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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 24, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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changes everything. look at this doesn't seem so impressive but look where it came from. the dow down more than a percent and now up 60. why you ask? because oil is up almost 4%. "your world with neil cavuta all the details. thank you, shepard. spread out all over this country getting ready for what will be the biggest cache of delegates we've had in the race thus far. and the last republican nominee mitt romney weighing in on the race and the issues he says are very important to him. mitt romney here and only here in just a second. in the meantime they're now calling it donald trump's nomination to lose. that might be a bit premature considering the fact we've barely had 5% of the delegates vote and awarded, but the trend is his friend and he's nabbed three out of the first four contests. normally on the republican side you do that you have got the
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nomination. and now he's getting the support as well. including new york republican chris collins who is the first republican lawmaker to back the real estate developer. congressman, very good to have you. why donald trump? >> well, neil, it's good to be here with you. our country's at a tipping point. and it's about time that the united states reclaims its past glory as the land of opportunity, restoring the promise of the american dream for our children and grandchildren. donald trump as president is the man to make america great again. >> how do you know that? as you know there are a lot of people that pile on him whether it's fair or not that he hasn't really given many details, maybe with the exception of his tax plan. you know, he's big on big ideas, not on the details. what do you see? >> well, as a chief executive and myself having come out of the private sector as a chief executive, we need to elect a chief executive, not a chief politician. and donald trump's experience in running a very complex organization and everything that comes out of that experience and
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the private sector makes him the man to be the next president and to bring our jobs back, the manufacturing jobs that have been stolen by china, donald trump is the man that will make that happen. >> does it -- were you as someone who has to deal obviously with representatives around the country and foreign relations as well the ill-will he might have set up with the likes of mexico, don't take too kindly to the notion they might build a wall for a president trump. the chinese don't really much like talk of his tariffs and tough trade talk, what do you say to that? >> here's the fact, we're 25% of the world's economy. we are a net importer. and as such if you are playing poker, we're holding four aces. we need someone like donald trump who understands the art of negotiation who knows these countries need us. we are a net importer. without the markets in the united states, china crumbles. so donald trump is the best negotiator i've ever seen or met. i know he will stand for
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americans' jobs, getting those jobs back and stop the nonsense which has happened under president obama of negotiations which are stealing our jobs which i am against tpp, the transpacific partnership, as donald trump is, which would send more manufacturing jobs across the ocean. so donald trump as the best negotiator there's been knows he's holding four aces. >> are you alarmed that there aren't too many guys like you, the establishment or other representatives in elected office, they haven't been endore enrushing to endorse mr. trump. >> i come out of the private sector, i have many decades in the private sector background. very similar to mr. trump. when i ran to be the county executive of an effective bankrupt county, largest county in upstate new york, i brought my experience in hiring the best and brightest, which i'm confident mr. trump will do as well as he fills his cabinet
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officials. and most importantly fills the open supreme court seat. >> all right, thank you very much, sir. very happy you took the time. >> yeah, thank you, neil. on the other side of the aisle there is a south carolina primary this weekend, not a republican one. i know this gets confusing. we had the nevada caucuses for the republicans last night after the democrats a couple of days earlier. now it's the democrats turn in south carolina. we'll be covering that primary for them this weekend on fox business, but ahead of that a very big endorsement for hillary clinton at just the right time for her, james hodges, former south carolina governor, endorsing hillary clinton. governor, very good to have you. why hillary clinton, not bernie sanders? >> i think hillary clinton has the capacity to make things happen. we need someone who can help grow middle class wages, that can solve the problems our country is facing right now and i think she's much better equipped to do that than bernie sanders. >> all right. there's been some concern about her momentum. it takes a step forward then a step back. now concerns about e-mails, whether she could get in sort of
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drag down in some controversy about that. she might be damaged goods. way too early to tell to your point, but are you worried you might be hitching to the wrong wagon? >> well, i hitched to the right wagon in 2008 and that was on the other campaign with barack obama. but i'll tell you, after watching hillary clinton this time around, she really is running a good campaign here in south carolina. and you mentioned momentum is very important. and i think she does have the momentum now. and most importantly for a democratic candidate, neil, the demographics favor her here in south carolina. she should do very well saturday. she does well with older voters, with african-american voters. and that's who's going to control the outcome here. not only saturday but all through march and the super tuesday primary. she's going to have a great month of march. >> you know, governor, i would asker you more like a moderate democrat. you're not crazy on the left, not crazy on the right, have to make deals on both sides, you have to as governor.
