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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we6ú won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> the trump juggernaut continues and his shrewd calculations about the republican party seem to be paying off. tonight, we will tell you what's going on behind the scenes with mr. trump. >> would you round up 12 million illegal aliens here and, if so, how? >> listen, we should enforce the law. how do we enforce the law? yes, we should deport them. >> will ted cruz and donald trump telling voters they will deport almost all illegal aliens in the u.s.a. is that legally possible? also ahead, dennis miller on the apple terrorism
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controversy and a louisiana cop threatening thugs. >> you think men like these aren't afraid of an uneducated 125-pound punk like you? >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. donald trump's populist campaign. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we predicted. mr. easily won the nevada caucus yesterday. marco rubio second, ted cruz third. for mr. trump it was another strong showing some in the media saying his nomination is a lock. that is not good news for the republican party establishment which does not worthyump as a candidate. one who can defeat hillary clinton. but the establishment has been wrongs all along. in the beginning they tried to marginalize trump and now
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the g.o.p. poobahs don't know what to do. as for trump himself, as i told you back in august, he is not really a republican guy. donald trump really isn't a republican. is he a trumpian. he has no interest in what the grand ole party says. he is a man on a mission, marching to his own beat. and trump's timing is good because this presidential cycle should spell doom for the democratic party. it is so far left most americans are appalled. >> now, the cawction donald trump made from the beginning of his campaign is that americans are so fed one career politicians and the direction of the country, they don't care anymore about party politics. thus, trump has run' as a populist. listen to what h;i said last night. >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> that was a smart
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statement because by saying he loves the poorly educated, trump is slapping the elites who many voters dessurprise. trump realizes he is mobilizes americans who never before took part in the political process. he doesn't care whether you have a ph.d. from harvard. he doesn't care whether you have a degree from the school of hard knox. he hard knocks. he just wants your vote. he is getting plenty of votes more in the campaign than mitt romney did in 2012. going forward, the contest six days from now will tell the tale. donald trump is polling well in all of them. in georgia he leads by 12. in massachusetts by 34. in virginia he is up by 6. to this point marco rubio running slightly ahead of ted cruz for second place but still really a toss-up between those two. and as long as they are both in the race, and they guide republican votes, trump will remain a solid favorite. in the end, donald trump doesn't care about politics.
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he doesn't1 parties. he does not care about elites. he does not care about what he says in attacking opponent. he only caress about one thing. winning. and that's the memo. now for the top story. reaction. joining us from washington, heidi, senator political reporter for "u.s.a. today." little rock pace, the washington correspondent. anything missing in my analysis, julie. >> you hit it on the head whenfñ you said super tuesday will tell the tale of this election. right now donald trump certainly has momentum. he is three straight wins, certainly has given him an edge in the nomination but this is really about delegates. and after super tuesday, i think that we will be able to see how much of a delegate lead he has, if he is able to maintain that momentum. and for rubio and cruz, this test just gets harder and harder. you keep hearing these candidates keep pushing the benchmark back. first we were talking about trump being out oof the race after last summer. then after november.
