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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 25, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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opened fire killing corporate nate carrigan. a self proclaimed activist was killed in the shoot out. one was taken to the hospital the other facing life threatening injury the. all three have been taken to the hospital. iran arresting the father of the american citizen who is already behind bars there. the family of this man says that his 80-year-old ailing father has also been arrested and thrown in prison in tehran. his son is accused of cooperating with the united states and was arrested back in together. he's the first american national arrested by iran since last month's prisoner spap wi swap. a plane passes people when it loses cabin pressure.
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it was headed to san antonio texas from washington, d.c. when it lost pressure over east texas. it descended 10,000 feet before making an emergency landing at dallas fort worth around 8:00 last night. we return to extreme weather. storms combatbattering the east. >> 15 tornados in florida, north carolina and virginia combined. this is a wide swath of area severe winds and flipping cars over and ripping roofs off of homes. white out conditions, stranding drivers and delaying flights there. >> we are tracking the storm. i was terrified a tree was going to come down. i didn't sleep all night. >> the lightning was like springtime. >> we had a severe thunderstorm watch in effect issued during
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the nighttime hours. the storms were battling the mid atlantic producing thunderstorms out there and brought severe weather across parts of the northeast. here's a look at the tornado reports from yesterday that were across parts of north carolina and into vir require and maryland. really a consecrate cell. this is the highest of severe weather that's where we saw a lot of tornadic activity yesterday. we saw tornadoes touchdown and we saw it produce damage. it is a fast moving storm system. the storm system is already on the way out. the warm sector is moving out first. we have to deal with the cold and snow on the backside of the storm system across parts of the great lakes. also across parts of the appalachians. in west virginia you are going to continue to see the snowfall as we head into 6:00 p.m. this evening. we are dealing with winter weather.
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you can see that downwind of lake erie and lake ontario. because of this we have a number of advisories in effect because of accumulation and also strong winds. let's head over to you. >> we will definitely check back with you, maria. thank you. apple krk eo tim cook says unlocking the san bernardino killer's phone would be bad for america. cook speaking out ahead of tomorrow's deadline sent by a federal judge. garrett tenney is live for us. tim cook says he has no plans to comply with the court order. in his first interview to create special software allowing the fbi to hack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. that kind of software this kind of precedent is equivalent to a cancer which would be bad for america. >> we believe it does put hundreds of millions of customers at risk.
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in addition if a court can ask us to write this piece of software, think about what else they could ask us to write. maybe it's an operating system for sur ray lens. maybe it's the ability for law unforcement to turn on a camera. i don't know where this stops. >> federal authorities insisted they are asking for narrow assistance with this one particular iphone which they believe could pertain information related to the san bernardino killings. doing so would make every iphone susceptible to hacking by criminals in the future. yesterday in a house appropriation's subcommittee hearing loretta lynch defended the fbi. >> if the government needs the assistance of third parties to ensure the search is conducted judges around the country and supreme court have said those party must do reasonably in their power to do so.
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the attorney general went on to say congress does not need to get involved in the issue, something apple has been calling for. tim cook haze apple is prepared to paining this catake this casy to the supreme court. >> oo the final republican debate before super tuesday. some candidates picked up a few key endorsements. how could this effect their campaigns? we turn to houston texas for more. >> good morning to you, heather. everything is bigger in texas particularly when it comes to politics. 155 delegates at stake in the lone star state. this is more than texas because 12 other states for grabs in the big super tuesday coming up on march the 1th. ted cruz leads in the latest polls. donald trump is making a big play for voters. congressman duncan hunter of
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california and chris collins of new york. trump also continuing to hammer cruz for what he calls dishonest politics. here he is at an event last night in virginia. >> things were said that were lies, frankly. i can't mention his presence. i tell people real i say state is pretty tough. you meet some tough people. these politicians are not such good people. >> marco rubio continues to rack up endorsements but haven't put any states in the win column is now going after trump much more vigorously than he has in the past. >> the frontrunner in the race donald trump eluded to the fact that he thinks parts of obamacare are pretty good. i can tell you everybody running for president tells you i want to get rid of obamacare.
