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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 25, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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we appreciate you guys watching "the factor." again, tonight, we appreciate you being here. ms. megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here because we're definitely good evening and welcome to a special edition of "the kelly file." face-to-face with the candidates. i'm megyn kelly. we are coming to you tonight from houston, texas. [ applause ] very nice. you can feel the enthusiasm. less than a week from now, voters will take part in the biggest prize so far of this primary season, super tuesday that's when 12 states will hold primaries and caucuses. up for grabs, 595 delegates,
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about half of what is needed to win the nomination. the state with the biggest delegate prize, right here, texas. [ applause ] so far, four states have had their say, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. donald trump swept through three of four of those contents. but when former governor ronald reagan ran for office in 19 80, he lost two of the first four stating and when bill clinton ran, he lost all four of the first four contests. both went on to secure the nomination of their respective party and won the white house. so before the candidates spread out across those states to deliver their super tuesday message to voters, some are here tonight to answer questions from texans. joining us tonight will be
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senator ted cruz. senator marco rubio. governor john kasich. and dr. ben carson. businessman and front-runner donald trump has a conflicting campaign event tonight in virginia. we did offer to let him join us -- he does. [ laughter ] by satellite, but his campaign said his schedule would not allow it. they were very polite and cordial. [ laughter ] over the next two hours, i will be joined by each candidate, one at a time. we asked the members of our audience to come up with their own questions, which we reviewed to make sure we don't have anything untoward in there and that there was a range of topics to discuss. i'll be asking some questions, as well. so without further delay, joining me first on the stage, ted cruz, presidential contender and senator from the great state of texas. [ applause ]
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hi there. >> how are you doing? welcome to texas. >> thank you very much for having me here. you feel right at home? >> it is great to be home. >> you said last night you were looking forward to being home. >> last night was the first night i've slept in my own bed in a month. it was wonderful. i woke up with my daughter catherine coming and jumping on my lap. that's about as good a way to wake up as there is. >> congratulations on that. let's talk about last night. nevada did not work out the way you would have hoped. you came out and suggested look, in your view, this is a two-man race. you said no one has ever won the nomination without winning one of the first three primaries. the converse to that is no one who has won both new hampshire and south carolina, like donald trump has, has ever gone on to lose the nomination. so is history our guide here? >> listen, there's never been a candidate like donald trump. [ laughter ]
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in a whole lot of ways. and so i think some of the rules historically go out the window. i think fairly speaking, there are three major candidates remaining in this field, donald, marco and me. donald has a lot of momentum right now. he's won three primaries. that's a significant accomplishment. but what i think those results show is the only campaign that can beat donald and the only that has beaten donald is our campaign. in my view, you look nationally, anywhere from 65% to 70% of republicans don't think donald is the right candidate for us to nominate to go up against hillary clinton. the polling shows donald against hillary loses. and i know the folks here, we don't want to lose this general election and see our country stuck on this same wrong choice. so if you're among those 65%, 70% of republicans that think donald is the wrong choice, then super tuesday is the opportunity
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for us to coalesce behind our campaign. >> what do you make of it? you look at the results in south carolina where they had nearly 70% ev should have been a sweet spot for you. yet he won handily. why? >> listen, people are ticked off. they're furious with washington. they're furious with politicians in both parties that have been lying to them. i think donald supported the manifestation of that. but what the polling data also shows is that head-to-head, donald against me, we beat donald handily. we beat him 16 points, 56 to 40. i think donald has a relatively high floor of about 20%, 25%, that will be with him almost what no matter what. he said he could shoot someone and supporters would still be with him. that may be true. but i think he has a fairly low
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ceiling, 35% to 40%. and a majority of republicans don't think he's the right nominee. if you look nationally, in the head-to-head polls, donald consistently loses to hillary. i consistently beat hillary. and so the question right now is, how do we prevent nominating a candidate who loses the general election or for that matter, if donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he will do as president? [ applause ] >> we need a president we can trust. >> let's talk about marco rubio and you. some of your top surrogates and supporters have come out and questioned your strategy of going after marco rubio, saying you're not focused on the right guy. a couple of these races he's been behind you. the question is whether you'll change tactics at all going forward? >> let me be clear, the right guy to be focused on, i think, are the american people. it's the working man and woman -- >> but you've been doing that.