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then once voting started then we are hearing march 15th is the day we will see rubio rise up. once he gets through super tuesday, if he is able to pick up this pace, it's going to become much more difficult for cruz or rubio to stop him. >> i understand that only 10% of the republican delegates have been given out so far. so you have got 90% in play. and even though trump has the momentum, he still has got to get more than half of those, so, it looks to me like there isn't what the media is saying it's inevident in a lot of the precincts. it's inevitable. it looks to me be stopped but i don't know how. who is going to stop him? >> it's almost malpractice to say he is ineffort tillable. go back to 2012 when mitt romney was on his2( heels. rick santorum trounced him in a few races and he came back. these races are very fluid. you make a good point. who is going to that going
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to be that person. rubio is rising. cruz is falling. i think it was devastating that cruz walked out of south carolina without a single delegate considering that the sec states that follow are supposed to be his strong suit. so, i also don't buy, however, bill, that winnowing this down to a two-man race is necessarily going to whip the support away from trump. >> no i don't think it would whip the support away from him. but it would give the sole contend( more of a chance. so, if kasich and carson go, that's about 10% of the electorate right there. if cruz or rubio go, that's another 20%. that's in play. now some of them would go to trump. >> in play, that's the operative word, right? because we don't know. these polls aren't reflecting what's going to happen, for example, with jeb's voters. >> no. but trump is so -- he is so definitive, miss pace. he is so definitive. not a lot of wiggle room
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with donald trump. not a lot of undecideds. you either like him or you don't. you can't say i don't know whether i like him or not. if it were a two-man race, juan, do you agree with heidi that cruz got hurt in south carolina and then he comes in third in nevada. is on the downside, in your opinion? >> i think he is in trouble. south carolina was pivotal for him because it was the first test of his strategy which reallyl
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tough competition with donald trump. if cruz can't win in home state of texas where there is a ton of delegates up for grabs it's unclear where he goes from there. >> trump is popular in texas his message is he going to make america great again. he doesn't care about party politics is getting people excited. on the front of the elites in the republican party, and you are in the washington, d.c. area, heidi, they are crazed. mitt romney came out and look, trump has got to put his tax returns out there, because there may be bombshells in there. mr. trump has not done that he says he will, but he hasn't done it thus far. and then will get a lot of endorsements for rubio. rubio seems to be the establishment pick right now. would you agree with that? >> yes, where the donors are going, certainly. and if you look at who is able to assemble the broadest coalition, who can
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appeal in states both in the south as well as the northeast, who can start to, you know, meet that viability threshold in some of these states and even survive until we get to the point of florida where i think might be the tell tell sign for whether rubio is going to be able to mount any kind of credible challenge if he takes florida. if trump takes florida, i really think it's all over at that point. >> i would agree with that. >> okay. and florida is the 15th of march, after a super tuesday. ladies, thanks very much. we appreciate it next on the rundown, both donald trump and ted cruz believe they can deport illegal aliens who are already settled here in the u.s.a. we're going to take a hard look at the law on that. and later miller on the big apple terrorism -- i'm sorry on the apple terrorism controversy. and girl scouts selling cookies to
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impact segment tonight. both donald trump and now ted cruz have told us here on the factor they believe as president if they were elected they would be able to round up and deport most of the estimated 12 million illegal aliens currently living in the u.s.a. not border people. not people coming across the border. you can send them right back. the question does the constitution allow a roundup like that? joining us now from berkeley, california, john u who teaches at the universitydbg of california law school and here in new york city professor of immigration law practice at cornell. so, both cruz and trump on "on the record" saying they believe they can round up illegal aliens who have residence, all right? can they? >> they can. as long as they comply with the constitution. the due process clause of the constitution says that you cannot deprive someone of their life, liberty, or property interests without due process of law. that says that applies to all persons in the united states. not just u.s. citizens. >> so what would happen then if president trump tells his
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ice officials to go and seek out and go in to people's homes, take them out, and put them into custody? >> they can take them into custody. but they can't deport them on the very next day without any kind of hearing before an immigration judge. procedural due process requires at least three fundamental things. some kind of hearing before a neutral judge, and an opportunity of notice. can you gather evidence as to why you should stay in the united states. for example, about 1% of people who are in deportation pro#á%eájjtj are actually u.s. citizens. other people like refugees have a constitutional and an international right to certain protections. so we have sorlt of figure out for each individual what. >> so there would have to be hearings and i would assume bail. then if they were taken into custody they would have to be given bail, a chance to get out. >> actually not. it's not a criminal proceeding. they could be detained while they are waiting. >> you could put them in the chrome detention center in miami where you could detain them. >> you could detain them. >> do you see it that way professor? >> i agree. i think the constitutional
