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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 25, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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truck. and then a dinner check based on race and gender. women make 77 cents for every daughter ea dollar owned by a man. what do you think about that? "fox & friends" starts right now, bye. all right, good morning, everyone. it is thursday, february 25th, 2016. i'm sandra smith. republican rivals fighting to escape the shadow of donald trump, facing off right here on fox news. >> the only campaign that can beat donald, the only campaign that has beaten donald is our campaign. >> i can win. i can unify this party. i can grow this party, and i will win this election. the democrats depression prettily don't want to run against me. >> but it looks like the donald got the last word. >> with at least 140 characters. meanwhile, the ceo of apple, he's doubling down.
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>> this is not something that we would create. this would be bad for america. >> would it really be bad for america to help the fbi break into a terrorist iphone 5? we're going to talk about that. >> yeah, michael hayden will be here. hey, hillary clinton rewriting the history books. >> there is a constitutional right for people to own guns but there's also a constitutional right to life, leicht and the pursuit of happiness. >> that's a lot of bobbing. her constitutional confusion with the declaration of independence. and turns out thursday, according to our reports it's "fox & friends." hi, folks, welcome to studio e. if we look a little groggy it's because there were thunder boomers all night long in new york city. >> and we had a trip today. i live north of new york city, i had to sneak out of the house
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this morning in the dark. >> you got some clothes. >> thank goodness for an office. >> heather nauert joins us and she as heard the thunder claps. >> yeah, i've never been more frightened in my house because of the wind and rain but that is nothing compared to what some folks across the country faced last night. storms hammering the east coast, leaving four people dead in the state of virginia. a state of emergency now in effect. 15 tornadoes have been reported so far in virginia, florida, and also north carolina. severe winds and rains flipping cars and ripping the roofs off of homes. listen. >> well, in the midwest, whiteout conditions there. check this out from a viewer.
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we'll bring you the latest. a fox news alert to bring you right now. and let's go to the state of colorado. and that is where a sheriff's deputy has been killed and two others hurt during a shoot-out. they were serving an eviction notice to the suspect 58-year-old martin worth where where he allegedly opened fire killing nate kerrigan. another computer has been released from the hospital. the others are facing life-threatening injuries. all three of them long-term veterans of that police department. we're praying for their families. breaking overnight iran arresting the elderly father of a u.s. citizen who is already behind bars there. the family of this man says his 80-year-old ailing father has also been arrested and thrown in a notorious prison in tehran. his son was arrested back in october, accused of cooperating with the united states.
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this is the fir case of an american being arrested by iran since last month's prisoner swap. hillary clinton confused over the constitution. listen to the mistake she makes while talking about gun control. >> so, we've got to say to the gun lobby, you know what, there is a constitutional right for people to own guns, but there's also a constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> but, life, leicht and pursuit of happiness is not a constitutional right. that coming from the declaration of independence. those are your headlines. a very busy news day. >> remember, she always tries to tell the truth. >> it doesn't happen all the time. >> i don't want to pigeonhole myself. last night, great job, heather, we didn't sleep that much because the clouds were clapping. megyn kelly was able to sit down with four of the remaining gop candidates for president.
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donald trump decided to show up remote on twitter. >> it was set down in houston and a brand-new poll has come out, because keep in mind, texas votes on tuesday, super tuesday. this is a new poll out of wfaa down in dallas. and it shows that donald trump is actually tied right now with ted cruz, according to this poll down in texas, which is shocking. because texas is ted cruz's home state. >> but by the way, there is also a university of houston poll that shows ted cruz still has a big lead. >> by 15 points. >> yeah, donald trump didn't show up last night, brian, to your point, but fox sort of did this last minute. and donald trump, we were told, very politely declined because he had previous scheduled events. but the candidates who did appear used it as an opportunity to go after trump. listen.
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>> oh, yeah. >> only campaign that can beat donald and the only campaign that has beaten donald is our campaign. in my view, 65 to 75% of republicans don't think that donald is the right candidate to nominate. >> when you're the president of the united states you have an enormous mega tone. we already have a president who is incredibly divisive. >> i beat hillary clinton more than any other candidate if i go head to head in ohio, i beat him by 18 points. >> i feel like we're in the process of losing our country and it's in critical condition right now. and i don't see anybody else who really is going to do anything about it. >> so, that is ben carson. i thought ben carson was excellent, too, yesterday. he seems to be actually enjoying himself at this point in the campaign. meanwhile, donald trump, i don't know if you notice, he's got a twitter account now and 6.5
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million followers and he said this. >> even though he wasn't at the forum. he was at the forum tweeting. he. tweeted this, ted cruz is lying again, polls have showed that i do sweet hillary clinton head to head. then he linked to a poll. >> he tweeted why would texas vote for liar ted cruz when he was born in canada, lived there four years and remained a canadian citizen until recently? >> this is donald trump. >> and a corruption for special lobbyists, trump for president of the united states. that, again is a retweet. but this was the big news that happened in the neil cavuto show. going to interview mitt romney, i was shocked to see him do this. >> yeah, mitt romney essentially was channeling his inner harry
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reid. harry reid said mitt romney hasn't paid tax, in ten years, and i can prove it. well, as it turns out mitt romney went on cavuto to say this about taxes and mr. trump. >> i think we have a good reason to believe there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. i think there's something there. either he's not as near wealthy as he says he is or he hasn't been paying the taxes we'd expect him to pay. or perhaps he's not giving money to the vets or disabled like he's been telling us he's doing. >> i did think it was kind of strange that donald trump released his financials and said, i got big beautiful taxes that's very complicated. nobody really has released their taxes, but i just believe this is beneath mitt romney. this was the mitt romney that was attacked ridiculously by harry reid, although he did it from the senate floor which was
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inappropriate. but just to come out and make accusations that we have reason to believe there's a bombshell. does he have an in at the irs. >> the reason harry reid said it on the floor because it's protected. you can say anything on the floor and not get in trouble. >> ted cruz was asked about this, ted cruz said, well, i'm happy to release mine. quite frankly, i haven't made that money. and he said we don't really know how much money donald trump is making. some suggests that it's less than he's put it out to be. >> that wouldn't be bad, it's just there's something out there that's a bombshell. if you're worth, let's say, less than $1 billion, i don't think that would touch donald trump's popularity. but you can't put it out and have innuendo like that. what we're surprised is, donald trump is not committed to putting it out. i listened to another interview after mitt romney came out, he said i don't know whether i'm going release them. he did tweet this regarding mitt
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romney, when mitt romney asked me for my endorsement last time around he was so awkward and goofy that we should all have known he could not win. i'm wondering why mitt romney is doing this now. on sunday morning there was a story in the huffington post that mitt romney was about to endorse marco rubio. >> and yeah, everybody said that's not true. if mitt romney had come out and endorsed marco rubio and then said, hey, look at his taxes, then that would have been powerful. or maybe he's thinking about an independent run. we did invite him on the program he. he has declined. do you care what is inside of donald trump's tax returns? e-mail or tweet us just as donald trump tweets often. ten minutes now after the hour. this is a little bit maddening. tim cook sat down with abc "word
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news" to try to justify why he would not give the fbi the ability to crack the phone themselves of the dead terrorists. they don't want the code. they want to be able to try to open up the phone because there's a feature to the new iphone that says if you try to open it up five times -- >> ten. >> -- ten times, the thing locks up and you cannot get to it. tim cook is continuing to try to justify not doing that. >> he really doubled down on the response to it, listen. >> the only way to get information, at least currently the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. if the court asks us to write this piece of software, think about what else they could ask us to write. i mean, i don't know where this stops but i do know this is not what should be happening in this
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country. this is not what should be. happening in america. >> larger issue is about privacy. keep in mind, a lot of companies see the information to do detailed, financial things on the phones, with computers, you don't have to worry about hackers. he is facing pressure not only from the attorney general of the united states and also the fbi. but the victims' families and others, he says it is up to congress to do something about it. you know, if the will of the people is to change the law, change the law. the ball, he says, is in congress' court. >> it's a crazy story and it's going to continue. everybody's got an opinion on this one. everybody wonders is this just apple protecting its brangd. >> michael hayden the former cia director and the guy who ran the nsa has an opinion. he's actually on apple's side. >> not totally. >> he's going to be here. >> to a degree, we did talk to tim cook. meanwhile, coming up
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we're continuing our week-long series on "world on earn" and jeopardizing national security, we look at what's happening here. today we turn to iraq and syria, which presidential candidates would be better to handle the challenges each country presents. julia turner is back, fox contributor and julia, you have us stopping in iraq. the big news recently has been ramadi, and the presence of isis there, it dissipated without a cost. >> yes, the u.s.-led military coalition in conjunction with the iraqi military forces has been able to retake ramadi. it took much longer than projected. we first made inroads into the city in december and weren't able to fully take back control
3:18 am
until february. about last week, ten days ago. now looking forward to retake mosul which is what we're prepping ourselves to do. forecasts run anywhere from february to a year and a half. the director of the intelligence agency says it won't be done. >> is part of it because we won't get the sunni operation to take back from the terrorists? >> that's a big part of it. the other part is retaking territory that's been claimed by terrorists when only using air power is innately very difficult if not impossible thing. this gets back to what we've been talking about lately which means you really need a list of strategy, political and ideological. >> good news, they took all the money out of the banks now that money is drying up, thankfully. that's what we hear. let's switch to syria, all the
3:19 am
sieges during our occupation there, so let's talk about syria. where are we? >> in syria, what we're looking at now is the big sort of ticket item for the first quarter of 2016 is getting the cease-fire implemented this is where the state department and the obama administration has put all of their eggs into this basket. so far, it's again going along in fittings as and starts. >> and people want to know how they're handling the refugee issue which is so white hot here. that's where they're coming from. >> 4 million of them. >> and 200,000 to 400,000 dead. we're not quite sure. what has russia's presence brought to that area? >> russia's presence has brought a whole lot more chaos and civilian deaths. they've been disingenuous about the motives for being there. they claim there they're to kill isis, fight isis, yet, they're not doing that. they're focused on the syrian