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>> that is my focus, talking about how we fix these problems and talking about repealing obamacare. talking about adopting a simple flat tax and abolishing the irs. [ applause ] >> they love the irs. >> there's an old ad, if you remember about -- >> they know what you're talking about. >> talking about where this picante sauce comes from and they look at it and say, new york city? new york city, get a rope. >> wait, is there some mocking going on here? is that what's going on? >> texans feel the same way about income taxes. we don't have an income tax in texas and we don't want one. and padlocking the irs would be a very good thing. [ applause ] >> enough from me. let's get to the texas voters. we want to start off with one of
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the top stories of the day, choosing a successor for the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. "the washington post" is reporting that the white house is vetting -- this is something harry reid floated today, centrist republican nevada governor brian sandoval as a potential nominee. president obama said he hopes the senate will consider his nominee once he makes his choice. republicans meantime on the judiciary committee yesterday said they want to wait on any hearings until after the election. bob, tell us your question. >> mr. cruz, during the past seven years, we have witnessed an unprecedented disrespect, disregard of the constitution. >> yes. >> with the passing of justice scalia recently, a lot of folks are worried about the fundamental principles of our country. what our country was founded on
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being in jeopardy. what would you do in order to restore faith in the high court's ability to uphold our constitutional rights? >> bob, thank you for that question. justice scalia's passing, i think really underscored the stakes of this election. three days ago, i was up in d.c. at justice scalia's funeral. he was someone i was blessed to know for 20 years. i knew him personally. he was brilliant. he was principled. he was ferociously devoted to the constitution and the bill of rights. and his passing leaves the court very much in balance. we are one liberal justice away from seeing just about every one of our fundamental rights in jeopardy. you know, as you know, before i was in the senate, i was the solicitor general of texas in front of the u.s. supreme court. i held that post for 5 1/2
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years, defending the constitution and bill of rights. we defended the ten commandments monument that stands on the grounds here. we went to the supreme court and won 5-4. we're one liberal justice away from the court ordering ten commandment monuments to be torn down all over this country. we defended the second amendment. the biggest opinion of justice scalia's tenure on the court was heller versus district of columbia. i defended the second amendment and we won 5-4. we are one justice away, one liberal justice away from the court essentially erasing the second amendment from the constitution, concluding not one of us has any individual rights to keep and bear arms whatsoever. if you care about the right to life, marriage, religious liberty or the second amendment or privacy, every one of those is hanging in the balance with this court. now, i believe that justice
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scalia's passing is really emphasized to the voters, that we're deciding not one branch of government but two. this should be a question for the voters. i agree with the decision of the senate. indeed, i called for the senate to do what republican leadership said we're going to do is not confirm any nominee for whoever it is. for 80 years, the senate has not confirmed any supreme court nominee nominated during an election year. instead, let the people decide, and i've got to tell you, bob, i can't wait to stand on that debate stage with hillary clinton or bernie sanders. and make the case to the american people, if they want to put another left wing justice on the court and take away our religious liberties and undermine our right to keep and bear arms, let them make the case to the american people. i don't think that's our values and i'm happy to defend our values and i give you my word, bob, spent from a lifetime of defending the constitution, that every justice i appoint will be a principled constitutionalist
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who will be faithful and will ferociously defend the bill of rights for your kids and mine. >> very good. [ applause ] all right. our next question comes from wanda rick etson. she lives right here in houston and is wavering between senator rubio and senator cruz and is concerned about the mess we've seen in washington. what's your question? >> thank you for coming here and to all the candidates actually. i guess donald trump loves everyone but texas. [ laughter ] and thank you, senator cruz, for going to washington on behalf of our state to shake things up. i truly admire and respect you for being a true constitutional conservative. >> thank you. >> however, sometimes your hardline stance on issues comes across as polarizing and uncompromising. i'm just worried if you were elected that we would get four more years of nothing
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substantial getting accomplished in washington again. so are you willing to compromise and reach across the aisle to get things done? because frankly, i do respect marco rubio for at least trying to get something done with immigration in the gang of eight. >> well, wanda, thank you for that question. [ applause ] and i appreciate -- listen, i understand where that question is coming from. we've got huge challenges in this country. and we've got to fix them. every one of us, we're not interested in a bunch of talk, we're interested in fixing them. when it comes to compromise, my view is simple. i'm not willing to compromise on core principles and fundamental beliefs, i'm not willing to compromise on the promises i made to the men and women who elected me. [ applause ] but my view is also -- reagan said what do you do if someone offers you half a loaf? answer, you take it. and then you come back for more.