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text says the due process clause applies to all persons in our territory not just citizens. the supreme court has said every times that in order to deport someone, an illegal alien has a right to prove it's not him, that he doesn't qualify. for example, you were asking mr. trump a few days ago what if bill o'malley had been detained but he is really an american system and mistake. due process clause requires there be a chance3á has a chance to plain the government has made an error. i don't see how trump and cruz would be able to union unilaterally grab people and throw them out of the country without going through the courts. >> you both are saying as president trump and/or cruz -- trump or cruz could order ice, that's the agency that would be involved, to hunt down people that aren't in this country find them, they could knock on their door. they can say you have to come with us. you can take them to a
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detention center where they would sit until the judge would hear their case. if they were in the country illegally, then they could deport them. is that true? >> yes. that's the way the system works right i mean, we don't have, you know, jack booted thugs running around the country breaking into people's doors. >> frightening scenario for people established and have children that they get a knock on the door and then they would be taken to a detention center. while they can't kick them out, they can certainly take them out of their day-to-day lives, right? >> and they do that right now. it happens every day. trump or cruz may do it in a larger way than under the current administration. currently ice does go door to door and knocks on their doors and hauls people n to detention because they think are deportable because they enteredoñ illegally. is that a targeted thing for criminals who are disruptive? >> it's targeted of thing because the administration doesn't have the resources. no has the resources to do
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it it for 12 or 11 million. >> would the detention centers -- they have to build new ones? there would be a backlog in cases for years and all of that?-k÷mj4(p&c@ >> right now we have about 2255 immigration judges. it current cannily takes over 500 days for someone who is detain to do get before immigration judge. >> now? >> because they are already so backlogged. >> a year and a half? >> a year and a half. if we went to this mass detention and round up of illegal aliens, the backlogs would be even greater. we would have to have a lot more immigration judgessenned a ice agents to find these people. >> some americans say look, if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. i believe professor that the courts would get involved then. there would be all kinds of lawsuits to block this on whatever actions. those would have to be heard probably going up to the supreme court, right? >> sure, the supreme court has decided several previous efforts to increase or ratchet up detention and deportation. i don't think it's a good answer because i think on the one hand, you know, make it clear in this book that's&u
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just out enemies nemesis because president obama underreporting and refusing to use the full resources of his department to enforce deportation. but it's not answer on the other hand to say we are going to kick everybody out and send people into everybody's homes. either way you will get supreme court cases and supreme court challenges on both sides at both extremes. >> what do you say to the american people who say, you know what? these people shouldn't be here. they broke the law, and now they are being rewarded. they are taking jobs away from us and we don't like it. how do you answer that? >> well, i think the president, crz, trump, clinton, sanders, they have to use the full resources that congress provides too, to, you know, try to get the most dangerous ones out first, criminals. people who have been here who might be violent. there is a whole bunch of characteristics set out by statute. if the american people want more people deported then their representatives in congress have to provide more money and more agents to isis. you said they are the only agency that can do it and they are busting at the
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scenes with all the people they have. i think president obama was?ñ deporting about 425,000 a year. it's now down to like 280. you could bring it up to 4 lurks and some thousand a year. that's not close to 12 million people. >> it would take forever. gentlemen, thanks very much. we appreciate it it directly ahead had, hillary clinton way out in front in urk so. what does bernie sanders think about that? he had henry will tell us. very provocative question. do do some republicans seem
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oh remotes, you've had it tough. watching tvs get sharper, bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. personal story segment tonight, it will not be much of a contest in south carolina this saturday as all the polls have hillary clinton well out in front of bernie sanders. what does this mean for the sanders' campaign? joining us now from sumter, south carolina, he had henry are. is old bernie depressed? >> well, look.
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what it means is that he is going to lose on saturday. his campaign knows that. the question is it a double digit loss or can he close the gap? but the big point is the pressure is on for bernie sanders next tuesday. it's seq/%ñ tuesday. there are a bunch of states here down south georgia, arkansas, places like alabama where hillary clinton should roll with the african-american vote. where sanders has an opening as he also has vermont, mass mis, minnesota, states like that on super tuesday a lot of people miss that it's not just in the south on super tuesday. but sanders has to come up with some victories. otherwise, finishing a close second is just simply not going to cut it for him anymore. >> all right. so the sanders, you would assume that he will be campaigning in the northern states. is there any southern state that he is close in the local polling? anything that you know of? >> >> yeah, on those super tuesday states, yes, is he close. places like massachusetts, minnesota. he is very hopeful about colorado, for example.
