco rubio and ted cruz are in texas duking it sout. bernie sanders looking to make moves and scraping together support. hillary clinton in south carolina ahead of saturday's primary there. trump taking advantage of every voting block in his win in nevada. here's what the top three had to say. >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. we're the smartest people and the most loyal people and you know what i really am happy about. i've been saying it for a


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