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i am the only one that has ever done anything about it meaningful. >> marco rubio is treading into dangerous tir tory going after trump with such vigor. he left him alone. i like marco but there's a tendency for friends to become mortal enemies. what marco rubio is engaging in now to tap dancing on a land mine. many times that might not work out so well. >> no shuffle ball changing there. tap dancers know what i am talking about. >> texans launching donald trump into a brand new feud with foamer gop presidential nominee, mitt romney. >> i think we have good reason to believe there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. either he is not as wealthy as he says he is or he hasn't paid the taxes he expects to pay or he hasn't been giving money to the
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vets or disabled. >> trump took to twitter to respond writing mitt romney totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made him look like a fool is now playing tough guy. romney faced criticism for not releasing some of his own tax documents. donald trump skipping a special town hall meeting at fox saying he had a scheduling conflict. the other four candidates made a final pitch to voters before taking the stage for tonight's debate. >> there are three major candidates in this ming donald marco and me. the only campaign being felt is our campaign. if you are among the 65 percent of republicans that think donald is the right choice super tuesday is the chance to coal less can. >> i hold my record for taking
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conservative ideals against any one running. >> i beat hillary clinton by more than any other candidate. donald trump if i go head to head with him in ohio i beat him by 18 points. i entend to go all of the way. i intend to be the nominee and i intend to beat hillary clin don -- clinton. >> i think there's still a possibility. it's in critical condition right now. i don't see anybody else who is going to do anything about it. >> the question no you can cruise or rubio still win the race? fox news contributor charles krauthammer says it is possible they change their tactics. >> forget about the liar and the dirty tricks, he got distracted, ended up on the defense wasting time. he needs to find an attack line.
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i think it may apply to rubio. what possibly could work against trump? i think you want to do a distracti distraction. i think you go after him on the tax returns. i think romney is on to something. i think it can be deflected. i am not sure it would be effective. but nothing else that has been tried is going to work. they both have to work on defending their home state. >> tonight's debate the last chance for the other candidates to slow down trump before next week super tuesday. >> the battle to fill scalia's seat is on. republicans fighting back to block his nomination. they met with king jordan. >> i recognize the thing to do is give in to the most extreme
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voices within their party. >> they are pretty sheepish about itment>> those comments come as brian sandi ball the judge is being vetted for the vacancy setting up a possible political roadblock senate republicans vow to block the president's pick even if it is someone from their own party. as the world turns. >> thousands are expected to attend a benefit concert tonight to honor new york city police officer killed in afghanistan. justice lem was also known as super man was killed in a suicide bombing back in december with his third overseas tour. the concert is held at the capital theater in new york. donations will help support his 4-year-old son, his wife and 17-year-old step daughter. thousands of officers attended his funeral at st. patrick's cathedral back in december.
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>> it is 12 minutes after the hour. a brand new threat against isis the terror group vowing retaliation for efforts to suspend isis affiliated social media who has a target on their back. >> intense moments a man dived into the middle of the street into on coming traffic. all of this to save a toddler. how all of this dramatic scene ended. >> look at this guy here giving this hollywood heartthrob his money after hiding his own game. >> looks like dicaprio. >> in the jacket is leo, right? >> check out what he says to his own supporters? >> we are poorly educated. i love the poorly. we are the smartest people, the most loyal people. the brothers look at each other,
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>> isis directly effecting the ceo of face back and twitter. jackie ibanez is there now with more. >> facebook mark zuckerberg and dorsey receiving on-line threats from sons of the caliphate army. the 25 minute video shows terrorist hackers making death threats in response to social media giant's efforts to suppress terror recruitment on-line. twitter cut off accounts. mark zuckerberg wants to keep extremists off of facebook. >> we have a responsibility running this network and
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community to help prevent terrorist. we will kick it off the service, get those people off the service. >> the isis threat includes talks to the ceo's saying is that all you can do? you are not in our league. neither company has responded to the death threats. heather? >> jackie ibanez live. thank you, jackie. >> if you want to report police you better ask first. a federal judge ruling videotaping law enforcement without telling them why is illegal and is not covered as free speech under the first amendment, meaning this cell phone video showing freddie graves controversial request would have been ill legal to capture without asking the officers first. the judge says officers never know how the footage will be used. let's talk about this? is it free speech to film
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officers? log on to facebook page for a live debate #keep talking. >> congressman david succeessel made it illegal for someone who has committed a crime to own a gun. if you threaten a black family because of your race you shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun. the bill is unlikely to pass. if you don't like your credit score facebook won't either. >> to determine your credit worthiness based on facebook friends is over. the idea that making your finances dependent on social presence is creepy derailed effort to deem facebook friends more important than credit scores. facebook added 5 i am mow jis
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now you can click on wow, haha, sad or angry and you can also give the thumbs up. 52 million pounds of pork bellies that's the most in the year and that supply is bringing down the price of bacon. the company known for the greek yogurt 800 california mcdonalds will sell parfaits and yogurt with chobani. a range rover complete with leather tripled gun face if you want to drive the luxury suv act fast. they are only forthing 30 of them to the u.s. >> sign me up. i want one. >> thanks lauren. at the t 19 minutes after the top of the
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hour. a major warn being lead in the water. >> a basketball player levitating. what is going viral? that's coming up next. "scorsese finally wins."