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the wrap against hillary clinton is to counter bernie sanders surge she's moved sharply to the left even rejecting the trade policies her husband brought about. that's going to put her in a bit of a, you know, sticky wicket, won't it? >> well, you're right. i'm a flaming moderate. honestly i think that her policies on issues like wage growth, on investments and education, those are all good, strong policies that i think centerist voters can support. frankly, when you compare her to bernie sanders and the things that he stands for, i think moderate voters find much more to like with hillary clinton. >> i don't know though, governor. sometimes -- not all the time, but sometimes i have a tough time telling the difference. i'm wondering in this hard charge to the left and the talk about righting the wrongs of a widening wage gap and taxing the rich more, is she potentially risking alienating more voters
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than winning them? >> neil, i don't think so. look at her policies on investments and higher education, for example. much more sent ris and sensible than bernie sanders. i think like wise her ideas for growing middle class wages are good. and the language she's used about trying to work with business and labor to move america forward, i think all those things are appropriate. but most importantly, you know, i look for leaders who have a proven track record of getting things done. and she has a capacity to make things happen. that's what's most important to me. >> governor, thank you very much. i'm sure she values that endorsement. we'll see what happens this weekend. thank you, sir. all right. we had a crazy day. you might look and say, oh, good, 53, we're up 53. you know, we were down more than 250 points. again, i know i sound like a broken record here, but it's oil. it goes down, stocks go down. it came back up, stocks went back up. so i'll leave it at that. it has been very volatile, very crazy. so that just tells you pretty
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much all you need to know. all right. we've got a lot more coming up here including the read on this very confusing republican race, or is it confusing with donald trump taking three of the first four contests? do you ever wonder what the last republican presidential nominee thinks of what's happened in his party and where it's going and all the populous raids that's now just enveloped everybody? well, mitt romney is next. saturday, both parties scramble for their biggest day yet. neil cavuto is the one to get 10:00 a.m. to noon with special cost of freedom on the fox news channel. then get down to business with the fox business network. lou dobbs at 5:00 followed by neil only on fbn where when everything's on the line it's the only place looking out for your bottom line, fbn. be there. you can't predict...
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donald trump is on fire. that's probably an understatement. he's won three of the first four contests of this year. if you take a look at the dozen or so states that will be part of super tuesday, a little more than a few days from now, he has double-digit leads in more than half. and it's a very competitive race in ted cruz's home state of texas. can you imagine if trump were to take down the republican senator in that state and then go onto take it from marco rubio in his state of florida, where he also leads? could that be it? what to make of the phenomenon that is donald trump? who better to ask than the former republican presidential nominee mitt romney who joins us exclusively right now. governor, very good to have you. >> thank you, neil. good to join you. >> what do you make of this race? it's certainly a little different than four years ago. >> well, certainly. you see on the left bernie sanders, on the right donald trump, both speaking to the
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anger and frustration of people and the country feel about the lack of progress in washington. they feel washington has been incapable of getting the job done. they want something to happen. and both of the people who are really connecting with voters right now are people who suggest they can make things happen. >> you know, i think i was talking to one analyst last night on fox business who was saying it's palpable rage, not detailed rage, but palpable rage. they want stuff done. what do you make of that? >> well, i think they feel that the political class has been fiddling and didling and not doing what's necessary to create more jobs, to fix our schools, to keep foreign imports from taking away american jobs, to secure the border. there are a whole host of things people are concerned about. and they've heard politicians make promises on these topics for years and years and years. and no problem is being made. and along come a couple of guys who say, hey, look, i'm going to
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fix it. i'm going to, if you will, kick over the table, as newt gingrich said. i'm going to washington and blow things up. i think that has captured a lot of people's imagination. and as a result you're seeing extraordinary crowds and support both for bernie sanders and for donald trump. >> there's always this talk about ground game and getting your people out. i remember in the case of nevada governor four years ago after you had lost to newt gingrich in south carolina, that was very instrumental that win in nevada with the ground game that you got going and turned things around. the other guys couldn't get that ground game together against donald trump, so i guess what i'm asking you is at this point is it his nomination to lose? >> well, i think there's no question but that donald trump has the clearest path to become the republican nominee. i think for the other people still in the race their path is becoming a slimmer and slimmer opening. and they're having a difficult time communicating to their supporters just how they could