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another super tuesday state. and a swing state in the general election. if he can beat clinton there, it would show and prove the point he has been trying to make that he can have really strong turnout from the left in a general election to beat republicans there are a lot of democrats skeptical of that that a socialist can actually win a general election. that's one of his problems. and number two, he simply did not get that kind of strong turnout in nevada, for example, last weekend. he didn't get the students out. he just simply. >> but it was pretty close though. >> he didn't get the organizational structure. wasn't it pretty close there? it was like three points. >> five points. look, the advantage he has is that unlike the republicans, democrats have proportional delegates. so, it's not winner take all. so hillary clinton can keep winning. doesn't mean she gets all the delegates. he keeps collecting delegates. he can be a nuisance. but the point is if you are not winning these states you are not going to.) take command. it might take longer than hillary clinton wanted but she can still grind it out.
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she has a big edge with super delegates, party bosses who have their own votes. she has a big advantage there. >> super delegates i want to explain to everybody they are folkst who it doesn't matter votes in the state. super delegate in alabama, and alabama goesi] for hillary you could still vote for bernie sanders if you wanted to. there are more on the democratic side. you know i said this that bernie sanders has no shot to win this nomination unless hillary clinton is indicted for the email fracas and i'm going to stand by that. >> right. >> i don't even think that bernie sanders can go beyond march 15th unless he racks up, i would say, at least four wins out of the 10 next tuesday on super tuesday. he has to win four out of the 10. if he wins four out of the 10, then he has a chance to go into the 15th. but, you know -- >> -- then he would have some juice. >> yeah.
11:26 pm
>> then he would have some juice to keep going. >> does he have enough money to buy tv ads and stuff? is he still getting those donations? >> well, he has money to keep going for a longl time beyond the 15th. he is not a threat to win if he doesn't win the four or five states. the other thing to watch is just in the 24 hours you had a federal judge saying that he is going to let this suit against hillary clinton go forward so that she and yuma abedin can be subpoenaed. the personal emails they did not turn over. now, that's important, because it could have information about the clinton foundation or other behind the scenes information they didn't want to turn over. if, in fact, this goes forward and there are subpoenas come the summer, the fall, if she is the democratic nominee, she may still be dealing with this suit. it's not something she -- she want to do get that over with in the primaries. >> in the general election, but by that time bernie,
11:27 pm
going to be back eating ben and jerry's in vermont. that doesn't have anything to do with bernie. he has to do or die in the next three weeks. it's as simple as that i would be stunned if he goes beyond march 15th. >> if heñ is back at a ben and jerry's. that means you are staying in new york and not going to ireland. >> i love ireland. i will probably visit it this summer. but i don't think i'm going to have to take up residence there. he had henry, everybody. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller on the apple terrorism controversy as well. as a girl scout selling cookies to stoned people. wait until you hear this. then a louisiana police captain threatens some thugs in his jurisdiction. >> i will meet you on solid ground any time anywhere. light or heavy. makes no difference to me. you won't walk away. >> why hope you stay tuned
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campaign 2016 segment tonight. as we said in the talking points memo, donald trump may well secure the republican nomination even though he is not really a standard republican. that demonstrates just how much some g.o.p. voters think about their own party. with us now here in new york city eboni williams and monica crowley. would do some registered republicans seem to despise the party they are registered to? >> well, i'm a registered republican and i despise my own party. >> do you really. >> first and foremost, i'm a conservative. and as a conservative, the republican parth down time and again. it's not just conservatives who feel betrayed. >> give me an example of how
11:32 pm
it's let you down. >> i will give you specifics, okay? people who vote republican have certain nonnegotiable things that they want their candidates in their party to stand for and fight for. limited gov responsibility, lower taxes, strock national defense, individual freedom. and it shows itself in different policies. we want our candidates and our leaders to fight to protect the constitution and to fight with the same passion, commitment, and vigor that the left always uses to smash those things. and particularly the republican establishment, there are some exceptions like senator ted cruz has been fighting the good fight. but, on i like obamacare, obama's gutting of the military,>%i his war on coal,o regulations, out-of-control government spending, running up the debt, time and again, and it's not just during the obama years but for decades now the republican party has caved time and again to the point where they're considered democrat light. >> you are a registered independent.
