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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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kaboom... get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score. jon: see you back here in afternoon hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts now. harris: fox news alert, astronaut scott kelly about to set an american record for his time in space, ready to come home. minutes from now he's set to hold his final news conference from aboard the international space station. the journey back to earth scheduled for tuesday, march 1st. it will be 342 days up there at that point. 540 total for his career. only three others have been up there longer, all russian cos no naughts. nasa is hoping commander kelly's historic stay will give them new insightings into allow the bid adjusts into weightlessness, isolation and the stress of long-term space life.
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kelly says atop his list when he lands on earth, hugging his two kids and smelling the rain. a big day in space and on earth. we'll bring you the news. ♪ ♪ sandra: happy thursday, everyone. i'm sandra smith, here today is harris faulkner, andrea tantaros, we welcome to the couch for the first time political and legal analyst ebb ebb -- ebony williams, welcome to her, and we want to welcome back the host of geraldo rivera reports, veteran correspondent geraldo rivera, and he is, as we always like to remind you, outnumber. >> i'm like if stoner uncle. of. andrew: we wouldn't know anything about that, geraldo. [laughter] >> interesting -- >> geraldo rivera, stoner uncle. sandra: if that didn't set the tone for the show --
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>> incredibly well credentialed. [laughter] andrea: geraldo, we finally have clarity. the stoner uncle, now, aha, it all makes sense. sandra: it's good to have you both here, and let's get started. just five days til super tuesday. republicans getting set to face off on the debate stage in houston tonight in what could be their last chance to derail donald trump's campaign. thirteen states will vote or caucus on march 1st. up for grabs? nearly 600 delegates. last night marco rubio and ted cruz not wasting any time going after the gop front runner at a town hall hosted by megyn kelly. >> this is an important election. we are not going to allow the conservative movement to be defined by a nominee who isn't a conservative. and we certainly need to elect someone who's prepared to be president in a thoughtful and serious and important way given the threats this country faces. so that's why a majority of republican voters are not supporting donald trump.
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>> in the head-to-head polls, donald consistently loses to hillary. i consistently beat hillary. and so the question right now is, how do we prevent nominating a candidate who loses the general election or, for that matter, if donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he'd do as president? sandra: but it will be an uphill battle for these guys to take down trump. some of the recent polling showing them struggling versus the real estate mogul in their own home states. in texas polls seem to be all over the place, at least for now. one released yesterday showing ted cruz and donald trump in a dead heat. the other showing cruz with a considerable lead over trump, 38-23% in the lone star state. in marco rubio's home state of florida, the donald has a commanding lead in the latest quinnipiac poll, 44-28. and in ohio where governor john kasich is very popular and won re-election in 2014 by a landslide, trump leading the
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governor by five points in recent polling. all right. geraldo, ebony, we've got you both here today. just put this in perspective, the debate tonight. where are things going from here? >> well, i think -- ebony, excuse me. >> go for it. no, go for it, geraldo. you've got it. deference. >> these guys lose their head states, they go home. marco rubio looks like he is going to lose florida. he's never won anything. he can't even win in florida? john kasich, very popular, my wife from cleveland, if he loses ohio, they've got to go. sandra: ebony, you agree with that? >> here's the thing, people just don't understand how donald trump is resonating. this is not for many voters about conservativism or, for that matter, liberalism. this is about the people that can bring jobs back, people want them to show them the money, and i think that's where trump is consistently getting more and more voters, although they might
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not be traditional conservatives. sandra: but it truly looks like they're scrambling to target their attacks on donald trump. cruz says, hey, in polls it shows i beat hillary clinton. it just doesn't seem to be effective, any of these attacks. andrea: sandra, you're absolutely right. you heard marco rubio attack donald trump for not being conservative enough. that doesn't work. people know he's not as conservative as they would like him to be, it's already baked into it. so ted cruz is talking about the fact that he is maybe not winning or couldn't win in a general election, his electability. i think that is a better argument. but, again, people see him as a fighter and someone who can win because he is consistently winning. so it's tough to get a glove on the guy. cruz and rubio, though, i will say this, they're the better debaters. they do a better job at these debates. rubio did stumble before, but trump has gotten better. he's gotten much, much better. >> chokes the way he choked at that debate when there's some