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so i'm perfectly happy to compromise with anyone, republican, democrat, independent, libertarian. heck, i'll even compromise with martians if they're moving in the right direction and we're solving the problems. if we are reducing the debt, reducing the spending, protecting our liberties. the problem with washington, the deals always go backwards. you get this word in washington over and over again of let's compromise. let me tell you a story that is an example. i wrote a book last year called "the time for truth." the opening chapter talks about the fight over the debt ceiling. president obama wanted trillions more in debt with no spending reforms. it wasn't shocking he asked for that. what was shocking is what happened next, which is the house leadership decided to give it to him. so house leadership joined up
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with about 192 democrats to pass a clean debt ceiling with no debt reforms. it then went to the senate. now, in the senate, the ordinary rules are to move to proceed to take up the debt ceiling. but any rule in the senate can be changed by unanimous consent. well, the week we were taking it up, republican leadership asked all of us, said we want to ask you to consent to lower the threshold for harry reid to take up the debt ceiling from 50 votes -- from 60 votes to 50 votes. and leadership told us, every one of you, all 45 republicans should agree to this for two reasons. because if we do it, it will happen and hallelujah, that's what we want. we're afraid of this issue, kick the can down the road, we're not prepared to fight. number two, if we lower the
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threshold to 50, the democrat also have the votes to do it on their own. so we can vote no and tell our constituents we opposed the thing we just consented to allow happen. i'm sitting there, wanda, listening to that, and i had no choice. i raised my hand and said listen, there's no universe in which i can agree to that. i spent two years traveling the state of texas telling texan it is you elect me, i will fight with every breath in my body to stop the out of control spending and debt that is bankrupting our kids and grand kids. i said listen, i'm happy to agree to something that raises the debt ceiling, to use leverage to solve the problems. but if i were to agree to just make it easier for barack obama and harry reid to add trillions in debt with no spending reforms, i think that would be both unfaithful and dishonest to the men and women who elected me. [ applause ]
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>> we are not done, not by a long shot. we'll take a quick break. but don't go away, because more of our one on one with senator ted cruz is next.
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welcome back to a special two-hour edition of "the kelly file, face-to-face with the candidates." we are coming to you tonight from houston, texas. [ applause ] and still to come tonight, senator marco rubio, governor john kasich and dr. ben carson. on the stage with us right now, texas senator ted cruz. we want to get to our next question, which concerns women in the military. it's been a hot button issue in washington and the campaign trail, especially during the south carolina vote.
