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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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starts now. >> speaking of donald trump, he takes nevada. now it's on to super tuesday. hi everyone. i'm gretchen. this is the real story. no rest for the weary. trump meeting with pat robertson as the rest of the g.o.p. field moves south. senators marco rubio and ted cruz are in texas duking it sout. bernie sanders looking to make moves and scraping together support. hillary clinton in south carolina ahead of saturday's primary there. trump taking advantage of every voting block in his win in nevada. here's what the top three had to say. >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. we're the smartest people and the most loyal people and you know what i really am happy about. i've been saying it for a long
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time. 46% with were the hispanics. 46%. number one were hispanics. [ applause ] >> and the undeniable reality that the first four states have shown is the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> we never played that expectation game. i'm going to tell you though we feel good about next tuesday. we're six days away. we have an organization and a good team and good plan for every state on the map. i think we're going to surprise some people next tuesday. >> okay. time for our political panel for some real talk. captain calling for the national view. both fox news contributors and leslie all the way from california bringing the good weather. >> breaking news happening right now because two members of congress have just endorsed donald trump as their guy for president. here they are.
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duncan hunter, republican from california and representative chris collins, republican from the state to have new york. collins was the first to say it about an hour ago. leslie, what do you think of this? i think it could be a domino effect now where members of congress after the third win are going to start lining up. what do you think? >> i think so. i said this all along. i said one, don't underestimate donald trump. secondly, when paul ryan got out after the muslim ban comment and he's out there talking separate from donald trump i said to everybody, you watch one by one they're going to get behind him if he wins by double digits in the primaries and caucuses and he has and that's what's happening. >> while a lot were not taking him seriously, do you think we'll see more members of congress behind him?
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>> yes, i think he's going to be the nominee and we'll get behind him. you have carson still in the race taking the evangelical votes away from cruz and kasich taking away from rubio and they're fighting each other and trump people no matter what he does, trump, trump, trump, trump's the best. cruz, stuff against him and people don't support him anymore. there's no stopping donald trump. >> let's talk about the hispanics. last night he said that was his proudest moment he got a huge percentage of the latino vote. a lot were surprised about that because of his comments on illegal immigration. >> it's interesting. i had a hispanic couple from my kid's school that came up to me and said what do you think of trump? i said let's not talk politics. they said we're mexican-american and they said we like him. i think it's the way they perceive him. that celebrity goes a lot farther than people think.
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name recognition is number one. i'm not sure they know what they're signing up for besides hey, it's donald trump, this is not a washington -- >> latino voters in this country has grown since last time we voted for president even in 2012. up 17%. >> yeah, he says they love me and people believe what he says. if he does anything wrong it's like no, i didn't. it's how it works. he's fun to watch. if i watch any victory speeches, concession speeches, his are the only ones i find entertaining. i follow politics because it's my job. not terch follows it closely as i do. >> it's got to be more than that. got to be more than he's fun and fun to watch. final answer. >> i don't think it's just the slogan. i think and honestly, i think rubio is the only one that has a shot at beating him.
