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tv   The Five  FOXNEWSW  February 24, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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10:00 a.m. to 12:00. don't forget fox business later that night. lou dobbs and then taking us to the vote in a crucial must-win for hillary clinton to prove that she is able to put bernie sanders away. we'll see. hello, everyone. i'm kim we areally guilfoyle. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." after sweeping new hampshire, south carolina, donald trump has cemented his front-runner status and vows he is going all the way. >> if you listen to the pundits, we were not expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning, winning the country. soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. >> winning is never exhausting,
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is it? all right. marco rubio beat out ted cruz again for second place. they both want to beat donald trump on super tuesday. >> the reality that the first four states has shown is that the only campaign that has beaten donald trump, the only campaign that can beat donald trump, is this campaign. >> we feel really good about next tuesday. we're six days away. we have an organization and a good team and a good plan for every state on the ma'am. >> trump won virtually every key demographic in nevada. hispanics, evangelicals, also those who say they're angry with the government and vote here's want a political outsider in the white house. he addressed those victories on fox and friends this morning. >> with evangelicals who i love. just about every group there is and we won with his hispanics big leagues. i'm going to bring jobs back. >> so some surprises perhaps or
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not. definitely some analysis is to be had at this table today. thank you for joining us today. >> well i got a hair cut between my shows. >> i was going to say it is getting rather bushy. >> i've never seen this. this is the second half. new hampshire and last night. i think it was a great moment. i think he is getting the sense that he is inevitable. >> the other eric. >> yeah. the other eric. eric trump 2.0. >> that's how we do it. prefer the next president to be a political outsider. listen to. this trump, 70%. cruz, 15%. rubio, 8%.
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carson at 6, kasich at 1. dana, reaction? >> these entrance polls match the exit polls. by the time it was over they were the same. it tracked with south carolina. so if you look, his second place win in iowa was not that far behind ted cruz. i'm not saying ted cruz didn't win. he did decisively. but new hampshire, south carolina and nevada, it is not always the same question asked which is unfortunate. it would be nice to compare all of them. in general they were pretty much all the same. the outsider piece, you just have to look at how many governors and senators are already out of the race. have already decided to no longer continue. so it is the year of the outsider which is not just on the republican side. we're going to get to the democrats in a littl this is mirrored across the country. people are wanting wholesale change. >> this really follows into
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eric, angry with the federal government. trump. 48%. cruz, 25%. rubio, 19%. any surprises there? >> on this poll? no. i'm surprised it is that low. i thought it would be higher for the outsiders. look what happened last night. going into the caucuses, trump was polling at 45%. he got 45%. the polling going into that caucus was spot on. what didn't happen is people. trump had a one-third or 35% ceiling. he broke through that with 45% of the poll on a night where 75,000 people showed up. which are about 150% higher than the previous records. so there was a good section of people who showed up for the caucuses and trump has to be happy because there was such a huge win with that many people showing up. two important -- first of all, he won every voting bloc.
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he won among hispanics. >> he also won in the white evangelical vote. and -- it was ted cruz who said he wanted to represent the white evangelicals. >> trump, 40. evangelical christians, cruz, 27. rubio, 23. >> with hispanics. i remember from the polling it was like 8%. plus, if you look at the hispanic population in nevada, i think it is close to 90% democrat. so what we're talking about is a sub group of a sub group of a sub group. it is meaningless. but given his behavior -- >> do you know why this matters? if you would think ted cruz or marco rubio would hold the his hispanic vote. and you would think that ted
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cruz would hold the evangelical vote. >> no, no, no. that's a good point. can i just interrupt you and say, that is telling for ted cruz going into super tuesday. >> of course. you know what else is telling for ted cruz? that donald trump is on his tail in texas and marco rubio has a 25-point lead in the state of florida. i said this yesterday. politics at this level right now are about momentum and time. time is running out. donald trump has momentum. one of you two has to drop out if you plan -- >> they're not dropping. >> but these guys -- a perfect segue. thank you very much. ted cruz setting his sights on the crown jewel of super tuesday to help boost his bid. his home state of texas where 155 delegates are in play. he just got a big endorsement there from governor greg abbott and is confident he can secure the win. >> the great state of texas now has the opportunity to stand up and speak.