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this comes from roseanne rodriguez, who is an army vet. she was deployed in iraq on the front lines. want to mention she's also a volunteer with the texans for rubio group. so this is your chance, senator, to convert her over to your side go. ahead. >> thank you, senator cruz, for being here and taking my question. at several rallies you stated that you would be against requiring young women to register for selective service. there's been a lot of discussion about lowering standards or setting standards to accommodate women in combat roles. i believe this is a different issue. as an army veteran, a medic and paratrooper who deployed to iraq and served on the front lines and combat, i would like to know why you think young women are less capable or owe less of a debt to this country than our young men. >> let me start by saying thank you for your service and for stepping up and depend thing country. [ applause ]
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listen, i fully agree with you that women are capable of doing incredible things. i'm the father of two young daughters who can accomplish whatever they set their heart's desire too. but when it comes to the military, we shouldn't be governed by political correctness. the question of the draft, it's one thing to say we've had many women who served courageously in the military. that's their choice, their voluntary choice. but i don't think we should be forcing women in the military. if women want to step forward and serve voluntarily, that's appropriate and a wonderful thing. but it doesn't make sense to be drafting women in combat, and i would note, we had a debate a couple weeks back where three of the candidates, including marco, came out in favor of drafting women. the next week, marco joined mike lee and me in legislation
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prohibiting women from being drafted. so he backed away from that. >> why don't you think it makes sense, senator? >> because i think it risks putting women in an unfair situation. you've got -- if you're looking at cse combat for example, if you're dealing with a 200 pound jihadist, the idea that we will forcibly take our daughters and put them in a position whereouli don't think that makes sense and it's not recognizing the realities of combat. the marines recently did studies on this looking that putting women in that position ended up increasing casualties with the women and men, that it decreases military effectiveness. and the job of our war fighters is to defeat the enemy. it's not to be this cauldron for political correctness, it is to keep america safe.
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>> the next question is interesting. less than a month ago a grand jury here in houston, texas, was investigating criminal allegations of misconduct against planned parenthood. instead of indicting planned parenthood for anything that was in those videos, they decided to indict two of the pro-life activists who shot the footage. the founder of the center for medical progress was handed felony charges of tampering with a government record and misdemeanor account of purchasing human organs. lauren day is a big backer of religious freedom and drove two hours so she could stand here and ask this question. lauren, you have the floor. >> thank you. as the case became a federal one, would you pardon him? >> thank you for asking that question. the answer is yes. and let me flesh it out a little more. as a texan, i was displayed and
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disappointed to see the harris county district attorney bringing criminal charges against someone who went undercover to expose what appears to be vast criminal conduct by planned parenthood. i think he performed an incredible public service and i'll tell you this, i pledged if elected president, on the very first day in office, i intend to instruct the u.s. department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood and to prosecute any and all criminal conduct by that organization. [ applause ] >> what do you make of donald trump saying planned parenthood does some wonderful things and while we shouldn't pay for abortion services, it does provide good services. >> there are a lot of things donald and i disagree with and this is near the top. planned parenthood is the nation's largest abortionist.
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millions of boys and girls have never breathed a breath of air because of planned parenthood. you know what these videos showed? it is a federal criminal offense, a felony to sell the body parts of unborn children for profit. these videos showed planned parenthood by all appearances doing that. it appears planned parenthood is a national criminal enterprise committing multiple felonies. the obama justice department is so partisan and politicized they won't investigate it. and i've got to say, anyone that, in light of that on national television talking about how wonderful planned parenthood is, we have to disagree. i don't think a criminal enterprise, takes the lives of millions of young lives is wonderful in any way, shape or form and shouldn't get federal taxpayer dollars. >> for the record, planned parenthood denies that and is face nothing criminal charges. do we have time for one more? we don't.