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become the nominee. it's not impossible. i think it's very difficult for any one of the non-donald trump contenders to be able to be a real threat unless perhaps the field narrows. the field narrowing would, i think, create an opening, but that doesn't seem to be happening other than jeb bush, who i think really put country first by saying, look, i'm going to step aside and let my supporters go to someone else who they feel is representative of the kind of views the country needs. >> now, you have not come out and supported anyone so far. what are you waiting for? >> well, frankly i'd like to see a number of things from the candidates, not just their positions on issues in some detail. and some candidates are more thorough in laying out what they're going to do than others. but i'd also like to see their back taxes. i'd like to see where they filed their taxes in the last several years. i'm not talking about their taxes this year. i'm talking about the taxes that
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have already been filed with the irs. and donald trump and marco rubio and ted cruz have none shown us their back taxes. you know, this was an issue in my campaign. >> how far back are you talking about? >> well, just a couple of years. you know, be the last two years that have already been filed. and this will give us a real sense of whether these people are on the up and up and whether they've been telling us things about themselves that are true or not. so, i mean, i think frankly i think we have good reason to believe that there's a bomb shell in donald trump's taxes. >> what do you mean? >> well, i think there's something there. either he's not as anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay, or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or to the disabled like he's been telling us he's been doing. and i think that's -- the reason that i think there's a bombshell in there is because every time he's asked about his taxes he dodges and delays and says,
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well, we're working on it. hey, we're not talking about the taxes that are coming due this year. of course they're working on those. they won't be ready for months. we're talking about taxes already filed, back taxes. my back taxes when i ran in 2012, my back taxes i put out in january of 2012. we're now, you know, in late february and we still haven't seen either donald trump's or marco rubio's or ted cruz's taxes. frankly the voters have a right to see those tax returns before they decide who our nominee ought to be. >> well, we have learned enough about marco rubio and his financial troubles and student loans and the rest. we got an idea that obviously he's not in mr. trump's financial league, but donald trump said only yesterday, i believe, governor, that he tries to pay as low a tax rate as he possibly can. so maybe he's leery because when you release your taxes everyone made a big deal of the fact that you paid at a lower rate, a capital gains rate that was
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lower than the standard rate. all perfectly legal and fine, but even in the interest of transparency they were all over you like you know what. >> well, that's a good reason for getting these things out before the voters make their choices to who our nominee will be. because you're absolutely right. they were all over me for my taxes, became a big issue. but i put my taxes out in january of 2012. and that gave people a chance to digest it and decide whether i was going to be the nominee or not. if in fact donald trump's taxes or marco rubio's or ted cruz's have some real problems in there, let's get them out there and see them. but i think it's pretty clear that given donald trump's dodging and weaving and delay, i think the last time he was asked about his taxes he said, well, it's going to be a month. look, people have a right to know if there's a problem in those taxes before they decide. >> what problem would you envision? the low rate that he's paying if that's the case, or the fact that he doesn't give as much to charity or veterans groups or whatever? >> well, you know, you've gone
1:19 pm
through a good list there. one we could find he doesn't have anywhere near as much income as we might think he would have with a $10 billion net worth, or he doesn't pay any taxes or he pays very, very low taxes. >> you're saying you think he's worth significantly less than that? >> i don't know. i'm just saying the fact that he is so aggressive in avoiding any discussion of taxes -- of his taxes, and is not willing to put them out so far, suggests that there's something in there he doesn't want us to see. by the way, any time you talk about money, donald trump likes to tell you how wealthy he is, how he's worth billions of dollars. the first time he was asked about his taxes on the "today" show he said, you know, they're beautiful. they're big and they're beautiful. well, great, let us see them. he likes to tell people how well he's done. why isn't he willing to let us look at the tax returns? this was an issue in my campaign. that's why i'm so sensitive to it. it's an issue in my campaign. we're going to select our nominee. we really ought to see from all