11:33 pm
do you see the republican party being as wimpy as miss monica? >> i don't see it that way. but i see that perception. it's interesting perception because ma2m[ would say that they have been the party of obstruction. that's their argue: i see monica's point certainly when you look at not being able to limit planned parenthood spending or many on the right how is this iran deal going through? at the they will like taps go along to >> the rules in congress are so arcane. president reagan said if i can get 70% of what i want i'm happy. conservatives like you want 100 percent of what you want. >> no, that's not what i'm saying. >> rules are so arcane. >> fight. when you have the democrat president you can't always get what you want. >> when you say fight, i don't know is that a pr thing? look, we try to get kate's law passed, okay? and i think the the majority of americans believe if you are aggravated convicted foreign felon, all right? that should be a fiver if they grab you for anything. you are in federal prison. harry reid is an evil man in my opinion blocked it on the
11:34 pm
senate floor. they couldn't stop reid from blocking it. >> right. i was the first one on this program to predict, bill, when you put out. >> what would republicans do. >> stopped it for ideological reasons. >> he did. what could republican does to stop that? >> there are certain things legislatively, even if you are just putting up a moral fight to do that. >> you want a more visible p.r. >> for example, ebony's point defund planned parenthood. how difficult is that. >> obama would veto that he would veto that. >> no. they control the purse strings. they can cut out the funding. spending bills they want. >> they can do it on itemized basis. they could have stripped out the implementation funding for the iran deal. they didn't do that either. >> what you are saying is that the perception among many, many republicans ebony, is that the republican party doesn't have the fla flowers, the bomb throwers to get this
11:35 pm
out in front of the public and whip the public emotion up. >>te the political willing. >> the fight. >> certainly mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader did not get behind scalt's law. he wouldn't even talk to me on the telephone. >> he also was someone that someone like ted cruz really faulted for not being effective in the funding of planned parenthood. he got in the way. >> so it's the leadership of the party that doesn't go out and try to sell why these things are necessary to convince public opinion. >> to your point, bill. governing is one thing. making a demonstration of adversary, and this another thing, how effective is it when vu a democratic president who knows. least putting up a fight and making our corner stone legislation visible i think. >> the republican party really isn't against what your advocating, most republicans in congress and in senate would vote for that. >> think are not verbal enough. >> this is what he had run on this.
11:36 pm
is what they tell voters they are going to do and then they go to washington and then they cave. there never would have been a tea party. never would have been a need to the tea party if the republican party would have stuck to core principles. >> rising trump. better or worse, going to blow up. >> he is not going to go along to get along. >> some people like what he stated. that's what it is. when we come right back, miller on the apple terrorism controversy. then, tough louisiana law man threatens the bad guys. we're coming right back. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. the d man has been clolsly following the apple terrorism controversy. he joins us from california. san bernardino is not that far away from you from the south. when you heard that tim cook, the ceo of apple says you know what? we're not going to help the fbi open this terrorist phone because it sets a bad precedent about privacy. what did you think? >> i think i got a fix here, billy. i think they ought to give the san bernardino terrorist phone to hillary clinton for a few days and then trump can call putin and get the data from him.