3:20 am
opposition that opposed bashar al assad. >> julia, you heard the candidates where they stand and what they would do against isis. who makes you feel the most competent to win the war against the terror group? >> to be honest, brian, when it comes to choosing the selection cycle we don't have people with strong foreign policy credentials and that really worries me. i think the rhetoric of some of the candidates would be better than others. for that reason, i'd go with kasich or rubio on the republican side. i think they have the kind of judgment that i feel comfortable allowing military advice to take place. but again, no real experience. >> and hillary with where she's been -- >> she's got the experience but on the flip side, look at the record. so no great choices when it comes to foreign policies. >> isis fighters get and land here. nurses drinking on the job
3:21 am
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welcome back. good morning, everyone. some quick headlines for you the so-called shawshank fugitive may permanently goal agree. he has a parole hearing today in ohio for his original crime of hitting and killing a woman with his car back in 1956. and a burglary goes wrong, after the robber gets stuck inside a new jersey convenience
3:25 am
store. you can see him drop from the ceiling before heading to the cash register. when he tried to run off, he realizes he's been locked in. that's when he grabs a ladder and a red bull, by the way, but the police show up, as you can see before he can actually get away. >> hoo, he won't do that again. a georgia business owner is requiring all of its employees to get conceal carry permits. once they do that, he will present them with this gun as he refers to as the judge. is this a really good idea or bad idea? lance tollen from lance tollen aviation company. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start from the beginning, why are you giving everybody that works for you a gun? >> well, we made a conscious decision to protect everybody. a lady, nra-found instructor,
3:26 am
she's leaving and that creates a void for security in our office to an extent. i'm not there all the time. several years ago, we had break-in to an insurance agency of all things, five miles of my office in griffin, georgia, south of atlanta. and a young lady, 25 years old, her co-worker left, and when she came back from lunch, her co-worker was dead. >> oh, my goodness. you want to provide security, once mary retires, you wanted to make sure the office was safe. so you're saying everybody go get a conceal permit. and then you will present them with a gun. and you refer to the five-shot pistol as the judge. why do you do that? >> well, it's made by a company named taurus, their model number is the judge. it's a five-shotgun that has a 410 caliber, or .410 gauge
3:27 am
shotgun shell in. it's not really a offensive weapon. it's a defensive. >> you're afraid of what? >> the people in my office, some of them are women, very professional individuals, i didn't expect them to be a sharpshooter. i do have one lady in the office, u.s. army, she is a sharpshooter. >> you are an army -- >> no, no, i've never been in the military. i'm not a military person. just handling a handgun, you have to have a responsibility and understand the metrics of it. these girls jumped at the opportunity to protect themselves and take it into their own hands. again, you can't rely on the police to be there. they're going throb eventually, but they're not going to be there when the perpetrator comes. >> when seconds comes. you know something about this, in your personal story, i know you were raised by your uncle, and your uncle was gunned down? >> that's correct, i was in night law school in georgia and
3:28 am
received a call that said your uncle is dead. i just assumed that he died from a heart attack due to his age. but the one night that he did not carry a gun to his convenience store, he was gunned down by three thugs. this is a man that volunteered for service on december 8th, 1942. lied about his age, a decorated war hero, returned to raise his family and then take on another one. and retire and start a business and was gunned down. he was there protecting our rights and our freedoms. and this veteran was murdered. >> what's the reaction been to the news that you're providing guns for all of your employees? >> it's weren't overwhelming, actually. >> in a good way or bad way? >> in a good way, we've seen a number of -- just thousands of comments thank you for being bold and upholding the second constitutional right there. we've got a right to bear arms. >> an interesting story.
3:29 am
lance toland joins us up from georgia. good to see you. what do you think of lance's plan? do you think it's a good idea, bad idea, e-mail or tweet us or facebook us. >> stay right there for just a second. we're not done yet. all right, lance. straight ahead, a truck explodes in flames with a man trapped inside. >> come on, man. get out of the car. hey, your truck's on fire, get out! >> so, if you saw that, what would you do? also, more on apple's refusal to play ball with the fbi, saying not good for america to open up the terrorist iphone. former nsa and cia director general michael hayden weighs in on the controversy. ♪
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they want us to develop a new operating system that takes out the security precautions. if one of the bad guys knew that that existed, think about the target that is. everybody would want that operating system. because you could get in -- it has the potential to get into any iphone. this is not something that should be created. >> there again, apple ceo tim cook speaking out on abc last night and refusing to help the feds crack into the san bernardino terrorist's iphone 5. many in the federal government and the military furious with his decision but not our next guest. general michael hayden the only man to serve as head of the nsa and cia joins us with a different take from our nation's capitol. good morning, general. >> good morning.
3:34 am
>> it kind of feels like you're siding with apple and not the federal government. why? >> to a point, because what the federal government wants at large, steve, is they want baked-in universal access to the product that apple makes. you know, that's kind of a new door into the system. i used to work with doors when i was the director of nsa. i like the idea. >> they were very -- >> yeah, it doesn't guarantee you can get in. but it increases the odds you can get in. i think america and the security, steve, there's a whole privacy issue over here, in a security light, america is more safe with unbreakable end-to-end encryption. but, steve i have my limits, you just heard from tim cook, i agree with, i'm not sure conceding on this phone for that purpose leads you to that very bad end point. >> what you're saying give the fbi an opportunity to find the
3:35 am
code itself. it's gone through the judge, it's gone through the legal system. and now he's making a bigger thing with this. you know him personally. where's he going with this? >> look, brian, you and i talked about this, these are good people, both defending virtues that are now in competition, freedom, safety, he's just expressing a point of view. that's why it's always so hard, we discussed, brian, that permeates my book. >> but generally, that's fine. but there's things on this phone, you know better than anybody else, that could stop the next attack perhaps. >> perhaps, brian. but, you know, it doesn't help the fbi's position. you're emphasizing this phone. i'm sympathetic with that, it doesn't help the fbi's position when the u.s. attorney says when you're done with that phone in california, i've got 100 more here. >> when you look at the
3:36 am
candidates and national security, that largely americans fear another attack on u.s. soil. well, homeland security jeh johnson was asked what keeps him up at night. this is his response. >> one of the things that keeps me up at night is that we could have another attack a community like chattanooga, tennessee, or san bernardino, at a moment's notice, by somebody who was not previously on our radar. >> general, do you agree with that? >> oh, absolutely. i think the most likely attack against us will come from disinterested, isolated, self-radicalized individual that really wasn't on the scope. and there really wasn't much connective tissue between that person and isis or al qaeda. or at least not much, sandra, that was visible prior to the attack. >> yeah, i guess you got to be able to track everything in the
3:37 am
communications to be able to stop that, which we're almost blind in many cases. now, let's switch to other things in the news, the president of the united states got on a microphone a couple days ago said i'm closing guantanamo. i'm bringing 60 here, and others are going to prison. what do you think about closing gitmo. does it have any use? >> we need the ability to capture armed conflict not just secure laws, according to the laws of armed conflict and keep them and interrogate them under laws of war. frankly, i'm indifferent whether we do that in cuba or the united states but i do think that bringing those individuals into the united states making the legal system more complicated, what we're allowed to do under the laws. >> we just don't capture or interrogate anybody anyway for seven years. >> speaking, general,
3:38 am
interrogation, enhanced interrogation, some say it works, some say it doesn't, it's very controversial. some your new book, you write about this, there's a passage, i believe you've got it in front of you right now. would you read it? >> well, this is where the president decided to make public the memos on which the enhanced interrogation techniques were based. >> which president? >> that would be president obama. >> okay. >> i write good men can disagree on the merits of what the has has done. and i do bleen thmean that, ste. and the president's policy to ratchet back on it was the kind the agency expected the commander in chief to make. but when he pushed these members out, this is different. this is pushing good people what they have done out of duty rather than enthusiasm, into the bus line and seeming indifferent to what would happen next. >> yeah, the other thing,
3:39 am
according to your book and jose rodriguez, the interrogation absolutely worked. and you should understand that. the other thing to keep in mind when president obama comes up in the book, brings up we refocused on bin laden when we got into office, that is not accurate. you guys were focused on bin laden before you left office. >> i write in the book, brian, that sunday night watching the president's speech and he said the first thing i did was turn to leon panetta and said that. i turned to my wife and slapped my head and said, oh, why didn't he tell me. every thursday morning for the last six or eight months of the administration. >> general, we've got a question from a viewer. should legislation be crafted to ensure america's privacy to keep up with new technology? going back to your privacy versus security seam. >> absolutely.
3:40 am
and the path we're on now doesn't seem to be the legislative path. the path we're on now seems to be to put this in front of a judge to make a decision. understand what this is, we are asking a judge, in the second decade of the 21st century, to make a call on access to these phones, based upon a law a law was written in 1789. i think we actually need to have the political branches, president and congress, give far more clear guidance as to what our courts should be thinking about. >> right. and, general, how many ioffense were there in 1789? >> i'll get back to you, steve. >> thank you. >> we caught you -- we tell you we really left you in a tough situation there. this is say great book. it's called "playing to the edge" what you experienced ahead of the nsa and up to the cia, where you left off with president bush. and these are the issues that we're talking about today, you
3:41 am
should get yourself educated and find out where we got to today by looking at your career. thanks for joining us, general. it's 20 minutes before the top of the hour on this thursday. and we've got headlines, don't we, heather? >> yeah, we do. a lot of news. mark zuckerberg is not going to like this one. isis making new threats online directly targeting the facebook founder and ceo jack dorsey. the terrorists say they're upset is about the social media giant's threats to shut them down. a pennsylvania nurse stumbled into work at a va medical center in pennsylvania drunk and helped with emergency surgery on a veteran. richard peery now under arrest having admitted having drunk four or five beers before scrubbing in. he claims he forgot he was on
3:42 am
call. peery has been removed as a direct patient care. a heroic effort caught on camera. a police officer saving a man from a burning truck. watch this. >> come on, man, get out of the car. hey, your truck's on fire. get out! come on. crawl out the passenger side door, your car's on fire. >> there's several people rushing over to help the officer drag the driver out of that truck. and he got that man to safety. what a hero and how terrifying. well, are you a single socialist looking for someone to share your passion for bernie sanders? there is a new dating site just for you. yeah, not making this one up. there is a website calls it was started by an arizona state sophomore as a joke but 11,000 people have joined.