1:20 pm
three of these fellows what their taxes look like to see if there's an issue there. i think in donald trump's case it's likely to be a bombshell. >> when you say a bombshell, you question the figures he has given and the charitable donations he has made? >> it's very possible. you know, donald trump has said he's the best in the country for the disabled veterans and for the disabled generally. well, if his taxes show that he hasn't made any contributions to the disabled veterans, or to the disabled generally, that would be a big issue. and i'm not saying that's the case. i have no evidence of that. but i'm just saying there are things that could be issues. and when people decide they don't want to give you their taxes, it's usually because there's something they don't want you to see. >> all right. we'll wait. we'll see what happens. sore subject for anyone rich or poor. governor romney, thank you very, very much. >> thank you so much. >> i think it's a given we're going to place calls right now out to donald trump and his people, maybe get their take on all of this. of course they have said such tax material is forthcoming.
1:21 pm
donald trump has as i just told mitt romney talked in the past about paying as little taxes as he possibly can. we'll get reaction there. later on, you might have heard that a huge monkey just fell off the back of governor rick perry in texas, the former governor there. but is it too little too late? the texas governor, former governor, one of the nation's longest serving, is coming up.
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we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> what do you mean? >> well, i think there's something there. either he's not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is, or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay, or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or to
1:25 pm
the disabled like he's been telling us he's been doing. >> all right. wi we thought only fair to call the trump folks after that. we have and we're waiting for anyone to respond to that whether he's not releasing his tax returns yet indicates something else. it might be nothing else. but we want to make sure mr. trump gets an opportunity to respond. this would not be the first time issued tax returns warranted or not became an issue. larry sabada with us now. what do you make of all this? >> neil, that was a very significant interview. and it's going to have an impact as soon as the next debate. this is a wild guess, neil, but i don't think governor romney is for donald trump. again, don't hold me to that. >> it would appear. >> based on his comments. but governor romney points out something that is significant, because if the republicans don't
1:26 pm
focus on what may or may not be in those income tax returns, the democrats certainly will. and, you know, governor romney was careful to include ted cruz and marco rubio in this too because they haven't released their tax returns. but i think we can be pretty sure at their level of income there's going to be a whole lot less to chew on. >> we already know in the case of marco rubio much has been made of his financial issues. but he actually turned that around in his favor by saying this shows i'm an every man. but going back to john kennedy there's always an issue whether it's perceived well, are you too rich, i guess in this case the sinuation from mitt romney seems to be are you as rich as you say you are? i know battle with the forbes folks when they quantify his wealth and how much of a billionaire he is. but is this potentially much ado about nothing or what? >> well, i don't know what's in there.
1:27 pm
>> true. >> it could be nothing or it could be something. now look, neil, one thing that we've all learned, you know, even the really stupid among us is that no matter what the revelation about donald trump, his support is not going to melt away. you know, we get it. the real question is whether the other non-trump republicans and the part of the party which is still kind of a majority, that opposes trump for nomination, can be influenced to coalesce in time to stop trump from getting the nomination. that's the question. they need material. and in a debate i think we're going to find out whether ted cruz and particularly marco rubio who has been very hesitant to criticize donald trump or to go after trump in debates, are they going to go through the door that governor romney just opened for them? and i don't know the answer. we'll all find out together. >> you know, even if everything is on the up and up, nothing
1:28 pm
unusual, when you look at someone's returns it's in the eye of the beholder. mitt romney had to explain the lower dividend rate and cap gains rate, but that would fall on deaf ears to the media that just saw him getting away with tax rate murder here. even though everything was on the up and up and legal. so it can hit you even when you're doing everything fair and square, right? >> absolutely. the tax rate will be seen as important by some. and governor romney mentioned for example charitable contributions. again, that is something that may not affect people, may not influence them. on the other hand it may point up some hypocrisy. if you say that you're in strong support of this group or that group and yet you're not giving very much, there is hypocrisy there. and that's affected both sides. remember there was a controversy with vice president biden giving so little to charity. so this applies to both sides.