11:41 pm
>> so somebody would hack into hillary's phone when people want it to be loose it's loose. when people want it to be fight, it the it's fight. i'm not surprised folks can't hack. have you ever looked at c-span? i'm surprise they had can work a phone rather than hack into it it all these privacy issues people are whining about. every time i'm going to a mall or sitting in an airport. i have some moron chick next to me screaming in the top of her lungs cell phone. he told me loved me. he then tell me was@ impotent. too much information. here is where i come counsel on this. if we can stop something like paris or san bernardino happening again, by one either wausharaing some water boarding some monster or two pulling together and breaking into some of their
11:42 pm
phones, if we can do that and stop another paris, i'm all for it i guess that makes me a monster. >> no, it doesn't. most measures agree with you. >> 38% are siding with cook. the rest agree with you and me that, you know, on a"k specific case like, this it's got to be specific, all right, you have got to help because we have got to know who these people were talking to to prevent other killings. >> you know what they say, billy. too many cooks spoil the stew. i think we are overthinking. this of course we should all pull together. >> maybe mr. cook will come on and explain himself on the factor. the odds of that are a million to one. in california where you live the odds of donald trump or any republican carrying the state are nil. it really doesn't matter. does anybody even pay attention in california to the presidential race? you have 55 electoral votes, far and away the most in the country. obama beat romney 60 to 38 last time. as i said, charlie sheen could run on the democratic ticket out there and he
11:43 pm
would win. you guys aren't even in the game anymore, right? >> well, the state doesn't let me down, bill, because, you know, we have been on the road enough. the whole country let me down when they didn't put romney in. he was a good fix. i know they have painted him as a monster. when i saw the president carrying the binder the other day to pick a supreme court so he didn't have to go to scalia's funeral. i was thinking i remember when romney said i have binders. something they laid into him like he is the worse guy. here is obama, you know, is he proud that he has got the binder. it's all crap. i gave up after romney. romney, to town ireland, the titanic left hampton and then stopped offshore in france. i think that was mccain and then they one last stop in queens town, iowa. that was romney. we pulled out without romney. it's not like california disappoints me. i think the country is shaky right now. >> when you are the biggest
11:44 pm
state. a lock for the democrats, new york state here, the third biggest state, it's pretty difficult situation. portland, oregon, an interesting town. i worked there. there was a girl scout. show her had picture. selling cookies outside of foster buds marijuana dispensary in portland, oregon. this girl is a genius. they go in there and they get stoned and come out and want cookies, right, miller? >> ifield make her of the secretary of the treasury tomorrow in a shot. right after she get her horticulture badge i would make her secretary of>÷ the treasury. this is what the country has come down to now. listen, medical marijuana, all for it if somebody is in pain or needs it for malady. let's face fact, a lot a lot of these things are scams. guys coming out of these places. they are completely loaded. you remember of the old axiom thin mints make fat slobs. this girl is out there with the table selling is them
11:45 pm
left and right. shed is absolute genius. when ourl7t highest aspiration now is to aspire to get the highest. >> girl scouts have to know about all this drug stuff as well. miller, thank you. if you would like to see miller and me live on stageth who wants to be president tour rolls into microsoft theater. fairfax, virginia, may 7'th. also mow heek dan show. i'm thinking about adding father's day mat at this point nay. i will let you know short
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? in louisiana, captain clay higgins from the saint
11:49 pm
landry sheriff's office has released a video. >> the gremlin street gang is responsible for hundreds of violent crimes. we have arrested ten of these thugs and have warrants on seven more. every one of these animals is most definitely armed and dangerous. you will be hunted. you will be trapped. and if you raise your weapon to it a man like me, we will return fire with superior fire. i will meet you on solid ground any time, anywhere, light or heavy. makes no difference to me. you won't walk away. >> wow. here now to tell us more, fox news anchor martha maccallum. this has gotten millions of hits on the internet? >> it's gotten millions of hits on the(( internet. it's gotten him result. they have gotten many leads to get these people to find out where they are and to bring them in. these people have been robbing people in this community. they are accused of murder, heinous crimes across the board. it's like the old west. he has basically posted pictures of thieves guys around town. he is naming them.