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one more, one more. we do. jorge is here. jorge villareal, you have a message -- or a question for senator cruz about the hispanic vote. >> yes. so i'm mainly interested in the republican party growing to latinos, especially mexicans and puerto ricans. so my question for you is, what is your message to those latino conservative voters who are undecided and may be confused by the promises of your fellow republican primary opponents? >> jorge, thank you for that question. it is incredibly important. texas is a majority minority state. and one of the things i was very proud of when i ran to the senate in 2012 was receiving the votes of 40% of the mhispanics n texas. it is clear that republicans have to do a better job with
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hispanics. i don't think that you pander or embrace amnesty and open boarders. a great many hispanics in this country, legal immigrants and citizens, don't favor open boarders. it's their jobs often being taken away by people coming here illegally. i think the way that you earn the votes of the hispanic community, the way i earn the votes here in texas, is making the case that conservative principles work. if you look at what do we believe in the hispanic community, faith, family, patriotism, love of god. if you look beyond that opportunity, i've told many times my dad's story, coming from cuba with nothing. he was in prison and tortured. he had $100 in his underwear and he washed dishes making 50 cents an hour. i try to think of every policy from the perspective of my dad. that teenage kid washing dishes. if he was still washing dishes today, the odds are very high he would have had -- lost his job because of obamacare. obamacare is costing the jobs of
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millions of teenage immigrants just like him. and if he hadn't lost his jobs, he hours would have been reduced to 28, 29 hours a week because obamacare kicks in at 30. i intend to lift the burdens of small businesses so people in the hispanic community washing dishes on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder who want to achieve the american dream can do that. i believe that's a message that resonates powerfully in the hispanic community. [ applause ] >> we are going to have to wrap it up with senator cruz. i forgot to ask you one question. mitt romney came out today and said every candidate should release his tax returns. will you do so and when and how many years? >> absolutely. i'll release the remainder of what we have this week. i have released already five years' worth. look, the nice thing is, i haven't made enough money so they're not that interesting. >> lit be a speed read for us.
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>> i recognize that donald's tax returns are a little more complicated. an awful lot of people speculate he hasn't made nearly as much, who knows? but i do think mitt has a good point that the voters are entitled to know before they vote, because you better believe the democrats, if there's anything in there, the democrats will go to town on this. to be honest, an awful lot of the media is using kid gloves on donald right now, because they want donald to be the nominee, and the instant he's the nominee, they will unleash every cannon they can to elect hillary clinton. we can't risk that, because if we do, we are going to lose the country, we're going to be buried in debt, lose the supreme court. we can't let that happen. >> thank you so much, senator. [ applause ] up next, ohio governor john
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kasich joins our gop candidate forum here in texas to answer
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ohio governor john kasich had a strong showing in new hampshire, capturing second place with roughly 16% of the vote there. today, however, he's fighting calls for him to bow out of the presidential race after a struggle in south carolina and then his fifth place showing in nevada last night. his message to his critics earlier this afternoon at a campaign rally, chill out. ohio governor john kasich joins me now from louisiana, where he campaigned this evening. thank you for being here. [ applause ] >> thank you. wish i could be with you. >> listen, we appreciate you doing it at all. let me ask you about something you said yesterday, you said
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being president may not be my purpose. and my question to you is, if you are not sure, why should the voters be? >> no, megyn, look, here's the thing. my purpose is to be president. that's why i put one foot in front of the other. we have some good news, i beat hillary clinton by more than any other candidate. and by the way, for those that wonder about donald trump, if i go head-to-head with him in ohio, i beat him by 18 points. and i'm running about even with him right now. we'll win ohio. and look, what i was trying to tell people is we all have to find our god given purpose. we can't measure them. one is not necessarily bigger than another. in the eyes of the lord, he doesn't think because you're doing something to take care of somebody in the hospital that somehow that's not as important as somebody running for president. but you know, in this life, we have to always pursue what we think we're supposed to do, what
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is in our gut. and for me, it's to -- it's obviously to be elected president. i intend to go all the way. i intend to be the nominee, and i intend to beat hillary clinton by more than 11 points when we get into the fall election. so make no mistake about it, this is what i'm supposed to do, and i'm doing it all out. >> let's talk about the situation in particular in ohio. the latest quinnipiac poll shows that you are trailing donald trump. it shows he has 31, you have 26. here in texas, the latest poll shows that he has a 15-point lead over donald trump and cruz is in the number one position. your campaign recently said "winning the nomination requires a candidate who is in strong position to carry the state that knows him best." in your own words, wouldn't that be ted cruz? >> you mean in ohio? i'm not sure what the question is. >> no, i mean in this race. your campaign suggested you should vote for the candidate