3:43 am
>> i didn't expect expect itthi. i thought of something ridiculous, after seeing all of the people sign up, it's rewarding. >> he now has 20 people working on the site. he said people have made connections so far. love connections that want to know all about socialism. >> what if you're not a socialist, you're a communist? is somebody working on that site? >> maybe. that would be a great one. meanwhile, switching gears, it's 17 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up, a fox news alert -- four people killed after a dozen twisters have hit the southeast. we're live on the ground in one of the worst hit areas coming up next. and is this the solution to drug addiction in america? opening up legal drug for addicts to shoot up. dr. marc siegel is here to react to this. >> oh, boy. ♪
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a fox news alert on this thursday morning. storms hammering the east coast overnight, leaving four people dead in virginia alone. a state of emergency is now in effect in that state. >> yeah, fox 5 d.c. reporter erin lu is live with the storm in the cross hairs of what you're seeing on the ground there. annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, governor terri mccauliffe chaired that state of emergency to speed up the disaster help. it's going to be quite a time before they can get this cleaned up. this is devastation to the small farming town of 2,000 people. as soon as we got into the town of waively, this is what we were
3:48 am
greeted with, homes destruction. what you see, washing machines kind of standing there with the bricks everywhere scattered. so this is absolute devastation to this small town. and the three victims that you mentioned were actually found closer to that main road, 460. beyond this white home here. they were found about 300 yards next to that mobile home. is this going to be a while before they can get this cleaned up. we understanweather service is out here later today to surveyn a tornado hit this area. that's the latest here, annie yu, fox 5 local news. meanwhile, are the storms out of your area and your area as well? maria molina has been tracking them. it's a wild night. >> yeah, as she pointed out the national weather service will be surveying areas and confirming whether or not tornadoes touched down depending how strong they are. as far as today, the threat is
3:49 am
over. now we're looking at the cold part of the system continuing to prowl heavy winds. heads-up if you win downwind of the great lakes or across the midwest or appalachians, you're going to see snowfall accumulating. we have winter advisories in effect and winter storm warnings as well. coming up on this thursday, do you get tagged in photos? well, it just got 33 women robbed. >> what. >> the tag diagnosging did. that's right, everybody that's got a digital footprint. >> turn that function off. >> please show us how. and controversial, fighting drug addiction in america. letting drug addicts shoot up legally. dr. marc siegel on that story next.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
the mayor of ithaca in new york wants to create a place where people can use heroin or ore illegal drugs under the supervision of health care workers. he says it's so addicts can get steered towards treatment. yesterday, we heard from arthur aidala and dr. keith ablow on this controversial proposal. >> if you deering to do it, let's bring them into the facility so they don't get the diseases. treatment, increasing prevention, absolutely. but guess what's going to happen with the legal shooting gallery, they'll be encouraged by drug dealers here, go try it.
3:54 am
it's legal there. >> i don't think people are out to go try heroin. >> oh, well come to my office. >> what about the medical perspective? fox news medical a time dr. marc siegel joins us to weigh in on this. supervised medical facility for heroin dealers, a good idea? >> i'm deeply against it, but i'll tell you what the positive side is. it decreases the amount of overdoses in the area, brings it into the brightly lit place. >> clean needles. >> i love clean needle programs and they're legal in the united states. by bringing in the other services, like detoxification as much as and it may decrease use. however, i'm against this point of the view from the role of the physician an a nurse. am i supposed to be enabling things that harm people? heroin is highly addictive. also, this is straight heroin so
3:55 am
the likelihood of overdoses. over 500 overdoses in the facility in vancouver alone. they can die under my watch, that's not what i'm supposed to be doing. >> interesting story with the mayor of ithaca. his father was a drug addict. he took a page from vancouver, the other place that offers a place like this. >> called insight in vancouver. >> so he's seeing something that worked there, doctor, for him to try this in his own city. >> too often we're asking doctors to do things we wouldn't do ourselves. should i have a slot machine or hand out a deck of cards in my waiting room to treat gamblers? i have to treat the problem. like meth adone, because it helps you get off the heroin. the heroin is due to illegal drug trade across the border and prescription drug use in the united states. we have an addiction to pain killers here. let's get to the source the problem. >> we were talking during the
3:56 am
break about the changing demographic with heroin users in the united states that's changing daily. >> two times increasing whites, and over the past decade five times increase in drug overdose deaths to over 10,000 people a year, that die of heroin overdose. >> thank you. by the way we reached out to the mayor's office for a statement on this. he said this plan is a new approach that's proven to save lives and get people into treatment. thank you, dr. marc siegel, for reacting to that. a battle between millennials, calling out each other for complaining about her low paying job. now, she's telling all the millennials, stop whining. she's going to join us live. and is president obama trying to get his critics to play ball by nominating a republican to the supreme court? could that work? who else but judge napolitano is here to weigh in, next.
3:57 am
3:58 am
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it's 7:00. good morning, thursday, february 25th, i'm sandra smith. republican rivals trying to escape the shadow of donald trump last night in a face-off right here on fox news. >> the only campaign that can beat donald and the only one that has beaten donald is our campaign. >> i can win. i can unify this party and i will win will nomination. >> despite sitting this one out, looks like trump got the last word. >> or the last tweet. for the first time apple ceo tim cook speaking out. >> this is not something that we would create. this would be bad for america. >> really? now the department of justice fires back big time. and forget best picture at
4:01 am
the oscars this weekend. this is just one of the cutest pictures a family made to recreate the oscar nominee scenes. look at that. yeah. >> okay. >> this hour, they join us live. thanks for joining us this hour. live from new york city, this is "fox & friends." >> well, we have some unbelievable things coming up this hour. i don't want to give it away. well, judge napolitano is here. >> he is here. >> he is. this is unbelievable. >> but i'll tell you what, with all due respect, we have some unbelievable video of a coast guard rescue and heather brings it to us right now. >> this is taking place right now. we have been talking about t a bad weather that's taken place. we don't know what caused this coast guard rescue, but this is live. queens, new york. a dramatic rescue under way after a coast guard boat overturns while it was rescuing a fishing vessel. the coast guard says it was
4:02 am
responding to a distress call from that boat when its own vessel then overturned. keep in mind that these coast guard boats are build to withstand a whole lot of stuff. so unbelievable that that happened. five members on board the coast guard ship had to swim to shore. the seven remaining people on that fishing vessel as you can see with those lifts right there are now being rescued. they do such tremendous work. that coast guard, we'll keep an eye on this. another breaking story right now, there was a shoot-out in colorado and it leaves a sheriff's deputy dead. two others have been hurt. they were serving an eviction notice to the suspect. 58-year-old martin wirth, when he opened fire. killing corporate nate kerrigan. wirth was also killed in the shoot-out. one of the deputies was released from the hospital. that's the good news, but the other is facing life threatening injuries. our prayers are with the families out in colorado. emotional testimony from the father of erin andrews during her civil trial in tennessee. steve andrews says that she
4:03 am
called him crying after nude videos secretly recorded by a stalker in her hotel room was posted online. she wiped away tears as her father said she has not been the same since this happened. >> she's terrified. she's depressed. she cries. she's full of anxiety. she's a shell of the person she was before this happened. >> andrews is suing michael barrett and the nashville marriott for $75 million. well, virginia could soon have a secret police force. the state senate now considering a bill that would keep the names of law enforcement officers and fire marshals private even in cases of officer involved shooters. supporters say it's meant to protect the police from becoming targets. not really a secret police force, but in the communist type of sense. but -- >> secret list. >> yes.
4:04 am
thank you. >> thanks, heather. turning to the race for the white house. tonight is the final republican debate before super tuesday comes up on this super tuesday. >> so can the republican rivals fight their way out of donald trump's shadow? >> only one man can tell us. he's correspondent john roberts, live everywhere and now in houston. hey, john. >> reporter:brian, too kind of you. many people just tell you i'm the one who's here. we are expecting it's going to be a real rough and tumble debate tonight because a lot is riding on this. ted cruz in texas at least remains the man to beat. he's up by six points by real clear politics. a new houston poll has him up by 15 over donald trump. that's why donald trump has turned most of his fire toward cruz at an event in virginia yesterday, trying to hang obamacare around cruz's neck. reminding the crowd that cruz
4:05 am
was all in for chief justice john roberts who of course upheld obamacare in the supreme court. >> the one that pushed them harder anybody was cruz, senator cruz. so senator cruz gave us obamacare. it's true. >> oh. >> in fact, you have right now -- they have editorials where he wrote actually papers on why he should be the one chosen, signed by ted cruz. >> reporter: yeah, that was in the national review. marco rubio meanwhile has made a strategic decision to go vigorously after donald trump. he too invoking obamacare in an attempt to bring voters to his side. >> the front-runner in in race donald trump is actually alluded to the act in he thinks parts of obamaca obamacare pretty good. every president who says i want to get rid of obamacare, but i'm the only one who's done anything meaningful. >> reporter: this new line of attack from marco rubio potentially fraught with pit falls. so far, donald trump has said, i like marco rubio he hasn't gone
4:06 am
after rubio, but of course all of that could change quickly. so going to coin a new phrase here. for marco rubio, the territory he's treading into now could be like tap dancing on a land mine. >> absolutely. >> i don't know if he actually tap danced long. >> yeah. >> all right. >> john roberts -- >> all about the coming off of it. >> i don't think he has a choice. i don't think you can talk about other people and other things when there's only one man standing in your way. >> okay. so donald trump was actually -- he wasn't in attendance, he had a scheduling conflict, that was the story i heard. he was live tweeting. among the tweets from last night, simultaneously, this one. texans vote for liar ted cruz when he was born in canada? lived there for four years and remained a canadian citizen until recently. trust me, that's a tweet. >> firing away last night. when ted cruz quits the race i will get most of his votes, no problem.