1:29 pm
it may not affect the voters. but they probably have a right to the information. that's my view of it. >> all right. we'll watch very, very closely. and as i said we have calls out to the trump campaign just to respond to this. with us right now governor rick perry in the meantime of the fine state of texas, the former governor there. one of the nation's longest governors. we should say today got some good news although i'm sure governor a little too late two years after being indicted by a county prosecutor mr. perry has been officially cleared of all charges that he abused the powers of his office. this goes back to 2014 when he told texas legislature that he would veto funding for the state's public integrity unless the top administrator resigned. i could get into the weeds suffice to say the former governor has been exonerated. what do you make of this attack, governor? >> well, fighting for the rule of law is never something that anyone should shy away from.
1:30 pm
and that's certainly what we did here. i said though on the day i was indicted that i would do it again if i was faced with the same thing. and i've reiterated that today as we had the press conference when the highest court on the criminal side threw out all the charges. we knew these were trumped up. we knew it was a prosecution that was politically motivated and now it's been proven out by the courts that's exactly right. neil, here's what the people of this country and certainly the people of texas, they're tired of government using its powers to go after individuals, whether it's a governor or whether it's some private citizen. and i think you're seeing some of that in this presidential election. people really sick of washington, d.c., sick of the irs or sick of the justice department going after people. and so when you see the government using its powers to go after individuals, whether
1:31 pm
there's someone as high profile as the governor of the second largest state in the nation, or whether it's an average joe out there who's working hard to pay their taxes and the irs comes after them after some, you know, either frivolous reason or because they have given money to a particular cause. >> well, back to your case though, you had argued all the time that the texas constitution gave you the power to veto funding for any reason. >> it does. >> a number of conservatives agreed and thought there was overreach on the part of the state. now, i always wonder when you were running for president, governor, whether this was a cloud over your candidacy that if it had been cleared then, you think things would be any different now? >> well, certainly when david axelrod to dershowitz to ken star on the right i'll say is a bogus hoax of a prosecution, then there's probably something there. and without a doubt this had an impact. i mean, when you've been
1:32 pm
indicted and that's what people are going to want to talk about, your political opponents are going to talk about that, they're going to whisper campaign. >> yeah. >> so it was certainly not helpful. let's leave it at that. >> now you're backing ted cruz, very important primary coming up for texas' 155 delegates next tuesday. he's in the battle of his life with donald trump who if he took it from senator cruz, do you think that would be it for the senator? his campaign would be finished? >> well, i think tomorrow's debate is going to be really te telling. listening to governor romney and the issue he just brought up. >> yeah, what do you think of that? >> i think that donald trump's going to have some explaining to do. i think that every question is going to go back to that. and you've got hillary clinton on one side who's got a real issue with trustworthiness. and i think if, you know, you don't be honest with the american people about this issue
1:33 pm
about, you know, where did you make your money, where did you give your contributions, the trust issue starts becoming a real issue there as well. so, you know, he's got the opportunity to clear it up tomorrow. and that will be up to him. >> all right. now, what governor romney was suggesting not only working on this year's taxes but back taxes at least over a couple years. i think when governor romney first released his he had released 2009 and '10. later on released his 2011 taxes, but the fact it could be like a spiraling effort, right? no matter what you do, people are going to question everything, right? so why should donald trump detail all of that when no matter what happens people are going to rip it apart? >> well, if you can't stand the heat, you ought not get in the kitchen is kind of the old s saying about running for presidency of the united states. they're going to ask you about everything. and if you don't have a legitimate answer, i don't know or i'm not going to tell you is
1:34 pm