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whose state is behind him. texas is behind ted cruz as of now, and right now the latest poll in ohio shows they're ready to vote for donald trump. >> let me just tell you, a poll came out today that puts us even with everybody in the race and we haven't really put the effort in there. we have been in other parts of the country. we will win ohio, but if you take other people out of the race and this consolidates down to two of us, i beat donald trump by 18 points. so we're targeting our resources and we've put a lot of time into vermont, massachusetts, virginia. i was in mississippi today. i'm now in louisiana. we're in the ballot on over 40 states. look, against hillary clinton, in the poll that came out within the last week, i beat hillary clinton by more than anybody, by 11 points. >> but you have so many things to get through before you get to
12:38 am
her. that's really the question. i'm just raising the concerns that a lot of republicans have, because they see you, even though they like you, struggling to get above the bottom rung in these elections. >> wait a minute -- >> which is a state that -- the question is -- >> well, megyn -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> whether you're stealing votes from candidates that can win. >> first of all, i'm not sure who those people are. i'm not sure who those people are, because again, when we head north, it will be interesting to see who can perform up north. we've spent very little money, and other people have spent lots of money. and we're holding our own. i never said that i would go to iowa in the caucuses there. i got in at the end of july. i did not have big name identification. people counted me out. they said he'll never get to new hampshire. he'll never get in the race. by the way, he'll never be in the debate. and we went to new hampshire, and we finished second. and then people said, he
12:39 am
wouldn't perform in south carolina. we were about 1% in the polls and in four or five days we jumped to 8%. i didn't go to nevada because i'm husbanding my resources. we're on the air in vermont, in massachusetts. we have a strong organization in vermont -- i mean in virginia. and we're working in states in the south. we will perform better in mississippi than what people will expect. now, i expect we'll see donald trump continue to win the next couple of weeks. but it's a matter of accumulating delegates and continuing to put one foot in front of the other. we've had a number of people who signed on in the last three days. today it was governor butch otter. a couple of days ago, it was tom ridge, the former homeland security chief for george bush. we have a number of financial people who have signed on, because you see, megyn, the people calling for me to get out, many of them are people
12:40 am
that are inside the beltway. they're the lobbyists two i had to beat 25 years ago to get the budget balanced. i build my organizations with the grassroots, not with people inside the beltway and not with the people who call the tune on k street. i don't do that. you know what a lot of people to say? if i got out, donald trump would win ohio and that would be the end of it. now articles are being written saying maybe kasich can consolidate the field, beat trump and beat hillary clinton. so we intend to keep going. i'm not giving up. that's the end of it. i'm not listening to a bunch of people, insiders in washington, d.c. and finally, by the way, i think we are in this to pick the most qualified person for president. i balanced the federal budget in washington, something no one else can say, we reformed welfare, cut the capital gains
12:41 am
tax. i just want to finish -- >> i've got people lined up that want to talk to you. >> i'm going to finish this in 30 seconds. in ohio, we turned ohio around. >> you have 15, because i want to get to my voters. >> we turned ohio around. you asked me questions, i've got to answer them. >> but you're going on. >> we have thousands of jobs in surplus. okay, megyn, have it your way. let's go to the question. >> thank you. talk to my question, teach him that line. [ applause ] here's our first question to you from our voters. it involves an issue talk about a lot which is health care reform. it comes from travis walker who describes himself as a grassroots republican activist. go ahead. >> hi, governor kasich. as you know, health care costs are a big part of state and federal budgets and continually growing and obamacare has done
12:42 am
little to address that. in your mind, what would be a conservative free market way to reduce the price of care without cutting benefits or instituting government price controls like we see in europe and other countries? >> yes. first of all, it's a complicated question. i would repeal obamacare, but i would take some federal resources, freed up with medicare, which i would block grant to states in a budget within the first hundred days and states could have their own -- they could always be able to advertise the various policies that they have with insurance inside the state with an exchange run by a state and people can choose what they want. but beyond that, we need to get to another place. in ohio, we're launching a program, we already launched it, that will pay people who actually provide quality at lower prices. we know there are some that charge a lot, hospitals and doctors and some that charge less. the mid point is that area between the high charges and the low charges.