11:50 pm
he said we are coming after you and there are s. no safe haven for you. >> warrants out for their arrest and that's he has legal authority to do that i would assume the aclu and ot arrests. that's why he has the legal authority to do that. >> the aclu has spoken out, saying essentially he wants to kill these people before they're taken into the justice system. that's not what he said at all. he said if you raise a gun to me or any of us, you're going to have to deal with the consequences of that. he's essentially using the long arm of the law in a way, but he's not doing anything illegal and getting results. he's also making it unappealing for young men to join this gang. he's saying these guys don't rule this town, the men standing behind him rule this town and many african-american members are standing strong with the law enforcement. he's saying it doesn't matter their call --
11:51 pm
>> the gremlin gang, they've been terrorizing this town, so he's doing something about it. i like it. i think proactive law enforcement, particularly when there's warrants out for people, and they're obviously fugitives from the warrants, this is a way to get attention. now, the sanctuary city policies are obviously causing a lot of americans angst, and donald trump, ted cruz and others have made this a big political stay. now the attorney general, loretta lynch, has to explain the justice department's policies on sanctuary cities in front of a congressional panel. roll the tape. >> we feel that a way to deal with this issue immediately is to make sure that individuals who are being released from the bureau of prisons, rather than being released into state custody would go directly into immigration custody and be dealt with for deportation there. >> i don't know what that means. >> it's obviously something that you've been very involved in and
11:52 pm
something that john culberson has been involved in. she's essentially saying we're going to allow i.c.e. to be between these communities. we're also going to audit these sanctuary cities and see if they are not carrying out the federal laws and looking to cutting federal funding if they are. this culberson has put a lot of pressure on her. congressman culberson from texas, essentially saying when he took this job, he read the law and he basically had the right to do what he calls stepping on the fire hose for different agencies. he said we can stop the funds moving about within the justice department because we have the power of the purse as congress. >> he is saying to loretta lynch, if you don't enforce the law, alert i.c.e. before they
11:53 pm
release somebody from their local prison, then you, the justice department, we're going to squeeze your budget. so that forces the attorney general to do this. >> and you though what? he got her attention. >> i'll say. >> it worked with atf. there was a ban that they removed because they said we're going to take away your money and your right to move money around within your agency and they buckled. >> a ban on what? >> it was a weapons ban, through the atf, but it was a similar simuation where they stepped in and there was public outcry and he was able to remove this ban. >> telling the various departments that if they don't obey the law, they're not going to get their money. "factor tip of the day," ronald reagan disported in a major newspaper today. the tip, moments away.
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
"factor tip of the day," distortion of ronald reagan in a moment. but first, the mail. >> maybe you're not seeing reality. most politicians will try to dodge tough questions and fall back. would that serve you? no, it would not. >> never said that, patrick. never. you owe me an apology.
11:57 pm
>> you are correct, cathy, there is a difference. >> because i think she might, rich. >> but she did come on once before, so we're hopeful. [ laughter ] >> thank you for the correction. i recently met eric burton, lead singer of the animals. he can still bring it.
11:58 pm
>> i'm glad you liked it, ron. that leads us to the "tip of the day." as you may know, almost all the republican candidates are mentioning that, many elected, they will emulate president reagan. but an op-ed says mr. reagan was a liberal guy, a tax raiser. the op-ed is misleading. yes, president reagan made a mistake granting illegal aliens amnesty in 1986, because that led to more illegal immigration. but basically he cut the income
11:59 pm
tax to stimulate the economy. that plan worked and america became very prosperous in president reagan's second term. the point is this, if you want to know about ronald reagan, you have to study the man. that's why i rote "killing reagan," so you would know the former president top to bottom, because he's still a major political figure in this country and will factor into this year's election. "tip of the day," knowledge is power in every american story. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website and spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be fractious when writing to "the factor." tomorrow, a big political day, another big debate and, you know, coming down to crunchtime.
12:00 am
we appreciate you guys watching "the factor." again, tonight, we appreciate you being here. ms. megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here because we're definitely good evening and welcome to a special edition of "the kelly file." face-to-face with the candidates. i'm megyn kelly. we are coming to you tonight from houston, texas. [ applause ] very nice. you can feel the enthusiasm. less than a week from now, voters will take part in the biggest prize so far of this primary season, super tuesday that's when 12 states will hold primaries and caucuses. up for grabs,


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