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matter of national urgency. andrea: he has to perform well tonight, there's no question. >> six times in a row, it's like -- andrea: but he is, he is a good debater when he's on point. so is cruz. i think cruz has trouble tonight though, big trouble, because of these attacks that he's a liar and a hypocrite, and he puts himself out there as a christian, yet he's doing these dirty attacks. he's in trouble. harris: yeah. i think cruz is really going to see some problems with the distractions that have been created along the way. some of them self-inflicted wounds from inside his own campaign. he named a new communications director yesterday, that didn't get fanfare because people are still focused on those posters that say "trust ted." but, you know, with marco rubio, he doesn't have a lot of latitude for making mistakes. it's not that he has to do well tonight, he's got to be almost perfect. because he's already admitted that he made a mistake. how many times are you going to do that? you can only really get one mulligan, right? and you've got somebody across the lectern in dnd trump who's
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just waiting for you to cut yourself on one side of the knife. when you try to catch it, he's just waiting for you to do that. donald trump everybody keeps saying, what's it going to take? you know, love him or hate him, he has a lot of wiggle room for making errors. >> you're exactly right, harris. and donald trump has credibility around something no other person in this race has, and that is the success of his own life. >> amen. >> the only other person was ben carson, and america likes that. america likes an aspiration allocate -- >> someone who actually had a job. harris: do democrats fear donald trump now more, ebony, now that he's a little bit broader? >> absolutely. my friends that are knee deep into the democratic politics, they're very afraid of him. moderates and independents just like all other demographics want to win, they want to win big in life, they want their jobs back from china and whether he can do it or can't, we can litigate. but he's selling that message. andrea: is the temperament an issue?
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>> donald's temperament? you know, you make an instinctive judgment, as i think you have, andrea, of donald trump. you measure the man just on your vibe. there are so many things i disagree. i think some of his policies are hideous like on immigration, e deportation and so forth, and yet there is a definite charisma, a verve, a magnetic attraction about the guy. people instinctively say, you know, i want to be in business that guy. and i think that he is unbeatable, unstoppable, and it's going to be up to hillary clinton unless -- sandra: and now the question is what about those within his own party that haven't supported him, if he continues with this momentum, what happens? we've been watching. after months now on the campaign trail, donald trump finally getting some support from the republican establishment. congressman duncan hunter and chris collins both saying they're backing the billionaire businessman for the nomination. but former gop or presidential nominee mitt romney isn't sold and says trump should release
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his tax returns. >> frankly, i think we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. i think there's something there. either he's not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay or perhaps he hasn't been giving must be to the vets -- money to the vets or the disabled like he's been telling us he's been doing. sandra: trump tweeting in response to that: mitt romney, who was one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of republican politics -- [laughter] is now pushing me on tax returns. done, ebony, he says. [laughter] >> this is the kind of thing that donald trump lives for, right? i mean, an endorsement trump needed from romney like he needed a hole in his head. it comes back to this loser/winner narrative. if it's not broke with, don't -- sandra: it's probably only helping trump. >> exactly. you're the loser and, guess what? i'm the winner. sandra: what's the strategy here, andrea?
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ebony's scratching her head, and mitt romney has endorsed marco rubio, but where's he going with this bombshell in the taxes? what are we talking about here, that he makes less than he says he does? andrea: mitt romney is doing exactly what harry reid did to him in this last election. i can't believe that mitt romney would go there. his campaign made such a stink about the dirty tricks and lies harry reid told, remember, my friend told me mitt romney didn't pay taxes? now mitt romney does the same thing, but also wants to spark a debate about who's richer than whom? are you kidding me? no one cares what mitt romney thinks, number one. number two, he was a loser. he wasn't a conservative, that's why so many people go you puppet a loser who wasn't a conservative last time, it's just a friendly reminder, and it only encowrlgs -- encourages donald. >> one comment on his wealth. i had a lot conversation with eric, his son -- great kids, i love his kids -- and eric told me that four billion was unfair