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in past elections, it was long after the decision is made. but now six days from now is super tuesday. i believe we are poised to have a very good night on super tuesday. >> marco rubio is also counting on his home state of florida to pull through for him on march 15th. could he win the backing of florida's former governor jeb bush before the race? >> i've spoken to governor bush. we haven't discussed an endorsement. we're friends and i look forward to visiting him soon. >> so you had your mouth open. >> thank you for noticing. >> insert foot. >> hopefully i won't. a couple things. number one, it is good to know there was a hobby central in houston because people need a break from the ground. they say a double digit lead for ted cruz in texas. so i think that's pretty significant. a local thing he has to win or he might as well pack it up and
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go home. i think it is comical that they are fighting with each other. did you see what kasich people were doing? fighting with rubio saying look at all the money you spent and you only came in second place this far off the lead. do they understand who is leading? i've never seen a race like this. i'm going to the third place guy because there's a fifth place guy that got on my nerves. can you go of a the first place guy? it doesn't have to be personal or petty but i believe there are a few things left under said in the trump campaign that you can press on. one of which mitt romney brought up today. >> tell people what that was. >> mitt romney just joined neil cavuto on the phone. we haven't seen him in weeks. he got on the phone which is trumpian. he called in and he said i have reason to believe, we have reason to believe there is something about, a bombshell in trump's taxes. and demands those taxes to be released. >> that was harry reid like. remember when he went after romney? >> i think that coming out of this, there were two things in
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the polls. one ray of home was shared value. he won those voters in nevada. and the one ray of hope for rubio was, somebody who could win in november. and he won those votes. >> but the -- and late deciders. clearly that's not paramount in the minds of nevada republican caucusgoers. what they care about is anger and someone who gives voice to their frustrations. >> if dana doesn't talk soon, i'm storming out of here. >> do you miss me? i had an observation about last night. if you didn't stay up as late as juan and i who had a chance with the election team. we were there from 11:00 to 1:00. we were watching the results coming in. when donald trump spoke, around 12:45. a knack for timing. he will wait until that coverage is almost over. ending at 1:00 in the morning. you have to respect that. and we're sitting there watching and everyone is engaged and they're laughing. and one of the things i thought that's amazing. he is ticking through all the groups that he won.
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evangelicals. i love evangelicals. and i won -- when he said i love the poorly educated. and they screamed. and i thought how do you compete with that? and you look at the other speakers. and there is some dramatic respect that has to be given to somebody who can say the things that he says and make people laugh. >> earlier this week kasich got in trouble for his comments about women in the can i haven. in the '70s. >> nobody blinks an eye when he says i love the poorly educated. >> but they vote for him. trump brought new people to the party. remember you talk about breaking through the ceiling. maybe he took these votes from cruz or rubio. in fact, in. they almost doubled. >> the turnout this year. and just can i make one more point? all day, i'm listening to these
2:11 pm
same pundits in total denial. he is winning. you have to find a way to beat him. dome keep saying it is only be 1% or a million people. he is getting 65% of the delegates. you have to change something. time is running out. otherwise, pack it in. we'll be talking about this for a long time. why didn't they see it coming? >> win texas. >> you don't win texas. that's the problem. cruz is his hat on texas. it is proportional. he can win texas and still get completely out of the race. >> when you get excited, your voice goes up. >> people are mad at me for seeing this coming for a long time. i'm not on trump's band wagon. i'm not paid by trump. i'm not going to work for trump. i know numbers inside and out. i've been seeing this materializing and i'm seeing it again. if you don't do something prior to super tuesday, shut the door. shut the door. >> you're calling on the republican establishment to
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consolidate. put up the money. >> that marco rubio came out and he had a moderate message. wait a second. your hair should be on fire. you don't to have act out of your character but you have to have a strategy. he has more people who will do anything for him that he wants. they all file in. all the senators, the congressmen, all the people without jobs. i'm wondering when they're going to get a strategy. >> any quick comment about the taxes? >> well, listen. i think if you open up your taxes, if you're going to do it for one or two you'd better do it for everybody. >> wrong response. you should say there's nothing there. >> i don't know if there's anything there. >> that's a danger then. maybe he does a lot of big business. >> he doesn't know. >> he does not know. really related. stay with us. we've got much more to come on the presidential race ahead. a reminder to watch megyn
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kelly's big show tonight. a special two hours with four of the gop candidates at 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. back in a moment
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. you have to love it when the stage manager likes the music you choose. >> these two seem determined to stick it out despite the odds. >> indiana the pundits and the political class say it is all done. we may as well go home and do the coronation now. you know what? that i believe they're wrong. >> i don't know if my purpose is to be president. my that you recall is to be out here doing what i need to be doing and we'll see where it ends up. >> eric, last night it was like the candidates that were in the single digits were looking at donald trump and wishing there was a mercy rule in nevada politics. especially for carson and kasich. that had to be a disappointing showing. even though kasich set expectations for everyone saying
2:18 pm
he didn't expect to do well there. >> but he didn't do well there and he hand really done well. i'm trying to figure out the carson and kasich. >> he came in second in new hampshire. >> i know. but let's be realistic. there's almost a 0%. >> i realize why i think rubio and cruz kmt get out. not because they absolutely are positive they'll be the next president. i think they may be staying in. they may down the road be at another presidential run. the longer you stay well here, you look back and go, hey, you did well before. maybe it is your turn. >> how did that work? if you have a window, you jump through that window. he compete for quite a while.