4:07 am
>> i just wonder does he use voice text on this? does he have a stenographer? this is from -- i guess this is a retweet. he says, is marco rubio's vote for corruption and special interest and lobbyists so he didn't write it but he believes in it. >> did you notice who sat on the couch while you were talking? >> i heard him? >> not too early? >> no, you're perfect. did you watch the forum last night? >> i saw clips this morning. >> did you get the sense there are libertarians still in this race? i know rand paul was pretty much -- >> no, the libertarians are split all over the place. believe it or not, some libbertary y libbertary yaps like bernie because of his views on domestic spying and some like donald trump because of his views on
4:08 am
the iraq and afghanistan war and some like ted cruz because of his wish to shrink the government. i like marco rubio, but i don't know many libertarians who are for me. >> do you like rubio? >> yeah. but as a dutiful fox employees i have not endorsed anymore. >> and antonin scalia died ten days ago, there's a story that's been floating around that apparently a republican governor from nevada, brian sandoval, is on a list to be vetted. what do you think about that? given the fact that the senate republicans have said we're not going to consider anybody and then suddenly the white house is going to say, well, what about this republican governor? >> i think this is a ploy by the white house to frustrate the senate. >> but it's a good one. >> yeah, it is. if the president nominated
4:09 am
governor sandoval, two-thirds of the democrats would vote against him. even though governor sandoval's best friend in the senate, harry reid. so governor sandoval is not an antonin scalia. he's not a ruth bader ginsburg. >> he was a judge -- >> he was a straight down the middle federal judge and then he decided to run for governor. this would not enhance president obama's legacy or satisfy the republicans that want another antonin scalia. this would just disrupt the republicans and their unified position right now in the senate. that's probably what the white house wants. >> so judge we have to get your take on this apple situation. it seemsikthis daily. we had general hayden on at the top of the hour and now attorney general loretta lynch is hinting that the government may sue apple because judge, as we know, apple is refusing to do what the
4:10 am
courts are asking it to do. tim cook the ceo of apple was on world news last night. here's what he had to say. >> this is not a position that we would like to be in. it is a very uncomfortable position. to oppose your government on something doesn't feel good. and to oppose it on something where we are advocating for civil liberties which they are supposed to protect, it is incredibly ironic. >> okay. so the federal government has given essentially apple a search warrant. >> right. >> you have to crack it open. >> this is the most unique search warrant i have ever seen in 40 years of looking at search warrants because it authorizes the fbi to seize an apple to -- and apple to deliver something that doesn't exist. because it doesn't exist, the key, apple has to make it. the question is can the government force a private person to work for it when the
4:11 am
private person or in this case a corporation doesn't want to. >> that's slavery. >> that's right. it's involuntary servitude, prohibited by the constitution. when loretta lynch said we're going to sue apple we're going to go to court to get apple, to try to force apple to comply with the order already issued. that order was issued when just the justice department was in the courtroom. apple hasn't had its day in court which it will next week. >> bill gates came on the other day, and he basically -- basically took the side of the federal government and he said, i don't get it. this is no different than in a search warrant asking for somebody's bank records or phone records to be turned over. why is this so different? >> because the thing, the information that the government wants doesn't exist. apple has to create it. so if it existed in a drawer and the feds subpoenaed it or pursued it with a search
4:12 am
warrant, apple would have no defense. since apple has to create it, this is where bill gates has the analogy confused, the government can't force it to do it. can't create this thing. monday night in megyn kelly's greenroom, general hayden said, i have a surprise for you. i'm on your side on this apple dispute, but don't tell anybody because i want to reveal it when i choose to, which he just did with you. you have the former chief spy, the guy who created the nsa spying, the guy who ran the -- >> but you said -- he did say i'm against apple creating a way of back dooring to the system. but i'm not against them having the ability to not kill the phone after ten tries. they want a specific thing done and he does not have a problem with that. >> only the congress could regulate apple's manufacturing techniques. not the courts. >> well, this is just the beginning. >> yes. >> have you predicted, judge, tim cook said he believes -- he
4:13 am
would take this all the way to supreme court. you think it will. >> will it be eight or nine people on the supreme court when this gets there? >> good point. >> judge napolitano, thank you. >> see more with bret baier tonight. >> coming up on a thursday, isis just issued a brand-new threat against social media giants mark zuckerberg at facebook and jack dorsey at twitter. why those two now have targets on their backs. then mitt romney coming out swinging against donald trump saying there's a bombshell in donald's taxes. why is mitt going on the attack here? we're going to analyze next. want to get their hands on. if they could ever catch you.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller. a fox news alert. isis is now threatening the ceos of facebook and twitter in a brand-new disturbing video. >> wow. garrett tenney has more from washington, d.c. is this for real? >> not confirmed quite yet, but the threat allegedly comes from the isis hackers who created this 25 minute propaganda video that includes pictures of facebook founder mark zuckerberg and twitter founder jack dorsey covered by bullet holes.s. the media technology company vok
4:18 am
ative reports it uncovered it on the instant messaging app telegram. the alleged video claims that isis attackers are fighting back against the two companies which have been more active this last year in targeting and shutting down accounts that are promoting terrorism. social media is a huge tool of the terrorist group to spread the propaganda as well as to recruit and radicalize new followers. earlier this month, twitter reported it us is spended 125,000 -- suspended 125,000 accounts and mark zuckerberg talked about facebook's own efforts in combatting the spread of terrorism. >> we feel like we have a pretty big responsibility running this big networking community to help prevent terrorism and different kinds of attacks. we certainly do have very strong policies on this. that, you know, if there's any content that's promoting terrorism or sympathizing with
4:19 am
isis or anything like that, i mean, we'll kick -- take that off the service. get those people off the service. >> and as facebook and twitter have been more actively shutting down those accounts, isis recruiters are moving more towards other anonymous platforms such as telegram. neither facebook or twitter have issued a statement on this alleged threat though. brian, sandra, steve? >> garrett, thank you. >> they should kick terrorists off facebook and twitter. hello. >> and we'll start up other accounts quickly. you have to inconvenience them and make it confusing where to find the guys. meanwhile coming up, new details about the chopper that crashed near pearl harbor. we find out why the pilot landed in the water, instead of the ground, just a few yards away from where it came down. wait until you've heard this. we have that millennials are lazy, entitled even. but not the one you're about to meet. she goes against her generation like we have never seen before.
4:20 am
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪
4:23 am
♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. all right. a quick look at what your headlines are at this hour. turns out tagging your photos online can get you robbed. arturo galen would track woman's locations through instagram. he would then rob them. and a security company demonstrating mouse jacking, using just the $15 radio antenna. hackers gain access through the
4:24 am
usb wireless jack and they can control your computer like a keyboard. wow. that's sobering. hi, sandra. listen to this, a millennial going viral for ripping into a fellow millennial for making their generation look like a bunch of complainers. haven't heard that before. well, it all started when a yelp employee named talia jane posted a scathing letter to her company's ceo, writing, quote, i haven't bought groceries since i started this job because 80% of my income goes to paying rent. and i'm withering away from putting all into a company that doesn't have my back. the letter cost jane her job. 29-year-old stefanie williams ripping into jane with a rebuttal post, writing in part, she believes she deserves these things that most of us would call luxuries. stefanie williams joins us now. good morning. >> good morning, sandra. how are you? >> first of all, what made you react to her rant about not
4:25 am
being able to afford anything and complaining about her employer? >> i think -- i mean, the whole thing sounded dickensesque, like i'm so poor, oh, my god, i'm so poor, but when i got to the end and realized she had included a link to her paypal account asking for people to help her to pay rent because she had gotten fired, i just sat there and i was like, you have got to be kidding me. this girl is legitimately asking people to pay her rent for her in san francisco. >> both you are of the same millennial generation and we hear a lot of complaints about millennials and their sense of entitlement. in this case, you're saying she's whining. is there a problem that you're identifying within your own generation? >> i mean, it's become kind of prevalent because there are a lot of stories that get out there because i think it's one of those situations of like the squeaky wheel gets the oil obviously. so the more you hear about it,
4:26 am
you know, the more it sounds like it is very prevalent. on the anyone side, -- on the flip side seived an enormous amount of e-mails from people. >> like what? what are people saying to you? >> surprisingly i don't know why exactly, i have gotten so many e-mails thanking me. basically for saying like, you know, for sticking up for people that actually do work hard and people our age that pull their weight and, you know, have two jobs or are getting their masters or finishing their degree or working in a restaurant. you know, took a construction job because they couldn't get an engineering job out of college. there are a lot of people saying thank you for sticking up for us. i think that's the big situation. way more people in our generation that actually are, you know, busting their butt to get where they want to be and get what they need. they just don't get the press that someone like this girl was getting. >> is there a misunderstanding that's happening with this generation? i mean, you're saying the
4:27 am
problem isn't with her former employer, yelp, or the minimum wage she was getting paid. you say it's this girl's delusion of what her life should be. is there an understanding when kids are graduating from college right now that they're entitled to a job and entitled to a nice apartment, and by the way, you're saying, where were her roomma roommates? you're paying 80% to rent, why would you take that on? >> i agree. i am for a minimum wage that is livable without a doubt. but what i think people forget was she had full health benefits which easily 25,000 a years, which tacks on the what she was making. and again, she had a one bedroom apartment or studio in san francisco arguably one of the most expensive cities in the country. and she didn't have a second job. she didn't have any supplemental income and she willingly agreed to the salary they promised her. >> good point. >> it wasn't they promised her
4:28 am
"x" and she got "y" and she got thrown off and she made the plans. you made financial decisions on your own and you're expecting the company to finance you not only for the work you're doing, but the apartment you chose, the city you chose to live in and, you know, only having one job. that's not a company's responsibility in my opinion. >> as you point out, we seem to talk about the bad people in the millennial generation rather than those that are actually out there working hard like yourself. thank you for telling us your story this morning. >> thank you for having me. mitt romney coming out of nowhere to accuse donald trump of tax fraud. why? we're going to discuss that next. we always wondered why susan lucci was so into brian. >> and looking and looking, and that's a lot of eye contact. and then it depends on the guy -- >> five seconds. four. >> you can go like this. >> three, two. >> it's getting hot in here. it turns out tv news anchors are not the hottest when it comes to
4:29 am
professions. the most dateable jobs for men and women. >> that's a long kiss.