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to trump pause they lowballed every one of his real estate holdings. he's going to have to fund a billion, he's going to have to have cash to pay for it -- sandra: but you're going to have to tell me his supporters would waver in the force of. harris: four billion to nine billion -- [laughter] sandra: we just talked about these big endorsements for trump, is the establishment getting behind trump now? harris: you've just seen a couple of names. the establishment is getting behind marco rubio. and you saw him yesterday attack trump on israel and feeling like he can go right after him now because he's got more people behind him. but when they stand on that stage for the debate, it's mano a mano. it doesn't matter who's endorsed you. can you do it under pressure with the mike on, can you drop the mic? he did go after trump one-on-one. we've seen some people fall out of this campaign after going on with but he knows he has to do it, marco rubio. sandra: harris loves to drop the
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mic. we'll leave it there. [laughter] and super tuesday, big day, indeed. nearly half the tell gates needed to secure the nomination are up for grabs. at 6 p.m. eastern we go wall to wall with primary and caucus coverage from around the country. everything you need to keep you up-to-date as so many americans head to the polls. again, 6 p.m. eastern right here on fnc. well, a new layer in the battle over a possible supreme court nominee. president obama reportedly considering picking a republican to replace justice scalia. what that could mean for senate republicans who are promising not to consider any nominee before november's elections. plus, a new law will allow some students to bring concealed handguns into classrooms at public colleges and universities in one state. will it make classrooms safer or could it chill free speech? and right after the show catch more from the couch on the web. join us fur outnumbered overtime
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♪ andrea: as the battle over a possible supreme court nominee rages on, president obama postponing to next week a meeting planned for today with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and judiciary committee chair charles grassley. reportedly because it became clear they were unlikely to show. this as the washington post reports the president is considering picking republican governor brian sandoval of nevada to replace the late justice antonin scalia. now, the governor is a centrist, former federal judge who once called obamacare, quote, unconstitutional and vowed to abolish it. his nomination could pose a difficult dilemma for senate republicans who have promised not to consider any nominee before november's' elections. but gop leaders insist that obama nominating a republican would make no difference at all. all right, ebony. i look at this, and i think is
9:18 am
this a harry reid trial balloon designed to embarrass a one mr. mitch mcconnell? ebony: you know, i think it's interesting because, certainly, i understand the political nature of what this process has become. i think it's very unfortunate. we think our high court would be above this but, unfortunately, it's not, right? so i think obstruction, if it's principled, makes sense. but just obstruction for obstruction's sake makes no sense to me. so i think, look, go in the meeting next week, hear it out. if you don't like this nominee, i think it's okay. i think the politics will not look so bad for the gop if they consider it in good faith. we'll see. andrea: geraldo, do you think this is a serious choice? i don't believe it is. [laughter] >> let me just say, let me answer that question directly as an attorney. i think that governor sandoval is eminently qualified -- andrea: i'm not questioning his -- >> let me go, two more points. he was confirmed by the united states senate as a federal judge 89-0. eleven didn't vote, but
9:19 am
unanimously concerned. he's mexican-american in a swing state. you take governor sandoval, brian vanned value, you put -- sandoval, you put him up as a nominee and you refuse to meet on the guy and you're in the same party he is? i think they've got mitch mcconnell in a very uncomfortable place. andrea: right, that's what i'm saying -- >> his nose is stuck in that door jam -- andrea: that's why i said that, harris. it seems like it's by design for political reasons they're floating him. harris: and that's why i say it's serious for democrats and republicans. he's the first latino to hold statewide office in nevada. but here's why it's serious, because he actually has voted along the same lines that barack obama has, as our president has. particularly saying that he would uphold or supports the supreme court's ruling on same-sex marriage and on abortion rights, those types of things. so i think it's serious in the sense that it's going to take consideration from republicans
9:20 am
because of the label of republican. but i think obama could live with it if it went forth because he already agrees with this man. andrea: sandra, i'm not sure if it's a serious pick if you are doing what obama says he wants to do for the court. but it seem like a serious trap, it seems like a serious trap for republicans. i'm the politics of all of this. sandra: obviously, that's where republicans are going for this, because it would be an unconventional pick for obama. andrea: bingo. sandra: so that being said, would mitch mcconnell change his mind? and for me, i'm just putting it out there, why not? i think a lot of people are struggling with this because it does seem both sides are politicizing this. >> but they always do. don't be naive about it. it's always political, it's always bitter. ebony: it makes sense, right? >> what about bork. have, they emasculated that guy. andrea: true, we've got to go. harris: i can't ask her.
