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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 24, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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scoreboard between plays, we have to ten game with the lead. that will be important to us. >> that's why? end the game with a lead? it's called winning. >> set your dvrs. never miss us. good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. this is a fox news alert. severe weather threatens the mid-atlantic after pummeling the south. tornadoes, damaging wind gusts, and large hail are possible. the storm has already claimed at least six lives including three in virginia. meteorologist janice dean joins us with a look at where the storm is expected to hit. this looks pretty bad. >> it is. one of the worst severe weather outbreaks i've seen in my last 12 years here at fox news channel. we are seeing millions of people affected. the storm started across the gulf coast where we had over 36 reports of tornadoes yesterday.
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it continues to move up toward the mid-atlantic and the northeast. the d.c. area is under a severe thunderstorm warning right now. at any point, you can see rotation. and a tornado warning could be issued. we are seeing tornado warnings all up and down the im95 corridor. we have watches right now in effect that stretch from south carolina all the way up toward the new jersey area until 11:00 p.m. local time. within the tornado watch, okay, tornado watches mean the conditions are favorable for tornadoes. we have at least a dozen tornado warnings, meaning that it is either doppler radar indicated rotation or we have weather spotters that have confirmed a tornado. in fayetteville, we have a tornado emergency, moving north and eastward very quickly. up toward raleigh and then in toward the virginia area where we have deaths and incredible destruction in the waverly area.
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where people are out of their homes right now because we have such extensive damage. you can see the white house right now. for the d.c. area, we have a severe thunderstorm warning. however south of that, that's where we have our tornado warned storms. it is probable that you could see in the next several minutes, a warning, a thunderstorm warning turn into a tornado warning. people need to be paying very close attention to your local weather forecast. i know fox cc has a wonderful weather crew and they've been senting out pictures and making sure people are on alert. know what to do if and when you're in a tornado warned cell. we have tornado warnings all up and down the coast. the severe threat continues tonight. again, for millions of people all up and down the east coast. we're thinking along the atlantic, this is where we have the higher risk for tornadoes over the next several hours into the overnight.
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if you live in new jersey and new york, you are not out of the woods. we are still looking at the potential for severe weather. hail, certainly damaging winds. very gusty winds. we've seen reports of over 60 to 70 miles an hour. airport delays and cancellations and you can see the temperatures. all the ingredients here for severe weather including tornadoes. the temperature went up 10 degrees in new york city in a matter of minutes. so we will continue to monitor this. bret, i'm nervous this will be one of the worst tornado outbreaks this area has seen in years. >> as we look live at the white house, the sheets of rain coming down and the lightning. we had to move in kevin corke and the crew inside to the briefing room. these can pop up very quickly and it looks like they can get intensity because of this storm very quickly. >> you're absolutely right. and i'm concerned that people don't know what to do if there's a tornado warning.
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it is february. the spring time storms torborg get a tornado watch in the d.c./philadelphia area. we don't see it very often. people need to take it very seriously and know what to do if you have a tornado warning in your area. >> we'll pay attention to the local broadcasts and break back to you if there are any details. to the political storm that is the presidential race. on the republican side, a third consecutive win in the nevada caucuses keeps donald trump the clear front-runner in the gop nomination. trump is way ahead of his rivals with 81 delegates so far while his nearest competitors, ted cruz and marco rubio have 17 delegates apiece. unless there is a ibmajor shake-up, donald trump is set to steam roll his way to victory on super tuesday. if he does, he'll be sitting on more than a third of the delegates needed. it does not appear the other delegates are going to go
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quietly. chief political correspondent carl cameron has the story. >> reporter: buoyed by his third win in a row, with pat robertson. >> i'm pretty good at that. things were said that were lies, real lies. i can't mention them in pat's presence. i have to be a good person today. at least for the next hour. >> out of a record 75,000 votes cast last night, trump got 45.9%. 34,531 votes. that's more than rubio's 17,940 combined with cruz's 16,079. >> we won the evangelicals, we won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated, i love the poorly educated. 46% with the hispanic.
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i'm really happy about that. >> trump has not won the majority of the votes in any state so roibl is voicing the hope that others will drop out so one candidate can bring together the rest of the gop. >> the argument we've made is, i'm as conservative as anyone in the race. i'm the conservative that can unify republican party. >> they all have to face off against trump on their home turfs in the next three weeks. cruz has a shoot-out on super tuesday. and came and rubio have do or die contests on march 15 when each state's delegate prize is winner take all. endorsed by greg abbott, cruz called texas the crown jewel of the most important day of the entire election. >> we can't get this wrong. we can't be fooled by p.t.