4:30 am
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accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. and in fact the poorly educated love him so much, they made him this advertisement. >> in dangerous times america needs a leeder. someone who is tough enough to stand up to the terists and secure the mexican border. we need a president who will stand up to dictators like lil' kim of north korea. voldemort putin of russia. donald trump believes in the constipation and he'll protect your rights under the second commencement.
4:33 am
this november let's make america grate again. paid for by this guy. >> how great is that? poorly educated. jimmy kimmel last night. that was awesome. >> meanwhile, let's talk about a bombshell, late yesterday afternoon, mitt romney who was the standard bearer four years ago, he suggested that, hey, before you back -- you know completely back donald trump you better know there probably is a tax bombshell. it could be he didn't specify -- he might not be as rich, trump might not be paying the taxes -- >> we don't know what -- >> i'm just saying that mitt romney said. or not giving the money to the people he's been telling us he's been giving money to. what is ironic is that because he didn't, to brian's point, he didn't provide any backup, he essentially is doing what harry reid did to him on him -- him being mitt romney, on the floor of the senate. >> everybody is wondering why,
4:34 am
why is mitt romney going about this trump attack. there's a bombshell in the taxes, secrets he may be hiding. >> especially because it was done to him. a bombshell and he called on all the candidates to release the returns. why? this is the point of no return for donald trump. perhaps many view it because he's running away with the he's put and we know he's put down mitt romney left and right and mitt romney maybe sees a chance. there was rumors he was going to endorse rubio. he didn't do that. so maybe this is his attack, maybe he's the battering ram for the rest of the party. >> senator cruz piggybacked on this with megyn kelly last night. ted cruz said i don't know what's in there. he might not be making as much money as he put it out. and does it matter, do you really care? >> we ask you, do you care what is inside donald trump's tax returns and we have received thousands so far. 75% of you say no. 25% say yes, you do care.
4:35 am
not saying it's not a story. you just don't care about it, regarding donald trump. >> so here's the e-mail from kevin. he says yes it matters whether he's been lying about his wealth. if his success is just a sham, then whatever true -- what are his true qualifications to be president. >> and sherry says i couldn't care less. sharpton hasn't paid taxes in year and owes millions, where's the outrage there? >> he's not exactly running for president. but he did. ben says whatever trump has in the tax returns i wish i had it in mine. >> poor ben. >> one other delicious point of irony is donald trump back in the day actually defended mitt romney against harry reid. >> yeah. >> so anyway -- >> here's the thing though. i just actually think he has to at some point release them and i think mitt romney would be helping him if he released him now. if there is a bombshell in there, get it out now. because the democrats will be ready to hammer you over that
4:36 am
within a couple of months. >> but you have to have equity and rubio and cruz have not -- you know, submitted to the public their tax returns yet either. >> well, there's been some extreme weather on the east coast and all across the country storms we have been watching. on the east coast overnight, leaving four people dead in virginia. >> look at that funnel cloud. this tornado touched down in north carolina. at least 15 twisters have been reported so far. could be more later. >> maria molina has been tracking it all night, through the night, and has the latest on the deadly storm. >> hey, good morning, good to see you. hello everybody at home. that's right. we're continuing to track our storm system that brought severe weather from parts of florida all the way to maine. so many reports of damaging winds and also some tornadoes and here you can see some reported tornadoes across parts of north carolina and also into virginia. so these storms, they were in place throughout the afternoon and evening hours and continued into the nighttime hours, but now on the back side of it, what we're tracking is continuing
4:37 am
snowfall. that's going to be continuing through this evening. so we're going to expect the storm to just continue to impact the region with more snowfall and more gusty winds and you are looking at winter storm warnings that are in effect and winter weather advisories, as much as four to eight inches of snowfall are forecast across parts of the appalachians. let's head back inside. >> and even though there is snow in the area, we have 54 degrees right now in midtown manhattan. >> yeah. down right balmy around here. speaking of weather, and headlines, and heather is here. >> quite a transition. hey, good morning, sandra. steve and brian, good morning as well. new details in the deadly helicopter crash in pearl harbor, hawaii. take a listen. >> oh! >> hard to watch this as it went down. the pilot said he felt a vibration and heard a quote,
4:38 am
grinding noise. he planned to land the chopper near the world war ii memorial, but there were simply too many people around. well, seconds later that chopper plunged into 40 feet of water. there was family of four on board. a 16-year-old boy was killed. apple's refusal to help the fbi unlock the san bernardino killer's iphone is costing them some business. one arizona county attorney had this stern message for the tech giant. listen to this. >> if apple wants to become the official smartphone provider to isis and the sinaloa cartel, they can do so but there's a consequence and the consequence in doing business with this office is that we will no longer issue iphones. >> he's from maricopa county, a big county in phoenix. tim cook says unlocking the iphones will put millions of users at risk. montgomery calls that argument a corporate p.r. stunt. well, this video is going to make any parent cringe. watch this.
4:39 am
a hero bystander -- >> oh! >> i know, hard to watch. he risks his life to save a toddler. any parent knows how quickly toddlers can just dart right out in the road right there. heart stopping video shows the man as he chases the little boy on to the streets. this happened in the ukraine. well, the good news is everybody is okay in this situation. he picks up the kid, he tries to get him to safety. he's too late, both hit by the car. but as i said, everybody even the little boy is okay. thank goodness for that. those are your headlines. see you back here shortly. >> all right. we need a break after that serious stuff. let's talk about something else that matters so much, heather, jobs. how do you find the most attractive jobs? well, take it from the axiom and the policy of a and the policy of a famous dating website. >> are you familiar? >> i had gotten a tutorial, tinder is a website if you see a
4:40 am
picture of somebody you like, you swipe to the right. if you don't like it, you swipe to the left. what they did, they figured out which of the people got the most swiped rights. because those they surmise are the most attractive. if you're a guy, these are the jobs that people think are attractive. >> number one, a pilot. >> it's cool to be in front of the plane. >> wow. that's cool. founder/entrepreneur is quite attractive. >> because they're rich. >> firefighter. doctor. >> cool. >> and brian, steve, look at this, there's hope. tv personality. >> okay. good news for jon scott too. he is on television. >> he's manly. >> what about women? which is what i say every morning. >> physical therapist. that's interesting. >> interior designer. they have probably a beautiful image. also, founder and entrepreneur. which, you know, code word for probably has money. >> public relations/communications. often a female job for some
4:41 am
reason. and teacher. >> hot for teacher. >> there's a lot of -- when it comes to elementary school, it's mostly women, right? >> there you go. >> yeah. >> most attractive jobs. pilot. that doesn't surprise me. >> well, they're in a uniform. a lot of them have a hat. in front of a great big 747. >> then you watch "airplane" and you see how glamorous it is. kareem abdul-jabbar was a pilot for a while. what do you think about that? let us know. meanwhile, coming up, donald trump is dominating the delegate count so far, so does he have the nomination in the pbag? peter johnson jr. will break down the numbers. >> a lot more up for grabs, super tuesday coming up. who knew the martian could be this cute? coming up the cutest kids who are recruiting the oscar nominees are here, live. >> i swipe right for that picture. stay
4:42 am
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avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you client: great proposal! let's readytalk more over golf. mes? craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at well, after donald trump's decisive victory in the nevada caucuses, he is currently dominating the delegate count on the republican side. he has 81 and ted cruz and marco rubio have 17. john kasich 6. ben carson 4. with the 60-plus delegate lead after the first four contests does donald trump have it all wrapped up? fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. has the numbers. so far, you know what? he needs a number that's a long ways away. >> he does need a number that's a long ways away. not in the bag yet, but he's
4:46 am
paying the extra five cents to buy the bag at the store. and you need 1,237 delegates to win the republican nomination. on super tuesday, there are 595 up on that one day. now, let's look at the map, superdelegates to march 15th. an interesting mix. there are different ways they do it in the republican side. see the red states there, there are winner take all. >> those are good ones. >> ohio, northern marianna islands will put you over. the green states the delegates are given out proportionately. arkansas, massachusetts, virginia, kansas, kentucky, a bunch of other states. yellow, the hybrid of the two. meaning that if you get over 50% sometimes, then you can get all those delegates in the one state. >> sure.
4:47 am
>> then candidates can win at a later dates based on the convention. >> those are the delegates up for grabs starting on tuesday. 600 are, right through the middle of march which includes florida, which is, you know, one of the big ones everybody wants to win. >> look at the polls, some of them are not totally up to date. but in at least 16 states, donald trump is ahead including home states of other candidates. including marco rubio and john kasich. he's behind ted cruz in a couple different polls although neck and neck in one you showed earlier in the state of texas. so some of these prognosticator, some of the people who spent all day crunching the numbers, they say that yeah, donald trump could very much be on the way to a decisive victory. not winning even all of the states proportionately. winning in the proportional stes good percentage of the winner take all states.