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andrea: they're harassing me! a rare intel hearing on capitol hill where we're hearing dramatic testimony on worldwide threats like isis. threats like the san bernardino massacre and the ongoing battle over encryption. what needs to be done to keep more americans safe? also, when it comes into the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails, growing questions about how impartial president obama's justice department really be. ♪ ♪
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9:26 am
lawmakers from the house intel committee hearing testimony from the heads of the intelligence agencies including cia director john brennan, fbi director james comey who called his agency's dispute with apple the hardest question he has seen in government. >> you must do a competent investigation following the murder of 14 people in san bernardino, and we will, and we'll use whatever lawful tools are available to us. harris: chief intel correspondent for us, catherine herridge s live on the story in washington. hi, catherine. >> reporter: as you mentioned, fbi director james comey testified this morning along with other intelligence officials, and the testimony was really dominated by this dispute with apple over accessing a terrorist iphone with comey calling it the hardest question he's ever seen in government and then strongly disputing apple's position that developing some kind of work-around for bypassing the access pass wordword would erode -- password
9:27 am
would erode data security. >> the code would be at apple. right before 2014 they were able to unlock any phone, and i don't remember any code getting out that let that ability loose upon the land. but again, i'm not an expert, and i i do this i that's -- thik that's something the judge is going to have to sort out. >> reporter: the report is the annual assessment that looks at threats and budgetary priorities, but it was dominated by questions about this dispute between apple and the fbi and unlocking the iphone of san bernardino terrorist said farouq. the encryptionish sure, though, is bigger than a single phone and a single investigation, says the fbi director. >> all of us in the intelligence community have been talking about to sound an alarm, because we see increasingly in our national security work and the bureau has significant criminal responsibilities, in our criminal investigative work, increasing situations where we
9:28 am
cannot with lawful court orders realize the communications of terrorists, gang bangers, pedophiles, all different kinds of bad people. >> reporter: apple's ceo, tim cook, is not budging on this issue, telling abc news last night that the safety of the public is important, but so is the security of their personal data, and unlocking the iphone would set a precedent he says would be bad for america. comey said today he does believe the dispute will probably be resolved through negotiation and legislation, not by some federal court judge, harris. harris: and, actually, tim cook went even further than that, we'll get to that in a moment. katherine, always good to see you, thank you very much. the fbi director, james comey, i wrote it down as he said it, that they have all the tools within the law to go after people. apparently, though, there's some tools that they'd like to have, and so maybe the law has to be changed. andrea: right. the whole point of all of this
9:29 am
is to under legal precedent -- harris: i teed you up there. app alabama thank you, harris. to be able to get into the phone. that's what this is all about. they have the capability, the fbi does, to use supercomputers. we've talked about it on the couch, to get into this phone. they just want the legal precedent to be able to do it because they want to end all encrypted technologies for law enforcement so they can get into all of our phones if need be. ebony: and that's what's frustrating, harris, because sometimes the law lags behind technology. so you've got to wait for this legislative moment to play catch-up, essentially, is what's happening. what i don't appreciate though, and this is a classic security/safety balancing test. i think we can all appreciate the gravity of both of those concerns. i don't like it when tim cook talks about, you know, it being, you know, something that's so horrible. to me, he's trying to -- you talk about not making a phone able to open up at any point, you're trying to outreach the
9:30 am
power, and that's scary to me. harris: a couple things i know we've talked about on the couch, waiting for the law to catch up with technology, it sounds a little bit president obama-like in the sense that, you know, sometimes it looks like you might be able to create a moment. and then you get to tim cook, let's watch what he said specifically about what you just said, ebony. >> this would be bad for america. it would also set a precedent that i believe many people in america would be offended by. it is, in our view, the software equivalent of cancer. is this manager that should be created -- something that should be created? i have not talked to the president, i will talk to the president. harris: wow. so ebony has given us a good nugget to chew on in terms of the law catching up with technology. is that what's happening -- >> i hate when people use cancer analogies. it's like they want to use the nazis, i hate those things. i have -- why doesn't anyone pick up on my very pragmatic solution to this whole problem?
9:31 am
here you have a case that apple looks like total donees. you have the killers of -- domes. you have the guy's phone, why doesn't tim cook open the damn phone? here's what the phone says and -- sandra: it doesn't work like that. their response is it doesn't work like that because if they open it, it opens this -- >> i'm saying let them open it. not -- don't give the codes to the federal government. i don't trust the government either. open the damn phone. tell me what's in the phone, they could do that. don't tell me that's going to start a cancer. ebony: talking about a classic narrow scope -- [inaudible conversations] >> this is a case, an order. open the damn phone, give us the information. i don't need the keys, i need the information. harris: do you trust human nature not to replicate that? >> it will be controlled by apple. apple controls everything. sandra: and the guy you have doing it that works at apple leaves to work for another company in china -- >> he created the encryption himself.