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he needs to learn from trump. go attack ted cruz and ben carson and look at the last minute decision voters. if you look at the polls state by state there's where rubio has strength and donald trump doesn't. >> great point. good to see you. time now for my take. one of the greatest things about america is how productive our citizens can be. that's what i thought of watching the caucuses play out last night in nevada. saids come together exercising their right to vote and be involved. plus should we try to make things a little bit more 2016? did you know it was okay for people to wear t-shirts, buttons and hats supporting their particular candidate. can't we modernize and put only the names of the candidates still viable. number three, an app system was
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used in the iowa kau sus. nevada didn't have the technology. maybe we should streamline across the states and have all primary. easier to understand. people are busy. voting quickly could be a plus. still, voter turnout was record breaking in nevada meaning enthusiasm is high thand, and t friend is good news. hillary clinton and bernie sanders gearing up after the victory in nevada. now she's giving an endorsement from harry reed. it's after the fact, right. chief correspondent ed henry live to sumpter. why is he endorsing her now? >> good question. there's a lot of democrats and republicans that think harry reed endorsed her before the caucus saturday. he made a key phone call to make
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sure while the union held back but made sure that the unit got their employees at all the casinos out to vote for hillary clinton. keep the caucuses open in the casinos. that was pif toll. what's happening now is the caucus has already happen in the state but the fact that reed is getting on board is more of a signal of the establishment saying there's bumps in the road. now it's time to get behind clinton. they feel especially after this coming saturday and maybe after super tuesday next week clinton is going to be closer to the nomination. >> clinton has a new legal threat hanging over her head. it seems like a daily thing we're talking about. of course, it involves her e-mail. what makes this new one stand out more? >> she was pressed about it last night and tried to brush it off and say it's not going to have lasting damage. here's what's different. it was a suit brought by the watch to get clinton's personal
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e-mails. the campaign is dismissing it. what's different is number one, the judge said yes, this can move forward was actually nominated by bill clinton in the 90s, a democratic judge. his personal e-mail not turned over to the state department. we heard about the e-mails. these are personal e-mails that could hold information about the clinton foundation. watch that. also, the judge's ruling opens the door to clinton herself and top aids facing subpoenas down the road about the e-mails and finally, the timing of all this. when these suits move forward this is something they hoped to get done before the primaries were finished. now this opens the door during the summer or fall right when clinton wanted to be the democratic nominee wanting to get all this behind her. >> interesting timing. bernie sanders today had his second news conference in a week. when was the last time clinton faced the press?
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>> it's been a long time. here's why she doesn't want to do it. what happened is they asked things you don't want to answer. sanders would you say pressed immediately. he was on defense about whether he can really win. >> this from day one was going to be difficult. you all know that on march 1st. there's a dozen states holding elections. the dates throughout the world is we got to go out. we have a shot to win massachusetts, colorado, minnesota and other states. >> clinton has not had oppressive availability since the beginning of december. sanders camp said he's had about a dozen. we looked at this. marco rubio and the republican side is one example that's had around 50 since december 1st. at the beginning of the month, early december. now, her staff says look.
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she's done abunch of interviews and also takes questions at town hall meetings but no news conferences. >> all right. let's see if she makes it through february. deadly weather ripping through southern states killing three people. tornados causing heavy damage to homes and businesses. then in mississippi a trailer tossed around like a toy by strong wind. florida also seeing damage from the same weather system. jonathan, what's happening where you are today? >> reporter: hi, gretchen. well, you can see the sun is finally coming out. that's allowing residence debits to come out and inspect all the damage and salvage what they can. many residents say when this tornado arrived they were inside their homes watching the weather reports on tv. >> i started hearing popping sounds and hearing shingles coming off the roof. i went down the hallway to tell
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my dad we're tart as good to lose shingles. the pressure in the house dropped and still quiet. i started yelling at everybody to get in the hallway and get down. all you can hear is crushing and popping. any moment you're waiting on the roof to peel back like a sardine can. >> the tornado largely spared his roof. as you can see, his parents recreational vehicle was overturned in the driveway and you're seeing a lot of scenes like this throughout this neighborhood. dozens of homes damaged or completely destroyed. >> yeah, jonathan, having been through a tornado myself that pressure feeling is something you never ever forget. jonathan, thank you. >> don't wish it on anyone. >> true. president obama facing opposition left and right now over his options to replace justice scalia as well as his plan to bring gitmo detainees to
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america. now we're asking should the president leave them where they are or bring them to the states? >> this is an eight page document, seven pages which are are a rehash. anyone who thinks this conflict is over with isis and doesn't believe we're going to be capturing more terrorist, obviously, has a deferent view soft world. this is joanne.
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her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. welcome back to the real story. supreme show down over nominating a replacement for justice scalia with president obama making it clear to hold a meeting for the nominee. >> i think it will be very
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difficult to explain how if the public concludes this person is very well qualified that the senate should stand in the way simply for political reasons. we'll see what happens. i think the situation may evolve over time. >> well, senator mcconnel sees it differently. >> i can confidently say that the nomination should be made by the people elect. and the election underway now. >> joining me now, senator joy who sits on the senate foreign relations committee. senator, it's good to have you here. should congress take a look at who the president might nominate or should they go on the record with any of this? >> well, the constitution is clear. the president has a right to nominate a supreme court justice
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and the senate has the right to consent to that nominee. i believe that the next president should be heard and make that determination of who our next justice of the supreme court should be. >> even though it's not constitution that president obama has the right to put a name forward now, it's my understanding that the president invited senator to consult on the nominee but they have not answered. would you think he should go consult or just not answer? >> we're deep in the heart of the election. we just had caucuses in nevada yesterday. super tuesday is coming upwell into this election. the american people are deciding who it's going to be. is it going to be president rubio, president sanders? the bottom line is the american people are going to make that determination. >> okay. house speaker paul ryan says republicans are taking steps to stop president obama from closing gitmo and relocating gitmo detain knees.