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barnum. the time for the clowns and the acrobats and the dancing bears has passed. >> trump has controlled the dialogue and made much of personality and political tactics instead of policy for all the candidates. >> they keep forgetting, when people drop out, we're going to get a lot of votes. >> trump plags big rallies as the race goes national. ted cruz has six days to figure out a way to beat donald trump in his home state. losing there could be lethal. >> thank you. former republican nominee mitt romney took aim on when he will release his. at a returns. something romney knows a little about. >> i think there's something there. he's not as wealthy as he says he he is or perhaps he hand been giving money to the vets or the disabled, like he's been telling
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us he's doing. >> truch told radio host hugh hewitt that he will release the returns at some point probably after saying that mitt romney's delay in 2012 damaged romney's campaign. we'll have the latest on the campaign. first, attorney general loretta lynch faced tough questions on capitol hill over whether politics is at play in the investigation over hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. >> what i will say again, this will be conducted as every other case and we will review all the facts and all the evidence and come to an independent conclusion as to how to best handle it. and i'm aware of no efforts to undermine our review or investigation into this matter at all. >> chief intelligence correspondent joins me. >> mrs. clinton and her team call the fbi investigation a security review. today on the hill, loretta
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lynch. it only happens in criminal probes. >> that matter is being handled by career fbi agents as well as the career independent attorneys in the department of justice. they follow the evidence. they look at the law and they'll make a recommendation to me when the time is appropriate. >> national expert said that lynch made the case that there's no need for a special prosecutor. it is not political appointees. based on the investigation, there's been no referral or recommendation on charges for federal prosecution which means the investigation is ongoing. significantly, justice department haurs get involved when an fbi case has progressed, giving broad powers to subpoena phone records. >> what did the attorney general say today about apple and the
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dispute with the fbi over unlocking the phone? >> without mentioning it by name, they said the case law is clear if a judge believes a certain item like an iphone, the court can order a third party to help the fbi to recover the data. jay johnson was asked during congressional testimony about the apple case in efforts to unlock the iphone used by terrorist syed rizwan farook. >> i think we need to be in a different place than where we are now. i think in response to the demands of the marketplace, a lot of tech companies have driven deeper and deeper toward encryption. that has in fact hampered federal, state and local law enforcement. >> apple ceo tim cook says the safety of the public is incredibly important but so is the security of their personal data and unlocking the iphone would set a press denial that would be bad for america.
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>> thank you. president obama urged caution over the cease fire agreement with russia to help end the syrian civil war. the president made the comments following a meeting with king abdullah. the cease fire agreement would allow the u.s. and its partners to focus isis. >> we have seen progress on pushing back against isil and territories in iraq and now in some portions of syria. but a lot of work remains to be done. >> the cease fire with russia is set to take effect saturday but does not cover isis. joining me now with perspective on everything from the fbi case to the fight against isis. the author of the new book called playing to the edge. american intelligence in the age of terror. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. first of all on the apple case
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we just heard about. this back and forth and holding its ground. where do you stand on this? >> this is really important. we need to settle it. honest men i did. on the broad question that the fbi asked apple to do months ago, this universal back door into all their encrypted products. i'm with apple. all right? i think american security, i know there are privacy arguments but i'm speaking about security, narrowly defined. american security is better protected with unbreakable end to end encryption. i used to work with back doors. when somebody put a back door into something, the odds of my success as director of nsa went up. now that may be different from this single isolated phone we've got in san bernardino. and tim cook is arguing, if do i
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this, it is inhe have at ably going to lead to have. i'm not convinced of that. the burden of proof is on apple to show that giving in here leads the this ends state here. i agree with apple. that's a bad end state. >> the other thing today was the investigation into the e-mails and hillary clinton's e-mail server. i've heard you say the original sin was the worst. if you're a foreign government, would you be targeting it? >> absolutely. the summer statement is, i would lose respect for a whole bunch of the intelligence organizations around the world if they had not successfully penetrated that server. >> you're pretty confident they did. >> yeah. it's what people. do it's what adult nations do to one another. it is an r rated movie. >> the security they could put on that would be different? >> in terms of protecting the server. first of all, the original sin
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is setting it up this way. if she had done this on a state department server, the responsibility for defending it would be the united states government. that's not the case here. it is her responsibility. and again, i would -- if i were still director of the national security agency and someone told me, paik foreign minister. sergei lavrov had classified e-mails on a private server. i would move heaven and earth to get access to it. >> furm in hillary clinton's issues, would you be worried about an indictment? >> i saw your report. the good news for me is that jim combey is in charge of this. i mentioned that we didn't always agree on things. he was an incredibly principled man. this investigation is in good hands. >> i want to ask but the cease fire with russia and what's happening with syria. you know that place is spiraling. a safe haven.