2:19 pm
kasich makes no sense. he does not want, he can't compete until the middle of march. emi will not win anything on super tuesday. if you don't have hope on super tuesday, why are you sticking around? >> what about dr. carson. his event last night was a little bit odd. they were playing fox news at his event. he can hear the echo. they raised a lot of money but they burned through it rapidly. now it is down to sort of a framework staff. i think that's why you see those screw-ups. but also in his heart, he still thinks he is doing it. that he's on a mission. he is the tortoise and the hare to quote him. slow but steady somehow will carry the day. i just don't see it. and then he's back saying that
2:20 pm
president obama is not really black. wow! he said because obama's mom is white and he was raised in hawaii. >> do he and bill clinton agree? >> wait a second. i thought he was fighting against trump. we come back to your point. how come they're never, ever fighting against trump. >> because they don't want to get a knockout punch. >> you see that trump said the minute rubio starts saying something about him, he is going to knock him out? >> well, this is not breaking news, is it? of course. he won't sit there and say take a free shot. left, right. he's not going to do it. he will wait. he is a young guy. a nice guy. he was asked, why are not you backing rubio? emmaybe he's the smarter of the two.
2:21 pm
>> any advice for kasich or carson? >> you have to have a memorable moment. you have to say something that sticks. that everybody is playing the next day on the airwaves. wow, this is really a powerful moment so everybody is loading up and in the spot machine. >> if you say you're somebody like kasich. he's been, he's long been in government. a dedicated publicer is vanlt. you've done some amazing work but you're not an entertainer. americans want a connection. >> the debate is in texas. >> univision. >> especially if you're marco rubio, what do you is, you, a brand new dynamic when it is one-on-one. one thing that struck with me
2:22 pm
when i saw hillary clinton and bernie sanders together. number one, they had to go deep into issues. and the moderators become l and less important. and when you are one-on-one and if you can say, you want to make america great again, donald trump. i'm going to give you the floor. give me ten things you're going to do to make america great again. i'll give you ten. if he wanted to win, you could do it with a smile. not an attack. jeb bush seemed aggressive when he's doing it and he seemed overmatched. you can do it in a technical way. ted cruz may lack on the scale but i think marco rubio is capable of getting the best out of trump and vice versa. >> one more? >> one more. is it easy math in. >> very easy. establishment john kasich, no question. if rubio is the nontrump establishment candidate, she drop out before march 15. that's a 66 delegate win or take all. if he takes ohio, he won't take
2:23 pm
it from trump. he'll take it from rubio. >> make sure you catch a live edition of yours truly, meaning all five of us. on single, a run up to super tuesday. that's at 5:00 p.m. eastern. next, hillary clinton brushed off her e-mail scandal but there is a serious new development in that scandal that could threaten her campaign.
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which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. some new trouble for hillary clinton as her campaign gains traction. over the use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. she tried to assure voters last night, it won't affect her for president. >> i'm well aware of it.
2:28 pm
i've been in the public arena for 25 years and have been the subject of a lot of ongoing attacks and misinformation and all the rest of it. the facts are that every single time somebody has hurled these charges against me, which they have done, it is prfd to be nothing. and this is no different than that. it is just not something that is going to have any lasting effect. and i am not at all worried about it. >> okay. clinton also got an opportunity for a do-over on a question she botched last week about whether she's ever lied to americans. >> jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you're asking me to say, have i ever? i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever will. i'll do the best i can to level with the american people. >> how can you be this bad? will you lie in the home run? >> of campaign questions.