12:43 am
what we're going say is if you provide high quality at a lower price below the mid point, we're going to pay you a financial reward. we're going to use the market to drive down or at least begin to limit the increases in health care. the fact is, we're beginning to do this in a state. i'm a governor that took medicate from 10 1/2 to 2 1/2, and we have quality people that understand this process. so number one, we'll begin to pay people for high quality and low prices in medicaid and now the private sector, the insurance companies, the hospitals and doctors are getting together on episodes to make sure that we can pay people a reward if they keep us healthy and they give us good quality below the mid point. that is going to result in a transformation of health care actually using the free market. we'll begin to make these payments next year and it's something that could be and should be implemented across the
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country to guaranty quality at lower prices. >> all right. very good. travis, thank you. we have many more questioners lined up. we'll get to them and more with governor kasich right after this break. don't go away.
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and welcome back to our special live from houston, texas tonight. back with us now -- [ applause ] republican presidential candidate governor john kasich. governor, great to see you again. i want to get to this issue, which a lot of our voters raised. since senator rand paul left the
12:48 am
race, the libertarian voters have been looking around for which candidates best match them. the next voter is one of those rand paul voters. rusty says he's still undecided and would like to hear from all the candidates on this one. rusty, go ahead. >> thank you so much for taking my question. the question is, there doesn't seem to be a champion of liberty left in the race in some of our minds. why should liberty republicans vote for you in the primary and also in the general? >> well, look, the first thing is, i've always believed in small government. i was talking about balancing the federal budget why we shrunk the government. the same thing in my state where we have the lowest number of state employees in 30 years. but i've always believed that we need to transfer power, money, and influence out of washington, back to states. frankly, i believe in transferring a lot of power from the states really down to where
12:49 am
people are, because the strength in this country is from the bottom up, in our neighborhoods, communities and families. so i believe in shrinking government, modernizing government, innovating government and i think we ought to uberize federal government and i have a plan to do that. on the issue of privacy, my view is, there has to be a good balance. i am pleased with the fact that we have inserted a judge in terms of the ability of government to collect data, and in the battle between apple and the government itself, my sense on that is, presidents should get them -- get people together, get them in a room. that's what a leader does, and i've done that in my state. get them in a room and say the government needs some information in regard to this one particular situation. we are not going to turn the key over to the government so they can just go out and do what they want. but it is critical that business work with our folks in the intelligence community to make sure that they can get the information they need when it relates to terrorism.