9:32 am
that never leaked out. china never got that. sandra: i think they think it's not that easy. i think everybody has to be careful of whether it's apple or the government, emotions are running high right now. we just had the department of homeland security chief, jeh johnson, he says the u.s. could face another san bernardino-type attack at a moment's notice. andrea: that's an emotional argument. sandra: emotions are running high -- whether. andrea: people's emotions run high in their favor, but it's disingenuous. harris harris it's also problematic too because any of the bad guys who might be connected with this phone watch television. i mean, come on. they have their own media arm. andrea: like the argument that they should get the nsa to do it. the nsa is not tracking this type of technology. >> i don't trust it. harris: two attorneys on the couch, and there's more legality to talk about. as concern grouse whether the probe into hillary clinton's e-mail scandal will be marred by politics, attorney general
9:33 am
loretta lynch asked at a hearing whether she would prosecute clinton if the fbi makes the case that the former secretary of state mishandled information on her super-secret home server. she was also asked if he thinks there are efforts to undermine that investigation. here's how she answered. >> that matter is being handled by career independent law enforcement agents, fbi agents as well as the career independent attorneys in the department of justice. they follow the evidence, they look at the law, and they'll make a recommendation to me when the time is appropriate. this will be conducted as every other case, and we will review all the fact ands be all the evidence and come to an independent conclusion as to how to best handle it. i'm also aware of no efforts to undermine our review or investigation into this matter at all. harris: that's a lot of big words to say what she just finished with, i don't know. >> i have a couple thoughts. number one, i think the justice department has a pretty good record in letting the career, nonpolitical staffers do investigations, and they're
9:34 am
doing it very intensely here -- harris: have you ever seen one, though, with a perp who's running for president? >> i was going to get to that. harris: okay. >> for loretta lynch to suggest she's not a political person, i think, is very naive. i watched as she, the democrat from brooklyn, prosecuted the only republican in congress on political contributions, found nothing. they got him because he hired two undocumented mexicans at the health food restaurant -- harris: and where is he now? >> he's in federal prison. harris: yeah. >> i think she is very political. there's 150 fbi agents -- i don't know what the hell they're doing on hillary's e-mail thing, but i have no doubt but that james comey is the straightest shooter in washington d.c. if there's something there, he will recommend it for prosecution, it'll be impossible for lynch to squash. harris: you know, i know among democrat voters they say this is not an issue that resonates with
9:35 am
them, ebony, but within the democrats on capitol hill, is this really something people are talking about? are they worried? >> i think they're worried about her campaign in general, and it's, to me, a magnifying glass of the trustworthiness issue. respectfully to geraldo's point about the congressman and whatever, i do want to say that i think a.g. loretta lynch is not, you know, the former, she's not the former attorney general, excuse me, and i do think that she has a reputation for being independent and something a little bit different than what we saw with eric holder. i don't think it's right when we start presuming that law enforcement is not able to be independent just because maybe they're a registered democrat -- harris: andrea's laughing. ebony: i think it's true consistently. i didn't think there should be a special prosecutor in the ferguson shooting -- andrea: it's highly political. eric holder, and we will see exactly how -- harris: well, hillary clinton says she's not worried. how would she know not to be worried? president obama wasn't worried. how would he know not to be
9:36 am
worried? >> i disagree. harris: you put the person who would make the decision in the job, mr. president. >> now, why would you say that about uma abedin? andrea: geraldo, i know you're here today deliberately to fight with me -- laugh i'm not taking it today. >> all right, all right. harris: okay. are concerns about students packing heat putting a chill on free speech? college professors in one state up in arms over a new concealed-carry law. why they're calling for censorship in the classroom. stay with us. ♪ ♪ staying in rhythm...