not appropriate. just as professor sabato said. the american people have the right to know that. >> do you ever get a sense that this race is donald trump's to lose, whatever we say about this tax issue that just came up? but it would have to take something fairly big to derail it even though we're only 5% of the vote into it, but momentum is everything. he has these double-digit leads in most of the super tuesday state polls, texas notwithstanding where it's almost even. but that if he cruises to big victories in those states and gets a majority of the nearly 600 that are up for grabs, does similarly well in the winner take all states, a couple weeks later, he's sitting pretty. >> well, certainly, you know, if i were in the race i would rather be where he is right now than either the second or third place. and, you know, fourth and fifth are not even in the game. >> i hear ya. >> but the point is this isn't over with yet. as you know, in the speed of
1:35 pm
light of which these political campaigns can turn, things can happen in a heartbeat that can change. and 95% of the vote is still out. so still a lot of ball game to play. >> yeah, we journalists get way ahead of ourselves, governor. i think you're right about that. thank you, sir, very, very much. >> so long. >> governor rick perry. right now with us south dakota republican congresswoman. i noted -- i know it's a bad word these days, the establishment or key power players in the republican party have lately been coalescing, i know that's an overused word, to marco rubio. why? >> well, i endorse marco months ago. so for me i was in early. and it was because i saw the leadership that he's demonstrated for america and the times he's stepped up to really deal with our more challenging problems. i think people are coalescing around him now because they see the substance he's putting forward. we're not getting that from any other candidate. he's been honest with us.
1:36 pm
he's laid his cards on the table. he gives us a plan for exactly what he would do when he got into office. i always use past experience. when president obama was elected, i think a lot of people in this country liked him because he said something different, he was exciting, he knew how to get media attention. but we didn't really find out what he believed until he got into office. and, boy, the last seven years we been paying for that. shame on us as republicans if we do the same thing. we should demand from our candidates to tell us exactly what they're going to do when they get into office. they should lay out a detailed plan. and to be honest with you the only one who's done that has been marco rubio. >> all right. to that end, congresswoman, i don't know if you had a chance to hear mitt romney at the beginning of this show, he wants donald trump, all the candidates to release years of tax returns, and he suspects in donald trump's case they might not be what donald trump says. now there's a big surprise in there. how do you feel about that? all the candidates releasing years of returns, what do you
1:37 pm
think? >> absolutely. you know, the last seven years have been extremely hard on the american people. we've got more children living in poverty today, double the amount of people on food stamps than we had when president obama took office. we need a president that is honest with us that tells us what he's going to do. that includes everything he's done in the past. so, you know, we know for a fact that trump has a background that hasn't always necessarily been conservative. he's donated money to plenty of democrats in his past. this is something that we need to know what kind of a guy or woman would he choose to nominate for supreme court justice? we can't really -- >> but those returns fair game to you bottom line? >> oh, absolutely. i want to know the full background and full vetting process for the candidate we're going to put forward for president. because the number one goal at the end of the day is to win. we can't afford to put up a flawed candidate forward and lose to hillary clinton. that is a wasted opportunity to put our country back on track and restore the american dream. >> congresswoman, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thanks, neil. you bet. just today this apple c
1:38 pm
kerfuffle with the united states government, apple saying unlocking this terrorist phone not good. apple's attorney, the guy handling it, is saying much the same. but he has a novel solution, a middle ground that's maybe potentially even more controversial. ted olson on that after this. tonight, a must-see event, the gop candidates go one-on-one with megyn live from texas.
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line of tornadoes we are watching. we will continue to monitor it from the fox news extreme weather center. all right. thank you, janice, very much. in the meantime corporate news to tell you about that's become political news. apple ceo tim cook telling abc news that unlocking that san bernardino phone would be bad for america. it's something i picked up on with ted olson, apple's lead attorney on this. that name might ring a bell, former solicitor general whose wife died in a plane headed to the pentagon that crashed in the pentagon. obviously the issue came up. is it important to get information on bad guys before they do bad things or follow-up bad things? ted olson with me earlier. in the time we're waiting to settle what you argue is a bigger constitutional issue, that the very people with whom this terrorist was associating might be out there plotting something else.