2:29 pm
you just say no and then touch all the bases. >> is that a question that you would like another shot at answering? >> i'll just say no. >> you're making the polls very happy. >> she said it is drip, drip, drip. the fbi investigation drip, drip, drip? >> well, she should want this investigation to get over with quickly. she should not want the drip, drip, drip. but this is how our legal system works. there are several investigations going on. what happened yesterday in terms of the the judge saying that her aides would have to testify under oath. that's not a right wing conspiracy. that is a court of law. that is a judge looking at the facts, taking evidence from both sides saying you are wrong. you are going to have to testify. >> who filed that suit? >> judicial watchful let me tell you something. >> thanks, dana.
2:30 pm
a right wing group. >> is juan not on the morning e-mail? juan could save himself a lot of heartburn. >> i was going to say, because sullivan was appointed by -- >> that's not what i was going to say. >> no. that's not. >> that's not what i was going to say. >> not just any democrat. which democrat? >> what a joke. >> i was not going to talk about the judge. i was going on talk about the judicial watch. judicial watch -- >> tell me about them. >> they are an equal opportunity basher. they go after everybody. i was the spokesperson at the white house for several years having to deal with judicial watch investigations over and over again. they do not just go after democrats. believe me. >> i'm saying, that's what's going on here. >> you call it right wing -- >> they are right wing. >> they are not right wing. >> oh, my god. >> why would they go after
2:31 pm
george w. bush? >> why? because they didn't think you were serving their needs. >> that's insanity. >> the trust thing is wearing on democrats too. the thing they describe her best at is somebody untrustworthy. are they going to elect someone untrustworthy? she said she had a role in welfare reform. that's good. bernie sanders says, do you know how outrageous that is? you pulled the rug out of all these people desperately in need. look how horrible she is. what kind of universe where your victories are turned on their head by someone who never had a career? >> it is so sad. she has the worst reputation in politics. quite an achievement for being untrustworthy, for not having good character. she is going to be the chosen one, the nominee and they'll steam roll over bernie sanders. and juan thinks it's fine. maybe you've been theville of
2:32 pm
some influence peddling. in the bag! >> clinton also got very defensive when she asked if she would release transcripts to her big money speeches would you release these transcripts? >> sure. if everybody does it. that includes the republicans. because we know they have made a lot of speeches. >> why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else? >> you know what? if people are going to ask for things, everybody should be on a level playing field. and i'm happy if that were the case. >> bernie sanders had this epic follow-up. >> what secretary clinton said, i will do it if other people do it. i am very happy to release all of my paid speeches to wall street. here it is, chris. there age none. i don't do that. i don't get speakers fees from goldman sachs. it's not there. i'm happy to do my best to release any of the speeches. it won't be any shocking to anybody.
2:33 pm
>> more than anything in the world i would love to see those transcripts. >> you can see the master at work talking out of both sides of her mouth. wall street -- disenfranchised. that's what she does. you play to the room and there you have it in writing. roll the transkrimts out. it won't matter. >> you're at the edge of your seat. >> winning! >> what i am trying to say, that's not someone who wants to win. i heard what you just. and i'm calling on you to release the transcripts. i'll name drop. it was a different person. same outfit. i asked donald trump would you release your transcript to wall street. he said i would like to.
2:34 pm
i don't think i ever wrote anything down. i'm sure rubio box i'm sure everybody would. so you can call her bluff. >> let me say, no, you can't. these guys to go wall street to raise money. they say things that the general public -- >> you're spinning it. >> no. lots of people say things where you're asking for money. >> her speeches. $600,000 to speak. not talking about a fundraising. she's thinking about down the line. >> somebody better get their money back. >> then you can't run on, i'm going to take apart wall street. >> the thing is, wall street having heard her say all of that, they still support her. >> you can't make this up. so crazy. >> democrats don't care. republicans around this table care intensely. the media cares like the
2:35 pm
republicans and i think there will be a frenzy. she has more e-mails coming out shortly. then plus when there's testimony. >> do you know what this case is about? she was doing more than one job. >> it was so outrageous. >> that's so outrageous. >> let's be clear with the audience. >> but the thing is, correct me if i'm wrong. investigations into something like her, it turns out they have secret e-mails. today -- >> you just hurl your way in. >> her top secret e-mail that she said she never sent or didn't receive, they're almost word for word like the secret documents on the covert side. and they're on her server. >> susan is yelling at me. >> coming up, a special coast to one of our favorite fox family members. greta is celebrating her 3,500th
2:36 pm
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the spotted leopard, i'll let you hold him. he has real sharp teeth. this animal is only have a good. >> he's sweet. >> here we go. this is it. this is it. >> yeah! >> she's tiny. >> amazing. she's a legend and a powerhouse. she began hosting in 2002 and over 14 years she's done countless number of interviews with presidents, world leaders, celebrities. i can't name them all.