11:18 am
department of defense has a few sites to house the detain knees. there's areas close in proximity. they're in your home state, senator of colorado. maybe not a lot of people understand how close these faciliti facilities, prisons would be to bases and to lots of people. >> look, seven of the 13 supposed sites we've heard about are located in colorado. the facilities they're looking at are just miles away from the chemical depot in colorado. they're just miles away from colorado springs. everybody remembers cheyenne mountain. the air force acodmy is just down the road from this
11:19 am
facility. these are people that could be transferred. if they're removed and relocated they could be put on the highways and in downtown denver and i know the sheriffs actually saw tremendous security risks. >> all right. senator weighing in on the gitmo situation. thank you. this woman just won a $72 million lawsuit under claims that talcom powder caused their mother's ovarian cancer. >> it was not just for her but so many other women. that's why i continue, that's why i continue this fight. >> so do we need to beworried about the baby powder we all have in our home? plus baby powder is not the only product going under the
11:20 am
microscope but parm schenn cheese. what they found that didn't come from a cow. plus a big midwest earn school trying to keep chick-fil-a out of their area. tweet me at gretchen carlson. use the hashtag #attherealstory it's all good. that's what i think. to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health.
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[ rock music throughout ] [ engine starting ] [ tire screech ] [ car engines roar ] [ pit crew audio ] when you're a fan it's never just one thing, it's everything. introducing nascar on xfinity x1, get live race stats right on your tv. change the way you experience nascar with xfinity x1. welcome back to the real
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story. the civil suit was part of a broader claim involving the deceased woman and 60 others that allegedly got sick after using johnson and johnson baby powder and other products using talcom. here's what the lawyer had to say. >> finally, the truth has come to light. the jury rightly exposed to content of johnson and johnson and made known talcom powder does cause ovarian cancer. it's been known by over 30 years from the industry. they've hid it. >> wow. here to weigh in former prosecutor and defense attorney. it does? >> that's the thing with this verdict. it's shocking and baffling. who would think that a powder could hurt us, number one. baffling because the scientific community is really a part on whether or not there's a direct line between talcom powder and cancer. if we haven't drawn or made that
11:25 am
connection, how is it that a jury can say defensively that johnson and johnson covered anything up? which bulk of the damages is for the fraud issue against johnson and johnson, not the actual damages to the deceiving. >> you brought up the notes shouldn't the fda be looking into this. shouldn't we have a ruling. shouldn't the federal government be telling us whether or not it's safe or not. you think for johnson and johnson and the longevity of the accompany. >> people have knocked on the fda's door about this several times and the fda said we're not drawing this conclusion either. we're out of it. you have the fda saying we're not really convinced. wouldn't johnson and johnson be held to the fda's standard.
11:26 am
>> i just want to quickly get johnson and johnson in here to be fair and balanced. >> walmart is being sued over parmesan cheese. 8% of it is wood pulp. cellulose is used in the product. essential every day brand claims to be 100% parm but the highest at 9%. whole foods doesn't list it on their ingredient and it contained point 3%. kraft foods contained 3.8%. what is in our parm shan cheese? apparently, a certain amount is allowable. that's part of the problem.