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9:41 am
classrooms at public institutions starting in august. get this: concerns the concealed-carry law may be putting a chill on free speech at the university of houston. and professors are advising each other to avoid, quote, sensitive topics in class if students are armed. one professor telling the chronicle of higher education, quote: it's an invasion of gun culture into campus life. we're worried that we have to change the way that we teach to accommodate this minority of potentially dangerous students. sandra, what do you think about this? students -- sandra: well, for one, they're not, they're not telling their faculty to do this based on anything that's actually happened. they're making these statements based on fear and fear alone. there's no evidence that this isn't going to go well or this isn't going to work out or students are going to act in any different way because of this. and by the way, most of these things that they're requiring of the faculty don't make
9:42 am
provocative statements or cute signs about the new law or only meet that student in controlled circumstances? i think that's probably a good idea to do that anyway. andrea: agreed. harris: you know, i think this is a collision though. if they think they need to change teaching on campuses, that's because they've created all these safe spaces. you've got people who feel they should be treated differently, and you're going to put weapons into that mix. you've created tension already, and now you want to add that to it. otherwise the right to conceal and carry is determined irrespective of any of that. but because they've created these safe spaces, i do see a collision of problems. andrea: highly controversial, geraldo, even in a state like texas. >> i just came out of south carolina, everybody has guns in south carolina, so i say what's the implications. everyone says we don't have road rage. no one argues over traffic problems. in texas, i give texas a little credit. at least to have a gun in texas, you've got to go to class for six hours, you know, all the federal requirements.
9:43 am
and you have to have training. you know? so at least you're not every knucklehead like in virginia that has a driver's license can get a gun, so it's not that bad. i don't know, i don't know. at least -- when you go to a bar at least let's check the gun at the door like the old west -- andrea: do you think students should have guns on campus? this is the debate. >> you know, i guess it's got to be campus to campus, you know? i'm broadly for the second amendment, i just think that it's kind of wiggy when you're thinking about this, 30 kids and 20 of them have a gun. ebony: it's going to go into effect. at this point this is pure speculation, and to me, it looks like ideological boot strapping. you're saying you don't like the fact -- and in texas, i do like it's the law of the land there. this is not federal. this is in that culture, it works for them. so to then try to impose this first amendment fear mongering to it, i don't really respect that. >> what if someone really e feels that way? ebony: i don't buy it, i guess. >> a law professor is worried
9:44 am
because he's going to go after people who have guns, and he's going to say the gun culture is sick and per perverted, getting out his pencil. >> i would respect it more, geraldo, if he made that argument on its own two legs. >> i'm still a little queasy about it. andrea: is it the perfect storm though, as harris mentioned? you have the first amendment right, the second amendment right -- harris: yeah, you've got a lot of things going on. andrea: is it then, well, he had a gun on campus, and the rhetoric was enflamed -- harris: well, it can be used that way. also in texas is fort hood, so i would like to see the conversation broadened out to our military bases. it has nothing to do with this campus, but if texas is looking at this and testing things, maybe they can challenge that -- >> i'd be a lot more comfortable of everybody having it in fort hood than at ut. harris: maybe this can be a test.
9:45 am
andrea: or virginia tech. remember that? >> i do. you've got a good point there. andrea: we're agreeing, geraldo. parents are divided after a school board decides to allow kids as young as 11 access to condoms. does it send the wrong message? we're going to debate. ♪ ♪
9:46 am
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harris: we're cooking up more identity without numbered concern "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first to georgia that lee. jenna: next hour bernie standers' campaign in ohio, he's hitting hillary clinton hard over her support for welfare reform back in the 1990s. so that strategy from him. he appears to be ceding south carolina to clinton as he's been campaigning outside the state. also in the meantime, hillary clinton is all in in south carolina which votes this weekend in the democratic contest, appearing at this hour in king's tree. she's got a solid lead there, and ed henry's live with us top of the hour with that new information. plus, we've got some new polling in texas top of the hour. just the good news ted cruz needed after a stinging third place finish in nevada. we're going to take a closer
9:50 am
look at the cruz campaign and donald trump and, specifically, the state of texas all top of the hour. harris: you had me at good news. thank you, jenna. [laughter] sandra: a big controversy in san francisco after the school board unanimously approved a proposal to give middle school p students -- we're talking ages 11-14 -- is access to condoms. the kids would have to talk to a school nurse first. parents are divided on it. some say they want their kids to be safe if they're having sex, others say it shouldn't be occupy -- up to the school. >> want to make sure those who are have the precautions, have the supplies that they need to stay safe and are able to talk to caring adults in their school. >> even though the state mandates minors access to medical care and prevention of sti and pregnancy, there's no message that school has to be the one to do it. sandra: so what do you make of this decision? dare i start with you, first? >> well, i've got a 10-year-old.