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how dangerous is this situation in syria? >> it is very dangerous. you have chaos. not some isolated corner of the world like perhaps afghanistan, as bad as that was. this is in the middle of the middle east. this chaos straddles the ancient caravan routes of the middle east. because of that, it is easily exported and we've seen that. what you've got here now, the president is right to be doubtful or skeptical about the cease fire. poor secretary kerry, what leverage does he have? i want you to stop fighting. if you don't, i don't know what the rest of that sentence is. >> secretary kerry was testifying today. he was asked by lindsey graham about the russians going after the people we trained in syria. take a listen. >> were you surprised when the russians went into syria using military force to bomb the people we trained? >> i was not surprised. >> is it fair to say the russians had bombed the people we've trained to oppose assad?
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>> yes. >> is libya a failed state now? >> it's close. if they cannot get themselves together, yes. it will be a failed state. >> two issues there. not surprise that had the russians targeted our people, and two, that libya is essentially a failed state. >> it is a failed state. how failed do you have to be? there is no government wflt regard to the russians bombing our guys, yeah. look. the russians may be indirectly interested in isis. but fundamentally, they're putting their chips on the bashar al assad regime and they are fighting the people most threatening bashar al assad. that's what we call the opposition. >> last thing quickly. how do you look at this republican race with a different hat? >> these are complicated issuesful and we've lowered they will down to the level of bumper stickers. that scares me. >> the book is a fantastic read.
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i've gotten through about half of it and i recommend it. up next, more questions for the clinton campaign including some from her possibly. bernie sanders. man 1: i came as fast as i could. what's up?
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with three days left until the primary in south carolina, it looks all but certain that hillary will pull off a win there. but questions continue on plague her over the e-mail controversy to new charges by her opponent that she is stealing his script. hillary clinton continued a full-court press for african-american votes in south carolina. she is inching closer despite the threat to her general election prospects from a federal judge. u.s. judge emmett sullivan who was nominated by president clinton, ruled secretary clinton and her aides like hume african abedin. that could mean depositions in the summer or fall about e-mails inflg vo the clinton foundation or other matters. >> it is just not something that
3:22 pm
you know, is going to have any lasting effect. and i am not at all worried about it. >> reporter: a democratic forum got awkward when cnn had clinton watch a clip of her being slammed for hesitating when she was recently asked if she's lied to voters. >> how can you be this bad at this? just say no. >> is that a question that you would like another shot at answering? >> i'll just say no. >> for his part, bernie sanders is not capitalizing on clinton's problems. at a news conference today he felonied off a question about whether he is writing off south carolina. >> no, no, no, no. >> except sanders earlier today suggested he is frustrated by clinton borrowing his lines about millionaires and billionaires. >> a lot of the language and phraseology that we have used. >> pressed by fox for specifics, sanders that i have had to an attack on clinton for supporting welfare reform that he charges
3:23 pm
ended up hurting poor people which he homes will resonate with black people here. >> she's been talking about poverty, exploiting people for did he go aids. can you be more specific? >> i am talking about a piece of legislation. a very important piece of legislation. it is a piece of legislation that i opposed. because i thought it was going to hurt the weakest and most vulnerable among us. secretary clinton supported that legislation. >> today harry reid endorsed clinton four days after the nevada caucuses. now some think she is getting closer to getting the nomination. >> ed henry, thank you. the form he texas governor and presidential candidate rick perry has now been cleared of all criminal charges in his public corruption case. the texas court of appeals threw out the second felony charge today. the abuse of power charge was filed after perry threatened and
3:24 pm
then carried out a veto of state funding for a group of public corruption prosecutors after the democratic head of that unit refused to resign. how unsecured is the marketplace? the government accountability office set out to investigate. detailing the ease at which investigators were able to create fake customer i.d.s to get that obamacare tax credits. the gao report states that even though money was to help pay insurers, it represents a cost to the government. the markets bounced back after a rough start today. the s&p rose 9. the nasdaq jumped 39. up next interesting latest political wrangling over a supreme court nominee and the surprising trial balloon from the white house.