4:48 am
>> sure. >> winning a decent percentage of those so-called hybrid states. so there's a path to victory for him by which he doesn't have to achieve a 51% in all the different states. now, there's also a path to victory for marco rubio and ted cruz. >> right. >> but as time goes on, it gets slimmer for them. so on super tuesday, if donald trump has a spectacular day, then the chances for them narrow and narrow and narrow as it goes forward. >> sure. the other thing aside from the polls i'm glad that you brought up that the states don't have up to date poll, there's a band wagon effect. if people see that somebody is leading, they don't want to get left behind so they hop on the bandwagon. >> everybody loves a winner, the
4:49 am
bandwagon. let's jump on it right away. that happens big time. >> all right, peter johnson jr. >> have a good day. who knew that the martian could be that cute? coming up next, meet the kids who are recreating some of the movies up for oscar nominees. look, the little martian son mom's lap right there. but first on this date in 1984 this song by van halen had everybody, you know, jumping.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
all right. who do you think will take home the oscar for the best picture of the year? take a look at if photos. a chicago mom took these picture of her kids, re-enacting the
4:53 am
best picture nominees and it's gone viral and become a sensation thanks to tumblr. joining us is maggie storino and her daughters, 5-year-old sophia, 3-year-old sadie and 8-month-old sloan. wave, everybody. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm doing great. that was sadie that whispered in your ear? >> excuse me? >> was that just sadie that juse able to start. >> that was sophia, our 5. >> i got ya, she's the oldest. tell me right now, maggie, where you got this idea? >> you know, brian, it all started when sophia was a baby. someone gave us a black tutu and that just happened to be the year that "black swan" was nominated for the oscar, so we decided to dress her unlike natalie portman and take a picture and we sent it to the fans and the friendly. they liked it so much that the next year they asked us to do it
4:54 am
again and we put it online so it would be easier to share. >> you created a tumblr account and now everybody is sampling the pictures of your daughters in these hot movies. >> correct. we all got to be in them this this year, even sloan. >> so sadie, tell me what is your favorite? >> what's your favorite? >> the brooklyn. >> the brooklyn one. >> can we see that? there you go. that looks great. now what about this one? this is sophia, right? >> yes. sophia, what was your favorite? >> which one is the blue dress? >> brooklyn as well. >> brooklyn was a big hit in our family. >> no kidding. >> yes. >> now, this is another shot of -- that was "mad max" in the background. >> yes. >> of course, we can't forget "the martian." can we look at "the martian"? and that features sloan, correct? >> it does. and she's just as cute as matt
4:55 am
damon, don't you think? >> what is her motivate there, maggie, to get that smile? >> i know. well, sloan is a very smiley baby so it was hard to get her to be serious in the picture. >> wow. and has this become bigger than you could have imagined? >> yes, it's so wild that so many people enjoy our pictures as much as we do. we're so happy that people are joining in the fun. >> yeah. all right. i have to ask sophia a question. what is it like when you see these pictures and people talk to you about you dressed up as the movie characters? what's it like for you? >> good. >> you know, this isn't so different than our every day. we do a lot of dress up in our house. so instead of being rapunzel or cinderella, we dress up like stanley tucci or brie larson. >> something fell, i guess. the pacifier. >> yes. sloan's toy. >> go ahead and get it.
4:56 am
it's all right. >> it's okay. >> all right. also, well, for a family, has this brought you guys together? >> ohtogether? >> oh, my gosh, it's just so much fun. i love spending time with my girls and this is just a great way to spend the long, long winter weekends in chicago. >> oh, my goodness. it's almost over because march is here. well -- >> i know. >> well, we'll look for your pictures and we'll all watch the oscars on sunday. thank you so much, maggie. bye, i understand, sloan, if you don't want to wave. >> bye. >> all right. see you later. hey, coming up straight ahead as we leave that lovely family, making headlines right now, are you -- making headlines right now for one of most attractive mug shots this morning? a major update in the felony charges against rick perry. why he has a bigger smile today. and this hot new car is turning out to be the attraction for the players at spring training. it doesn't even have four
4:57 am
wheels. what is that thing? steve is taking one for a spin right now.
4:58 am
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breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, february 25, 2016. i'm sandra smith. fox news alert. happening now, a huge boat on its side. what happened when the coast guard themselves are the ones who need to be rescued? >> looks like the minnow. meanwhile, mitt romney coming out of nowhere to accuse trump of tax fraud. why? >> yep. and maybe bette midler should just stick to this. ♪ ♪ did you ever know that you're my hero ♪ >> she looks cold.
5:01 am
why is she calling republicans criminals this morning? >> we have to talk to geraldo about that. he has her number. mornings are better with "friends." ♪ >> all right. is this live? >> not exactly. they will be shortly though. locash is going to be performing on our program at the end of the hour. they have -- are in the greenroom right now. these guys have performed with tim mcgraw and kiss and they have written songs for keith urban and tim mcgraw. they'll be joining us. that is the car with a clutch that i was just driving out of the plaza. it's a slingshot. it is super cool. maria is behind the wheel right now. and i hope she can drive a clutch too. kind of. >> it works for you, maria. >> it's a three wheeler. do you know how much that cost? >> tell me. >> that one right there, $28,000. it looks like the bat mobile.
5:02 am
>> sophisticated motorcycle. one minute after the hour. heather nauert, you have to kick us off. >> i hope they won't let you drive again. are they? >> i doubt it. >> good. just checking. good morning. we have a fox news alert to start off with right now. a dramatic rescue. finally over in new york city. a coast guard ship overturned in the atlantic earlier today. just off the coast of an area called the far rockaways. first responders were attempting to rescue a crew that was in distress on a fishing vessel when its own vessel then overturned. the five members on board the coast guard ships were forced to swim to shore. the seven remaining people on that fishing vessel were rescued. no one was hurt. folks familiar with the new york city area, this is right off of jfk airport where that is. another breaking story to bring you right now. a shoot-out in colorado leaving a sheriff's deputy dead this
5:03 am
morning. and two others hurt. they were serving an eviction notice to a suspect. 58-year-old martin wirth opened fire on nate carrigan. he was killed and one was released from the hospital. another one is facing life threatening injuries. our prayers are with his family. and rick perry has been cleared of a felony abuse of power charge. >> i have always known that the actions that i took were not only lawful and legal, they were right. this indictment was nothing less than a baseless political attack. >> you may recall that perry was indicted in 2014 after he was accused of using his veto power to threaten the public official he claims the case hurt his chances at a 2016 presidential bid. and perhaps bette midler should stick to singing. ♪ ♪ did you ever know that you're my hero ♪
5:04 am
>> the actress and singer weighing in on the supreme court controversy, calling republicans criminaling for vowing to block president obama's supreme court nominee. midler tweeted, quote, those -- these obstructionists are headlines. >> she could have went on and on. she had more characters. just stuck with that. >> just criminal. >> keep it general. in her view that says it all. >> why narrow do it down to the issue. well, super tuesday is days away and tonight's debate could be crucial for the front-runners. >> yep. showing no mercy, attacking one another at campaign events across this nation. >> fox news national correspondent john roberts is live in houston, texas, with more on what's going on. hey, johnny. >> reporter: steve, brian, sandra, good morning to you. yeah, coming up on super tuesday, march 1, 11 primaries and two caucuses and the big question going into the big prize package, is there anyone who can stop donald trump? he's won three of the last four
5:05 am
contests. he would likely to go 12 for 13 on tuesday. looks like he likely won't win texas but that could change. donald trump is continuing to down play expectations for how he's going to perform but with a lot of the talk turning to the idea that his candidacy may be inevitable, trump actually revealed yesterday that he's begun thinking about a possible running mate. listen to this. >> there are some names that i have gotten the respect -- that have been. we started with over 17, we're now down to five. and, you know, some of the people that i have dealt with, i have a lot of respect for and i like. look, the main quality that you want is somebody that could be a great president. if something happens to you. that's got to be -- don't you think that's got to be number one. and then i would want somebody that could help me with government. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz is aiming for a big showdown in texas to keep his dreams alive. new university of houston poll shows him running away with it.
5:06 am
there are others showing it closer too and he got a big endorsement from greg abbott and despite showing third in the last three contests, he is the only candidate who can beat donald trump. >> p.t. barnum is fun to watch. but there comes a time when the clowns and the acrobats and the dancing bears -- it's time to put them away. there is only one campaign that has beaten and that can beat donald trump. in this race. >> reporter: you know, there's a good chance that if donald trump does really well on super tuesday this thing may be put to bed which is why i think tonight you will see a lot of fireworks on the stage because this may be the last chance for ted cruz and marco rubio to make an impact. >> because we're in the 11th hour is that why people are explaining whyai mitt romney wh four years ago was called out by
5:07 am
harry reid on he taxes that he tried to blow up donald trump on taxes yesterday? >> i think it is, steve, an indication of how panicked the republican establishment is about all of this. remember that mitt romney went hat in hand to las vegas in 2012 to kiss donald trump's ring and get his endorsement and now he's suggesting that donald trump may have similar problems with his taxes that mitt romney is said to have had in 2012. >> i think we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. i think that's something there. either he's not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we'd expect him to pay or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or to the disabled like he's been telling us he's been doing. >> clearly a problem with a tax return could be a problem in the general election should donald trump become the nominee, but it is pretty ironic that mitt romney is going down this road. here's donald trump's latest tweet about mitt romney and
5:08 am
there have been a bunch of them. quote, mitt romney who is one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of republican politics is pushing me on tax returns. dope. >> wow. >> this is what happens when you poke the bear, right? >> right. but he's not going to release them, john. he still says i'm not -- >> not at the moment. >> very curious. >> not at the moment. he may be pushed, but we'll see. >> we have been asking folks online -- by the way -- >> thank you, john. >> thank you, john roberts. supporters they're unwavering in their support for donald trump. >> in some cases. >> in some cases. but he was busy tweeting during the fox news forum last night. and he was targeting his attacks on ted cruz who according to some of the polls in texas he's in a tie with him. saying ted cruz is lying again. polls are showing that i do beat hillary clinton head to head. >> ted cruz said head to head he's the only one that beats him. trump said this too. why would texans vote for a liar like ted cruz when he was born
5:09 am
in canada, lived there four years and remained a canadian citizen until recently? he is up by 15 in one houston poll but in a virtual tie in two other polls. >> the brand-new wfaa poll in dallas. he had apparently a scheduling conflict so he didn't go to the fox forum last night in houston, but he was live tweeting. the one person he has not gone after is dr. ben carson. >> for a while. >> but the media did. after ben carson a couple of days ago was talking about how our current president was raised white. last night, dr. ben carson explained what he was talking about. >> my response is that that's hogwash. basically in the conversation and the transcript is available, i said that his experience in growing up is vastly different than most african-americans. and i don't know who could really argue with that. you know?