9:51 am
thank god she's in an all girls' school. they're just starting health now, but they tell the parents about every step -- what are we talking about? we're not talking about private parts yet, but we know a little bit, you know, and there's a gradual, evolving education that i think is measured. this 11-14, to give them access, access is different than education. access is here's a bucket of condoms, just grab some on your way out. i don't know, that's kind of wiggy to me. i'm not crazy about that -- sandra: but do you want a kid asking the school nurse for one and her saying no? ebony: i want to point out the sensitive history san francisco has around hiv and aids. but i actually agree with geraldo. i think a parent absolutely has a right to kind of frame what that sexual conversation sounds and looks like, and i'm very respective of that at this point. sandra: it's a tough conversation to have, and schools definitely are having the deal with this earlier and
9:52 am
earlier, it seems. andrea: they're not just putting the bucket out there. you do have to talk to somebody, but i do agree, geraldo, i think it's too soon for these middle schoolers. i think they should focus on education, reading, writing, arithmetic, the basics. it is the job of the parent. and middle school, i know this is such a highly sexualized culture, and it's happening younger and younger and younger, and you're right, ebony, with the aids scare, a lot of people in the past decades were using protection more. and now young kids are having sex earlier, they don't have the same confrontation the way that certain generations did of the aids crisis, so i do think concern that kids are having sex sooner and sooner and having unprotected sex. it's just the job of the parents to educate their children. harris harris my mom says i'm a prude, and she wants me to expand my mind. she's 9. because they're so exposed to social media and things we cannot always control and there
9:53 am
are so many different messagings out there and there is this unprotected sex that tends to happen when kids don't have the right education, i'm actually okay with there being a bucket in a locked cabinet for a student who might already be known to maybe be doing some things and maybe need that, maybe go to the school nurse and have that -- >> how about the school nurse having to call mom? harris: i was going to say, but a permission slip is what it would take more my -- for my child. if you've identified that my child is having some issues, then you need to contact me, let's talk about how we move forward with that -- >> i'm good that. i'm good with that. harris: in the meantime, she's still my kid, so she may never get that far. sandra: if you're the parent and you get a phone call that they came in and asked for that, are you really going to say, okay? harris: you're going to talk to your kid.
9:54 am
>> i'm going to go to the school, what's going on, i'm not going to make a scene about it, but i'm going to be intensely engaged. to me -- sandra: all right. families are often called the building block of society, but changing family structures have lego making new figures like stay-at-home dad. is it cool, or is it a cool way to keep up with the times or should they stick to the tradition that is lego? we debate next. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm here with some advice from the future
9:55 am
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♪ ♪ harris: there's some controversy in legoland, changing the dynamics of its modern family. the toymaker introducing this stay-at-home dad figurine, a hipster dude wearing skinny jeans and a red-checked shirt. you go. i don't know what that is. looks like he has -- [laughter] is that a weave? anyway, he's pushing a baby in a stroller. he's paired with a female figurine, a working mom -- all moms work, by the way, she just happens to be leaving the house -- dressed in business-casual attire. it's part of a new line being released this summer. lego says it's just trying to stay in tune with the world around us. again, can we go back? because i think he had a weave, that little guy.
9:59 am
ebony: it's called magic hair, harris. [laughter] harris: there he is! andrea: the flannel shirt, the skinny jeans. and remember we did the topic on the lumber-sexual? look, there's a rise of the female breadwinner, fact. women are rising and advancing to -- sandra: what does it have to do with legos? [laughter] andrea: that's the point. they're saying it's reflective of the culture, and guess what? it is. more men are saying -- >> i want the stoner uncle and the vagrant cousin. andrea: what does the stoner uncle say about the legos? >> you squeeze them -- czar zahn they're not gender specific. they don't need to be. harris: you have a little girl and a little boy. >> most of them are gender-specific. harris: you have a little girl and a little boy. do you want them to be -- >> legos are my nightmare because they're all over my house. >> all over. they stick them in their ear, everywhere. ebony: i feel conflicted,
10:00 am
andrea's right, rise of the female breadwinner, it doesn't work for me. andrea: i'm just saying it's subtle brainwashing. harris: modern family just includes a job. we're just happy somebody's working. see you tomorrow, noon eastern, right back here. "happening now" starts now. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. a naval air station in fort worth is locked down after a suspicious package is found outside of the gate. >> we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> i knew it was gone. >> todayly storms over the east coast. and who is next? >> heart breaking testimony in a multimillion dollar suit. the father of erin andrews describing how he changed after video of her


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