2:41 pm
tonight though she'll appear on her 3,500th show at 7:00 p.m. eastern. here with a preview is the host herself, greta joins us now. greta van susteren, congratulations. i read today that you are the longest continuing running cable tv host in america. that's awesome. >> well, you know, i was over at cnn before fox even existed. i was there starting in october of '95 with burden of proof. and fox, of course, came around in okay of '96. so anyone here, i've been doing it longer. wolf blitzer didn't have a show before me. and of course, larry is gone. >> the funny thing is, i remember meeting you when you were a lawyer. you were the lawyer for a defendant and the story i was writing, and i thought, wow, what a great lawyer for this guy. you did a terrific job. then when o.j. simpson, something that everybody saw, when that case broke, i think your star rose.
2:42 pm
what do you think of this o.j. case mini series on tv? >> i've watched a couple and i admit, it is a little interesting. i talk to roger, my co-host at burden of proof. we're a little over it having lived and breathed it. i want to back up for a second for when you and i met. that article that you wrote in the "washington post" in which i was the lawyer. that oprah winfrey then did her first documentary and it was on that, no one dies alone, that was the title of your article. that really dates us. >> it was, you know, let me emphasize. you're a real lawyer. she's the real deal. >> juan just figured that out. greta is a legend. i imagine when i first started watching you. the dog mauling case in san francisco and i thought i was like, cloud nine when i got a call and a page from you to ask a question about the case. is this really happening in it is greta van susteren.
2:43 pm
it was amazing. we've been friends a very long time. >> and that trial of course, you did win. you won that case as well. the other interesting thing is i was on the hustle. i was trying to hustle you every chance i could get, kimberly. any time i could get you on the phone, i was thrilled. i was trying to hustle you to come on the show and do everything i can. i was in hot pursuit. >> let me jump to dana perino. >> one of the thing you've done with your show, you've taken your viewers to international locations and brought stories to us from all around the world including afghanistan and other far-flung places. north korea being another one. your two most memorable trips like that? >> probably in north korea. i've been there three times and you don't get to get in there. very few get to go in there. it is like walking into a 1951 black and white movie. you won't see a starbucks. really strange. but also, dana, when you were at
2:44 pm
the white house you traveled all over the world. you see things. the refugee camps i've been to, i've been in a refugee camp in iraq with syrian refugees. i've been to sedan and the mountains where i've seen people starving to death. hiding in a cave eating bugs because the very evil president is dropping bombs on their heads, having their military rape their women and burning their fields. all those places. incredible. >> let me get brian in here. >> the biggest transition for you, number one from cnn to fox. from lawyer to journalist. what was tougher? >> probably lawyer to journalist. nobody at cnn like us. roger and i were lawyers. we were not journalists. so we were social outcasts. coming to fox was easy. everybody was so nice to me from the day i walk in the floor of this place. it was unbelievable. the colleagues were fantastic. everybody welcomed me. i walk in as the new kid. and although fox had been around for six years, everyone was
2:45 pm
incredibly gracious. and people stick around. >> let me give you the nicest man at fox, eric bolling. >> i wrote this down. the people, the viewers need to know about greta. she is a total fox team player. when we first started here, she was e-mailing. i don't know if you remember this. no one knew what the show would be. they pulled five chairs around a table. and we're still sitting at them around the same table. you e-mailed me a couple times a week saying that was great. so supportive, greta. >> i still love, i still love that show you did in iowa a couple saturdays ago. that was fantastic. you know what i thought you were going to ask me about? my batting. >> that was a great swing. >> what a hitter! >> you rolled it. that was a wonderful swing. >> i do title 9 two. >> you look like an athlete.