1:43 pm
and we could have stopped it if we simply had access to that phone. >> and you can say that every single time. you can say that if we can only break the law, or we can break the back of this individual, if we can break into people's homes, if we can do all these things, we might prevent something awful from happening. but the reason we have a constitution is we do not permit lawless activity even when people say we need to break the laws in order to prevent a greater harm. >> but, ted, those victims families, you can legally argue the point and you do very eloque eloquently, but they want answers. and right now we're stuck in this circle of arguing constitutional privacy rights. >> we're presenting -- >> on that phone might be the very identities of those who might be plotting something even worse. >> you were talking about a parade of horribles before. everybody can say that. there's going to be terrible things that are happening. >> we have horrible -- we already have horrible. on this phone with this guy.
1:44 pm
>> now, these -- i'm just saying that we have to have principles, we have to have balance. by the way, the court specifically set a briefing schedule where filing briefs, both the government and apple are filing briefs. there will be a hearing in a couple of weeks. let the magistrate judge decide that. if we're successful, as i believe we are, the government can appeal that. but let the legal process take its place. >> do you think we have that kind of time? >> don't say -- >> do you think we have that kind of time? >> don't say that -- okay. i take it that what you're saying is we throw the legal process out, we forget about congressional authority, we forget about the balance of powers in this country, we forget about the bill of rights because we want to do something right now. >> we want to stop follow-up attacks that might be hinted on that very phone. >> i'm surprised that you would take that position because there's no principle basis to stop people in whatever law enforcement area. and we could have it all over the country.
1:45 pm
there are threats of terrorism in various different places. we have laws to restrain the ability of law enforcement people to ignore the laws. i'm surprised that you don't accept that proposition. >> i'm surprised -- i'm just surprised you don't accept the immediacy of what's at stake here with the phone that belonged to the perpetrator behind an attack whose whereabouts and contacts we don't know but might be on that phone. and we're looking at sort of legal language to excuse the actions of delay and you might be perfectly right in your constitutional argument. i have no doubt you are, but i am saying that in the meantime that phone sits there unaccessible. and we have no idea what might be planned next. no idea. >> well, you've just decided that the need is sufficient that will throw out the judiciary, we'll throw out -- >> you're exactly right. you're exactly right. the need is sufficient. the need is real. the death of over a dozen people is real. that's your need. that's your urgency.
1:46 pm
that's what's sufficient. >> okay. the hell with the constitution. that's basically your position. >> no, the hell with more people -- no, no, no, the hell with more people dying as a result of -- >> okay, neil, i understand your position. you have a program that you can articulate that position any day that you want. it doesn't matter what the rule of law is. it doesn't matter what the constitution is. you think something should be done right now. and forget about the judiciary, and forget about the constitution. keep making that point all you want. but if you ask me to come on this program to explain to you the other side of this and at least you could listen to it. >> i just did. and i'm just saying on that issue and the urgency of that issue and especially given the trauma you yourself have gone through, wouldn't you want to make sure something like that never happens again? >> if you can make sure that nothing like that happens again by throwing the constitution in a dust bin -- in the first place
1:47 pm
that probably wouldn't succeed because there are so many ways in which we can potentially be threatened, but the one thing that we ought to stand for is the way of life that terrorists wish to take down. they want us to overreact. they want us to disobey the law. they want us to throw away our constitution. they want us to throw away our civil liberties because they don't like what this country stands for. and i say that it's very, very important for all of us to stand for those principles at the same time we try to root out and prevent terrorism. there's a balance there. and we should invoke the judiciary. and we should invoke congress to do it the right way. >> all right. ted olson. in the meantime, we're getting word now that jeb bush has been huddling with some of his big donors. big conference call going on. someone in on that call after this. your credit is in pretty good shape.