12:50 am
this is a complicated issue. it's a difficult issue, but at the end of the day, while we have to make sure we get the information to stop these terrorist attacks, at the same time, we have to safeguard the privacy of americans. so get it out of there, get it into the states and secondly, the concerns about privacy but national security are critical and it takes a leader to get people in a room and fix it. >> rusty, thank you. throughout the republican primary, there has been a lot of talk about getting back to the constitution and rosemary joins was a simple question that is popular with a lot of conservative voters. rosemary? >> governor kasich thank you for taking my question. mine is simple, who is the founding father you look up to most and why? >> i love george washington
12:51 am
because he didn't want to be king. he had a chance to be in forever. and george washington, you know, went, did his work and then he would go away and come back. . i'm a believer you don't make a lifetime in government. i left for ten years when we go and left for ten years and when we reformed welfare and got the budget balanced and rebuilt the defense. he decided he didn't need it. the ten years i was out being in the private sector and learning so much about the private sector in a real way has made me a much more effective governor. that's how we've been able to solve the problems we have in ohio and other thing that you should know is he was a compassionate man and i have always believed that economic growth is not an end unto itself and in our state and what i think we ought to do in this country is make sure the people that are mentally ill, drug addicted, working poor have an
12:52 am
opportunity. i have compassion today. and at the end of the day, though, what i admire most about him is he knew when to walk away and say it's somebody else's turn and he was able to say it's not about my ego or my way. >> rose mary, thanks. governor i also hear that george washington, he was a hugger. he was a hugger. so you two -- you have that in common. our next guest is lisa. she is with the texas federation of republican women and describes herself as undecided and worriy eied about the divid the country. what did you want to ask the governor? >> thank you for joining us, eastbound if it is from louisiana. no shame. no shame. we have had eight years almost of a divider in chief. we have division and ran kor in this republican primary. where and what would you do to
12:53 am
bring this country together racially, what can we do? we need someone to lead us. what would you do? >> well, i'd remind everybody we're americaning before we're republicans and democrats. i have been a uniter in my career. i negotiated with the clinton administration. we did get what we wanted, lower taxes, a government that was more effective, and, in fact, economic growth. in the state of ohio, you know, i have been able to work with everybody. i mean, in terms of the racial issue, that's a very serious one. we have been able to create a coalition of both african-americans, law enforcement, community activists, pastors and we have had tough -- some tough cases in ohio but we haven't seen violence in some of the cities as we have in other places by bringing people together. i've worked with democrats reforming schools in cleveland. with e worked on the issue of fighting the problems of drugs. you see, what it really gets down is somebody who can unite,
12:54 am
somebody that doesn't get, you know, knock the pieces off the chess board if they're frustrated. having been a congressman and being in that role, and understanding how to get along with people of the other party and people with other philosophies, then taking that to ohio and being able to bring the state together, by reminding people that we have a bigger purpose. you know, the purpose is not to be just somebody that represents your party. your purpose when you are in public life is to solve problems, create jobs and give everybody a chance to be lifted. so, you know, look. i was at a republican fund-raiser today for me at noon and took an old conservative democrat blue dog into the fund-raiser and he didn't want to go. walking in the door they cheered him. you know why he did it? i want people to know that we can find areas of agreement and if we don't we will not fix the security. the border. we'll continue to be able to divide ourselves and the problems kicked down the road.
12:55 am
if i'm president within the first 100 days i will have conservative ideas. i will unite the republicans but i'll tell you what. i'll set the tune and we'll let the democrats play in the orchestra because we are americans and we can do it together. [ applause ] >> governor, last question for you. last question for you. governor mitt romney said today he'll not endorse in the candidate not released their tax returns. will you release yours? when and how many years worth? >> sure, sure. you know, i -- that's not an issue for me. we'll be very glad to release tax returns. i don't know. we'll figure out what the right years are. we don't have anything to hide there. i just want to conclude by saying that one of the things we need to do in this election is not just look at resume but accomplishments. who can lead this country? who's actually achieved things? it is not just about promises. it is about what you delivered in the past. because what you delivered in the past gives you a sense of
12:56 am
what we can deliver in the future and we better make sure that we have people with deep experience who know how to get things done in that town. who have got a tough backbone and know how to get it done. that's really important because america can't continue to drift. we have to have somebody that can go there immediately and make the impact that we want to improve our economy and to give all americans a sense that they will have opportunity. megyn, thank you. i'm sorry i'm here. i'm winging to texas tonight and see you all there tomorrow. >> no worries. we're glad you came. thank you so much for talking to us tonight. great to see you, governor. >> you're welcome. >> thank you for your time. we have much more to come on this special two-hour face to face with the gop candidates. next hour, senator marco rubio and dr. ben carson are in the hot seat and lone star state voters have more questions to ask of the presidential hopefuls. all that when we come back.
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