5:10 am
he was raised by his white grandparents in hawaii in a very affluent area and in a private school and he -- his formative years were spent in indonesia. >> four years of his young life. >> right. from 10 to 14. those are formative years. with his white mother. now, for anybody to tell me that that's a typical black experience -- [ applause ] -- it's basically the media doing what they always do. you know, they take a simple statement that i make and so therefore, he's saying that -- you know, it's bad to be raised white, so that's a racist statement. and he is saying that there's some other racism against blacks, you know, on and on they go with their -- you know, just
5:11 am
ridiculous analysis. they do it all the time. people ought to be used to it by now. >> there you go. the only african american in the race speaking about it, and i think the more you listen to ben carson the more you realize how great it has been -- if it ends tomorrow to have him in the race. he gives a totally different perspective from what we're used to hearing. >> he's got a lot of fans. >> great job last night. meanwhile, let's take about a professor from stony brooks university. >> he's giving us the odds of the donald trump win, saying that the odds right now range between 97 and 99%. >> right. >> so he's saying it's almost certain. >> he's got his statistical model that has correctly predicted presidents over the last 104 years. they looked out all the things. he predicts that trump has a 97% chance of beating hillary clinton and a 99% chance of beating bernie sanders. >> wow. >> so bernie, there's hope for you. >> 1% according to this. >> the guy said he's never wrong. after all, he would know. 11 minutes after the hour. coming up for first time the ceo and top guy at apple speaking out about refusing to
5:12 am
unlock that terrorist's phone at the request of the fbi. >> this is not something that we would create. this would be bad for this would be bad for america. >> the only man who ran both the cia and the nsa, general michael hayden, has something to say about this and it's not what you would expect. he made the ultimate sacrifice using his own body as a shield during an ied attack in afghanistan. and today, thousands will honor his bravery. one of the soldiers who served beside sergeant lemm with what you can do to honor his memory. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
he made the ultimate sacrifice using his own body to shield his fellow military members on the battlefield in afghanistan. tonight, friends and family of an nypd detective and air national guardsman are set to remember the hero they called superman. thousands will honor technical sergeant joseph lemm.
5:17 am
master sergeant chris drew served with him and joins us now. so sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >> you spent so much time with him, you referred to him as superman. he was 6'5", larger than life. >> yeah, a big man. >> what was it like spending that time with him? >> joe was a great guy. i mean, his whole life was service. whether it was his 16 years in the new york city police department as a detective and serving post 9/11, deciding to go back into the military and doing three combat tours. >> what happened here, he used his body to shield his team from the asld his team from the blast. he was awarded the bronze star in february. but a suicide bomber rammed a motorcycle packed with explosives into his patrol car. >> correct. they were doing what's known as a key leadership engagement and they were making their way back to the vehicles when the suicide bomber on a motorcycle decided to detonate himself. >> wow. and this must be having such a big impact on you and everybody that you've served with. >> yeah. never gets easy.
5:18 am
>> yeah. just a difficult story. you're honoring him tonight. there's a concert in chester, new york, to honor him. >> right, the benefit concert is in port chester, new york, at the capital theater. you can get tickets at and you can rub shoulders and chat with the military folks that served with joe and also new york's finest. you know, guys that worked with joe in the nypd will be there as well. >> you can buy ticket, go to the concert. his step daughter, his 17-year-old step daughter will be performing as well. >> that's the highlight for me to see brooke and jax, "american idol" runner-up last season to get up and sing. she has some pipes on her. >> how will you remember this man you knew as superman? >> joe was a guy, especially during deployments and training, people get stressed out, but joe was the one to jump in the crowd
5:19 am
and make everyone laugh and lighten the mood. >> everybody you served with, his family members, all getting together to salute this soldier. to pay tribute to him, to honor him and his family. you know, these are precious moments, these are very precious moments. >> yeah. this is exactly what joe would have wanted. >> wow. well, thank you for telling your story. i know that's not easy. good to have you and thank you for your service. >> thank you for having me. >> well, master sergeant chris drews. visit to buy tickets or make a donation. more "fox & friends" after the break. your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals.
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call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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all right. some quick political headlines for you on this thursday morning. donald trump is getting his first congressional endorsements. new york representatives chris collins and california representative duncan hunter both throwing their support behind donald trump. meanwhile, hillary clinton apparently confused over the constitution. listen to the flub she made while talking about gun control. >> so we've got to say to the gun lobby, you know what? there is a constitutional right for people to own guns. but there's also a constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> she went on the steve harvey show and won't come on this show, come on. by the way, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is in the declaration of independence. an fyi. brian? ♪ ♪ life in the fast lane
5:24 am
hi. you're looking at a slingshot. meanwhile, in training camp, all eyes are on cespedes because he rolled into practice in a polaris slingshot. the three-wheeled motorcycle reaches speeds of 130 miles an hour, no air bags. ever since the training camp debut, they can't keep them in stock. we wanted to see what all the fuss was about. that's why we have gary gaserlou here. welcome. of course he writes for the auto section of fox gary, tell me about this thing. >> it's a motorcycle like you said. looks like a car, but it's a motorcycle. only has three wheels. the federal government says it's a motorcycle. very light, very powerful. 170 horsepower but only weighs 1,700 pounds so lighter any car on the road. >> it's got 12 speakers of a
5:25 am
stereo system. takes regular gas? >> runs on 91 octane, just regular gasoline. it has a general motors engine up front. look, there's no car you can buy like this. it's this light, this open to the air. look at it. you can pull up next to the lamborghini, at 22 thousa$22,00 will be getting a all the stares. >> can i drive it? >> you need a motorcycle license here. when it came out last year, some states didn't know what to do with it. it wasn't legal yet. they had to write new rules just to accommodate this because they knew it would be pretty awesome. people would want to buy it. >> you have have a clutch? >> what do you think? it's like a car. at least at these speeds. >> i can't make a total u-turn. >> not in here. it's pretty big, bigger than it looks. you have your backup camera. >> it feels like a car, like a go cart.
5:26 am
>> that's what it feels like, or an open-wheel racer. you have that hair -- wind in the hair, wind in the body experience. like going commando. >> am i going to make that? probably not. >> let's be safe. >> yeah. >> right down there -- >> a lot of people are buying this. they're getting older. they don't want to take chances on a motorcycle anymore so they're moving to this. >> they're getting a slingshot? >> getting a slingshot. you can't fall off of it. it is the old time stripped down sports car they don't make anymore. >> i had the parking brake on. i can't believe that. i have to try it without the parking brake. this going to cost between 22 and $25,000? >> that's it. as a conversation piece -- >> as a single guy, does it help you get girls? >> i don't know. the whole thing about hot car, women -- i think that's overrated. >> go to to find out
5:27 am
what works, what doesn't. tell what's coming up next. i have to take a drive. >> brian, we heard from your wife, regarding the hot cars and girls, call home. >> i guess so. >> something about it suits you, brian. it may work for you. >> actually, she needs a quart of milk. all right. cool car or tricycle. coming up, the ceo of apple is speaking out for first time about refusing to unlock that dead terrorist's iphone. >> there's no such thing as a back door for the good guys. the bad guys will find it too. >> the only man who ever ran both the cia and the nsa, michael hayden, the general, has something to say about the apple case and it's not what you might expect. and he might be a big celebrity, but that didn't help him get into a victoria's secret party. the big star who was denied at the door. ♪
5:28 am
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5:31 am
they want us to develop a new operating system that takes out the security precautions. one of the bad guys knew that that existed, think about the target that is. everybody would want that operating system. because you could get in -- it has the potential to get into any iphone. this is something that should be created. >> see, that's the debate going
5:32 am
on across the country right now. should apple follow the instruction of a federal magistrate and essentially invent a software that would crack the encryption that keeps iphone 6s safe? >> other operating systems it had. this one it doesn't yet. so the question is do you create a back door or just that one aspect that would open up a phone, whether it's your thumb print or a number. right now you can open up your phone. if you tried more than ten times, it wipes out the phone. that's where they're at with the terrorist phone right now. >> apple has been criticized -- people have been saying apple could do this, but it would be bad for business. tim cook is saying this not bad for business, but bad for america. >> because if you invent the go around, not only do they have it, but everybody would have it. because they'd be able to figure out what apple did. general michael hayden who ran the cia and also the nsa was on our program earlier and
5:33 am
interestingly enough, he sides with in this case apple. and one of the things going on right now is you've got new gizmos and old laws. >> we are asking a judge in the second decade of the 21st century to make a call on access to these phones based upon a law that was written in 1789. i think we actually need to have the political branches, the president and the congress, give far more clear guidance as to what our courts should be thinking about this. >> but in terms of opening up this aspect, it's hard to believe -- he's not against that, especially since we're on all the same page in what has to be done. and the secretive organization, you didn't know about the ipad or the iphone, the macintosh, this is a top secrets or. they put so much into security they're that worried if they open up this phone for this fbi
5:34 am
agent, for this terrorist, who is now dead and took it off the cloud to enhance his own security, it's hard to believe that that wouldn't work out. that's different. >> right now there is no code to crack the iphone. they would have to invent it. if they do it for the fbi it's going to be out there and they're just worried. >> meanwhile, his book takes you through all of the history of the nsa. the metadata collection, what about enhanced interrogation? and all of the misplaced ideas about what we were using waterboarding for in in election. here's what he was saying about president obama and when it came to enhanced intergation he read from his book. >> the president's policy decision to ratchet back interrogation practices was the kind of decision that the agency expected the commander in chief to make. but when he pushed these memos out, steve, this decision was different. this was pushing good people
5:35 am
doing what they had done out of duty rather than enthusiasm into the bus lane and seeming indifferent to what would then happen next. >> expanding on, when president obama and his people led by holder were going to expose all of the practices of what our cia did during the eight years and the 7 1/2 after 9/11 which was unbelievable and it caused our guys to lawyer up in order to do something they were legally permitted to do. >> and that was in the chapter that he titled "the generals are going to release the memos." >> and playing to the edge. good stuff from the general this morning. and now to heather nauert with headlines. good morning, heather. >> good morning. good morning, everybody. i hope you're off to a good day. there's yet another unbelievable story out of the veterans administration. a nurse working there stumbled into work at a v.a. medical center in pennsylvania. helped with an emergency surgery on a veteran while drunk. richard pieri is facing charges
5:36 am
after he admitted to having drank four or five beers at a casino before he scrubbed in at the pennsylvania hospital. this happened in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. he claims that he forgot he was on call that day. he's now been removed from direct patient care as the v.a. investigates. what do you think they'll do with him? keep him on board? we'll keep you posted. a heroic effort caught on camera as a police ofurning tru >> come on, man. get out of the car! your truck's on fire, get out! come on. go out the passenger side. >> oh, wow, you hear that, come on, get out of the car. this happened in corpus christi, texas. seconds later bystanders rushed over to help the police officer drag the driver of that van to safety. saving his life. nice job. and when you think about the ford bronco, do you picture this? well, more than two decades
5:37 am
after that infamous o.j. simpson chase is that suv making a comeback? artists from a bronco fan website hope that they will. they made this rendering of what it may look like if there were a new one coming out. ford stopped producing the bronco back in 1996. the car company not confirming if they're bringing it back, but they're unveiling four new autos. not every celebrity can get into the victoria's secret show. star pitcher cole hamels is now suing after he was denied entrance. this is just embarrassing. he said he paid $70,000 to an entertainment company for vip access to the show. but when he showed up to the door, in weren't any tickets. he says he did get into the after party. those are your headlines. >> at least give him his money back. >> right. >> celebrities usually get in for free. >> exactly.