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we're getting word of a conference call by no less than jeb bush with some of his top donors. in on that call, anthony, what was there about? >> well, listen. he was really trying to thank all of his supporters. the governor is a very classy guy. woody joined in, to thank people and the good news for the governor, he is taking a couple of days off. he is back down in miami and he said he's back in the gym. so it was a nine-minute call. there was not anything political. his graciousness and his class. >> did he tell you guys or suggest where some of you might want to send your money? give your money? marco rubio, ted cruz, john
1:52 pm
kasich? >> you know, it was very purposeful that none of that came up and i think at this point, all the governor. on the call is that he is committed to getting a conservative elected in this campaign cycle. so he'll work very hard as a private citizen to do that. he wasn't indicating where to go and he certainly wasn't guiding his donors to that either. >> you know, i think it was donald trump yesterday, the day before. don't hold me to it. he said he tried to call jeb bush to wish him well since he dropped out of the race and jeb bush wouldn't take his call. did that happen? is that true? >> yeah, i've heard that. that sounds very uncharacteristic of governor bush. i think the governor is a good sport. one thing about him, you saw that with george w. the guys are super competitive but they're good sports. he gave it everything. he didn't leave anything in the tank. my guess is he'll have an
1:53 pm
opportunity to speak with donald trump at some point. if that poll did happen, i don't think it was purposeful that he didn't return it. it is not in his character, neil, to do something like that. >> but he never mentioned it in the phone call. >> no. he wanted to make that call really about his respect and his appreciation for the people that were on that call and that gave money or went out and got people to give money to the campaign. and listen, the guy is a terrific guy. you know him personally. i had the opportunity to have him on wall street week. i don't know who the nominee will be but my guess, assuming they go on -- >> where are you going? who are you looking at? >> well, you know, it's a good question. out of loyalty to governor bush, neil, i'm sort of on the side lines right now. i want to get his guidance a
1:54 pm
little as well. since he hasn't signal that had to anybody, i'll on the side line with him. having said that, whoever the nominee is, i am a republican. that's my jersey. i expect to be helping whoever that person is. >> all right. right now, the guy up front is donald trump. i don't know if you had a chance to listen in. or we can certainly relay it to you. mitt romney, you were his financial backer four years ago had said that all the candidates should be submitting their tax returns. years of tax returns as he did. particularly when it came to mr. trump, there is good reason to believe there's a bombshell in there. when i tried to pinpoint him on what a bombshell would be, i think said that he may not be as wealthy as he says he is. there's no way of knowing that but he suspects, mitt romney, there is a bombshell in there. what do you think? >> mr. trump said that there's
1:55 pm
two and a half feast tax returns. so i'm sure it is a very complicated return. i'll put it to you. if he hasn't, if he isn't worth enough money, this is a guy who challenged the pope who happens to be my pope. he challenged the former president. you picked a bombshell and you tell me wra bombshell will derail mr. trump from the direction he's going in. he's had a lot of bombs thrown at him and he seems to be on a pretty consistent trajectory. i understand why mitt is saying that. he had a complicated return himself. before you start competing against the democrats. i can't imagine the bombshell that's in there that will hurt him. unless you can think of one. >> well, no. he's been impervious to a lot of stuff so far. tax returns are in the eye of the beholder too. anthony, gals to talk to you. thank you very much. he's our fox business rock star.
1:56 pm
all right. now mitt romney wants some answers. we're still waiting for that from the trump campaign. ♪ lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. what do you mean? >> well, i think there's something there. either he's not anywhere as wealthy as he says he is or he is not paying the taxes we would expect him to pay or perhaps he hand been giving money to the vets or the disabled like he's been telling us he's doing. >> all right. donald trump has not released the rurm. he says he's working on it. is this a smoking gun? hard to say. we'll see what happens. in the meantime a reminder. we have live coverage there was
2:00 pm
and other issues coming up. 10:00 a.m. to 12:00. don't forget fox business later that night. lou dobbs and then taking us to the vote in a crucial must-win for hillary clinton to prove that she is able to put bernie sanders away. we'll see. hello, everyone. i'm kim we areally guilfoyle. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." after sweeping new hampshire, south carolina, donald trump has cemented his front-runner status and vows he is going all the way. >> if you listen to the pundits, we were not expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning, winning the country. soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. >> winning is never


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