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>> officials say they contracted the virus while outside of the u.s. the names and countries of where they traveled are not being released. the ms. cobourne virus causes brain damage to babies. they are warning their residents about lead in the water. pregnant women and children under the ages of 5 are being
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urged to stick with filtered or bottled water. they insist the water is safe to drink but they want people to use filters as a precaution. >> a high school basketball player makes a move you cannot believe. >> krar lee simkus is here with what is trending. >> they are in awe of one high schooler's moves on the basketball court. take a look at this picture of walker stillman. it looks like he's floating in mid air but this picture is not photo shopped. he said he was jumping for a rebound and relaxed his body. >> it looks like he's suspended in air. >> perfect timing. >> looks effortless. >> jetblue trying to bring
2:25 am
people together this election season. >> they asked a cabin full for a free round trip air fair. all 150 passengers had to agree on the location. >> we are going somewhere international. raise your hands for costa rica, aruba, jamaica, turks and caicos. it's between costa rica and turks and caicos. it must be a unanimous decision. >> they had the length of their 6 hour flight to decide. in the end they came together and choose to go to costa rica. >> they all got to caucus and it worked out. >> i would have been turks and caicos. >> i would have killed. nobody would have been able to go. you ladies would have been spoilers. >> tell us about this young swedish model, a man and he's making movie fans do a real
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double take. >> of who? >> leonardo dicaprio swedish look alike is giving the oscar nominee a run for his money. he landed a major gig modeling for ralph lauren. he reach the social media fame for his resem lens to dicaprio. he can reportedly sing and dance like michael jackson. >> he does looks like a young leonardo dicaprio. >> fox news headlines 24 xm 115. >> a stern warning to china about our oval office. why they are keeping a close eye on donald trump. >> grab a car. hey, your truck is on fire. get out. >> the hero rushing in to a
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burning car to save the man inside.
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apple igniting new outrage. he gaye this reason for refusing to do it. >> this is nothi something you n create. this would be bad for america. >> a oo withe latest as the deadline looms. >> a peeping tom trial goes before a judge. >> she is tear fied. she is depressed. full of anxiety.
2:31 am
>> 33.50 a piece. >> not going to happen. >> we will tell you about a new app that divides the bill. race and gender. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> it is half past the hour. the apple ceo tim cook says the san bernardino killer's phone would be bad for america. >> cook speaking out ahead of tomorrow's deadline set before a judge to help the fbi.
2:32 am
>> in his first interview since it erupted he has no plans to comply with the court order. cook said doing so would put the millions of other iphone users at risk and open the door for hackers to steal all of the private information on their phones. >> it could expose people to the incredible moments this is not something that we would create. this would be bad for america. it would set a precedent many people would be offended by. >> they are only asking for this narrow assistance. those kinds of lone wolf attacks are what homeland security
2:33 am
secretary jay johnson says keeps him up at night and why it is such a that will length for law enforcement. >> the fundamentally different place we are in in terms of the global terrorist threat is more complicated. it involves smaller scale attacks bioterrorist inspired actors here in the home land. >> tim cook az he's going to speak with president obama about this issue. apple will take it to the supreme court if necessary. >> garrett tenney live for us in washington. judge nap ball tano says he thinks it will go to the supreme court. they are saying ma the fbi is asking to do could be potentially dangerous. >> i am with apple. i think american security i am
2:34 am
thinking american security is better protected with unbreakable end to end encryption. i used to work with back doors. when somebody put a back door to something the odds of success went up. that may be different than single isolated phone we have gotten in san bernardino. if i do this it will lead to that. i agree with apple. that's a bad instinct. >> we turn to extreme weather. storms battling the east coast tonight killing at least four people in virginia. a state of emergency now in effect. >> 16 tornadoes in florida north carolina and virginia combined.