11:27 am
the issue here is the fraud. it's not that the ingredient was in the cheese. it's in the label. people knew what they were putting in their mouth when they purchased that item. >> not that people would know cellulose is wood fiber. they would define the ingredients on there. all it has to do is disclose that. but gretchen, this whole foods fraud. say that ten times fast is a new phenomenon that's going to get bigger and bigger because apparently it's so widely happening around us right now, we don't know it. for example, when i was researching this story, there's some rice that comes out of china that's made with so much plastic residencen that eating three cups of it is like eating a grocery bag. we have to be very careful with what we put in the bag. how can we do that if the manufactures aren't telling us? >> and it's not that the fda
11:28 am
doesn't have regulations. >> i'm not eating anything but wheat grass. >> okay. all right. thank you. >> thanks. >> let's take a live look at texas governor greg abbot because he's at a ted cruz rally in houston and what is he doing? he's endorsing him. we're going to have a federal judge nominated by her own husband may now be complicating hillary clinton's race for the white house. what the judge just decided about her e-mail. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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fox news alert for you now. here's a live look at ted cruz addressing a crowd in houston, texas. greg abbot has just endorsed him. take a listen. >> when you go cast a vote for president, you hope they'll fulfill their promises. when i vote for ted cruz, i know he'll fulfill the promise of true conservative values in the united states of america. >> big rally there. we'll continue to monitor that for you and bring you any news. next major contest, super tuesday. nearly 600 delegates up for grabs. including ted cruz's home state
11:33 am
of texas. other states on the ballot. the next major event is march 15th with five states including ohio and florida. home to governor kasich and marco rubio respectively. more trouble could be coming for hillary clinton. former judge with a subpoena turning over work e-mails whether they're work related or not. things are getting bigger. loretta lynch is asking tough questions and she was asked as well on the hill over the current investigation. catherine live for us in washington. how is the attorney general responding to all this? >> good afternoon. the attorney general telling lawmakers this morning the fbi is investigating how clinton and her team handled classified information and more importantly that the fbi is now working with the department of justice attorney. this kicks up the investigation up a notch.
11:34 am
>> that matter is being held for the departments of justice. they follow the evidence and look at the law. we're aware of no efforts to undermine our review or investigations to this matter at all. >> this is the first time lynch has confirmed they're working the them on the days. telling fox this afternoon this is the kind of framework you need so the fbi can subpoena evidence, wpss, phone or financial records and ultimately, to beat a grand jury if required in this case. >> how significant is the federal court ruling that came in late yesterday? >> well, the federal court judge here in washington d.c. was clearly frustrated in court
11:35 am
yesterday and reading the tv, sullivan at the very least is suspicious that the clinton server was fed up to control government records and bypass the freedom of information act law. by mid-april, a timetable will have to be agreed by the state department and judicial watch that brought the lawsuit for clinton's closest aids as well as state department under charge of the administration. >> this discovery agoing to cut through as we've been getting from mrs. clinton and the state department. people are going to have to go on the record and under oath in ways they haven't had to in ways before. >> fox news has also confirmed there's more clinton e-mails beyond the top 22 secrets that will be held by full by the end of the month because of highly classified nature because of the intelligence they contain. >> a story that continues to grow. thank you. hillary clinton brushing off the
11:36 am
latest e-mail development saying it was nothing to worry about. >> i know there are challenges about what the state department did or didn't do. that will all be worked out. it is just not something that is going to have any lasting effect and i'm not at all word rried at it. >> hillary clinton says she's not worried about it at all. how does she know? does she have inside information into the tracks? has the president indicated to her i'll make sure it doesn't go anywhere or is she just making it up? remember, in addition to the legal track she's now on she's also on a political track to the nomination. >> it's interesting because when you look at the top reaction in this poll taken not about who you're going to vote for, what does the first word come to mind
11:37 am
when you think about hillary clinton, dishonesty and liar was the highest percent panel of word that comes to mind. is this because of the e-mail problem? >> yes, in part. she has a long history of being untrust word shi. given the fact we've had all of these scandals over the last year from the e-mail server to the clinton foundation and corruption and money involved there, that just reinforced an already existing image of clinton as dishonest and liar. voters, i think, they will respond in this way and when she says it has no lasting effect, it already has. >> it's interesting because the judge catherine was just talking about was nominated by hillary clinton's husband, bill clinton. obviously, politics not playing into this right now, he's frustrated. he kept saying you've got to grip this thing out. >> you have to cough up the