2:46 pm
thanks, greta. congratulations! >> congrats! >> we want to you catch her milestone show tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be back in a moment. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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a former yelp employee and it has gone viral. she publicly explain about not making enough money to live in san francisco. quote, here i am, 25 years old. balancing all sorts of debt and trying to pave a life for plifl that doesn't involve crying in the bathtub every week. i haven't bought groceries since i started this job. will you pay my phone bill for me? she was canned right after that. who would have thought? she was shocked by the way. then she was publicly panned by a fellow millennial. this girl is incredible. she posted this open letter. work ethic is not something that develop from entitle many. it develop when you realize there are a million other people who can perform your job and you are lucky to have one. it comes from sucking up the bad aspects and focusing on the good. this is a next generation of workers. she is slightly older than the
2:51 pm
other one lou is 22, she came in, she couldn't get a job after wonderful grades and a great degree. she had to be a waitress and sled to wait on people she graduated high school and college with. and she had to live in her parents' house. it was humiliating and tough. don't you think this defines stuff that you do? people not understanding what a work ethic is and what your rights are? >> do i feel like millennials take a little bit of a bad rap. i know a lot of them and they work very hard. but there is a reputation amongst them that they have a little of this attitude. it is interesting to see peer pressure. this is not generation x or a baby boomer. it is one of her peers. that's a positive thing. one of the things i advise to people, if you're going to get ahead, take the job that nobody else wants initially. if you do that and you do it well, you will always be able to get a promotion or succeed or you'll find out what you don't want to do and move on.
2:52 pm
>> and that's the entry level job. the ceo is giving you an opportunity. so work seven days a week. >> work extra hours, take every shift, work weekends if you need to. you show the commitment. sometime there are millennial who's don't think they have to. we happen to have a millennial child who is running around all the time. that's the model. >> and you can change your work environment. could you get a roommate. you can live for a while in a house. you don't have to live in the third most expensive city. >> i want to you engage in active imaginationism bernie sanders. i speak for millennials and you have no idea how hard it is for a young person in this country to rise up and this young woman was doing the job. she was working very hard. but they wouldn't pay her fairly. and that ceo was making zillions. that's why bernie sanders and donald trump are doing so well. >> but ask for food, grocery money. not the phone.
2:53 pm
that's part of the problem. but it is important not to be afraid to ask for what you want and make a persuasive case. with that comes working hard and earning it and showing people that you're worth it. >> i would give dana's book and your book to this woman. overcoming, doing whatever it takes to reach your goal. sometimes you have to do things that don't make you comfortable. don't make excuses. to quote the great boss from larry the cable guy, get er done. >> seven minutes before the top of the hour. one more thing is next. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. it's time now for one more thing. you've missed me, haven't you? this is something very interesting and helpful to women who might want to have a lot of children and find a mate. apparently women are attracted to bad boys. shocking. brooding looks like james bond, bring me a dirty martini. they love the that look. >> i'm right here. >> the brooding look, deep set eyes. then you will end up with more children because you want to mate with these people. i think it is helpful if this is what you're looking for.
2:58 pm
just put it out there, right? >> i love this. >> i am so proud of this. >> you know i'm writing a book. it is going to print very soon. the publisher sent this to me. the actual cover of the book, "wake up america." obviously i've been talking about it for a long time. it is coming out fourth of july. >> wake up america. >> the nine virtues that made our nation great. i can't t what you they are. visit >> time in hand. >> last night juan and i were on special election coverage. i took this picture. don't look at me. look at juan. i asked for a caption for this picture and i got some great suggestions. one of them said one corny joke and i'm out of here. another one was, no, not the look again, please.
2:59 pm
the last one was, when will i finally admit i don't really believe this democratic bull. >> it was an all republican night, by the way. >> juan? >> so, listen. you know i'm the grand dad of two lovely twin girls, 3 years old, pepper and wesley. so what are the likeliness of this? a couple gave birth to twins for the second time. ten twins in all. they both gave birth to the second set of twins three weeks apart. they are currently building a new home next door so all nine of the children can grow up together. >> what time is it? >> i have great hope that ben mcadoo will bring the new york giants back to prominence. he said this. >> when you're looking at the scoreboard between plays, we
3:00 pm
have to ten game with the lead. that will be important to us. >> that's why? end the game with a lead? it's called winning. >> set your dvrs. never miss us. good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. this is a fox news alert. severe weather threatens the mid-atlantic after pummeling the south. tornadoes, damaging wind gusts, and large hail are possible. the storm has already claimed at least six lives including three in virginia. meteorologist janice dean joins us with a look at where the storm is expected to hit. this looks pretty bad. >> it is. one of the worst severe weather outbreaks i've seen in my last 12 years here at fox news channel. we are seeing millions of people affected. the storm started across the gulf coast where we had over 36


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