2:35 am
severe wind and rain and ripping roofs off of homes. white out conditions stranding drivers. maria molina is tracking what is next. >> what a dangerous storm system. in the warm sector you are dealing with sever weather. we have rain moving off the coast. we are still dealing with a lot of heavy snowfall across parts of the great lakes. i want to share some of the tornado reports. we have had many tornado warnings through the afternoon and evening hours across north carolina and virginia. it brought storms across places from new york city with strong winds. it is going to be picking up in intensity through ontario and
2:36 am
across higher elevations. out there you are expecting snowfall accumulation generally speaking across the higher elevations in west virginia you could pick up 4-8 inches and downwind of the great lakes. worth allegedly opened fire killing nate carrigan. >> one deputy has been released from the hospital the other is facing life threatening injuries. all three have been long time best friends of the department.
2:37 am
>> breaking overnight iran arresting the father of an american citizen who is already behind bars there. the 80-year-old ailing father has been arrested and thrown in prison in tehran. his son was arrested in october accused of cooperating with the united states. this is the third case being arrested by iran since last month's prisoner swap. it could be crucial shore the republican presidential frontrunners. >> fireworks they are showing no mercy of attacking one another. john roberts is life in houston, texas. >> good morning to you from houston, texas. can any one stop donald trump. he has won three of the last
2:38 am
four contract -- contests. he continues to play down for how he is going to do. as some of the talks turns toward his idea of being i ever ef vitable he has begun to think about potential running bates. listen to this. >> there are names i have gotten to respect. we have had over 17 we are down to 5. some of the people that i dealt with i do have a lot of respect for. look, the main quality you want is somebody that could be a great president if something happens to you. that's got to be number one. i want somebody thablgd help me with government. >> ted cruz is aiming for a big show that he is keeping his dream alive. he continues to drive the narrative that even though he is finished fourth and third in the last three contests, he is the only candidate who can beat donald trump. o >> bt barn nim is one to watch
2:39 am
but there comes a time when the clowns and acrobats of the dancing bears it is time to put them away. >> there is only one that has beaten and it can beat donald trump in this race. >> there's a good chance if donald trump would have run the table on tuesday this nominating contest could essentially be over. watch for cruz and rubio tonight be aggressive trying to take donald trump down but trump will arrive ready for a fight. >> he was skipping a town hall meeting because he had a scheduling conflict. the other candidates were front and center making final pitches to voters before tonight's debate. take a listen here. >> donald marco and me. the only campaign that can beat donald, and the only campaign that has beaten donald is our campaign. if you are among those 65, 70 percent of republicans that think donald is the wrong
2:40 am
choice, then super tuesday is the opportunity for us to coal less can. >> i hold up my record of 15 years of turning conservative ideas up against any one who is running. i can win. i can unify this party. i beat hillary clinton by more than any other candidate. donald trump if i go head to head with him in ohio i beat him by 18 points. i intend to go all of the way. i intend to be the nominee and i intend to beat hillary clinton. >> i believe there's still a possibility. i feel like we are in the process of losing our country and it is in critical condition right now. i don't see anybody else who really is going to do anything about it. >> hillary clinton conflicted over the constitution. listen to the mistake she makes while talking to steve harvey about gun control. >> we have got to say to the gun lobbies, there is a
2:41 am
constitutional right for people to own guns. but there's also a constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> mmm, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. it is not a constitutional right. the saying comes from the declaration of independence. >> joe biden with an oscar honor he will be at the sunday awards sermon knee. >> unclear what category he will present. first lady michelle obama and hillary clinton have had the honor in recent years. >> the time right now is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. the intense moments a man died since on coming traffic this to save a toddler. >> beware we have a new warning for you about the free apps. they could be spying on you. >> member meant for a group of tourists a rhino weighing thousands of pounds charges
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whfight back fastts
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tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums >> she called him crying>> she is terrified. she is depressed. she cries she is the shelf a person she was before this happened. >> she is suing the marriott and
2:46 am
he allowed him to rig a peephole in the room next to hers and watch her. >> the country says the u.s. needs to do its part to maintain what it calls a positive relationship between the two countries. if trump wins the presidency he would quote punish china by putting a 45 percent tariff on goods. the ministry is now strongly warning again. >> beware before the download free apps they could be spying on you. >> cheryl casone has a new warning for us. >> good morning ladies. apps are fun and functional but they could be dangerous. a recent report found that many popular apps carry mal wear that gives hackers access to your information. according to a spokesman from snoop while certain apps are designed to steal personal information things like identity, bank information, phone number all could be
2:47 am
stolen. recent investigative report by cbs found 75 to 80 percent of the top free apps on android and iphones were breached the question is are these apps working with ap tidvertisers wh want to target you or hackers who want to steal your stuff. the most popular and dangerous such as weather, flashlight and alarm clocks. you download information to give access to other parts of your phone. that's where a breech is concerned. they can also access banking apps. some advice go to your phones like today, delete apps that you don't need or use. also you can go to settings, ladies and check to see what access each app has. it will take you some time. get a nice coca-cola and a hot dog that is your weekend. back to you. >> coca-cola and a hot dog. >> those are essential ones. you need the flashlight one and the weather. >> the flashlight one i have heard is bad. >> now we know. cheryl. thank you.