11:38 am
e-mails, processing, you have to work within the system here because there's an on going investigation. what the judge was essentially paint the way for a possible subpoena and her copies which means they would all face depositions and the timing on this is very interesting. as i've said before, i'm not entirely convinced she's going to be the nominee. i think this could in fact blow up in her face and you'll have a democratic party with a nominee that's currently wounded. she's weakened going into this thing and faced with criminal referral, depositions on going. she might think she can get away with it because her husband did. it depends on what the meaning of the word is but she's not her husband in so many ways and i don't think she's that protected. >> all right. monica, thank you. >> a pleasure. >> a very popular chicken chain, chick-fil-a under controversy at a college campus. university of nebraska campus saying they're not considering the chain as a new dining option
11:39 am
for students. trace live with more on this. what's the beef with chick-fil-a? >> very funny. here's what we report and you decide. they're pushing back the reports and the university will not consider adding chick-fil-a as a new dining option for the student union. the student government wanted to make sure the college administration did not pick a random off brand fast food joint for student dining. the student body e-mailed all students with a list of chain asking for their choice and chick-fil-a won by mile. when a gay and lesbian group complained about them being chosen they sent students a second poll of restaurants but this time chick-fil-a replaced by another chicken change and that led to cause some students say that political correctness
11:40 am
was standing in the way of the students. >> i think by replacing chick fill a it's almost like telling the stunts their vote doesn't matter. >> so the university chancellor issued a statement saying there had been no decision quoting to be clear business and finances to the financial viability of bringing in name brands including chick-fil-a to our campus. the student body president considered a e-mail concluding these corporate values are not aligned as our values as a student body and it's not in the best interest of our community to pursue chick-fil-a right now. you can see where some clearly might have gotten the wrong idea.
11:41 am
>> yeah, how do they know? are they speaking for all the students? very interesting story. trace, thanks. donald trump and senator marco rubio seem to be going easy on one another. have you noticed? even after mr. trump questioned whether rubio was eligible to be president. will that change on the eve of the next g.o.p. debate? that's next. >> i'll tell you what we're going to do. we get greetty. now we're going to get greetty for the united states. we're going to grab and grab and grab.
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smith reporting in just 16 minutes. >> back to the real story now. donald trump going somewhat easy on senator marco rubio. have you noticed? he addressed that this morning. >> so far, he's been very nice and i think i've been very nice to him. we haven't been in that mode yet. probably it will happen and if it doesn't happen, that will be a wonderful thing. there's a possibility that will happen. >> did you look at his record and things he's done as a united states senator, what are your impressio impressions? >> he's had a lot of experience. he's young and a nice guy. he's a very nice guy but we'll be talking about it at the right time if it comes up. >> okay. so what about marco rubio? >> we have gone at donald trump but when it's on policy, at the last debate donald trump said george w. bush was responsible for 9/11 and i took him on for that issue. if i'm attacked i'm going to set the record straight. if there's a policy difference we're going to talk about this. i'm not in this to beat up
11:46 am
republicans and call republicans names. i know donald trump says he's going to make america great again but how. how are you going to do it? you have to have attention to detail. >> scott is a supporter of donald trump. good to see you, senator. >> good to see you gretchen. >> do you think the gloves are coming off tomorrow night at the debate? quiet honestly, donald trump hasn't gone after rubio in a way he's attacked other candidates and the same for marco rubio. he's not gone after trump. what's going to happen? >> first of all, i have a tremendous amount of respect for marco and so does mr. trump. marco is a hardworking legislative bright star in the g.o.p. and they're going to have policy differences and marco has always been one really not to mix it up and wants to look past the primary and know in the general election a lot of what's said now is going to be used by
11:47 am
the democratic nominee. i know donald is wantigoing to back if he's punched. i wouldn't expect otherwise. >> well, speaking of punching, donald trump talked about punching a protester the other night. listen to this. >> those guards are gentle with him. he's walking out smiling, laughing. i would like to punch him in the face. i'll tell you. >> i'm watching how well you're doing. i'm watching how your life has gone with that tone and temperame temperament. what would you change that if it's working so well for you? >> maybe i shouldn't be changing it too much. that protester was out of line. >> i could see you laughing, senator, listening to that. so donald has said on this show that he was going to possibly change his temperament after he had been caught using a couple of curse words here or there. now he's talking about punching a guy's face. is there a problem with this or