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president obama tries to make a point today regarding addressing a nominee for the supreme court. new tonight, we're hearing from senator grassley's office that the senate judiciary committee is working out o'a time to meet with the president about a nomination. >> reporter: the gop will cave. that seemed to be the sentiment from president obama today who with jordan's king abdullah patiently waiting by his side, took nine minutes in the oval office to express his confidence that senate republicans would come around and give his supreme court nominee a fair hearing. >> the easier thing to do is to give in to the most extreme voices within their party and
3:30 pm
stand pat and do nothing. but that's not our job. our job is to fulfill our constitutional duties. >> but the constitution only say the senate has to advise and consent. and they've made it clear. there will be no hearing for anyone the president sends their way. >> i think it will be very difficult for mr. mcconnell to explain how if the public concludes this. this person is very well qualified, that the senate should stand in the way simply for political reasons. >> senate republicans are giving a middle finger to the american people and giving a middle finger to this president. >> the white house acknowledges, it was then senator that obama in 2006 who for political reasons, voted to filibuster the nomination of president bush's supreme court nominee. samuel alito who was later confirmed. >> let's not forget that congress is a separate but equal
3:31 pm
branch of government. >> the latest back and forth come on a day when mr. obama laid out what he is looking for in a popular online site that focuses on the high court. the president said he would look to nominate one with a sterling record, a deep respect for the judiciary's role and an understanding of how government works. and like this, the latest of possible nominees considered by the president. >> is the united states senate prepared to act and function in a way the american people expect? right now it's not. >> the office said they have yet to hear from anyone about the high court vacancy. we'll be keeping an eye on that. speaking of thing we'll be watching, when will the president meet with senator grassley? my sources say that meeting will likely happen much, much sooner
3:32 pm
than that. >> kevin corke in a well protected white house briefing room. thanks. when they write their opinions, the supreme court justices are supposed to be guided by precedent. did itto for u.s. senators when they vote on supreme court nominations. tonight our resident historian james rosen shows us, there are lots of precedents for the nastiness we see in this process that governs how we live our lives. >> reporter: in all the acrimony surrounding the supreme court vacancy -- >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. >> this nomination will be filled by the next president elected in november. >> you might wonder when it grew so politicized. >> it is a high-tech lynching. >> reporter: wasn't the salacious hearings with the disputed allegation of sexual harassment. you have to go all the way back to justice abe fordyce who was
3:33 pm
for the toss resign after the nixon white house leak details of his financial details to "life" magazine. to retaliate, the democrat controlled senate rejected president nixonon's nominee. >> haynesworth was qualified but democrats were furious about that debacle and they punished president nixon otwice for that. >> the senate swiftly rejected nixon's second choice. finally, he filled the vacancy with judge harry blackmon who would go to author the majority opinion in roe versus wade. >> a land in which women would be forced into black alley abortions. >> most scholars trags the modern supreme court nomination process to the epic battle over ronald bork. a brilliant legal mine, he fell play for a concerted attack by
3:34 pm
allied interest groups. since then, liberal nominees have usually sailed through. while conservative nominees such as samuel alito have generally faced a rougher time. >> a lot of hypocrisy. it shows how important the supreme court has become. it decides such important issues. it is so closely balanced right now. that neither side wants to give in. >> since 1990, only two justices, ruth bader ginsburg and souter have 190 or more votes in the senate. before that, five won confirming votes and three on the basis of simple voice votes. >> james is running a special report jonl line tonight. next up, donald trump is riding the wave of winning. the past three voting contests. is he steam rolling his way to the nomination? (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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the nevada caucuses are a-typical of i respect nevada very much but that process is different than the rest of the country. as long as there are four people running dividing up the nontrump vote, you'll get results like last night. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> we weren't expected to win this one. you know that, right? we were not. of course if you listen to the pundits, we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning, i know w. >> if you look at the number, he had more votes than his nearest two competitors combined in the caucus results. now for the delegate count he has 81 so far.