5:38 am
>> he had to pay. especially if you're cole hamels. everyone says i went to the victoria's secret party and cole hamels was there. meanwhile, he was stuck outside. >> won't let him in. >> sorry, guy. >> must be so terrible to a professional pitcher and be top of the line and be a millionaire. >> you can't get into the victoria's secret show, what good is it? terrible storms have hammered the east coast leaving four people dead in the state of virginia alone. >> heavy winds and rain pulled north carolina. this car was destroyed by hail. >> wow. >> explain that to allstate. >> maria molina is tracking the latest on the deadly system. good morning. what's the latest? >> good morning and a lot of extreme weather yesterday with the storm system that produced severe weather from parts of florida all the way to maine. so we had a very widespread area looking at severe weather and here's a look at the reported
5:39 am
tornadoes across north carolina and virginia. out there we had ongoing tornado warnings yesterday afternoon and into the nighttime hours. so it was a prolonged period of time that you were dealing with those storms as well across that region. nowgion. now the severe weather threat has diminished. we're tracking snowfall on the back side of the snow system. it's continuing across parts of the midwest and it's picking up in intensity downwind of lake ontario and across the appalachians. we have a number of winter weather advisories and warnings and you could be seeing four to eight inches of snow across parts of the appalachians, a couple of inches downwind of the great lakes. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much, maria. when i woke up this morning it was 68 degrees. >> when i woke up this morning it was pitch black. >> that's all that you worry about. the whole sleep thing. coming up, where can a single socialist find a good
5:40 am
date? how many times have you asked yourself that? bernie's website of course. and they have written songs for tim mcgraw, now they have their own smash hit. locash is here to perform for us live. coming up straight ahead. >> after that song, they're not low on cash. ♪
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♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. good morning. welcome back. it's thursday morning, everybody. vice president joe biden going hollywood? he will present an oscar at the academy awards on sunday. but will anyone be watching? a new poll found 62% of americans don't care at all about the oscars. and are you a single socialist looking for love? then head to this is true.
5:44 am
the website matches bernie supporters around the country. it was started by a student at arizona state university as a joke. but 11,000 people have now joined. looking for love. hasbro is making a new version of monopoly to appeal to the younger generations. it won't come with any cash, you have to borrow it from your parents. everybody wins. >> oh, yeah, we're laughing about it. dave ramsey from ramsey solutions and he's got a raid year show heard around the world. you talk about this topic, how kids need to get on their own two feet as soon as they can. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. it is funny. >> it is funny. we have some questions from some folks that you're going to answer. first up, an e-mail from adam in nebraska he say, dave, i have two young daughters. should i start a single 529 college savings plan for my
5:45 am
oldest daughter and then transfer it to the younger daughter after the oldest is done with college or should i start two separate plans? excellent question. >> it is a good question. you can do it either way but i would keep it separate. 12-year-old, you have only six years there so you have to be more aggressive with the 5-year-old where you have 13 years to save. we recommend the 529 that you can control the investment in and you pick a good growth stock mutual fund inside it and you control it. >> good idea. all right. key is your control. amy from arkansas wants to know, dave, how do i get my husband on board with paying off debt? we have about $100,000 in debt. he wants to take extra money and put it toward vacations, such as camping and skiing once a year. how can i get him to change his mind and get him on board? >> well, i love camping and skiing too. it's a lot of fun, but i don't want to retire and order a book
5:46 am
called "78 ways to enjoy alpo and love it." he's living in the now, she's living in the future, and so a good language to use with a husband is say, honey, you know, i need you to invest in our relationship because i really can't sleep well on a ski trip because i'm thinking about the future and this $109,000 is killing us. we have to have a plan to do that. but the good news, if you get out of debt and get control of your money, go camping and skiing and it's more fun. >> look at that. fantastic. final one. kj from kansas said i owe over $31 on an suv that's only worth $15,000 because of the mileage. any way to get out of the bad decision? >> good lord, a $600 car payment. no fun at all. probably you went to the dealer for a bid and your valuation you're use fork resale is probably low. so you're probably going to have to get a higher valuation by selling directly to the individual. borrow the difference is the only way out of it. go to your local bank and see if
5:47 am
you can get an unsecured loan to cover the difference and get you out of the mess. what a disaster. >> dave ramsey with some straight talk today. thank you very much. >> thanks, good to be with you, steve. speaking of nashville, they have written hits for country superstars like keith urban and tim mcgraw. now they have their own smash hit. ♪ love the country girl, i love the friday night ♪ ♪ where love is say live >> yep, locash here to perform next. good morning to you, fellows. but first, let's check in with bill hemmer who is performing at the top of the hour. >> good sound, steve, good morning. another debate tonight. is this the breaking point before super tuesday? last one now. the others say they're not leaving the race. what happens when hundreds of delegates are on the line in five days from now? also with the establishment -- was the establishment wrong on donald trump from the very beginning? we'll debate that when martha and i see you at the top of the hour. and by taking chantix,
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♪ ♪ i love a small town world, i love a country girl ♪ ♪ i love a friday night where love is alive ♪ nothing like live country music in the morning. they have been together for over a decade writing songs for keith urban and tim mcgraw and performing their own hits like the one you're hearing "i love this life." >> that's right. locash is joining us right now. >> good morning. >> locash is what happens when you go to the atm and you're low on cash. >> that's right. >> is that where it comes from? >> we definitely started this for sure. >> dave ramsey -- >> i'm surprised we're not introducing that right now. >> no, you know it's a way of life. just remembering where you come from.
5:52 am
and staying locash with your beliefs and who you are. >> i know how hard it is to make it in your business. for you to be at it ten years now, emerging now. does it make it that much more rewarding? >> yes, we were talking about how surreal it is. at the moment of ten years i don't think we'd turn back anything. maybe some of the stuff. turn back how we got there. it made the moment so much better for us. >> tell me about this song. >> this song is called "i love this life." it's our first top charting number one, so we're super excited about this one. >> who wrote it? >> me and preston wrote it with danny myrick and chris janson. there's so much negativity in the world and people just love it. >> let's see if we love this come on, boys. ♪
5:53 am
♪ ♪ i love my boots broke in, i love my camo hat ♪ ♪ don't mind a little paint on my jeans, yeah, i roll like that ♪ ♪ i love driving my trucking across the railroad tracks ♪ ♪ if you hit it too quick, it will hit you right back ♪ ♪ i love a fresh cut field with a first frost on ♪ ♪ how it shines like gold when the sun turned on ♪ ♪ i love the sound of them wheels with my baby singing along ♪ ♪ when the boys of summer comes on ♪ ♪ i love my small town world, i love a country girl ♪ ♪ i love a friday night man, i love this life ♪ the sound of an old dirt road, rolling through my mind ♪ ♪ man i love, man i love, man, i love this life ♪
5:54 am
♪ i love that county line bar where they all know my drink ♪ ♪ the way she throws her hands up when that cover band plays ♪ ♪ i love that taste of her lips when she's been sipping that wine ♪ ♪ i still get drunk on her every time ♪ ♪ i love a small town world, i love a country girl ♪ ♪ i love a friday night, man, i love this life ♪ ♪ the sound of an old dirt road, rolling through my mind ♪ ♪ man, i love, man, i love, man, i love this life ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, oh man, i love this life ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, oh man, i love this life ♪
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♪ yeah, i love this life, man, i love this life ♪ ♪ i love that ragged old barn that my grandpa made ♪ ♪ it was my whole world back in my innocent days ♪ ♪ i love that little white church out on 109 ♪ ♪ i it's wear i hit my knees and thank the lord for this life of mine ♪ ♪ i love a small town world, i love a country girl ♪ ♪ i love a friday night, man, i love this life ♪ ♪ the sound of an old dirt road rolling through my mind ♪ ♪ man, i love, man, i love, man, i love this life ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh man, i love this life ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh
5:56 am
man, i love this life ♪ ♪ yeah, i love this life, oh, we love this life, yeah, we love fox and friends ♪ ♪ yeah, we love this life, yeah, we love this life ♪ ♪ we love this life [ applause ] ♪ [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks.
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that's how i own it. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at so locash, congratulations, your song "i know somebody" is heating up the charts. >> it's brand-new single, yeah. i want you to download that -- >> absolutely. >> again, you need new jean jackets. >> that's right. >> what are you doing at -- you need -- >> i need a jacket, we're in new
6:00 am
york. >> what are you doing next on the after after show? >> "starting the night" it's on the album. >> does the rest of the band know that? >> i don't think so. we have to learn it. >> log on for the after the after show show. these guys will be playing. >> see you tomorrow. by all eyes on texas for the biggest prize on super tuesday. donald trump sees a path to the no nation. the pressure is rising on marco rubio and ted cruz to have a big day and cut up to his lead. martha: i'm martha maccallum. here is the big question. could soon be possibly do or die for ted cruz and marco rubio. both of them need big wins. at a forum with megyn kelly in houston they made their case. >> the on campaign


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