11:48 am
is it just trump? >> you know as well as i do, how many times have you participated in a forum or debate when you have somebody coming in there merely to disrupt the event, a peaceful rally or any type of forum and you're saying to yourself man, i wish i could punch that guy in the face and in a different sense donald trump says whatever he's feeling. that's why he has a popular approach. he's talking about isis, the boarder, washington, making america great again. that's what's everybody's talking about. they don't want to say it because it's not politically correct. >> i get you on that. what we just heard marco rubio say, will we hear more details about the items you just picked off there? isis, foreign policy, how is he going to make america great again? will we hear more details? >> of course. one of the reasons i'm supporting him is because of the fact when you have somebody
11:49 am
strong like donald trump talking about the things that matter, isis or security immigration, it puts us on notice. as when reagan was elected, our prisoners immediately came home and said oh my goodness, we're in trouble. we're going to re-establish our ties and our allies to make sure we can move gouforward on a hosf issues. the problem in washington right now is the fact they don't get anything done. i laugh at the fact we have to deal with the cell phone issue and get congress working. with all do respect they can't get out of their own way and that's the problem. >> okay. senator scott brown. we'll see you soon. >> okay. thank you. >> we're tracking what could be a land mark case after a surrogate mother pregnant with triplets just delivered all those babies but here's the catch, the biological father had wanted her to get an abortion. her emotional legal battle as a s surrogate. that exclusive story next. staying in rhythm...
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a dramatic rescue after a police officer in corpus christi, texas pulls an suv driver to safety after his car crashes and bursts into flames. the officer says he witnessed the chevy suburban speeding on the freeway before it slammed into the road and caught on fire. amazingly, the driver suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. a great, amazing story. emotional battle in court. you have a surrogate mom giving birth after the father sought an abortion. senior correspond ent eric shaw.
11:54 am
>> reporter: the mother gave birth to the triplets. the father who hired her initially told her to have an abortion claiming he could not afford all three babies. she's now fighting for parental rights. >> i'm healthy. i'm 28 weeks pregnant. the babies are doing great. >> reporter: the babies are at the center of a custody battle and federal lawsuit she filed challenging california's surrogacy law. the father, identified in court papers as a 50-year-old single georgia postal worker with the initials c.m. wrote, "i felt that is such possible to seek aborting all three babies." when cook refused, he asked her to abort one, according to the lawsuit. her lawyer says a california
11:55 am
state judge gave the father parental rights and as a result the infants were taken away from cook the instant they were born. >> she heard the babies crying. so we know that they're fairly healthy. but she wasn't permitted to see them. now they won't even tell her how the babies are doing. >> reporter: the firm they used is not part of the federal lawsuit. its co-owner declined our request for an interview, citing privacy. he issued a statement before the birth that reads in part, there have been many misrepresentations made about this matter. i have addressed those misrepresentations from the appropriate forum, the judicial system. i have no interest in sensationalizing the situation." under state law cook is not considered the boys' legal mother. the lawyers are appealing and say they will be back in court later this week. gretchen? >> very interesting story, eric, thank you. a millennial mutiny against
11:56 am
captain crunch and tony the tiger. why the kids aren't eating cereal like we all did.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
make sure you catch megyn kelly, heading to houston for a "kelly file" face-to-face with the candidates, tonight from 9 to 11:00 p.m. a new study out showing -- well, it's a sad state of affairs for millennials and cereal. according to the washington post, less teens are eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast because it takes too much work. yep. 40% of them calling it inconvenient because they had to clean up the spoon and bowl afterwards. the city also found less than 60% of their dinners were actually cooked at home last year. or you could be like my kids who
12:00 pm
learned from their dad and his dad, not to put milk on your cereal. that makes it easier to clean up. then we don't have to wipe away the milk, you can wipe with a paper towel and still eat your cereal. i'm cegretchen. here's shep. after another big one, time for a high time at trump tower. >> we love nevada. thank you. >> now looking ahead to super tuesday and a potential make or break moment for the not-trumps. you know ted cruz came in third last night behind marco rubio. so it approves that if he does not win his home state of texas next month, poof, things could be rough. but he did get a boost today from the lonestar state's leadership. and what trump's wife things of her husband's views. let's get to it. first from


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