3:40 pm
cruz and rubio tied 17-17. trump responsibiliding, mitt ro who totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made him look like a fool is now playing tough guy. also tweeted, the polls showed that i pick up many jeb bush supporters. that's how i got to 46%. when others drop out i will pick up more. sad but true. let's bring in our panel. okay. trump is clearly the best position to get the gop nomination. how does anybody else get the gop nomination? >> well, obviously, cruz and rubio continue what they're doing, they're going to lose. simply how it works. if you look at nevada. trump won everything. every demographic. he won every subcategory in the
3:41 pm
electorate. for rubio and cruz, i think cruz has to stop defensively. forget about the liar and the dirty tricks. he got distracted. ended up on the defense, a waste time. he needs to find an attack line. and i think it might also apply to rubio. what possibly would work against trump? i think a kind of, you want to do a distraction. i think you go after him on the tax returns. i think romney is on to something. i think it can be deflected. i'm not sure it will be effective. but nothing else that has been tried will work. and also, they both have to work on defending their home state. if either loses his home state to trump, they have to pull out. >> you agree, trump's best position at this moment to roll the table. >> he is way above that. he is in a position where unless something changes, he is going on run the table. >> okay.
3:42 pm
speaking of home states, today, ted cruz got the endorsement of someone important in texas. the governor. >> i'm confident ted cruz will be a terrific commander in chief for the united states of america. >> join me in voting for ted cruz for president of the united states of america. >> it is an honor to be here with my friend, with my mentor, with a man who has taught me more than i can possibly convey. it is an incredible honor to be here with the governor of texas, to be standing together saying, we've got six days. six days to lead in texas. to lead the country. so let's get to work. >> ted cruz thanking governor abbott in the latest poll number out of texas. cruz has 35%. trump, 20%. rubio down to 8%. you see the rest of the numbers. >> well, there are a lot of scenarios out there today with trump and such a commanding
3:43 pm
position for the nomination and they involve basically everyone stays in and that stops trump and all the delegates add up to more than he has. basically people can see, no one w can stop him if they all stay in the race. so someone said to me from one of the campaigns, if everyone left cruz and trump, cruz would smash him. if everyone left roibl and trump to fight it out. he has the commanding lead. >> what about trump's tweet and the anecdotal evidence of nevada. not everybody is going to go to the other candidates. some of them will go to trump. >> that may be the case. we talked last night about a band wagon effect. i think that is the case. there is still the case that a strong faction of the republican party is going to fight against donald trump and believes they can amass the numbers. if they can just get down to one
3:44 pm
candidate. right now they can. >> there is a political article out that says that establishment donors big money has abandoned the ant-trump funning campaign. >> i didn't know that there was one yet. we haven't seen institutions like the club for growth going after the tax returns on other parts of trump's past in business. trump can easily feel he is on a glide path. but the way he plays defense is by offense. constantly throwing hand grenades and monopolizing the conversation day by day. he shows how to use a stilletto by definitely moving to the front burner the issue of the tax returns which will not go away. ted cruz has a theory of the race he's waged his whole career on it and he has to stay with it. analytics from his wizard, jeff
3:45 pm
roe, will teach them to locate and motor vapt 45 million voters who haven't voted in recent elections. rubio has to win florida. if he wins florida, he will be a substantial come from behind. a huge win of delegates and he will object a difficult plane to stop. don't forget kasich, however ohio with 55 winner take all delegates on the 15th of march. then instead of the problem of two, you have a problem of three. >> increasing the other paths are narrowing. fair to say? >> very much fair to say. which is why even if some of the vote of those who drop out ends up in the trump camp, the current situation is an absolute 100% loser for all accept trump. so that's got to change. yes, there will be a bleeding
3:46 pm
over to trump if some of them leave. maybe the answer is a back room deal. reagan made a deal with a liberal senator a few week before the convention in '76 when he went after gerald ford. it didn't work but it was a way to offer a compromise. two of these guys could get together and will be denounced as a back room deal. so be it. that is another option. >> next up, the showdown over a supreme court nomination.