2:48 am
>> the time now is about 10 minutes to the top of the hour. killer storms. we are live with a look at the destruction. >> tinder revealing the most attractive jobs for men and women who use that app. >> speaking of attractive, steve doocy. >> hey. walk right on in. >> good morning to you, ladies. four star retired general michael hayden former director of the nsa and cia joins us. you know it's a squabble between apple and the federal government. he's on apple's side. meet the georgia business owner requiring all employees to carry guns. plus they just set up over the corner. country music crew low carb is going to perform their smash hit, i love this place. i love you for sticking around 12 minutes from right now before we kickoff america's number one cable news show "fox & friends".
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good morning. extreme weather wreaking havoc on the east coast. tornados killing at least four people in virginia. in pennsylvania, strong winds knocking over the burger king sign. it's a real mess out there. wtsx reporter dave kinson is in lancaster county, pennsylvania. good morning, dave. >> caller: good morning to you, major damage from the weather service will be out today to determine if in fact a tornado did touch down in this community of gap. and this surrounding area, are 40 buildings, with some sort of structural damage, if not total destruction. including this house right here,
2:53 am
you can see completely destroyed. the yard has items littered about. all kinds of debris caught up in the fence. and we'll also show you in a little bit, the barn that's been heavily damaged here. and there's a fear there might be animals trapped inside here. this is a familiar scene all across lancaster county because of all of the farmland out this way. county officials say thankfully, no human injuries. no injuries to people. but they're not sure about any animals that may be trapped in areas like this here. we know an amish school was totally destroyed by the weather that came through here that could be a tornado. again, the national weather service to determine that. also, two chicken houses were knocked over with about 16,000 birds, so a lot of concern for an amals. thankfully, no people injured. back to you. >> dave kinchen live. wait until you see this, a
2:54 am
heroic effort of a texas police officer saving a man from a burning truck. >> come on, man. get out of the car. hey, your truck's on fire, get out! come on. go to the passenger side. your car's on fire. move, you're on fire. come on, come on, man, come on, man. no, no, no, come to me. out the passenger side. >> goodness. several people rushing over to help the officer drag that man to safety. he is lucky. and speaking of lucky, a hero bystander risked his life to save a toddler. this incredible video. this shows the man chasing the little boy into the street as he runs into the street. this is in ukraine. he tries to pick him up and throw him to safety, but it's too late, they're both hit by the car. they fly over the hood and land on the other side of the road.
2:55 am
amazingly, neither the man or the little boy were killed. they're okay. tinder releasing the most attractive jobs for men and women according to profiles on a dating app, the most liked jobs, swiping right that you like them or talk to them or something, a pilot, entrepreneur and firefighters. for women, the top jobs were therapists, physical therapists, along with interior designer and entrepreneur. also shockingly, models. >> uh-huh. it's now five minutes before the top of the hour. cheque your privilege -- >> it's 33.50 apiece. >> huh-uh, no way, sorry, not going to happen. >> the new app that divides the dinner bill, listen to this, based on race and gender. and meet the baby hippo who
2:56 am
just made this zoo debut. >> how cute. ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there.
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this is humira at work.
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time now for "the good, the bad and the ugly." first, the good. an adorable baby hippo makes his debut in prague. and dad a rhino runs into a
3:00 am
truck. and then a dinner check based on race and gender. women make 77 cents for every daughter ea dollar owned by a man. what do you think about that? "fox & friends" starts right now, bye. all right, good morning, everyone. it is thursday, february 25th, 2016. i'm sandra smith. republican rivals fighting to escape the shadow of donald trump, facing off right here on fox news. >> the only campaign that can beat donald, the only campaign that has beaten donald is our campaign. >> i can win. i can unify this party. i can grow this party, and i will win this election. the democrats depression prettily don't want to run against me. >> but it looks like the donald got the last word. >> with at least 140 characters. meanwhile, the ceo of apple, he's


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