3:47 pm
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i think it will be very difficult for mr. mcconnell to explain how if the public concludes that this person is very well qualified that the senate should stand in the way simply for political reasons. we'll see what happens. i understand the posture that they are taking right now. i get the politics of it. i'm sure they are under enormous pressure from their base and their constituencies around this issue. there is not a lot of vigor when they defend the positions that they are taking that they wouldn't even meet, for example, with a supreme court nominee. they are=í pretty sheepish
3:51 pm
when they make those comments. >> president obama in the oval office talking about his nomination to fill the vacancy left by justice antonin scalia. i feel for the the king of jordan who was sitting there throughout the entire nine minutes there. the president said that he wants to look to nominate someone who has a sterling record, a deep respect for the judiciary role and understanding of the way the world really works. and word that the white housejá floated a trial balloon of nevada governor briansand aval as a possible supreme court nominee. we're back with the panel. >> justice scalia said it might be nice if we had one or two justices who didn't go to harvard and yale law schools and come to the court from there through the appellate bench. i think the last person with actual political experience on the court was sandra day o'connor had ban a state legislator. i think the republicans have made a mistake. i think they would benefit
3:52 pm
by having an argument all the way to it a vote on the senate floor about anyone the president nominates. not least because it would teach them what they think as well as the country what they think. because i don't think a lot of republicans know what they think about the proper judicial role in supervising our democracy through judicial review. eisenhower is supposed to have said he did and he didn't but he probably thought it whena asked what his two worst mistakes were said they are sitting on the supreme court william brennan who was a democrat he appointed and early warren who was a governor before he game a justice. ford gave us john paul stephens which disappointed conservatives. nixon gave us blackman which disappointed testimony. suiter was a big disappointment to herbert walker bush. they don't have a sterling record of pleading themselves. >> a.b., now word that the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is going to meet at the white house. word that the senate
3:53 pm
judiciary chairman chuck grassley also setting up a time to meet at the white house. is this moving that they are actually going to hold heargs? >> well, they should. it will surprise no one that i think that theypocrisy of vice president joe biden in 199 it, then senator obama in 2006 or 2007 is as a' in the senate now they wouldn't even begin the process. the senate is adjourning on july 18th. give the advise and consent procedure that they're bound to, they don't actually have to confirm a nomination. but they absolutely have to give this a hearing. and they have made a mistake. for different reasons that -- you bring up a higher, biggerni picture, but down to process i just find it appalling and they should change their minds. >> sandival interesting from
3:54 pm
the white house. >> try a way to win them over in advance. republicans did anything other than have an salute sloot stonewall. nimble and intelligence of republicans managing. this of the minute they open this up they are going to get rolled. this is the scalia seat. this would change the court it's not kind of a neutral seat. i think it's something that you can't lose, so you advice is not to nominate. >> you are saying you don't trust they hold the line. >> the minute they give in and the process begins, they will cave. >> no doubt in your mind? >> well, there is always a chance that i'm wrong, but it's generally small.oñ >> that's a lot of confidence, charles. >> does it change the equation, quickly, that sandivol is this trial balloon whether he is nominated or not, does it change the whole dynamic? >> it makes it difficult to have a second trial balloon
3:55 pm
because the second trial balloon better be a republican also. >> that is it for the panel. we will be back with the latest results from the contender's app. f)j
3:56 pm
3:58 pm
♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? it is time to check out this week's results from the new "special report" contender's app. a. not that new. it's been around for a little while. it's fun. we've added the results from the fox news app. the statement will about the military that was most agreed with was, quote: i
3:59 pm
think the united states military is operating under rules of engagement that are too strict and that do not allow us to pursue victory. when i'm president, that will change. that statement belongs to florida senator marco rubio. here's how all the candidates did. the scale is 1 to 100 with one meaning complete disagreement and 100 total agreement. users also ranked the military topic as an important issue, ranking it on average 4.75 out of five stars. panelists -- 4. 5 out of 5. >> i wound up closest to jeb bush and, shocker, not close to trump. >> all right. charles? >> i was with the people. did i rubio. he was absolutely the closest. and it turned out that trump was at the bottom for me. but it was a blind test. i didn't know. i didn't have any prejudice going%n in. >> that's pretty good.
4:00 pm
thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. "special report" online starts in a few seconds and a guest anchor. hello, everyone, and i'm greta van susteren and tonight we have a very special "on the record." you are joining us to celebrate 3500 episodes. but right now, the news. and members of congress on capitol hill for the first time coming out to support this candidate for president. >> you know, we weren't expected a couple of months ago, we weren't expect to do win this one. you know that, right? we weren't. the pundits, we weren't expected to win too much and now we are winning, winning, winning the country. >> joining us now one of the first people on capitol hill to support the trump 2016 ticket, congressman duncan hunter goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hey,


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